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The Secret

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What Really Happened?

Lydia’s POV

What the hell just happened? One minute Cora’s about to tell us how she knew Malia when someone ambushes us, the next minute the house is cleared of all the smoke. The only thing to indicating the fact that someone attacked us are the broken windows. There isn’t even a smoke canister in sight.

I guess everyone dived to the floor. Erica’s body was crouched protectively over Allison. Boyd over Mr. Stilinski. Ethan over Kira and Aiden over me. I heard someone yell protect the humans, but I didn’t think they’d actually use their bodies as shields wrapped around us.

Aiden detached his body from around mine when we heard “Is everyone okay?” Scott asked

A chorus of yeah’s went around the room but one stood out. “No! Scott! I-I. I can’t. I can’t see anything! Oh god what if I don’t get my sight back? What if it’s permanent and no amount of hospital treatment or supernatural cheats can help? Oh god I’m blind!” Everyone turned towards the voice and noticed Isaac detangling himself from Stiles.

“Stiles.” Scott

“I’m blind!”

Stiles.” Me

I’m useless now! I’m going to die!”

“For Pete’s sake. Stiles, dammit, snap out of it!” Mr. Stilinski

“You all be trying to protect me from the supernatural that’ll try to kill me. Then you’ll all die in the process!”

Erica seemed to have lost her patience because the next thing we knew, she was in front of Stiles.

Your hands are covering your eyes dufus!” She yelled removing his hands

“Oh, ye-yeah. I knew, um, I knew that! Yeah!” Stiles said “Thanks CatWoman.” He mumbled looked towards the floor.

Erica puffed out “Anytime Batman.” Before turning away from a very red Stiles.

After that was settled, everyone looked around at the damage.

A soft sigh could be heard coming from Mr. Stilinski. Every one of his windows on the first floor has been shattered, no doubt that’ll be a large amount. Especially for him. Not many people know this, probably just Scott and Stiles, but Mr. Stilinski is having a hard time when it comes to money.

“Well. That was different. Someone broke the windows and filled the house with gas, just to leave without hurting anyone? Papa Stilinski, any of your stuff gone?” Erica asked.

We don’t know why, but she always calls him that.

“None of my stuff is gone. Well, except one thing. Cora.” At that, everyone looked around and realized we had indeed lost Cora.

Another pack member gone? Oh my gosh I am the worst alpha of all alphas!” Scott yelled

“Well, I wouldn’t say worst. Peter’s definitely in first place on that one.” Stiles, I’m assuming, was trying to light up the mood.

“Stiles.” He looked to me. “No.” I mouthed shaking my head

Sigh. Buddy, look, you are not the worst Alpha, or second. Or third. You don’t even come close to making that list. Okay. I’m sure Cora’s fine. She’s always been bad ass and mysterious. Maybe she planned this so she wouldn’t have to tell us how she knew Malia.” The cloud of emotion that was lingering in the air was starting to loosen up until Stiles brought up Malia. Just like that, an even thicker cloud formed.

“Maybe you’re right. Let’s go look for her.” As everyone started to make their way towards the front door, we heard “Oh, none of you are going anywhere.”

Turning around, Mr. Stilinski had a broom in each hand with a mop and bucket leaning against the door way.

Smiling, he said “There should be more brooms in the basement. The dust brush and dust pan are in the hallway closet along with the vacuum.”

Grunts were coming from every present member of the pack, low enough for a human to hear but not loud enough for Mr. Stilinski.

As everyone found a spot to clean, I couldn’t help but notice how close Allison and Erica’s bodies are. I noticed each time they gave each other a look, the ‘I’m-trying-to-tell-you-something-without-anyone-else-knowing’ look. A wide smile spread across my face. We’ve been fighting the demons in the dark and the monsters under the bed for so long. One thing after another. I’m glad someone in this pack found a silver lining.