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The Devil who saved me from Heaven

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Hello, guys! It’s really great to meet you all! So long story short, I’ve read a lot of Sekai fanfics and I’ve had this inspiration build up in me that I cannot control any longer. I just want to share my thoughts, the story in my head and maybe manage to fulfill some of your fantasies as well. You know how it is, if you have so many ideas and you cannot find a fanfic with the exact same as yours, you just start your own. So, let’s make some things clear. English is not my native language so you should be a little patient with me since this is my first time writing and I really hope to improve myself. I will give you action and a little less blabber about the stars in the night sky or the color of somebody’s garden grass. I will make sure to retell the stories I have in my head in the most descriptive way though. This fanfic is going to be full of smut, angst, violence and you have been warned. Almost every one of the characters is going to have some mental problems and a really dark past. Things are going to be messed up, really messed up. But don’t worry there still will be romantic, soft and funny moments.  Soft fanfics are not my cup of tea so I am gonna make you cry, smile, laugh and want to read more and more.  My fingers are shaking because I am so impatient to write it all down so I better start because I have some explanations to give you.

We are gonna have two characters who are NOT part of EXO.

Jackson Wang – GOT7

Ahn Oh - Joo – if you’ve watched the Korean TV series ‘’ Lawless Lawyer’’ you would know him. If you don’t, you better check him out because he is going to have a big part in this fanfic. Maybe watch a video or two on Youtube where you can see and understand the way he acts and what’s his character because it’s gonna be the same one here.

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So, this was how things were gonna end for him, huh? He couldn’t be more exposed and more humiliated. He was tired, no, he was fucking exhausted of fighting for his life, for his future, for himself. He couldn’t even remember the last day he didn’t have this disgusting feeling in his stomach that something bad is going to happen. He was standing there, hands tied with those heavy chains wearing nothing but underwear. They beat the shit out of him when they snatched him of the street. His lip was burst open, his nose couldn’t stop bleeding since yesterday, his cheek was angry red and his ribs were shades of blue purple and red probably broken. He had bruises on his lower back and on one on his thigh. He’d been waiting for 3 hours standing in the backstage of this hideous, cheap and gross night club. They probably wanted him to show off now or just do something to catch some rich man’s interest so he could buy him and do whatever he wants with him. But he wouldn’t, he couldn’t. He couldn’t move his hands he couldn’t move his legs. His circle was the most expensive one. You probably wonder why. They were all virgins; they haven’t been touched and that’s what rich men want. They want to have a pure, untainted boy and just ruin everything for him mentally and physically. Kai’s thoughts were running wild. His head was about to explode. He wanted to try and look at the men but he couldn’t because this way they would notice him and think he is the courageous one, the feisty one and he did not want that. The next he heard was the annoying squeaky voice of this revolting, dripping in hair gel fat Asian guy.

- Gentlemen, welcome to our most exquisite circle for this night. 3 boys who have never been touched never have been with another man and are well trained to serve and please you.

Kai was not able to hear the rest of what the man said. He was about to throw up the little they gave him to eat since yesterday morning.

- For this last one the price starts at 100 000 $. Let’s hear your proposals, gentlemen.

Oh, wow! They wanted to sell him for this much money. Well should he be happy how much they would spend for him or should be disgusted because of how sick these men were to give away so much money for a sex doll.

- Stop the auction! I will give you 1 000 000 $ if you stop the bidding! Cash!

- Well, look what happened here. Our special client for this evening just ended everything. He is yours then, Mr. Oh Sehun. Congratulations. You may take what’s yours now.

Kai immediately looked straight into the man’s eyes when he heard his voice. Mr. Sehun had this crazy, maniac, black eyes which pierced right through him. His face was so stoic, he didn’t even spare a smirk or something like the other men. It was like he didn’t even care about his money or what was going on around him. And now Kai was his. Two bodyguards grabbed him by his hands and took him backstage. Soon he heard the chains around his wrists fall to the ground and footsteps coming closer and closer. He knew that man was is in front of him but he couldn’t seem to find the courage to look him in the eyes again. He just knew it was him. He remembered his suit, his shoes.

- Congratulations again Mr. Sehun. This boy wo…

Sehun just grabbed the boy by his arm and led him to his car. Truth is he was really tired of this masquerade and he just wanted to get the boy straight home. It was yesterday he had this call from, let’s say a business “friend”. Yes, Sehun was the head of the biggest organized crime group in South Korea. He was laundering money, he was a drug trafficker, he was a gun trafficker and lots of other bad things, but one thing he was not and that was a human trafficker. He’d had this agreement with Seok Won that they wouldn’t ever interfere with one another’s business for many years but too bad Sehun owed him a little favor so he accepted the man’s offer to join the human auction. Sehun never knew he would find something, anything in these boys, moreover buying one of them. What he did not know either was that he would see such beautiful, scared eyes, such clean and tender skin and such a lean perfectly proportioned body in front of him. He wanted the boy to be his so as expected he just offered a huge amount of money and got what he wanted. 1 000 000 $ was nothing for him, it was pocket money. His family has been building this mafia empire for decades. So, imagine how much money he had in numerous banks all over the world. Sehun’s chauffeur got out of the car and opened the door for his boss. Kai had never seen such car except on TV. The newest Mercedes Benz S-class was waiting with an open door for him. He and Sehun sat in the back and the chauffeur got behind the wheel. They drove off along with another car behind them. A Mercedes G-class filled with Sehun’s most trusted bodyguards. He took out his phone and dialed Lay.

- Be at the hospital in 30 minutes! Bring some clothes with you.

- Alright, Sehun.

This was the second time Kai heard Sehun’s voice. This time more silent, but as demanding as before. He could smell the man’s expensive perfume but also caught the strong smell of cigarettes and probably whiskey.  I guess are wondering who Lay was. Well he was the best doctor in South Korea along with his partner and lover Jackson Wang. They were both Chinese and very talented with the scalpel. The doctor couple always followed Sehun’s commands without questions without hesitation. It was 11 o’clock in the evening, they were asleep but as soon as Lay heard his phone and saw his boss’ name on the screen he was already putting his clothes on. Kai was silent, his breath a little shaky and was cuddling his own self like he was trying to hide his body, to feel just a little protected and not have a panic attack right there. Soon the car pulled over in front of a big God-knows-how-many-floors hospital. The G-class pulled over right behind them and then another car. Two men got out of it in a hurry carrying a big sack.

- Hello, boss.

Both of them bowed to Sehun and one of them started taking out something from the sack. He put a pair of slippers on the ground for Kai to put on. Sehun then took off his suit’s jacket and threw it over the boy’s shoulders. He took his arm and the three of them led Kai to the back entrance of the hospital. They entered a private elevator and then a huge fancy office on the 30th floor with a breathtaking view of Seoul. Sehun, Lay and Jackson left Kai alone in there and exited in the corridor.

- I want you to treat his wounds and bruises. Examine for any I’ve failed to see. Do not check if he’s been raped!

- Are you sure, boss? Who is he? Are you okay? Are you hurt? – Lay was always speaking in this comforting yet worried tone when it came to patients. He was full of respect and love for his boss. He owed everything in his life to him, Jackson did too.

- Everything is fine. I participated in this ridiculous human auction of Seok Won because of the favor I owed him. When I saw this boy, I immediately told them I was gonna pay 1 000 000 $ and they ended the show. He was from the expensive ones so I hope they really haven’t touched him. Moreover, I don’t want to scare him or make him feel like a product being examined. I want you to be very gentle!

- Oh my God, I can’t imagine what he’s been through. He’s been shaking since he got out of the car.

- Come on, Lay. We will talk more later. Don’t leave him alone.



Jackson and Lay entered the office. Kai was still sitting on the chair they left him on head looking down at his hands.

- Hey there, what’s your name? – Jackson asked the boy in the softest way he possibly could despite of his raspy voice.

No response was heard. Kai did not want to talk. Yes, everyone seemed concerned and gentle with him but how could he trust them? After all, Sehun was among the men who buy boys for sex dolls. And he paid a lot of money. He could do the math.

- Look, we are doctors, we are not gonna hurt you. Quite the opposite. We just want to treat your wounds, find out who you are and then say good night to you and Sehun so you can go home with him and rest. – Lay squatted in front of the chair.

Kai just shook his head. He did not have a choice after all. His faith was written, he might at least take advantage of the doctors to treat his wounds. 20 minutes passed, Jackson and Lay exited the doctor's room and walked closer to their boss who was talking on the phone.

- No, Chen, I don’t have anything. I don’t even know his name and he refuses to talk. I can only send you something with his fingerprints. I need you to find everything about him, dig deep, I want to know everything by tomorrow morning.

He then hung up the phone and turned around to face Lay and Jackson.

Sehun was getting impatient.

- Boss, his body will be fine. He has three broken ribs but I treated them and bandaged them. The wounds on his face are not serious he’s just been beaten. The bruises on his back will fade his kidneys are in a good shape and they don’t hurt. The boy looks a little dehydrated so he should drink lots of water and eat something soon. He doesn’t have energy but with food and some vitamins that would change. The thing is he doesn’t want to speak, he can’t even look us in the eye. Be alert because his body language shows he’s been through much and he may be mentally unstable or have panic attacks.

- Jackson, I want you to try and speak to him again. Also, give him a glass of water or something. I want you to pack it up later for Chen. He needs the boy’s fingerprints. Lay, you come with me.


Lay and Sehun walked in another office down the hall Sehun locking the door behind them.

- Did you bring something for me?

- Sehun, look…

- Not now, Lay. My ears are ringing and my hands are sweating. I can’t deal with it right now.

- Okay, yes, sure. Sit down and roll up your sleeve.

Sehun sat in the leather chair, unbuttoned his black Versace shirt and took out his right arm leaving the right side of the shirt hanging. Half of his torso was exposed as well as his tattoos. A few people had seen them. His whole back was covered with the typical colorful Yakuza tattoos and only his right hand had a sleeve connected to his back. The drawings were curved around his whole arm up to his fingers where they met their end on his knuckles. A true Yakuza he was. Nobody in his group had this kind of tattoos. Yes, they had a few but not quite this spectacular and drawn custom. He was sitting leisurely on the chair while looking at Lay who was preparing the syringe. Then he got closer.

- Pump your hand a little, please.

Sehun was looking at Lay’s face while pumping. He was so beautiful, so caring and so tender. He loved the sex he’d had with him or the threesomes with him and Jackson both. They were not quite in sync with his preferences in bed but he enjoyed having them though. Lay injected him and Sehun laid his head on the back of the chair exposing his neck and slightly opening his mouth so as to take a deep breath and then exhaled making it sound like he was moaning quietly. The doctor then gave him a little cotton ball to press to the puncture.

- Sit on my lap for a bit. – Sehun had this deep raspy voice which was so seductive and intense, yet could make you feel so good and calm. He was a very sexual person and nobody blamed him for that. With the looks he had, with the beautiful mind he had and the power he held. Almost everybody who interfered with him wanted to wake up in his bed. Lay climbed into his lap and Sehun started gently caressing his thigh. They stood like this for a minute or two. Sehun liked doing this after he was given his “potion”. A “potion” which Lay made only for his boss. A special combination of drugs and herbs or whatever. Sehun did not care what it was. He trusted His people. He would die for them as long as they would die for him. And believe me they would.



In the meantime, Jackson was trying to break the ice with Kai.

- Look, I don’t want to sound cliché or something but it’s not what it looks like. Yes, you probably understand that Sehun is our boss and he runs a super massive crime empire, but things are different here. He helped each and every one of us. We are not some street gang; we appreciate the people Sehun lets in our circle which is very small by the way. We respect each other, we love each other, we have intimacy, we have homes and have private lives. Do not think this would be taken from you. Everyone will treat you as an equal human being especially our leader. He may seem a bit cold or emotionless because of his face and his strong features, or because of the way he behaves, but he would never hurt you unless you betray him.

Kai just stood there looking down at his hands again but somehow the doctor’s words made him a little less uneasy and uncomfortable. This last sentence got him thinking. What if he tried to escape or what if he did something wrong? Jackson gave him a glass of water and of course he took it, he was God damn thirsty and hungry. The doctor would take care of the glass with the fingerprints later and just send it to Chen himself. He then helped Kai put on a t-shirt and sport pants right before Lay and Sehun entered. Lay and Jackson wished good night and Sehun helped Kai get to the car alongside with him.

The drive was as silent as the one before with Kai now clutching at the material of his shirt and Sehun smoking a cigarette. After about 15 minutes the car stopped in front of a tall massive metal house gate which opened immediately. They drove through a driveway which circled an immense fountain. Now Kai was observing. He then for a second forgot about the world around him and just drank in the beauty in front. The house was tremendous. Everything was as pretty as a picture. The gardens, the house, the fountain even the driveway. Everything was so neat and never-seen before by Kai, no doubt an excellent architect came up with the idea for this house and everything around it. No, not a house, this was an empire. He then noticed how many guards there were. 4 in front of the gate, around 10 of them he could count walking around in the gardens and 2 of them on each side of the house door. The thing that made him furrow his brows was that each of them was carrying a fucking rifle in front of their chest. There came the uneasy feeling in his stomach again. Sehun got out of the car, Kai followed. As they were coming closer to the door the two bodyguards bowed their heads and did not lift them until their boss entered the house. And there the house was. Kai’s breath hitched again. The black marble, the expensive decorations and the two staircases which twisted around leading to the second floor left him in awe.

- Good night, Mr. Sehun. Do you need something?

A short small Asian woman greeted them bowing. Sehun had 4 maids each of them around 40-45 years old. Polite, capable and friendly ladies who practically lived in the house because of how much work they always had. They couldn’t complain though. Their monthly salary was enough for them to go out shopping on their free day, to send money to their children and to their grandchildren as well. There was always one of them who stayed awake until Sehun came back in case he needed something. This evening particularly, he left home at 7 o’clock and now it was around 1 after midnight and he did not have dinner before he went out.

- Yes, I need you to serve the table for two and fill the bathtub in the special guest room.

He then turned to face Kai.

- Follow me.

They got to the second floor. Walked to a door and before Sehun opened it turned around to check if Kai was behind him. When the door opened Kai was almost tired of hitching and holding his breath. He couldn’t think of more adjectives to describe it all. Probably around 5 people could live peacefully in the room. He saw another door so the room probably had a private bathroom, he saw the silk dark curtains which were slightly opened and he just gaped at the large balcony with a view of the gardens. He couldn’t be more happy or thankful but why did Sehun give this much for him? What had he done to deserve that? Nobody gives you a free lunch just like that, right?

- This is going to be your room. Mine is on your right so if you need anything you know where to find me. We are going to have dinner now and then you can come up and take a bath. I will help you bandage your ribs once you are dry and ready for bed. There is underwear and some clothes in the wardrobe. They would probably be big for you but I will take you shopping once we have the time.

Sehun started walking to the door and Kai followed. When they entered the enormous living-dining-ball room Kai saw the table which was full of delicious smelling meals. He felt like his mouth was dripping with saliva. The table was long and could fit 12 people. Sehun sat in the first chair on the right side and pointed to the chair opposite of him inviting Kai. They had a quite dinner both of them not knowing yet what to say. One of them wouldn’t open his mouth to talk and the other was not so talkative in the beginning. Great combination, huh. Sehun saw the empty plate in front of the boy.

- You are excused if you’ve finished and want to take a bath.



Kai then went to the room, took off his clothes and the bandage around his waist, laid himself in the bathtub and started crying. He cried so hard. He was afraid, he was confused, but the thing that scared him the most was that he took every little chance to look at Sehun’s face, every little chance he got to inhale Sehun’s perfume or even the smell of his cigarettes. After about 30 minutes he got out of the tub, dried his hair a bit with his towel and took out underwear from the drawer. He found a bathrobe in the bathroom so he put it on in order to not feel so exposed when Sehun comes to bandage him. There was a knock on the door.

- Can I come in?

Of course, he wouldn’t get a response. He waited for about 5 seconds and then entered. He saw the boy had put on the bathrobe his black hair still a little wet. Sehun was carrying some kind of gel in one hand and bandages in the other. The gel was made by Lay and had a pretty effective and pleasant result on bruises.

- Lay on the bed and take off your robe.

Kai was hesitant but he really did not have much of a choice. He did not take off the robe but laid on the bed back resting on the soft pillows. His hands were on his lap and he was watching every move the other man was making. Sehun took his hands and put them around Kai’s sides. He then undid the robe’s knot and opened it looking at the now naked torso of the boy. Opening the gel’s package, he took a little with his hand and looked Kai in the eye as if he was searching for permission. He then heard the shaking breath of the other. It was probably because of his cold hands now moving gently over the large bruise. Sehun did not use any pressure at first but then he pressed just a little. It was a strange feeling. Like he wanted to try and use a little more pressure and see the reaction he would get. His fingers were almost itching. And then he just did it. He pressed his palms on the bruise and was surprised by the reaction. Kai just laid his head on the pillow behind his back, stretching his torso a little more and opened his mouth. The next thing Sehun heard was the boy’s moaning between deep breaths. How could this be? Did he enjoy the pain Sehun was making him feel? He kept putting pressure and was almost massaging the bruise. Somebody else with broken ribs should have screamed already. The pain they caused was awful and Sehun knew that. He had broken his ribs many times. Kai couldn’t stop moaning. It felt so good. The pain and the pleasure mixed made him crazy, made him fist the sheets underneath with so much force his knuckles were white. Just when he was about to moan something to Sehun he woke up from his trance and caught his hands startling the man next to him on the bed.

- I will bandage you. Give me a sign if it’s too tight.

Sehun continued as if nothing had happened. When he was ready, he took the package with the gel and the remaining bandage, leaving the room without saying a word. Kai fell asleep right after that. He was exhausted of the constant change of his emotions for the past two days. It was a lot to take in and his brain just shut down.


He woke up because of a bad dream but forgot what it was about immediately. He just felt uneasy, tense and a little panicked. What was he doing? Accepting his faith or what? He did not know anything about this Mr. Sehun. This house, these bodyguards, the money he had. They were all bad signs how could he not see that and be blinded by this man. There must be something in this house which could help him find out more. He got out of bed and carefully opened the door exiting in the hallway not wearing slippers and not making a single sound. Oh God, there were so many rooms on this floor he didn’t have time to check them all. Wait a minute, wait a minute. He saw something earlier when they entered the house. Right when the maid came out of nowhere Kai looked to his right and saw a big door which probably led to a room. But this was the only different door. So, there must be something special behind it. He went downstairs, straight to it. Opening the door, he saw this big office which had so many documents all over the desk and on the shelves of the drawers. There was also a computer. Kai immediately sat in the chair and turned it on. He looked through files and documents, digging deep in Sehun’s business. Now he understood where the money came from. He had to be quick so everything he found out after reading between the lines was that Sehun had many companies, casinos, hotels, malls and even small shops which helped him launder his money and cover his dirty tracks of who he was. He read every document and file he could find. Everything in the office was a mess. He knew what kind of a man Sehun would turn out to be but even he was surprised. This man, this man was dangerous. He was cupping his face with his hands when he heard the door being opened with force. Sehun was not happy, fuck he was angry, his eyes sending shivers down Kai’s spine. He was shocked by the boy’s courage. Well, now he didn’t have a choice. He couldn’t just let him be. Everybody who tried going against Sehun was either dead or let’s say “unable” to live and function as a normal human being. Kai’s life was in Sehun’s hands.


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Anger. That’s what Sehun was feeling then. The boy who he saved by him betrayed him so easily and so soon. He went crazy, his eyes were wild, his mind was blinded by his emotions. He couldn’t think, he couldn’t speak. That was one of those moments where even his family shouldn’t be around. He wouldn’t spare anybody. He darted to his desk and grabbed Kai’s hair. Dragging him to the center of the room he started punching him. First was his face. The boy didn’t make a sound except for his quiet whimpers. Sehun struck his face again and Kai just fell to the floor losing his balance. His face was not enough, the man started kicking his ribs. Hard and ferocious. After a few minutes Kai just lost consciousness on the floor. Sehun called out his guards to help him so they could put the boy’s body in the trunk of his car. They drove off to one of the group’s warehouses which they used for questioning, torturing, killing or just to make a deal with somebody.

Kai was on his knees, his hands tied up in the air above his head. He was woken by cold water splashed on his face.

- Who sent you?

He couldn’t process what was going on. He was in a warehouse, a cold dirty one with stains all over the floor, some of them dried blood. He looked up and saw Sehun standing in front of him with rolled sleeves and bloodied knuckles. There were people behind him. Kai couldn’t see them clearly but he managed to recognize two of them. Sehun’s bodyguards. Then there was somebody really close to the mafia boss, a taller male who just stood there observing. There was a scoff from somebody and another punch was thrown at Kai. His eyes were filled with tears, his lip was burst open again, he couldn’t feel his cheeks and his lungs were burning. The poor boy couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

- Who are you working for? – Sehun was holding his face with his hand not gentle at all. Kai had no idea why was he asking him that. He did not work for anybody.

- Boss! This is not going to work. They’ve probably trained him well. – The taller male spoke up which got Sehun’s attention. He faced his partner.

- Give me my dagger, Kris.

Dagger? What dagger? Kai was already feeling like shit. Why did they think he was working for somebody? Things were about to get really messy. Sehun took his dagger and Kai’s stomach turned. With the little strength he had left he tried tugging at the chains around his hands muttering a quiet “Please.” The cold - hearted man just stabbed the boy in the stomach. Kai started seeing black spots and soon fainted because of the excruciating pain. A phone rang. It was 6 in the morning and Chen was calling his boss.

- What? – Sehun did not sound pleased at all.

- Boss, I am calling about the information I found.

- I am listening.

- His name is Kim Kai. 24 years old. He has no relatives. Parents died in a car accident when he was 5. He lived on the streets for months. Then foster care took him in. Obviously, the kid did not have any luck with the foster parents through the years. One of the fathers used to beat him up the other had tried to rape him multiple times and Kai ended running away from each family. There are police and medical reports. This boy has suffered a lot. From family to family, beaten, tortured. There is also evidence he has mental problems. He has been having panic attacks since he was little, along with reports of self-harm. Everything else is normal, at least one of the families sent him to school and he has a degree. He is all clean, none of the people who work with us or for us know him. Kim Kai is the purest person I’ve ever checked.

A mistake. This was a big mistake Sehun had made because of his temper. Having no time for blaming himself, he took the boy’s lifeless body, carried him out of the warehouse and drove straight to Lay and Jackson’s hospital with Kris’ help.

Fortunately, the couple were still at the hospital and the moment Sehun’s car pulled over they rushed to it. He was carrying Kai’s body bridal style to the emergency room while shouting at the doctor couple to do everything to save the boy’s life.

Sehun almost never felt remorse. He was always in control. In control of his people, of his enemies of his surroundings. His decisions were always fair and unquestioned. The sharp mind he had and his ability to see right through people have helped him a lot in his life. But he was a human being, of course there were times his emotions and his anger got the best of him. God, this anger. It made his head pound, his ears ring and his muscles tense so hard his veins would pop out even on his neck. He couldn’t control himself. Like today with Kai. Poor boy has been through so much and Sehun thought somebody set up the whole stupid human auctioning thing just to put somebody in the leader’s closest circle.


Sehun was pacing around the hospital’s corridor in front of the emergency room brushing his hair back nervously. Kris was watching him without asking questions because he was sure his boss would explain everything later. That’s how everyone in the group acts in intense situations; they cooperate as fast as they can and later if their boss decides they should know something they would know it.

- What have I done, Kris? – Sehun spoke quietly as if speaking only to himself.

Kris did not want to ask questions now so he grabbed his boss’ face and just kissed him. Sehun did not push him away the kiss making him calmer. God, he was so pissed at himself he would rip Kris’ shirt off and just fuck him there on the floor. Anger either made Sehun go nuts or horny. Depends on who he was with.

An hour passed, Lay and Jackson finally got out throwing their masks and gloves in a bin.

- He will be fine, boss, but he has to stay here for a day.

Sehun let out the breath he had been holding and just nodded. None of his three partners standing there had seen him this worried for somebody except for his own people. It was pretty obvious the boy was not just anybody for their boss and they just exchanged glances. Who was this boy? That’s what they were wondering and soon were about to find out.

Excusing his partners, Sehun entered Kai’s room and sat on a chair right next to the hospital bed. His eyes were slowly closing. Fighting the urge to fall asleep he was trying to put his thoughts together but to no avail.


It was 11 in the morning when Kai woke up. He could not see clearly, his head hurt, his stomach hurt, almost every inch of his body felt so sore and painful. He remembered. He remembered what Sehun did to him. But why? Fear shot through his body when he saw the man sleeping in the chair next to him. He scooted back in his bed, his heart racing. The electrocardiograph just started beeping which woke Sehun up.

- Shhhh, calm down. I won’t hurt you; I promise.

Kai was having a panic attack. As soon as Sehun tried catching one of his hands, he started pushing the man away and crying. The I.V was about to fall out.

- Look at me, look at me. – Sehun grabbed the boy’s face. – You are safe with me, Kai.

Hearing his own name, the boy seemed to calm down. Giving up he let Sehun hold him in his arms while his last tears were rolling down his reddened cheeks. They stayed like this for a minute with Kai falling asleep. The boy understood Sehun had probably done a background check on him because he knew his name. He was obviously proven not guilty of working for somebody.


Sehun left the hospital room and sent a message to all his partners:

“Meet me at my restaurant in an hour”

He owned many restaurants but the first one he opened was his favorite. It was on the roof of a 25-floor building with a breathtaking view. He only called that one his own. For any other one he used its name.

Sehun sat at his table and soon all of his people arrived. They were all in time. Not a minute earlier not a minute later.

- As some of you already know some things happened in the last 24 hours. I will cut right to the chase. I participated in Seok Won’s human auctioning and practically bought a boy. I thought he was a spy for some other group like ours because he was snooping around in my office in the middle of the night but it turned out I was wrong. Before Chen gave me the information about the boy’s background, I did some, let’s say, bad things to him. His name is Kai. From now on, he is with us. I want you to treat him equally whether you like him or not. Some of you may have to look after him when I go abroad or when I have work and can’t come back home. – Sehun explained everything in short while smoking his cigarette. He saw that everyone’s face was puzzled. He picked up a boy from a brothel and now he was equal to them? Everybody was shocked.

- When can I meet him, boss? – That was Baekhyun’s voice. The short, friendly and a little deadly boy. His perfect hair, flawless skin and puppy eyes could trick almost everybody. He was one of Sehun’s best assassins. The puppy boy was often used as bait but he was okay with it. He quite enjoyed it even.


- Baek, geez! – Of course, his husband Chanyeol would say something back. He was way too jealous. The man was very tall, little taller than Sehun himself. He had this large eyes and ears, which both went red when he was angry. Chanyeol could act a little childish when he was with his partners but be no fools, he had probably the best aim in whole South Korea. He could be brutal with a hammer, with a bat or whatever he could find when he needed it. His anger resembled Sehun’s. They often went to missions together, just the two of them simply to have fun and feel the adrenaline of having no back up. Things were really messy after them. Bloody messy.


- Actually, I wanted you, Baek, to go and see him at Lay and Jackson’s hospital. I know you can be very persuasive and I think he would like your presence.

- Thank you, boss. – Aw, the little snake Baekhyun was. He winked at his boss feeling appreciated now. Sehun did not mind his behavior, he was sleeping with Baekhyun and Chanyeol on a regular basis. They were quite the kinky couple. The three of them always got rough and everybody could see they had had sex the other day, marks all over their bodies.


They all had lunch together, Sehun not wanting to talk business at the table. It was 3 in the afternoon when the boss received a call from Lay that Kai was awake now.


The poor boy was feeling like shit. His emotions were running wild as well as his thoughts. Sehun was like a bomb and he experienced that. Kai just laid in bed remembering the first he was beaten up. He was 8 years old. Coming home from school his foster dad was drunk. He started beating the little boy for no reason. The injuries were painful, the crazy drunk even broke his arm. Kai kept his mouth shut for a year and then he just ran away. The next foster home was safe and comfy but the family which lived there wanted a livelier child, a child who would speak, laugh and have fun with them. Kai was none of that and they just sent him back to foster care. He had no family for about 4 years. School was his only escape. That was the place where he could imagine that his parents were waiting for him to come back and have dinner with him or just chat and watch some TV. A sixteen-year-old Kai was sent to a new foster home where the father was a disgusting pedophile and tried to rape him almost every day. He learned how to defend himself and one day after 2 years he stabbed the man in the stomach before running away again. Kai started working as a barista at a coffee shop but his bad luck was chasing him again. His boss started sexually harassing and threatening him. Kai used to come back home, look in the mirror and just stare at himself. “Why do they either beat me or try to rape me? Do they like my body or face this much? Can I not have just a single normal friend? I hate myself; I hate this stupid body!”. That’s what he used to do every night but blaming himself was not enough. He started punishing his own body. Kai even tried to commit suicide when he was 20 but fortunately a colleague of his went to see if everything was okay with the boy after he did not show up for work and saved his life. After recovering Kai started working in another coffee shop. It was great, his boss was a friendly old man, his colleagues did not cause trouble. He worked there for 4 years until one night. He was walking down a dark alley to his shitty home when he heard footsteps behind him. Two, or three people were walking towards him pretty fast. Kai started running but they caught up with him and knocked him down on the ground. He woke up in brothel a little later just sick of his life. He did not fight back or whatever because he had accepted his faith a long time ago. They beat him up anyways just to prove how brutal they could be. And the next day he met Sehun. The Devil in the fancy suit.


A sudden knock on the door caught his attention. His body tensed.


- Hi, there. May I come in?

Did Kai have a choice? He just nodded for a “yes”. The man came closer to the bed and sat in the chair.


- My name is Baekhyun. I’m one of Sehun’s closest friends and partners. It’s really great meeting you. – Great. A new guy. Kai could not lie. This Baekhyun was a handsome man, short but lean, with styled light brown hair and of course, an expensive suit.

The injured boy scooted back in his bed in order to sit.


- Wow, you are very beautiful I can see why Sehun took you home. – Kai’s brows furrowed.


- Yes, sorry. Um, you’ve probably heard this like for a thousand times, but don’t worry. I am not going to lie to you and sugar coat everything. Sehun can be a very dangerous man. We just all live in a world where killing, beating or torturing is not a big deal. He’s been betrayed a lot so you have to understand why he thought you were doing the same when he saw you in his office. But Kai, you should remember the fact he picked you from everyone. Boss hates this stuff; he has never been a human trafficker and he will never be. Everyone in the group is shocked that he brought you into his house the second he met you. Lay and Jackson told us how worried Sehun was at the hospital waiting for them to come out of the emergency room. He has never had a relationship or a lover. He has only his family and that’s us. Me, Lay, Jackson and a few other people you will soon meet. Just give him a chance. Sehun is not so cold-blooded and heartless, he just doesn’t know how to express his feelings. He has suffered a lot and I know, you know, what I mean. Now then, I know you don’t like to talk but do you want me to help you get your clothes on? Sehun is waiting outside in his car to pick you up. You have to choose now; either we give you some money, leave you be and you never see us again, or you get in Sehun’s car and start this amazing life you can live along with us? – Baekhyun really knew how to talk. He looked so caring and honest.


- Can you help me put my clothes on and get to the car?


Baekhyun was shocked he was the first one to hear the boy’s voice but also extremely happy. They would become great friends he was sure. Kai accepted the little man’s hand like a sign of agreement. And hopefully his new life will be full of joy and not sorrow.













Chapter Text

Sehun was waiting in his car impatiently, smoking a cigarette. He had to win the boy’s trust back after making him relive his worst nightmare. He was sure he could do that. Looking at the hospital’s entrance he saw Baekhyun walking slowly and supporting Kai by holding his arm. Sehun got out of the car to open the door for the injured boy.

- Have a good night, boss, Kai. – Baekhyun waved them goodbye.

The drive home was as silent as always, but this time Kai’s posture was different. He was not cuddling himself and seemed a bit more confident than before. He had this feeling in his gut he had chosen the right path for his life, Sehun must not be so cruel, after all he gave Kai the ability to choose. 

It was 5p.m. when they arrived at Sehun’s mansion. He helped the boy get to his room and lay on the bed. Kai felt his body relax and he smelled the freshly washed sheets. Sehun sat next to him on the edge of the bed and caught one his hands pressing it to his lips and giving it a light peck.

- I am sorry for what I did to you. I never wanted to hurt you and I know I am in no position to ask for anything, but I want you to talk to me. Do you need anything? How can I make you feel better?

Kai pulled his hand away. He did not respond, just pulled the sheets over his body and turned his back to the man. Sehun was not stupid, he knew the boy was still afraid of him so he just left him rest in peace after closing the door and walked into his own room.

It was dinner time so Sehun knocked on Kai’s door inviting him for dinner. The boy opened the door and let Sehun help him go down the stairs to the dining room. The man did not touch his dinner, he was just watching Kai eat his chicken soup while smoking his cigarette.

- Sehun, are you not pleased with your dinner?

- Everything is fine I am just not hungry.

The maids always looked after their boss as if he was their own son. He never treated them badly.

After finishing his dinner, Kai was helped to his room and fell asleep pretty soon. Sehun did go to bed after an hour spent behind his desk working on some deals, he was about to make tomorrow.


It was now Monday and Sehun woke up at 7a.m. He did not wake Kai up. The boy needed rest. Sehun ate his breakfast and instructed the maids to serve Kai whatever he needed throughout the day and give him a call every two hours.

Two days passed with almost no interaction between the two. Kai spent them in his bed watching TV, sleeping or thinking about what Sehun was doing. Sehun on the other hand spent his days running from one place to another, making deals, checking his shipments or trying out new drugs. They met each other for an hour a day while having dinner. The mafia boss took every chance he had to try and talk to Kai but the boy was stubborn and did not speak back. Sehun did not know what to do, he was getting frustrated.

It was Wednesday evening when Sehun came back home to a full table and Kai sitting in his chair with untouched food.

- You didn’t have to wait for me. It’s 10 p.m.

No response. Why wasn’t the boy speaking? Baekhyun did not tell his boss that Kai spoke to him because he wanted the boy to speak to Sehun when he was ready.

After dinner, they did the usual. Went upstairs, Sehun helped the boy lay in bed and turned around walking to the door.

- Please, stay.

Sehun froze. Did he just hear the boy’s voice? And he wanted him to stay?

- Okay, I will. – Sehun turned back and got closer to the bed.

- My body hurts, could you give me a massage, please?

- Of course.

Kai laid on his stomach and Sehun started rubbing circles up and down along the boy’s spine using the base of his hands and the pads of his thumbs. He used his whole hands to gently squeeze and knead the muscles along the spine. He then pressed a hand on either shoulder and kneaded his thumbs deep into the muscles of the shoulders.

- Do you want me to massage your legs?

With this being said, Kai turned on his back. Sehun could not take his eyes of the boy’s body. He had such lean but obviously trained body; his skin was like chocolate. The man applied light pressure with both hands, smoothly stretching the skin then moved up towards the thigh and pressed the heels of his hands into the skin, slowly moving them along the thigh. He repeated the same to the other leg. Kai had closed his eyes and was just enjoying the blissful feeling of Sehun’s hands on his skin. He was so hard but so deep in trance he did not feel shame at all. Sehun of course noticed the boy’s hard cock and just wanted to take it out and jerk him off listening to his sweet moans. He was about to lose control when he heard the deep breaths the boy was taking. Not wanting to scare the boy off or appear as a horny creep he pulled the duvet over Kai’s heated body.

- You should be sleeping better now. – The man stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything more.

Sehun entered his office and immediately turned on his computer’s screen, unlocked his account and opened the app he had where he could watch what was happening in every room in the house through the hidden cameras. He could see and hear what the boy was doing in his room crystal clear.

Kai just waited for Sehun to close the door and he removed the duvet from his body. He started moving his hands slowly from his neck, across his chest, his abs, and then slid them under his boxers.  His cock was so hard when he caught it in his hand, Kai just moaned out loud. The underwear was in the way so he just took it off. Jerking off slowly he was thinking about Sehun’s massage, about his big cold hands all over his body. Kai quickened his pace, his breath hitching and moans becoming louder and more frequent. He imagined Sehun’s fingers inside him, or his cock disappearing between his asscheeks. Oh God, he was going crazy, his head was so dizzy from all the blood rushing down his penis. Kai was gripping the sheets with his left hand while jerking off with the right one, so close to his orgasm. He then imagined Sehun watching him just now, splayed out on the bed moaning and coming undone just for him. Thinking about the man’s piercing glance Kai’s body spasmed and he came all over his stomach while moaning Sehun’s name.

Sehun heard and saw every bit of Kai’s spectacle. The minute he heard his name on the boy’s lips he was sure about their mutual desires, but he couldn’t just go upstairs and fuck him. Kai just started speaking to him so he did not want to scare him with his rough sex preferences. Maybe the boy would give him a sign soon. He had just jerked off moaning Sehun’s name after all, and that left the boss so horny. He began sweating and he loosened his tie then took out his phone and texted Chanyeol.

“I will be at your house in 20”.

Sehun drove like a mad man as always. When he arrived, the guards did not even stop him at the door. As soon as he entered the house Baekhyun and Chanyeol were already in the hallway.

- Sehun, what happened? Are you...?

Baekhyun could not even finish his sentence because Sehun was already kissing him pushing his tongue inside the other’s mouth. Chanyeol got behind his boss and started undressing his coat. Sehun was trying to unbutton his own shirt but Baekhyun broke the kiss and just ripped it open for him. The three of them continued undressing, hands all over each other’s body. They got to the couple’s bedroom leaving their clothes on the floor in the hall. The room was soon filled with moans and shaky breathing. The kisses were messy. Sehun pushed Baekhyun on the bed and caught his ankles spreading his legs. Pushing his fingers in Chanyeol’s mouth, the boss winked at the little lying man. He then pushed two fingers inside Baekhyun giving him no time to adjust. Sehun was impatient and harsh every time, but tonight the couple could feel their boss’ anger and frustration running through his veins, his muscles so tense. Chanyeol was standing on his knees next to the others on the bed jerking himself off while listening to his husband’s moans. Sehun gripped his cock and was about to push it in when…

- Wait! Fuck me! Fuck me tonight! – Chanyeol’s voice was so determined and demanding that it left the other two shocked.

Sehun did not protest. He took his fingers out and told Baekhyun to switch places with Chanyeol. The giant laid on his back his breathing quickening. His husband sat on his knees next to him and caught his hand.

- I am gonna fucking cum before you’ve started. – It has been always a fantasy of Baekhyun’s to see his husband dominated. And now he was going to be fucked by Sehun. Shit! Baekhyun was indeed about to cum.

Sehun sucked his middle finger coating it with saliva and just slightly touched Chanyeol’s hole.

- Push it in. – The big man was already moaning so turned on his body was sweating.

Sehun pushed his finger in so pleased with the whimpers and moans the other was making. He barely controlled himself. He had fucked Baekhyun many times but not even once had he fucked Chanyeol. This new feeling made him feel so different and excited. The boss caught the other’s cock in one hand and his thigh in the other. Aiming at his hole he started slowly pushing in inch by inch. The big man’s whimpers echoed in the room. Chanyeol’s head was turned to the side, his eyes closed and mouth open in a silent scream. His body was overwhelmed with pain and pleasure. All sweaty he kept a firm grip on his husband’s hand.

- Oh god it hurts so good! Push it all in, please!

Baekhyun watched in awe. He began jerking off the minute he saw the middle finger in his husband’s hole. Sehun picked up the pace and just started fucking Chanyeol hard and sloppy. The taller male was weeping, tears rolling down his face, tears of pleasure and pain they were.

- Kinky little shit! You are so tight I can barely fit! – Sehun was going nuts. His whole body was covered in sweat, he was growling like an animal having no control.

- Ah, I’m close! – Baekhyun’s always been fast. He was just too horny on a daily basis.

- Cum with me. The both of you! – Sehun was slamming into Chanyeol now choking him with one hand ruining the other in the best way possible.

After a minute the three of them came together; Sehun in Chanyeol’s ass and Baekhyun all over the sheets. They went to take a shower the giant man needing a little help to get up his body so sore. Of course, Baekhyun wanted his boss’ cock for himself too and Sehun was happy to oblige. The second round was in the bathroom with the little man on his hands and knees sucking his husband’s dick and taking his boss’ unprepped from behind.

- Boss, we loved it tonight, but why were you so angry? What happened?

- I saw him, guys. Kai was jerking off in his room after I gave him a massage. He came all over his body moaning my name. I wanted to fuck him so bad but knowing his past I don’t want to hurt him and scare him off again.

- Oh boy, he gonna be scared when he sees your dick! – Chanyeol and his jokes. He was laughing his ass off.

- Chanyeol! – Baekhyun nudged his husband with his elbow seeing Sehun smirk while smoking his cigarette.

- I am going home. I want you both to take Kai shopping tomorrow afternoon while I’m working.

- Yeeeeeeees, shopping! – Baekhyun loved shopping, after all he had three closets.

- I want you to take my guards, not yours. You will have 50,000$ transferred to your bank account any minute. – of course, Sehun would be extra cautious. Kai was part of his family now; they could target him in order to get to Sehun himself. Chanyeol and Baekhyun did not mind the large amount of money their boss transferred, they were always allowed to keep the change, not that there would be any giving the fact Baekhyun was obsessed with clothes.

Sehun woke up hard again. He had more than enough time before breakfast to release himself. Getting rid of his underwear he started touching himself. Pictures of Kai and the sound of his moaning were in Sehun’s head making him dizzy coming closer to his orgasm. He imagined the boy under him or riding him. God, Sehun would ruin him! He came all over his stomach and went to take a shower, brush his teeth and get ready for today.

Kai woke up. He was thankful he had roof over his head and food in his belly. Another day he wouldn’t feel scared or hurt. He got up, took a shower and went down stairs to have breakfast with Sehun.

- Good morning.

Sehun was so glad Kai was speaking again.

- Good morning.

The boss handed the other a phone.

- This phone can’t be tracked. You have the number of each and every member of my group including mine. Use it carefully.

Kai nodded his head in agreement. He was glad Sehun respected him last night even after his ministrations.

- You will go out shopping with Baekhyun and his husband Chanyeol this afternoon. You don’t have any clothes, shoes or belongings. Take whatever you like and don’t worry about the money. They are going to pick you up in two hours.

- Aren’t you coming with us?

- I have work. Buy something special for tonight. You are going to meet the rest of the family.

Sehun excused himself to his office, took his bag and went out. Kai went to his room and put on the smallest t-shirt and pants he could find. He was not skinny but the clothes in the wardrobe were for somebody bulkier like Sehun. The boy went downstairs to watch some TV while waiting. Time passed by and soon the front door opened with Chanyeol and Baekhyun entering holding hands.

- Hi, sweetie! – Baekhyun was so happy to see Kai again and left the boy a little shook with the tight hug he gave him.

- I’m Chanyeol. It’s great finally meeting you. – Kai was a little intimidated by Chanyeol giving his height but he found something warm and friendly in his demeanour.

- Come on! Let’s go!

Baekhyun was almost running to the car. Kai was not feeling good, he hated crowds and loud places and that’s exactly where they were going. Well, he turned out wrong. He expected them to go the mall or something but oh boy, what he did not expect was them going straight to a Gucci shop.

- Welcome, gentlemen. Champagne, wine or something non-alcoholic?

- Champagne for the three of us, please. – Baekhyun couldn’t wait to get everybody a little drunk so Kai could loosen up a bit.

The little man was dancing around the shop picking up different shirts, pants, shoes, bags etc. The shop assistant just put them in the fitting room and waited for them to choose. Kai went in and the first thing he did was to look at the price labels. What the hell? 1,000$ for just a plain white shirt?

- Umm, Baekhyun. Can you come for a minute? – Kai asked him quietly showing only his head from the fitting room.

- Yes, sugar. What is it?

- Can we go to another shop? This is waaaay too expensive!

- What’s up? – Chanyeol went to see why were they taking so long.

- Shh, Chani! Look, Kai, baby, you live in our world now. We are rich and we can afford anything. 1,000$ is nothing for us, nothing. The boss, your man, gave us 50,000$ for shopping! So, don’t worry for money and just take whatever you like. Sehun is generous but he doesn’t give money to anybody, so just accept them, be happy, wear something nice and everyone will be pleased.

