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I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping

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He chuckled darkly while smirking down at you. He leaned into you, but you stood tall and expressionless, seemingly unaffected by the yellow glow of his eyes. Aizawa fought to keep his face nonchalant. Why did nothing about him bother you? Usually everything about him bothered everyone. From his cat like movements, to always pouncing from the shadows, to his aloof and cunning personality combined with his wide grins.

You, however, never lost that blank scowl no matter how many times he terrorized the town during your patrols, captured you on more than one occasion, or even did something as mildly irritating as steal whatever you held in your hands while walking down the street. 

He fixated on you a few years ago primarily because you foiled his plans to capture one of All Might's pupils and deliver him to the League. After how unmoved you were by the torture All for One put you through for being Quirkless and overpowering his best people, Eraserhead might have had a feeling that he thought died long ago reawaken in him.

He might have snuck food and water to you and cleaned you up as best he could every day. He might have made a call to U.A. giving your whereabouts. He might have helped you escape undetected due to all the commotion the Pros caused busting in. Then he might have stayed every night you were in the hospital. 

You were discharged during the day, so he didn't get to say goodbye. Not that he wanted to; it's why he did petty, ridiculous crimes around you. He couldn't be with you since you were a hero and he had too big a bounty on his head to be anything but a villain, but he just couldn't let you go either.

"Hey, wake up," you grunted while shaking him, "I didn't give you that much sedative."

"Drugging an innocent civilian?" he sneered, "That's not very fitting for a hero."

"Shut up, you're nowhere near innocent, Eraserhead."

"Oh and you are? I was minding my own business, sitting on my roof and next thing I know, I'm chained to a ceiling pipe in your basement."

He pulled at his handcuffs to highlight his point. You rolled your eyes and tightened his restraints. Aizawa gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to push against you when your chest brushed against him. He'd been resisting a lot of urges around you for a while. 

"I saw you eyeing the pet store and I know about the cat shelter you run out of your apartment," you sighed, "Don't play dumb; it doesn't become you."

You glared at him while pulling up a chair in front of him. Aizawa blushed and scowled. How many times had he dreamt of looking down at like this? Of course, it was always under different circumstances. Neither of you being fully clothed for instance. He shook his head willing the bottom half of his body to not make whatever small connection he had with you on a daily basis awkward. 

"Why did you kidnap me, (Y/H/N)?" he smirked, "Was it to get information? Because it's going to take a lot more than this."

"I don't need you to know what's going on with the League, Aizawa."

Eraserhead's grin faded a bit. Your smile grew. Wait. When did you start emoting? He blinked and really looked at you. You weren't dressed in your hero outfit. In fact, he noticed you were barely dressed at all. You looked like you just woke up and threw an oversized shirt on. If he got out of these cuffs, which he could have by now if he wanted to, you didn't appear ready to put up a fight. What confused him the most, however, was your face. Just a moment ago, he could barely get a read on you, now you smiled at him like he put the stars in the sky.

"This obviously isn't how I wanted to propose this, but you know we have people watching us ever since you helped me escape," you explained, "But I never got to properly thank you for that."

You glanced at his crotch to make your point. Aizawa felt his blood rush down. 

"I handcuffed you because I did plan on questioning you, but not about the League. I wanted to know why me? There were countless people tortured to death by Douche for One, why did you save me?"

Aizawa felt a punch to his conscience and looked at the floor. All for One took him in when he gave up on becoming a Pro through U.A.. All for One helped him hone his skills and learn to use his Erasure in combat. All for One sheltered him and clothed him after he ran away from his former life. He really didn't want to bite the hand that fed him, especially when that hand could take his Quirk and snap his neck in one move.

But then you came along. A foreigner, Quirkless, relatively young Pro Hero. You were skilled and intelligent, there was no denying that. The only reason you allowed yourself to be caught was the save the angsty blond boy he was charged with kidnapping. 

You showed him the life he could've had, if he hadn't given up on himself. He couldn't let that light be snuffed out by someone like All for One.

