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No shoes, no shirt (and I still get served, wow!)

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"Ahn… that's my husband."

Really, in Jungkook's mind, it would all be easier then it is currently being. Actually, maybe it would be a complete different scene.

Seokjin and him have a great life together. They have a good house with a backyard, stable and well paying jobs, they go to yoga together, sex is just as fantastic as it was when they got together - even better now that they know likes and dislikes of each other. Jungkook is head over heels for the man, would fist fight to defend his pride if needed.

Seokjin just aged so well. Since the day they met in college, Seokjin has been the prettiest person Jungkook has ever seen. Jungkook had life going pretty well for himself. He played volleyball, was in the swimming team, his scholarship was great and every indicative showed he would be a cute, well prepared guy working for a big tech company soon enough. But then, motherfucking Kim Seokjin strolls in, all bright and soft during a morning class, gets all answers to the mid-term right and Jungkook is a goner. Man got brains and looks. So, yeah, Jungkook is a cute, well prepared guy working for a big tech company now, degree and all. He just happens to have a husband. For the past 6 years.


Not that he is complaining. He is not.


The thing about them is that they matured, but didn't get old. Obviously, they don't go skinny-dipping in Yoongi's pool anymore - because Yoongi doesn't have a house with a pool anymore - but they still enjoy doing the things they did when their relationship had just started. Things like: going to the movies together and sharing popcorn; choosing different flavors of ice cream so they can share; going hiking; practicing sports together; cuddling and rewatching being human… there are lots of things, but one of the most still constant in their lives is traveling.

When they were broke college kids, traveling was hoping into Seokjin's dad Honda Sedan, going to the convenience store, packing on snacks and driving to the closest body of water. Sometimes they would go to the countryside, find a nice lake or small river, sit close to it, have a snack and play in the water if it was warm enough. Sometimes, they would fill the gas tank and drive to the beach. Seokjin would put up a small tent, they would have barbecue and lie side by side under the stars at night. Jungkook doesn't remember ever feeling so overwhelmed with love before these little escapades started happening.

As time went by, money and financial knowledge started changing the way they saw traveling. Now, once a year, they would both get their vacation days at the same time so they could go into a new couple-y adventure. They would plan beforehand, organize everything, take two weeks just to dot on each other and remind themselves all the good things they have together.

It was summer, last year, when Jungkook decided he wanted something new. They would usually go on vacation during the winter because Seokjin preferred it like this, combining the end of the year festivities with a trip covered in snow. And Jungkook loved that! He did! All the snuggles, the heavy blankets, Seokjin around him constantly, lots of chocolate and waking up to Seokjin reading a book by the fireplace. God, he really loves every second of it. He just wanted something different.

"Hyung, let's go on vacation during the summer next year." Jungkook climbs off the pool and walks towards Seokjin, who is sitting under a parasol, reading a thick book and looking completely unbothered by the heat. "Let's go to a resort!"

Seokjin eyes him suspiciously before putting the book down. He checks Jungkook out and, maybe, being completely wet and shining under the sun will help Jungkook's case. "Gguk-ah, it means we will have to wait another 12 months to go on vacation, instead of 5."

Jungkook dries his hands on a towel and puts Seokjin's book aside before sitting on Seokjin's lap, sipping the other's juice. "Hyung, it will be different. Something new, you know?"

"I thought you liked going on vacation during the winter too, babe." The older mumbles as he starts drying Jungkook's hair with another towel.

"And I do, hyung. I just want to go full tourist! SPA, the sea, stupid hotel parties with too many white people, snorkeling, surfing… I want to do it all, hyung." He concludes and pulls the towel off his head. "Can we do that? We are going to have so much fun."

Seokjin looks at him with so much fondness, like Jungkook himself had hung the stars in the night sky. It makes him all warm and shy, so Jungkook pecks Seokjin's lips once or five times, just because he can. "Yeah, baby. We can do that." Seokjin finally answers while pulling Jungkook to rest against his chest, not minding getting wet in the process. "Where do you want to go?"

So they spend Christmas home, just them and Yoongi, because Namjoon is visiting his family and arrives in the next morning.

"It's weird to have both of you here for Christmas" Yoongi comments off-handly while him and Jungkook set the table. "It's also kind of ironic that your families are not here."

