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Cadet Ashayam

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Jim Kirk was late to meet a young woman he’d been set up with. It wasn’t something he had been looking forward to, honestly, but the woman was the daughter of a friend of his mother’s and Jim’s mom had been pestering him in messages to get it over with.

“If you don’t like her, you won’t have to see her again. Oh, but she’s so sweet. And beautiful. You’ll just love her.”

Yeah, sure. Jim sighed.

So he was dashing down the corridor in the science building, using it as a shortcut actually, to get across campus faster and to the coffee place where Denise was supposed to be waiting.

Commander Marius was coming out of an office to the side. She stopped when she spotted Jim.

“Cadet Kirk.”

“Commander.” He knew it would be rude not to stop.

“Have you seen Commander Spock?”

Jim wished. He had a big time crush on the Vulcan. Unrequited, unfortunately.

“No, ma’am.”

She sighed. “If you happen to, tell him Pike wants to see him. I can’t find him anywhere.”

“Will do.” He watched her continue down the hall and out of the science building. It was the middle of the day, so Jim assumed no one thought Spock would have simply gone home, but it was Jim’s experience, you just never knew. With a shrug, he continued on.

“Mister Kirk.”

Jim stopped, turned around, and looked. He saw no one. He made to keep walking.


What the hell? No one called him that, except his mother, and Bones when he was trying to be funny. Oh, and that asshole, Finnegan. Suddenly an arm shot out, grabbed him and pulled him through an open door.

“Hey! What—”

Holding on to him was Commander Spock, dressed, rather sloppily, in his black instructor uniform.

“Is she gone?”

Jim stared at him, dumbfounded, trying to wrap his brain around the fact Spock had just called him ‘Jimmy’. “Who?”


“Oh. Yeah. She went back that way. Did you want me to—?”

No. I cannot see her right now. Or Captain Pike.”

Jim angled his head. “Are you all right?”

“Negative. I received a gift today and…has anyone ever advised you that your eyes are the most amazing color? Like the ocean. I could stare into them for hours.”

“Uh. Well. As-as flattering as that is, um, what?”

Spock clutched him, drawing him over to Spock’s desk. “A gift. I received this.” He pointed.

“An empty box?”

“Yes. No.” Spock drew Jim closer and put his arm around Jim. Jim’s heart was actually thundering hard in his chest. “There are so many different shades of blue in your irises.”

Jim licked his lips. “Um. The box?”

“It was chocolate,” Spock blurted out loudly. Then dropped his voice to a whisper. “A box of chocolates. Sent by my mother. I was not to indulge in them at school, however, I-I found myself tempted.”

“Your mom sent you chocolates?”

“For my birthday. Yes. They are tradition between us because I am almost as fond of them as I am of you, but I wasn’t to eat them here. But I had one and before I knew it, I had…eaten them all.”

Jim blew out a breath. Spock blew back at him. It wasn’t funny. Okay it was. And Jim couldn’t help it. He laughed. “You’re drunk, huh?”

“It is not exactly drinking. It is…under the influence. But not drunk. Not the way you get drunk, certainly, ashayam.”

Jim laughed again. “I swear you are cuter than anyone I’ve ever met in my life.”

“The feeling is quite mutual, I assure you.” Spock blew on Jim’s face again. “I need you to see that I make it safely to my apartment without incident or dire circumstances, Cadet Ashayam.”

Shoot. He was supposed to be meeting Dianne or Denise, honestly, he’d forgotten which it was. But taking care of Spock before he became irreparably embarrassed was surely more important. He supposed he could contact one of Spock’s friends, but, well, Jim was already here, wasn’t he?”

“Okay, yeah. I think it’s definitely best to get you home. You can deal with Pike tomorrow.”

Spock was now staring at him, looking straight into Jim’s eyes. “I very much desire to kiss you.”

“Well. Again. I’m flattered. Really. But right now you aren’t thinking like yourself.”

“You do not want to kiss me?”

“Beyond belief,” Jim admitted. “But you’re under the influence and saying stuff you don’t mean, and I’m going to make sure you get home. Okay?”

“Very well, Cadet Ashayam.”

Jim walked with him to the door of the office. He wondered where Spock was hiding when Marius came to look for him, but decided not to ask, he’d let Spock have his secrets. He peered out.

