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“There are no happy endings.
Endings are the saddest part,
So just give me a happy middle
And a very happy start.”

― Shel Silverstein, Every Thing on It

She wants to do it, wants to say the words she learned for this occasion, wants to be the one who will ensure this soul makes it safely to a realm she herself doesn't believe in ; but she can't, she opens her mouth, and no words make it past her lips. A strong hand grabs her own, and though she doesn't want to be weak, she can't help but lean fully on the strong figure dressed in kryptonian's ceremonial robes. The Kryptonian's voice rings out, strong, and steady.

"Rao, filled with mercy, dwelling in the heavens' heights, bring proper rest beneath your light, amid the ranks of the holy and the pure, illuminating like the brilliance of the skies the souls of our beloved and our blameless, who went to their eternal place of rest. May You who are the source of mercy, shelter them beneath your light eternally, and bind their souls among the living, that they may rest in peace."