"They are so used with us traveling in the end of the year that they already had plans." Seokjin says from the kitchen, the light aroma of cinnamon invading the house tells them that supper is almost ready. "Good for you we are here. Otherwise, where would you be?"

The shorter man shrugs even if Seokjin can't see him. He doesn't need to, best friends privilege. "Having supper with the nurses in the hospital?"

"What time does your shift begin, hyung?"

"Around 2, so I can have dinner with you, sleep a little and go." They enter the kitchen and Yoongi walks closer to the counter Seokjin is in front of. "Hyung, could you make-"

He doesn't get to finish the sentence, because Seokjin is already passing him a mug full of eggnog. Yoongi smiles and sips it happily. "Gosh, I miss living with you, hyung."

"No, you miss me knowing what you want before you even saying it." The elder points out while hugging Jungkook. They just have to wait another 10 minutes.

"So, when are you going on vacation?"

"During summer. We are going to a resort in Côte d'Azur." Jungkook answers proudly. Unexpectedly, Yoongi snorts behind his mug of eggnog.

"That was your idea, right?"

"Yeah, I want us to experience something different." He gets Yoongi's mug and washes as the other finished his drink. Yoongi doesn't say anything else about the trip.


Time passes faster than they can keep up with and when Jungkook blinks, Seokjin is walking in front of him, pulling his bag along through the airport. Jungkook falls in love with him again, it's just natural.

The hotel is great, their room is great, the view is amazing. Seokjin walking around half naked inside the suit with the sea as an image background? Outstanding. Jungkook can surely die a happy man. But things start to get weird in the second day.

They stop for lunch by the pool and a full jar of juice is served to them.

"I'm sorry, we didn't order that." Seokjin explains politely to the waitress as Jungkook serves them some salad. The blonde girl's smile could blind a man when she answers: "It's on the house. Enjoy your lunch."


They feel truly blessed and do enjoy lunch. While Seokjin is an early riser, Jungkook can't be bothered into doing that. So day three rolls around and Jungkook feels the little pecks against his skin before being fully awake.

"Ggukie, wake up, baby" Seokjin calls but lies down against Jungkook's chest. "The day is so beautiful out there. Let's get some fruit in and go to the beach."

Jungkook just grunts and hugs his husband closer. Seokjin smells like candy and Jungkook does his best to not drool when he noses against the top of Seokjin's head. He pulls the other up and more into his embrace, still smelling the sweet perfume on his skin. "You smell fucking divine, the hell did you do?"

Seokjin fucking giggles and there's a message in the back of Jungkook's mind telling him that if they don't stop it right now, they won't go out to the beach. And, to be honest, right now, in this economy, Seokjin's soft skin against his own, smelling like dessert, Jungkook couldn't give less fucks about the beach.

"I got a morning treatment at the SPA, the essential oils were amazing, you have to try!" Seokjin quiet excitement is so infectious, it has always been. "Also, there's a super cute Korean boy there! He was so nice, talked to me in Korean and all. I also got a facial."

Jungkook's eyes snap open. "You got a what now, hyung?" Seokjin snickers and cleans the side of Jungkook's eyes like the old married couple they are.

"A facial treatment to revitalize my skin, you silly." Seokjin chides back but kisses Jungkook. A lazy, long and freeing kiss. "Morning, babe."

"Morning, hyung."


There are other two Korean boys working at the resort. Both Taehyung and Jimin work at the outside bar and Jungkook gets along with them pretty easily. Things continue getting to them without any of them ordering anything. Jungkook gets almost paranoid about it in the fourth day, thinking they will get billed an amount worth a house and that's all because of him. But Seokjin checks their room bill twice to calm him down and there's nothing off or wrong. So, whatever.

Seokjin said they would meet by the bar for lunch, so Jungkook gets there and is greeted with a blueberry smoothie and Jimin smiling at him.

"Hey, you are here early." The barman comments while organizing his station.

"Yeah, I am meeting hyung here."

"Oh, you have a brother?" Jimin dries a tall glass and hands it to Taehyung without even thinking while the other attends to other people.

"No." Jungkook answers then thinks better. "Well, I do have a brother. But I am meeting my husband." He smiles sipping his smoothie.

Suddenly Taehyung whistles and elbows Jimin. "Minie, say good morning and thank the Lord." The taller man smirks and the two of them stand up straighter, looking at the shore.

