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Boku no Hero Academia One-Shots/Imagines~!

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There were days where Katsuki Bakugou was just angry. There was no real reason for it, or maybe there was just a combination of small irritations that irked him throughout the day, but either way he was pissed. You noticed him further down the hall, his eyes dark and shoulders tensed, obviously waiting for you to help him blow off some steam.

So when the young male intercepted you on your way to the library where you were going to spend your free study period you had no choice but to follow him into one of the empty study rooms. Allowing him to press you up against the closed door.

You sucked in a breath as your fingers dove into ash blonde hair, nails scratching at his scalp. Bakugou's breath was hot against your neck and his fingers pressed a comforting ache into your hips.

"Katsuki, what's wrong-" You whispered, fingers teasing against his scalp.

"Shut up," He snarled against your neck, teeth gnashing against your bruised skin but his gentle actions juxtaposed his harsh tone. You whimpered gently as his tongue moved out to lap against your burning skin before moving his mouth towards your own, silencing you.

Bakugou's teeth gnashing against your own sloppily as he placed all his chagrin into the kiss. It was obvious something had set him off for the day, and instead of exploding something he was exerting his emotion into you. Not that you minded, in fact quite the opposite.

You captured his bottom lip between your teeth as you sucked it gently, your eyes staring up at him innocently.

"Such a fuckin' tease." Bakugou's fingers ghosted at the hem of your skirt, brushing against the skin of your upper thighs as you pulled back, the tone of your phone ringing through the room as you laughed at Bakugou's disappointment.

"I said I'd meet Momo to study in the library ten minutes ago." Pulling the phone out of your blazer pocket you noted it was exactly who you thought it was. Momo.

"I need to go, you can come if you want?" You asked hopefully, your eyes admiring his features coated with a thin coat of your foundation. You wondered how your make-up must look on your own face but you couldn't help but wonder whether you should mention it this time. Other girls seeing Katsuki Bakugou with your make-up all over his face would definitely be the perfect warning for them to all back off. Although you supposed your boyfriend was such an aggressive hot-head there was no need for you to be so cruel to him.

"It's fine. I'm going to the gym." Bakugou snapped you out of your thoughts as he picked up his abandoned school bag from the ground and pulled it over his shoulder as you began to root through your own bag, looking for your foundation compact.

"Uh, Babe-" You went to stop him from opening the door as he turned to look back at you, his eyebrow raised.

You didn't say anything, instead opening your compact and turning it towards his face. Once Bakugou caught sight of his face in the mirror he groaned, his eyes darkening.

"Y/N, for fucks sake." Bakugou growled, moving the back of his hand to his lips to rub against them furiously. You couldn't help but grin at the scowl on your boyfriends face as he tried to remove your make-up but it was futile.

"Why does this shit come off your skin so easily?" Bakugou's voice growled as he pulled your compact mirror closer to his face, his other hand still rubbing at his skin but all it seemed to be doing is rubbing the foundation into his skin even more. "You spend so much fucking money on this you'd think it would last a day and not fucking come off."

"I don't think it can handle your intense heat." You laughed, trying to grab your compact from Bakugou's hands so you could touch up your foundation. It was true you had yet to find a foundation that would stand his intense make out sessions, even your expensive setting spray was no match for Katsuki Bakugou.

Bakugou moved back, holding your compact out of reach as he made to use his blazer sleeve to try and remove the offending substance but you grabbed his sleeve immediately.

"Babe, don't you dare." You quickly reached into your bag and pulled out the make-up wipes you had started carrying about with you after the first time this happened.

"Maybe when you're a pro-hero you can finally help all women with their need for a long-wearing foundation." You laughed as you leaned towards Bakugou to wipe at his face. The young male scowling back at you as he snatched the wipe from your hands, rubbing it against his face furiously.

"Fuck off. You don't even need this shit anyway" You managed to wrestle your compact out of his hands as he continued muttering what a waste of money make-up was under his breath.

"So, meet you after fifth?"

"Yeah, but you better use one of these first." He threw the used make-up wipe at you, making his way out of the room.

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There were few pleasures in life you enjoyed more than Katsuki Bakugou. The young ash blonde man was so easy to rile up, which helped immensely whenever you were in the mood. All it took this time was a cute text message paired with a suggestive picture of you wearing one of his old shirts you had stolen.

The male had left you on 'read' over fifteen minutes ago, and if you didn't know any better you thought he might have been ignoring you. But Katsuki Bakugou didn't ignore you, especially not when you sent messages like that.

A loud knock reverberated around your room as you stood from your position on your bed, making your way to open the door. Immediately you were pushed back, the door slamming shut and locking.

"Y/N." Bakugou growled, stepping towards you so your body pressed against the hard wood.

"Why were you sending me this?" Bakugou motioned to his phone where he had screenshot the picture that was supposed to disappear after ten seconds.

"You screenshot it," You grinned up at him, standing on your tiptoes to place a kiss against his neck.

"What are you trying to do, Y/N." Bakugou's breath felt hot against your neck as his fingers teased against the hem of his shirt you wore.

"Take this off and I'll tell you," You grinned at your boyfriend as you tugged at the bottom of the shirt he currently wore.

"What, so you can steal this one too?" He replied cockily but took it off unashamedly.

"Maybe." You teased, this time your fingers moving down to graze against his belt.

"You're such a fucking tease," It was only at this moment that Bakugou turned you from your position with your back against your door towards your bed. Bakugou pressed your body down into the mattress as he tugged the oversized shirt up your body, leading him to the discovery that you were not wearing a bra. His lips upturned into a grin as he leaned down to take one of your nipples into his mouth, tongue lashing against it until it hardened at his ministrations. Bakugou pulled the shirt over your head before turning you over, pulling your hips back so you were on all fours.

"Why am I the only one naked?" You whined, wiggling your hips suggestively.

"You're not naked yet," Bakugou snapped the elastic of your panties playfully, but you heard him undo his belt and rustling which you assumed was him disrobing.

Instead of pulling your underwear down Bakugou bunched the material together with his fingers, tugging it in between your butt cheeks. His fingers moved to cup your rear, thumbs jiggling the soft skin so he could see it move. You immediately moved your body back in reply, your body desperate for his touch. You needed more, rubbing your legs together to try and create some needed friction between your thighs.

"No," Bakugou's voice was low and guttural as he moved his hand to part your thighs to prevent you from giving yourself any kind of relief before landing a harsh smack on your left cheek, the heat of his hands adding to the sensation. You couldn't stop the loud squeal that left your lips as you felt him repeat the action, arching your back even more in an open invitation that you hoped desperately he would take you up on.

"And here was me thinking that you were a good girl," Bakugou's voice was dripping with hunger as he tugged on the thin material of your panties between your legs, making it rub against your pussy, giving some much needed relief.

"I am-"

"I don't think you are," Bakugou's fingers went to stroke against your lower half, teasing against the fabric of your panties over your clit. Your hips jerked back at his touch, trying to get yourself off at his touch.

"Are you going to count for me, Princess?" You nodded frantically in reply, fingers grasping the sheets beneath you as you braced yourself.

Bakugou's hand teased over your naked flesh before pulling back and landing another harsh slap on your rear, the dull sting making you become light headed.

"One." Bakugou didn't wait much longer to land another smack in the same place, causing the stinging sensation to intensify.

"Two," The 'o' rolling off your tongue as after this smack Bakugou began to alternate between your cheeks, trying to make the right one just as red as he had made the left. After spanking your behind ten times Bakugou paused to move back to trail along your panties, thumbing your clit through the thin material.

"You've been teasing me all day, baby. In front of everyone-" Bakugou's fingers moved away from your wet panties as he traced the light red hand prints that he had left on your skin, admiring his work. Bakugou's hand raised back and gave you a final slap to your rear as your back arched back towards him, you were becoming delirious as you were so desperate for him to take you.

"You stopped counting," Bakugou teased, pulling your drenched panties down to rest just below your butt, not bothering to remove them completely as he fisted his cock a few times, running the head along your sex, his pre-cum mixing with your own wetness as he teased at your clit with the head of his length.

"Please, Katsuki" You moaned as he let the head of his cock press against your entrance, stretching you pleasantly.

"Please what?" He hummed as he pulled his cock back to tease against your wetness again.

And he was the one calling you a tease! He was such a fucking tease.

"Please, fuck me."

Bakugou didn't say anything in response but his hand went down to grasp one of your butt cheeks, spreading them apart so he could watch his length sink into your heat.

You groaned at the sensation of him filling you in one go, your tightness immediately gripping desperately around him. You both stayed still for a moment, with him buried deep inside you to the hilt and his fingers moving towards your hips to give himself some leverage as he began a savage pace. His hips slapped into you relentlessly as his balls slapped against you with every thrust, giving your clit the smallest bit of stimulation which added to the pleasure you felt.

Bakugou moved his hands up from your hips to your neglected breasts as he palmed them with his hands, fingers tugging at your nipples roughly. This paired with the way his cock was hitting against your g-spot perfectly every time was leading you towards your release rapidly, the pleasure making it difficult for you to form coherent sentences.

"Katsu-I can't- I'm gonna come." You moaned zealously, the coil inside you snapping as your orgasm washed over you, insides clenching around Bakugou's length as you called out his name.

Bakugou continued his unforgiving pace, moving his hands back towards your hips so he could get a better grip of you as he began to angle his thrusts specifically towards your g-spot.

Good lord, he was trying to make you come again.

"Katsuki, I can't" You groaned out, you were still clenching around his length from your first orgasm and now he was trying to get you to go again.

"Yes you can," His voice growled as he pulled your body up so your back was flush against his chest, his hand squeezing your neck as the new position pushed him inside you perfectly.

Bakugou's grip on your neck was soft as he continued his fast pace, you weren't sure whether it was your impending second orgasm or the way his hot fingers touched your sensitive skin but the words slipped out of your mouth anyway.

"Choke me,"

Bakugou was caught so off guard that his thrusts stopped completely. He stilled inside you as he registered your words, the only movement was the twitch his cock had made inside you.

"What?" It was unusual to have Bakugou at a loss for words.

"Please, Bakugou." You gyrated your hips back against him, trying to get him to comply.

You let out a choked groan as Bakugou's hand squeezed your neck, cutting off your oxygen slightly as he began the same pace inside you again, deep and hard.

The gargled gasps that left your mouth as he continued almost made Bakugou pull away but you placed your hand on top of his own to make sure he didn't move it as he continued his pace. You were so close.

"Katsu-" You got out as you gasped for air, the sensation making you delirious. Your body began to spasm around his length as your second orgasm washed over you, the pleasure unlike anything you had felt before. Your body physically shook as you clamped around his length, constricting around him. This was all it took for Bakugou to follow you into his own release, groaning out your name as he came, emptying himself inside of you.

With Bakugou no longer holding your body up you fell stomach down onto the bed, trying to catch your breath.

"What the fuck was that?" Bakugou panted as he lay beside you on his back.

"I just wanted to try it," You grinned, turning to rest against his heaving chest as you tried to regulate your breathing.

"Did it actually feel good?"

"Why don't we try it on you next time," You grinned.

Chapter Text

Your lips curved upwards as you beamed down at the absolute sin on your phone screen. Kirishima's full face wasn't visible but it was obvious it was him from his seductive grin in the photo. Your finger held onto the screen to stop the timer from counting down as you assessed the photograph. His body really was perfection. His chiselled muscles showed perfectly from the angle he had taken the photo, your eyes drifting lower towards the bulge in his crimson red boxer-briefs. Your fingers moved to the two buttons at the side of your phone to screenshot the image, the timer finally counting down and the photo disappeared from the screen. Leaving Kirishima on 'read' you went to your camera roll, glancing over the photo once again.

A familiar buzz broke you out of your thoughts as you quickly pressed the green button to accept the call, your fingers once again swiping the call screen away so you could continue to stare at your boyfriends attractive picture.

"You saved my nudes? How cute." His voice was flirty.

"Not really a proper nude," You teased back as you held the phone against your ear, part of you disappointed that his underwear was covering the whole package. Even though he looked sexy either way.

"Are you insulting my nude taking skills?"

"Just saying, you could have left the boxers, Kiri~" Your voice continued the flirty tone but you did hope he would take it as a subtle hint.

"You wanna see my dick, Y/N?" Kirishima's laugh filled your ears and you suddenly felt too shy to respond how you would have liked to.

"Mhm," You teased back, flopping down to lay back on your bed as you continued to talk to him, moving to pick up your headphones so you could continue to talk to him through the microphone without having to hold your phone to your ear.

"Aww, is my baby needy for me?" The way he said the word 'baby' made your legs stiffen as you felt heat pool between your legs. If you weren't wet before you definitely were now.

"Maybe-" You tried to bait him into the direction where this conversation was going. Your fingers trailed down to pinch your nipples through your bed shirt, actually one of Kirishma's old shirts you had stolen ages ago and refused to give back because it smelled like him. You couldn't help but gasp at the sensation as you tried desperately to imagine it was Kirishima's teeth nipping against you.

"Are you touching yourself?" Kirishima's voice sounded shocked and you bit your lip, unsure how to reply.

"What are you wearing?" You could heard the excitement in his tone as he didn't give you a chance to reply to his previous question.

"One of your old shirts and some panties." Your fingers trailed down your body to tease the naked skin of your upper thighs, dancing close to your core as you lightly teased your skin, closing your eyes to try and imagine it was Kirishima's hand instead.

"Fuck," Kirishima grunted into the phone, "I definitely wish I was there now-"

"Me too,"

"I'd run my hands along your body, play with those pretty tits." His lewd words made you groan into the phone as you wiggled out of your underwear before you completely ruined them.

"Kiri-" You heard him groan down the phone and you could only imagine that he was touching himself too.

"Are you touching yourself, baby girl?"

"Yes," You whispered, certain your cheeks were red at your confession.

"I'm touching myself because of you, I wish you were here on your knees in front of me. Sucking my cock,"

"Kiri-" Your breath hitched in your throat as you moved your fingers down to tease your sex, brushing them along your slit. Your hips rocked up against your touch as you began to rub lazy circles around your clit.

"What are you thinking about, baby girl?"

"You licking my pussy," You weren't lying. You vividly imagined Kirishima's red locks between your thighs, his eyes burning into your own as he sucked your clit into his mouth, inserting two fingers into your wet sex and scissoring them inside you to prepare you for his manhood. Moving your other hand down to insert two fingers into your dripping sex as you tried to mirror your fantasy as you continued to rub teasing circles around your clit.

"I'd make you feel so good, princess." You could hear the way his pitch changed, noting that he was getting near his release. Your own climax also quickly impending as you continued your frantic movements against your clit.

"Are you going to come for me?"

"Eijirou-" His name was the only coherent word you could form as you repeated it into the phone, your legs trembling at his sultry voice.

"EIJIROU! Come downstairs now-" You heard a voice yell from the other side of the phone which made you still your movements instantly.

"Shit." Kirishima grunted on the other side of the phone as you heard frantic movements on the other side of the phone.

"I'll be there in a second," Kirishima yelled in the background, making you groan in annoyance.

"Did your mum just walk in?" Your impending climax instantly stilled as you heard Kirishima shouting towards his mum's voice.

Kirishima didn't respond but the silence on your phone indicated that he had ended the call.

Ugh. You laid back on your bed completely unsatisfied.

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"Todoroki, I'm bored-" You let the final syllable roll of your tongue as you lay across his bed, your head hanging off the side as you watched him, upside down.

"Don't you have your final paper to submit?" Todoroki didn't even turn to face you as he continued to write at his desk.

There was no way you were going to be doing any kind of work in a mood like this as you lifted your body up and off the bed before stalking over to your boyfriend.

"Can't we do something a bit more interesting." Todoroki glanced up at you as you squeezed yourself in to fit between him and his desk, straddling him over his desk chair as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

"The last time we did something interesting," He tried to mimic your tone, "You woke half the dorm up. That was embarrassing." Todoroki had not been amused that day, when Bakugou of all people almost blew Todoroki's door off its hinges, screaming in anger from being woken up. You were certain Todoroki would still be without a door if it hadn't been for Kirishima calming the irate boy down.

"I wasn't that loud," Even if you were loud, it's not like it was your fault. The things this man could do with his tongue were-

"Y/N, you were loud." Todoroki deadpanned, snapping you out of your daydream as you pouted at the two-toned male.

"I can be quiet, Todoroki." You whispered, fingers moving up to teasingly brush against his cheek.

"We both know you can't," Todoroki's lips curved into a sly smile and you were sure you were about to explode. This man was sin.

"Let me show you I can," Your lips moved to meet his own in a sultry kiss, fingers teasing the back of his hair as you turned your face to deepen the kiss. Lapping your tongue against his closed lips, you moved your teeth towards his bottom lip, tugging it and softly sucking the skin. Todoroki groaned from under you and this was your invitation to move to deepen the kiss, your tongue flicking to tease against his own appendage.
Your hips ground against his own as you felt his growing hardness beneath you and as his own tongue moved to brush against your own you knew you had won the fight and his resolve was broken.

Giving another buck of your hips into his lap the male groaned, shifting you so he could slip a hand between your bodies. You whimpered as Todoroki's cool fingers caught you by surprise as he brushed against your damp panties, the sensation sending shock-waves through your body.

"Is my baby needy for me?" Todoroki's breath was hot against your lips as his sultry voice made you buck your hips into his touch, your mouth hanging open as you tried to form words.

"I- Sho-" Todoroki cut you off with another searing kiss, his tongue invading your mouth as you tried to match his movements. While you were distracted by the kiss, Todoroki pulled your underwear to the side his fingers now feeling your warm flesh, searching for the spot he knew all too well. You couldn't help the groan that left your lips at the feeling of his skin against your own, his fingers gathering the wetness from your entrance as he moved to rub teasing circles around your clit.

"I thought you said you could be quiet?" Todoroki's voice was teasing as he played with your clit, squeezing it between his two fingers as he continued to rub circles around you.

"I can-" You whimpered as he caught you by surprise, thrusting the fingers that had been playing with your clit into your damp heat. You rolled your hips as he scissored his fingers, stretching your tight sex as he used his thumb to stroke your clit.

Not wanting to lose to the smug man beneath you, your own hands moved to his trousers. Unbuttoning them and tugging his underwear back so his hard cock came into view. Your fingers brushing against the pre-cum on his tip as you used it as lubrication to stroke him agonisingly slow. The grunt that came from Todoroki's mouth was low and guttural as he never stilled his movements on you.

"Shouto, please" You whimpered as he pulled his fingers from your sex, moving down to take over from your hand on his length. He fisted himself in his hand as he brushed his cock teasingly along your folds, causing your breath to hitch in your throat. When he moved his length to your entrance he pushed the head in agonisingly slow and he smirked up at you, as if to goad you on.

Biting your lip between your teeth to try and keep quiet you gyrated your hips to sheath him into your core in one thrust, his cock stretching you out wonderfully. Todoroki hissed through his teeth as he tried to remain as quiet as you were in the moment as you began to grind your hips against his own.

Todoroki's hands on your hips aided your movements as you bucked on his cock, the position had him deep inside you and he was curved towards your g-spot perfectly so every thrust made your insides squeeze around him.

"Shouto-" You whimpered, wiggling your hips against his weakly as his thrusts from under you began to take over.

"I thought you said you could be quiet, Princess?" Todoroki's voice sounded sordid as he moved his hand back towards your little bundle of nerves, circling it languidly. You were trying so hard to be quiet but rational thoughts were leaving your mind as the pleasure became overwhelming.

"But you feel so good-" Your voice trailed off as Todoroki's thrusts became more frantic, angling his hips so that he managed to hit that sacred spot inside your body with every thrust. The sensation combined with him stroking your clit was becoming overwhelming and you were certain you wouldn't last much longer.

"You're so beautiful like this," Todoroki's words coaxing you closer to your end as he continued his relentless pace, his fingers gripping your hips tightly, burning hot and cold. Your body began to convulse as your orgasm washed over you, your teeth biting down onto his neck as you came, muffling your cries. Todoroki's hands on your hips held you steady as he continued to roughly thrust inside you a few more times, your walls clenching around his length to help him in his own climax as he released inside you with a groan.

Your forehead lay against his shoulder as you both tried to regulate your breathing. You both stayed in position as Todoroki's arms wrapped around you, holding onto the feeling of being inside you for as long as he could.

"Told you I could be quiet" You smiled against his damp skin as you kissed the exposed skin on his neck.

Chapter Text

Music blared in your ears as you held your cup up to a grinning Kaminari, the male pouring a bright blue substance into it. You were certain alcohol wasn't supposed to be that bright but in your inebriated state you sipped at the contents anyway.

