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Pitch Black Darkness - 깜깜한 어둠

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"Adderall or Ecstasy?" A male voice caught the young man off guard. His head immediately turning to search for the source of the voice.
"Sorry, what?" Jungkook muttered as he sat up straight in his chair. One hand running through his dark and rather long hair.

He must have dozed off while reading email after email since his shift had begun 14 hours ago. Long hours in the office were nothing new to the young man these days, was it the only thing he was good at. Despite that he couldn't focus on anything else and probably couldn't sleep until he found out more about his case. Jung Hoseok, his partner stood in front of his desk, holding two mugs in his hands. He wore black suit trousers and the buttons of his white shirt were open a little more than usual, showing a silver necklace Jungkook had never noticed before.

"Tea or Coffee?" Hoseok repeated, showing a rather amusing expression while looking down at the confused young man. Jungkook ignored the joke his friend had made before, acting like he didn’t even hear it in the first place. It became an inside joke between them, to call anything containing caffeine a drug. Jungkook worked with him since about five months now, but still didn't get used to his humour.

"Yeah", Jungkook proceeded, trying to search for words, "Tea. Thanks, man." He forced a smile at Hoseok. Usually he would have gone for coffee, but he had reached his limit for the day.

His friend handed him a red mug. "You work too much, Jungkookie!" Hoseok remarked with a soft laugh, before taking a sip of his coffee.
Jungkook nodded as he thought about it and took a sip of his tea as well. "If I don't get some good answers real soon, Namjoon is gonna get mad." He put the mug down, feeling the taste of peppermint spread in his mouth. "Besides, I just want to solve this case already."
His colleague made a small noise in agreement.

The case. It was the first one Jungkook ever got involved in, since he started working for the National Intelligence Agency in Seoul. Namjoon, the team leader had offered him a spot in this team. It all started with a murder some weeks ago. Someone had strangled Hae Seong, a man with reputation. He was responsible for weapon importation and transactions in the city. People were afraid of him normally, because he had influence and connections. But it seemed as if the person who had killed him wasn’t agreeing on that.

Jungkook and Hoseok proceeded to talk for some time, when team leader Namjoon came around. He worked here much longer than him, still this was the first case he ever got. So Joon put together a team, trying to solve it. Namjoon seemed stressed as he greeted his colleagues.

"Meeting." He pointed his head towards the conference room. His voice was monotone, and he sounded as if he hadn’t slept in some time. Jungkook and Hoseok followed him through a glass door into the small room.

Everyone took a seat and looked at the files which were placed in the middle of the long glass table. The room had a grey carpet and the walls were white. The large windows on two sides of the room were covered with grey blinds and the glass table standing in the centre of the room was surrounded by eight black chairs.

"Alright." Namjoon exhaled looking at both his colleagues. His short brown hair was parted in the middle. As he took out a file and a pen, he fixed his black button up and shrugged his shoulders. “Good afternoon by the way.” Namjoon smiled faintly, expression tired.

Jungkook hadn't realized it was already afternoon. He lost track of time in this building. Namjoon gestured towards Hoseok. “I called together this meeting, because we got new information from a different department. Hobi you looked into those files already?”

Hoseok quickly continued opening a file in front of him and taking out a couple of pictures. "I checked a few ATM cameras from around the crime scene. And this is what I got." He spread the photographs on the table.

Visible was the street in which they found the body. On the photos was a dead-end street with a trashcan. The ground was wet as it had probably rained before.
“I assumed he was killed somewhere else and just dumped in the closest alley.” Hoseok implied. Crimes like that were uncommon in a city like Seoul, but it turned more corrupt with each day. Gangs ruled the streets, ruled the market. Prostitution, Murder, Drugs became trivial, especially if you were practically an enemy to all that, trying to protect innocent lives or in this case save them.

“But I was wrong.” Hobi continued and pointed to a different photograph. It showed the victim and another man coming out of a building that lead to the dead-end street. The unknown man had pushed Hae Seong to the ground and strangled him with what seemed like his bare hands.

“This guy right here.” Hobi remarked and pointed to another picture where the men were more visible. The man stopped strangling Hae, as he was probably already dead. A silver car had pulled up in front of the alley. The unknown man was walking towards it. He was tall, had brown hair and wore a black coat. His hands were hiding in his pockets.
The next picture showed the man directly looking up at the ATM camera. A shiver ran down Jungkook’s spine. He was looking right at him. Not even trying to hide. An evil smirk had clearly formed on the unknown man’s lips.

“As you can see the murderer was this man right here. And it seems he wanted us to know.” Hoseok sounded a little scared at this point, voice small in comparison to before.

“Good Job Hoseok.” Namjoon pat him on the shoulder. “Information on the man?” He continued.

Hoseok inhaled. “Thanks to my unbelievably smart brain I could identify the Silver Hyundai, as I saw the license plate.” He laughed at his little joke. A short and scary laugh. “The man. Kim Taehyung. Cousin of the fucking head of Daecheonsa, Kim Seokjin.” He tilted his head as he said that name. Namjoon sighed and leaned back in his seat, running a hand to his neck and exhaling loudly.

Jungkook too made a surprised sound and widened his eyes. Daecheonsa. A group where the most terrifying and intimidating people gathered. They were corrupt. Responsible for most of the murders, crimes, drug sales, as well as prostitution. They were basically everybody’s nightmare.

“So, Kim killed Hae. Clearly.” Namjoon said, more to himself. Still, Hoseok nodded and approved.

Jungkook thought this through for a moment. Glancing at the pictures, at the young man in the coat. He put a finger to his nose and slowly moved it underneath his eye to his temple. “Well now we know that, how do we bring him behind bars?”

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Namjoon and Hoseok glanced first at each other than at Jungkook.

Hoseok was the first to speak up. "You really think we can do anything when it comes to Daecheonsa. Not a fucking chance, man." He shrugged and shook his head. Jungkook nervously bit his upper lips.

"It's really difficult Jungkook. I don't think there is anything we can do about him now. This Kim guy is probably guilty of a dozen other fucking crimes. He has good security, maybe even better connections. He’s a big fish." Namjoon looked down at his hands and nervously played with his pen.

Jungkook shook his head. "I'm not just gonna conclude this case without trying to bring him down. Yes, this is bigger than us, but- but it might be THE chance, to- to I don’t know… get somebody on the inside and fucking end this shit. Even if I need to go in my fucking self. They rule the city for too long now." He sounded very confident.

Namjoon and Hoseok lifted their eyebrows in surprise. Hoseok shifted in his chair and tilted his head. "You say you would go in yourself? In like and undercover way?" His eyes drifted to Namjoon and then back to Jungkook.

Jungkook didn't hesitate. "Yeah, un- undercover. Exactly." He glanced between Hobi and Namjoon. He already started to regret having said that. What a stupid idea it was. Him undercover. He couldn't even lie about simple things. Like when Hobi asks him every Monday how he spent his Sunday and he would tell him he went out or had a date, or something interesting. When really, he just slept, worked out and went through some files. And every time Hoseok would laugh at him as he ended up telling him the truth after he couldn’t the guilt. Undercover? That was doomed to failure.

The other two men seemed to consider Jungkook's idea. "He would have to undergo some training, though. How to handle a weapon and stuff. And we would have to create an identity. A believable one." Hoseok stated while tapping one finger on his lips. Namjoon agreed. "Is it possible to arrange something like this in a very short time, though," Joonie pointed out.

Jungkook could only stare at both men. They were really considering it. Hobi slightly slammed his palm on the table. "I'm the one who served the longest in military service, so I volunteer to train him. It's possible, I think."

Namjoon nodded and then glanced over to Jungkook, who had a rather puzzled look on his face. "Jungkookie. Do you feel like you could do this?" He carefully approached his younger teammate. Hobi too looked at him now, waiting for an answer.

Jungkook swallowed and sighed. "I'll try my best." And then it was decided. He would go undercover. Namjoon stood up smiling and opened the door to the hallway. Hobi and Jungkook got up too and walked towards the door.

"I will talk to the director. It'll be difficult to convince him but let that be my problem. You go and start already." Namjoon squeezed Jungkook's shoulder and quickly smiled at him. As they all left the conference room, Hoseok led Jungkook to the elevators, to go to a different floor.

As they got out of the elevator after a short ride, both men walked down a long hallway. Jungkook noticed that he had never been to this part of the building before. He didn't even know this basement existed until now. Hobi opened a grey door to a big room. The floor and walls were grey concrete, from the ceiling hung two long lights, shining in a rather blue tone. The only furniture was a black thin mat on the right and a grey table with two stools on the left. Other than that, he could also see a bunch of lockers on one side of the room.

Hobi pulled up his sleeves and secured them with a button, as he opened one of the lockers to grab a black box. Meanwhile Jungkook sat down and nervously bit his lips. His eyes wandered around the room and then stopped on Hoseok, who was now sitting down and placing the box in front of him.

He opened it while explaining: "Beretta 92FS. Very elegant, but also very lethal." He smirked as he took hold of the gun. "I'll teach you how to use it properly. Though I hope you don't need to use it, ever. A weapon in the wrong hands, Jungkook, is lethal. Have you ever gotten shot, brother?" He paused, but since the answer was clear Jungkook didn't say anything. "No fun. We want to avoid that, yes?” Jungkook nodded and they both smiled, despite it not being funny. "A weapon in the right hands, on the other side." He showed it to Jungkook. It was much bigger than he had imagined a hand weapon to be. It was dark grey and slightly shined in the artificial light. "There is no such thing. From the point on someone holds a weapon in their hands, they are either evil or desperate. That's why I hope you don't have to use one. Alright?" He raised his eyebrows at his colleague and Jungkook nodded again.

Hoseok unloaded the weapon and practically took it apart without breaking eye contact with him. Jungkook's eyes widened and his mouth dropped a little at the sight. He could only mumble a "Wow" to his older colleague.

Jungkook swallowed as his friend proceeded to put the gun back into the box. "Have you ever gotten shot, Hoseok?" He hesitated a bit. Hoseok continued closing the box, while exhaling loudly.

"I did." He paused and looked up at the young man. "During an operation in Incheon last year – we had to storm some warehouse where there was supposed to be a certain transaction – those fuckers opened fire and shot nearly half of our team. Some of us got abducted and tortured. I was the only one that got out alive. Hit in the stomach though and tortured in ways you can’t even imagine-“ he stopped as he saw his partner’s face. Hobi didn’t want to scare Jungkook.

Jungkook didn’t go home during the training. Since the department offered beds he had slept there, but often he didn't sleep at all. Hoseok made him train all day, showed him how to handle guns, how to defend himself.

They put together an identity for Jungkook. He had to study all about Kim and Daecheonsa. Hoseok tested him all the time, even while they were boxing or doing push-ups.

It was after a week when Namjoon came to visit his teammates in the basement. They were currently practicing some kickboxing moves as the man greeted them, while closing the door behind him.

"Hey, man. What's up", Hoseok exclaimed, while stepping of the black mat to shake his friend's hand and briefly hug him. "It's been some time, huh, buddy!" Namjoon smiled widely. He looked over to Jungkook who was just downing an entire bottle of water.

"Hey, Jungkookie", Namjoon waited till the boy put down the now empty bottle to hug him too.

"You still hanging in there, I see." Jungkook nodded at Namjoon’s words and smiled at the team leader. "I'm not one to give up so easily." He joked as his smile widened.
"Hobi, let me talk to you for a second, please." Namjoon turned his head towards his friend. Hobi raised his eyebrows. "It's about the case."

Hoseok nodded and turned to Jungkook. "I want twenty push-ups and a disassembled weapon when I come back, alright?” He declared with a smile as he pointed at his younger teammate. Jungkook nodded, a hint of excitement in his eyes.

They left him and stood in the hallway together. Namjoon handed his partner a file. He waited until Hoseok opened and briefly read through it. His slight smile slowly faded as he eyed the document. “Is this real?” Hoseok paused as he looked up from the files. Namjoon nodded.

Namjoon took hold of both of Hoseok’s shoulders. “Look, Hobi. I know you. And I know Jungkook. I’ve seen him just before. He’s ready-” Namjoon tried to comfort him. Hoseok wanted to interrupt him and probably disagree, but Namjoon quickly continued.

“Preparing for one week is far not enough, for god knows what will await him. But I’ve seen Agents going undercover, preparing for years. And did that help them in any way? No. Because nothing can prepare you for any of that bullshit. No matter how long you practice.” Namjoon squeezed his partner’s shoulders. “He got this.”

Hoseok understood. They agreed on telling Jungkook immediately, so they went back inside. They found him sitting on the mat. Next to him a perfectly disassembled Beretta. Hoseok smiled. “Good job.” He sat beside his teammate and pat him on the shoulder. Namjoon stood in front of them. He handed Jungkook the file and gave him a moment to study it.

Hoseok almost exploded, as he couldn’t hold the silence anymore. “Kim will attend a gala. Sounds crazy, but you will go there tomorrow.” Jungkook’s eyes widened in shock. He glanced between his two partners, clearly nervous. “To- tomorrow, you say?” He stuttered. Hoseok nodded. “Yes, tomorrow evening.” He carefully said.

Namjoon intervened as he sensed the fear in Jungkook’s words. “Don’t worry, ok? You got this, buddy. I’ll drive you there tomorrow and you will get to know Kim. I believe in you, Jungkook.” Namjoon forced a smile in the end, to reassure his scared friend. Hoseok and Jungkook got up from the mat. The youngest seemed scared still, but he put himself together for the sake of the team. “Yeah, I got this.” He confirmed. Hobi pat him on the back and softly smiled at him.

“You should go sleep now. It’ll be tough from tomorrow on.” Jung stated. The other two men could only agree. “I won’t be there when you leave. So, I guess-” He hesitated a bit and then quickly hugged his young teammate. “Good luck, man. See you soon.” He smiled brightly and winked at him. “We will.” Jungkook answered. The corner of his lips slightly rising.

As Jungkook got back to his apartment that evening, after spending a whole week at his workplace, he treated himself by cooking something. He made some ramen and grilled some meat on his cheap stove. The whole week he had eaten sandwiches from the vending machine in the basement. After dinner, which tasted wonderful, he showered and went straight to bed. He needed the sleep. The energy. Who knew if he would even survive tomorrow?

“Think positive Jungkook.” He told himself repeatedly until he dozed off to sleep.

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"Think positive." Namjoon said as he sat in the driver's seat of his white SUV. Jungkook sat in the passenger seat. "All you need to do is locate him and report to us. That’s it for tonight. Yes?" Namjoon explained as he watched his younger friend put on the seatbelt. Jungkook sighed. "Sure."

They drove to the Gangnam, where the gala took place at the “Hwaiteu laion” hotel. During the ride they didn't talk much, for they were both too nervous. Namjoon stopped the car one block away from their destination, so no one would see the boy coming out of an Agent's car.

Jungkook exhaled. "I can do this. Can I?" He looked over to Namjoon. His friend cracked a smile. "I know you can. Now go. And be careful, alright?" He squeezed his shoulder and waited for him to get out of the vehicle.

Namjoon watched him cross the street and disappear behind a corner.

He started the engine and mumbled to himself. "Good luck , brother."

As Jungkook entered the hallway he felt his stomach tighten. He was damn nervous, just hoping no one else would notice. He fixed his black suit one last time, before his hand went through his hair. He was glad he didn’t wear a tie, as he already felt as if there wasn’t enough air. Instead he wore only a black vest and a white button up underneath the tailored suit jacket. Jungkook walked up to a middle-aged man that seemed like he was already waiting for him.

The man fake smiled at Jungkook at slightly bowed. “Good evening.” He said to the young man. “What’s your name, sir?” Jungkook cleared his throat and said his name. Namjoon had someone put his name on the list, so he didn’t worry.

“Ah, Mr. Jeon, sir. How great to have you here tonight.” He remarked and reached his hand out to gesture the way. “Enjoy your evening.” The man said.

Jungkook inhaled and put on his best poker face. He was very nervous and felt how his ears heated up. Luckily his hair covered them quite well. “Oh, I- I will.” He hesitated and walked into the big ball room, where Seoul’s elite gathered. Everyone wore their best attire and sipped expensive champagne, while talking business. Jungkook quickly scanned the room and nervously grabbed a glass of champagne from one of the waitresses walking around, before making his way to the bar on the other side of the room.

As he did so, he felt all eyes on him. People probably wondered who he was and in which field he was working in. All the women Jungkook’s eyes met smiled at him or looked him up and down in fascination, whereas the men narrowed their eyes at him.

When he finally arrived at the bar, he finished his glass and put it down on the counter. Raising a hand at the bartender a young man with beard turned to him. “What would you like to drink, sir?” Jungkook licked his lips and faintly smiled at the man. “Gin Tonic. Hendrick’s, please.” He implied, trying to sound confident. It was the only type of alcohol that came to his mind. The bartender nodded and went to work.

Meanwhile Jungkook continued looking around. His gaze stopped at a man who was talking to a group. He couldn’t see his face as his back was turned towards him, but he seemed oddly familiar. As he was about to turn around to look to the other side, he heard a voice behind him.

“Dry Martini.” a low voice said with a rather dark undertone. The bartender didn’t hesitate and started mixing immediately. Jungkook didn’t move, just waited and listened to the man behind him. “I remember the last time I ordered Gin & Tonic.” He chuckled. Oh god the man was talking to him. Jungkook had ordered that drink. He felt the urge to run flee and got even more nervous. So, he turned around and saw his cocktail in front of him and an unknown man next to him.

The man looked Jungkook up and down slowly. “Tastes like ass.” His voice was smooth and velvety, almost causing Goosebumps all over his body. Jungkook could only stare the man in the eyes. He smirked and extended his hand. “I believe we didn’t have the pleasure yet.” Jungkook studied his hand for a moment, before shaking it. “Yeah, I mean- I don’t think so, sir. Jeon Jungkook.” He said before looking up from their hands to meet the other man’s gaze again.

“Kim Taehyung. Pleased to meet you Mr. Jungkook.” He revealed. Jungkook nodded slowly and mumbled a yes under his breath.

Kim Taehyung. Fuck. It was him. The guy he should watch from distance. The guy he wanted to arrest.

Shit. Don’t panic.

“You good? You look a little pale.” Taehyung chuckled, clearly amused at Jungkook’s reaction. The bartender passed the martini to Kim, while Jungkook came back to reality.

“Excuse my behaviour- sir. You know, I- I have heard of you before, but I haven’t seen you in person yet.” Jungkook stuttered. Taehyung grinned at this and slowly nodded, saying he heard this often. They both took a sip of their drink. Jungkook almost choked as Taehyung spoke up again. The drink was quite strong and somehow it did taste like ass. “How does a man like you land in a business like this, Jungkook?” Jungkook thought about the other man’s question.

“Well, sir. I’m not directly working in this business. I am actually specialized in- in security.” Jungkook said as he played with the ice in his drink. Kim cocked his head and put down his martini. “Security, huh.” He waited a moment, before he continued. “I feel uncomfortable with protection.” He remarked, while Jungkook tried to drink another sip of the strong beverage.

As he thought about the words though, Jungkook once again almost choked. Taehyung continued. “Should I consider it?” Were they even talking about personal protection? Jungkook nervously bit his inner lip and avoided Kim’s gaze.