"Jesus Christ, I would happily choke and die a happy man if I had all of that for myself." Jimin comments under his breath in Korean other tourists can't understand.

Taehyung raises both of his hands like he is worshipping God and hums along. "Amen. Quite literally if I do say so myself." Taehyung pulls a champagne glass from the counter, drops two cut strawberries inside before pulling a champagne bottle and serving it. "He is too tall for you, Chims."

"Lie him down and I would make a number out of it." Jimin says and Jungkook has to turn around to see who they are talking about.

Swim shorts, shirtless, barefoot, droplets of water running down his body that shines under the sun, walks Seokjin. Motherfucking Kim-Jeon Seokjin. Somehow, it all clicks.

"Ahn… that's my husband." The words slip out of his mouth and the silence that follows is, at least, very compelling.

"You kidding, right?" Jimin asks and Jungkook looks back at them. The two barmen are frozen in their spots. Jungkook shakes his head slowly and sees as the red flush climbs its way to Jimin and Taehyung's faces. "Oh my God, I am so sorry." 

Seokjin arrives at the bar at that exact moment, kissing Jungkook's cheek. "You are early!"

Taehyung looks at Jungkook, then at Seokjin and, silently and very slowly, slides the champagne glass to the older man. Jungkook openly glares at him.

"Oh, so nice of you, Taehyungie!" Seokjin coos and drinks the champagne.




"Ahn… I got go… water my fishes." Taehyung stutters and backs away. "Jimin will gladly take care of you." Jimin looks betrayed but Taehyung bolts away, leaving the three of them standing there. Jungkook glares at Jimin.

"Hyung, let's eat inside." He demands and starts pulling his husband away, eyes never leaving Jimin. The other mouths a "I am really sorry" but Jungkook doesn't care.

"But you wanted to eat outside, JK." Seokjin tips the glass of champagne and gets the strawberries from the bottom before he is out of reach to give the glass back to Jimin. "Jungkook, wait."

"Nope, can't wait. Walk faster, old hag." Jungkook almost trots away, dragging Seokjin with him. 

He even thinks about covering Seokjin's body with a towel, but he is better than this. They have dinner inside and Jungkook is somehow in full alert. He needs an outside opinion.



tell me you are online



oh, so things already turned against you?



hyung! I don't know what to do!



eat whatever people will give you



you knew this would happen, how



I went to Malta with hyung and Joonie, remember? after graduation? I have never, and I repeat, never eaten so many lobsters.






because I had two Greek gods walking around half naked and always wet inside the hotel? Joonie and Jin hyung are a force to be reckoned with.



hyung, they are hitting on my husband!



and I can assure you Jin hyung is not even realizing it is happening ~





Yoongi doesn't help him. Saying it is common doesn't help at all. Suddenly, Jungkook feels tired, oh so tired. He misses the snowy resorts and the cuddles in front of the fire.

So, if in the next day, Jungkook is up and dressed at 7:30 in the morning, you mind your damn business because he has a husband to take care of. It turns vacation into some kind of competition: how much attention he can get from Seokjin.

It goes on for two days before Seokjin finally corners him. Jungkook is walking out the shower and Seokjin is leaning against the open door, with a look Jungkook knows finds its way to his husband's face before an argument. He sighs.

"Tell me." Seokjin demands.

"Can I put my clothes on first?" Jungkook asks as he secures a towel around his waist.

"Nah, talk first. I got time to block your way out, you got time to talk to me what's in your mind." The fog inside the bathroom makes nothing to hide the frown on Seokjin's face.

Jungkook knows he lost it. "I don't know if traveling was a good idea, hyung." He says as sitting on the side of the bathtub.

"And why is that?" Jungkook feels out of his depth. They are not jealous people, they have never been. They are a cool couple, they bicker and do fun things! But being here, with these many people watching Seokjin's every move is making him really self conscious.

Things that he shouldn't be thinking about during vacation. Like, how much he doesn't show Seokjin he loves him. Is it enough? Is it too little? Does Seokjin still remember Jungkook loves him? Things like that.

"Hey, Jungkook?" Seokjin says softly as he kneels in front of him to look into his eyes. "What happened, baby?"

