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Shirakumo Oboro's master plan for getting his two favorite idiots together.

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Shirakumo Oboro had a big problem, or rather, his friends Aizawa Shouta and Yamada Hizashi had a problem which meant that Oboro had a problem too. See, Shirakumo loved his two friends, hanging out together was always fun and interesting, they were all good in different subjects so it was always easy to help each other if one of them was struggling, and Oboro would be inclined to say those two were the best friends he'd had. In a way, the three of them were the outcasts of 2-A, friendly with most people but not relating to them, finding each other and sticking together through thick and thin, Oboro was the kind to which meant that if one of them had a problem then the three of them had a problem.
In this case, the problem here was that his two best friends were completely, obviously, and absolutely in love with each other but still refused to do anything about it. Happy to pine after each other and bemoan the situation to Oboro instead of actually talking to each other like the hero students they were.

Now, don't get him wrong, it had certainly been fun at first, hearing Hizashi whine and tell him all about the boy that beat his ass in the sports festival and how he was going to marry him one day. That had been a fun day, Oboro still had a lot of fun remembering the way that Hizashi had looked shocked from the moment Shouta stepped into the arena and then proceeded to wipe the floor with him, and even more fun when Hizashi had walked back to him looking dazed. Oboro hadn't expected him to be a masochist, but he guessed that having a cute boy throwing you over his shoulder and pinning you down had to be attractive to some people, it certainly had been hot to see Shouta pick Hizashi up like he weighed nothing. God knew how many people had a gay awakening that day but none more than Hizashi.

And then, of course, there was Shouta. It had taken a lot longer for Oboro to notice his feelings for Hizashi since the black-haired boy was a lot more subtle and quiet about his feelings not to mention the fact that it took a long time for them to be close enough that Shouta would let his guard down around them, but once Oboro saw the signs there was no mistaking the lingering looks from Shouta that had started around the end of their first year, or the way he smiled when Hizashi made one of his terrible jokes or puns that never got anyone else to laugh. He had seen the way the two glanced at each other whenever the other wasn't looking, during training, during lunch, every moment of every day.

It was love, plain and simple, and Shirakumo Oboro was not going to sit back and let those two ignore their feelings any longer. He was going to get them together like the great friend he was and then he'll probably be the best man at their wedding if they had one. Knowing Shouta he might not want to get married because it was illogical or something stupid like that but he could still be the best man in spirit.

There was only one problem though, how to start? He supposed that the first step should probably be getting them alone, Hizashi was already very vocal about his crush already so maybe if they were alone it would just be a matter of time before he broke down and confessed. There had already been plenty of times where he had looked close enough to propose to Shouta, so all Oboro really had to do was leave them alone and create the opportunity for him to confess.

With that thought, all he needed to do was set his plan in motion.

Step one of plan "Get Shouta and Hizashi alone" started early in the morning on a Monday, when Oboro saw Shouta walking to school. This was the perfect time to set his plan in motion.

"Morning, Shouta! How are you, my buddy, my pal!" Oboro called out, catching up to the grumpy student and putting an arm around his shoulders, grinning at him as the two walked together to school.
"Shirakumo...what do you want?" Shouta sighed sounding tired, as though he had wanted more peace and quiet instead of having to deal with Oboro, which was incredibly rude of him but Oboro was almost used to it by now. Most people would be offended but Oboro had learned by now that Shouta just wasn't the type of person who would be smiling all the time and get excited about the company.
"Nothing! Why do you have to be so suspicious?" Oboro asked with a grin, trying to keep a poker face.
"You're earlier than usual, and you're awfully friendly," Shouta explained, looking over at him with a frown, "and you're acting weird, which means you're planning something."
"I am not! And I'm always friendly!" The white-haired boy pouted as he looked at his friend, and he couldn't help but wonder if he really did look as suspicious as Shouta said or if the other boy simply was that good at reading others. "But fine, I'll admit I wanted to ask you something."
"Thought so. What is it then?" Shouta asked as he shrugged Oboro's arm off of him.
"Well, I was just thinking that since the sports festival is so close, we should start training, you know? Make sure we get first place!" That, at least, seemed to get Shouta's attention, and Oboro would have started dancing if he wasn't trying to keep his cover. "So I wanted to know if you'd like to join me and Hizashi with some extra training."

