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Sweet, In A Way

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I think a lot of my classmates thought I was mute my first week at UA.

I got in on recommendation, so I didn't have to do the entrance exam, which I was so thankful for. I heard the students had to fight robots and shit, and I don't even know how my quirk would fend off against a robot.

I didn't talk much to my classmates at all, not until I had moved a complex coloring book, some packs of colored pencils, and my laptop and some earbuds to the living room and sat on the couch to watch (or listen to) a movie as I colored.

"What are you doing?" Todoroki came over to me and sat beside me.

"Coloring. Watching a movie." I hummed, and he looked surprised that I could speak. We were both sort of quiet, speaking only when needing to.

"Can I watch?" He asked.

"Sure," I said and gave him an earbud. "Do you want me to start it over? I've seen it loads of times already, it's one of my favorites, so I don't mind."

"Would you, please?" He got comfy and I went and started the movie over again and got back to coloring.

"What are you coloring?" He asked.

"Mythical creatures. My mom and I both have this coloring book. She tells me when she's finished a page, and then I'll color that page, then we send each other pictures and compare how we colored them differently." I explained.

We were quiet for a good long while as he watched the movie, which was a horror movie technically, but it wasn't very scary. Maybe more of a psych thriller, I guess? Anyway, I didn't see him getting scared, but he did make a certain face and gave me a look when one character began to hurt herself with a smile on.

"So, you like scary movies?" He hummed.

"Yep. I don't get scared easily." I nodded and sharpened a pencil as I spoke.

"Hey, what are you two doing?" Uraraka asked as a bunch of people came into the common room of our dorms.

"We're watching a movie." Todoroki just said and I wasn't paying attention at all. There were too many people for me to be comfortable.

"Wait, what happened to the..." Todoroki asked.

"She wasn't dead. She's about to get killed, though. There." I said as the attack began on screen.

"What... is she going to use the fire poker?" He asked, staring at the screen, and I looked up, pushing my hair back.

"No, she gets stabbed in the neck with a pair of scissors," I said right before it happened.

"The hell are you watching?" Bakugou just huffed. "Sounds sick to me."

"It's a good movie." I just shrugged and went back to coloring without even looking at him.

I guess that pissed him off because since then, Bakugou's been looking to pick a fight with me since. He'd always come up to me and forcefully ask me why I never talked to anyone, and if I thought I was better than everyone. Once he asked what my quirk even was, as no one had really seen it before.

Once, I got so fed up with him, that I calmly reached out and touched his arm, and he lost his voice in half a second. He made this odd choking noise and started to yell at me, but no sound came out.

"Now that you're quiet, I can tell you what my quirk is," I said, looking up from my book, and the whole room was quiet.

"I call it Three No Evil. If I touch someone, I can make them blind, deaf, or mute for about thirty minutes. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." I said and he was just silently fuming in front of my desk, glaring down at me and I went back to reading my book.

Later that day, long after he got his voice back, he came back to my desk and growled deeply at me.

"Take my voice again, and I will kill you. I'm serious." He said before walking out, and I honestly didn't pay it any mind.

Midoriya used to talk about how Bakugou would bully him when they were younger. Since their relationship has improved slightly, it looks like I was his new Deku.

Todoroki had become my friend and was often there to tell Bakugou to back off when he was being mean to me. I was very thankful, and I told him that every time.

"I mean, if you ask me, it seems like Bakugou might just like you." Kirishima came over after Bakugou had stormed out of the room.

"You're funny," I rolled my eyes.

"No, I'm serious." He said, shaking his head. "Kaminari and I have been thinking lately, and we think Bakugou's type is someone who can actually take him in a fight, or at least someone who isn't afraid to fight him. You've definitely proved that, Kaida."

I just rolled my eyes and shook my head while future me was laughing her fucking ass off at how right he was.

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"Okay, class. Any thoughts about the book we just finished for Literature, Pride and Prejudice?" Mr. Aizawa asked in a bored tone.

Then he did the teacher thing and since no one answered, he began calling on people, starting with me.

"I think Elizabeth is a complete moron for falling for someone who was so rude towards her." I started off by saying.

Then Bakugou had to go and speak up. "She obviously only fell in love with him after she saw how loaded he was. I think Elizabeth just wanted his money and didn't really care about how he was treating her, in the beginning at least. Most women are like that."

"Maybe, if you're talking about an insane woman. But I think, for most people, it doesn't matter how much money you have. If you're being a dick, you're being a dick, and no one will like you." I stared directly at Bakugou, who turned to glare at me. I heard a muffled 'holy shit' from somewhere in the room.

"You're telling me you think that you wouldn't fall in love with Darcy, no matter how much money he had? Even after the one-eighty and he's doting on you every day?" He asked.

"No, because I have something called self-respect," I said, and a good portion of the students 'ooh'ed.

"If you like someone, you shouldn't be mean to them. It's a turn-off, personally. It could lead to a toxic, even abusive relationship. I, personally, am for respecting yourself and respecting your partners and seeing them as equals, unlike some people." I said and closed the book on my desk.

"You wanna say that to my face?" Bakugou stood up.

"Funny how you took that personally. I was talking about Darcy and Elizabeth, obviously." I just stared him down.

"Do you two need to go out in the hall?" Mr. Aizawa asked in a bored tone, and Bakugou sat down again. "Save the fighting for after class, or whatever you're doing."

So, after class that day, I thought Bakugou had dropped the topic, but no, he was yelling at me all the way to the dorms and didn't stop once we were in the common room.

"If you don't shut the fuck up, I am going to take your voice away again." I threatened him with my hand up.

"You take my voice and I will beat you to death." He growled. "You're just annoyed because you know I'm right about Darcy and Elizabeth."

"Fucking please," I scoffed. "You couldn't be more wrong! They have one of the most abusive relationships in all of literature! You'd really go around verbally abusing your partner like that?" I asked, then paused, thinking up a low blow.

"Shit, I forgot. You abuse everyone like that, and nobody will ever love you because that's not how reality works." I hissed and his eyes just widened.

When he couldn't think up a comeback, I gave a smirk and went into my room, shutting the door and putting on a movie to use as background noise while I did my homework.

There was a knock on my door around thirty minutes later, and I opened it to let Todoroki in.

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but do you really have to be so hard on Bakugou?" He asked as he took a seat on my bed.

"I can't tolerate anyone with that sort of mindset like he has. And did you hear him earlier? He said most women would rather have money than being treated respectfully. The fucking nerve..." I huffed.

"Yes, that was bad, but hear me out about how you say he's abusive to everyone." He said and I looked up, setting my pen down to give him my undivided attention.

"His closest friends, like Kirishima and Kaminari, they don't expect him to be super friendly with them. That's just not who Bakugou is. So, yes, he's abusive to pretty much everyone, but not at the level he could be. He tones it down for most of the people here." Todoroki said, and I nodded slightly, understanding what he was saying.

The topic soon shifted and he was helping me study, but I got bored with that after about fifteen minutes and closed my notebook and got up, plugging my phone to some small speakers I had and put on a playlist.

"What are you doing?" Todoroki asked, looking a little confused as I grabbed his hands and pulled him up.

"I'm bored. Dance with me." I smiled, moving him slightly as I began to sing to the loud lyrics.

"Double bubble, disco queen, headed to the guillotine. Skin as cool as Steve McQueen. Let me be your killer king..." I sang along with Brendon Urie, and Todoroki just looked a little uncomfortable, but soon realized it was only me and him, and he loosened up a bit.

"You two having fun in there?" Kirishima knocked loudly, and I laughed as Todoroki's cheeks flamed up.

I opened up the door with a big smile. "Wanna join us?"

So the day ended fun, to say the least.

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"Alright, class. We're doing a long term project, and what I want you to do is to take slips of paper out, write your name on it, then write down a nickname for yourself. It cannot be a shortened version of your name. The purpose of this is anonymity. I'll tell you why once I have all the slips of papers." Mr. Aizawa said, and we got to it.

I wrote down Little Dragon on my paper, as that's literally what my name translated to. I don't think anyone would guess it was me. When he told us to, we passed the papers up and he collected them, then began silently moving them around on his desk, seemingly pairing them up.

He then turned to write on the board, giving us partners. "You are going to be writing letters to your partners for the next few weeks. I've paired you up with people I either believe you have something in common with or something you need to work out with. Good luck guessing which one." He threw back a creepy grin.

I read over the list and saw I was paired with Master Chef. Huh. Master Chef and Little Dragon. God, some of these names were weird. Snail Mail... oh my God. Two people literally chose Dumbass and That Bitch.

"Today, you'll write an introduction letter to your partner. I'm going to go ahead and ban giving out obvious personal information. This is anonymous for a reason. Think of it as a trust exercise." Aizawa said and went to go take a nap and leave us be.

I got out my binder of loose-leaf paper and wrote Dear Master Chef at the top with a comma, then paused, not sure what to write at all.

Um, hi. I'm not quite sure what to write about to you. I don't know who you are, but that's a given, and I guess you don't know who I am either.

I guess I'll write about what's on my mind right now? I warn you, it's not nice thoughts. They're quite dark, to be honest.

I was reading a book, and I asked my mom if she ever read it when she was younger, as she was about twenty-six when it was published. It's a feminist novel, I guess, and it features a lot of people suffering in the society they live in. My mom can't handle suffering well. It makes her physically sick, as she's very empathetic towards people. Her quirk is actually transferring emotions, so whatever other people feel, she feels too. She's a true empath .

But anyway, she was apparently getting mad at me for reading it, because I like the book, personally. She seemed almost offended that I thought it held an important message about how women are treated/should be treated/will be treated.

Now, I don't like to label myself as a feminist, mainly because I'm scared of the rep I'll get if I do. I don't want to be mistaken as a fucking feminazi. I don't think women are superior to men. I don't think men are pigs, or they're evil, or that they're less than women. I think all humans are created equal, period. Fucking period.

Mainly, I'm just a little obsessed on how she could hate on a novel that says something so important about how women are seen in society. The book is mainly about the objectification and dehumanizing of women, and it literally calls them "wombs on two legs" at some point.

Side note , because I just remembered this, but I once read this other book when I was younger that was published around the same time, and one minor character said to the other, "why do women have legs?" And the other character asked why, and he said, "so they don't leave a trail like a slug" or something like that. I can't even explain how much that pissed me off.

Um, that's all that I can think of. Sorry, I'm depressing.

I then signed it as Little Dragon and wasn't sure what to do from there.

At the end of class, Aizawa passed our letters out and I didn't open Master Chef's until I was in my room.

Dear Little Dragon,

What a name. Wanna know why I chose mine? It's because I like cooking. I'm not sharing anything that would give me away, because I don't talk about liking to cook ever. So, it's safe.

So, I guess I have something on my mind that's been bothering me. I can tell you, right? You better not talk about it. I'm serious.

Once upon a time, I was attacked. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but it did. I was saved, obviously, or else I wouldn't be here now. And the heroes that were there praised me for holding out for so long in such a traumatic situation.

That's always bothered me. Like, I'm sort of used to being praised for just about everything, so this one thing shouldn't matter, right? But it just sits with me wrong. I don't really know why.

Anyway, I don't want this to be long. I'll write the bare minimum, and that's that.