“Who do you work for, Jungkook?” He said his name a lot slower and with a deeper voice, than he already had. Jungkook looked up. “No one, sir. I- I’ve just finished my military service.” He lied. And even though he practiced this so many times with Hoseok before, he didn’t believe his own words. Taehyung would see through him. Find out the truth and kill him.

Kim seemed to still think about Jungkook’s words, as he only studied the man and sipped his martini. Then he laughed softly at him. A bit confused Jungkook cocked his head and waited for him to say something. “I could use another man in my team. Interested?” He then said and put down his glass.

Jungkook’s eyes widened and he thought of an answer. Did he offer him a job? “You- want me to work for you.” His heartbeat was so fast, he was sure his heart would jump out of his chest any second. Taehyung nodded and confirmed his question. Jungkook tried to compose himself. That was a one and only chance to get inside this group and find out more about them. So, he straightened his back and nodded shortly, before answering. ”It would be an honour, Mister Kim, sir.”

The corner of Taehyung’s lip lightly lifted. “Excellent.” His voice sounded a bit friendlier at this. Taehyung lifted his arm to look at his watch. He raised his eyebrows quickly. “It’s late. I will go now.” Jungkook didn’t know how to answer to that. Kim turned around, ready to make his way to the exit. When he didn’t leave, but turned his head towards Jungkook again, the young man could only stare in confusion. “Are you coming.” Taehyung exhaled loudly and waited for Jungkook to follow him. The young man nodded; a bit overwhelmed by the sudden invitation. But he followed him.

So, they left the hotel and waited on the sidewalk for Kim’s car. “Mister Kim, sir. Where are we going?” Jungkook asked confused. Taehyung turned his head to him and chuckled again. “You come with me. After all, you’re now my personal security, yes?” He didn’t wait for Jungkook to answer but immediately continued. “And please, call me Taehyung.”

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As they sat in Taehyung's silver Hyundai, none of them talked. Jungkook, still very nervous, played with his suit jacket and looked out of the window. While Taehyung just looked straight ahead.

Then Jungkook couldn't stand this uncomfortable silence anymore and spoke up. "You said I'll be part of your team. Who else is?" His eyes met Taehyung's.

The man cleared his throat. "You will meet them some time, don't think about it." Jungkook nodded. "And", the young boy continued, "Where do you live. Or- where do I stay?" He asked carefully, as he didn't want to lose Kim's trust.

Taehyung only laughed softly, his eyes shifting to a rather dark expression. "You talk a lot. Just wait and you'll see." He waited for Jungkook to agree, so he nodded again and they both looked straight ahead again.

Seconds later the car came to a stop and someone opened Taehyung's door. Both men stepped out of the vehicle. They stood in front of a massive glass tower. Jungkook recognized the City's Financial Centre right away. They were still in Gangnam.

Jungkook followed Taehyung inside the tower, through the massive hallway, to the elevators. They got inside and Taehyung held a card to a small screen and pressed the button to what seemed like the Penthouse.

Of course.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened, revealing a big room. The floor was dark concrete tiles and there were not as many windows as he had thought. Only one side of the room showed a beautiful view of Seoul's skyline at night.

There were to big grey sofas in the middle of the room, on the left was a staircase. And at the end of the huge room was an open kitchen, with a kitchen island.

Jungkook has never seen such a luxurious apartment. Taehyung walked towards the kitchen while taking of his suit jacket and throwing it on the sofa.

Jungkook hesitates first, but decided to follow him. The older man opened a cabinet, to grab a bottle and two glasses and placed them on the counter. Jungkook intently watched him open it and pouring some of the content in the glasses.

"Rum from the Dominican Republic. Really good." Taehyung said in a deep voice. He handed Jungkook a glass and immediately chugged it.

Jungkook watched him and after the man put down his glass and cocked his head at him, chugged his, too. It was really strong and tasted weird, but maybe because Jungkook had never drank something like it before.

"Good?" Taehyung asked with a smirk on his face. Jungkook carefully nodded, as he composed himself again.

Taehyung reaches his hand out to put a strand of hair behind the young man's ears and glared at him. His expression had turned softer than before.

Then he shook his head a little and softly chuckled, more to himself though. "We should go to sleep now." He remarked and grabbed Jungkook's arm.

He led the way through a hallway behind the stairs, with three doors and opened one.

"Your bedroom." Taehyung pointed to a door opposite the bed. "En Suite." Then he pointed to a door next to the bathroom. "Closet. I'll make sure you have some suits in there by tomorrow. Also a set of Pyjamas and underwear. For tonight-" Taehyung paused and looked him up and down. "You'll figure something out." He smirked again.

Why did he always do that?

Then he waited for a moment. It seemed as he considered something, as he only stared at Jungkook. But then he left, his voice echoing in the big room. "Goodnight, Jungkook."

Now he was alone and just stood there for some time, processing the evening.

He was with The Kim Taehyung. In The Kim Taehyung's apartment. Working for him. Protecting him. What?

He shrugged in disbelief and took of his jacket and shoes. Quickly he took out his phone and dialed Namjoon's number, as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Jungkook. Thank god." Namjoon said relieved. "I saw you leave with a man. Where are you?"

Jungkook put a hand on his neck. "I'm with him. We are in his apartment. It's not safe to talk." He said quietly.

"You- What? With Kim? How-?" Namjoon stuttered confused.

"I will call again tomorrow. I have to get rid of this phone. It's not safe." He repeated.

Namjoon agreed quickly. "Jungkook. Be careful, man. You don't need to do this. You can always abandon the mission."

Jungkook nodded, like the other man could see him. "Yes. I understand. But I think he trusts me. I'll be okay." He said, trying to reassure his friend and himself.

"Take care, Brother. I'll wait for your call." Namjoon said and hung up.

Jungkook deleted all evidence from his phone and put it back in his jacket. He would have to get rid of it tomorrow and find another way to contact Namjoon. For now he unbuttoned his shirt, not taking it off and lay on the soft bed.

The dark blue silky covers felt amazing and it didn’t take Jungkook long, to fall asleep.

An unfamiliar noise woke him up. He sat up in bed and looked around, realizing once again where he was. He located the sound and grabbed his phone from his jacket. It was only the alarm he set for everyday, 6:30 a.m.

Shit, he thought as he put one hand through his hair. He got up and went to the bathroom, to use the toilet and rinse his face with cold water.

What was he doing here? It was a bad idea, still. He shook off the negative thoughts and left the room to go to the kitchen.

He searched for a glass and filled it with water and ice from the fridge. He chugged it in seconds and filled it again. He saw an apple next to the stove in a small basket and started eating.

He didn’t want to open the fridge, in case Taehyung was not okay with it. Who knows what the man did to people not following his rules. Probably kill them. He chuckled at that thought, more to hide his fear.

“What’s so funny?” A deep voice said behind him. Jungkook jumped a little and quickly turned around. He almost dropped the apple in surprise.

“Uhm- God. I- Sorry. Nothing. I was just-“ He babbled.

Taehyung smirked and walked towards him. He wore a black silky bathrobe that wasn’t closed properly and showed his chest.

“Just laughing about an apple I hope.” He finished the sentence and took a bite off the apple, still in Jungkook’s hand.

Jungkook widened his eyes and intently watched the man that started at him while chewing the fruit.

“Yeah- No, I mean. I hope it’s okay I took one. I didn’t know what else to eat.” He said softly and looked at the floor.

Taehyung grabbed the fruit from Jungkook’s hand and put in on the counter. He still stood very close to Jungkook. His eyes traced down the young boy’s body. Jungkook could feel his cheeks flush. He looked himself down and realized his shirt was completely open. Taehyung’s eyes met Jungkook’s as his face came even closer.

“Eat what pleases you, Jungkook.” He whispered with his deep voice, again saying his name in the most seductive way possible.

Taehyung moved away and pat him on the shoulder. “I suggest you at least zip your pants.” The man let go off his shoulder and grabbed something from the fridge.

Jungkook stood there frozen for a second, before he pulled the zipper of his pants up and buckled his belt.

What a great start in the day. Jungkook thought.

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After Taehyung made breakfast for both of them and they finished it in silence at the glass dining table next to the kitchen island, the older man left to get dressed. Since Jungkook only had the suit he was wearing, he waited on the grey sofa and looked around. As he looked outside on to the city, the sun rose on the horizon, slowly covering everything around it in a golden light.

On the other walls, that didn't have windows, Taehyung had hung up several artworks. One he recognized immediately, it was Van Gogh's "a starry night" and another one was "the scream" by some Norwegian guy. He didn't remember his name. Another one was directly by the stairs. It was smaller than the others and looked a bit out of place. Jungkook recognized it as Grünewald's "isenheim altarpiece". He found it strange that someone would buy a replica of such a painting. It showed Jesus on the cross. Originally it was painted for a hospice, while a deadly disease was around that made your fingers and toes twist. It was a horrible time and the artist wanted to let the poor victims know, God was with them in their pain and sorrow and would save them.

Jungkook had always been interested in art. He started to wonder if Taehyung believed in a God. Suddenly, as the young man stared out of the window, the elevator doors opened. Jungkook jumped a little in surprise and stood up. A man confidently walked out of the elevator, wearing black skinny jeans and a black coat, along with a pair of sunglasses. His hair was a darker shade of brown, almost like Taehyung's, but with some lighter highlights.

He was also quite small, even if wearing boots. He turned towards Jungkook and put down two bags, he had brought.

"Ah." The man said. Voice surprisingly sweet. "You must be Jackson." He walked up to him and reached out his hand, while also taking off his sunglasses.

Jungkook froze in place, looking dumbfounded at the man in front of him. He had a sweet smile on his face, perfectly shaped lips. Eyes that got smaller the more he smiled. He quickly shrugged off the thoughts and shook his small, soft hands.

"Yeah. I mean- no. Actually it's-" he wanted to correct, as Taehyung came down the stairs, smiling widely. His mouth almost turned into a rectangular shape.

"Jimin!" He said with a loud and bright voice. That was a new to him. Jimin let go off Jungkook's hand and turned to hug Taehyung.

"Morning my friend." Jimin said with a small laugh.

"How was France." Taehyung asked as he let go off his friend.

Jimin sighed went with one hand through his hair. "Paris was magnifique." He emphasized with a French accent. "I ate way too many Crossaints and visited every boutique and every perfume shop." Jimin laughed. Taehyung smiled at that and asked about the bags.

"Ah, yes. I brought what you asked for." He spread the contents of the bags carefully on the sofa. "Three suits, Underwear, PJ's and some casual attire." He pointed at the suits. "With the description you gave me I thought a dark grey, black and navy blue suit would fit him best. With two silk, white button ups and a black one. I also brought a black tie." He smiled and Taehyung nodded satisfied. Jungkook only listened and processed it all.

Taehyung picked up the grey suit a handed it to Jungkook. "Wear this." He demanded and the young boy quickly made his way to the bedroom to change.

He came back out, the suit fitting surprisingly well. Taehyung let him turn around slowly, to take a better look. "Perfect." Jimin nodded.

"I have a good eye for size." Tae remarked with a cocky grin. Jungkook choked on his saliva. Jimin giggled at the very ambiguous comment.

"Alright. Jimin is my assistant, by the way." Tae looked at Jimin. Jungkook only nodded. Then Tae gestured to Jungkook. "He is my- I guess you could say Bodyguard. Get used to each other." He nodded once and shifted his gaze between them.

"Jimin, clean this mess up." He gestured to the clothes. "Than you can prepare for the meeting with Mr. Jung. Look after Yeobo upstairs, too. Ah, yes. When will my baby arrive, again?" Taehyung asked.

Jungkook's eyes widened at all this information and all those new names. Who was his baby and who did he call Darling? Was he one of those playboys who changed their partner everyday?

"Help him." He gazed towards Jungkook. "I'll be in my office." Tae said and left.

Jimin sighed and waited until Tae was gone, before he grabbed all the clothes.

"Why don't you fill a glass of water and make a sandwich, Jackson." Jimin said without looking at him.

"Actually. It's Jungkook." He corrected carefully. The man looked up at him. "Oh, I'm sorry." He smiled.

Jungkook shook his head. "No. It's fine. Happens all the time." He lied, to make him feel less bad.

Then he went to the kitchen and did what Jimin said, while he went to put the clothes in Jungkook's bedroom.

As he was placed the sandwich on a plate, Jimin came around. He was talking on the phone and nodded thankfully at Jungkook. Then he went upstairs with the food and the water. Phone between his head and his shoulder.

Jungkook wondered if the food was for the person Taehyung mentioned before. Jimin came back down after some minutes and ended his phone call.

He exhaled and fixed his hair. "I'm back for one day and everything is stressful again." He whined. "Yeontan will come now." He announced.

Yeontan? Was that a partner of Taehyung? Was that another one of his cousins, like Kim Seokjin?

The elevator doors opened and a man walked out. He wore a black suit and was really tall. Jungkook nervously swallowed and played with his suit jacket.

"There he is." Jungkook hadn't noticed that Taehyung had left his office. He walked towards the man, who handed him a bag.

Tae put the bag on the sofa and opened it. Did Jungkook just witness some kind of deal. What did they trade? Information for money? Drugs? Weapons? Nervously, he chewed on his lips. Then Taehyung pulled something out of the bag. Something- a dog.

A small bark filled the silent room and made him jump a little. Taehyung had a dog in his hand and started to hug and play with him.

"Hello, my sweet baby." He said with a cute voice. "Did you miss Daddy? I missed you." Jungkook cringed at the words and glanced away from the man, who was practically kissing his dog by now.

"Jung is also on his way." Jimin commented.
Tae put the dog down and went into a business mode, as he fixed his suit and sent the man who brought his dog away.

Yeontan, a black Pomeranian, walked to Jungkooks and barked at him. Jimin picked him up and put him down where a food bowl was. He hadn't even noticed the silver bowl next to the kitchen island until now.

"Jungkook sit next to me." Taehyung demanded. So Jungkook did and waited with him.

Then the elevator doors opened for the third time today and a business man walked out. He too wore sunglasses and a black suit. He had as much hair as Taehyung, parted in the middle and pulled back a little. His pace was fast as he walked to Taehyung to shake his hand. He put down his sunglasses, expression serious and hard to read and said. "Mr. Taehyung, my dear friend. Long time no see."

Then he looked over to Jungkook. "Ah, a new recruit, I see. Pleasure to meet you-" He extended his hand to Jungkook and waited for him to introduce himself.

Jungkook froze again, but managed to shake the man's hand. "Jung- kook. Jeon Jungkook. Sir." He stumbled.

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Jung. Not just a Jung, but Jung Hoseok had just entered Kim Taehyung's penthouse. Jungkook's jaw dropped and it felt as if someone punched him in the stomach.

"You always this pale?" Hoseok joked and turned to Taehyung.

"Take a seat, please." Taehyung gestured to the sofa. "Can I offer you something to drink? Champagne or Whiskey? Or rather just some water?" Tae asked with a friendly voice. Hoseok sat down and thought for a moment. "A Whiskey sounds just right." He answered.

Jimin still stood in the kitchen, watching Yeontan eat. When he heard Whiskey he grabbed a glass and filled it with some ice and some Irish Whiskey. For Taehyung he brought a glass of Coke. Jungkook watched Hobi, still awkwardly standing there.

The men started to talk, when they realized Jungkook's shocked expression. Hoseok laughed and Tae seemed rather annoyed.
"Could you not stare. Sit the fuck down or I'll make you." He said with a deep and scary voice. The room went silent.

Jimin brought the drinks and smiled to Jungkook. The he left the room. Jungkook sat down and looked at his hands. He nervously bit the inside of his lips.

Hoseok was an Agent. He was one of the good men. Wasn't he? How could he do this? Was he here for the mission? Was Hobi here to rescue him?

The two older guys started to discuss business. Jungkook tried to listen, but every time he tried his thoughts drifted away. Every possible scenario came to his mind. He wondered if he even knew Hoseok.

Taehyung's voice suddenly brought Jungkook back to reality.
"Jungkook." Tae snapped his fingers. "Would you mind escorting Mr. Jung to the garage. Thank you." He commanded and got up to shake hands again.

Jungkook collected himself and stood up to press the button for the elevator. Meanwhile the others said their goodbyes. Then Jung stepped into the elevator with him.

The second the doors closed Jungkook was gonna call his colleague out. But before he could Hobi cleared his throat, while simultaneously taking off his glasses to clean them. His head lowered, so he couldn't see his face.

"No ears, but eyes." Jung said, knowing Jungkook would get what he was pointing out. There was a camera in the elevator. You couldn't hear anything, but see it. And that would be already suspicious enough.
"Garage is safer." Hobi said, before putting his glasses back on.

They stepped out of the elevator and walked around the corner, when Jungkook exploded and slammed his friend against the nearest wall.

"I swear to fucking god Hoseok, if you can't explain yourself, I will fucking kill you." Jungkook shouted, eyes burning into his friends', heart racing in his chest.

Hoseok stayed calm and closed his eyes, still managing a slight smirk.
"I can't explain it, Jungkook." He said calmly, with an amused undertone.

Was this funny to him?

Jungkook slammed his hand next to Hobi's head. "Fucking tell me. I don't give a shit, you lied to me." His shout became weaker, as his emotions took over. He felt like choking on his own words. "You trained me. And now you betray me- betray the whole team!"

"You should have just stayed in your goddamn office." Hoseok said after a moment. "This is bigger than you. You just don't understand." He paused, looking him in the eyes. "He's cruel. Jungkook. He's a monster. It's not like I work for him. I just help him sometimes."

Jungkook let go off Hobi's shirt. He hadn't realized how tight he had held the fabric in his hands.
He turned around and touched his head in anger. "Fuck." He shouted desperately.

Hoseok kept standing at his spot. "As soon as Kim sat foot in your life, you fucked up. You just don't see it yet." he paused and took off his glasses.
"He owns you now. He owns you and your pathetic little life." Hobi said and poked Jungkook's chest two times.

Jungkook looked at his friend. "What do you mean?" He asked carefully. There was no need to attack Hoseok. If he was really one of the bad guys, he could easily expose him whenever he liked.

Hoseok shook his head. "I fucking don't know anything, but I keep hearing how he treats his people. The people that he let's into his life." He said.

Jungkook stares blankly at the floor. "Hoseok." He didn't know what to say. "Does Namjoon know about anything?"

Hobi shook his head and laughed shortly. "You think I have a death wish? Hell, if he knew how much shit I already covered or secretly erased for Taehyung in there." He said, rubbing his eyes.

"Taehyung might be a monster. But he's powerful and smart. Having him as an ally is- you'll eventually find out yourself." He said with a smirk.

Jungkook put his hands up to his ears, to process it all. "I trusted you Hoseok. God I- just fucking leave." He hissed and left him standing by his car.

"Don't do anything stupid, Jungkookie." Hoseok called after him. But Jungkook had  already stepped into the elevator.

He went back into the apartment.
The elevator doors opened and he stepped inside the living area.

How could Hoseok do this to him. Him and poor Namjoon. Should he tell the Agency? He sighed and massaged his temples as the elevator doors closed behind him.

He heard giggles and weird sounds from the kitchen. As he approached it, he found Taehyung and Jimin.