"Having fun?" Denki slung an arm around you as he took a swig from his own cup, his body weight leaning against yours.

"Not as much as you apparently," You motioned to his very noticeable drunk state.

"Are you calling me drunk, Y/N?" Denki moved his arm away from you and put a hand on his chest as if to indicate he was offended before breaking out into a huge grin.

"I'm not saying anything, Denki-" You laughed, moving to leave the blond boy shouting after you to stay with him.

Smiling to yourself you walked back into the main room, avoiding the throng of people dancing around as you tried to find your best friend. When you glanced to your right you had to stop for a moment to wonder if you were really that drunk, or if you could actually see a certain ash blond boy standing against the wall looking incredibly uncomfortable.

"Bakugou?" You almost shouted, the music blaring so it was difficult to try and have a conversation with anyone. Bakugou didn't reply to you but he didn't tell you to 'fuck off' either so this was a good sign.

"I didn't think I would ever find you at one of Mina's parties. I didn't think this would be your thing-" You leaned close to the male to talk over the loud bass in the room, you were so close you could smell his cologne mixed with smoke probably from his quirk.

He smelled good.

"It's not. Shitty hair wouldn't stop pestering me until I came, what's your excuse?" Bakugou glanced towards you.

"Would it surprise you that I actually like hanging out with my friends, Bakugou?" You teased, leaning back against the wall beside him, your arm brushing against his own so you were still close enough to hear him over the music.

"I hate shit like this," He seemingly ignored your response as he leaned his head back against the wall, crossing his arms against his chest "What do people even do at these things anyway."

"Drink, dance, makeout. You know, the usual"

"What a waste of fucking time,"

"None of that appealing to you in any way?" You teased, Bakugou didn't snap back at you with a quick retort and he was looking anywhere but at you. You held up your cup towards him, offering him it's contents but he scrunched his nose up, pushing the cup back towards you.

"You're no fun," You teased, the alcohol in your system making you feel gutsier than you normally would feel, especially in front of Bakugou.

"I'm plenty fucking fun," You started laughing at the childish tone in his voice.

"So, you don't want to drink, I'm guessing you don't want to dance-" Bakugou scoffed at this and you couldn't help but smile at his expression. "So.. Wanna makeout?"

"Piss off" You almost laughed at the pink across Bakugou's cheeks. It wasn't often he was at a loss for words and you were going to cherish this moment as long as possible.

"Did I stutter?" You masked your nervousness with the flirty smile on your face, truth be told your heartbeat had increased to a rapid rate and you were sure your blood pressure was through the roof waiting for his response. When you threw the flirty comment across to Bakugou you were almost certain the blond would scream a retort at you, probably an "are you crazy?" followed by a curse word.

Yet, the room was silent. Even with the thumping music Mina had insisted on playing and the rowdy laughter coming from Kaminari and Kirishima. Dead silence.

"Didn't realise you were too scared to kiss a girl, Bakugou-" You said it in more of a teasing way but you were unable to hear the gutteral growl Bakugou emitted.

You gasped in surprise as Bakugou pushed your back against the wall, the way your shoulders hit the hard surface caused your lips to part in a subtle groan, but the male took this opportunity to invade your mouth with his tongue. His teeth gnashed against yours clumsily as he held one palm against the wall, the other gripping onto your waist. You dropped your cup in shock, your arms immediately coming up around his shoulders to deepen the kiss but he pulled away, his lips barely touching your own.

"Do I seem scared to you, Y/N-" Bakugou's breath was hot against your skin as he kissed a trail along your cheek to your neck, his teeth nipping at the sensitive skin there. Your head fell back against the wall as you tried to give him more space as he continued his assault on your neck, sucking the sensitive skin into his mouth, intending to mark you.


Hearing his name come from your lips made him moved back to your lips, capturing them in another bruising kiss, your tongue gliding against his own as you tried desperately to keep up with his movements.

Boy was he warm. You felt a dull ache as his palms pressed onto your side, there was a probability your shirt would be singed but in this moment you didn't care. Your hands moved up to fist his hair, trying to pull him impossibly closer to you. Bakugou pulled away from your lips for a moment to regulate his breathing, looking into your eyes as you tried to focus. He was making you light headed and the alcohol definitely didn't help. You needed more, wanted more as you pulled him back towards you in another searing kiss, grasping his bottom lip between your teeth and tugging it into your mouth. Bakugou hissed into the kiss as you felt his entire body flush against your own, an evident bulge pressing against your hip.

"Let's take this somewhere more private?" He spoke against his lips, fingers toying with the hairs at the base of his neck. The words sounded like absolute sin and you were certain if he hadn't been holding you up you'd be on the ground right now.

"Want to go back to my place?" Bakugou pulled back in response, tugging your wrist as he led you towards the front door of the house. You were glad it was so busy inside that your friends wouldn't see you leave and ask more questions than needed.

"I hope you know what you're getting into, Y/N"

Chapter Text

You let out a tired sigh as you absentmindedly scrolled through your Instagram feed, you were bored. A notification from Snapchat stopped your finger along your screen and you immediately swiped down to open the application, quickly clicking on the message Bakugou had sent you.

Shit. Your heart nearly stopped at the absolute sin that graced your screen, you panicked and held your fingers to screenshot the photo before it disappeared completely. Bakugou was a jerk and only ever gave you three seconds before his photos disappeared on Snapchat, and even with the replay option it was annoying.

Saving it to the folder you had created especially for him, “Bakubae.” you moved to assess your screenshot properly. You cursed Snapchats horrendous photo quality as you looked over the image. He had obviously just got out of the shower, his hair slightly less spiky than usual and framing his face deliciously. You rolled your eyes at the cocky smirk on his face as your eyes made it down to his taut muscles, zooming in with your fingers you could just about see beads of water still dotted across his skin. The only thing keeping you from seeing his entire body was a towel that hung low on his hips, the prominent ‘V’ of his hips was visible making you unwittingly wet your lips.

Shuffling your body back on your bed you moved your top slightly to make yourself look more appealing as you pouted your lips and snapped a photo reply. Writing a message along the bottom of the image.

“Where are you? :(”

“Coming back now,” He didn’t bother sending another photo, just a text reply as you almost pouted in disappointment.

“Okay, come see me plz.” You knew you sounded needy, but Bakugou usually went straight to bed after training and you hoped to see him for even a few minutes before he did so. He didn’t give you a reply but you guessed he probably would come and see you.

It didn’t take Bakugou long to get back to your room, not bothering to knock, he never did. He let himself in, dumping his gym bag beside the entrance to your room before slamming the door shut.

“Hey, Baby-” You almost sang as you held your arms out towards him, motioning for him to join you on your bed.

“You’re fucking needy today, aren’t you?” Bakugou’s voice sounded annoyed but he still complied and made his way over to the bed, kicking his slippers off as he climbed into bed with you.

“Do you blame me when you’re sending me naughty photos?” You teased, brushing your lips against his own as he settled beside you.

“I thought you might like that-” He smirked cockily as he made himself comfortable, slinging an arm over you.

“I loved it, Babe. Although nothing will top the one you sent me the other week before you went to bed, hold on-” Scrolling up your folder to find the photo you were talking about, Bakugou glanced over your shoulder and saw the array of very indecent pictures of him in your phone.

“You saved my nudes?!”

“I thought you knew?” You smiled innocently up at him, “I screenshot every one?”

“How the fuck would I know that?”

“Uh, Katsu- it does tell you.” You should have known. Considering he was a young, intelligent guy, he was useless when it came to technology and social media. Tugging his phone out of the pocket of his sweatpants you lifted it up and faced the screen towards his glaring face, chuckling when the phone unlocked itself you quickly moved towards Snapchat to show Bakugou how he would know you screenshot his pictures.

“That’s what that fucking means?"

"Do you even know how to screenshot, Katsuki?” You teased, knowing that this would incite a spark inside him.

“Of course I fucking know.” He snatched his phone back, locking the screen before glancing towards your phone that still sat unlocked in your lap. His hands moved to snatch at the phone, you barely managed to lock it before he held it away from you.

“What’s your passcode?” Bakugou feebly attempted his birthday which failed. He tried again with his birthday numbers in multiple orders but each time he was unsuccessful. He tried so many times that your phone flagged up that you would have to wait 10 minutes before attempting another code.

“Don’t fucking test me, Y/N.”

“Oh, don’t be like that Katsuki,” You smiled up at him as you tried to brush your hand against his cheek. Bakugou recoiled in annoyance as he glared back at you, “It’s not like anyone sees them.”

“No one better fucking see them,” He grumbled.

“Oh don’t worry! This is all mine,” Your sang the last two words as your hand moved around him to tap his butt.

He was definitely going to screenshot your next photo.

Chapter Text

You padded down the hallway towards your kitchen, flicking the kettle on as you waited for it to boil, busying yourself with finding a clean mug to make your tea in. A strong pair of arms caught you by surprise as the teaspoon clanged into your mug.

“Kiri- you scared me.” You smiled as your boyfriend pressed a gentle kiss on your exposed neck, his hands gripping your waist softly.

“You left me alone in bed,” He mumbled against your skin, “And you fell asleep so early last night.” You could feel the pout in his lips and you immediately felt guilty. Kirishima had made it so clear what he wanted last night but you were just so tired. Becoming a pro-hero was an exhausting task and honestly you were so close to saying ‘fuck it’ and sleeping forever.

“Sorry, Kiri. I was so tired-” Kirishima continued to press kisses against your exposed skin and you ignored the ‘click’ of the kettle indicating it had boiled. Your fingers moved to grasp the counter as you felt Kirishima’s bulge against your behind.

“I need you,” Kirishima tugged at your ear lobe, taking care not to bite down too hard with his teeth. His hardness was pressed flush against your rear now and your knuckles were going white from having to hold yourself up against the kitchen counter.

“You don’t want me anymore, baby?” Kirishima’s voice sounded dejected as his fingers continued to brush against your hips, lifting up the loose fitting material of his shirt that you were wearing.

“Why would you think that?” You scoffed, knowingly pushing your hips back into his length, making the man behind you shudder.

“You never have any time for me lately, you’re always working-”

“-So are you.” You interjected. It was tough being in a relationship with another hero in training, both of you at different agencies. Time spent together was few and far between and the days you were together you were tired.

“I know, but I just miss you. You fell asleep on me last night.” Kirishima turned you around to face him, his eyes sincere as he pressed a delicate kiss to your lips. Your hands moved up to cup the back of his neck as you held his forehead against your own, staring into his eyes.

“I miss you too, Eiji-” Your fingers danced along his shoulders, down the taut muscles of his chest before they came to rest on the waist band of the basketball shorts he was wearing, teasing at the elastic, “Can I make it up to you?“

Your hand moved to brush against the bulge in his pants as his breath hitched in his throat, his body jerking in shock. His lidded eyes gave you the answer you wanted as you tugged at the waist band of his shorts, pulling them down his legs as you revealed his cock. You involuntarily licked your lips at the sight as you knelt before him, fingers curling around him and giving a gentle tug. Kirishima kept his eyes on you, waiting for your next move as you leaned forward to give a sultry lick to his head, tasting his pre-cum on your tongue.

"Please, Baby” Kirishima almost whimpered as you moved to lick along his length, reaching to his balls and placing an open-mouthed kiss against them, fingers moving along him as you continued to tease your love.

“Please what, Eiji?” You moved back to swirl your tongue around the head of his cock, “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

“Fuck-” Kirishima’s hips jerked towards your face as you felt his cock twitch under your fingers.

“Is that what you want?”

“Please-” Kirishima whispered as his fingers moved to hold the back of your head.

You eagerly took his length into your wet cavern, your teeth brushing against the skin in just the way you knew Kirishima loved. Kirishima grunted in pleasure as his cock was surrounded by your wetness. Your moans vibrating around his length as you began to bob your head back and forth slowly.Kirishima grunted as you took more of him into your mouth, feeling the head of his cock hit the back of your throat as you pulled back before your gag reflex kicked in, swirling your tongue around his tip before moving back down to deep throat him again.

“You’re so sexy,” Kirishima’s voice was gruff as he held fistfuls of your hair, holding you down on his cock and hearing you gag on his length.

“S-sorry.” His face flushed at the sound as you pulled back slightly. You moved your hand to push against one of his that was still holding your hair, urging him to do it again. The way Kirishima was holding on to you, guiding you along his length was only adding to your pleasure and you let one of your hands trail down your body to tease against your sex.

“Shit, Princess.” Kirishima noticed you were touching yourself and the way his cock twitched in your mouth you knew it wouldn’t be long until he came undone. You moved one of your hands up to fondle his balls, your fingers dancing along his perineum as you continued to bob your head along his length. The added stimulation along with your hot cavern meant Kirishima wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Y/N, I’m gonna cum.” Kirishima tried to pull away but you followed his movement, hollowing your cheeks as you sucked his cock harder, looking up into his eyes as a silent invitation for him to let go.

“Ah, Y/N-” Kirishima’s hips jerked into you as he came hard. His hands continued to stroke your hair as he rode out his orgasm, you pulled away from his length, stroking him with your fingers as you helped him come down from his bliss.

“I don’t deserve you,” Kirishima smiled down at you as he tried to calm himself down, absentmindedly brushing his fingers through your hair.

“How about we go back to bed?” You leaned up to press a kiss against his cheek, leaving your tea abandoned as you made your way back to your bedroom.

Chapter Text

“That fucker knows exactly what he’s doing.” Bakugou’s eyes darkened under his mass of hair as he watched Kaminari from across the room.

Bakugou watched your every move as you laughed at whatever Kaminari had just said to you, hands bunched into fists at his side trying to stop tiny explosions from popping off. How fucking dare he. Everyone knew you were his, even if he hadn’t made it official yet. That was irrelevant.

“Dude, why not tell her how you feel. It’s been forever.” Kirishima slapped a hand down on Bakugou’s shoulder, which the blond boy immediately shrugged off with a huff, continuing to watch the scene in front of him. Kaminari had just reached towards you and brought you under his arm in a sideways hug. The fact that you made no attempt to move away from him made Bakugou’s blood boil. This was all it took for Bakugou to practically blast himself towards you both, his hands heating up.

“Oi, bastard. What the fuck are you doing with Y/N?”

“Bakugou, I- what?” Kaminari looked like a deer in headlights as he tried to respond, immediately putting distance between you both.

“Stay the fuck away from my girl.” Bakugou’s words made your face heat up.

His girl?

“What did you say?” You couldn’t believe it.

Did he really just say that?

“Mine,” Bakugou almost snarled, cupping a hand round the back of your neck before capturing your lips in a fiery kiss. You weren’t sure what to do, your body froze in shock as your long-term crush bruised your lips with his searing kiss. Bakugou’s body was warm and his fingers on your hips felt like fire.

“Bakugou-” You pulled away breathlessly, trying to regulate your breathing and form a coherent thought in your head.

“What- why?” You were so confused.

“Newsflash asshole! I’ve been in love with you the entire goddamn time!”

Bakugou’s cheeks flushed pink as he realised his omission. His pride didn’t allow his eyes to look away from your own, gauging your reaction to try and see your next move.

“Katsuki, w-what?” You were at a loss for words.

He loved you too? Bakugo- ‘I don’t give a shit about anyone’ Katsuki.

“I’m not repeating myself, Baka.” He muttered, crossing his arms “I’m not about to let some bastard put his hands all over my girlfriend.”

“But we’re not even dating?”

“We are now.” Bakugou spoke as if it was the most obvious thing in the world and you were still dazed from the kiss you’d both shared you were trying to work out what the heck was going on.

“Finally, Bakubro!” Kirishima’s voice cheered from the other side of the room as you could hear Mina and Toru giggling as they watched you and Bakugou.

“Piss off you extras” Bakugou’s turned to his cat-calling friends as explosions blew from his palms, “Anyone else want to make a move on my girl today?”

Chapter Text

It was the same scenario just a different day as you watched Bakugou from across the lunch hall. The way his palms would spark and the permanent scorn across his face was usually enough to keep most girls at a distance, although some were persistent. You couldn’t blame them, the boy caught your eye on a daily basis too. It was just that you had a sense of decorum that wouldn’t allow you to fawn over him in the same way, and the insecurity of rejection was overwhelming.

“I think he’s going to actually explode today.” Kaminari’s laughed loudly from his seat beside you as Kirishima looked over at his friend nervously.

“Maybe I should go over there-“

"You’re joking, Kirishima? He’s surrounded by a group of girls, what’s not to love?” Kaminari continued watching the scene in front of him, shoving a ball of takoyaki into his mouth.

You hated to admit it, but the scene in front of you caused a huge pang of jealousy to reverberate through your chest. You knew Bakugou held no interest for any of the girls around him, but the fact that he didn’t seem to hold any interest for you either hurt.

Bakugou slammed his bento box down on the table beside you, turning back to the females to shout another insult towards them.

Working up the courage to say something was difficult, on one side you could play it off as a huge joke and go back to fawning over him from a distance. Bakugou had never shown an interest in any female so you had already expected rejection, but if you could help save him from the same gaggle of females he might appreciate it slightly. Plus, it would mean you could go back to admiring him from afar without any distractions. Either way, this was getting tedious. Having to watch these girls fawn over Bakugou on a daily basis was exhausting for you, so you couldn’t even begin to imagine how annoying it was for him. Taking a deep breath you stood from your position, Bakugou’s glare still fully trained on the females in front of him he didn’t notice you behind him.

You moved a hand down to pat his behind, your cheeks heating up at the touch. A spark emitted from one of Bakugou’s hands, almost launching him off the ground as he turned around to see you beside him. Smoke rose from his palms, mixed with the scent of glycerine as you smiled innocently at the group of girls in front of you.

“Y/N, what the f-”

“Hey, Babe. We were waiting ages for you to join us for lunch.”

“Babe?” One of the girls looked you up and down in confusion. You even heard Kaminari’s shocked voice in the background.

“Oh, he didn’t tell you? This ass? Belongs to me.” You wanted to laugh at the absolute horror on the girls faces. Surely this would be enough to ward them off for a bit, “Unless there was anything else?”

You watched as they trained fierce glares towards you, turning around with a huff as they walked away. You could hear mutters of insults and hatred under their breath but you didn’t care. Honestly, you were just glad Bakugou hadn’t tried to blast you away.

The red hue that appeared across his cheeks didn’t go unnoticed by you, obviously caught so off-guard by your actions, his mouth open slightly as you could see him trying to process his next sentence.

“What the fuck was that?”

The whole table was silent as they watched your interaction with Bakugou, even Kaminari stopped eating to see what would happen next.

“Do you want to die?” Bakugou spat out through gritted teeth.

“Kinda.” Your hand, that was still on his butt, squeezed the cheek softly as you smiled up at him.

Chapter Text

You huffed as you made your way home through the torrential downpour in only a cardigan, having left your umbrella at home when it was sunny outside. The only thing you had been looking forward to all week was seeing your boyfriend Denki Kaminari, but as your awful luck was going he had cancelled last minute because of last minute training at UA. Honestly your day couldn’t get much worse.

Stepping inside your house you flicked your muddy shoes off, leaving them in the hallway as you made your way to your room, stripping off your soaked clothes and throwing them into your hamper. Not bothering to dry yourself completely out of sheer laziness you pulled your hair up into a messy bun before shoving an oversized shirt on, collapsing face down into your bed with a huff.

Your phone buzzed from beside you, indicating a new message and you lifted the phone to look at the screen. Denki. Swiping the notification you unlocked your phone to look at the message your boyfriend had sent you.

Hey Babe, I’m just about to start training. Just checking in to see if you’re okay?

You sighed, turning to lie on your back as you contemplated your reply. ‘No’ you really wanted to type, but you didn’t want to worry him. It was difficult since the whole of class A had been moved into the dorms. Even as they were older, there was still an imposed curfew that meant you couldn’t see your boyfriend as much as you wanted. You understood, but it was hard.

I’m okay. Just another awful day. You typed back, hoping that he would leave it at that. You’d sound pathetic if you told him that the real reason you felt awful was because you just needed a hug from him. It was difficult trying to spend time together since your lives were so different. Another vibration pulled you from your thoughts as you glanced back down at your phone screen.

Me running to give you a hug. You clicked the video he had linked and it was the meme of Kirby running. You rolled your eyes as you swiped the video away, stopping the loud music from playing through your phone speakers.

Except you’re not :(

You know I would if I could :( He typed back and it almost made you feel worse imagining the sad look on his face. Before you could reply to him he’d already sent you another picture.