Master Chef

I just stared at the paper in my hands and read over it three times.


Just. Wow.

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Dear Master Chef,

I... don't know what to say. I'm sorry? I thought my letter was going to be a lot more depressing than yours, but holy shit. I have done a bit of thinking about this.

First off, let me assure you that I won't ask around to figure out who you are by who was attacked in the last six months. If I haven't heard about it up until now, then I doubt anybody is still talking about it.

Secondly, there were heroes there? Like, pro heroes? And they praised a fucking victim for holding out? What kind of bullshit...

Let me calm down.

Seriously, did they even ask if you were alright? I can't even imagine the kind of trauma you went through, and nobody is checking up on you?

Let me be the first to ask you if you're alright.

I want you to know that you can admit anything to me in these letters. I hardly talk to anyone already, so there's no way I'm spilling any of this personal shit.

I've also been through a little trauma, so I'm here if you need to share, or just get anything off your chest.

Can we be there for each other?

Little Dragon

I turned in the letter I wrote at my desk the next morning and didn't get one in return. Well, they did say they would write the bare minimum...

I did get one back after lunch, though, which I read at my desk along with other people working on this project.

Dear LD ,

Wow. That was depressing. I think I was just feeling a little overwhelmed yesterday. But, to be honest, I don't think I am totally okay.

I keep having nightmares about being in the villain's grasp. I remember the choking feeling. It literally chokes me sometimes at night. I wake up panting and shit. Then I can't go back to sleep because I'm actually terrified I'll see his face again, and that just ruins the whole night.

Um, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to hear about your trauma. I feel it might make me feel like I'm not so alone. If you know what I mean. I don't know. I feel stupid.

I hardly slept last night. The choking feeling was too strong. Maybe I'm tired.


I looked down at it and was going to start writing my third letter, but Aizawa woke up and began teaching. So I stuffed the letter in my bag and began to take notes, but also planned out what I was going to write in my head.

The second class was over, I went to my room and began to write, feeling this might be a long letter.

Dear Master Chef,

Don't feel stupid, you're not. It's perfectly normal to feel what you're feeling. And since you told me yours, I'll tell you mine.

My dad... well, he wasn't the nicest. Actually, now that I think about it, none of my family is nice. Well, aside from my mom, that is.

One instance I remember, I was about three, I had just gotten my quirk, and no one really understood it. My mom copies emotions and my dad has voice projection. We're not really sure where my quirk came from, but it sounds a bit like my grandma's, though.

My mom was at work, and dad was unemployed, which meant he was supposed to be watching me. He never really watched me, he really couldn't care less about me. He drank a lot, smoked a lot, and liked to sit at his computer all day saying he was doing work, but we all knew he was really just playing RPGs.

On this day, I think I was hungry or just wanted something from him. He often forgot to feed me, and himself, actually. I went up to him and just touched him to get his attention, and accidentally used my quirk on him. I was really little, so he only suffered for only a few minutes, but he screamed at me for hours.

Mom came home and I was covered in bruises from the beating he gave me, and he told her exactly what had happened. She kicked him out that night, told him to never come near me again. My mom is a strong woman, and I admire the shit out of her.

I didn't learn until I was twelve that things like that were common in our family, from before I was born, even. Mom has been married twice, both to abusive husbands. She left both of them on her own terms. She told me she wanted to stay with my dad a little longer, though, just so I wouldn't be teased for not having a dad. It took me ages to tell her that I didn't care. I just needed her and that was more than enough.

But I guess the trauma is that I still flinch in a fight when I'm going to get hit. I still get scared of people that are going to touch me without warning. I guess a part of me still thinks that everyone is out for blood and everyone wants to hurt me for some reason. Even though my dad is dead now, his pissed off face still comes to me sometimes and scares the shit out of me.

Anyway, that's my sob story. Abusive dad cliche. Nearly all dads are abusive in some way now, so I hope your dad is better than most.

Love, Little Dragon

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I turned in that letter before class started, and found myself impatiently waiting for the next one. I made myself not look around the room at people reading their letters so I could figure out who was reading mine by their expression.

I just dove into a book to distract myself, and after lunch, I got one back.


Fucking hell, man. Out of all the horrible shit I had in my head, I was not expecting that.

That sucks. I'm glad you have your mom, though. She seems like a good woman. And you're right, she seems very strong.

You slipped up. You told me your quirk is activated by touch. I could easily narrow down who you are in our class by people with touch-based quirks, but I won't. I just wanted to point out that you might want to be more careful.

I guess I can also promise you that if we ever fight, I won't hit too hard. I guess I could look for someone who flinches, but everybody flinches when I go to hit them.

Um, my dad is pretty okay. He's calm. My mom is the aggressive one. She's a fucking old bitch who literally hit me in front of Mr. Aizawa and All Might when they came to our houses to talk about dorms. So, there's that, I guess.

And now I honestly can't think of anything else to write.

Oh, wait. You're a girl, right? I remember from the first letter you were talking about feminism and shit. I mean, I guess you could be a guy, there are guy feminists. But you're most likely a girl, right?

I'm a guy. Wink.


I tried my best not to laugh out loud at that. I began writing the next letter immediately, having so many thoughts in my head, but I wanted to keep it short to keep him on his toes.

Dear Master Chef,

What exactly are you implying?

Love, Little Dragon

I didn't get a response until the next day, and I was actually excited to read it.


I can't tell if you're angry, or annoyed, or what.

All I meant was that I'm a guy, and you're a girl, and we happen to get along and we seem to have a lot in common. That's rare for me.

I've never really had a girlfriend before. I was always just focusing on more important things, like school, or developing my quirk. I've never even had a crush before.

I'm not saying I have a crush on you... yet. I'm not even sure if it's possible to get a crush through anonymous letters like this. I just know that I like writing to you, and I'm always excited to get a letter from you. It's like the highlight of my day, reading something you wrote specifically for me to read, and no one else.

I'm now thinking back to what Mr. Aizawa said about making the pairs. He paired us up either on the fact that we have stuff in common that he knows about, or that we have something to work on, meaning we don't get along. I'm wondering what the case is for us.

I don't know, and I don't think I want to know. I feel like if I start paying too much attention, I'll figure out who you are, and then this will all be ruined. I don't want to ruin this. I like this... us.

Please tell me I haven't ruined everything.

(Also, I think this is the longest letter I've written you so far.)


I stared at the page, absolutely stunned. Once again, I had so many responses in my head. So many things to explain. I could physically feel the next letter being a long one, and I was going to write it, but then Mr. Aizawa had to go and do his teacher thing and actually teach us.

"Okay, I know I gave you all a project just a few days ago, but you're getting a new one now, also with partners." Mr. Aizawa started, and there were some groans heard around the room.

"Okay... listen for your name. Bakugou, Yaoyorozu, Kaminari, Todoroki, Sato, Uraraka, Jiro, Ojiro, Kirishima, and Shoji. If I did not call your name, come up and draw a slip of paper. It has your partner's name on it."

I got up and drew, then opened the slip and immediately looked up at Mr. Aizawa.

"Can I draw again?" I asked, getting some looks.

"No. Everyone's drawn already." He said in a bored tone.

"Well, can I switch with someone? I don't care who, I just don't want to work with him." I spat, showing him the slip of paper with Bakugou's name on it.

"You got a problem with me?" Bakugou stood up, already spitting venom at me.

"Who said I was talking about you?" I gave him a look.

"Well, you don't really take that tone with anyone else, Kaida." Kirishima chuckled, and Bakugou told him to shut up.

"You got Bakugou? Interesting." Mr. Aizawa just hummed and sat back in his chair. "Given what this project is, it may help... or maybe not."

"What is the project?" Iida asked once we were seated again.

"You're going to be raising a baby for two weeks." He answered, and my eyebrows shot up my forehead. "It's something every class does at least once every year here. It's to help build a working relationship with people, just like heroes have to do every day when doing their job. You don't know who you'll have to work with on a day to day basis, but you have to cooperate with them to save people and get the job done. Make sense?"

Well, yeah, when he put it like that...

"A lady who works with couples who can't have babies of their own is coming in tomorrow to produce a baby for you and your partner. We're not making it too difficult for you, so the baby will already be about two years old, and it shouldn't have a quirk. If it does develop a quirk, you will get extra credit. I'll fail you if you try to force a quirk out of it or fake a quirk. After the two weeks are up, I'll grade you and she'll take the babies back. I'm giving you the afternoon to think and talk with your partner about how you're going to raise the kid. We'll be providing diapers and wipes and all the supplies needed." He finished.

"I'm going to go jump off the fucking roof..." I sighed.

"Shiro, if you jump off the roof, I'll expel you." He warned.

"You won't have to expel me because then I'll be dead." I just huffed.

"You'll be fine for two weeks. Both of you."

"Doubt it," I heard someone snicker.

Chapter Text

I got right to my room after class and began writing the letter.

Dear Master Chef,

Let me start off by saying, you haven't ruined everything. I feel the same way. I love getting these letters from you. It sort of makes me feel special, too. This is like our own little personal bubble universe, where only we exist. Just us and these words. It's sweet, in a way.

But now let me get to what is on my mind. This fucking project, man. I swear Aizawa is trying to kill us. I won't say too much, in case you figure out who I am, but oh my God my fucking partner. That's it. Do with that what you want.

I know we're given this afternoon to talk over strategy and whatnot, but I really wanted to write this down first. I'll go find my partner later.

I'm... honestly worried for this project. Given my upbringing, there's a part of me that's scared I'm going to turn out just like my dad. I'm going to hate my kid and ignore them and end up being just as abusive as he was. Or I'm going to be like my grandparents and just fight nonstop in front of the kids. Or I'm going to be like my aunt and uncle and absolutely hate my partner and take out all my frustration from the marriage on the kid and just be too poor to divorce.

And it's not just for this project either, it's for life. I'm absolutely terrified to have kids in the future. I realize my quirk isn't really strong enough to be a pro hero, but I could be a useful sidekick. And even then, with that profession, it's dangerous to have children. I guess there's still a part of me who wants the fairytale happy ending with a loving spouse and happy children in a perfect home, despite knowing reality and how slim those chances actually are.

Sorry, didn't mean to get depressing on you. I guess I better to find my pain in the ass... I mean, partner. :)

Love, Little Dragon

I folded up the letter and went to the common room and found Bakugou looking moody with his group of friends.

"The fuck are you looking at?" He growled at me, crossing his arms, and I rolled my eyes.

"We're supposed to be talking about this project?" I said.

He looked around and huffed. "I don't see anybody else doing it."

"Have you even been paying attention? Sero and I have been talking about how we're going to be the best dads ever!" Kirishima grinned and he and Sero high fived, making me smile a little.

"Are you kidding? Kaminari and I are going to be the most fun parents in the world!" Mina cheered.

"Your kid will be dead within three days." Bakugou just said to them.

"Can we get to talking so our kid won't be dead in three days?!" I huffed.

"Fine!" He snapped and walked away, and I just followed.

"Okay, first things first, what are we going to name them?" I asked when his door was closed.

"Bakugou." He just sat on his bed with his as crossed, and I took his desk chair.

"What if she's a girl?" I asked.

"Bakugou." He nodded again.