- But, I …

The couple turned their backs and went to search for more clothes. They spent almost everything for Kai, going around different shops like Armani, Versace, Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. Yes, Kai very much liked the clothes but felt so uncomfortable because of their prices. The most expensive thing he has ever bought was the suit for his graduation which costed 60$.

It was 4p.m and Kai was getting really tired.

- Guys, can we go home, please? I feel very tired.

- Yeah, sure. Sehun called me and said he will wait for us at the restaurant at 8 so we are going to your house now to rest and prepare. Okay?

Kai nodded at Chanyeol. He liked the couple very much. They were funny, friendly, a little crazy and they took great care of him. He trusted them and they made him feel more comfortable in this new world of his.

It took 6 guards to take all the bags of clothes inside the house. As soon as the couple and Kai entered, they all flopped down on the couch. Exhausting day it was. They watched a comedy movie together, took a shower and prepared for dinner with the rest.

Of course, the reservation was at Sehun’s restaurant. Everybody was already there but Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Kai were running late. Sehun was just about to call them but he heard footsteps coming closer, guessing who it was since the whole restaurant had no clients except for them. The man stood up from his chair and froze the minute he saw the boy. He was wearing plain white shirt and black trousers, his dark brown hair parted in the middle. Kai couldn’t take his eyes off the man as well. Sehun was wearing a perfectly tailored black suit with a black shirt. Quite the Devil he was wearing all black. Chanyeol and Baekhyun sat in their places watching their boss and the boy like everybody else was doing.

- You look amazing. – Sehun’s deep voice sent shivers down Kai’s spine. The man caught his hand and gave it a light kiss.

- You too. – Kai couldn’t help but smile for the first time in front of Sehun.

- So, the only people you don’t already know are Chen and Xiumin, Kris and Suho.

- Hello, my name is Kai. – the boy bowed his head. The unknown members of the group got up and shook hands with him welcoming him to the table.

- Where do you want to sit? – Sehun snaked his hand around Kai’s waist and whispered in his ear.

- Can I sit next to you and Baekhyun?

Sehun pulled the chair which was between himself and Baekhyun for Kai to sit. The evening was going great. Everyone was talking with the boy making him feel so relaxed and safe in their presence. Everyone was so down to Earth that Kai almost forgot they were the biggest mafia group in South Korea. Sehun was more silent than usual only smoking his cigarettes and listening to the others. Time passed by so fast and soon it was 12a.m. Everyone got a little quieter talking to their lovers or smoking a cigarette.

- Do you wish to go home? – Sehun took Kai’s hand which was on the table.

- Only if you want.

The man nodded.

- Well, have a good night everyone. Don’t be late for tomorrow. – Sehun stood up from his chair waiting for the boy.

- Good night. It was great meeting you. – Kai bowed his head again.

Everybody waved goodbye and wished them good night as well.

- Oh god, boss is so head over heels for Kai. – Baekhyun couldn’t hold his comment in anymore.

The drive was not so silent this time.

- So, what do you think about everybody? – Sehun was the one to initiate a conversation.

- I like them. They are friendly and made me feel like I am one of you.

- You are now. Each member and each guard will protect you even if that costs them their lives.

Kai furrowed his brows and looked down at his hands.

- What is it, Kai? – Sehun caught his chin and turned the boy’s head to the left so their eyes could meet.

- Sometimes I forget you are a crime organization but then somebody always takes my pink glasses off.

- You will get used to everything; I promise. – Sehun kissed the boy’s hand. It was becoming a habit of his to do that and Kai couldn’t complain.

As soon as they entered the house, Sehun lit another cigarette. He was smoking way too much this night and Kai noticed that. Wishing each other good night they separated on the second floor. Both of them took a shower and went to bed.

Kai woke up in the middle of the night because he heard screaming. Was he dreaming? He was definitely not. He heard the screams again coming from Sehun’s room. Jumping out of his bed and running to the other’s room he pushed the door open. He saw the man thrashing in his bed, gripping the sheets on his sides. He was screaming with his eyes shut, his t-shirt soaking wet. Kai rushed to him. He tried waking Sehun up by grabbing his shoulders and shaking him but to no avail. The man was still screaming, his body so tense. Kai brought some water from the bathroom and splashed it in Sehun’s face, but he did not wake up. The boy didn’t know what to do. The other was in so much pain while dreaming. Going to his own room and taking his phone, Kai dialed Lay.

- Lay, please, its Sehun! He is screaming in his sleep and I can’t wake him up!

- Kai, get to your room and don’t come out! Do you hear me? Whatever you hear, don’t come out!

How could he not come out? Sehun looked horrible. Kai went downstairs and sat at the end of the stairs waiting for Lay. He cupped his face with his hands and started breathing deep. What was happening to Sehun?


Chapter Text

The door opened, Lay, Chanyeol and Baekhyun rushing inside the house.

- Wait, wait! Guys, what’s going on, please tell me! – Kai was freaking out. He got so worried.

- Baby, come with me. – Baekhyun caught Kai’s hand and dragged him to the living room sitting with him on the couch.

Lay and Chanyeol rushed to Sehun’s room. Seeing the man’s condition, the doctor sat next to him on the bed.

- Sehun, it’s me, Lay. Please talk to me. – Lay knew he shouldn’t wake Sehun up by violently shaking him or shouting at him. People having night terrors were very sensitive and could get aggressive if waken up the wrong way.

Sehun opened his eyes hearing Lay’s voice. He recognized it in his sleep. He looked awake now but he wasn’t.

- You killed him! You did this to my brother! You did this to me! – the dreaming man heard Lay’s voice but when he opened his eyes, he did not see the doctor’s face but somebody else’s.

Sehun’s eye were red and fierce. He saw the person hated most by him in Lay’s face now. Not being able to wake up or control himself he grabbed the doctor’s neck with both hands squeezing as hard as he could.

- Sehun, stop, it’s me! Let go of me! – Lay’s voice was fading, he couldn’t breathe.

- Boss, wake the fuck up! – Chanyeol grabbed Sehun’s hands trying to take them off of Lay’s neck. He was strong, but a man having a night terror was more violent.

Lay couldn’t breathe his eyes rolling back. Sehun was not letting go, squeezing so hard the veins on his hands were visible.

- Sehun, let go! – no result.

- Sehun, you are going to kill him! Stop! – Chanyeol was panicking.

- Sehun, Kai needs you!

There it was. The right thing to say. Sehun loosened up his grip, his eyes opened wide, his face looking like a confused kid. Lay was coughing his lungs out and Chanyeol started comforting his boss.

- Are you okay?

- I did it again, didn’t I. Oh, Lay.

- It’s okay. I’m okay. – the doctor’s neck was getting red and blueish.

Sehun cupped his face with his hands sitting up in his bed realizing the sheets were soaking wet as well as his sleeping t-shirt and shorts.

- Where is Kai? Did he hear anything?

- He called us, boss. Lay told him to get out of your room. Baek is with him now downstairs.  The boy probably thinks you’ve had an ordinary nightmare. – Chanyeol was glad the boy was safe.

Sehun could be very violent in his sleep. He had shot his best bodyguard in the leg when the guard heard his boss’ screams and tried to wake him up in a hotel room when they were abroad doing business with a Chinese group.

- Take a shower, we have to go downstairs. Kai was very worried about you. – Lay helped Sehunstand up and go to the bathroom.



Baekhyun was cuddling Kai the whole time, tenderly brushing the boy’s hair to help him relax. As soon as they heard footsteps, they stood up waiting for the others to come in. Well, Sehun looked as if nothing had happened. He was wearing a sweatshirt over his t-shirt now hiding his arms from Kai.

- Sehun! – the boy couldn’t help but rush to Sehun, the man hugging him tight.

- I am fine, don’t worry. It was just a bad dream, okay? – Sehun kissed the other’s forehead, reassuring him.

- But, you

- It’s time for you two, go back to bed, okay? Everything is fine, we are going home. You two have a good night. See you tomorrow. – Baekhyun and his big mouth. He didn’t let Kai finish. The boy knew they were hiding something from him, he was not stupid.



Sehun and Kai went upstairs as soon as the others left.

- Why are you all lying to me?

- What are you talking about? Nobody is lying to you about anything. I had a bad dream and couldn’t wake up. That’s it.

- Mhm. – Kai just turned around and went to his room without arguing. When the time comes, they would tell him everything. Yes, they told him he was part of the family now, but of course they would still have secrets.

Sehun changed the sheets himself and took off the sweatshirt he was wearing over his t-shirt. He couldn’t let Kai see his body yet. More explanations, more dark stories and more questions to be asked.



A week passed after that night with Kai seeing Sehun less and less. Apparently, the man went out earlier and came back later than usual. Baekhyun was spending quality time with Kai since Chanyeol was always with their boss. They went shopping again, watched movies, went out for walks and ate a lot of junk food. Kai saw Sehun only two times this week, right before going to bed their eyes would meet only to say good night. Baekhyun was having fun with the boy, but he saw the sadness in the other’s eyes. He missed Sehun but he couldn’t admit it.



It was Wednesday morning when Kai woke up and found a note on his nightstand.

“Be ready at 7.30. The bodyguards will take you somewhere to meet me. Wear something nice.”

- Baek, I found a note from Sehun. He wants me to meet him tonight and wear something nice.

- Sweeeetieee, he is probably taking you to dinner. Definitely wear the Armani suit with the blue shirt and the harness I gave to you. It’s gonna make him hard. – he whispered the last sentence.

Minutes passed like days. The boy couldn’t wait to meet Sehun and spend more than two minutes with him. Kai missed his perfume, even the smell of cigarettes around the house. Eventually time did pass by and it was 7.30p.m now. The boy was waiting downstairs in the hallway, wearing the suit Baekhyun suggested and a perfume he chose for himself.

- Mr. Kai, are you ready? – even the bodyguards talked to him as if he was the boss.

- Yes, I am.

It took them about 40 minutes to get to the place. The bodyguard opened the door for Kai and escorted him to the table where his boss was. Sehun stood up without saying anything, taking the boy’s hand and kissing it. He pulled a chair and welcomed Kai to sit.

- I am sorry I’ve been missing this past week. – Sehun sat in his chair lighting a cigarette. – I had some important work to do which required my presence. I hope you had fun with Baekhyun. Did you meet someone else?

- Ah, yes. We went to see a movie with Chen and went to the shopping center with Suho.

- So, you like the family?

- Yes, I mean, everyone treats me so good like I am really part of the family. But sometimes whispering and hiding things makes me a bit anxious.

- What do you mean?

- It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to make you feel like you owe me something.

- It matters. You matter to me. Tell me. – Sehun caught the boy’s hand which was resting on the table.

- I don’t want you to treat me like a kid. I’ve been through a lot, I’ve seen ugly. If I can be of help somehow tell me. You don’t have to hide things from me.

- Give us a little time. Let’s make small steps, I promise, everything is going to be okay. Now let’s order sushi. – Sehun released his hand and opened the menu.

Their conversation was mostly about how Kai was feeling around the others whether he liked his new life or not. Sehun kept playing dumb by not giving answers to Kai about their work. The boy ate so much sushi his stomach started hurting.

- It’s almost midnight, let’s go home, shall we? – Sehun was exhausted from this past week.

- Yes, my stomach hurts from all this sushi.



As soon as they came home, Sehun excused himself to his office.

- May I stay with you? In your office?

- Okay, come with me.

Kai wanted to spend more and more time with the other and Sehun felt that, he liked that.

- You can sit here I just have to finish something.

The boy cuddled on one of the chairs in front of the desk looking at Sehun’s serious face while he was reading some documents. Kai drifted off after a few minutes the warm atmosphere and the man’s perfume relaxing his body.

- Kai, come on, let’s go to bed.

The boy just hummed in his sleep. Sehun didn’t want to wake him up so he picked him bridal style and tucked him in his bed. He then went out on the balcony in his own room and lit a cigarette. His phone rang. Suho.

- He is back, boss. Ahn Oh - Joo is in Seoul.

Sehun just threw his phone away startling his bodyguards in the garden. Why now? Why did this bastard come back? His head was about to burst. He got so angry his chest tightening and ears ringing. Sehun lit another cigarette trying to calm down but it didn’t work. Cigarettes couldn’t comfort a person in his condition. It was like trying to put out massive wildfires with a glass of water. Okay, Sehun really promised to himself this was the last time. He rushed out of the house getting in his Lambo and driving off to Lay and Jackson’s house.



Stopping in front of their house with his tires screeching he dashed towards the front door.

- Open the door! – Sehun was banging on the door shouting. The doctors kept their house locked because they did not have many guards. Only two in front of the house gate.


- Boss, why are you here? Come in. – Jackson opened the door with almost closed eyes. He and Lay both had a rough day at the hospital.


- Give me something, Jackson! I can’t. I can’t… – Sehun was now pacing around the living room brushing his black hair back. Jackson couldn’t keep up with his tempo. His boss looked awful, he was sweating, his eyes were bloody and he was taking his clothes off as if it was 40 degrees outside. He was having an episode.


- Sehun, please. We will find another way. You should stop taking drugs. – the doctor was worried. His boss’ outbursts became more frequent. He has hurt Lay, he could even hurt Kai now.


- What’s going on? Why are you two shouting? – Lay was tying his bed robe, rubbing his eyes. He knew perfectly what was going on because he had seen the man in this condition many times.


- He wants us to give him the “potion” again! – Jackson was absolutely against this the first time it happened.


- Can you two stop fucking yelling and just give me something? My head is pounding! – Sehun was getting more violent speaking through his teeth his hands forming fists.


- Jacks, please stay with him. I will be right back. – Lay has always been a softhearted doctor and partner.


- Okay, boss, just sit on the couch.


- I can’t sit down! – Sehun always had so much energy in this state. He wanted adrenaline, he wanted to fight with someone or even kill.


- Well, you will have to! – Jackson was getting pissed. He hated seeing his boss like this. He put out Sehun’s cigarette after taking it from his hand then pushed him to sit on the couch.


Sehun was sweating profusely. He was breathing deep leisurely sitting on the couch only wearing his suit’s trousers and his shoes after taking off his coat and shirt.

- Okay. Sehun, I am gonna give you the injection now. – Lay was warning him so he wouldn’t startle.

Lay injected him the “potion” making him relax in an instant. Sehun let out a shaky breath and began sliding his hand over his chest, abs and then grabbed his dick over his pants. No fucking way! This man was unbelievable! He got hard after having an episode? The doctors couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t help the fact they were getting hard as well either. Jackson turned his boss’ head and kissed him. Lay fell on his knees between Sehun’s legs and started unbuckling his belt. He started by licking the crown gently but ended up gagging on his boss’ dick loud and sloppy. Jackson was kissing Sehun’s neck, jawline and lips through the blowjob. The drugged man soon came in the doctor’s mouth with a grunt.



- How can you always end up getting hard? This will always be a mystery. – Lay chuckled.

- I am sorry. – Sehun changed his mood pretty fast.

- You don’t need to worry. That’s what family is for. To be here for you at all times. – Jackson was against drugs but he couldn’t imagine what his boss was going through mentally so who was he to judge.

- It’s different now. Kai is part of the family too. I can’t bear the thought of hurting him and I can’t tell him about my condition either. I don’t want to hurt you too. – Sehun’s voice was so soft now.

- You have to visit a psychiatrist. The only thing we can do is give you drugs and herbs and this is not solving the problem. This is about your mental health not your psychical one. – Lay was rubbing imaginary circles on his boss’ back.

- Let’s end it here for tonight and watch a movie. – Sehun suggested, lifting his feet on the table and switching on the TV. The doctors laid their heads on his shoulders on each side and connected their hands which were on the man’s stomach. Sehun just hugged them both and took a deep breath.

Lay and Jackson soon fell asleep which left Sehun alone and awake. He couldn’t fall asleep his insomnia kicking in. His thoughts were running wild. He was thinking about the time his father and brother took him to a psychologist. Yes, Sehun had a younger brother. Luhan. A brother he lost too young. Sehun was diagnosed with Intermittent explosive disorder. This is a behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand. The cause is likely a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Sehun and his brother has seen nothing but violence since they were little. They lost their mother when the older, Sehun, was eight years old and the younger, Luhan – five years old.  An enemy of their father gutted her like an animal and Sehun was the one who found her. Maybe this was the turning point in his life. He wanted to have a bigger and bigger part in the family business. Sehun was ten when he first killed a person. No, he did not just kill him, he beheaded him without blinking. He began arguing more, killing more and more people, he started fights with his brother without reason and even attacked his own father. He was then taken to a psychologist who diagnosed him. The older was only twenty years old when their father got sick and he had to take over the throne. His brilliance, judgement and physical abilities made him a greater leader. The young man raised his family’s empire to a new level over the years. Shit got real when he was twenty-three. There was only one gang in South Korea which was stronger, more powerful and richer than theirs. Sehun and Luhan’s father wanted to change that for many years and take over the other gang. Obviously, he thought the time had come so he sent his sons on a death mission. Of course, the underlings were first to enter the other gang’s safehouse and lose their lives but the brothers couldn’t just sit back and watch. Things went sideways when the two were caught in a trap. Waking up in a basement with tied hands they realized this might be the end. The leader of the rival gang was a total psycho. Ahn Oh - Joo. A fucking freak he was. He beat the shit out of the brothers, he cut them, he shot them, left the wounds get infected then treated them poorly just to keep them alive, he starved them and electrocuted them on a daily basis. All this just to get information about their firearms and drugs suppliers, about their money laundering businesses, their connections and contracts with other groups. The brothers could handle everything so they kept their mouths shut. Two weeks passed and nobody could get them out of there. One day things got uglier. Ahn Oh - Joo had a plan and was about to execute it. He realized that if a man wanted to get information from another man, he had to find the other’s weak spot. And which was Sehun’s or Luhan’s weak spot? Of course, they were each other’s vulnerable point. The psycho chose to torture Luhan while Sehun was watching. The old man cut and cut and cut the younger boy in front of the other. The older brother could hear every scream, every whimper. Ahn Oh - Joo tortured Luhan for three days and Sehun remained silent. The old man let ten of his bodyguards brutally rape the twenty-year-old kid in the presence of his brother. After this Luhan changed. He stopped talking to Sehun, he stopped looking him in the eyes. The kid fell apart. Ahn Oh - Joo already knew he wouldn’t get any information so he decided to perform his last show. Sehun’s hands were tied behind his back with two guards holding him still. That freak of a leader cut his younger brother’s throat right before him. Sehun screamed at the top of his lungs, his brother’s blood all over his face and body. Ahn Oh - Joo let the older go having no use in him. He was not the same when he came back home. Sehun did not talk for a week before he had the strength to tell his father what happened, he just went out fighting or killing without even being attacked. His bad dreams started, the insomnia kicked in and then the poor lonely brother was diagnosed with PTSD. Everybody noticed the difference and nobody ever saw him smiling or laughing again. Even his childhood friends: Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kris, Suho, Chen, Xiumin, Jackson and Lay. Yes, they were friends since they were kids because of their fathers being partners and part of the same gang just like how they were now. Two years passed and Sehun managed to find Ahn Oh - Joo’s own brother. He planned everything and went to take revenge with his father by his side. They succeeded but at the cost of his father’s life. At least the old man knew his son was avenged. Ahn Oh - Joo left South Korea and never came back. He and Sehun were almost even.

Sehun felt tears rolling down his cheeks but brushed them away quickly. He has never cried about anything since he was a child except for his brother. His sweet little brother now resting six feet under. Oh, how much he missed him!




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Chapter Text


Sehun was reading the newspaper, smoking a cigarette sitting at the table which was ready for breakfast. Kai always got up later than him.

- Good morning.

- Morning. – Sehun hated mornings so he sounded a bit irritated before he has had his coffee.

- I am sorry I felt asleep in your office last night. – Kai sat in his place.

- Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to a gala night?

- What? I’ve never been to one. You should probably take somebody else; I don’t want to embarrass you…

- So that’s a “yes” then. – the boss hated it when Kai underestimated himself. He wanted to go with him and him only.

- Sehun, I … the boy was feeling so uncomfortable.

- A close friend of mine is back from a long trip, let’s say. He invited the whole family to his birthday party and everyone has his plus one. Do you want me to be alone all night?

- You – you want me to be your plus one? – Did Sehun just ask him on a date?

- Yes, actually I insist.

Sehun left after taking some documents from his office leaving Kai alone. Oh, the boy couldn’t help but smile all morning after the man’s proposal. A date it was then. Kai has never been on one. Unfortunately, every man in his life has been an asshole, either beating him or trying to rape him.



- Hi, Baekhyun. What are you doing? – the boy always called Baekhyun when he was excited.

- Mm, nothing. You?

- Sehun invited me to a birthday party tonight. I have no idea what to wear, what to do. I don’t want to embarrass him.

- Sugar, wait a minute.

- Ah, I am fucking cumming… and that was definitely Chanyeol.

- Baek, are you…? You can call me later if…

- Naaah, it’s okay. I am done. So, you were saying? Ah, yes, the gala night. I’ll be damned. We have to go shopping.

- No way! We bought so much clothes. – he did not want to spend more money on clothes. Baekhyun was a shopaholic.

- Listen to me. You need special clothes for tonight. This won’t be a regular party. There is always a dress code! Besides, boss has never invited anyone on his friend’s birthday party. Believe me, he is trying to impress you now, so just dress pretty and be yourself.

- Okay, call me later then.

- Bye, baby, see you in an hour.

Oh boy, the party was definitely not going to be “regular”. The dress code was black leather. Everybody had to have a leather clothing or accessory, preferably black. Thank God, Baekhyun urged Kai to go shopping. The boy did not have anything made of leather.



It was 6 p.m. and Sehun got home. The house was quiet.

- Are you in here? – the man knocked on Kai’s door.

- I am getting ready.

- Be downstairs at 8 p.m.

Kai’s hands were sweating. He was looking at the mirror laughing at himself.

- Who do you think you are? Wearing these expensive clothes. You look ridiculous. These people are from the highlife and you are just … just a piece of shit. Everybody is going to think you are the boss’ fuck toy or something. – he scoffed brushing his dark locks back. He was wearing black leather pants, a black shirt and a black blazer.

Shit, it was already 8 p.m. He didn’t have much of a choice now, the other was probably downstairs waiting.

Sehun gaped at how amazing Kai looked. He was walking down the stairs as if God was coming down from Heaven.

- You look impressive.

- So, do you. – Kai accepted the compliment not having his insecurities take over tonight. Well, the boy couldn’t take his eyes off the man as well. Sehun was wearing a casual black suit, a white shirt with a black leather harness and black leather gloves. He looked as the Devil himself came down to Earth.



The whole group met in front of a big mansion. The guards did not even check if their names were on the list and just welcomed them in. The mansion was not as big as Sehun’s but it was quite a beautiful one.

- Sehun, my friend! I am so happy you are here! – a man came out of nowhere and hugged Sehun patting him on the back.

- Park SeoJoon! It’s been a minute. – this must be quite a close friend. Sehun avoided having physical contact with people he did not know well.

- And who is that? – SeoJoon looked at Kai.

- Kim Kai. Pleasure to meet you. – the boy accepted the other’s hand after he felt Sehun’s hand snaking around his waist as if boosting his confidence.

- Pleasure is all mine. – the stranger smirked. – Please, make yourselves at home. I am going to greet the others from your family and get back to you soon.

Too much people in one place. That was not good either for Sehun or Kai. They both hated crowds, spectacles or whatever including more than 10 people at most. The boy was counting minutes. He was holding onto Sehun’s arm meeting people he probably wouldn’t see again. A few times the man would leave him stay with Suho and Kris or with Chen and Xiumin, having private conversations with some men.

- Would you like to come with me on the balcony? – Sehun grabbed Kai’s shoulder from behind whispering in his ear.

- Yes, I would. – how could he refuse the man anything.  


The huge marble balcony was on the second floor to which only Sehun had access out of all guests. Kai put his hands on the balcony railing.

- I love looking at the sea. It’s soothing.

- Mm, indeed. – The man hugged Kai by the waist from behind.

- You know the sea has always been the only thing giving me hope. Every time I’ve felt sad, lost or misunderstood, I’ve looked at it and just found something so beautiful and deep.

- Now look at the stars. That’s my comforting view. – Kai looked up and then turned around still in the other’s arms. They were a breath away from each other’s faces.

- Sehun, why are you doing all of this for me? I am nobody.

- Stop. – Sehun placed a finger on Kai’s lips. – You have no idea what I saw in your eyes that day. I’ve never felt such warmth, such kindness and purity before. I always trust my gut and it was telling me there is something special about you. Why do you always doubt yourself and ask me why I took you home? Are you not happy living with me?

- No, no, it’s nothing of this kind. I like you… I mean I like living with you… but I am scared. I am scared of losing everything again.

- You won’t ever lose me I promise you that. – Sehun kissed the boy’s forehead.

No words were needed. The man just hugged the other letting his head rest on his chest thanks to their difference in height.

- Boss, boss! You have to go! Now! – Kris was almost shouting at them.

- What is it, Kris? – Sehun let go of the boy.

- Ahn Oh - Joo! He just came!

- God damn this bastard! You get out of the mansion with Kai from the back exit. We will meet at the car.  

Who was this man? Why were they panicking? Kai has never heard Sehun sound so distressed before. Kris took his hand and started running the boy following him through the many corridors.

- Well, well, who do we have here? – a middleaged man appeared in front of them.

- Back off! – Kris growled at the man’s face.

- Easy now, Yifan! I just want to know who this beautiful flower is. My name is Ahn Oh - Joo. What’s yours? – the man took Kai’s hand and kissed it, his ugly face smirking. The boy was quick to pull away his hand and hide behind Kris’ back.

- What do you want, you son of a bitch?

- You saw me downstairs, then went somewhere probably to inform your boss about my presence. And now you are trying to get this boy out of the mansion using the back exit. Your little boyfriend Suho is still in the dining room so this here must be Sehun’s princess.

- Ahn Oh - Joo. – Sehun was calmly walking towards them not showing any emotion.

- Oh Sehun. – the older man turned around. – Where did you find this pretty little thing?

- That’s none of your business. If you will please excuse us. It’s been a long day. If you want something you know where to find me.

Ahn Oh - Joo did not want to make a scene, he just wanted to make his presence felt. So, he did nothing and just let the others go without doing or saying anything more. Actions were better than words and he knew that.



Sehun was angry, probably about to have another episode soon. His face did not show any emotion though.

- Did he do something to you? – the man’s voice was so raspy and dominant; Kai felt a little uneasy sitting next to him in the car.

- No, he just wanted to know my name and kissed my hand.

- He kissed your hand? – Sehun lit a cigarette inhaling deep.

- Who is he? Why did we exit from the back door and just ran away from the party?

- Nobody! I just want you to stay as far away from him if you see him again and find me or somebody from the family. – Sehun did not even look the other in the eyes while speaking.

- You are lying to me again. – the car pulled over. They were in front of the mansion.

- Get out of the car. – Kai felt the other’s emotions even though his face did not change at all. They both entered the house with Sehun throwing his blazer on the couch in the living room.

- Please. Tell me what’s going on!

- This man, this man killed my father and brother six years ago! – the boss lit another cigarette while pacing around the room.

- Oh my God! – Kai sat on the couch covering his mouth with his hand.

- Go to your room, Kai! – Sehun sounded cold and threatening.

- Why are you always brushing me off then tell me I matter?

- Because I won’t forgive myself if I hurt you again.

- You won’t hurt me anymore. I believe you. – Kai took Sehun’s hand and invited him to sit on the couch with him. Taking the man’s harness off he started massaging his back and shoulders.

- Breathe deep and close your eyes. – Kai used more pressure giving the fact Sehun was bulky and his shoulders were so tense. – Think about the stars and how bright they shine in the dark night sky. Think about the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks.

Sehun was indeed feeling better. His ears stopped ringing and his head stopped pounding. How could this be? Kai just stopped him from having another outburst?

- Are you afraid? – the man just blurted out this question.

- Of what? – the boy did not stop the massage.

- Are you afraid of me?

- I was in the beginning, yes. But not now.

- Are you afraid of losing your life because of me? Are you afraid of the world we live in?

- It would be better if I lose my life because of you than being raped by my foster father or get beaten by him. I’ve never valued my life; I’ve never wanted to be alive but I feel different now. That’s what scares me.

- What do you mean?

- I don’t want to die so I won’t lose what I have now here with you, with the others. I have people to talk to, people who protect me and care about what I want. – a tear rolled down the boy’s cheek. Sehun turned around and wiped it with his thumb the boy closing his eyes and relaxing his head against the other’s hand.

- Let’s get you to bed.


Sehun was about to enter his bedroom.

- Do you do you want to lay with me for a bit? I don’t want to be alone. – Kai was hesitant to ask but he did anyways.

- Yes, I will just go change my clothes and then come.



Kai was lying on his side facing the balcony when he heard the door opening. Sehun got under the covers and laid on his back wearing his sleeping pants and sweatshirt. The boy turned around and placed his head on the other’s chest. They stayed awake for a while looking at nothing soon drifting off to sleep while listening to each other’s heartbeats.

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Chapter Text


Kai woke up to the smell of cigarettes.

- You smoke way too much. – the boy turned his head so as to look the man in the face who was smoking his cigarette.

- Good morning to you too. – they did not change positions the whole night, Kai still resting on his chest, their legs tangled together.

Sehun put out his cigarette before getting out of bed.

- Would you like to go for a walk today?

Kai’s answer was the smile on his face. The most beautiful smile Sehun has ever seen. It made him feel alive, full of adrenaline and excited in a strange way. He went to his own room to take a shower and put on a suit.

Sehun’s proposal made Kai’s morning brighter. He loved spending time alone with the man. They did not speak much but the little they said mattered. The other made him feel more secure about himself, made him feel worthy and cared about.

They met downstairs in the hallway. Kai was wearing black jeans with a white oversized t-shirt while Sehun was of course wearing another expensive all black suit.

Getting in the car, Sehun and his guards were the ones who knew their destination, Kai was just looking out the window curious. They soon stopped at Gangnam district, the guards opening the two back doors for their boss and Kai.

- Sehun, can we go for a walk without the guards? – they made Kai feel uneasy. Always walking behind them and speaking into their earpieces. Not to mention the number of weapons they were carrying under their suits.

- Everybody, stay in the car. I will call you if I need something.

- Boss. – nobody questioned Sehun’s decision no matter what it was. They bowed their heads to Sehun  and got back in the car.

Sehun and Kai were walking down Garosugil, the boy looking around so excited. He has never been to Gangnam before. There were so many cafes, shops, restaurants. Kai squeezed the other’s hand stopping in front of a street painter.

- What is it?

- Look at his paintings. They are so realistic. – Kai got closer to the old Asian man who was still drawing.

- Kai, don’t let go of my arm in the crowd, please. – the boy took Sehun’s hand and pulled him closer to him.

- I’ve been drawing since I was 4 years old but I never told anyone. My first foster father used to tear up my paintings and just burn them. I drew many of them when I started living alone but they are collecting dust now in my old apartment.

Sehun let go of Kai’s hand and took out a stack of money folded with a clip from his pocket.

- Excuse me, sir. Here is 200$. I want you to let this boy draw something. – the old man looked so happy, taking the money and putting them in his dirty, paint covered pants.

- Thank you, Mr. – the painter stood up from his chair inviting Kai to sit with his hand.

- Thank you, sir.  Kai bowed to the old painter in respect and gratitude. You didn’t have to do this. I am not that good but I will take this chance. – the boy took a pencil, sat on the little wooden chair and started drawing.

Sehun was watching with curiosity when he felt his phone was ringing inside of his pocket. Chen was calling about some new information he had about a gang they were trying to eliminate. The man took two steps aside from Kai so the boy wouldn’t hear his conversation. After smoking five or six cigarettes, Sehun realized his conversation with Chen was now thirty minutes long.

- Okay, Chen, keep digging. I have to go now, good work. – Sehun put out his cigarette and went back to Kai. – How is it…

- I am done.

Well, Sehun did not expect that. The boy drew him on the board using just a pencil. The painter himself was amazed at his talent. He drew Sehun’s face so well it felt as if the painting was coming to life.

- You are not good, huh? – Sehun’s sarcasm could be felt.

The painter let them keep the drawing and they continued their walk down the street after saying good bye.



- Do you have some secret talents? – Kai looked up at Sehun who had his hand around the boy’s shoulders.

- I am very good with blades, machetes, guns …

- You know what I meant.

- No, I don’t. I’ve held weapons in my hands since I was 4 or 5 years old. Never have I drawn anything even as a child.

Kai looked at his feet feeling the heaviness in his chest. What a childhood. They both were so messed up.

- Hey, hey. Don’t get upset. I didn’t mean this to sound so dramatic. – Sehun grabbed the boy’s face with his hands looking him in the eyes. – Choose a restaurant. I am starving, aren’t you as well?



They sat in a fancy restaurant just a few blocks away. The waiter immediately came with their menus and a big smile from ear to ear on his face.

- Can we go to another place? – Kai was shocked, the prices were so high.

- Why? Don’t you like this one?

- No, no, it’s wonderful but very expensive.

- Come closer. I have a secret to tell you. – Kai got closer offering his ear.

- I own this restaurant. – the man whispered in his ear.

- Are you serious?  well, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

They ate their lunch, enjoying the warm sunny day and the sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant.  

- I have a meeting after half an hour. Do you mind staying in Suho’s shop? – Sehun lost track of time. Hours passed like seconds with Kai.

- Yes, sure.

They walked slowly back to the car and drove off to Suho’s shop.


The boy did not expect this kind of a shop. It was a huge jewelry and watches shop on two floors. Suho was waiting in front now giggling at Kai’s opened mouth.

- Hello, you two.

- Hello, Suho. – Kai extended his hand to greet the man but Suho embraced him instead.

- I will take care of him, boss. – the man waved his boss goodbye and ushered Kai into the shop.

They got to the second floor where they entered an office like room.

- Do you want something to drink?

- Just water, please.

- Kai, you don’t have to be so formal with me. Sit wherever you like and relax. Tell me what you did with Sehun this morning.

- We went for a walk, had lunch and just wandered around Gangnam. – Kai felt as if he was talking to an older brother he never had. Suho’s presence was comforting the man always having this warm smile on his face.

- So, do you like living with boss? Do you like going out with us? – the older man sat behind the desk facing Kai who was sitting in front of it.

- I do. I am grateful to all of you for taking care of me. I’ve never had that. – Kai looked at his hands being silent for a few seconds before continuing – Let’s not talk about sad stuff. Tell me how did you and Kris meet?

- Oh, don’t you know? Everyone from the family have known each other since we were kids. Our fathers were partners with Sehun’s father. Unfortunately, only Chen’s dad is alive now but in a wheelchair. So, me and Kris realized we were in love with each other probably when we were fifteen or sixteen. The others were not so fast though. Our fathers were from different cities, only mine, Sehun’s and Kris’ were from Seoul. The others waited till their sons were at least 18 to get them in business, so they’ve had other boyfriends before their present ones, I guess.

- It’s hard not to notice what a strong connection everyone has with each other in the family. You are so different yet the same.

- Kai, I want you to always talk to me if something is bothering you, okay? Don’t hesitate to contact me. – Suho changed the subject all of a sudden, placing his hand over Kai’s on the desk.

- Uhm, okay, thanks. – the boy got a but confused by this sentence but was very pleased the man shared a little part of the family’s history with him. He wanted to know more and more about their lives and stories together. He wanted to get to know Sehun better.

- Now then, choose one. – Suho took out two boxes for watches from under his desk. Opening the boxes, he revealed two golden Rolex watches. Obviously bloody expensive.

- What do you mean choose one?

- This will be my present for you. A welcoming present. You joined the family after all.

- No, Suho, I can’t accept it. This costs more than my apartment.

- If you do not accept my gift, I will take this personally. – Suho lifted up one of his brows, his eyes sharp.

- Okay, I am doing this because I don’t want you to be upset with me. I like this one better. – Kai pointed at the left one.

- Good choice. You now have a watch which costs 50,000$.

- What? No, Suho…

- I cannot hear you. Are you saying something because I can see your lips moving but I can’t hear anything? – Suho just took the boy’s hand and put on the watch. Kai couldn’t deny it looked very sophisticated and expensive but it costed way too much.

The older man’s phone rang.

- Yes, boss. He is right here with me. Okay, I will escort him downstairs in a minute.

- Come on, Kai, boss is here to pick you up.

 The boy went downstairs with Suho thanking him for the gift again.

- Bye, Suho. Thanks for the gift. – the man smiled back at Kai the boy getting in the car.



- I see you’ve made a perfect choice with the watch. – Sehun knew it. Suho was like a big brother to all of them, of course he would give Kai a gift for joining the family.


- I feel so uncomfortable. This watch is too expensive!


- You are part of our world now. You will learn to live by our standards. Believe me you will like it.



They got home in the late afternoon.

- I have another meeting and then I am coming home. Tell the maids what will you have for dinner. I won’t be late.

- Wait, Sehun. – the man turned around facing Kai – Can we just watch a movie and drink some wine?

- We will do whatever you want tonight. – Sehun went out lighting another cigarette.



Kai was pacing around his room till 9p.m without a purpose. He couldn’t choose a movie. He was so nervous about spending an evening with Sehun curled up on the couch drinking wine. It sounded so domestic and cliché but Kai loved it anyways. Maybe something more would happen tonight. No, Kai did not want to make any plans. Oh God, but the other made him so horny he couldn’t stop looking at him whenever he got the chance. He couldn’t stop looking at Sehun’s veiny hands or how the shirt was about to rip open on his chest or back. Even just smoking a fucking cigarette made him look like an actor or something.

- I will take a shower and wait for you in the living room. – Sehun startled him by knocking on the door and speaking without getting in. He was always so respectful of Kai’s personal space, he never got inside without the boy inviting him.

Kai took a shower as well and put on an oversized shirt and some shorts. He went downstairs and saw Sehun sitting on the couch with a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table in front of him. The man was wearing a satin pajama; long black pants and a robe tied in front of his stomach.

- What do you want to watch? – Sehun asked pouring the red wine in their glasses.

- I was thinking about this Korean movie, “Forgotten”.

- “Forgotten” it is then.


As time passed by, sip after sip, Kai got hotter and hotter. He was not drunk, not at all, but he could feel the wine warming him up. The bad thing the wine did was give him courage; he wouldn’t stop staring at Sehun. The man felt Kai’s stare the whole time. After some time, he turned his head to look into the boy’s eyes. Sehun leaned in, now holding the other’s face with his hand, pushing him gently to lay on the couch. Kai spread his legs allowing the man to nestle between them. Their lips were almost touching, theirs hearts racing. This was pure torture for the both of them. Sehun traced Kai’s bottom lip with the tip of his tongue making the boy go crazy and hard as fuck. He wanted to tease him so he started kissing his jaw, his neck and his exposed collarbones. The man returned to his main target. Kai’s lips now opened in a silent moan with his eyes closed. Sehun began kissing hungrily pushing his tongue inside the other’s mouth. Their tongues danced passionately together breathy moans escaping their lips between the kisses. The older was losing control grabbing Kai’s thigh in a bruising grip and grinding against him. Their erections rubbed together. The boy was scratching Sehun’s back through the robe pulling it back and revealing the man’s shoulders and chest.

A phone rang and the magic between them just vanished. It was Sehun’s phone and he just grabbed it from the table sitting up straight on the couch, fixing his robe.

- What is it? – his voice was still breathy.

- Boss, I found some information and heard some rumors about Ahn Oh - Joo’s arrival. – Xiumin sounded a bit nervous.

- Okay, I am heading to your house. – Sehun lit a cigarette and got up from the couch. – I am sorry I need to go see Xiumin. Don’t drink too much wine without me.

He went to his room to change his clothes and just left without saying anything more.

Kai’s head still felt dizzy from all the kisses and the adrenaline. He did not want Sehun to leave, he wanted to spend the night with him, he was so ready for this. Getting to his room he jerked himself to sleep.


- What is it, guys? – Sehun got inside the couple’s “working room”. There were so many screens, computers, lap tops, cameras, microphones and headphones. Yes, Xiumin and Chen were the hacker couple. They were the best hackers in the world. Not even the CIA could handle their cyberattacks.

- We heard some rumors that the psycho has returned a week before, you know, Luhan’s death anniversary on purpose. Please, take your guards with you at all costs. We understood he saw Kai and he knows who he is. – Xiumin has always been nervous around this date. Luhan’s death anniversary was the darkest day for his boss and a lot of enemies tried to attack them at this particular moment.  

- The only way to deal with this old man is to eliminate him. He is a pain in the ass and he has the audacity to show up after so many years. Geez. – Chen spoke with his mouth full of ramen, pissed.

- I know, I know. It’s not that easy though. We have to make up the perfect plan to kill him. I underestimated him once and I won’t do it again. – Sehun was not ashamed to admit there was somebody more dangerous or vicious than him but he was going to change that. Nobody could fuck with his family for so long. He had to protect everyone and keep them alive. He was not going to lose another brother or Kai.



The next day passed in the blink of an eye. Sehun had several meetings that day and did not even have breakfast with Kai. The boy on the other hand felt worried. Did he do something wrong last night? He hasn’t seen Sehun after their “moment” and spent the whole day in his room thinking. Thinking about the man, about his feelings for him and their kiss. He couldn’t take his mind off Sehun.


It was 10p.m when Kai heard Sehun entering his room. He-he wanted to talk to the man, ask him what went wrong and why he wasn’t there for breakfast. But who was he to ask? No, Sehun told him he mattered, so it must be true than. Why would he lie to him in the first place? Okay, he took a deep breath and went to knock on the other’s door.

- Sehun, are you in there? – his voice was so nervous and weak.

- Come in. – Kai entered the room and saw Sehun rolling up the sleeves on his black shirt.

- Sehun, II wanted to…

His words were cut off by Sehun’s lips pressing on his and the man’s hands on his waist. The kiss was needy, the man sucking the air out of Kai. Sehun could not get hold of himself after seeing the boy wearing his oversized sleeping shirt with his tight boxers underneath, his flushed cheeks and shy eyes avoiding him. The kiss was sloppy, tongues finding their ways into each other’s mouths and moans filling the room. Sehun broke the kiss to undress the boy leaving him naked under his gaze.

- Lay on your stomach. – Kai’s feet were trembling. He did what Sehun asked him to feeling his cock throbbing because of the man’s dominant voice.

Seeing the boy lay on the bed made Sehun crazy with lust. He wanted to savor his body. Kai looked behind his back to see what was taking so long and saw the other’s predatory stare. Neither of them moved for a few seconds before the man just rushed to the bed grabbing the boy’s ankles and spreading his legs. Placing his hands on Kai’s buttcheeks gently he slowly exposed the other’s rosy hole by opening them out. The boy’s breath hitched from anticipation and arousal.

- Close your eyes. – Sehun’s voice was deeper, raspier.

Kai shoved his face in the pillow, gripping the sheets on its sides. Sehun let his saliva fall just above the boy’s hole immediately running his tongue over it agonizingly slow.

- Oh God, Sehun! – the boy moaned the other’s name after feeling his tongue. Never had he felt so inflamed before.

The man began lapping the hole with his wet tongue, growling like an animal and squeezing the other’s cheeks with great force. Sehun continued his spectacle with circling the anus using a variety of shapes then licking it again with a wide tongue. Once Kai’s hole was noticeably less tense the man penetrated him shoving his head between the boy’s asscheeks.

- I - I am gonna cum... – as soon as Kai heard the slurping sounds from behind, he ejaculated on the sheets beneath his body with a loud moan, his body convulsing.

- Turn around.   Oh, the dominant voice Sehun possessed. It made the other go nuts.

Kai did so, turning around, cum smeared on his stomach, his cheeks blushing and eyes watery. Sehun brushed the saliva dripping on his chin with the back of his hand and leaned in. He pushed his index and middle finger inside the boy’s warm mouth. Kai began sucking on them never leaving the man’s eyes. Sehun pulled them out seeing how wet they had become and placed them on the other’s entrance. He was using pressure just enough to tease the hell out of the boy, making circular motions then pushing in one of his fingers a millimeter deep.

- Please, push it in! – Kai was whimpering beneath him biting his bottom lip.