My beautiful girlfriend as Doritos, a thread:

A photo of you in a black shirt along with… A black packet of Doritos. Denki, what the hell…

As you were looking at the first two images of you, another two came through. This time of a blue pack of Doritos and a photo of you in a blue dress. It brought a smile to your face as you continued to watch Denki send you various pictures of Dorito packets along with photos of you in the same colour.

Memes don’t solve everything, Denki. You messaged back.

That’s a lie. He typed back and you almost laughed, watching the three buttons below as he typed a response.

Watch this and try and say that again. You clicked the link provided and your face immediately lit up. It was the video of Detective Pikachu dancing. Honestly his lil peets were the cutest ever and leave it to your electric boyfriend to send this to you.

You sent me a video of yourself? You teased.

Love me, damn it! 😡 You laughed at the fact he sent the message sent with an angry-faced emoji.

You’re an idiot, but you’re my idiot.⚡️


Chapter Text

Sunlight streamed through your open bedroom window as you stirred from your sleep, a faint breeze causing goosebumps to appear on your naked skin. Shifting to turn your head from the brightness you shifted closer to the redhead beside you, burying your head in his chest.

“Mornin’ Princess,” Kirishima’s voice was husky, due to having just woken up.

“Morning,” You mumbled back into his chest, refusing to open your eyes to the brightness in the room.

“You’ve no idea how nice it is to wake up to you,” Kirishima brushed his fingers through your hair as you snuggled close to his chest.

“Mmm, what time is it?”

“7.03.” He squinted towards the alarm clock on your bedside table, “Still early.”

“You need to sneak back to your room, Eijirou. If someone finds you here we’ll get in so much trouble-”

“I think they already know I’m here, with the sounds you were making last night-” Kirishima’s voice was oddly smug as he tightened his arms around you.

“Eiji-” You moved from his chest to look into his eyes with a pout, moving to get up from your bed.

“Just a bit longer,” Kirishima’s arms tightened around your frame, preventing you from getting up as he leaned down to capture your lips in a sensual kiss.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” You spoke against Kirishima’s lips, before he broke away from you to trail open-mouthed kisses along your neck, his sharp teeth carefully biting down on the sensitive skin there.

“I’m not cute, I’m manly.” Kirishima pushed you onto your back as he leaned over you, continuing to pepper kisses along your sternum, his fingers moving up to tease your nipples as they hardened under his touch. Your hands dove into his soft hair, fingers brushing against his scalp.

“You’re too cute to resist.” You teased, trying to tug his lips back towards your own for another kiss.

“I’ll show you how cute I am,” Kirishima’s hardness was poking against your thigh as he moved his fingers down to brush against your naked sex, drawing lazy circles around your clit. You gasped and involuntarily widened your legs at his ministrations, your fingers tightening their grip on his hair as you felt a familiar wetness pool between your legs.

“You’re always so wet for me, Princess.” Kirishima moved in between your legs, dipping down to press soft kisses against your inner thigh, dangerously close to your heat.

“You’re always such a tease, Kiri-” You bucked your hips towards his touch, gazing down at his eyes as he exhaled against your sex.

“Not always,” He replied before giving a sensual lick along your slit which made you hiss in pleasure. Kirishima’s tongue circled your clit before moving down your slit and pushing his tongue in between your folds, thrusting into your heat. The pleasure was overwhelming as you gyrated your hips, trying to add to your pleasure. Kirishima moved one of his hands to hold your pelvic bone down to the bed as he dipped two fingers inside your wet folds as he moved his lips to suck your clit, his tongue flicking against it rapidly.

“Fuck,” You groaned, fingers moving back to grasp his hair again as you held him against your heat, his fingers were curved in a ‘come hither’ motion as he knew the exact place that would send you into a stupor. Your body started to clench on Kirishima’s digits as you felt your orgasm approach and you bucked your hips towards his touch.

“I’m so close-” You felt the coil inside you about to break as you felt your climax approaching before Kirishima pulled away completely.


“I think I was supposed to be showing you how cute I am,” Kirishima grinned down at you, licking the two fingers that had just been inside you, tasting your juices.

“On your knees,” Kirishima’s voice was gruff as he moved to help you get into position. You eagerly turned over, arching your back and bracing yourself on your elbows. Kirishima pressed the head of his cock along your folds, mixing your wetness with his pre-cum in lubrication. Kirishima’s hand rested flat on your behind before lifting it and giving a swift smack to your ass. The sensation made you yelp in surprise as you pushed your hips back towards his cock, trying to make him penetrate you.

“Eijirou, please.” You whimpered.

Kirishima lined up his cock with your entrance, easing the head inside before shifting his hips forward to sheath his length to bottom inside of you. You groaned at the sensation of finally being filled with his manhood before you tried to wiggle your hips to try and get him to move. Kirishima landed another smack on your behind before his hands gripped your hips to still your movements.

“You’re such a naughty girl, Princess.”

“Please, Eiji-”

“Please, what?” You could hear the grin in his voice.

“Please, fuck me."

Kirishima started a brutal pace, his hips slamming into your behind as his balls slapped against your heat at every thrust, giving some added stimulation to your clit. Your fingers grasped at the sheets as he continued to fuck you harshly, trying desperately to meet his movements. You were already close thanks to his previous teasing that you could already feel your orgasm approaching. Kirishima landed another harsh slap against your ass as you felt your body convulse around his length, your climax washing over you.

"Shit, you’re so tight baby.” Your heat continued to clench around him as Kirishima continued his thrusts inside you. The tightness was making it harder for him to continue his pace, your body clenching his cock so perfectly. Kirishima’s thrusts became more sporadic as his own orgasm crept up on him, your body convulsing around his hardness as you continued to ride out your orgasm. His fingers moved around you to rub frantic circles around your clit, trying to edge you towards another climax. Your eyes clenched shut as you became overwhelmed at the stimulation, your face moving down to your sheets to try and muffle your loud cries.

“Give me one more, baby girl” Kirishima panted between thrusts, continuing his rapid circles around your clit. You couldn’t muster any words in response apart from his name as your second orgasm washed over you, your body collapsing onto the bed as you convulsed beneath him.

“Shit, Y/N.” Kirishima lay over you, thrusting into your heat three more times before coming undone inside you, filling you with his come. He kept himself sheathed inside your tightness as he pressed kisses against your shoulder, not wanting to lose the feeling of being inside you that soon. You both lay together trying to regain your breath, his fingers delicately tracing along your exposed skin.

“Still think I’m cute?” Kirishima pressed a kiss against your shoulder blade.

“When I say cute, I really mean manly.”

Chapter Text

You heaved out a sigh as you scrolled through your phone, you had tried to call your boyfriend at least six times since the time he was due to meet you. It had been over an hour, but you were used to him running late. Typing out an angry message on Twitter, you sent it before flinging your phone to the side, laying on your back with a huff. He’d forgotten you, again.

A knock came from your bedroom door, and the hopeful spark inside you lit up at the idea it was Katsuki, and that he was just running late. You rushed towards the door, swinging it open.

“Izuku?” You pulled down the oversized shirt you wore to cover your legs as your cheeks turned pink.

“Y/N, are you okay? I saw your tweets.” You felt fresh tears prick the corners of your eyes as the hope you felt that Katsuki was still intending to meet up with you disappeared.

That was the only answer Izuku needed as he slipped into your room, closing the door as he wrapped you in a tight embrace. Your hands balled into fists as they clutched at his shirt, the tears continued to fall down your cheeks as they left damp patches on the material, one of his hands moving to hold the back of your head as the other held your back tightly. His breath was warm as he whispered soothing words into the top of your head. Your fingers grasped his shirt feebly as you tried to calm yourself down and stop the tears from falling.

“He does this every time,” You muttered, moving your head back from Izuku’s chest to gaze up at him.

“I know, Y/N. You deserve better.” Izuku’s fingers brushed the wetness from your cheeks delicately. “I would treat you better.”

“I know, Izuku. You’re going to make someone really happy.”

“I want to make you happy,” His voice sounded more confident as he moved back to look into your eyes, his hands holding on to your hips.

“Wh-what? Izuku, I don’t understand.”

“I love you, Y/N. I know this isn’t the right time, and I should have said a long time ago, but I’m stick of seeing you like this.” He spoke so quietly, you had to strain your ears to hear him, “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met and you deserve the world.”

It was difficult to comprehend, you had waited the longest time to hear those words. That someone cared for you, loved you. They thought you were perfect, but the words weren’t coming from your boyfriend, they were coming from the green-haired male in front of you. The tone of voice was sincere and it allowed butterflies to flutter inside you, the thought of being someone’s world.

“Let me show you how much I love you,” Izuku brushed his knuckles against your cheek as you leaned towards his touch. The sensation felt foreign to you, used to the brash hands of your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend.

“We can’t do this, Izuku. Katsuki-” You regretfully stood back from Izuku’s touch, immediately feeling empty.

“I can treat you better than him. Please, Y/N.” Izuku caught you by surprise as he captured your lips in a sensual kiss. Izuku’s lips were soft against your own, gently holding your face in the palm of his hand as he stroked his tongue along your lips. It was completely different to what you were used to and the emotion he put into the kiss was making you lightheaded. Izuku moved to pepper sensual kisses against your jawline, moving down towards your neck.

“Please, Y/N. You deserve so much better.” Izuku murmured against your skin, his breath fanning against you and sending shock waves through your body.

“Izuku,” His fingers moved to your sides to rub gentle circles along your side, dipping under the hem of your shirt to splay against your skin. His touch ignited a spark inside you as you tried to pull him impossibly closer. Izuku moved back towards your lips to capture them in another searing kiss, You tugged at the bottom of Izuku’s shirt as he broke the kiss to stare into your eyes, his own fingers still teasing at the exposed skin on your hips.

“I want to,” You whispered, looking into his eyes timidly.

Izuku moved back to lift your shirt up and over your head, his eyes watching your reaction to ensure your consent. Your fingers moving to help him ease his own shirt over his messy hair, your palms immediately splaying against his naked skin. You stepped back towards your bed, falling down on it and pulling Izuku to rest beside you, bringing him in with another soft kiss.

“Can I..” Izuku’s hands stopped at the back of your bra, thumbing the clasp as he waited for your permission, without a word you moved your own hands back to undo the piece of clothing, letting it fall down between your bodies and leaving you naked to him, apart from the thin panties you wore. Izuku’s breath hitched in his throat as he stared at your body, making you feel nervous under his gaze.

“Izuku, don’t stare.” You blushed, moving your hands up to hide your exposed chest.

“Don’t,” His own hands caught yours in motion, pulling them back down, “You’re beautiful.”

Izuku’s fingers brushed against your mounds, leaning down to press chaste kisses against your soft skin before eloping one of your nipples into his warm mouth. You groaned and fisted your hands in his hair as he continued to suck your breasts, alternating his attention between them. Izuku’s fingers continued to stroke against your naked skin as he moved his hand towards the waistband of your panties, fingers tracing the material.

“You’re so wet,” Izuku’s fingers stroked against your soaked panties, making your body jerk up towards his touch as he brushed against your clothed clit.

“Izuku, please.” You moved your hips to help him ease the material down your legs, a blush forming as you were now completely bare under him.

“You’re beautiful.” Izuku captured your lips in another passionate kiss as he moved himself between your legs, tugging his own boxer briefs down his legs. Izuku guided himself to your entrance, the head of his cock brushing against your clit making you buck your hips towards him. He continued to tease you, stroking his cock against your slit, watching how your wanton body moved towards him. He wanted to ingrain the sight in his memory.

“Y/N, look at me.” He whispered, your eyes meeting his own green ones has he slowly sheathed himself inside you, filling you to the hilt. Your fingernails scratched at his back as he stilled inside you, allowing you to adjust to his size.

“Please, Izuku” You whimpered, moving your legs to wrap around his waist as he began to thrust inside you. His pace was slow and hard as he bottomed inside you with every stroke. Your fingers held onto his shoulders as you felt yourself become completely full, a light sheen of sweat coating both your bodies.

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” Izuku grunted out your name from between gritted teeth, your sultry moans spurred him on as he continued his consistent pace inside you. The immense pleasure you felt in this moment was becoming overwhelming as you felt your climax approach.

“Izuku, I’m so close.” You moaned, your fingernails digging into his back as the intensity of his gaze tore through you, your body arching towards his own.

“Come for me, Y/N.” Izuku’s arms circled around your body as he pulled you impossibly closer, continuing his gentle thrusts inside you. Everything was becoming overwhelming as your orgasm approached, the coil inside you so close to breaking. Izuku’s slow, deep thrusts meant he hit your g-spot perfectly every time.

“I’m coming, oh shit. Izuku.” Your eyes shut in euphoria as your orgasm washed over you, making your body shake beneath him. The way your womanhood clenched around his length was enough to help him reach his end as he came inside you, whispering your name against your neck. Izuku continued his pace, helping to ease you down from your high as you both tried to regain your breath.

You groaned as Izuku pulled out of you, immediately feeling empty as he collapsed on the bed beside you, pulling your body into his arms. You lay your heat against his chest as you drew absentminded circles along his skin, both of you trying to regulate your breathing.

“I’ll always love you, Y/N.” Izuku pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead, and that was all that mattered to you in that moment.

Chapter Text

Bakugou scrolled through his phone, absentmindedly reading through various social media links. His fingers sped up to scroll faster whenever he came across another one of Kaminari’s posts, he was sick of seeing terrible memes. He was bored and in a particularly bad mood, you had ignored the six messages he had previously sent you asking whether you wanted to watch a movie with him. You’d already blown him off for a shopping day with the girls in the dorm and when you finally got back five hours later you’d rushed straight past him with nothing other than a quick ‘hi’, carrying an array of pink bags up to your room.

It wasn’t enough that you hadn’t spent any time with him all day, now you were ignoring his messages. He felt like some love-sick fool, waiting around for your return. Bakugou couldn’t bring himself to go to your bedroom and ask you for attention face to face, he wasn’t clingy and he definitely wasn’t going to look like he needed you. He didn’t, those six texts were obviously only because he needed to send a few more to insult you. That was it.

Suddenly his phone vibrated, one new message from Y/N.

About fucking time, he swiped across the screen to open the text and he froze in place.

In front of him was a picture you’d taken of yourself in the full length mirror in your room, a sultry look graced your features as you posed with your phone at your side so it didn’t block the view. And what a view it was. The lingerie set was a dark green colour, similar to the green of his gauntlets. Your breasts were bulging out of the cups and the thin material he supposed were intended to be panties left little to the imagination.

Did you just take this now? Is this what you’d be wearing if he went up to your room. His mind began to wonder.

Suddenly his phone vibrated with another message and Bakugou reluctantly minimised the photo so he could read it, but instead of text there was another photograph. This time you had taken a selfie and this gave him a great opportunity to see the material close up. He immediately zoomed in on your breasts, eyes squinting slightly as he was certain he could see the outline of your nipples. His throat suddenly felt dry as he tried to calm his heartbeat down.

You were such a fucking tease.

Another few pictures came through and you were wearing a different lingerie set, this time it was a black colour, straps framing your breasts perfectly and coming up around your neck. You looked stunning. Bakugou shuffled uncomfortably in his seat, trying to shift his weight so his trousers weren’t straining against his growing erection, his eyes appraising the image of you thoroughly, eyes glancing at how the thin material accentuated your curves and the way the material stretched over your breasts.

Another vibration came through the phone and Bakugou wasn’t sure he could take much more. This picture was the most lewd one yet. You were staring at the camera innocently, but he knew you were anything but. Your chest was completely exposed and you were still wearing the tiny pair of panties from the previous photos. That was it, he was a goner.

“Hey, man- What’s up? You look a little pale-” Kirishima glanced over at his best friend from his position on one of the couches in the common room. Bakugou’s head snapped up to stare at Kirishima, ears tinged pink as he locked his phone, holding it in a fist as he stood from his position on the couch.

“None of your business, Shitty hair.” Bakugou adjusted his trousers, trying to hide his hardness as he made his way to the elevators.

“Hurry the fuck up,” Bakugou repeatedly pressed the button, ignoring the light indicating that the lift was on its way.

Bakugou slammed the door to his dorm room shut, almost taking it off its hinges. Sitting down at the side of his bed as he overlooked the pictures you’d sent once more. You were beautiful.

'Babe, are you ignoring me? I hope you liked the photos’ your text flashed at the top of his phone screen.

'I fucking loved the photos,’ Bakugou sent a text back before tugging his loose sweatpants down his legs to reveal his black boxer-briefs, his erection straining against the cotton. He moved his phone down to snap a photo, sending it over to you.

'Are you going to come and help me with this?’ He watched his message turn to 'read’ instantly.

‘Why?’ Your message was accompanied by a winking emoji.

‘Because it’s your fucking fault’ It had been a few minutes with no reply, you’d left him on ‘read’.

You better be on your fucking way over here, he thought, lounging across his bed and palming his hard cock through his underwear.


Your cheeks flushed at the image you saw on your phone screen, even in his underwear Bakugou’s cock looked huge. You rubbed your legs together in anticipation as the three dots appeared to show he was typing a reply.

‘Are you going to come and help me with this?’

‘Why’ You shot a text back, smiling to yourself as you knew how annoyed he would be at your response.

‘Because it’s your fucking fault’ You didn’t bother to type back a reply, instead throwing an oversized shirt over your bra and panties, shoving your slippers on as you made your way towards Bakugou’s room.

Knocking on the door lightly you heard a gruff voice from inside telling you to come in as you opened the door slightly and slipped through, closing it behind you.

The sight in front of you was something else, Bakugou was lounging across his bed with his hand stroking his length over his underwear.

“You liked the pictures then?” You toyed with the bottom of your shirt with a grin.

“Why are you sending me photos of this shit instead of showing me?” He stood from his position, stalking towards you like a lion stalking its prey.

“Because every time I wear something like this for you, it always ends up singed,” you motioned down to his hands which were slick with sweat, tips of his fingers emitting tiny sparks.

“Do you blame me? When you’re this fucking sexy-” His hands moved to the hem of your shirt, tugging it up to reveal the lingerie underneath, his tongue coming out to lick against his lips.

“No, Katsuki, be careful you’ll burn the lace-"

”Fuck the lace,“ His palms cupped your sex roughly, feeling your wetness soak through the thin material. His hands were warm, and it was only adding to the sensation you felt. Low vibrations coursing through your sex. You squealed in surprise when a spark flashed in your eye line, jumping back to try and avoid being burnt by him. His quirk had now destroyed the left side hem of your panties, the material now dropping to one side. Bakugou ripped the now compromised material down the right hand side, rendering the material useless.

"Katsuki!” You scolded, “I literally bought this today.” Bakugou simply scoffed as he let the material fall to the floor, his hands returning to your now naked heat.

This is exactly why you never wore expensive lingerie around Bakugou.

Chapter Text

Your cheeks flushed as you glanced down at the naked man beneath you, his eyes half-lidded as he smiled back up at you. His fingers danced along your hips as he eased your body to rest over his face, legs on either side of his head. His hands moved up to cup your breasts in his warm hands, assessing the weight under his touch as his thumbs caressed your nipples.

“Hawks-” You heaved a sigh as his lips connected with your lower ones. His tongue stroked along your slit, tasting your essence as he lapped at your clit. His hands pinched your nipples, moving back down your frame to rest on your hips as he guided you to move against his touch.

“Fuck,” Your hips ground into his face as he tugged your clit into his mouth, sucking down on it harshly. His hands moved around to hold on to your ass as he guided you to come in contact with his face. Your cheeks were tinged pink as he worked your body, your fingers moving down to tug his messy hair as you became unsteady at his ministrations.

Hawks hummed in appreciation as you tugged his hair, making him suck down harder on your labia. One of his hands moved from its position on your behind to prod at your sex, fingers grazing against your slit. Sucking in a breath you ground your sex down against him, urging him to insert a finger into your tightness.

“Eager are we, Little Bird-” He teased, as he felt your walls squeeze around his index finger. The sensation sending a throbbing jolt of pleasure down to his stiff cock, imagining what you would feel like wrapped around his length.

“Hawks, please-” You whined as he pulled his lips away from your sex, fingers tracing around your entrance as he looked up at you.

“What do you want, Love. Tell me-” His breath was hot against your lower lips and you tried feebly to ground down on his face to get him to touch you again but his hands held your ass tightly, massaging the cheeks between his nimble fingers, “Do you want to come?”