"Hyung, you are stupidly beautiful, that's what happened." Jungkook huffs and his cheeks get redder and redder as he sees Seokjin's smile growing. 

"Thank God you think like that, Ggukie." Seokjin sits on his feet and intertwines their fingers over Jungkook's lap, their wedding rings side by side. "Otherwise, hyung would have to hit the gym harder to keep up with you."

Jungkook snorts. "No, hyung. You don't get it." He looks at Seokjin sitting so pretty on the floor of a bathroom and, to be honest, he would also hit on Seokjin. "People have been hitting on you non-stop, the whole week. And I am tired."

"Oh, yeah, they have. It has been fun." Seokjin answers and Jungkook gapes at him. "What? You thought I didn't see it?" He laughs out loud. "Unlike you, I see people hitting on me, Jungkook."


"People have been hitting on you since the airport but you are so incredibly dense, you didn't even see them." Seokjin stands up and pulls Jungkook into a hug. 

"It doesn't bother you?"

"If you started making eyes to people or getting giggly around them, yeah, it would bother me." Seokjin muses. "But people looking at you and giving you things because you are inexplicably handsome, young, built and cute? Hell no, keep them coming." Seokjin snorts and nibbles at Jungkook's lobe, pulling at the earrings with his teeth.

He sighs and relaxes against Seokjin, feeling good again. Seokjin kisses behind his ear, down his throat, his cheeks, until biting his lips to finally kiss him right and Jungkook already feels putty, like his insides have been turned into goo and he feels light. Damn Seokjin and his ways.

"You think you need some reassurance that nobody is better in the world than you?" Seokjin says between kisses as they walk back inside the room. "Reassurance that I am stupidly in love with you and only you?"

He pushes Jungkook lightly up the bed, putting his towel aside as Seokjin crawls over him. His eyes… his eyes. Jungkook knows people find Seokjin handsome for so many different reasons but there's nothing hotter than a determined look on his husband's face and nobody will change his mind. Even hotter when it's dedicated to loving Jungkook.

Seokjin kisses him slowly but intensely, like he has to brand himself onto Jungkook. His hands travel up and down Jungkook's body, mapping every millimetre of skin, leaving a hot sensation in their wake, driving Jungkook almost insane when Seokjin's fingers run over his stomach, across his ribs, pinch his nipples and pull at his hair.

Seokjin bites him, kisses his collar bones, laps at his throat and chest. Jungkook almost goes cross-eyed with pleasure but he is getting impatient. He pulls at Seokjin's clothes like they personally attacked him before hearing a snort and Seokjin pulls back to take his shirt off.

"Okay, okay. Easy. Your mom gave me this shirt."

"Hyung, don't talk about my mom when I just want you to fuck me silly." Jungkook protests but Seokjin just laughs again.

"It's part of my charm, bun." 

"It's not. You have no charm. You are just too handsome for your own good." Jungkook answers back petulantly. So Seokjin rocks his hips against Jungkook's, giving him just a taste of friction, and Jungkook almost chokes on air.

"Big words you have in you, Jungkook." Seokjin snorts and lies back over Jungkook, his thigh pressing down on Jungkook's cock. "What do you want, baby?" Seokjin finishes his question rocking his body again and this time, Jungkook does really moan.

"You, hyung. Anything. But you. And kisses." The younger blabbers back, hands on Seokjin's back to not let him get away. 

The smile on Seokjin's face is endearing and Jungkook feels a surge of safeness growing in his chest. There's a thing about being vulnerable enough to let other person take care of you and Seokjin taught Jungkook how beautiful this can be.

Seokjin prepares him slowly, worshipping his body, taking care of him. Jungkook turns into a mess under Seokjin's ministrations. It's weird how in sync they are, when Seokjin sucks a mark against the inside of Jungkook's thigh and pumps his fingers in and out, Jungkook swears he is going to cum. 

He pleads and squirms until Seokjin chuckles and lies over him, caging him against the bed. Jungkook sighs and waits.

"What?" He feels his faca getting hotter as Seokjin stares at him silently.

"Nothing." The older answers, fond and so in love with Jungkook. "I just think it's silly you think I would ever look at anybody else when I got you just for myself, baby."

Jungkook feels the need to hide, flustered and shy. "Hyung, don't do that!"