Sehun was beyond happy to oblige. Pushing his middle finger in, his ears were blessed with the sweetest moans and whimpers he could ever hear. God, his dick was about to rip his pants apart, he was so hard. Kai was going to tear the man’s shirt apart on his back because of scratching him. All these feelings, emotions were new to him. This unknown pain making his body tremble with pleasure. His cock came back to life the minute Sehun started touching his hole, now even ready to cum. The man did not help, his wet kisses on the other’s neck and jaw adding up to everything they were doing. The second finger inside of him was the cherry on the fucking cake. Kai climaxed again spurting his semen on his stomach and chest with Sehun’s name escaping his lips. The man pulled out his fingers and pushed them inside his own mouth. Licking them clean he watched the boy laying there all spread out for him. Sehun stripped himself naked revealing his long fat cock. He stood on his knees between the boy’s legs slowly jerking himself after spitting in his own hand. Kai was a bit worried. Sehun was huge. How was this thing going to fit inside him? He was almost drooling, looking at the man’s perfect body. You do not get in that shape without spending a lot of time in the gym. His biceps were big, shoulders broad and his chest well built. But what were those…scars…

- Tell me to stop if I am hurting you. – Sehun could hardly talk between breaths being so aroused.

Kai covered his mouth with the back of his hand to silent a scream. Sehun was so big the pain inevitable despite the man being gentle and patient.

- Don’t hide from me. – the man pulled Kai’s hand away from his mouth. He felt the other’s hole clenching around his length, his eyes shut with tears rolling down from their corners. Sehun groaned at the stinging pain in his back from the other’s nails digging into his flesh drawing blood.

Kai felt as if his body was on fire. He held his breath for a minute before being able to relax and exhale. Sehun felt the other’s body loosening up and started slowly thrusting into him in a slow steady pace. The boy’s sobbing was soon replaced with pleasurable moans and whimpers his legs now wrapped around Sehun’s waist. The rhythm increased, Kai’s back arching from the bed.

- Look at me. – Sehun took the other’s chin and turned his head so their eyes could meet. Slowly sliding his hand down he grabbed Kai’s neck. Oh, he squeezed a little too hard having no control, making the other hold his breath.

- Harder! – Kai sounded so needy, needy for pain and pleasure. He amazed Sehun for the second time with his masochistic outbursts.

The man could not complain. His pace was brutal, thrusting inside Kai with great force choking him out. One last weak pained whimper escaped the younger’s lips before he ejaculated for the third time on his stomach untouched. Sehun loosened up his grip, allowing the boy to breath and started fiercely biting his neck reaching his orgasm. A low growl vibrated through his body and he came inside Kai. They stood like this for a few minutes, Sehun’s cock still in the boy’s ass, trying to get a hold of themselves. Their pheromones still dancing together in the air and their hearts racing between each other’s bodies.

Sehun carried Kai bridal style to the bathroom so they could shower together while the maids were changing the sheets. Of course, they had a little make out session but nothing more. It was Kai’s first time so Sehun did not want rush to things and hurt him more than needed.

- Can we sleep together? – Kai’s eyes got softer.

- Of course. – Sehun kissed him on the forehead and tucked them both under the covers.

Kai was lying on the man’s chest the warm air coming from the balcony tickling their bare feet as Sehun’s phone rang waking him up. Park Seo-Joon.

- What is it, Joon? Why are you calling at this hour?

- Sehun! Sehun, do not come here. It’s a fucking trap…Ah…

- Good night, Mr. Sehun. – Ahn Oh - Joo’s voice was the last thing Sehun wanted to hear right now. – I am here in your father’s old torture warehouse enjoying the company of your dear friend. If you want to see him alive and well and not in bags sent piece by piece, you better get here, fast!

Sehun hung up the phone, got out of bed and started taking out clothes from his closet.

- What happened? Where are you going? – Kai was confused. Who called the man?

Sehun did not answer, he put on his clothes, tucked his gun in his waistband and rushed downstairs. Kai followed him to the front door grabbing his hand to stop him.

- Sehun, please! Tell me what’s going on!

- Don’t touch me! Get back to your room and don’t come out!

The man just shoved Kai away a little too hard, the boy taking a step back. Sehun went berserk. He was either going to kill the bastard or die trying. Nobody could fuck with his family or friends! Nobody!

Chapter Text


- Joon! Joon! – Sehun was shouting his friend’s name entering his father’s old warehouse. Seeing SeoJoon he rushed to him dropping to his knees.

- Joonah! – the other barely kept his eyes open; blood was coming out of his mouth, lacerations all over his body and his right arm twisted in a disgusting angle.

- I will keep your place on the throne in Hell warm, my dear friend.

- Nooooooo! – Sehun screamed at the top of his lungs, rage running through his veins. He was clinging to his friend’s lifeless body, the blood still warm on his hands.

Sehun stared at nothingness for a few minutes, then picked his friend’s body up. He realized how much blood Joon had lost when he saw the red pond on the floor. Swearing angrily under his nose, he placed the body on the back seats of his car. Not minding his bloody hands and clothes he started the engine and drove off to Lay and Jackson’s hospital.


Kai darted to his room searching for his phone to contact Baekhyun.

- Baekhyun! SeSehun…I think Seo-Joon called him and he- he just took his gun and rushed through the door without saying anything! Please, do something! – the boy was stuttering, panic making his head feel dizzy.

- Okay, baby, calm down! I am gonna call Chen and Xiumin, they will trace the call and we will find him, do you hear me?

- Okay, just please call me if you find him! He was not himself, Baek!

- Please, just stay home and try to relax! – these were the last words Kai heard before hanging up the phone.

The boy went to Sehun’s room and cuddled himself, warm tears falling on the man’s pillow. Kai could feel something was wrong, he felt the tightness in his chest. Sehun might be in trouble.



Taking the body out of the car, Sehun carried it to the emergency room, his hope never dying. Waiting outside and brushing his hair back nervously, he realized how much blood was in it, how much there was on his hands, on his clothes… his friend’s blood.

- I am sorry, Mr. Sehun. He was already dead when you brought him in. We couldn’t do anything. – Lay and Jackson were not present, but each and every one of the doctors were as capable, so Sehun believed the small woman.

- Fuck, Joonah! – the man’s voice was quiet, he was talking to himself, blaming himself for what happened to his friend. This was all his fault. Ahn Oh - Joo wanted him, but taking one’s life was not as painful as hurting the ones said man loved.

Sehun took out his phone after losing his patience over the constant vibrating inside of his pocket. Fifteen missed calls from Kai, eight from Baekhyun and now Jackson was calling him probably after finding out about Park Seo-Joon being brought to the hospital. Geez, he switched off his phone and got to his car. His knuckles went white, Sehun tightening his grip on the wheel of his sports car. There were no traffic lights at this hour. Throwing his cigarette out the window he stepped on the gas. 100 km/h – it was his fault Joon died – 150 km/h – he should have killed the psycho on his friend’s birthday when he had the chance – 200 km/h – he could not save his friend just as he couldn’t save his brother – 250 km/h – his father was gone too – 280 km/h – Sehun hit the brakes stopping in the middle of the road. Wildly screaming in the car, he was hitting the wheel, letting the steam off. His people could not see him like this, they shouldn’t. Only Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Lay and Jackson knew about his mental disorders.

A few more kilometers and he was in front of Chen and Xiumin’s home.

- Sehun, what happened? Are you okay? Are you hurt? – Baekhyun sprung up from his chair rushing to his boss.

- Find him! I want you to find that bastard! He killed Joon! – Sehun was pointing his finger at Chen and Xiumin, not minding Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s presence.

- Boss, we’ve been searching for him since Baekhyun called us. Nothing! Nothing from the airports, from his home security cameras, his phone is still at the warehouse. Hehe just vanished into thin air. I am sorry! – Chen was almost squirming under Sehun’s gaze.

- I want you to try every minute, every hour, every day! I won’t rest until I’ve killed him with bare hands! – everyone in the room could feel Sehun’s boiling blood. Ahn Oh - Joo was his biggest enemy and most capable rival.



It was 4 a.m. when Sehun entered his house. Coming inside his room the first thing he felt was Kai hugging him.

- Sehun! Oh my God! You got me so worried! Are – are you okay? Is this blood yours? – the boy was getting anxious seeing the other’s bloody hair, clothes, hands and even face.

-  Get out. – Sehun’s voice was emotionless.

- Wh – what?

- I said go to your room! – the raise in the man’s voice startled Kai, the gentleness from earlier long forgotten.

The boy went to his room, lowering his head, defeated. He knew Sehun was impulsive and he grew distant in tough situations, so he didn’t push him. His phone was buzzing.

- Hey, sugar. Did Sehun come back home? – Baekhyun’s voice was calming.

- Yes, Baek. He told me to go to my room and just brushed me away! Why is he covered in blood? What happened? – Kai couldn’t stop asking questions. He got so emotional when it came to Sehun.

- You remember that man, Ahn Oh - Joo. Chen managed to replay the conversation on Sehun’s phone. That psycho lured him into going to his father’s old warehouse to save Joon. It was obviously a fucking trick to make Sehun go mad because his friend died in his arms and Ahn Oh - Joo is nowhere to be found. I know boss can be harsh, just leave him alone, his anger is controlling him now. Everything will be fine in the morning. If something bothers you, call me.

- Okay, thank you!



Baekhyun was right. Anger was controlling Sehun now and Kai could hear that. The man stripped all his clothes and tossed them on the floor. Not minding to wash his bloody hands or hair, he drank a whole glass of whiskey at once. Throwing the empty glass against the wall, he started screaming losing his sanity. Sehun brushed away all the documents and his lap top from the coffee table in his room with one hand, the sound of papers spreading all over the floor echoing around the room. He took the bottle of whiskey and started drinking from it, some of the gold liquid dripping from his chin down his neck and chest. The voices inside his head could not stop blaming him for Joon’s death. Sehun went to his bathroom, staring at himself in the mirror. These outbursts made him look different; his eyes got darker; his veins more visible and lips curving into a weird smile. He broke the mirror into thousands little pieces with his fist, disgusted by his guilty face. His episode lasted for about thirty minutes with him continuing to break objects in his room and screaming at nothingness. Too drunk and too spent, Sehun fell asleep on the bathroom floor.



Kai spent half of the night crying, listening to Sehun’s violent performance. He couldn’t imagine what was the man going through, the anger he felt, the guilt and the remorse. Ahn Oh - Joo took his brother’s life, his father’s life and now his friend’s. What kind of a sick fuck would do that? Kai did not only hear the shattering glasses, he could hear the other’s grief through his actions, and this was tearing apart the boy’s heart all night.


The morning was quiet. None of them had breakfast. It was 10 a.m. when they crossed paths with each other, both of them exiting their rooms. It was the first time Kai saw the other looking so not like himself. Sehun had not styled his hair flawlessly like every other day, he was wearing neither a shirt nor a tie, his eyes were red and he was stinking of alcohol.

- Sehun, can we…

- I don’t have time now. – Sehun was already rushing down the stairs, Kai following him like a lost child.

- Wait, please! Why are you pushing me away? – the boy’s voice was breaking.

- For Heaven’s sake! Why are you being so loud? My head is about to burst! – Sehun covered his eyes with a pair of sunglasses and slammed the door in Kai’s face.

All the boy could do was wait for the other. Obviously reaching out for Sehun was not helping, neither would sending someone from the family to check on him.



- Give me something! – Sehun stormed in Lay’s hospital office, taking off his sunglasses.

- Sehun, I understand how hard it must be for you to…

- It’s “boss”, not “Sehun”. Now give me something and don’t lecture me like I am a fifteenyear-old junkie! – being unnecessarily rude, the “boss” sat on a chair after taking off his turtle neck jumper.

The doctor was used to the other’s blunt comments in a moment of anger, but it did not make him feel any less upset. Not having the nerves for an argument, Lay took out the “potion“ and a syringe. He did not look Sehun in the eyes even for a second after giving him the shot and cleaning the puncture wound.

- Does Kai know where you are, boss?Lay was brave enough to spice up his question with some sarcasm.

- And this is none of your business.

Sehun’s last words were harsh. He did not want to be in presence of anybody so he sent away his guards and sat behind the wheel himself. The only person who would listen without judging or blaming him was his brother. After a 20-minute ride he was exactly where he wanted to be, in front of his brother’s grave. The marble tombstone having no picture, no quotes, just a name and a date. Sehun sat on the bench before it, the quietness immediately calming him.

- Hello, brother. – he coughed, clearing his voice. – I don’t know what to begin with… You’ve probably not noticed that Joon is dead. He is somewhere down there in Hell and you must be in Heaven. – Sehun’s sadness now audible in his voice although he was trying to cover it up with a scoff – I will avenge the three of you – you, father and Joon. – he took a bottle of whiskey from his car which he bought on the way – I’m not okay, Luhan. My head is more messed up than it was just after I lost you and father. I am having episodes more and more often; I can’t control my anger and I even hurt my people whether verbally or physically. I push away the boy I love… The boy he loved? Did he say that out loud? Damn right he did! – Yes, that’s right, the boy I love, I push him away unintentionally even though he is trying so hard to help me deal with my demons. I’m just afraid, brother. I am afraid I am gonna lose him if I get too close. I am afraid they are gonna take him away from me because of who I am and what I’ve done to certain people in the past. The fear, the anger, the love I feel… It’s fucking confusing and exhausting, man. – half the bottle was now drained – I hate feeling love; I am meant to experience only hatred and pain. Loathing is easy, loving is hard, it tears you apart from the inside. – hearing the engine of a car he turned his head around.

Kris and Chanyeol parked the car behind Sehun’s. After getting out, the first thing they did was bow to Luhan’s tombstone in respect.

- Come on, Sehun. Let’s go play with some new guns. – Chanyeol’s voice was alluring.

The three of them spent the day shopping for some new guns, knives and rifles. Weapons always excited Sehun, he could not wait for the next killing instrument to ad up in his collection. After shooting a great number of bullets they decided to go home.



Kai felt uneasy. He wanted to call Sehun but every time he took the phone in his hand, he would leave it back on the table. Knowing that pleads and calls won’t bring him home, he spent hours on the couch pretending to watch TV. A buzz from his phone got his attention. Suho.

- Kai, we are coming to get you with Baekhyun and Chen. Be out in 10 minutes.

Was he supposed to lighten up? Well he was not. After changing his clothes, he got out and saw Baekhyun’s car. He was grateful the others wanted to assure him everything was okay and cheer him up but all he wanted was to see Sehun.

- Sugar, it’s okay. Please don’t worry. I can’t look at you like this. Boss is fine, he is with Chani and Kris. They are probably having a drink somewhere, Sehun won’t be angry anymore if he comes home to your beautiful smiley face.

A smile? Kai could not pretend to smile. They had lunch together the others trying to make him feel better but unfortunately nothing worked. The boy knew the others were just trying to fool him, that something was seriously wrong and they were trying to cover it up with a lunch, or a shopping day. Chen, Suho and Baekhyun exchanged glances from time to time as if trying to give a signal to one another. Oh, they knew perfectly where Sehun was.



It was 9 p.m. when they decided to drive Kai back home. Probably a mere coincidence but as Baekhyun’s car pulled over, so did Chanyeol’s. All of them got out of the cars, greeted each other and soon left Sehun’s driveway wishing good night, escaping from the tense atmosphere.

- Are you still going to ignore me? – Kai was almost running after the other, entering the house behind him.

- What do you want me to do? – Sehun turned around and held his palms up as if confused.

- Talk to me, talk to me about SeoJoon, about your brother, father! Just talk to me. Open up to me as I would open up to you! – the boy’s voice sounded pleading.

- People come and go; this is our world. What else do you want me to say?

- Nothing! I am gonna get a glass of water and go to bed. Have a nice night! – it was Kai’s turn to get pissed. He had the right to be. Entering the living room, his hand was grabbed and he was swirled around now facing the other.

- You are making me crazy! – Sehun just shoved his tongue inside the boy’s mouth, sucking the life out of him. It was him that was needy this time.

Kai walked backwards, Sehun leading him, until he felt his waist against the edge of the dining table. With one swift move the man pushed away all the plates and glasses, the shattering sound loud breaking the silence. Sehun lifted the other on the table and started undressing him, his mouth never leaving the other’s lips. Kai was naked again under the other’s predatory gaze sitting on the edge of the table. The man started licking his two fingers watching the other spread his legs in front of him like curtains revealing the main stage of a spectacle. Being as gentle as he could be in this aroused state, he inserted one finger. Sehun’s hands must be magical giving the fact Kai was squirming on the table, biting the back of his hand. A few minutes passed, the middle finger now pushing inside along with the index. The slow pace was driving the boy crazy.

- Oh God, please don’t torture me! Just push your cock inside!

-  Demanding I see. – Sehun had the biggest smirk on his face, drowning in pleasure seeing Kai’s arching back.

Taking his clothes off he leaned in, aiming his cock at the other’s hole but still not pushing inside. Kai propped himself on his elbows, curious.

- You are being naughty now, aren’t you? – Sehun spoke in a teasing tone suddenly squatting down and taking the belt out of his pants which lay scattered on the floor.

Twisting it around Kai’s hands, he buckled them above his head. Sehun slid his hands down the boy’s chest, abs and grabbed his own cock. Not only aiming but this time shoving his dick inside all at once, he felt the other tense. Kai opened his mouth in a silent scream because of both pain and surprise. He could not scratch the other now to ease his pain but he tightened his legs around Sehun’s waist. The man could not wait anymore, picking up his pace and thrusting into the other while holding his hands in place. Leaning in he started licking Kai’s nipples, making him moan loud and clear. Sehun decided to edge him so he grabbed the other’s cock and started pumping it. A few minutes and more shaky breaths got Kai closer and closer to his climax.

- Sehun, Sehun, I am gonna cum!

- Cum then. – Why the fuck was Sehun smiling at his face?

The man stopped jerking the other and instead tightened his fingers at the base of Kai’s dick. He felt the other’s length throbbing in his hand cumming dry, whimpers of disapproval leaving his mouth.

- What did you do? Oh God, please let me cum!

Sehun did not have that in mind. Taking his cock out he fell on his knees and shoved his head in the other’s ass, while lifting up his thighs for better access. That man was great at eating out, he just loved doing it. Licking the other’s hole, his ears were blessed with moans of his name. Kai could not stop chanting it like a mantra, losing his mind, his body on fire. The boy lifted his hands from the table and twisted them forward so he could grab Sehun’s hair.

- Who gave you a permission to move? – Sehun caught the other’s jaw, speaking to his face.

- Nobody, sir. – Kai was living his fantasy seeing the man so dominant and rough with him.

Sehun turned around the boy’s body so he could lie on his stomach, the tied hands painfully pressed under his belly. Pushing down Kai’s head hard against the table, he spoke in his ear his deep voice vibrating through both their bodies.

- Cum and you will be punished!

The man shoved his cock inside again, thrusting viciously and holding the other’s waist. The pace was intense, Sehun himself was about to cum soon but he could not ruin his fun this early. Gripping the other’s cock, he began jerking him off again.

- Please, don’t! You are gonna make me cum! – Kai’s pleads fell on deaf ears. He climaxed, spurting on the floor under the table, moans echoing.

Sehun took the boy by the shoulders lifting him up. He then walked behind him. Kai’s head was downwards, shame visible on his cheeks. What the boy did not expect was to be pushed down on his knees, Sehun taking the belt off of his hands. Well the belt was going nowhere! It was now being buckled around Kai’s neck. Sehun took the end of the belt and pushed it through the frame of the buckle. Never leaving the other’s eyes, the man tightened the belt just so that Kai’s blood circulation was disrupted. The boy gripped Sehun’s hands not because of unwillingness but desire.

- I see you quite enjoy misbehaving! – the man landed a hard slap on the other’s cheek making the boy’s head turn to the side.

Kai was deeply embarrassed. His dick twitched from the smack in his face. He loved getting violated by the man. Sehun placed his hand on the back of the boy’s head and urged him to suck his penis. Kai did not know what to do exactly, so the other just shoved his length inside his mouth “guiding” him vigorously.

- Ah, stop, stop! I want to fuck you again! – Sehun took the belt of the boy’s neck and pushed him gently backwards so he could lay on his back.

The man started kissing Kai’s inner thigh starting from his knee going upwards to his V-lines. Sehun loved changing moods during sex. Spreading the other’s legs more without using much force he began slowly pushing his cock inside. Well, he will be damned, the boy’s shaft was back to life. Sehun was picking his pace, thrusting while groaning.

- Hit me, Sehun. – Sehun could barely hold himself. Landing another slap in the other’s face and grabbing his neck right after, he bared his teeth, growling like an animal, breathing through his nose.

As soon as Kai’s back arched from the floor, his hole clenching around the man’s dick, they both came, moans and breaths filling the room once again. Riding through his orgasm Sehun tightened his grip around the other’s neck with all his strength. Kai’s eyes rolled back, his body spasming gracefully. Sehun loosened his grip and kissed the boy taking out his dick, helping the other get up from the floor.

- Don’t let it spill on the floor! – Sehun lifted Kai bridal style and led him to the bathroom for another make out session.



- Sehun, can we sleep together? – Kai entered Sehun’s room after taking some underwear from his, not wanting to be alone for the night.

- Yeah, okay. – Sehun was wearing only his underwear.

- Can we – can we talk about something? – the boy sat on the edge of the bed.

- And what would that be? – Sehun followed.

- Where did you get those scars?

The man jolted from the bed searching for his cigarettes.

- It’s time for this conversation, huh? – lighting one, Sehun went to the balcony, the other walking behind him. – I got them from all the battles I’ve survived. Most of them are from Ahn Oh - Joo, he is one of the fewest who got to me. – Sehun began twisting his arms and legs as to show Kai all the scars. Most of them were straight cut lines which he stopped counting after the 20th. Six scars total from bullets – one on his shoulder, one on his chest, two on his stomach and two on his right leg. He had some burn marks on his left hand where he had no tattoos. The cuts were mostly small but he had two of them which were quite big. They were painted across his chest and it was obvious they were pretty damn deep. – Look through the tattoos. – the man turned his back to Kai.

- Oh my God! Who did this to you? – the boy began slowly sliding his hands across the three long laceration scars on the other’s back. They were not so visible because of all the colorful tattoos but when you take a closer look or touch the man’s back, you could definitely tell what were those. One was starting from his left shoulder and finished just above the butt cheeks; the second was exactly next to his spine like a perfect straight line crossing the other diagonal one; the third one was the shortest – it started from his right shoulder and stopped just before crossing the vertical one next to his spine.

- HE left me these three, as well as the three bullet scars and the burnt marks.

- He killed your brother and father and did this to you? Why? What did you take away from him? – Kai still couldn’t understand how the mafia world worked. Violence was meaningless for him.

- We were the first ones to attack him. His gang was the only one more powerful than ours. – Sehun put out his cigarette and got back in the room.

- Did you take revenge for your family? – Did Kai really want to know the truth?

- I killed his brother and most of his trusted people.

- How – how many people have you killed?

- I do not count them, I don’t know. – Sehun was now raising his voice.

- What do you mean you do not count them? These are human lives we are talking about!

Sehun’s phone rang, interrupting them.

- What?

- Boss, you said you would call us to tell how many guards do you want for Joon’s funeral tomorrow. – Kris was in charge of safety and peace for the funeral.

- I do not want any guards! None of them is going to be there, do you hear me? If someone is going to attack us, too bad for him because we are going to eliminate everyone! That’s what we do, right? We kill people! – Sehun hung up the phone and lit another cigarette.

- Would you kill somebody if he was to attack me? – Kai sounded hurt.

- I would burn the whole fucking world down if somebody was to attack you!

Kai burst in tears, leaving the other’s room. Lying in his bed, thinking about Sehun’s words, he couldn’t stop crying. He was in love with a killer. He was living with him, eating on his table and even having sex with him. Why did it feel so right though? He hated violent people, he hated gangsters or whatever the fuck they were. Kai was crying not only because Sehun was a killer but because he loved him that much, he would forgive everything the man did not matter how bad it was. That’s what love is, you compromise, you forgive and accept the other’s flaws and mistakes no matter how big they are, because you love him to bits.

Chapter Text

The morning was quiet, empty. As if even the birds were not chirping. The sky was grey, cold without a single trace of spring. Kai slept for an hour or two at most. His head was a mess, his heart was aching and his eyes were still red from all the crying. Today’s weather reflected not only Kai’s mood but probably everyone’s. Today was Park Seo-Joon’s funeral. Getting ready as fast as he could, Kai went downstairs and grabbed a cup of tea. The air was warm so he sat on the edge of the fountain in the front garden waiting for Sehun.

Sehun did get his sleep after taking a pill. He needed sleep, he needed to pull it all together for his friend. What was taking him so long to choose what to wear? Putting any suit on would work for today, the man’s closet was all black. Brushing his hair back, Sehun exhaled deeply and went downstairs.



- Mr. Sehun, good morning. Here is your coffee. I believe I saw Mr. Kai sitting around the fountain. – one of the maids handed her boss a cup of coffee and helped him put his coat on.

Sehun was walking towards Kai, the boy immediately looking away from him.

- Morning.

- Morning. – the boy stood up from the pavement, a guard rushing to take the empty tea cup from his hand.

- Did you have breakfast? – it was obvious Sehun was trying to provoke a conversation.

- No. – Kai was fast to cut him off.

- You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.

- I want to come. – the boy went inside the car not waiting for Sehun.



The funeral was beautiful if you could even use that word for this kind of event. The ceremony was not long and not many people were allowed to say goodbye to Joon, only the closest ones. Kai was clutching to Sehun’s coat most of the time, hiding from all the eyes, him being the only one crying. Why was everybody so calm? Why was nobody crying? Well, Kai did not know Joon that well but he was just too emotional and sensitive, he would have cried for everybody. He hated seeing other people get hurt, moreover dead.

It was almost 2 p.m. and everybody started slowly walking towards their cars saying their last goodbyes.

- The guards will take you home to have lunch. I have some work with the others and we will have dinner all together at 8 o’clock. Okay?

- Can’t I have lunch somewhere outside? I don’t want to stay home alone locked up. – Kai was tired of Sehun leaving him alone in the house for so long. He felt like a prisoner, he wanted to go out from time to time, even if that included a whole army of bodyguards.

- None of us can come with you now, I need everybody. – Sehun trusted his men with his life but not with Kai’s.

- You go do your ‘’work’’ and I will just have lunch with as many guards as you wish. Just don’t leave me alone in the house again, please.

- Fine, five of my men will come with you. – Sehun opened the car door for Kai and instructed his guards where to go.



The guards drove him to one of Sehun’s restaurants. Of course, expensive and sophisticated as always, how could it not be. Not many people were there, some of them didn’t even have any drinks or meals served. Sitting at a table close to the street out in the open, Kai saw a guard approaching.

- Hey, wait. Sit with me. Please? – a tall man, one of Sehun’s most trusted guards was going to sit with two others at another table, respectfully leaving Kai enough personal space but the boy was not having it. Kai was tired of everyone treating him as if he was the fucking prince or something. He was tired of being alone when Sehun or the others were busy.

- We are not allowed to sit with you, Mr. Kai. Three of us will sit at another table and the other two will wait inside. – the man’s face was expressionless; he was talking like a robot expecting commands or something.

- What’s your name?

- Gu Hyun Ho, sir.

- Okay, Hyun, I want you to sit with me and have lunch on this table. With me.

- I am going to look around the restaurant and come back. Is that okay with you, sir? – Look around for somebody suspicious, right? Kai was not stupid, why didn’t they just talk to him straight?

Anyways, Gu Hyun Ho was one of Sehun’s most trusted guards. Strange, you will think that Kai did not know his name but Sehun had just never used it in front of him. Apparently, the man was obliged to listen to Kai’s commands whatever they were, so when he came back, he sat across from the boy.

Two waiters came to their table. Things like this happen within seconds, huh? Kai dropped the menu on the floor using his hands to pull away the unknown hand which was shutting his mouth and dragging him backwards. Looking around, the other guards were already knocked on the ground still getting beaten. Hyun Ho’s screams got Kai’s attention. One of the attackers stabbed the guard’s hand with one fork to the table and shot him in the leg without blinking.

- Well, well. We meet again.

Ahn Oh - Joo! Kai was kicking with his legs in the air his hands still trying to free him from the attacker’s embrace, but he was not strong enough. Soon he stood still barely breathing through the man’s hand.

- Now, my man is going to pull his hand away from your mouth but only if you don’t scream. Okay?

- Mmmmm. – Kai shook his head. The man standing behind him did as he was told and let the boy go.

- You piece of shit! How could you… Kai’s words were cut off by the attacker’s hand covering his mouth again.

- Tsk, let him speak. – Ahn Oh - Joo wanted to hear what did the boy has to say.

- How could you kill SeoJoon? What did he do to you? Why are you beating the guards and torturing Hyun Ho? You… You, son of a bitch! – he tried grabbing Ahn Oh - Joo by the collar but one of the guards stopped him.

- Tell me, how are you so brave? You are so fragile and beautiful yet so feisty and fearless. – a disgusting smirk appeared on the old man’s face.

- You want this, right? You want me to beg for my life, to run or scream? Well, bite me, old man!

Ahn Oh - Joo was just laughing at Kai’s face hysterically.

- Why are you laughing? Wait until Sehun finds out you attacked us!

- I am laughing because I am going to kill Sehun’s favorite guard just like I killed his pathetic little whore of a brother!

Kai’s attacker took out his gun and pointed it at Hyun Ho who was now standing up in front of them held by another enemy guard.

- No! Please, please! Don’t kill him! – Kai did not think twice. He stepped between his protector and the gun. – Kill me, kill me, not him! Please, Ahn Oh - Joo! I can’t attend another funeral, God, please!

- You… the old man stepped closer to Kai and grabbed his chin – you would give away your life to save this man’s? He is Sehun’s guard, a man who brings only death alongside him. This guard could be killed tomorrow by someone else because that’s his job and you still want to protect him and give me your life?

- I would never let anybody get hurt because of me! So, you might let the others go now and shoot me! – Kai caught the man’s hand and pressed the gun to his heart.

- What are you? – Ahn Oh - Joo pushed away his guard and stood in front of the boy – I can’t believe this! A creature so noble and so pure in our world! – the man chuckled deeply – Do you wish to be freed from Sehun’s dirty hands and have your freedom back?

- What are you talking about?

- Come and live with me. You would be able to go wherever you want whenever you want…

- I would never! – Kai stepped back and threw Hyun Ho’s arm over his shoulders – please let us go now!

Ahn Oh - Joo was just standing there with this revolting smile on his face. He could easily kill all of them now but that was not his intention. He came here only to make Sehun feel helpless, useless in a situation so sudden. Coming here to see Kai was another reason for Ahn Oh - Joo, he liked the boy very much. Not only the beauty of the boy captured the old man’s attention but now his courageousness.

- See you soon, beautiful flower. – the old man winked at Kai and turned his back – come on boys, let’s go!

As soon as the men left, Kai called Sehun for help.

In less than half an hour, the whole family barged into the restaurant holding up their guns.

- Are you hurt? Are you okay? – Sehun rushed to Kai holding his face in his hands.

- I am okay, Sehun. Please, take Hyun Ho and the others to the hospital!

- Who did this?

- Sehun, now is not the time, please… Sehun gripped Kai’s chin making him steady his head because the boy was looking around in panic.

- Who did this, Kai? – the man’s voice changed over a mere second.

- Ahn Oh - Joo. – everybody in the restaurant stopped in their tracks not making a sound.

- Listen up, everyone! We are taking everybody who has been injured to our hospital, Chen and Xiumin are going home to track the bastard, Kris and Suho are searching the streets for him. He can’t be this far.



It was a mess. Everybody was either stabbed, shot or beaten almost to death. Lay, Jackson and the rest of their team managed to save all the bodyguards including Hyun Ho.


Sehun pushed Kai inside Lay’s doctor office.

- What happened? – the man was visibly angry, lighting a cigarette inside the hospital.

- Put out your cigarette.

- Tell me what happened, Kai! – he was raising his tone now.

- Stop smoking and I will tell you, please. – Sehun put out his cigarette in a cup full of water. – I will tell you everything if you promise you will not get angry and blame the guards.

- Don’t test my patience, Kai.

- We went to your restaurant and sat at a table out in front of the street. I asked Hyun Ho to sit with me, so he did. After a second a hand was over my mouth and somebody dragged me inside the restaurant. The guards were all on the ground and Hyun Ho was stabbed and shot. I didn’t what to do so I just begged Ahn Oh - Joo to let us go. He did attack us only to scare me and worry you. Nobody touched me. – of course, Kai would lie, at least for now. Sehun was angry enough when the boy called him.

- I am going with Kris and Suho, you stay here.

- No, Sehun, please! – Kai grabbed the man’s hand. – please, don’t leave me alone now. I need you! I was so scared; you have no idea. Please, let’s go home. – the boy was overdramatizing in order to save Sehun from his own self. Kai was scared, yes, but he had never been that brave before and now he was proud of what he did.

- I have to go help the others! – Sehun’s anger still audible.

- They know what to do without you, Sehun. Please, I don’t want you to be angry. Everything is over and I am telling you I need you. Now. I just want you to hold me for a while and forget all about what happened at the restaurant. – Kai was holding the other’s face with his hands while speaking, looking in his eyes.

- Okay, let’s go home. – Sehun was defeated again. Kai was indeed becoming the one person who could bring the man to sanity after he has been pushed over the edge of anger.



Cuddling against Sehun’s chest, the both of them fell asleep.

It was 7 p.m. when they woke up. Sehun took his phone and saw around sixty missed calls.


- Yes, Chen, what is it? – he sounded sleepy.

- Boss, we can’t find him again. Kris and Suho don’t have results either. I have no idea what to do more, we used everything we have, every computer, every camera, every connection with the police, with the airport staff, we searched the streets… I am going crazy, boss. – everyone from the family did what they could, that’s why they were losing patience.

- Okay, okay, calm down now. We will figure this out, okay?

- Yes, boss.


Kai got out of the bathroom after a hot shower.

- What happened? Did they find him?

- No, he just vanished like the last time. I can’t believe this. – Sehun sat at the edge of the bed brushing his hair and lighting a cigarette.

- It’s even better this way. Maybe he is gone this time. – Kai was not sure whether he was lying to himself or to Sehun – I just don’t want you to be angry.

- Are you sure you want to go out? How are you feeling? You were pretty shaken up earlier?

- Of course, this dinner is for Joon, besides I like being around the others too.

Sehun stopped listening after a second because Kai was standing in front of him in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. The man stood up and slowly leaning in capturing the other’s lips. They both engaged in a heated kiss.

- We don’t have time now, they are waiting for us… his words cut off by Sehun’s lips – have a little patience, we have a whole night.

Sehun just growled against Kai’s neck making the boy giggle a little.

- Okay, I will be down in fifteen minutes, go choose something nice.

Kai just smiled and went to his room to take some clothes.



The dinner started with a few minutes of silence in the name of Sehun’s friend. Nobody showed their sadness or tears, they were just used to this, used to death. The conversations were not about Joon since Sehun told them his friend wouldn’t want this. Joon was a loud, cheerful, energetic man who hated drama.

- Baby, do you want to come with me shopping tomorrow? – Baekhyun whispered in Kai’s ear.

- Yes, sure, but only if you don’t pressure me on buying anything!

- Yeah, yeah, okay. – the short man nudged Kai with his elbow giggling.

Kai was trying to hear what Sehun, Chen and Xiumin were talking about. It was undoubtfully about ‘’that’’ man and this made the boy feel on edge. He lied to Sehun about what happened in the restaurant but the other would find out the truth soon, either from the security cameras or from Hyun Ho. Sehun caught the boy looking at him and smirked a bit.

- Are you tired? – Sehun returned to his seat next to Kai and kissed his hand before intertwining their hands.

- I am not. I just like looking at you. – Kai gave him a heartwarming smile.

- I want to spread your legs and push my cock inside of you when we get home. – the man whispered in Kai’s ear which made the boy shiver with excitement.

- Shhh, somebody could hear us. – Kai played embarrassed but he was actually turned on by others hearing them.

- I don’t care. I’ve been walking around hard since I saw you in that towel and I felt your lips. – Sehun was now biting the other’s neck getting more and more aroused.

- Sehun, please… Kai was breathing deep whispering in the other’s ear.

- Alright, everyone, don’t drink too much we are having a meeting tomorrow. – Sehun stood from his chair all of a sudden, his arousal too much to bear now. Kai was quick to follow, his pants tight around his dick as well.

- Good night, boss, Kai. – a few smiles could be seen, a few greetings heard before the couple rushed to the car.



Stumbling through the door, rushing up the stairs and locking the door behind, both their shaky breaths and moans could be heard. They ripped each other’s clothes and just threw them on the floor long forgotten.

- Kneel on the floor and wait. – Sehun’s dominant voice could be heard as always.

Kai’s knees were trembling with anticipation. He knelt in the middle of Sehun’s room naked, waiting. After a few minutes Sehun’s steps could be heard coming closer. A minute later he felt a rope tied around his hands keeping them behind his back. The man stood in front of Kai lifting up his chin so he could look in his eyes.

- Tell me now, how far would you go for pleasure?

- So far, I would never have to think of a safe word to use for you to stop.

And this made Sehun go nuts. Having kept his trousers on, he unbuckled his belt and took out his dick. Kai’s mouth was watering, Sehun’s cock in front of his face proud and hard in the man’s hand. The boy leaned his head forward and pushed all the length in his mouth. The other took a deep breath through his teeth Kai’s hot mouth feeling so good around his shaft. The boy couldn’t use his hands so Sehun used this advantage and fucked the other’s mouth, saliva dripping from Kai’s chin only after a minute.

- Oh God, what are you doing to me! – Sehun was looking down admiring Kai’s show.

The boy was spitting on his dick, licking the crown or sucking it a little then just engulfed all the length. Nobody would believe this was his second time giving a blowjob except for the first short one the last time they had sex. Kai found out he liked doing it very much, he loved it. Having the beautiful, long, wet cock of Sehun filling his mouth making his eyes tear up from the gagging. After ten or so minutes the boy heard the other’s moans getting louder and saw his muscles tense. Sehun was about to cum and he did, inside the other’s mouth. Kai felt the white liquid in his mouth, hot and a little salty. After gulping all of it he licked Sehun’s dick clean and gave him a pleased smile.

- Look at your pretty face. I want to fucking ruin you! – with this being said, Sehun landed a hard slap on the other’s face making the boy’s head turn to the side. – Why are you making me do this? You are the most innocent person, yet I want to rip you apart! – the man was holding Kai’s chin looking in his eyes, speaking with his deep voice.

- Please! – Kai could barely form a sentence, his mind hazy.

- Please what? – another hard slap turning the boy’s head to the other side.

- Please, sir!

Sehun untied the other’s hands. Urging him to stand up he led the boy to the wall with his face facing it. Kai’s palms were touching the soft wall on the sides of his head, his legs spread and his head looking down.

- Are you sure you still do not wish for a safe word? – Sehun was searching for something inside a drawer.

- I …

- Well too bad, because I wouldn’t stop even if you used it.

Kai has never been this aroused before. He liked watching BDSM porn or something similar but he had never imagined his sex life would be even close to this. Having such a handsome, dominant and strong man do this to him, was everything Kai has ever wished for. The first time he became aware of his desires he thought something was seriously wrong with him, Kai thought nobody would ever have the desire to inflict physical pain to him. The boy turned out wrong. ‘’ What the…? ‘’ His thoughts were cut off by a stinging pain in his back, his eyes immediately watering. Sehun was – he was whipping him. Oh God, he was whipping him. Kai’s body and mind were overwhelmed. How could somebody experience this kind of pain yet be so turned on and excited about it? Another hit. The boy’s knees were becoming weak in contrast with his cock which was rock hard curved upwards against his belly. He was sobbing because of the pain; his whimpers audible but somehow the arousal never leaving his voice. Sehun was sweating, his muscles tense and eyes looking crazy. There was no turning back from what they started, not with him. Never had the man heard such beautiful cries, as if they were pumping his veins with adrenaline. After five or six more smacks, Kai fell on his knees the pain almost unbearable. The only thing keeping his body from going unconscious was his aroused mind. Sehun had a painting before him, one of a kind painting. Strings of blood were drawn across the boy’s back like a masterpiece. Kai’s weakened body excited the man even more. The whimpers, the tears and the specific body language manipulated by great pain.

Sehun threw the whip on the floor and went to check on Kai. Lifting the boy’s head, he saw the tears still falling from his eyes.

- Please, Sehun. I want more!

Sehun lifted the boy’s hurt body by gripping hard his arm. He knew Kai wanted this, he could see it in his eyes, he could feel the other’s heated body and see his leaking dick. Sehun was not finished yet. Throwing him on the bed roughly, the man leaned down, hovering over Kai’s body.

- You are mine! – the man grasped Kai’s neck. – Do you hear me? You are mine! – he was now choking the boy as hard as he could.

Of course, Kai could not speak. His mouth was opened in a silent whimper, his eyes almost shut. Sehun removed his hand only to use it for spreading the other’s legs apart. Getting a hold of his cock he aimed it at the boy’s hole. Not a single minute would he wait for the other to pull it together. Sehun just shoved it all in. No preparation, no slow pace, he was thrusting inside the other like crazy. Kai’s legs were wrapped around the man’s waist his voice louder, moans perfectly sung.

- Oh, fuck! – Sehun’s shaky voice was the sexiest.

The man was biting his bottom lip looking down at the other’s ruined face and spent body. How could this fragile creature endure so much yet have the strength to stay awake and enjoy being pushed to the edge over and over again?

- Nobody is ever going to touch you like I have! Even when you don’t love me anymore, nobody will be able to lay a finger on you! – Sehun kissed the other and gripped his neck again. His hand was strangling the other leaving him no air to breathe. – Kai, look at me, look at me, don’t close your eyes.

The boy indeed lost it for a couple of seconds. His body was overstimulated with pain and pleasure. Kai’s cock has been hard for over an hour, he needed to cum.

- Please, let me cum. – his hands gripped Sehun’s biceps.

- Cum for me. – Sehun loosened his grip but did not pull his hand away from the other’s neck.

Speeding up his pace, Sehun saw the other’s back arching and his eyes closing.

- I love you, Sehun. – Kai whispered through his orgasm; his words barely detectable.

Both of them came at the same time, Sehun’s growling louder than the other’s moans. Riding through their climaxes they shared many lustful kisses, many passionate bites.



After taking a quick shower, Sehun laid the other on the bed to take care of his wounds. Sliding the cotton ball soaked with saline, the man made sure the wounds have been irrigated. Sehun used a medicated cream to apply a thin layer over the other’s back. Kai’s quiet whines could be heard while he was gripping the sheets because of the stinging in his back. Sehun finished dressing the wounds pretty fast, he has done this like a thousand times since he was a child.

- I love you, too. – Sehun was lightly caressing the other’s hair. Kai turned his head back to face the other. – Shhh, close your eyes. You need to rest, I’m here.

Kai thought the other didn’t heard his confession during sex and was surprised by Sehun responding now. The duality of this man made his heart skip a beat. Sehun could be a merciless dominant and a caring lover after an hour. Kai was surprised by the other’s words not because he didn’t feel loved by him but because he knew Sehun was not good at expressing his feelings using words. Never mind, the boy fell asleep still feeling the stinging pain but pleased, pleased Sehun was getting better and more confident with his soft side.



Kai was a heavy sleeper so he did not feel a single thing. Sehun spent an hour in the morning treating the other’s whip wounds and putting bandages over them so he could later put his clothes on. The man had plans to go and talk to Hyun Ho since he didn’t have the chance to do so yesterday after the attack. Oh, the ugly truth he was about to find out.



Kai woke up not long after Sehun left. His body was sore, his wounds hurt and his head was pounding. Whatever, he had an amazing night so he did not regret anything. Realizing he had only half an hour before Baekhyun would come, he rushed to the bathroom to wash and make himself presentable. Holly shit! What was that? His neck had this huge blue-purple choker around it! How the fuck was he supposed to cover that?

- Hey, uhm, Baekhyun. I – I won’t be able to come shopping with you, sorry. I don’t feel good. – Kai’s poor imitation of coughing could be easily exposed by everybody.

- Oh, no honey, don’t give me this kind of excuses. What happened? – yep, nobody could fool the best actor.

- Nothing, I just don’t feel that well.

- You dirty liar, I will be at your house in ten.

Crap! Shit! How embarrassing! Yes, Baekhyun and Chanyeol were Kai’s closest friends now, but this was too awkward.

