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His Forever

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Eijirou woke to calloused hands rubbing over his swollen stomach, the tender touches helping soothe away aches he hadn’t even realized were there. He sighed and rolled his head to face his mate. His alpha always smelled so good, but during the last few months, as Eijirou had grown larger and larger, Katsuki’s scent had become increasingly strong and comforting. He loved it, and he yearned to press his nose against his mate’s scent gland and breathe in every last whiff of that wonderful odor.

The warm smell of sweet caramel with a hint of vanilla and an edge of spice, like a campfire, wafted around him, cradling him and keeping him in a comfortable head space. He loved it, and he let it hold him like an invisible, warm hug.

Katsuki had been scenting him more and more in the mornings, doing his best to help Eijirou fight the initial nausea of waking up. It helped him relax in other ways, too. His body ached everywhere, but it wasn’t a terrible pain. Just a long, internal soreness that resulted from being so heavily pregnant for so long.

They were having twins, and their babies would be coming in less than a few weeks. Eijirou was both ready for them to be out and not at all ready to be a parent.

His alpha rolled closer and kissed down his neck, starting from his jaw and pausing to suckle lightly at his swollen, sensitive scent gland. Like his chest, it had become inflamed, and every little touch sent an ache of pleasure through him. It was strange how soreness could feel so good. But really, he only liked it when Katsuki touched him there. Doctors touching his scent gland just irritated him; when Katsuki did, though, it was like he was tracing his fingers over a deep, intimate part of Eijirou so tenderly that it made his heart swell with affection.

Eijirou rolled over and dipped his head to capture Katsuki’s lips. They tasted like mint, and he pulled away, chuckling softly. “Already been up?”

“Yeah,” he muttered, red gaze hazy with adoration. “C’mon. I’ll help you get ready.”

He hummed as Katsuki’s hands slid around to his swollen chest. He lightly twirled and pinched Eijirou’s nipples, a small squirt of milk dribbling from his right teat. While he’d never have huge breasts like a female omega, Eijirou’s chest was rather plump. He liked it well enough, and so did Katsuki. He’d spent the last few months praising and kissing Eijirou’s chest when they were alone as his pecs became rounder and plumper.

It had helped so much. Eijirou was considering having another pup after their twins were born, just so that he could enjoy more of those soft words and light kisses.

His mate’s hips rolled forward, and his hard, thick cock rubbed against Eijirou’s ass as he continued kissing down Eijirou’s neck to his shoulder.

“Thought you were gonna help me get ready,” he teased breathlessly. His mate’s scent and affection were doing things to his mind, making it hard for him to concentrate. They had a doctor’s appointment in a few hours; they’d be discussing the babies’s current health and getting everything set up for their arrival.

Katsuki grumbled. “Yeah, yeah. Jus’ another minute…”

Hands rough with callouses but tender with love rolled over Eijirou’s naked, sensitive chest, and the omega lolled his head back, moaning softly. Slick had already started dripping from between his thighs, and he couldn’t help rolling backward and rubbing up against Katsuki’s thick cock again. A soft whimper followed, and his eyes fluttered shut at his alpha’s nearness and his tender touches.

Katsutki was rarely this sweet with anyone except him. Eijirou was the only one who saw his mate like this. To everyone else, Katsuki was abrasive and violent. He’d scream, “DIE!” to more than just villains, and he burned anyone who pissed him off enough. To others, he hadn’t changed much since their time at UA, but Eijirou knew the truth. He’d seen how much Katsuki had grown and matured.

Hell, even some of their friends had questioned Eijirou’s desire to not only be with and marry him, but to have kids with him. They didn’t understand because they didn’t know him like the redhead did, and honestly, Eijirou was okay with that.

He liked being the only one who saw his mate like this. He liked being the one Katsuki trusted the most to be this tender with.

The kisses returned to his scent gland, and a wet mouth ran over the small bump before a hot tongue rolled over it.

Eijirou whined again, needy, bucking his hips back and panting softly, eyes rolling closed. More slick made the room rich with the smell of wet stone and mulchy soil. He secretly loved how he smelled like warm earth and Katsuki smelled like an open bonfire toasting marshmallows. It was like their scents were made to compliment one another.

It was like they were perfect together in every way.

Katsuki’s hands worked a little harder, pumping more creamy milk from his breasts as he toyed and sucked on Eijirou’s scent gland. Finally, he pulled away, leaving the tender gland alone for the time being.

Eijirou sighed and rolled so Katsuki had access to his chest.

That beautiful, warm mouth latched to his left nipple, sucking lightly and lapping up some of the milk before he pulled away, leaning up to catch Eijirou’s lips once more.

This time, Katsuki shifted so that he was between Eijirou’s thighs, careful not to put any pressure on his round tummy. One hand massaged it gently while the other continued to rub and tease his breasts.

He loved how gentle Katsuki was, how sweet and kind his touches were, and as he felt the tip of Katsuki’s cock lightly brush over his ass and under his heavy balls, he sighed into the kiss. They weren’t supposed to penetrate this late, and Katsuki hadn’t fucked him raw for months. Not like that, anyway.

There were other ways for them to have sex, though, other ways for them to feel intimately connected.

Katsuki lifted Eijirou’s left leg, resting the calf over his shoulder and kissing up his thick, twitching thigh. He knew that his alpha had a soft spot for his thighs. He’d told Eijirou over and over again how much he loved grabbing them and biting them and kissing them. They were thick, like Eijirou’s hips and ass, but the alpha never made him feel bad about how curvy he was.