"We're not naming our kid after you, Bakugou." I rolled my eyes.

"Well, their last name is going to be Bakugou. Shouldn't that be enough?" He huffed.

"No!" I gasped.

"Name them whatever you want, I don't care." He just shrugged.

"Fine. Works for me. Now, who are they going to stay with?" I asked.

"Stay with?" His eyebrow raised.

"Like... go to bed with." I nodded. "I don't think they get cribs or something... or maybe Mr. Aizawa just didn't mention it..."

"They can stay with you. I don't want a fucking baby in my room." He said, and his harshness just hit a little too close to home.

"So... you're just not going to care about it?" I said, trying to hold back the lump in my throat.

"It's not like it's permanent anyway." He shrugged.

That was it. I've heard enough.

I stood up sharply and slapped him as hard as I could before racing back to my room, trying to hold the tears back until my door was shut and locked.

"Hey, Kaida. That was quick... are you okay?" Kirishima's face fell when he saw me. I didn't answer and covered my face as I pushed past him and went into my room, locking the door tight before I burst into tears, reliving every awful little thing I'd ever heard about my dad not giving a single shit about me.

I collected myself by the next morning and put my letter to Master Chef on the desk. It took about two minutes for it to be snatched up, but I didn't see by who.

Mr. Aizawa came in with a tall, thin lady with her hair in a tight bun, and she had a very warm smile. We waited to be called up so she could make the babies for us, and that involved her putting her palm on our lower stomachs while a bright light glowed from her chest, and a baby was formed.

Bakugou looked uncomfortable next to me, and I was the one to first hold the little boy with his blonde hair, but my light green and golden eyes.

We moved to a space in the room so another pair could go, and Bakugou was being oddly quiet, just watching as I played with the boy who I named Hikaru.

But, a few minutes later, he was stepping closer and holding out his finger for Hikaru to grab.

"If you hurt him in any way..." I started to threaten, trying to keep my voice steady and firm. "If you even so much as raise your voice at him... I don't care about the grade, I'm taking him and raising him myself. You hear me?"

Bakugou's eyes met mine, and he looked a little surprised. He had his voice lowered as well.

"We're going to be the best damn parents ever, and we're going to raise us a kickass kid. Let's do this."

Chapter Text


I want so badly to meet you in person so I can tell you this to your face so maybe it'll get through your head.

None of that shit is going to happen. You are not going to repeat history. You are not your family. You've learned from their mistakes, and you know it's wrong, and you will damn well make sure that you will not treat your kid the way they treated theirs.

I very much wish that I was your partner. We'd ace the whole project together. I've got this like, urge in me to take care of people. I want to have a family in the future so fucking badly. I want to be a big, strong dad who takes care of his wife and kids. The kind of dad who isn't afraid to go check out a sound in the house late at night. I'd make breakfast every morning and go to work. I'd pamper the shit out of my wife, and my kids would be so spoiled. I would fight the entire world for them to be happy. I don't even have a wife or kids yet, but I already love them so, so fucking much.

Tell me about your future? Maybe not that far, like me, but like... where do you see yourself in five years? Be honest. I want to know.


I smiled widely and wiped my eyes as I read his letter at lunch.

"What's up? You fucking crying?" Bakugou scoffed as he held Hikaru in his lap, feeding him and himself at lunch.

"None of your fucking business." I huffed and got some paper and a pen out to write as I ate.

Dear Master Chef,

Damn. Your future had me tearing up, you fucking masterpiece of a person.

I want that, too. Maybe not the kids, I dunno. But I want a partner who will love me to the moon and back, and I want it to be a sort of love where we don't have to tell each other that we love each other. We can just feel it in the air around us.

Let's just say I have an incredibly realistic vision of me in five years. I'll have graduated UA, and I'll probably be interning at some hero agency. I expect to have a partner by then. If we've been together for a few years, maybe we'll be engaged or newlyweds.

I see us in our apartment. It's small but cozy. It's very comfortable. There are pillows and blankets just fucking everywhere. We might have a dog or a cat, or both. I can imagine us on the couch, watching a movie or something. We're both under a blanket, our pet is somewhere nearby. We're comfy with our snacks, and we're curled up together. Like, our legs are tangled together and shit like that. We're probably kissing very softly because we can't pay attention to the movie because we're just so in love and it's hard to stay away from each other. I'm touch starved, so I'm the kind of person that would always need to be touching my partner. I can't fucking keep my hands to myself, it's almost laughable.

Shit, the thought of it almost makes me want to cry, because... I hate being painfully honest, but a big part of me doesn't believe that love like that exists anymore. Or at least, I'm not deserving of that kind of love. No one will ever want or love me that much. Everyone secretly hates me and talks about me behind my back.

Fuck, I might actually cry now. But, I have to take care of my kid, so I have to be strong for them, right?

Love, Little Dragon

I folded up the letter, shoved it in my bag, then ran my fingers through Hikaru's hair.

"Is he eating well enough?" I asked.

"Yeah, he seems pretty hungry." Bakugou nodded and fed him some more rice with a little bit of chicken on it. "You need to eat more. You've barely eaten anything."

"I'm working on it." I huffed.

"Want me to feed you, too?" He then smirked and snickered.

"I can feed myself just fine, thanks." I rolled my eyes.

"Apparently not. What were you writing in that letter, anyway?" He glanced over to my bag.

"None of your business. It's between me and my partner." I said.

"Fine," He sighed and took a few bites of his own food. "Alright, the little guy is crushing my bladder. I need to go piss. Can you hold him?" He asked, and I nodded, so he passed Hikaru over and got up to go to the bathroom.

"Mommy, do you like Daddy?" Hikaru looked up at me while I was chewing.

"Good question, bud." I smiled slightly.

"Does Daddy like you?"

"Probably not. But it doesn't matter." I shook my head and tried to feed him some snap peas.

"Why not?" He blinked up at me and chewed.

"Well, sometimes you need to put personal feelings aside when working to get something done with someone," I said.

"Oh." He just nodded.

"What are you two talking about?" Bakugou slid back into the booth.

"Nothing much." I shrugged, feeding Hikaru some more and combing my fingers through his soft hair.

Chapter Text

I got a letter back right as class ended. It had me grinning widely and tearing up at the same time as I read it.


Okay. I'm going totally out of character for this one.

Describing your future to me was just... fuck. You kept saying "us" and I know you didn't specifically mean you and me, but I sure as hell pictured it that way.

Excuse me for the rest of this letter.

I would one hundred percent be touching you at all times. My parents showed affection often, so I'm pretty used to it. As I said, I've never had a girlfriend or even a crush, but I imagine myself to be very affectionate, and I don't care who's around when I want to show love to my girl.

I would one million percent make out with you during movies because how the fuck am I supposed to pay attention to a screen when I have something so much more important beside me?

I would kiss you until we run out of breath, and then some. I imagine your lips to be so soft. I don't know if you wear makeup or not, but I think they'd be soft and I'd be so addicted to the taste. I'd kiss you like you were air and I was drowning. Every single kiss I would treat like it was the last kiss we'd share. Our first kisses would not be the best, as we both would have no fucking clue what we're doing. But we'd get there. We'd figure it out together.

I want to hug you and hold you so badly, because you are deserving of all the love in the world, and I need you to know that. How your dad ignored you was fucking horrible of him, and I just want to kick his ass because I just know it's his fault for making you think that way about yourself.

Listen to me. You're deserving of love. You're deserving of love. You're deserving of love. You are so deserving of love.

I want to love you. I really do. Don't say it's pity talking, because it's not. I know you're thinking some shit like that. I want to love you, and I want to hug and kiss the shit out of you. I want to be with you and cuddle with you and say the sappiest shit to you if it'll make you happy.

I want you to be happy. I want to smother you with kisses and see you smile so widely like you can't control it. I want to hold your hand in front of fucking everyone and prove that you're mine and I'm yours. I want to hear you laugh, and I want to know that you're truly happy. I don't want you thinking about how you don't deserve love, because I'm going to fucking prove you wrong.

I think I'm going to just stop there before my mind wanders off to dirtier places.

I mean... unless you want to hear that sort of stuff.


I was frozen in the common room as I read it, my eyes wide and my jaw dropped. I went to my room and got a piece of paper and wrote down a few words on it.

Master Chef,

I know I shouldn't... but, please? Just, please. I need to know. I need to know now.

Love, Little Dragon

I then went to Mina's room, where I knew she had a Polaroid camera in there, and I asked if I could borrow it for a quick picture.

"Yeah? What of?" She asked and I blushed. "You can tell me, Kaida. I won't tell a soul."

"It... it's for my pen pal partner. We've sort of been flirting, and I want to send him a picture... of me. Naked. Kind of." I blushed as I mumbled.

"I'll go one step further and help you take it. Now strip." She nodded and I did so, going fully nude, and she told me how to pose against her wall. I turned to the side and positioned my hips in a way so that he could see my curves, but not my actual privates. She kept my head and hair out of fame, and I kept my arms back so a little side boob could be seen, along with some nipple.

"Wow, you look amazing," Mina said as she took it, and I got dressed again, giddy as it formed on the film.

"Thank you so much, Mina. Really." I said and raced out of her room so I could put the picture with the letter.

"Where have you been? We have to take care of him." Bakugou snapped at me, and I rolled my eyes.

"Gimme a second, geez." I sighed, and went into my room to put the little picture in the letter, then join him and Hikaru again to actually be a parent.

Chapter Text

It took me a while to actually put the letter down on Aizawa's desk for Master Chef to pick up. My nerves were eating at me, telling me this was a mistake. But, I finally did it, and Mina gave me a little fist bump as I walked to my seat.

I kept my head down so I wouldn't see any reactions, and got asked if I was okay by a few people sitting near me.

The day went by normally, and I didn't get a letter until that afternoon, and I went straight to my room to read it.

LD ,

Fuck. Okay. I won't lie. I had to leave the room to jack off in the bathroom because I couldn't fucking handle it. That picture was the last thing I was expecting. God... damn you're hotter than I ever expected.

I guess I'll go ahead and be honest now. I've been thinking about you for a few nights now. I think about us kissing, and I try to keep my hands innocent, just keeping them on your face or in your hair, but I want so badly to grab your ass or lift your legs around me.

After I'm holding you up, I'd grind into you, and you'd make the most beautiful gasp . Maybe you'd moan, maybe you'd say my name. I'd leave your lips and start kissing and biting your neck as I just let our hips rub together. It'd feel so damn good.

I'm not patient, so I'm pretty sure I'd rip your fucking clothes off of you. I'd start with your chest and practically devour your tits. I'd want you moaning so loud just from me playing with your perky little nipples. I might even sneak a hand down and just feel you between your legs and see just how wet I'd made you.

I'd eat you out because I just want to kiss you everywhere. I want you to come on my tongue. I want to taste you fully. I'd practically torture you by playing with your clit. Yes, I know what and where the clit is.

I wouldn't even ask you to blow me. I'd imagine that I'd love blowjobs. But shit, I'd be too damn impatient, I just want to be in you. I want to feel you pant and moan against me. I imagine fucking you against a wall, but let's be real, our first time is going to be real fucking special, and it will be in a bed.