- Let’s hear it, cupcake! – Baekhyun stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw the other’s neck. – What is this, Kai? You didn’t have it yesterday? Is it from Ahn Oh - Joo? – silence – OOh-Oooooh! I will be damned! So, you two are that kinky! Baby, I cannot believe you haven’t told me you two had sex! I want to know everything. Put your shoes on, we are leaving.


Having Baekhyun questioning you was the worst! He was asking about every single detail especially after Kai showed him the wounds on his back. The short man was not that surprised though, probably everybody in the family was fully aware of their boss’ sexual preferences. Not only was Baekhyun asking too much questions, he was telling much more than enough stories about his and Chanyeol’s sex life. Kai was walking around shops with blushed cheeks for three hours. Getting mentally and physically tired the boy practically begged the other to sit somewhere for a cold drink. Truth is Kai wanted to tell somebody about yesterday before Sehun had found out.

- Look, Baek, I need to tell you something about yesterday. About Ahn Oh - Joo. – worry could be heard in the boy’s voice.

- What about it?

- I did not tell Sehun the whole truth.

This last sentence got Baekhyun’s attention. Kai told him about how he had saved Hyun Ho’s life, about how Ahn Oh - Joo was looking at him, trying to touch him in every way possible. Kai told the other about that old man’s threads and how he overreacted in front of Sehun so as to drag him home away from Hyun Ho, who on the other hand would tell his precious boss the truth about happened no matter how angry that would make Sehun.

- Oh, baby, why didn’t you tell him?

- Baek, you know how he is. Everybody knows that he has anger problems, he is like a ticking bomb. He went out early in the morning. He has probably already found out!

- Okay, listen, I will call Chani to go and find Sehun. If, if boss has found out and he is angry, I am going to take you home with me. Because if he is getting angry about this, he would go batshit crazy!

Baekhyun called Chanyeol to tell him what happened in short but it was too late. The short man looked behind Kai’s shoulder and he just saw Sehun’s furrowed brows.

- I am sorry, Baekhyun, you will have to finish shopping alone. – a fake smile accompanied his words. – Get up! – Sehun grasped tightly Kai’s upper arm, pulling him up so as to stand up.

- Wait, Sehun! Please, wait! – Kai was already panicking.

- Boss, please! – Baekhyun was running after them.

Sehun shoved Kai in the car by roughly pushing him in the back seat. Not caring about what Baekhyun was saying, the man sat behind the wheel leaving his guards behind.

Sehun was driving fast, too fast in the afternoon traffic. Baekhyun was behind them, driving without hitting the breaks.

Stopping in front of his house, Sehun pulled Kai out of the car by gripping his upper arm again probably leaving bruises because of his strong hold.

- Boss, please, listen to me! – Baekhyun caught the man’s shoulder hoping for him to turn around and listen to him.

- Go home, this is between me and him! – of course, Sehun was quick to brush him off.

- How could you lie to me, Kai? – Sehun was dragging him inside the house, Baekhyun following – I gave you too much freedom, didn’t I? – pushing him up the stairs, he was not touched by Kai’s tears – My guards have to protect you with their lives and you offer yours in exchange for Hyun Ho’s? – they got to the boy’s room – Now you have to face the consequences of playing brave – Sehun pushed Kai inside his room, both him and Baekhyun entering after the boy – Don’t you get it? This maniac is becoming obsessed with you! He likes you; he wants to take you away from me! – Sehun was holding his index finger up, pointing at Kai who was just embracing himself with his own hands, silently crying because of the other’s behavior – He pointed a gun to you, he threatened you, he wanted to take you away and you did not tell me anything even close to this? Now you are going to stay in this room. Alone but safe. You won’t come out until I say so. You will not go out with five guards; you will go out with ten guards and me, but that won’t happen soon.

- Sehun, please! Don’t lock me up in here! I don’t want to be alone, please! – Kai tried approaching the other by extending his arm to touch him.

- I don’t want to hear any of it! – Sehun brushed the other’s hand away and turned around.

- Sehun, wait!

The man just walked out of the room and locked it from outside.

- Sehun, don’t do this, please! – Kai was banging on the door, crying in panic.

Sehun ran downstairs, Baekhyun following him still.

- Nobody is going to unlock Kai’s room no matter what you hear! – Sehun bumped into one of the maids and used his chance to give her an order.

After they got out of the house where Kai’s pleading cries could not be heard, Sehun stopped. Brushing his hair with his trembling hands, he lit a cigarette.

- Sehun, don’t you think that was too much. I’ve never seen Kai so upset.

- I am losing it, Baek! I can’t even imagine what happened yesterday, I don’t want to! How could he lie to me, huh?

- Even if he did tell you the truth, what difference would it have made? You couldn’t have done anything. Kai did not want to anger you. He can see it, he can feel it, boss. That’s why he didn’t tell you everything. It’s obvious even for him that you have problems… that you cannot control yourself when you are angry. Haven’t you thought that this is scaring him? He has no idea when are you going to flip? – Baekhyun’s words made sense but Sehun was too affected now.

- This is my decision! I don’t want anybody questioning it, okay!

Sehun got in his car and drove off to Kris and Suho’s hoping they’ve found out something about that old bastard. Baekhyun wanted to free Kai but he knew Sehun’s anger would be greater if he did such thing, so he just drove off after him.


Kai could not believe what happened, he couldn’t believe the way Sehun was acting. As if Kai was just an object locked up. Many of his foster fathers used to make him a prisoner in his own room when he “misbehaved” and this was one of his worst nightmares. Never had he thought he would experience this again! Not by Sehun, not by the man he loved! The boy just fell to the floor with his back against the locked door. All he could was cry and wait for the other. Kai just hoped Sehun was not about to do anything stupid. The man’s anger issues were more serious than he had thought. Why did Sehun made him so happy, feel so loved, safe, then make him feel scared and alone? Why did Kai feel scared because of Sehun himself at times like this?

Chapter Text

Sehun barged into Kris and Suho’s house not minding the fact Baekhyun had followed him and was walking right behind him going inside the house.

- I don’t care what you have to do, who you are gonna have to kill or torture! I want you to find Ahn Oh Joo! He is our priority now. Every other mission will be executed by our most trusted men.

- We are doing everything we can, boss. We’ve underestimated this guy; he is like a fucking ghost! – Kris was pissed off as hell.

- Did you get in touch with the police?

- They are useless as always! – Suho was not pleased when he found out Sehun had the police working for him too. Policemen were weak and if they were to ever be caught, they wouldn’t last a minute of a gang’s tortures.

- I cannot believe what’s happening! – Sehun was getting nervous and uneasy. His palms were sweating. – Give me a drink or something, my head hurts!

- Sehun, come sit down for a minute, your eyes are moving around frantically! – Baekhyun was whispering in his boss’ ear while the others were out of the room getting some glasses.

- I am okay, I’m okay.

- Well you do not look okay. Lay and Jackson are not here so I have to cover …

- Just give me a cigarette and something to drink, okay! – Sehun was shaking his leg impatiently.

Chanyeol and the rest of the family soon came to Kris and Suho’s. Nobody had any information about ‘’that man’’. Everyone used his every connection, every resource, every intel he had. Nothing! How could Ahn Oh - Joo be this good? Well, he managed to disappear after Sehun killed his brother, why wouldn’t he do it again?



An hour had passed. Kai was still crying cuddled up on himself on the floor. He couldn’t get out; he couldn’t call anybody because the only people he knew were from the family and they were all probably together with Sehun now. His phone vibrated. A message from Baekhyun.

‘’ How are you, baby? Please hold on. Sehun will come back and unlock you soon, I promise you! ‘’

Reading Baekhyun’s message eased his heart a bit. Kai knew he could be very manipulating and persuasive. He and Chanyeol were the closest to Sehun and the man always listened to their opinions or advices even when he was damn angry. Kai brushed his tears away with the back of his hand and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower. Nothing could be done now, he just had to wait for Sehun to come back.


Sehun was exhausted. Everything was about Ahn Oh - Joo and this was tiring him. He couldn’t get rid of this man and that was tearing him apart. He was thinking about his brother, father, Joon… How helpless Sehun had been in the past and how helpless he was now. Memories of Luhan often brought him joy and even laughter but they did not now. He could only think about his brother’s death, how Ahn Oh - Joo tortured him and broke him from within. Sehun had to be careful and overcautious since he had a new weak spot. Driving on the way home he was thinking about what to say to Kai. God, Sehun was so bad with words!

It was 8 o’clock when he got home.

- Good evening, Mr. Sehun. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Do you need something? – the maid took his coat and waited for her boss’ answer.

- No, thank you. We will have dinner with Kai in the garden, so prepare the table there.

- Okay, Mr.

The man felt so drained, he rolled his eyes seeing the stairs he had to climb to the second floor. As closer as he got to Kai’s room his heart was racing faster and faster. It was as if he was slowly walking through a desert and Kai was the only drop of water he could find. Unlocking the door, he entered the room.

- Hey. – Sehun walked to the bed where Kai sat hugging his knees, his head buried. – Kai…

- Don’t! – Kai brushed the other’s hand away from him after Sehun touched his hair.

- Kai, you have to understand. This was for your own good.

- My own good? How was locking me up like I’m your possession for my own good? – the boy couldn’t help but tear up again.

- Listen, hey, shhh. Listen to me. – Sehun slowly leaned in and kissed the other’s lips. – I am crazy about you; do you hear me? I love you so much that I would go insane if someone hurts you! – the man’s tone had never been this warm. He was holding Kai’s face looking into his eyes, his words sincere.

- You promised I would never be scared again. That I would be free and I would have a better life… talking was getting harder for Kai since Sehun was decorating his neck with kisses.

- Yes, and I am keeping my promise – the man was taking the other’s tshirt off pulling it over his head – I am keeping you safe…

- You are lock – locking me up… there is a big difference – a moan escaped Kai’s lips for Sehun was licking and sucking his nipples now hovering over his body.

- I want you to be only mine – Sehun took the other’s hard cock out of his pants and began pumping it gently – I want to hide you away so nobody could find you, I don’t want anybody looking at you, touching you – the man was getting rougher biting the other’s neck and quietly growling against it – You are mine!

Kai was Sehun’s oxygen, he was the water Sehun needed in order to live. Never had the man held on to someone this hard. Yes, he loved his family and partners but this here was different. Every time Kai got hurt, the other could feel his pain. As if the boy’s tears were making Sehun’s chest tight and his head pound with rage. He knew he was often the reason for the other’s tears and he hated that. Kai didn’t yet know that but he was the cause for Sehun’s worsened mental condition. Love was a knife with two blades for the man. It was messing up his head even more; being scared or worried not common for him, were now his frequent emotions. Kai was his beautiful salvation yet his inevitable damnation.

Sehun stripped the other naked and continued kissing his flawless skin.

- Fuck, your skin is like chocolate – the man was kissing Kai’s neck, collarbones and jaw – you smell so good – Sehun was sliding his hands along the other’s torso pressing his fingers on the tanned skin – I can’t get enough of you…

Kai did not say a single word. The boy was squirming with pleasure with his mouth open but only his heavy breathing could be heard. Sehun was kissing his chest, his abs then again, his neck while the other’s hands were messing with his hair. After a while the man changed positions giving up his dominant advantage by laying on his back. Kai was surprised since he had never been on top.

- Ride me! – Sehun did not let his sexual partners do this often. He was a dominant and he liked it that way. This time was different, he wanted the other to take the lead, he wanted to feel Kai’s lust not his surrender.

- I – I don’t know how…I’ve never done this… the boy was stunned but couldn’t deny the beautiful view he had being on top. He had never imagined that Sehun would lay beneath him and be dominated even for a second. Tempting.

- I will teach you, don’t worry. I just need you to tame me tonight, please!

Sehun took out his already hard dick.

- Don’t! – Kai slapped the other’s hand away and took hold of his length.

Sehun was smirking loving how well the other could keep up with his moods. Kai ripped the man’s shirt open then took it off with a little help. He kind of knew what to do, he just hadn’t had the chance to practice. Grabbing Sehun’s cock, he aimed it at his hole.

- Fuuuck… Sehun inhaled deeply while Kai was sinking down on his dick.

The boy was silencing his loud moans with one hand over his mouth and the other pressed on Sehun’s chest for balance. Once adjusting to the other’s length, Kai began shyly thrusting up and down, his two hands now on the man’s chest. This new angle of penetrating was making both of them crazy. Sehun was groaning holding the other’s waist for support while looking down to see his cock disappearing inside the warm hole. Kai was controlling the pace and angle which made it a bit hard to hit his prostate since he was inexperienced. Seeing this, Sehun tightened his grip on the other’s waist and guided him a bit. Immediately hitting Kai’s prostate, he felt the other tightening around him. The boy could not hold in a single moan or whimper anymore. His eyes started tearing up from the intensity of their sexual act. Kai was digging his nails in the other’s chest surely leaving marks.

- You are so beautiful… Ah, fuck… I love your body, I love you!

Kai was rocking his hips back and forward restlessly. He was close to his orgasm; his body tensing almost painfully. The boy gripped the other’s jaw and dug his nails in his shoulder. Sehun was holding the other’s hips realizing they were both climaxing at the same time. Kai ejaculated on the man’s stomach while Sehun was filling up his ass with his load. The boy loved how visibly tense the other’s body was while orgasming. It was beautiful.

- Come here. – Sehun helped the other lift up from his cock and carried him to the bathroom.

Sehun was always very caring and gentle after sex; he liked massaging the other under the shower, help him wash away all the cum and sweat from his body. Previous times the man always got heated up and they would have another make out session but not tonight. Sehun was mentally and physically tired, fuck, he even did not have the strength to have an outburst and be angry. Helplessness sucked the life out of him like a vampire. He was used to always be in control, to always know what to do…

- Dinner is ready. Do you want to go eat? – Sehun was still brushing back his wet hair.

- Will you lock me up again after dinner? – Kai’s face was serious, his voice colder.

- No, but you will not go out without me! – it took the man a couple of minutes to reply.

Not willing to argue seeing how tired the other was, Kai just took the man’s hand and led them to the dining room.

- Are you going to tell me what’s going on?

- Hm? – Sehun heard the other talking but did not quite listened.

- What happened, Sehun? I’ve never seen you this tired or distracted. You are not talking; you are not eating… the boy was still mad at him for what happened earlier but couldn’t hide the fact he was worried about the other.

- We can’t find him. We did everything, we used every resource we have and nothing… Everybody is on edge and my head hurts so fucking bad! – Sehun lit another cigarette. The sixth one since half an hour.

- Why don’t you tell me more about the family? Lay and Jackson are the doctors, Xiumin and Chen the hackers, what about the others? – Kai took advantage of the moment. The boy was both curious and determined to take the other’s mind off Ahn Oh Joo.

Chanyeol is my firstin-command. He would take over our family if something happens to me. He takes care of our shipments, he tries out every product, he checks every single gun we send out, receive or use. Chan has the power to break a deal or conceal one if he thinks that’s best and I trust his instincts and judgement. Baekhyun runs every legal company we own through which we launder our money. Shops, restaurants, real estate agencies, we even own hair salons. – he chuckled remembering this was one of the short man’s ideas, quite a good one. Who would suspect a fucking hair salon? – We sometimes use him as a bait for the enemy given the fact how sneaky and manipulative he could be. Kris manages the casinos we own and trains the security guards we have working for us. He is the head of security. Suho, as you already know, owns a jewelry shop, of course again used for money laundering. He also has the police in our pocket.

- The police?

- Yes. The police are the easiest to bribe and control. They are weak and money hungry.

Kai was at a loss of words. Sehun’s crime organization was like an octopus controlling everything his tentacles could get to.

- Don’t overthink this, it’s not your concern. I just want you to be safe and happy living this life. Once we get Ahn Oh Joo everything will be back to normal. – Sehun gave the other an assuring smile and caressed his cheek with his thumb.  

Kai nodded and smiled back. He needed to wake up and accept the world they lived in. It was fate that crossed their paths. Maybe Kai’s life was not as worthless as he thought it was. He was ready to die, ready to give up his miserable life before he met Sehun. Things changed, he felt loved, he felt appreciated and most importantly understood. Nobody in his life had ever given him the right to have a voice, to speak his opinion or have his personal space. Sehun was his savior, his strength yet weakness.

Kai was not locked up after dinner, instead taken to Sehun’s room where the man decorated his whole body with kisses whispering apologies against the chocolate skin.



- Baby, it’s really not a good time now! You have no idea how bad the traffic is! I have to get to the flower shop and order so many flowers for Luhan! I am going crazy! You know how important this is for Sehun and I want it to be perfect like every year! – Baekhyun was almost shouting, talking with Chanyeol on the phone.

- I know, I know, Baek. It’s gonna be perfect because you are doing it. Call me later, okay? I have to go to a meeting on Sehun’s behalf. – these were Chanyeol’s last words before the other just hung up.

Baekhyun has been stuck in traffic for the last hour and that was driving him crazy. His bodyguards were in the car behind him since he always insisted on driving alone. God, why were there so many cars!

- Great! Fucking morons! – a black SUV cut off his guards’ car and was now right behind Baekhyun. – Oh, come oooooon! – an armored truck stopped in front of a bank in the middle of the oneway street absolutely jamming it.

Why were guys in SWAT team gear coming out of the truck? Three of them came to his car and took him out through the window of the driver’s door after breaking it. Putting a black hoodie over his head, they started dragging him to the truck. The SWAT team gear was to not raise any suspicions given the amount of people watching what was happening on the street. Baekhyun could not see but he definitely heard the loud explosion not too far away from them. Little did he know that was the car with his guards in it.

- Don’t touch me, disgusting animals! – Baekhyun was thrashing in their hands but he was outnumbered.

The truck drove off to somewhere. He could not see or hear anything. Nobody was talking or making any sounds.

- Who are you working for? Cowards! Why don’t you take off the hood and fight like men? – Baekhyun’s hands got tied behind his back and his legs got tied together. – God damn you, you sick old man! I know you are here, Ahn Oh Joo!

Baekhyun was right. Ahn Oh - Joo was one of the masked men who came out of the truck. He was mocking the other smiling at him although Baekhyun could not see it.

The drive was long and uncomfortable. As soon as they pulled over, Ahn Oh - Joo was the one who dragged Baekhyun out of the truck. Not taking off the hood, the old man pushed the other so he could walk faster. They entered a huge abandoned warehouse. A smelly, humid, cold warehouse. Ahn Oh - Joo ordered his men to tie Baekhyun to a chair and wait for him to come back. The man came back ten or so minutes later wearing a suit, his hair fixed.

Chanyeol’s husband felt the hood being lifted up from his head and blinked his eyes rapidly.

- You fucker! – Baekhyun spat on the floor just next to the other’s shoe.

- Careful now, gorgeous. – Ahn Oh Joo sat on the chair his men brought him – Tell me now, did you organize everything for little Luhan?

- How dare you say his name! – Baekhyun bared his teeth and thrashed so hard in the chair that it scooted forward.

- Look, you little bitch – the psycho gripped the other’s jaw harshly – I have no interest in you, but don’t try me because I know how to have fun with my enemies!

Baekhyun turned his head to the side so Ahn Oh - Joo would take his hand off and spat again. This time in the man’s face. Was it worth it…?

- You, take the camera. The both of you, untie his hands and legs. The show is about to begin. – the ugliest smirk decorated the old man’s face.



Sehun and Kai were having brunch out in the garden for the day being warm and sunny.

- Tomorrow is Luhan’s Memorial Day. I think it’s best for you to stay home.

- I want to be there for you, Sehun. Please, don’t make me stay home.

- I want you to be by my side as well. But you can’t. I don’t want to scare you but… it’s likely we will get attacked.

- What do you mean…? – Kai’s question was cut off by Sehun’s buzzing phone.

- Who is this? – the number was private but Sehun picked up anyways.

- Go to your office and switch on your computer. – the unknown man hung up without waiting for the other’s response.

Sehun sprang up from his chair and rushed to his office leaving Kai puzzled in his place. Entering his private room, the man locked the door behind him. This could not be good. Private number, instructions without explanations. Sehun switched on the computer and a message popped up on the screen. He opened it and a video clip started. Ahn Oh - Joo.

‘’ Hello, Mr. Sehun. We have a special guest today for our short movie. A different scenario was planned but since this little whore likes to make things tough, we changed it a bit. ‘’

Sehun broke the pencil in his hand rage blinding him again. He was watching Ahn Oh - Joo and his men beat the shit out of Baekhyun. The short man defended himself but he was alone. There were twenty or more enemy guards from which every single one was at least twenty centimeters taller than Baekhyun and thirty kilograms heavier. Ahn Oh - Joo was the last to hit him while he was almost unconscious on the ground. Just when Sehun thought it was over, the old man got closer to the camera again.

‘’ You remember what I did to Luhan, don’t you?’’

Ahn Oh - Joo stepped aside from the camera again and revealed the view behind him. They were tearing Baekhyun’s clothes apart with their bare hands. Sehun’s partner was not pushing them away, he simply couldn’t. After leaving him in his underwear, Ahn Oh - Joo’s men pushed Baekhyun to his knees and started slapping his face to wake him up. A guard got a hold of the hostage’s one hand and another man got a hold of the other hand. Then there came the bulkiest guy of them all and unbuckled his belt. Stroking his cock a couple of times he grasped Baekhyun’s jaw and just shoved his whole length in his mouth. The short man’s quiet sobs could be heard through the camera, his eyes visibly tearing up. Baekhyun was in so much pain; his body was wrecked and now they wanted to abuse him in the grossest way possible. Sehun was about to blow up with anger. He almost didn’t have the strength to continue watching but he wanted to be aware of what these men did to his friend, so he could kill them in the most brutal way possible. The bulky guy soon came inside his prey’s mouth. Baekhyun was gagging the whole time and the salty revolting sperm was the cherry on top. His stomach turned and he threw up on the floor saliva, sperm and blood dripping from his chin.

‘’ You should tell your guard to eat more fruits, cause man, that sperm tastes awful! ‘’

Baekhyun’s spirit was strong. He was smiling with his bloody teeth bared.

‘’ If you want your precious partner back safe and sound, you better meet me tomorrow. Too bad you will miss your little brother’s Memorial Day. I will send you the address and the time. I want you to come alone! Do you understand? Not a single guard, not a single member of your stupid gang would accompany you, moreover Chanyeol! And if you give a single command to Chen or Xiumin to track me, I will not only hunt you down but I will torture, rape and rip apart every member of the family. Do you hear me, Sehun? This is your only chance to save Baekhyun! Don’t fuck this up!’’

The video just vanished his computer obviously hacked. Sehun had gone this crazy three or four times in his life. This was not a usual outburst. It started with him breaking the monitor, then the computer itself. He continued by tearing apart documents, breaking whiskey glasses and then he took down his favorite painting in the office, breaking it’s frame. He took the knife out of his pocked and cut the drawing multiple times. Screaming and groaning, Sehun began punching the wall as hard as he could.

- Sehun what is going on? Please, open the door! – Kai had obviously heard the loud noises coming from the man’s office and was now shouting, knocking on the door.

Sehun just continued punching the wall, his knuckles bruised and bleeding. He ignored the other since he knew nobody could calm him down. The man was screaming like crazy, his rage audible.

- Sehun, please! Please, open the door! Everything will be okay, please! – Kai was panicking. He knew the other was losing control, he could hear him.

- Go to your room! – Sehun fell to his knees, his forehead against the wall and his hands falling to his sides, blood rolling down his knuckles. – I can’t hurt you, Kai! Go!

The boy took his phone and dialed Lay. The doctor was his best option.

- Lay, I don’t know if I should be calling you, or Chanyeol, or Baekhyun… Please, you have to come! Sehun is locked in his office and – and I don’t know what happened! He is losing it, please come here!

Lay just hung up the phone but Kai knew he would come and help him. The boy sat on the floor in front of Sehun’s office hugging himself. He could hear the other still shouting and breaking different objects around the room. Sehun ripped his shirt to pieces and started scratching his own hands digging his fingernails deep enough to feel pain. Physical pain sometimes calmed down the mental torture he was feeling and he had harmed himself out of anger a couple of times before.

Half an hour passed and Lay rushed inside the house along with Jackson. Immediately going to their boss’ office they saw Kai on the floor.

- How long has he been inside? – Jackson helped the boy get to his feet.

- I don’t know… an hour maybe! – Kai’s tears were visible. Some were still rolling down his cheeks, some just about to fall from his eyes.

- Sehun, it’s me, Lay. Would you please open the door? We will talk it out, I just need you to open the door. – Lay knew what to do and was trying to manipulate the other.

- Get out of my house! I don’t want to hurt you! Get out!

The three of them could still hear Sehun breaking things and growling behind the door.

- Jacks, Kai, go get two or three men from the guards in the garden. We will need help.

The two of them ran to the garden to get help while Lay prepared a syringe filled with Sehun’s ‘’potion’’.

- Sehun, listen to me! Kai and Jackson are not here, I’m alone! I have your potion but I can’t give it to you if you don’t come out. I know it will make you feel good. That’s what you want, right? – the screaming and breaking stopped as if Lay knew Sehun was considering about opening the door. The doctor pointed to the three guards giving them a sign to step aside so their boss would not see them after unlocking the door. – Come on, Sehun. I promise, I will make you feel good.

The enraged man unlocked the door and as soon as he did that the guards took a hold of his hands. Of course, Sehun was fighting back so Lay had to be fast. It was hard for the doctor to aim at the man’s hand since he was thrashing around like crazy, but he managed to do it. Once the needle was in Sehun’s vein he started slowly closing his eyes and losing strength. After a minute he just fainted in his guard’s hands.

Laying Sehun’s body in his bed, the doctor couple and Kai sat next to him.

- What happened, Kai? – Lay was treating his boss’ knuckles and scratch marks on his hands and abdomen.

- I don’t know. Sehun got a call and then just rushed to his office, locking the door after him. About twenty minutes passed before I heard him breaking something.

- Okay, babe, can you please call Chen and ask him to trace the last call Sehun received? – Lay turned to face his lover.

- Yeah, sure. – Jackson exited the room to talk with Chen.


- You have probably seen Sehun like this a couple of times already. You can do the math. Boss suffers from two mental conditions only me, Jacks, Baekhyun and Chan know about. – Lay was gently caressing Sehun’s bandaged knuckles. – He has had them since he was very young. He has PTSD and Intermittent explosive disorder. Both of these mean Sehun is mentally unstable. He could be very happy about something but after hearing or seeing one wrong thing, he could just flip and get batshit angry. PTSD gives him night terrors or could even cause daydreaming which is dangerous. Having both these conditions is pure Hell. His body is strong and unbreakable but his mind is what suffers. – Lay’s eyes were filling up with tears. He was very compassionate and had been reading a lot of psychology books since he found out about Sehun’s disorders. – What I injected him is a mixture of sedatives and herbs. I try to use as little sedatives as I can and just double the herbs but it’s not always helping this way. – the doctor sighed, taking Kai’s hand in his and looking the boy in his eyes – Unfortunately these injections are not solving the problem or really helping him, they just give him a temporary comfort until the next outburst. I am practically drugging him like an animal and I hate that. He refuses to talk to anybody and I think it’s time you talk to him or encourage him to see a psychiatrist. Sehun could really hurt you, Kai. This is serious and I’ve seen worse than today. People have gotten hurt.

- Nothing! Neither Chen nor Xiumin could trace the call! – Jackson entered the room, desperation visible on his face.

The only thing they could do now was wait for Sehun to wake up and hopefully they would find out who he talked to and what happened. Kai’s gut was telling him this would not be pretty.

Chapter Text


- Sehun! Sehun! – Chanyeol rushed to Sehun’s house after finding out that his husband’s guards were fucking blown to pieces and Baekhyun was kidnapped in the middle of the street by a SWAT team.

- Chanyeol, why are you shouting? What happened? – Lay was coming down the stairs along with Kai and Jackson.

- Where is Sehun? Baekhyun, hehe was kidnapped by the fucking SWAT team or something! I – I called everybody to try and find him… Why are you here, where is Sehun? – Chanyeol was sputtering, worried to bits, sweat visible on his forehead.

- Oh my God, that’s what happened! – Kai could put two and two together. He realized why Sehun went crazy.

- Okay, everybody calm down. Let’s go to the living room. – Lay never lost his composure. He was always thinking rationally and that’s why Sehun trusted him throughout all of these years. – Tell us what you heard, Chanyeol.

- John Hyuk called me. You know the little shop he owns in the center next to a bank. He saw Baekhyun’s car a few hours earlier. The guards were in the second car – they just got blown up! An armored truck jammed the street and SWAT came out of it. They kidnapped Baekhyun! I tried calling Sehun but he didn’t pick up! Chen and Xiumin couldn’t do anything, Kris and Suho are out searching for Baek… – the tall man was pacing around the living room not being able to stay still.

- Okay, wait! When did you find out about this because I talked to Chen half an hour ago?

- Like ten or fifteen minutes ago! – Chanyeol was biting his lips nervously. – Where is Sehun?

- Apparently Sehun found out first. We were having lunch when somebody called him and he rushed to his office. It was all quiet until I started hearing noises. He went berserk and was breaking stuff. After that I called Lay and Jackson. They had to sedate him… Kai tried to be as calm as he could but his tears couldn’t stop rolling down his cheeks.

- We have to call everybody from the family to come here. – Jackson took out his phone and sent everybody a message.

Sehun did not set up their family meetings in his house since he wanted business to stay as much away from his personal, intimate space as possible. Moreover, he hated receiving bad news in his temple. Only a few meetings were held there when shit really hit the fan.

It took the others about half an hour to gather in their boss’ living room and wait for him. Kai, the doctors and Chanyeol briefed the rest of the family about the awful situation they were in. Not lying about what happened with Sehun, Lay explained to the others that the man went very angry and they simply drugged him. And then everyone waited silently, only Kai’s soft sobs could be heard from time to time muffled against Chanyeol’s chest.

Sehun woke up with a severe headache. He had to blink his eyes a couple of times; his vision still blurry. Putting on a t-shirt, he went downstairs where Kai and the others were probably waiting. Shit, Lay knocked him out pretty good this time, his mind was still hazy.

- Sehun! – Kai ran to the other putting his arms around him.

- It’s okay. I’m okay, Kai. – the man kissed the other’s head before pecking his lips. – Everybody in my office. – Sehun stepped forward closer to the others.

Nobody dared speaking in a situation this intense. Entering the office, everybody gathered around Sehun’s desk.

- You’ve probably learned what happened with Baekhyun given the fact you are all here. So, – Sehun coughed to clear his voice – I am gonna say this just one time and I don’t want anybody doubting or questioning my decision because I am not going to change it! – everybody was listening to him without interrupting, even Chanyeol who was worried sick – Ahn Oh Joo contacted me and he has Baekhyun. He sent me a video clip of his men beating him up. – Chanyeol could be heard swearing under his breath – What this psycho wants is me. He will send a message giving me coordinates where we should meet. He warned me that I should come alone; no guards, no family members, no Chanyeol!

- Sehun, please, no! – Kai’s voice was barely audible through tears. The boy was now held back by Kris who stopped him from coming closer to their boss.

- I am coming! – Chanyeol couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

- No, you are not. I am going alone because that’s the only way he would let Baekhyun go without hurting him more. – Sehun managed to keep his cool tone.

- I am coming, this is my husband, Sehun!

- They made him suck one of the guards’ dick! Do you want them to rape or torture him because that is Ahn Oh Joo’s favorite? – Sehun slapped his hand on the desk standing from his chair. – I want every each of you on Luhan’s Memorial Day as if nothing has happened! I want you to look after Kai and keep him safe as long as I am gone! Do you hear me? Nobody is coming with me; nobody is tracking me! I am not going to let another person die because of me! Now, everybody, please leave me alone with Chanyeol.

Everyone went out of the office except for Chanyeol.

- Sehun, Baekhyun is my husband. It’s me who has to go!

- He wants me, Chan. Don’t make this harder than it already is. – Sehun sat in his chair, tiredness written across his face.

- How do you think Kai feels now? The kid couldn’t stop crying against my chest the whole time. I bet he still can’t believe what’s happening and how serious this is! You are our leader! – Chanyeol was trying to convince Sehun but he knew he wouldn’t be able to.

- You are taking over my throne if something happens!

- Nothing is going to happen. – Chanyeol got closer to Sehun, the latter standing up from his chair.

- Promise me you will take care of Kai and the others! – the boss got closer to Baekhyun’s husband.

Chanyeol did not say anything as he started kissing the other passionately. Sehun pushed the taller man against the desk, Chanyeol now sitting on it with spread legs. The boss was caressing the other’s thighs while between them, kissing his partner’s neck.

- Please, Sehun, don’t go! – Chanyeol began sliding his hands across Sehun’s torso while the other was still working with his wet tongue on his neck.

- It’s okay, Chanyeol. – Sehun kissed the other’s lips once again before stepping backwards. – Come on, you are the boss from now on. Make me proud and don’t forget to make Luhan’s Memorial Day beautiful.

Chanyeol couldn’t say anything more. This was his boss’ decision and he had to respect that just like Sehun had respected his every judgement. Exiting the office, he left the house with the rest of the family.

Sehun returned to the living room where Kai was sitting on the couch with his knees up under his chin. As soon as the boy saw him, he rushed to the man.

- You are not going, right? Chanyeol talked you out of it! – Kai was convincing himself.

- I have to go, Kai.

- I knew I shouldn’t fall in love with you! – the boy’s expression changed and he was raising his voice speaking through tears of anger and grief – You are going to leave me all alone! I have nobody, I am nobody! All I have is you!

- You have everyone from the family. If I don’t come back, they are going to look after you and protect you with their lives. You are going to live here, always have food, money and a big family.

- I’d rather live on the streets and have nobody except you than have a rich life and a family, without you!

- Kai, you can’t understand …

- I don’t want to listen. I am sorry, Sehun! I can’t I want to be alone! – Kai cut off the other’s words and went to his room where he cuddled on himself in his bed.


Sehun let his best guard take a break from work to recover after he was shot pretty badly. Hyun Ho was still in the family’s hospital so the boss went straight to it.

- Boss. – Hyun Ho bowed his head in respect.

- How are you, Hyun Ho? – Sehun sat on the chair next to the hospital bed.

- I am feeling better, boss. I can come back to work whenever you say.

- I want you to recover first! – the boss updated his guard on what happened with Baekhyun and what Ahn Oh Joo wanted from him.

- I want to come with you, boss!

- No, you can’t come! Listen to me. What I want from you is to take care of Kai. I want you to protect him as if that’s me! He is your top priority from now on, forget about me.

- Of course! The boy didn’t even know my name and he was willing to give away his life for mine! I would forever be grateful! 

- Good. Then everything is settled. All my guards are now Kai’s guards. Take care of yourself and Kai, Hyun Ho. – Sehun patted the other’s shoulder and walked to the door.

- Boss! – Sehun turned to face the other. – I know you are going to come back, but if you don’t, just know that it was pleasure to serve you and I would never forget the day you changed my life!

Sehun was not good with emotional talk so he just smiled to the other and exited the room. All he wanted to do now was come back home and spend time with Kai. Having an emotional talk with the others from the family was meaningless simply because they were all living in this world where their lives were at risk every day. Words did not mean much to them, actions were more than enough.

Driving on the way home, Sehun’s phone beeped. A message.

‘’ Go to your old warehouse where you found Joon. Be there at 10a.m. just when the others are in the cemetery. ‘’

That was it then. He may die just on the day his brother did. Ahn Oh - Joo was that sick. He chose this day on purpose, to mock Sehun and his family even more.

Coming home, the first thing the man did was go to Kai’s room. The boy was lying in his bed looking at nothing.

- This is as hard for me as it is for you. I just want to spend this night here, with you, not thinking about tomorrow. Can you do that for me?

- Tomorrow? Did he contact you?

- Yes. You are going to be in the cemetery when I meet with him.

- I can’t mourn two people in one day, Sehun! Promise me you will come back alive! – Kai was now hugging the other both of them in the middle of the room.

- I promise! I love you, Kai! – with that being said, Sehun started heatedly kissing the other.

Kai’s body was responding, he melted in the other’s hands, his cock immediately going hard. He couldn’t comprehend when did Sehun take off his clothes and he didn’t care.

- Sit on my face! – the man laid on the bed with his back pressed to the silky sheets.

- What? – Kai understood him perfectly but was too embarrassed to take action.

- Straddle my face with you facing the room.

Kai took hesitant steps to the bed. Carefully climbing over the other he just positioned himself. Immediately grabbing Kai’s thighs, Sehun lowered the boy’s body and started eating him out hungrily. He could hear the desperate moans, the hitching of the other’s breath which made him aroused even more. Kai’s thighs were going weak since this pose excited him even more. Sehun was amazing with his tongue and mouth; he licked the hole, stuck his tongue in it, lapped at it and covered it with saliva.

- Fuck, Sehun… push your tongue in again! I am gonna cum!

Augh, not again. Sehun did not have any plans to finish his show this early so he grabbed the other’s cock at the base right before Kai was going to cum. This made the latter go crazy, his body spasming and loud whimpers escaping his lips. Seeing the already weakened body of the boy, Sehun helped him lift up and lay on his back.

- Wha - where are going? Don’t leave me like this! – seeing the man walk away from the bed, for a splitsecond Kai actually thought Sehun was going to leave him.

- Just relax and close your eyes for a bit. – it took Sehun a while to do something Kai couldn’t see. The boy heard drawers being open and that was it. – Come to me and kneel. – the man was now sitting in his big leather chair in the middle of the room.

Sehun had put on leather black gloves and shiny expensive black shoes. Kai got out of bed and closer to the other. Slowly falling to his knees, the boy couldn’t get his eyes off the other. Sehun had this dirty arrogant look on his face which could make everyone uncomfortable and vulnerable just by looking at him. Kai almost felt the need to cover his body and his still hard dick curved against his belly. The man had something in his hands and was about to use it. He put a wide leather choker around Kai’s neck which had a ring in front. Sehun hooked a chain for logging to it and pulled it harshly so the boy would come closer.

- Look at my shoes! They do not look clean to me!

Each and every new foreplay Sehun was doing excited Kai more. The man was like a ticking bomb and his moods changed a lot. This sexually dominant side of Sehun did not scare Kai, it aroused him, turned him on even more. He could feel his hands sweating, his heart racing and the adrenaline pumping through his veins whenever Sehun was playing with him.

After hearing the complaint from Sehun, Kai started licking his shoes. Slowly moving his tongue up and down, he could feel his mouth drying but took every chance to swallow so he could proceed. Looking up to his master for a second, the boy saw the smirk on the other’s face. Sehun was pleased. Kai continued licking the shoes his hard cock making him impatient and eager to do his best.

- Stop. – Sehun was looking at his shoes – Not bad.

Saying this, the man stood from his chair and pulled the chain hooked to the other’s neck so Kai could stand up.

- Do you know what these are? – Sehun took something from his pocket which looked like a thin short metal stick.

- No, I don’t. – Kai got curious and more impatient.

Sehun took the boy’s hand and led him to the bed. After lying his head on the pillow, the chain with the help of which the man was controlling Kai’s movements, was tied around the metal bed frame hidden behind the leather headboard.

- Now these here – while talking, Sehun was sliding his gloved hands across the other’s body – are metal rods. – grabbing the boy’s dick, he started slowly jerking him off – They are used for sounding – Kai was moaning quietly his chest going up and down because of him breathing deeply – which is a sexual act that involves inserting these pretty instruments into the urethral opening and down toward the bladder.

- Sehun… after hearing what these were used for, Kai got a little scared. He trusted Sehun but this sounded painful.  The boy tried to sit but to no avail. The chain around his neck kept him in place. – Sehun, I am not sure I …

- Shhh, it’s gonna be okay. – Sehun gripped the other’s jaw – Look at me, look at me! Do you trust me, Kai? – the boy nodded his head with teary eyes – I am not going to hurt you except when I am absolutely sure you can endure the pain and be pleased by it. 

Sehun went out of his character just to assure the other everything was going to be okay. The man’s words calmed down Kai who was now breathing deep and looking at the ceiling.

- Watch me do it, Kai! – Sehun put two more pillows under the other’s head so he could be in an almost sitting position, able to see everything.

Taking the metal rod, Sehun put it in his mouth and took it out after coating it with saliva. He took the other’s dick in his hand and jerked it off a few times. The man looked at Kai’s confused and a little scared face to comfort him again. Then he placed the rod at the urethral opening and started gently sliding it in. The first centimeters were painful and got Kai to squirm, whimper and close his eyes because of the intense feeling. Taking things slowly, the metal rod was soon base deep inside the boy’s cock. Kai opened his eyes and resumed looking at his penis. Seeing that, Sehun began maneuvering the rod toward, then away, from the other’s body. This helped a lot with locating the prostate because Kai’s sobs replaced by whimpers and sweet moans.

- You okay?

- Fuck, it hurts but – I – I think am gonna cum soon… these fused sensations were driving the boy crazy.

Sehun continued moving the rod inside Kai’s penis and just when he felt the other’s balls tightening, he suddenly took the rod out in one time and grabbed Kai’s dick at the base. He felt the other cumming dry, the spasms harder. The boy was sobbing with tears rolling down his cheeks. He just wanted to release himself but Sehun wouldn’t let him.

- I know, I know, love! Shhh, you are gonna cum soon, okay! – Sehun was caressing Kai’s cheek while spreading his legs with his other hand.

Taking out his own leaking cock, he pushed his whole length inside the other. Kai was sucking him in so good with his warm soft hole. Sehun stopped moving for a second for he wanted to take off the choker and untie the chain from the metal frame. Kai’s neck was not going to be freed for long since the man now placed his hand over it.

- Harder, please! I wanna cum, Sehun!

The man was happy to oblige. He squeezed the other’s neck as hard as he could, Kai’s life in his hands. Speeding up his pace, Sehun was close to his orgasm as well.

- Cum with me!

Nothing more needed to be said. Both of them climaxed gracefully, ejaculating through their loud moans.

- I love you, Kai! – Sehun kissed the other hungrily, sucking the air out of his lungs.



Pretending to wake up, the both of them got out of the bed without saying a word. Kai spent the whole night cuddled on Sehun’s chest without closing his eyes for a second. The man did not sleep a minute as well hoping the other didn’t find out. The morning was tense but neither of them expressed their worries. Both got ready and went downstairs for breakfast.

Nobody was eating or drinking anything. Kai and Sehun were staring at nothing without saying a word.

- I wanted to give you something before I go. – Sehun took a beautiful dragon medallion from the pocket of his suit jacket. – This was Luhan’s. He always had it around his neck. – the man placed the necklace on Kai’s open palm. – I don’t have a special necklace or ring or something to give you, so I am giving you this to hold on to.

- Sehun, I can’t take this. It’s Luhan’s…

- Keep it as a promise. A promise that I would come back and you would be able to give it back to me.

Kai lowered his head trying to hide the tears filling his eyes.

- Don’t … Sehun caressed the other’s cheek brushing away the warm drops.

Their eyes met and they just looked at each other for a couple of minutes.

- We have to go. Chanyeol should be here. – Sehun barely found the strength to break the silence.

Long confident strides represented Sehun’s walk in contrast with Kai’s, who was taking small baby steps on purpose. The boy knew that getting out of the house meant no coming back the same.

Chanyeol’s car was just in front, the man out of his car wearing a black suit.

- Boss.

- Morning, Chanyeol.

- Please, don’t go, Sehun! Please… Kai couldn’t hold it in and burst into tears clutching to his lover’s coat.

- It’s okay, love! – Sehun hugged the boy before kissing his head.

- I am begging you, please! You are all I have! – the boy’s words were cut off.

They both engaged in a passionate desperate kiss. A kiss which replaced the word “Goodbye”.

Chanyeol had to pull the boy away from Sehun. Kai was crying, trying to grasp whatever he could of the other but was soon silenced and locked inside the taller man’s car.

- I love you, brother! – Chanyeol’s eyes were tearing up.

- I love you, Chanyeol! – these were Sehun’s last words before he got in his car and drove off.


- Kai, we have to go to Luhan’s grave. – the only thing the man could hear were the other’s sobs.

Kai couldn’t stop crying after they separated with Sehun. The door on his side was opened and Chanyeol waited for him with an inviting hand. Getting out of the car, they met with the rest of the family. All of them hugged the boy, sympathizing with his grief.

