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The Secret

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What Really Happened?

Teen Wolf; 4X01, Secret Circle; after season finished.

Allison, Aiden, Boyd and Erica are alive.

Malia is not as naïve or uneducated as she is made out to be in the series.

I am sorry if the characters are viewed or expressed differently than the show.

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Malia's POV

Sitting in the passenger seat of Stiles' car, I couldn't help but think of that creature we saw in the desert. It's different, obviously. Not a bad different. Something about it seems familiar. I don't know how to describe it. It isn't running through the forest as a coyote, nor was it being home before I killed my mother and little sister.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by Stiles' asking if I was alright. "Mhmm." I replied

"I'm sorry that I accused you of running off and leaving us here with an unknown supernatural being basically hunting us, but you can't blame me. As hard as you try, and I know you are, you still follow the rules of the wild and it's your instinct to-"

"Stiles'!" I yelled. "I'm fine. Okay? Fine. I'm just thinking about that thing that was hunting us. Alright?" I don't mean to get annoyed or frustrated. Especially with Stiles, but I can't help it. I'm used to being alone. Running around the forest as a coyote for six years doesn't exactly scream social. If I want to think, I'm usually not interrupted by anything other than another animal.

"The thing? What about it?" Stiles' asks

"It's just, I don't know, seems familiar?" I asked more than said. "I can't explain it."

"Alright well, let's talk about this later. I see Scott." Stiles' says before jumping out of his jeep running up to Scott.

"Later." I whispered

Time Skip (Beacon Hills)

Once we returned to Beacon Hills, I quickly snuck away back home. I didn't really sneak off. I just got out of the Jeep and walked home.

I know I should be with the group helping with Derek, but I mean, I don't even know the guy. Yeah he's my cousin. But like I said, I don't know him. Besides, it's not my thing. If it was up to me, I would've just left him. He's a wounded animal in the wild. There's no point.

Stiles and his pack doesn't know I know the truth about my father. It's obvious. If my mom was any type of were, she could've defended herself along with my sister. Obviously my father isn't a supernatural creature either, seeing as he had no idea what could've killed our family and just sent me away.

Finding out who my real father is was easier to figure out than I thought. I overheard Lydia and Allison telling the pack that Peter Hale has a daughter. Me. But it doesn't change anything. I know the truth, and as far as the pack is concerned, I am oblivious.

Again, I found myself lost in thought as I made my way through the forest. Now that I'm out of Eichen House, I live in the forest. No one knows. I just walked out of Eichen House, my father never signed me out. As far as he knows, I'm still in Eichen house. As far as Stiles' pack knows, I'm living with my father.

I prefer it in the woods. A couple of weeks isn't enough time for someone, who was forced out of her home, to adjust to the real world when living in the forest for 8 years. Frankly I could care less about fitting in and being a normal teenage girl. I like being a wild animal. It makes me feel more badass. I mean, how many teenage girls in high school can proudly say they could take down a wild grizzly bear in under two minutes? Not a whole lot.

*Snap* Of course, living in the forest also has its disadvantages. Like always being hunted by animals that believe are more powerful than you.

My eyes widened as I realized it wasn't an animal. I couldn't pin point exactly what it is but I know it isn't fully human. It has a human scent with something else. It was one of the scents I picked up in Mexico.

Whatever the creature was in Mexico, it wasn't the only one. The creature I original ran after has the exact same scent as this one. The second creature, I didn't see coming. It took a good scratch out of my side.

*Crack* *Snap* whatever it is, I don't want to find out. At least, not while I'm still vulnerable. My cut hasn't fully healed yet.

*CRACK* I prepare to run when I heard "Wait! Don't leave! I won't hurt you, I swear."

I quickly faced the mysterious person. I analyzed this person before determining whether it was a friend or foe.

Although I can't see this person's face fully, I could make out some of its features. Like its strong jaw bone, extremely straight compared to Scott's obviously crooked jaw. Shaggy hair, not so short, but laid out to, from what I can tell, its eyes. The figure stands strong with power, but its voice is full of doubt. Its voice gives it away as a male. Although it stands strong, his scent fills the air with anxiety, self-loathing and fear.

He should be afraid. After all, he is in the middle of the forest, late at night, with a were-coyote. He might not know what I am, but anyone should be apprehensive of a random person wandering through the forest late at night without so much as a flashlight.

"Who are you?" I asked him

"Please, hear me out. I need your help." He ignored my question.

"Need my help? With what? Who are you?" I continued to ask

"Yes, I need your help. My daughter's in danger. I'm not strong enough to protect her. I need you to come with me." He once again ignored my previous question of who he is.

"What do I have to do with your daughter? Why me? Who are you?" I was beginning to feel agitated but, thanks to Scott, I am able to push down my inner coyote.

"I can't explain right now, it's not safe. Not here. Come, I'll explain on the way." The figure moved forward, as if to grasp onto me.

"Look dude, I don't know you! You're obviously cra-"He cut me off

"I know what you are!" he yelled

I froze. I didn't know what to say. "I know what you are. I know you killed your mother and sister as a child. I know you lived in the forest every day after. I know you were found and brought back against your will. I know you hate school as well. If you please come with me, help me save my daughter. I'll give you all the answers you want, that you need! I'll take your worries away. Just come with me." I was speechless. What do you say to a mysterious man in the words, in the middle of the night, that claims to know what has been going on in your life. A man that knows your secrets and wants nothing but the safety and protection of his child.

I asked the only thing I could at the moment. "Who are you?" I whispered.

He walked from between two large trees and into the glow of the moon. "I'm Charles Meade."