“Looks like the coast is clear,” he announced.

“Then the clouds that came in earlier have dissipated?” Spock asked.

Jim choked. “Yeah. Yeah, honey. Come on.”

“Wait.” Spock clutched his collar.


“You called me honey. Did that not warrant we engage in kissing?”

“No. Come on. And stop distracting me with your cuteness.” Jim got Spock into the corridor and then moved with him quickly down the hallway to the exit door. He pushed the door open and hurried them outside.

Spock tilted his head up to look up at the sky. “You are wrong, Jimmy. The clouds are still here.”

He chuckled. “So, they are. Let’s go, Commander.”

He knew where Spock lived. Not because he’d been stalking him or anything. But well…there’d been a time or two when he’d considered just knocking on Spock’s apartment door and saying, “Hey, do you wanna?” More eloquently, of course.

So he managed to get the Vulcan professor down the street and to his apartment building without much trouble. Spock almost fell into an open manhole once, but Jim pulled him back.

“You saved me,” Spock said, staring in awe at Jim.

“Well. Um. You know.” Jim knew he was blushing. Stupid fair skin. He hustled Spock away from that scene and to the building. Spock lived on the fourth floor, so Jim got them into the lift and up to that floor. “Door fob?”

Spock held out his hand but when Jim went to take it, Spock closed his hand over Jim’s. He wrapped his index and middle fingers around Jim’s. “We are now kissing.”

Jim’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“A Vulcan kiss,” Spock said somewhat breathlessly.

Jim laughed and rolled his eyes. “Come on. Behave. You are so going to hate yourself in the morning.” He snatched the fob and opened the door, pulling Spock through and into the apartment. The lights came on with the movement.

He brought Spock over to the sofa.

“Sit down. I’ll make you some tea and then you’re going to sleep it off. How long does this usually last anyway?”

“Only a few hours.”

“Good. I just need to send a message to someone and then I’ll make your tea. You stay there.”

He took out his PADD and went into Spock’s kitchen to get the water ready for tea. While he waited he sent a message off to Denise, that was it, to tell her he was sorry he couldn’t make it, and he’d be unable to reschedule.

Because well…he hoped there was a reason he couldn’t.

He finished the tea and brought it out to the living room, but Spock was already asleep on the couch. Jim shrugged. He could just leave, he guessed, since Spock was out. But well, he didn’t want to, and maybe someone should keep an eye on Spock anyway.

So he sat in a chair nearby and decided to study. He drank the tea. It was kind of weird, but not bad. And when Spock woke up later, Jim hoped he’d be glad to see him. 

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Jim woke staring at the ceiling. He frowned. Wait. This was not the ceiling of his bedroom, yet he was clearly lying in a bed.

“What the…?”

He had not gone out last night. He should not and would not be in someone’s…

Jim sat up quickly, looking around. He was alone, but he didn’t recognize his surroundings at all. He looked at the fancy chronometer watch his mother had presented him with his last birthday.

It was twenty hundred hours. That was super early to be…


Shoot. He was in Spock’s bed, wasn’t he? But there was no way he’d done anything with Spock.

Jim scrambled up. “Spock? Professor?”

No answer. But the lights in the room came on when he rose from the bed.

He turned to the closet in the room. Opened it and peered in at several neatly pressed black instructor uniforms as well as Vulcan robes.

Eyes wide, Jim left the bedroom, glad he was still fully dressed at least. The apartment appeared to be empty, but his PADD had been laid on the coffee table in front of the sofa Jim had left Spock sleeping on earlier.

There appeared to be a sheet of paper resting on it. Jim hurried over. It was a note. In very precise, neat handwritten writing.

I apologize for my quick departure, but I had an appointment I found necessary to keep. You fell asleep in the chair and since it appeared your required significant rest, I chose not to wake you. I will return soon. Help yourself to the contents of the refrigerator or the replicator, should you choose.

Signed simply “Spock.”

Jim smiled. Apparently, Spock’s drunkenness, if that’s what it was, had finished and he was now quite clearly back to himself. But instead of kicking Jim out as Jim would have expected, he had carried Jim into his bedroom and deposited him into bed. And, as Jim recalled, he’d been covered by a blanket.