Seeing Luhan’s grave got Kai emotional all over again. His sobs were loud his body shaking. Chanyeol was the one to comfort him by embracing the boy with his big hands.

Chanyeol got to his car to take out a bottle of whiskey. After returning to the grave, he spilled some of the gold alcohol over it after handing the bottle to the others so they could do the same.

Everybody kept their heads lowered including Kai. Then suddenly something on his shirt got his attention. The boy felt something wet and warm on the right side of his chest. Touching the wet patch with his hand, Kai realized that was blood. Strange thing he didn’t feel any pain. Looking up to see the others, he saw all of their panicked faces, some of them rushing to him. He felt hands around his torso and started slowly losing consciousness. Just before Kai closed his eyes, he saw the same bloody patch on Kris’ shirt, then on Chen’s and lastly on Jackson’s. That was the last thing the boy saw before fainting. 


Sehun got to the old warehouse in no time. A man was standing in front of it waiting.

- Your gun.

Sehun handed his gun and then the unknown guy unlocked the door. After entering, the boss saw nothing except for a big table with five monitors on it and a single chair. His phone buzzed.

- Yes.

- Hello, Mr. Sehun.

- Where is Baekhyun, Ahn Oh Joo? What is this?

- Sit on the chair.

- What?

- Do everything I tell you if you want to see the little whore!

- Okay, okay! – Sehun sat on the chair.

- Now, I have a special movie for you. – the monitors were switched on. – You see, Sehun, I have big plans for you! The thing is… Ahn Oh Joo was filming Luhan’s grave and the family. – I don’t want this to end so quickly! – Sehun could see his people being filmed from afar on one of the monitors. The rest of them showed Kai, Kris, Chen and Jackson up close. – You would find Baekhyun’s body in your hospital, unharmed. I had no interest in him, he talks way too much. – Sehun could see Chanyeol spilling whiskey across his brother’s grave. – I want you to suffer, I want you to lose everyone you love and watch you go insane! That’s why I am simply going to take them away from you! – Sehun’s eyes widened in horror seeing Kai getting shot. – One – he saw Kris get shot – by one! – Chen got shot – Men down, – Jackson too – Sehun!

- Fuck! – Sehun slammed his hands on the table. – I am going to kill you with my bare hands! – the angered man broke all the monitors on the table before rushing out of the warehouse.

The last thing Sehun saw was every member of the family who was not shot, help the bleeding ones. The warehouse was far away from Lay and Jackson’s hospital so Sehun drove off straight to it instead of the cemetery. The family was probably already at the clinic.


Sehun ran to the emergency room. He saw Baekhyun cuddled against Chanyeol on a chair while Xiumin and Suho were pacing along the corridor.

- Where is Kai?

- Boss, are you okay? – Chanyeol stood up from his chair along with Baekhyun.

- What happened, Sehun? – Suho and the others gathered around Sehun surprised he was there.

- Where is Kai? Is he alive? Please, tell me he is alive… their boss was looking around, sweat covered his forehead and panic was blurring his vision.

- Kai, Kris, Chen and Jackson are in surgery. Please, calm down! – Baekhyun pulled Sehun by the sleeve and pushed him to sit on a chair. – Look at me! Kai is going to be okay!

Sehun’s hand were trembling. He took out a cigarette and held it between his shaky fingers.

The waiting was killing everybody. Coffee after coffee, cigarette after cigarette. Five long hours passed. Everybody looked drained.

- Is he alive? Did you save him? – Sehun rushed to Lay as soon as he saw the doctor come out of the emergency room.

- Sehun, I – I am sorry. We did everything we could…

- What do you mean? What the fuck do you mean, Lay? – Sehun grabbed the other by his medical uniform.

- Kai went into a coma.

These were the words which broke Sehun’s heart into a million pieces. His eyes filled with tears; a body reaction so unfamiliar to him. Placing his hand on the wall to steady himself, he slowly fell into a chair. Everything was spinning, he couldn’t believe what was happening. When did things got so serious? When did they get out of his control? The fact that made him feel even worse, was that everything was his fault. Kai’s life was endangered because of Sehun. Cupping his face with his hands, the man did not silence his sobs. Everybody was in shock. Kai was the only thing keeping Sehun sane and if the boy died, dark days laid ahead.

Chapter Text


Sehun spent his days and nights in Kai’s hospital room. He did not leave him for a minute. The rest of the family was trying to find Ahn Oh - Joo without rest. Kris, Chen and Jackson were shot either in the arm or in the leg so they recovered quite quickly, moreover they had been shot multiple times in their lives. Well, Kai hadn’t. Nobody knew when would he wake up. The kid lost a lot of blood and Lay and his team almost lost him on the operating table.

Sehun did not lose hope, he knew Kai would wake up. That’s why he stayed by his side, talking something to him or just doing work in the same room. The others would often do the same not less saddened because of the boy’s condition.


- Sehun, can I talk to you for a minute? – Lay peaked his head through the door.

- Yes, come in. Sehun’s eyes were bloody red. He slept for an hour at most every night nightmares tormenting his mind.

- Can we talk outside? You know Kai can hear us.

Sehun could see the look on the other’s face and he was honestly a bit worried.

- I don’t want to lie to you. I love this boy like my little brother but things are not going well…

- Why, Lay?

- It’s been a week and I did some checkups. His pupils are not responding to light, he is not showing any signs of waking up… I hate to say this, but… be prepared for the worst. There may be a severe brain damage.

- Shit, Lay! – Sehun brushed his hair back and closed his eyes.

Coming back inside the room, the man sat in the chair next to the bed and caught Kai’s hand.

- I know you are gonna wake up. You are a fighter, Kai. I will never leave you; do you hear me? I promise, I never will. – kissing the boy’s hand, Sehun laid his head on the hospital bed.


Kai remembered everything that happened on the cemetery but things just seemed so long ago. Everything was blurry as if many years had passed. He was trapped in a white soft room just like in asylums. Weird thing he never felt hunger or thirst. The boy could hear voices from time to time. It was Sehun’s voice he could recognize but the man’s voice sounded as if it was coming from so far away every time. Oh, Sehun, how much Kai missed him could not be expressed with words.

- Boss, we found him! Ahn Oh Joo is hiding in China!

The voice Kai was hearing was masculine yet soft. This was probably Suho.

- Gather my men! Send out a message to everybody! We are going to China!

And that was Sehun’s raspy voice. He was angry. Again.

- Sehun, you can’t leave Kai. We can’t leave him as well. What if he wakes up while we are gone? You have to think about him now and don’t cloud your thinking with the thought of revenge.

Oh, no! Sehun wanted to go on a death mission again. It didn’t matter Kai could not touch him or talk to him, hearing the man’s voice kept him fighting. If only he could stop Sehun…

It was as if his eyes were looking directly at the sun at first so he blinked frantically to clear out his vision. Kai tried looking around. He was laying in a hospital bed. The room was fancy so this was Lay and Jackson’s hospital for sure. He heard Suho and Sehun, so where were they? Seeing them on the balcony, Kai wanted to scream and tell them he was awake, but he couldn’t. His mouth was painfully dry and he felt weird in his own body.

Sehun felt anger blinding him again. Since Kai went into a coma, he got his shit together until now. Knowing where Ahn Oh - Joo was and not be able to go and eliminate him was eating him alive. Putting out his cigarette he went inside the room along with Suho. Turning to face the hospital bed where Kai was, he felt his heart drop in his stomach. How was this possible? Kai was laying with his eyes open and focused on Sehun.

- Kai! – Sehun got closer to the bed slowly getting a hold of the boy’s hand.

Suho ran out of the room to search for Lay and left the both of them alone. It was hard for Kai to focus; his vision was still blurry and the idea of talking seemed so foreign. Feeling Sehun’s skin sent shivers down the boy’s spine.

- How are you feeling, Kai?

Kai could understand the question but his throat was so dry it hurt and he couldn’t answer. With all of his strength the boy lifted up his hand to point at a glass on a little table on the other side of the room.

- You are thirsty? Yes, I will get you water. – Sehun rushed to get the other a glass of water but did not find a straw.

Bringing it to Kai’s lips, he held the glass and helped him manage.

- Please, Sehun, leave me alone with Kai. – Lay entered the hospital room his heart racing from running through the corridors.

Kai was following Sehun’s steps with his eyes as if pleading him to stay.

- Hey, how are you feeling? – the doctor sat on the edge of the bed.

- I-I am o-okay. M-my thro-throat hurts. – it was a bit hard to talk for the boy but that was understandable.

- That is because you have a NG tube in your throat. Do you remember what happened and why you are here?

- Y-yes. I wa-was shot when we w-were in the ce-cemetery. I saw ev-everybody rushing to-to me and then I – I don’t remember wha-what happened.

- We performed a surgery on you because of the gunshot wound on the right side of your chest. You lost too much blood which led to you going into a coma. – Lay could see the horror written on the other’s face. Kai probably had no idea what he went through and how close he was to death.

- I w-went into a-a coma? For h-how long?

- One week.

- Oh!

- Is it okay for you if me and Jackson run some tests to see how your body and brain are doing?

- Yes, but… can you keep Sehun out? I don’t want him to see me like this, II think I won’t be strong enough to stand on my own.


Lay managed to keep everybody away from Kai just so he and his colleagues could run their testes at peace. The boy wanted to see the family so after his tests he sat in his bed his back against the pillows.

- Hey, Kai!

- Hi, baby!

- How are you, fighter?

Everyone was smiling from ear to ear, happy to see the boy awake.

- I am okay, don’t woworry about m-me. How are you, guys? Wait, what happened to you? – Kai got worried seeing Jackson and Chen’s bandaged hands, next to them Kris supporting himself on a cane.

- It’s not a big deal. We’ve been shot countless times. We are okay. – Chen reassured the boy with a warm smile.

- We missed you so much! We knew you were going to wake up but that did not ease our hearts, especially Sehun’s. – Baekhyun held the boy’s hand and did not let anyone else come so close to Kai. Even Sehun was not sitting next to the bed.

- It-it’s weird because I could hear you talking this past week. You just seemed to be so far away from me. I-I can even remember what everyone spoke to me a-about.

- People in a coma are believed to be able to hear everything and recognize people who talk to them. It’s a whole miracle that there are no severe damages to your brain or body. We are beyond happy with your results. – Lay could not wipe the grin off his face.

- Guys, let’s leave him rest now. – Jackson urged the others to go out so the boy could talk with Sehun or just lay in bed.

After everyone left the room, Sehun sat in the chair next to the bed taking the other’s hand in his.

- I heard Suho talking to you. I knknow you found him.

- Don’t think about him now. You need to rest; you just woke up. – Sehun kissed the boy’s hand.

- Please, Sehun. Listen to me… I don’t want you to avenge me! I do not want you to spill more blood because of me!

- Kai, you don’t…

- Don’t tell me I don’t understand! I can’t let you go for the second time! Don’t you see it? He kidnapped Baekhyun just to confuse and catch you in his trap.

- I have to kill him, Kai.

- No, you don’t! Stop with the stupid mafia codes! You have to choose. It’s me or going after Ahn Oh Joo!

- Look, this…

- I am still talking! This man shot not only me, he shot Chen, Jackson, Kris, he beat up Baekhyun! How do you think that makes me feel? Of course, I want to kill him too. But that would not solve it. Killing him is going to be hard and there will be many victims! One of us may die as well. We are all humans, we are mortals. You could be holding the hand of my dead body now!

- What do you want me to do?

- I want you to hold back your men and don’t send them on a death mission. You and the family won’t go to China either. – Kai was speaking in a louder tone, tears falling from his eyes.

- Okay, okay. Shhh, you have to rest. Please, calm down. I am here. – Sehun brushed the other’s tears with his thumb and gently kissed his lips.




After making sure Kai was asleep, Sehun gathered the family in one of the offices.

- We are not going after Ahn Oh Joo, at least not for now. Everyone has to recover, especially Kai. I just want you to keep track of this freak all the time. Knowing his location and every step he makes is an advantage.

Of course, nobody questioned their leader’s decision but they all knew Kai talked Sehun out of revenge.

- I want you to accept shipments, manage our money and do not be distracted.

Everyone bowed and excused themselves knowing their boss won’t spare much of his time for them since Kai has woken up. The only one that stayed was Lay.

- How are you, Sehun? – the doctor sat in one of the chairs the other following.

- I am fine. Why? What’s up? – Sehun looked way better.

- You know…you’ve been very calm after Kai went into a coma. And just the day before we had to sedate you because you were hurting yourself. Are you taking something behind my back because…

- No, no I am not. It’s just that seeing Kai in this state made me feel weak. It made me feel helpless and broken. He is my weakness and I would go insane if I lose him, but he is also my strength. I brought him into our world so I owe it to him. If I am not here for him who would be?

- I know how much you love him. I can see it in your eyes, in your actions, hear it in your voice.

Sehun got a bit embarrassed and lowered his head.

- Do you still have nightmares?

- Yeah, I can’t sleep much. Maybe they will be gone now since Kai woke up. You know every time I had a bad dream in the past week was about him dying in my arms…

- I know, I know. But Kai’s vitals are great so everything will be fine.

Lay squeezed Sehun’s hand and received a smile from the other in return.

A week passed. Kai was gaining back his strength. In the matter of fact, Lay discharged him and he was back home. Never leaving his side, Sehun had meals in the garden with him, went for walks and watched movies.

Summer was approaching giving them a chance to have dinner around the pool.

- Are you happy?

- What? Where is this coming from?

- I’ve put your life in danger so many times for so little time… Sehun had obviously too much to drink. He was getting emotional.

- I don’t care! Nobody would have ever shed a tear because of me in my previous life. At least I know there are people to mourn me if I die.

- Don’t say that, Kai. You were in a coma because of me.

- It’s not your fault Ahn Oh Joo is a psycho. He would have done this to someone else from the family if I was not there. I am happy it was me who took this particular bullet.

- You have no idea what would have happened if you did not make it! – alcohol could sometimes trigger Sehun’s anger. – I would have killed all of his people and him no matter how many lives I would have sacrificed. Ah, fuck! – Sehun got startled by his own self after breaking the glass with whiskey he was holding in his hand. The little pieces cut his hand covering it with blood.

- You think you are the only one who is hurt, who is angry? – Kai drank the wine left in his glass in one time and stood from his chair. – You think I have not imagined a world where some fucking psycho kills you? – Kai straddled the other on the chair. – You said I am yours, right? – the boy grabbed Sehun’s jaw. – Well you have to be mine too!

Kai started kissing the other, gently rubbing his hard dick against Sehun’s. They were both a little drunk and that just made their bodies burn a little too much. Taking his blouse over his head, Kai continued with unbuttoning the other’s shirt. He was determined and aroused. Wanting to show Sehun he has gained all his strength back; he would be on top today. Kai unbuckled the man’s belt and took his cock out of his pants after taking off his own pants.

- Fuck, I want you inside of me so bad! – Kai spat in his hand before pumping Sehun’s dick a few times. – You have no idea how much I’ve waited to do this! – the boy sat on the other’s cock in one time shutting the painful whimper he made with a hand over his mouth.

Sehun was breathing through his teeth thrilled by the boy’s behavior. Grabbing Kai’s waist to help him balance, he left bloody traces on his skin.

- God, I’ve missed you so much! – Sehun’s voice was shaky.

The man was not going to last long since Kai was moving back and forward, dancing on his cock. The boy’s torso was covered in blood from Sehun’s bleeding hand but he didn’t mind it. Instead he continued gracefully bouncing up and down the other’s length. Sehun leaned forward, starting to kiss and lick the boy’s neck.

Fifteen or so minutes and they were climaxing together, pheromones fusing in the air around them.


A month passed. The family lost track of Ahn Oh - Joo again, but Sehun decided on keeping his promise to Kai so he did not bother searching for the man.

It was one night Sehun was acting suspiciously.

- Whawhat is this, Sehun? Where are you taking me? – Kai felt a blindfold covering his eyes.

- You will see, just do not cheat and take off the blindfold.

Kai could not see so he had to walk with Sehun’s help. They walked out of the mansion, got in a car and drove off to somewhere unknown to the boy.

The drive was not long. Trying to touch or smell anything, Kai could not find out where they were. Well, some stairs, an elevator... Where were they?

- We are here. – Sehun gently took the blindfold off.

- Oh wow!

A beautiful sophisticated restaurant. It was all empty though. Just a single table in the middle right before the big balcony. The view was breathtaking. They were on the roof of a skyscraper. It was dark so all of the city lights were flickering like big stars right in front of Kai. Sehun had outdone himself. The boy was walking over thousands of red rose petals scattered on the floor. They were not like a path leading to the table, they were over the whole floor, the whole restaurant!

Of course, the wine was exquisite and the sushi tasted like Heaven.

- Everything is amazing, Sehun! Thank you for doing this!

- You deserve the world.

Standing from his chair, Sehun took the other’s hand and led him to the balcony.

- I love the feeling of warm wind grazing my skin. – Kai closed his eyes for a bit and felt Sehun hugging him from behind.

- I love feeling you close to me; I love smelling your skin and touching every inch of your body… the man started kissing Kai’s neck.

Sehun succeeded in controlling his desires for now. Turning the other around so he could face him, he grabbed Kai’s face.

- I’ve never loved anyone before you. I don’t know what is it you are doing to me… but my heart skips a beat every time I see you or just hear your voice. Your tears are like arrows stuck in my heart and your laughter is music to my ears. I love your every flaw even though in my eyes you are perfect. I love you for making me a better person without actually changing who I am. I would not change a single thing since I met you, even all the dangers we went through. I want to spend the rest of my life with you no matter how long would that last.

Sehun took something from his pocket and got down on one knee.

- Kim Kai, will you marry me? – opening the black velvet ring box, Sehun revealed a gold wedding ring.

- Oh my God! Yes! – Kai could barely speak; excitement was making his head pound and heart race.

Sehun put the jewelry on Kai’s ring finger before standing up and kissing him.

- I love you, Sehun!

Kisses were not enough. Both of them were as much happy as aroused. Kai soon found himself pressed against the balcony railing with his legs spread, naked below his torso. Sehun was eating him out kneeling on the floor making this filthy slurping sounds from behind. Kai was moaning loudly not giving a fuck about who could hear him. The man left him speechless after his proposal and was now leaving him without breath, doing magic with his tongue. Sehun started pushing his finger in the other’s hole while licking it and that was definitely shortening the time before Kai would ejaculate right there on the balcony.

It did not take long for the boy. His eyes rolled back from the intense orgasm but he could still see the city star-like lights.

- Let’s go home and finish this, love! – licking the finger which was pushed inside the boy’s hole, Sehun helped him get dressed.

Both their hearts were racing, adrenaline running through their veins. Kai felt as if he was in a romantic action movie. The bad guy would always get tamed by the love of his life and they would live happily ever after. But would they?

Chapter Text

Chanyeol and Baekhyun were not legally married since same-sex marriages were not allowed in South Korea but that did not stop them for throwing a big ass party for their ‘’illegal’’ wedding with Suho being the ‘’priest’’. Now Sehun was planning on doing just the same but maybe without the big party. Going abroad to get married was too dangerous since they did not have any clue where Ahn Oh – Joo was. It would have been quite stressful for Kai too because of all the guards they would have needed to take along with them. Privacy was one of the things the boy insisted on.


Sehun sent out a message to everybody before going to sleep, inviting them over to his mansion for a late lunch the next day wanting to surprise them with the engagement.


- Hey, why aren’t you dressed? – Sehun got a bit worried seeing Kai sitting on the edge of the bed in his underwear, head lowered and deep in thoughts.

- I don’t know what to wear and I – I am nervous!

- Why so? Tell me, what’s bothering you? – the man turned Kai’s head by his chin to face him after sitting next to him.

- I don’t know... it’s just, I think the family would not be very happy with the idea of us marrying.

- Where did this come from? Every one adores you. Why would you think this?

- I’ve been a target since the moment you brought me to your home and family, but imagine after getting married. Your enemies would know that I am not just a toy you fancy which would lead to people trying to attack me in order to get to you even easier. I just don’t want to be the cause for putting your life at risk… and…

- Stop, stop! Listen to me! I think you are just nervous because you’ve never been in such situation. I do not want you to doubt my abilities to keep everyone safe because I would risk my life for all of you. I just want you to be happy, to be happy with me. You cannot live in fear all your life. So, now I want you dress up and come downstairs with me because they will be here in a minute, okay? – kissing the boy’s forehead, Sehun went downstairs.


Everyone gathered around the long table set up in the huge garden of Sehun’s mansion. Happy to see Kai doing very well since he was discharged by Lay from the hospital, the family payed more attention to the boy.

- Wait! Mother of God, wait a minute! Is that a wedding ring? – of course Baekhyun was the first to notice the ring after the first meal was served and Kai could not hide his hand.

- What ring? – Xiumin could be heard from the other side of the table.

- Did you get engaged? – Suho directed his question at Sehun after seeing the ring.

- Well, I invited you over to announce that we are going to get married but, of course, you were quick to spot the ring before I even said something. – Sehun chuckled because he was damn sure Baekhyun was going to be the first one to lay his eyes on the wedding band.

- Congratulations, brother! – after both Chanyeol and Sehun stood from their chairs, the taller hugged his boss, patting him on the back.

- I am so happy for you! – Baekhyun was now suffocating Kai with his bear hug.

After everyone congratulated the couple on their engagement, they continued with their lunch.

- So, when do you plan on getting married? We have to arrange everything; we have so much work…

- We are going to do it the way Kai wants it. – Sehun cut off Baekhyun because he knew his fiancé wouldn’t fancy the idea of a big party or ceremony. Catching his lover’s hand, the man reassured him he would have their privacy.

- I just want to be with you all, make something simple and modest. That would be enough for me. We can even do it here; the garden would be perfect for a simple ceremony and dinner.

- Why are you being like this? At least let me decorate. Please! – Baekhyun was going crazy. He got so excited and Kai practically killed his fun saying they do not want a big party.

- Okay, but do not make it extra. – Sehun continued hitting Baekhyun’s nerve.

- Yes, yes, whatever the kings want! – Baekhyun sipped from his glass already getting a little drunk.

- The thing is, we want you, Baekhyun, and you, Chanyeol, to be our best men.

- Oh my God, of course we will be your best man! Cheers everybody! – well Baekhyun was definitely drunk now. Five glasses of wine were a bad indicator.


For two weeks the engaged couple were inseparable. They would either go out for walks, have dinner somewhere in the center of Seoul or just watch a movie cuddled together in front of the TV. Everything was so domestic; Kai was pleasantly surprised by Sehun’s cooking abilities. Apparently, the man was good with kitchen knives as much as he was with knives used to cut somebody or stab him. The only things motivating Sehun to leave Kai alone were some business meetings he had to attend and a few missions he had to plan with the family and his guards.

Deciding on marrying the week after this one, they chose Saturday which meant Baekhyun was going to have all Friday to help Kai choose a suit, decorate Sehun’s mansion, choose the meals and set everything up.

Friday came fast. Baekhyun and Chen barged into Sehun’s room where Kai was still sleeping, alone. Thank God, the man left earlier, he would not have been happy if someone was to wake him up in such cruel way.

- Come on, Kai! Wake uuuuuup! – the two hysterical men were throwing pillows at the boy, yelling.

- What’s going on? What time is it?

- It’s 10a.m. We have to go get you a suit, come on!

Literally dragging him out of bed, Baekhyun and Chen gave him exactly five minutes to take a shower and brush his teeth. Not minding his look, Kai threw on a t-shirt and some pants which he saw first in his wardrobe.

Going to so many different shops was totally unnecessary since Kai wanted a simple black suit with a white shirt.

Two hours passed but not because Kai did not like anything, but because Chen and Baekhyun were choosing outfits for themselves too.

Looking at his watch, Baekhyun realized he had to leave time for his decorating, so he agreed upon finishing their shopping round.

- Okay, sugar, Sehun is busy with Suho and Chani, so we will drop you off at Lay and Jackson’s. is that okay?

- Yeah, sure.

Leaving the boy in front of the house, Baekhyun and Chen drove off to Sehun’s house so they could finish till 8 o’clock. That was their boss’ order since he wanted to have dinner with Kai alone.

Sehun woke up early. Seeing his lover asleep he quietly got out of bed for a shower. He had to choose the wedding bands for both of them today after taking care of some shipments from Japan.

Dealing with his Japanese partners did not take long, so Sehun met with Chanyeol, the both of them going to Suho’s jewelry shop.

- Hello, boss, Chanyeol. – Suho led them to the second floor where he kept the most expensive jewelry pieces.

- Boss. – Kris was sitting in a chair inside Suho’s office next to Xiumin.

Sehun spent some time looking through different designs and colors but, in the end, decided to keep it simple just the way Kai would like it.

- Can you engrave them by tomorrow? – Sehun pointed at two gold wedding bands.

- Yes, the boy downstairs can do it even now.

- Perfect, I want these two. I guess fifty thousand should be enough?

- These are a gift from…

- I will have the money transferred in a minute. – the boss cut the other’s words. He knew Suho would suggest giving the bands as a wedding gift, but a gift is a gift. Sehun should pay for the rings and Suho would have to think of something else for a present.

- Do you have time for a glass of whiskey, Sehun? – Kris opened a bottle before taking out some glasses.

- I gave Baekhyun and Chen time till 8 o’clock, so yeah, pour me e glass.

Kris poured the five of them a glass and sat next to Suho and Xiumin facing Chanyeol and Sehun.

- Man, you are getting married. I can’t believe it. Time flies so fast. – Chanyeol clinked glasses with Sehun.

- It’s going to be a beautiful wedding. You and Kai deserve it. You’ve both been through so much, it’s like fate brought you together. – Suho was always getting emotional when talking about his boss and Kai. He loved the kid as his little brother.

- I remember the time Kai was afraid to speak to us. Now he is part of the family and will forever be. – Xiumin clinked glasses with his boss.

- Fuck, I am so thankful he woke up. Sehun chuckled a little hiding the sadness in his voice. – I know I promised Kai, but if you find Ahn Oh – Joo again, we will have to kill him. Nobody is going to talk about this man in front of Kai, I forbid you all. Everything is going to happen quietly. God, I get angry just talking about him. If it wasn’t for Kai, this psycho would have been dead when we found him in China.

- He is unpredictable and cunning. When we find him, we will need a master plan to annihilate the bastard. – Kris was getting heated up as well. Security was his job and he felt guilty for letting the others get hurt, especially the boss’ lover.

After smoking half a pack and drinking two or three glasses of whiskey, Sehun excused himself. The man felt sober enough to drive so he rushed to his house where Kai was waiting for him.


Entering the dining room, Sehun saw his lover sitting on the couch.

- Hey, Sehun. – running to him and hugging the man around his neck, Kai kissed Sehun passionately. – Baekhyun and Chen threatened me not to go to the garden so I suggest you do the same and keep the promise.

- Okay, let’s eat something now, I am starving. – after snickering, Sehun went to the table and pulled out a chair for the other to sit.

Sehun was smoking between bites and that made Kai a bit nervous.

- Did something happen? – the boy questioned the other’s behavior.

- Your clothes, accessories and cosmetic products are in my room now. The maids moved them while we were out today. I do not want you to go to your room to dress up. We are sleeping together every night anyways and you are going to be my husband now. – Sehun was quick to dodge the other’s question.

Kai did not say anything, he just smiled to the other, happiness visible on his face.

Soon enough they were both a little drunk. Sehun had had his fair share of whiskey from earlier and having more to drink just made him feel hot and a bit dizzy. Kai on the other hand was a cheap drunk; he drank only a glass and a half of white wine and felt the heat radiating through his body.

- Do you wish for more wine? – after taking off his suit jacket and untying his tie, Sehun unbuttoned a few buttons of his shirt.

- No, I already feel hot. – the boy could not take his eyes off the other’s exposed chest.

- Is that so? – Sehun stood from his chair and went closer to the other.

After brushing away everything from the table to the ground, Sehun lifted the other so he could sit on it. The breaking of porcelain plates and glasses could be heard. The floor was a mess but they were both too horny to mind it. Placing himself between the boy’s thighs, Sehun began pampering Kai’s neck with wet kisses.

- Fuck, Sehun… Kai was running his fingers through the man’s hair, his moans already audible.

The boy’s shaky breaths led to Sehun ripping apart his fiancé’s t-shirt leaving his naked torso exposed.

- Let’s go to our bedroom! – Sehun lifted the other carrying him bridal style to their bedroom.

The man sat on the bench at the foot of the bed unbuttoning his shirt and throwing it on the floor. Kai was quick to kneel before the other and unbuckle his belt. Taking Sehun’s hard cock out of his pants, Kai pushed it in his warm mouth making the man wince.

- Shit… Sehun threw his head back, his back supported by the mattress.

Kai was pushing as much of Sehun’s length as he could down his throat. Soon he could feel the man’s fingers in his hair, pushing his head down more. Kai’s nose was touching the freshly shaved pubis of Sehun’s, gagging on the man’s dick.

- I know, baby, I know. Just a little longer. – Sehun was still using pressure to keep the other’s head down since Kai was choking not being able to breath.

A couple more seconds and the man eased his hold. Kai managed to catch his breath before continuing. The boy was licking the cock like a lollipop, enjoying every second of it as much as Sehun was. Lifting his eyes for a bit he was amazed by the view. Sehun’s body was twisted in a beautiful angle, his every muscle tense and chest moving up and down with every breath the man took.

- Lay on your back! – Sehun could not keep his hands to himself anymore.

Kai obliged. Lying on his back, he was immediately stripped of his trousers. Sehun took something from a strap he had around his ankle and showed it to the boy.

- You know, there is a sexual practice called knife play. You can either drag a knife through someone’s body or create light cuts to heighten excitement. – Sehun was whispering in the other’s ear while being between his legs grinding against Kai.

- Jesus, Sehun! Do whatever you want to me! Cut me, hit me, fuck me…

- Watch me do it! – the man always wanted the other to be aware of what was happening, he even got excited by seeing the fear mixed with arousal in his lover’s eyes.

Slowly dragging the knife through one of Kai’s thighs, Sehun did some small cuts. The boy was quietly wincing from the stinging pain but was extremely turned on.

- I want to devour you! – these were Sehun’s words before he began licking and sucking on the cuts he carved into Kai’s thigh.

Feeling the salty red liquid enter his mouth, Sehun moaned with his mouth closed.

Kai had never seen such thing. He loved experimenting with Sehun and that was a whole new sensation which made his head spin and heart race. The boy loved the other’s kinky preferences in bed along with the way the man executed them.

Turning Kai on his stomach, Sehun licked his middle finger and pushed it inside the other’s hole. The man could feel his lover clench around his finger but continued moving it back and forward. A second finger followed after Sehun felt the other relax a bit. Pushing as deep as he could, the man was blessed with Kai’s sweet moans, echoing in the room.

Losing his last drop of patience, Sehun took out his dick and coated it with his saliva. Slowly pushing in, he inhaled through his teeth.

- You are so fucking tight! – no matter how many times did they have sex or how long Sehun prepared the other, Kai was still painfully tight around his dick.

Sehun was picking up the pace thrusting inside the other deeply while the boy’s moans and sobs were silenced by the pillow he was biting hard. The man was holding Kai by the waist keeping him pressed into the mattress, not being able to move. Seeing his dick disappear in the other’s butthole, Sehun could not quiet his groans and moans. Having spent enough time in this position, the dominant decided on changing it. Taking his cock out he grabbed the other by the hands and turned him on his back so he could lay horizontally on the bed. Kai’s vision was a bit blurry, the tears in his eyes making them flicker like stars.

- I want to wreck your beautiful body! Why are you making me be like this? – Sehun was holding the other’s jaw before slapping his right cheek, making Kai turn his head to the left.

The man was quick to shove his penis inside the other again, thrusting without mercy. Kai was close, so close he just grabbed his own dick and began jerking off. His hand was brushed away in a second by the other, Sehun’s hands now squeezing the boy’s neck.

- I want to break your neck with my own hands!

- Yes, Sehun… the boy was muffled by his lover.

Sehun had his right arm tightened around his lover’s neck, and his left one was covering Kai’s mouth and nose. The boy was not able to breath at all but he felt even closer to climaxing. He liked being choked, especially given the fact Sehun was master at doing it.

Feeling his lover struggle for air, Sehun released his neck, mouth and nose, allowing the boy to inhale deeply. Not stopping his thrusts for a second, the man now held the other’s thighs high up.

- Do it again, Sehun! Choke me!

Sehun did not need to be told twice. Covering the boy’s mouth and nose, he grabbed his neck even tighter this time. Kai arched his back from the bed while his nails were scratching Sehun’s hands. Soon the man’s growls sounded a bit distant and he felt his body lighten.

- Stay with me, Kai! – Sehun was slapping his fiancé seeing he was barely conscious.

In order to help the other wake up, Sehun flipped him on his side and laid behind him. Lifting Kai’s thigh, the man pushed his length inside again.

- Sehun, I am gonna cum soon…

This new position with them laying on their sides facing the same direction, was what drove Kai over the edge. The boy ejaculated on the sheets, moaning his lover’s name out loud.

Clenching around Sehun’s dick did not make it any easier for the man to hold it in. Turning Kai’s spent body on his back, the man started jerking off wanting to cum on the other’s stomach.

- Fuck! – Sehun groaned before closing his eyes and climaxing on Kai’s belly, decorating it with the white liquid.

Riding through his orgasm, Sehun’s body was beautifully convulsing, his every muscle tensing. Kai was admiring the other from beneath, appreciating every sound his lover was making.

- Good boy. – Sehun was praising the other after sliding two fingers through the sperm on Kai’s stomach and feeding it to him. The boy was moaning around the fingers licking them clean.


Spending half the day after at Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s, Kai was helped getting ready.


- Baby, don’t worry! Sehun is going to cum when he sees you! You look amazing! – Baekhyun was fixing Kai’s bow tie, smiling.

- I don’t know… I am so nervous, Baek!

- Listen to me! Stop worrying! Everything is going to be perfect, wait till you see the garden!


- Damn, I remember my wedding with Baekhyun. I was so nervous, man. You know how he is; he wants everything to be perfect and I am just so messy and disorganized! – Chanyeol was laughing with Sehun and the rest of the family, telling them behind the scenes stories of his wedding.

Sehun and Kai’s wedding was due to begin at 5 o’clock. The weather was warm, the day sunny.

Fifteen minutes to five o’clock and everybody took their position waiting for Kai and Baekhyun.

Kai’s heart was racing. He felt his knees going weak as soon as he stepped foot in Sehun’s garden. He was as nervous as he was amazed. Baekhyun had outdone himself! The garden had always been beautiful but it was different now. White chairs were arranged in the center of the garden around which the family was standing to greet Kai. White rose petals were scattered all around; a white wedding aisle runner was welcoming the boy to step on, leading directly to Sehun and Chanyeol who were standing right under a big wedding arch decorated with white roses as well. Kai could also hear the soft music played by a band Baekhyun had hired. The musicians were standing on a white stage decorated with flowers as well, playing the piano or the violin. Everything was floral, white and almost unrealistic.

Walking slowly through the aisle, Kai could not take his eyes off Sehun. Yes, he was used to seeing the man in a suit, but this one was special. Sehun was dressed exactly like Kai – black suit and a white shirt with a black bow tie.

- You look stunning! – Sehun whispered in his fiancé’s ear after catching his hand.

Kai only smiled still amazed by the atmosphere and what was going on. It was really hard to believe for him, his whole life flashing in front of his eyes for seconds.

- We gather here to unite these two people in marriage. The essence of this commitment is the acceptance of each other in entirety, as lover, companion, and friend. A good and balanced relationship is one in which neither person is overpowered nor absorbed by the other, one in which neither person is possessive of the other, one in which both give their love freely and without jealousy. Marriage, ideally, is a sharing of responsibilities, hopes, and dreams. It takes a special effort to grow together, survive hard times, and be loving and unselfish. – Suho remembered perfectly this speech since he was now giving it for a second time. He loved playing the priest. Do you both pledge to share your lives openly with one another, and to speak the truth in love? Do you promise to honor and tenderly care for one another, cherish and encourage each other, stand together, through sorrows and joys, hardships and triumphs for all the days of your lives?

- We do! – Sehun and Kai replied in unison.

- Do you take Oh Sehun as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?

- I do!

- Do you take Kim Kai as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?

- I do!

- May these rings be blessed as a symbol of your union. As often as either of you look upon these rings, may you not only be reminded of this moment, but also of the vows you have made and the strength of your commitment to each other.

After Suho’s final words, Baekhyun gave Kai Sehun’s wedding ring, Chanyeol doing the same for his friend. Putting the rings on each other’s fingers, the married couple engaged in a passionate kiss.

As soon as everybody started applauding the couple, a machine in the corner started ‘’shooting’’ rose petals along the wedding aisle.

Proceeding to the dinner table, everybody sat before his name label. Sehun’s guards were instructed to clear the garden and leave just the flowers on the floor so they could have space to dance later.

The food was delicious, the music was relaxing, everybody was laughing and clinking their glasses. Nor Sehun nor Kai could wish for something more.

- Okay, everybody! It’s time for our wedding gifts! – Baekhyun couldn’t wait to brag about their present. – Let’s start from our hackers! Okay, Kai, Sehun, you stand here. – the short man dragged them from their chairs to stand aside so the others could show their gifts.

- You know, it’s really hard when the wedding couple can have whatever they want. But these are the keys to a threestory villa on the cliff of Jeju Island.

Sehun and Kai accepted the keys before hugging both Xiumin and Chen thanking them for the gift. Everyone applauded after continuing to the next couple.

- Let’s see Lay and Jackson’s gift.

- We can’t show it to you now, but we opened a foster care under your names. Conditions are perfect; kids are being taught by the best teachers from South Korea who are going to educate them highly. Foster families are being tracked and monitored by Xiumin and Chen which will guarantee the kids’ safe environment.

- Oh my God! – Kai immediately teared up! That meant so much to him!

- This was heartwarming! Good job, doctors! So, Suho and Kris are next.

- Except for participating in the opening of the foster care, we bought you the largest, most luxurious yacht with five bedrooms which is parked at Incheon harbor.

- Thank you! – the two couples hugged each other.

- And now, our gift. Chani, come here. – Baekhyun handed Kai some keys. – these are the keys to your own gallery in the center of Seoul, where you have all the materials you need to draw your paintings. This here, is a card which allows you unlimited shopping for more materials you need without ever paying. The opening ceremony is in three months, so hurry up and fill the gallery with your art, sweetie!

- Guys, thank you so much! – Kai felt very emotional. He loved all the gifts. They were sentimental and meant a lot to him. Nobody had ever paid so much attention to him or his interests.

- Brother, our gift for you is on the desk in your office. – Chanyeol whispered in Sehun’s ear when hugging him.

Having a bit more to drink, the family urged the married couple to dance.

Sehun extended his hand inviting his husband. Accepting it, Kai felt his heart skip a beat. It was already dark outside so the view was amazing. The city lights were flickering far away from them, as well as the beautiful decorations around the garden.

Slowly dancing to the soft music, Kai laid his head on the other’s chest, his hands hugging the man around his neck. Sehun was holding his husband by the waist, leading the dance. The family was looking at them with teared eyes.

Dancing in a circle, it was now Kai’s back turned to the guests and Sehun facing them. Not making a single sound, the man felt a bullet penetrating his stomach. Stopping the dance without looking suspicious, Sehun tightening his hold on the other’s waist.

- I will always love you, Kai! – opening his mouth to speak, blood started flowing from his mouth.

- Sehun, what … feeling the weight of the other’s body against him, Kai pushed him back a little with his hands. – Sehun, Sehun! – Kai started screaming seeing how bloody the white shirt had become, pressing his hands to the gunshot wound.

After smiling through his bloody teeth, Sehun fell backwards. Closing his eyes, he laid unconscious over the white petals which were now reddened from his blood. The pool of Sehun’s blood was contrasting with the white flowers and decors.

It was a day everyone would remember. The bloody wedding.

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- Please, wake up, Sehun! Wake up! – Kai was shaking his husband’s body trying to cause a movement. – Please, please! – the boy was holding the other’s face, dirtying it with his bloodied hands, as if praying to him. – Don’t leave me, Sehun! – realizing Sehun would not wake up, Kai hugged his lover’s lifeless body tight, crying.

Deafened by his own sobs, Kai did not realize what was happening until he looked up and saw a helicopter almost landing in the garden!

- I am sorry, flower. I did not wish to ruing your best day, but your husband has been very naughty and I have to take him with me now. – Ahn Oh – Joo’s ugly face came to sight after Kai turned to face the house.

- You are not gonna take him away from me, you son of a bitch! – finding the strength, the boy got to his legs and walked to the old man, catching him by the collar of his shirt. – I will crush your heart with my bare hands just the way you crushed mine, do you hear me! – Kai had never been blinded by anger until now. Too bad because after seeing the psycho smiling, the boy turned to Sehun and saw somebody lifting his body to the helicopter with a rope. – No, Sehun, wait!

Ahn Oh – Joo was holding the boy’s body even though he was fighting, his legs kicking the air. Seeing the helicopter take off was what broke Kai’s heart into a million pieces. Shooting and kidnapping Sehun meant things got really serious and out of control.

- I am sorry, love. I have to go now but we will meet very soon! Don’t worry about the others, they are going to wake up.

Releasing the boy Ahn Oh – Joo ran out of the house. Looking at the wedding table, Kai saw everybody flopped into their chairs unconscious. The boy did not spot any blood so maybe the old man sedated them or something while he was trying to wake Sehun up.

Falling to the ground on his knees, the boy burst in tears again. The sobs were causing his body to shake uncontrollably. He could see Sehun’s blood smeared on his white shirt and covering his hands. Kai grabbed some of the bloodied petals from the ground and just screamed at the top of his lungs. What was life punishing him for? Did he truly deserve this? He felt worse than before being saved from the human auction. Life was mocking him. If that was God’s strategy to make him pay for what he had done in a previous life, he hated Him for being so unfair. Pain was piercing his chest making him almost suffocate on his tears. Pain so strong it is impossible to describe with words.

Cuddling on himself on the dirty ground for God-knows-how-long, Kai was staring at nothingness his body and hands trembling. Panic, fear and pain were tormenting his mind and body.

- Shit! Where is Sehun? Kai? – Kai could hear Kris’ voice but was in no condition to respond.

It did not take much longer for the others to gain consciousness.

- Baby, Kai, are you okay? Are you hurt? – Baekhyun was the first to check on Kai leaving the others to search the house and find out what happened with Sehun. Chanyeol’s husband was caressing the boy’s arm gently after seeing all the blood. – Kai, are you hurt? Is this Sehun’s blood? – Kai’s hands were still trembling, he was in shock. – Somebody, come help me, please!

Baekhyun and Xiumin helped Kai walk inside the house and to his room where they tried washing his hands. The water was red and that’s the only thing the boy could focus on.

- Please, love! Did you see what happened with Sehun? – Baekhyun was taking Kai’s clothes off while Xiumin went to get him clean ones. – Please, focus. You have to tell us what happened, it will help us find him, Kai! – after leaving him in his underwear, Baekhyun made a pile of Kai’s bloody clothes on the bathroom floor. That was all it took for the boy to puke on the tiles. – It’s okay, it’s okay, let it all out, baby! – the short man was sliding his hand up and down the other’s back, comforting him.

- Why is this happening to us, Baek? What did we do wrong? – Kai regained his composure, his eyes tearing.

- Nothing, you did nothing wrong! We will talk later, sweetie. You have to tell me what happened, please!

- Ahn Oh – Joo came from inside the house after Sehun fell unconscious and took him away with a helicopter.

- Fucking hell! He is probably getting him out of Korea! – hearing this, Baekhyun stormed out of the bathroom going to the rest of the family downstairs along with Xiumin.

After putting the clean clothes on, Kai rushed down the stairs. Baekhyun had probably told them about the helicopter because Xiumin and Chen had already taken out Sehun’s lap top, the others talking on their phones, Lay and Jackson checking every hospital for their boss. Ahn Oh – Joo using a helicopter meant they couldn’t chase him. This was not a simple car race. It was much more complicated and impossible to track.

Hours passed. Everyone was sitting on the sofas in the living room looking exhausted. Nothing. They could not find Sehun, they could not find the helicopter. It was as if Ahn Oh – Joo, his men and Sehun vanished into thin air.