Jimin's back was facing him leaning at the counter. Taehyung was so close to him, if he wasn't taller than Jimin he wouldn't have noticed him at all.

Jimin's arms were wrapped around Taehyung's body. One of Tae's hands was around Jimin's waist, one was sitting on the counter. Taehyung was just kissing the other man's neck, while he was giggling like a school girl.

Jungkook gasped and froze in place, he almost choked again. Jimin didn't notice him, but Taehyung did. And he was staring right at him. Smiling that devilish grin, while placing little kisses all over the other man's neck.

What did he just walk into? He panicked and turned around to go into his room, as fast and silent as possible.
In his room he just sat down on his bed and stared blankly at the floor.

He felt sick. All of this was just too much.

Jungkook took off his jacket and threw it on the chair in the corner. His hands ran through his hair automatically, calming him down a little bit. He breathed in and out to get rid of the sickness.

"So bad." A voice appeared. Deep and velvety. He could practically hear the smirk.
Taehyung walked into his room, closing the door behind him.

He smiled and sat down next to him on the bed. Jungkook didn't move, his heart and thoughts racing.

Then the man put a hand on his thigh. Jungkook's mind went blank, as he looked at the hand on his boss. The soft pinkish flesh against the dark fabric. He noticed a silver ring, he hadn't seen before, resting on the other man's index finger.

Taehyung looked at him and waited for Jungkok to look back. He couldn't hold it anymore and nervously looked back.

"So bad, Jungkook." He said softly and with the other hand put a strand of Jungkook's hair behind his ear.

"What am I gonna do with you." He said teasingly, while looking deep into Jungkook's eyes.
Jungkook couldn't say anything, instead just waited for Taehyung's next move.

Tae licked his lips and cocked his head, while narrowing his eyes a little.
"I'm gonna think of something." He declared after waiting a moment. "In the meantime-" He said and moved his hand closer to Jungkook's crotch, while exhaling loudly.

Then his face came closer to Jungkook's, his lips inches away from Jungkook's face. He stopped at his ear. "Try to follow my commands better." He whispered. His hand still resting directly next to Jungkook's center.

He moved his head back and winked at him. Then Tae slapped Jungkook's thighs, got up and left the room.

Jungkook sat still for a few more seconds. Then he looked at the tent in his pants and decided to take a shower to cool off.

What a fucking confusing day.

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A few days had passed since Hoseok paid a visit. Jungkook couldn't stop thinking of how his friend had betrayed him and his team.

He found a way to contact Namjoon and updated him about he situation. Leaving out a few parts, like Hoseok being a rat or Taehyung flirting with him.

Kim was a busy man. He left his house not as often as Jungkook had expected. Every time he did though, he had to be escorted.
When Tae was in his home office, Jungkook just sat around in the living room and talked to Jimin, or helped him clean and cook.

Jimin was very kind. Even though Jungkook sometimes remembered seeing him fooling around with his boss, which made him feel very uncomfortable. But he hadn't witnessed that again, which he was kind of relieved about.

There was still a lot he had to learn and find out. Like, who the hell Taehyung kept in the room upstairs. Everyday Jimin brought food upstairs, but never talked about who was kept there. Sometimes at night Jungkook tried to sneak up there, but every time Taehyung sat on the sofa. Even if it was 3 a.m. It was as if Tae knew what Jungkook was gonna try. It was impossible, but he didn't give up yet.

On another normal morning Jungkook got up, wearing one of the the expensive suits Jimin brought him, and helped making breakfast for Taehyung. Jungkook was a good cook, so it was no problem for him. Besides, he didn't know what else to do, since Tae hadn't given him any instructions in days.

At the moment he was always in his office, working. Jimin even brought his food there.

So he did today. After Jimin entered the office and closed the door behind him, Jungkook cleaned the stove and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

"Excuse me." A male voice suddenly appeared. Jungkook, lost in his thoughts, almost dropped the spatula he was about to put in the dishwasher.

He turned and saw a man standing by the elevator.

"Good Morning." He waved from the other side of the room. "I'm here for the girl."

Jungkook walked over to the man, spatula still in his hands. "Huh?" Jungkook stuttered confused.

"Excuse me for coming unannounced. The security said I should just go up. Kim Seokjin." He nodded and smiled.

Jungkook's jaw dropped a little. Kim Seokjin, the boss of this whole organization. Higher than Taehyung. He was a ghost, everyone knew who he was, still no one ever saw him in person.

"I- Sorry. Mister Seokjin. Mister Kim. Sir." He babbled, before shaking his head to sirt his words.

"No worries. Now where is-" Seokjin began, but he quickly stopped when he saw Taehyung coming out of his office.

"Ah, Seokjin." Taehyung said and quickly hugged his cousin. Jungkook took a step back, since they were hugging right in front of him.

"Come upstairs, please. Ah- Jungkookie. Cancel my appointments for the evening, I have somewhere to go." He said as he turned to Jungkook.

Jungkook only nodded and watched the two of them go upstairs.

Jimin suddenly appeared next to him. "Kim Seokjin." He whispered. "His cousin and best friend. I think Jin is quite handsome." He smiled. Then he held up Jungkook's hand, still holding the spatula.

Jimin laughed. "What were you gonna do with this. Attack an intruder? Cute." He giggled and pat Jungkooks head a little, before taking the spatula out of his hands and going back to work.

Some time later, both Kim's came downstairs again. Jungkook sat on the couch since he didn't know what else to do. He didn't move at all and secretly tried to eavesdrop.

"It's a shame she acts like that. You know me, I'm a gentleman, I'd take good care of her." Seokjin said while walking towards the elevator.

"I'll have to teach her lesson." They both laughed. A dark and scary laugh. Jungkook wondered what she did, that made them sound so annoyed.

"Still, you can always come back and test her out if you'd like. I might also get a boy from one of my dealers. Whatever you prefer." Taehyung said. What did he mean by that? Preferation? And test someone?

The elevator arrived and Jin stepped inside. "I'll call you." He said, as the doors closed behind him.

Jungkook got up and walked over to Taehyung, who was still looking at the elevator.

"That little Bitch." Tae suddenly bursted out.

Jungkook looked around in confusion, feeling slightly attacked. "Taehyung?"

Tae turned around and put a hand on Jungkook's shoulder. "Not you." His expression was serious. "Did you cancel the appointments?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah." The young man mumbled.

"Good." Taehyung praised. "Now give me five to change into something else. Call the car and wait here for me." He said, patting Jungkook's shoulder and then leaving to get changed.

Jungkook did what was asked and then waited for Taehyung. Jimin then came down the stairs, steps heavy. He hadn't even noticed him going upstairs.
His expression was sad.

Jungkook raised his eyebrows in concern and grabbed Jimin's wrist. "Jimin, what's wrong?" He carefully asked.

Jimin closed his eyes and avoided meeting Jungkook's gaze. "Nothing."

Jungkook cocked his head at him. "Look me in the eyes and tell me." He said with a quiet voice. Jimin hesitated first, but then gave in and sighed as their eyes met.

"Taehyung. He- he keeps her upstairs and- you know, he wants to sell her off, I don't know. But every time someone comes to take a look, she acts all rebellious. And every damn time Taehyung punishes her in ways I don't even want to imagine. But she just keeps breaking the rules, it's like she doesn't want to get away. Which I kind of understand because who wants to get sold to someone they don't know, but what life is this?!" His eyes were tearing up and his voice started to break. He seemed to really care for her.

Jungkook embraced Jimin. He was smaller than him, so Jungkook rested his chin on his head. It was really nice and he felt how much Jimin needed this.

"And who is she?" Jungkook asked, breaking the hug, but not letting go of Jimin's arms.

"Jade. Her name is Jade. Tae saved her from the streets a few weeks ago. I'm not supposed to say anything-" He interrupted himself. His eyes widened as he looked up at Jungkook. "Forget that I even said something." He begged.

Jungkook didn't hesitate and just nodded. "Yeah, don't worry. I'm not gonna tell a soul." He promised with a reassuring smile.

Taehyung walked down the stairs and joined them, fixing his tie on the way. "Ah Jimin, go home for now. You can have the day off tomorrow. I think I'm gonna do the same." He suddenly announced.

Jimin seemed surprised. "Oh- yeah, okay." He said after a moment. "I'm gonna go pack my stuff then and go." He said, not breaking eye contact with Taehyung.

Tae only nodded. "Come on Jungkook, we'll leave." He said, handing him a dark grey coat that he had brought.

They silently took the elevator to the entrance and left the building. The car Jungkook has called already waited in front of the building.

The sun had already set, it was slowly getting darker and the night lights were already on.
They sat inside the car and Taehyung said something to the driver, which the younger boy didn't understand.

Then they drove off into the city.

"Taehyung? Where are we going?" Jungkook asked, as the car stopped at a red light.

Taehyung looked at him, raising his eyebrows a little.

"You have a gun, Jungkook?" He asked instead of answering.

Jungkook got caught off guard.

Taehyung seemed to have expected that reaction and grabbed inside his coat to take out a silver handgun.

"A Beretta. I assume you know how it works." Jungkook looked at the familiar gun. He had used a similar one in his training with Hobi.

He took it and eyes the handgun. "Sure." He nodded.

Taehyung leaned forward a bit to reach for the driver's shoulder. "Holster." He demanded and quickly got handed a weapon holster.

"Wear this." Taehyung waited for Jungkook to take off his coat and put on the holster for him. Then Tae watched him secure the gun and put on the coat again. "Good boy." He praises with a voice higher than usual.

Their eyes met. Jungkook swallowed hard as he saw Taehyung look him up and down from the side, with this mischievous grin he was so good at.

"Good Boy." Taehyung repeated as he reached his hand out to teasingly stroke Jungkook's thigh.

Jungkook's mind went blank immediately at his touch and all he could think of was throwing himself onto his boss.

Taehyung seemed to read Jungkook's thoughts and smirked only harder seeing the boy flinch under his touch.

Tae's tongue suddenly appeared, as he slowly licked his lips, moaning ever so lightly.
He cocked his head and leaned in a little. "We're going to the hotel we met." He whispered.

Jungkook, unable to move, could only bite his lips, feeling the hot breath of the other man next to him.

Then the car stopped and the driver announced their arrival.

"Time to get to the real business." Taehyung said in a loud voice, before he slapped Jungkook's thigh and got out of the car.

Jungkook exhaled loudly, calming his mind and his growing errection, before also stepping out of the Hyundai.

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They were at the "Hwaiteu laion" hotel again. Where they met a week ago. It already felt like an eternity ago, when Namjoon dropped Jungkook off and he went inside the massive building, only to find himself in Kim Taehyung's apartment the same evening.

He followed his new boss through the lobby to the lounge. They crossed the room to find themselves in the private lounge section. A security guard stood in front of a short staircase, leading to the private area. He immediately recognized Kim and stepped aside.

They walked up the short staircase and stopped in front of a black leather chair, where a man waited. He was probably as small as Jimin, wearing a white suit with a light blue shirt and a black tie. His hair was dark, parted, a bit wavy and just resting on his forehead. He wore one little hoop earring and gazed at them with his dark eyes.

In his hand he held a glass of what seemed like whiskey on the rocks, which he swirled around playfully. One of his legs was resting on the other one.

"Taehyung. Take a seat, please." He gestured to the brown leather settee across from him.

"Yoongi." Taehyung sat down. Jungkook took the seat next to him. Min Yoongi, long time partner with Seoul's mafia. Good friends with both Taehyung and Seokjin, which was very rare. He was specialized in human trafficking, perticularly young boys and girls. He owned several night clubs everywhere in Korea. He lived in Daegu though, where his official office was aswell.

Yoongi watched Jungkook sit down and chuckled amused, as he noticed Taehyung staring daggers at him. "Let's go straight to business, then." Yoongi announced.

Taehyung seemed to agree. "I had arranged a whole team to smuggle drugs and weapons into the country. They took the Pacific route, stopped in Japan and put all the containers from the ship onto Trucks. The three trucks then drove off to Seoul. One of them arrived. One is still missing. And one got hijacked."
Taehyung paused for a moment, to let Yoongi think.

Yoongi exhaled and narrowed his eyes. "Yes, I heard of it. Someone told me they saw the truck in a warehouse somewhere near Han River."

Taehyung licked his lips. "Good. I'll send some people to get it then. But, what's actually concerning, is the fact that my man, who got thrown out of the driving truck, said it was his teammate who had done it." He paused again.
Yoongi got visibly nervous, as he had stopped swirling the liquid around.

"One of your men, am I right?" Taehyung said coldly.

Jungkook nervously gulped. And so did Yoongi.

"Hae Seong. Yes- but-" Yoongi stuttered.

"Yes, that son of a bitch." Taehyung confirmed.

Yoongi put his glass down, unfolded his legs and leaned forward. "Taehyung. You're not suggesting that I placed a mole in this operation, do you?" He asked, mouth open.

Taehyung looked him dead in the eye. "Do I?" He teased.

"I would nev-" Yoongi bursted out, but got interrupted by Taehyung.

"No no. I don't want to hear it. It's alright." He put his hand up and waved it around.

Yoongi forced a laugh aswell, but it looked rather awkward.

"I took care of it. Like one should do when he fucks everything up." He raised his voice a little.

Jungkook watched both men discuss. He was so nervous, he felt like throwing up. He couldn't hold still, played with the silver ring on his finger and moved his toes around.

"Ok, good." Yoongi's voice trembled. That's when Taehyung moved forward and grabbed Yoongi's tie. It was such a precise and sharp move, that no one even dared to breathe.

He pulled the tie towards him. Yoongi's face inches away from Taehyung's. Yoongi could barely hold his balance, as he awrkawrdly half-sat and half-stood there.

"I give you one task. You should only hire a man. One goddamn fucking man. And you choose the most disgusting little bitch you find. And then let him betray me and your-fucking-self." Tae said in a very sharp tone.

Yoongi's tie seemed so tight, his face got paler with every second. "I'm so-" He whispered.

"Is that what friends do? We are friends, right? Tell me, is that loyalty?" He whispered the last words. Then he let go of the tie and shoved Yoongi back into his seat.

"It's fucking not." Tae said. Then he moved his hand into Jungkook's holster to grab the Beretta. It all went so fast. Jungkook blinked once and suddenly Tae held his gun in his hands, pointing it right at Yoongi's head.

Yoongi froze on the chair, while Jungkook jumped up. He wondered why Yoongi's security didn't help, as he saw he wasn't there anymore.

"I should fucking shoot you." Tae spat. "You're not capable of anything." He added with a disgusted undertone.

"Taehyung." Jungkook said without hesitation.

Taehyung licked his lips. "What. Are you on his side?" He clenched his jaw, not looking at Jungkook.

Jungkook held his hands up. "No. I'm on your side. But no need to shoot someone." He tried to calm him down. "Yes he made a mistake. But the real problem is not him. Important is to locate the two missing trucks and get them to back. He can help." Jungkook said convinced. He didn't know if Yoongi could actually help.

Taehyung glanced at Jungkook. "You think so?" He asked softly.

"I know it. You don't want to shoot him. He's your friend." Jungkook carefully said as he stepped closer to his boss to get hold of the gun. Taehyung let him take it. He quickly put it back into the holster.

"Yoongi, locate the third truck as fast as possible. If you have any other lying pigs in your team, get rid of them." Jungkook looked at Yoongi.

Yoongi only nodded. "I will." He said with a still trembling voice.

"Come on we're leaving." Jungkook whispered towards Taehyung, who kept staring at the small man.

Taehyung only shook his head in disappointment. Then they left Yoongi behind.

As they made their way to the car Taehyung suddenly stopped. Jungkook turned to him and asked what was wrong.

"I want a room. Here. Now." He said, making eye contact with the floor.

Jungkook thought for a moment, as he didn't know if he should agree. Then he went to the reception and booked a suite.

They took the lift upstairs in silence and walked to the room. Jungkook put the card on a small display that light up green when it accepted the card. They walked inside.

Taehyung walked over to the bed, while taking off his shoes and his jacket on the way. Dropping them on the floor. He pulled at his tie and with one quick movement threw it on a nearby chair.


Jungkook took off his shoes and left them by the door. He hung up his coat above them and then went to Taehyung, finding him staring out of the window next to a bed.

The suite had two bedrooms and one bathroom, perfect size for them.

Jungkook located a second bedroom to his left. "I'll take that one." He decided without hesitation. Then he walked towards the room, but stopped when Taehyung called out his name.

"Thank you for stopping me from shooting him." He said without meeting his gaze.

Jungkook scanned Taehyung.

Tae then turned to him. "You were right. He is my friend. I really like him, actually. I wouldn't want to hurt him." He said, with a sad expression.

"Why did you-" Jungkook was going to ask why he threatened him anyway.

"I absolutely despise unloyalty. I just escalated. Shouldn't have happened. Anyways, thanks." Tae said, rethinking his actions.

Jungkook was surprised at Taehyung's honesty. "It's alright. That's what I'm here for, right?" He answered with a soft smile.

Taehyung stepped closer to him. "Praising you won't be enough for me. You deserve something better." His deep, seductive voice was back.

He touched Jungkook's shoulder, tracing his hands down to his waist. Taehyung helped him out of his jacket and dropped it next to them.

Jungkook swallowed hard. He didn't know if he liked this or not. Confused he let it happen, heat rushing through his body.

With two fingers Taehyung traced the leather of the holster around Jungkook's body.

"Something more personal." Taehyung added, cocking his head, then licking his lips slowly.

Chapter Text


Taehyung removed the holster and immediately unbuttoned Jungkook's shirt.

"In the beginning, you were so bad." Tae whispered, as he came even closer. Tracing his lips down Jungkook's neck, only slightly touching the skin.

He could feel his hot breath. Jungkook's heart started beating faster and his breath became more uneven.

Taehyung threw the shirt on the chair next to them. "But now-" He stopped, letting out a deep moan. "You're such a Good Boy."

Jungkook almost lost it. He felt the need to touch Taehyung, to kiss him, to run his fingers over his body. He felt the hardness in his pants grow with every second.

"Taehyung-" Jungkook moaned. Tae put his finger to Jungkook's lips.

"You earned this." He whispered with his deep voice. Then Tae removed his finger and slowly crushed his lips onto the younger one's.

Tae passionately kissed Jungkook, exploring his mouth with his tongue and slightly biting his lip. Taehyung pushed Jungkook back onto the bed, not interrupting the kiss. He pressed his hand against Jungkook's chest and let him down softly on the white sheets.

Jungkook lay there, Shirt open, chest exposed. His breath loud and uneven.
Taehyung looked down at him, while taking off his own shirt, exposing a well shaped body. He removed his belt in one movement and opened the zipper of his pants. Then he proceeded to take off Jungkook's shoes and opened his pant zipper, too.

Meanwhile Jungkook moaned and shifted on the bed in anticipation. He couldn't hold back his desire for the other man.
Taehyung smirked at him and then hovered over the young man. "I'll make you feel so good." He growled, while running his hand down Jungkook's chest and then stopping at his crotch.

Taehyung helped the younger one out of his shirt, before he threw it behind him on the floor. Tae proceeded to remove Jungkook's pants completely, eyes fixed on his visible boner. He licked his lips and continued taking off the boxers. Jungkook's hard cock immediately sprang out and Taehyung didn't hesitate to grab it and start giving him a hand job.