And even stranger was that Spock didn’t seem to want Jim to leave.

Picking up his actual PADD, Jim saw that he had a message from his mother that simply said, “How’d it go?”

With a sigh, he hit the button to contact her. Might as well get it over with.

“Jim!” Her smiling face appeared. She wouldn’t be smiling for long, he guessed.

“Hi Mom.”


“Well. I was unable to meet Dinah.”


“Yeah. Her. Sorry.”

Her smile changed to a frown. “You stood her up?”

“No, no. I sent her a message saying I couldn’t make it. Something came up that needed my attention.”

“Oh.” She sighed. “I guess you can reschedule. Where are you? That’s not your place.”

“Friend’s. And no, Mom, not going to reschedule. I told Denise. Not in the stars.”

Her frown grew larger, but she gave a little shrug. “Okay. If you’re sure.”

“I am. I might…” Jim stopped. He wasn’t superstitious or anything, and maybe he was crazy thinking all that talk about his eyes and wanting to kiss him meant more than Spock intended, but well Jim didn’t think so. And there was the fact Spock had left him to stay there while he was out. At the very least that meant some kind of trust between them. But should he even mention the possibility to his mom? What if he was wrong?


And though it was his mom who spoke he found himself thinking of Spock calling him Jimmy and he shivered.

Jim cleared his throat. “I might be, um, involved with someone.”

“Since when? You weren’t when I set this up.”

“Very recently,” he replied. “Anyway, I don’t know. It’s too soon to tell and right now I should go. We’ll talk soon, okay?”


“Bye, Mom.” He disconnected, feeling quite relieved to do so. One mother hen done and the other, well, Bones could definitely wait.

He put his PADD down and went into the kitchen. Peering into the fridge, which was fairly void of anything good, Jim’s only impression was that Spock ate healthy and kept everything super neat.

Except when he got chocolates, that is. Jim smiled. He’d have to remember to get Spock some more. And it had been his birthday. Why hadn’t Jim registered that and wished Spock a happy birthday? He hadn’t really considered that Vulcans did birthdays, but he also knew Spock had a human mother.

He closed the fridge and walked over to where Spock’s replicator was placed near the edge of the kitchen. He pressed a button for a menu and perused Spock’s typical choices.

Jim was about to close it down when he heard someone near the apartment door.  He took a step toward it as the door opened to reveal Spock, once more meticulously dressed in his instructor uniform.


Spock stepped inside. “Cadet.”

Jim deflated a little at the calm, cool impersonal voice.

But then Spock walked forward. “Jim.”

He smiled. “You have a comfortable bed.”

Spock arched a brow at that. His lips curved upward, however. Jim took that as a good sign.

“Thank you for it, by the way. Um. Happy Birthday.”

“Your salutations are appreciated. It was yesterday.”

Jim nodded. “Belated then. I know it’s getting kind of late, but there’s a restaurant not far from here that serves good vegetarian choices. Would you like to go with me?”

“Perhaps another night. I had a small meal while out.”

“Okay. Well.” Jim searched for a way for the night not to end. “You feel better?”

“Much. And I am grateful for your indulgence and assistance.”

“Half a block down from here is a small bakery that’s open until twenty-three hundred. They have coffee and tea and…”


“Chocolate pastries.”

Spock blinked, closed his mouth. Then opened it so ask, whispery, hopefully, “Chocolate pastries?”

“A treat for your birthday. On me, of course.”

“I could hardly refuse such a generous offer,” Spock said softly.

Jim’s smile widened. “Shall we, then?”

He stepped close to Spock. Probably far closer than most Vulcans would tolerate, but Spock made no move to put distance between them. In fact, he lifted his hand toward Jim’s and though he nearly withdrew it again just as quickly, Jim pressed the palm of his hand to Spock’s before Spock had a chance.

He heard the sharp intake of Spock’s breath.

Spock gave a short nod. “Yes. We shall.”

He dropped his hand then and led the way out of the apartment.  

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“This is exquisite, Ashayam.” Spock popped the second bite of a dark chocolate stuffed croissant into his mouth.    

Jim’s lips twitched. Prior to that he had been given a chocolate cookie to taste at the bakery’s counter. It hadn’t taken Spock very long to become affected.

“Go easy there, Tiger.”