"You don't have to answer. It doesn't matter now. I'm going to let you loose, but tell me, was I reading you wrong? 

I thought from the way you always look at me you wanted me, but if this isn't what you want-."

"Shota," he blurted out, "My name is Shota."

"(Y/N)," you smiled hopefully.

Aizawa felt the warm feeling in his chest he always had around you grow as he repeated your name. Maybe there was a chance with you…

"Wait, don't take them off," he smirked and blushed as your face became only an inch away from his, "I am flattered that you wanted me to yourself so badly and I do want to give the bugs I'm sure the League has in your bedroom a rough fight…"

He ground his hips against yours and you let out gasp. Aizawa clenched his fists to keep himself from ripping your pipe down to free up his hands and continued his statement of consent.

"But you haven't thanked me for saving you. Shouldn't such an act of selfless heroism be rewarded?"

All at once, your shy expression disappeared and your usual coldness made a reappearance. You got off your toes and pulled him down to your level by his shirt collar before starting to unbutton it. He wished he could say he wasn't turned on right now.

"Don't misunderstand, Eraserhead, I'll still kick your ass if it means saving actual innocents.

But every once in a while we could have a sleepover…"

Your lips met his and any regrets he had about his life decisions vanished. His only wish is that this could've happened sooner. 

He slipped his tongue between your lips and felt a sharp shot of arousal to his crotch when one of your hands dug into the back of his head to push him closer and the other ran down his chest to unbutton his pants. 

He wasn't ashamed to admit that his knees buckled a bit when your soft hand wrapped around his base and up his shaft to his head with your thumb. Or that you could make him do whatever you wanted with one look of your sharp dark eyes.

"Already so hard," you smiled against his lips, "What do you want, Shota?"

"You, (Y/N), damnit," he growled, "It's been a while, so just fuck me. We have plenty of time to take slow later."

A curious look came over your face and you searched his eyes before nodding. 

"Fuck, (Y/N)'re even better than I imagined," he sighed as you wrapped your legs around his hips and sunk down on him.

You were so tight and warm; he couldn't wait until he didn't have to imagine how much better it would feel to have you properly aroused before fucking you into everything in your house. 

" feel so damn good…" you gasped between grinds. 

Aizawa chuckled and brushed his lips against yours again. The feeling was mutual, of course, but watching you fall apart while clinging to him was something else entirely.

"I don't want every once in a while, kitty, I want whenever we feel like it."

You buried your face in his shoulder at the nickname he usually teased you with.

"Shota if they find us out, they'll lock us both up."

"(Y/N)...after all the time I've spent harassing just you and all the times you claimed to have been overpowered by me, don't you think someone would have arrested me and buried you by now if they wanted to?"

You held him tighter and, Aizawa, laid his head on yours in thought. 

"You're not the only Pro I trust enough to know my name, (Y/N)," he admitted, "I can't say that it's entirely risk free, but could we at leastmmm...oh yes, kitty...fuck me just like that…."

You started bouncing on his cock again and he quietly used the Bobby pin he keeps in hair for situations a little less sexier than this to unlock his cuffs. If you were surprised when his hands wrapped around your thighs you didn't show it. You just rolled your eyes and let him take over.

Even after coming down from your respective highs, he didn't let go of you. He'd waited too long to have you like this to end the moment this soon.

"Shota I thought you said we have plenty of time?" you teased when you realized why he didn't pull out yet. 

"So I did."

You pecked his lips and he let you down only to slap your cuffs around your wrists. He smirked while pulling up his pants and grabbing you by the arm. 

"Eraserhead what the fuck-!"

"Time for later, kitty."

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"It's so damn hot. Turn on the air."

"When you have 'turn on the air' money, then I will."

Aizawa smirked into his glass as he emptied it and opened his mouth. You quickly closed it by squeezing his lips shut with your fingers. 

"And you're still not allowed to steal it anymore," you smiled with a roll of your eyes.

"Are you going to stop me? Because I would like that very much, pet."