I'd hold your hands and kiss you everywhere. I'd be so loving, it's not even funny. It'd be more like making love than fucking. Because honestly, I don't want you to feel used. I want you to feel that I truly care about you, and I don't just want your body. I want all of you. I want to love every bit of you. Your body, mind, and your very soul.

I don't think about coming. I don't know where to come. Would you want me to come in you? On you? I feel like you're worth more than coming on, but if you want it, I've got no complaints. Of course, I don't want to get you pregnant, but I don't really want to use a condom, either. I want to feel you. Unless you asked, then, of course, I would wear one.

When we're done, I'd kiss the shit out of you. I don't care that we would be out of breath, I just need to kiss you. I imagine you'd be laughing after the kiss broke. You'd be breathless, and we'd talk about going another round because we just love each other so fucking much. Maybe, just maybe, then I'd let you blow me. But only after you've come at least three times. It just seems right in my head, I'm not sure why.

Shit, now I'm thinking about eating you out. I want to eat you out for hours. I keep looking at that picture, and all I want is those thighs around my head, over my shoulders, I don't care. I'm a leg and ass guy. I appreciate some nice thighs, and you have very nice looking thighs.

I'd kiss them all over. I'd bite them. I'd feel them as I have my head between your legs, or with you sitting on my face. Let's be honest, it's soon going to be your favorite seat.

Fuck, I want you so badly. I'm going to have to jerk off again. I'm sorry, but I need to meet you. I just need to. I don't know how much longer I can stand this.


I was blushing madly, and a hand had wandered down under my skirt to rub myself over my panties as I imagined everything he said. I was definitely wet enough, and I reached under my bed for a box that had two dildos, some butt plugs, and my favorite vibrator in it.

I turned it on and pressed it to my clit above the fabric, and I immediately gasped at the feeling flooding my lower half.

My hips raised off the bed as my back arched, and I began to slowly move the tip, gasping a little louder at the feeling spreading down my legs as my panties grew damp.

"Oh, fuck," I mouthed, trying to keep quiet as I felt the urge to come. I turned the vibrations up and froze as I ended up coming right there and then.

It took me a minute to come back after turning the vibrator off, and I changed my panties before stepping out of my room, putting on a normal face to find Bakugou and Hikaru and play with him.

Chapter Text

I went to class early to write my letter, and Bakugou was in there, Hikaru in his arms, talking to Aizawa.

"I need to know who my partner for the letter thing is. I just need to talk." He huffed, ignoring me as I went to my desk, and saw Iida at his as well. He was always in class early.

"It's anonymous for a reason, Bakugou. I can't tell you who your partner is. And you are not allowed to reveal yourself, either." Aizawa just said, sounding tired.

"I need to know who they are!" He huffed, and Hikaru made a sound. I rolled my eyes, went up, took him, and went back to my desk.

"Why do you need to know so bad?" Aizawa asked.

"I just do." Bakugou hung his head, then stormed out of the room as I got some paper and a pen out, ready to write.

Dear Master Chef,

I will admit, I touched myself thinking about your letter yesterday. I have this box of toys under my bed... I want to introduce you to my vibrator. Maybe have you torture me a bit with it?

God, I think I'm going crazy. I was trying to hold myself back, try not to feel anything for you, but you've convinced me. I need to kiss you. I need for you to prove that you love me, that you're going just as crazy as I am.

Fuck it, I think I love you?

All my love, Little Dragon

I went up and put my letter on the desk, and Aizawa gave me a little look after glancing to my letter. I paid it no mind and went back to Hikaru at my desk.

When class started, I heard Kirishima whispering about how Bakugou seemed more on edge than usual, so I went up to him with Hikaru on my hip when we went outside for some practice.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked softly as we stood in the back.

"What's it to you?" He grumbled.

"Just wondering if I could help. I can take care of Hikaru tonight if you need a break." I offered, and he looked over at me, then sighed.

"Um, thanks. I just... my letter partner is driving me fucking crazy. I really need to talk to them face to face, but Aizawa won't let me. He said something about revealing our partners at the end of the month, though. That's three weeks. That's way too long." He shook his head.

"I'm sure it'll be fine." I shrugged.

"I hope so." He hummed and took Hikaru from me. "He just... he looked heavy. I could see you slumping."

"I'm not very physically strong, sadly." I frowned, looking down at my arms. "God help me when I actually have a kid of my own." I chuckled.

"I'm sure your husband will help you." Bakugou just nodded. "I mean, I'd help my wife."

"I'm not your wife, Bakugou?" I chuckled.

"I didn't say you were my wife." He rolled his eyes, then looked down at Hikaru. "But, you are sort of my wife for the next week, though."

"No, I think you're more like my baby daddy," I said, looking at Hikaru.

"That implies that we fucked." His eyes widened.

"Us being married and having a kid definitely implies that we fucked. How do you think kids are made?" I rolled my eyes at him.

"Shut up," He then looked away.

"Are you two really talking about this in front of your kid?" Deku whimpered, watching us with wide eyes.

"It's better that he knows the facts of life, Deku." Bakugou spat as Todoroki covered their kid's ears.

"Do you have to talk so crudely in front of other children?" He sighed.

"Hey, Hikaru. Say fuck." Bakugou grinned.

"Fuck!" Hikaru beamed, which attracted some attention.

"He can totally beat both of your asses. Tell them, Hikaru." I encouraged.

"I'm gonna kick your asses!" He puffed out his cheeks, looking so cute, making me laugh and Bakugou grin proudly.

"Yeah, that's my boy, buddy!" I cheered and gave him a little high five. "Alright, Hikaru, I'm going to tell you what my mom told me. You ready?"

"Yeah, mom!" He grinned and wiggled in Bakugou's hold.

"You take no shit from anybody. You don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. You can to whatever the hell you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone else or yourself. Got it?" I smiled.

"Got it!" He nodded and kissed my cheek.

"Your mom really told you that?" Bakugou asked.

"Those were my lessons growing up. Mainly it was knowing your worth and letting nobody treat you lesser." I then elbowed him lightly. "Why do you think I always fought you?"

Bakugou smiled a little at the ground and nodded. "Guess so," He hummed, then gave a grin to Hikaru. "Your mom's right. She's smart, listen to her."

"I said I got it!" Hikaru just laughed and gripped Bakugou's hair, making me laugh at them.

"Oh, no. They're being aggressively good parents." I heard Uraraka whine, which only made me happier.

Chapter Text

A week passed of me and Master Chef writing to each other, and the day came that the baby lady came to take back our kids.

I wrote to him last night about how I wasn't ready to say goodbye, and I would most definitely cry in class. He told me the next morning that he'd hug the shit out of me if he could.

So, when it came time to say goodbye, I was not the only one crying. Bakugou looked sad as well, and he had an arm around my shoulders as our little Hikaru went back into the light of the lady's chest and disappeared.

Bakugou ended up pulling me into a back corner of the room, and I tucked my face into his shoulder as I cried a little more. No one was paying attention to us. Everyone was missing their own kids and being sad over them.

"Hey, it's okay." Bakugou rubbed my back as he whispered in my ear. "When you grow up, and you have your own kids, you can name your son Bakugou Hikaru the second. And if your husband doesn't let you, divorce him." He said, and I laughed a little and wiped my cheeks, black streaks of makeup coming across my hands.

"Can't I just have you beat him up and convince him?" I sniffed, giggling.

"Yeah, or that." Bakugou nodded. "And hey, when I have a son, he'll be named Bakugou Hikaru the second. There will be two of them!"

"What if they grow up to be friends?" I giggled.

"Then we'll have some stories to tell." Bakugou just nodded and wiped my cheek with his thumb, catching some tears I missed. "You okay now?"

"Yeah, thanks, Bakugou." I nodded and stepped away, though I sort of was comfortable in his hold. "I probably need to write to my pen pal partner and comfort him on his loss now."

"Yeah, me too. She's probably heartbroken." He nodded, and we went to our own desks, and I began writing to Master Chef.

Our letters had been getting increasingly sappier and sappier. We often talked about places we'd sneak off to make out in the school. I mentioned that I don't know if I could. The fear of getting caught was super frightening to me. Master Chef often said he didn't care who saw us kissing, as long as they knew we were taken. No girls flirting with him, no guys hitting on me.

I hadn't sent any more pictures, but he did send me one shirtless picture with some sweatpants hanging very low on his hips, and I studied it almost obsessively. I thought a lot about tracing his V line or abs, because, damn. He was fucking ripped. I couldn't fucking wait to have that body against mine.

I told him that I appreciated his body, and I never wanted to hear anything about him thinking he was ugly. He seemed very pleased to hear it and told me he wanted the same from me. He didn't want to hear shit about me calling myself fat or ugly or anything. In his eyes, I was perfect, and so was he in mine.

We'd been at this writing project for three weeks now, one more week until the end of the month.

In the last week, we talked a bit about how we might react when we heard our names. Master Chef said he wasn't sure if he could hold back from just kissing me in front of the class. I openly told him that I wasn't sure if I already had a formed opinion about him, and I was scared of being disappointed.

He openly told me that since there were only seven girls in our class, and he had ruled out Mina and Toru (given that Mina had pink skin and Toru was completely invisible), he would be fine with whoever I was. He even said he was sure he could narrow down who I was at this point, given what I had told him about my quirk, but he was strictly avoiding it.

So, I narrowed it down myself.

Taking away Mina and Toru, there was Uraraka, Momo, Jiro, Asui, and me. Momo, Jiro, and Asui didn't have touch-based quirks, so there was just me and Uraraka left. Uraraka's parents were still married, so if he considered that, it just leaves me.

I didn't tell him any of this though, and I told him that in the past month, he told me nothing about his quirk. He was very careful in that sense. I couldn't narrow down a thing to figure out who he was, which I guess is for the best.

One of his last letters to me was how about how it didn't matter who I ended up being. He was going to love me anyway.

At that, I wasn't sure if I felt the same.

Chapter Text

"Okay, guys. Hopefully, you turned in your goodbye letters yesterday." Aizawa started off by saying.

I was practically twitching in my seat.

"Now, I know that some of you are eager to learn who you've been talking to for the last month. Sharing all your secrets and whatever. So, here's who was with who..."

He began listing names, and I grew deaf. All I could hear was faint noises of surprise and some saying that they figured it out along the way.

"Uraraka and Midoriya... and finally, Shiro and Bakugou." Aizawa finished, and then said we could talk amongst ourselves for a while.

I was frozen, and I could feel a bunch of eyes on me. I could half hear things and half not.

"She... she looks so pale."

"Is Kaida okay?"

"Wow. She was paired up with Bakugou twice."

"I wonder what they talked about..."

I couldn't stop myself. I felt sort of sick, I sort of felt like crying. I grabbed my bag and stood up to walk out, and heard him call my name, and I didn't stop.

At least not until I got near the bathrooms, and he caught my wrist and turned me towards him.

"Kaida, please..." Bakugou breathed, and I just avoided his eyes.

"I can't, Bakugou. I can't." I shook my head.

"I meant everything I said. I meant it all. I don't care that it's you. I love you." He tried to hold my hands, and I just crossed my arms.

"What's the problem? Is it that it's me? Do you suddenly not love me anymore because it's me?" He huffed.