Sehun woke up in a bed. A hospital one for sure seeing the IV in his right arm and hearing the electrocardiograph to which he was connected with chest electrodes. But what kind of a hospital was that? It looked abandoned, old and extremely dirty. Trying to sit up, an immediate sharp pain struck his stomach. Wait, was he tied up? His movements were restricted not only because he was shot but because he had leather cuffs around his wrists. Looking around he could only see dirt, mold and old used cabinets. Where was he? What happened to Kai? What happened to his family?

- Welcome back, Mr. Sehun. How did you sleep? – Ahn Oh Joo’s ugly face came to sight and Sehun was not surprised at all. Who else would be this sick to shoot somebody on their wedding day.

- Where is Kai? Did you hurt him? Did you do something to my family, you piece of shit? – Sehun was thrashing in the bed trying to free himself. His veins were going to pop out from all the pulling.

- He is fine, maybe just a little shaken up because of what happened. – the old man came closer to his victim. – Your family is no fun, Sehun. That’s why I only took you with me. We have some unfinished business, you know. And since you woke up – Ahn Oh Joo pulled the IV out of Sehun’s hand so harsh, blood spurted from his vein – we have a little challenge for you. – pulling away the electrodes, he heard the cardiograph going flat.  

Having his hands untied, Sehun tried punching the other but was instead met with a hit to his gunshot wound. This resulted in him coughing blood and maybe his wound opening after falling to his knees.

- Agh, Sehun, Sehun! Do not try that again because I am going to stick my fucking hand into your wound the next time and you are not gonna like it. – Ahn Oh – Joo was pleased he had the advantage. Calling out for his guards, they caught Sehun by the arms and led him through some dirty corridors leading to a huge empty room. You see now, my men are a little upset. The only people they killed last night were your incapable guards, your maids and the band playing at your stupid wedding. They are quiet young, filled with adrenaline and kind of blood thirsty. Unfortunately, only one of them got the chance to pull the sniper’s trigger and shoot you. All of them were my brother’s guards and they would be very pleased if you accept their proposal for a fight.

- Playing dirty, huh? Let’s see what you’ve got! – Sehun knew he did not have a chance against ten well – trained men. He was outnumbered and was just hit in his gunshot wound.

His stomach was bleeding again, he did not have any clothes or shoes on except for his suit pants, yet his will could not be broken so easily. Spitting some blood on the ground and lifting his fists, ready to fight, he prepared mentally for every hit. He had to survive, he had to come back. Sehun owed Kai at least this much; to come back alive and not in a body bag. He could not leave the boy, he could not bare the thought of losing Kai, of never looking into his eyes or touching his skin. Ahn Oh - Joo thought that the boy was going to be Sehun’s weakness while he tortured him, but the old psycho was wrong. The only things that would keep Sehun fighting were Kai and his family. He was going to use them as his weapon, as the guidance he needed in order to make it out alive.

Not long after the fight began, Sehun managed to take out three of the guards, but that was it. The fourth one landed a hit to his stomach again which knocked him down on the ground.

- Mr. Ahn Oh – Joo! Please, stop this! – Sehun could see a man in medical attire, holding a clipboard, and looking through his round glasses almost begging the old man.

- Oh, come on, doc! Don’t kill my fun!

- He could die from blood loss if you keep hitting him in the stomach!

- Alright, alright! Leave him be, boys. Enough for today. Just get him to the operating room.

Ahn Oh – Joo and the supposed doctor left the room before two men grabbed Sehun by the arms and dragged him to the previous room, sliding his feet across the ground.

Upon entering the old room, Sehun did just now realize how dirty and disgusting it was. He had been kidnapped two or three times, but never kept in such filthiness. The bed where he woke up was obviously used for his surgery as well. The white sheets were soaked red, different types of pads, sponges and cotton fabrics all over a metal stationary side table and some on the floor. Everything was left out as if on purpose to gross him out even more. His blood was everywhere coloring each and every white fabric dark red.

The two guards just pushed Sehun inside, the man falling to the ground not able to stand on his feet after the beating. Hearing somebody else come in, Sehun turned to the door. Ahn Oh – Joo and that stupid doctor of his.

- Don’t touch me! – Sehun tried brushing the doctor’s hand away.

- I am sorry but we have to stitch you up again and transfuse some blood. – the doctor seemed harmless but the fact he was working for Ahn Oh – Joo made him the enemy as well.

- Get away from me! – with his last strength, Sehun managed to pick himself up and slowly try to get to his bed.

Seeing him lose his balance, the doctor helped Sehun lay on the bed.

- No anesthetics, doc! – the old man sat on a chair not far from the bed, crossing his legs and arms.

- Okay, listen to me now, Mr. Sehun. My name is Kim Che Yoon. I have to stitch up your wound because you are bleeding out. I am going to need you to lay still and don’t move, okay?

Sehun could only nod. He did not like the doctor but he did not have much of a choice. Feeling the bandage being cut open he looked at Kim Che Yoon’s face seeing the nervousness in his eyes. Sweat was visible on the other’s forehead and Sehun honestly just wanted to close his eyes and sleep for a bit. He felt so tired… His eyes flew open the minute he felt the awful pain in his abdomen. Sehun realized he had probably lost consciousness for a couple of minutes since the doctor had connected his vein to the bank of blood hovering over his head. Having his wound stitched made him grunt and thrash his head from side to side while his hands were gripping the bed’s sheets to control his movements. It took the doctor a little longer to do his job since Sehun was not helping but it was soon over. New, clean bandages were wrapped around the shot man’s waist and the bank with blood changed with another one filled with antibiotics. Sehun was again left alone in the room. Lying for half an hour the dizziness finally passed. Looking around for a bathroom, he saw a door. Entering it was not any less disappointing. The water running from the sink was ice cold but that was good for his bruised knuckles and his messed-up face. After splashing water in it, he looked at himself in the broken mirror on the wall. When was the last time he looked so fucked up? He couldn’t actually remember. Sehun looked like shit, his lip was burst open, his cheek was bruised and his eyebrow - cut. Licking the blood from the corner of his mouth, he remembered the salty taste of it. Sehun smiled at the mirror through his bloody teeth and promised to himself, to Kai and to his family that he will surpass this and come back to protect them.

Limping back into the room he tried to decide on where to sit. His bed was covered in blood but the floor was even worse. He almost slipped on the gore staining it. Well, the bed was his best choice so he lay in it again, feeling the sheets stick to his back. Fortunately, Sehun managed to take his mind off this by thinking of Kai. He replayed the day of their wedding in his head but instead of finishing it with him getting shot, he imagined him and Kai spending a romantic first married night. Slowly closing his eyes and losing focus, Sehun drifted off to sleep.

- Kai, you have to come to our house tonight. There are no guards here to protect you and we don’t want you to be alone. – Chanyeol was caressing the boy’s back, trying to convince him to leave the house.

It was the next morning. Chen and Xiumin went home to use their computers and technology to help, Suho and Kris left to question around other gangs and the doctors – to search for Sehun around hospitals abroad. Chanyeol and Baekhyun were about to do everything they could but just after making sure Kai was in a safe place. Sehun’s mansion was no longer such. It took the other family members’ guards to clean the bodies all night without the boy seeing them.

- I want to stay here, Chanyeol. What if he comes back and I am not here? – Kai was jabbering, his body shutting down.

- It’s okay. Sehun would know you are in our house, come on. – Chanyeol felt the other’s head falling forward, the boy dropped off.

The tall male lifted Kai bridal style and walked to their car followed by his husband.


Greeted by their best guards standing in front of their house door, only Baekhyun stayed behind.

- Mr. Baekhyun, what happened with Mr. Kai? – the guard was worried. The boss’ lover being brought to another house was not a good indicator in any case.

- I am going to brief you all on what happened after an hour. Gather everyone and come to the garden, okay?

- Yes, Mr.!

Entering their house, Baekhyun went upstairs where he assumed Chan would take Kai. His husband had laid the boy on the bed in the room next to theirs. Taking his shoes and socks off, they covered Kai with a blanket before closing the curtains so the sun was not shining directly into the room.

The couple were not talking to each other while changing their clothes. They were both trying to make up a plan to find their boss, still frustrated with how things went South just hours ago.

Meeting the guards in the garden, Chanyeol and Baekhyun enlightened them on what happened sooner. The men were instructed to be alert at all times in case somebody was to attack them. Everybody had to be ready for war, they needed to be.


Kai woke up the late afternoon all sweaty and panicked. He had a bad dream. But how much worse could a dream be for him knowing that reality was the worst? The boy woke up alone, not in Sehun’s house, not in the man’s bed. This was enough for him to tear up. God, he was tired of crying, of replaying last night, but that was all he could do. After going to brush his teeth and splash some cold water in his face, he ran down the stairs to search for somebody.

- Hey, did you sleep well? – since Baekhyun was missing, Chanyeol was the one to greet the boy.

- No. – Kai sat on the sofa next to the man.

- Why so? Did something happen? – Chanyeol turned to the other and slid his hand across his back.

- I had a nightmare. After waking up I wish I hadn’t. – Kai looked his friend into the eyes – reality sucks! – after seeing him burst in tears, Chanyeol hugged the boy.

The older did not know how to comfort Kai so he just lay the boy’s head on his thighs and began caressing his hair.

- Baby, what happened? – as soon as Baekhyun saw the boy crying he came over to them and sat next to Kai. Chanyeol shushed his husband by placing his finger over his lips and that’s all the shorter needed to understand.

After crying for a good ten minutes, Kai managed to calm down. Lifting his head from Chanyeol’s thighs, he turned to Baekhyun.

- Did you find something? Anything? – Kai knew they hadn’t. He saw it in Baekhyun’s eyes before the man looked down at his feet as if avoiding the question.

- Come on, let’s get you something to eat, hm? – Chanyeol tried changing the subject.

Kai did not wish the others to see him cry all the time that’s why he went to his room again, not minding the couple’s pleads to stay.

Cuddling in his bed, he kept thinking how bad the situation was. Kai could not believe it; how could they not have found a fucking helicopter? The only that could comfort him now was finding out if Sehun was alive.

Hours, days, weeks? Sehun had no idea for long they have kept him locked up in that disgusting room already. There were no windows so he did not have a source of light except for the bulb hanging from the ceiling. The only person coming to his room was the doctor so he could check up on him and bring him food. Ahn Oh – Joo was smart. The portions of food Sehun received did not indicate what part of the day it was. The meals always consisted of vegetables, fruits, meat, rice and potatoes. The psycho was feeding him well and Sehun did not complain since he had to gain his strength back and heal fast. His gunshot wound was the only thing that helped him comprehend how much time had passed. A week, a week and a half it was then. Sehun had all the time and couldn’t help but dedicate it to Kai. Almost losing hope to feel his husband in his arms again, Sehun only prayed that the boy was safe. No, he was sure Chanyeol and Baekhyun were taking care of him. But how could his family not have found him yet? Was Ahn Oh – Joo this good? Sehun was probably not even in South Korea and not coming back anytime soon, maybe even never.

A group of five men barged into his room the minute he thought about never coming back. It was as if Ahn Oh – Joo had read his mind wanting to prove Sehun right.

Getting from his bed, Sehun was quick in attempting to attack them. Too bad they were prepared and the next thing he felt was a taser electrocuting him. Once was okay, he managed to land a punch on the guard’s face. The second time, Sehun could feel his muscles contract but anger was building up inside him even more. Taking a hold of a guard’s neck, he tried strangling him. The third time Sehun felt the taser, the pain almost got him down on his knees. It was all it took for him to release the other’s throat and lose balance. As expected, the guards did not stop tasering him. They did it out of satisfaction, not need. Sehun was already on the ground, his body convulsing after the fifth time. Since he was weakened by the taser, the men had to drag him across the floor to another room. Opening his eyes, Sehun saw the same empty dirty room they used to beat him up the previous time.

- Long time no see, Sehun. How have you been? Do you enjoy your time here? – Ahn Oh – Joo was quick to mock his victim as soon as he got into the room.

- Fuck you! – Sehun spat on the ground before his enemy’s feet, barely standing on his own.

- You know I’ve always liked that strong character of yours, yet I want to see you break so bad, Sehun. – Ahn Oh – Joo handed Sehun a cigarette and a lighter.

- Too bad you ain’t gonna break it. – the younger felt so good after inhaling the cigarette. He hadn’t smoked for a whole week.

- You think so? – Ahn Oh – Joo took Sehun’s cigarette and put it out on the ground.

The guards kicked Sehun behind his knee to knock him down and tied his hands with chains, which were hooked to the ceiling. Pulling them from the opposite side, the men managed to bring their victim to his feet and keep him standing straight.

- These chains really suit you, Sehun. I am surprised. Fuck the Rolex, this is way better around your wrists! – laughing out loud, Ahn Oh – Joo nodded to his guards.

The first time Sehun felt the whip on his back, he let out only a low grunt even though pain sheeted through him with a terrible intensity. Whipping felt like fire burning under your skin, stinging and weakening you, tearing your apart from within. The tortured man could not hold his screams and groans back after the twentieth or so hit. He could feel the blood oozing from the lacerations, disgustingly dripping down his waist, soaking his pants. Counting how many times the whip cut his back couldn’t take his mind off the pain anymore. He was feeling lightheaded, feeling his head spin.

- Come on, Sehun! It’s not time for sleep now! Look at me! – Ahn Oh – Joo was sitting in a chair a meter away from his prey, enjoying the show.

One of the guards caught Sehun by the hair and slapped him so he could gather himself together.

- I’ve never believed I would enjoy doing this to you so much!

- Enjoy doing what? Making my fucking dick hard! – Sehun smirked to the other, making him so mad about it.

- You freak!

Ahn Oh – Joo stood from his chair and went straight for the whip. His blows were way harder, angrier than his guards’. A few more blows to his back and Sehun lost consciousness.

Feeling cold water splashed in his face is what woke him up. Both his arms and legs were tied to a chair.

- We missed you, Sehun. Are you thirsty by any chance?

These were the last words Sehun heard before one of the guards pulled his head back and put a wet towel over his face. Waterboarding is extremely painful given the fact it simulated drowning. Sehun had practiced this kind of torture to his enemies but never had experienced it himself. He felt his lungs filling with water, helplessly suffocating. Just then they stopped pouring water and removed the cloth.

Coughing all the water up, he still had the strength to smile at his enemy.

- Fucking old man – Sehun was chuckling at the other’s face – why don’t you come here and do it yourself!

Sehun knew how to piss Ahn Oh – Joo off and challenge him. The old man got heated easily so he took the cloth and the bucket filled with water. He was about to have his fair share of fun. Covering Sehun’s smile with the towel the psycho was merciless. He kept spilling water over the other for so long, his victim lost consciousness and stopped writhing in his chair.

- Boss, you are going to kill him!

One of the guards had to stop him. Angered, Ahn Oh – Joo threw aside the bucket and left so he could change his wet suit. His men managed to bring Sehun back and make him cough all the water up but they had almost lost him. Things could get out of control real fast when it came to waterboarding. It was all a matter of seconds and with this Ahn Oh – Joo just showed Sehun how easily he could provoke him.

- I want you to leave me alone with him. Now!

Ahn Oh – Joo had obviously changed his suit and made a wish for his guards to leave. Not thinking for a second, they complied and left their boss alone with his victim.

- You know what the best thing about having you here is, Sehun? – the old man took his leather gloves out of his pocket and put them on his hands. – I don’t need your money – the first hit landed on Sehun’s cheek – I don’t need your contacts – another punch – I don’t need your partners – another one on Sehun’s temple – your drugs, guns – the next blow surely broke his nose – and I can torture you without having a finish line! – fists were now breaking his ribs – I don’t need any information from you so you can’t do anything to stop me! – Ahn Oh – Joo was again hitting the other in the face.

Sehun was bleeding from his mouth, too fucked up to spit it out, he just lowered his head and let it drip down his torso.

- I am going to avenge my brother and my men. But you know what, Sehun? I am going to do it in the most perverted way possible! I know your body is trained well, you can handle my punches, my tortures, however, your mind is not that ‘’torture resistant’’. – taking a hold of Sehun’s face, Ahn Oh – Joo was speaking centimeters away from him. – I am going to mess up your head. I am going to fuck you up so bad you will not differentiate reality from illusion! Do you hear me, Sehun! And just when you are on the edge of going absolutely insane, I am going to take pretty Kai away from you so I can push you over that edge! – landing a final hit to Sehun’ face Ahn Oh – Joo decided to finish up.

Unconscious Sehun was pushed inside his room, thrown on the ground like a piece of garbage. Spitting over his body, the guards turned the lights off and locked the room.

Ten days without Sehun. Ten days without his husband. Kai was crying alone in his room all day and night. Baekhyun or Chanyeol managed to get him out of his room to eat from time to time but the only thing Kai did was ask for Sehun before turning his back and locking himself up in his room again. He was not so hopeless a few days ago, quite the opposite. He was asking for ways to help the family in tracking Sehun or just anything he could do but soon realized how helpless were the others themselves. The boy was thinking not only about his husband, he was thinking of Ahn Oh – Joo as well. Every time he met him, the old man would always compliment him, talk to him, look at him as if Kai was someone the man did not want to hurt. Could it be that Ahn Oh – Joo had some interest in him? No, there was no way the man was that into him, that he would give up his revenge. But what if Kai could find a way to contact the enemy and offer himself in exchange for Sehun? Would Ahn Oh – Joo forget about his revenge and take the boy instead?


Chapter Text


It appeared a few days passed since Sehun’s back and face wounds were getting better. The only thing that wasn’t was his stomach. Not a single bite of food was given to him and the only water he had access to was from the bathroom’s sink. Hunger was driving him crazy; his body was too weakened since he couldn’t regain his strength back. Sleeping or just laying in the bloody bed were his daily activities. It was quite painful for Sehun to sit for Ahn Oh – Joo broke a few of his ribs. Never mind, his body was going to heal but his mind was playing games with him. He couldn’t stop dreaming about Kai, about their wedding… God damn it, his husband was alone and worried nuts! As long as Kai was alive and safe, Sehun did not care about his life. He could never be absolutely sure his lover was protected but Ahn Oh – Joo was now too busy with torturing him and staying under the radar.

A few – days – break was like the calm before the storm and Sehun was just about to prove himself right as two guards entered his room and dragged him out of it by force as usual.

A different room it was this time, not any less dirty though.

- Looking even better, I see. Bruises really suit you, Sehun. – taking some clothes out of a backpack, Ahn Oh – Joo greeted his ‘’guest’’.

- Fuck you, you ugly bastard! – Sehun spat on the floor after trying to free himself from the guards’ hands.

- You know, Sehun, I would love to give you these clean clothes. You haven’t changed your trousers in two weeks already and knowing how much dried blood they have on… disgusting. So, now you have to do something in order to earn the clothes. Let’s say, you do fifty crunches on the ground right now, and I am giving you everything from the backpack.

- I am not your puppet and I won’t do anything, bastard!

Ahn Oh – Joo smiled to his men and that’s all it took for them to push Sehun against one of the walls with great force. The hit to his back wounds almost got him to his knees. Tracking the men with his eyes, Sehun saw them taking something out of a big bucket filled with some kind of fluid. Why they needed latex gloves, he was about to find out soon.

Sehun felt as if somebody was cutting his wrists’ skin off, the burning pain owning his body.

- Fuck! – the tortured man could not ignore the pain any more. He was screaming with closed eyes, saliva dripping from his mouth, unable to swallow.

- Ropes soaked in acid. You have to love my exquisite taste for torture, right!

Sehun’s hands were tied up above his head with the ropes, melting his flesh. Just when he silenced his screams and rolled his eyes back in the back of his head, Ahn Oh – Joo and his men decided to keep him awake for a little longer.

- You are going to wish you hadn’t refused to do the crunches, Sehun!

Damn right he did wish that. The two guards started landing punches in his face and ribs, his broken ribs.

A few more hits and they saw Sehun bleeding from his mouth. Every time he tried inhaling, more and more blood was flowing out.

- Boss, he can’t breathe! He is bleeding from his mouth!

- God damn you, Sehun! – realizing this was serious, Ahn Oh – Joo ordered the guards to carry Sehun to the doctor’s room.

Barging in, they startled Kim Che Yoon who was doing something on his lap top. As soon as he saw Sehun, he registered what probably has happened.

- What happened to him, Yoon?

- Hemothorax. Blood got between his chest wall and the lung. I presume a broken rib punctured his lung, seeing how bruised his abdomen is. – the doctor sounded nervous yet his hands worked fast. Starting with inserting a needle into the chest through the ribs, he managed to remove the blood and air that has gotten into the pleural cavity, allowing Sehun to inhale.

Once Sehun was bandaged and stabilized, Ahn Oh – Joo commanded his guards to bring back the victim to his room.

Sehun’s body hurt like hell, he couldn’t breathe properly and his wrists were still stinging. By the time he laid in his bed, the blood on his face and chest had already dried. Tortures and starvation could break his body but not his mind. Now that he was given the chance to be by himself and think about his lover at peace, pain became an illusory sensation that his mind could shut down.

It was easier said than done. Kai thought about every way possible to contact Ahn Oh – Joo, but with no result. How could he? Hackers like Chen and Xiumin couldn’t find him, so his plan was inexecutable. Four more days passed and that’s all Kai could think about. Saving Sehun, the only thing able to ease his mind.

As soon as Kai entered the living room in Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s house, he saw the couple having sex on the couch with the shorter standing on his fours and his husband behind him.

- Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t see anything! – immediately turning around and running upstairs, Kai hid in his room. God, he felt so embarrassed.

Of course, Baekhyun and Chanyeol needed their privacy and Kai respected that. He did not intend on making them feel uncomfortable either. They were a couple and they needed each other’s warmth especially giving the fact how stressed they were.

Kai laid in his bed and tried to remember the night before his and Sehun’s wedding, but the only thing that he could imagine was his husband’s bloody body. Whenever he was thinking of Sehun, his eyes would get wet but he learned how to hold his tears. He understood tears would not bring his lover back and he needed to be strong and concentrate in finding a way to contact that psycho.

About half an hour passed and Kai heard his door open.

- Good morning, babe. Look, I am sorry you had to see this…

- It’s okay, guys. This is your house, you are together. I did not expect you to sleep in different rooms, you know. – seeing the boy smile and make even a slight joke was making the couple feel a little bit better.

Living in their house made him feel safe. They would always have lunch, dinner or drinks with him even though dedicating all their time to finding Sehun. In spite of the fact that Kai was often feeling sad, they managed to give him reasons to smile and he appreciated that. The others from the family would come to be with the boy almost every day, distracting him and themselves a bit.

Having no news was worse than having bad ones. Kai would sometimes look at his phone as if waiting for a message or a call from that man. The boy wished the other contacted him because he couldn’t find a way to do it himself. Nobody from the family needed Kai’s help, and again all he could do was wait.

Thinking of Kai made him sleepy. Not in a bad way, Sehun just felt peaceful and happy thinking about the boy. As soon as he imagined his lover, the pain would vanish and his body would feel light enough to drift off to sleep.

Just before he closed his eyes, a couple of guards ran into the room, waking him up.

- Get up, fucker! – five minutes of sleep after this whole torture were definitely not enough.

Sehun used his last strength to try and push them away but he did not succeed. He was even weaker, every torture sucking the life out of him.

Entering the first room they took him to the first day, they tied his hands with the chains hooked to the ceiling which felt so heavy around his wrists.

- Sleeping is your only escape. I bet every time you close your eyes, you see him, right Sehun? – Ahn Oh – Joo began circling his prey, his shoes making this annoying clacking sound on the ground.

- Don’t say his name! – Sehun thrashed in his chains, speaking through his teeth.

- Easy now, beast! – taking a chair, Ahn Oh – Joo sat in front of Sehun. – bring me some whiskey and cigarettes. – Oh, he was going to tease now. Great! – I am in a good mood, so we are gonna have a little chat, the two of us. – one of the guards poured a glass of whiskey and gave a pack of cigarettes to the old boss. –Why did you kill my brother, Sehun?

- Are you seriously asking me that? Because you fucking killed Luhan in front of my eyes, you sadistic psychopath! – Sehun was pulling his restraints for losing his temper.

- Why did you not come for me, stupid boy? – now that Ahn Oh – Joo stood from his chair, he was inches away from his prey, enjoying the state he was in.

- I wanted to make you suffer, break your heart just the way you did with mine!

- My brother had nothing to do with this! He did not participate in the family’s business; he was just a coward, but he was my brother and I loved him! He was my blood! – Ahn Oh – Joo punched his victim in the face the other spitting the blood from his mouth.

- You are right, he was a coward! You should have heard his screams while I was denailing him, crashing his bones or using my pliers to extract his teeth one by one! – the elder’s fist met Sehun’s face again with great force.

Taking a hold of Sehun’s face, Ahn Oh – Joo could only stare into his eyes, rage making him freeze for a moment.

- Can you feel it? Anger protruding your veins, speeding up your pulse… that’s what I’ve felt every bloody day since you killed Luhan! – Sehun was laughing at his face, baring his bloody teeth like a mad dog.

- Bloody Hell! – Ahn Oh – Joo slapped the other – I wanted a brother like you, Sehun! A strong, cunning, unbreakable brother, to take after me! Too bad you are my biggest rival and I am going to do everything it takes me to wreck you! I am going to dig so deep inside of your head and fuck it up that you won’t be able to say your fucking name anymore!

- You fucked it up years ago, son of a bitch!

- I know I did! I know about the drugs Lay is giving you, because you go berserk, but that’s nothing compared to what awaits you! I wished you were my brother the first time I saw you attacking me but now I want nothing more than to execute you in the most disgusting, painful, maniacal way! hitting Sehun for the last time, Ahn Oh – Joo called for his guards. – I want you to keep him awake for as many hours as you can. Move him from room to room, beat him, I don’t care! Just keep him awake!

Sehun needed food, water and sleep badly. Looked like they were not going to grand him a single one of those things.

- You did what? – Chanyeol sprung up from the sofa he was sitting on, startling both Kai and Baekhyun.  – Oh, sure. Yes, okay, Chen. We are coming. – the tall male changed his tone suspiciously quickly and drastically.

- What happened, honey? – Baekhyun was sure something was up but did not want to look worried in front of Kai.

- Hm, nothing. Chen just needs help with something and we have to go. Now.

- It’s about Sehun, isn’t it? – as soon as Kai heard Chanyeol’s first question and the tone he used, the boy was sure it was something serious.

- No, no! They just…

- Don’t do this, Chanyeol! Please! Tell me what’s going on! – the younger caught Chanyeol’s hand and waited for an answer with pleading eyes.

- They might have found where Ahn Oh – Joo is keeping Sehun.

- I am coming!

- No, baby, look! We might need to leave now; I mean gather every man we have and leave. Now! – Baekhyun stayed behind to make sure Kai was safe and locked in the house, while Chanyeol was instructing the guards outside.

- Baek, please…

- No! My answer is no! I can’t let you get hurt if things go sideways! I love you and Sehun too much to risk your life! If we have to protect you, it would be a lot more difficult for us to concentrate and get boss out of there!

Baekhyun just hugged the other and ran out of the house in a hurry. Kai could not do anything. A couple of guards were commanded to stay around the house, in case something happens, so that meant no going outside.

Returning to the living room, the boy sat on the sofa hugging his knees close to his chest and looked at his phone. Two more days had passed since the boy’s idea to contact Ahn Oh – Joo. Even though he had lost all hope at getting a chance to see or hear from his husband, he couldn’t help but still check his phone every minute.

And there it was. After half an hour his phone rang. Unknown number.

- Who is it?

- Hello, flower.

- Where is Sehun? Is he alive? Please just…

- Hold on, hold on! You are going to listen to me, okay?

- Okay.

- I set your family a trap by allowing them to track me but to a different location. They all think I’ve taken Sehun somewhere in China, so now they are preparing the jet to take off. Since I know how much you want to see your dear husband, I am sure you will not tell them the truth.

- I won’t if you promise not to hurt them! – Kai was shaking but having the bravery to ask for his family’s safety was more important now.

- They are just going to find an empty old house, don’t worry. I want you to tell the guards they have around the house that you are not feeling well and you do not wish to be disturbed. After that, you have to exit the house by the back door of the maid’s quarters. Jumping over the fence would lead you to the road where a car is going to be waiting for you.

- Okay, I am going to talk to the guards.

- Don’t mess up, kid!

His heart was about to burst out of his chest. As soon as he hung up the phone, Kai immediately opened the door and ordered the guards to not come inside the house unless he calls for them. He then went to the maid’s rooms. Having no luck, he bumped into one of them.

- Heyyy, Jihye. I was thinking about having a walk around the house but I am quite hungry. Would you make me a sandwich or something and leave it before my door?

- Of course, Mr. Kai. With salmon or…

- Yes, salmon is great!

- Okay, just tell someone from the guards to go out with You.

- No need for that. I just want to breathe some fresh air without walking a meter away from the house itself.

- But, Mr. Kai, you know that…

- Ji – hye, you are my friend, right? Please, let’s not worry the guards or Baekhyun, or Chanyeol. All I can think about is their safety now and I do not wish to distract them with such small matters. A walk around the woods would be great and this will be our little secret!

- O – okay! But if You take too much time, I would be forced to inform the guards!

- You are awesome!

Rushing out of the house, Kai couldn’t help but be overcautious and look around. Thankfully, the two guards left to protect him were standing at the front door and he could easily get to the fence. As soon as he jumped over it, he ran to the road and saw the black BMW waiting for him. He was sweating nervously but without having second thoughts he got in the car.

- Put these on and give me your phone. – the driver turned around and gave him a black hat, a black face mask and a blindfold.

Putting everything on, Kai was told to relax in his seat because the ride would not be short. His phone was thrown out of the window and now he had all the time he needed to think about all the horrible states he could find his husband in.

Twenty hours without sleep. That’s how much time exactly Ahn Oh – Joo and his guards spent to keep Sehun awake at all costs. Beating him, blinding him with bright lights, drugging him to stay awake, they managed to do it even though Sehun was just like a whimpering punching bag. Anchor

- Come on, boys. We have to get him upstairs and prepare his new room for our guest.

Sehun did not have the strength or the will to try and understand what they were talking about. The guards dragged him out of his room and carried him through the corridors but in a different direction. They had to help him climb the stairs to the upper floor for he was way too exhausted and hurt. Although Sehun closed his eyes and let the others lead him, he felt that something was not right.

Entering a huge living room, Sehun could finally see the outside world through the windows even though the curtains were covering half of them. His body got forcibly lowered and he was pushed inside a cage. A steel cage! It was just like the ones people would keep lions locked up in circuses. That’s what Sehun was – a lion kept under control in a cage.

- Perfect. Behave yourself, Sehun. – Ahn Oh – Joo made sure their guards locked the cage and left the room along with them leaving his prey alone on purpose.

The old man wished for Sehun to feel comfort just for a bit so he could fall asleep lying in the cage. That way, when Kai comes to see his husband, the only thing he sees would be a wounded lion, locked up in a cage.

By the time they arrived at the destination, an hour had passed. The man allowed Kai to take off only the blindfold and grabbed the boy by his arm to lead him inside the house.

- Hello, beautiful. How was your trip?

- Where is he? – taking the hat and the mask off, Kai raised his voice.

- He is here, relax. Follow me. – Ahn Oh – Joo walked to the living room, his guest behind him.

- So, where is he?

- Look around, Kai.

A sophisticated huge living room but nothing caught his attention… except for the… wait, was that a cage? Someone was lying inside of it. Sehun was lying inside of it!

- Sehun! Sehun, please open your eyes! – Kai ran to the cage falling to his knees.

Seeing his lover’s lifeless body curled on his side, tore Kai’s heart apart. Sehun’s face was bruised, his body had dried blood all over it, his pants were not changed since their wedding and the burnt wrists were the things the boy could notice for now.

- Sehun! – wrapping his fingers around one of the bars, Kai waited for the other’s respond.

His husband was waking up slowly. His every movement was controlled by pain.

- Kai? How are you here? Is this real? – Sehun thought the worst. Finding the strength to stand on his feet, Kai imitating his action, he placed his hands over his lover’s.

- I am here, I am really here! – the boy could not hold his tears.

That was the first time he saw Sehun so… so weakened and defeated. The raspiness in the man’s voice was replaced by helplessness; his body looked so messed up, Kai could not count the wounds he saw. Why was he asking if he was really here? Did they torture him this much that he doubted reality?

- Why did you come here, Kai? Please… please, go! – Sehun was taking breaks between words, his mind almost shut down, not allowing him to form sentences.

- I just wanted to see you alive, that’s all I needed! I love you so much, Sehun! We are going to get you out of here! – the boy took a hold of his husband’s face to look into his eyes. Eyes which avoided Kai’s as if hiding the suffering behind them.

- I love you too, but you have to learn how to live without me! I won’t come back, love. I am sorry but I won’t! – as soon as Sehun extended his arm to use his thumb and brush away his lover’s tears just like he used to do it every time the other cried, Kai leaned in.

- Come on, that’s enough. – Ahn Oh – Joo grabbed the boy’s hand, pulling him backwards.

- No, let me go! Kai’s hands could not touch Sehun any more and he thrashed in the old man’s hands, trying to free himself. – Sehun, please, don’t give up! I love you!

Sehun was just standing in his cage holding the bars. He waited for Ahn Oh – Joo to take Kai out of the room so he could sit on the ground with his back against the cold steel and let his tears roll down his cheeks. Kai was safe and sound, that’s what mattered the most to him. Seeing the boy tore his heart apart like a beast eating him from inside out, but knowing that he was alive was enough for him to accept his faith peacefully.


- You monster! How could you do this to him? – after being shoved in Ahn Oh – Joo’s office, Kai started shouting at him through his sobs and tears.

- Don’t you like the new Sehun! I almost broke him, Kai!

- Take me!

- What?

- Take me, Ahn Oh – Joo! Release Sehun and take me in his place! I would give you anything you want; I just want you to free Sehun! – whether that was bravery or stupidity, Kai could not tell, but he was determined to do everything in order to save his loved one.

- That’s an interesting proposal! – Ahn Oh – Joo came closer to the boy, towering over him. – The thing is, flower, that I torture Sehun on a daily basis and get amusement out of it. I could not do that to you though, since I prefer doing more… let’s say more gentle and sensual things with you!

Ahn Oh – Joo received a slap to his face which provoked him to put his hands around the boy’s neck, squeezing without too much force.

- Go ahead! Strangle me! I am already dead inside! The only thing I have left is this disgusting body, so you can take it if you want.

- I am thrilled! How could you offer your life for somebody else’s for the second time? It would always amaze me how little you think of yourself! – releasing Kai’s neck, the old man went to his desk to pour himself a glass of whiskey. – I will consider your proposal, Kai. I cannot promise when am I going to free Sehun no matter of my decision, though. I hope you are patient. Let’s finish this for now, my guards will drive you home.

- Ahn Oh – Joo? Please, don’t do anything to raise suspicions, I don’t want the family to know about this, about my offer!

- You got it, kid.

After calling for his guards, they came in and escorted Kai. Passing by the living room made his eyes tear up again but he held his head up and walked behind the men.

Putting the blindfold over his eyes, he had plenty of time to think of an excuse where he was.

Entering the house from the back exit, he was greeted by the maid’s worried look.

- Mr. Kai, where were you? I got so worried! Four hours passed and I almost called Mr. Baekhyun or Mr. Chanyeol!

- Did you?

- No, but…

- Oh, thank God! Look, I got carried away and kind of lost my way back, that’s it. There is nothing to worry about so don’t even think about telling them what happened, okay?

- Yes, Mr. Kai.

Kai did not wish to sound so harsh but he needed to make sure Ji-hye was not going to tell the others he was missing for four hours. Of course, they would get worried and he did not wish for that to happen.

Going upstairs, the boy curled up in his bed, feeling his body shaking from being overwhelmed. How could Ahn Oh – Joo be this cruel? What did he do to Sehun? How did he manage to break his will this soon? As Kai was thinking about the answers, he realized he did not wish to know. It didn’t matter what Ahn Oh – Joo wanted from Kai, the boy would give up everything to save Sehun. His body meant nothing to him, he was used to hating it after the first attempt for a rape. If the psycho wanted this, Kai had no objections. The only thing he could not give away was his soul or heart, they belonged to Sehun and him only! 

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The guards were circling the cage like mad dogs waiting to hear a command to tear their prey apart. Sehun could sense the hunger for blood around the room but that was the last thing he was worried about. Waiting for Ahn Oh – Joo to come back was making him nervous since he knew Kai was with that man. Oh, Kai, why did he have to go there? Sehun had just accepted the idea of dying by the hands of his biggest enemy and now he had to see his lover’s tears. That was cruel.

- Agh, he is a feisty one, Sehun. – Ahn Oh – Joo returned to the living room going straight to face Sehun.

- Ahn Oh – Joo – it took him a few minutes to get up and stand on his legs, of course supporting himself with his hands wrapped around the bars. – Where is he? Let him go!

- Calm down, Sehun. Kai is being driven to Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s.

- Please, leave him and the family out of this. You wanted me; you have me.

- Did you just say ‘’please’’? – the old man started clapping his hands while laughing – Oh Sehun, I did not believe this day would ever come!

- Just don’t hurt them! I will do whatever you want! You can torture me as much as you like! The only thing I want is for them to be safe! – Sehun was looking the other in the eyes pride still visible in his.

- You heard him boys! Take him back to the basement and keep him awake!

Unlocking the cage, three of them got Sehun out and led him back to the basement. He could barely walk and they had to wrap their hands around his waist to support him. The irony, he thought, beating him constantly and now helping him walk.

The guards did not take him to his room but to the one for tortures instead. Stripping Sehun off his pants they pushed him to the floor. Just when he was closing his eyes hoping to fall asleep or pass out, he felt the freezing cold water showering his sore body. The stream was too hard. It hurt his bruised wounded frame and he had nowhere to hide. The guards sprayed him by giving Sehun breaks from time to time just so he could close his eyes for a while and then they would wake him up again.

The freezing stream was not enough. They forced him to walk around the room, they blinded him with light again and all that to keep him awake.

At the fortieth hour, the tortured man just fainted, not being able to open his eyes or make a sound any longer. Whether he was dead or just unconscious, Sehun did not care. Sleep deprivation was one of the worst torments. It could make you go crazy, sleep becoming your only purpose.

Kai still had time to warn the family. He did not wish to jeopardize his plan but what if Ahn Oh – Joo was lying to him and he had set up a trap in China? The boy was biting his thumb nervously. That was it, he could not bear the thought of anybody getting hurt because of his bravery. Since his phone was thrown away, he went to one of the guards asking him for his mobile.

- Chanyeol, where are you?

- We are almost there, Kai! What is it?

- Chanyeol, listen to me! Do not go to the location! Come back immediately! It is a trap!

- Kai, what are you talking about?

- Chani, please, believe me! It is …

Kai was startled by the sounds of an explosion, his words cut off. The line went dead and it left the boy speechless. It was really a trap!

After opening his eyes, Sehun looked around. A different room it was. Not any less disgusting but the bloody pads and sheets were absent. He was probably not dead for he was feeling even worse, although probably having slept. Something was tickling his nose and scratching his throat. He couldn’t comprehend what it was but it made him feel uncomfortable when swallowing. In order to read the bag’s title which was hung above his head, he sat himself in the bed. So, this was a bag containing all the nutrients he needed. Well played, Ahn Oh – Joo.

Not blinking for a second, Sehun began pulling out the catheter he had down his stomach. It was painful but that was the last thing he worried about. Taking it out from his nose as well, he threw the catheter along with the tube on the ground.

Taking a look at himself, he saw the clean clothes they had dressed him in. The white pants and t – shirt made him feel as if he was an asylum patient or something. Getting up from the bed was hard. It required a lot of effort since his every muscle was hurting. The room was empty, his bed the only furniture. There was a bulb hanging from the ceiling just above it which left the other side of the room in darkness. Walking away from his sleeping corner to search for the bathroom, he realized this was not the only furniture in the room. There was a chair and someone was sitting in it. Slim, long legs were crossed over, the torso and face of this person still in the dark. The figure extended its hand towards Sehun, inviting him.

- Kai? – Sehun saw his lover’s face after cutting the distance between them. – Are you really here? – the man was in shock so he grabbed the other’s face with his hands.

- Why did you let him take me, Sehun? – Kai’s eyes were cold and empty, blaming his husband.

- I did not… he – he promised to let you go as long as I stay here! – the older lowered himself so his face could be on his husband’s level.

- You were asleep for too long, love.

- Wh – what do you mean? What happened to you? Did he hurt you? – Sehun checked the other’s body and was devasted to find a bloody wound on Kai’s stomach. – Wait, wait, there is a doctor here! He is going to fix you, Kai! – the desperate man placed his hands over the wound and pressed on it.

- I am sorry, Sehun!

- No, listen to me! Listen to me! – Sehun fell to his knees between the other’s legs.

- It’s too late, love. Ahn Oh – Joo has been slowly killing us the moment I got in your life! – Kai caressed his husband’s face with his bloodied hands, smearing the red liquid across it.

- Please, don’t leave me, Kai! – the man placed his head on one of Kai’s knees and let his tears roll down while his lover was brushing his hands through his freshly washed hair.

- I did not deserve such ending, Sehun. You promised to keep me safe!

- I did! I did and I am so sorry I couldn’t keep this promise! I love you, please don’t go!

Sehun was shaking from his sobs, his hand still pressed into Kai’s torso when the door burst open and a bright ray of light entered the room. Covering his eyes, Sehun realized Kai was never there. He did not have any blood on his clothes, on his hands or in his hair. This was all in his head and all he did was kneel on the ground with his head placed on am empty chair.

- It took you some time, Sehun. I am impressed, I really thought you were faking it. Looking at your face though makes me realize just how delusional you are becoming! – Ahn Oh – Joo was looking at the other with his arms crossed before his chest, an ugly smirk visible on his face.

- What is this room? Why did you wash me and change my clothes? – Sehun slowly got up.

- You were absolutely disgusting, that’s why. Anyways, we had to move to another house since Kai has obviously become too brave for his own good and told your family we were not in China.

- Are they all safe? You promised not to touch them!

- And I am keeping my promise as much as I hate that! Why did you pull out the catheter, stupid boy! – taking his phone out, Ahn Oh – Joo called Kim Che Yoon.

Sehun was immediately escorted to a room where the doctor took his blood, urine and ran some tests.

Three hours had passed when the guards burst inside Kai’s room without even knocking and asked him to come with them as politely as they could. Being invited to get in one of Chanyeol’s cars, the boy realized they were probably taking him somewhere to meet the family. He hoped so.

Seeing everybody’s cars in front of a warehouse indicated they have returned. Coming inside, following the guards, he was met with the family’s unhappy faces.

- Are you okay? – immediately rushing to where they were sitting, Kai looked around for any wounds or blood, thankfully not finding any.

- How did you know it was a trap, Kai? – Kris came forward, his posture intimidating the boy a little.

- Promise me you won’t get mad! – the youngest was searching for confirmation on someone’s face but to no avail. – Just after you left, Ahn Oh – Joo contacted me!

- He did what? – Baekhyun raised his voice, indignant because of what had happened.

- I jumped over the house’s fence and went to the main road where a car was waiting for me. They threw my phone away and put a blindfold over my eyes so I could not see the road. After an hourlong drive, we got to a huge house and then… I saw him, guys. – Kai’s voice broke when the memory of Sehun being kept in a cage flooded his mind.

- Oh my God! Is he hurt? – Chanyeol’s anger was audible along with his concern.

- He – he could barely stand on his feet … they are keeping him in a fucking cage like an animal! He did not know if I was real at first! – the boy was brushing his tears away with the back of his hand.

- Baby, why did you go there! You should have called us! – Baekhyun was the only one not pissed off enough to forget that Kai must have been ruined after seeing his lover, so he hugged the boy while caressing his back.

- I needed to see him! I needed to see he was alive with my own eyes!

- I know, I know, sweetie!

Kai’s face was turned to the wall while being hugged by Baekhyun, so the shorter man waved to the others to take action without the boy seeing.

- Come on, Kai, let’s get you home. We will search for Sehun and tell you if something is up immediately.

The boy did not wish to go home, he wanted to help them search for his husband, but was well aware that nobody from the family would allow that.


Right after being lied that his vitals were okay, Sehun was urged back to his new room. It did not have bloody medical supplies around it, yes, but was still so dirty and so cold. He had new clean clothes but his feet were bare feeling the unpleasant temperature surging through his body. The stay in the room was not long. Just when he was about to lie down and let his mind drown in thoughts of Kai, the door opened.