Spock blinked at him. “Tiger?”

“Yeah, it’s a…a…”

“Endearment,” Spock finished for him. “Yes. An unusual one, but still. I appreciate the sentiment of it.” Suddenly he lowered his lashes and looked up at Jim through them rather coyly. “I have long suspected you harbored an affection for me.”

Jim choked on a sip of coffee. “Uh. Yeah?” Lord, he sounded like an idiot. “I thought I hid it kind of well.”

Spock gave him an indulgent look as he popped more croissant into his mouth. “You hide nothing well, Jimmy. I remember a time when you were wearing a particular pair of pants and the front—”

“That’s enough of that,” Jim said quickly, snatching the pastry away from Spock, who now pouted. “Okay. You can have it back. But can we not talk about that time. I was humiliated for weeks.”

Spock took the chocolate croissant back. “I do not know why. It was quite obvious you have superior equipment.”

Jim laughed. “Seriously. You are like the cutest drunk I’ve ever met. But don’t worry, I have no intention of taking advantage of you.”

“You can.”

He shook his head. “Nah. I’ll wait until you actually realize it’s me you’re with. But you aren’t wrong. I have long thought about you.”

“I have long thought about you as well, Cadet Ashayam.”

Jim felt quite warm then and it had nothing to do with the coffee he’d been drinking. He’d chosen a simple cheese pastry for himself, but Spock had wanted two of the chocolate stuffed croissants besides sampling the cookie.

“How long have you loved chocolate?”

“Longer than I have you, I assure you,” Spock spoke around a mouthful. Jim decided to ignore the telling remark and chocked it up to not being himself. “Since a small boy. All kinds of chocolate. White, milk, dark. If it is chocolate, I am enamored. Mother received a gift of it when I was a toddler and I helped myself to several pieces.” He turned a little green. “As her story goes. Ever since…well.” Spock licked his lips. “I try not to indulge often and never in front of others.” He paused. “Until now.”

“For your birthday.”

“Yes. The chocolates were meant to be sent to my apartment but there was a mistake and it was sent to my office at the academy.”

“Ah.” Jim nodded. “That makes sense. And you couldn’t resist.”

“Quite true, Cadet Ashayam.”

Jim hid his own blush behind his raised coffee cup. “Um. I looked that up.”

“Hmm?” Spock was chewing on more pastry.



“Yeah. It means…”

“Beloved. Yes.” Spock nodded. “You had but to ask and I would have told you. I have no secrets from you.”

“Ah. Actually you kind of have. I mean, er, when were you going to tell me that you, um, liked me.” Jim thought about it. Tore off a hunk of his own Danish. “Is it because of the professor-cadet thing? Because you know, you aren’t my professor or anything. And technically it’s, you know, not against the rules.” He’d looked that up too. While Spock was out from the chocolate earlier. Before he’d fallen asleep himself, obviously.

Spock picked up a fork and waved it. “No, Jimmy. It was not that.”

That was still super weird.

“You know, no one calls me that.”

“I heard Cadet Finnegan call you Jimmy boy.”

“Cadet Finnegan is an ass.”

Spock frowned. “I do not wish to be an ass.”

Jim laughed again. “No, you aren’t. You can’t be. Well, I mean, yeah, you can be, you have this absolutely amazing resting bitch face…”

“What is ‘resting bitch face’?”

“Er, well, kind of your regular look, but you do it well, I assure you. It makes you, actually, it makes me very hot.”

“It elevates your temperature?”


“You should consider air conditioning. Or perhaps less clothing.” And at this Spock leered at him, there was no other way to describe it.

Jim cleared his throat. “You know what, Spock—”


He covered his mouth and laughed. “Yeah. Tiger. I think you’ve had enough, and we need to take you home.”

“I have half a croissant left.”

“Take it with you.”

“That is a splendid idea. Perhaps we can purchase more and…”

“No. I think that’s enough of that for now. Wrap that up. And I’ll take you home.”

Spock nodded. “Very well.” But instead of doing that, he stuffed the rest of the croissant in his mouth and chewed.

“Or you know, that.” Jim shook his head and rose from the chair, reaching down to grasp Spock’s arm to pull him up. “Come on, Tiger.”

“I find this endearment acceptable, Jim.”