Your body shuddered at his blunt words and it made your lower body twinge in anticipation. Hawks fingers continued to play with your ass as his thumbs brushed your lower lips. He was such a tease.

“Yes, Hawks. Please-”

“Please what?” He pressed a kiss against your clit, making pleasure flutter through you.

“Please make me come,” You whined, the tight coil inside you was so close to come undone and you needed a release.

Hawks didn’t reply but instead latched his lips back onto your clit, tongue lashing against it as he sucked down hard. Inserting two fingers back into your heat and curling them so they hit your g-spot with every thrust. Your orgasm was building back up rapidly and your moans became louder as you were about to reach your climax.

As if sensing you were near once again, Hawks pulled his lips from your heat once again, stilling his fingers inside you and straightening them so they weren’t touching that special spot inside you. You whined again in frustration as you feebly bucked your hips against his fingers, trying to create some friction and edge you back towards your release.

“I’m enjoying having you on top of me like this, it would be such a shame to finish it now-” Hawks was smirking now, he was teasing you.

“You can’t blame me, especially with a view like this.”

“Hawks,” You were whining now, but you were desperate for a release. Your body felt as if it was on fire and Hawks was the only person that could put it out.

“You want to come on my face, Love?”

“Hawks-” You groaned at his lewd words, did he have to put it like that.

“I want you to come on my face.”

His fingers curled inside you once more, beginning a ridiculously fast pace, pivoting his fingers so they hit your g-spot once more. You ground your hips down against his touch as his lips latched onto your clit again, this time he wasn’t holding back as he continued to suck furiously at your clit. The orgasm denial he had previously given you made it easier for him to build you back up to your release and you were going to come hard and fast.

He moved the hand that was holding your ass back and landed a harsh smack against your flesh, your core now pressed harder against his face. The dull ebb of pain mixed with the intense pressure on your sex was overwhelming and you couldn’t stop the intense sensation captivating your body.

“Hawks,” You cried his name out as your orgasm crashed down around you, your body shuddering as the tight coil inside you broke. Your body was weak and you tried to stay upright to stop from suffocating your lover but you were finding it difficult to generate the energy to do so. Hawks followed the movements of your bucking hips as he continued thrusting his fingers into you, flicking his tongue against your clit as he helped you ride out your climax.

“You’re so beautiful, Little Bird.” Hawks tugged your quivering naked body closer to his own, brushing his fingers against your face before holding the side of your neck and pulling you into a sultry kiss, his tongue slipping between your lips. You could taste yourself on his tongue and remnants of your climax were still on his face.

“See how good you taste? I can’t get enough,” You could feel his need pressed against your hip as he continued to press sloppy kisses along your neck, biting down on the sensitive skin of your collarbone.

Chapter Text

“Wait, what?” Kirishima scrunched his face in confusion.

You simply shrugged, as if it were the most normal thing in the world as you continued scrolling through your phone. You were lying on either sides of a couch in the communal area of Heights Alliance, legs were touching side by side, the film Kirishima put on long forgotten.

“So he expects you to go to town on him at any given moment but he can’t repay the favour?” You burst out laughing at Kirishima’s words.

“He doesn’t expect it, I don’t mind doing it-“

“But he just won’t do the same for you,” Kirishima nudged your leg with the back of his hand, rolling his eyes.

“He just says he doesn’t like going down on girls,” You played it off, continuing to glance through your Twitter timeline.

The entire conversation was making Kirishima angry, how dare this guy expect you to give him pleasure without doing the same for you?

“You realise that isn’t a thing, right?”

“What do you mean?” You were confused, it’s not like you weren’t getting anything in return at all. He did try to finger you.

“Why would you stay with a guy like that?”

“He’s got plenty of other good qualities-”

“You deserve so much better than that, Y/N.” Kirishima sat up from his position on the couch, turning to face you. You raised your eyebrow at your best friends reaction.

“It’s not a big deal-“

“That’s the most unmanly thing I have ever heard.” Kirishima’s face was serious as he placed a hand on your shoulder.

“A real man would be proud to go down on his girl, without expecting anything in return.”

“I’ve never tried it before so it’s not like I’m really missing out…” You trailed off, were you missing out?

You couldn’t avoid the thought that flashed through your mind of Kirishima buried between your thighs, red eyes staring up into your own as he went down on you-

Oh shit, you were staring now.

“Have you actually had an orgasm with him though?”

“W-What?! Kirishima.” You shoved his arm away from you, suddenly feeling flushed. You were definitely going to pass out now, how could he be so blunt.

“We’re friends right? You can tell me.”

Yeah, friends-

“Are you okay, Y/N? You look a little red-“ Kirishima’s placed the back of his hand on your forehead and you were certain you were going to pass out from his touch.

“I’m f-fine-“ You sat up to sit beside Kirishima, his gaze was making you feel warm.

“So?” Oh yeah, his question.

“I dunno, I mean. Kind of?” You always found yourself playing with yourself to make yourself come after sex. Your boyfriend often pulling out and lying down beside you when he finished, without even thinking about your satisfaction.

“You either have or you haven’t?”

“I mean, he tries to make me come with his fingers but-“

“So you’ve never had an orgasm?” Kirishima was beyond shocked now, how could this guy leave a woman as amazing as you unsatisfied.

“Honestly, Y/N. You deserve a real man,”

Chapter Text

It had been three weeks since you had that conversation with Kirishima. Three weeks since you couldn’t get the image of the redhead between your thighs out of your mind. The thought left you constantly needy and it was becoming unbearable. Especially since your so-called boyfriend continued to neglect you.

“Y/N? Y/N-” You felt an elbow in your side as you were rudely jolted out of your thoughts, Kirishima’s red eyes boring into you, “I’ve been trying to get your attention for like ten minutes, what were you thinking about?”

“Pfft, it wasn’t ten minutes” there was no way you were going to tell him what you had been thinking about, you subtly rubbed your legs together in an attempt to alleviate the throb between your thighs.

“It basically was,” Kirishima moved his phone back to your eye line so you could see the meme he had been attempting to show you. The screen showed a crude meme that caught you completely off guard.

“Eiji-” You groaned, the meme only serving as another reminder of your pathetic sex life.

“I’m guessing from your reaction you still haven’t had an orgasm?”

You gave him a dirty look as you sunk lower on to the bed, slinging an arm over your face to shield your eyes.

“I’ll take that as a no,“

"We haven’t even had sex in weeks,” Truth be told even if your boyfriend had been interested the only man you could think of was the redhead beside you.

“That’s so unmanly,"

Could you even class it as a relationship anymore? He didn’t even look at you, much less satisfy you. You’d gone through so many of the pros and cons of being with him to discover the cons far outweighed the pros. The whole relationship was becoming tiresome and it didn’t help that your thoughts were constantly flying towards Kirishima. You were in love with your best friend. You had been for the longest time, but the fear of losing him as a friend coupled with the fear of rejection left you feebly trying to push your feelings aside as you sort comfort in other guys.

"Y/N,” Kirishima’s hand on your thigh pulled you from your thoughts as he squeezed your flesh gently.

“You keep zoning out on me, can you please tell me what’s wrong?”

There was no way you were going to tell him what was wrong.

“Well, my offer still stands.”

“What offer?”

“To show you what a real man is like.”

Oh shit, that offer.

“Let me show you, please-” Kirishima shifted to face you, his fingers brushing your cheek delicately. His gentleness caught you by surprise as he pulled you towards him, his breath fanning your face. Eyes narrowing as you closed the gap, connecting your lips to his in a sensual kiss. Kirishima’s mouth moved against yours perfectly as his tongue swept across your lips slipping between your parted ones so he could explore your wet cavern. The sensation was overwhelming as you felt yourself become light-headed, trying to remind yourself of the need to breathe. Was this really finally happening or was it another dream?

“Babe,” Kirishima had called you ‘babe’ a countless amount of times, but the way it sounded from his lips now, sultry and breathless. You needed more.

Kirishima’s fingers slipped under the oversized shirt you were wearing, sliding the thin material of your panties down your legs, exposing your sex to his gaze. He groaned as he felt your wet panties between his fingers, thumbing the material before discarding it to the floor, moving down to slide in between your parted legs. You should have felt shy or embarrassed but the excitement of Kirishima finally fulfilling your fantasy overtook any other emotion.

Letting out a yelp in surprise when the pad of Kirishima’s tongue made contact with your slit, your body jerking towards his touch as your thighs tried to close, his movements were over-stimulating. The sensation was unlike anything you’d felt before, a tingling sensation coursing through your body.

“Relax, Baby. I’m gonna treat you so good-” Kirishima’s breath fanned against your heat, his lips brushing against your clit as red eyes stared up at you. His hands moved to hold onto your thighs as he kept them open wide, not taking the chance of you trying to shut him out once again.

Kirishima’s tongue prodded your entrance, humming in approval at how wet you were. His tongue lapped at your essence, coating his tongue as he leaned up to capture your lips in another sensual kiss, allowing you to taste yourself on his appendage.

“You taste so fucking good, Babe. I need more.”

Kirishima dipped back down to your slit, gathering your juices on his tongue as he worked along your folds, curling his tongue back into your heat. Your body bucked at his touch, you felt as though your whole body was alight. Grasping the hem of your shirt between your fists you tugged it over your head, leaving your body completely bare to the redhead for the first time. Kirishima paused his actions for a moment to stare up at your naked chest, groaning as he watched you grasp your breasts, rolling your nipples between your fingers.

“You’re so beautiful,” He moved back up towards your clit, tugging it between his lips to suck on it harshly.

“So wet,” His voice vibrating around your nub. He wanted to make you come undone, to see your body racked with pleasure. He inserted two fingers back into your heat, curling them up towards your g-spot as he continued his assault on your clit.

“Eijirou, I’m-” An unfamiliar sensation surged through your body as your climax approached, “fuck-”

“Cum for me, Baby.” Kirishima’s breath fanned your clit as his eyes watched your every move, determined to watch you come undone beneath him.

“Eijirou,” your body shook violently as your orgasm washed over you, hips arched off the bed. Kirishima moved his arm to hold you steady as he continued to abuse your clit, fingers still pounding into you as he eased you through your climax.

Your body shuddered from the earth-shattering orgasm that had ripped through your body, still convulsing from the aftershocks. Kirishima’s hands grip your thighs to try and stop your body from trembling as he trails his lips along your inner thighs, placing open-mouthed kisses against your sensitive flesh. Your back arched off the bed as Kirishima sank his teeth into your inner thigh, suckling the supple skin between his lips. His lips curved into a cocky grin at your reaction, moving back to soothe the bite he’d given you with his tongue.Your hips jerked in surprise when Kirishima’s fingers prodded your entrance again, slipping two digits passed your wet folds. Contractions still pulsed through your core as you basked in the afterglow of your first orgasm, squeezing his fingers as Kirishima began to scissor them inside you slowly.

“You’re so wet, Baby. All for me-” Kirishima’s sultry voice along with his teasing fingers was unbearable, your body unable to handle the sensation.

“I-I can’t,” You still felt hot after the intense orgasm he had just provided you, there was no way you could take anymore.

“Yes,” Kirishima lapped against the purple bruise he had just given you, moving closer to your core as he continued to nip at your supple skin, “yes, you can.”

Kirishima’s lips were back against your clit, tongue lashing against it as he used his other hand to part your folds. His arm slung lazily over your hips just in case you tried to move away from him. Your fingers drove through his hair, tugging at his scalp as you attempted to pull him impossibly closer. The sensation only urging him on as he began thrusting his fingers at an unforgiving pace, his groans vibrating against your clit.

“I’m going to be the only one that ever makes you feel like this,” Kirishima’s eyes bore into your own as he continued fingering your sex, the stimulation alone was not enough to make you climax and you wiggled your hips beneath him in a feeble attempt to move his attention back to your clit. You were so close, your body already aroused from your previous climax.

“Please, Eijirou-”

“Say it."

"Eijirou-” You gasped as he flicked your clit with his tongue, grinning up at you from between your legs.

“I only want you,” Your body trembled as a second orgasm flooded your body, hips grinding into Kirishima’s touch as your thighs clamped around his face in a feeble attempt to hold him closer. Tears pricked the corner of your eyes as you felt your body convulse under his touch, his fingers continuing to toy with your sex as his tongue caressed your clit.

“Eiji, I’m gonna cum, I-” Kirishima sucked your clit harder in response, his palm moving to lay flat against your pubic bone as he eased you into euphoria. Your body convulsed beneath him once more as you practically screamed his name, head thrashing to the side as you rode out your second orgasm. Kirishima didn’t slow his movements down on your body as he tried to make your bliss drag on for as long as possible, watching as tremors ran through your body.

You had to move your hands down to tug at Kirishima’s hair forcefully, pulling him up from his assault on your sex. The stimulation was becoming overwhelming and you couldn’t take much more of his relentless onslaught.Kirishima moved back from your heat, making a show of rubbing his mouth on the back of his hand to wipe away your juices from his chin before smirking at you as he flopped down beside you, palming one of your breasts in his larger hands.

“You better not have said you only want me because I was eating you out, Babe.” Kirishima’s serious face was the opposite of his playful questioning, almost afraid to hear your response.

“I meant it, Eijirou. I love you.” Kirishima’s eyes scanned yours for any kind of pretence before a wide grin replaced his nervous expression.

“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that,” Kirishima’s fingers curled under your chin, guiding your face towards his in a tender kiss, “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Your legs bent towards your chest as Kirishima lay on top of you, his thrusts hard and deep as vermilion eyes bore into your own. The shock-waves of pleasure that hit your body with each thrust were making your body torrid, but there was still a dull ache in your core, you needed something more. Something to help you reach euphoria.

“Eijirou-“ His name left your lips in soft pants, the sound causing Kirishima to groan from his position above you, fingertips digging deeper into your sides. They would probably leave an imprint for you to wear the next day but in this moment you could care less, you were chasing your release and it was so close.

“Please, I need-“ You couldn’t get your words out, the ability to form coherent sentences was lost as you tried desperately to send your body into the pleasure it was seeking.

“What do you need, Baby? Tell me-“ Kirishima moved a hand towards your heat, calloused fingers rubbing messy circles against your clit as he continued his rough pace. Your body involuntarily bucked up at his touch, your hips arching up which made him thrust even deeper within your aching core.

“Choke me,” Kirishima stilled inside you, trying to work our if he had really just heard what he thought he did. He couldn’t prevent his cock from twitching inside of you at your lewd request, the erotic thought alone almost sending him crashing into his own release.

“W-What?” Kirishima eyed your wanton body and the needy look in your eyes as he tried to understand the implications of your words, as he tried to calm his salacious thoughts down.

“Please, Eijirou. Please-“ You were becoming desperate, bucking your hips towards him in order to try and get him to start moving again.

“It would be unmanly of me to deny my ladies request.” Kirishima’s gruff tone set your body alight as his rough fingers trailed up your chest between your parted legs. He began his slow pace again inside you as his palm moved to wrap around your neck. The sensation caused your heat to throb but it wasn’t enough, you needed something else.

“Harder,” Your own smaller hand came up to press against his own as you tried to get him to grip you with more force. The nervous look in Kirishima’s eyes didn’t go unnoticed by you as you tried to encourage him to choke you.

Kirishima hesitantly squeezed harder around your neck, feeling the vibrations of your windpipe as you whined beneath him. The way your cunt clenched around his cock at his action caused him to groan out in pleasure.

The restriction to your breathing caused you to let out a gargled moan, your body bouncing as his pace increased, hips rutting into you harder. The combined sensations meant you wouldn’t last much longer, you were already close and the pressure on your windpipe was all it took to send you straight into a mind blowing orgasm, calling out Kirishima’s name as you came, clamping around his length harshly.

“Shit,” Kirishima loosened his grip on your neck, ghosting his hand over it as he continued to thrust into you. The sensation of you clamping around his cock paired with the dominant power kick his hold on your neck had given him was enough to send him into his own release, grunting out your name as he spilled his seed inside of you.

“Did I hurt you?” Kirishima looked into your eyes nervously, his fingers tracing against the dark mark that was left on your neck.

You shook your head in response, pulling him down for a sultry kiss, you were too tired to move. The orgasm you had just felt rack through your body was unlike anything you had felt before.

You whined as Kirishima moved to pull out of you, wrapping your aching legs around his waist so he couldn’t leave you, not yet.

“Thank you,” You mumbled into his neck, pressing a sloppy kiss against his sweaty skin.

“How long have you been thinking about doing that?” Kirishima moved back to look into your eyes, “I could have really hurt you.”

“No you couldn’t, I trust you.” You smiled up at him, running your fingertips along his cheek.

“So, what other kinks have you been hiding from me?”

Chapter Text

Damn, another loud crash of thunder reverberated around your room as you pulled the covers tighter around yourself in a feeble attempt to protect your body from the storm outside.

Your fear of thunderstorms always left you feeling plaintive, such an irrational thing to be afraid of. You clenched your eyes shut as you tried to drown out the noise outside your window, but your body shook as another loud crash sounded. Working up the courage you sat up, slipping an arm out from under your duvet cocoon as you grabbed your cell phone from your beside table, the charging wire snapping out aggressively and you hoped you hadn’t damaged it for good.

The clock illuminated on your lock screen. 2.34am.

Unlocking the phone you went straight to your messages, selecting the most recent contact and typing out a text.

“You awake? x” You had already sent it before realising how stupid you sounded.

Your boyfriend was notorious for his ridiculously early bedtimes and there was no way that he would be awake at this hour. Sniffling you locked your phone, holding it to your chest as you tried to ignore the cracking from outside.

A vibration from your phone made your eyes snap open as you looked down at the illuminated phone screen to see a reply from Bakugou.


You felt your lips curve upwards into a small smile at his response, almost forgetting about the terrible storm outside as you moved your fingers to type a response back, trying to take your mind off the weather. You didn’t have a chance to finish your message as your phone began to ring silently, the vibrations consistent against your palm. You answered on the second vibration, fingers quick to slide across the screen as you held your phone to your ear.

“What the fuck are you doing awake, dumbass?”

“Katsuki,” You whimpered as another crash of thunder sounded.

“Shit,” You heard him mutter from the other side of the phone before the line went dead and he ended the phone call.

You stared at the glow of your phone screen where the message you had began typing remained and locked your phone with a dull ache in your chest, finding no reason to continue your message to him.

A few moments later your bedroom door opened, your heartbeat increasing at the intrusion before you heard the door slam and a faint muttering of ‘Shit’. Knowing exactly who it was that had entered your room.

Fingers delicately tugged at your bed-sheets, trying to remove you from the tight bindings, looking up at the dishevelled hair of your boyfriend. He’d obviously rushed over here, still clad in his boxers and loose black t-shirt.

“Move over, dumbass.” Bakugou moved the covers back so he could slip inside them with you, pulling them back over both your bodies as you instantly moved closer to his warmth, the loud storm brewing outside still the main thing on your mind, but the fact Bakugou was now with you made your fear less intense. You buried your head in his chest as his arms wrapped around you like a vice, his chin resting on top of your messy mop of hair, his fingers moving up to try and soothe it down so it didn’t tickle his face.

“Thunderstorms again, really?” His voice was huskier than usual, having just woke up, “my explosions are louder than this shit,”

“I can’t help it,” Your hands gripped the shirt he was wearing between your fingers, “M’sorry-“

“Stop being fucking stupid,” Bakugou muttered into your hair, placing a kiss on top of your head as his arms tightened around your body, slipping under your nightshirt to rub soothing circles on your skin, “don’t apologise.”

His warmth was already lulling you to sleep as you felt the rise and fall of his chest and the dull thump of his heartbeat, moving your head to rest your ear against his chest to try and feel it more.

“I love you,” The loud echo of thunder still sounded in your room but Bakugou’s embrace made you feel safe and secure as you drifted to sleep.

“Go to sleep, stupid woman.”

The last thing you heard before you drifted into slumber was Bakugou whispering a ‘love you’ into your hair.

Chapter Text

“What the fuck are you doing?” Bakugou’s voice was gruff from sleep as he tried to comprehend what was going on. His duvet was pulled back and a warm body pressed against his own, the dim moonlight showed him exactly who it was, but what time was it?

Bakugou’s eyes squinted towards the alarm clock on his bedside table that flashed at 11.35pm. Looking back down at his girlfriend as she buried herself tighter against him, moving one of her hands to pull the duvet back up around them both.

“Mhm, nothing-” You mumbled as your face was pressed into his chest, your breath tickling his warm skin.

“Don’t lie, Y/N. What the hell?” Bakugou’s strong arms moved to pull you off him in confusion, moving so you were facing him.