No words were spoken as Sehun was forced into another room by two guards. They stripped him of his t-shirt, before as usual, tying him to a chair. This scenario he knew by heart.

After a while he was faced with Ahn Oh – Joo again, the man standing in front of him.

- Wow, Sehun! You are like the toy I never had. I am having so much fun that I can barely hold myself from dragging you out of your hole to torture you more!

- Fuck you, old man!

- Tell me, Sehun, why did you attack us in the first place? For money, for power? – Ahn Oh – Joo was not surprised Sehun still had the strength to swear at him. Lighting a cigarette, he just laughed at his prey’s face before asking him this obvious question.

- You know, the Ohs have always been at the top of the food chain in South Korea. You and your gang of incapable ridiculous gangsters were just … needless!

- Incapable gangsters, huh? Then why did you get caught in a trap by them, Sehun? – the old man put his cigarette out in Sehun’s chest, burning his skin while baring his teeth at him.

Ahn Oh – Joo liked torturing Sehun as much as he liked watching somebody else do it. He could concentrate better and enjoy every sound of pain the other made. His guards were always ready for a good torture session, so the old man invited them to do as they please. Ahn Oh – Joo did not doubt their abilities or their creativeness and they did not betray him.

A bat had many usages, some of them not so pleasant as using it for sports. The guards outnumbered Sehun and had the advantage, given the fact how weak he had become.

Untying his hands allowed the man to dodge the first hits but soon his strength was at minimum. Using his hands to cover himself and not to attack, soon got him to his fours. Every time the bat was swung, he closed his eyes. Naively, Sehun thought memories and pictures of his husband would help but he was so wrong. Blows to the head did not forecast anything good. Ahn Oh – Joo could definitely catch the sound of bones breaking since his smile grew even bigger.

- Let’s stop here, boys! Excellent job! – the old man stopped his dogs after finishing his applause. Having Sehun unconscious was no fun to him so he had to learn when to stop pushing him over the edge.

Taken to his room again, Sehun was thrown in his bed, face down. Moving was even harder. Slowly, he managed to turn over only to see Ahn Oh – Joo still hovering over him calling for his precious doctor to come and check on Sehun.

- May I? – Kim Che Yoon pointed his finger at Sehun’s pants since he decided on examining his legs first.

Not being given a sign of approval, the doctor was left with no other choice but to proceed. Sehun was deeply embarrassed. Never in his life had he been so helpless that somebody else needed to take off his clothes for him. Of course, Ahn Oh – Joo enjoyed every minute of Sehun’s misery. The more degrading, the better.

Kim Che Yoon squeezed gently Sehun’s ankles, calves, knees and thankfully did not receive concerning painful sounds, just some whimpers. The tortured man’s thighs were covered in bruises but luckily, no bones were broken.

- I am sorry, but can you sit?

Seeing the difficulties Sehun was facing while trying to sit made the doctor feel compassionate and help him. The bruises on his back did not look good at all and neither did the ones on his ribs which could not heal for they were constantly hit. The arms were next. The right one did not even had bruises on it but the left one did not have such luck. It was decorated with dark blue bruises down to his fingers almost blending with Sehun’s tattoos.

- Fuck! – even though the doctor was trying to be as gentle as possible, the light touch to his hand and palm resulting in Sehun groaning and swearing through his teeth.

- We need to immobilize his arm, it’s bad!

- Is he dying?

- He is not, but …

- Then leave him be, Yoon! – Ahn Oh – Joo sounded so uninterested.

- Please, boss.

- Leave me alone, I do not need you to take care of me. – Sehun’s head hurt and he just wished to be left at peace so he could sleep for a while.

- See, he is perfectly fine.

Sehun could not believe how much he would enjoy the silence after the others exited his room. He laid with his face turned to the wall on his right side and closed his eyes.

After twenty – four hours of searching, the family managed to find the house where they had kept Sehun. It was not that hard to miss since every other mansion was occupied. Ahn Oh – Joo was just under their noses, an hour-long drive! The family got so focused on that stupid helicopter that they were absolutely sure Sehun was being kept somewhere far away. The old psycho just used it to distract them from what was so easy to find. The location in China was to gain even more time and keep the family busy so he could lure Kai into going to the house behind the others’ backs. As soon as Ahn Oh – Joo found out the bomb had exploded in China, he gathered his men and took action in changing locations, this time not so close to Seoul.

The family was about to realize what has happened very soon since they were invading the abandoned huge house. It was quiet, the doors unlocked and no alarms switched on. Being cautious, everyone held his rifle up, ready to shoot. After spreading to go search the house, Chanyeol and Kris were the ones going straight for the basement.

- Everyone, come to the basement! Now! – Chanyeol shouted, his voice beckoning all the members.

- What is… Jesus! – Suho covered his mouth after lowering his shotgun.

One by one, they gathered in the same room Sehun was tortured for days and was horrified by the amount of blood they were looking at. The bloody sheets were still there, every pad and bandage soaked red still scattered across the floor, some empty blood bags and then the most important; a large pool of blood in the middle of the dirty room along with large streaks on the walls. A bloody masterpiece representing a probable massacre.

- But… Kai said he was alive… and … Baekhyun was panicking. This much blood could not indicate many things.

- He probably knows he didn’t kill us in China! The fucking bastard! – Chanyeol kicked the door, angered.

They could all do the math. Ahn Oh – Joo not succeeding in killing them and a few hours later – a pool of what seemed to be Sehun’s blood. Nobody from the family had the guts to say it out loud but everybody knew that losing this much of your vital fluid was deadly.

- Let’s ... let’s not make any assumptions. We will take some of the blood for a DNA test in the hospital! – Jackson sounded reasonable since they could all be wrong.


Sehun woke up after a while having no idea about the time he spent sleeping. His mouth was dry and he needed to get to the bathroom. Sleeping on his back was the least painful but he had to try standing up.

- Why did you do it, Sehun? – Chanyeol’s voice shocked Sehun making him turn to the center of the room where he saw the tall male holding Kai bridal style.

- How – how are you here? Is Kai … is he dead? – Kai’s head was hanging backwards, blood decorating his neck. Some of the family members had blood rolling down their temples, some had bullet wounds which had covered their clothes in red liquid.

- Kai is dead, Sehun! He is dead because of you and we are all going to be very soon! – Chen came forward raising his tone, blaming Sehun.

- Ahn Oh – Joo found out Kai told us that he is not hiding you in China and went crazy! – Chanyeol was the next to speak.

- You got one more person you love get killed, Sehun! – Lay stepped forward his eyes intense.

The wounded man managed to stand up and go to his lover’s lifeless body. Supporting Kai’s head with his hand, he caressed his lover’s cheeks with the other. The pain in his left hand which he used for the gentle gesture screamed in pain but he did not give a damn. Was he dreaming again? It was absurd the family to be allowed to get in the house but every touch, every smell felt so real.

- You can’t be real! You are not real! – Sehun stepped back denying what was before his eyes.

- We are, Sehun! Did you feel how cold Kai’s body is?

- Shut up! You are not real! – taking a few more steps back, Sehun raised his voice as if trying to banish them.

- Look at us! We are wounded, bleeding, weak … Kris and Suho walked forward closing the distance.

- Get out of my head!

- Luhan got killed because of you and now we are going to die, because of you!

- Shut up! Shut up!

- How many deaths do you have on your conscious?

- Fuck!

Sehun did not realize when did he fell on his knees in the middle of the room, his right hand over his ear. His screaming got the guards attention and they were forced to call for the doctor.

- Get away from me! You are not real! – Ahn Oh – Joo was right. Sehun was on the verge of insanity, his mind so fucked up he believed for the second time the people he was seeing were real.

As the guards were holding him, the doctor had no other choice but to sedate him since the victim was getting violent. Ahn Oh – Joo was absent for a couple of hours and Kim Che Yoon needed to make the decision fast, hoping it was the right one.

Leaving Sehun rest in his bed he planned on coming every hour to his room to check whether the man was awake.

The blood was Sehun’s. The DNA test was crystal clear. Right after the family received the news from Lay and Jackson, they froze in their places in Lay’s office. Not once had anybody thought of what to do if Sehun died. It was a tough pill to swallow and they all did not wish to believe it was actually true.

- Are you sure he is dead? – Baekhyun teared up the moment he heard the results, so shocked Chanyeol had to support him not to fall because of his knees going weak.

- We can’t be one hundred percent sure, but losing that much blood is … lethal…

They all stayed in silence for probably around half an hour. Quiet sobs could be heard from Chen and Baekhyun but nothing more.

Chanyeol was shaking his leg unable to stay in his place. Grabbing Baekhyun’s hand, he led his husband to the car and drove off to their house. The taller male felt obliged to tell Kai what happened and was not planning on laying to the poor boy.

Expecting to be met with Ahn Oh – Joo’s ugly face or with someone from the guards, Sehun had guessed wrong. Kim Che Yoon was sitting on a chair close to his bed. Looking at himself, the wounded man found his body dressed in new clean clothes, unfortunately white again.

- How are you feeling? – the smile on the doctor’s face did nothing more than annoy him.

- Whatever.

- Please, I do not wish for you to feel hurt! I brought you some food and a sling for your arm.

Food? Sehun missed proper meals so much his stomach started rumbling the moment he heard the word. If it was Ahn Oh – Joo offering it, he would not accept but since it was the harmless doctor, why not. Slowly sitting on the bed with his feet on the ground his hands welcomed the food tray. A big bowl of chicken soup and some bread along with a big bottle of water. Sehun did not care if he looked desperate, he was damn hungry. To himself it seemed that he finished the meal within seconds but that was not quite accurate. It took him about fifteen minutes for his movements were slow and tired, plus he could only use his right arm.

- I brought you soup since you haven’t eaten properly and you should take it slow with food. – taking the empty tray, the doctor left it on the floor and took the folded sling out of his medical coat’s pocket.

- Take it slow? – Sehun scoffed. – He is not going to give me any food soon.

- I will try and sneak some from time to time when he is out.

- Where is he?

- I don’t know. He went out a couple of hours earlier.

Yoon slowly lifted the other’s injured arm, furrowing his brows after hearing the other’s grunts. The sling would help a little even though the doctor did not have access to any plaster and of course, Ahn Oh – Joo would not allow him to use one.

Sehun was thankful for the meal and the sling but did not say a word. He did not ask why did the doctor help him. It did not concern him.

- Can I help you with something else? Are you in pain? I could give you some pills …

- No.

Sehun brushed the other away and that was enough for the doctor to get up and leave the room leaving the other alone.


Right after Kai heard the door open and the footsteps following, he rushed to the front door.

- Did you find him? Is he okay? – the lights of hope in Kai’s eyes were soon to disappear.

- Let’s go to the living room, okay. – Chanyeol was the one to talk since he knew his husband would not hold his tears if he was the one to tell the bad news. Inviting Kai to sit on the sofa with his hand against his back, he sat next to the boy hiding Baekhyun’s reddened face behind him. – We found the house where Ahn Oh – Joo used to keep him but they were no longer there. The only thing we found was … we went to the basement where Sehun was forced to live. – Chanyeol caught Kai’s hands with his. – I can’t lie to you, I really can’t! – the older could not even begin to describe the horror painted across the boy’s face. – We found too much blood… Lay and Jackson ran a DNA test and it was Sehun’s.

- I knew Ahn Oh – Joo had tortured him, I told you that. It is normal there was blood. The old man had probably taken him somewhere else and is about to contact me or somebody else from the family. – Kai was faking it and the others could tell. The hope in his voice slowly being silenced by the facts.

 - Kai, Sehun could not have survived such blood loss and Lay confirmed that. I am sorry … I can’t imagine … I do not even know what to say … fuck …

- No! No! Sehun is not dead, I can feel it! – standing from his seat, Kai raised his voice while looking at Baekhyun’s teary eyes.

- Baby, I am so sorry …

Chanyeol tried hugging the boy but Kai thrashed in his hands and managed to free himself. Running up the stairs, he slammed the door to his room without bothering to lock it.

Pushing his back against the door before falling to sit on the ground, Kai’s loud sobs accompanied with screams of grief could be heard downstairs. The boy was as if trying to pull his heart out by squeezing the skin on his chest. The pain was excruciating, leaving him paralyzed on the floor. Tears wouldn’t bring Sehun back but Kai could not stop them from rolling down his cheeks one by one. The audible expressions of sorrow got silenced in his throat which was crushed by an invisible force. Pulling his hair in attempts to ease the pain did not succeed since memories of his husband tortured his mind again and the screaming resumed. Kai wished they had met in another life. A life where neither of them would be so fucked up that it almost seemed impossible to love without filling your heart with hatred.



Chapter Text

- Why have you been to his room? Why, Yoon?

Ahn Oh – Joo’s distant shouting was the thing which woke Sehun up from his sleep. 

- Did you give him food? – the old man was towering over the shorter doctor. – Did you?

- Y-yes, boss.

The next thing Sehun saw was his torturer slapping Yoon so hard, the younger placed his hand on his cheek.

- Ahn Oh – Joo! – Sehun raised his voice grabbing the other’s attention.

The doctor was in trouble because of him, so Sehun had to do something. He was destined to be killed anyway and that made him even more indifferent to the tortures Ahn Oh – Joo was about to practice on him.

As expected, the old man called for his guards and they pushed Sehun to his knees on the floor after taking off the sling he had around his neck.

- The only position in which you are allowed to be in my presence, is on your knees! Do you understand me, Sehun?

- Fuck you!

- Fuck me? The only one getting fucked here is you!

After a couple of seconds, the guards were all over Sehun dragging him out of the room to another one. God, these people obviously had never heard of minimalist hygiene. The room was as dirty and filthy as the others.

Lying him on a metal bed, Sehun perfectly knew what awaited him for he had done this to torture men himself. The consequences of being electrocuted were worse than the process itself. Sehun’s body endured the high voltages even though shaking violently. The white foam flowing from his mouth almost managed to silence his screams but counting the time they spent on torturing him was difficult since after a while the weakened man passed out. Waking up would be difficult if happening at all.

The desire to cut his heart out had never been greater in his life. Counting the days since his husband’s death was just another way to get closer to making a decision, a decision to take his own life. The fear of being saved just in time like before was bigger than the fear to actually do it.

It was one afternoon three days after, the door to his room opened.

- May I come in? – Baekhyun peeked through but without waiting for an answer, walked in.

The shorted did not look good as well. His eyes were red from crying, his knuckles were bruised from hitting the wall and his nose was runny. Baekhyun has been in the house since they got home to tell Kai what had happened but did not bother the boy with his presence as much because he knew Kai was grieving in his own way. Chanyeol on the other hand, expressed his feelings more violently. The three days he mourned Sehun for, the tall male spent fighting, smoking or breaking stuff around the house. They did not blame one another since everyone from the family had the right to be sad, angry, or both.

- You know, every time we came to Sehun for an advice or just for a talk, he would do everything he could to ease our minds no matter what state he was in. He was never egoistic. He loved us and we loved him as much. – Baekhyun sat down on the ground next to Kai, their backs against the wall and a blanket over their shoulders. – Do you want some? – handing the boy a bottle of whiskey, Baekhyun waited for an answer. – This was his favorite whiskey. Strong, just like he was.

None of them realized how fast the bottle was emptied. Sip after sip, they both ended drunk on the floor talking about Sehun. Too bad, alcohol could make you even more upset.

- We will get through this, Kai! You have us! – Baekhyun regretted getting drunk with the boy. Kai was crying since the first few sips.

- Please, Baekhyun! Let me die! I do not wish to be alive, I can’t!

- Look at me! Look at me! I am never going to let you die, do you hear me! Forget about trying anything stupid!

- It hurts, Baek! I cannot bare the pain anymore! I thought it would be easier but my heart is constantly bleeding!

- Shh, I know, I know! – Baekhyun hugged the boy, eventually the both of them falling asleep drunk.


- Sehun!

- Sehun, wake up!

- Sehun!

Familiar voices woke Sehun up from his deep sleep. Opening his eyes, he was again met with the family and Kai.

- You are not here! No, you are not real! –the man laid on his back, closing his eyes as if waiting for them to disappear.

- Why did you kill us, Sehun?

- I did not! – the wounded man got to his feet angered by their words.

- Come here, Sehun! – he got hypnotized by Chanyeol’s voice and couldn’t help but go closer.

- Why do people keep dying because of you, big brother?

- Luhan? – Sehun got a hold of his baby brother’s face, making sure he could touch him. – Are you really here? – tears started rolling down his cheeks.

- You are obsessed with this evil man as much as he is with you! – Luhan was talking quietly being squeezed by Sehun’s hands around his torso. – You got me killed, father too and now the whole family. The man you love was slaughtered like an animal! It’s all your fault, brother! You are the cancer in everybody’s life!

Sehun got hurt by his brother’s words but knew perfectly that this was not Luhan. A person of the same blood would never talk to him in this way. Everyone from the family knew the danger they were constantly in. Nobody blamed anybody. Ever.

After taking a step back away from his brother, Sehun got hit by Luhan, by Kris, by Baekhyun… He was soon bleeding on the ground, the family taking turns to hurt him.

- You are not real! – screaming was not helping. They were not physically real but the pain they caused him was. – Get me out of here! – a knife dug in his back, another in his arm and another in his stomach. – Ahn Oh – Joo! – Sehun managed to get to the door which was unfortunately and expectedly locked. He fell to his knees in agony, nails digging in the door. – Ahn Oh – Joo, get me out of here! Fuck! – his nails bled from the scratching, his body from the hits and cuts it took. Screaming on the top of his lungs, his body was soon pushed away by the door being opened.

- For fuck’s sake, hold him! I can’t inject him! – Kim Che Yoon got inside the room along with three guards and Ahn Oh – Joo. Managing to put Sehun out, they threw him on the bed and locked the door again, leaving him alone and asleep.



- Either let him go or stop torturing him at least! – Kim Che Yoon allowed himself to speak freely since things really looked bad for Sehun.

- I pay you to be the doctor not his friend, am I not? – Ahn Oh – Joo was pointing his finger at the other.

- Don’t you see it? He is going mad!

- That’s just what I wanted.

- We dirtied the room with too much blood and you saw what happened on the cameras you have in that house. They took the blood for a DNA test. His family thinks he is dead. Kai thinks he is dead. How do you expect the boy to come switch place with Sehun if he thinks he is dead?

- Why don’t you mind your own business and stop whining like a little bitch!

Ahn Oh – Joo was anyways a bit worried since he knew Kai was not used to their way of living and knew the boy could be stupid brave sometimes. There was no other way to get in touch with him except for going straight to Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s.

Thinking this was another bad dream, Kai felt a hand over his mouth. Opening his eyes, he recognized Ahn Oh – Joo in the dark.

- Do not make a sound and come to the bathroom! – the old man whispered in his ear before grabbing his hand to get Kai out of bed and led him to the bathroom without removing his hand.

Closing the bathroom door, he pushed the boy against the wall, his hand still silencing him.

- I am gonna remove my hand now but you have to be quiet, understand me, flower?

Kai nodded his head and as soon as the other’s hand was not on his mouth, he slapped the older.

- You… of course Kai did not succeed in keeping his voice down and Ahn Oh – Joo was forced to shut him up again.

- Sehun is not dead! Kai’s eyes widened in shock. – I just made it look that way to stop the family from searching for him. He is alive and our deal is still on. – slowly removing his hand, Ahn Oh – Joo was now sure the boy would be quiet.

- How can I be sure?

- You are in no place to be doubting me, you know that! It’s Wednesday today. On Friday, I want you to go back to Sehun’s house and wait until dark. Convince Baekhyun and Chanyeol to let you go live there and find a way to distract the guards or something. I will drop Sehun off and take you with me! Don’t even think about talking to anybody about this! You know I am going to kill Sehun without even blinking!

- I won’t. I promise! Can – can I ask you for one thing?

- What is it, beautiful? – the older wrapped his hand around Kai’s waist pulling him closer to his body.

- Give me a week to be with Sehun.

- No! – Ahn Oh – Joo pushed the boy away, angered by his request.

- Look at me. – Kai grabbed the other’s hand to get his attention. – A week with him and I will find a way to come to you by myself. The family would never see me again and if by any chance they do, I will make sure they think that I sincerely wish to be with you and I do not want them in my life again! The only things I want are to be with Sehun for a while and that nobody is going to get hurt! If you do this for me, I am going to be with you willingly without ever contacting or speaking about the family!

- You are again ready to throw your own self under the bus just to save others!

- Their safety in exchange for me!

- Fine! But just so you know, if I sense something suspicious, if you try searching for help from anyone, if you even say a word about our deal, I am going to kill every single one of them! I am going to have my people following the family, tracking them wherever they are! My guards are going to be their shadows so imagine how quick I could be to eliminate them!

Ahn Oh – Joo jumped out the window without saying anything more and left Kai alone in his room. The boy was overwhelmed. Sehun was alive and that was all that mattered. He was beyond happy, but being happy in his life did not come without a cost. He was about to give away his life in order to save his husband and the family. It was worth it, he was sure. For once in his life, he did feel useful. He was about to save nine people sacrificing only his life.

Sitting in his bed and thinking about the day he would have his lover back in his arms kept him awake. He had to think of a plan to get back to Sehun’s mansion without being too suspicious and have as fewer guards as possible around the house.


Things did not get better for Sehun. The constant nightmares and hallucinations were sucking the life out of him. He was under no illusion that he was going to survive this but at least he knew his family would be safe once he is dead and Ahn Oh – Joo has gotten his revenge.

Maybe that was the longest his enemy had left him without being violated but unfortunately, Sehun preferred getting beaten or drowned instead of seeing his family, Kai and Luhan dead over and over again.

His screams got swallowed by the empty room leaving his throat sore and his mind hazy.  The trays of food left in his room were well received but Sehun was quick to vomit everything he put in his stomach. His body would only accept water and allow him to be awake for an hour or two after which he would fall asleep again to be tormented by the horrifying nightmares.

Kai decided to lock his room and spend the day after his meeting with Ahn Oh – Joo in it so he could hide his nervousness and excitement for the next day. He was a bad liar and that motivated him to work on his excuse to go back to Sehun’s mansion.

It was Thursday night when Kai went downstairs. Hearing the TV indicated that either Baekhyun or Chanyeol was there.

Seeing the couple cuddled on the sofa warmed his heart due to the fact he hadn’t seen them having an intimate moment since they found out about Sehun. Chanyeol had a different way of expressing his sorrow than Baekhyun and that separated them for a couple of days.

- Kai, come to us. – Baekhyun was the first to sense the boy’s presence and he removed the blanket from himself to invite Kai to the couch.

- I do not wish to ruin your moment but can I ask you for something. – Chanyeol muted the TV as soon as Kai sat next to them.

- Of course! Whatever you need!

- I am so thankful that you are helping me get through this. You really have no idea how much everyone from the family means to me. – the boy scoffed to hide the grief in his voice. – I know you will deny it being true but I do not wish to bother you with my presence.

- How can you say that? You are not bothering us, baby! – Baekhyun grabbed the boy’s hand, reassuring him.

- I – I just wish to go back to Sehun’s house. I want to sleep in his bed, lie where we used to lie together … I just need to smell his scent for one last time so I could move on. – Lies! He could never move on even if Sehun’s death was actually true.

- Ahn Oh – Joo disappeared again… but we can’t let you be in the house all alone without guards and I know you understand why.

- Yes, I understand. Just, please, don’t send too many because they make me feel as if something is about to happen and I – I feel uneasy.

- Okay, I am going to send three men with you but this is going to happen tomorrow. Don’t stay too much in the house alone, we will miss you! – Kai must have sounded pretty convincing since even Chanyeol was down for the proposal right away.

Staying with them for a movie, guilt was eating Kai alive. He felt bad for lying to the couple but that was the only way. He needed to be focused and execute his plan to save his husband.

Another meal he was throwing up in the toilet was causing his stomach to spasm. Another cause for his body to feel weakened. When was his misery going to end? He was living in his own pool of blood and now in his own vomit. The sound of the door being opened was the response to his request. Praying it was the last time he saw this disgusting room; he was dragged by the guards to the one used for tortures.

A second night Kai spent without sleeping for more than an hour or two. His heart was racing faster and faster with every hour passing, getting him closer in time to meet his husband.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun drove him to the mansion along with the three guards.

- Are you sure you do not wish us to stay with you, Kai? – after stepping out of the car, the boy was hugged by the couple and given a new phone to contact them if something was up.

- Thank you, guys. I just need a couple of days to myself, don’t worry.

Waving them goodbye, Kai was quick to get to Sehun’s room. Opening the door, the sophisticated smell of his husband’s perfume gently tickled his nose. He loved that smell, it made him feel safe, warm… After going closer to the bed, he found an envelope which had his name on it. Immediately tearing it apart, he started reading out loud.

“Get the guards inside the house at 8 o’clock exactly and go to the front door!’’

Throwing the note into the bin, Kai laid in the bed going under the sheets which smelled like Sehun as well.

- Ah, my precious toy! I am gonna miss you! – Ahn Oh – Joo let his guards tie Sehun to a chair but excused them after. He needed to say his goodbyes in private. – Are you with me, Sehun? – seeing his victim’s saliva flowing from his mouth and his eyes focused on nothing, he doubted Sehun was sane any more. 

Ahn Oh – Joo was right. His prey was seeing Luhan again but had no idea how real his hallucinations had gotten.

- Are you with me, Sehun? – why bother asking since he was going to have his fair share of fun with him anyways. The only thing he had to be careful of was not to kill him accidently.

- I am sorry, Luhan! I did everything I could to protect you, but it was not enough! – Sehun was seeing his brother instead of Ahn Oh – Joo and was so deeply fucked up he actually believed Luhan was truly there, this time no doubtful questions or accusations he was not real.

- That’s right, Sehun! the old man was laughing maniacally while applauding himself. He was so proud he kept his promise to make Sehun unable to differentiate reality from illusion.

Ahn Oh – Joo’s plan was to beat the shit out of Sehun, to make him beg for one last before he had to drop his almost dead body in front of his house.

- Look at me! Who do you see, Sehun? – the old man splashed some cold water in his prey’s face wanting to make sure Luhan was out of his head for now.

- Stop … I don’t want to see them anymore … please stop … Sehun’s head was lowered, it was hard for him to speak, moreover to think. His head was pounding. Luhan, then Ahn Oh – Joo, he was no longer able to control his thoughts and grasp what was really there.

Realizing Sehun was not going to be awake much longer, Ahn Oh – Joo took a syringe with adrenaline out of his pocket. He knew this moment would come so he untied the other’s hands and pressed his fingers to find a vein. Injecting him was easy since Sehun did not move at all even though feeling his hands were no longer in chains.

- Are you awake? – Sehun’s eyes opened and he lifted his head up. While Ahn Oh – Joo was untying his legs, he had the time to focus and comprehend what was happening.

His peaceful thoughts about dying were cut off by the piercing pain in his thigh. The other stabbed his right thigh two times just next to the femoral artery, purposely avoiding it, considering that would kill Sehun.

- Fuck! – the only thing the adrenaline helped for, was Sehun gaining some of his strength back just enough to scream and press his hand over the cuts.

Putting on his favorite leather gloves and metal brass knuckles would grant him one pleasant beating session with Sehun.

Hits to the face, ribs and chest almost got his victim unconscious again which was avoided by Sehun’s vein being abused by another syringe. Ahn Oh – Joo had thrown his weak body on the ground so he could kick him wherever he found. The old man was not focusing on a particular area of his body, he wanted to ruin it whole. The kicks to Sehun’s fucked-up ribs and his broken arm were the worse. His bones would not heal for a long time even after a proper medical attention.

- Kill me … Sehun was face down on the ground trying to crawl his way to Ahn Oh – Joo to meet his fate and end his stupid grotesque show.

- I cannot hear you! What did you say, you helpless little shit? – the old man kicked him in the ribs which resulted in Sehun falling on his face again.

Rolling around to lay on his back, the tortured man saw his family again. This time his visions did not erase figures that were actually real, they simply combined with them. The delusional man could still feel the hits to his body and see it was Ahn Oh – Joo violating him but things got worse when he felt the cuts Luhan and Kai were carving into his skin. Hallucinations were bad but even worse when occurring along with real ongoings.

- Kill me! Kill me, Kai!


Sehun’s body was ruined. He did not wish to live a minute longer. Never had he experienced such pain, he was begging to be killed for the first time in his life. Screaming at his abusers did not help for his wish to be fulfilled. They were all evilly laughing at him, humiliating him… He was drowning pathetically in his own blood while Ahn Oh – Joo continued to kick him or hit him in the face, Kai and Luhan making sure his body would be scarred enough by their knives.


- Please, kill me … Sehun could barely talk and these were the last words that came out of his mouth before he closed his eyes and drifted off.


Fifteen minutes to eight o’clock exactly. Kai opened the front door where two of the guards stood, the third a little far in the garden.

- Guys! – raising his voice so the third could hear him as well, everybody gathered within seconds.

- Is everything okay, Mr. Kai?

- It is. It’s just … you know since we were attacked in this house, I can’t help but feel a bit upset being here … trying to look as sympathetic as he could, he played dumb in front of them.

- Is there something bothering you?

- No, I wanted to – I do not wish to make you feel uncomfortable or anything but would you come inside and have a drink with me or something to eat?

- Mr., we must stay outside the house.

- I know but you are here to protect me, right? There isn’t anybody else in the house. If you are inside with me in the living room, you will have your eyes on me all the time. Besides, I do really feel bad being in this huge house alone. Every noise is making me jump.

- Okay, we will come inside but not for long. Just to make sure you feel better.

Kai knew that they would not be able to say ‘’no’’. They were practically working for him. The puppy eyes were just to make them feel some empathy.

The boy wished that there were no new maids while he was there and that he would cook something for himself. Liar. He did not plan on eating. Bringing four cups of tea to the table, he sat along with the men, welcoming them to feel comfortable.

Counting the seconds till eight o’clock felt like counting years. Well, no matter how slow it did pass in his head, the clock did hit eight o’clock. Kai was awkwardly smiling at the guards when a loud thud could be heard.

The three men were fast to get up but nobody could have ever beaten the seconds Kai needed to rush to the front door. Opening it, he saw his husband’s body thrown on the ground. Sehun had nothing but underwear, every wound visible. His whole body was bloodied and left red marks all over the marble.

- Sehun, Sehun, wake up!

- We have to drive him to the hospital, now!

Thank God the guards were there. Kai would never have been able to drag his body alone to a car and it was a matter of life and death.

Two of the guards got in one car along with Kai and Sehun, being followed by the third man in another car. The boy was caressing his husband’s hair whispering quiet prayers to whatever power there was in that miserable world of his.

God damn it, Kai was lucky Lay and Jackson were at the hospital. He warned them by calling that there was an emergency but because of being panicked, he did not mention it was Sehun whose life was endangered and just hung up the phone after the confirmation they were waiting outside the hospital.

Hitting the breaks in front of the building, the guards helped Kai get Sehun’s body out. There was a team of doctors waiting outside already. As soon as Lay and Jackson brought the stretcher closer to the car, they realized that was Sehun.

- Is that Sehun?

- I can’t find a pulse!

- Go faster!

 - He is not breathing!

The last words Kai could hear before being stopped from entering the emergency room. Sehun was not breathing … he did not have a pulse … How was a man without even a pulse going to be saved?

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As soon as the door to the ER closed, Kai sent out a message to everyone from the family. He was waiting in the same spot Sehun was waiting for him, after Ahn Oh – Joo shot the boy on the cemetery.

He did not spend much time shaking his leg nervously and biting his bottom lip before the others gathered around him.

- What happened? How is he…? How is he alive, Kai? – Chanyeol was almost shouting, still shocked by the fact Sehun was in the other room.

- I don’t know… We heard a thud outside and when I opened the door… Sehun was lying on the ground, bloodied … was Kai getting good at lying or has he been all his life?

- I can’t believe he is alive! Thank God! – Baekhyun sat next to Kai, hugging him.

Everybody waited impatiently in the corridor for Lay or Jackson. Many questions had to be asked but they kept their mouths shut, respecting Sehun’s condition and the worry they were all experiencing.

Two hours, three hours, four hours … it was way past midnight. Actually, it was three in the morning when the door to the ER opened.

- He will live! – Lay tossed his mask and gloves in the bin followed by his lover. – Recovery would take time but he will live!

The family could not hold themselves from smiling. No matter how bad everything looked or sounded, the most important thing was that their leader, their brother survived.

Chen was hugging Kai when Lay looked at Chanyeol, Baekhyun and then tilted his head in the direction of his office. Since the other doctors were instructed to move Sehun to a hospital room, Kai did not notice the doctor couple leaving along with the other two. Seeing his husband alive, even asleep was all he needed.  

Closing the door behind them, the doctors sat in the chairs along with the other couple.

- I … Lay placed his elbows on the desk, running his fingers through his hair. – I have to tell you that … it’s bad! Sehun is in a very bad condition! – he looked horrible after spending hours to fix his partner. – His body looks like he had been through war and back… his organs are not in a good shape and his tests do not look well either. – Jackson started massaging his boyfriend’s shoulders since he could see the other getting tensed. – The four of us have to help him recover and get through this, we owe him that! He attacked Ahn Oh – Joo in the firstplace years ago so our family could thrive and be invincible!

- We will! We will do everything we can to help him although we might need some guidance from you. – Chanyeol was so happy his brother was back! It was a miracle. Just when he thought Sehun was gone and he was trying to bury his anger deep down, his partner was back!

- Kai said that Sehun asked him whether he was real or not? Do you think…? – Baekhyun was not only worried about his boss’ body, the four of them were well aware of Sehun’s mental problems, so this question sounded reasonable.

- He was hit in the head for sure, he has a wound before his hairline, but we do not know yet. The worse that could happen is a memory loss but I think the chances are small … his fractures are …. The bones will need lots of time. – Jackson managed to control his emotions in front of Lay although feeling as much upset as the others.

- I can’t imagine what he’s been through… Baekhyun squeezed his husband’s hand implying his distress when thinking about the tortures Sehun had been through.

- We need to stay focused and find Ahn Oh Joo! We can’t let him disappear once more! This man needs to be killed! – none of them could still understand how that man managed to run away every time, not leaving a single trace.

- We will do it quietly and try to be as much around our boss as we can! – Jackson had the final word before the four of them got out of the office and returned to the others.


Thirty hours and Sehun was still asleep. Kai was constantly beside him, eating, sleeping or just looking at his lifeless body. The others from the family would come every day to visit even though trying to find Ahn Oh – Joo by using any means and dedicating all of their time.

It was getting dark outside when Baekhyun managed to get Kai out of the hospital room and take a walk in the hospital’s garden. Chanyeol on the other hand, stayed behind in Sehun’s room.

- I am going to find him, brother! I will do whatever I can to bring him alive to you! – just as the tall male squeezed the other’s hand, he saw Sehun’s eyelids twitch. – Sehun?

Slowly opening his eyes, Sehun winked a couple of times in order to focus. He recognized the room immediately and after looking to his side, recognized Chanyeol as well.

- How am I not dead? – Sehun tried lifting himself so as to sit but was quickly pushed back by the other.

- I have no idea, brother! – Chanyeol placed his other hand over Sehun’s and his. His eyes teared up a bit, excitement audible in his voice.

- What happened, Chanyeol?

- Kai says Ahn Oh – Joo left you in front of your house and as soon as he found you, the guards drove you here, to the hospital. – the wounded man did not look his partner in his eyes. He was looking around, confused.

- Where is he?

- Kai is with …

- No! Where is Ahn Oh – Joo?

- We – we don’t know yet but …

- I have to find him, Chanyeol! – gripping his brother’s hand, Sehun was met with his worried gaze.

- We will! I promise you that! – Chanyeol pushed the emergency button over the other’s bed and waited for the doctors to come while holding Sehun’s hand.

- Chanyeol.

- Yes, boss?

- Don’t let Kai in. – Sehun turned his head to the other side, his tone monotonous.

- What do you mean not let him in?

- I said do not let him in!

- Okay, but – Chanyeol’s words were cut off by the doctor couple rushing inside the room.

- Sehun! Oh my God! – Lay rushed to his side, pushing Chanyeol a bit so he could be closer.

- How are you feeling? – Jackson was the next to come to his other side.

- I am going home!

- No way! You’ve been here for only thirty hours! You have to … everybody knew Sehun was not the type to accept the seriousness of his condition and rest, but Lay was shocked how quick his boss was to decline the medical help his body needed.

- Did you hear what I just said? I am going home and if you don’t take out the fucking tube and the cannula from my vein, I am going to pull them out myself! – Sehun raised his hand and the minute he did that, Lay and Jackson took action.

- Sehun, you have to stay here! You are in a bad condition; they need to do a brain scan! – Chanyeol was trying to convince the other to stay in bed, although understanding his anger.

- Give me some clothes! – just when the doctors removed the cannula and the tube from his throat, Sehun tried sitting up which turned out to be hard. – Get me some clothes, I am fine! – just when Lay and Jackson tried to help him, Sehun held his hand up to stop them. – Go!

- Brother, Kai was waiting for you to wake up. We have to call him and Baekhyun! – Chanyeol was trying to convince the other to not push his husband away, understanding the way he must be feeling.

The hospitalized man did not respond. He sat on the bed, his head lowered trying to focus and deafen the noise in his ears.

- Sehun, you should stay a few more days! – Lay’s worried voice got their attention when he returned to the room. He did not want to let his boss go home, but brought a tshirt, pants, a hoodie and some sneakers he left in his office many days ago when he thought about going to the gym but an emergency came up and he had to come to the hospital as fast as he could.

- Where is Kai? – a lot of time passed before Sehun asked them that question which was not like him at all.

- I called them. They are coming any minute.

- Don’t let them in!

- What do you mean, Sehun? – Jackson was confused. Did he make a mistake by calling the others to come? He did not think so.


Walking around in the garden felt refreshing. Kai was drinking his tea while Baekhyun was burning his tongue with the hot coffee of his.

- Do you think Sehun will be alright? – the boy sat on a bench the shorter following.

- He will. That’s boss we are talking about. He is a lion! – Baekhyun smiled to the other, reminding his own self as well that Sehun was the strongest person he knew.

- I am afraid of what’s going to happen when he wakes up, Baek!

- How come?

- I don’t know too much details about his injuries but … when I went to the first house where they kept him, I just – I just had never seen him like this! His body was so weakened he barely managed to stand up and look at me. You know what he said? – Baekhyun tilted his head as if asking him. – He told me I should learn how to live without him!

- God damn you, Ahn Oh – Joo! – after hearing this, the shorter realized the mental tortures that man practiced on Sehun, must have worked pretty well.

- That’s what I am afraid of, that he is not going to be the same anymore.

- Listen to me, baby! It doesn’t matter if he will be the same or not. Of course, he will not be! Who would after experiencing this much pain? But what I know is that no matter how different he may seem, the one thing not changed is going to be the love he feels for you!

Kai did not say anything else, he just stood there smiling.

- Yes, Jacks. – Baekhyun picked up his buzzing phone, immediately raising interest in the boy after saying the doctor’s name. – yeah, yeah, we are coming! – the shorter had not yet hung up the phone when he caught Kai’s hand and led him to Sehun’s room.



- I said don’t let them in! – Sehun was sitting on the edge of his bed when the door opened. Kai and Baekhyun’s eyes lit up but they were quickly pushed back by the doctors.

- I am sorry, guys. We need to run some tests because he just woke up. – Lay was caressing Kai’s hand when Jackson shut the door behind them.

- Lay … what? Please, I need to see him! – Kai could not understand why were they pushing him away. His husband woke up and he was not allowed to get in the room?

Baekhyun obviously got the hint and grabbed the boy’s hand leading him to another room which was empty.

- What’s going on? Why wouldn’t they let us in, Baek?

- I don’t know, sweetie! Sehun … might need some time. He was unconscious for almost two days. Lay and Jackson know what they are doing, don’t worry!



- Why did you make us do that to Kai? He should be the first person to see you! – Lay was getting heated up since he saw the look on the boy’s face and he did not like it.

- Leave me alone with Chanyeol! – Sehun’s harsh words granted him his wish. The doctors were quick to turn their backs and get out of the room.

- What is it, Sehun? – Chanyeol was as much puzzled as the others. Everyone was sympathetic and well aware that Sehun has been through a lot, but his behavior was just so cold and disinterested towards all of them.

- Help me get dressed, please.

Chanyeol could not ignore the fact that looking at Sehun was upsetting him. Getting on his feet was hard for the boss, imagine what getting dressed felt like. He did not have a single inch of his body which did not ache.

After putting the clothes on with Chanyeol’s help, Sehun tried walking which looked pathetic. He was limping because of his legs were covered in bruises and one of them was even stabbed.

- Get me a car and let Kai get in after I am seated.

- Okay, I will call my guards to drive you home.

- Are all of mine dead? – this question earned a nod from Chanyeol. – Hyun Ho? – another nod.

- I will have Kris deal with choosing new ones for you. You will need new maids as well.

Being escorted to the car was not any less pitiful. Sehun needed assistance wherever he went. Leaving the hospital sooner than he was allowed came with a cost.

- Text me when you get to the mansion. I let two of my guards stay there when Kai came back a few days ago but we are going to send you more as soon as we decide who will be the best.

- I will rest at home today, but we have to set up a meeting for tomorrow.

- Okay, boss.

After closing the door to the car, a few minutes passed when Sehun could hear Chanyeol exchanging goodbyes with Kai before the boy entered the vehicle.

- Sehun! – the boy wrapped his hands around the other’s neck, sucking the air out of him with his tight hug. – I am so happy you are alive! I love … you … as soon as Kai looked into the other’s eyes, he was met with something so unfamiliar. Warmth was replaced with arrogance and safety was traded with hostility. – Are you okay? – the boy saw his lover not dressed in a suit for the first time along with his messy hair which was not pushed back as usual.

- Let’s go home. I am tired.

Sehun sounded so indifferent. He did not even spare his husband a look, moving his hand away after Kai tried touching him. Did Ahn Oh – Joo really managed to … break him this bad?


Sehun was not much more talkative when they got home. Lighting a cigarette as soon as he stepped inside the mansion, he went to the garden where their wedding took place. After he closed his eyes, horrific images flooded his mind. Blood, gunshots, more blood … it all made his head hurt and he found himself clutching it.

- Bloody Hell! – bringing the cigarette to his lips with his shaky hand, he inhaled as deeply as he could. He knew Kai was behind him since the boy was following him worriedly around the house.

- Why don’t we get you to bed? Hm? – wrapping his hands around his husband, the boy implied his intention to help.

Sehun did not get angry, he simply gathered himself and pretended not to feel pain when limping to his room along with Kai.

Taking their clothes off in silence, the both of them pulled the duvet to uncover the bed. Lying together felt unrealistic. Kai was beyond happy to feel his lover’s body next to his and just when he decided on expressing this emotion, he was brushed away. Sehun turned on his side, facing the balcony and not his partner. He was not ready to talk, not ready to face the consequences of what had happened.

Feelings overwhelmed Kai and he could not bring himself to sleep looking at his husband’s back. New scars decorated the tattooed skin, revealing the ugly truth.


Having drifted off after a couple of hours, Kai was wakened up by Sehun’s grunts. His husband was thrashing weakly in bed, lying on his back while muttering something under his breath.

- Please … kill … kill me! – a few groans followed. – Ahn Oh – Joo … leave him …

- Sehun, Sehun! Wake up! – Kai tried waking the other up but did not succeed.

Sehun was sweating profoundly and his movements became more aggressive. He was soon gripping the sheets with his right arm, pushing his head back into the pillow.

- Fuck! – Sehun’s veins were visible on his neck and along his arms.

Thankfully, after a few more violent shakes from Kai, his husband woke up.

- What happened? Where am I? – the wounded man looked lost.

- It’s okay! You are home, with me! It’s over! – Kai lifted his hands in the air as if surrendering. He decided not to touch the other since he could see how attacked Sehun felt.

Without saying another word, Sehun got out of bed slowly. Limping around the room, he was followed by his husband’s gaze. God, walking was hard. His head hurt constantly and the buzzing sound in his ears would not stop. Nearing the bathroom, Sehun lost his balance and staggered to one side before he placed his hand on the wall for support.

- Sehun, let me …

- Go to bed!