His lips twitched, he linked his arm with Spock’s and led him from the bakery. “Yeah?”

“Yes, because I find I wish to get my claws into you.”

Jim burst out laughing. “You’re really funny, you know that? But I don’t want you to be embarrassed, so let’s hurry.”

Jim was glad there were no other incidents or people they ran into on the way back to Spock’s apartment. Once inside he brought Spock straight to the bedroom.

“Okay, I think it’s time you went to bed and slept it off. You need help getting ready for bed or anything?”

“No.” Spock paused. “Yes.”

“Okay. What do you need?”

“My…sleeping robe.”

Jim turned toward the closet.

“No! My pajamas. I am attempting to adapt to Earth attire.”

“Okay. Uh, where?”

Spock pointed to a dresser.

Jim opened the top drawer, which seemed to be nothing but…

Spock slammed the drawer closed.

Jim’s gaze moved away from the drawer with Spock’s underwear.

“Never mind, Cadet Ashayam. I can undress myself and put on my pajamas.”

Jim rubbed the back of his neck. “Okay. Yeah. Sure. If you don’t need anything else, I should, um, probably be…”


Jim sucked in a breath. “What?”

“Will you…stay? Platonically, of course.”

Jim met Spock’s gaze, but Spock’s dark eyes flitted away, and Jim’s stomach turned over. Spock felt ashamed. He hated that.

“Of course I will.”

Spock looked at him again. “Yes?”

He smiled. “Of course. You got anything for me to wear?”

Spock nodded. “Yes. Yes, I do. Thank you, Cadet Ashayam.”

“You are welcome, Tiger.”     

Chapter Text

Jim woke to Spock sucking on his collarbone.

For a moment his brain was fuzzy with sleep and he couldn’t figure out why anyone was sucking on his collarbone while he slept in the bed in his dorm. He had a strict rule with Bones that neither of them ever brought a lover there.

But as he turned his head, he noticed sun streaming through the blinds of a window his dorm didn’t have, and it all came back to him. He’d been sleeping in Spock’s bed and it was Spock who was sucking on him. And if that thought didn’t go straight to his groin and make his cock rise without his permission, well…

“Spock,” he squeaked.

“Good morning, Cadet Ashayam.”

Spock left his collarbone to instead suck on Jim’s lips and that’s when he tasted it.

“Wait!” Jim drew back in shock. “Chocolate.  You’ve had chocolate.”

He heard the accusation in his voice and approved of it.

Spock smiled very slightly. “Indeed.”

“How’d you get chocolate?”

“As it happened, last night, while you were engaged in texting your friend Leonard McCoy in the pastry shop, I snuck over to counter and purchased several more chocolate pastries.” The smile widened. “I have already been indulging in them for breakfast while you slept.”

“You little devil.”

Spock shrugged. “It would not be the first time the comparison had been made.”

Before Jim could respond to that, Spock was more sucking marks on Jim’s collarbone. All he could think was that it was a good thing his cadet’s uniform covered them up.

“Uh. Don’t we both have c-class?”

“It is Saturday.”

“O-okay, but you’re under the influence and I can’t take advantage of that.”

“I am taking advantage of you.”

Jim laughed. “Um. No. I mean, yes, I mean…”

“You are not interested in copulation?”

“I’m very interested. And especially copulation with you. But not while you’re, um, incapacitated.”

Spock seized Jim’s hand and brought it to Spock’s erection. “As you can see, I am not.”

“Yeah, no. Stop that.” He pulled his hand away. “Don’t be grabbing people’s hands and sticking it on your dick without permission, okay?”

Spock blinked at him, the beginning of a frown appearing.

“Look, sweetheart.” He put his hand on Spock’s face. “Let’s get out of bed, and have some breakfast. Then after you’re a little more in control of your thoughts and actions, we’ll decided where we go from here.”

Very slowly, Spock nodded.

Jim smiled and scooted out of the bed. “I’ll just get dressed and then meet you out there in the dining room, okay?” Scooped up his clothes.

“Yes, Jim.”

He went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Looked in the mirror and winced at the hickies. Okay, yeah, he’d had marks before. On occasion. But they’d never been from a super-hot Vulcan. Professor. A super-hot Vulcan professor.  He was lucky he’d checked that out. About the professor-cadet thing.

