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It's A Kind Of Magic!

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Victoria breathed out as she watched All Might face off against All For One, hands fisting under the table they were sat at, laptop before them.


By her side, her best friend, near half in tears at the fallen sight of the World’s Greatest Hero, was Annette. A woman saved by All Might when they’d visited America as young teens, her blue eyes were unblinking, her usually wagging tails completely still as the video ended. “V-Vic-! He’s weak now… But…?”


Victoria listened to her friend as she cried through her worries.


That All Might had lost it.


That he was weakened now.


That enemies would come after him.


“And he saved me-! Vic!”




She couldn’t.


Not couldn’t; shouldn’t.


Clenching her jaw, Victoria ducked her head. “Fine. Fine! I’ll… Yeah. I’ll do it.” She stood up, more determination in her movements now. “Help me pack.”


Annette blinked, red-rimmed and dehydrated. “What?”


“Actually, no. Call Eric. I need a ride to the British Embassy in Tokyo,” Victoria called over her shoulder, shoulders set firm as she went to her room in the crappy apartment they shared, “Tell him to pack his passport and I’ll pay for his hotel room for the next two weeks.”


“O-Okay?” Then the blonde understood her auburn friend. “Wait, are you-?! But your ability can’t be shown-”


The woman went into her room with a determined and said loudly, “I’m not hearing you talking into a phone!”


Victoria just heard another sob and then Annette speaking on the phone.


Sighing out, she bucked up and got her crap together as a sense of finality came over her.


She never wanted to be a Hero.


But Victoria owed All Might one big time.




Victoria cursed herself for not checking the weather, having only thrown in formal clothing that was no good to fight in or pyjamas. Not that she could fight off against Hero’s or Villains should they try it from a long distance; or at all, really. There was little to prompt her to use her Quirk for… well, that was a different thought, and she shook it off as she took the paperwork and thanked the woman politely. She strode over to the man in a tee and jeans and boots waiting for her, modest skirt swishing around her knees and Mary-Janes clacking against the linoleum of the Embassy.


Eric smiled up at her, tired from the world trip, and hungrily munching on a sandwich she’d made for him, knowing he’d be wiped after such a trek around the globe. “Thanks for the food.” He held up the large box that once held five sandwiches, three of them already demolished. “All done?” He closed the box the food was in and put it in his bag.


Victoria smiled softly at her other best friend, the one who knew the full current abilities of her Quirk. “Yes, bit a slap on the wrist scolding but,” She ducked to his ear and breathed, pretending to hug and kiss him on the cheek lovingly, “I dropped word about wanting to help All Might. It should eventually get around to him or those that know him. If nothing comes about in the next week, then I ask you drop me off inside the school and leave quickly.”


His arm went around her and he pulled her down on his lap, whispering so the cameras could see, “Adorable. Of course I will. I’m sure you’ll enjoy tonight, love.”


Victoria laughed lightly and nodded. “I’m sure I could, but for now, let’s go get that hotel booked, hm?”


“Already done, love.” He took out and waved his phone at her. “I’m a champ, I know.” He lifted her up by the waist as he stood and placed her next to him with ease. Keeping his arm around her, he said, “I even exchanged some money. Forgot that, didn’t you?” He laughed heartily at her red face and teased, “Oh? The ever-prepared Victoria forgot something so basic?”


“Well, that’s why I have you here, now, isn’t it?” She retorted with ease, a little smirk on her lips.


“Yeah, you have me for- Oi! Who’re you calling basic?”


“Oh, one wonders,” She drawled, and then laughed as he tickled her, her beret hat nearly falling off. “No fair! Verbal fights only!”




It was a week later on a Tuesday that Victoria finally grew impatient at a lack of communication, and after eating some ramen at Ippudo and walking through Ueno Park, she turned to Eric. “I’m done waiting.”


He grinned at her, brown eyes knowing. “Wondered when it would hit. When you’re on the war path…”


Victoria lightly scoffed, lifting her chin up. “Oh please.”


“Uh-huh. At any rate,” Eric went on, running a hand through black hair, drawing attention from women around with his good looks, “You’ll be happy to know I looked up some schedules of times from the school. As it’s about five pm…” He quickly checked his watch. “Yes, five oh two. The teachers should be free. Ready to rock?”


Victoria gripped her large handbag and nodded, coming closer to him. “Yes.”


Clasping her to him, he focused, and they disappeared, only to reappear outside the door to the Principal’s office. “Sure you don’t want me to stay?”


She put a hand to his elbow. “No. I’d prefer you go. I’ll call you after when I need you to pick me up. Likely at the front gate if I get booted out.”


Eric nodded, pecking her cheek, giving her a nod, and with a flicker, transported back to the hotel they were staying at, hoping for the best for her.


Victoria took a moment to brush out her grey and light brown plaid and matching skirt and making sure her Mary-Janes had no trace of dirt on them. Nodding, she reinforced her mind as to why she was here and knocked firmly on the door. Hearing a ‘come in!’ she put on a polite smile and opened the door.


Nezu looked at her, his nose twitching as he took in the unauthorized western woman before him. “Good afternoon, miss. I am Principal Nezu. May I ask how you got in?”


With ease, she responded, “Good afternoon, Principal Nezu, I am Victoria Thorpe. I arrived by a friends’ transportation Quirk. Pleased to meet you.”


The mouse-like being looked her over, looking calm, hands before her, showing no signs of aggression. He had no reason for why she was here. There’d been no bookings, no special guests, no anything to suggest why she’d come before him this day. His eyes went to the large mammary glands she had before snapping up again. “I-I see. Welcome to U-A High School, Thorpe-san. How may I help you?”


“I am an Emitter type Quirk user, of healing. I have come, wishing to help heal All Might, who I heard works here now,” She replied calmly.


Now that was interesting. Nezu continued to watch her, seeing no sort of deceit in her words and body language. “Why would we trust you to go near him when his injured state is well known? There has been little to no evidence of barely any other healers in the world. As a school teaching Heroes, such abilities would be greatly sought after.”


Victoria tilted her head in a nod at that. “Exactly. Sought after. It is why I chose not to let my abilities be known. I came here first to introduce myself, and to request for a meeting with him, if he is available, to ask him personally if I may take a chance at healing him.”


“What makes you believe our own Recovery Girl is not good enough?” The Principal questioned.


It could seem that way, huh? She shook her head. “It is not a question of level of ability of your School Nurse, but of my own personal interest. Might I ask you to send him an email that a guest would like to have that meeting with him at his leisure?”


For a moment, he just took her in. She could be trouble, but… he would send an email off to the man, and ask he bring along Aizawa. “I will send it. Please, sit.” He gestured to the set of two chairs before his desk and began to type as she took the left one. “One moment, please.”


“Certainly.” Victoria placed her bag down by the side of her chair patiently, looking about the Principal’s room calmly. A few books took her interest, and she made a mental note of them, but her eyes trailed to the open window behind the mouse-being, watching the afternoon sky slowly change to more orange hues and the far-off sounds of school children laughing made her lightly smile. She’d always liked kids, her family being rather expansive. What seemed like minutes later, a knock at the door came and the man of the hour came in his large muscular form followed by a rougher looking guy with long hair.


“Never fear! All Might is here!” His loud voice rang through, laughing loudly after.


Her lips twitched, and she leaned her elbow on the arm nearest to him, covering her mouth with her hand, eyes dancing with amusement as she giggled. Then she dropped her hand to her heart and said, “You’re much more handsome than I thought, All Might.”


That sent the man into his smaller form, blood choking from his mouth, red along his cheeks as he took where her hands was, and what large bits of her body was below them.


Alarmed, Victoria picked her bag up, going in for an opened pack of tissues and taking them out, putting her bag on the chair and holding the pack out. “Here, take some.” Her eyes perused him, wondering exactly what it was that was wrong with him. It didn’t entirely matter, but it would be good to know so she could prioritise.


The blonde nodded, looking weak. He asked in rather fluent English, “You are Miss Thorpe?”


Victoria gave him a polite smile, raising a hand to wave it dismissively. “Please, Victoria is fine. As you might have heard from the Principal, I am here to offer my help to you, All Might. I don’t know if your fellows here can speak English; perhaps Japanese would be better? I don’t wish to come across as fraudulent.”


All Might agreed with a dip of his head, passing the tissue pack back and watching as she put it in her blazer pocket. “Yes. Not that I’m rejecting, but why do you want to help me specifically?” He asked in Japanese, and then conversation reverted back to that language.


“If not for the fact that you’re a well-regarded Hero worthy of it?” The foreigner smiled wider at his coughing into his hand to hide the flustered look he had. “There was a time you were in America, yes? You may perhaps recall a Villain named Salivator?” Victoria clasped her hands before her and nodded when she saw his recalling that one. “There were two victims, of that attack on the bank. One was an elderly man by the name of Oliver Thompson, who sadly passed away a couple years ago, and the other was a teenager named Annette Duval.”


Recognition lit up in him. “Yes! The girl with the double tails. The sweet girl sent me a letter to thank me, and I replied to her-”


“-With an All Might limited edition figurine and an autograph.” Victoria grinned then at his surprise, and said, “Annette’s my best friend since we were toddlers. You gave me my best friend back. You gave me the chance to heal her when her leg was utterly crushed and was to be amputated, and she walks the same as any of us here. She was so relieved you survived that fight.” Her eyes dipped to his arms purposefully, and then looked up at him again. “But her immediate concern was those who make take advantage of that. So, I dropped everything to come here on the chance of being able to help you recover, in any minute way I may. That’s it.”


“That’s it?” The blond said, thrown back.


“Yes. That’s it. You helped my friend, so I want to help you. I want to heal you, even if it means coming out of hiding from my talent.” Victoria went into her pocket and took her phone out, going through the photos. There were loads and with a delicate sort of shrug, she handed the phone to him. “Have a look.”


His injured hand took it and he instantly recalled the woman with the puppy ears and twin-tails with the woman before him as he went through the photos. There weren’t many civilian people with animal-like quirks; it wasn’t rare, but they did leave more of an impression than the more humanoid looking people for it. He saw more photos, with her family, he presumed. “I do remember her. It was a sure thing her leg was gone. And she’s… she’s healed.”


“I healed her. We live together.” She took the phone back, smiling at the sight of a family event he had looked at, and then put the mobile away, holding her hands before her once more. “So. Will you accept my help?”


All Might stared at her hard for a long moment, and Victoria stared back unblinkingly, patient.


“I accept.”


Ever so slightly, her shoulders relaxed. “Wonderful. Where would you like to do this?”




Moments later the four of them were in Recovery Girl’s Nurse Office.


“How does your Quirk work?” The elderly woman asked, intensely curious as All Might was sat on the bed before the westerner.


Victoria paused and said forthrightly, “In all honesty, I have no idea. It just does.”




She knew exactly how it worked.


Victoria just didn’t want her secrets out.


Chiyo stared at her. “Then I don’t quite know if I can advise-”


Victoria ignored her, reaching forward and holding onto All Might’s hand. She closed her eyes, though she knew they flickered to one side being pure black and the other pure white before she did then went to white and that All Might saw it happen. She pulsed her power into him, swiftly healing the man’s arm with ease as she went on, feeling his hand grow in her hold. Not taking notice of that, she continued to the rest of his body and fixed him up with just as much effortlessness. She wondered about the wound in his side but with more effort and force, healed that on up as well. How he’d survived with no left lung and was in such pain for so long was incredible… but so was his Quirk.


When all of his body was fixed once more, she didn’t stop there. She went to his Quirk, trying to help fix that, but she could only glimpse an understanding of it before she decided to fake exhaustion to keep her power level hidden. She swayed and then stumbled back, only to be caught by the rumpled looking man in a jumpsuit around the waist and the knees as she fell. Plucked up in his hold as her hat dropped off making her hair tumble down, she grunted. Her eyes opened, back to grey pupils once more and gave the shabby man a half-smile. She reached up and tapped his jaw as Nezu and Chiyo exclaimed over the once more massive man, murmuring, “Thanks for the lift, scruff.”


Aizawa snorted, doing his best to not think about her rather endowed chest pressing so warm and snuggly against his body and how nice that felt. He could practically feel her heartbeat. “You’re getting off the ride as soon as possible.”


“It’s a ride?” Her lips curled up in a knowing smirk. “My but you should up your game if this is all you can do; I give far better ones.”


His cheeks tinted red at the forward comment. “This is where you get off.”


She muttered as if to herself so he could hear, “In here? How forward. Is this what Japanese men are like?”


Shouta almost tripped, but he carefully put her down on the bed that All Might had loudly evacuated. What a surprisingly seductive woman. She’d seemed so polite and proper and prim in the principal’s office. “Perhaps.”


“Something to investigate,” She said and then chuckled to herself, turning to the others.She spoke up louder, “Hey, All Might.”


“Victoria!” All Might boomed out, putting hands to hips.


“Get Recovery Girl looking over you so I can see if there’s more to heal another time. I’m… gonna… yeah.” Her eyes drooped, a smile on her face.



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Eric was by her side when Victoria woke up, morning birds trilling their song.


“Hey sleepyhead.”


“Eric. Sorry for worrying you.”


He waved it off. “Don’t worry. I stopped by when I didn’t hear from you.” His eyes dropped to her chest. “I see you’ve shrunk down a bit.”


She put a hand to her chest. “It took a great deal to heal him. Considering my Quirk manifests in such a way that my… Well. It’s incredible how much damage that man had, and how much potential his Quirk gave him and I weirdly had to act with that. It's such a strange one. I've never quite dealt with a body like that. And how much it took away? I don't even know how to begin with that one. I’ve healed people before and just… wow. He’s amazing. You’re here though…?”


The handsome man smiled. “The Principal kindly let me stay here. I slept on the other bed.”


She frowned. “Waste of a hotel room.”


“Ever the money-minded one,” Eric teased her, leaning his forearms on the bed.


Victoria smiled back, lightly flicking his wrist. “With an adorably large family like mine, can you blame me? We need all we can get. My family is poor but… we have a lot of love for it.”


Eric smiled at her, squeezing her hand, because he’d felt it up close and personal. His own shitty homelife had been almost forgotten after being practically adopted by the Thorpe family. “Yeah. I get ya.”


“AHAHA!” All Might suddenly reappeared, beaming his giant grin at them. “I am here! Victoria, you have rejuvenated me! But! How are you? It must have taken it out of you to so quickly fall asleep?”


“Some more sleep and I’ll be right as rain,” She promised, sitting up, feeling only the remnants of tiredness from healing the worst patient she’d ever had.


Amazing in itself – he was about twenty people in one.


An incredible human being.


He deserved the awe he had.


The World’s Number One Hero nodded at them. Then he looked away, scratching at a cheek. “Say, I couldn’t help but overhear what you were saying about a large family. Why don’t you come work for U-A? I know the Principal and Chiyo were pleased with you. Recovery Girl, Chiyo, was especially thrilled to have you appear.”


The offer was surprising, and her eyes widened for it. “I, what? Oh, no-no! I’m not a hero. I don’t have the ability to go out and just, and just do what you and the pros do. I’m a translator, I-”


All Might laughed in his brash way, coming over to her other side and he gave her a fist to show solidarity in strength. “We can teach you! I’ll definitely train you up! It’s that, I know Chiyo will need a successor. There is a distinct lack of those like you and Recovery Girl in the world.”


Victoria let a rueful smile lilt her lips up. “Indeed, yet I spoke incorrectly. I had no desire to be a Hero.” He drooped. It made her feel all sorts of bad, reminding her of Annette. Her eyes connected with Eric who looked at her ruefully and she just sighed with a nod of resignation. “However, if that’s what’s needed… I suppose I could do with some training for the sake of my potential future students. And if it pays well.”


All Might perked back on up, antenna twitching happily. “Free room and board come along with the salary!” He tempted. “And I promise I'll teach you in thanks!”


Her lips twitched. “I may. I would not say anything of my thoughts unless the Principal offers. It’s useless otherwise.”


“I’ll go talk to him.” He was out in a burst.


Their hair fluttered about their faces at that.




Eric looked after the way he took, running a hand through his hair. “I think he just wants to use a good body.”


Victoria smiled at that. “Yeah. I would.”


Then the purple-haired man frowned a little. “Say… Would you really stay in Japan? So far away?”


Sitting up properly and shifting the blanket away, she turned to her best friend, fingers clasping between her thighs. “I mean… what else do I have?”


Eric sighed. “I suppose I’ll just have to get used to transporting you across the globe now instead of just continents.”


“Yup, yup!” Victoria smiled brightly at him, more a smirk than anything. "Think of it as training?"


With a smile, Eric just sighed. “Right. Don’t think I won’t expect you to cook your amazing food for me, yeah?”




Victoria stared down at the salary, unsure exactly how much seven zeros was per year in yen was compared to pound sterling.


“The price is as it is due to lack of being a Pro Hero, or even a provisionally licenced one. We may also ask you help teach in English class,” Nezu added, thinking about it. “But that would be about nine hours per week of your time.”


The foreigner smiled and said confidently, “Ah, now that I can do. I was a translator back home, and I also taught my languages on the side. Alright.” She took the pen after reading it over. “I’ll be your secondary Nurse.”


And send half my check home. That should help mum.


“Excellent! Let me re-correct some things.”


Re-correct being her salary, and she’d be a fool to say no to it now. “I don’t quite now how to transfer to another country permanently…?”


Nezu smiled, pleased to have her. “I’ll personally help.”




“All Might, I must ask because I believe I can do something with it…” The Englishwoman asked after All Might looked about to leave, the last two in the meeting room the day before lessons.


“Toshinori, please. It’s my real name. Though, in front of the young students, All Might is best!” He turned to her with a gigantic beaming grin and a thumbs up.


“Of course. I was going to inquire of your Quirk.”


The blonde froze. “…My Quirk?”


“Yes. You see, I believe myself not quite finished healing you, because your Quirk is… vastly unusual. How do I say this?” The foreigner put the side of her finger to her lips. “It’s not placed correctly? Or it’s just off? But I feel like with some experimenting, I can place it better in you.” Then Victoria frowned. “Also it’s weakened? It’s almost like, metaphorically, there’s a hole. Or… something?”


The Hero put his hand to his chest absently. “A hole? Something? How?”


She crossed her arms, putting the back of one finger to her chin as she took him in thoughtfully. “Yes. It’s the best way to describe it. I believe an element is missing. Like, not enough receptors potentially? May I feel it?”


The blonde took a moment to take her in, but then he nodded. “…Yes.”


This was big for him Victoria understood. “I won’t attempt anything, it’s just a screening,” She added, and that seemed to calm him. “I’ll also look over your body again. Actually, show me your side, please? I would like to see if the scarring has gone or how far it’s gone if it’s not fully disappeared, so I may get better at my new job.”


At that, All Might undid his shirt, only for Aizawa Shouta to come in at the distinct lack of the two of them following and stared at them with half-lidded eyes, wondering if he’d interrupted something salacious.


Victoria gave a lazy grin, knowing what All Might stripping for her looked like. “Aizawa-san. You’re very welcome to join in if All Might doesn’t mind?” She waggled her brows.


Shouta narrowed his eyes, ducking his face into the capturing weapon ever so slightly. “Hn.”


All Might looked at him. “Ah! Join us, Shouta! Perhaps Victoria can look at your eyes?”




“Oh, your eyes?” The auburn-haired woman tilted her head, curious. “I’d be pleased to help where I can, Aizawa-san?”


Not wanting the more trusting All Might taken advantage of and not about to let her access the place he worked his Quirk, he shook his head but went to lean against the wall with crossed arms. “Another time. I’ll stay.”


“As you wish,” Victoria replied and put him out her mind and she took in the scarred tissue, frowning as she leant over and close to it. “It seems I only healed the inner parts of you,” She mumbled to herself in English, tapping her chin. She knew she had to hide how broad her ability was. Then she reverted to Japanese once more, standing up fully. “I’m fully ready to go healing again, Toshi.”


The man grinned at her words and his new nickname and gave her his big thumbs up. “Please go with all your might!”


She smiled up at him, eyes laughing at his passion. “As you say.” She put her hand on the miscoloured skin and closed her eyes. It was so much easier this time to heal the rest of him up, and she thought he was as perfect as she could make him. She rolled her Quirk around his, wondering at the feel of it. Yes, it was as if his body had been forced to accept it, and it had done so easily. But- She found herself stiffening. Hadn’t there been speculations about Quirks being copied or mimicked? Surely it being taken from one so one person had one and then put in another could be true? Yet did that mean he’d done so?


So maybe not inserted into him, but he’d passed it on? Yet the way it was in him compared to many others she’d healed in her family; it felt like it had been. However, that was of no real import yet, she found. There were remnants of it still in him.


Unusable remnants for him.


Yet, it wasn’t fully gone.


Surely she could do something with that?




Victoria wanted to fiddle but she had promised not to.


“Huh.” She pulled back, thankfully not feeling faint at all.


“What is huh?” All Might asked, an undercurrent of nervousness in him.


“Your body is fully healed, the scarring gone,” She flickered her eyes to unblemished skin as she removed her hand from his heated body. She said no more for a moment, lips pursed and a wrinkle appearing between eyebrows as she went into thought.


Aizawa prompted, “But?”


“No buts.” She went on as she went to her chair and picked up her handbag, “However, I would like to talk to you and Recovery Girl, All Might, so she may also take a look with me there to explain whatever she may ask. You’ve got my digits, Number One. Send me a text for a meeting when you’re next available and I’ll be there. Same for you for your eyes, Aizawa-san; send me an email so I can do my job. Until later, gentlemen.” Victoria left the room, mind on the matter of Quirks as she went to go find Present Mic in the Teacher’s Lounge.


Shouta watched her leave.


Suspicious, but, nothing in his Hero instincts said anything was wrong.


He'd keep on watching her.




Victoria gave a small smile to Class 1-A’s homeroom teacher as she followed Present Mic into the room in her usual beret, blazer, skirt and Mary-Jane ensemble. She got a nod back and a sort of bland look thing before he left that had her raising a brow at before looking back into the room.


The class mainly stared at her, even though the loud rocker-looking man was speaking noisily. Their eyes occasionally went down to her very large breasts, something she’d learnt to ignore. There was a reason they were big, after all.


“And this is Victoria Thorpe-san! She’ll be our new Head School Nurse after Recovery Girl and is helping me teach English class!”


A stern looking lad compact in build with rectangular glasses stood and spoke up with his hand in the air. “Thorpu-sensei! I am Iida Tenyu, the student rep for class 1-A! Please tell us about yourself! Is Recovery Girl well?!”


“Certainly. As my colleague said, my name is Victoria Thorpe, and Thorpe-sensei will be fine. The more important question first; there is no need to worry about your Nurse. Recovery Girl is as well as ever. I’ve recently joined the Nursing department in both healing you all and in research. These are my main areas. Due to my being from England and a translator in four languages before I came here, I’m also employed in teaching you English for the communications side of learning another language.”


“Translator, sensei?” Tenyu went on, hand still up in the air.


“Yes. This was my job before working here at U-A. As you might have caught on, I am not a Pro Hero.” That caused a joined sound of confused ‘eeeeeeehhhh?!’ from the majority of the class, making her lips twitch up. “Indeed, I need not be a Pro Hero to teach English, and neither do I need to be one to research or heal you. My government worked with your school to give me special dispensation to use my Quirk in a formal manner, thus the same laws and allowances apply to me as they would any Pro Hero. In short, I’m a special sort of Quirk user more engulfed in governmental issues.” That seemed to settle them, and Tenyu bowed in thanks and sat once more. “Any more questions?”


A sprightly girl with a brown bob cut stood up, arm up. “Sensei! I’m Uraraka Ochaco! Were you the one to heal All Might that we heard about? I’ve not seen him go to him small form at all!”


That caused murmured conversation as the class agreed on not seeing it.


They heard about that?