Jungkook watched the action intently. Taehyung felt his gaze and smirked at him, before he moved his head up to Jungkooks' to continue kissing him.

Jungkook felt the heat in his body rise, the pain and pleasure coming together and getting more intense the faster Taehyung moved his hand. He felt a new feeling coming up. Jungkook's moans became louder and the feeling stronger. He took hold of Tae's shoulder and squeezed it slightly.

"Uh- Taehyung-" Jungkook moaned under his heavy breath.

Taehyung smirked even wider and watched the younger man whimper under his every move.
He moved his hand faster, rubbing Jungkook's hard cock, while feeling the grip on his shoulder becoming tighter.

"Uh- I'm coming..." Jungkook almost whined.
Taehyung immediately stopped his actions, not waiting for Jungkook to come. Instead he let him suffer and teasingly ran his hand over his whole body.

"Fuck- Taehyung-" Jungkook moaned disappointed. He let his head sink into the sheets, eyes closed.
"Not yet, baby." Tae growled. Then he got up, grabbing something from his suit jacket. He returned, hovering over the young man.

Jungkook was back at watching him. Taehyung was applying lube and Jungkook wondered if he just casually carried a tube around like in his jacket. Taehyung then placed his cock to enter Jungkook.

“W-wait", Jungkook hesitated and looked up to the older man. Tae cocked his head at him. Jungkook pressed his lips together, seemingly nervous. “I- I’ve never.” He paused, suddenly avoiding Taehyung’s gaze.

Tae softly chuckled and cupped Jungkook’s face. “You’re telling me this is your first time.” He asked, softly smiling down at him. Jungkook looked him in the eyes and nodded shyly. “Yeah.” He felt his cheeks flush. Taehyung came closer and placed a long kiss on his lips.

“Don’t be nervous. I’m not gonna hurt you.” Taehyung whispered. Jungkook let a moment pass, just looking into Taehyung’s eyes. Then he mumbled a small “okay” and Tae continued where he left. Slowly the older man rubbed his cock against Jungkook’s hole and then entered him.

“Uh- my baby is so tight.” Taehyung moaned as he waited for Jungkook to adjust to his size. Meanwhile Jungkook moaned and moved under him, in pain and pleasure.

Taehyung started to thrust harder, taking hold of Jungkook’s wrists and pinning them next to his head. With every time his pace fastened, Jungkook’s moans became louder. Taehyung let go off Jungkook’s wrists and grabbed his waist instead, lifting it lightly and showing Jungkook how he could reduce the pain. Jungkook immediately got the hint and started following their movement with his hips. Lifting them a little, every time the man thrusted into him.

“Do you like it?” Tae growled under his heavy breath. Jungkook didn’t answer, only moaned louder as the he shifted over him.

Tae licked his lips with a smirk and slapped Jungkook’s thighs, as he had his legs bent.
“You’re too big T- Taehyung.” Jungkook whined.

Tae slowed down a little, bending over to kiss the younger man. With one hand he caressed Jungkook’s thigh, while the other one rested next to his head, supporting his weight.

They kissed each other passionately, breathing into each other’s mouths. You could hear their heavy breathing and moaning, aswell as the sound of their body’s collide.

Jungkook could barely bear the pain and pleasure he felt. The same feeling came up as before, only this time it was much more intense. He grabbed Taehyung’s hair with one hand and touched his neck with the other. Caressing and squeezing his soft skin, aswell as pulling his hair.

“Uh- Tae, I’m coming-“ the younger one almost shouted. He felt as if he was about to explode.

“Come for me, Jungkook.” The young man felt Taehyung’s hot breath on his cheek.

Then Jungkook felt a sudden relief, a warmth spreading in his body. Taehyung thrusted slower into him, while looking down at Jungkook’s cock. He had come all over both of their bodies.

Tae reached his hand down to Jungkook’s stomach, his finger picking up some of the white liquid. He looked up at Jungkook again, teasingly licking it off his finger. Then he did it again, this time letting Jungkook taste himself.

Tae watched him intently and moaned slightly as Jungkook’s tongue traced over his index finger.
“Such a good boy.” Taehyung praises, as he finally grabbed his cock and moved it out of Jungkook.

The young man moaned in relief and threw his head back once again. Tae got up and reached his hand out.

“Come on.” He said with his deep voice. Jungkook sat up and looked at his hand.
“Time to clean you up.” Taehyung smiled softly.

Jungkook accepted his hand and let Tae lead him into the large marble bathroom. The shower was a huge rainfall shower behind a glass window. He led him behind the glass and let go off his hand to turn on the water.

Then Taehyung cleaned himself and Jungkook. He took his time, gently soaping both their bodies and washing each other’s hair.

When they were finished they both grabbed a bathrobe and went to bed. They cuddled up facing each other. Taehyung stroked Jungkook’s head and watched him close his eyes. They both felt the exhaustion now.

“I never thought I would meet someone like you, Jungkook. Someone so loyal, handsome and willing to protect me. I didn’t think I felt this way ever again.” Taehyung whispered.

“How?” Jungkook softly asked, eyes still closed.

“I feel the need to protect you too, even if you are the bodyguard. I feel like you understand me.” He admitted with a small voice. Jungkook never thought Taehyung was even able to feel this way. Suddenly the scary and evil leader, everyone was scared of, had disappeard.

Right now he was so confused about everything. He didn’t know who to believe and who to trust. Everything was just going so not according to plan. Never in his life had he thought it was a possibility he would end up in Kim’s bed. But now here he was.

“I’m glad I’ve got to share my first time with you, Taehyung. And I feel the same way about you, as if i needed to protect you forever.” Jungkook smiled. When he didn’t get a reaction he opened his eyes, only to find Tae had already fallen asleep. So he reached behind Tae to turn off the light and then closed his eyes again, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Chapter Text


"Who?" A deep voice called out. Jungkook opened his eyes, remembering where he was and sat up in the bed.

Taehyung stood by a table in front of the bed, talking on the phone. He was almost fully dressed again, whereas Jungkook was still naked. Only a thin white sheet covered his front.

Jungkook rubbed his eyes a little and ran his hand through his hair. Taehyung noticed his movement and turned towards him. Their eyes met and Jungkook softly smiled at the older man. But Tae didn't react, his expression stayed cold and dark.

"Yeah, prepare everything. I'm on my way." He demanded and hung up. Then he put on his jacket and eyes the younger man, still sitting on the bed. He leaned his arms on the bed in front of Jungkook and kissed him softly on the lips. Tae tasted like fresh mint and Jungkook wondered if he had bad breath. His face heated up a bit and he nervously bit the inside of his cheeks.

Tae softly chuckled. "We need to go, get dressed." He said in a low voice.

Half an hour later they entered Taehyung's apartment. Jimin was already waiting on the sofa, stroking Yeontan, who was lying on his lap. Next to him sat Kim Seokjin once again, all dressed up in a navy blue suit. His black hair parted and styled a little less than last time.

"Jinnie", Taehyung smiled brightly, revealing his teeth, "How are you?" Seokjin stood up and hugged his cousin shortly.
"Good as always, Brother." He replied and quickly glanced at Jungkook. Jungkook realized he was staring at him and quickly looked away.

"Shall we?" Tae gestured towards the staircase. Jungkook wondered if they were going to discuss business. Seokjin agreed and followed his cousin.

"Jimin, take Yeontan for a walk, will you? And you, Jungkook, come with us." Both Jimin and Jungkook let out a surprised noise, but did as asked.

So all three of them went upstairs. Jungkook hadn't been there before, which made him feel very nervous. What were they going to do?
Jin and him followed Tae down a hallway to a door, which Taehyung had to unlock with a passcode. Then the door opened and they all stepped inside.

It was a large bedroom with white walls and marble tiles. There was a white bed on the left and a large window front straight ahead. Other than that there was a desk and an armchair on the right. Someone sat at the desk, writing or reading something.

Tae gestured for both of them to sit down on the edge of the bed, while he walked up to the girl. She jumped a little as he pulled at her earphones. It seemed as she hadn't noticed someone entering her room, because she was listening to music. Was she Jade? The girl who Jimin mentioned?

Tae led the girl to stand in front of the two other men, he removed her hair tie, showing off her beautiful long black hair, that was slightly wavy. She was more tan than Taehyung, definitely not Asian. She was quiet small next to the older man, maybe even smaller than Jimin. She had full lips and beautiful dark eyes. She wore a patterned skirt with a white button up. Rather than looking up, she seemed shy, as she looked on the floor.

"Jin, my friend, since you already know her, I thought we could let Jungkook take a look."  The corner of his lips slightly raised at the last part. Jin cleared his throat, thinking about the idea, then agreed with a nod. “Sounds good.”

"Alright." Taehyung said, as he asked his cousin to wait outside with him. "We'll have a drink in my office. How does Gin sound to you. You will love the aftertaste of juniper, it's divine." He said and shoved Seokjin out of the room. Before he closed the door behind him, he smirked at Jungkook, who was still sitting on the edge of the large bed.

The room fell silent for some time, Jade still making eye contact with the floor. Jungkook got up and stood in front of the young girl.

"I'm Jungkook, by the way." He said, smiling a little. The girl looked didn’t look up at him. "And you are?" He raised his eyebrows and cocked his head a bit.

"J- Jade." She almost whispered. Jungkook sighed and lifted her chin, so she had to look at him.

"Don't be shy, I'm not going to hurt you." He was a bit surprised himself, how confident he felt. Before last night, he couldn't even look at girls properly, let alone talk to them. Expect a few of his female colleagues and family, of course.

"Where are you from, Jade?" He carefully approached, letting go of her chin and taking a small step back. He felt her nervousness and gave her a bit more space.

She seemed confused, so Jungkook encouraged her with a reassuring smile, which seemed to calm her down a lot more.

"Europe. From Italy, to- to be exact." She answered. Jungkook nodded. "And what brings you to Seoul?" He asked.

"I came- I wanted to work here. I worked as a nurse. And then- one day as I walked back home after work, I almost got dragged into a van. But- but Master Kim saved me." She explained.

Jungkook  thought about what she said. Coming to a big city to work, but then being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He had seen many cases like this at work. Girls gone missing.

"You know, Jade, Master- Kim-" He felt weird calling Taehyung like that. "He wants to sell you off to his cousin." He carefully explained.
"Jimin told me, when someone comes to meet you, you scare them off by acting rebellious. Why?" He knew it was a stupid question. The answer was clearly, because no one wants to be sold off to become a slave or whatever these men had in mind. Still, he needed to hear it from Jade.

"May I speak openly." She said with a quiet voice. Jungkook agreed with a nod. "I am so scared. I don't want to be someone's fucking slave. I know what they'd do to girls like me." Her voice got louder and much more scared. Jungkook was surprised at her choice of words.

"But Tae- Master Kim. He punishes you because you fuck it up every time you could escape from here." Jimin had told him this.

"I know he won't hurt me, if he wants to sell me. I can bear his slaps, but I can’t bear being someone’s sex slave." Jade said, narrowing her eyes. He was pretty sure Seokjin wouldn’t do anything like that. He was probably just going to take her to all the events and gala’s he attended so often.

"Jade. Listen. I'm pretty sure he's a good guy, Kim Seokjin. Even if I don't really know him. Jimin said so too. So why don't you give him a chance. I promise, if he hurts you, I'll go get you out of there. But if not-" He waited for a moment. "Do you want to be held in here forever?" Jungkook didn't wait for an answer, but took the phone out of his suit jacket.

He dialed Tae's number and told him she was ready and willing to go with Seokjin.
She didn't argue, but waited for him to end the call and go downstairs. That was enough for Jungkook to know that she agreed. She had not seen anything outside the room in a while and seemed really frightened.

Both Kim's already stood by the elevator.
"Thank you, Seokjin. Call me after your meeting tomorrow." Taehyung said, as he pat Jin's shoulder. Seokjin entered the elevator and waited for Jade. "You'll see it's better with this Kim." Tae joked, as he shoved her into the elevator.

Taehyung smiled at his cousin until the doors closed and then turned to Jungkook, expression serious again.

"Good Job. How did you do it?" He asked, walking up to him and fixing Jungkook's suit.

"Believe it or not, we talked." Jungkook said.

Tae chuckled and ran his hand through the younger man's hair. "That's my boy." Taehyung smiled proudly. "Come on." He grabbed Jungkook's hand. "We're gonna take a bath. I really need one right now." He suggested and dragged Jungkook up the stairs to the bathroom.

Chapter Text


Later in the evening Jimin returned from a walk with Yeontan. He found Jungkook and Taehyung in the kitchen, preparing dinner.
He let down the little dog, which immediately ran to his food bowl and watched the other two man, who hadn't noticed him yet.

Jungkook was wearing a burgundy silk bathrobe, Jimin had brought from France and Tae wore his usual black silk one. He smiled as he stood by the kitchen island and watched them arguing over how to cut an onion.

"Please, cut the pieces smaller." Taehyung whined, trying to grab the knife from the younger man.

"No, what's the point of putting it into the dish if you cut it that small." Jungkook teasingly yelled back with a laugh. Jimin chuckled at that and both men turned around in surprise.

Tae walked around the kitchen island, smiling brightly. "Jimin! How long does it take you to walk my baby Yeontan." His voice was a lot higher than usual.

"Ah, sorry. I went to a dog café and checked out the market. Yeontan and I had a great afternoon!" He answered, while Taehyung kissed him on the cheek. Tae stroked his cheek with his thumb, slowly drawing circles on Jimin's soft skin.
"Why don't you shower and change and we'll have dinner together." Tae suggested.

Jimin agreed and went upstairs to do as Taehyung suggested. When he came back downstairs, wearing an emerald green silk bathrobe, just like the other two men, dinner was already set.

They sat down on the glass table and started eating. They had Bibimbap, Samgyeopsal and Kimchi, along with som Soju. For dessert Jimin had brought a variety of Mochi from the market he had visited. So they enjoyed dinner, talking about all kinds of things, from the market to Saunas to rice cakes.

Jungkook who had already lost count of how many shots of Soju he had drank, listened carefully to Jimin's detailed description of his grandmother's delicious mochi recipe. Jimin talked so passionately that he could barely believe they were talking about food.

Taehyung got calmer with every glass of Soju, while Jimin got more talkative.

"Let's go upstairs." Taehyung suddenly suggested.
"What", Jungkook asked in confusion. He looked over to Jimin, who just smiled at him, like they shared a secret.

"You heard me." Taehyung smirked and got up.
"Just leave this mess here. The maid is coming tomorrow, anyways." He said. Then Jimin and Jungkook got up too and followed Taehyung to his bedroom.

It was a huge room with grey walls and a dark wooden floor. Probably black Oak. There was a large window on one side, showing Seoul at night and a king size bed in the center of the room. Taehyung turned on the lights and closed the door behind them. The room lightened up in dim amber color.
Jimin walked over to a black drawer and searched for something. Meanwhile Jungkook shyly sat down on the edge of the bed. Its grey velvet bed sheets felt very good under his fingers. Jimin sat down next to him and giggled at Jungkook.

"Look Tae, he's so cute." Jimin smiled, squeezing Jungkook's cheek, like he was a child. Jimin handed Taehyung a box he grabbed from the drawer. Tae opened the box, as he stood in front of them.

"Adderall or Ecstasy?" Taehyung said with a serious expression.

"Adderall." Jimin answered with a sweet voice and got handed a small round blue pill. He immediately threw his head back and swallowed it.

Jungkook watched him, suddenly not feeling relaxed from the alcohol anymore. Jimin lay down and loudly sighed. What did he just see?

"Jungkook." Taehyung had moved a bit closer.
Jungkook looked up at him, not knowing what to say. Was he forced to take drugs?

"Adderall. It's clearly his first time." Jimin sighed from behind him. Did that mean this was something they often did?
Jungkook's eyes widened, as he watched Taehyung grabbing a white oval pill from the box. "Do you need water?" Tae softly asked.
Jungkook shook his head a little too much, making Taehyung chuckle slightly.

"Open up." Taehyung demanded. Jungkook obeyed and Tae put the pill on his tongue. Then he swallowed it. He panicked a little as he realized what he just did.

Taehyung nodded satisfied. "Good Boy." He said, before he turned around and put the box back into the drawer.

He walked back, downing a pill himself. Jungkook watched how he closed his eyes and licked his lips. How could one look so incredibly sexy taking drugs?
"What did you chose?" Jungkook asked with a small voice. He didn't know if it was okay for him to ask.

"Ecstasy, Baby." He answered with a dark expression. "Alright. Jungkook, lay down." Taehyung demanded, tightening the strings of his robes for whatever reason.

Jungkook didn't hesitate and lay down on the velvet sheets. Jimin got up and sat down next to his head. Jungkook felt nervous but excited, and watched how Taehyung hovered over him, just like he did at the night in the hotel.

"Fucking on drugs is divine. You'll see." Taehyung's voice was a low whisper. Jungkook nervously cleared his throat, which made Tae smirk. Then Taehyung proceeded to kiss Jungkook on the lips. It was a passionate kiss, full of lust and excitement. Jungkook felt a tingling feeling in his lower stomach.

Taehyung's mouth wandered all the way down his neck, leaving small kisses. Of course he had to leave a hickey too, as an evidence for this night. Tae's hands travelled all over Jungkook's body, slowly opening the robe, so he could kiss his way down his stomach. He stopped at Jungkook’s belly button.

Jungkook enjoyed ever second of this, felt how with every little kiss his desire for this man grew. Felt Tae’s boner, even through the black silk and his own errection growing. Jungkook felt the drugs kicking in, and Taehyung was right, it was divine. Jungkook felt Jimin’s gaze on him, oh, how much he wanted to feel his body too.

His heart started to beat faster, his breath getting more uneven. Taehyung removed Jungkook’s robe completely and looked him up and down with hungry eyes.

“Jimin, dear, fuck him for me. Please.” Taehyung closed his eyes, almost moaning the last word. Neither Jimin nor Jungkook protested and so Tae changed positions with Jimin.

Jungkook watched Jimin’s every move intently. Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s errection, not breaking eye contact with him. Then he stroked it a bit, before putting it into his mouth, giving him a blow job.

Jungkook was caught off guard by this move as he had never experienced it, so he flinched a little hard. But Taehyung held him down, stroking his hair and kissing him intensly.

There was so much going on, Jungkook could barely concentrate on Tae’s lips. His dick in Jimin’s mouth felt so fucking good, he had to watch him. Jimin was very good at it, it didn’t take long for Jungkook to start moaning loudly, feeling like he was about to explode. With the drugs, he felt like he was in heaven. It was so much more intense, so much better. His hands automatically wandered to Jimin’s head, slightly pulling at his soft black hair.

“F- fuck-“ Jungkook moaned loudly. He couldn’t hold himself back anymore. “Oh, Jim- min. You’re so- good.” He moaned even louder. Jungkook was about come, holding on even tighter to Jimin’s hair.

Taehyung still tried to kiss him, in between the sharp breaths he took. Then Jimin stopped, using his hand to finish. Jungkook came, spilling on the grey velvet, on Jimin’s hand and his thighs, as he kneeled in front of Jungkook.