Your usual hostile expression was replaced with a feeble look, your eyes glossy and reddened, obvious that you had been crying.

“What the fuck you crying for?” Although Bakugou’s question was threatening, his voice had lowered an octave, his eyes softening as he brushed some of your hair from your face, cradling your cheek in his palm.

“Just been a bad day,” You mumbled, leaning into his touch. His fingers warm against your cool skin, “wanted a cuddle-”

Bakugou didn’t question how peculiar it was for you to be so needy, instead pulling you back down beside him on the bed, allowing you to snuggle yourself into his side, burrowing your body in between his chest and arm, inhaling his familiar scent. Bakugou raised a brow at your movements, unused to you showing your emotions so freely.

“M’so lucky to have you.” Her words were causing his cheeks to flush red as he tried to calm down his emotions. Bakugou wasn’t used to her praising him so openly, he rarely did the same for her too, “I don’t tell you that enough,” Her arms squeezed his chest tight as she placed an open mouthed kiss to his pectoral.

“I love you so much, you know” Your words caught him off guard as he wasn’t expecting them to leave your lips so freely. It was a mutual understanding that you both loved each other, but you usually showed this by communicating in insults.

“So fucking clingy,” Bakugou’s arm tightened around your shoulder as he pulled you impossibly tighter into his side, placing a soft kiss atop your head.

“Love you too, now go to sleep, stupid woman.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou’s fingers are digging into your sides, his thumbs brushing against the underside of your bra as he continues his assault on your skin. Garish, purple splotches begin to litter the skin along the curve of the material as he bites down on the sensitive skin there, sucking it between his lips. His fingers come up to thumb your nipples through the thin material of your bra, hands pushing the mounds up to feel the weight under his palms. You groan at his touch, threading your fingers into his unruly hair and tugging, making the male above you groan against your sensitive skin at the sensation, mouth open and teeth barred.

Bakugou makes no movement to remove the constricting material from your body as he simply tugs down a cup to free one of your needy breasts, immediately directing his head towards your plush nipple. He licks the pad of his tongue against it to make it stand at full attention as he engulfs the bud between his lips, teeth tugging while he suckles your receptive flesh. Your fingers, still threaded into his hair only serve as a device to push him harder into your skin, trying desperately to feel more. Bakugou grins against your chest as he moves your other bra-cup to allow both your breasts to be exposed, giving the other mound the same attention it deserves. His hand moves up to tweak your bud between his thumb and forefinger, tugging it playfully as your moans above him spur him on.

“You like that, Baby?” Bakugou speaks against your areola, your whole body needy as his breath causes your skin to tingle, “You like it when I play with your tits?”

The crude words cause your lower body to quiver as you jerk up into his aching manhood, concealed by his trousers. You can feel his need as he presses his body harder into your own, showing you just how much he wants you too. One of Bakugou’s thumbs raised to trace lightly over the soft skin of your lips, before forcing its way inside your mouth.

“Suck,” You obliged willingly as your tongue danced around Bakugou’s thumb, coating it with your saliva before he pulled it out of your mouth abruptly and used the digit to trace around one of your hardened buds.

Bakugou moves back so he can get a better look at your wanton face as you stare up at him with hazy eyes, his hands moving to push your breasts together, feeling the weight of them between his palms as he continues to brush the pad of his thumb against your aching nipples.

“I’ll take that as a yes,”

Chapter Text

Kirishima’s shoulders drooped as he panted heavily, hands on his knees as he tried desperately to regain his breath. Whenever he trained with his girlfriend it always seemed to end up with him being pushed to the extreme. Not because you were trying to destroy him, but because he always wanted to appear as strong as possible when he was with you.

“Eiji, you want to take a break?” You placed a warm hand on his shoulder as you held out a water bottle to your boyfriends doubled over form. Once your fingers brushed the tense muscles on his back he groaned, fingers weakly grabbing the water bottle from your grasp and groaning when he stood up to take a long swig.

“M'okay,” he groaned, trying to straighten his back himself, but you saw the way the muscles on his back contracted at the movement and you knew it wouldn’t be wise to continue.

“No, you’re not. You’re so tense, Eijirou. You need to relax-”

“I’m fine, babe. Come on-”

“No, lets go back to the dorms.” You tugged on his forearm as he whined low in the back of his throat, following you to pick up your bag at the corner of the training room, his own going over his shoulder with a wince.

“Lie down, Eiji-” Your boyfriend didn’t need to be told twice as he flopped down, face first onto your bed with a groan. You smiled at the sight of him, shorts sagging low on his hips and his vest slid up so you could see the muscles in his lower back. Moving towards your vanity you picked up a bottle of body oil you had in one of the drawers, deciding instantly you were going to help your boyfriend relax.

“Princess, what are you doing?” Kirishima’s voice sounded tired as he turned his face to the side, his cheek squished against the bed so he could watch your movements.

“Just getting something-” You turned to him with a smile as you made your way back to the bed.

“Take your shirt off.“

"What?” Kirishima’s flustered voice sounded as you tugged at the bottom of his vest.

“You heard, off.” You tugged the material up his torso and he groaned as he shuffled out out it without sitting up too much. You smiled at the way he flopped back down after before your fingers slipped under the waist band of his basketball shorts.

“What are you doing?"

"Taking your clothes off,” You stated obviously as you slapped his clothed butt playfully, trying to get him to raise his hips so you could slip them down. This left Kirishima clad in a pair of black boxer-briefs and the way they clung to his firm butt made you lick your lips in anticipation.

“Yeah, but why-” He grumbled. He was fully intending to take you up on the offer of a nap, he was tired.

“I’m going to give you a massage, Eiji. You’re muscles are so tense.” Kirishima hissed at the sensation of the cool oil dripping onto his skin, the warm pads of your fingers spreading it across his shoulder blades. You couldn’t help but watch the way his muscles moved under your touch, noting the way his body relaxed as each area of his back began to feel less tense and constricted.

“That feels so good, Babygirl” Kirishima’s voice sounded as though he was fighting sleep at your movements, your fingers now moving lower to push into the groove of his lower back, trailing along his spine.

“I need to take these off, Eiji. They’re in the way.” Your boyfriend was already so relaxed from the touches you’d already given him he was more than compliant when you tugged at his underwear, lifting his hips to allow you to pull the material down his legs.

You separated Kirishima’s legs slightly so you could settle in between them as you ran your fingers along his butt, taking the extra time to squeeze his firm mounds and admire the shape before you ran your fingers down to the back of his thighs. His muscles were just as tense in his legs and you wasted no time in giving his lower body the same treatment, making sure to ease out the kinks as Kirishima whimpered under you.

As you allowed your fingers to slide back up his legs your thumbs moved in between his parted legs, brushing against his balls as he grunted in surprise.

“I need you to turn over, Baby.” You sat up as you gave his butt a soft spank, waiting for him to comply. It was obvious Kirishima had almost fallen asleep at your ministrations as you had to give him a slightly harder slap on the behind to get him to move. Kirishima rolled onto his back, eyes still shut as he bent one of his arms over his head, shielding his eyes from the light in the room obviously trying to get comfortable. His nonchalant state giving you the perfect opportunity to admire his body. He was definitely sculpted by the Gods. Your gaze went from his prominent collarbone, down his sternum towards the sharp V that lead to his manhood. His length stood at half-mast but you couldn’t help but notice a small bead of pre-cum that sat at the tip. You climbed back onto his body, straddling his strong thighs once more as you began the same action on his front. The pads of your fingers began to slather his chest in oil, his skin glistening under your touch.

Your hips began to grind down against his thighs as you tried to create some sort of relief to your throbbing heat. The scene in front of you was practically sinful as you watched Kirishima’s dick harden at each of your sensual movements, beginning to stand at full mast and begging to be touched. You allowed an oil-slicked hand to dip down to grasp his length in a fist.

“That doesn’t feel like a massage, Princess.” Kirishima’s voice was husky as he moved his arm onto his forehead so he could watch your movements, eyes focused on your own as you began to stroke his dick, fingers gliding along him thanks to the lubricant.

“It is, I promise.” You smiled down at him innocently as you brushed your thumb over his oozing head, gathering his pre-cum and adding it to the mix as you continued your lazy pace. Kirishima’s breath increased as he continued to watch you, grunting softly beneath you.

“Mmm, why am I the only one naked, that’s not fair." Smiling at the playful tone in his voice you obliged him by tugging your sports bra over your head, watching the red-head beneath you lick his lips at your exposed skin.

Kirishima maintained eye contact with you as he moved his large hands down his torso, gathering the oil on his digits before running them up your body to grasp your breasts, squeezing them between his fingers as your nipples hardened at his touch. The oil made it easy for his hands to slide against your skin, giving your own body the same light sheen his had.

You could no longer control your movements as you began to grind your clothed hips down against his erection, lowering your body so you could bring Kirishima into a searing kiss. One of Kirishima’s hands moved up from your chest towards your neck, holding you to him as he brushed his tongue along your lips, sneaking inside your mouth to explore your wet cavern. Kirishima felt the low vibrations of a groan in your throat as you stroked his tongue with your own, feeling the tips of his teeth nip against your hot muscle.

"Eijirou-” You whimpered into his mouth as you continued to buck your hips against him, body grinding against his own. Kirishima lifted your body up to yank your shorts and panties down your legs, giving you a moment to move to the side to pull the material off. You were quick to resume your position back on top of his thighs as you ground your naked body down against his own.

A salacious hiss of pleasure left Kirishima’s mouth as he felt your wet slit graze his cock, strong hands moving to hold your hips as you hovered over his body, pressing his length down between his chest and your heat as you slowly began to grind against him.

“This was your plan all along wasn’t it, Princess?” Kirishima used his hands on your hips to guide you along his length, pushing you down harder against him which caused a delicious friction against your clit as you whimpered above him.
Both your bodies now slick with oil which helped you glide against him, your chest pressing down against his own so you could bring him into another searing kiss, saliva dripping down your chin as your tongues stroked each other. Kirishima’s hands moved from your hips towards your behind as he gripped your ass cheeks between his fingers, moving his hands to make it wiggle under his touch as he manoeuvred you along his length, speeding up your movements.

“Eijirou, please-” Your body jerked above him as you moved your palms to his chest to push yourself back up atop his body.

“Please what?”

“I need you inside me,”

“Anything you want, Princess.” Kirishima grunted as you grasped him in your hand, holding him steady as the head of his cock prodded your tight hole. His own hands helped you sink down on his length, hissing in pleasure at the sensation of being completely full as he bottomed out within you.

Kirishima gave you a moment to adjust to his size before he began to thrust his hips up into you, a dull smack of skin against skin sounding out in the quiet room. Your fingers lay flush against his shiny skin as you began to grind your hips down against his movements, chasing your own release greedily.

“You’re so beautiful like this, Babygirl. So perfect-” His words spurring you on as you continued your pace, your heat constricting around him as you felt tremors of an impending release.

The oil mixed with your essence made it easier for you to glide along Kirishima’s cock, each time he would lift you off him so only his tip was inside you before slamming you back down on his length.Your mouth fell open as you allowed your moans of pleasure to flow freely, Kirishima’s low grunts were only acting as encouragement for you to continue rocking your hips against his own, feeling the way his dick stroked against your inner walls deliciously.

“M'so close, Eiji.” You rolled your hips against his own, causing the male beneath you to grunt. You were almost there, you just needed something-
Kirishima moved his thumb down to your clit, rubbing teasing circles around it as he pressed his palm down on your pelvis, trying to edge you towards your release.

“I can feel you clenching around me, Babygirl. Are you going to cum for me?” Kirishima’s sultry voice sounded as he continued to thrust up into you, willing you to reach your bliss.

“Eijirou,” You moaned as you felt the dam inside you open as your orgasm crashed down on you, your body shaking as Kirishima continued to rub circles on your clit, helping you ride out your climax as you clenched his dick.

“I can’t- Eiji,” You groaned as Kirishima continued rubbing your clit even after you’d just came, determined to over-stimulate your little bud as he chased his own release. The sensation was becoming overwhelming as your body continued to clench around Kirishima’s length, his thrusts increasing in speed as he felt his own impending climax.

“I know you’ve got one more in you, Princess.” Kirishima’s thumb continued to rub furious circles around your clit as his other came up to squeeze one of your bouncing breasts in his hand, “Just let go,"

You almost screamed as another orgasm ripped through you, your body shaking as you screamed out Kirishima’s name, unable to silence yourself. Your upper body felt weak as you fell onto Kirishima’s chest, your head lay on his collarbone as he moved both his hands to your hips so he could thrust up into you brutally chasing his own release.

Kirishima came undone four thrusts later, burying his head into your neck as he grunted your name at his release. You both lay together in a tangled mess of limbs as you both tried to regain your breathing.

"That was…” Kirishima trailed off, his fingers running along your back as his breathing began to shallow, the soft rise and fall of his chest easing you into a well-deserved rest.


Chapter Text

You glanced up in annoyance when you saw your boyfriend hadn’t checked his phone. He was such a nerd when it came to class you knew this was a possibility, unlocking your phone screen once more, you typed out another message, hitting send. Then another, repeating the process in the knowledge that each message you sent would make Bakugou’s phone vibrate against his leg.

Finally, success as your boyfriend pulled his phone out from his pocket, a scowl partially visible on his face from your view to the side of him. You watched with baited breath as he glanced down at his phone screen to see multiple messages from you, his red eyes glancing back towards you as if to say ‘can’t it wait?’. You smiled back at him innocently as you nodded your head towards the phone, trying to get him to look at the messages you’d sent him. Bakugou turned back in his chair as you watched his nimble fingers unlock his phone, trying to be as subtle as possible as he began to read through the slew of messages you’d sent.

You knew the exact moment Bakugou had seen the picture you sent because you saw the speed at which he locked his phone, the screen going blank. Bakugou turned back around to shoot you a glare before you saw his back hunch over as he unlocked his phone to send you a message.

‘What the fuck are you doing sending me a picture like that during class, dumbass?’

You stifled a laugh as you watched the text appear on your screen. Glancing up you checked whether Aizawa was still asleep, the assignment you were supposed to be completing long forgotten as you began to text your boyfriend back.

‘I just thought you might want to see the new panties I’m wearing, Suki. Do you like them?’

Your message had a read stamp on it instantly so you knew Bakugou had his phone unlocked and was waiting for you to respond.

‘Wait, you’re wearing those right fucking now?’

You smirked down at your phone screen at his response, bingo-

‘Yeah, Babe. They’re nice right?’

Bakugou left you on ‘read’ as you saw him slip his phone back into his trousers pocket, gripping his pen tightly between his fingers as he went back to focusing on the assignment. You lips scrunched together in a disappointed pout as you moved to do the same.


When class was finally over you made sure to take your time packing your stuff away, knowing full well this would annoy your impatient boyfriend to no end. He’d already made his way out of the classroom, his bag slung over his shoulder without even a backwards glance at you. You took so long leaving that even Aizawa had made his exit, leaving you alone in the quiet classroom. Throwing your own school bag over your shoulder you made your way to exit when you were pushed back inside the room, the classroom door slammed shut and you were pushed back against it.

“Hey, Babe.” You smiled up at your boyfriend innocently, noticing the way his nostrils flared at the sight of you.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Sending me pictures like that during class.” Bakugou’s voice was gruff, almost feral as his hands dig into your sides, holding you tight against the door.

“I thought you’d like to see them, I bought them especially for you,” you circled tour arms around his shoulders, using them as leverage to push tour lower body up against his own, grinding up against his crotch. You could feel the stiffness of his manhood under the material of his trousers and you knew that the picture you’d sent must have had an impact on him.

“Anyone could have looked over my shoulder and seen that picture,” Bakugou’s hands moved from your waist to smooth down the sides of your skirt, fingers dancing across your upper thighs, “do you want people to see? Is that it?”

Bakugou’s palms lay flat against your skin, the heat from his hands causing your skin to tingle and goosebumps to appear. Pressing a kiss against your neck he continued pushing up your skirt, hands sliding up your thighs as his thumbs brushed against the material of your panties.

“You’ve been wearing these all day?” Bakugou sounded shocked as he felt the lacy material of your panties, thumbs moving to the middle where he felt your naked wetness in between the thin material.

“Shit,” He muttered under his breath as he felt skin on skin, the idea that you had actually been wearing crotchless panties all day and he was none-the-wiser made him excited and angry at the same time. Anyone could have seen-

“What if someone had seen you wearing these, huh?” Bakugou’s breath was hot against your neck as he pressed sloppy kisses against it, his teeth scraping against your skin.

“What if you’d bend over and given Kirishima a show? Or Kaminari?” His fingers moved between your thighs to brush along your wet slit, gathering the moisture to rub gentle circles around your clit.

“Or fucking Deku?” Bakugou sounded feral as he moved his fingers down to slip one into your heat, watching the way your body arched into his touch.

“No,” You groaned, “it’s only for you.”

“It fucking better be, Princess.” Bakugou slipped another finger into your tightness which made you mewl under his touch, his digits instantly spreading inside you to scissor inside tour tight hole. You couldn’t stop tour lower half from grinding against his touch as his palm pressed against your clit perfectly.

“None of those fucking extras are allowed to see what’s mine,” The guttural growl in his throat made your core throb as Bakugou lifted your skirt so he could see the panties you had teased him with in the photograph, fingers still buried deep inside you.

“Shit,” He groaned at the sight in front of him, the picture you’d sent him nowhere near as good as seeing the real thing, “You really are fucking perfect.”
You moved your fingers to the back of Bakugou’s neck, pulling him down into a sensual kiss, his teeth tugging at your bottom lip as he pushed against your touch, trying to gain control of the kiss. Bakugou’s tongue brushed against your own as his mouth swallowed your moans, your hips now bucking against his palm, his fingers still assaulting your heat. Bakugou moved his fingers to curl inside you, searching for that special spot inside you that he knew all too well, finding it with little to no effort. Bakugou began to hit it with each thrust of his fingers, grinning into the kiss at the sound of your soft mewls. Your climax was swiftly approaching, the dam inside you threatening to burst as you ground yourself against his palm.

“‘Suki, I’m gonna-“ Your climax was about to wash over you when you were suddenly empty, looking up into Bakugou’s smug eyes.

“See what happens when you tease me, Baby?” Bakugou slipped the two fingers that had just been inside your sopping heat between his lips, sucking down on the digits and tasting your juices. He looked practically sinful above you as you tried to move a hand out to cup his cock through his trousers. Bakugou’s reflexes were too fast and caught your wrist between his palm as he pushed you back.

“You’re going to spend the rest of the day in these soaked panties,” Bakugou moved his fingers back under your skirt to tug at the thin material, “Or maybe I should just take them off you right now. Since there’s barely anything there-”
His sordid words caused a groan to escape your lips, your hips bucking up towards his touch, desperate for any sort of relief.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you? Anyone having the chance to see you-” Bakugou bit down on your neck, near your collarbone, suckling the tender skin there. “But you’re mine.” The snarl in his voice was sinful. Bakugou moved his hand from under your skirt, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips before moving your body from the door and slipping out of the classroom. Your legs wobbled as you tried to keep yourself upright, your breathing irregular as you tried desperately to calm your body down. Breaking you from your thoughts your phone vibrated in your bag, taking the device out and reading the text that flashed against the lock screen.

‘You better be in my room after class, Princess.’

Chapter Text

“Sorry guys, I can’t tonight-” Kirishima raised his phone up to check the time, it was at least another thirty minutes until your show would begin but he wanted to make sure he was online early like always.

“You’re blowing us off again man?” Kaminari whined, inserting a disk into the PlayStation before handing a controller to Bakugou. 

“It’s not intentional guys, it’s just-”

“He’s in looove,” Sero gave Kirishima a playful nudge before attempting to grab him in a headlock.

“Are you guys bullying Kiri again?” Kirishima immediately activated his quirk, making Sero pull away from him with a grunt, clutching his arm as red eyes locked onto your form, immediately noticing your attire. The long shirt you wore hung off your body, hiding your curves from his prying eyes. The smooth skin of your legs that was exposed made Kirishima’s face heat up, admiring you’re smooth skin as he immediately began to think about exactly what you looked like under that baggy shirt. 

“Nah, just talking to him about his girlfriend,” Sero teased.


“She’s not my girlfriend,” Kirishima mumbled, he definitely didn’t want you thinking he had someone in his life, but he also didn’t want you to know what he did on a weekly basis. His eyes met yours and Kirishima tried to work out what you were thinking, he thought he may have noticed a look of hurt flash across your features but he wasn’t sure. 