Victoria supposed she’d get that a lot this week though. Trying to hide something already out was useless.


“I did heal All Might, yes.” A lot of the class went sparkly-eyed at that. “I hope that my being able to heal him in a few minutes after he’s suffered from such a fight gives you relief at my being here. If you would like more confirmation of that, I believe you have Hero Foundation with All Might later on today. Until that happens, Present Mic and I have a lot to get through?” She looked to the man, who’d been leaning on the teachers stands with an elbow, opposite hand on hip.


Present Mic gave her a thumbs up. “Let’s get it fired up, sensei!”


The class went well enough, though there was more an investment into grammar and spelling for sure. Before class they’d agreed to split it up reading and writing for him and speaking and listening for her, so while he got thirty to forty minutes of the class, she only had twenty to thirty. In this, she tried her best, dividing the groups up into ten sets of two and having them talking to each other, giving a few minutes of her time to each five pairs, while Mic took the other set.


“Sensei!” Eijiro Kirishima spoke up when she got to his group, “The eru sound is difficult!”


“Eru? Ah L. Do you all find it fiddly to pronounce?” She asked her side and got nods. “Alright,” She said, going to the front of the class to draw on the blackboard, picking up chalk and beginning to draw half-mouths on the board, like someone had cut open the head vertically through the nose, “So we must differentiate the placement of our mouth with these two sounds. R sounds are lips mainly and secondarily tongue placement. Here and here,” She pointed to her first two drawings on top. “The lips go forward and the tongue hovers in the mouth. But with L, the lips go down and back slightly, and the tongue touches the slope of the roof of the mouth. Touch your tongue there now. English speakers put it about halfway down the slope.”


“Sensei! Can we take a picture of it? Your drawings are good!” Kirishima asked.


Victoria nodded, smiling a little at the compliment. She was only average at drawing (so much better at cooking and playing football) but it was nice to hear anyway. “You can all take one at the end of class, I’ll write some notes below to help you as you guys practice the sounds now, okay?”


“Yes, sensei!” They went to it, and so she quickly jotted down some notes for them that would help underneath it.


A hand went up from Mic’s side when she turned around.


A girl with dark hair stood up. “Miss Thorpe, I’m Momo Yaoyorozu. I’m already fluent in English and have been since I was young. Is there a chance you may teach me another language?”


Victoria’s eyebrows went up at that. “I apologize for not taking that previous knowledge in consideration, Miss Yaoyorozu. This must have been dull for you. If you would like to learn, then it would have to be out of class, as I would not be able to spend much time with you in class due to teaching the others. One moment.” She turned to the class. “Does anyone else in the class speak fluent, or advanced English in the class?” She asked in Japanese.


A boy with a scar on his face raised his hand, the only one to do so. “Shoto Todoroki, sensei. My skills are far enough that this is basic ability for me. I’d also like to learn a different language. What languages do you know?”


“German and Chinese. So if I’m able to get the yes from your principal, and you two get a yes from your homeroom teacher, and then finally pass an online test so I can see your English levels that I’ll email to you after you get their permission… sure. But you two will have to decide which language to learn together. It will be out of lesson and I can give an hour per week like you get with English.”


“I’m HERE!” The door suddenly slammed open, showing the large body of All Might coming in. “Time for Foundation Hero training! Oh, Victoria-sensei, my saviour!” He waved happily. “Have they been good for you for your first lesson in U-A?” He grinned at her as she came over to him.


“They’ve been diligent and attentive,” Victoria complimented, raising a fist to bump it with his and then going over to the teachers stand and picking up a folder, taking out pieces of paper. “You’ve good heroes in training here at U-A.”


The man put his hands to his hips, making himself even broader than before. “As all young heroes should be! Ahaha! Oh, words?” He noted the short pieces of paper and she handed him one, having made a bunch of them. “I see!”


She gave them to the first seat, Yuga Aoyama, to pass back. “Vocab words for your homework, class. Just twenty. So three a day to learn until next lesson next week.”


Present Mic came over to them, speaking in English. “That went quick! Two voices are better than one! Time for Class 1-B!”


The westerner gave a smile. “Let’s boogie, then, hm?”


“Yeah, yeaaaah!” Present Mic went off first.


Victoria smiled up at the tall man and nodded, “Later, All Might.”


“Oh! Victoria, I sent you an email!” He gave her a thumbs up, but there was a slight pointed look above his beaming grin.


“Got it. Have a good lesson, All Might. Goodbye, 1-A!” She smiled at a chorus of voices saying goodbye in different ways and waved her fingers.


Relief filled her.


What a nice first class!



Chapter Text


The principal had given the nod for Victoria to teach when she went to him after class 1-B, though it was entirely on her terms and time to do so. Considering if she wasn’t in class for nine hours a week with Present Mic, she was with Recovery Girl and learning her Quirk to better ends and learning from the Pro Hero’s that had agreed to put aside some time for her, she kind of had a good amount of time for them. It was trickier to find time blocks for them all to meet up as some of her time for hero training was after the last class, some three hours after, or even later at night.


She tapped the base of her pen to her lip, having to spend the requisite hour in the teachers lounge should students wish to ask her something. So she studied biology.


A voice came from above her, “Oi, I have two proactive students asking about language lessons.”


Victoria looked up and gave a smile at the oddly-attractive sleepy-guy homeroom teacher. “Good afternoon, Aizawa-san. Or is it sensei? Which do you prefer?”


He looked at her with no emotion. “In front of the students, Aizawa-sensei or just sensei. Here? I guess you can call me Shouta.”


“Ohhhh, what’s this?” Present Mic came over, loud as ever. “First names from my old buddy, Shouta?!”


“She’s a westerner, it’s easier.” He narrowed his eyes at Hizashi.


“Thank you for the consideration, Shouta,” She said smoothly, leaning back in her chair, watching as his eyes instantly flickered to hers at his name, glare lost. She crossed one stockinged leg over the other as she watched where she put the pen she was fiddling with down, knowing his eye would be drawn to the slow movement of her legs. “If you’d prefer I put more consideration for Japanese customs, then it’s no skin off my nose. I’d be happy to, even, Shouta-san.”


He waved a hand. “Shouta. So, the two wished for German lessons?”


The woman sat back at that. “German? Curious. I speak German and Mandarin. I’m surprised they went for German, considering kanji. Yaoyorozu and Todoroki, yes?” She got a nod from him. “They say they both speak English, and I do have to say that they spoke it well enough without inflection of Japanese to appease me. I’m going to send an online English test via their student emails. If they pass it, I’ll be happy to set aside time for them. 1-B didn’t have any English speakers, though I’m unsure about 1-C and the others.”


“The other classes may also ask for German lessons, hah?” Mic said, leaning against the free desk next to hers.


“Oi, Hizashi, don’t put your ass on my desk.” Shouta shooed him away and sat down before it with the pile of papers he’d had in his hold.


“True. But I’m currently looking at my schedule and not much time is taken up, only about six to eight hours per day. If that. Four are to be from training, in both Quirk and physical fitness.” Her eyes flickered to the clock on the wall, knowing she had physical training with All Might at seven thirty for an hour or two. She looked back. “So, do you mind if I yoink your students for a bit each week?”


“Have them. Logical to let them learn if you’ve the time and they’re going out of their way.” Shouta turned to the work he had to mark.


“Thanks, Aiza.” She saw him twitch but tilt his head to her at the nickname. She hoped her accent made it sound nice and soothing. Most people liked the accent, right?


Shouta was trying not to show how that affected him, the lyrical cadences soothing and making him smile at her a little.


“You’re welcome.”


“As are you, darling,” She murmured, western tones dancing around them as she made ‘darling’ western, used to it.


Mic snickered though Shouta gave him a look to ask about the last word. “She said darling, or darling, in Japanese. It’s very absent and not meant meaningfully.”


Victoria nodded in agreement. “Mm. It just slips out. I’ll try and stop because you’re Japanese, but it’s honestly not meant to be rude or belittle.”


“It’s fine. I may ask for translations though,” Aizawa replied.


A tiny smirk crawled up her lips. “I feel like calling you random things and seeing if you think it’s truly one or not.”


His eyes narrowed, but she simply looked at her books to go back to studying, not changing her expression. Hm.


“Ooooh, I get to learn more too!” Hizashi added in.


“I’ll be sure to keep you on your toes then,” Victoria smiled at the blond DJ, then a contemplative look came over her face, “Say, Mic. We should get Mister Todoroki and Miss Yaoyozoru helping the others with English in return for learning German, what do you think?”


“Nice idea!”




Shouta watched her go as he paused in marking work. “Oi, Hizashi.”


“Mm?” The man replied distractedly, doing his own.


“Teach me to speak better English, would you?”


“Yeah, sure thing.”




It took a moment.


Hizashi looked at him. “Eh?! Cause of her?”


“She’s helping my students.”


But the DJ just grinned. “Suuuuure.”


“Shut up.”




Victoria breathed hard, hands on knees and sweat dripping to the ground. “You Heroes are mental, Toshi.”


“It’s the passion to save others that drives us!” He gave a strong fist towards her.


She thought on that, musing, standing up and cracking her back as she stretched. “Yeah, something like that.”


All Might couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you not want to become a Hero? Or even a doctor? Your ability would have saved many!”


“Because of the attention. I never wanted to be a Hero. The first time I found out someone could do something like me, they were kidnapped and tortured and then killed off so they couldn’t speak who did it. It was someone from Guatemala about twenty years ago. I was eight or nine, and it terrified me.” Victoria relaxed, letting her healing pulse through her and the feeling of achiness left, the lactic acid gone, and she felt good to go again. The only thing left was a mental drain, which could only be cured by sleep. “So I hid my ability, or at least, the depths of it. I pretended that at most I could heal sprains to those who knew. That’s easier as people don’t really look at it much but for, oh how useful.”


“Not a doctor, then?” All Might wondered, watching her carefully.


Victoria winced a little. “Ah, that. I knew if I began to see people who needed it… I’d eventually let my power out. The guilt would be too much.” She put the side of a finger to her mouth as she looked away. “For my own safety, it was better to hide it. I guess I never really shook off that fear from that Guatemalan guy being kidnapped though. Then what happened with you… It was in the instant Annette cried I gave in to my inevitable fate. That I would have to begin training with heroes to protect myself because something like this would happen. I was scared to be found out, and then she cried and I just… I had to. You’d meant the world to her.”


“I understand now,” He said, words softer.


She turned to him. “Eventually I’ll be known as a new healer, more so for having healed you of all people,” She very lightly teased him before turning rueful, “If Recovery Girl is wanted the world over, I can expect the same. From Heroes and Villains and civilians alike. So, I have to learn to protect myself. I don’t want to end up like him. I’d hoped to hide it until old age, but…” She shrugged, holding her hands out in a ‘what can you do?’ fashion. “I guess I was living in denial about having to do all this, thinking I could wait until I’m a geriatric to not care.”


“Don’t worry, All Might will protect you!” He gave a big thumbs up, clapping her free shoulder with the other big hand.


“Thanks, Toshinori. I don’t doubt you. What’s next?”




“Oh god… Fine.”




Victoria smiled at the two 1-A students.


No one else had wanted to learn German, so that was fine with her.


“Guten tag, Frau Momo, Herr Shoto. Willkommen in meiner Klasse!”


Instantly, pens were out and writing notes.




“They like you, 1-A.”


Without thinking, Victoria replied as she graded English work, “Obviously.”


Aizawa stared at her, wondering if he should laugh or be appalled at the ego.


Victoria paused, looking up at the screen before her as she realised she’d treated him like she would a friend, a bit flustered. “Uh-”


He snorted. “Confident.”


That settled her a little, chest quaking with held back laughter. “Pretty much, yes.” She gave him a smirk. “Enjoy that.” She went to work again, cheeks a bit red.


He copied her, concentrating on her from the corner of his eyes. “It just comes out, hm?”


“You’re gonna make me feel defensive, Shouta,” The auburn-haired woman murmured, “I’ve just got conviction is all.”


“That so?” He replied in the same tone, and even though the room was empty, it still felt oddly intimate, and that it shouldn’t be done out of private rooms. A shiver went down his spine as she looked at him with a glint in her eye and knowing on the twisting of her lips. A visceral clenching of lust in his gut made him shiver, and after only four days of her being here he realised he was strongly attracted to her. He liked that she was mindful of being in public with her politeness and respectfulness, but on the sly like now would flirt.


Shouta wasn’t entirely sure to do with this realisation.


And when Ectoplasm walked in with Hound Dog and Thirteen, he almost felt relief in him that the moment was cut, though it battled his want to see what she would have said.


A little smile an hour left as All Might came to pick her up for training, and he watched her leave from the reflection in his screen.






Later on as Shouta came down the steps, Victoria was tentatively making her way up.


“Not so egoistic now, I see.”


Holding onto the railing with both hands, the foreigner glowered at him before breaking out into a smirk. “Always, grub-guy.” She went up one step.


He noted her shaking and waited at the top of the stairs. “Grub-guy.”


“Sleeping bag. One wonders if you’ll turn into a butterfly, if ever,” She drawled, going up another step, and then another, and one more. Then she stopped. “Or maybe a moth.”


Snorting, he waited for her to come up to his level, just a few steps away. “Doubtful.”


“You’re right, your arse doesn’t eat nearly enough.” She eyed his features with a furtive look. “Get some more iron in you. Eat more liver and tofu.” She went up one step.


He raised a brow as she took another step. “Maybe.” Then he watched her slump and sit down, facing away from him. He could see her body quake and so came down the stairs to crouch on the step above hers. Softly, he murmured, “Oi.”


“S’fine, it’s just… Quirk exhaustion.”


“From training? Chiyo wouldn’t let it go that far.”


“It’s specialist training. Technically I’m mostly on staff for him.”


That was news to him but… the man always was special. “Hm.”


“His Quirk is insane, just, nothing I’ve ever seen and… I can’t talk about it.” She turned to him, and he saw the somewhat gaunt look to her from this exhaustion. “Pretend you never heard what I just said.”


“Aa.” Shouta looked at the woman in U-A blue PE sweats. “Don’t fall asleep here.”


“I guess.”


“What kind of reply is that?”


She slumped her head his way. “The one you’re getting, snug-bug,” The snark came without exhaustion in the tone.


His lips couldn’t help the smirk. “Hm.”


There was just a few minutes passing peacefully, Shouta looking out the window and Victoria trying to pick up the effort to want to even move.


Catching her shift a little and feeling like she was about to move, he said, “I’ll be on my way then.” He got up and held a hand out.


She reached past his hand and grasped his forearm, hefting herself up. “Have fun, Shou.” She squeezed and let go.


“Just a patrol,” Eraser Head shrugged.


“Then I hope it’s a calm night, or if you’d prefer, one with Villains to smash heads against each other with. I don’t know, Hero.”


“Definitely the quiet one so I can go home and sleep without worry.”


Victoria went up a step, giving him a little smile. “Sounds good to me. Less violent, the better. Generally. Boy have I wanted to slap some people.” She went up another step and ignored his snort. Just three steps to go. “Bah, I’d be a piss-poor Hero. I’d feel bad hurting people.” She did another two steps slowly.


“You’d be here, so the worst would be a glare at a child.”




He tilted his head, wanting to know what Hero she’d be. “What would you do as a Hero?”


She paused, giving it consideration. “Emergency evacuations. So while I may hate All Might for making my body and quirk run ragged that I end up like this, I can’t be too frustrated. Better than the starting point I was at a week ago. Any tips are welcome, Eraser Head.” She gave a little smile when she reached the top step, smiling over her shoulder at him, with hands shoved into pockets. A wink, and she went on her way.


Pretty, he thought for a moment, watching her wet hair swish out behind her, her hips sway as she went around the corner.


Oh no.


No. Crushing was not allowed.




But the majority of his patrol was taking up with thoughts of her he tried to banish only for them to come back, an annoying circle that only make him think of her constantly.


Fine. He’d let it happen.


Didn’t mean he’d do anything about it.


It’d go.


It’s not like she’d be here permanently after her year contract when she has her whole life back in England.


Finding a sense of serenity at that thought, he went on back to U-A.


He eyed a bathroom items shop he was passing, thinking about her maybe needing something for her muscles.


Epsom salts.


Dithering, he went in to grab some.






Victoria blinked, and then grinned lightly. “I’ll use them today. Thank you, Shouta.” She squeezed his forearm.


“It was buy one get one free,” He lied.


“Then thanks for thinking of me. Glad you’re a guy who takes care of himself.” She looked up at the time and sighed. “As it is, I have another session with All Might. Thanks again, have a good evening if I don’t see you guys!” She waved at the two there, gear in arms.


Hizashi waved, and as soon as the door closed turned on him. “You? A guy who takes care of himself?!” The blond cackled at the thought, ignoring the glare his way. “Yeah, right! How long was it before I finally got you to try conditioner?


“Shut up.”


“He says, when he can’t think of anything, haha!” The DJ kept on laughing at him for a few moments. “Oh man. So bad! You got it SO BAD! Never thought I’d see the day!”


“Idiot.” He buried his face in his capturing weapon a little, not used to dealing with these feelings.


“Is it because of her chest?” Hizashi did a crude motion with his hands to his own chest.


Shouta scowled. “Don’t.”


“I didn’t think you’d be the type for big breasts, but…” Hizashi widened his eyes and a grin widened on his face. “OH! I get it! Because they make sure you know she’s a female! Got it! I’ll be sure to help you see each other in the best possible light.”


“Hizashi, for the love of all that’s sacred, do not.


The blond pouted. “Fine. I’ll let love bloom by its incredibly slow self. Ugh.”


Shouta rolled his eyes, getting back to work.


Dramatic fool.



His lips twitched.


He was glad to have such a supportive friend.




Chapter Text




Eric grinned at her from the other side of the screen of her laptop. “Hey, hey! How’d first week go?”


“Good, amazing, exhausting. I’m a bit dumbfounded, actually. I’m seriously at U-A of all places. Teaching and being taught.” She ran a hand through her damp hair that Friday at eleven. “It’s three-ish over there, right?”


He caught on of her wants, and teased, “You soooo want me there!”


The woman gave a sheepish sort of look. “Alright, I’ll admit it’s taxing to make friends and deal with an onset of training that’s worn me out every night for the last week I’ve been here, yeah.”


“You gotta saaaay it!”


“God you’re annoying. Get over here. I miss you!” But she had a grin on her face.


The handsome man cackled but as his patrol was finished, he nodded. “I can come now for a couple hours? Mind if I bring dinner? And my guitars? You’re still a beginner so I demand your training daily!”


“Sure, go for it.” Then she brightened up. “Oh, can you bring me some of my snacks and tea from my cupboards? I know Annette said she’d put clothing together for me, but I want those, too.”


“Don’t half ask for much, do you? Junk food, coming up!” Within ten minutes, Eric had turned up with lots of bags and guitars in hands.


“Eric!” She said happily, cheered by his presence and coming over to help him unload the dozens of bags to the ground. “I missed you!”


“I am very missable, my dear,” He waved away, making her snicker. “Voila! Annette and your mum packed a ton of things for you, but they want things as well from some place called Don Quijote?”


Victoria nodded, taking the bags and rummaging through them as she went to her kitchen. “Yes, it’s a big megastore that has everything open all day. Are you going tonight or staying over to recover? Because we can go tomorrow if you stay?” She took out a box of Yorkshire Gold tea, one of ten it seemed if a quick look in the bag was anything to go by. She set one on the side next to her kettle and put the rest away in overhead storage and turned as clanging came to her ears. “Oh, did mum put all my baking things in these?”


Eric was taking out all her bowls and tins and ingredients. “Yup. She knows your love for it.”


“S’just a hobby, shut up,” Victoria grumbled, filling up and putting the kettle on.


Eric snickered, helping her put things away and nattering on about his day, how he planned to find a ring for his long-time girlfriend, that his cat’s kittens were ready to go in a week or two, and how he thought about taking up pottery because there was a course doing it and it seemed interesting. Their night went on, Eric sitting at the island in the kitchen and Victoria making a large batch of vanilla shortbread after making them tea. It was for him to bring back to give to her family though keeping a good sum of them for herself and guests. Then the pair strummed away as Eric taught her, snacking on the shortbread she’d just taken out.


The door knocked hesitantly.


They stopped playing, looking at each other in bafflement.


“The music isn’t too loud, is it?” She wondered, looking at it playing music lightly that they were trying to stay in time with.


“No, not at all… Well, get it then! It’s your door, love!” Eric waved her over to it, strumming.


She went to it and opened it, surprised to see one of the Third-Year girls there in casual clothing. “Ah, hello, Miss…?”


“Yamamoto Eiko, Thorpu-sensei.” Her blue-haired head was down. “I-I need your help.” Her head tilted up and she went watery-eyed. “I’m pregnant and don’t want it!”




The girl stiffened, seeing Aizawa-sensei there down the hall who just happened to walk up the stairs. She was about to run, but Victoria caught her wrist. “Hey, it’s fine. Unfortunately your privacy was stepped on, but I do believe Eraser Head is not untrustworthy, no? I’m sorry you are embarrassed, but I’m a School Nurse and will help you. You’re eighteen, right?” The girl nodded. “Why did you not go to Recovery Girl?”


“She’s too…”


Old. Last generation. Not close in age like herself. Not foreign. Not stranger enough.


A small smile of understanding. “Ah. I understand. How far?”


“Three or four weeks,” Eiko admitted in a near whisper, grateful that Aizawa was standing a little back.


Relief made Victoria’s shoulders shoulder relax. “That’s good. Come in. My friend Eric is here, but he can’t understand a lick of Japanese." Not true, he knew basic Japanese to get by as a tourist for a few weeks but she wasn't about to say that to the student. "Appalling considering he’s been my friend to the past twenty years.” Eiko giggled a bit, making Victoria smile at her warmly and then call over her shoulder in English. “Oi, Eric, put the kettle on and get four cups and the big teapot ready! I must ask if Aizawa-sensei can join the conversation, Eiko-san, as there are some rules about U-A I don’t know. Would you be averse to it, or may he stay?”


Eiko didn’t want him to but nodded. “He knows, so…”


“Sensei?” Victoria said leadingly, nodding into her room and put an arm around Eiko’s upper arms to guide her in, the haggard looking man following quietly.


Soon enough, they were seated, with Eiko almost vibrating in her nervousness and worry.


Victoria asked of the tea, “Sugar? Milk?”


“Ah, I do not know your tea?” Eiko replied nervously.


“Hm, two sugars and more than a splash of milk, then, I should think,” She murmured, putting them in for her, raising a cup and a brow at Aizawa who just nodded lazily and she mimicked the same cup for all of them. “I just made these biscuits so please take, they’re still warm.” She sipped her own tea with a confused but quiet Eric mimicking, taking a biscuit and dipping. “So, welcome to my rooms, a bit bare, but I’m rubbish with interior design,” She replied in a lighter tone, a smile coming through the words.


“I-I could make you some plants?” Eiko said softly.


“That’d be lovely! Some greenery would do the place well.” Victoria let a moment of thoughtfulness go. Her gaze focused and hardened on the student. “Eiko-san. It doesn’t matter with who or how you got pregnant. Only what goes on now for you and your future is what matters.” She didn’t care that Eiko stiffened, wanting to curl in on herself as she went to the heart of the matter with one stab. “Drink. Did you come to me because you believed I could terminate the egg?” She got a very shy nod. “I shall admit freely that I’ve never done this before nor have any understanding of that sort of biological matter. Therefore I would not do so now. However, that does not mean we cannot get you to a discreet clinic tonight.”


“I-I-I couldn’t go to one in Tokyo!” She blurted out, thinking of the shame of it.


Victoria smiled gently, squeezing her hand. “No worries, my friend can get teleport anywhere. I can look up what’s open elsewhere?”


Eiko bit her lower lip and nodded hastily.