He fished his communication device out of his pants. Contacted Bones.

“There you are. Or should I say, where are you?”

“Er. Long story. Not one you need to know. Exactly. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I’m alive.”


“I hear that sarcasm by the way.”

“But you can’t see me flipping you off.”

Jim smiled. “I’m not surprised though.  I think I’m not going to be back there all weekend.”

“Whoever they are they must be really good.” Bones paused. “You don’t have a change of clothes though with you. Do you?”


“Give me the address and I’ll drop some off for you.”

Jim snorted. “You think I’m that stupid?”


“Shut up. I’ll figure something out. I can maybe borrow some of his or something.”

“Ah. So a guy.”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah. A guy.”

“I thought maybe it was the woman your mom wanted you to meet with. Denise.”

“No. I never met up with her.”

“Quelle surprise.”

“Ashayam?” Spock from just outside the bathroom door. Jim winced.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up? I have to go. Um, see you Sunday night? Monday? I don’t know. Bye Bones.” He put down his communicator. “One second.”

He frowned when he couldn’t find his underwear, and realized he must have left them in the bedroom. Commando, he supposed then.  

He quickly pulled on his pants, then opened the door.


Spock stared at his bare chest, then cheeks green, glanced up at Jim. “What do you want for breakfast?”

Jim knew “You” would be the total wrong response. It would. Honest.

“Whatever you have. I’m not fussy. I’m coming out.” He glanced around Spock’s room to see that Spock had made the bed and there was still no sign of his underwear. “You have a-shirt or something I could maybe wear? Like a T-shirt? This one’s just a little ripe.” He held out his cadet shirt.

Spock took it from him. “I will launder it along with…” He shook his head. “Yes. I have a-a sweater. You can wear.”

Spock went to his closet and took out a dark blue sweater, which he handed to Jim. “It matches your eyes.” Spock moved closer. “I could stare into them for hours.”

Jim licked his lips. “Yeah. You, um, you mentioned that yesterday.” He took the sweater and pulled it on over his head. “Thanks.”

“I have made your coffee.”


He followed Spock out of the bedroom and to the kitchen. He saw on the counter three chocolate croissants. One was half-eaten.

“Oh.” Jim nodded. “You only had half.”


“One and a half. Okay. Um. Maybe wrap up the rest for later?” Jim went over to Spock and took his hands in his. “You are just…”

“What?” Spock asked rather shyly.

“Probably the cutest guy I’ve ever known.”

“Only probably?’

Jim laughed. “Definitely. You aren’t at all what I thought.”

Spock scrunched up his face. “What did you think?”

“That you were super-hot but really kind of scary.”

“I would not physically harm you.”

“No. I mean…intimidating. You’re just…way more brilliant and cooler than anyone I’ve ever come across, but you have this really adorable side too. But Spock, do me a favor. Only eat chocolate when you’re home and planning to stay there or when I’m around, okay?”

“I can normally control myself,” Spock replied.

“I can tell. Yeah. But I don’t want anyone to take advantage of you out there or for you to become embarrassed or uncomfortable in front of others. Like Pike or Marius. Right?”

Spock nodded. “Yes, you are right. Once I tasted the birthday chocolates, I found myself tempted by more.”

Jim blew out a breath. “Yeah. Yeah. I can understand that.”

“Has that happened with you?”

“Well, not with chocolate. But I’ve tasted something and been tempted to taste more.” Jim sighed and bit his lip. “But I-I’m trying to behave. For once.”

He looked down to see that Spock had moved his hand to rest on top of Jim’s and that he had maneuvered his fingers to wrap around Jim’s. His gaze rose to meet Spock’s. His heart beat rapidly in his chest.

“Breakfast,” he said, faintly. “Preferably something without chocolate.”         

Chapter Text

When Jim smiled at the waitress taking their order, Spock growled.

“Uh.” The menu slipped from Jim’s hands and onto the floor. He had turned bright red. “Sorry.”

The waitress picked up the menu and handed it to Jim, making sure their hands touched as they did so.

Spock’s nostrils flared.

“Can you come back in a bit?” Jim asked in a rush.

She looked vaguely puzzled since they had just said they were ready to order, but she shrugged and moved off.   