“Mhm, Baby.” Taehyung bit his lips, watching Jungkook grabbing the bed sheet, his whole body jerking in pleasure and his chest moved even faster. Jungkook moaned and felt such an intense pleasure, he had to throw his head back and close his eyes.

He calmed down a bit, looking back up at Jimin who licked the cum from his hands. Taehyung stared at Jimin and couldn’t help himself but kiss him intently, to taste it Jungkook.

“Now’s your time, Angel. Lie down.” Taehyung said to Jimin. Jungkook still felt tingles all over his body as he moved to let Jimin lie down.

“Jungkook.” Taehyung leaned in close and whispered into Jungkook’s ear. “We will make Jimin feel like he never felt before. Okay, Baby.” Taehyung raised his eyebrows at Jungkook.

Jungkook nodded and hovered over Jimin, removing his bathrobe for him and taking a look at his beautiful body.
“Jimin.” Jungkook moaned. “I want you to relax, Jagi.” He said, lowering his voice and moving down to crush his lips on Jimin’s.

Chapter Text


Jimin let out a small noise, as Jungkook entered him. His gaze was solely focused on Jimin's lips he had just kissed a few seconds ago. His lips were soft and warm and somehow tasted like strawberry.

It was so good to feel him, to hear his soft moans, everytime he thrust into him. Jungkook fastened his pace, placing both his hands next to Jimin's body. Meanwhile Jimin held on to Jungkook's waist, eyes closed and mouth open.

"You're so good." Jimin mumbled under his heavy breath. Jungkook answered in a small groan, unable to speak. He had to concentrate on his movement, since it was his first time taking control during sex.

Then Taehyung joined from behind, slowly entering Jungkook. In response Jungkook had to straighten his upper body, feeling Taehyung's chest on his bare skin. Tae wrapped his arms around Jungkook, so Jungkook held onto them. Jimin's moans became louder and so did his own, as he felt Taehyung's big dick once again inside him.

"Still tight, baby." Taehyung whispered in Jungkook's ear. Jungkook rolled his eyes, but couldn't protest as Jimin suddenly jerked beneath him, coming on both of them. It was in indescribable feeling to bring someone so much pleasure.

"Jungkook. You fuck so good." Jimin burst out, throwing back his head in exhaustion. Jungkook threw his head back aswell, hitting Taehyung's hard shoulder. A tingling feeling rose in his lower stomach. And then he came aswell, spilling on Jimin.

"Fuck." Taehyung growled in Jungkook's ear. Then he unwrapped his arms and Jungkook let himself sink on the bed next to Jimin. Tae watched both of them catch their breath for a while, before he got up and walked over and disappeared in a walk-in-wardrobe.

Jimin moved closer to Jungkook and placed his head on his chest.
"When I feel your heartbeat, Jungkookie, I feel like a new me." Jimin suddenly whispered. It was a really cheesy line, but Jungkook was happy as long as Jimin was happy.

Jungkook put his arm around Jimin and pulled him even closer. Taehyung came back with a spare blanket and carefully placed it on Jimin and Jungkook, before he lay down next to Jungkook's other side. Tae's lips touched his shoulder slightly.

"Goodnight." Taehyung whispered, as he closed his eyes.

The next time Jungkook woke up, was from someone calling his name and tapping his shoulder.
With narrowed eyes he searched for the person doing that and found Taehyung sitting next to him on the bed.

Tae put a finger to his own lips. "Up." His voice had an angry undertone to it. Jungkook didn't hesitate and got up. He followed Tae into the walk-in-wardrobe. It was a long room with many cabinets and clothes. Many mirrors hung around and there was even a lounge chair.

"We meet up with Min. Wear this." Taehyung handed him a suit. Definitely not one of those Jimin had bought him. He couldn't even see what color it was, because it was really dark.

Still tired Jungkook dressed himself. Tae did so too. "Taehyung what time is it even?" Jungkook whispered. Tae gave him a coat and shoes. "Almost four." He answered. Then they walked out of the room, to the elevator.

"Sorry I had to wake you up." Taehyung said in a normal volume again. "It's just, you're my bodyguard and I need you. I trust Yoongi, but his man could be corrupt." Tae said, entering the elevator. "Nowadays you can't trust fucking anyone." He mumbled.

Jungkook widened his eyes. It was like he constantly forgot that he was actually an agent. That none of this he should be doing, instead he should do his research and get the hell out again. But he felt like he was already in too deep.

"No." Jungkook burst out. Tae turned his head and studied him confused. Jungkook swallowed hard, suddenly feeling nervous again. "You can trust me. Always." He said, not hesitating once. Tae smiled satisfied, as the doors opened and they walked to the Hyundai.

Did Jungkook really mean it? And did Taehyung believe him?

The whole ride they didn't talk. Tae was probably extremely tired and Jungkook just thought about his mission. As they arrived, Jungkook got out of the car, a salty breeze in the air.

They were by Han River, next to them a large warehouse. Another car was some meters in front of them. A small man got out, it was still dark and he wore a black coat, so Jungkook couldn't exactly see who it was. But he was sure it was Min Yoongi, as Taehyung walked up to him, to shake his hand.

Quickly Jungkook got next to Taehyung, staying a bit behind though, just like a good security would.

"So. What do you got?" Taehyung asked with a harsh undertone.

"First of all I want to apologize for last time, Mr. Taehyung." Yoongi bowed slightly, trying to show his respect. Taehyung sighed and waved his hand around. "Yeah, Yeah. Forgiven. Go on." He said, seemingly annoyed.

"Of course. The second truck was in this warehouse.” He gestured to the one next to them. “It’s all safe now.” He continued. “But I couldn’t find the third one yet.” Yoongi’s voice trembled a bit.

Taehyung exhaled sharply. Yoongi quickly put both his hands up. “No need to worry. We’re on it. I found something else though. You told me to get rid of any other lying pigs in my team. I got one.” Yoongi snapped his fingers and on queue one of his bodyguards opened the door to his Mercedes and dragged out a man with something over his head. He groaned and could barely walk on his own.

“A traitor.” Yoongi smirked. Jungkook watched the poor guy they had dragged out of the car. He quickly glanced at Taehyung, who had simply raised his eyebrows. Tae cocked his head a bit and then nodded. “Good Job. See, you can be loyal if you want.” Taehyung went to shake his hand again. “That’s all. Get back to your work now.” Tae demanded.

Yoongi quickly bowed and almost ran back to his car. His man pushed the poor guy to the ground and got back in the car as well. Then they drove off pretty quickly, leaving them behind.

Tae glanced back to Jungkook, who just stared at the man on the ground. Taehyung took some steps back and put his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. “Jungkook.” He said. The young man looked at him with wide eyes.

“Take him to the warehouse. And kill him. Do that for me will you. I’ll be waiting in the car.” Taehyung softly smiled at him and then left him standing there, getting back in the Hyundai.

Jungkook exhaled and dragged the poor man into the warehouse. The doors stood open a little. He dragged him over the concrete floor, groans getting louder with every second. Jungkook felt so sorry.

It was pretty dark inside, no possibility for Tae to see them. So Jungkook kneeled down and removed the black fabric from the man’s head.

“Hoseok.” Jungkook gasped, his jaw dropping. Hoseok sat up in front of him, his messy hair hanging in his face, his suit ripped and full of blood. Blood running from his nose, cuts on his eyebrow and lips. Sweat ran down the side of his face.

“Jungkookie.” Hoseok cried. “Please help me.” Jungkook’s heart ached and so did his stomach. He felt sick. This was so wrong.
“What happened.” Jungkook clenched his teeth.

“They know. They found out who- who I am. They tortured me. I-“ He choked on his tears.
Jungkook looked up at the ceiling, trying not to get too emotional.
“Did you tell’em about me, Hoseok.” He needed answers and shook his friends shoulders in frustration.

“No.” Hoseok muttered. Jungkook nodded, he couldn’t even feel relief, because of how confused and sorry he was.

“I have the instruction to kill you, Hobi.” Jungkook confessed. “I’m so sorry, brother. I will avenge you, you have my word.”

“No. Please.” Hoseok begged. He fell forward, holding on to Jungkook’s shoes. Jungkook stood up and pulled out his Beretta. He released the safety catch and aimed for Hoseok’s head.

“I never wanted this.” Jungkook mumbled.
Then a shot was heard. So loud, it was deafening. Jungkook felt like he was in trance when he opened the door to the Hyundai. Taehyung looked at him, narrowing his eyes, as he watched the young man sit next to him.

“Good Boy.” Tae praised, as always, leaning over and stroking his head. Jungkook took all his willpower to confidently smile back at Taehyung. Then they drove back home.

Chapter Text


The day went by too fast. He sat around in the apartment the whole day, trying not to fall asleep. Jimin left in the afternoon to go to his hometown Busan, where he attended a wedding or something. Tae stayed in his office the entire day. Only until almost midnight he finally stepped out of his office, sighing and yawning.

Jungkook immediately jumped up from the sofa and turned to him. Taehyung made a noise in surprise and raised his eyebrows at him.
"Why are you still awake?" Tae asked him, cocking his head.

"I'm-" Jungkook thought for a second. "It's my job." He shrugged.

Taehyung sighed again, smiling a bit. "Actually, I ordered some food. So, if you stay you can eat with me." Tae offered. "Eat with me." He quickly added, walking up to Jungkook and stroking his head. He kissed him softly, making a little noise and embracing him afterwards.

It was a lot of affection. "Why so happy?" Jungkook asked.

"I'm just enjoying your company." Taehyung smiled.

Twenty minutes later they were almost finished with eating, sitting at the kitchen island. Tae had ordered some Filet Mignon with Mashed Potatoes, along with some roasted Asparagus. He even opened a fancy French Chardonnay, saying it was obligatory to enjoy the steak with wine. They didn't talk while eating, only started when Taehyung asked Jungkook how he liked the wine.

Jungkook swallowed the food he was chewing. "I don't drink a lot of wine, but this one is really good."

Taehyung nodded. "Normally I'd go with a red wine, but I don't have a good one at home right now." They both smiled at each other.

When they were both finished, Jungkook downed his last sip of Chardonnay and then stretched in his seat. Taehyung studied him.

"Tae?" Jungkook asked, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear. Tae raised his eyebrows.

"Taehyung can I ask you, what is your job in Daecheonsa?" Jungkook turned his head, to find Tae's intimidating stare.

"I’m the head.” Taehyung shrugged. “Responsible for Weapons and Drugs. Deals aswell, on the inside and the outside.”

“Yes. But Seokjin-“ Jungkook began. But Taehyung cut him off quickly, voice harsh and scary. “Is the head, why, do you want to protect him instead? Do you also want to fuck him instead. Go ahead.” He got up, smashing the napkin he had on his lap on the counter. Then he walked off, upstairs.

Jungkook sat there for a moment, watching Tae leave. His mouth hung open, as he realized he risked a lot, asking such a question. Why was he not allowed to say Seokjin’s name?

He didn’t hesitate and got up, to look for Taehyung. Jungkook entered his room upstairs, without knocking and found him sitting on the bed. Head low. Jungkook hadn’t noticed before that Tae wasn’t wearing a suit today. Instead, he wore black suit pants and a cream sweater. He never wore shoes when he worked in his office all day.

“Tae.” Jungkook closed the door behind him and sat down next to him on the bed. He looked at Taehyung, waiting for him so speak.

Tae exhaled loudly, head still low. “Sorry. I didn’t wanna yell. I just- I hate it when someone compares me to Jin.” He paused for a second, looking Jungkook in the eyes. “He’s really good at his job, you can’t imagine what he’s doing. He saved this goddamn city so many times already. And what have I done-“ Tae shook his head. “I acted like a child. For years. I didn’t take anything seriously. Not until a few weeks back, when-“ He stopped mid-sentence.

Jungkook didn’t move, just watched Taehyung, who has lowered his head again.
“When my father died.” Tae licked his lips and closed his eyes. Jungkook’s heart ached. He grabbed Taehyung’s hand.

“He died. Because I didn’t do my job.” Taehyung let out several noises and then started sobbing. Jungkook quickly pulled him into his chest, wrapping his arms around him and whispering for him to calm down. Telling him it wasn’t his fault, even if he didn’t know the truth.

As Taehyung had stopped crying, Jungkook took off his shoes, to lay down on the bed. He pulling Tae down next to him, not facing him though, so he could back-hug him.

Jungkook then waited for Tae to fall asleep. An hour had passed, as Jungkook silently left the room. He went downstairs to call the elevator. He needed a phone, as fast as possible. So he left the building, telling the security he would go for a walk and visited the nearest convenience store. They had a phone booth, so he fed the machine some money and dialed the only number he could think of.

“Who is this?” A male voice appeared. Jungkook exhaled, suddenly nervous.

“Namjoon hyung.” He almost whispered.

“Shit, Jungkookie? What- How are you- I mean-“ His tone was surprised.

“Namjoon. I’m losing my mind here.” Jungkook felt sick, he leaned his head against the wall. “I can’t lie anymore, it’s making me lose my fucking mind. Namjoon.” He whispered again.”

“Jungkook, hey, brother. Concentrate, alright. It’s gonna be alright. You will be out of there soon, ok. We’re working on it. You just need more evidence. Okay, Jungkook.” Namjoon talked slow, trying to calm his younger brother down.

Jungkook nodded and concentrated on Namjoon’s voice. “I am on to something. Just wait a little longer. I don’t know when I can contact you again. Just know that I’ll do my best.”

“I know, Jungkookie. I know. But don’t risk your life, alright. I need you back in the office soon. I miss you.” Namjoon admitted.

“I miss you, too. I miss my boring work.” He laughed a bit. “I need to go now. Bye, Hyung.” Jungkook waited for a moment.

“Yes. Goodnight, brother.” Namjoon almost whispered these words and then hung up. Jungkook remained on the phone for another minutes, with his eyes closed and his teeth clenched. He wanted to stay strong and keep it together for the team’s sake.

So he went back to the apartment. Back to Tae’s bedroom. Crawled back into the bed, this time taking off his suit jacket and untucking his shirt and cuddled up to Taehyung.

He hated lying. Even to such a bad person like Taehyung. Or wasn’t he so bad after all?

Chapter Text


The next day Jungkook helped Tae working in his office. He sorted some files for him, while Tae worked on something on his computer. They both sat at Taehyung's large desk, which had very artistic feet made of marble, on which Jungkook had hit his knee several times already.

"Jungkook." Tae suddenly spoke up, eyes still on the monitor in front of him. Jungkook looked up from the pile of files on the desk.
"I'm gonna go into the kitchen, for an important phone call. Could you keep on working, I need these to be sorted until the evening."

Jungkook nodded. "Sure. I'm finished soon." Tae looked at him, the corner of his mouth lifting slightly. "Great." Then Taehyung got up, grabbed his phone from the desk and left the room.

Jungkook was actually already finished with sorting the files, but he was so deep in thought that he stared at the piece of paper in front of him for five minutes now. He deeply regretted saying yes to this mission now, because lying and being with Taehyung just wasn't good for him. And he felt like he changed so much since he worked for Kim.

As Taehyung had left Jungkook came back to reality and realized he was now alone in the Kim Taehyung's office. The perfect moment to spy around. Tae could return every second, but he needed to take advantage of this opportunity.
So, he moved over to the computer, quickly studying his email account. He read through a few emails from some unknown people, to Yoongi to Seokjin, regarding some projects and deals. One email from Seokjin was particularly interesting, it seemed rather private aswell.

He read it as quickly as possible. "Taehyung we have to talk. The deals are getting out of hand. You keep killing people. And what about the girl you locked up? That for sure was never part of our contract. I want you to trust no one else besides you and me, yes? If anything happens, take what's in the safe and leave the country. Remember where your dad used to take your mom? Take care brother."
What place was Seokjin talking about? And where was that safe he mentioned? He quickly went through some other files on the computer.

Mostly contracts on transactions. Deals for Weapons, drugs, even people. What was Daecheonsa's goal? They already ruled the city, could they have another plan no one knew about?

Jungkook closed the files and took a look at Taehyung's dark green Notebook. He carried it around most of the time and Jungkook was curious what he wrote down in it.

He carefully opened the small notebook and studied the first pages. Names. Just names. But who were these people? Some names were crossed out, some not. Some names seemed familiar, he didn't know where he knew them from.

Suddenly he heard the door open, Taehyung returned. Tae was still on the phone and slowly entered the room, his back facing Jungkook.
Jungkook gasped and quickly moved back into his seat. He noticed he still held Tae's notebook. His mind went blank, his eyes were fixed on Taehyung who was turning around any second. If Taehyung saw him holding his book and he didn't have a reasonable explanation, he was pretty sure Tae was gonna shoot him right here in his office.
So he put the notebook in his jacket. His inner voice screamed for him to put it back on the desk, but he ran out of time.

Then Taehyung turned around, rolling his eyes and tucking his smartphone into his trouser pocket. "Fuck, I'll probably have to kill him if he keeps talking so much." Taehyung sighed. He walked over to Jungkook, who looked at him with big eyes. Jungkook didn't even know if he was breathing right now. "What." Taehyung stared back at him. Did Tae notice? Jungkook gulped. "I'm not really gonna do it, calm down." Tae chuckled. Jungkook let out a small noise and nervously laughed. It sounded way too awkward, he was sure Tae was gonna notice. "You're weird." Taehyung smiled and slowly shook his head.

He looked over Jungkook's shoulder, taking a look at the files. "Finished." He said. Jungkook wasn't capable of saying more than one word at the moment.
Tae put his hand on both Jungkook's shoulders and massages them. "Good Job. You can take some time off now. Stay in the apartment, though." Tae went back to his computer, continuing his work. Jungkook got up and quickly walked out of the office.

As he closed the door behind him, he exhaled loudly. Then he went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. He chugged it and leaned against the counter. The cold liquid felt so good, after what he had just done. That was way too close. And what was he gonna do about the notebook? He had to hide it somewhere. He was pretty sure Tae had installed some cameras around here. Maybe even in the bedrooms.
"Most probably." Jungkook said out loud, biting the inside of his lips.

When Taehyung was finished with his work some time later, Jungkook had already found a place to hide the notebook. He waited on the couch as usual when Tae sat down next to him.

"I think I'm gonna use the gym for some time. Do whatever you want, yes?" Taehyung looked at him with a serious expression and slapped Jungkook's thigh, before he got up and disappeared into the gym.

Jungkook didn't even know it existed until now. He decided to join Tae in the gym, but then his phone rang. Taehyung had given him a new one with the contact information of some important people. He had already forgot about the phone, since no one had called yet.
But now someone did. It was Kim Seokjin. So of course, he answered the call.

"Hello, Mr Jin- I mean Sir- Mr Kim Seokjin, Sir." Jungkook babbled. He mentally slapped himself for these stupid words.

"Hello. Jungkook?" That was certainly not Kim Seokjin on the other line. Rather a female voice. But he didn't know anyone female, did he? "It's me, Jade." The girl whispered.

"Jade? Hello- How-" Jungkook began, but quickly got interrupted by a crying voice.

"Jungkook. I should call you if something happened. I- He- Someone robbed me, they beat me up." She started sobbing. Jungkook barely understood anything.

"Who? What? Seokjin?" Jungkook suddenly asked many questions at once.

"No- please come pick me up. I'm in Gangnam." Jungkook told her to describe the surroundings more and when he knew where she was he told her to stay there.