The Englishwoman swallowed, hoping she was doing this right for the young woman, and turned to Shouta. “Over eighteens can leave freely, right? It’s now a boarding school so I am unsure…” Victoria trailed off.


Aizawa nodded. “It’s fine. Though this would have to go in medical records.”


“Good.” Victoria turned to Eric, asking in their mother tongue, “Mind taking Eiko here to my mum? She’s needs to go to a sex health clinic for an abortion and I know there’s one around where we live. Remember Joanne went through this?”


His eyes lit up in understanding and he nodded, getting up. “Sure, get your mum to book an appointment?”


Victoria took her phone out and began to message her mother. “Eiko, Eric is going to take you to my mum. She speaks Japanese and will look after and fuss over you the whole time to make sure you’re well and comfortable. When Eric teleports he gets tired so it’s likely you won’t come back straight away. Then again, you’ll need to sleep afterwards so it will be a short moment in time for you.” Message sent and she gave a grin to the girl. She stood up, pulling the girl with her and guiding her around the table. “Don’t worry, this time tomorrow? You’ll be free from the burden on your shoulders.”


“O-Okay. Th-Thank you, Thorpu-san!”


“See you tomorrow, Victoria.” Eric grinned at her and then went to hug Eiko, and the pair disappeared.


Aizawa stared at the space they were in as she sat back down. “Oi… Where did they go?”


“Oh, just to my mum in London.”




Victoria snickered, taking a biscuit and dipping it in her tea. “Yes.” She stared at the tea saturating her baked good for a pensive moment. She was worried. “Shouta… This will be fine for her, won’t it?” She asked, peering at him. “It won’t go on her record against her as a Hero?”


Aizawa swallowed, because this is the sort of thing that should. It was a mark against a Hero to be irresponsible like this. Shouta shook his head and then he sighed. “Unfortunately, it would. However, I believe things like that shouldn’t have any bearing on either donor to the zygote. And as she said, it’s only been a month. They’re barely anything as it is. Myself? I will say nothing. I will pretend it didn’t happen.” He drank the cup. “I like this tea.”


"I'm glad." Relieved, she smiled, feeling his eyes on her. “As for the tea? You’re welcome to visit me anytime for more, Shouta. Have a biscuit too, they’re fresh made,” She replied, a bit absently, looking at the spot they went and then shook her head, nibbling on her biscuit. There was a quiet moment, music playing in the back of some sort of classical composer. “Thank you. I couldn’t have done this without you.”


Aizawa raised his brow, a bit confused. “You had this completely under control.”


Victoria chuckled and shook her head. “I meant more the school side of things but…” She took him in for a moment. “I’m glad that if someone was meant to stumble upon this situation that it was you that stumbled upon us. The others would be too… excitable. Your laid-back care was perfect. I was anxious and it helped to settle my nerves. So thank you.”


“You were nervous? You? You’ve been implacable this whole time.”


“Hush, you. Flattery will get you everywhere.”


The man snorted, and she grinned at him, wider than usual he noted. More like a smile he’d seen her give Eric. He tried a biscuit to ignore the pride at being able to do so floating in him. His eyes widened. Oh. It was good. “You made these?”


She gave him a side glance, noting his approval. “You like them? I make them often, have as many as you want.” Then she tilted her head, ruminating on his own condition as she took him in. “Hey, let me look at your eyes, Shouta.”


He gave her a dull look. “No.”


She glared at him but he simply blinked back at her slowly with an almost amused look on his face and she huffed. “Bah. Bad patient.” She leant her head back and glowered up at the ceiling.


The room was quiet for a moment, and Victoria slowly lost her scowl.


Her fingers began to drill, agitated.


He watched them for a moment.


So she was nervous about this whole thing.


Lips pursing, Aizawa sighed to himself.




It took her a moment. “Huh… Ah!” Within a zip, she was there by his side, making him blink at her sudden closeness in his bubble. “Good choice!” She reached up and gently held his cheek, smiling at the scruff rubbing her palm. She was close enough to smell him, and, well, he didn't have cologne or anything but he smelt good. Male. Heated. It kind of made her gooey for a moment, not really used to being so close like this to a man she was unused to. Heck, it wasn't necessary for her to be this near to him. She just ended up like it and didn't really want to move back.


Aizawa stiffened at her hand on his face, expecting her to touch his hand like she had All Might, but he supposed the Hero had been injured there. He felt a sort of warmth flare into him, whooshing through his head like an inside massage and making him hold back on a groan. It swirled around his head, gentle and soothing. It was relaxing more than anything, and he hadn’t realised he tilted into her to keep it going until his shoulder connected with her plush chest and her hand removed itself. “Hm?”


A soft womanly laugh was given breathlessly into his ear, making him shudder. “Comfy?”


Without realising it he murmured, “Aa.”


Oh?” She giggled, tugging on some of his hair.


He paused, stilling for a moment, and then jolted back, snapping his eyes open – when had he closed them? – and almost gawking at her. Everything was… He’d never had such clear vision. And his even didn’t have that low-key sting he’d gotten so used to feeling that, now it was gone, it felt so much better. Even his head didn’t ache something fierce. “I… thank you.”


She winked at him, pretending nothing had happened as she smiled to herself. “You’re welcome. I’m glad you came around to it sooner rather than later. I fixed my own eyesight and others in my family many times. Plus I’m a Nurse for you as well, hm?” She nudged her shoulder into his with a warm smile. Then she got up, plucking up her teapot in her arm and her empty cup and Eiko’s half-drunk one in her hands, intending on getting another. “I’m having another tea. Want one?”


He still had some left in his cup but tea needed to brew so, “Eh… sure.”


“Turn the television on if you want.” She called over her shoulder.


Shrugging, guessing it was probably more a request than a hostess thing, he did, intending to wait here until he got information on one of U-A’s students.


A minute later she was back out, putting the teapot back down, looking at the television channel with him turned to her for a split second as he turned the channel over again. She didn’t notice him drop the remote as he caught a small glimpse of her chest as she bent to put it down. “So what’s-” They both flinched at the sight of some worm wriggling in an eye on the screen. “Oh, goodness no! Turn it over! Turn it over!”


Quickly the remote was in his hand, capturing weapon springing back around his neck as he flicked through the channels to find something normal.


Some animal documentary was on, and both exhaled in relief.


They peered at each other, and then broke out into grins.


“Not a fan?”


“Really not a big fan of bugs, to be honest,” Victoria grimaced, nodding at the television. “And that was even worse.”


“And you’re a school nurse?” He teased and chuckled at her pout.


“Uh, in training, thank you,” Victoria said pointedly, sitting next to him and leaning forward to swipe a biscuit, biting into it with attitude when he continued to laugh at her in a low tone. Then she grinned a little. “I was talking to Present Mic about hating bugs, and all you hear is BLEH down the corridor from him, and I felt an instant kinship with him. Me too, bro, me too. Every part of me was like, we’re gonna be good friends. We’ve indeed become better friends since.”


It made him smile, glad she liked his longest friend. “I can believe that. The man despises bugs and camping.”


“Saaaame,” She breathed out, grimacing. “I’ve had friends ask me to go camping, and I kinda go, Ha! You’re funny, mate.”


He chuckled.


The time went both, the pair quietly watching the show on lions.


It amused Shouta to find she made noises of communication with the narrator and the show, absently nodding. He ended up half watching her with her eyes glued to the screen as she gently searched for her cup or another biscuit, cuddling up in his direction slightly. It was homely and peaceful, and he realised he kind of liked doing this. He wished he’d brought or went to get work to mark or something. He went back to looking at the screen, feeling far too good in this moment for why he was waiting. He noted her head nod and looked, quickly plucking her half-filled cup from her hand before it split. “Oi,” He murmured softly, grasping her to him as he put her cup on the table next to his empty one and the half-finished biscuits, but she’d fallen asleep on him.


The scent of cookies mixed with the honey scent of her hair, taking his attention.


For a moment, he just let her lean on him, liking the weight of her there, warm and soft, silky hair brushing his cheek.


He realised his fingers had absently tightened on her, wanting to keep her close.


Sighing, he was about to push her back so he could slip his hand under her knees and put her to bed, but then he saw how her phone was in her hand, waiting on messages.




Should he bring her to bed? Should he wake her? Should he just stay like this, if only for a minute or two longer?


...Was this what having a girlfriend was like?


He rubbed his eyes, more by habit by now, at the thoughts he was having. “Shit.”


The phone buzzed and the pair of them jerked into alertness.


Victoria scrambled to get it, a bit dazed. “Ma?” She murmured, voice hazy from sleep and blinked when Aizawa slunk his hand away from her, looking at him a bit fuzzily, and then paused. “I see. Yes, of course. Thank you for this, mumsy. Love you too. They’re coming back.” She smile up at him, not realising what had just occurred, and got up, Aizawa following, and within the next few seconds an exhausted pair came back. Victoria went for the girl, swiftly healing her up and the girl slumped into her, grateful. Hugging the girl back, she reached a hand out and healed Eric when he grasped it. “Thank you, Eric. Go sleep in my bed, hm?”


“Just shove me over when you wanna kip.” He raised a hand and left to her room in heavy steps.


Victoria looked to Eiko’s hair. “Do you want to talk, or…?”


Eiko shook her head, huddling into the school nurse. “No, your mother was really nice to me and I talked to her.”


Victoria rocked her gently. “She has the big mum aura. It’s because of the big family. You met some of my family, I’m guessing, right?” Victoria sighed when Eiko nodded her blue head. “Six siblings older than me, and they have kids, and my mum was one of five. I seriously have eighteen cousins, and I’m an aunt to twelve. Do you know how many birthdays that is per month? Too many. That’s just mum’s side.” She huffed a little, grinning a little at an amazed Aizawa.


It made Eiko giggle into her chest. “I met Sophia and John.”


“The twins with two sets of twins each? You poor thing.”


Eiko laughed and parted from her, smiling at her with big luminous yellow eyes and held her hands. “I-I’ll go back to bed now. Thank you, Thorpe-san, Aizawa-sensei, for waiting up for me.”


Victoria raised her brows at the correct pronunciation of her name. “Of course and you’re welcome, lovely. Sleep well.”


“I will.” She left after a low bow.


A moment of quietude ensued.


“Well, that’s that,” Victoria mentioned, putting a hand to hip.


“Mm,” Shouta said, not moving.


She turned to peer at him. “Want to come around tomorrow evening with work?”


Not wanting to seem enthused, Shouta looked at her, chin ducked down into his weapon. “Might be busy.”


A brow rose. “Same. Offer’s still available.”


“Until tomorrow, Victoria,” He murmured, leaving her place with a wave of the hand.


The woman raised her brows as he left, knowing she hadn’t asked him to say her name, and that was almost presumptuous in Japanese culture.


She kinda liked it.


Victoria idly put a hand to her chest and rubbed, feeling a crush develop.


The woman sighed up at the ceiling. “Great. Just great.”



Chapter Text




Despite being tired in a more fatigued fashion rather than mental, Eric was up for a trip to Don Quijote.


It was about four when he got up again, rousing Victoria, who was sleeping next to him and hugging a pillow to her torso. “Let’s go get your mum and Annette their stuff?”


Grumbling a bit, Victoria got up two hours before she needed to and dressed in lazy clothing, just a band t-shirt and long shorts and running shoes, a cardigan and bag over her hip then did ablutions and she was ready to go. Eric made a half-hot coffee because he was too lazy to wait for the kettle to fully boil and held it out for her.


Coffee shoved into hand, she drank some of it, Eric guiding the walk out, and downstairs the duo bumped into Eraser Head coming in from a patrol.


Shouta murmured in greeting, “Oi.”


They gave soft hello’s.


“Going anywhere interesting?” He wondered, considering it was early.


“We’re hitting Don Quixote for Eric’s trip back to London. Want anything?”


His eyes went to her cup. “Coffee.”


Victoria simply gave her mug to him. “Anything else?”


He snorted and shook his head, glad for the warmth in his hand.


“Have a good morning then.” They waved, going on.


Aizawa watched them go, curious, and then turned and went back, homework to mark. He’d sleep after class. Sipping, he realised she liked her coffee a little sweeter than he preferred. He mentally noted that, and potentially attempt to get used to it. Then he softly cursed at that thought. He was into the woman even more than he realised to change even something like how he liked his coffee.




A little later in the Teacher Lounge at lunchtime, Victoria was rubbing her head and she could just about focus on this damn biology.


“Sod you,” She muttered in English. “Bloody hate you; stupid friggin’ Quirk couldn’t have been something like being good at needlework or whatever. Flibberty-fucking-jibbets.”


“First sign of madness is happening, I see,” Shouta remarked as he sat down smoothly, making her jump from not hearing him enter the room.


“It’ll also be the last thing you see if you keep that line of conversation up,” Victoria retorted, dropping her pen onto the book.


It made him chuckle. “Studying getting you down?”


“It’s more the reading of complex Japanese characters,” She replied, looking at the book title and typing it in her keyboard to buy an English one online. “I need an English version for such in-depth understandings. I swear I've not seen a sixth of these characters and my pride at having fluency is taking a hit. Plus biology and chemistry aren’t my favourite academic topics even if I love animal documentaries. That’d be languages and then history. What about you? What was yours?”


“Japanese and history.”


“We should watch something about history whenever you get a free moment.”


“Rare though it may be,” He commented dryly.


She chuckled at that lightly, looking away from the screen to him. “Yes, you are out and about at all hours, it seems.”


Silently, he passed her back her mug from earlier, a fresh cup of coffee.


A fresh half cup of coffee.


It made her laugh brightly, and his face ducked down into the protection of his capturing weapon, hiding the heat of his cheeks, a pleased little smile on his lips.


"Thank you, Shouta," Her voice came out sing-song and she tried some. "Darker than I like, but good. Is this your preferred?"


After this morning, he'd added some sugar to his and knew it wasn't as sweet. "Aa."


"I'll get used to this then. Now, where is that bloody book online...?" She asked herself in English, rim of the cup still to lips.


Shouta watched her for a moment longer, happy about this compromise for no real reason.


He turned back to his desk and logged in.


No real reason.




He knew why.


...Maybe he should do something about it?




Victoria opened the door at ten pm, hair slightly damp after her shower and the scent of bread coming from her open door. “Not that busy, huh?” She opened the door wider and went into her apartment.


Shouta noiselessly followed her in, closing it behind him gently. “I was. Then I wasn’t as I walked along here. And I am now again.” Her light laugh made his own slight smile lilt up on one side.


He... wanted to explore this.


Whatever it was.


His eyes trailed down her form in simple shorts that gave a very nice view of thighs and calves and then up to her back in a simple cami top under a knitted cardigan before her voice caught his attention.


Such a cute accent, too.


Victoria turned to him with curiosity apparent, raising a brow and making him feel all sorts of things.


And such a presence.




"I was just going to have some bread and cheese with my tea to snack on. Want some?"


"Aa. Documentary?"


"Would love to watch one." The warm smile made his insides feel funny and he was glad she went in because he was sure his face went red. "Put the telly on!"


Telly? Oh. The television. Right. He did so, deciding to do his best to not act like a fool for the rest of the night and see if he could pick up any interest she may have for him.


But mainly not act like a moron for even Present Mic kept his cool in front of the previous women he'd liked.


Yeah. That'd be great.




Victoria burst out of the pool, looking up at All Might, breathing hard.


He showed her the stop-watch. “Three seconds quicker than last time!”


She held onto the ledge with a groan. “Three. Gosh damnit. I thought I was good at swimming fast.” She held a hand out and he easily plucked her up and out the water. She blinked at him, floundering for a second at such easy strength before giving a rueful smile. “Damn. I shouldn’t, but I still get surprised by your strength. That’s hot.” She waggled her brows up at him, then she grinned, crossing her arms and knowing it pushed out her breasts and giving a smirk up his way.


He went terribly red. “Vi-Victoria!”


She put a finger to her lower lip, tilting her head with wide eyes, knowing it looked good. “What’s wrong, All Might? Not used to compliments? How strange,” She mused, getting closer, and smiling when he looked flustered. “You’re cute in both forms you had.” She put a hand to his stomach and ran a hand down. “Say, Toshinori?” She pressed up against him. “Wanna go for a trip?”


“Er, tri-? ACK!” He was shoved into the pool.


Cackling, Victoria walked along a little bit with a cheeky grin, catching the sight of Aizawa going past as the men's bathroom closest to the Teacher Lounge was around here. She brightened up, not seeing All Might lift his hand back and slam a water wave her way. She shrieked at the suddenness and he bellowed his laughter out. “You dick! You absolute dick!” She yelped and grabbed onto the linked chain-metal fencing, arm up to protect her head as she laughed and cursed him, having no other way to fight back but with words that had him laughing in his usual booming way. Then she saw the jumpsuit man come out, curious at the noise and jumped straight on that opportunity. “Shouta! Be Eraser Head and gimme a metaphorical Quirk hand! Please!”


Snorting as she came over to him with outstretched arms, he swallowed when she held onto his elbow with both hands, and to distract himself from her impressive breasts pressing into him in that swimming sports top that did only a half-hearted job of hiding her size and shape, and before All Might could soak them both, he erased the Quirk for a moment. Don’t think of her pressed so nicely to him. Don’t pay any attention to his cock twitching. Don’t listen to her pleased little feminine giggles in her throat that made the previous thought worse. Swiftly pulling himself back together as she let go, he watched as Victoria went to her towel that managed to stay dry to the side somehow, unable to help his eyes falling to the oh so bouncy sway of her hips.


He couldn't help the exhale that left his nose, clenching his jaw and narrowing his eyes.


Gods that was delicious to see.


All Might got to see this often?


A bit of jealousy crept in.


His eyes went to the form of the man coming out in his suit minus the jacket.




He could guess at what happened.


A little smirk crawled up his lip, seeing the antennae hair on his head droop. He asked of the woman, “Got the drop on him, hm, Victoria?”


Victoria strut over to him with a towel around her, smug, chin up, and he liked to see her different faces. “Finally. I’m so proud of myself, Aiza. First time.”


“I’m glad you are.” He chuckled at her self-satisfaction, finding it charming. “I’ll meet you at yours in fifteen or twenty?” He held up his paperwork he had under his arm.


“Sure thing.” She nodded. “I’ll see you in a bit. Thanks, for the laugh, Toshinori!” She waved with a happy smile when she got one back and then a thumbs up. “Don't worry, I won't use the same trick twice! No hard feelings!”


All Might chuckled as she left, going over to the other teacher. “I was waiting for something like that,” He said, rueful.


“Hm?” Aizawa replied, wondering at that, half-lidded eyes on the taller man.


“I throw random punches at her at practise and she snaps at me each time. She hates it. So, alas, I’m soaked.” He squeezed the water out of his clothing the best he could.


“Good for her.”


All Might barked a laugh. “Well, excuse me as I go dry up, Aizawa-kun!” He jumped away, wondering at the two of them.


They looked rather cute together.


He’d go ask Hizashi about them.




Hizashi gawped at All Might.


"You don't KNOW?" Shouta's got the biggest crush of his LIFE on her! Like Mega-Super Number One Hit!"


"You are so lucky he's not here," Midnight chuckled gleefully.


"Like I wouldn't say it then, too?! Okay, so, lemme tell you what I see, and you can't tell Victoria!"


"Of course not." 




Victoria frowned at the x-ray device. “No thanks.”


“This could help you understand how to better your power,” Chiyo recommended, watching the younger woman who was pursing her lips.


“Chiyo-san, it’s enough I can manipulate it with more knowledge from your teachings. My ability is… diseased. But disease simply means a disorder of function in human or animal or plant, producing symptoms in a specific location. That does not mean automatically bad. But… it can.”


The elderly woman raised her brow. “So not healing? It’s disease?”


The Englishwoman wondered at her not seeing what she said. Diseased, not disease. “It can be. Do we not use chemotherapy, for instance?”


“True. Slightly different, but close enough,” Chiyo mused.


Victoria nodded, simply glad to side-step the issue of how she healed. Because she’d had a screening before, and that screening showed she had healing organs, two, like kidneys, and they were large and behind her breasts but before her ribs. She could store so much concentrated healing there and it wasn’t so much she drained them (considering she metabolised all the junk food and sweets she ate and put the energy into storages there which… helped make her breasts bigger and perkier from shoving the fat forward) but that her body wasn’t good at processing such great amounts.


All Might came in. “Afternoon!”


Victoria smiled at him, pleased for his coming in now. She didn’t want to say more on this topic. “Toshi! How are we?”


“Victoria!” He gave a big thumbs up. “Wonderful!”


The woman got up and went to him, giving him a hug. “My darling teacher, do I have news for you.” She grabbed his arm to her chest, ignoring his spluttering and shoved him to sit down on the chair she had been in. She put her healing into him via his shoulder and hummed, nodding, taking her healing out. “So your Quirk. My predictions are that you’ve lost it or sent it on because the metaphorical ‘hole’ is now slightly bigger. But! I am good at helping to push the body. Recovery Girl, I believe we can recreate the Quirk in him from what remains.”


Chiyo’s eyes widened. “All Might, did you tell her-”




The woman looked from one to the other and leaned on All Might’s shoulder with her forearm, not that it budged him in the slightest. “Something about his Quirk? I guessed. I’m not a medical person, but some things about Quirks caught my eyes in studies some years ago. There are those that cannot do something from lack of Quirk ability, those that suddenly get Quirks later on because of a trauma or something, and those with Quirks that get something extra. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that people can spread or take Quirks from others. There’s a most useful 1-B class student that can copy Quirks for a limited time, for instance. Maybe I could do something.”


“Do something with Quirks?” Chiyo thought on it. “Tell me more.”


“They’re of the body, Quirks. Something biological. So, I can do next to anything with healing people’s biology, theoretically.” She had, with pushing Eric’s Teleportation Quirk hard. She didn’t want them to know, though.


The old woman hummed at that. “People treat Quirks like magic, but… if drugs and such can do things, they’re definitely malleable and can be twisted. Yes.”


“We could do it, Recovery Girl. The world could have its’ number one back, potentially. Or at least partially. I wouldn’t want All Might to be targeted for past grievances because he’d momentarily weakened. Especially after I healed you, mate.” The woman continued, thinking hard. “You passed it on, didn’t you? Your Quirk? It’s why there’s a space out of sync in you. Like it latched on rather than emerged from.” She turned to him. “I’ve felt so many Quirks; yours is the only weird one there has been in my experience.”


All Might nodded without hesitation, a grimace on his face.


Victoria smiled smugly. “Gods, I am good.”


Recovery Girl waved and turned on All Might with a creepy aura. “Enough of the ego, Victoria-san, let’s experiment.”


Her eyes latched onto the man. “Let’s.


All Might swallowed as the duo converged on him. “Ahaha…HAAA?!?!”




Later on that day, All Might and Victoria sat at the edge of a roof of one of U-A’s many buildings watching the sunset, with some empty bottles of beer between them. All Might happened to be a little drunk, considering it was his first drinking session in many years, having not eaten or drunk properly from lack of a stomach though replaced with a fake one, a scientific miracle Victoria still didn’t understand.


Quirks were amazing.


And All Might’s Quirk had slowly begun to regrow under their care.




Victoria turned to the man, feeling her head swim a bit. “Hm?”


“Aizawa-kun hangs out with you a lot.”


“I have a huge crush on him,” Victoria freely admitted, snickering when All Might choked on his beer. “What?”


He cleared his throat from frothy alcohol. “That was… earnest.” And good news for the man. Perhaps he should tell Yamada-kun?


She shrugged. “Yeah, I’ve not really been shy in that way. I never really crushed on people when I was in school or anything, not until mid-twenties even. Hell, I only had my first boyfriend about three years ago. I just never really cared about it. It’s easy just to tempt a guy into bed for any of those needs. So for me, I kinda got past the whole teenage infatuation phase of oh my god, what do I do, does he like me?  thing. I mean, I feel nervous around Shouta sometimes, because I like him and of course that happens, but, I dunno. I know what I want, and twenty-nine-year-old me is much more confident and ballsy than a fifteen-year-old. I’ve been rejected and accepted romantically before. It’s fine when you’re forward about it and don’t waste people’s time.”


