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The Secret

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What Really Happened?

Scott's POV

"That's actually a very funny story." Before Cora could finish, all of the windows broke. Before anyone could react, the room started to fill with some type of gas.

"Protect a human!" I heard someone yell. Was it Boyd? Isaac? The gas was effecting my senses. I can't make out whose voice belongs to who.

"What's happening? I can't see!" I female voice had yelled

"It's the gas! It's wolf's bane!" someone else yelled. Lydia? Stiles?

"Grab her and go!" I heard a million and one different voices at this point. Everything is going blurry, I can't see anything, not even the gas.

"Scott! Focus Scott! Focus!" I heard.

I closed my eyes and try to force myself into my wolf.

I held my eyes shut for a few more seconds before I felt the change in my eyes. My once dark brown eyes was replaced with glowing red eyes. I could see better than as a human but it was still hard to make out my surroundings.

I focused on all of my senses when I heard it. A very deep and menacing growl. Too low for any human or wolf to hear, but it was loud enough for an Alpha too hear.


Hearing her howl gave me enough strength to let out my own. The Alpha's growl/howl is strong enough to force any wolf into submission or into and out of a shift.

I faced my head up towards the ceiling and released the loudest howl I've ever made. Louder than the howl I used to bring Peter out of hiding when I first turned. Louder than the howl I used to force Malia out of her coyote form.

I could feel the strength of my pack become stronger and I knew it was working. I could feel it.

Malia's POV

At this point my coyote had took control and all I could see was red. My grip on Diana tightened.

I tried to take back control. I knew I was killing her and I don't think I can go through that pain again.

I tried focusing on my surrounding. Where I'm at.

Calm down Malia. Come on. You can do it. Calm down. Don't kill her. Not again. Control yourself. Don't kill her. Don't kill Diana. Diana!

When I heard her name in my head I started to focus more. My glowing neon blue eyes made contact with Diana's dark brown eyes. Seeing the fear, as clear as day, in her eyes for some reason was enough to gain back more control. Enough control to take charge but not enough for my eyes to return to dark brown nor my claws to retract.

I quickly tore my hands away, careful not to cut her in the process. My breathing started getting heavy.

My eyes never left Diana's. At this point, Charles was at Diana's side, most likely making sure there wasn't any permanent damage. His lips were moving, but I couldn't hear anything.


I almost killed her.

He talking to me now.

I hurt her. I hurt Diana.

What's he saying?

I tried to kill her.

Charles was walking toward me. No doubt to hurt me just like I hurt Diana. What father wouldn't? My 'dad' tried killing me when he thought I was an animal that killed his family. I am, but he doesn't know it was me.

"I-I-I'm so so-sorry." I stuttered

My eyes never left Diana nor hers mine. Something in her eyes changed. I'm not that good at reading people's eyes but I'm a Coyote and can smell her emotions. But still, the fear that was once in her eyes was no longer there. Confusion and understanding was flowing off of her in bucket loads.

I didn't have time to figure out why she understood me. The room started closing in on me, I can't breathe. Everything started spinning.

I have to get out of here. I thought.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. That's when I ran.

I used my coyote strength to knock down the door, saving me a few seconds, to run into the woods. I heard one set of feet right behind me and decided to use my coyote speed to get away.

10 seconds later and I couldn't even smell Diana.

I stopped at a small stream and tried to gather myself.

I almost killed her.

Oh my gosh!

I almost strangled her to death!

I'm a killer!

A monster!

I'm a monster!


My breathing started getting heavier and heavier.

The world was spinning.

I tried focusing on the stream in front of me. The running water made it even more difficult to focus.

I heard a loud growl right before my ears started ringing and blackness consumed me.