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The Secret

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What Really Happened?

Malia's POV

Charles', at first look, isn't intimidating. But the way he walks, with power and confidence, it can be a little intimidating. I'm not saying he's intimidating me, I'm just saying, I won't underestimate him.

"Charles, not that it's any of importance but usually when someone kidnaps someone, they usually tell the person that's being kidnapped where they're going." I said. Yeah I know, the kidnapper doesn't, but still.

"Huh? No, no the kidnapper doesn't. Besides, you willingly joined me, I did not force you." He said.

Although that is partially true, I continued.

"Forced, willingly, either way, where are we going?"

"My home. Chance Harbor, Washington." He stated with pride.

I leaned the chair back in Charles' car. After removing my shoes, I put my feet up on the dashboard and questioned him again.

"So? Well, aren't you going to tell me?" He seemed confused

"Tell you…" he carried on

"Oh I don't know, maybe what Chance Harbor is known for? Is it a small town? What is there that you have to protect your daughter from? Or we can start off small. What's your daughter's name?" I more or less demanded.

"Won't your friends and family be worried about you?" He asked

I smirked "You didn't seem to care when you pleaded for my help in the forest back there."

"I did not plead." He forced his smile down. Anyone with supernatural eyesight could see his struggle.

"Yeah yeah, now answer my questions." I continued to smirk

Location Jump (Beacon Hills)

Lydia's POV

I have no idea what hell is going on. I mean, what happened to Derek? He's a-a teenager for Christ sake. How does a church, a freaking church, turn him into a teenager!? Now we have to figure out how fix him.

"I think you might be overestimating my abilities." I heard the Vet, Deaton, say.

For some reason, I had a sudden urge to touch Derek. "He's cold." I breathed "Really cold."

"Do you think this is permanent?" Scott asked

"I'm not sure a medical diagnoses is even adequate." Deaton looked at us. "This is well beyond my experience."

Stiles looked at Derek and just said "So what do we do with him?"

"Until he wakes up, probably not much. It might be best to leave him with me. He'll be safe here."

I was stuck in though when I briefly heard Stiles mention Kate Argent, Allison's psychotic Aunt.

"Why would she want to do this to him?" I asked, not taking my eyes off of young Derek.

"Knowing Kate, it's probably for a reason that won't be good for anyone but her."

As I was staring at 'Derek', Deaton had suggested for us to go home. Sleep does sound good, however the reason being for school isn't a good enough reason to not stay. When Scott suggested that someone stay with Deaton, I offered myself. After explaining to Scott that my grades were fine, of course Stiles had to complain. He obviously wasn't okay with it, but I don't really care.

Time Skip (Vet, Lydia & Deaton)

It's been over an hour since Stiles and Scott left home. No progress is made but I still feel as though something is wrong.

"-Lydia." I heard "Huh?" I asked

Deaton chuckled before repeating himself "I said, you're getting stronger Lydia." Huh? "What do you mean I'm getting stronger? I know I'm a genius, but please elaborate." I said crossing my arms

Apparently my lack of understanding is amusing to Deaton, but being a genius doesn't always mean understanding the underlying message of a person individually. "There is more to being a banshee than finding dead bodies." He said

"Yeah I know, a banshee knows when death is going to occur." I said

"True, but that isn't the whole truth." I stared at him with a look of confusion. "Let me explain. Yes, a banshee is connected towards death. You are lured towards death and, on occasion, know when death is going to occur. But it isn't always surrounded by death exactly. You see, you can feel more towards the people you love. You can feel if one is in danger. Whether it's as small as falling down and scraping your knee, or losing your life in any way."

"Yes, you have been finding the dead bodies. But you know there's more. Like, when Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune and kidnapped you. You knew that Allison was going to get hurt. Specifically no. But you still knew. That was your inner banshee. You are progressing. If you didn't yell, Scott might not have had enough time to get Allison out of the way of the sword." Deaton finished

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

"I am telling you this Lydia, because you know." That's all he said before disappearing into the other room.

I don't completely understand what Deaton is trying to say, but just in case, I decided to send a text to everyone.

Hey, did everyone make it home okay? – LM

Besides smelling the disappointment pouring out of my dad for missing dinner? Got home great. – SM

Dad's not home, so it was pretty easy sneaking into the house. So, fantastic! – SS

Just dropped Kira off at her house, almost home now. – AA

Yeah, going to bed now. Good night. – KY

Yes. – A & E

What the hell are you doing up at this time? We have school in the morning. - DM

Of course I texted Danny, he might not have been there, but he's still a really good friend. I saw no point in replying to anyone but Allison, seeing as she's still not home.

Text me telling me when you're home. & I mean in your room, not I just parked my car right now. – LM

After about 10 minutes, Allison replied telling me that she's in her room. She even sent me a picture confirming that she's telling the truth.

I don't understand why Deaton told me this. I mean, everyone that I love are perfectly fine. Maybe it's for future references?