After hanging up, he quickly ran into the gym, where Tae was doing some push ups. Confused Taehyung stopped and walked over to Jungkook, who was standing by the door.

"Tae! Someone beat up Jade. I promised her to help her if something like that happened. We need to-" Jungkook almost shouted in between sharp breaths. Tae interrupted him, putting a hand up.

"Calm down, Jungkookie. What happened?" Taehyung rested his hands on Jungkook's shoulders.

Jungkook tried again, this time much calmer. "Jade, you sold her off to Seokjin. She got beat up in the streets, I don't know. I want to pick her up and bring her here. Can I?" Jungkook's eyes widened, staring at Tae.

Taehyung seemed to hesitate for a second and licked his lips. "Oh, no. Yes, go and pick her up. Drive the Hyundai." Tae agreed. Jungkook bowed and mumbled a thank you, before he sprinted to the elevator, to get to the garage. Arriving there, he grabbed the keys and drove to the place Jade had described.

He didn't know why he was so nervous, but he quickly found her and helped her in the car. She wore a cream wrap dress and sandals. Her face seemed okay, besides a cut on her lips. She cried all the way back, holding her stomach, where the man had probably kicked her.

Back in the garage, Jungkook carried her to the elevator and all the way upstairs, to then lay her down on the couch. Taehyung already waited, still in his gym attire. He came from the kitchen, holding a little box and a cup.

Jade had stopped crying and tried to sit up, when Tae sat down next to her, handing her the cup. Jungkook who sat on the other side of Jade, got handed the red little box. It was a first aid kit.

Taehyung put his hand on Jade's head and carefully stroked it. "It's okay. You're safe here." She seemed still scared of Taehyung, which was understandable, considering he had locked her up for so long.

"Jade." Jungkook approached. "Why were you alone outside, are you allowed to do that?"

Jade swallowed whatever was in the cup and then looked to Jungkook.
"Seokjin. He- he just let me go. As soon as we left the building that day, he handed me a bag full of money, telling me to leave the country." Jungkook looked at Taehyung. They were both surprised.

Taehyung stopped caressing Jade's hair and put his hand on her thigh. "You could have been free? Why didn't you leave?" He asked softly, with his deep velvety voice.

She looked at him. "I wanted to. I wanted to go book a flight. But on my way, someone just attacked me." Tae took the mug out of Jade's hand and pulled her into a hug. Jungkook met eyes with Taehyung, as he carefully embraced her, while also caressing her back. Something was odd. It was so strange to watch him hug her like that. His eyes, who stared into Jungkook's soul, just didn't show any of the affection his action did.

Chapter Text


When it was already dark outside, Jungkook had carried Jade to his bedroom. Tae insisted she'd sleep there and Jungkook should sleep in his bed. As he had already expected.
Earlier, they had cleaned her wounds and gave her something to eat. Now Jungkook and Tae stood in front of Jade, who sat on the bed.

"Maybe we should give her something for the pain?" Jungkook whispered to Tae, after studying Jade for a bit.
Tae put a finger to his lips. Jungkook immediately stopped talking, eyes fixed on Taehyung's lips. "Trust me. And follow my orders. Understood?" He sounded really scary. Jungkook felt intimidated and just nodded.

He watched Taehyung step closer to Jade, stroking her head with the palm of his hand. She looked a lot more relaxed now, neither cried nor talked. It was almost suspicious.
Tae turned to Jungkook and stared at him with a dark expression. "Take off your suit jacket. I don't want you to ruin it." He demanded.

"What?" Jungkook's mouth fell open, as he repeated the words in his head. How would he ruin it? "Do it. Now." Taehyung growled. Jungkook did as Tae demanded and quickly hung the jacket over a chair. Meanwhile Taehyung opened his zip-up hoodie and threw it over the chair aswell. He didn't wear any shirt underneath it, practically wore nothing besides his long grey sweat pants now.

Tae leaned towards Jungkook. "Now get behind her, on the bed." Jungkook hesitated, but gave in as Taehyung kept staring at him with a dark expression. He felt really nervous as he climbed on the bed, behind Jade.

Jade's expression quickly changed as she realized the situation, nervously biting her lips as she watched Taehyung in front of her.

Tae moved very close to Jade now, gently pushing her on the mattress while he hovered over her. Jungkook watched them tensely.
Why didn't Jade react more? After all this time she was locked up by Taehyung, didn't she kind of hate him?

Jade kept lying underneath Taehyung, barely moving. Her big eyes meeting Taehyung's dark gaze. She threw her head back as Taehyung touched her thighs, slowly stroking them while kissing her neck. Jungkook got flustered at the sight, his pants suddenly tight at certain places. Was Taehyung that interested in her?

Tae moved his hand to her back and pulled her to his chest, so she was almost sitting on the bed now. She made a surprised sound as her chest bumped into Taehyung's. Then he kept on placing kisses on her neck, moving her hair aside.

Jungkook watched them, heart starting to beat faster. He met Tae's eyes. They were still dark and full of emptiness. He hadn't seen him like that before. Tae looked possessed, like an insane person.
Taehyung suddenly grabbed Jungkook's shirt and pulled him closer. Taehyung traced his hand over Jungkook's chest and then grabbed his hand.

But Taehyung's touch felt different. Cold. It wasn't his hand he was holding. Tae had handed Jungkook a knife. A long sharp, silver knife.
As his mind raced he kept looking at it and then back to Taehyung's intense stare.

He knew what Tae wanted him to do. And somehow he wasn't scared of doing it. He had to. Maybe Tae would kill them both if he refused. So Taehyung moved his head back, both arms still wrapped around Jade's body. Jungkook came closer, aggressively grabbing Jade's hair and pulling it back to reveal her neck more. She moaned in surprise, digging her finger's into Taehyung's skin.

And then he placed the silver, sharp knife on her throat. The cold metal pressing against her yet warm and young skin. His eyes focused on Taehyung's as he moved it along her skin, cutting into the flesh. Jade didn't even have time to properly react.

The sound she made while Jungkook cut her throat was something that he would never get out of his head again. It was a last breath, a hitch. It sounded like Jade wanted to scream one last time, but lost her voice before she could even begin. As she was losing blood she got hold of Jungkook's arm and his hand, trying to stop the knife from cutting more, but it was already too late.

Taehyung smirked as warm liquid ran down Jade's neck, all the way on the expensive bed sheets. Jade's lifeless body then fell back on Jungkook, so he was forced to hold her. He looked away from Tae, processing what he had just done.
Jungkook looked the girl up and down, waiting for her to move more, to defend herself or something. But she didn't. Blood kept running and her eyes were wide open, staring blankly at the ceiling.

Jungkook looked back to Taehyung, who's smile had fainted. He looked rather concerned, as he carefully took the knife out of Jungkook's hand and placed it next to him.

"Are you okay?" Taehyung asked full of concern, raising one eyebrow. Jungkook didn't hesitate, but started shaking his head slowly.

"I just- I killed her." He stuttered. His heart felt heavy, his eyes started burning and his hands trembled. What did she ever do to you?Jungkook asked himself, swallowing hard. He felt tears welling up in his eyes. But rather than than screaming at the man who had just manipulated him into killing an innocent girl, he took himself together and smirked at him.

"We could have had more fun with her, you know." Jungkook spoke, trying his best to make it sound real.

"No thank you." Taehyung stood up from the bed, an amused look on his face. He reached his hands out to help Jungkook off the bed. Hand in hand they left the room, closing the door behind them. "I'll call someone to clean up." Tae said without hesitation, leading Jungkok to their bedroom.

Taehyung made Jungkook sit down on his bed, on the familiar velvet sheets.
Jungkook felt sick, so sick.

"You look pale, are you sure you're alright?" Taehyung asked again, squeezing Jungkook's hand.

"Me? Are you fucking joking." Jungkook accidentally yelled the last part, almost revealing his true feelings. "I feel great. Alive, to be honest." He laughed out loud. "Actually, I'd like to shower now." Jungkook glanced at his hands, which were covered in Jade's blood. Then he looked up to Tae, who sat next to him with raised eyebrows and a little smirk. Jungkook quickly continued. "Alone. If you don't mind."

Tae pouted and let go of Jungkook's hand to disappear in the walk-in wardrobe. "Whatever makes you happy. You miss out on hot shower sex, but okay." Tae shouted from the wardrobe.

Jungkook clenched his jaw, trying not to freak out. "You don't have to wait for me. Just go to bed." He added and went into the en suite, locking the door behind him.

It was too much for him, they had crossed the line. He would leave, quit and never come back. He would grab his gun and just shoot him. On the verge of a breakdown Jungkook rinsed his face with cold water, looking at his reflection in the large mirror.

"What have I done." Jungkook mumbled at his reflection. He was covered in blood. From his hands to his arms, to his white button up -hell even on his chin.

So he took a shower. A long hot shower, removing all the blood from his skin. And he cried, sobbed silently as the hot water hit his skin. Now he was not at all better than all those monsters he had chased all the time.

He got out of the rainforest shower, putting a towel around his waist and then stepped in front of the mirror again. It was visible that he cried, as his eyes were slightly red. Jungkook hoped Taehyung was already sleeping, so he wouldn't see his face. And he also hoped it would not be swollen tomorrow.

After opening the door to the bedroom he saw that Taehyung indeed was already asleep. As quiet as possible he sneaked to the wardrobe, putting on one of Taehyung's silk Pajamas. Afterwards he walked over to the bed, lying down next to Tae. As soon as he found a comfortable position, Taehyung turned around and back hugged Jungkook. Still, he couldn't fall asleep until hours later, as the images of the young girl still haunted him. Knowing, she was still lying dead on that bed not even far away, made him feel so sick.

A tap on Jungkook’s leg woke him up in the morning. He opened his eyes, adjusting to the artificial light coming from the bedside lamp, as he roamed his eyes around the bedroom.

"Good morning, baby." A voice called next to him. Quickly Jungkook located the source of the not so familiar voice. Jimin sat on the end of the bed, smiling softly at him.

Chapter Text


"Jimin?" Jungkook said with a raspy voice, sitting up in the bed, while rubbing his eyes.
"You're back?" He added.

Jimin chuckled slightly, reaching out to stroke Jungkook's messy black hair and flatten it a bit. "Yes, I just arrived." Jimin answered.

Jungkook turned to look at the empty other half of the bed, where Taehyung should have been. Jimin noticed Jungkook's confusion. "He left as I arrived. A business trip in Incheon. He'll stay there until tomorrow." Jimin quickly said.

Jungkook nodded slowly. "Sure", he added and furrowed his brows. "Did no one go with him. Who will protect him?"

"Calm down, Jungkookie." Jimin grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly. "He meets up with Seokjin. Believe me, no one has the courage to come at any of them. He's safe." Jimin reassured. Jungkook seemed thought about it for a moment. "Yeah." He than agreed.

"Come on now. I bought you some new shoes." Jimin's eyes started shining as soon as he said the word "shoes". "Wear the grey suit with the black shirt, alright?" Jimin said and jumped up to go to the closet. He returned with the clothes and carefully lay them on the bed. "I thought of bringing you some brown Hermés Derby's, but then I remembered I bought cold colored suits in Paris, so I got you some black Oxford's." Jimin chuckled, shaking his head.

Jungkook smiled too, even if he wasn't really sure what Jimin was talking about. He stood up and took off the Pajamas. Jimin suddenly looked at him, chuckling even more. "Cute Outfit."

Jungkook stared back in confusion, then took a better look at the Pajama pants he held in his hand. It was baby blue silk with bananas all over it. He started laughing too, maybe because he must have looked ridiculous wearing these, or maybe because he couldn't find a reason why Taehyung would own such pajamas.

Later that day Jimin convinced Jungkook to go out together, to a nearby Café. Jungkook drove the Hyundai and they quickly got to where Jimin wanted to go. The Café wasn't busy at all, only an old man reading some newspaper was there. Jimin chose a table in a corner and excitedly studied the menu.

"What will you drink? I think a strawberry milkshake sounds good. Or, maybe a watermelon punch?" Jimin mumbled under his breath. Jungkook leaned back and watched him with an amused grin.

Jimin nodded satisfied. "Ok, I think I got it." He looked up to Jungkook. "What?" Jimin giggled. Jungkook shrugged. "Nothing, hey, you order for me, ok?" Jimin nodded with a happy smile. Then the waitress came to their table to take the order.

"One Citrus Iced Tea and a Green Tea Latte. And then a slice of the choco cake and the strawberry cheesecake!" Jimin seemed really excited. They waitress bowed and quickly disappeared in the kitchen, preparing the order.

"I hope you like Iced Tea." Jimin mumbled, while fixing his grey coat. Jungkook nodded.
"I'm gonna use the bathroom real quick." Jimin excused himself. Jungkook watched him leave and then glanced at Jimin's smartphone that still lay on the table. Should he use it?

Then a familiar voice suddenly filled the room. Jungkook turned his head. Next to him stood a tall figure, it was the old man who was just reading his newspaper. Except it wasn't an old man, it was actually his friend. Namjoon.

Jungkook gasped. "Nam- Namjoon hyung?" Namjoon smiled down at him. Jungkook didn't hesitate but stood up and tightly hugged his hyung. "I'm so glad to see you. You don't know-" Jungkook's voice started to shiver. Joon pulled away and studied him. "I'm sorry, I couldn't contact you sooner", Jungkook added. Namjoon slowly nodded. "Don't be. And don't explain yourself. Not now. Your friend could return any second." Namjoon said and stepped back.

Jungkook agreed. "Did you get the message, Namjoon?" He whispered. "Yes, we're on it." Namjoon hesitated, scared Jimin would return. Jungkook nodded. "I'm on it too." He said, looking in the direction of the bathroom. "Hyung. Do me a favor." Jungkook began.

As Jungkook left the Café, he got a call from an unknown number. He answered, but didn't talk. The voice on the other line was a familiar one and no other than Min Yoongi's.
"Jeon. Meet me in twenty minutes in the "Hwaiteu laion" bar. Come alone." Yoongi immediately hung up again. Jungkook said goodbye to Jimin and got into the Hyundai, to drive to the hotel. The familiar hotel Taehyung and him had met and spent a night together.

He entered the building, crossed the main hall and walked into the separate bar. He spotted Min Yoongi, sitting at the bar, and took the seat next to him. His dark was not curled as usual, but just lay flat on his forehead. He seemed tired and he had a small bruise under his left eye. He also didn't wear a suit, but a white sweater and black skinny jeans. Yoongi occasionally took a sip of his iced drink, probably whiskey.

"Are you alone?" Yoongi said silently. "Of course. Are you?" Jungkook asked back. He turned his head to Yoongi, as he started chuckling. "What do you think." Yoongi said annoyed. Jungkook looked around the room for a moment, and though it was really dark he could see all four of the man, who sat in different areas of the bar and watched Yoongi's back. "Wow. Did they even try to hide." Jungkook chuckled, too.

"Stop the nonsense, Jeon. I did what you asked for. Now it's your turn." Min put some files in front of Jungkook, almost slamming them on the counter. Jungkook quickly studied the files and then pulled out his phone to make a quick call. "Yes. I got them. I'm on my way." Jungkook hung up and glanced back at Yoongi, before standing up, taking the files with him.

"Yoongi. Don't worry too much, alright? See you." Jungkook squeezed his shoulder and then left. Making his way back to the penthouse.

When the elevator doors opened, Taehyung already awaited him. He stood by the grey sofa, on which Yeontan sat. "I thought you'd stay overnight?" Jungkook asked, stepping inside the apartment. Taehyung only stood there, staring at him. "Yeah, the meeting was suddenly not necessary anymore." Taehyung answered. Jungkook stepped closer, glancing behind Taehyung. A black bag stood on the floor behind Tae.

"What was it about?" Jungkok asked curiously.
Tae laughed. It sounded rather fake, which made Jungook slightly nervous.
"You know how one of my delivery trucks went missing. Yeah, turns out all three of them are missing now. So I couldn't sell the weapons to this guy in Incheon." Tae admitted, not taking his eyes off Jungkook.
"All three, huh? What happened?" Jungkook raised his eyebrows at him. Tae let out a small noise. "I ask myself the same. I mean, it seems like I don't know anything anymore. I lose control of everything." Taehyung exhaled, his voice trembling a bit.

Jungkook took another step towards Taehyung. Tae licked his lips slowly. "Really smart, Jungkook." He said with a disappointed voice. First, manipulating me into liking you and offering you a job." He laughed, but quickly continued. "Acting like you don't know that lying bastard Jung. Taking my notebook." He paused. "Oh, that was a move!" Tae shook his head. "Taking my notebook and then- locking it into my goddamn safe. I mean, that was unexpected. And just when I thought it was all, you also tell the fucking police where my weapons are and rob me." Taehyung clapped, slowly and loud. Yeontan got scared and ran into the kitchen. Oh, how Jungkook wanted to do the same.

"Taehyung." Jungkook swallowed. Tae put his hands up and closed his eyes. "No, no. I don't want to hear it." He said disgusted. Then they locked eyes again. "I fucking trusted you!" Tae screamed as he walked up to Jungkook and punched him straight into his face.

Chapter Text


Hoseok P.O.V

Hoseok waited in the parking lot next to a car, when Min Yoongi walked out of the building and stopped in front of him. "Are you ready?" Yoongi asked. Hoseok nodded. "No, but let's get it over with." Yoongi exhaled. "Okay, here goes nothing." He said and punched Hobi in the face. Hoseok waited for a moment and than looked at Yoongi. "That was pretty weak. Just go for it, I won't take it personally." Hobi reassures. So Yoongi punched him again, this time harder, again aiming for the face. Hoseok fell backwards on the ground.

Surprised Yoongi wanted to help him up, but Hobi held his hand up and demanded him to continue. This time Yoongi used his foot to kick Hobi's stomach a few times, until he started crying in pain. "Ok, stop. It's enough." Yoongi said out loud and kneeled down next to Hoseok, holding his face. "Forgive me. I will never hurt you again, I promise." Yoongi whispered and kissed Hoseok's head. Then he put something over Jung's head and they got into the car to drive to the meeting place, where they would wait for Kim Taehyung.

Someone pushed him from behind and he fell on the ground. It was already some time later and the pain had gotten only worse. His ribs hurt like hell, were probably even broken. He could barely catch his breath and his face hurt as well.

He waited, scared to death and suddenly heard Yoongi her into the car again, driving off. Was Taehyung still here? Would he kill him? Suddenly someone pulled him back, dragging him on the floor. Then the person removed the black fabric he had over his head. It was dark, they were probably in one of the warehouses. The man in front of him was no other than Jeon Jungkook.

"Hoseok." Jungkook gasped, his jaw dropping. Hoseok sat up in front of him, his messy hair hanging in his face. Blood ran from his nose and sweat down the side of his face.

"Jungkookie." Hoseok whined. "Please help me." Jungkook turned pale. "What happened." Jungkook asked with clenched teeth.

"They know. They found out who- who I am. They tortured me. I-" He choked on his tears.
Jungkook looked up at the ceiling, trying not to get too emotional. "Did you tell'em about me, Hoseok." He needed answers and shook his friends shoulders in frustration.

"No." Hoseok muttered. Jungkook nodded.
"I have the instruction to kill you, Hobi." Jungkook confessed. "I'm so sorry, brother. I will avenge you, you have my word."