"Do what, baby?" Seokjin mocks as he drags his dick against Jungkook's entrance, watching as the other sucks in a breath and puffs his cheeks out. "Do you want to do it like this or you want to turn around, Ggukie?"

"Like this, like this" Jungkook chants as he rolls his hips down trying to get any friction. He uses the position to hook his legs around Seokjin's waist and pull him closer, chest almost flush against his own.

"Easy." Seokjin reprimands as he starts pushing in, watching as his husband arches his back off the mattress and throws his head back. Jungkook is just the most sinful thing on Earth. "Good?"

Jungkook just mumbles back, words lost as his mind tries to keep his body on check. Sex has always been good, but time… time made it great. So when Seokjin pulls his waist up a little and angles his thrusts in a different direction, Jungkook goes cross-eyed and cums. He clenches down and the squeeze around Seokjin's dick is almost insane, so he breathes in, tries to find his footing and thrusts into Jungkook's awaiting soft body a few more time before cuming. They flop down, cuddling each other, sleepy and seated.

"Next year", Jungkook begins, "we are going back to traveling during the winter." Seokjin chuckles but hugs him anyway.

"But I liked traveling during summer", the elder comments against Jungkook's shoulder. "I got to see you out and about on the beach, I had fun practicing all those crazy sports, I ate good food, relaxed…" he drifts off and it clenches at Jungkook's heart. Seokjin did enjoy himself during vacation, Jungkook was the one with his head so far up his ass to have fun. He just sighs.

"I liked it too, hyung. Next year I will enjoy even more."

"We still got two days, baby." Seokjin runs his fingers through the younger's hair, coming down to his jaw and neck. Light touches that send shivers down his spine.

There's a promising smile on Seokjin's face when Jungkook hums along to him. They do in fact have another two days and if they make the most of it, nobody comments a thing.

It had never striked Jungkook so hard how hot they are alone but, in fact, how much hotter they are together. So they step out of their comfort zone and go off, completely insane. The goal is to have heads turning as they walk. It's not difficult, to be honest, coming to think he has a motherfucking Kim-Jeon Seokjin by his side. But Jungkook feels giddy, happier and more handsome than ever as they walk into the bar holding hands and if feels like a romcom movie, with people looking at them.

Maybe they will travel more during summer.



"Do people do that?" Namjoon's face is comical as he sits by the table with Jungkook, making salad.

"They do, hyung!" Jungkook beams over the reaction, Namjoon feeding his shenanigans."But I mean, we are kinda good-looking…"

Namjoon coos at him and pulls the younger into a hug. "You sure are!"

Seokjin just shakes his head in disbelief as he stirs the pot and looks at Yoongi by his side, with the same expression. "Why are they talking like two people in highschool?" Seokjin whispers and Yoongi chuckles but says nothing. "Jungkook is talking like he just discovered again he is the hottest person on Earth."

"Hyung, you know Namjoon is no better." Yoongi passes him the chopped vegetables and comes closer. "I watched a nurse trip over her own feet in the sight of Namjoon and Joonie just got worried about the safeness of the floor in the hospital." Seokjin full on laughs at that.

"Classic Namjoon."

"You were just as obvious, hyung!" Yoongi accuses and Seokjin brings a hand to his chest in disbelief.

"Excuse you, I am very well aware of how my face is incredible!" He defends but Yoongi just rests his head on Seokjin's back and chuckles again.

"You sure have no idea, but go off I guess." Yoongi motions his hand around like he is giving a speech but trying to not disturb Seokjin's cooking. "He was so worried about you and all those people ogling over you."

Seokjin turns around and pulls Yoongi to his chest, resting his chin on top of Yoongi's head. "That's just stupid. I love him to death. I can barely keep up with him." They snicker but don't stop hugging.

"Are you traveling during summer next year?" Yoongi asks as he pulls back to watch over the pans. Seokjin shrugs.

He just likes spending time with Jungkook. If they get to go to Swiss or Fiji next year, yeah, that would be amazing. But if they only get a road trip to the countryside, he would make everything feel perfect just as much. Jungkook may not understand - maybe he does understand - Seokjin doesn't care about the trips themselves. He cares about seeing Jungkook happy and getting to spend time.with him, just like when they were back in college.


So, if they spend the whole year home, he won't care. Seokjin knows everything he needs is close enough to touch.