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Go!” he snarled at you, his fingers digging into the grass and dirt underneath him. His back was hunched in a way no human’s should ever be and when he looked back up at you, laying a few feet away from him, his eyes were glowing and yellow and a shot of fear rushed through you.

You twisted your body around and pushed yourself up to your feet, hands shaking, and ran as fast as your feet could carry you. A cacophony of sounds pounded in your eardrums, ranging from the piercing howls behind you to the heavy shallow breaths you took as you sprinted. You could hear twigs snapping a short distance away from you, along with growling, and you cursed yourself for going through with the stupid dare Sooyoung had given you.

Something grabbed at your ankle and yanked. You yelped as you fell forward, barely able to brace yourself on your hands as you hit the ground hard. You screamed as you were dragged, sharp claws digging into your skin when you tried to squirm away.

Your body froze when you felt hot breath on the back of your neck. Your eyes were open wide, unable to shut from the fear coursing through your veins. Your heart was beating furiously against your chest and you heard sniffing and then a low growl.

A human hand with the claws of a beast slammed down beside your face and your eyes focused on the way it dug into the ground and dirt as if it were sand. Your entire body started to tremble and its other hand yanked your hair away from your neck.

Swallowing, you turned your head farther to the side and got a peek at the creature. It was the same man you’d seen earlier, but he looked like something out of a TV show or a Young Adult novel. His mouth was parted to show sharp teeth, his eyes were glowing yellow, and his ears had tufts of brown fur extending from the tips. Tears sprung to your eyes as his head cocked to the side, hand moving gentler on the back of your neck.

“Mine,” he growled, voice almost human. “Mine.”

Too afraid to speak, you said nothing. You only stared, helpless underneath this beast of a man that leaned down to nose at where your neck met your shoulder. His mouth parted and his tongue pressed down on your skin, hot and wet. You were already sweating from the heat that even the night air couldn’t cool down, and his body heat on top of you was sweltering. You felt dizzy.

Then his teeth sunk into the flesh of your neck and you tried to gasp in a choking breath. His jaw clamped shut and your limbs jolted, pain searing through your throat and down your arm. The tears fell from your eyes onto the grass and you dug your fingers into the dirt, unable to move as he pinned you down.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally released you and blood dripped down your shoulder onto the ground. He swiped his tongue across the bite mark and you winced at the burn. Then his head whipped up to the side and his eyes narrowed, a growl rumbling in his chest so intensely that you could feel the vibrations.

And he took off into the shadows of the trees, leaving you lying on the ground shaking and confused. You pushed yourself up shakily, whimpering at the throb in your neck. You hissed and got up to your feet unsteadily, walking slowly back the way you had come, hoping that you’d find Sooyoung in her car at the entrance of the preserve soon. Black dots filled your vision and your knees wobbled the longer you walked.

And you crumpled onto the ground, limp, eyes rolling back in your head.


Your eyes snapped open and you sat up with a gasp, heart pounding. You were warm and comfortable, looking down to see yourself in a bed. You could hear the sounds of laughter faintly from somewhere outside. Shaking, you removed the blanket from your legs and started to set your feet on the wooden floor.

The door slammed open and you saw the man from before, but he looked more human than that night. Your heart nearly stopped in your chest and you inched backwards, lifting your feet back up to the bed.

“Don’t scream,” he started, eyes wide and hands up. “I’m Taehyung. I brought you back to my family’s house last night and you’re completely fine.”

“What—” You struggled to speak, your throat closing up. Clearing your throat a few times, you kept your eyes on him as you tried again. “What are you?”

Taehyung’s lips pursed and he took a hesitant step forward. “I’ll explain everything, I promise. Just come downstairs and have something to eat first.”

He continued forward until he was right beside your bed and then he offered you his hand. You bit your lip and slipped your hand into his, letting him lift you from the bed. A dull throb started in your neck and your chest brushed against his as you lost your balance, looking at him with your own wide eyes. He kept a firm grasp of your hand and he watched you with a face you couldn’t read. You could hear your heartbeat in your ears and the ache in your neck was almost unbearable.

You released his hand quickly, taking a step back and swallowing. He cleared his throat quietly and then gestured for you to walk with him, holding the door open for you when the two of you reached it. He kept a hand on the small of your back as the two of you walked down the hallway and down the stairs.

“Taehyung!” a voice yelled as the two of you came into view. “Is that her? That’s your mate?”

Your eyes were wide, taking in what seemed to be fifty people in a living room and kitchen. You knew it had to be less than that, but there were so many of them, and most of them looked similar to Taehyung.