"No! I..." I sniffed and hung my head. "You were just so mean to me at the start. I can't... I can't just get used to the one-eighty. Shit, you probably hated me five minutes before you found out it was me. You can't just love me so suddenly."

"I did not hate you five minutes before..." Bakugou paused and took a breath. "Technically, I never hated you. I admired you for being able to stand up to me and my bullshit. You just made me so mad with your thoughts and opinions, and even though they clashed with mine, I saw your points. I hated that, but never you. Never you."

Bakugou then raised his hands to my cheeks and lifted my face, wiping under my eyes with his thumbs just like he did last week.

"Are you upset that it's me?" He asked in a surprisingly soft voice, and I shook my head, a smile forcing its way onto my face, and he smiled back, then backed me into the boy's bathroom, and against a wall, then locked the door.

"I'm going to kiss you now. Like I promised. Is that okay?" He asked, and I was touched that he asked, and I nodded, closing my eyes as he began to lean in.

I could feel his shaky breath, and his lips seemed to almost tremble as they pressed against mine. I pushed back slightly against him, though, wanting to kiss him. I wanted to touch him, but knew I had to keep my hands to myself for now, or else this might spiral out of control.

Bakugou pulled back slightly just to breathe, and I found myself smiling wider and wider.

"Again," I mumbled.


"Yeah," I said and pushed my lips against his this time. Bakugou kissed me back and soon took control, our kisses becoming needy and rough.

"Fuck, fuck..." He swore and pulled back. I opened my eyes to see what was wrong and saw him squeezing his eyes shut.

"What happened?" I asked, worried that I'd done something wrong.

"I just almost lost control. It's not fun trying to deal with a boner during class." He sighed and I actually giggled.

"I really do make you hard?" I asked, and Bakugou eyed me before pressing his body against mine, pinning me to the wall.

"Like you wouldn't fucking believe, princess." He growled and lightly nipped my ear, making me gasp softly.

Bakugou stepped back again, and I watched his eyes trail my body. "Later... I promise. We've got to get back to class before they get suspicious and we get in trouble." He said and I nodded, and he picked up my bag and unlocked the door, and walked me back to class.

"Do I look okay?" I asked.

Bakugou paused outside the door, then just smiled at me. "You look beautiful, princess."

"Wrong." I shook my head with a smile.


"I'm not a princess." I grinned.

Bakugou actually laughed. "Right. You're my little fierce dragon." He nodded and gave me another quick kiss before we stepped into class.

Mina gave me another fist bump as I went to my seat, and I couldn't stop grinning like a lovesick idiot.

Chapter Text

"I don't think you fully understand how in love with you I really am," Bakugou said as he ate.

We were seated together during lunch in a private corner of the cafeteria where no one else sat. We were smiling stupidly, our feet touching and getting tangled under the table.

"I think I do, actually. You've been talking about it nonstop for like, three weeks." I giggled and sipped my drink.

"No, no, no." He shook his head. "I can barely understand how much I love you. There's no possible way for you to understand it if I don't."

"God, you're such a sap." I rolled my eyes.

"I fucking warned you. Didn't I?"

"You did," I admitted with a smile.

"Fucking warned you. You're stuck with me now." He grinned and sat back, chewing slowly and just gazing at me.

"What?" I smiled softly, pushing my hair behind my ear.

"It's just... I never really pay attention to how people look. You're so damn cute. It's like I'm seeing you for the first time. You've got all these little... fuckin' ticks."

"Ticks?" I asked.

"Yeah," He just nodded. "You do this cute ass little smile and you close your eyes when I compliment you. It's adorable. You mess with your hair or your nails when you're nervous. Fucking cute as shit."

"Shut up." I smiled.

"You don't blush. How do you not blush?" His head tilted and he ate a little more.

"I dunno. You'll have to check again when you're fucking me." I said casually.

"Speaking of, I've been picturing you shirtless all day. I can't wait to get you naked." He sighed softly and I watched his eyes trail down from my face.

"I... I'm on birth control. It's okay if you come in me." I whispered, leaning forward a little.

"I stole some condoms from the nurse's office." He admitted with a smirk. "Just in case."

I giggled a little and sat back, then accidentally looked over at the other tables, and found his group of friends intently watching us. I quickly looked back at my food, and Bakugou noticed.

"Ignore them. Nosy fuckers." He scoffed.

After lunch, it was getting harder and harder to focus in class. I kept thinking about Bakugou's body against mine in my bed, the warmth of his bare skin... how hard his muscles would feel under the soft skin... against my bare skin... oh fuck, I was so ready for the teasing and torture.

When the bell rang, he took my hand and practically dragged me to my room. He had started heatedly kissing me before I even had the door halfway opened, and we stumbled into my room and clumsily closed and locked the door, and I pulled back to find my bed as he loosened my tie and found the buttons of my shirt. I quickly began tearing at his, the fabric starting to itch my heated skin.

Bakugou shoved my shirt down my shoulders and his mouth fell to my chest, and I reached behind me and undid my bra for him. He pulled it off of me and moaned at the mere sight of my breasts.

"Even better than the fucking picture..." He sighed and began sucking on one of my nipples while he massaged the other breast, making me moan and grip his hair in my hands. I pushed his shirt off of him and began walking him back to my bed, which he had me lie on after I kicked my shoes off.

Bakugou kissed down my stomach and found the zipper to my skirt and slowly pulled it off of me.

"So fucking cute," He sighed and tugged my panties down my legs along with my socks.

"Ah, your turn." I smiled and reached for his belt to undo it.

"Babe. I need to taste you. I need to." He groaned, parting my thighs and staring shamelessly between them.

"Fine. But at least get naked first. It's weird if I'm the only one." I frowned. Bakugou rolled his eyes and did so, then lied between my legs, bringing them over his shoulders, and he got a grip on my hips before he dragged his tongue all over me down there.

I gasped and my hips bucked at the feeling. I felt my eyes close and my head tip back at all the pleasure I felt.

"You have no idea how many videos I watched and jerked off to, picturing it was us. Just of girls getting eaten out. I bet none of them taste half as good as you do, babe." He growled and began to aggressively eat me out, his tongue digging into me and hitting all the right spots as his nose rubbed against my clit.

"Bakugou!" I cried his name out and heard him either chuckle or moan, I couldn't tell which.

I warned him that I was getting closer and closer, and he told me he wanted me to come on his tongue. It took just a few swipes of his tongue against my clit and a few sucks into his mouth, and I came with a loud cry, and soon felt boneless against my bed.

Bakugou crawled up to me and gave me a kiss, then positioned my legs around his waist. "You ready, my little dragon?"

I moaned and nodded, bringing my arms around his neck. He gave me another kiss and slowly started to push in, and my jaw dropped at the feeling.

Of course, I'd fucked myself with a dildo before, but he was longer and thicker than any dildo I had. He'd probably laugh at how small my dildos were compared to him, given they were only about four inches long and half an inch wide. Not much, but I was always so scared of the stretch and hurting myself.

But now? The stretch was fucking delicious, and his curve... damn.

"Oh, fuck, Bakugou." I moaned and he kissed me a couple more times.

"Fuck, baby. You feel so good. Can I move?"

"Yeah, yeah." I nodded and bit my lip to muffle the moan I made when he started to pull out. The tingles of pleasure I felt were fucking indescribable. I'd never felt that with a dildo before. I threw my head back and could practically feel him smirking in cockiness.

He got to a good pace, and we had changed positions a few times, and I was happiest sitting up against the headboard, our foreheads together as he fucked me.

"Fuck, Bakugou. Clit, please?" I could hardly think, hardly form sentences at this point. I was losing my goddamn mind.

"Yeah, babe. God, fuck, I'm close. You sure you want me to come in you?" He asked again and I nodded against his forehead, my breath catching in my throat when he tilted his face up to kiss me.

It didn't take long at all for the buildup to come rushing through me and for me to come all over him, trembling with my mouth wide open in a silent scream. Bakugou followed and filled me up, then I began to leak when he pulled out, and it was one of the weirdest things I ever felt.

He kept his promise and kissed the shit out of me, which did lead to a second-round just minutes after.

I don't think I could've been happier.

Chapter Text

"So… you remember when you said no one would ever love me?" Bakugou asked as we lied in bed together, his arm behind his head, one arm around me as I curled up to his bare chest.

"Yeah… I'm sorry." I frowned, feeling guilty.

"No, I mean. I was… am an asshole. I just think it's funny how it was you who ended up loving me." Bakugou grinned down at me before kissing my forehead.

Did I love him, though? Was it even possible to fall in love anonymously through the course of one month? I wanted to believe it and just be happy, but a big part of me seriously doubted it was anything more than infatuation for him and he was mistaking it as love.

I buried my head in his chest and just tried to not think about it.

"You okay, baby?" Bakugou asked softly, and I nodded.

"Yeah, I just… wanna soak this in. It almost feels unreal, like you're going to disappear and I'll wake up at any second." I sighed.

Bakugou reached down and pinched my arm, and I made a sound and looked up at him, confused.

"Totally real, see? I'm not going anywhere." He just grinned, making me want to kiss his stupid cute face.

So I did. Many times.

He went to his room for the night, promising to see me in his dreams, and by the next morning, I wasn't sure if it all wasn't a dream. I went to class in a daze and took my seat, and Todoroki noticed.

"You don't look okay. Are you feeling alright?" He leaned over to ask.

"I'm… not entirely sure what is a dream and what's reality." I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "I mean, I think it's real, but a part of me has doubts."

"Well, what happened?" Todoroki asked.

I looked over at where Bakugou was sitting, talking with Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, and Mina and just as I did, he glanced over my way and grinned a little. He then got up without a word to his friends and came over to my desk, leaned down, and kissed me quickly.

"What did I tell you? Not a dream." He smirked as I just blinked.

"Not a dream," I repeated with a nod. "We fucked?"

Bakugou nodded with a wide grin. "We did a bit more than just fuck."

"Sweet," I nodded, then tugged him down by his collar and kissed him again.

"Well, that's new." I heard Kirishima say.

"They sent each other nudes in their letters. Cute as shit." Mina said and I pulled back to stare at her.

"Mina!" I exclaimed as Bakugou just grinned.

"What? Both of you borrowed my camera for it!" She shrugged.

"The fuck are you doing telling everybody for?!" I shook my head, and she just smirked.

"Hey, Bakugou. Did I ever tell you that I took Kaida's nude for her?"

"Did she now?" Bakugou looked at me.

"I'm going to kill all of you." I sighed and put my head in my hands.

He went back to his seat and class started when Mr. Aizawa came in, and I did my best to focus on it. But I very much just wanted to make out with Bakugou against a wall…

Which is exactly what we did during lunch. Bakugou took my hand and led me up to the roof, and had me against the wall, my skirt pushed up and my panties pushed to the side as he fingered me.

"We still have to eat, you know." I panted as he kissed my neck.

"I'll make you something after class." He just said.

"Make me something?" I questioned.

"I am a Master Chef, after all."

"Oh my God," I rolled my eyes, and then his thumb brushed over my clit. "Oh, my God!" I moaned, my head tipping back against the brick.

He had me coming soon, and we only got to eat a little before lunch was over, and we went back to class, my hand in his as he was wickedly grinning.