You gave him a peck on the lips as you took his empty cup and walked out of the room with an extra swing in your hips. Aizawa felt a goofy grin spread across his face before he caught himself and snapped out of it. Without question, he loved you more than you would ever know, but he wasn't about to let it turn him into an awkward teenage boy again. Didn't mean he couldn't think about all the ways you drove him crazy over the past year of officially being together…He sighed blissfully and looked out his fifth floor window at the city that seemed a bit brighter with you protecting it from scum like him. 

"I can't believe you're actually wearing these."

Aizawa blinked out of his head and straight into the playful look in your eyes. One of your hands held up another glass of lemonade. The other played with the waistband of his boxers. Specifically the yellow pair you bought him with his alias, Eraserhead, embroidered in white into the black elastic. 

"Well…" he drawled while taking his drink, "You're wearing these."

His free hand grabbed your ass. Covering it was a thin pair of yellow underwear with "Property of Eraserhead" printed on them. You bit your lip and arched your back when he pushed you against his crotch. Aizawa set his glass dangerously on the edge next to him and grabbed your perfectly sized and shaped breasts, censored only by a yellow "halter bralette" as you called it. Eraser was on one side and Head on the left.

"And this as well, kitty. Are you still trying to tease Master as hot as it is right now?"

You nodded as he kneaded your breasts. At the pinched in pleasure look on your face, Aizawa opened his legs a bit more to accommodate his growing arousal. 

"Look at me, kitty," he ordered as he slipped his hands under your bra to fully cup your chest, "I didn't tell you to close your eyes."

"Yes, Master," you gasped, "Sorry, Master."

"Fuck, kitty, come here."

He grabbed your thighs and pushed you against him so he could feel your soft, full lips on his. He groaned as your make out session heated up and you buried your hands in his hair. He shifted again. He knew his drink tumbled over the edge of the window sill and shattered on All Smite's balcony, but he could care less on a normal day about irritating the number one villain in Japan, so Aizawa definitely ignored him when he was ten seconds away from fucking the shit out of you.

"Keep it down! I'm in a meeting!" a deep voice growled before loudly slamming his balcony door close.

Aizawa rolled his eyes, but you pulled away.

"Sho, maybe we should-."

He gripped the roots of your hair and pushed you back onto his lips with a deeper passion. You hesitated for a second before giving back into him. Aizawa smirked and his hand traveled down your body to nudge your underwear aside. As he pushed his fingers inside you, your gasps and squirms just fueled his fire. He growled and kissed the top of your ear before whispering in it.

"I don't pay rent here, just the same as him. If I want to fuck my kitty in my window, I'm going to make her scream out it."

You whined as he pushed away just enough to pull his cock out of his boxers and sink you down on him. He hissed in the pleasure of your wet warmth while you moaned as you shifted to get comfortable on his lap. Aizawa heard the balcony door below him open just enough to not be suspicious and his grin widened. He started moving you on his cock and listening out for curses and groans much deeper than yours before speaking again. 

"Besides I know his dirty little secret. He likes hearing you, pet.

I've seen the way he looks at you, (Y/N), he wants the pretty kitty in my lap just as badly as I do. He didn't even acknowledge my existence before he saw you."

You raised a skeptical eyebrow at him and Aizawa suddenly shifted drawing out a particularly loud and lewd sound from you. He smirked in triumph when you too heard the growl of pleasure one floor down. Eraserhead then proceeded to tell you all the things he's heard the Symbol of Discord say while listening to you. After recovering from the slight shock, you gave your own crooked smile, one that was not befitting a Pro Hero.

"Then let's give him a show. Bend me over, baby, I'll take care of the rest."

Aizawa nodded and you got down from his lap. Then you hung out the window while, Aizawa, slipped back into you and picked up the pace. You whined, gasped, and groaned and then suddenly, 

"All Smite!" you cried out, "All Smite fuck me harder, daddy!"