“Shut up,” he hissed, giving you a concerned look. “I haven’t explained it yet!”

He led you over to the kitchen, where an older woman fussed over you and helped you to sit. Taehyung stayed beside you, towering over you as who you assumed to be his mother brought breakfast over to you.

“Tae, give her space,” the woman that had spoken earlier scolded. “She doesn’t need you breathing down her throat.”

He snapped his teeth at the woman and you narrowed your eyes; who the hell were these weird people? He put a hand on the back of your chair and then sat down in the one beside you, staying close. “When you found your mate you couldn’t keep your paws off of her, Jisoo,” he huffed. “I don’t need to be told off by you of all people.”

You started to eat slowly, eyeing Taehyung as he made faces at the woman in the living room. “So,” you said quietly. “Are you going to explain now?”

There was a beat of silence and then everyone seemed to suddenly get busy. They all murmured to themselves and then stood up, hurrying out to the backyard where you could see kids playing in the grass through the glass door.

“We’ll give you some privacy,” his mother said gently, patting your arm comfortingly.

Once everyone was outside and it was only the two of you inside, the air felt hotter. You could feel sweat building on the back of your neck and you continued to eat tiredly, watching him from the corner of your eye as he squirmed uncomfortably.

“Last night was—” He cut himself off, biting his bottom lip and not meeting your eyes. “My family and I, we’re—werewolves.” You stopped moving completely, watching him with narrowed eyes. Was he serious? “And you—you’re my mate.”

“Are you jok—”

Taehyung held up his hands, interrupting you hurriedly. “I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth! You saw how I looked last night and you have the mark now to prove it. No human could have done that to you.” You pursed your lips, the heat barely letting you come up with a valid counterargument. “I’m really sorry about that. Usually mating is… Not like that at all. I don’t know what came over me.”

You stood up, the sound of the chair dragging against the wooden floors stopping Taehyung. He looked up at you in confusion. “I think I’m going to go,” you told him blankly, starting to make your way toward the door.

He caught up with you easily, grabbing your elbow and spinning you around. You let out a small squeak when you bumped into his chest. The spot where he had bitten you started to throb again and you bit the inside of your cheek, looking at him with wide eyes.


“I really want to leave,” you said quietly, twisting your arm out of his grasp. He released you with an empty look on his face. “Please stop.”

“At least let me take you back,” he said quietly. “You don’t know the way and you don’t have a car.”

You sighed and nodded your head, moving away from him. You saw him swallow and then he walked past you toward the front door, lightly kicking your shoes to the side so you could see them. You rushed to put them on, noticing how he stood with his back to you even after he opened the door and stood on the porch. Following after him, you could still hear the sounds of the kids on the other side of the house.

The two of you got in the car silently and he started to drive through the trees. You would never have gotten in a car with a stranger like this, but something about him comforted you and you knew he wouldn’t hurt you.

Once the two of you were back on the town road, you decided to strike up a conversation. “Werewolves, huh?” you asked, the hint of a smile on your face.

He chuckled in response. “Yeah. Werewolves.”

“So do you have enhanced senses, then?” you prodded.

Taehyung nodded. “Yeah, I do. For instance…” he trailed off, eyes darting to you for a split second before returning to the road. “I can hear your heartbeat. And I can smell the grass and sweat on your body.” At his words, you swallowed and felt like the car had gotten ten times smaller. Your heart pounded roughly against your chest. “I can smell my scent on you.” His last words were barely louder than a whisper and you took in a shuddering breath.

“Take a right here,” you mumbled, pointing weakly at the four stop.

He did so without a word, the atmosphere suddenly heavy and hot inside the car.

“So,” you started softly. “What’s all this mate stuff about?”

Taehyung took a deep breath and you saw his knuckles tighten around the steering wheel. “We all have a mate, but we don’t always find them. And they’re not usually… human.” He gave you a look that you couldn’t read. “I’m sorry about what I did to you. Claiming should never be like that.” You gnawed on your bottom lip as he spoke. “You’re my mate, I knew it the second I smelled you. Usually I can—I can control the wolf. But yesterday I couldn’t and when I smelled your scent, my wolf went wild with the need to claim you.”

“So you did.”

He sighed. “So I did. But I haven’t, um—” Taehyung cleared his throat and shifted awkwardly. “I haven’t fully claimed you.”

Your brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“We have to—” He groaned and stopped talking, pinching the bridge of his nose for a moment with his free hand. You could see his cheeks getting darker. “For me to fully claim you, we’d have to…”

“We’re here,” you blurted, pointing at your house.