"Does it make you proud, knowing you can make me come?" I asked.

"Fuck, yes. And I'm the only one who can got it?"

"Well, I can make myself come," I said and saw him roll his eyes.

"Well, yeah. Anybody can make themselves come. You don't count." He said and I just giggled at his pride.

Bakugou then turned to me just before we got in the room. "If anyone else even looks at you wrong, they're dead."

"Sure." I nodded, trying not to purse my lips.

"You doubt me?" His eyebrow rose up.

"No, I just know you won't kill anybody, literally. Sure, you'll hurt them, but not kill them." I said, then smiled. "That's good enough for me, Bakugou. Even though I can stand up for myself, too." I said and tugged his hand to get him to walk in.

"I know that all too well, babe. And hey, you know you can call me Katsuki, right?" He said, walking me to my desk.

"Okay, Katsuki." I nodded, trying it out, and it felt weird on my tongue. But also like it belonged.

I just couldn't wait for the food I was going to get later today.

Chapter Text

I nearly jumped Katsuki after class.

"So, what are you gonna make me?" I held onto his arm.

"What do you want?" He asked as we walked back to the dorms.

"I don't really care. I'm too hungry." I shrugged.

"Sorry, babe." He frowned slightly.

"No, it's okay. You're making up for it." I smiled at him, lacing my fingers through his on his arm.

"If you say so." He hummed and kissed my hair. "How well do you handle spice?"

"Um... not well? I mean, I like hot chips and stuff. Jalapeno doesn't bother me too much, but that's about it." I admitted. "Why?"

"I like really spicy food." He just nodded.

"Oh. I'm just a wimp." I shrugged.

"You are not a wimp in any way," Katsuki said quickly. "I don't wanna hear that. I wouldn't be dating you if you were a wimp."

"I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy things."

"You just said you could handle jalapenos." He rolled his eyes again.

"The least spicy of the spicy peppers." I pointed out.

We got to the kitchen, and he kissed me quickly. "I love you, but shut up."

I smiled and just took a seat to watch him cook. "Love you," I smiled and saw him smile slightly.

I can't say how happy I was to be dating someone who didn't see me as helpless, like a damsel in distress. No, Katsuki saw me as an equal, as capable, which is all I could ask for, really.

It didn't take Katsuki long at all to make a chicken katsudon rice bowl. I ate it with him at the kitchen island there, and we moved into his room, where I loved to be because everything smelled like him.

"Tomorrow is a Saturday. Do you want to do anything?" Katsuki asked as we lied together on his bed.

"Be with you," I said without thinking.

"Well, duh." He chuckled and kissed my head.

"I just want to hang out with you, really. I don't care what we're doing. Even if we do nothing." I said, getting even more comfortable on his chest. "Hey, do you think it's weird if I say I like how you smell?"

"Um. No?" He chuckled a little.

"Cos you smell like, really good." I blushed a little, finding myself weird.

"I like how you smell, too. It's kind of why I kiss your head so much." He said and I looked up.

"You're so cute." I just smiled.

"You're cuter." He shrugged, and I was a little happy that he accepted the compliment and didn't try to argue with me on the fact of whether or not he was cute.

It was at that moment that I got an idea.

"You can come shopping with me tomorrow?" I offered.

"Shopping for what?"

"Office supplies! I just had a great idea for a project." I smiled up at him.

"Okay, what do I need to do?" He asked.

"Just gather up your letters and sort them in chronological order. You didn't throw any away, did you?" I asked.

"No, of course not. I kept them..." He sat up and pulled a box from under his bed, then lifted off the lid and I saw all the letters I wrote him in there. "In here." He finished, and I was tearing up.

"Oh, Katsuki..." I smiled, almost afraid to touch it.

"I... I read them when I get lonely." He admitted, and I just hugged him tightly.

I ended up staying the night with him and left his room to get dressed, and we both went to an office supply store, looking through binders after I told him my plan.

I was going to put them all in chronological order for us to keep, and I was going to write one down in a notebook for one of us to keep while another had the originals, but Katsuki said that was stupid and I should just make copies of the originals instead of writing all of it word for word.

"But I want to..." I whined, looking at the notebooks.

"Fine. Do the extra work. That's just going to be your copy, then." He shrugged, and I was happy with that.

We went back to the dorms without bags and Kirishima asked what we were doing.

"Some sort of memory thing." Katsuki shrugged. "She wants to save all of our letters. Make a book out of them or something."

"That's so sweet. Is there sappy stuff in your letters?" He asked and Katsuki huffed and looked away before walking away.

"Like I'd tell you, you nosy fuck." He said while I giggled and went over to Kirishima.

"If you keep quiet about it, I'll let you read the sappiest letter he's ever written to me," I said in his ear, and he nodded quickly.

"What are you telling him?" Katsuki pulled me back up.

"That I'll let him read the sappiest letter if he keeps quiet about it," I answered with a little smirk.

"No. No way. Those are ours, and ours alone." He shook his head. "They aren't for show and tell."

"Well, yeah, I agree, but Kirishima can be trusted," I said with a smile. "Besides, out of all the people in the world that don't love me, something about that letter makes me want to show it off... to prove that there's someone who does actually love me." I smiled a little to myself as I admitted it out loud, and saw his face soften.

"Babe..." He sighed, and I just shook my head, still smiling, and pulled him into my room with the supplies and all the letters and started to get to work.

Chapter Text

"Now what, babe?" Katsuki asked once we had the letters in order and in a binder for me to copy down later.

"Well..." I bit my lip and stood up, reaching under my bed. "You showed me what was under your bed. I want to show you mine." I said and pulled out the box.

He must have remembered me writing to him about this box because he suddenly sat up and looked very interested as I lifted the top off.

His eyes widened at the plugs, dildos, and the vibrator.

"Wow, babe. I uh, didn't think you were that kinky." He cleared his throat. "Those dildos are so small..." He cracked a smile, and I laughed a little.

"I just knew you would say that," I said and shrugged my shirt over my head and let it drop to the floor. I picked up the pink vibrating dildo and tossed it to him before I undid the button on my jeans, and he looked confused.

"That's my favorite one." I gave a sly little smirk as I continued to undress.

Katsuki finally smirked and once I was naked, he tugged me over and onto the bed, and was kissing me deeply. I was living for it and working on getting him bare as well.

I could feel my heart hammering inside my chest, and a part of me wondered if he even knew how to use a vibrator.

"I believe you said you wanted me to torture you with this?" He hummed and waved it in front of my face.

"Um, yeah." I nodded, blushing a little. "Like, forcing orgasms out of me even if I'm tired. And not stopping when I say stop." I bit my lip, hoping I wasn't going too far for him.

"Okay, then when should I stop?" He asked.

"When I say..." I hummed and tried to think of a word I would remember. I came up with the perfect one and smirked. "Deku."

"Deku?" He looked like he couldn't believe his ears.

"Yeah, it's suiting, in a sort of fucked-up way." I nodded.

He grumbled and looked away. "Fine. Deku. Whatever you say." He huffed and fumbled with the vibrator. "How do you turn the stupid thing on, anyway?"

I taught him how to use it, and he soon had it just brushing my clit, tracing my slit slowly, and I already wanted to come so badly.

It didn't take me long to start moaning his name and taking sharp breaths. My breath actually hitched and I tensed as I came for the first time tonight, and I slowly moaned out his first name and heard him moan in response.

"Okay... okay, I'm going to put it in, okay?" He asked, and I nodded, shifting my hips for a better position. He pushed into me slowly, and let out a long breath when he was fully sheathed. He then put the vibrator back on my clit and his jaw dropped wide open.

"Oh, fuck," He swore. How did he make dirty words sound so beautiful? "Fuck, is this how you feel all the time when you use this?"

"Yeah," I nodded and he began to move, biting his lips to muffle his moans, and he put his face into my neck.

"Fuck, baby, I already want to come. God, I'm turning it up." He said and twisted the knob, and the vibrations increased in intensity, and both of us moaned in unison.

It wasn't long before he was hammering into me, practically making me scream his name out. I felt like an actual fountain, both physically and emotionally. Physically, I could not stop coming for the life of me. Emotionally, I loved this and needed Katsuki to know how much I loved him.

I was certain of it now, I did love him. I wanted to show the letters to our future kids and let the world know that that was how we fell in love.

When we both came to a natural end, I was twitching with the aftershocks, and Katsuki was holding me close and pressing kisses to my skin and my hair, murmuring sweet words to me.

"I'm so in love with you," I sighed and grabbed his hair to direct him into a kiss.

"I could spend hours on hours with you like this," He smiled a genuine smile that took my breath away.

Once we both settled, the weight of what I was previously thinking settled over me, and I became quiet.

"Whatcha thinking, babe?" He kissed my cheek.

"About Hikaru," I sighed.

"What about him?"

"About... future Hikaru," I said and he seemed to realize what I was saying. "I... maybe it's the hormones in my head... but I was thinking about how parents tell their kids how they met, and we would get to tell our kids about how we always fought in class, but then fell in love through anonymous letters." I chuckled breathlessly. "What a love story."

"If that's the case, then we have to leave out certain letters when we show them." He nodded and kissed my head.

A part of me was glad that he was going along with it, and another part of me was terrified that this was temporary and I'd be over it once the high was over.

And, at the same time, another part of me was terrified that this was permanent.

Chapter Text

By Monday morning, no one was oblivious as to what had happened with Katsuki and I. Apparently, according to Kirishima, we were a bit loud, and now everyone who didn't know definitely knew now.

I did my makeup carefully that morning since I was so bored and had the time, and it looked extra good today. Katsuki even complimented me as he kissed me good morning, making me feel even more special.

"I thought you had self-respect or something like that?" Kaminari said once we got into class, and I paused, immediately knowing what he was talking about.

"It's none of your business, last I checked." I hummed and went to my seat.

"But you were the one spouting for a whole five minutes on how if someone's rude to everyone, they would never be loved. It didn't matter how much money they had or anything. How does this make any sense? You're just like Elizabeth!" He said, and I saw his point, but I was too stubborn to admit it.

"Dude, shut up. It's none of your business who she dates." Kirishima tried.

"Whatever. Hypocrite." Kaminari slumped in his seat.

"Hey," "Whoa," Todoroki and Kirishima said at the same time as Katsuki pulled him up out of his seat, a hand up threateningly.

"You apologize for that. Now." He growled.

"Katsuki, it's okay." I just smoothed my skirt down in my seat, and he looked at me like I was crazy. "He's entitled to his opinion, and if his opinion is that I'm a hypocrite, it's whatever. Doesn't hurt me." I just shrugged it off.

"True, but I'm not going to tolerate people talking shit about you. Especially to your face." He growled, snapping at Kaminari.

I hummed for a moment, then shrugged again. "Alright. Do what you want." I decided.

He grinned wider, and a few small explosions emitted from his hand, and then Mr. Aizawa came in and told him to sit down.

"Don't talk shit again. Hm?" Katsuki just said before letting him go and going to his seat.

"Who was Kaminari talking about?" I heard Deku ask.

"Kaida," Katsuki just huffed at him.

"And you were standing up for her? I'm so proud, Kacchan!" Deku beamed, and Katsuki turned around to stare at him.

"Why the fuck would you be proud?"