All Might admired her for a moment, something Victoria caught after a few seconds. “That’s amazing.”


“Hah?” She turned to him, sipping her drink.


“You can just tell someone you like them.” All Might looked away into the sunset. “That’s a form of bravery I don’t have.”


“Must be difficult for the World’s Number One, I imagine,” Victoria murmured, but he easily caught it, only birds making sounds in the distance. “Lots of admiration and hero-worship. Hard to tell if it’s, as you say, earnest. I feel for you, pal.”


He coughed, embarrassed. “Not that I don’t appreciate it-”


Victoria gently punched his shoulder. “I get it. Quite the predicament. You’ll find someone… uh, if that’s what you want.”


All Might gave her a small grin. “A wife does sound nice.”


“Yeah?” She grinned, pleased for him.


“All Might wants a wife?”


The pair looked back, surprised to see Aizawa there, with his own large pack of beer under his arm.


"I heard you were up here drinking. Figure I'd make it less lame looking by joining you two."


Warmth went through her. “Shouta.”


“Aa. It’s me.” He strode forth, sitting on her other side, legs dangling over the edge like theirs and leaning on the rail to stop people falling. He was closer to her than needed up simply leant forward. “Wasn’t interrupting, was I?”


All Might barked a loud laugh at the words, about to stand up to give them privacy, but Victoria grabbed him before he could move, stalling him. “Victoria?!”


“It’s fine. Stay with us, Toshi.” She watched him and asked, a bit plaintively, “Please?”


He crumpled instantly. “For a fan!”


Shouta snorted as Victoria laughed freely, alcohol making her open instead of the firm, decisive persona she usually had. “I am a fan of you being my close friend, so yes. Have another beer now you can.” She opened one up and shoved it to him. Her own was by her side, but she took one of Eraser Head’s and opened it for him, pushing it into his hand, ever the good hostess after her mother had pounded such things into her head.


“Close friend? I am happy but… after three weeks?” Toshinori asked, a bit bewildered.


“Well, I want to have good friends, so yes. It’s a mixture of I like your personality and tenacity from your Hero self, and I like that you’re thoughtful and considerate as an average person.” She took a sip of her beer. “I like that in you, and like you. I want to be a good friend of yours and have you as a good friend. I know what I want I let others catch up to my feelings and hopes should they wish to.”


All Might gawped at her blunt honesty. “Such bravery!”


“Or foolishness,” Shouta said, thinking how he’d have to look out for her if she was so open.


Victoria smiled to herself, rueful. “Yeah. Little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. Been taken advantage of a few times but… I blame my family. Way too trusting because we were poor.”


“Because you were poor?” Aizawa wondered, looking at her.


“My family is large and boisterous. I told Eiko I had a large family, remember? That’s just my mother’s side. Dad has three siblings, but also about ten nieces and nephews from that. I have about forty cousins in total. My family is crazy big. That means that we had to stretch things out best as we could. I don’t know how many hand-me-downs I’ve had in the past. But it meant we understood how hard it was for others and banded together to help those we cared about outside the family. Because, you know, people suck sometimes and need it.”


“You looked after others.” All Might sipped his drink as he looked at her.


She smiled at him. “The family did, and I learnt from that. You asked me why I wouldn’t be a hero… Another reason was because, with my family, that was a selfish ideal when we were so hard done by. Too dangerous, and we only really had each other. Unfortunately, my dad was a drunkard gambler. He died with a lot of debt we had to pay back. Something next to impossible. This job at U-A helps me help my mother pay it back and why I accepted it. I’m going to try extra hard to be a Pro Hero for her now, because that’ll increase my income for her, regardless of the danger now because it's going to come for me.” She shrugged.


“How much?”


“Honestly, Toshi? My dad was shady. Millions in pound sterling. Mum won’t tell me what for, or the others of the family. It was first illegal but then he did some dumbass contractual agreements when absolutely slaughtered on alcohol and it became legal. My friend’s a lawyer and went over them countless times; my family can’t do shit.” Victoria sipped from her bottle. “Don’t worry though. By the time I want to perhaps quit U-A, I should have helped her get rid of it. All us kids are sending money back when we can.”


Shouta wondered, “Quit, when?”


The woman sighed. “Maybe in about ten years? I honestly didn’t know how much Hero’s got, so… I want to be a pro Hero Healer in emergency situations now. Or maybe in hospitals. Whatever gets me more to help the family out. After that… I don’t know. I’ve never looked past what helps mum?


“That’s very heroic of you, Victoria!” All Might boomed out, clenching a fist at her, ever the Hero.


Victoria snorted. “You can turn that off when you’re in this place, Toshi. S’fine.”


“Impossible, I’d say,” Shouta believed out loud and then finished off his first beer.


She hummed in agreement, snickering when All Might snapped back at with, “Nothing is impossible for ALL MIGHT!”


Eraser Head scoffed and said in loud enough mumble, “Including being quiet in Hero form, we get it.


The healer laughed as All Might mock-raged at him, holding her stomach, laying back on the floor.


Shouta half-grinned down at her. He was half disbelieving how much he’d liked her so quickly. But for him, he didn’t think it was so abnormal. He knew what he wanted when he wanted it because he liked so few things so fully. He liked lots of foods for instance, but he didn’t have a best thing. He liked lots of shows, but never had a favoured program. He liked lots of people, but he never really clicked with many.


He did with Victoria.


It helped he wanted to know her as well, that he had lust for her, that he wanted to stay around her.




He got lucky and found all the things he liked in this one woman.


Shouta wondered if that was a sign.


It probably was.


But… perhaps give it another week?


“You guys want to meet here on Wednesday? I’ll bring cards?” Victoria asked when it went quiet, sitting up.


They both gave agreeing sounds.


She smiled, ducking her head a little, pleased.



Chapter Text



“Excuse you, I’m hosting. Get out of my kitchen.”


Aizawa rose a brow. “Rude.”


“You are, yes. Bad guest.” Victoria waved a shooing hand, handing him a plate of some cupcakes to eat she made about an hour ago. “Don’t be mean to your host trying to be decent at her job, take these and go sit and relax and eat 'em.”


Snorting, he took them and went out.


Bossy thing.


He smirked, having seen the little smile to herself on her face as she turned away to make tea like she was pleased with herself.


Cute, too.


A little bit later on, the duo were simply marking work and making casual conversation.


It was peaceful, non-stressful, and he almost didn’t want to go patrol for the next few hours.


“Hey, Shouta, are we allowed pets? Eric’s cat had kitten’s a few months ago and I kind of have my heart set on one?” She asked, hopeful.


“It’s completely fine,” He replied, liking the thought of a cat around. He hadn’t been able to pet one for ages. “Koji has a rabbit.”


Relieved she replied, “Oh, good-good! I’ve always wanted a pet. Rabbit, huh? I guess they’re cute. Cats are better.”






Present Mic slid over to Victoria, shoving Shouta in his wheelie chair out the way to get there.


The scruffy man scowled at him, nearly spilling his coffee. “Oi!


He was ignored.


Victoria gawked at the blond, before a flustered smile was on her face. “Uh, Hiza? You good, mate?”


Hizashi slammed hands on her shoulders.


She gave a nervous laugh, hands up.


“So, you’re coming for drinks and karaoke, right?!


“…Idiot,” Shouta muttered, eyeing the two of them. Was there something between them…? His gaze flickered between them.






Her shoulders slumped in relief. “Jesus, Mic, I thought something was wrong. Also, yeah, damn right I will. I’ll out-drink you,” She stated, leaning back into her chair with confidence lining every part of her, legs crossing at the ankles, leaning elbow on chair-arm and chin on the back of her hand. "And you'll pay for it too, snookums."


"Snookums is one!" He pointed at her.


Victoria giggled into her hand and nodded. "Yup!"


Midnight came over, slinking over to hug her around the shoulders, giggling into her ear. Unable to help but be flirtatious, she asked, “Am I hearing a challenge?”


“I’ll step up!” Mic crosses his arms in some sort of b-boy stance.


“That’s what I like to hear,” Victoria retorted with a grin. “What about you, darling?” She pat Midnight’s forearms around her collarbone. “Up for it?”


The woman scoffed. “As if I’d lose!”


Victoria quirked her brow at Shouta.


“I’ll be there.”




Victoria grinned at the hiccupping two in front of her, buzzed and pleased, doing a little jiggy with her shoulders that made Ectoplasm and Snipe laugh with Shouta smirking into his beer. "I think we'll call that my win, lads." She turned away, burping into her hand, and then cleared her throat, getting a funny giggle from Snipe. Her eyes snapped to his next to her and then she also giggled behind her hand, and the pair snorted and cackled, clearly inebriated and leaning on each other.


Hizashi made a sound and pushed up from his head buried in his forearms. “You… you fucking win.”


She laughed at that and then stood up, staring at her hands on the table before her for a few seconds, swaying a bit but no less grinning. “I need the ladies,” She declared.


Shouta, sitting next to her at the edge of the bench, held his hand out in case and she took it anyway, eyes delighted, and he lopsidedly grinned back, making her head tilt. “You know where it is?”


Hizashi made a sound. “I know where! I’ll show you! I need to go to the mens, anyway!”


“Okay!” She gave a thumbs up and Shouta let her through, Hizashi grabbing her hand and dragging her along, though she more helped him to walk, laughing and giggling as he stumbled, having to sling his arm over her shoulders.


Midnight peered through drunkenly at him and then smirked at Shouta’s face of annoyance. “Uh-huh.”


He’d wanted to show her, even if it was a small thing. “Be quiet, Nemuri.”


She giggled but simply kept it smugly to herself.


But when the two came back a good ten minutes later, they both looked chipper and alert, no longer stumbling and hazy-eyed.


Shouta stared and then realised Victoria must have done something.


Healer, huh?


Midnight saw. “Hey, hey, heal me up too!”


Victoria’s eyes flashed as she touched the woman. “You’ll want to expel now. Go to the bathroom.” She thumbed over her shoulder and with a sound, Midnight rushed off. “Karaoke time, or…?”


“Hey, if I get to sing with a cutie like you, I’m up for it!” Snipe grinned at her, confident.


Victoria smiled demurely. “So very kind of you, darling, I’ll be sure to.” Though nothing in her body language suggested reciprocating anything, making Ectoplasm chuckle and Snipe give him a curious look, drunk. “One drink and then off?” She looked at the four blokes who agree, and off she went, a happy Present Mic going with her to help.


Ectoplasm gave a look to Shouta. “The drink makes the looks slip, Eraser Head. You’ve a fondness for our newest member of UA.”


He scowled a bit.


“But I do believe she likes you too.”


Shouta wasn’t sure about that completely, because it wasn't as if one couldn't just appreciate another for looks and ability, but a man could hope.


“Wait, really? Damn.” Snipe huffed. “I guess I can’t try for that bit of fun then.”


“Try it and see what ditch you end up in,” Shouta couldn’t help but snap, only to realise what he said when the other two laughed loudly and rubbed his brow as they went on for a minute or so. “Don’t tell her anything.”


“Don’t tell who what?”


Shouta jumped at the curious female voice as Victoria and Hizashi were back, holding three beers each. “Midnight that she’s paying the majority for losing.”


She laughed a little, an easy grin on her face. “How mean, Shou! I like it.”


He felt his smirk come back a little.




Victoria gawked at Hizashi, who was actually a great singer, sitting next to Shouta on the leather couch with wide eyes.


“He’s so good.”




“How can he have such a good voice but be so fondly annoying?” She muttered.


Shouta snorted, drunkenly putting his forehead to her shoulder and chuckling. “Welcome to my boat.”


Laughing, she touched the side of her head to his with a happy hum in a weird but appreciated little hug thing. "The waves are good here," She murmured, getting a hum, but straightened up a few seconds to continue watching Present Mic with a grin on her face. He really was good, and she was kind of a little bit entranced. She felt the stare of a couple of the others on her a few different times, with even Hizashi grinning and winking at her once or twice, but she didn’t look away, leg up on the seat and hugging it to her with one arm, beer forgotten in the other.


“Your turn next,” Shouta prompted gently to her side.


She blurted out to him, “No, make Hizashi keep singing!”


Wondering if he should be envious of the attention Hizashi held, it kind of mixed with the pride he had of his friend being damn good, he chuckled. Leaning to her, getting her attention, he remarked lowly, “He needs a break. Or he’ll go all night.”


“Lucky girl whoever she is,” She muttered without thinking as she leant on him and then sipped her beer.


Shouta laughed under his breath, feeling her against him, and there was something nice about this company, of having someone against him. She even put the base of her beer bottle on his thigh, and the coolness made him all too aware of the heat of her. Suddenly he wished for Mic to keep going so he could revel in the feeling of her relaxed on him. Mic caught his eyes, grinning at his position, and did him a favour, doing another song that was long even if he knew Snipe wanted to sing, sticking his tongue out at the man.


Best friend, alright.


The two talked quietly a little, secretly enjoying the closeness.


All too soon, the song ended, with Present Mic dragging the two up with him. “I know the weakness of the UK and South American’s when it comes to songs! Shouta, you have to memorize this song for Victoria!”


Suddenly, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody came on, and Victoria brightened up completely. “Hizashi is so right! Go Queen!”


It made Present Mic cackle loudly, the two singing loud and proud while Shouta tried his best to join in with their energy as they clung onto an arm each of his and jumped around, trying not to stare at the two as the other three laughed and drank and cheered them on at duet parts because they nailed it fully. He felt a bit of a third wheel but he was too drunk to care, and his best friend was laughing and the woman he wanted held onto him and sung with gusto he knew himself and Hizashi approved of if the blond grabbing her hand and twirling her around was any indication, the pair laughing.


Oh mamma mia, alright.


Victoria went to the ladies after that, coming out a minute later as Shouta went to the men’s, grinning at each other on the way as she grabbed and squeezed his shoulder.


Only, when he came out, Victoria was with another two men from a different karaoke room, hands up and laughing a little nervously, shaking her head at wanting to join them as they persisted. A sharp anger burst through him, indignant they’d try for the woman he liked so hotly and heavily and headily, and he simply slung an arm around her upper arms. “I don’t think so gentlemen,” His harsh tones came out, making them quail and retreat as he pulled her closer.


“Thanks, Shou,” She murmured, grateful, and reached up to kiss him on the cheek, feeling his hand tighten on her biceps for a moment and enjoying it for a knowing second before moving back.


“You’re welcome. C’mon. Let’s get back to ours.”


“I am kinda tired.”


He’d meant to the booth, but… he could do with some extra sleep, not having patrols for two days or paperwork. “Alright. Let’s get you back.”




The way back was calm, full of talking softly on a late train home with no one around.


The trip home was almost too quick as soon enough, he’d walked her to her room though his was a level below.


She gave him a big grin, still a bit smashed. “Thanks, Shouta. This was fun! Does it happen regularly?”


“It’s uncommon, but not rare.” He shrugged, grinning at her a bit doppily from drunkenness.


“Ah, good-good! I want to do it again. And hear you sing more,” She teased, elbowing him gently.


He scoffed but enjoyed her touching him. “I barely sing.”


“And what you did was like hearing the angels-”


He snorted.


“-With the worst cold they’d ever had.”


Shouta laughed, even though it was a stab at him. “Sounds about right. You’re not bad.”


“Eric is into his music; he made sure Annette and I could at least carry a tune years ago, and he’s teaching us guitar now so… yeah.” She shrugged with grin in place. “I teach him language, he teaches guitar. We like our music.” It’s then she yawned.


He hummed at that, putting a hand to her shoulder. “Get in, wash up and then sleep.”


“Will do.” She reached out and touched his chest.


He inwardly hoped she didn’t feel his heartbeat stutter. That she liked touching him. That she wanted to keep touching him. That she understood him letting her meant he wanted her. Would she know that? He wanted her hands running down him, wanted to feel her feel him up. Wanted to crush her against him, do things to her, have her do things to him. He wanted her fingers all over him and was so very tempted to simply take his top off them and tell her to touch him, lick him- But then she healed him up of a hangover.


Shouta's mind came back in a blink.


And those wants didn't go, but his logic did come in as well.


His mind still thought on her alone, wanting cuddled nights filled with laughter or moans or gasps from all sorts of things, wanting her knowing grins or looks of 'I know I Lost but Fuck You Eraser Head' to challenge him he'd previously enjoyed, wanted her body against his.


He wanted that connection.


Even logic told him getting this locked down was better than fluttering helplessly in the wind.




Shouta Aizawa (as she would call him and damn did he like hearing his name on her lips) just wanted her to himself.


Victoria smiled up at him. “Have a good night, Shouta. I’d advise running to your bathroom.” She squeezed his forearm and went in, smiling at him as she closed the door. 


The man could still feel the tingle of her hand’s grip.


He almost wished he could sleep with her.


Shaking his head, Shouta went off to his room, not wanting to be caught hanging outside her room.


And then the urge to use the toilet flushed through him hard and he raced off.




A school day, and the teachers were all back in attendance.


“Victoriaaaaaa!” Mic whined at seven thirty in the morning, loud and annoying. “Heal us!”


“Now why would I do that?” She asked from her next to him, sipping on a tea, putting her mug down. She ducked forward as his hair nearly stabbed her as he whined into her shoulder, sharp with whatever product was in it. It amused her that in the few weeks she’d been here now she’d learnt to predict it and dodge easily. She wondered if she’d been trained or not by Hizashi.


“You’re the Nurse!


“In training.”


He made a noise of need, leaning his head on her shoulder, groaning at her quaking torso from her laughter. “No, Nurse! You’re mean! So mean!”




“Stop annoying her,” Aizawa muttered without any heat, sipping on his coffee. “It’s only on-site injuries she’s contractually obliged to do.”




They all winced at the piercing loudness.


“Is that the tactic?” Victoria wondered to whoever. Her eyes slanted down to him, staring him dead on. “Huh.” She didn’t blink.


Present Mic looked back and then sat up after a few seconds, almost pouting.


Shouta was almost impressed.




About ten minutes before class, Victoria healed Hizashi.


Present Mic hugged her happily, paled, and then sprinted off to the toilet, making her snicker.


Always hilarious to watch the look on their faces.




Midnight tried to coax out admittances of liking each other from both Aizawa and Thorpe on different occasions.


She failed, both giving her looks.


She decided they rather were similar enough for it to work and silently wished them the best.


The R-Rated Hero also deterred Snipe from his fancies of the woman.


Aizawa was looking to hurt him the more often Snipe talked about her, face darkening, pieces of hair flickering up once or twice for a second or so.






Considering Victoria had moved to another country, she was intent on exploring the city of Musutafu a lot more. Unlike most Hero Academy Cities in the world, Musutafu was smack dab in the middle of outer Tokyo instead, having good links into the capital city. It was something she took advantage of, roaming the town at nights for a few hours a couple times a week in casual clothing. She’d just left a live house, having watched an… interesting performers definition of jazz, and was still looking for a couple gifts for family members’ upcoming birthdays. There were three next week, and Eric said he’d come around to get them.


One gift already of a bunch of gacha balls was with soft sweet treats unique to Japan, and she’d just past a second-hand clothing place that had interesting accessories. She got a three pack of cufflinks that made her smile as it was silly cartoon ones that’d get him a conversation starter at work as he did office stuff. But an uncle of hers… he liked making things? She pondered that as she left the store, smiling at the owner as she did.


Her eyes went along the stores, some closed at this time of night, others still opened. It’s not as though she couldn’t come another night but she wanted it out the way with now. She eyed a toy store, wondering if he’d like something to build or renovate an old toy.


“Oi, oi, Victoria!”


The woman looked around, noting Present Mic and Eraser Head coming down the street, on patrol, she guessed, by the outfits. A soft smile their way, “Gentlemen. Having a nice patrol?”


“Nothin’ going on with Present Mic around!” The man made a stance, making her smile turn to a grin.


“Aa. Nothing’s come up.”


“Good to hear.”


“What’cha doing?” The blond asked for both of them. “Late for souvenirs, hah?”


Victoria chuckled and nodded. “Shopping for birthday gifts for family back home. My uncle likes to repair old things from decades ago, I thought maybe an old toy?” She looked at the store, the side of her finger to her lower lip. “Something wooden? Or maybe paints?”


“Hey, good idea! You know, there’s those otaku places that have tons of things for model decorating!” Hizashi said helpfully.


It brightened her up. “Ohhh, I like that idea! Anyway, shan’t keep ya from your job, toodles duckies!” She waved at them and went in.


“That’s not a real pet name!” Hizashi called out.


Victoria laughed and called back. “It is!”


Hizashi slanted a gaze to Shouta, who was watching her form through the window. “You knoooow, if you want to help her pick something out, I won’t say anything.”


“Don’t be a moron, we finish in an hour, let’s go.”


“Alrighty, but how about we-”




“-I was just gonna suggest-!”




“We could send her an address to the big superstore that’s opened twenty-four seven that does those toy-model things and pick her up after! We finish in an hour, like you said!”






Hizashi laughed at Victoria’s flustered face. “How many paints does he need?!”


There had to be close to fifty in the bag Mic was peeking through on her arm as the woman put a hand over her mouth and looked away.


“It was like a magical park of goodies, I couldn’t help myself,” Victoria admitted with a sigh, shoulders slumping. “I think he was running out of decent paints so…” She shrugged.


The blond grinned, poking her cheek. “Someone’s a good niece!”


Victoria lightly slapped his hand away painlessly. “Away, you. Let’s go eat, I’m starving.”


Agreeing, Shouta began to walk with a quiet, “Aa.”


“Let’s get yakiniku!” Present Mic suggested. “There’s this baseball one I know! Go Tokyo Giants!” He cheered. “Eraser Head forced me to be a fan of them!”


She tilted her head at the black-haired man, surprised. “Oh? Forced?”


Shouta gave her a half-lidded look. “I like baseball and I’m from Tokyo, that’s it. He just asked me who I support. It’s the Tokyo team.”


“I’ve never watched a baseball game in my life. Not even on television. I heard it’s popular here. You guys can explain the rules at the yakiniku bar, right?” She asked, hopeful.


A smile, and Shouta nodded as they turned the corner and entered the bar, paraphernalia of the team all over the walls. "Don't worry, I'll answer you anything you ask."


Hizashi grinned to himself, pleased for his friends.


Watching him relax, Victoria smiled, chuffed to know more about him as he spoke gently to her through the night and was more indulgent of Present Mic's wants with even Hizashi toning it down and enjoying the game playing with food barbecuing before them.


She wanted more of these nights. They were better than karaoke ones.




The next time Shouta came over to Victoria’s apartment, he blinked at the extra blanket over the back of the sofa.


An authentic Tokyo Giants one.


He lowered his head into his capturing weapon, inwardly pleased for no reason he could really define.


It was just a sports team blanket.


He smiled anyway.



Chapter Text


The next Sunday and Wednesday evenings after that went the same way, playing on the roof, and the card-playing, beer-drinking trio on Sunday were teasing and laughing with each other, playing a card game or ten which Shouta mainly won because his tells were close to zero.


Victoria was happy, leaning more into Shouta’s space than needed, knowing he liked it as well as she did, until Eric slammed on the scene.


He gasped out, “Vic! We need you badly, there was a terrorist attack in west London and so many are injured-!


She dropped her winning cards and got up instantly, a scowl on her face. “Terrorists? Are the enemies still on the scene?”


“Yes, but-”


All Might and Shouta joined her in standing up. “Then we’ll help! Victoria, the fire in me won’t go this one time, right?” The World’s Number One stated powerfully in English and he nodded at Victoria’s certain ‘you’ll be fine’ and her firm nod before turning to Japanese. “Aizawa, there’s been a terrorist attack in London, stay with me!”