Aizawa paused for a second, more to contain his laughter at the sound of a large object falling to the ground below him. The balcony door opened a bit more after a heart beat and you repeated yourself. Then there was a curse and crunching glass as the raging hulk that was All Smite came into view, red faced cock in hand. Did everything on that terrorist have to be larger than necessary? 

"Sho...Sho can I?"

"I'll think about," he muttered. 

"Hey! You dragged me out of something important, baby girl," All Smite growled, "So you're going to finish your daddy off."

All Smite's bright blue glare shifted to Aizawa. The dark haired man was only slightly ashamed that he got a bit harder. 

"You heard the lady, Eraserhead," the blond below grunted, "She wants it harder."

Aizawa nodded at the order and fucked you with a renewed vigor. All Smite started jerking himself again, leaning on his reinforced balcony railing while staring up at you.

"How do I feel, baby girl?" he asked.

"So good, daddy!" you whined, "I'm so wet!"

"Is she telling the truth, Eraserhead?"

"Yeah...yeah," Aizawa confirmed with a groan, "I can barely stay in…"

"She's just fucking perfect for me then…" All Smite groaned.

Aizawa stopped in thought for a moment. It was going to be your birthday soon. He supposed just this once…

The Erasure Quirked villain leaned out and looked at the desperate mess that was the top villain. 

"Then why don't you come up and take care of her th-?"

Before Eraserhead could finish his sentence, he found himself bulldozed to the floor while watching All Smite rip your clothes off and line himself up with you.

"Hey-! Oh! Oh, yes !"

All Smite held you still while his overly generous sized cock plunged into you over and over. Aizawa sat down on the bed and grabbed the lubricant from the nightstand so he could get himself off to the sight of your fruitless squirming. 

"You can keep that up if you like," All Smite smirked, "I'll even let you go, but you won't get very far, baby girl. I'll always be right behind you."

You started crying out his name, but Smite made you look directly at Aizawa.

"Now do you understand what this little minx has put me through?" the higher ranking villain asked, "All this time I could look, but not touch her, hear her but not get those noises out of her myself. I could only imagine how my cock would feel buried inside her pretty was pure torture."

One of his hands wrapped around your neck while the other wandered down to play with your clit. Aizawa cursed at slick and precome dripping out of your swollen entrance, the breathless gasps you took as All Smite gripped your neck just hard enough. He could get used to this sight.

"Eraserhead," Smite suddenly barked, "Get over here and suck her tits. I can't do everything for your woman."

Aizawa quickly got off the bed and kissed you before moving to take care of your neglected breasts. As soon as his lips made contact, however, you came screaming and shaking. All Smite watched every second of your climax before picking up the pace for himself. 

"I see why you keep her," he muttered, "That was beautiful."

"She's beautiful," Aizawa mumbled against your skin.

Smite nodded and made an inaudible comment before taking his hand from around your throat and nuzzling your neck instead. Aizawa felt the hulk of a man stiffen against him-wait against him? Eraserhead looked down to see that Smite's free hand wandered down to wrap around the darker haired man's cock and was currently rubbing it against your entrance. Right where All Smite's cock was moving at a punishing pace.

"I...I liked listening to you too, Eraser. You're going to come with her this time."

With that a large, warm hand started jerking him and Aizawa buried his face in your chest in pleasure. Fuck it, this was his early birthday present to himself. 

"Both of you look at me." 

Aizawa immediately lifted his head up at the same time you looked over. All Smite's expression was all but cannibalistic. Aizawa bit his lip hard and you weakly whined.

"Come," he ordered, "Now!"

He didn't have to tell either of you twice as with a curse and a grunt, Aizawa stiffened and bucked against All Smite's hand as his come erupted out of him. You squeezed around the hulking man with a cry of his name. With both of you satisfied, All Smite buried himself in you. 

"You're so damn perfect, baby girl," he groaned. 

Aizawa knew he should have felt some kind of way about another man shooting his load into you, but in this moment, he could care less about anything that wasn't the phantom feel of All Smite's hand around his cock. Or the same man having you lick come off his hand. 

Yeah. He could get used to this.