He seemed to be relieved at your interruption, pulling up to your house and unlocking the doors. You knew he wasn’t going to elaborate any further and you had a sinking suspicion that you knew what he was going to say, so you didn’t press him for anymore information.

“Thanks,” you said instead. “For driving me back.”

“No problem,” he replied. “I’ll see you.”

You got out of the car and waved at him. He waved back, but his car remained parked as you went up to the door. You found your keys still miraculously in your pocket and you unlocked your front door, turning to see him still watching you. Waving again, you started to close the door. Taehyung’s car finally pulled away from your house and you shut the door completely, letting out a breath and locking it behind you.

It wasn’t until you dropped onto your bed and reached over for your phone that you realized you didn’t have it.


“Stupid house in the middle of the stupid woods,” you mumbled to yourself, groaning as you almost stumbled over a tree root. The sun was already starting to set and you had no idea where you were. You were, in every aspect of the word, an idiot. “Who the fuck lives in the middle of the woods? Oh, right, werewolves do. Because there’s a whole fucking family of fucking werewolves and I forgot my stupid fucking phone and decided it was a good idea to come by myself to look for the stupid house.”

“You know we can all hear you, right?”

You screamed, whirling around to defend yourself—with what, you had no clue. Seeing Taehyung stood before you, a smirk on his face, made you breathe out with relief.

“Thank God,” you said, walking over to him. “I think my phone is at your place.”

“It is,” he replied. “You’re really one of a kind.”

“An idiot, you mean,” you told him, gesturing forward. “Lead the way, please. My feet are killing me.”

“I can give you a piggyback ride back,” he mused. “It’s a bit of a walk.”

Your cheeks felt hot and you hesitated, feet aching and begging you to take him up on the offer.

“I have superhuman strength, remember?” he asked, crouching down. “It’ll be fine. Just hop on.”

You did as he said, situating yourself on his back and holding in a squeal when he stood straight, grabbing you by your thighs. Your arms wrapped tighter around his shoulders, making sure you didn’t choke him as he started to walk. The relief from resting your feet was almost immediate.

“So you heard me complaining and came out to find me?” you asked quietly, his hair tickling your cheek.

“Mhm,” he answered. “I could feel you, too,” he continued. “Since we’re mates and I gave you the mark. I knew you were close before anyone else noticed.”

“Did that spare me any humiliation?”

Taehyung laughed, a soft sound from his chest. Your heart started to beat faster and you hugged him a little tighter. “Not exactly.” You huffed in response, garnering another laugh from him. “I left right as they started to hear you yelling about the, and I quote, ‘stupid trees.’”

The two of you laughed quietly together for a few moments and then it drifted off into a comfortable silence. You rested your chin on Taehyung’s shoulder and couldn’t help but stare at his profile. You believed everything he told you; what else could explain the warm comfort you felt every time you were with him?

Before long the enormous house appeared in front of you. Taehyung continued to carry you inside, kicking the door shut with his foot. You saw the curious eyes of his family members, all watching the two of you with knowing looks. You tried to hide your face as much as you could behind him, embarrassed.

“We’ll be upstairs,” Taehyung told his family, quickly making his way up the stairs without waiting for their answers. You felt a sense of calmness flood through you as the two of you went into what you assumed was his bedroom.

You waited until he shut the door to speak. “Is that part of it?” you asked.

He helped you slide back down to the floor and gave you a confused look. “Is what part of what?”

“The… feelings,” you said, unsure of yourself. “Can we feel each other’s feelings because of the mate thing?”

Taehyung nodded, going over to his nightstand and grabbing your phone. “Yeah. The bond lets us share what we’re feeling. It’s kind of weak right now because we haven’t—” He cut himself off quickly, looking bashfully at you.

“I want you to do it,” you said, voice soft but firm.

“You want me to…” he trailed off, giving you a serious look. You nodded. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

In the next instant, Taehyung’s lips were pressed to yours in a kiss so intense it nearly knocked you off your feet. His arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you flush against him, teeth nipping your bottom lip. You opened your mouth and he slid his tongue inside, claiming your mouth.

As he kissed you messily, he pulled you over to his bed and pushed you down against it, following after you and towering over your body. You let out a shaky breath, arousal already pooling in your panties. His palm was gripping your breast from over your shirt, a growl building in his throat at the fabric preventing him from feeling your skin.

“Can they—” You stopped talking, gasping as Taehyung ripped your shirt open and tore it off of your body, dropping it to the floor. “Can they hear us?”

His mouth trailed kisses down your throat, biting down harshly and making you moan. You felt his fingers press into your back, finding the clasp of your bra and undoing it roughly. Pulling the bra from your chest, he tossed it to the floor as he had done with your now ruined shirt. “No,” he mumbled, licking at the bite on your neck where he’d bitten you that night. “All our rooms are soundproof.”