The redhead blushed at the attention like he always did, though.

His mate gathered some of Eijirou’s slick and rubbed it over his thick, long cock. It was gorgeous, and Eijirou couldn’t wait until it was inside him again. He loved his mate’s dick. It was curved just right, and it always hit his prostate when they made love. The head was fat and crimson, leaking precum already, and the cock widened in the middle, plumping beautifully. At the base, a knot was already starting to form, and the omega whimpered, his hole clenching around nothing as he yearned for the knot to be inside him.

Katsuki hummed and kissed up Eijirou’s hips and round stomach. He paused to press extra gentle kisses over the tender navel and around the underside.

Then, he moved lower again, and Eijirou whined as wet heat wrapped around his small, leaking cock. His dick twitched at the attention, and when Katsuki fondled his balls, he gasped, head smacking back into the pillows.

“Alpha,” he moaned. “F-feels good…”

Katsuki hummed around his cock, vibrations stirring all the way up his groin and through his aching, needy balls. The vibrations thrummed in his womb and up inside his stomach and chest. He even felt it in his nipples, a light, fuzzy sensation that made him gasp.

Eijirou reached up and toyed with his aching, sore nipples, hoping that his own touch might help. It wasn’t as nice as Katsuki’s, and it didn’t relieve pressure in the same way, but he still enjoyed it. Milk pearled on his nipples and dripped down his round chest. He rolled his head back and tried to thrust up into the sucking warmth and rolling, soft tongue that were slowly breaking him down.

His alpha pulled off his cock and kissed a wet trail up to his breasts. He groaned and whined again at the loss of pleasure. He hadn’t been close, but he had been enjoying it.

Then, Katsuki gripped his cock in a slick-soaked hand, his own thicker dick rubbing against Eijirou’s.

The omega’s eyes rolled back, and his mouth worked wordlessly as his mate slowly thrust into his wet hand. Their cocks slid against one another, a beautiful song of pleasure ringing through his mind and up his body. His toes curled, calves tensing and relaxing as Katsuki suckled his milk and thrust against him.

The hand not stroking them both off slipped between his thighs, and suddenly, Eijirou felt fingers push inside him. He clenched around them immediately, gasping as the need to be filled was sated--not entirely, but enough. It helped. Having Katsuki’s fingers inside him helped calm the part of the omega that yearned for his alpha’s cock in that moment.

It wouldn’t be the same, but that was okay.

In some ways, it was better.

Katsuki’s fingers curled forward, and Eijirou’s mouth opened in a stuttered, silent gasp. A reedy moan escaped his lips as his mate zeroed in on his prostate and rubbed it. He knew exactly where it was after so many years together, and he knew the best way to stimulate Eijirou. Slow, even strokes over the sensitive bundle of nerves had the redhead writhing and whining and begging in soft, wordless whimpers for release.

His alpha didn’t exactly ignore him, but he did slow down, taking his time and unraveling Eijirou bit by torturous bit.

Then his alpha moved over to his other tit and lapped at the aching, red nipple. The feeling of his tongue rubbing and rolling over the tender, swollen nipple made Eijirou keen, high and loud.

The alpha hummed and latched on there as well, sucking out sweet milk and moaning against his chest as he fucked against Eijirou’s cock. Wet slapping filled the room as Katsuki’s heavy balls swung forward and back, hitting Eijirou’s own aching testicles.

God, his mate felt so fucking good.

The moan vibrated in his groin, too, sending waves of tingling pleasure through the omega and making his body tremble with silent need for release.

He was close, so damn close. Katsuki’s mouth kept working him, kept sucking and licking and loving him in ways that no one else would ever see or know about. This was their secret, and Eijirou treasured it.

His mind tingled, and he moaned again as Katsuki thrust against his cock faster and faster, soft slpas echoing all around them, his fingers rubbing against his prostate again and again, moving harder, firmer, faster. He gasped and writhed, grabbing the sheets and trying to ground himself as the heat burning low in his groin boiled to a white-hot crescendo.

Eijirou cried out, a wordless, senseless scream, as he came, his orgasm ripping through him and making everything inside glow like the sun. Pleasure-filled warmth rolled through him as his orgasm pulsed again and again, and he whined at the end of his cry. Slick drenched the bed under his ass.

Katsuki moaned against his chest again as he stuttered, his hips failing in their rhythm as he reached his own peak. Hot cum spurted across Eijirou’s pregnant stomach, whipping up and arcing across his heavy tits.

Eijirou opened his mouth, inhaling the tangy smell of his mate’s semen. He loved being coated in it, and another orgasm surged through him, slick leaking from his ass as he groaned out Katsuki’s name.

His alpha panted and leaned in, tracing soft kisses over Eijirou, who sighed and pulled his mate close, capturing his lips. They tasted creamy and rich, and he lingered in the kiss, letting himself get lost in the closeness of their afterglow. Their tongues rubbed and explored and traced one another, and Eijirou smiled, so in love that he ached.

Katsuki finally broke away, breathing against his lips a soft, “I love you, Ei.”

“Love you, too,” he whispered back, as if speaking too loud might fracture the intimacy of the moment.

His mate would help clean him up, and then they would shower and dress and head out to see the doctor, but for now… for now, this was perfect. Being caged by Katsuki’s strong arms and being given devoted, loving kisses was more than enough for Eijirou.

He smiled and buried his face into the crook of Katsuki’s neck, inhaling the alpha’s strong, warm scent.

This was his forever, and he couldn’t have been happier to have it.