“Probably a catfish anyway,” Kaminari relaxed back against the couch as the start menu for the game flashed on the television screen.

“Well have a good night, guys.” Kirishima was broken out of his trance as he watched your retreating figure, a large mug of tea in your hands as you made your way towards your room. He immediately grabbed his phone, jumping up from his position beside Sero as he bid his friends farewell.

“Have fun, lover boy,” Kaminari chuckled as Kirishima’s cheeks tinged pink, “she better be special for you to be ditching us again.”

If only they knew.


Kirishima shut and locked the door to his room, flopping down onto his desk chair as he opened his laptop with a sigh. It was impossible for him to find the words to talk to you. The ability to form coherent sentences was lost whenever you stood within five feet of him. Resound to admiring you from afar, subtle glances and daydreams. This was exactly how he discovered your hobby. Could it even be considered a hobby? He knew it was your way of making extra money in between classes, but he had still been surprised the first time he’d discovered your side job. 

Kirishima clicked onto your page and immediately entered your chat room. Ten minutes early but who cares? This week had felt even longer than usual and he was desperate to see you, to hear you saying those things to him. The things he pretended were meant for his ears only, for his eyes only. Kirishima was caught completely off guard when he saw his screen illuminated with your image, the live feed starting as your face lit up, noticing his handle. 

“Hey, Red.” You smiled directly into the camera, it was as if you were looking directly at him. 

hi :)’ Kirishima typed back immediately moving his fingers up to the donate button. 

“We haven’t even started yet and you’re already donating?” Kirishima almost melted at the sound of your voice, you sounded so happy and it was because of him. 

anything for you.’ Kirishima typed, his heart swelling as he watched your face light up. 

“Anything?” You grinned, leaning towards the screen before slowly more supporters slowly began to trickle in, taking your attention away from him. 

“It’s so good to see you all again,” You leaned back in your chair, giving Kirishima a better view of the red bralette you wore. You looked incredible, the sight alone made a pleasurable jolt course through Kirishima’s body straight to his semi-hard erection. He palmed himself through his grey sweatpants, watching the way your hands moved up to cup your breasts through the thin material, trying to imagine how it would feel to touch them. The fact that you were barely a few doors away made him feel even warmer, he could just step inside your room and see you face to face at any moment. Kirishima moved his hand back to the donate button, clicking it again before moving his hand back to lift his t-shirt over his head.

“Another donation, Red.” You smirked into the camera, “you’re too good to me.” 

you deserve it :)’ Kirishima watched as your face lit up at his words. Bringing your lip into your mouth as you bit down on the soft skin, contemplating your next move before leaning forward and muttering ‘fuck it.’

Soon Kirishima was left staring at a black screen as you ended the session. He almost groaned in frustration as he watched your icon go from online to offline in an instant. Maybe you’d just got disconnected? He’d practically waited all week for this, surviving off watching you between classes and during gym sessions. You’d almost caught him at one point, leading him to accidentally walk into Bakugou who immediately shoved him to the ground. 

A shrill ringing broke him out of his thoughts as your contact picture flashed on his screen. An incoming call? 

Wait, what. 

The call continued to ring as Kirishima panicked. There was no way you could see his face, you’d surely never talk to him ever again. He contemplated just rejecting the call, but he also didn’t want to risk you never talking to him again. 

“Shit.” Kirishima grunted, fingers flying up to accept the call before it rang out, angling his laptop screen down so it only showed his body from the neck down. 

“Finally. I thought you were ghosting me.” Your voice filled the room and he was glad you couldn’t see the goofy grin on his face at your words. 

would I ever do that to you? ;)’ Kirishima typed and he instantly saw the pout on your features. 

“You can talk to me, you know?” 

Kirishima’s fingers hovered over his keyboard, biting his lip as he tried to decide what to do next. You’d probably recognise his voice in an instant, immediately ending this entire arrangement. 

“Hello, Red? Can you hear me?” You moved to disconnect the call, maybe your microphone failed.

“What’s with the private call?” Kirishima winced at the sound of his voice, convinced you’d be able to tell it was him in an instant even though he’d attempted to mask his accent.

“Oh! You’re there.” Your smile made Kirishima melt as you bounced in your seat. “I just wanted to show you some appreciation. You’re always the first in my chats, the first to donate. I guess I was curious, is all. About who exactly you are.” 


Your eyes were glued on his torso as you shifted to get comfier on your bed. The room was dark, the only light was from his computer screen but you could make out his body. He was sculpted by the gods, he had to be. With a body like that. Ripped muscles that lead down to a prominent v-line with a black happy trail leading into his grey sweatpants that hung low on his hips. 

“Don’t I get to see your face?” You gave your best attempt at looking seductive, teasingly slipping your fingers under your bra strap to let it fall down your shoulder with an innocent smile on your face. Half of you had been expecting a creepy old man, not an attractive younger guy. You rubbed your legs together to try and create some friction as you watched the man in front of you shift in his seat. 

“I can’t.” He simply stated and the objection caused you to pout. 

“That’s fine, not like I don’t have the perfect view already,” You grinned as your eyes roamed across his naked skin again, biting your lip as you reached behind your back to undo your bra, letting it fall to the ground in front of you, “better even out the playing field.”

“If I’d have known you were this hot I would have invited you for a private chat a long time ago,” 

“You don’t know I’m hot,” Kirishima scoffed gruffly as he changed position, leaning forward slightly. The new angle made his muscles look even more defined and you could only imagine what it would be like to have them pressed up against your body. 

“Show me then,” You tried to coax him to reveal his face, your fingers moving up to tweak your nipples as you watched the male shift in his seat again. 

“I can’t,” He sounded apologetic, but you couldn’t help but feel upset. 

“That’s okay,” You moved to lay back on your bed, spreading your legs on either side of your laptop so you knew he had a good view. “I can still have fun imagining what you look like,”

You gave the male on the other side of the screen a coy smile as the hand on your breast slid down your stomach, fingers teasingly dipping into the hem of your panties before slowly stroking against your clothed slit. 

Shit, when did you get this wet?

“You’re still going to show me other things though, right?” Your mouth opened in a silent moan as you began to circle your clit above your panties, sending small shockwaves throughout your core as you watched him arch his hips up off the chair he was in, tugging his sweatpants down his legs. “Please, Red.”

Kirishima’s eyes were focused on his laptop screen as he freed himself from his clothing, eyes roaming your naked skin as he watched you tease yourself, groaning as you stared directly into the camera. 

Fuck,” Your cunt clenched at the sight of his hard girth being freed from its confines, the length arching up to slap against his chest. He was huge. 

Your eyes could just about make out the shimmering bead of pre-cum that sat on his tip as you I voluntarily licked your lips. 

“See something you like, Princess?” His words almost made you cum with a whine as your tight hole clenched violently, desperate to feel something inside it. 

“You’re so fucking big, Red. Can you see what you’re doing to me?” Your fingers slipped your panties to the side, showing Kirishima how wet you were as a string of your essence stuck to the crotch of your panties from your slit, “I wish you were here right now.”

Kirishima groaned as his hand moved to wrap around his length, giving it a few rough tugs as he watched your fingers slip into your wetness. His thumb moving up to spread his pre-cum along his length, trying to imagine it was your slick covering him.

“Yeah?” Kirishima grunted out, unable to think of anything else to say. 

“Mmm, yeah.” You dipped two fingers inside your tight cunt, feeling your inner walls stretch around them as your eyes focused on Kirishima’s movements, “stretching my tight little pussy,”

The groan that left Kirishima’s lips at your words told you that you’d said the right thing, whimpering as you brought your hand up to play with your clit, rubbing frantic circles around it as you tried to imagine it was his hands touching you instead. 

“I wish you could feel how wet I am for you right now,” You lifted your hand up to the camera, showing him your fingers coated in your slick. 

“I wish I could taste you,” Kirishima didn’t even think before uttering the words, an instant blush creeping onto his face at their bluntness before he heard your sinful moan. 

“I wish you could too,”

“I’d have you sit on my face,” Kirishima became more brazen with his words and movements, pumping his cock with more vigour as he watched you continue to stroke your clit, “wouldn’t stop ‘til you’ve cum on my face.”

The whimper that left your lips had his cock twitching in his hand. He was so close. All the pent up frustrations for the week combined with the fact you’d invited him to a private show was overwhelming, Kirishima’s thumb circled the head of his cock in brisk, teasing motions as he watched your reaction to his words. 

“After that I’d bend you over, spank that pretty ass.” Kirishima was roughly pumping his cock now, thumb sliding over the tip with each jerk of the wrist. 

“I’m gonna cum, Red.” Your fingers continued circling your clit as your eyes looked directly at your laptop screen, watching Kirishima’s hand pump along his length. 

“Cum for me, Princess.” Your hips jerked up at his words, arching off the bed as you neared your release, “fucking cum.”

The harsh tone in his voice had you screaming out as your cunt convulsed around your fingers, toes curling as your body hurtled into a mind blowing orgasm. 

The sight made Kirishima groan as his own climax washed over him, moving a hand down to massage his balls as he came, calling out your name with a grunt. His cum shot up and landed over his chest and thighs as he tried to regulate his breathing. Eyes still clearly focused on your naked body. You really were perfect

“Shit. I’ve never done that before.” Your breathing was heavy as you tried to calm yourself down, your cunt still clenching desperately in the afterglow of your climax. 

“Done what?”

“Got off with someone online.” Even though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he was staring directly at you which made your entire body feel flush. 

“You’ve never-”

“Sure I do these cam shows every week, but it has to show that you must be someone pretty special for me to do this with you. I should be paying you!” You couldn’t remember the last time you’d had an orgasm like that, your legs were still quivering. 

You couldn’t see it, but Kirishima had the widest grin on his face at your words.

“Same time tomorrow?”

Chapter Text

The more Kirishima saw you with Bakugou, the more his heart began to ache. He’d spend so long lusting over you, admiring you from afar. To see you with his best friend hurt. As much as Kirishima tried he couldn’t get you out of his mind, his false pretences becoming harder to maintain as he’d hear just how happy you were to be with his explosive friend. The regret weighed heavy on his mind, he could have made you so happy. Happier than you were with Bakugou that’s for sure, he should have made a move first. Giving a gentle knock to Bakugou’s door, Kirishima waited for a response before trying the handle. Popping his head round the door he saw his friends room was empty, taking this as a silent invitation to go inside like he usually did to borrow his best friends notes. He was close to failing every class, thoughts of you plaguing his mind and causing a painfully hard twitch between his thighs. Making his way towards Bakugou’s desk, something alluring caught Kirishima’s eye. 

He knew he shouldn’t have done it, but they were just there, in plain view. The enticing lace poking out from Bakugou’s dresser. Kirishima had only gone into Bakugou’s room to pick up his notes, but the sight of the panties made him stop in his tracks. He reached up to grab the skimpy material from the drawer, holding it in front of his face as he inspected the material. They were definitely yours, Kirishima would be lying if he said he hadn’t seen you in them before. The times he’d ‘accidentally’ caught a peek as you walked up the stairs in the dorms in front of him, or crossed and uncrossed your legs across the room. He knew it was wrong, you belonged to his best friend, but it was hard. You were so perfect. 

Without a second thought Kirishima shoved the panties into the pocket of his sweatpants, slipping out of Bakugou’s room with his notes under his arm as he made his way back to his dorm room. Shutting and locking the door behind him, Kirishima tossed Bakugou’s notes onto his desk, flopping back onto his bed as he pulled the lacy material from his pocket to inspect it properly. Both hands moved up to tug the material, assessing the elasticity as he turned them, admiring the way the lace would be accentuating your ass if you wore them, trying desperately to remember what you had looked like in them when he’d managed to take a peek. Kirishima brought the material up to his face, feeling the material against his face as he inhaled the scent, expecting them to smell like your laundry detergent when- 

“Fuck,” Kirishima muttered as he felt himself already hard at the thought, his cock twitching in his trousers as he moved a hand down to palm himself through his clothing.

The panties did have a faint smell of your detergent, but what was far more overwhelming was the smell of you. These were your worn panties, Kirishima immediately pulled the material back to give it a closer inspection. Moving the lacy panties so he could see the crotch, his breath hitched in his throat at the sight. A light stain of your arousal marked the area, darker than the rest of the material. His thumb brushing against it as he tried to imagine your folds touching it. Your essence covered the material, the thought made his cock twitch in his sweatpants as Kirishima lifted his hips off the bed to ease them down, his cock springing free from its confines, jutting up against his abdomen. Kirishima hissed as cool air hit his exposed skin, shifting to get comfortable as he wrapped a large palm around his girth. Kirishima pressed the crotch of your panties against his nose as he inhaled the scent of your most intimate area, his thumb circled the head of his cock in slow, teasing motions as he began to pump his length. 

“Shit, Y/N,” Kirishima sucked in a breath, his eyes clamping shut as he tried to imagine it was your hand wrapped around his cock, spreading his pre-cum along his cock as you stared down at him innocently, “such a good girl,”

Kirishima’s tongue slipped out to lap at the mark of your arousal, imagining what it would feel like to taste the real thing. Burying his head between your plush thighs as he ran his tongue along your folds, moving to dip inside your tight hole as he tasted your essence. Feeling your hands grip his hair as you pressed him deeper into your cunt, practically cutting off his oxygen supply as you ground yourself against his face. 

“You like that, don’t you?” Kirishima moved the panties from his face, slipping them between his hand and his cock as he began to move the lacy material along his length, almost like you were riding him with your panties pushed to the side. His free hand came down to tease his balls, fondling them between his fingers as his hips jerked up from the bed at the sensation, lips parted as he exhaled. 

“You like that, baby?” Kirishima whispered, imagining how it would feel to push you down on his length, feeling your cunt clench around him as you called out his name in pleasure. Kirishima’s hand tightened around his girth as he tried to replicate what your tightness would feel like around him, his girth stretching your tight walls as he bottomed inside of you. Biting his lip to conceal a guttural groan, Kirishima continued to tease his cock, trailing his fingers along the prominent veins on his length, circling the head before moving back to fist himself, jerking himself again as he mumbled your name. 

Kirishima grunted as he felt himself nearing his release, thoughts flying to how it would feel to cover you with his cum, marking you as his own as you smiled at him innocently. The thought of you staring up at him while covered in his release, fingers rubbing it into your skin as you bring it up to your mouth to swirl your tongue around your digits, tasting him.

‘Eijirou, I want you to cover me in your cum.’ Kirishima tried to imagine your voice in his mind, how you would sound begging him to cover you in his cum, marking you as his own. The thought made him move his hand more feverishly against his cock, his release imminent.

“Baby, fuck I’m-” Kirishima broke off into a whine as he came, hot spurts of cum covering his abdomen and your panties. Kirishima stayed lounging against his bed as he tried to calm his body down, the material of your panties soft against his calloused hands as he brought the material back up to inspect it, the sight of his cum covering them made his softening dick twitch as he groaned. 

A loud banging at his bedroom door broke him out of his thoughts as he stared down at the lacy panties that he still held between his cum soaked fingers. 

“Oi, Shitty hair. Open this fucking door before I blow it up-”

Oh, he was fucked.  

Chapter Text

Your chest heaving as you woke up from an exhilarating dream, feeling the twinge of heartache that it was only a dream as you glanced to the side. You were so hot. Remembering that you weren’t in your room back at Yuuei. Instead settled in a hotel for the night. Your roommate Momo fast asleep as you tried to calm your body down to no avail. Leaning over to your bedside table you grabbed your chargining cell phone, unlocking it and going straight to your texting app.

‘Eiji, are you up?’ Knowing the answer was more than likely no, it was past two in the morning, and you knew how much your boyfriend adored sleep. Waiting a few minutes for a response before placing your phone back down against your bedside table, you shifted onto your back as you closed your eyes, trying to imagine Kirishima placing sloppy kisses along your neck as his fingers traced your body. You ran your hand down your stomach with a low groan, trying to mimic your fantasy as your fingers slid down to your heat. Stroking your digits over your panties as you felt your wetness seep through them. Contemplating just getting yourself off for a moment as you began to run teasing circles over your clothed clit, trying to imagine it was Kirishima’s calloused fingers instead of your own.

Shit,” You whimpered as you gave your breast a soft squeeze, trying to edge yourself towards your climax; but it wasn’t enough, you needed more. 

Slipping out from under your duvet with a ‘huff’ you tugged your oversized shirt down your legs. It was a bright orange shirt you’d stolen from Kirishima previously, it still smelled like him which only added to your desire as you left your slippers by your room door, slipping into the dimly lit hallway as you crept towards Kirishima’s room. You weren’t as nervous being caught sneaking around at this hour, especially in public, but it was still a possibility as you tried to get to his room as quickly as possible. Not bothering to knock at the door because you knew he would be sound asleep, you tried the handle and you were happy to find the door unlocked as you opened the door and crept inside.

Kirishima lay on his back fast asleep with his arms flat against the bed above his head. You bit your lower lip as the dull moonlight shining in from his window illuminated his body. You noticed his shirt had risen up in to reveal his toned abdomen, a dark trail of black hair leading to the boxers that were slung low on his hips. Cautiously glancing over to Kirishima’s roommate Bakugou to see him also sound asleep, not that you expected anything different. Bakugou had made Kirishima go to bed ridiculously early and you had been incredulous, already having spent limited time with your boyfriend throughout the day thanks to training.

Slipping the covers further down Kirishima’s body you slipped onto the bed beside him, carefully straddling his torso as you pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. The action started your boyfriend, his eyes snapping open at the sensation as you felt him harden slightly under you.

“It’s just me, Eiji,” You pressed another gentle kiss to his lips as your fingers tugged at his shirt.

“Baby?” Kirishima’s voice was husky with sleep and it only made your cunt quiver in anticipation, “Is everything okay?”

You didn’t reply, instead leaning down and pressing your lips against his neck, biting down on the supple skin as you began to suck. Kirishima groaned low in his throat as his fingers moved to grip your hips under the shirt you wore. You began to grind yourself down against his growing hardness as your breath fanned against his collarbone, focusing on the delicious friction against your clit with each movement. Kirishima’s hands steadied your hips as you stilled above him with a whine, trying to fight against his stronger grip.

“What’s going on?” Kirishima was still half-asleep as you whimpered against his skin, placing sloppy kisses against his collarbone. 

“I need you,” You continued grinding yourself against him, desperately trying to get yourself off.

“Now?” Kirishima’s eyes widened, looking towards his best friend, “We’re gonna get caught,” You could see the flash of fear in Kirishima’s eyes at the thought of being caught in such a compromising position, especially with his best feet mere feet away. You gave your boyfriend a pout in return as you moved to grind your hips down against his again, making him groan at the sensation and throw his head back into the pillow.

“Please, Eiji. For me,” You tried to sound as needy as you possibly could, biting your lower lip as you stared down at him, “I need you-”

“Fuck,” Kirishima groaned as his fingers began to slide up from your hips, under his shirt that you wore as he discovered you weren’t wearing a bra. Fingers pinching at your nipples as you arched into his touch, “You better be quiet then.”

“I should be saying that to you,” You laughed softly as you gave another roll of your hips, watching his mouth slip open in a low moan. You teasingly move your hand up to his mouth, silencing him as you rock yourself against his crotch with more pressure. The action makes Kirishima’s eyes darken as his teeth nip at your palm, catching you off guard as he pushes you onto your back, moving one of his thighs between your parted legs to stop you from moving as he glowers down at you.

“Unless you want Bakugou waking up to hear how much of a slut you are,” Kirishima raised his thigh, pressing it against your panties as you ground yourself against it, the feeling of your wetness seeping through your panties against his naked thigh making him groan, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

You whimpered as Kirishima pushed his knee up further, placing more pressure on your clit as you moved your hands to his forearms, nails digging into his muscular arms as you mewled beneath him.

“Shit, you’re so fucking wet,” Kirishima groaned as he slipped a finger along your panties, pushing his thumb against your clit as he watched your face contort in pleasure. Tugging your panties to the side he finally touched your dripping slit, gathering your juices on his fingers as he lifted them up to inspect them. Watching your essence string together between his parted fingers as he offered them to you for a taste. You took his digits into your mouth willingly, your tongue rolling around them as you maintained eye contact. Kirishima growled low in his throat as he moved between your thighs. You could just about make out the small area of wetness on his underwear where his pre-cum had stained the fabric. Pulling his underwear down to allow his cock to spring free you whimpered against his fingers, spit running down your chin as his length naturally curved towards your heat. Removing the fingers that were in your mouth and using them as lubrication along his length as he began to pump his cock, the head bumping your wet slit every so often making you arch your back into his movements.