"Because this proves that you're learning to care about other people and not just yourself!" Deku smiled, then realized his mistake as Katsuki fired up his hands.

"That came out wrong!"

"I care about other people, you piece of shit! I'm just not overdramatic about it like you!"

This just left me giggling to myself in my seat, which I think Katsuki saw.

Later, during lunch, he took me by the hand up to the roof again, and we actually ate this time but spent the remainder of our time with me in his lap, his hands on my thighs, and we were just kissing the shit out of each other.

I ended up forgetting myself when I kissed his neck and ended up smearing lipstick on his collar. He didn't seem to mind, though, and just gave me a hickey in return, which I hid with my hair and shirt collar.

"Do you think I'm a hypocrite?" I asked when we took a break because it was almost the end of lunch. "I mean, I see Kaminari's point... I just... I don't know." I sighed.

"I think..." He slipped my hand into his and laced our fingers together, then pressed a kiss to my hand. "It's no one's business but ours, and I really couldn't care less. You make me happy, and that's that."

"I do?" I asked softly, as my heart was hammering in my eardrums.

"Yeah, you do." Katsuki nodded, seeming like he was thinking about something.

"You make me feel loved. I'm happy." I smiled and just couldn't stop for the life of me.

"I'm glad you're happy. I'm even more glad that I'm the one who makes you happy. You deserve to be happy, babe." Katsuki brushed my hair behind my ear, and I turned my head and kissed his palm, smiling and blushing softly.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"Yeah, given all the shit we've been through, we deserve some happiness. We deserve a fucking break." He nodded confidently.

"Yeah," I agreed, nodding.

We went back to class when the bell rang, and he practically ignored everyone pointing at his collar and whispering.

"Sorry," I apologized when we got in class.

"Don't be. I'm not." Katsuki shrugged and pressed a kiss to my head before he let me go to my own seat.

"You're seriously dating him." Todoroki hummed. "If I didn't believe it before, I do now."

"We literally kissed in front of you." I rolled my eyes.

"That could've been a one-night stand sort of thing." He just shrugged. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Sorry, I guess I was thinking about other things." I frowned and shrugged. I have been leaving him out quite a bit lately.

I'd have to fix that, and soon.

Chapter Text

I wasn't expecting the hurried knocking at my door that night, but it came at one a.m.

I opened up and saw Katsuki with red, wet eyes, holding down his sobs.

"What happened?" I pulled him into a hug and shut the door quickly, and he seemed almost desperate to hug me.

"Choking," He managed to get out as he cried against my shoulder, and I just did my best to rub his back and comfort him.

"Hey, Katsuki. Listen. You're at UA. There aren't any villains here. No one is going to get you. Especially not that fucking slime abomination." I said, running my fingers through his hair.

"Hnn, do that again." He whispered, so I did. "God, I love you so much."

"I love you, too." I smiled, hoping he was feeling at least a bit better.

We ended up lying in my bed together, his head on my chest, listening to my heart as I played with his hair until we both fell asleep. We woke up in nearly the same position, except his arms had wound around me during the night and he was lying more beside me than on me like he was previously.

"Morning," I greeted him with a kiss to his forehead.

"Morning, babe." He hummed in a husky morning voice that I instantly fell in love with.

"You feeling any better?" I asked.

"Yeah, loads. Soft tits will do that." He grinned and let his hand rest on one of my breasts, and I gave him a look, letting him know I was serious about his emotions and mental wellbeing.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He nodded, angling his face up to give me a kiss. "I'm really thankful for you putting up with me."

"I'm not putting up with you. I'm doing what any good girlfriend would do." I said after kissing him back. "I do care about you, Katsuki. Believe it or not." I smiled softly.

"You're so sweet," He sighed with a little chuckle. "What have I done to deserve you?"

"Well..." I started.

"Trick question. I don't deserve you. But fuck, I'm going to keep you." He gave one of those signature grins that I loved and had me laughing.

"You better keep me. I'm not getting ditched." I pouted playfully while tying my arms around his neck as he moved to hold himself up over me.

"I didn't say shit about ditching you. No way." He laughed before kissing me. "Here. If I ever try to break up with you, just say you disagree and I'm not allowed."

"Yeah, that'll fix it." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm sending a message to future Bakugou. I'm telling him that he's a fucking idiot and he needs to stay with you no matter what. Fucking... marry you if that'll keep us together." He closed his eyes and smiled.

"You want to marry me?" I asked in a breathless sort of voice.

"I'd be a liar if I said I didn't think about it." He grinned again and I felt my heart fucking soar.

"You realize marriage means forever, right? You sure you wanna be with me that long?" I asked.

"Fuck yes." Katsuki just nodded. "I mean, I know we're young, and the relationship is still fresh, but yeah... I definitely want to marry you. I'll properly ask you in about three years." He said quite thoughtfully, actually.

"How long have you been thinking about this?" I asked, my brows furrowing.

"With you? Honestly? Right around where we already had Hikaru for a week." He admitted, stunning me. "We were just doing so well with him, you know? Imagine us as real parents, where we actually know what we're doing. We have a house or apartment of our own, a kid of our own. It'd be beautiful."

"You'd spoil us?" I asked in a small voice, smiling.

"Spoiled rotten." Katsuki grinned and kissed me. "Once I'm a pro hero and get paid, you'll want for fucking nothing."

"Why?" I found myself asking.

"Because I love ya." He just shrugged. "I love you and I want you happy. I already told you about how I'd spoil my wife and kids so bad."

"Yeah..." I nodded, smiling, imagining it. Me, pregnant, next to Katsuki in his hero outfit. I could imagine him as such a caring dad, just being there for his children and loving them so much.

"Whatcha thinking about, babe?" His head tilted.

"I'm just not used to it," I shook my head. "All the emotions... the feelings. I'm definitely not used to being spoiled, either, so good luck with that." I scoffed.

"How about we start today? I'll take you shopping after school. Anything you want?" He said, and something came to mind, but I wasn't going to say what it was. But Katsuki seemed to know anyway.

"Think about it, okay? I want a list by... lunch." He grinned and got up to go to his room to get ready. "No exceptions."

"Hard-headed jackass." I grinned once he left, knowing he would hear it.

Chapter Text

"Ready?" Katsuki asked once I was dressed in more casual street clothes when school was done.

"Yeah." I took his hand and walked out with him, going to a nearby mall to shop. I talked about this new eyeshadow palette that had come out and I was so excited to get my hands on. Katsuki immediately said he would buy it for me, and I then told him how expensive makeup is.

"You think I care? If my baby wants it, then my baby gets it." He just nodded firmly.

"You're making me seem greedy," I smiled a little.

"I don't see it that way. Lead the way, little dragon." He nodded once we got in the makeup store, and I lead him to where it was sitting on a shelf, all pretty looking.

"Look at that fucking shimmer. So pretty." I sighed and did a swatch on the back of my hand and showed him how it reflected the light.

"Yeah, you'll make it look even better, I bet." He nodded, picked one up, and asked me if I wanted anything else.

"No, that was it. Wait! Actually... well, never mind. It can wait." I shrugged and nodded to the registers.

He gave me a look, and I fessed up and grabbed a new matte primer, and nodded that that was it, really. Katsuki proudly paid, then carried the bag for me. I said I could carry it, but he said "like hell, I'm making you carry anything" and that was that.

But, I guess it was a good thing he was carrying the bag because once we got outside to grab some food, we ran into a villain throwing his quirk all over the place.

It hit me, and I dropped my phone and sunk to my knees. Katsuki was right there, asking if I was alright. I saw him pocket my phone out of the corner of my eye right before I saw my absolute worst nightmare.

"Dad?" I breathed, staring wide-eyed at him. He looked just as I remembered him. Skinny, long white beard, sunken eyes.

"Babe? Hey, what are you seeing? Whatever it is, it's not really there." Katsuki tried telling me and turned to scream at the villain, telling him to fix this right now, or he'd blow his ass to kingdom come.

Katsuki pulled me up and got me to the dorms then.

"Katsuki... he's following us..." I whimpered, tearing up.

"Who is?"

"My dad," I said and Katsuki looked pissed. Even more pissed than dad did.

"Damn villain. Listen, babe. I'm pretty sure his quirk was a hallucination one, so your dad isn't really there. Hear me?"

"Yeah..." I mumbled. We got to the dorms and I was a teary mess, which everyone saw.

"Whoa, what happened?" Todoroki came over, looking upset that I was upset.

"We ran into some fucking villain outside at the mall. I'm bringing her to Recovery Girl." Katsuki said after setting my bag and phone in my room.

"This your boyfriend, Kai? Which one?" My dad cackled with that smoker's voice of his.

"Katsuki, he's talking..." I reported in a shaky voice.

"Don't listen to him," Katsuki just said, taking my hand and leading me.

"Wait, who are we talking about?" Kirishima asked as a number of them followed us.

"Wait, I have an idea." I paused.

"What?" Katsuki asked.

"It's stupid, but if it's a hallucination..." I hummed and reached out, and though I didn't want to, I touched my dad's arm. As expected, my hand passed right through him. "Fuck," I swore, then turned right back around.

"Recovery Girl it is." I nodded and kept walking. "The sooner he's gone, the fucking better!" I snapped as my dad just cackled and coughed.

"Again, who are we talking about?" Kirishima asked.

"None of your business," Katsuki just said. We got to the clinic and he explained to Recovery Girl what had happened.

"Who are you seeing, dear?" She turned to me.

"I'd... rather not say." I shifted in my seat.

"It's better if I know, love. There's nothing to be ashamed about." She gave me a sweet smile.

"It's my dad," I said, avoiding eye contact. "He only started speaking about two minutes before we walked in. He hasn't fucking shut up since... sorry." I said to her after snapping at him and his smirk.

"As far as I can tell, this is a quirk that makes you hallucinate a nightmare, possibly the worst nightmare for that particular person. You seem to be handling it well, though." She said.

"Yeah, well, my dad died when I was fourteen. If he's just a hallucination, he can't actually do anything to me, can he?" I shrugged.

"I'd keep sticking with that logic." She nodded. "I can't tell for sure when the hallucinations will cease, just tell me if they happen to get worse."

"Worse as in?" Katsuki asked.

"I'd rather not get ideas." I stood up quickly and thanked her before leaving, going to my room with Katsuki.

"Any ideas?" He asked.

"On?" I asked.

"On getting rid of it?"

"I plan to just ignore him for now. And, as much as I hate to do so in front of the image of my own father, maybe if we fuck, he'll leave." I shrugged, making Katsuki stare at me for a moment before he laughed out loud and agreed it was worth a try.

Chapter Text

The fucking didn't work. My dad was still there in the morning, not letting me sleep for more than a few hours that night.

"You look exhausted, Kaida. Should you be here?" Uraraka asked me once I got to class.

"I'll live," I shrugged and took my seat.

"Now, I mean it when I say you look pretty, but I also mean it when I say you look more tired than Mr. Aizawa on his best day." Katsuki came over and sat on top of my desk. "Is he still around?"

"Right up at the front of the room. Still laughing and coughing. Still won't fucking shut his face." I smiled. "I had about two cokes and I made some coffee at about five a.m. this morning. I think I can handle the next forty or so hours."