The man agreed, pulling up his eye-gear to cover his face as he said, “I will.”


Victoria grabbed onto her male best friend. “You’ll be known as with me, Eric-”


Eric shook his head, uncaring. “Doesn’t matter. People need help.”


“Understood. Guys, hold on to us.” She said in Japanese, and the four disappeared, only to come into chaos. She gasped at the huge sight of some Preying Mantis looking dude that was the size of a skyscraper - eating people. “Eraser Head, All Might, please, bring the people to me-”


All Might gave her a thumbs up. “We’ll save your city! Let’s Go!” He grabbed the shabby looking man and burst away in a humungous jump.


They just about saw Eraser Head use his quirk on the big mantis, and then All Might Smashed him with a punch and taking control.


Victoria turned to Eric, determination in her eyes that flickered to white and black. “Guide me to the hurt.”


Eric nodded, and they reappeared a half mile away.


Noting the worst, Victoria went over instantly to them and began to heal, her organs beating fast and beginning to work overtime. This one had a pierced lung. Then next had a liver missing. The one after had a side gone. The next had half her arm barely joined on to the rest of it. The one after had his hand utterly crushed. Countless number of people went through her healing, with Eric popping in with more injured and passing her fattening junk food she was chewing on to keep her powers going as she healed and healed and healed. Her mind whirled in exhaustion for the next few hours as hundreds of people came through to get healed.


Impaled limbs, popped eyes, crumpled body parts.


It seemed unending.


It was when the last broken bone was fixed from the group around her she swayed from side to side and then slumped to the ground, unable to do more for those that were coming in. In incredible chest pain and no energy, she coughed into her hand, trying to ignore the constant stabbing of her depleted healing organs. Victoria ignored the hurt people around her for now, as well as the concerned voices.


She was done. She was exhausted.


Her organs were done.




She needed it.


Yet there were still injured coming in.


But hating she had to, she could do no more and slumped away to find a place to sleep.


A room, a street, a wall, anywhere.


Victoria conked out.




Suddenly the woman was besieged with reporters poking her awake, having simply found a place to sleep against a busted red post-box.


“Miss Healer!!”




“Wake up!!”


Victoria simply blinked awake and shakily got up and walked away, the rage in her wanting her to smack her away and out of it.




“What do you think about-”


“What Villain-!”


She snapped out angrily, having no time for these people, “Enough! I’m a healer! I heal! That’s it! All I see are victims of atrocious acts that need to be well! Get out of here; it’s an open aired hospital at this point!” She snarled out, struggling to get away, and thankful another major Hero of Britain stepped in for her, Nuclear Man. He nodded at her and clapped her shoulder as she went away, and the news journalists fell all over him.




She was done with them – and people wanted to be heroes, why?!


There was someone who came up to her, a shy seeming woman, who looked nervous and unsure and with her, another person who looked pissed off. “I-I can give energy o-over as my Quirk! Diane has lots of energy!”


Victoria reached a hand out in an instant, unheeding of anything bad.


“So trusting of me and Elizabeth?!” The other, some almost glowing person said, grasping her hand.


“I don’t have time to be afraid. People are dying and need help,” Victoria stated, voice demanding as Elizabeth went submissive and swiftly put her hand on theirs and facilitated the deliverance of energy. “Give me your details later and stay near for when I need more!”


Eyes practically turning into hearts, the two women helped by giving over energy when she needed it.


Pleased, Victoria went back to healing with a more drunk step. She was over her limit to helping but… this was good training. It was the only way to train her Quirk up. She went to the next person, and the next and next and next, until there were no more. She swayed and fell to her knees and then her rear, not really hearing the thanks, or the worried words of Diane and Elizabeth as she slumped against a broken wall. She was nearly done, everything hurting. She idly heard movement occur to the side with a yawn and saw an unsure All Might with a slightly injured Eraser Head appear with Eric, signalling the end of the fight. She got up again with wobbly legs and stumbled over, completely and utterly worried for all three of them.


Her best friend was asleep, and she checked him.


Just exhaustion.




She’d seen hundreds of people by now and was about to sway into unconsciousness. “Eric’s okay, and you guys…?”


"We're fine!" All Might gave a nod up to hear.


“Yes. Simply tired. I’m fine, too. The bruises are nothing,” The black-haired man said at her critical look over him and she hummed, half out of it.


“Any… Anything more?” She looked at All Might.


The powerful man shook his head, giving her a thumbs up and beaming grin. “No! All are saved!”


Victoria nodded, completely exhausted, and when Eraser Head was near enough as he stepped forth to her, she slumped onto him in exhaustion. She just about felt him bring her into his arms in a bridal style and gave a faint smile. “Thank you, Shouta. I’m so tired…”


His eyes softened as he clutched her to him. “Sleep, Victoria.”


“Thanks for helping my home. Nowhere is as safe as Japan so… I’m so grateful for you and All Might’s help, Shouta.”


His fingers tightened on her, protective. “You’re welcome. It’s fine.”


Victoria shuffled into him more and whispered, “Don’t… Don’t keep me out of your hold?”


He responded in just as low a tone, hefting her up a bit. “I won’t.”


She gave a smile, curling into him with hr arms around hi neck, taking in his light scent of cologne, idly surprised he’d bothered. “Good.” She replied and then collapsed against him.




Victoria woke up in her family home old bedroom.


She sat up in the moment that Eraser Head came in with a bag dangling on his arm, more than a bit dazed.


They stared at each other, taking one another in quietly, but not awkwardly.


“Thank you,” The Brit blurted out finally.


The Japanese man leaned against the door frame, arms crossed. “What for?”


Victoria opened her mouth and then closed it again. “Currently unsure with what you did, Pro Hero, but I’m sure you deserve it.”


Aizawa snorted and nodded, accepting that. “Right.”


She stood up out of bed, only to slump back onto it with a groan, exhausted and rubbing above her breasts. She realised he went for her to hold her up when she looked up at him, but his hands dropped at her little smile. “Shouta.”


Worriedly looking at her, he replied absently as he came closer, putting the bag on the bedside cabinet, “Hm?”


“I’m fine. Just tired.” Victoria looked away. “Sorry.”




“Not being a…” She struggled.


He tilted his head. “Not being yourself and healing this whole time like a Pro Hero would?”


The woman flinched, mouth open as she looked at him in shock for his correct statement and then snapped her mouth closed, glowering at the ground. “…Yeah.”


His hand touched her head, running down her hair to comfort her, lightly smiling when she leaned into it and grey eyes peered up at him, a soft sort of vulnerability making him want to look after her. “It’s fine. You saved a bunch of people now.”


“Oh dear. That’ll come back to haunt me.” She sighed reaching up her hand under his and entwining her fingers with his tentatively. Her heart was pounding. He couldn’t feel the beat in her fingers, could he?


Shouta chuckled at that, sitting next to her and not letting go of her hand, feeling affection at her touch. “Indeed.”


“I suppose it’s fine…?” Her thumb roamed the slope of his palm.


He wondered if she was talking in doubles, touching him so intimately like that while saying such things. “I hope so. You did good work.”


Victoria looked up at him, a little shy, and gave a small wishful smile at him.


His eyes softened, thinking the firm woman was rather sweet in that moment, and he wanted to see more of it. He turned to the bag on the bedside cabinet and grabbed it, opening it up and offering it to her. “Here.”


“Huh? What’s… some letters?” She frowned in confusion, looking up at him to get an answer.


He smiled a little, knowing what they’d be. “Open them.”


So she did, taking one out and opening it up.


“Dear Healer, I want to thank you for saving my life, and that of my unborn child.” Victoria put a hand to her mouth. “You may not know it, but I had a case of cancer in the uterus and my baby would have died if not for you clearing it up even when utterly surrounded by those that were dying. I cannot comprehend how you could do it and think you’re the most incredible Hero I’ve ever known. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my unborn child a chance to live, and for giving me a chance to one day be able to hold him.” Her hands and voice shook as she carried on, “You saved the life of my four-year-old, and me, and so many others and-” At this point she burst into tears.


Eraser Head froze at the sight of the woman breaking down. “Oi, oi, these should…” He sighed and got closer, wrapping an arm around her and she bawled onto his shoulder as she held his jumpsuit with her free hand, making him do his best not to smile in understanding at her reaction as she continued to cry. “The put-together Victoria crying so easily. Who knew. Do you also cry at romance movies?”


Twitching, she moved back and gave him a glower, muttering, “Sh-Shut up! Don’t sound so amused at this!”


Not backing down, he tilted his head. “I’m learning all sorts of things about you, huh?” He mused, watching her, enjoying her flustered side.


“Shoutaaa,” She groaned, putting the letter up to block her face as he cuddled into her, his chest pressed against hers so fully. Gosh he felt so amazing. Firm, hot, masculine and making her feel more than she needed to and yet loved anyway.


Too good.




Shouta tried not to gawk at the large amounts of family Victoria had.


Hearing about it versus seeing it really was something.


They all wanted to see the four that helped save their home city, as well as to rib Victoria and swarm her in cuddles and kisses, absolutely proud of her.


The noise was absurd, as even neighbours came pouring in for the party that was held, with All Might booming his laugh in the background.


He shook his head, keeping to the back but not leaving. At least Nezu had given them the two days off to rest. He didn’t mind the abrupt party that happened, glad to see the Thorpe family was happy and loving to the woman he was fond of. And he’d met her mother. She was a warm woman, able to command all, and he saw where Victoria got her own leading nature from. Though he had to wonder at something about her being a bit… he wasn’t sure. It tickled at his Hero instincts. Something was going on there, and he remembered Victoria’s words about her father from two weeks ago. He frowned a little.


What was it?


Victoria eventually found her way to him, a little fluffed up and clothing askew from the touching, looking more than a little flustered. “How do you do it? Deal with this? It’s so much?”


“I tend to stay out of the media eye.”


“Good advice.”


His lips twitched up, shoulders slumping as he turned to her. “Bit late, but yes.”


Victoria leaned her shoulder against the wall, facing him and reached to lightly tug his hair playfully. She thought she needed to get him better conditioner, but his hair was surprisingly nice. “Get there earlier, hm?”


He grasped her hand and kept it in his hold. “Maybe I will?” He kissed her palm and smirked a little at the red in her cheeks, murmuring lowly as he ducked to her ear, “You do blush so prettily. Would be a shame to let others see that when I’d rather have it to myself.”


Victoria stared at him, wide-eyed at the forward flirtation. “Oh wow, that was hot. More please,” She blurted out, and then blinked. “My ego is running unchecked when you say these complimenting things.”


Shouta laughed at that sudden statement, pulling her hand to his chest. He gave her a fond look as she grinned up at him. “Aa. It’ll be fun to charm you.”


Her cheeks went redder.


All Might suddenly swooped in and grabbed them, cuddling them to him and uncaring of them choking and struggling to get out. “Young Love is wonderful! I can’t wait to see it bloom!”


The pair suddenly realised many close had been looking and groaned, looking at each other, aggrieved.




It was when the four were about to leave that Annette came in, practically kicking the door in.


“VICTORIA! You were gonna leave without saying goodbye to me?!” The blonde raged, picking her up in a tight hug, little puppy whimpers coming from her.


“A-Ann-nnette! Strength!” Victoria wheezed out, still physically done in from her busy day before yesterday. “Hurts-”


The doggy-like woman dropped her in an instant, looking scolded, but then her hands clenched into fists and she pumped them up and down, looking pissed. “I was so worried for you! No Hero training, and you’re out there saving people?! What if Villains come for you?! You can’t defend yourself!” Annette herself was a Pro Hero, having become one in the prestigious Hero school, Bletchley Park Academy, which was third in the world behind U-A Academy in Japan and Delaware Hero Academy in America.


“True.” She gave a rueful smile. “But I’ll be at U-A, hm? Number one for a reason, no?”


Annette whined, gently hugging her once more.


“Hey, I gotta go, I have a lesson to teach in an hour. You’ll see me again.”




With that, the four were off, reappearing in Principal Nezu’s office.


The mouse-being blinked and then welcomed them back warmly, congratulating them on a job well done before they went off to lessons.


All Might saluted them before running off, making their long hair fly back in the gush of wind he left behind.


“Bit breezy around here,” Victoria commented idly.


Snorting at her humour, Shouta turned to go to class 1-A, putting a hand to her back absently to guide her. “Let’s go before Hizashi traumatises my class with his voice.”


Victoria smiled at the touch, ducking her head a little. “Yes.”


Eraser Head eyed her, a little smirk on his face. “Cute.”


The woman cleared her throat, chin tilting up with a snide, “Hush, you.”


How she managed to look down her nose up at him, Shouta didn’t know, but it was stupid adorable to him. He stroked her hand, wanting to hold it but the class came upon them too quickly and there was no point.


Present Mic looked surprised to see the duo for a moment before he grinned. “WELCOME BACK HEROES!” He cried out, the class echoing loudly while the class cheered for them. He slunk up to Victoria, slinking an arm around her shoulder. “I heard someone became a Hero!” He teased, poking her cheek.


“Oi.” Shouta couldn’t help but use his capturing weapon to pluck the man up and place him away. Perhaps he was a bit proactive for doing that, because Hizashi was giving him a knowing look and he could hear the class chattering. He said loudly for them all to hear, “Healing took a lot out of Victoria-sensei. Don’t lean on her when she’s recovering from Quirk exhaustion.”


Hizashi’s knowing look cleared up at that, because Quirk exhaustion was serious business, and contritely saying, “Ah, sorry, sensei!”


She waved her hand dismissively. “It’s quite alright, Mic-sensei. Shall we get on with the lesson?”


Ochako stood up, putting a hand up. “Victoria-sensei! Is it true you’re a pro Hero now? Are you also okay?”


“It is. The British government gave me my Pro Hero licence last night, and the Japanese government also lets me be one here. The terrorist attack was my battlefield test, they decided. That and not many countries are willing to let a proficient Healer out of their hands, so it was inevitable.” Victoria smiled at her. “Thank you for your consideration of my health, though. I am exhausted, but well enough to teach.”


She sat, as the frog girl spoke up with her hand up, “Victoria-sensei, I heard you healed hundreds of people, is this true?”


Her shoulders went back as her head slightly went down. “Yes, I did.” Her jaw clenched, thinking of those she couldn’t save.


Eraser Head eyed her, a little worried internally though he didn’t show it.


“Your Quirk is that powerful, sensei?” Kaminari said in awe.


“Let’s just say my phone hasn’t stopped ringing from agencies that somehow got my number,” She replied wryly, wondering which of her family let that information slip.


Iida Tenyu stood up, arm straight up in the air. “Sensei! What’s your Hero name? Should we call you by it, or continue with Victoria-sensei?”


She blinked, unsure for a moment. “Victoria-sensei is best here. As for a Hero name…” She paused, thinking on it, not realising the class was holding their breath, leaning forward as she put the side of her index finger to her mouth. Then it occurred to her. “Ah. Panacea.”


“Eeeeeh?” The class replied.


“It’s… Roman.” She said, though Roman was in English, and she hummed, unsure how to translate that word. “I do not know how to say this word in Japanese. I’ve never used it before. Anyway, I’m now Panacea. Enough questions, thank you.”


“Now we’re done,” Shouta said, coming up to her side, “You can settle down for English class. Later.” He nodded at Hizashi, slanting Victoria a softer look and leaving.


There was paperwork for him to catch up on.


Bah. Paperwork.


The bane of many peoples existence.



Chapter Text


Ochako murmured to Asui as they slowly went along the corridor, having just left the class. “You think Aizawa-sensei likes Victoria-sensei? You know, like that?


“It’s really possible, right?”


Mina slung an arm over their shoulder. “He totally does! He’s always looked at her most of all, since she arrived! AND! Did you see how he got Present Mic away from her?” She sighed happily. “So romantic! I want a guy being protective like that over me! Also, you see them together all the time. It’s a sure thing. Sensei never hangs out that much with any other woman on the staff rota from what I’ve noticed!”


The invisible girl flailed her arms. “And he’s looking more put together! He dressed up, made his hair nicer, and put on cologne for when All Might was fighting and had to apologize for the sake of U-A and hasn’t stopped! Even his scruff looks neater!”


Ochaco squeaked. “It’s true, yeah! I noticed that, too!”


“You think it’s because of sensei?”


Victoria (who couldn’t help but overhear as she began tidying up her things on the teachers podium because the door was open) paused.




He had put on cologne for the meeting, hadn’t he? Because Hizashi had idly remarked on it once, asking which one it was loudly. And didn’t she note him suddenly wearing cologne a little while ago in the west end? That was a sign, right? Her cheeks went red, silly-pleased at the thought.


“Probably! Victoria-sensei is lucky! That voice is…”


Victoria nodded ruefully, fully acknowledging how hot Aizawa Shouta’s voice was when he rumbled it just so.


“Hey Aizawa-sensei!” A voice trilled out noisily, from Mina she believed, and Victoria straightened up, pretending to check her phone by turning it on. She grimaced when dozens of messages and alerts came up, phone beeping away. She scowled at known reporters trying for an interview. What the heck did they want to talk about? The videos of the attack and the help were all online. Did they want to ask things like was she afraid? Well bloody obviously she was terrified, but there was a need that she filled.


Aizawa came in, glad to have caught her before she left. “Looking angry. Should I be scared?” He came up to look at her phone.


“Definitely. Look at all these rubbish texts from reporters I’ll never reply to. Enough to drive a person insane. Who knows what I’ll do then,” Victoria replied airily, before she stiffened and turned to a suddenly very close Shouta. She swallowed. “Aha.”


Shouta didn’t move the inch distance he was from her. “Huh. I just have to be near you to fluster you, hm?” He mused, watching her.


She scoffed and waved him away, walking around him to leave. “As if-” She made an aborted sound when he snagged her around the waist and pulled her close. Her eyes widened up at him for a moment, flabbergasted at his forwardness, and here of all places. Then she blinked, giving him a curious look. “…And what do you plan to do now?” She murmured, cheeks tinted red.


Shouta tilted his head, staring at her for a thoughtful moment. “I’m thinking I want to kiss you. Can I?”


A lazy little smirk came over her lips. “Oh, I don’t know, perhaps you may-” She was cut off again, his lips over hers, firm but not forceful. She sighed into him when his arm tightened around her, drawing her chest up to his. She reached up to pull her arms around his neck to gently lower him as she went on tiptoes. He tasted like whatever snack he just ate and something completely him and she made a sound of want that had him pushing her against the podium. Another sound left her, unable to be kept in as lust rocketed through her, making her pussy clench. He suddenly went hungry, flushing her up against him. A tongue slipped along her lip and she opened her mouth, keening a little and making his fingers grip hard as he went fast, unable to help it, like she was the only thing he gave a damn about in that moment/.


It felt like he wanted to devour her, his muscled thigh pressing between her and she made a whimpering sound as it rubbed against her clit. She shuddered, clinging onto to him, hips instinctively bucking up against him for more.


Please more…


He grunted, burying fingers into her hair and gripping, lost in the moment as her sweet taste and gorgeous sounds had him wishing to go further. She felt so good. His mind was dizzy with the need for more of her. He pushed against her harder, making the kiss passionate and hot, his hand gripping her thigh and then slinking down to her knee to pull it up so he could grind against her core, feeling the sweltering heat from her pussy. It made him groan low into her mouth and she made a little sound of need in response, firing him up. He just wanted to impatiently shift her underwear to the side and bury his cock into her and make her wail for him right then and there. He wanted to watch her cum for him.


He groaned and went to her pretty neck, not thinking such a thing could be considered pretty until just now. “Fuck.”


She whimpered in reply, holding onto him.


That had him kissing back up, wanting to swallow her sounds that only he should get to hear, fists tightening on her and wanting to lose himself in her. This was good. This was so good. The Hero only stopped when her hat dropped from her head when he too roughly rubbed again and the podium slammed to the ground, papers going everywhere.


It abruptly snapped them out of it, Shouta catching her before she fell, her hands grasping his biceps and the two breathing hard as they stared at each other.


“I…I just did that in a goddamn classroom,” Victoria said to herself incredulously, putting fingers to her temple. “We made out in a classroom.”


He snorted at the sound of disgruntlement in her tone, leaning down to kiss her again, hard but brief enough for her to want more, smirking when she frowned at his lips breaking apart from hers and went to follow his lips with her own. He kissed her again, softer, just as short, letting her pull away first. “Aa. We did.” His finger tilted up her head looking her over. Pretty with her glazed eyes, flushed cheeks, and her lips bruised with his lust. He liked seeing that.


Victoria tugged on some of his hair, stroking down his cheek. “Perhaps our rooms would be better, hm?” She smiled wryly, going down to grab her hat and put it on and beginning to pick up the papers. She idly licked her lips as he pulled up the podium and helped her out, tasting him on her, and she couldn’t get over how much she wanted to shove him back onto the floor and make out with him. Enough that she was contemplating doing it in the next few seconds.


The door opened, revealing All Might. “Salutations! Is everything alright?”


“I’m still tired,” Victoria said with a sigh as she collected the last piece of paper and got up in a fake manner of exhaustion, “And I tripped over the podium as I went to greet Shouta. I healed the scrapes on my hands up.”


Shouta inwardly applauded her improv skills, silently passing her what he collected. “All Might. What brings you here? The slam?”


“Yes, but now I know you’re fine, I shall leave you be!” He gave a big thumbs up and raced off.


There was a pause of silence.


Something about the way he’d smiled and left…


Then Victoria groaned, head slumping. “Oh god, everyone’s going to know we’re something, aren’t they?”


“Are we?” He paused for her answer, trying not to sound hopeful.


She stiffened and her eyes slid to him, nervous. “Ah, aren’t we? I don’t usually make out with people I don’t want. And we’ve been flirting pretty heavily, so…?”


Shouta nodded slowly. “I don’t want to presume putting myself on you, but I’d like to have something.”


Victoria felt her lips twitch up into a smirk over her shoulder at him, walking to the door. “I wouldn’t mind if you did, actually,” She teased, eyes glinting playfully and lips delightfully swollen, “That could be fun.”


He caught up in an instant, slinking a hand around her waist to pull her to him, hips to hips. “Oh?”


“What?” She replied, eyes widening in innocence and making him smile. “What do you want, Shouta?”


Eraser Head lifted a hand to her chin, gently tilting her chin up again, liking to touch her and position her. “Be my girlfriend?”


Her smirk softened into a warm smile. “I fancy you quite the bit, so I’d love to.”


He dipped his head and kissed her deeply, breathing in her happy little sigh with his own smile, feeling her own up against his.



Chapter Text



Annette squeaked over the skype call. “You’ve got a boyfriend now?!”


Victoria gave a bit of a goofy grin. “Yup. Remember the black-haired Hero with me two days ago?”


“It’s him?! Yoooo, he’s kinda a bit of alright, you know! Nice one!” She gave a saucy wink to Victoria and waggled her brows.


“You’re terrible. But yes, he asked me to be his girlfriend a few hours ago and I’m feeling all sorts of happy new romance vibes,” She revealed, giggling to her best friend. “I had to tell you! I needed to spill it to my bestie as soon as I got away from classes.”


“I love-love-love this sort of conversation! So? How did he ask?” Annette demanded.


“He found me after I just finished class, so the room was empty and… He got close and I was all stupid shy!” Victoria spilled, putting a hand to her face.


“No! You?


“I know! I hid it though. Can’t let it all out, can I?”


“Nope!” Annette agreed cheerfully.


“So then he put his arm around me-” She paused as Annette squealed, “And then he said, I’m thinking I want to kiss you.” Annette screamed in joy, making her cackle as Annette’s neighbours dogs started barking loudly. “Right?! The hottest thing that’s happened to me in years. Then we made out and it was so good. But oh man, we only parted when he shoved me up against the podium because it fell, papers flying everywhere. You know what happened then? All Might came in because of the sound, and I had to lie that I was tired and tripped.” She rolled her eyes, making Annette burst into giggles. “After All Might left, we kinda went, are we, aren’t we, and then he asked me to be his girlfriend.”