Spock pointedly did not look at Jim. After surveying Spock’s admittedly limited provisions in his kitchen, Jim had suggested they go out for breakfast. He’d been reluctant to do so because he’d still felt slightly…aroused by the one and a half chocolate croissants he’d consumed prior to Jim awakening.

“Hey. What’s with you?”

Spock could not fault Jim for his logical question. And in truth Vulcans were not by nature jealous individuals. Which meant this must come from his human side.

“I dislike the way you flirt with her,” he replied before he could think better of it. He winced inwardly. It sounded like the snippy reprimand he had not intended it to be. He felt shame over his behavior. “I…”

But Jim was shaking his head at him. “I’m not interested in her. I’m interested in you. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

Which caused Spock further embarrassment and shame. “I apologize.”

“So you’ll refrain from snarling at the wait staff?”


Jim smiled. “I’m starving. And you probably aren’t after having one and a half chocolate croissants, but I still think you ought to eat something. It’ll help get the chocolate out of your system.”

“I agree.”

Jim gestured for the waitress to return and once more beamed his glorious smile at her. “Chicken fried steak and eggs, over easy please, with the grits, and biscuits and gravy.”

Spock briefly wondered how Jim was going to eat all that, but he said, rather curtly, “A waffle, whole wheat, no butter and syrup.”

When she departed again, Jim was looking at him quizzically. “You all right? You seem…grumpy.”

“I am just not pleased with my own behavior for the last couple of days. I know better. I plan to advise Mother to refrain from gifting with such an illogical gift again.”

Jim shook his head. “No. That’s not the answer.”

“It is not? When someone is an alcoholic, is it not best to avoid such substances?”

“Sure,” Jim agreed. “But I don’t think you’re actually a chocoholic, Spock. And if it gives your mom pleasure to send you those once a year, why rob her of that? The chocolate is gone now and so you’re good.”

“Very well. That is wise.”

“I’m not just a pretty face.”

“A very pretty face, though.”

Jim laughed and Spock felt himself blush.

Spock looked down at his teacup. “I am aware that you likely hear such things on a frequent basis. I am one of likely hundreds who try to engage your attention.”

The sudden feel of Jim’s warm hand on his had his gaze flying upward to meet the startling blue of Jim’s and a very sweet smile.

“First of all, it’s not hundreds. I don’t know what someone has been telling you about me, but I assure you that’s not true. At all. And I don’t care about the flattery someone else uses.”

“I do not…”

“I know. I know it’s not empty flattery with you. Spock, you aren’t like anyone I’ve ever know.”

He turned his hand so that his palm was touching Jim’s. “I hope that is a good thing.”’

“It’s a very good thing.”


By the time they finished breakfast, Spock was feeling more like his normal self, though he hardly wished to see Jim depart. The thing was when Spock was still under the effects of the chocolate it seemed acceptable to ask him to stay with Spock. But now…

He had no real excuse.

And yet he had absolutely no desire to see Jim return to his dorm and his normal existence as Leonard McCoy’s roommate. Jim had mentioned deciding where they went from the happenings of the night before after breakfast.

But how exactly could he ask Jim to not leave?

They were approaching the street where his apartment was and if they made it that far without any planning on Spock’s part, Jim would probably excuse himself to leave.

Spock stopped next to a market.


He glanced at the market. “If…if you are going to stay at my apartment for the weekend, I will need some provisions.”

For a long time Jim just stared at him and Spock began to think this was another miscalculation on his part. He really didn’t know humans well. His mother wasn’t like most. And the few friends he’d made here had been chosen because they were quite similar to himself. No one in his acquaintance was on the same plane as Jim.  

“Well, that’s certainly true. You have no junk food at all. Or decent creamer for my coffee. Hell, you don’t even have ice cream.”

That smile made his heart beat so fast, Spock felt nearly light-headed.

“We shall have to rectify that.”

And when Jim turned to go into the store with a “Yeah, let’s,” Spock let out a relieved breath.     

“Jim,” Spock called after him.

Jim looked back at him over his shoulder. “Yeah?”

“You…” Spock moistened his lips. “Look quite fetching in my sweater.”

Jim laughed again, winked and grabbed Spock’s arm. “Come on, tiger.”