"No. Please." Hoseok begged. He fell forward, holding on to Jungkook's shoes. Jungkook stood up and pulled out his Beretta. He released the safety catch and aimed for Hoseok's head.

"I never wanted this." Jungkook mumbled.
Then a shot was heard. So loud, it was deafening. They both closed their eyes, when Jungkook pulled the trigger. But Hobi opened them again, finding Jungkook still standing in front of him, putting the gun back into the holster. He had not shot him, instead aimed on the wall behind him.

"Hoseok." Jungkook's serious expression was back. He kneeled down and handed Hobi something. "This is for Namjoon. And this is for Yoongi, to help him in trial." Hoseok stared at Jungkook. "Get that bastard." Hoseok clenched his jaw.

"Now go." Jungkook hissed and cut the cord around Hoseok's wrists. Hoseok left through the back door and ran as fast as he could to Yoongi's car, which was parked behind the warehouse. He quickly got in and shut the door behind him, leaning back in his seat.

Yoongi leaned over to Hobi, with a concerned loook on his face. "Did you get everything?" He carefully asked Hoseok. Hobi exhaled loud, holding his stomach tight and revealing something in his hand. A flash drive. Yoongi grabbed it and looked at it for a moment.

"Driver? Bring us back." Yoongi demanded, after putting the drive in his jacket.

Jungkook P.O.V

Jungkook tumbled back, hitting the elevator door with a loud bump. He touched his lower lip, where the pain of Taehyung’s punch still lingered.

“You’re a fucking Monster.” Jungkook yelled back, running up to Taehyung and tackling him. They both fell on the floor, continuing their fight. Jungkook grabbed Tae’s collar and pushed him against the concrete floor with one hand, while punching his face with the other.

“You made me kill an innocent girl. You almost made me shoot my best friend. And you almost made me fucking believe you were a good guy. Almost.” Jungkook shouted.

Taehyung kicked his knee into Jungkook’s balls and pushed him off. Tae got up and tumbled towards the kitchen. Meanwhile Jungkook gasped in pain, but quickly recovered and ran after Taehyung who was just reaching for a knife on the kitchen island.

Jungkook grabbed Taehyung’s jacket and tried to pull him back, but Tae was too strong and kept reaching for the knife. So Jungkook harshly shoved him against the counter and then pulled him back again. This time he succeeded and Taehyung fell backwards on the floor, taking a barstool down with him. Tae yelled out in pain as his head hit the concrete floor.

Jungkook grabbed the knife and threw himself on Taehyung, who was about to stand up again. He pinned him on the floor, trying to ram the knife into his chest, but Taehyung quickly grabbed it and pushed it from below.
Jungkook was too weak, as the knife turned in both of their hands, now aiming at Jungkook’s chest instead.

Taehyung managed to turn the tables again, kicking Jungkook’s stomach to push him off, but this time didn’t run away, but rather sat on Jungkook. “You fucking liar, you- Why do you make me do this, huh? I really don’t want to kill you, but you leave me no other choice.” Taehyung screamed. His face turned all red, from pushing the knife so hard.

The knife was already touching Jungkook’s chest now, slowly digging into his skin. Jungkook held back a scream, but let out a horrible noise instead. Taehyung’s face was so close now, his hair was hanging into Jungkook’s face, so Jungkook used the opportunity and aimed for a clout on the head. Surprised Tae let go of the knife, so Jungkook quickly threw it to the side. As fast as possible Tae grabbed Jungkook’s neck now, wrapping his hands around it and starting to choke him.

Shocked Jungkook gasped and desperately reached for Taehyung’s hair and then his face. Jungkook tried to defend himself, but wasn’t really strong enough. He felt the air leave his body, felt his pulse getting slower.

“I really did care for you, fuck, I even loved you. But all you had in your mind was getting me behind bars. So unloyal of you. And you know how much I despise unloyalty.” Tae’s voice was loud, but got smaller with every sentence as his emotions took over. His eyes got all ready and he tried his best to keep it together.

Meanwhile Jungkook saw his life pass in front of his eyes. All the missed opportunities, all the things he hadn’t done yet. He felt the unconsciousness slowly take over. But then he heard a noise. A familiar loud noise. And then it hit him.

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Namjoon P.O.V

Namjoon sat in the corner of the Café, picking up a newspaper in front of him. He looked around the room and saw the waitress approaching.

"Hello! What can I get you?" The woman asked shyly. Namjoon smiled at her and looked behind her on the menu. He inhaled and raised his eyebrows, deciding on what to order. "Iced Americano, please." Namjoon moved his black baseball cap on his head. The woman left and returned minutes later with the coffee. Then she disappeared in the kitchen.

Namjoon looked around the room again, before touching his right ear. "You sure he's gonna show up?" Namjoon asked wary.
"He will. I was finally able to hack Taehyung's cameras. So now we have our eyes in there any time." Hoseok said on the other line. "Actually he should be there by now." Hoseok said again.

Namjoon exhaled and opened the newspaper to hide his face behind it. Then he heard the bell above the doors ring, as someone entered the Café. He heard Jungkook's and Jimin's voice clearly. After a while Jimin excused himself to the bathroom, the perfect timing for Joon to talk to Jungkook. He got up and walked to his table, stopping in front of him. Jungkook stared at the table, deep in thought.

"Hey." Namjoon said, his voice deeper than usual. Jungkook turned his head towards him.
Jungkook gasped. "Nam- Namjoon hyung?" Namjoon smiled down at him. Jungkook didn't hesitate but stood up and tightly hugged his hyung. "I'm so glad to see you. You don't know-" Jungkook's voice started to shiver. Joon pulled away and studied him. "I'm sorry, I couldn't contact you sooner", Jungkook said. Namjoon slowly nodded. He could imagine how hard it was to find time to do that, without getting caught aswell.
"Don't be. And don't explain yourself. Not now. Your friend could return any second." Namjoon said and stepped back. If Jimin really returned and saw him, what would he do? Would he be on their side or on Taehyung's?

Jungkook nodded in agreement. "Did you get the message, Namjoon?" Jungkook whispered.
"Yes, we're on it." Namjoon hesitated.
After Hoseok Hacker the cameras, he was able to move them aswell. And one time Jungkook sat on the couch, while Taehyung was working, Hobi moved the camera from side to side until Jungkook would notice it. He did and quickly understood that his team was able to watch him. But so was Taehyung. So waited for the night, when Tae slept and sneaked our into the living room to communicate with the team.

Back when Jungkook stoke Tae's important green notebook, he hid it behind a plant on a side table. At night he sneaked into the living room again, trying to read through the book. Without the help of a computer it was pretty difficult and he couldn't risk to get caught either. So he wanted to hide it again. Above the side table hung the VanGogh replica. That's when he noticed how unusual the painting hung on the wall. So he pulled at it and behind it, was a secret safe. It had a passcode. Jungkook cursed under his breath. How was he gonna guess that right? He tried to recall every possible combination, then he remembered. Taehyung's father passed not long ago, maybe his birthday? Jungkook shook his head. Unlikely, but maybe the day he died. Because he believed to have read in the title of some mail that it was not only the day Tae's father passed away, but also the day Seokjin got promoted to be the CEO. It was also the day Tae had to start actively working in Daecheonsa. But what was the date? Jungkook aggressively rubbed his eyes. "Oh, come on." He hissed silently. Then he remembered. The 7th of July. Jungkook exhaled nervously, typing a 7, then another 7 and then hesitated, before adding 19. The safe made a strange noise and then a green light appeared and the safe sprung open.

Jungkook slowly opened the door, examining what's in the safe. What could Tae be keeping in there? And it was a CD. A CD, four bars of gold and a book. He stepped back from the safe and wrote on a paper what he had just discovered. The camera moved, so Jungkook knew they saw it. Then he put the green book on top of the other book and closed the safe again, returning to bed.

Jungkook nodded slowly, recalling all the memories. "I'm on it too." He said, looking in the direction of the bathroom. "Hyung. Do me a favor." Jungkook began. Namjoon raised his eyebrows. "Tell Hoseok that I need Yoongi to meet me. I need everything he has on Taehyung. Ok?" Jungkook waited for Namjoon to repeat it to Hoseok. Then Namjoon nodded.
"Another thing." Jungkook said again, this time he seemed nervous. Namjoon squeezed his friend's shoulder. "Anything." They smiled at each other. "I want you to take Jimin to the Agency. Alright? Don't lock him in or something, he's innocent and I'm sure he's also ready to cooperate. But take care of him for me, while I sort out this mess." Jungkook almost mumbled the last part, his enthusiasm suddenly gone. Rather he sounded sad.

Then suddenly Jimin walked out of the bathroom. His gaze wandered from Joon to Jungkook in confusion. "Jungkookie?" He sounded disappointed and hurt. Like he knew what was going on.

"Jimin. This is Kim Namjoon. My friend. And colleague." Jungkook carefully explained. Jimin didn't even argue, but sat down with them both and listened to their explanation. He didn't say much, but just looked very sad and helpless.

As Namjoon and the other two men left the Café, Jungkook got a phone call. Meanwhile Namjoon opened the door to his SUV for Jimin. "Don't worry. You're safe now." Namjoon reassured.

Jungkook joined them again and said goodbye to Jimin. Namjoon pat him on the shoulder and walked around the car, slowly getting into the driver's seat. He tried to give them privacy, but he just had to listen.

"Jimin. I know this might be scary. But I'll make sure you're safe, yes? For now, just stick with Namjoon." He put Jimin's small hand into his. His skin was soft and warm against his cold hands. "Jungkook. Was anything you did while being undercover real?" Jimin asked after a moment, not looking at him.
Jungkook softly smiled. "Yes, of course. I would never lie about my affection for you and.. I care for Taehyung too you know? But he has to pay for what he's doing." Jungkook explained.

Jimin only nodded. "Just come back safely. Promise me, Jugkook." He looked at him, a tear running down his cheek. Jungkook removed it with his thumb. "I love you." He whispered, kissing his hand. Jungkook stepped back and shut the door. Namjoon who had already started the engine looked over to Jimin. Then he drove off.

Chapter Text


Jungkook P.O.V

Jungkook saw his life pass in front of his eyes. All the missed opportunities, all the things he hadn't done yet. He felt the unconsciousness slowly take over. But then he heard a noise. A familiar loud noise. And then it hit him.

It was the sound of a gunshot. Taehyung jerked on top of Jungkook, his hands letting go of Jungkook's throat. They both looked at each other. "Taehyung." Jungkook managed to mumble, after catching his breath. He looked at Tae's shoulder, where the bullet had hit him. It was probably still stuck in his arm, as Tae quickly held on to his arm and got up, to locate the shooter. Jungkook, still lying on the floor, turned on his stomach to see who pulled the trigger. The sight shocked them both.

Kim Seokjin stood at the elevator doors, gun still pointed towards them. He wore royal blue suit pants and a white button up, his black hair was spiked up and his facial expression was somewhere between anger and fear.

"Jin?" Taehyung stared at his cousin wide-eyed, still holding on to his wound. "What are you doing?" Taehyung sounded genuinely confused and somewhat hurt, which wasn't hard to understand as his own cousin just had shot him in the shoulder.

Seokjin slowly stepped closer. "Taehyung, it's enough." Jin scolded. "It's time someone stops you from destroying what our father's built." He glared at him. Meanwhile Jungkook still lay on the floor, only slowly getting up.

"What do you mean? Destroy what?" Taehyung shouted confused. Jin pressed his lips together and tilted his head slightly. "I never wanted you in Daecheonsa. You know why? Because you don't understand it. You don't have a clue what our goal is, what you father's intention was!" Jin said back, in loud, but much calmer tone. Taehyung let out a noise in frustration, barely able to hold back his emotions.

"Of course I do. Weapons, drugs, people. We buy everything, control everything and sell everything. I only did my job. What's your fucking problem?" Tae took a step closer to his cousin, almost bumping into Jungkook, who just got onto his feet.

Jungkook didn't know what to do, the Kim cousins were both busy, they maybe didn't even notice him. Still, Jungkook kept standing next to Taehyung.

"No, no, no. You don't fucking have any idea of anything." Seokjin schook his head harshly, raising his voice. "Daecheonsa should save this goddamn city. We should buy all these weapons and drugs, to get rid of them, not to trade them. The goal was a purge. A silent purge. We fucking hired cops, because we need their help. But of course you ruin it all. Taehyung you fucked up!” Jin yelled. With the last sentence he lowered the gun and tilted his head at Tae.

Taehyung didn’t understand the world anymore, just stared at Seokjin. Even Jungkook was shocked hearing to the truth. He wondered why no one told him before? Not even Namjoon?

Taehyung turned around, putting his hands on the kitchen island to support his weight.
“I’m sorry.” Tae lowered his head.
Seokjin stepped closer, trying to put a hand on Tae’s shoulder. But suddenly Taehyung turned around and rammed a knife he had grabbed from the kitchen island into Jin’s stomach.
“Forgive me, Jin. Forgive me.” Taehyung whispered, tears running down his face.

Jin gasped and almost embraced Tae. Jungkook was so shocked, he froze in place, watching the horrible scene in front of his eyes.
Tae lowered Jin and lay him on the floor, pulling the knife out of Jin’s body again.
“Don’t- Taehyung. They- will k- kill you.” Jin stuttered.
Taehyung locked eyes with Jungkook. Would he kill Jungkook too now? Taehyung inhaled sharply and then ran past Jungkook, but pushing him on the floor first. Jungkook fell backwards on the hard concrete, hitting his head. For a few seconds Jungkook lost his consciousness, his vision fading black.

As Jungkook’s head hit the floor he finally realized the situation and crawled over to Jin as quickly as possible, still dizzy. He took of his grey suit jacket and pushed it against the bleeding wound. Jin was losing so much blood.

Jungkook grabbed a pillow from the sofa and put it under Jin’s head. “Seokjin. Stay with me.” He said loud, as Jin wanted to close his eyes slowly. “I- I- am trying.” Seokjin whispered weakly.
“Hoseok!” Jungkook touched his ear, where he could communicate with Hobi anytime.
“I’m here.” Hobi yelled, coming from the elevator again. This time he wore his police outfit, with a proper bulletproof vest and all. “Where’s Taehyung- Shit.” Hoseok interrupted himself as he saw Jin on the ground. “I’ll take care of him. You go! He must have escaped somewhere else.” Hobi said to Jungkook. Jungkook took a last look at Jin, who was sill fighting to not close his eyes.
“Fuck- the roof. There’s a second elevator I think. I’ll track him down.” Jungkook said.

In a hurry he ran to the elevator and pressed the button multiple times. As he stepped outside, he got back into the Hyundai. On his way out a medic ran past him, hopefully able to still save Jin.

Jungkook and Hobi were still connected over am in-ear piece. “Hyung.” Jungkook said, while starting the engine. “The medics arrived.” Hobi said with a nervous undertone. The team will scan the apartment.” Hobi added. Jungkook drove off, without a specific goal in mind. “Hyung the safe. Is everything still inside?” Jungkook nervously asked. His heart was beating way too fast. It took Hoseok a moment to get the passcode right. “A Green Book, the flash drive and a CD. That’s it.” He shouted.

Jungkook cursed, trying not to crash his car in the busy streets. “Shit. Ok. Ok.” He calmed himself down. Hoseok interrupted him quickly. “Jungkook. What’s in the album?” Hoseok asked. “Not now, hyung. I need to think. Where is Tae going. What’s his next move.” He mumbled. “Fuck- Namjoon is with Jimin, right?” He suddenly shouted out. Hoseok confirmed his assumption and asked him where he was going. “Taehyung is going to get Jimin. I’m sure. Fuck- I’ll call you later.” Jungook said. He did a U-turn, to drive to the Agency. On his way, he called Namjoon multiple times. After a few tries he finally answered the call.

“Jungkook. God, are you sa-“ Namjoon got interrupted immediately by a nervous and loud Jungkook. “Hyung. Listen. Where is Jimin? Tell me you see him right now?” Jungkook’s voice sounded almost desperate.

“We’re at a gas station. He got sick, so I let him use the bathroom. I’m currently waiting for h- wait. Do you think Taehyung will come get him?” Namjoon’s voice changed from calm to nervous.

“Do you see him?” Jungkook repeated slowly.
“Shit.” Namjoon cursed. A few noises indicated he was looking into the bathroom stalls. “He’s gone. Shit. Jungkook- I swear. I didn’t know.” Namjoon’s voice temblor.

Jungkook stopped his car on the side, punching the steering wheel in anger. “What do you tell him.” Jungkook almost whined.

“Oh no.” Namjoon whispered.

Namjoon P.O.V

They were driving in silence for almost ten minutes now, when Jimin looked over to Namjoon. “Mister?” He asked shyly. Namjoon quickly glanced at him, but then concentrated on the street again.

“Kim Namjoon.” He answered.

“Mr. Kim. What did Taehyung do? He told me was a business man in Daecheonsa?” Jimin seemed confused, his eyes were teary.

Namjoon hesitated for a second, but decided to be honest with Jimin. “You see, Mr. Park, he’s a criminal. He’s responsible for weapon and drug trading. Also, for killing many people.” He stopped himself, as he heard Jimin inhale sharply. “I’m sorry. I think he just isn’t who you think he is.” Namjoon added carefully.

Jimin waited for a second. “What about Jungkook? Who is he?” Jimin asked. Namjoon made a left turn, only minutes away from the Agency now. “After we found a dead body, linked to Taehyung or rather Daecheonsa, he decided to go undercover. So he did. And- I don’t know what happened inside, but I think he let his feelings take over.” Namjoon answered, leaving out the detail that he actually saw what went on inside. Everything, from a certain time on.

Jimin didn’t say anything, only let out a small noise. Then he started sobbing a little. “Mr. Kim, I feel sick. Can we stop.” He begged all of a sudden. Namjoon turned right and parked at a gas station. Jimin jumped out went behind, hands over his head. Namjoon went after him and comforted him.

“You want to use the bathroom? I’ll wait here.” Joon asked. Jimin agreed after a moment of hesitation and disappeared into the restroom. After he watched him get inside the restroom, Namjoon decided to buy Jimin a water and some chips. He went to pay for it and walked back to his car, throwing the stuff on the passenger seat. As he walked back around the car again, to have better view on the restroom, his in ear made a noise.

Jungkook’s nervous voice appeared in his ear.

Chapter Text


Jungkook P.O.V

It had been a week, since the incident at Tae's apartment. Taehyung had left the country, taking Jimin, who was able to escape at the gas station, with him. Jungkook was back in the office, with his whole Team working on the case again.