Annette squealed again, practically vibrating in her seat. “That’s so cute!


“Yup! So, I’m stupid happy right now.” Victoria sighed, leaning back on the chair, a happy beam on her face. Then the door went and she looked to it. “Listen, I’ll speak to you another time. Much love, An.”


“Maybe it’s him! Have fun and stay safe!” She waved, and then ended the call.


Victoria got up, opening it to see Shouta there and felt a nervous thrum of energy. “Shou, come in.”


Smiling a little at the nickname, he went in, closing the door behind him with his foot, reaching to grab her by the waist at the same time and pull her to him, wanting to feel her up against him. “It’s good to have you against me.”


“I rather like it myself,” The woman said, running a hand up his chest. “You feel good, Hero.


“You’re soft. Not that I want to come across as thinking one way, but, your chest is… uh?” He looked down. “Smaller.”


Victoria licked her lips nervously.


She looked away.


“If it’s personal, you don’t have to say anything.”


The silence was beginning to get damning.




She finally blurted out, “It’s my Quirk." A little frown of question and she went on softly, "My healing comes from… healing organs? I have two and they’re before my lungs and ribs. They get large when they store energy for healing, which pushes my breasts forward and makes them look bigger. They beat like a heart and in time with mine."


"Beat?" Shouta inquired, curious.


"Here.” She grabbed one of his hands and gently laid it on top of her breast.


Shouta did his best not to simply paw at her breast, but his fingers slightly moulded to the shape of it anyway. He blinked at the familiar yet unusual sensation. “Oh.” There was a strong heartbeat there he pressed his hand into to feel more strongly. “Huh.”


“If I over use them then I get sharp stabbing pains in them. Keep it secret, please? Only Eric and Annette know.” And only Eric knew why her eye went black and white. “Another reason I didn’t want to be a Hero or tell barely anyone. I don’t… want to be harvested.”


Horror filled him at the thought of such mutilation, and the potential crises she could find herself in. “I swear I will never say anything to anyone.”


“Thank you.” Then she gently explained, “The bigger they are, the more healing I have in me.”


“Oh.” He raised a brow. "That so?"


“So me having big boobs is a good thing,” Victoria stated, seeing his lips twitch.




“Sounds like some porno sketch, I know.”


Shouta snorted, trying not to smile, but at her bland knowing look his way he burst into laughter, burying his face in her neck as he hugged her hard. “It’s weird I find it hilarious as well as hot, hm?” He replied, understanding she wanted to make it light-hearted again and keeping a soft smile on his face.






Victoria scoffed, lightly shoving him away and walking to the kitchen. “Yeah, yeah. I’m making tea, want some?”






“Good. I’ll find us something to watch.” The kitchen was Victoria’s domain and she liked to feed and water people well, something from her mum and background, so after multiple times being shooed out when visiting her he’d simply gone to do things in here. Like this. “Anything you want?”




He approved. “Aa. Documentary it is.” Usually they’d talk about it when doing this and he liked hearing her thoughts. Enjoying the sounds of her in the other room, he went through channels. He smiled as she brought a tray out some time later, filled with items to snack on and minus her blazer. “All for you, hm?”


A snort left his girlfriend as Victoria gave him a look. “Yeah I left yours in the kitchen,” She drawled and put the tray down on the table before the super comfy sofa, making him smirk and chuckle. She made a sound of surprise in her throat as he grabbed her around the waist and tugged her to him on the settee. “I’m not getting them for you.” She grinned at his snort, leaning forward to grab his cup for him and passed it over. When he took it she grabbed the plates of snacks and her cup and sat back, putting the plate on their lap when she snuggled up to him. “This good?”


“It’s great. This?” He nodded at the show on history, settling her a little more into him as he shifted into a comfier position.


She smiled, leaning her head on his shoulder peacefully. “Yeah.”


Smiling, Shouta sipped at his tea, thinking that this was pretty good, ineffably pleased with himself for asking the woman he was infatuated with to be his. His thumb lazily traced up and down as they watched the show and conversed about it, sometimes checking stuff up on phones for extra information and other times just watching silently. He noted she practically ate everything when he’d only snacked on a few small slices of cake. “Did you not eat dinner?”


“Ah, I’m uh, metabolizing it as much as possible, but that also requires my healing to work to metabolise, so, lots of food. Like the kids from your class, Momo and Sato. To be honest, my ability would work best in an emergency if I was super fat for storage of energy… but I’m so vain, Shouta.”


He snorted and went to sip his third tea.


A grin pulled at her lips. “I’d rather have massive tits.”


He choked, making her laugh loudly, and she squealed when he tickled her, flinging her head back and squirming to get free. He was hero for a reason though, able to use his capturing weapon to put the cup down on the table and then bind her arms around her waist. At the little disagreeing sounds coming from her as she tried to get out, he peered down at her as he felt lust slink low in him. She eventually stopped and huffed up at him, looking like a particularly fluffed up and tormented cat aggrieved with its’ owner. That sent a sort of fire curling down his spine. He didn’t think he had a kink like this but… He was into it.


He rather liked her tied up below him.


Was this a raunchier side of being a Hero?


“What now, Eraser Head?” She murmured, looking up at him under lashes, a sort of pouting angry look on her face and she shifted below him ‘accidentally’.


Aizawa liked feeling that, dipping lower to her, going to her ear and feeling her hot breath against his ear that made a shiver go up his spine. He felt her kiss his neck ever to gently, only for him to feel a sense of stilling and then collapsed on her, unable to move.


Victoria gave a feminine chuckle, the capturing weapon useless when he couldn’t move. “My my! Looks like you underestimate my Healing! I affect the body in any way I want, Pro Hero. Tetraplegia, baby.” She got up, and then tapped him again seconds later, freeing him from paralysis. He stared up at her in alarmed wonder before sighing and turning to slump on his back along the sofa. She sat down next to his chest, stroking his cheek. “Close quarters are absolutely my thing. Of course, having no Quirk activating is equally as terrifying.” She stroked the scar under his right eye. “If you wish this scar gone, I can do that?”


He held her hand to his face. “I got used to it. Your healing can do a lot, huh, Panacea?”


Victoria smiled. “As my name implies, Eraser Head.” Her smiled dropped a bit. “If it affects the body, I can do it. Only by touch… but I’d like to try and practise without having to touch a patient. I don’t think it possible though. A great drawback. In a tight spot, all an enemy has to do is stay away from me and I’m a civilian.” She sighed. “Most Heroes have some sort of ranged ability to be classified as good. I’m going to be a terrible Hero.”


“I’ll protect you when we’re on the job.” The thought of her harmed, whimpering in pain, scared and trying to get away from an enemy made his skin crawl. “With all I am, Victoria.” The relief on her face made him even more protective of her and he gladly accepted the kiss she gave him. He had no reason to be so powerfully attracted to her, but she made him dizzy with want for her to stay by his side. It rocked him whenever he thought about it, used to not being so passionate about anything. But they just clicked so well. Logical, both having the same dry sometimes gallows-like humour, powerful attraction to each other, same tastes in things, a healthy amount of respect.


This was too good to want to do anything else with.


No. He was keeping this. He'd have to think about ways of having her staying in Tokyo.


Perhaps some sort of project here?


At her shifting, his concentration focus on her fully once more.


She parted from him, just about. Her lips brushed against his as she said, “Thank you. You’ll have my healing at any time.” She reactively shuddered as his other hand ran down her back, the thin blouse doing nothing to stop the heat of his hand flaring through her. She was a little bit unsure with her body, because she wasn’t Japanese, not small and light and firm. Her body was western; curvy, heavier, more muscular. Her jaw clenched, thinking herself stupid.






“What were you thinking?”


Victoria blinked, then balked. “Oh, uh.” It felt foolish to her. “You’re probably used to dating Japanese women, huh? I was just… a little insensible about my body suddenly.”


He gently grasped her chin with a thumb and finger and had her looking at him. “You’re incredibly attractive to me. Any average woman wouldn’t do. They’d have to be a Hero with a body fit for such work, have to understand risks and responsibilities, to love even though knowing I could come back half-useless and it’s a big burden. Can you?”


“Yes. There’s nothing you could do I could not heal.” Then she frowned and looked away. “Hm. Let’s try something.” Victoria got up, going into the kitchen.


Eraser Head stilled, and then scrambled up in alarm. “What?” He only got a light laugh in response and quickly went after her. “Try what?


Victoria gave him a smile as she reached for the knife stand. “The basics first, Shouta.” She took the knife out, intending on cutting her arm. She eyed the tip. “Good, sharp enough.”


“Not good,” Shouta growled out, taking the knife from her. “What is wrong with you?”


She frowned. “Aiza, I need to be able to heal things. How else am I supposed to practise?”


“Not like this!”


Victoria gave him a stare, lips pursed and serious. “I’m sorry this gets to you, but what am I to do if I’m so severely injured from a Villain? I can heal others, but myself? Very rare as my healing just works automatically for me and I don’t know if I can control it at such instances. If I'm that hurt, my body will knock itself out from expenditure of Quirk energy. I have to learn control. How else am I to do so?”


“Just… do this in front of Recovery Girl?” He asked, slightly pleading.


She brightened up. “Oh! That would be good, yes.”


He breathed out in relief, dropping the knife to the counter and hugged her. “Don’t scare me like this. Just because it’s logical doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.”


Victoria blinked, falling into him. “I would have stopped the nerves reacting, Shouta. I’d have felt nothing.”


Incredulous, he remarked, “That is not the point.”


“I… apologise?” She said, hugging him back. “I… I am sorry. I guess because I know I can heal others, watching someone do this is a lot less traumatic to me. I didn’t mean to worry you so badly.”


Shouta sighed in understanding of her mentality and leaned back to take her in. “Are such things normal for you?”


“Yes? For instance, my best friend Eric teleports, as you’ve experienced, but previous to being able to do long distance, he would lose parts of him that we couldn’t find to reattach and he could only go certain distances. He only got so good because I was around to regenerate him. I could heal him in an instant, you see. Eventually only a few metres became going to other side of the country, to the continent, and then across the world. It was advantageous to us both. I got to practise healing as we grew up and he got to practise travelling.”


“Grew up?”


“Oh, I’ve known Eric since I was about seven. We’ve been doing such foolishness since that age.”


His brows rose. “No one picked that up?”


“Somehow, no. Trust me, two thirteen-year-olds wanting to just go on a trip to another country wouldn’t say anything. We knew Paris and Brussels and Edinburgh and Barcelona like the back of our hands by sixteen. We made all sorts of excuses up if other countries people asked us about family. Mostly that our parents were waiting for us somewhere.” She snickered, thinking back to memories. “I eventually told my mum, and she kind of just stared at me in impressed infuriation, because, us two, we’d learnt German and Spanish just for the sake of getting around.”


“Some people really do live their life so weirdly.”


“Oi! It had its advantages!”


He grinned, roguish and slanted, drawing her close to him so he could feel all of her. “I’m not saying it didn’t. Hey. Let me stay tonight. I don’t want to be apart from you.”


“Aha…” She grinned widely, cheeks red and nodded, putting her face into his chuckling chest. “Sure.”



Chapter Text




Victoria woke up when she felt movement and she made a little sigh which turned to a hum when a hand ran down her back and groaned a little in enjoyment when her arse was squeezed.


“Aiza, darling, what a way to wake up…” She murmured in English, pressing her face into his neck and kissing the skin she could, one of her hands trailing down his chest. She smirked when her hand accidentally hit his morning wood and lightly trailed her fingernails over the hardness. His low grunt had her pleased and she gently cupped his erection and stroked up to his head slowly. She felt it harden more in her grasp, only to let go and get out of bed, stretching up. She turned to him, smiling when she saw his slight frustration. “Good morning.” She laughed and dodged his capturing weapon, glad for All Might’s mean training. “Oh, is it not?”


Shouta got up, dragging her close to him. “Good? Yes. Frustrating? Also yes.” Gods did he adore her laughter, her body against him, how she slumped into him and he could feel all of her pressed to him in thinner clothing. “I do like you on me like this. Anytime I can have you against me I want it.”


“Oh good, because I really want to enjoy you on me whenever I can,” The woman replied saucily.


He grunned, kissing her deeply, shoving her hips against his. He muttered into the kiss. “I’m going to hate being away from you when I take the class to Provisional Licensing Tests today. I’m just going to be thinking of this.”


Victoria reached down, stroking the hardness she felt and humming when his head fell to her neck and he kissed and nipped her delicate skin mercilessly, leaving needful marks and grunting as his orgasm slowly built up with her playful hand. Then she stilled, smiling to herself. “Go prepare. I feel bad keeping you back.”


The man, only in his boxers, groaned at the lack of climax into her neck before pulling back. He glowered at her lightly. “Cruel woman.”


Her brow raised. “Am I? You woke me up far too early I hope you know.”


Shouta snorted. “Watch as I play with your clit and don’t let you cum.” He wandered off to her bathroom, wondering what she’d think of that as he looked over his shoulder a bit.


“Mmm.” The woman hummed at the thought, looking to the side, not seeing him spy her licking her lips. “That would be horrendous,” Victoria mused promptly as she followed, amusement in her tone and he waved his hand lazily at her over his shoulder. “I’ve spare toothbrushes in the cabinet.” She smiled at his soft acknowledging sound of thanks and then went to the kitchen, taking out the bread she made from the breadbin and put it in the toaster. She began to scramble eggs as well as fry some sausages and half-cut tomatoes. Orange juice came out of the fridge. She liked to cook; it was a big hobby of hers. It was all done when he came out, having showered. “It’s all ready.” She waved at the things on the stove.


“Got it.” He kissed her on the cheek as she passed him, getting a little goofy smile in reply that made him smile back.


Victoria hadn’t quite expected the dishes to be cleaned up when she got back after her shower, or to have her own meal staying heated under the grill in her oven. She ran a hand through wet long hair, pleased. “Oh. Thank you.”


“It was nothing.” Considering all he had to do was plate her up some and put it in an oven and clean up five pieces, it really was nothing. Cooking was harder. “Consider it normal.” He sipped his orange juice, watching her go over to the oven in a simple t-shirt and shorts that wonderfully clung to her curves. Even nicer was the sight of her bent over to get the plate. Or maybe it wasn’t. She did look good in so many ways to him. A pleased smile lit her features up when she turned back to him, and he kind of adored it.


She sat and began to eat. “Was it alright? I can make something different next time?”


“I rarely eat this type of meal, so I’d prefer it. Is it that furu Engurishu?” He questioned.


“Hmm, it seems I should also teach you English pronunciation,” She teased, making him scoffed and his cheeks tint red. “I don’t mind doing so if you want. This isn’t a full English. That comes with baked beans, sausages, black pudding, the eggs generally have to be sunny side up, as well as mushrooms and bacon, but I hate bacon, so no bacon on mine. It can be very healthy or very greasy depending on quality. Good for soaking up the alcohol after one heck of a night. I’ve enjoyed a good sum of ‘em.”


“Healthy?” He raised a brow, dipping his drink.


She shrugged. “Black pudding is made with blood, so it’s rich in iron, eggs are good protein, the baked beans are white beans and help bring down cholesterol due to saponins which are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and mushrooms are good sources of vitamin B. And a hearty meal just makes you feel good and full-up. Can you tell Chiyo’s been training me up?” That got her a chuckle and a nod. “What’s your favourite Japanese meal?”


“Nabemono. Like shabu-shabu.”


“Nabe…” She paused, staring to the side and thinking on what that was, then it clicked. “Ah! Huŏ guō! Hot pot.” The Brit sat back and thought, looking up at the ceiling. Shouldn’t be too hard.


His eyes lingered on her neck, smirking at the little marks he’d left. “Victoria?”


“Thinking on ingredients,” She replied absently.


“You want to cook it?” His brows rose.


“I realise I don’t really know Japanese dishes. I’ll make it for you when you get back with our kids.” She got up, not seeing him minutely choke on some egg. “Do you know where the nearest shop is for stuff like an actual hotpot dish and hot plates? I’ll get my phone and write it down.”


“A-Aa.” He cleared his throat and his fist smacked his chest. Because ‘our kids’ was a bit… but it did make sense. He supposed he hadn’t thought about being a father. Yet there was a possibility for it between them far off in the future if they stayed together. Huh. He’d always been a kid kind of person. Not that he’d tell anyone that.


Victoria raised a brow at him. “You alright?”


“It’s fine. Yes, I do. Let me bring the places up on maps…”




All Might pat her back. “Have to cut it short, but do five more laps, okay?”


“Sure thing, Might.” She was curious and knew it showed considering he’d never half-arsed a lesson or cut it short. She pondered his expression for a moment. “You look nervous.”


“Aha-” He looked away, unsure what to say.


“I won’t ask,” She replied, bending down to tighten her laces of her running shoes, “But if you need a distraction after whatever it is, I’m willing to be one.” She looked up at him with a grin. “Okay?”


Toshinori stared, and then his shoulder relaxed. “Thank you, Victoria.”


“Aa. Go before you’re late.” She smiled warmly, waved, and then began to jog away.


All Might chuckled and jumped away, thinking Aizawa-kun had left more than a physical mark on her, and it was rather cute.




A chuckle left him again.


He hoped the best for them.




It was after Victoria had put away the ingredients in a fridge, a determined All Might that had been out and about sought her for his Quirk to be healed for any experiment she and Chiyo wanted to do.


Surprised but delighted, she’d nodded, and he’d followed her to Recovery Girl.


Now Chiyo and Victoria were focused hard on All Might’s Quirk, as Victoria tediously worked on repairing it with her Quirk and Recover Girl giving a kiss every once in a while, to have his body repair it as if it was a normal bodily function, like it should have been.


Victoria then sighed and slumped on a chair. “It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to heal. This will take ages.” She leaned her elbows on her knees, body shaking from the pin point accuracy needed. Targeting a Quirk was so much more difficult than healing a body part. She just hadn’t realised how finicky and how concentrated she needed to be. With Eric, it had been more of an encompassing thing and was more successful because his Quirk was fine as a whole. Toshinori’s was not only not his own originally, he was not presenting Quirk attributes on his very genes, his DNA. He’d been Quirkless.


Toshinori asked gently, “Why? I don’t mean to sound impatient or ungrateful, I just don’t understand.”


“It’s because this Quirk is not yours initially and because you didn’t have enough of the Quirk Alpha to fully create your own Quirk. Luckily you have the receptors. The Quirk forced them to work.” She was glad he told her about his Quirk. “It’s just that I need to make those receptors better and that deals with going to the building blocks of what makes you you with an aim in mind other than ‘just heal’. I’m still unsure of how to go about this. You’re the first I’ve done this to, and I want to be accurate instead of some heal all that could mess you up. I don’t know what that’d do. I’m not willing to risk it and you.”


And honestly, apart from daily training, she’d been studying biology daily until she was sick of it. As much as Victoria liked being able to heal with greater efficiency, she just wasn’t as interested in science as she was languages or cooking. She needed time to work on him.


“I see. Thank you, Victoria,” All Might said, completely grateful. “I understand this is taxing on you.”


She waved it off. “Thank me at the end. It’ll be worth it.”


“I’m sure being at U-A is already worth it,” Chiyo said, with a slight tone of cheekiness in her words.


Victoria sat back, a little confused. “Hm?”


Chiyo smiled and remarked, “Your neck.”


“My ne-” Victoria cut herself off, realising what she meant, eyes wide.


“Oh-ho! Aizawa is one for marking, hm?” Toshinori grinned widely as she slapped hands over her neck and furiously healed them, laughing heartily as she glowered at them both. “I didn’t expect such a thing from him!”


She whined in a slightly horrified tone, “I’ve been walking with these about for hours?


They cackled again.


She put her face in her hands, elbows on knees, and made a keening sound of embarrassment, sending them off into laughs.


“Yup!” Recovery Girl clapped her on the shoulder, cackling. “Good thing his class is off to the Tests.”


Victoria gawked at her, because so many others would have! “Why didn’t you tell me?”


“Honestly, I thought you were calmly proud like you are with all else you do. Is this the mentality of westerners?” Chiyo teased lightly.


“Uh… Maybe. I don’t pay attention to it, really.” She flicked her hand in dismissal and sat up properly, peering at All Might thoughtfully as she put the side of her finger to her mouth, cheeks still red. “I wonder how we can hasten the process? Or if it would be negligent to do so?”


Recovery Girl also took the large man in. “We shouldn’t be hasty. Quirks are still being studied heavily. Changing the chemistry of a person, their hormonal levels; it could adversely affect his system.”


Victoria hummed in agreement, lips pursed unhappily. “Yes. It definitely could.” An idea occurred to her then. “Hey. Do you think All Might could, after this is reformed, pass it on again to someone else? If his body gets used to doing so… d’you think it could be the beginning of a new Quirk? I realise we’re trying to transfigure his system to accept this Quirk and continue to have it make the phenotype occur – what if we were to somehow bring the Quirk he was supposed to have with his genes forth? It might help reinforce this other one?”


“It may not mix with the gift he was given,” Chiyo warned, but there was great interest.


“Yes, but…” She honestly thought it would help. Her eyes flickered to meet Toshinori’s. “How well did your body take on the Quirk, Toshi?”


“My teacher, Gran Torino, he said I took to it like a duck on water,” Toshinori filled in, looking between the two, who were suddenly immensely curious. “Unlike with Young Midoriya, it came fluidly to me.”


The two healers looked at each other, pondering that.


“This could bring up question on what your original Quirk could be to accept it so well.” Chiyo that cracked a smile. “For someone not a scientist, you do ask the right questions.”


Victoria scoffed lightly, peering back at All Might and she tapped at her bottom lip as Chiyo chuckled. “All Might, maybe you could do some homework for us and try and recall if there were any instances with your Quirk that were… unusual, perhaps? I can’t do anymore right now. My body’s too tired to safely do anything for you.” She was shaking once again, chest rather smaller than usual.


“Aa. Thank you, Victoria.”


She nodded, getting up. “I’ll leave the research to you, Recovery Girl.” She reached out.


Chiyo took her hand, squeezing. “Rest well, Panacea.”


A nod, and Victoria left with All Might, who was peering down at her, somewhat worried as they walked down the corridor.


“What will you do now?” He asked in English.


“I’ll probably just collapse into bed. Don’t worry about me.”


“Have you eaten?”


“No, but I’d rather not go to bed on a full stomach. I hate waking up to that.”


He chuckled and then went pensive. “Perhaps something light, like soup. I know you said not until the end-”


She groaned. “No, Toshiiii.”


“I am still just completely touched you’d do this,” He finished. “Going to such lengths? I’m blown away by it.”


“At first it was because of Annette… but you’re my friend now, Toshinori. I cannot abide that you are not healed like a friend of mine should be.” She nodded with conviction up at him. “It’s a pride thing mixed with concern. I have to make sure you’re healed because I care for you.” She reached out and tugged on his hand playfully, deciding to tease. “Plus you’re attractive and that makes it easier. Don’t tell Shouta.”


He went red, only for Victoria to cackle at him, holding her stomach. He pointed at her with the hand she just tugged on. “You! You are trouble! How does Aizawa-kun deal with you?!”


A shit-eating grin was on her face and pointed at her neck, waggling her brows. “Happily, I assure you. You saw my neck.”


“Bah!” Yet Toshinori was pleased to have her jubilant. “I’ve not seen Aizawa so energetic before.”


“Aizawa, energetic? Are we talking the same man here?”


“Perhaps motivated is the better word. I’m glad you found each other.”


She gave a stupid grin as she peered up at him. “I’m all happy because of it. This romance shtick is pretty good when it’s good, you know?”


He gave a smile back, not really knowing. “Let’s hope.”