“So needy,” Kirishima smirked as he pushed the tip of his cock against your tight heat, pushing it inside before pulling back and running it along your folds again. You whimpered as you tried to get him to penetrate you, moving your hand down to squeeze his length before Kirishima slapped your hand away.

“If you can’t be a good girl I’m just going to send you back to your room,” Kirishima slapped his cock against your slit, the quiet noise of skin slapping against skin filling the room.

Your lips curved into a needy pout, lower lip jutting out as Kirishima cursed, leaning down to grasp your lower lip between his teeth and tugging on it. The movement pressed his cock back against your folds as he pressed himself further into your heat. Your hands moved around him, slipping under his shirt to claw at his lower back as he slowly bottomed inside you, stretching you out around his girth. 

“Is this what you wanted, baby?” Kirishima whispered against your lips as he began to move slowly inside you, careful to avoid making too much noise as he began languid, hard thrusts. Each one leaving him balls deep inside you as your toes curled, bringing your thighs up around his waist.

“What a filthy slut you are, wanting to be fucked with other men in the room.” Kirishima whispered in your ear as he continued rutting into you, his hands slipping under your shirt to pull it over your breasts, allowing him to capture your nipple between his teeth.

Kirishima adjusted his hips which caused his cock to press against your inner walls perfectly, brushing against that sweet spot inside you as you let out a low moan, Kirishima immediately snapping his eyes up to your flushed face. Giving you a dark grin Kirishima angled his thrust to hit that exact spot again which made you cry out. 

“I thought you said you could keep quiet, Princess.” Kirishima’s voice darkened as he moved a large palm up to your neck, holding onto the soft skin there before squeezing, the pressure to your windpipe was making you lightheaded as your mouth slipped open into another breathy groan. 

“Shit,” Kirishima grunted before letting go of your neck and moving his hand up to your mouth, placing his palm over it as he watched your eyes widen, feeling your breath fanning over his skin as you tried to maintain your breathing through your nose. Your eyes darted towards Bakugou’s sleeping figure in fear you had been too loud, but the male slept quietly in his bed, light snores filling the room.

Kirishima noticed your eyes watching his sleeping best friend as his lips turned into a snarl, moving his palm from your mouth to slap your cheek softly, bringing your attention back to him as your eyes snapped up to meet his red ones.

“You want him to wake up, don’t you? You want his cock too?” Kirishima felt your cunt clench at his sinful words, his fingers now slipping inside your mouth, muffling your cries, “I bet he can smell your pussy, you’re so fucking wet.”

You could feel yourself getting closer to your release, the position making Kirishima’s pelvis brush against your clit, the hairs at the base of his cock adding friction to each thrust as the coil inside you threatened to snap. Your moans were subdued by his fingers inside your mouth, turning them into quiet whimpers as he continued to hit that special spot inside you.

“I’m so close, baby.” Kirishima grunted, his thrusts becoming sloppier as he neared his release, pleasure clouding his mind as he began to forget about being too loud as he searched for his climax.

Your teeth brushed against Kirishima’s fingers as you felt your own release wash over you, your cunt clenching violently around Kirishima’s cock as you rode out your orgasm, your back arching off the bed into his chest as his fingers pushed harder against your tongue, muffling your moans.

“Shit, Princess.” Kirishima groaned as he felt your walls contracting around his girth as he gave a few more sloppy thrusts, biting down onto your neck to muffle his cries as he came inside you.

Kirishima slipped his dick from your quivering cunt, hearing you whine at the empty feeling that took over your body as he sat back on his knees to watch his cum seep out of your stretched hole. Moving the two fingers that had been inside your mouth down to scoop his cum up and push it back into you before gathering some on his fingers, moving them up so you could suck it off his digits. Kirishima couldn’t hide the groan that left his lips at the sight, moving your panties back over your folds to keep his cum from spilling out of you. 

Kirishima held you for a moment, tugging you into his warm chest as you basked in the afterglow. His lips leaving sloppy kisses along your forehead as he started to hear your breathing shallow. Pulling away, he stared down at your sleepy face, fingers stroking your skin as he placed a kiss against your lips.

“You better go straight to bed, Princess.” Kirishima indicated to your panties that were now being stained with a mixture of your juices, “Before you get caught.” Kirishima gave your ass a firm squeeze before giving you a gentle kiss, watching you slip out of his room silently.

Settling back down in bed, he grabbed his phone off the nightstand to send you a cute goodnight text before turning over to go back to sleep. Not noticing the pair of red eyes staring at him from across the room.

Chapter Text

Bakugou growled low in his throat from his position under his duvet, tugging it tighter around his body. His cock was painfully erect as he tried to calm his breathing down. Part of him wanted to scream at Kirishima for even attempting to fuck his girlfriend with him in the room, but when he had woken up and seen your naked breasts bouncing, Bakugou was unable to form any coherent words. Instead his red eyes turned to slits as he tried to feign sleep, watching as your face contorted in pleasure underneath his best friend. He shuffled under his duvet to palm at his hardening member, trying to keep his movements subtle incase you caught him. Your whimpers paired with the faint sound of skin against skin filled the room and it only made more blood rush towards his aching cock. Bakugou let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding in when he saw your eyes meet his. Almost as though you were challenging him to join in, for him to stuff you full as you whined beneath him. Kirishima’s hand was tight over your face, concealing your moans of pleasure, but Bakugou could still hear you. Even after you came and he watched Kirishima push his release back inside you, Bakugou could hear your shallow breaths filling the room. Clenching his eyes shut, Bakugou tried to go back to sleep as he heard you giggling with Kirishima as he tried to send you back to bed, hearing your protests as he imagined what it would feel like to have you in his bed. Once he heard the door to the room open, a ray of light pouring in, Bakugou decided to get up.

“I’m going for a fucking piss,” Bakugou grunted, throwing the covers off himself as he stood from the bed, hoping that his erect cock wouldn’t be evident in the dimly lit room.

“Oh, okay Bro.” Kirishima’s voice was higher than usual, the fact that his best friend had probably heard him fucking his girlfriend was obvious. Kirishima’s cheeks were as red as his hair as he closed his eyes, feigning sleep.

Bakugou swung the door open with force, slamming it behind him as he hurried down the corridor. The image of you under Kirishima was ingrained in his brain as he readjusted his sweatpants, palming at his hard cock. The way your chest had bounced with each of Kirishima’s hard thrusts as you lay beneath him, your mouth silenced by his hand. Bakugou was determined to see this firsthand. He wanted you to be the whimpering mess under him, begging him to fill you with cum.

He noticed you walking quickly but quietly down the hallway and Bakugou broke into a light jog, not caring that his feet sounded heavy against the soft carpet. 

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” A strong arm slammed against the wall beside you, pinning you between your room door and a firm body. You let out a squeak as you glanced to the side, recognising the pair of red eyes staring back at you as you tried to think of an excuse.

“To bed, I just needed the bathroom-” 

“You’re such a bad liar, Princess.” Bakugou used the same pet name Kirishima had given you moments before as you felt him press his body harder against your own, trapping you against the hardwood door. You could feel something pressing against the curve of your ass and your body involuntarily pressed back against it, feeling Bakugou’s breath hot against your neck as you tried to calm your body down.

“I know exactly what you’ve been doing,” A large hand slipped down to squeeze your hip before disappearing under the oversized shirt you wore, giving your ass a firm squeeze before slipping to your wet panties, “You tried so hard to be quiet, hah?”

You whimpered as Bakugou pressed his fingers against your panties, tugging them up between your ass cheeks as the crotch pressed harder into your folds. Giving another rut of his hips he bit down on the exposed skin of your neck, on the other side Kirishima had bitten and began to lap at the mark, circling his tongue around your bruising skin. Your body was betraying you as you tried to think of Kirishima and how he would feel, knowing you were currently pressed up against his best friend.

“Bakugou, we can’t-” 

“Shut up,” Bakugou silenced you as he grabbed your wrist, tugging you away from your room. You were terrified he was going to march you back into his bedroom and present you to your boyfriend, showing him exactly how your body had reacted to his best friend touching you. Instead he pulled you into a small bathroom, locking the door behind him as his eyes set upon you. Stalking towards you as if he was a lion hunting its prey, trapping you between the counter and his strong body.

“I know you saw me watching you,” Bakugou glared down at you as his hands moved to pull the oversized shirt off your body. Eyes roaming your exposed skin as he let it drop to the floor, “But you let him keep fucking you.”

Bakugou’s hands moved up to cup your breasts, pulling and twisting your nipples as he watched your back arch towards his touch. The mewl that left your lips was sinful as Bakugou leaned forward to capture your lips in a bruising kiss, his tongue pushing against your lips as you grasped onto his shirt to steady yourself, fingers threading into the fabric as he continued his assault on your lips. Bakugou’s aching cock pressed against you through his sweatpants as you began to rock yourself against his lower half, moaning into the kiss.

“Such a slut,” Bakugou pulled away to look down at you, his eyes moving to the thin pair of panties you wore, “kissing me when you’ve got another guys cum buried inside your cunt.”

Bakugou spun you around so your front was pressed against the vanity, your forearms holding yourself up against the counter as red eyes burned into yours through the mirror. His lewd words made your lower half shiver in anticipation as you watched his fingers move to pull your panties down, watching his best friends white release seep out of your tightness.

“You want to be a filty cumslut, huh?” Bakugou scooped some of the cum that had pooled in the crotch of your panties up to push it back inside your quivering cunt, feeling your inner walls clench around his digits. 

“Fuck, you’re still so tight,” The growl in his voice was almost feral as you saw him shift his sweatpants down his hips. You tried to move your head round to see his cock but a hand grabbed your hair, tugging your head back to face the mirror, “You’ll get it soon enough,”

His tone made you whine as you tried to back up into his touch, causing Bakugou to land a firm smack to your rear. He gave the same attention to the other one before pressing the head of his cock against your needy cunt.

“Tch, letting me fuck you with another mans cum inside you. Such a filthy bitch,” Bakugou grunted as he pushed his cock inside your wetness, groaning as he felt your inner walls clamp around his length, “Does shitty hair know how much of a slut you are?”

You whined at his sordid words, trying not to think about Kirishima’s face if he ever found out what you were doing with his best friend. Bakugou’s cock stretched your cunt out perfectly, the added lubrication from Kirishima’s cum added to the sensation as he began to thrust into you. Your head lowered as you tried to adjust to another mans cock inside your heat, your pussy already aching after the assault prior. Bakugou growled as you turned your attention away from him, his hand weaving into your hair to tug your head up as you whimpered. 

“Look at me,” Bakugou grunted as your eyes met his in the mirror, causing your pussy to clench around his girth.

Bakugou’s thrusts became harder as he moved his hands round to your front to cup your breasts lightly, feeling them bounce with each thrust he made. Bakugou’s balls were slapping against your clit, the noise filling the room as the sensation added to your pleasure. 

“Bakugou, please,” You squealed in pleasure as you collapsed onto your forearms, Bakugou’s hands moving back to your hips to get a better angle as he continued to rut into you. His cock was impossibly deep inside you, the thick vein that ran along it creating beautiful friction against your g-spot as you felt your climax building inside of you. 

“You’re so fucking loud,” Bakugou grunted as he continued his pace, “You want everyone to know how much you love my cock, yeah?” 

Bakugou’s words caused your inner walls to clamp down against his length, making him hiss as he continued to drive his hips against you as the idea of being caught filled your mind. His thrusts were hard and you were certain you’d have marks on your skin from where his hips were rutting against your ass, a dull ache panging inside your lower half. Tears began to form at the corners of your eyes as your mouth fell open in a constant moan, trying to hold your body up against the counter.

“Tell me how much you love my cock,” Bakugou growled, moving a hand up to your neck to tug your upper body back against his chest, his cock stroking your g-spot perfectly as you moaned his name repeatedly like a mantra.

“Say my fucking name,” Bakugou snarled, teeth clamping down on your neck as his fingers found your clit, rubbing frantic circles against it as you saw white. 

“Katsuki,” You sobbed, tears now streaming down your cheeks as your orgasm washed over you, your inner walls squeezing around Bakugou’s cock as you came. Bakugou growled in your ear at the sensation, his thrusts becoming sloppy as he chased his own release, moving both hands back to your hips as he used you as a cocksleeve, giving a few more hard thrusts before he bottomed inside you, filling you with his release. 

Bakugou stayed buried inside you while you both regained your breath, his cock twitching inside your tight heat as he slowly began to pull out with a groan. His eyes watching the mixture of his and Kirishima’s cum seep out of your constricting walls. Cum began to dribble down your folds against your clit and Bakugou’s fingers were quick to catch it and push it back inside your abused core. 

“You like being filled, huh?” Bakugou muttered, moving his fingers round to push them into your mouth, allowing you to suck the mixture off his digits. Bakugou was quick to pull your panties back up, keeping the lewd mixture inside you as he gave another firm smack to your ass. 

“Clean it up,” Bakugou’s hands moved to your shoulders, trying to dip you down to your knees as he fisted his still hardened member, watching your wide eyes stare in surprise as he wiped the head against your cheek, smearing the mixture of your juices and his along your skin. Bakugou moved his cock head to your lips, pushing it into your mouth as you greedily began to slurp at the head, swirling your tongue around the tip as he felt himself twitch, becoming hard again at the sensation. He pulled his cock from your lips to allow you to run your tongue along the underside, cleaning your juices from the skin before he lifted his cock to give you access to suck his balls, groaning as your innocent eyes stared up at him. Bakugou’s eyes gazed over for a moment as he became distracted, thoughts clouding his mind as you tried to bring his attention back to you. Your tongue swirling around the tip as you took him deep into your throat.

“Shit, fuck it.” Bakugou pushed against your forehead to pull you off his length, tucking himself back into his sweatpants before leaning over and grasping your jaw between his fingers to place a soft kiss against your lips, a complete juxtaposition to his earlier actions. 

“I think we have to go and show shitty hair the mess you made, Princess.”

Chapter Text

You know those days that drag on for eternity? Today was one of those days. As soon as the bell rang to signify the end of lessons you were already throwing your bag over your shoulder and bolting out the door, ignoring the calls of your best friend Ochaco as you made your way back to the dorms. You’d tried really hard not to message Red too much during the day, your thoughts already completely occupied by the man. The morning text he had sent you already sent your body into a flurry of butterflies, the words completely innocent but the suggestion that he was thinking about you that early made your entire body heat up. 

Slipping inside your room you dumped your bag on the floor as you made your way straight to your laptop, opening the screen as you signed into your server. Eyes roaming across the various messages left by other fans you went straight to Reds handle, checking his last seen online. It had been hours, almost around the last time you had messaged him. Not knowing what he did for work he could have more than likely been busy, he didn’t appear to look that old so maybe he was a student too? Either way you couldn’t help but be slightly upset that he hadn’t replied to your message. He promised to see you online again tonight, surely he wouldn’t break the promise. 

Sighing you moved to thank your supporters, replying to their messages and thanking them for their donations. You kept a close eye on Red’s handle, hoping that the offline symbol would change to the green sign that he had come online. Where was he? You tried to calm your body down as you remembered how he made you feel the previous night, the sight of his chiselled muscles illuminated by his computer screen. Remembering the dark tuft of black hair that lead down from his bellybutton to the thick girth of his cock making you bite down on your lip as you felt your body heat up at the memory. You’d never had an orgasm from any of your cam-girl shows, yet this man gave you one in an instant. You needed him back online, and you were determined to make it happen. 

You wiggled out of your uniform, unbuttoning your shirt before tugging your skirt down your hips, before taking off your basic underwear. This moment called for specific measures as you rifled through your drawers, searching for a particular lingerie set you knew would drive Red wild. Slipping on the set you moved over to your full length mirror, assessing your body before grabbing your phone and dropping to your knees. You took a simple shot of you glancing into the mirror, taking your lower lip between your teeth as you gave a sultry look for the camera. You took a few shots as you pulled the phone back to your face, assessing them and choosing the best one to send to your crush. 

‘I miss you, Red. Where have you been? :(‘ you sent the message and hoped he would reply soon. 

Turning around so your back faced the mirror you took another few pictures, deliberately arching your back to make your ass look rounder as you gave a small pout towards your reflection. Again trying to find the perfect shot to send him. 

‘You said you’d be online, I’m waiting ;)’

Moving to flop back onto your bed you glanced at your phone screen hopefully. If he saw these surely he’d get online. You closed your eyes as you tried to imagine it was Red’s hands roaming your exposed skin, fingertips pinching your hardened nipples through the sheer lace. 

Kirishima was pissed. Not only did he have to spend the entire day sitting in a classroom with you, unable to do anything about it he was now being dragged into a training session he had absolutely no interest in because his best friend was in another one of his moods. He tugged his cell phone out of his trousers pocket as he made to send you an apologetic text but Bakugou had quickly cut him off. 

“Hurry up, Shitty hair. Stop fucking about-”

Kirishima sighed as he followed Bakugou into the locker rooms at Yuuei. Hoping that you’d understand. He tugged off his uniform as he bundled it into his locker, beginning to pull on his workout gear. The basketball shorts hung low on his hips as he pulled his favourite Crimson Riot shirt over his hair. Glancing to the side he noticed Bakugou still changing so he risked a glance at his phone, intending to send you a quick text to apologise and let you know he would be online soon when— 

Shit,” Kirishima muttered, the pictures that met his gaze when he opened the cam-girl app made his breath hitch in his throat. 

You looked beautiful. The red lingerie you wore complimented your curves perfectly, the sultry look you gave in your reflection making his cock throb as he tried to make out the areolas of your breasts through the sheer fabric. He couldn’t take his eyes off the photos, bringing the phone closer to his face as he looked down at the second picture, your round cheeks flattered by the matching lacy panties. Kirishima just imagined what it would be like to run his hands—

“Oi, shitty hair. Put your fucking phone away.” Bakugou growled from beside him as Kirishima’s cheeks went red, immediately nervous his best friend would catch him looking at lewd photos of a girl, a classmate no less. Kirishima quickly locked his phone, shoving it into his locker as he made his way towards the gym, hoping you wouldn’t be upset he didn’t have a chance to reply. 

You furrowed your eyebrows as you noticed Red’s handle light up with the online symbol. Grinning as you saw the notification that he was typing. It disappeared after a moment as you waited with bated breath. Maybe he was returning the favour and snapping a photograph in return for you, or maybe he was on his way to video chat with you. You clenched your legs together in anticipation as you waited, and waited but the moment never came. Five minutes soon turned to fifteen and after twenty minutes you were feeling horny and desperate. He must be ignoring you, that was the only explanation. He got what he wanted from you and was now disinterested. Even after all the things he said to you the night before. You just felt alone. 

Throwing your phone down onto your bed you slipped back onto your computer chair, loading your cam-girl website up and moving into your chat room. Fingers clicking the screen as you began an impromptu video chat. Your fans probably got the notification pretty quickly as they began to flood into the server, compliments quickly flying in as they took in your attire. 

“Good evening, loves.” You leaned closer to the camera as you intentionally pushed your breasts together, half lidded eyes gazing intently at your audience as you captured your lower lip between your teeth. 

The first donation that had come in was always Red, but since he wasn’t online you had to pretend to be excited to receive one from another client, your eyes noticing the message he left alongside it. 

‘Wouldn’t mind bending you over in that ;)’ 

Trying to seem excited by the comment you were quick to thank him for the donation, giving a flirty reply in response as you turned to bend over in front of the camera. Hoping somehow Red would see you were live and would join you in the video chat. He always did—

Kirishima tugged his bag out from his locker, intent on going back to the dorms and passing out. Training with Bakugou was always gruelling and he had taken a beating due to the fact he had been completely unable to get his mind of you the entire time. The thought of you sitting alone in your dorm room wearing that lingerie set made him a perfect target for every shot Bakugou threw at him, barely managing to harden himself half the time. Pulling his cell phone out he immediately went to his messages, the last ones he received from you were the lewd photographs you’d sent him. A notification that you had just finished a live cam show flashed in his inbox and when he clicked it he was crestfallen to find out he had missed it by ten minutes. Grumbling to himself he shoved his uniform into his bag and made his way out of the gym, not bothering to wait for Bakugou to finish his shower to walk back together. 

‘sorry, I was real busy today :(‘ Kirishima sent you a text as he made his way back to the dorms, noticing that it showed you as being online. 