“Good,” you breathed, pulling at the hem of his shirt and yanking it up his body. He pulled away from you briefly to help you get it off and then he was back at your neck, biting and sucking the flesh into his mouth. “Because I want you to fuck me so hard I can’t think of anything else.”

“Fuck,” he growled, biting down on the other side of your neck, peppering it with kisses after. “You have such a dirty mouth, you know that?”

“Wanna see what it does?” you teased, undoing his belt buckle.

“Another time,” he said. “Right now, I need—” Groaning, he kicked his pants off and took one of your breasts in his hand, squeezing the flesh. “I need to be inside you.” His mouth never stopped its movements on your neck as he started to tug your pants off of your legs along with your panties.

He wasted no time once you were completely bare underneath him, using his hands to spread your legs wide for him. One of his hands slid to your pussy immediately, fingers teasing your clit as arousal pooled out of you. You arched your back and he slid two fingers inside you, twisting them around. His thumb pressed into your clit and rubbed harshly.

He leaned back down and wrapped his lips around one of your nipples, fingers still working incessantly inside of you. You rocked your hips up into his hand, moaning as your pleasure built up inside of you. You clenched tight around his fingers as your orgasm washed over you, grabbing his hair with one hand and pushing him closer into your chest.

Taehyung slipped his fingers out of you and pumped his cock with his sticky hand, spreading your slick over the length. Barely moving away from your breasts, he guided himself to your folds and rubbed the head of his cock up and down before pushing in. You gasped at the girth, the stretch as he buried his cock inside of you burning deliciously.

You clenched sporadically around him, repeating his name like a mantra as he started to thrust shallowly. When he surmised that you’d adjusted to him enough, he started to fuck you into the mattress, the entire bed shaking from the power of his thrusts. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders to hold him close as his cock dragged against your walls, the bite mark on your neck and shoulder almost burning.

“Taehyung—please,” you begged, crying out for something. You could feel him everywhere, inside of you, all around you, and you couldn’t get enough of it. Something snapped inside your body and sizzled through your bloodstream.

“You’re so good for me,” he grunted, pounding into you at an inhuman speed. It hurt but it hurt so good and you wanted more. “Such a good human mate, taking me the way you were meant to.”

“Please, please, please—”

He fucked into you harder, so hard that you were sure there were going to be bruises later and you couldn’t bring yourself to care. Everything around you was spinning and you were feeling too many things all at once that it was making you dizzy.

“I’m going to fill you up so good and you’ll have my pups, won’t you?” Delirious, you nodded frantically, rocking your hips up and attempting to meet his movements, even though it was a futile effort. His cock slammed into your g-spot repeatedly, the girth and length of it allowing him to reach spots inside of you that no other man had ever touched. “You’ll look so good, swollen with my pups and ready to burst. And everyone will know who put them inside of you, who fucked you until you couldn’t breathe anymore.”

You came with a shout, clenching around him completely as you released. The pressure that was building had finally snapped and the mark burned so hot that you were left whimpering, rolling your hips and spreading your thighs farther to chase that ecstasy as you rode out your high.

Taehyung drilled into you for a few more strokes and then his hips were stuttering as he came. He groaned loudly, leaning down and pressing his lips to your neck, licking the sweat that was gathering there.

But then something weird happened.

Your eyes snapped open as Taehyung’s cock started to get bigger inside of you. You tried to push away for a moment, looking down between the two of you at where you were connected. The werewolf shushed you, bringing a hand up to stroke your hair comfortingly.

“It’s okay, sweetheart, it’s normal,” he mumbled, sounding completely fucked out. You winced and then cried out as it expanded, and you were positive that his werewolf cock was going to tear you apart. Then his cock was spurting come inside of you while tears fell from your eyes, the pain almost unbearable. Taehyung grunted while he released, his seed filling you up until there was no more room for it and you felt completely full.

His fingers continued to play with your hair, tugging it playfully every now and then as he pressed kisses to your neck and mumbled sweet nothings. Eventually the pain ebbed away and you breathed out a sigh, the bite on your neck throbbing lightly. You could feel Taehyung content and happy as the two of you were stuck together and it eased your own anxiousness until you were used to the feeling.

“We’re going to be like this for a while,” he said softly.

“How long is a while?” you asked.

“Dunno.” He propped himself up on his elbows and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips, smiling sweetly down at you. “But now we’re officially mates.”

Your shy smile was slow and wide, and you had no desire to hide from him as he looked down at you