Victoria lightly elbowed his arm. “One day, no? You deserve it, mate.”


“Mate? Ha! I see you are not so prim as I thought!” Toshinori teased her.


“Can’t help it. Anyway, that’s my formal side I show to non-friends and as a professional.” She stretched up as they walked to the Teachers Dorm, a place that was three times the size of rooms than each student got. “Gonna just have to deal with it now.”


Toshinori grinned widely. “I’ll do it with PRIDE!” He gave her a big thumbs up.


“So cheesy, I love it. Keep it up. You’re pretty great, Toshi.” She looked up at the sky, smiling lightly at his surprised look she caught from the corner of her eye. “How do you think the Tests are going? Think Midoriya will pass…?”


That sent All Might on an excited tangent and she smiled at it as she guided him to her rooms and began to cook hotpot for them both. She couldn’t do heavy food before bed, but she wanted to cook for Aizawa.


She wondered how Shouta was.


Toshinori grinned to himself as she looked a bit faraway at the dining table in the front room before the kitchen. “Aizawa-kun will be back soon.”


She jerked and turned to him, a bit embarrassed. “Eh? Oh. Uh. Aha. Man, I’m that obvious?” She scowled to herself, making All Might snicker and her grin slowly came back out. “At any rate, are you okay, All Might? I wanted to ask earlier. You so suddenly wanted to push the Quirk fixing.”




The language teacher quietly put some meat and veggies in the hot pot, then topped up the spicy broth when he seemed to hesitate, giving him some moments. As he didn’t seem to say anything, she gently prompted, “I feel like something happened. You of course don’t have to explain to me, but I’m hoping you’ve…” She struggled for a moment to find the words, face scrunching up as she looked up. “Got a handle on it? It goes well? Something along those lines. I’m no good with comforting.”


“You are blunt sometimes,” He agreed idly, making her smile ruefully, brows rising up, “I met up with All for One earlier.”


“That must have been taxing,” Victoria replied softly.


“It was.” Another pause. “The one who gave me One for All…” He began to explain it all.


It took her some time to process that. “That’s heavy. Shigaraki, huh? The world is becoming against Heroes?” She frowned. “Perhaps a little true. But there’s always someone at the top. Maybe you did your job too well? You’re charming as hell, so I don’t think there will be many in your league, if at all. That’s going to be hard to replace, regardless of how it happens.”




Listen, there are very few people who can do a thumbs up like that and not look cringy as hell.”


That had him laughing loudly.


A knock at the door, and as it was unlocked she called out, “Come in!” not really feeling unsafe with All Might around.


Shouta came in, a small bag over his shoulder. “Oi.”


“Hey, Shou!”


“Welcome back, Aizawa!” Toshinori boomed. “We have saved you some nabemono! Come, join us! Tell us how it went for your class! I received a text from Young Midoriya that he passed!”


Victoria pondered that. He was close to one of the students? Wait, hadn’t he said Midoriya earlier? So that was the lucky one. Or unlucky. Depended, really.


“Aa, he did. All but two didn’t from 1-A.” He sat down next to her, liking the smells coming from the hot pot before him. Slowly, he told of the day and ate when the excitable All Might flung questions at him, he paused when Victoria stood up. He noted the shaky hands on the table. It instantly made him frown and want to demand answers, cursing himself for not noticing sooner.


“Just need the bathroom, excuse me.” She nodded, saying apologetically as she swept off, “Keep talking!”


Shouta scowled at the fact she even was like this and they’d not said anything about it, having not seen her that shaky since the terrorist attack. He turned a tough look on All Might when she locked the door behind her. “What. Happened. Why is she shaking?”


All Might looked a bit guilty. “She had seemed so nonchalant I forgot. Victoria has immense potential to heal many, but her body does not process it well enough for her liking. Her body runs out before her power runs out. She was… healing me. My Quirk. The way she says it, Quirks are biological still therefore she can fiddle with them. She was trying to help heal mine. Greaten what was left after I weakened from my attack. She is exhausted from that. Victoria is skilled, and she thinks so well, impressing Chiyo; U-A and her students are in good hands with her. However, she wanted to wait up for you.”


His eyes narrowed at that. “She should be resting.”


“Yes. She would not have it.” All Might received a message and, frowning after he checked it, got up. “Looks like something’s happening around the dorms. Stay, I’ll take care of it.”


Aizawa nodded taking more mushrooms and bok choy from the broth with the communal spoon. “Aa. Tell me what it is later.”


“Tell Victoria goodbye for me!” He raised a hand in goodbye and zoomed off as the distant sound of a toilet flushing came.


Victoria came back in a moment later, rubbing moisturizer into her hands and blinking at the lack of guest. “Where’d muscles go?”


“Something came up. He says goodbye. Oi,” Shouta frowned at her, he reached for her and she came over, with him grasping the hand she held out and tugging her down next to him. “You shouldn’t be entertaining when you should be sleeping. If I’d known I wouldn’t have come.”


She sat, putting an elbow on the table and leaning her head in her hand, smiling at him warmly. “It’s fine. I wanted to do this.”


He turned the metal chopsticks around and prodded her nose with the end of them, making her scrunch her nose at it and then him. “Doesn’t matter. Rest.”


“I’m resting plenty enough by sitting. It’s my body that’s tired, the headache’s gone.” She waved dismissively and picked up her own chopsticks, beginning to munch. “Good food helps too.”


“Hm. Fine, eat up, wash and I’m taking you to bed,” Shouta half-demanded, and then realised what that sounded like.


Victoria’s brows raised. “Oh my. It’s half-attractive when you say such things.” Then the woman grinned, putting the back of her hand to her mouth playfully. “The other half of me wants to do the opposite of what you say to spite you, though.”




“Can’t get it all, I guess.”


“Hm. You and All Might are good friends,” Shouta noted, curious about the mixture of jealousy and gratefulness in him for her having a good friend in Toshinori Yagi, especially it being All Might, even. She’d stay protected… but then All Might was an impressive figure and he’d seen his share of women falling all over the guy for his looks and charm and abilities. He supposed he was a bit of a jealous type. Huh. What a thing to find out about himself. He supposed if he usually didn’t care, he’d care greatly about a few things. Seemed this was one of them. It bothered him he was jealous, and it bothered him that he found it of himself being so now over a moral man like Toshinori. One who’d told him he thought they were cute.


Victoria shrugged. “Yeah. Hard not to be when you end up sharing Quirks secrets and drink whilst playing card games together and train multiple times a week. I’d consider him one of my closest Japan-based friends, him and Present Mic. Plus the whole saving his life thing. Nothing big.” A little smile played on her lips.


Aizawa snorted, trying not to smile himself. “Barely worth mentioning.”


“Don’t know why I even did.” She shoved a fish ball in her mouth and for a few moments they just ate quietly. “Is the food up to standard?”


“Better than usual. What prepack and soup concentrate did you use?”




His chopsticks tapped the side of the hot pot with his chopsticks. “There are prepacks of the soup and the food for this type of meal. Which did you use?”


Victoria stared at him and, throwing a disgusted look the dishes’ way, stated irritably, “There are prepacks?


It had Shouta laughing at her indignant face.



Chapter Text



Aizawa was pissed off, scowling at the two brats before him as he held them bound by the capturing weapon.


Not only had they been fighting, causing damage to the walkways that late-night teachers coming back to their apartments had to deal with and Cementoss had to be woken up to fix, but they’d interrupted his night with his girlfriend with their foolishness.


And she was bent over and healing them, despite her hands shaking.


That he didn’t like most of all.


He scowled deeply at them and snarled out, “To fight the night you finish the preliminary hero licensing exam? I’m glad you two are so energetic.” His tone was vicious, making the two flinch.


“Ai-Aizawa-kun! Wait! Hold up with the restraints!” The World’s Number One said in stuttering alarm, making Aizawa turn his scowl to the man.


Restraints. Victoria chuckled under her breath at the thought, turning around slightly to connect eyes with her partner, waggling her brows a bit before turning back to Bakugou as All Might began to whisper in Aizawa’s ear.


The blonde glowered at her hand on him. “Oi, why the fuck are you shaking so fucking much?”


“Such a filthy mouth,” Victoria murmured with a secretive smile at him, laughing lightly, and grinning when the blond scoffed and turned away, a haze of red over his face. She didn’t see the narrowing eyes of Shouta who was suddenly a little more focused on them over what All Might was saying. “I know you’d prefer to go out and kick Villain’s asses,” The woman explained, getting the carmine stare on her face, “But you must learn how to talk to victims of their attacks. If you must, be blunt and direct, but be thoughtful of them and their immediate needs and how to resolve those needs so you don’t have to deal with them anymore, and most of all, stop swearing so fucking much.”


Katsuki sneered, “What the hell would you know about that, foreigner?!”


Ba-ku-gou-” Aizawa growled out, tightening the capturing weapon, making All Might fret and Midoriya swallow nervously as the explosive boy choked.


Victoria smirked at him, standing up fully and smirking down at him, the stance getting his attention despite choking a bit from the tightness of the bindings. “How’d you think I dodged out of being a Hero for so long? As much as you want to be Pro, I didn’t. I like you kid. You’ve got good energy.” She ruffled his hair gently, and his cheeks went redder.


“Are you mocking me?!” He snapped out.


She raised a brow, crossing her arms. “You’d know if I was mocking you, because that would mean you’re my friend.”


“The fuck?!” Katsuki raged, kicking his legs out. “Now I know you’re fucking mocking me!”


She mused out loud on purpose, “I didn’t realise we were friends. You learn something new every day.”


“Are you insane?!” The angry teen shouted, choking on the tightening of Aizawa-sensei’s capturing weapon beginning to hurt more. “F-Fuck!”


“No, but you’re clearly oblivious.” She tilted her head as he struggled and she went to Midoriya, gently healing him too, though he kinda gawked up at her for so easily trusting her back to the enraged boy. It made her smile. “Ah, Midoriya-kun, you look amazed I find Bakugou-kun is moralistic.” She turned to Aizawa. “Your kids are amusing, sensei. I think Katsuki here is my favourite. He has good energy.” She ran a hand through his hair fondly.


Katsuki scowled at his lap, not knowing what to do with an adult woman who seemed to almost applaud and teach him and liked that he wouldn’t hit out at her physically because of morals.


Fucking morals and energy.


Was that the best she could do?


He looked up as she put her hand to his shoulder and squeezed warmly. At her knowing smile his way, he scoffed and looked away, still red in the face.


Morals and energy.




His eyes flickered back to her, seeing her put her hands to hips and smiling proudly at their homeroom teacher and All Might.


Morals and energy, huh…?


Katsuki looked to the side, thinking maybe that wasn’t so bad.


Maybe this foreigner without much Heroics to her wasn’t so bad either, especially when the two he admired looked at her as if looking for some approval, like she was valuable. Was she that important to them? He looked at her once more, wondering what it was about her that… well, made her pretty cool, he guessed. She didn’t treat him as a kid or student. She’d actively been playing with him with words. She’d- He swallowed. She’d treated him as someone close. Family. Yeah. That’s what she’d treated him as, like a cousin or something. He had next to no family – just his parents and an aunt, somewhere- so it felt… personal, and, ugh, it felt nice.


…Maybe he’d seek her out if he had a problem.


Shouta didn’t think they were amusing in that moment, having wanted to have her close and against him that night before they were interrupted. He wanted hugs, kisses, and more. These little shits ruined that. “They’re troublesome is what they are.” He glowered at the two boys.


“True. Such injuries are finicky to deal with.” She released a small sigh of exhaustion, her hand shaking even more when she looked at it.


Something the teacher noted instantly. “Causing such troubles for Victoria-sensei and the rest of us that have to clean up after you?” Aizawa-sensei growled out, beyond annoyed. He could be enjoying his girlfriend and her charms and now she was weakened because of them. He didn’t like seeing her like that, wanted to pulverise whoever made his girlfriend like that. “I will give out suitable punishments. Who struck first?”


Katsuki looked away, watching the woman go around the beds and said, “Me.”


“I also went in pretty hard.” The green haired student sighed out.


“Four days of house arrest for Bakugou and three for Midoriya! You’ll be cleaning the common room from top to bottom, morning and night, and have to give in a written apology to me at the end of your house arrest!” He snapped out in anger to make sure they understood his displeasure, letting them go from the capturing weapon fully. “If not for Victoria-sensei, I’d have said to let your injuries heal on their own if they don’t get worse; injuries you got on your own should heal that way!”


Victoria stiffened at that, completely disagreeing, but said nothing in front of the others and not looking at her man, her eyes narrowing.


Aizawa scowled at them. “That’s all! Go back to your dorms and to sleep.” He watched as they went, with All Might waving and going with them. Then he turned to a girlfriend that was staring at him hard in a way he’d not seen before. He did not expect that. “Hm? Victoria…?”


She looked away for a moment to collect her thoughts, and then turned back to him. “I would say nothing in front of them, but I don’t like that you’d say for kids injuries to heal that way. Punishing them with a boatload of chores like you did, and the apology note, I completely approve. But not healing? They’re teens. Still growing into their bodies that need all the nutrition they can get to be Hero’s. Yes, they got their Provisionals and should have more responsibility, but people are deserving of healing. Especially Pre-Heroes barely past their first year of school that need to be fully equipped after their own school had been attack by a Villain’s League.” She breathed out hard through her nose, looking away. Then she looked back. “I will not dictate to you how you should run your class, and I never would, so please do not ever lead the thought that I or Recovery Girl would not heal them.”


Aizawa sighed, seeing her point. “I apologize.”


Victoria went to him as she said with a sigh, “It’s just…” She held his waist, smiling at his hands on her back. “It’s hard enough to get people to go to their doctor when ill, you know? I truly do agree with the rest of what you said. But as a healer, all I want to do is make them well to do their duties they work up to.”


Shouta nodded, pushing her flush against him and holding her close, cuddling her and swaying her, glad it didn’t turn into a spat between them. “Yeah, I agree.”


“Bakugou will benefit from it and hate it most which is good, and Midoriya doesn’t need so much push to understand that and likes his fellow dorm friends. So good idea on that.” Then she shrunk a little. “Shit, sorry, I feel like I’m completely just trying to overrule you or-”


“No. You’ve been respectful about it and I want to hear your thoughts.” Aizawa looked at her, face softening at her unsure look up at him as she gripped onto his t-shirt in a worried fashion. “You didn’t say anything in front of them, so I’m pleased about that. I wouldn’t want to look undermined.”


She smiled at that, relieved. “Didn’t want to bring something like that up. You’re a very good teacher. You listened. To both All Might and me. Didn’t ignore valid words from others. You’re such a good teacher, Aizawa-kun.” She mocked All Might a moment, giving a powerful thumbs up.


He snorted but liked her compliments. He was pleased he was doing alright, still learning. This class was harder than he’d ever had, so some support was beyond relieving. He’d gone through some tough times as a student, but nothing like his students had in their first term or what their future was sure to hold. He had to do better for them. Train them harder. They needed and deserved it. He could only hope Victoria would be by his side for it. It’d been hard to help and support them. He felt she would be good for them. Or was that just because he liked her? Regardless, another person caring about them was sure to be a good thing. “Thanks.”


Victoria smiled up at him, running her hands along his stomach and slinking her hands up his chest slowly. “Honestly, you really are. I kind of want hints from you. How does he do it?” She said in a mock showman voice, leaning on him and waggling brows again.


It had him laughing, and he bent down to kiss her happily, feeling all sorts of highs as she sighed into his lips and joined in just as passionately, pleased to feel her arms going around his neck and to have her cling to him. He liked the feel of her so needful and pressing up against him as if she couldn’t get enough of him. It almost exploded his mind that she wanted him just as bad, and he adored how she huffed and glared at him when he broke the kiss. “Hm?”


“Well, I like to touch and kiss you, so of course I want more, Shouta.” She looked at his lips.


That pleased him so much, giving him an ego boost. “Good. Shall we go?”


Victoria smiled and nodded, leaving the room and asking, “To my bed?”


He smirked, proud he got the invite and grabbed her hand for the first time. “I’d rather not be anywhere else,” He murmured, leaning down to her ear and kissing her cheek.


She chuckled to herself, feminine and knowing as she looked up at him, squeezing his hand and leaning on him. “Neither would I. Glad you agree. Though try not to mark my neck again? Toshinori and Chiyo had an absolute laugh-”


He laughed hard at that, grinning back at her a step behind him and kissing her, a hand on her cheek and deepening it, loosing himself in the kiss for a moment.


Gods her lips were so good.


… Until they jumped when a door burst open, Aizawa shoving Victoria behind him fully and gripping his capturing weapon, and the two once injured students came out from a room for patients, gawking at them.


Midoriya pointed, mouth open. “Y-You’re dating-?!”


Victoria peered from around him, putting a hand to her smiling, bruised lips as they gaped at them, trying to squash her wish to laugh. She waggled her brows when they stared at her, both going red.


Go to your dorm and you’re getting an extra day!” Aizawa shouted at them, pissed off, and the two skedaddled, Katsuki more belligerently. He shook his head as they ran off. “Ugh. Those two. What were they even doing in there?”


Victoria chuckled to herself, entwining her arms around his waist and nuzzling into his back, only for him to raise his right arm and she came forward, enjoying his arm around her shoulder. “There were rumours already about us.”


He raised a brow. “Rumours?”


She raised both of hers. “You had no idea about them?”


“No?” He said as they walked to hers.


“The girls caught on quicker than the rest in 1-A, but yes.” Victoria smiled up at him, humming when he ducked his head down and accepting his kiss, fingers trailing up his neck as she sighed into it.


But at feeling his girlfriends’ hand holding his cheek and it was shaking, he parted. “Let’s get you to bed.” He took her trembling hand and kissed her palm. “You need to be rested. Those two brats had you just as worse off as I presume you were after All Might.”


She looked down at her still shaking hands. “True. To bed, then. I want to feel you against me, Shouta.”


He smiled, nodding. “Aa.”




Aizawa had woken up to use the bathroom but had frowned down at his lady after he came back as she slept because she was shaking worse than when she was awake.


It troubled him greatly, though it shouldn’t.


Victoria had presumably done this before and was fine in the upcoming days.


It’s just that he didn’t like not knowing the depth of her weariness.


Regardless, he got back in bed to his side and pulled her closer, looking off into the room as he thought, lips pursed, and kept her close to assuage him, finally falling asleep sometimes in the early hours of the day.


He hated her shaking like this.


It wasn’t normal, damnit.




Victoria hummed as a hand traced down her shoulder, going to her waist and squeezed. She sighed out without thinking, “Shouta…”


The Erasure Hero kissed her forehead, liking his name from her lips. “Hm?”


Her body turned into his, slinking her thigh over his waist and cuddling into him. “Shou. Ta.” She kissed him without making it passionate (because ew morning breath) and then ducked her head to nuzzle into his jawline with a happy sound and then into his chest, relaxing with a sigh.


Something he greatly liked. He wanted to wake up like this every day. He really liked having the woman he greatly crushed on snuggling into him. How did he adore her so quickly? Work as Hero and Teacher was something he liked a lot and felt great worthiness in doing well, but if he got to see her at the end of the day, he felt better. It’s almost as if his days were more admirable and meaningful if he simply saw her at the end of them.




He was in heavy, wasn’t he?


He kissed her, just wanting to touch her and keep her close. He adored the feeling of her against him, an almost palpable feeling of need in him. He almost wanted to ask about living toge-


“I like you’re here when I wake up.”


His stomach flipped. “Aa?”


“Aa.” Victoria hummed, pleased to have him against her, sighing out as she scented him, “Hm, Shoooou. I like how you smell.”


He clenched onto her, not wanting to part from the woman. It’s then part of him realised he shouldn’t be so foolish as to let her go as she kissed his cheek and sat up, stood from the bed and stretched before him. His mind focused on one thing momentarily, eyeing the sloping shape of her figure with pleasure. Then her arms dropped and she went to get clothing, his mind thinking back to the previous thought. He should ask if they wanted to move in together… No, it was too early. Right? At least six months. Or something. It’s then he blinked as he realised she was talking to him, bent over him slightly. “Hn?”


Victoria laughed lightly. “Glad you were here. Class time for you, no?” She teased, tapping his cheek playfully.


Shouta sat up, watching as she stood up straight, realising he adored her completely. “Training for you with Ectoplasm, hm?”


“Shame it’s not with you. I’d love to feel you against me.” She winked at him and took clothes from her drawer.


He groaned, thinking of the woman’s body writhing against him as he put her into positions… “Oh. Don’t.”


“Or perhaps this capturing weapon of yours… Last night gave me ideas.” She murmured, wondering if she should go that far.


Shouta closed his eyes and asked, “You’re want to give me a constant hard-on or something? I need a break. I can’t do that going into a class.”


She laughed at that, making him grin. With a wink, Victoria went on her way. “You do look gorgeous on my bed. Eventually, perhaps our bed?” She called back, not seeing his wide-eyed look of want. She washed as Shouta cooked some basic scrambled eggs and toast, she heard, and then smelt as she came out after washing and doing the rest of her ablutions. He smiled at her from the table, making her feel all soppy and affectionate.


Victoria sat with him, quietly eating as Aizawa nursed a coffee, the pair just enjoying the moment silently. Eventually she blurted out, “There’s something seriously hot about you with your hair back. I saw it last night, too.”


“Hm?” He raised a brow, thinking he could work with that. It got in his way sometimes.


And if she liked it…


“When you were punishing those boys. I kind of wondered…” She trailed off for a moment, eating, enjoying and embarrassed by his face of wanting to know. “You know, if you’d be that, ah… dominative in another context.”


Shouta stilled, lust pulsing through him hard and fast. “You like the thought of being bound beneath me?” He watched as Victoria bit her lower lip and looked up under her lashes at him, tilting her head up at him slowly and nodded shyly, which only brought about his wish to do so to her. “Yeah?”


She looked away for a moment, flustered. “Ah. Yes. But uh,” She got up, leaving half her meal behind. “I’ve a lesson to learn with Ectoplasm. Ciao, Shou!”


She had to get out of there.


It was far too much!


Aizawa watched as she hurried out, leaning his chin in his hand and twiddling his fork in his hand. “Huh. Still quite innocent despite teasing.” It made him smile. A flirt, but… perhaps he detected a bit of a submissive side? It got him hot under the collar, thinking of her looking up at him so vulnerably, wanting, biting her lower lip…


His cock twitched at the thought.


Something to investigate.


A smirk lilted his lips.


He’d be sure to.



Chapter Text



Victoria listened to the Headmaster behind her.


“The adults are working hard to do something about that heaviness.”




These kids weren’t idiots. They just needed protecting and to feel like they were protected, not to be looked down upon with such almost patronising words.


The adults.


That didn’t agree with her.


But what could she do?


This was a school that taught Heroes in the making, even though most of the students weren’t even close to that, but that was felt throughout the school regardless.


She must have been a little out of it, because the sudden growling from Hound Dog made her jump.


Present Mic snickered at her and she turned a look to him, getting a smirk and a thumbs up. Afterwards he came over to her, having become good friends with his fellow teacher that he knew his other friend had the hots for. “Someone is jumpy,” He teased in English.


“I didn’t expect him to snarl like that!” She laughed. “I’ve never met him.”


Mic nodded as they set off to the Teacher Lounge to get their things for lesson. “He’s a good guy. Likes to keep the rules held to. Gets kinda loud! I like it!”


She snorted and gave him a grin. “Of course you do.”


“Hey, hey, listener!”




Victoria looked around the class that stared at her as Aizawa-sensei came over to them.


“Enjoy them.”


His hand brushed hers as he left.


Mina made a sound, burying her face in her hands.


Victoria couldn’t help the little grin on her face, completely entertained.


Yeah, as she thought. The girls got quicker onto it.




