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i lost a friend (i lost my mind)

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“God, Jane! Help me out here; grab his legs, will you?” A woman’s voice was the first thing Loki heard. Strangely, the first thing Loki thought about was the voice. It was almost whiny-like, lower than most Asgardian woman’s voices he’d heard before. It was a nice change from shrill, high-pitches.

“Why do you need help? I need to get inside and scan these readings.” Another woman’s voice, more silky this time.

“Uh, because he’s heavy as shit! I know he looks skinny, girl, but he’s not light! I swear he’s as heavy as all three of us combined.” The first voice again.

“I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for someone to have that much body mass.” This time, an older male voice. It sounded similar to Odin’s voice, so with that in mind he deduced, messily and with his brain foggy, that the man seemed to be in his later years.

Loki’s head was spinning. The last thing he remembered was walking past a woman, keeping her in sight in case the three surrounding him were threats, and suddenly a searing amount of pain in his left side. It was crackling and spitting off electricity, just like he’d experienced with Thor when he was younger.

Oh, Thor. The name was bitter in his thoughts, reminding him of the recent events that had brought him down to Midgard. Of all places, it just had to be Midgard, didn’t it. Where the mortals had all but forgotten who he even was.

No, the old man couldn’t have sent him down to Vanaheim, where the people actually loved him for his sorcery. Or Alfheim, where he spent the majority of his childhood learning new things in the vast libraries it had.

Midgard was one of the worst realms to be sent to. Of course, he didn’t want to be sent down to Jötunheim without any magic or seidr coursing through his bloodstream. But at least the frost giants knew who he was.

And that just reminded him of his recent discovery on Jötunheim. Why did his hand turn blue?

Why did his hand turn blue?

Maybe it was a curse.

Maybe it was-

No. Deep down, Loki knew the real reason why. It would make so much sense if it was true. But the former god had no way of proving that theory, so he’d buried that deep, deep, deep down.

He did not want to think about that right now - he’s stuck with these mortals in an unfamiliar realm where they clearly had no knowledge of who he even was. It would be so much easier if he could just say his name and they would actually respect him like the prince he was.

No matter. He was used to not being respected as the rightful prince. He was the second prince, he was useless according to most of Asgard.

His senses were coming back to him slowly. He could now feel himself laying down on something soft, perhaps some furs or a blanket. He wouldn’t ever admit it aloud, but he can safely admit it to himself in the back of his mind that he was rather confused about that. One of the girls he had heard before had incapacitated him and now he was lounging in a nicely comfortable spot?

Yeah, weird.

He strained his ears, focusing on what he could hear in the room around him. The former god could sense another person close by, ensuring his enhancements were still intact by feeling the slight heat waves being given off. Thank the Norns for Odin’s sliver of common sense. If he had taken away Loki’s magic, he simply wouldn’t be able to survive.

Loki could feel his magic thrumming under his skin, able to be touched but not pulled upon. It slipped out of his grasp every time and he knew he had Odin to thank for that.

Slowly but surely, Loki cracked open his eyelids, staying as quiet as possible and keeping his shallow breathing slow. The first thing he noticed was a large blue eye staring down at him, perhaps a couple inches from his face.

He wouldn’t admit it to anyone, apart from the girl who witnessed it, but he startled in shock and both eyes widened as he leaned away from her.

The girl didn’t look so surprised, and with frighteningly calmness called to someone behind her, “He’s awake.”

There was some shuffling with immediacy and something fell on the ground, but Loki kept his eyes on the woman before him. He had no ideas what their intentions were and his instincts screamed at him to not pull his sight away.

The woman before him didn’t look threatening, kneeling on the ground beside his spot on a comfy chaise-like object. But he’s learned that appearances mean nothing to people’s intentions and even this scrawny looking woman could be hiding the devious of plots if she wanted.

Plus, the last thing he remembered before he was shock, was her panic-stricken face. It had very high chances that she was the one who inflicted the shock.

“Ah, I’m so sorry about Darcy!” This new woman entered his peripheral vision and seemed to clench her jaw, “Darcy, get away from his face! I’m sure he doesn’t like to be woken up with someone staring them down.”

As the black haired woman huffed and leaned back on her haunches, Loki drew his eyebrows together and turned his head to look at this newcomer, “‘He’ is right here. And I can speak for myself.”

A look of disgust rolled over the standing woman’s face and she placed her hands over her hips in an exaggerating manner. “Well I’m sorry! But we did take you in after we found you in the middle of the desert! Who knows if you would’ve survived without us.”

“You hit me with your driving machine.” Loki argued stonily. “And then gave me an electric shock afterwards.”

The two woman seemed to exchange glances as he spoke, their expressions ranging from confusion to amusement.

The girl still on the floor snorted and turned to face him, “Driving machine? Dude where did you come from?”

Loki felt his face twitch, in annoyance that these Midgardians were disrespecting the Golden Realm’s second prince. How was he to know what each contraption was called? He guessed it was common knowledge on this backwater planet.

Like a petulant teenager, he rolled over to face the cushions and spoke in a bland tone, “I have no wish to continue this conversation. I am tired.”