There was a moment of silence as Shouta seemed to think about his proposal for a moment, both of them still walking while Shouta looked down to the floor in thought, and for a moment Oboro was sure that this plan would fail before it could begin, sure that Shouta would see right through him without a doubt and call his bluff about the training. And if he did get suspicious then it would be a long while before he would get the chance to try again.
"What exactly are you planning?" He asked, just like Oboro had expected.
" Shouta! You wound me!" Oboro cried, holding the boy close to him. "All these years of friendship, have they meant nothing to you?"
"We met last's been one semester."
"All! These! Years!" Oboro continued as if he hadn't heard him "And you doubt my intentions? Would I be planning something?"
"Yes," Shouta answered without any hesitation.

Well, okay that was fair, but this was not going according to plan and he needed to convince Shouta.
"Come on! It's just training! I want to do well this year to get attention from other heroes. Last year I got like, two offers for my internship and we're supposed to be starting work studies this year." He tried one last-ditch effort to get him to agree to this, and it wasn't until he started talking that he realized that all he was saying was true. He had an amazing quirk but he was willing to admit that he wasn't great with it and hadn't made it that far last year.
Shouta, at least, seemed to buy it, because he seemed to look torn for a moment, studying Oboro before visibly deflating.
"Fine. I guess I can join you two idiots on your training."Shouta shrugged, looking away from Oboro and starting to walk faster.

Part 1 of the plan "GSaHA" was complete.

"Awesome! See you later then!" He said before running off, not noticing the way that Shouta looked at him once he was out of sight. The suspicious glint to his eye as he followed after him would be hard to miss if he had only looked back.

Part 2 was even easier than part 1 since it only involved getting Hizashi to agree to train with him, not only was Hizashi a lot less suspicious as a person than Shouta but he was always eager to train and keep himself busy. At first he had looked doubtful, pointing out that they usually went to the arcade after classes or they would go do homework together, even pointing out that since they had hero studies that day they would surely end up too tired to train any more than that, but as soon as Oboro told him that Shouta had already agreed to train with them all his complaints flew out of the window and he was jumping out of his seat to agree to whatever Oboro proposed. It was perfect.

Now, part 3 was even easier that part 2, all he had to do was go to the gym, pretend he forgot his uniform, and let Hizashi and Shouta start working out together for a while before eventually coming back. Or just leaving and then come up with an excuse tomorrow, hopefully, they would be too busy making out to care that Oboro wasn't there.
But really, two fairly attractive teenagers with a crush on each other, sweaty from exercising and sparring with each other (because really, that was Shouta's go-to, and Oboro knew intimately how Hizashi felt about getting his ass handed to him) the moment Shouta pushed Hizashi down and pinned him to the ground Hizashi would definitely confess, and if it was the other way around by some sort of miracle then there was no way Hizashi would be able to contain himself from kissing him.
it was an absolutely foolproof plan!

What he didn't count on, however, was that Shouta had been suspicious about everything from the start and instead of going along with his plan the moment that Oboro mentioned having forgotten his costume, the boy had simply given him his spare gym uniform and told him they would wait for him. Not only that but Shouta waited until he was done, right outside the changing room and dragged him back to the gym for training.
But this was fine, so what if there were some hiccups on the way? He could improvise, he would just stay with them, train according to Shouta's plan, and then pretend he was tired or hurt and leave. This could even be better! He would leave them worried, and in the perfect mood for talking. Or tired and sweaty and with Hizashi more likely to let his mouth run.

Three hours later found both Oboro and Hizashi trying to catch their breath, laying down on the ground and no longer feeling their legs...or arms...or any other part of their bodies.