 After getting inside the bathroom, Sehun went to relieve himself. Great, he was pissing blood!

Rummaging through the sink cabinets, he found the medicaments Lay had given him in case of emergency. Sehun locked the door to spare himself the embarrassment of Kai finding him sitting on the cold tiles drowning himself in pills. What he could not see was that Kai sat on the floor his back against the bathroom door, unintentionally mimicking Sehun’s action, while their backs were now against one another.


Waking up felt awful after taking so many pills. Sehun’s body felt stiff because of sleeping on the floor. After managing to get up, he went to the sink to brush his teeth. Too bad there was a mirror since the man got triggered easily by looking at his reflection, seeing the defeated look his body had.

Wound before his hairline, cut eyebrow, bruised cheek, bruised nose, cut lip … his face was a mess! There was something more. One of his eyes was bleeding, the sclera far gone from white to bloody red. Sehun’s body did not look any prettier! He had bruises on his neck, on his collarbones, on his chest, arms, legs and these were just the visible ones. He had many more under the bandages around his torso, the ones around his thigh and beneath the cast on his arm. Disfigured and disgraced! That’s how he saw himself, like nothing more than a human wreck! The look in the mirror angered him and he slammed his fist in it, the sounds of glass shattering echoing around the bathroom. Sehun was trying to control his breathing, supporting himself with one hand on the sink when he heard a knock on the door.

- Sehun, are you okay? What’s going on? – Kai was waiting behind the door, nervously knocking.

Opening after a few, Sehun was met with his husband’s worried gaze but walked past him without even saying a word.

- What’s going on? Do you need me to call Lay and Jackson? – Kai was trying to grasp the other’s attention since Sehun was now taking out a suit from his wardrobe. – Please, allow me to help you, you should not be moving your arm!

Okay, then. Sehun stopped in his place, letting the other know he was about to accept his help.

The man was stubborn and wanted to put on a shirt but since the cast was not about to fit, he chose a black t-shirt before getting the sling around his neck again. Kai was so gentle; he caressed every part of Sehun’s body he could touch while getting him dressed. Feeling his husband’s skin, warm under his fingers, gave him goosebumps.

- Are you done degrading me? – the older looked his husband in the eyes as if blaming him or even looking a bit hostile towards Kai.

- What do you mean? I just wanted to help you!

- I am able to get dressed myself!

Not staying for another minute, Sehun turned his back and walked towards the door when the other’s words stopped him.

- Are you still going to ignore me when you need me the most? – such confidence in his words, that Kai himself got surprised.

- Who says you are what I need?

And just like that, without saying another word, Sehun got to his car and sat in the back seat.

He did not mean what he said, not at all. It was quite the opposite; Kai was indeed the person he needed the most. The shame he felt every time he limped, every time he looked at his body or even felt an ache, was what drifted him away. He could not bare the thought of being weak or helpless. Sehun was the leader and he needed to be strong despite all the suffering he had been through. Strength did not only come in its physical form, his body would heal within weeks, but his mentality was what needed help. Desperately! His PTSD worsened for he had been through another disastrous part of his life while memories of him crawling on the floor helpless, provoked him to behave cold and disinterested towards the others as if they had seen every pitiful moment and heard his every prayer to be killed. At least his anger was repressed because of his enfeebled physique.

Kai stood there in the middle of their room without moving an inch. What was he supposed to say? Begging Sehun to stay would only anger him, not doing anything about it would only help his husband drift away more and more. What Kai could not understand was how could his other half be so cold and distant after all this time they spent apart? They promised to each other; good or bad, they are going to love and help one another. Unfortunately, Sehun was always the first one to brush the other away and turn his back. It hurt Kai in the most brutal way thinking about the days they had left together. Were they going to spend them in silence, not dealing with their problems? The boy felt uneasy but the thing bothering him more was that he needed to think of a plan to leave the family after a few days. Thinking of a reason to go away was meaningless. Nobody was going to believe some bullshit about him being a traitor. Lies would not work, so what could he use against the family which would force him to leave? What could he use against his husband?


Chapter Text


Since Chanyeol texted Sehun that the family meeting will be at his favorite restaurant, the boss instructed his guards to drive him straight to the building.

When getting out of the vehicle, the men responsible for their leader’s safety saw how hard it was for Sehun to walk and were quick to offer their assistance.

- Do not touch me ever again as if I am some pathetic cripple! – baring his teeth for no reason, Sehun made his point.

- Apologies, boss! – the new guard was quick to bow his head.

As soon as he got into the restaurant, Sehun was met with the family sitting around their usual table. Glasses filled with whiskey were placed before each of them including one waiting for him.

- Boss!

- Sehun!

- Hey, Sehun!

A few greetings could be heard to neither of which he responded. All the attention was focused on his movements and that just made him more and more agitated.

- You’ve probably found nothing about Ahn Oh – Joo since I do not see your lips moving or any sound coming out of your mouths! – Wow, Sehun was really a master at being a dick. He was surprised as much as the others since the only times he had spoken to them this way have been when he was having an episode or shit really had hit the fan.

- Sehun, we are really doing everything we can but … Chen was stuttering, nervous by the fact his boss was not pleased with their work.

- But what, Chen? You can hack anything, you can restore every tape, every file! What’s so difficult here?

- The thing is … there is nothing to be restored in the first place! No CCTV has any footage of him, even deleted!

- Not only this. Every informant we have, every underling, even the cops do not know anything. They have either not seen him or have been threatened. I doubt that it’s the second since they know what we are capable of. – Kris was shaking his leg while speaking.

- God damn it! – Sehun was smoking cigarette one after the other, no breaks in between.

- Boss. – Suho spoke for the first time since they met. After receiving a nod from his leader, he continued – I am sorry to bring this up, but do you have any idea why he … staged your death and then just let you go?

Moments of his torture flashed before his eyes and he felt this sharp pain as if someone was drilling into his brain. Trying to get his shit together, Sehun brought the cigarette to his lips almost biting at it. The gold alcoholic liquid got him even more out of control.

- I don’t remember what happened the day before he threw me in front of my door! – he could see everyone was checking out his scars and burns which made him even more insecure and ashamed sitting before their eyes.

- Do you need something from us, you know, except for finding Ahn Oh – Joo? We are going to wait for you to recover no matter how much time that would require. You need to take time to be with your husband as well, but since you are here, everyone wanted to wish you well and we are waiting for you to start running the business again, including me. – Chanyeol meant well. He felt so lucky and ecstatic when he found out his brother was alive. He felt uncomfortable in Sehun’s place since he respected his boss’ intelligence and thought he would never be as good as him.

- I cannot meet anyone in this condition so you are still in my position. I have no idea how much time the fucking healing would take! – irritation was controlling Sehun’s voice.

- How bad is it? – the question Kris asked was directed at Lay and Jackson.

- The fractures are bad. His arm would take up to two months to heal as well as his ribs. They had been broken a couple of times and they did not heal properly so he needs to be careful. The stabs in the thigh are not serious, so except for the days he will be limping, nothing would slow down the recovery. The bruises will fade eventually, his face wounds and cuts as well. The lacerations on the back are almost healed along with the burn marks around his wrists. – Lay felt some kind of obligation to enlighten the other on their boss’ condition. They were his closest people and they deserved to know.

- Jesus! – Baekhyun could not imagine the pain his partner had endured for so many days.

- Not every torture left scars to be seen. – since Sehun already felt embarrassed and drunk enough, why not share the whole story. – I was drowned, electrocuted, deprived from sleep, blinded with lights, drugged, whipped … I cannot remember how many times I was beaten until I was unconscious! – pouring himself another glass after drinking the rest of the first at once, Sehun’s voice broke. Anger and PTSD were controlling his speech.

- Sehun, you should not be drinking this much! – Jackson placed his hand on his boss’ back which only made him more violent.

- How much worse? I am peeing fucking blood!

Everyone got silent the minute Sehun said that. It was no big deal compared to his other injuries but admitting what had happened to him made them realize how hard it must have been to do it. All of them knew how proud their leader was. He did not wish for anyone’s sympathy for he simply did not need it. Sehun had always felt obliged to be strong and not surrender no matter what. Injuries or not, he just would never admit being affected by someone or something.

- You will recover and every wound will heal! We are going to avenge you and execute this animal in the most brutal way possible! We promise you that! Am I right? – Chanyeol could not hold back his emotional speech anymore and was pleased with everyone’s reply.

Sehun’s confession was probably one of the few times something this serious happened that it brought them even closer together. In some twisted, sick way, the more they suffered the stronger their bond became.

Admitting his weakness felt relieving but it was not enough for Sehun to change his behavior all of a sudden. He still felt disgraced and that would stick for some time. He felt bad for taking it out on the people he loved but felt so out of control when it came down to his emotions. His family was very compassionate but that was predictable. The connection they had was built on trust, loyalty, respect and love.

After spending an hour or a bit more with the family, Sehun decided to get back home for a rest. His body hurt all the time and listening to the doctor couple’s advice, he tried taking as less pills as he could.


Upon entering the mansion, he went straight to the living room because he heard the TV being switched on.

- Sehun, how are you? – Kai sprung up and rushed to his husband, seeing him limping even more than in the morning.

- I am fine, I am fine!

- You are limping even more! You have to rest! – not touching the other in order not to get pushed away again, Kai just pointed at the sofa.

- Do we have new maids? I am starving! – Sehun’s craving for food made the boy happy since the only thing the wounded man had put in his stomach since last night was pills and cigarettes choking his lungs.

- Yes, I waited for you to sit down for lunch. Do you want to eat in the garden? – Kai meant the front garden since the back one would not help Sehun with his anger right now.

- I have to talk with some of the new guards, you tell the maids to serve the table.

Sehun trusted Chanyeol and Kris’ intuition about choosing his new guards but wanted to talk to them anyways.

Kai, on the other hand, helped the new maids by setting up the table along with them. Breaking a plate while carrying it to the garden by subconsciously loosening his grip, made him realize that his mind was elsewhere. Every time he got the chance to speak with Sehun, he would have this sincere smile on his face and his eyes would flicker like stars showing the true happiness he felt being around his husband, but things changed when he was not around the other. Ahn Oh – Joo’s voice would torment his mind, reminding him of his promise. Five more days and Kai had to leave the family and Sehun forever. Five days were far from enough to think of an excuse to leave, moreover go to Ahn Oh – Joo.

- I want this done by tomorrow. – Sehun’s voice startled him and he turned around seeing the older hanging up his phone.

They started eating in silence but that just made Kai feel more uncomfortable. Looking at his lover only made him think of the ugly way he was about to hurt him.

- How was the meeting with the family? – trying to make a conversation was hard since Sehun obviously did not wish to talk.

- Good. – the disinterested behavior was still present.

- Do you want to lay for a bit after lunch to rest?

- No.

- Look, I cannot imagine what you’ve been through but this is not the way to deal with it. Hurting me with your words or behavior would not solve anything!

In a matter of minutes, Sehun was on his feet throwing the hand towel he had laid on his legs, on the table. Turning his back as usual, he went to his office where he locked himself up.

Taking a glass of white wine, Kai spent the rest of the day reading a book in the garden out in the sun. Reading the book or making up a plan to leave, he did not know anymore.

An hour passed and Kai got to their bedroom where he paced around, brushing his hair back every minute. Every second passing made him more and more nervous. He was walking around whispering under his breath.

- What should I do? How should I leave him? He is not going to believe any of it! Fuck you, Ahn Oh – Joo!

Right after mentioning the psycho’s name, his phone buzzed. Unknown caller.

- Who is this?

- It’s me.

- What are you doing? Why are you calling me, the others could …?

- Shhh, you want my help, right? I heard you calling my name.

- What do you mean heard?

- Do you think I am stupid? I put some extra cameras here and there inside the house while nobody lived there.

- Great! At least help me with something!

- I will make sure this conversation could not be recorded by any means. The next thing we are going to do is …

It took Ahn Oh – Joo at least fifteen minutes to get the information he wanted but since the conversation was getting longer, they both agreed upon making contact another day.

- God damn it, it’s not gonna work!

- It will, I will make sure it will! Make sure to gather the family at Sehun’s house on Friday night. That’s all you need to do.

Thoughts of talking to the family and jeopardizing Ahn Oh – Joo’s plan could not leave his mind at peace. He had to choose; hurting the people he loved most in order to save their lives or saving his sorry ass from leaving which may lead to everyone’s death. Kai was afraid of Ahn Oh – Joo. He had seen what this man was capable of. He did not know how he did it but this was the only person Kai knew to be more cunning than Sehun.


Sehun did not run away from Kai. He ran away from his feeling and from showing the boy what torture could do to you. The minute he felt his head hurt and the annoying sound in his ears, Sehun rushed to his office without giving any explanations.

He tried looking through some documents Chanyeol left him but that resulted in his headache worsening. There were sounds and objects triggering him as well as looking at his own scars. Memories were so vivid he could actually smell and feel the disgusting room where they kept him. The only way he helped himself come back to reality was to stick his thumb in the stab wounds on his thigh or press his hand against his ribs. Pain awakened him since it was real, it was happening right then and there.

Half an hour passed and he managed to calm down and gather himself somehow. Deciding on doing some work, he spent an hour and a half more in his office. It was 5 p.m. when his phone rang and he saw Baekhyun’s name on the phone screen.

- Hey, Sehun. How are you?

- I am fine, Baekhyun. What is it?

- Look, you have to go back to the hospital…

- No!

- Please, Sehun! Just for a few tests! We are all worried about you! … Please, for me! – of course Baekhyun sounded worried but his manipulative tone was something else. He needed to get Sehun to the hospital and he was about to succeed.

- Okay, fine. I am going.

It did not take much time to convince him to go but not just because Baekhyun used his puppy voice but because Sehun felt this warmth, loyalty and support he needed from all of them after confessing how weakened he was. He was one step closer to be open about his feeling and be able to admit his frailty.

Going to his room to change his clothes, he almost bumped into Kai who was still pacing the room like crazy.

- Sehun …

- I am going to the hospital. – passing by the other, he went to his wardrobe to change his tshirt.

- Can I come?

- Whatever.

Of course, Kai followed his husband to the car. He wished to spend every minute possible with the man he loved no matter how hard he brushed him away.

Sehun wished from the guards to stop in front of the back entrance since he did not wish anybody seeing him. Limping to the elevators which led to Lay’s office, they were met with many worried gazes. The doctors working at the hospital were all perfectly aware of who he was. Every doctor had saved his life or stitched his wounds more than once.

- Sehun! Kai! – Lay happily sprung up from his chair upon seeing the couple.

- Let’s get this over with. – Sehun would not lose his attitude.

- Okay. I am going to change your bandages and give you something for your kidneys.

- What’s wrong with his kidneys? – Kai could see all the wounds and scars on his husband’s body but nobody decided to enlighten him on the matter of Sehun’s internal injuries.

- For fuck’s sake! – Lay had no idea the boy did not know, so his patient expectedly got angry at his question. – I am peeing blood, that’s what’s wrong!

- Why didn’t you tell me? – every secret Sehun kept since he came back hurt Kai more and more.

- Do you need to know?

- Of course, I do! You are my husband! – they argued as if Lay was not there and that just made the situation more awkward.

- Kai, why don’t you sit here in my chair, while I examine him? – feeling the tension raising, the doctor decided to interfere.

- I – I am gonna wait outside … his tears almost rolled down his cheeks but he managed to hide them by rushing out the office to Sehun’s guards which waited outside.

Was his husband’s behavior supposed to make him feel better about leaving in a few days? It certainly did not! It made him feel even shittier since that was the time Sehun needed him the most, when he was the coldest and cruelest. Sitting in one of the chairs in the corridor, Kai buried his face in his hands to hide the silent tears.

- Sehun …

- Don’t, Lay! Please! I am so tired and my body aches. Every second I am around him makes me even weaker for I have to pretend I am not fucking hurting … Sehun sat on the bed Lay had in his office for his patients.

- Okay, we will talk another time. Just relax for a bit.

The doctor helped the other remove his t-shirt and the sling before asking him to stand up so he could take off the bandage around his ribs as well. Lay’s hands have always been cold and very gentle.  Touching Sehun’s torso granted him a few winces because of this fact. Seeing the wounded’s bare skin made the doctor feel hopeful. The awful bruises were still present but the yellow-ish color indicating healing was starting to decorate his sides.

- I want to shower when I get home, so don’t put a clean one for now.

- Okay, but promise me you are gonna let Kai bandage you again! It’s important!

After receiving a nod, Lay extended his arm to the bed, urging Sehun to lay down.

- We have to lower your pants. – the doctor helped his boss take them down to his knees so he could remove the bandage around his thigh.  – You can keep your thigh without a bandage if that would be more comfortable for you since the stab wounds look very well. – patting Sehun on the knee, Lay turned to his desk when he felt the other’s hand stopping him.

- You have to give me some!

- Sehun, you are starting to look better! You are not having an episode or anything …

- I am! – the wounded pulled Lay’s hand, forcing the doctor to lower himself as to listen to Sehun’s whisper – I am having episodes since I left the hospital but I do not have the strength to break everything around me, you got it? it’s going to finish me, you hear me!

- Let go of me, Sehun! – Lay felt the other’s hand tightening around his which made him a bit nervous. – I am going to give it to you, but only because of Kai. I do not want you to hurt him!

Helping his patient dress up, Lay prepared a syringe with the ‘’potion’’ the other craved. Sehun sat quietly on the bed waiting before the doctor cleaned his vein with a cotton ball. Feeling the needle protruding was what made him relax and exhale loudly.

- You have to go home and rest, now. Don’t forget to let Kai bandage you. – the indifferent voice Lay used was what woke Sehun up from his trance.

A smirk on the wounded man’s face appeared before he left the office which made Lay worried. Was his drug that good?



- Come on. – seeing Kai sitting in the corridor, Sehun waved his hand urging him to follow.

The drive you ask? Silent as always. Nobody spoke a word since they left the hospital. Apparently, that did upset only one of them. Kai was biting his thumb out of anger and annoyance. Sehun’s behavior was getting under his skin.

- Do you want to eat dinner together? – it was 7p.m. by the time they got home. Trying to be the bigger person, Kai was again the first one to talk.

- I am not hungry.

- You know what? I am going to eat alone if that’s what you want. – turning his back on his husband for the first time made Sehun realize how offensive his words were. His disinterested tone and behavior would just push the boy away. Everybody had their limits and apparently the older just found out.

- Wait! – the hesitation was audible in his voice but this was what Kai needed to stop in his tracks. One word and he was able to forget everything said before. One word was all he needed to come running back in his husband’s arms. – I will drink a glass of whiskey while you are eating.

The boy nodded. A drink was not something the wounded needed but as long as Sehun stayed around the table with him, Kai would be pleased.

Fifteen or so minutes to wash their hands and for the maids to set up the table in the dining room. A salad and a stake awaited Kai while before Sehun’s place was placed only a glass and a bottle of his favorite gold liquid.

- What did Lay tell you? You are getting better, right? – Kai was asking questions between his bites, hating the silence between them. Were they growing cold towards each other?

- Kind of. I will take a shower after dinner and he asked of you to help me with the new bandages.

- Of course, I will.

By the time Kai finished his meal, Sehun had drunk three glasses of the alcohol.

- Are you going to shower? – the boy stood up and went closer to his lover to help him stand up and climb the stairs seeing that he got a little drunk.

- Yeah, yeah.

Sehun not minding the other’s help indicated he was indeed intoxicated. Kai wrapped his hands around his torso and they climbed the stairs together.

-  I am gonna lay for a bit before showering. Take off my clothes. – Sehun almost lost his balance upon entering their bedroom. The alcohol got him good.

Kai was pleased the other was asking for help, not being the proud annoying bastard just for a second now. While taking his husband’s clothes off, he received a few grunts here and there. It was normal, the man was in pain, but what Kai could not ignore, was how hot Sehun was. His skin was on fire!

- Okay, lay down now.

What embarrassed the man then was his obvious hard on. His cock was almost out of his underwear, pushing the cotton fabric. He knew Kai was watching and he did not mind. Instead, he gently tugged at the boy’s pants. The latter did not waste any time, he was bare naked from his torso down in just seconds. Keeping his white shirt and his black socks, he jumped over Sehun’s body. Engaging in a hungry wet kiss, they both could not believe how much they missed each other. The kisses were not only passionate, they were desperate, the two of them trying to suck the life out of one another. Sehun could use only his one hand but it was pretty much enough to show his desire for the other. His choking was not weaker as well as his hair pulling. He always made sure Kai knew he was only his.

- Ah, fuck! – as soon as the boy started grinding against his cock, Sehun swore under his breath.

Everything was as if they were doing it for the first time, the emotions overwhelming their bodies, their minds. While the younger continued with his actions, Sehun extended his right arm, pulling the other’s shirt down. A few buttons got undone so the shirt lowered to one side and exposed Kai’s chest and shoulder. Sehun loved his husband’s body. It was lean but trained well. Lean as in elegant, delicate but far from enough to call feminine. What Kai did next was take off the older’ s underwear and grab Sehun’s penis with his hand. Wanting to waste no time in giving him a blowjob, he just spat on his dick before pumping it a couple of times. And then the most awaited part was about to begin. Straddling Sehun, Kai lifted himself up to aim the other’s dick at his hole. Glaring straight into his husband’s darkened eyes, the boy lowered himself painfully slow, pushing the length inside of him. It hurt but that was the part he loved the most. Sehun winced at the feeling of Kai’s warm hole around his cock, feeling it tighten around it.

- Oh God! It hurts, Sehun! – the boy was silencing his loud moans with his hand over his mouth. His eyes got teary just from the first thrust because of the stinging pain.

- Fuck, you are so tight!

Kai knew perfectly it was hard for the other to move so he would lead today being on top. After adjusting to his lover’s length, the boy began sliding up and down, his hands placed on Sehun’s chest for support. Placed was an understatement, he dug his nails into the other’s flesh for the pleasure and pain fusing so good together. The sweet moans were echoing around the room, the smell of pheromones everywhere. While Kai fucked himself on Sehun’s cock, the latter was tightening his grip on his waist, surely leaving some bruises. Whimpers, groans, grunts … the younger could not hold himself any longer and ejaculated onto his lover’s torso. His hole was choking Sehun’s dick, the latter closing his eyes before his orgasmic growls. Cumming inside Kai felt amazing. He loved doing that as much as the boy did.

Calming down their bodies from the euphoric experience felt like hours. They were sweaty and their breathing was shaky as if they had run a marathon or something.

- Let’s go take a shower together, huh? – Kai spoke between breaths, hoping the other would accept his invitation.

Without saying a word, Sehun just patted him on the ass implying his agreement.

It was strange that limping to the bathroom did not make him feel ashamed. It was either the alcohol or the fact that he just had an amazing make up sex with his husband. Well, it did not matter since they were together under the hot steam of the shower.

- Push yourself against the wall. – Kai wanted to wash Sehun’s body and was about to do that even if the other did not approve.

The boy squeezed some of the shower gel onto his hands before throwing the bottle on the floor. He started tenderly sliding his hands from Sehun’s chest down his stomach. Kai remembered the time his ribs were broken and the older tried massaging them. It was quite an embarrassing moment since Kai openly showed the other just how much of a masochist he was. Thinking about it for a couple of seconds, the boy decided on using a little more pressure on the other’s ribs. Sehun’s broken bones had been abused multiple times which made it even more painful and he got surprised by Kai’s bravery to do that. Pushing his head against the tiles, Sehun groaned because of the affliction he felt. It was harsh and sudden, leaving him breathless. Kai felt hopeful, his husband did not only let himself be touched, but hurt in some way. Sliding his hands down, the boy washed every inch of the other’s body, caressed every bruise, every wound, leaving invisible traces along Sehun’s body.

Being masochistic lasted only a couple of minutes for Sehun. Startling Kai, the man grabbed his hand, pushed him against the wall and shoved his cock inside without a warning. That was Sehun the boy knew. Aggressive, yet gentle enough to show his affection. As much bitter as sweet.

- Jesus! – Kai had nothing to support himself on. The tiles were slippery and his knees were going weak.

Sehun wrapped his right arm around the other’s neck from the front, lifting his body so Kai’s back was against his chest. The new angle made them both moan loudly. The thrusts were getting more violent and messy. Sehun was squeezing the other’s neck while pushing himself inside Kai over and over again. As soon as the man bit his husband’s shoulder, the two of them realized they were climaxing together, shaking beautifully under the hot water.

When all the cum was washed away, Kai saw that Sehun’s cast was wet.

- Sehun, your arm …

- Fuck it! – placing his hand on the wall, Sehun had his back turned to the other.

Kai could not believe how bruised and cut the other’s back was. He did not wish to make Sehun feel uncomfortable so he decided to gently slide his hands down his spine.

- You have no idea how worried I was – a kiss to the older’ s back was placed – I thought about you every second – one more – and when I found out the news about your death – and another one – that was the moment I wished to be dead the most in my whole life! –wrapping his hands around Sehun’s waist, the boy started whispering in his ear – Now that I have you back in my arms my heart is at peace. – the boy started kissing the other’s shoulder – I love you and that’s what matters the most. It’s not gonna change if we both go through Hell and back!

Just when Kai thought Sehun was going to push him away, the man turned around with his back against the wall once again.

- I am sorry! – the older took a hold of his lover’s face, looking him into the eyes – I am sorry for hurting you … the hardest thing in my life has always been exposing my soft, weak side! Instead of talking to my loved ones I decide to ignore them because I simply feel ashamed of not being strong! – a scoff followed – No words would ever describe how much you mean to me, how much I love you … but in the end words do not matter for that I would give away my life to save you, anytime! – embracing the younger, Sehun pushed his forehead against Kai’s shoulder – I am not going to leave you! Ever!

Not going to leave? A promise only one of them would keep.

Chapter Text


Except for the fact they needed to get to the hospital so the doctors could change Sehun’s cast, they spent an amazing night. Falling asleep and then waking up cuddled up together, was what neither of them could trade for anything.

- Good morning. – Kai turned to face the other since they woke up in a spooning position.

- Morning. – Sehun furrowed his brows, happy by the fact they opened their eyes together, but still grumpy without his coffee and cigarette.

- Let’s wash up and go downstairs for breakfast, shall we?

- Hell, I need coffee!

Brushing their teeth next to each other, the boy was quick to bare his teeth while the toothpaste was all over them, his mouth and chin. The rare picture of Sehun smiling brought joy to Kai’s morning. Not just smiling, the man was chuckling while taking some of the paste of the other’s chin and smudging it on his nose instead. Laughter was soon silenced by both of them kissing, smearing the toothpaste across their faces. Sehun usually felt cringy about romantic shit but doing it with his husband felt kind of right.

Going downstairs while still giggling, the both of them sat around the table.

- Can you spend one day without coffee? – Kai teased the other, seeing how desperately he was clinging to the porcelain cup.

- If I drink enough whiskey, yes.

- Okay, what would you chose; whiskey or coffee for the rest of your life? – the boy was cutely mocking the other’s addictions while eating his pancakes.

- Hm … Sehun squinted his eyes, thinking about his answer – Whiskey, because I sometimes drink it in mornings as well, but coffee is only for when I wake up.

- What about cigarettes? How long would you last without one?

- Probably not long. I’ve been smoking since I was fifteen.

- Fifteen? Wow, a bad boy. – Kai laughed again, pointing to the other’s plate, urging him to eat.

- What about you? What is your addiction?

- I loved drinking ice tea when I was younger but one of my foster fathers made me drop this habit. He preferred spending two dollars for a can of beer instead of a bottle of ice tea. After that I just remembered him every time I drank it so I simply stopped. It’s stupid, I know. It’s just a drink but …

- It’s not stupid! You have the right to feel anything you want. – Seeing the sadness in his husband’s eyes, Sehun placed his hand over his on the table. – Do you like the pancakes?

- Yes, pancakes are my favorite!

One of the longest breakfasts they had had was this one. Sehun was rarely this talkative which meant he was really in a good mood. Kai could not blame him for his behavior. These past events were horrific and able to bring any man down, moreover Sehun, who had history of mental disorders.

- Okay, I am gonna head to Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s since Chanyeol is preoccupied dealing with my job as well. I will be out for two hours at maximum. When I get back home, I want to hear your proposals for what we are going to do today. – brushing his mouth with a hand towel, Sehun kissed the other on the forehead before going to his room to change clothes. – I love you.

- I love you, too.

Sehun leaving the house meant Kai would be able to contact Ahn Oh – Joo in privacy. He hated the fact he had to do it, but there was no other option. They needed to keep in touch, to exchange information so the plan could work.

After thirty minutes of staring at the wall still seated on the table, Kai heard the front door opening then closing. Reality kicked in and ruined the beautiful moment they had this morning. Rushing to their bedroom, the boy dialed Ahn Oh – Joo. Thankfully, the other picked up pretty fast.

- Are you alone? – the old man’s raspy voice could be heard from the other side.

- I am.

- So, tell me …


Two hours as promised and Sehun was back home.

- Kai! – shouting the other’s name from downstairs, Sehun lit a cigarette.

- I am coming! – Kai was ready, happily running downstairs when he heard his husband’s voice. – I was thinking of going to the foster care and the gallery the others gifted us?

- I was thinking just the same! Come on. – no, he wasn’t, but it was just because he had much work on his mind, not because he did not wish to think of places to visit with Kai.

One of the few drives they did not spend in silence. Sehun was so chattery, telling stories about some of the buildings along the streets, showing Kai different places he owned.

- You see this club?

- Yeah, I know it! It’s the most expensive disco in Seoul … seeing his husband smirk, he shut up for a second – Wait! No way! No!

- Yes! – Sehun chuckled.

- Why haven’t you told me? I’ve always wanted to visit this place!

- We own so many places, I just forget about them sometimes. We are going to the club whenever you want! – squeezing the boy’s hand, Sehun gave him a reassuring smile.

What Kai could not believe either, was the luxurious building they had chosen for the foster care! He was grateful but felt a bit uncomfortable since he knew how much this probably costed.

- Do you like it? – Sehun wrapped his hand around the other’s waist.

- I – I don’t know what to say! It’s perfect! But it’s probably very expensive to keep it running …

- Stop worrying about money! This is the least you deserve, love. Come on, now. Let’s go inside.

They walked a bit slowly at first, but Kai kept trying to run inside the building, walking faster and faster.

- Ah, careful, careful! – Sehun felt sharp pain in his abdomen and thigh for he was trying to keep up with the other.

- I am sorry! I got excited and totally forgot!

- It’s okay.

The first room they entered had the function of a living room where all the kids could gather and watch TV, read a book or just chat. Upon closing the door behind them, all the kids and teachers started clapping. The loud applause got Kai puzzled since all of them were looking directly at him. It took him some time to comprehend why were they applauding. It was because of him and the family these kids had the best conditions for a living even in foster care. It was because of him they felt safe and that they mattered.

- Thank you! – bowing multiple times with his hands covering his mouth, Kai could not manage to hide his tears of joy. Seeing so many happy kids meant so much!

After the teachers suggested the children to introduce themselves, Kai and Sehun decided on staying a bit longer so they could chat with some of them or play a game with the little ones.

- Hey there! – after seeing a girl struggling with her long hair, Kai sat on a chair next to her.

- Oppa! – shyly bowing her head, she was quick to get her hands off of her hair.

- What do you want to do with your hair?

- I wanted to learn how to braid it but it just won’t work! – the sweet pout on her face reminded him of himself. He was always pouting when not being able to do something properly.

- May I? – moving his chair behind her so he could braid her hair, Kai gently combed it first. – How old are you?

- Fifteen. You?

- Add nine to your age.

- You are twenty – four!

- Yes, I am. – both of them giggled while Kai was braiding her hair.

- They told us we have this beautiful home because of you and the other Mr. Why did you do it for children you don’t even know? – the girl turned around to face Kai.

- I did it because I know who you feel. I grew up in the system. Unfortunately, only abusive families adopted me and I always ended up running away. I know how hard it is and I want to guarantee you to be adopted by good, decent families or if not, to have the perfect live here, among the others.

- Who is the other Mr.?

- He is … he is my best friend. – Kai did not find it appropriate to tell the girl who Sehun was so he made up this.

- Then what’s this wedding ring?

- It’s … the girl got him surprised by being observant and obviously not stupid.

- Are you a couple?

- Well, actually, we are! We are married. – looking at Sehun who was holding some soldier dolls, playing with this cute little boy, Kai could not hide the fact how happy and proud he was to be this man’s husband.

- Really? Waaaah, you are so beautiful! I am going to name my dolls after you because you look exactly like them. You are going to be the wife and he is the husband!

- Okay, deal! – laughing at the fact that even the girl understood he was the ‘’wife’’, Kai finished her braid with a hair band.

- What are you guys doing? – surprised by Sehun’s voice, both Kai and the girl turned to face him.

- Hello, Mr. Your wife braided my hair!

- Wow, what a beautiful braid on such a pretty girl! – the older could not hold back his laughter after hearing the word ‘’wife’’.

After spending some more time playing with different kids, they realized it was getting dark and dinner time was approaching. As much as they hated it, they had to leave but not before saying goodbye to everyone, promising the kids they were going to come back very soon.

Getting in the car, Kai placed his head on the other’s chest.

- Thank you for doing this with me.

- Thank you for distracting me with these beautiful moments. – Sehun kissed the boy’s head. – let’s visit the gallery tomorrow, okay? I feel a bit tired.

- Yes, sure. That way I could bring the drawing of you in the gallery. Make it the first one.

- I would rather you did not do that.

- Why so? – Kai lifted his head to look the other in the eyes.

- It’s dangerous enough when people see you going around with me. Having my big portrait on display in the gallery would be too obvious. I am sorry, but don’t forget the world we live in.

Placing his head on the other’s chest again, Kai did not say a word throughout the drive home, and neither did Sehun.

As soon as they got home, they went to the living room where the table was served. Washing their hands before sitting around the table, the both of them stayed silent.

- Look, I am sorry for what I said in the car but you have to put yourself in my place. We’ve been through so much! The only thing I want is to protect you! – Sehun grabbed the other’s hand before he could touch the cutlery.

- I know that you aim for my safety but as you’ve seen, sometimes there is nothing you can do!

- I … drinking some of his whiskey while looking in the other direction made Kai realize he was getting angry. – I hate what happened to you! It was all because of me!

- No! It’s not your fault Ahn Oh – Joo is this crazy maniac who seeks only revenge! It’s none of our fault he is what he is! Now, let’s drop this and spend another great night together, shall we?

Sehun could not resist the other’s proposal since he loved spending quality time with his husband.

Once they finished their dinner, they cuddled up on the couch, choosing a random movie to watch. Netflix and chill, that was what boys said when wanting to get laid, right? Well, in this case, it was random movie and chill. Having watched the film for only half an hour, Kai was the first one to tease. Starting to sensually kiss Sehun’s neck was what made the other lose interest in what was on the TV screen. Kai slowly moved his tongue to the other’s ear which granted him a few shaky breaths. Sehun was still a little weak to dominate him in his kinky ways and that’s why the boy chose to take care of his husband instead.

- You know I am painfully hard but my body hurts …

- Shhh, I am gonna take care of you now! You are my husband! – placing his finger to his lover’s lips to shut him up, Kai slowly fell to his knees in front of the other.

- Oh, fuck! – these were the first words to leave Sehun’s mouth when he felt the other’s hot mouth around his cock.

Kai was looking directly into his eyes while licking, sucking and kissing his dick. Those usually puppy eyes, turned so dark and lustful when doing dirty stuff, it was almost impossible not to come. The blowjob did not last long since Kai was getting needy. Taking all of his clothes off slowly before the other was just in contrast with Sehun, who kept all of his on. Kai liked it this way. He was naked, vulnerable beneath the other’s stare. Straddling Sehun, he pushed himself down on the other’s cock pretty fast. The sharp pain spread to his stomach, leaving him immobile for a minute.

- Move! – not being to physically dominate Kai, nothing stopped Sehun from doing it verbally.

- I – I can’t! – almost crying out loud, the boy supported himself by pushing his hands against the other’s chest.

Feeling even more horny when being commanded, Kai managed to move. Every time he slid up and down the other’s cock, he felt more and more confident. Wrapping his hands around Sehun’s neck, he was frantically bouncing on his length, his word incoherent. The older decided on making it even more difficult for both of them not to climax and started sucking one of Kai’s nipples while rubbing the other one. The boy sped up and after a few more minutes, he was coming all over Sehun’s black t-shirt, dirtying it with white spots. The older was soon to follow, ejaculating as always in the other’s ass while growling wildly.

- Here is what we are gonna do. You are going to clench your ass so you will not make a mess on the floor, and walk upstairs in front of me so I could keep an eye on you.

Nodding, Kai got up from the couch and headed for their bedroom followed by the other. Sehun could not stop looking at him, the beautiful thighs and the tight ass he had were swinging gracefully before him while Kai’s back was flexing by every step on the stairs.

- Well, well! I see you cannot keep your legs closed! – squatting behind Kai on the stairs, Sehun slid his finger along the drops of sperm rolling down Kai’s inner thigh. – Open your mouth! – it drove them both crazy when doing nasty stuff to each other.

The boy was quickly to oblige, licking the other’s fingers clean while quietly moaning. This sure granted him another round under the hot shower.

Sehun was sleeping much better now, having his husband in his arms. Only a few grunts and weird words left his mouth but nothing more violent or concerning.

Their breakfast was chattery just like the last one, the two of them laughing at Kai’s ridiculous stories about his awful cooking abilities. Turned out, Sehun was a great cook and he promised to make dinner later that day.

The older promised to spend the day with Kai but was about to excuse himself for some time after they went to the gallery since he had some work to do. They planned on visiting Luhan’s grave in the afternoon.

As soon as they finished their breakfast, they got in the car and drove off to the gallery in the center.

Even though it was obvious this was his gallery they were standing in front of, Kai still could not believe it. How much money did these people have? Such luxurious foster care, such spacious and fancy gallery, not to mention they had a villa and a yacht as a gift as well.

- Oh my God! Are – are you sure this is the gallery Baekhyun bought for me? I mean – it’s amazing!

- It’s all yours, love! – seeing Kai’s shiny eyes and sincere smile was the most beautiful thing for Sehun. He felt the luckiest when seeing the other so joyful.

Deciding upon video chatting with Baekhyun, Kai held his phone in front of his and Sehun’s faces.

- Hi, Baekhyun. Guess where we are!

- You are in the gallery! Do you like it? – Chanyeol came closer as soon as he heard Kai’s voice.

- Of course! I love it! Thank you very much, guys!

- You are welcome, baby! Hey, let’s go grab lunch tomorrow since I know you have plans for today.

- Okay, sure. Let’s gather for a lunch! Talk to you later! Bye.

Just before closing, Sehun hugged the other, wrapping one hand around him. Kai was laughing like a little kid when the older started tickling him. Those kinds of moments managed to distract the couple from reality. Kai forgot about his plan to leave and Sehun forgot about his injuries.

- I am gonna drop you off home and get back after an hour or two, okay?

- Okay.

Sehun leaving him alone in the house meant he could contact Ahn Oh – Joo again. Ha despised the fact he had to do this! Talking with that man never brought any good, just more and more lies.

Entering their bedroom, Sehun found Kai sitting on the edge of the bed deep in thought.

- Hey, didn’t you hear me?

- Huh? Hear what? – Kai turned to the other, still nervous from his conversation with Ahn Oh – Joo.

- I shouted your name to come downstairs so I would not come up but you did not respond. – Sehun felt a little suspicious since the other was acting strange. – Is everything okay? You seem a little pale.

- I am fine. Are we going?

- Yeah, we are.

Kai was happy Sehun wished to visit Luhan together with him. It would be easier for them to erase the bad memories they had of the cemetery.

Buying some flowers on the way, they both got a little excited upon entering the cemetery. Sehun was about to see his brother and this time, he was together with his husband.

- Hello, baby brother.

- Hello, Luhan. – the both of them placed the flowers over the young boy’s grave. – Feels great to finally meet you properly. I am Kai. – the boy bowed – I am sorry you had to witness something so gruesome. Everyone is doing okay now. – Kai faced Sehun, smiling.

- I miss you, brother! I couldn’t wait to come here with my husband. I thought I should bring him here to meet you since he is part of the family. He is part of the Ohs now.

The both of them sat on the bench in front of the grave. Sehun lit a cigarette and took out a flask from his car which was circled by his guards.

- God damn it! I can’t stop thinking about that man when I look at my brother’s grave! It sickens me knowing what he did to the family, to you, to me …

- Please, don’t! Don’t blind yourself with thoughts of revenge! You are the only one who is suffering because of them! – Kai saw a couple of tears rolling down Sehun’s cheeks before he brushed them with the back of his hand.

- Do you hear that, Luhan? – Sehun scoffed. – He is the only one who can make me go crazy and then tame me if he wants to! He brings out the better version of me!

Half an hour later, they decided to head home where Sehun was supposed to make dinner.

Promise kept. After spending an hour and a half in the kitchen without letting Kai get in, the maids started serving the table. The boy sat in his chair waiting for every meal to be on the table so he could choose. He was no greedy in any case, but his husband promised a great number of dishes.

Sehun did not lie! Pa muchim, kimchi, bulgogi, bibimbap, seolleongtang, sundubu-jjigae, samgyeopsa … this man really outdid himself! Kai knew he was going to have a stomachache after eating this much but he could not care less! This was the first time his husband cooked for him so he was about to enjoy every fucking bite!

Upon seeing Sehun exit the kitchen, the apron still around his waist, Kai started applauding him.

- The maids helped me a lot since, you know, my hand is broken but I can guarantee you that the tastes you are about to feel are only due to my cooking skills!

The dinner was absolutely delicious and of course resulted in stomach pain for Kai. He wished to go to bed and Sehun was happy to follow.

After being teased by his husband’s naked body before his eyes, Kai forgot about his pain pretty fast. Surrendering to Sehun’s touch, they made love until their sheets were wrinkled, sweaty and dirty.

The two of them slept late the other morning, so they decided on going straight for lunch with the family, missing breakfast.

Everyone had gathered in one of Sehun’s restaurants which Kai had not visited until now. Of course, it was fancy and expensive but what the boy liked was that it was spacious, decorated in Italian style with tables out in the open. There were beautiful paintings, gold vases and sophisticated furniture.

All of the family members were a bit confused of what had happened to Sehun. He was calm, smiling even! They had seen him laugh many times but given the fact he was behaving like a total douche just two days ago, it seemed a bit surprising to them.

Never mind, they spend a wonderful time in the restaurant. All of them laughing at different ridiculous stories from their childhoods, or some embarrassing stories they had while drunk or being on a mission which they knew nothing about. Being from the mafia could be quite exciting and even funny sometimes. Kai just discovered a new side of the dangerous life they lived and that made him even happier.

Since Sehun promised Kai to go with him to the club he owned, the boy took the initiative to invite the others as well. Nobody declined the offer and everything was arranged for this night. The last night he had with the family.

After finishing their lunch, Sehun suggested they went home for he had to go through some documents before going out in the evening. Of course, Baekhyun made sure Kai was gonna head his house before they went to the club so the boy could maybe borrow some clothes. Oh no, the shorter had a better idea. He would just call someone to come to the house, bring them clothes, jewelry, etc. Little Baekhyun loved going clubbing and what better company would he find than Kai, his new best friend.

Upon hearing the door to Sehun’s office close, Kai rushed to his room, taking his phone out. He needed to keep this quiet so he went to the bathroom.

Ten minutes, fifteen, twenty, half an hour ...

- Please, I need to go now! He may come up any minute, it’s been half an hour already!

- Be smart, kid, and don’t do anything stupid! Tomorrow just when the clock strikes midnight. – Ahn Oh – Joo’s fading laughter could be heard from the other side just before he hung up the phone.

Kai lied. He was sure Sehun was not coming up before spending at least an hour in his office, it’s always been that way. It was like his absolute concentration lasted for an hour and a half, two at most and then he went out for some fresh air or just to talk to Kai. The boy had just had enough! This was the last moment he had in this house by himself before he spent the rest of his time in freedom with Sehun or the family. His emotions piling up made him fill in the bathtub with hot water and undress, slowly sinking his body underneath. Tears were inevitable. Guilt was eating him from the inside but he needed to be strong. Ahn Oh – Joo was a man feeding on other people’s grief and fear and Kai did not plan on giving him this advantage over him. Sobs were about to stay behind these walls, the old man never seeing or hearing the boy cry.