Time Skip (With Malia & Charles)

"Wait. You're telling me that witches are real!?" I all but screamed

"Yes, now please keep your voice down!" Charles scolded

He's insane. He picks me up in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night. He begs me to help him protect his kid. He tells me nothing about her. When I finally get answers, he tells me the place he grew up in is basically a home ground for a specific coven of witches and that he used to be one until the 'elders' stripped him of his powers. They call the covens 'circles'. His daughter is apparently a witch along with the offspring of his formal circle.

Now, there are hunters hunting his daughter and her circle & he wants to pay me, with money, to protect her.

"These hunters, they slaughtered over have of your circle?" I asked "Yes."

"How many are in a circle?" I asked again. He replied with 6

"So, about 3 or 4 was killed?"

"No, you see, there was the 6 of us along with our mates. My daughter, Diana's, mother was killed. Her ex-boyfriend, Adam's, mother was killed along with their friend Melissa's father, Melissa's friend Faye's father and Melissa's deceased boyfriend, Nick's, parents." He explained.

"That was only 5 children. You said a circle it made up of 6." I added

"*Sigh* at the night of the boat fire, we were under the impression that a man, John Blackwell, had died along with the other deceased. It wasn't until recently had we realized he still lived. A girl, Cassie, had lived with her mother. She didn't know she was a witch or that her parents were witches. Her mother, had died, but not from the fire." He explained again

"Then how did she die?" I asked

"I killed her." He stated. I admit, I was a little taken back. "And Cassie is Diana's friend?" I asked

"Yes." He said.

"Wow. Badass." I said before laughing.

Charles tried but couldn't hold back the small laughter that was trying to escape.

"What is 'badass'" He asked

"You know, you obviously love your daughter but yet you go and kill her friend's mother. While her friend thought her father was dead, basically leaving her as an orphan. You don't even sound the least bit ashamed." I laughed.

He seemed shocked that I would even say that "Of course I'm ashamed. Amelia was my friend. I killed my friend. I did what I had to do for important reasons." He defended

"Oh yeah, then why?" I smirked Charles seemed frozen for a moment. As if he expected me to just keep to myself and not ask him question that I guess some people would deem private.

"Well?" "You get straight to the point, don't you? You don't even stop to consider someone else's feelings towards any subject."

"Nope." I said popping the P.

"Anyway, enough of this sappy stories. Let's get down to business. How old is Diana?" I asked, getting serious

"17." He replied.

"Okay, and what exactly do you want me to do?" I asked

"I want you to protect her." I already knew that.

"No, I mean. Specifically. You want me to protect her but how? Do you want me to walk up to her and say 'Hey, your dad hired me to protect you so consider yourself protected?' I don't think that'll fly well." I said

"Just, follow her around. From a distance, make sure no one see's you. If someone is stalking her, stalk that person and get them away from her. Just, make sure she doesn't see you." I explained

"Make sure she doesn't see me? It's easier than it sounds. What if I can't get to that person fast enough? What if they attacked her? Then what?" I declared

"Okay fine. Don't show yourself unless necessary. If someone attacks her. Spring into action." He said

"And how do you know I'll be able to defend both her and myself?" I questioned.

"I told you before, I know a lot about you." "You're right. You did say that before. So, tell me specifically. What do you know about me?" I asked

"I know you were in that car crash with you mother and younger sister. I know that you cause the crash. You lived in the forest for 8 years on your own." "Yes, but what am I?"

He didn't reply. He actually doesn't know what I am! He only knows what I've done, not how I've done it or why! "You know nothing! You're a liar!" I yelled

"Please! I'm sorry. Yes I do know the truth about their deaths, but specifically I don't have the answer on how. But please, protect my daughter." He pleaded

He looked so vulnerable like this. You can see the love he has for her and the fear of losing her. I'd hate to see the look in his eyes to match my father's. Grief, depression, heartbroken, lost. I reluctantly agreed, for his daughter.

"I'm going to need a picture. After all. I am her body guard." I said

Time Skip (One Week; Beacon Hills)

Stiles' POV

I just sat in my seat in math class when I started to think. Something, no, someone was missing. The bell rings when I scan over the student desks when I find one missing.

"Hey, Lydia?" he whisper

"What?" she asked

"Who sits in front of you?" She stares at the desk in front of her before realization passes through her eyes.

"Mr. Stilinski, is there a problem?" the teacher asks

"Yes, as a matter of fact there is! A student is missing! Malia Tate is missing!" I all but screamed

Lydia tries her hardest to calm me down when the teacher states "There is no Malia Tate on my student list." The teacher says before warning me of my outburst.

Before I had time to recover I had received a text from Lydia.

Already texted Allison. She said Malia was pulled out of school. – LM

I added Scott, Allison and Kira into a group chat and quickly replied what do you mean she pulled out? Why wouldn't she say anything? Why would her dad take her out? Beacon Hills High is the only high school in the area did they move? – SS

They didn't move. We did cross country at gym a period ago. I seen Mr. Tate relaxing on his porch. – AA

Do you think she was sent back to Eichen house? She was quieter than usual on the way back from Mexico. – KY

Why don't we ask Danny? He always knows what's going on. Even when he's not involved he knows. – SM

As I read Scott's message, I quickly turned my head towards Danny's direction. As if I he heard my silent plead for him, he turned in my direction. I couldn't help but crack the biggest grin ever.