Later on, Victoria left the empty class 3-B with a folder held to her chest, Present Mic saying something about the latest music group on the scene she was interested about because a cousins’ birthday was coming up and she wanted to send him a vinyl as he collected them.


“Oi, Victoria.”


She stiffened, surprised at being called by her first name in a corridor, and then had to wonder at being acclimatised to this culture so quickly.


Hizashi snickered and leaned to her to whisper, “Looks like Shouta-kun wants you!”


Blushing a bit, she turned to reply in his ear, “He is my boyfriend. I can only hope so because hot damn do I want him.”


Present Mic choked as Victoria turned from him, and swept over to the approaching man, incredulous as the man held her waist even as he gave Hizashi a narrow-eyed look of confusion at his gawping (Mic had known of his liking her so…?) before turning to his lady dismissively. “OI, Shouta!”


Eraser Head sighed and looked over to him. “Aa?”


The DJ pointed incredulously and said, “You two-?!”


He pulled Victoria closer, liking the feel of her soft chest against him, smiling down at her before she clasped him close, face in his chest. So cute. He kissed her head, then looked up at his closest friend. He smirked at Present Mic gawking. “Aa.”


Present Mic was almost jealous at him getting such a good-looking girlfriend. Barely even trying it felt like. Lucky! “Tch!”


Victoria looked up at Shouta, accepting the kiss he gave her, falling into it and clinging to him for a moment of bliss. She hummed and pulled back first, seeing Shouta’s smug look. She tutted and shook her head at him, left his arms and looked to Present Mic. “Ah, sorry, Hizashi, that was a bit rude to do so in front of you.” She squeezed Shouta’s hand and went back to Hizashi’s side. She nudged him familiarly. “Let’s go mark work?” Without waiting for him, she went, knowing Aizawa a little better; that he would be glowering at Hizashi.


She peeked, confirming it before looking forward with a grin.


Hizashi swallowed at the glare and went with Victoria, with Aizawa trailing behind closely. “It’s okay! Let’s rock these markings!”


“Sure,” Victoria replied, listening to Aizawa keeping pace behind them. She looked behind and smiled at him, puckering her lips into a kiss for him, making him give a little half-smirk her way.


Ah, making him jealous was fun.


It was on him, after all.




Aizawa leant on the table in her kitchen that afternoon. “My class asked me about you at the end of the day.”


“Oh?” She asked, sitting by him with a cup in hand.


He twisted his own cup of tea idly. “Aa. Seems Bakugou and Midoriya said something.”


Victoria smiled at him. “Did they?” She sipped, almost daintily.


“Hm?” He wondered.


She put the cup down. “Like I said. The girls… And with the idiocy of teen boys…? Yeah. Are you sure it wasn’t one of the girls that spread it?”


Shouta raised a brow. “Idiocy of teen boys?”


“You’re right, idiocy of men,” She corrected and then began laughing at him tickling her. “I give, I give!” She slumped on him, cuddling into him for a moment. ”I like you lot. Prefer you, though.”


“Good,” Shouta replied with a firm nod. “The girls?”


Victoria hummed. “From before the terrorist attack I believe, and definitely before our classroom kiss.” The foreigner watched him blink at her at how far back that was compared to Katsuki and Izuku finding out. “I think it was Mina mostly. You brushed my hand today and she kind of just made this sound of a squeak that was so adorable. She’s adorable,” Victoria confirmed to him, smiling. “She’ll be a fun Hero to watch.”


“You like the kids, huh?”


“Bit weird to work in a school if you don’t, I think.”


He brushed a hand down her hair, only to look over at the door knocking and then hearing Present Mic call out. “Hm?”


Victoria stood up hastily. “Oh yeah! We were supposed to go get my cousin a gift in town. Come in, Mic!” The door opened as she went to it, unknowingly leaving Shouta feeling a little bemused at this happening. “Hey, Hizashi, you good? Let me go change quick and grab my wallet. Shouta’s in the kitchen. Help yourself to whatever in there if you want.”


“Yeah, sure thing! Hey Shooooota!” Hizashi came in, looking around at the kitchen and whistling. “This is a supped-up kitchen! Look at all the equipment!” He inspected the dough mixer and the small pizza oven. “It’s like a professional restaurant! I want to cook in here.” He turned, noting the narrow-eyed look of Aizawa and put a hand to hip. “What’s with the look, Shouta-kun? You can come with, you know?”


He wanted to, he really did, but he didn’t want to be seen as possessive. “Sorry. It’s a bit weird in my head right now.” He supposed he just hadn’t really seen them as close friends when he really should have with all the time they spent together as colleagues, and it had tripped him up a little. Hizashi looked concerned. “It’s fine. I have things to mark.”


“You sure?” Victoria came back, backpack on her back and in a change of clothes, just a pair of jeans into knee high boots and a band-shirt and scarf that half-hid her chest. At his nod, she asked, “Want me to pick you up anything?”


Aizawa got up, shaking his head. “I’ve nothing that springs to mind. I’ll text you if I do.” He went over, kissing her forehead. Then he turned to Hizashi. “Look after her. I trust you with her.”


Victoria rose her brows but said nothing, a bit ambivalent about that.


“No worries!” Present Mic gave a thumbs up. “We’ll be back in no time on a motorbike!”


“Aa. Have fun.”




No time turned out to be quite the long bit of time when fans of Present Mic came up and invited them to a concert, known as he was in the rock music and DJ scene. Apparently, he sung for a few bands sometimes, which impressed Victoria when he gave her a short rendition as she recalled his great voice, clapping for him with the others that cheered. Then they ended up in a music shop that belonged to someone they met at the concert, a small jam session happening in the back, Hizashi a pro at most instruments while her beginner skills hesitantly joined in. She appreciated the pointers they gave her. When she took a break to drink some water, her phone went.


Hey, are you back yet? I’m at your door.


“Oops,” She muttered, replying, ‘We got caught up in a concert and a jamming session. Sorry for worrying you!’ She looked over to Present Mic drinking some cola and said gently, “Hizashi, it’s kinda late for me, so I’m gonna…?”


“Ah, yeah, yeah! Later guys! We’ll come back again sometime!” The Hero got up, with both of them giving their hosts thanks. In no time at all, they stopped outside of their school. “Let’s do this again?”


“Definitely!” She grinned widely, giving him a big hug. She laughed at his face being somewhat flustered at the suddenness of it. “See you tomorrow morning!” She waved and jogged off, wanting to fall into bed, exhausted. She wasn’t expecting Shouta to be outside her door still, flicking through his phone. “Aiza?”


He looked up, critically taking her in and when deeming her fine, smiled lightly. “I wanted to make sure you got back fine.”


Victoria blinked, unsure whether to be flattered by his attentions or exasperated by them. “Thank you? I’d have called you straight away if there was something wrong.”


Shouta tilted his head. Perhaps he’d been a bit too protective but knowing that there was a target on her head from those that would gladly kidnap her and being a Pro Hero that could barely defend herself led to it. He did trust Present Mic with his life; Hizashi was his most trusted friend. It’s just that he felt so strongly for this woman. It made his head whirl. It made him feel incredibly confident. It made him feel ridiculously protective. He was already thinking about setting up cameras for her in here despite it being U-A and highly defended. He wanted her safe and happy. “Aa. Can’t help it. I just wanted to see you in with my own eyes.”


Victoria took her keys out, going to her door and unlocking it. “Coming in for the night?”


“If you’ll have me,” Shouta replied in a soft tone, leaning down to kiss her.


Victoria smiled into the soft, caressing kiss, touching his cheek. She parted from him and murmured, “Aa. But… only because you have your hair up.”


Chuckling, he followed her in.




“It really is annoyingly attractive when you have your hair back.”


Shouta smirked over his shoulder at her, noting her glowering at his head the next morning. “I’ll do it more for you.”


She huffed as she dried her hair with the towel, looking away. “Bah.”


He chuckled at getting the confirmation he needed, going back to work on reports. He didn’t expect the sudden hands trailing over his shoulder, or the lips that gently kissed their way up the column of his neck, the scent of citrus hitting him. He hummed, lilting his head to the side, pen stopping. He clenched as her hands slipped down his chest, her breasts pressing against his shoulder blades as she lightly bit his ear, body reacting to her closeness, her gentleness, her presence. Her fingers dug in slightly. His cock twitched as she sighed into his ear, delicate and heady. Gods that sounded good, and he wanted to know what other sounds she could make, what others sounds he’d make her give him. “Woman-”


A sudden sound had them snapping their heads up, Eric suddenly there.


“Oh shit, sorry girl!” He rubbed the back of his neck, the other hand holding-


Victoria didn’t care, because, “The kitten!”


Shouta did remember her asking about pets in U-A, and that a cat was acceptable, and she’d happily took one off Eric’s hands it seemed. He nodded when Eric gave him an apologetic look, waving his hand. They’d known Eric was coming this morning. Curious, he looked to see the little cat come out of the pet carrier, a dark grey shorthaired cat with luminous orange eyes. It looked like it would be quite chunky when it was a fully developed cat. He listened to them talk in English for a bit as he worked, coming to some sort of agreement it seemed, with Victoria passing over the gift for her cousin whilst getting a bag of cat stuff and laughing at something he said. He looked up when he heard goodbyes and waved his own goodbye.


He watched as she brought the feline over, a beam on her face that had him smiling in reaction. “Isn’t he just adorable?


Shouta adored him already. “He is. What’s his name?” Aizawa watched as the kitten curiously nosed about the table, unafraid it seemed.


“Haven’t thought of one. Any suggestions?”


“I’m no good with that sort of thing. It’s why I’m called Eraser Head. Present Mic gave it to me as a student here and I didn’t care enough to change it.”


That broke Victoria into giggles, turning away as Shouta gave her a dry look. She sighed and then said in amusement, “Why am I not surprised it was Present Mic? You two knew each other in school?”


“Aa. He’s not changed one bit.”


“Have you?”


His brows rose. “I don’t think so? I don’t do that sort of introspection.” The kitten came over, meeping up at him. He flicked the pen, beginning to play with the little fluffy thing. “Just gained more knowledge.”


Victoria quickly took a photo of him with her phone, grinning sheepishly at his raised brow. “Sorry, you were just too cute.” It was also a new background picture for her phone. She grinned at it, putting her phone away. “Well, I’ll think of one soon, I guess.”


“Maybe something like Panacea?” He suggested.


“A Hero’s familiar? Good idea.” She put the side of her index finger to her lower lip, thinking. “Ailuros.”


Playing with the kitten, he nodded, deciding to look it up later. “Airurosu? Good enough.”


Victoria chuckled at his accent. “Your accent is so nice I almost don’t want to correct your terrible English. It’ll be amusing to see how you name your actual children, Shouta.”


Shouta gave a smirk at her. “With just as much effort, I assure you.” Her light laughter made him smile as he looked back down to who he now internally deemed Airu, dangling the pen above the kitten. “Airu.”


“Airu it is,” She murmured, content to watch.




Chapter Text




Victoria wiped the sweat from her brow as All Might finished up the dodging and the self-defence lesson.


“Two months. Nearly twelve weeks.”




“Since you healed me. You’ve come along remarkably well, Hero.” Toshinori grinned at her.


“Oh, it has been that long, hasn’t it?” She mused, and then the duo looked up as ‘VICTORIA!’ was called through the air. She balked as Annette was rushing over at incredible speeds, carrying what looked like a humungous backpack on her back and Midoriya Izuku under her arm and the other waving in the wind. “Oh for Christ’ sake,” She muttered, standing up fully and demanding, “Annette, put the lad down!”


Screeching to a halt before them, Annette sheepishly did so, the blonde patting the boy down after. “Sorry student! I get excited,” She said in stilted Japanese, still only intermediate, but definitely understandable and apologetic.


“I-It’s okay?” Midoriya said, face red at her touching him so familiarly.


“To apologize, Victoria will cook you food!” Annette nodded firmly, grinning widely.


Her brows raised. “Oh I will, will I?”


“Yup! ALL MIGHT!” The woman barked out, Labrador ears sharp and up as her dual tails wagged furiously. It made him jump. Then she bowed a sharp ninety degrees. “Thank you so much for saving my life! My abilities are at your disposal should you ever need help in tracking down Villains when I’m in Tokyo!” She’d obviously practised the line in Japanese for this chance.


Flustered, All Might nodded at the effervescent woman before him. “A-Aa, I thank you, Miss.”


Annette got up, beaming up at him. “You’re welcome! I’m Annette Duval! Call me An! Victoria,” She said, loud as ever and put an arm around the student, who looked like he had no clue what to do with the passionate foreign woman, “Hurry to your apartment! So you cook for us!” She hefted the kid again under her arm and raced off, leaving their hair furiously blowing in the wind.


“W-What energy-!!” All Might caught his hair before it slapped Victoria in the face.


Her eyes slanted to him. “She’s you when you do that to us.”


All Might stared at her and then laughed loudly as he put hands to hips. “I shall meet you at yours in fifteen!” He saluted and jumped away.


More steps, and Eric appeared, exhausted. “Those goddamn Heroes have too much energy,” He complained, despite being Pro Hero himself. “Come on. I got a teleport in me before I crash at yours for the night. You know, I’ve been trying to properly learn Japanese with your mother and Annette. But you know how Annette is. Memory is crazy good when she does her associate things with scents trick. Puppy.” He tutted and then held a hand out. “Shall we?”


She took it. “We shall.”


In a second, they were outside the door, Annette racing along the corridor to them.


“Noooo! I wanted to get here first. No fair!” The dog-woman whined.


“Stop high-jacking my students,” Victoria said, getting her keys out and doing absolutely nothing to save Midoriya from Annette’s hold. She opened the door, letting the rambunctious group in. “And don’t get too excited over my kitten, Airu.” She sighed at the happy squeaks from Annette that ignored her, the cat scuttling away. “I’m going to shower quickly. Midoriya-chan, join us for nabemono, okay?” She wanted to use it often now, liking it.


He nodded, hesitant. “S-Sure, sensei.”


“Call me by my Hero name Panacea outside of lessons, if you prefer. If you could help the two learn some Japanese words, that’d be great.” She smiled gratefully at his firm nod and turned to the dog-woman. “Annette, put the rice on and get the hot pot out.” She waved and went to her room, grabbing things quickly and going to shower. She heard clanking from the kitchen as she showered, realising they were getting things ready, and also the entrance of All Might and the tagging along Present Mic, loud as they were. Probably with Eraser Head, too. It made her grin. It was good to have friends.


Out within minutes, she dressed in the usual lingerie, tight vest and short-shorts combo she’d been doing later for the sake of drawing Shouta’s eyes. Though this time the vest was more a block colour that didn’t show the barest of colours of her bra, and she threw on a baggy cardigan and long socks, because people. She smiled at the six in the room. They were all around the table, things half set up. All Might and Annette teasing Deku whilst Present Mic and Eraser Head were talking with Eric as the kitten purred on Shouta’s lap.


Annette perked up. “Victoria! Your student is super cute!” She plucked him up under the arms like she was Rafiki holding up Simba.


Izuku flushed, wanting down as they all looked on, smirks on lips. “I-I-I-”


“Stop picking up my student,” She said in fond exasperation, ruffling their hair as she passed them, getting chuckles as Izuku went red. “I know he’s adorable. Now hurry up and help me cook considering you randomly barged in.”


She plonked him down and got up. “Aye-Aye, Captain! I’ll get the drinks!”


“You want tea?” 


“Is there Yorkshire left?” Annette asked curiously and went to the cupboard she could smell the tea leaves in. Or once in. “I brought more!” She raced out the kitchen to her backpack as Shouta got up to put the kettle on for them.


“Thanks,” Victoria said to him softly, smiling, tugging on his hand gently.


“S’fine.” Shouta gave her a little smile, squeezing back for a moment, wanting to do his part in the hosting. “Want me to do anything?”


“If you could get out the bread that’s already risen and put it in the oven…” She told him how to bake it off as Annette prepped the tea with a happy hum and the others at the table put the hot pot together. “Thanks. There’s a salad in a bowl I did in the fridge as well?”


“Got it.”


Soon enough, the hot pot was on the go, with Victoria making more food, knowing Eric would be ravenous from the trip over to Tokyo, that Annette could wolf down food with the best of them and All Might was a big guy so he probably ate a lot now as well. Fried special rice, miso and curry rice joined the salad, two loaves of bread and the hot pot.


“Wow, Victoria! What a spread!” Annette drooled, already beginning to add things to the hot pot.


“I should have opened a restaurant,” Victoria chuckled, sitting next to Shouta, who passed her a cup of green tea instead of her usual. “Thanks, Shouta. Save the compliments and eat up guys, that’ll be my thanks.”


Annette snickered. “N’awww! Just like Mama Mari.”


“Just shove the food into your gaping maw like I know you want to, mutt-girl,” She muttered in English behind her cup as others did, talking amongst one another, making the woman snicker and scoop up a big bowl of fried rice. She turned to the now more comfortable student who was happily eating some hot pot, making sure he was alright and then nodding, beginning to eat some curry. “Tell Midoriya-kun about Bletchley Park Academy, Annette.” The healer turned to Midoriya, “She went there.”


Izuku perked up, having not really focused on learning about the schools that weren’t Japanese, but he knew the top ten Hero Academies in the world. “Third best in the world, right?!”


“Yup, yup! U-A is always number one, but Delaware and Bletchley always fight for number two! Last year, Delaware was number two, but yesterday the new results came out and we’re number two this year!”


“It’s likely it will go back to number three again next year and then again to number two the year after as usual,” Victoria chuckled, dipping a slice of bread in her curry.


“Uh-huh! Been like that for nearly two decades. BeePs Academy, we call it. It is known for reco-” She scowled, not good with the word.


All Might helped out, “Reconnaissance work.”


“-Yes, reconnaissance work!” Annette finished with a grin. “The to-be Hero’s who are best at tracking, information gathering, and spying from the globe over all gather there! UA is best overall, but Delaware is best at rescue missions if you like that side of Hero work. The German school Sankt Michaelis in Hamburg is the best at support items and design. With Eric, Victoria, me and our friend Nathan, we ended up visiting a lot of the top schools for fun!”


Eric began slowly, “Annette says visited-”


“It stays as visited, thanks,” Victoria said, the two nodding at each other.


Present Mic caught on first. “Are you saying you didn’t get permission?! You infiltrated the schools?!”


Victoria sipped her tea with Eric shoving food into his mouth, saying nothing and looking away.




“Annette!” The two cried out, making All Might and Present Mic cackle in laughter, Deku gawp at the three, and Shouta giving a sideways look of impression and resignation Victoria’s way.


The dog-woman carried on, “And Victoria’s favourite school is still Sankt Michaelis! Traitor! Not Beeps or U-A!”


Victoria choked a little, waving her hand at her friend. “D-Don’t say such things in front of U-A people!”


“It’s true though!” Annette insisted.


She looked away. “I’m becoming temporarily American to plead the fifth.”


“Can you even have a tri-national passport?” Hizashi wondered loudly on purpose, smirking at her.


“What kind of friendship is this?” His fellow English teacher narrowed her eyes at him, getting snickers.


“A true one!” All Might boomed, putting his hand into a strong fist. “The flames of friendship burn bright in you all!” He laughed loudly as they booed him for the cheesiness.


The dog lady spoke up cheerfully, “It’s for a good cause, though! If Bletchley Park students leave, no go, uh go-” Victoria filled in the word for Annette quietly, “Truant, then it’s down to the other students in class to find clues of where they are! If you don’t, do you deserve to be in a school about information gathering? Your student score goes low, then maybe too low, you get kicked out! So, I used Eric and Victoria to go travel. Stayed near top of the class the whole seven to eight years with many vacations, haha!”


Victoria had been murmuring the translation to Eric, who was chuckling and nodding.


“Eight?” Midoriya gawked.


“Yes, all UK kids finish required or mandatory schooling at sixteen. Secondary begins at ages ten to eleven, so you have five years normal education, then two in college if you want though pretty much everyone does it, and university for three or four after that. With Bletchley, the first five years are more for information techniques, Quirk training, and martial arts practise,” Victoria spoke, looking to Annette listening and nodding as she chewed on rice, “Programming, forensic studies, and cypher-breaking, that sort of thing. The Heroics come in at the end of mandatory studying, where the bodies are considered to be in puberty and can be pushed hard and heavy because Quirks are most… malleable, let’s go with.”


“Ohhh.” The green-haired lad nodded, fascinated, eyes practically glimmering. “That’s so cool! I wish we had something like that!”


Annette pulled her golden Labrador ears down. “That place was mean. U-A seems much nicer.”


“Mean?” Izuku wondered, leaning forward.


Victoria rubbed her lower lip. “How to say this? It’s all about digging up information on each other, spying, undermining others, negotiation tactics. It’s a harsh taskmaster, but the statement that gets put forth is if you get the worst at home, the rest of the world is a breeze to deal with.” An unhappy Annette nodded, exhausted and Victoria gave her a rueful smile. “Beeps Academy is harsh. The school may be for Heroes training, but it’s definitely more for dealing with law and policing side of Heroics. Gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelette. Don’t you have those information books on Heroes you make?”


“Show, show, show!” Annette’s tails wagged hard, brightening up.


Nodding, he showed one he had on him in his pocket, a bit bashful. “Here.”


Victoria, who had Annette next to her, opened it up, with Annette ‘Oooohing’ over it.


“Yes! You’d so get accepted to Bletchley Park!” Annette read as best she could. “Many leeches, though. Hey!” Victoria took it back and gave it over. “I wanted to reaaad!”


The teacher eyed her. “You’ve employed enough tactics on the boy for one evening, I should think.”


It got her a sheepish grin. “Maybe.”


“She looks so puppy like it works, but don’t let it fool you.” A grey stare locked on widely grinning dog-woman. “She still graduated about the top of her year from such a school as Beeps.”


“Says the one who’s my friend. Who just decided to infiltrate schools for the hell of it?”


“I learnt from the best, what are you on about?”


They stared at each other and then turned to their friend, “Eric!” And begin a mad torrent of English, which left Hizashi snickering into his hand as the three debated hard.


The Voice Hero turned to the two Japanese speakers, “They’re just being good friends! Lots of fun points made! Apparently he was still getting used to his Quirk and got them lost a lot in Europe, which left Annette teaching Victoria some flirting techniques she learnt from their school so the girls could get directions, meals, and booze from unsuspecting men, at fifteen, I think?”


Victoria turned to him, “Fourteen to eighteen, and hey, don’t think bad on us, think bad on the fully-grown men trying to get clearly underaged fifteen-year-old girls drunk. One wonders why? The very least we could do is get free food from the scummy pricks.” She turned back to the mini-debate, chiming in with something.


The other four had grimaces on their faces, thinking of their students, and Midoriya his friends.


Soon enough, most of the food was demolished, with Eric and Present Mic playing with the guitars and beginning an impromptu karaoke night, Annette and All Might belting tunes out. Victoria was putting away food as Shouta had taken Deku back to the Dorms. The next couple hours were filled with some drinks, lots of music, and a few tubs of ice cream before Eric conked out on the sofa. It signalled the end of the night, and the three teachers left.


Shouta took the moment to grasp her hand before he left. “You’ve energetic friends.”


She smiled up at him, tired but happy. “It only makes me fonder of you, you know.”


“Hm.” He kissed her softly, parting with a, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”


“Until then.”


A thought occurred before he turned and left. “Did you… use any flirting techniques on me?”


Victoria paused and gave a sheepish look to him. “Only one or two. Nothing sinister. Just a few ways to draw your eyes to certain body parts of mine.” She brushed hair over his shoulder. “Like that was supposed to make you look at my neck.” She rubbed her exposed neck, and winked at him. “Just little things like that.”


Pleased, he smiled softly. “I see. Good. I like to look.”


A bit embarrassed, she remarked gently, “I’m glad your eyes are on me.”


Shouta looked at her for a moment, happy, at peace, taking her in, and then with a nod, he left.