Watching his phone screen for any kind of reply as he made his way home, hoping that you weren’t mad at him. You were probably talking to other guys, there was no way he’d be able to compete with them. He messed up his chance by not replying to you sooner, basically ignoring you. Shoving his phone into his basketball shorts his grip on his bag tightened as he made his way inside the dorms. 

When Kirishima stepped inside his room he tossed his bag to the ground, not bothering to take out his crumpled school uniform. His dick still throbbed under his shorts as he looked back at the messages you’d sent him again. Pinching the screen so he could get a close up of the sultry expression on your features as you gazed directly into the mirror, as if you were staring at him. Palming himself he tried to calm his body down as he remembered how you looked last night, touching yourself to the thought of him. Noticing you still showed as being online he decided to try and get your attention. Slipping his Crimson Riot shirt up his chest as he tugged his shorts down, showing the thin line of hair that lead towards his erection, he bit the bottom of his shirt between his teeth as he angled his phone to get his chest in shot, all the way down to the prominent bulge in his shorts. Pulling back Kirishima’s finger hovered over the send button, nervous for your reaction. Taking a deep breath he sent the picture to you, hoping that this would gain your attention. 

‘i’m sorry i didn’t reply sooner. i missed you :(‘


Your laptop pinged as a notification flashed at the top of your screen, showing a tiny photograph attachment. You immediately saw the handle as ‘Red’ and clicked it. Almost forgetting to breathe as a chiselled chest filled your screen. His muscles had a light sheen of sweat across them, as if he had been working out and your eyes gravitated towards the more than evident bulge in his pants. You almost laughed as you noticed the Crimson Riot shirt he wore in the pic, of course his handle was Red and his favourite hero was Crimson Riot. He’d probably get on really well with Kirishima, the thought of your redhead classmate making your cheeks heat up. Moving your fingers to zoom into the picture, trying to make out his happy trail you noticed something in the background that caught you off guard. It was a hoodie, but not just any hoodie-

Fuck,” You muttered, zooming back out to get a better look at the selfie he had sent you. Unsure how you hadn’t connected the two before. He sounded exactly like Kirishima last night, and right now you could just about make out his pointed teeth gripping onto his shirt in the selfie. It was him. Shit. Your crush was Red. Your heartbeat increased as you tried to decide what to do, he was obviously in his room right now, you could just go and see him. Tell him how you feel, how much you want him. He obviously knew it was you, you made no attempts to conceal your identity during your cam-girl shows, not expecting someone from your school would even find you. Kirishima knew it was you and still continued to watch and donate during every show. He was so innocent and calm around you in real life, how did he keep up the pretence-

Biting your lip you tried to decide what to do, he was still showing as active online and you hadn’t replied. Ignoring his message you picked your cell phone up, finding Kirishima’s contact and sending him a quick text. 

‘hi, i really need help a shelf broke in my room, can you come over?’

Holding your breath as you waited for a reply. 

‘sure. see you in a sec’ 

You smiled as Kirishima sent you a speedy reply, your heart beating hard in your chest as you waited for him to come to your room. Still dressed in the lingerie you had sent him lewds in, having kept it on throughout your cam show. You waited with baited breath, chancing another quick glance at the lewd photograph Kirishima had sent before you heard a knock at your door. Quickly clicking the photo off the main screen of your laptop as you slipped off your computer chair, moving towards your front door to let Kirishima inside, standing behind the door so he couldn’t see you as he slipped into your room. 

“Hey, Y/N sorry I probably stink I didn’t have a chance to-”

Kirishima stopped mid-sentence as he took in your attire. You were wearing exact outfit he had seen earlier but it looked even better in the flesh. You smiled as his lips remained agape, his eyes roaming over your exposed skin as his breathing increased. He was already flustered, having just looked over your lewd photographs again before coming into your room, his cock straining desperately against the material of his underwear. 

“Hi, Red.” You smiled, using his online handle as you took a step closer to him, “why didn’t you tell me that you knew?”

Kirishima was at a loss for words, unable to piece together what was happening. Your hands slid along his muscular arms, feeling goosebumps raise along his skin as his hair stood on end. His eyes watched your lips as you leaned up, capturing him in a sensual kiss. Kirishima stiffened at first, trying to understand what was going on. How the hell did you find out it was him, and you were okay with it? He’d been an absolute pervert for weeks, sneaking glances at you when you finished your evening shower, slipping passed him in the tiniest towel, eyes fluttering towards your parted legs when you were sitting in the common room in your skirt, the various pairs of panties he’d managed to snag from your laundry as you claimed the washing machine had eaten them.


“I’m sorry,” Kirishima’s eyes stared down at you, his cheeks pink as he looked on the verge of tears, “I didn’t mean to. I don’t know how it started I just saw you and you looked so hot I couldn’t stop myself I just-”

You cut Kirishima off with a gentle kiss to his lips, your hand coming up to cup his cheek as your tongue slipped inside his parted lips. Kirishima groaned as your tongue stroked against his own, your fingers moving under the Crimson Riot shirt he wore, feeling the light gloss of sweat against his muscles as you moved down to trail your fingers through the happy trail you had been thinking about non-stop. Kirishima shuddered as your broke the kiss briefly to tug his shirt up and over his head, eyes roaming his exposed skin as you couldn’t help but run your tongue along his sweaty muscles, moaning at the texture as Kirishima arched into your touch, pressing his hardened erection against your hip. You smiled against his skin as your slender fingers slipped down to the shorts that hung low on his hips, fingers teasing against his prominent V line as you dipped under the loose material. 

“It’s okay, Eijirou, it’s just a shame we could have been doing this a long time ago.” You smirked, looking up at his half-lidded eyes, fingers slipping under the waistband of his boxer-briefs and running through the hair at the base of his cock, “You know how you’re going to make it up to me?”

“I’ll do anything, I’m so sorry-” Kirishima whined low in his throat as your fingers slowly wrapped around his girth, giving him a teasing tug. Your chest pressed flush against his own as you stood on your tip-toes to brush your lips against his ear.

“You’re going to help me put on a little show,”

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“Are you okay with this?” You stroked your fingers along Kirishima’s cheeks as you leaned down to meet his gaze. His cheeks still burned a bright red and you could feel him shake beneath you, “we don’t have to-”

“I want to.” Kirishima looked directly into your eyes, his grip on your waist tightening as you smiled back at him. You were unaware of his exhibitionist kink and this played directly into it. 

“They won’t see your face or anything so just relax, okay?” You pressed a gentle kiss to his lips before spinning round in your computer chair, facing your laptop.

The screen was angled down so the camera only showed everything below Kirishima’s chin, it would be quite difficult to recognise him, apart from the strands of fiery red hair that had fallen thanks to his strenuous workout earlier. You leaned forward so you were grinning directly into the camera as you set up the show. The movement pressing your ass down into Kirishima’s crotch firmly, making him groan beneath you, his hard cock desperate to be freed from its confines. 

“Hey, loves.” Your eyes darkened as you poured your lips for the camera, eyes watching as comments began to appear in the chat, “two shows in one night? You’re all so lucky,”

Even though you weren’t speaking to him your words made Kirishima groan low in his throat, his fingers tightening their grip on your hips as he pushed you down slightly against his hardness. 

“I have a really big surprise for you all this evening.” You span the computer chair with your feet, turning it so Kirishima’s abs came into view, “I have a guest!”

You angled your own body so you were now situated between Kirishima’s legs on the floor, knees against the plush carpet. Your eyes continued to watch the laptop screen for the new comments that came flooding in.

‘Who the fuck is that?’

‘I didn’t know she had a boyfriend’

‘That has to be the luckiest guy on the planet’

‘Fuck, he’s hot’

You smirked as you watched Kirishima’s eyes roaming the same words too, pointing out a certain comment in particular.

“Mmm, you see that comment, baby?” Your fingers moving to try and show Kirishima the words before they disappeared off the screen, “They want me to suck your cock.”

The words made Kirishima shiver in anticipation, his cock throbbing under the layers of clothing he wore. Your nimble fingers moved to stroke his bulge, dancing along the length that was visible through his basketball shorts before moving to hook into the waistband, looking into his eyes for permission as you began to tug them down his hips. The smell of his arousal mixed with the smell of his sweat fills your senses and you find yourself absentmindedly rubbing your thighs together for some much needed friction. 

“Mmm, you have such a pretty dick, babe.” You were careful not to use Kirishima’s real name as his cock was exposed to the room, the thick girth slapping up against his pelvis as your fingers wrapped around him, giving him a teasing jerk. Kirishima groaned at the sensation, his head falling back onto the headrest on the chair as you began to stroke his length languidly, watching a bead of pre-cum pool at the engorged tip. You couldn’t help but lean down to give it a kitten lick, tasting his essence on your tongue. It was far better than you anticipated, slipping down to lap at his length. You could smell Kirishima’s natural scent mixed with the faint smell of nitroglycerine from his intense workout with Bakugou and it only spurred you on more, heightening your senses as you slipped the head of his cock inside your wet mouth. Kirishima moaned as you began to bob your head along his length, unable to stop himself from watching the laptop screen to see how sinful this looked from another point of view. The fact that over a hundred people were watching at the same time only turned him on more, his cock twitching inside your mouth as he began to read some of the comments.

‘Fuck her mouth, she’ll love that.’

‘I wish she was sucking my dick’

‘This is the best show so far. So hot-’

Kirishima turned back to you, his hand weaving through your hair as he held the back of your head, helping to guide you along his length. Your eyes glanced up at him, giving silent permission for him to do what he wanted. Kirishima pressed down on the back of your neck, fingers tightening in your hair as he pushed you down on his cock. Your nose pressed into the neatly trimmed hair surrounding his shaft as his cock hit the back of your throat. He held you down for a moment, waiting until he heard you gag on his length before allowing you up to breathe. You spluttered as you tried to catch your breath, stroking his wet cock as spit pooled at the corner of your mouth. You moved back to deep-throat him again, pressing your head further down as you craved feeling him hit the back of your throat once more. Kirishima’s grip in your hair tightened as he began to raise his hips up to your mouth as he forced you down on his length. 

“Shit,” Kirishima groaned as he watched you drool around his length, your cheeks hollowed as you allowed him to fuck your face. Tears began to prick the corners of your eyes as you tried to breathe through your nose, fingers moving to tease his balls as he kept a rough pace. Kirishima lifted you off his length as he stroked his thumb over your lips, watching tears slide down your cheeks as he gave you an apologetic look. He let himself get too carried away in the moment.

“That was so fucking hot, babe.” As if sensing Kirishima’s nervousness you reassured him, your fingers moving to wrap back around his length, slipping your tongue out of your mouth to slap his length against it lewdly, licking more of his pre-cum off his slit.

Moving your hands behind your back to remove your bra you allowed the material to fall to the ground, your hardened nipples now exposed to the room. Kirishima groaned as he finally saw you in person, watching intently as your fingers pinched and pulled at your nipples. You stood back up and sat yourself back down on Kirishima’s lap, facing the laptop once more to read through some of the comments and donations that were flooding in. Grinning at you thanked some of the donors while playing with your breasts. You slowly began to grind yourself down on Kirishima, his cock pressing between your ass cheeks as his strong hands moved to your hips, helping to guide you against him.

“That’s naughty,” He heard the playful tone in your voice, “Did you see that, baby?”

You leaned back in the chair so you were pressed flush against Kirishima’s toned chest, leaning your head against his shoulder as you gave him the chance to read some of the comments. Kirishima could care less about the comments in this moment, his calloused hands instead moving round to squeeze your breasts, making you whimper under his touch. Kirishima knew he had to keep his head up to stop from being seen on the camera but with your head resting on his shoulder your neck was exposed and it was so close to his mouth he couldn’t help but lean down and latch onto the supple skin, teeth gnashing the sensitive skin before lapping at the wound with his tongue. The moans that left your lips made it worth his while as he felt you grind your hips against his even harder, feeling your wetness leak through your panties and onto his thigh.

“Red,” You whimpered, using his handle, “Please-”

Kirishima groaned as he heard the begging tone to your voice, moving away from your neck so you could stand up, turning around so your ass faced the camera as you shimmied out of your panties, a string of your essence appearing as it stuck to the fabric, bending over to pick them up.

“See what you do to me?” You showed him the crotch of the material where your essence had stained the fabric.

Kirishima bit his lip as he watched your fingers slip between your thighs, brushing against your slit as you gathered your juices on your fingers. Lifting them up pressing them against Kirishima’s lips, he instantly opened his mouth and allowed your fingers inside, sucking your essence off your digits as he savoured the taste.

“More,” Kirishima mumbled out against your fingers, desperate to dive his head between your thighs.

“Another time, baby.” You motioned to the audience behind you as you straddled Kirishima’s hips, your soaked folds rubbing against the head of Kirishima’s hard cock, “I need you inside me.”

Kirishima whimpered at your words, his cock throbbing as you teased him, dropping your hips down to press the head inside your tight cunt, watching his eyes roll back before lifting your hips up again. You wanted him to make the same expression again so you repeated your movements, hovering over him before easing yourself down as his face twisted in pleasure. 

“Oh, baby. You look so good right now,” You stroked your fingers against his chest, running along his collarbones as you ground your clit against his cock, your mouth falling open in a sultry moan. Kirishima’s fingers tightened on your hips has he stopped you from grinding yourself against him, dropping you down on his cock in one swift movement so you bottomed inside him.

“Oh shit,” You squealed as you felt his thick cock stretch your inner walls, you hadn’t been prepped so the sensation burned but you were so turned on that you didn’t care. Grinding yourself against his cock to get some much needed friction you began a slow pace. Your clit brushing against the hair at the base of his cock with each movement, making you whine low in your throat.

“You feel so good, Eiji,” You leaned close enough to his ear so no one on the livestream would hear as you began to increase the pace, lifting your hips up and dropping down onto Kirishima’s length, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this with you.”

Your words caught Kirishima off guard as his grip on your hips. You’d been thinking about doing this as well? The amount of times he’d spend watching your live streams, too shy to admit how much he liked you to your face. The fear of rejection weighed heavy on his mind, not knowing that you felt the same. Another roll of your hips broke him from his thoughts as his cock twitched inside you.

“So fucking tight,” Kirishima managed to mumble out as he felt your cunt clench around his girth, his hands moving to your ass to squeeze the plush skin as you continued to fuck yourself on his girth.

Kirishima pulled a hand back and landed a harsh smack against your rear, making you squeal as you pushed yourself down harder onto his lap, the camera catching your cheek wiggle at the sensation. Wanting to extort that reaction from you again Kirishima repeated the motion, feeling your tight heat clench around him at the sensation. Kirishima ghosted his hands against your ass as he felt it bounce with each thrust, the sensation sending a pleasurable jolt straight to his cock.

“You’re so fucking big, baby. You’re stretching my pussy so much.” You whined lewdly for the camera, turning around to give a seductive glance over your shoulder as you continued to move against Kirishima, leaning forward to whisper the next part into his ear, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this with you, Eijirou,”

Kirishima whimpered as he began to meet your thrusts, his hips rutting up from the computer chair to meet each roll of your hips. His lips moved to lick one of your bouncing breasts, capturing your nipple between his teeth as he suckled it, red eyes watching your reaction as your hands moved to thread through his messy hair.

“Fuck me harder, shit. Make me cum on your cock.” You whined as Kirishima increased his pace, his own release imminent and whether you were using these lewd words for the show or not, they were making his cock throb.

“You like that, baby girl?” Kirishima cringed at how bad he sounded, but the way your pussy clenched around his cock told him you thought otherwise, “You like my cock inside you?” 

“Yes, yes, yes” You repeated with each thrust that Kirishima gave into your sopping core, his cock buried deep inside you. Kirishima moved a hand in between your bodies to brush his thumb against your puffy clit, rubbing slow circles around it as he felt you clench around him. 

“Ei-Red!” You stopped yourself from almost calling out his name in pleasure as you felt your cunt clench around his length. Your orgasm was swiftly approaching and you weren’t sure how much longer you could last, especially with his thumb circling your clit. 

“I’m so close,” You whimpered, moving your hands down to his shoulders to get more leverage as your nails dug into his skin, making him hiss in a mixture of pain and pleasure. 

“Cum on my cock,” Hearing Kirishima utter such lewd words made your pussy quiver as you clenched around him, your impending climax imminent. 

“Shit, shit, shit,” You continued to moan as each thrust continued to pound against that special spot inside you that had you seeing stars. 

“Come on, Princess. I can feel you squeezing me,” Kirishima put more pressure on your clit as he led you towards your release, “cum for me.”

Kirishima’s husky voice sent you hurtling into a mind numbing orgasm, your toes curling as you screamed in pleasure. His fingers continuing to rub your clit side to side as you came around his cock, watching your face contort in pleasure as you rode out your orgasm. 

“Eiji, it’s too much,” You whimpered quietly as he continued to circle your clit, rutting his hips into your quivering pussy as he chased his own release, “I can’t”

“Yes. You can.” Kirishima growled as his calloused fingers moved to get you off again, your overstimulated clit throbbing as you felt your body teeter on the edge of another orgasm.

“Please, I-” You broke off into another moan as Kirishima gave a particularly hard thrust of his hips, the prominent vein on the side of his cock brushing against that special place inside of you once more, an unusual sensation beginning to appear inside you as your hand came down to wrap around his wrist, trying to pull him away from your abused clit, but Kirishima jerked his wrist away, continuing his ministrations. 

“Eiji,” You whined in his ear as you felt something release inside of you, throwing your head back as you shook violently, squirting all over his fingers. 

“Holy shit,” Kirishima’s eyes glanced down to where your bodies were connected, watching as you released all over him, “that’s it, such a good girl.”

Kirishima moved his hands back to your hips as he chased his own release, your tight cunt clenching around him as you rode out your orgasm. Your spent body collapsing on top of his as you allow Kirishima to continue his rough pace. 

“Shit, Princess. I’m gonna cum,” Kirishima grunted in your ear as his own orgasm flowed through his body, hips jerking up into your sopping heat sloppily as he released inside of you. Your inner walls milking his cock as they continued to convulse around him. 

Kirishima kept himself buried inside you as he stroked his fingers along your back, feeling your tight cunt clench desperately around him. His eyes couldn’t help but pass over to the laptop screen, wanting to see what you looked like from behind, your round ass glowed red against the camera with him still buried balls deep within you. He looked over the comments who seemed to be in agreement of one thing. 

“They want to see you, baby.” Kirishima whispered against your neck, placing sloppy kisses against the exposed skin, “let’s show them.”

Kirishima eased himself out of your wet cunt, sighing at the loss of warmth as he spun you around on his lap, his arms moving under your spread legs as he moved a large palm up to your laptop screen, angling it downwards so it showed your glistening folds, using his fingers to spread you so the audience could see his cum dripping from your tight hole. His fingers moving to push the mixture back into your hole, stuffing you again. Kirishima kissed your cheek gently as you lay your head against his shoulder, your eyes skimming the comments that were flowing at high speed. 

‘He must be the luckiest guy in the world’

‘Best live cam yet,’

‘I hope Red is a regular addition,’

“Hope you enjoyed the show, loves.” You didn’t even bother moving the screen back up to show your face as you ended the stream. The grand total of donations flashing across the screen made your eyes widen as the comments continued to flow through.

“That might have been a bit much for our first time together, huh?” You laughed as you moved to clean yourself up, stretching your back as Kirishima’s red eyes watched every movement, a faint blush painted on his cheeks. He was so used to admiring you from afar, it was difficult to pull his eyes from your naked body.

“I’m not complaining,” Kirishima replied shyly, “how did you even know it was me?”

“I had no idea until today!” You laughed, reaching out to grab his hand as you pulled him up off your computer desk chair, leading him towards your bed as you slipped the covers back. 

“If you hadn’t sent me that selfie today with your hoodie in the background I wouldn’t have worked it out.” 

“Oh,” Kirishima’s blush darkened as you tugged him into your bed, “I didn’t even realise-”

“No, I’m so glad you slipped up,” You moved to wrap your arms around his muscular chest as you rested your chin against his pectoral, “I’ve liked you for the longest time,”

“Huh?” Kirishima’s face looked adorable as his nose scrunched in confusion, “so why didn’t you tell me?”

“The same reason you didn’t tell me,” You laughed, unable to resist leaning forward to place a gentle kiss against his lips, “you just kept sending me donations to show your appreciation-”

“Yeah about that-”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain. Plus I’m pretty sure I made enough money from this stream to pay you back triple,”

“I don’t even care about the money, when I’ve got you,” Kirishima moved a large hand up to brush some of your hair out of your face, his fingers lingering on your soft cheeks. 

“It would be pretty fun to have a cam partner too though,”