"That's the most unhealthy thing I've ever heard." Deku gasped.

"I think you might die." Todoroki took his seat near me.

"Then so be it. I'm ready." I nodded with a grin.

Katsuki was just grinning, and I asked him what that was about. "Well, I agree that you need to get through the day, but you also desperately need to sleep. So, when school's done..." He leaned down to whisper in my ear. "I'm just going to have to fuck you and make you come until you pass out. How's that sound?"

"Perfect," I smiled, not even blushing.

Class started and I paid no attention to anything because my dad made it his personal mission to distract me from every little thing happening.

"I seriously think you need to skip the rest of the class and go sleep," Todoroki told me during lunch. "I've never seen you so distracted. You didn't even take notes. You always take notes." He said and passed me his notes to copy down later, which I slipped in my bag.

"Dad had a voice projection quirk, so he's been screaming for the last two hours or so. He also wanted to be a rock star, so he's been singing rock ballads for seven hours now." I said.

"Is your dad Present Mic's brother or something?" He asked, and Deku snickered under his breath.

"No fucking idea," I sighed, forcing myself to eat. Mainly I was just drinking another coke and had some food to go along with it.

The last half of the class was the worst to deal with. Dad had come over to stand right in front of me and started to talk to me as Aizawa was trying to teach.

"Hey, baby. You sure grew up pretty, like your mama. Your mom sort of peaked at nineteen, though. I saw pictures of her with her first husband. I got the sloppy seconds, slut. At least she didn't have a kid with that jackass. Did she ever tell you that she miscarried before you? She blames me, I blame her... you know how it goes." He rolled his eyes and smiled with cracked and browned teeth that I tried not to look at. Disgusting, every bit of him.

"So, that boyfriend of yours. You cook for him like a good little bitch?" Oh, how badly I wanted to correct him. "You sure do a good job prettying yourself up for him. I heard him mention something about fucking you later? How often do you fuck? How many boys are you fucking, Kai? I didn't raise my daughter like that, to be a whore. But then again, that must have been your mom. Two husbands having ass. How greedy can women get?"

How badly I wanted to point out that he had a wife before my mom, too. He had a kid with her, too, my half brother that I don't talk to. But then he'd probably say something sexist like 'it's different for men' or some shit.

"Kaida. Kaida!" Mr. Aizawa's voice rang out, and I blinked and looked at him, somewhat dazed.

"I think I'm going to go see Recovery Girl." I nodded, grabbed my bag, and walked out, getting only a few steps before blacking out.

When I woke up in her office on a cot, Katsuki was there, as was the class and Mr. Aizawa.

"Shit," I breathed. "I'm still alive, guys." I chuckled breathlessly.

"Hilarious," Dad said, and I jumped, staring with wide eyes.

"So I guess he's still around." Katsuki sighed.

"Knock me out again." I sighed and lied back down.

"We're not doing that." Mr. Aizawa said. "You should've said something if it was this bad, Kaida. All the makeup in the world can't cover up how tired you look."

"How long was I even out?" I asked.

"Only a few minutes," Katsuki answered.

"Ugh, kill me." I groaned out, closing my eyes. "And you can go away now." I swatted the air where my dad was, my hand probably just passing through him.

"That's a no-go, baby girl."

"Don't call me that." I snapped.

"Don't call you what?" Katsuki asked.

"Baby girl. I hate it. Especially from him." I glared to dad for only a second and saw him with a neutral face for once.

I hated that even more.

Chapter Text

I was allowed to go to my room and see if I could sort anything out, and I went in and undressed into something comfy, and began rewriting the letters into a notebook.

"Those from your boyfriend?" Dad asked.

"Yep." I hummed, trying to not pay him any mind.

"Love letters?"

"Sort of." I shrugged.

"So, what does he like to do?" Dad asked.

"Kill people." I just said, trying to keep it short.

"Ah, a perfect match, then."

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?" I looked at him.

"Hey. No swearing."

"Fuck off." I rolled my eyes.

"No, I'm serious. Who taught you to swear? I'll come back from the dead and kick their ass."

"You taught me to swear, dad. I was three." I sighed. "I guess my grandma and grandpa did, too, with all the fighting... and my cousin just because he was a bad influence. But it's mainly on you, asshole. Now, please, kick your own ass." I stared at him as he looked bewildered.

"You're serious. Was I that bad of a father?"

"I don't think it's possible for you to have been worse than you were, let's say that," I said.

"Well, you know I tried, Kaida. I loved you and your mom. I'm sorry if I..."

"No. Let me stop you there." I sighed. "That's what you did all the time when I was growing up. Every birthday you missed, every time you screamed at me. You think it's all okay after you say sorry and that you love us. It doesn't magically make it okay. It doesn't change when you do the same shit over and over again." I said in a hard voice, glaring at him.

"You know, I can count on two fingers the only times I was ever happy around you. Two fucking times." I said, starting to tear up.

"Yeah? When was that?" He asked, a small smile forming.

"When you were actually playing with me for once when I was little, like with the ball in the hallway. We would roll it back and forth, and when it would roll into the bathroom, you'd make me laugh and tell me it had to take a shit. It was the funniest thing in the world to me." I looked down at my blankets.

"And the other time?"

"I think I was six or seven. You told me this parodied version of Cinderella... it made me laugh so hard." I wiped under my eye as I smiled. "Was it really so hard to be like that all the time? Was it so hard to take care of me and treat me like a kid? I didn't get to have even half of a childhood thanks to you. Mom had been teaching me how to defend myself since you left."

"Since she kicked me out, you mean."

"You still left whether she kicked you out or not. You made no effort to come back." I snapped. "You accepted that as the end. A real good father would fight to stay with his family."

I was close to full-on crying right then, and he was slowly fading away. I didn't care. I had said what I needed to.

"I hate you. So much." I said right before he vanished, then succumbed into uncontrollable crying, which Katsuki caught me minutes later when school had ended and he was coming to check up on me.

"Is he still here?" He asked as he hugged me.

"No, he's gone." I sniffed.

"You need to sleep, baby. Want me to stay with you?" He asked and I nodded and moved over to make room for him after he undressed down to his boxers.

I was soon well rested and happy to be in Katsuki's arms without any interruptions. I talked to him about what dad and I had talked about, even the few good memories I had with him.

"I mean, I have a lot more good memories with him. They're just good memories that got ruined by how he had mood swings thanks to withdrawal symptoms. Like, once he took me to a park when he was in town one weekend, and everything was going well until he took me to get some drugs and the trade turned nasty. The guy didn't want to sell since I was there, and dad called me a nuisance and said I was always ruining shit for him, like his life." I rolled my eyes. "Bet he never said that to my brother."

"I'm so sorry, babe. But, you have a brother?" Katsuki asked.

"Oh, yeah. Perfect Junin." I scoffed. "Half brother, technically. Dad was married before mom, his wife died from a brain tumor. Mom was also married before dad. They divorced because he hit her more than dad did, shockingly, and he claimed he never even loved her. Didn't want a kid with her, and all mom ever wanted was a kid. She lost a kid before she had me with dad, too. Miscarried. I feel so sorry for her sometimes, but she insists that she's better with just me around." I smiled softly.

Katsuki hummed lowly and smiled a little. "What if I were to say that I want to prove everything wrong and marry you and have a kid or two with you and stay with you until we die?"

I blushed a little at his commitment and bit my lip. "I think I'd be okay with that."

Chapter Text

It didn't take me long to copy down all the letters into the notebook, then let Kirishima read the sappy one Katsuki wrote before I sent the first nude in the letters.

"Aw, Bakugou! I had no idea you were so sweet!" He beamed up at his friend as we sat in the common room together, and Bakugou walked in.

"What're you doing, showing him that?!" He exclaimed.

"I said he could read that one. He's not going to blab." I rolled my eyes.

"I just don't want everyone knowing about what's ours." Katsuki huffed, kissed my head, then went into my room.

But, the thing is, everyone did find out, and not in a good way at all.

The very next morning, spread around the school, were photocopies of our letters stapled together. There was at least one copy for every single student and faculty member.

Katsuki immediately turned to Kirishima, who insisted he didn't do it, he only saw the one letter I showed him. I believed him, as he didn't seem like the type of person to do something like this.

I was getting very worried about the teasing that was going to occur in the hallways and in class, but I was surprisingly wrong.

"Kaida Shiro? Katsuki Bakugou?" An upperclassman came over with a copy in her hands.

"Um... yeah?" I asked nervously, and Katsuki looked like he was ready to defend me... us.

"Don't worry about a thing. This is a serious breach of privacy, and we're going to find out who did this. I want to say... ninety-nine percent of us don't find it funny at all." She assured us.

"That makes me feel a lot better, thank you." I gave her a smile.

"A lot of us also think it's really cute. It would make such a good love story, you know?" She smiled, then let us be.

"A love story, huh?" Katsuki hummed, and I gave him a look. "I should have been less sappy and wrote more about fucking you on a desk."

"Do you just want to fuck me everywhere?" I asked.

"Basically," He nodded, making me laugh. "The desks, the roof, the kitchen in our dorms... the couches in our dorms... beds just get so boring sometimes." He shrugged and kept walking to class with me.

"So cute!" Mina exclaimed once we were inside. "Oh my God, cutest thing I've read in a while!"

"Any idea who did it?" Todoroki asked me.

"No, and I don't really care at this point." I shrugged. He looked confused, so I told him about the third year that talked to us in the hall.

"Yeah, it's really not funny." Deku agreed, then leaned in closer to me. "But really sweet, oh my God."

"I just have one question," Tokoyami said, and I looked over. "On the page where you wrote to him about your baby partners, you complained and said he was a pain in the ass. And you didn't suspect it was her at all?" He then looked at Katsuki.

"Look, it was a school project with partners. A lot of people complain about who they get partnered with." He shrugged. "I was sort of consciously trying not to figure out who she was the entire time. But, I sort of suspected it by the time we had to give our kids up."

"You did?!" I gasped. "I had no idea it was you the whole time." I frowned, disappointed in myself now.

"So, you liked her before Mr. Aizawa revealed who she was." Kirishima grinned, teasing him.

"Yeah? There something wrong with that?" Katsuki admitted it.

"Man, you're making me feel bad!" I whined and sat down, pouting. "I wasn't sure I liked you even after Mr. Aizawa said who you were. I was too afraid I had already formed an opinion of you and it wouldn't change after I knew who you were."

"So, how do you like him now? I thought you hated him?" Kaminari asked.

"Well, I looked at his letters that he wrote and saw that it was two different people, almost. He was willing to be letter guy for me and not the explosive boy that everyone else knew him to be. And I guess, after looking at it that way, I was happy with either one he wanted to be. He was still Katsuki, and he liked me for me." I then hummed. "And, this was given that he now knew me better than anyone ever."

"Well, not anymore, I guess." Kirishima frowned.

"No way. We still talk like we're writing letters." Katsuki corrected.

"Yeah. We share everything with each other." I nodded with a smile.

"Speaking of, how are you both?" Kirishima asked, and the two of us were confused. "I just mean... now everyone knows how Bakugou really feels about the attack, and why Kaida's dad was her worst nightmare. So, how are you?"

It was the first time I could look someone in the eyes and honestly say, "better."