Hoseok, who was currently preparing Yeonjun, a young police rookie, for an undercover mission. Showing him how to handle a gun and defend himself. The basics.
Namjoon, who still apologized for letting Jimin escape. He hid in his office all day, trying his best to find out where Taehyung had left to.
Yoongi, who originally worked with Hoseok, long before Jungkook had joined the team. He helped him prepare the rookie for an upcoming mission. Hoseok and Yoongi were a great team. Before Yoongi had to leave for his undercover mission in Daecheonsa a year ago, Hoseok had trained him, falling for him. But as he had to leave, Hobi was heartbroken, not enjoying his work anymore. So he decided to also go undercover, to keep an eye on Yoongi on the inside and make sure he was safe in Daecheonsa. He succeeded. Now they were back together, happier than ever.
For Seokjin. He survived, after having an emergency operation. He just got released from the hospital. The first thing he did was to clear up everything that happened and everything Tae did in the name of Daecheonsa. Namjoon helped him a lot to reduce his sentence, as he was still guilty of a lot of charges, like murder and supply of illegal drugs. He was condemned to a suspended sentence of two years. Namjoon who really began to like Seokjin and his idea of protecting the city, even promised to regularly visit Jin in the prison.
Jin disbanded Daecheonsa voluntarily, so all the people who worked for them were either free now, or got their deserved sentence aswell. The city was relieved, but also still worried as Taehyung was not yet caught.
Taehyung was a wanted man now.

Jungkook was sitting at his desk all the time now. The flash drive with all the important data on Daecheonsa was in the hands of the Agency now, helping in cases against all of Daecheonsa'a freelancers. The green book was currently in the hands of Namjoon, as he searched it through thoroughly, trying to desperately find a hint. The CD was with Jungkook. He had already watched it so many times, but didn't find anything.

It was a video of Tae's father, the former boss of Daecheonsa. It must have been filmed by what Jungkook thought was Tae's mother. Taehyung's father was sitting at a dining table with Taehyung, who must have been around 8 at that time. They looked through a photo album or something, his father enthusiastically explaining him details. They laughed and smiled at the camera, it was such a rare and wholesome sight.

That's when Jungkook saw the hint. On the wall behind them were several pictures. They all showed the family on vacation on some sort of island. Jungkook remembered Jin's email, to escape to the place his parent's would always go to. That must be the place, he thought. But where was it?

He couldn't just ask Jin, as getting an appointment in prison was really difficult. So he thought harder. Taehyung had a painting in his bedroom, which Jungkook would always stare at when he couldn't sleep. It showed an island too, he was sure it was the same. It also had "Saipan" written on it. Jungkook quickly searched the name online. It was indeed the island on the family photos. With a quick call to the IT department, he had an address.

So Jungkook got up from his desk, grabbed his suit jacket and left the building. He called a Taxi and drove to the airport. On his way Namjoon called him.

"Jungkook! Where are you, I might be on to something." Namjoon's tired voice appeared on the other side of the line.

"Namjoon. I got this. This time really, I'm on my way to end this, alright? Don't try to find out where I am, just say I'm home if anyone asks. It's just- Hyung I need to finish this."

Namjoon didn't say anything for a while after hearing Jungkook's explanation.
"Kookie, I-" He began, but quickly got interrupted by Jungkook.

"Don't try to convince me that it's a bad idea to go alone." Jungkook said with a sad tone.

"No- no. Just- just be careful." Namjoon added.

Tears welled up in Jungkook's eyes. "Hey Namjoon? Make sure everyone in the team is always safe, okay? Don't let them go undercover." Jungkook laughed a bit, hiding his sadness.

"Tell them yourself when you come back with that bastard." Namjoon laughed too now.

Jungkook didn't say anything after that, just tried to hold himself together.
"I'll make sure they have the private jet ready, when you arrive." Namjoon chuckled again, then he said goodbye and hung up.

After a short flight to Saipan, Jungkook sat in a taxi and finally got to where Tae was supposed to stay. He paid the taxi driver and walked to the small house, located directly by the sea. It was a small yellow bungalow with a huge veranda around it. Carefully Jungkook walked around the veranda, following a hammering sound he heard.

He then followed a jetty, connected to the veranda and found someone on a boat, repairing something. The man was leaning over the railing, fixing something on the white sailing boat. The sun shone brightly, as Jungkook put down his brown sunglasses. He had accidentally left his suit jacket in the taxi, leaving a few buttons open on his white shirt.

The man on the boat noticed him and surprisingly jerked a bit at his sight. The unknown man straightened his back and studied Jungkook. He wore jean shorts and also a white button up. He wore a straw hat and a pair of sunglasses, which he took off to take a better look at the intruder.

"Well look at that." The unknown man said, chuckling under his breath. He got off the boat and stood on the jetty, opposite of Jungkook, now. As he took off his hat, Jungkook could finally see his face clearly.

The familiar boxy smile of Taehyung beamed at him. Jungkook's eyes widened, as he didn't expect it really.

"So, you found me." Taehyung laughed, throwing his hat on the boat. "And now? You gonna arrest me?" Tae laughed again, this time much darker.

"What if?" Jungkook encountered. "Taehyung, you killed many people, shot your own cousin, ordered me too kill people. I'm not even gonna begin with all the other laws you broke, but you're screwed, that's for sure." Jungkook watched him intently and so did Tae.

"So what. You found me. I'm a dead man anyways. It was only a matter of time until someone would find out about this place. Then go on, arrest me, or even better, kill me." Taehyung dared, taking a step forward.

Jungkook took out his Beretta, pointing it at Taehyung. "Don't come near me, Tae." Jungkook threatend. Tae only smirked.

Jungkook heard the sound of a gun unlocking behind him. He turned sideways. A man wearing white shorts and a turquoise t-shirt stood there, pointing a gun at Jungkook. It was undoubtedly Jimin.

"J- Jungkook?" Jimin sounded surprised, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise. There was a sadness on his face.

"Jimin. Put the gun down, c'mon! I won't hurt you, I just want to bring you back to Korea. Tae will go to prison." Jungkook explained, still aiming at Tae's chest.

"What about me?" Jimin asked. Jungkook bit his lips. "Nothing will happen to you, I'll take you home, you're safe. As I promised." Jungkook tried hard to gain Jimin's trust.

Jimin seemed to consider for a moment, lookin at the floor, but then recharged the gun, aiming for Jungook's head now. "No, no, no. I'm sorry, but I can't let that happen. You will not take everything I still have. Not this time. And screw you, for thinking I'll trust you, after you wanted to kill Tae back at the apartment." Jimin sounded mad.

Taehyung must have told him about the incident at the penthouse, probably leaving out a few parts and making it seem like Jungkook was the bad guy.

"Jimin. I'm sorry- you deserve better. Fuck- just go, alright? You did nothing wrong, just leave and live freely. But let me finish my job." Jungkook begged, lowering the gun on Tae.

Taehyung used his chance and tackled Jungkook, grabbing the gun as fast as possible. But Jungook still held on to it as tight as possible. Both their hands were wrapped around the Beretta now, switching between aiming at Jungkook's head to Taehyung's head and then accidentally pulling the trigger.

Both of them stopped in shock, waiting for the other to gasp or start bleeding, but they didn't. Instead they heard a loud bump behind them. Tae and Jungkook simultaneously got on their feet and turned around to Jimin.

Jimin, who was on his knees now, had dropped his gun, staring blankly ahead. A red, almost black spot got more and more visible on Jimin's upper body. He gasped and coughed, spitting out blood. Taehyung immediately ran to him and supported his weight as Jimin was about to collapse.

He tightly held him, arms wrapped around his small body. "Jimin!" Tae shouted, choking on his tears. "Jimin, no!" He sobbed.
Jungkook didn't dare to breathe or move, only stood there, the gun still in his hands, staring at Jimin and Tae in front of him.

Chapter Text


Jungook looked at his hand, where the Beretta, the gun with which he had just killed innocent Jimin still was. "I- I'm so sorry." Jungkook mumbled.

Taehyung was still sobbing, pressing the lifeless body of Jimin against his chest. Then he looked up to Jungook.

"Is this what you wanted? Are you happy now?" Taehyung shouted, chlenching his jaw. "You killed him. You- We- We killed him." Taehyung mumbled in desperation.

Jungkook stepped back, almost tripping over his feet. "I didn't want this. Any of this. I never- I'm so sorry." Jungkook started crying, barely catching his breath. Tae let Jimin down gently, kissing his head before doing so, then he grabbe the gun next to Jimin, stood up and pointed it at Jungkook. "With you by my side, I thought I had finally found someone to fill the void in my life since my father passed. But it turned out that now you made this void even bigger and deeper. It tears me apart." Taehyung sobbed.

"You're a Monster Taehyung. I tried hating you. I fucking tried, but- I just love you." Jungkook admitted, shaking his head. "And I fucking loved- I love Jimin. But now-" He added.

Taehyung studied him for a second, kicking his lips, the hand holding the gun shaking in fear. "I never felt like this before. Never. But what can I do? I don't want to go to prison, Jungkook." Taehyung admitted.

Jungkook tilted his head. "I know. I know, Tae. But- I'm just doing my work here. I- I need you to come with me. Please, Taehyung. Please." Jungkook begged.

"What if I say no?"

"Then I have no other choice-" Jungkook paused at aimed the gun at Taehyung. "I will shoot you."

Taehyung chuckled, tears still running down his cheeks. "I never understood my parents. Their love towards each other was so strong. You know, someone tried to kill him before, but my mother sacrificed herself and took a bullet for him. I just- I never understood them. But now? I mean, is this what love is? Dying for each other?" Taehyung's expression softened.

Jungkook inhaled, looking at Taehyung once again, as if trying to remember all the little details about him. His unique eyes, his perfectly shaped lips, the soft mole on his nose, his tan that was even better with the sun shining on him. Then he smiled at him and pulled the trigger. Directly aiming for his heart, as he had learnt from Hoseok.

Taehyung jerked so badly, he pulled the trigger too involuntarily, the bullet hitting Jungkook's lower stomach. Taehyung, who was instantly dead fell backwards over the edge of the jetty, into the beautiful and clear Saipan ocean. The sound of his body hitting the water, finally told Jungkook that it was over now. That his mission was fulfilled and he could rest now, knowing that the city was safe again.

But he also realized that he actually failed. He failed in keeping Jimin safe and bringing him home, but most importantly he failed his job in saving Taehyung. A tear rolled down his cheek and he dropped the Beretta, as the painful impact of the bullet finally reached him.

Jungkook sat down, leaning against the white boat. He grabbed his phone and dialed Namjoon's number. He didn't answer so he got sent to voicemail.

"Hyung." Jungkook's breath was uneven, the pain of the shot almost making him lose his consciousness. "Hyung I did it. Taehyung is dead. Jimin is dead. And-" He paused again.
"I think I'm not gonna make it either." Jungkook realized. The thought that he was actually really gonna die made him feel sick, but at the same time at ease. "Anyway, thank you. I- I really liked working with you. Really. Now my time is over though." Jungkook laughed shortly. "What a shame, so many missed opportunities. But- I want you to know that I was very happy in the short years I lived. Very happy-" He paused again. "I was afraid that I would die during this mission, die without having ever been in love. Without having ever had a family. But- I realize you and the team, is my family. And though I tried not to, I fell in love. So deeply, it hurts. Could also be the bullet in my stomach-" Jungkook laughed again, this time more sincere. "I need to go now. Stay- stay safe. Sorry, hyung. And ehm, I won't be coming to work on Monday, okay? Okay. Goodbye then." Jungkook mumbled the last part, then dropped his phone, as he got even weaker. The bullet didn’t hit any important organs, but he lost way too much blood.

He sat there for a few minutes, recalling memories of all kind, as he slowly drifted to sleep. He tried to fight it, but in the end he gave in, as there was no point in fighting anymore. The sun still shone with its whole brightness, as the waves crashed on the boat. The smell of salt and seaweed was in the air, it was such a beautiful scenery.

Hoseok P.O.V

“Namjoon. I’m on my way to where you located Jk’s phone. Do you really think we should intervene? He said he doesen’t want help.” Hobi said over the phone. He was sitting in his rented Jeep, driving way over the speed limit to the beach, where the Kim family owned a house.

“Something just feels wrong, J. I need to be fully sure he’s okay.” Namjoon answered.

Hoseok inhaled sharply, while stopping the car in front of the bungalow. “What if he stays here, you know what I mean. What if he stays with them?” Hoseok said carefully. He didn’t know who to trust anymore.

“Trust me in this one.” Joon said. Somehow Namjoon had always the right words to say, as if he knew what he was thinking.

“Anyways, I’m here now. I will go-“ Hoseok began, then he heard a shot, followed by another one. His alarm bells rang and he pulled out his gun. “Fuck. A shot.”
Namjoon let out a noise on the other line, his nervous voice filling the silence.

“Hobi, shit, be careful!” Joon shouted. Meanwhile Hoseok slowly sneaked around the bungalow, down the stairs and stopped, as he saw what was in front of him. Park Jimin lay on the ground, not moving. Blood ran from the back of his head, coloring the light wood of the jetty in a dark brown-red color. “Fuck.” He whispered. Hobi reaches one hand out to check his pulse, though he knew Jimin was dead.

He took a few more steps, his grip tightening around the gun. Then he saw someone leaning against a white boat. It was Jungkook. He ran out to him and kneeled down next to him.
“Shit.” Hoseok cursed. Tears welled up in his eyes. Jungkook was unconscious, one hand resting on his wound, blood everywhere.
Hobi put down the weapon and checked Jungkook’s pulse, too. It was weak, but still there.

“Namjoon, for God’s sake-“ Hoseok started, but quickly got interrupted as he heard sirens in the distance.

“I already called an ambulance to you.”

Hoseok exhaled in relief, taking off his button up and pressing it on the wound. He still wore a tank top underneath.

“Stay with me Jungkook, please. Oh, god, please stay with me.” Hoseok begged.
Then the ambulance arrived and brought him to the hospital in Saipan.

Chapter Text


Namjoon P.O.V

Hobi sat in an uncomfortable grey chair in the hospital hallway. His shoulders were hurting as he buried his face in his hands, before roaming his eyes down the long, sterile hallway, spotting Namjoon.
It was way too hot in here, sweat running down both Namjoon's and Hoseok's face. Hobi had sat here for more than four hours now, after the ambulance had brought Jungkook here. Jungkook immediately got a surgery after he arrived. Namjoon's plane had just landed in Saipan, he got here as fast as possible.

Exhausted Hobi closed his eyes at his sight. Namjoon understood how he must have felt. Still Hoseok managed a smal smile at him and thankfully accepted the cup of coffee Joon had brought.

"Are you alright?" Namjoon asked. Hoseok slowly shook his head, staring at the floor.
"Hey, it's gonna be fine. The doctors here are good, they will help him." Namjoon reassured, putting a hand on Hobi's sweaty back.

Hoseok shook his head again, eyes closed. "Help's too late." Hobi mumbled, his voice shaking. "I'm waiting for four hours now, just sitting here, while I know Jungkook-" He stopped, his voice trembling even more.

"Don't say that. Jk will be alright."

"You don't understand." Hobi said again, this time looking directly into Namjoon's eyes. "He's dead. He- Jungkook's dead. He didn't even make it to the hospital. They did CPR, but- the blood loss was too severe." Hoseok silently cried now, avoiding Joon's gaze again.
"I'm so sorry, Namjoonie." He cried out.

Namjoon felt sick. "You say he passed hours ago, yet you didn't say anything?" He asked, sounding a bit harsher than he wanted.

"I couldn't. I couldn't believe it and I didn't want to."

Namjoon just looked at the white, sterile plastic floor. Tears also well up in his eyes, but he held himself together. "Can we see him?" Namjoon asked after letting a moment pass.

Hobi shrugged. "I guess."

They both walked down the hallway together, asking the nurse at the reception for permission to see Jungkook. She agreed and led them to the pathology. There he lay, in a rather small room, with brown floor tiles, on a silver table. He was covered with a white blanket up to his shoulders. Jungkook was a lot paler than usual. Namjoon and Hobi stood next to him.

"Can you give us a minute, Miss?" Namjoon asked the nurse in English. She agreed. "No touching." She added with her broken English and left them alone.

"Jungkook. So selfish of you to come here alone. Did you really think he would just come with you voluntarily? You dummy?" Hoseok's voice became smaller and smaller, as his emotions took over.

Namjoon put his hand on the blanket, where Jungkook's hand was. "It was really brave of you. But also stupid. God, I shouldn't have let you do this goddamn mission in the first place. Then you would still be-"

Hoseok interrupted him. "Hey. We can't change it now."

Namjoon nodded, his friend was right. They said their last goodbyes, then called in Seoul to bring all three bodies back home and bury them there.

They had a small funeral among their little team, as Jungkook didn’t have a family outside the Agency. Even Seokjin was able to show up, also saying farewell to his cousin and to Jimin.

After the funeral Namjoon sat down at a bench underneath an apple tree on the graveyard. Hoseok, who still couldn’t get the pictures of Jungkook dying in front of him out of his head, cried the hardest during the ceremony. Yoongi who was by his side at all times, sent him to their car already, before he sat down next to Namjoon.

Yoongi exhaled sharply. “I find it the hardest to bury younger brothers. Especially as young as Jungkook. I wish I had more time to get to know him.”

Namjoon nodded. "You would have liked him. And he would have loved you.” Joon laughed a bit. “He likes savage and funny people like you.”

Yoongi smiled. “Alright.” He got up. “See you on Monday on the office. Take care, brother.” Yoongi pat Joon on the shoulder and then left.
Just a moment later Seokjin walked up to him, wearing a black suit and handcuffs. One officer was standing just a few steps behind him, watching him carefully.

“Hey, Namjoon.”

“Seokjin.” They looked at each other. Jin sat down next to him.

“God, he won’t let me breathe.” Seokjin laughed as they both looked at the officer.
“You know”, Jin began, “Jungkook was really brave, for stepping in and really bringing Taehyung down.”

“You must hate him, for killing your cousin.” Namjoon suddenly said.

“No. I’m not one to hate someone easily. Yeah, he took the only family away I still had, but- but, Tae became so blind, so cruel... I am sure he had his reasons to shoot him and I am sure it wasn’t his first choice. As much as it hurts in my heart to bury my baby-“ Jin’s voice trembled. “Taehyung. I forgive him. Because I saw he was a good and caring person. Yeah, I saw and felt how much he changed Taehyung. In a good way. But Taehyung- he fought against it. He doesen’t like change. Never did.”
Jin paused again.

“Thank you, Jin. For these kind words.” Namjoon felt his heart ache for him, but also felt relief. “I will try my best to help you in prison. And of course I will visit you as much as I can.”

They smiled at each other. “I’ll expect your visit on Tuesday, then.” Seokjin said, softly smiling at him as he stood up and walked away, the officer following him immediately.

Joon watched Jin leave and then looked up at the tree over him. It was full on blooming, as spring had just arrived.

“Jk, Jk, Jk.” He laughed. “I got your voicemail, by the way. Bold of you to call when I’m on the phone with Hobi.” He shook his head.
“I’m relieved though, I was afraid of the exact same things for you. But yes, you’re my family, the team’s maknae. And we love you. So, so much. In regards of the mission, I think we should have stopped there, after the incident at Kim’s apartment. I think we should have let them espace. What more, I think you should have stayed with them down there. Which you kind of did- When you said you’ll end the mission and go by yourself I had hope you meant it that way. You know being free with them. Whatever, it’s too late anyways.”

Joon scratched the back of his head. “Ah, yes, you won’t come to work on Monday. It’s alright. I will miss seeing your tired face, but get the rest you deserve. Cause you really do deserve it, Kookie. I love you, man.”

Joon dried a tear that was about to run down his cheek. He looked up at he tree again, breathing in the warm and sweet scent of the blossoms.