"Come on, you wanted to train for the sports festival so get up and keep going." Shouta crossed his arms, looking at them with a very unimpressed look and not at all affected by the torture that they had just been put through. Which was incredible given that he had done the same things as them, except he managed to beat them in their sparring sessions. All four times in a row.
"I can't move! Aizawa, please! Have mercy!" Hizashi cried out, trying to raise his hand only to find that it was no use since it hurt to even raise it, and dropping it immediately with a groan.

From where he was laying down Oboro couldn't really see Shouta's face, but he could basically feel the eye roll and he tried to brace himself for the denial.
"Fine, we can stop for today." Oboro almost stood up in shock, looking at Shouta as if he couldn't believe it, only to get kicked in the stomach when the boy saw the baffled look he had.
"Ow! Oi!" He cried out, turning on his side and holding his stomach.
"Don't look at me that way, idiot, we're doing this again tomorrow." He huffed before leaving the gym, and from where the two boys were laying down on the floor they just barely managed to see the smirk on Aizawa's face as he looked back at them. "Now hurry up, or I'm going to grab lunch on my own."

Both teens shared a look after Shouta left, Hizashi dropping down on the ground again with a dreamy sigh.
"He's so cute, why is he so cute Oboro?" Hizashi whined, getting a shove and a groan as his only answer.

Plan A was a bust. Time to move on to plan B...after he remembered how to use his legs.

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Plan B had to be better than Plan A but it was proven to be quite a problem to try and come up with a proper idea, mostly because after a few weeks of suffering from Shouta's training from hell he still had nothing to go on. The training was absolutely terrible and the weeks leading up to the Sports Festival were so busy and left all of them so tired that Oboro didn't have the energy to try and think of another plan to get Hizashi and Shouta together, let alone actually put it in motion.

He had looked up different date ideas though, the most research he had done since the beginning of High School, in the hopes that with some good ideas for his next plan even if there was no time to really doing anything yet. He had been so invested in searching for date ideas that it reached the point where his mother had started asking him who was the lucky girl that had him like this and looking so happy that he had finally gotten a crush on a classmate. 

He didn't have the heart to tell her that it was for his friends and not him. He didn't even know how she'd react. 

So far he'd gotten some pretty...dubious ideas. Most of the sites he saw were for couples or people with crushes planning their first date, which could work but the ideas were specific enough that he didn't think that there was a way to set that in motion without giving himself away, let alone make it clear that it was a date for them and not Oboro trying to get it on with one of them...or both. So for a while he just pushed the thought away, deciding to just concentrate on the Sports Festival and training to get a good place and a pro's attention.

The day of the festival came and went and he was sure that he had been so sure that he'd end the day murdering Hizashi since his friend had spent all day telling him how hot Shouta looked while beating the shit out of some kid from 2-B, or how impressive he had been during the game of tag, and how smart he was for cheating at the maze in the beginning.
"Look at him! He's so graceful! He's gotten so much better than last year, and he was already so strong last year." Hizashi had not stopped talking all day, especially while waiting for his turn in the one-on-one fights, almost vibrating out of his seat as he watched the current fight.
"Hizashi, I say this with all the love in the world...just ask him out." Oboro groaned for what felt like the thousandth time that day, not bothering to hide his snickers at Hizashi's indignant squawk.
"What!? Are you crazy!? I mean I want to obviously, I'd ask him to marry me if I could! But I mean he wouldn't...I'd ruin everything! And I can't just...I can't just tell him like that out of the blue." He rambled getting more and more flustered with each word.
"Okay, okay, loverboy, relax. I'm just saying, you should give it a shot." Oboro told him, leaning back just in time to see Shouta kicking a guy in the face and smirking at Hizashi. "The worst thing that can happen is he kicks the shit out of you, and we both know you're into that."

From underneath them, in the arena, Shouta looked up as he heard Hizashi's loud groan accompanied by Oboro's laughter. Looking over at them with a frown before shaking his head and walking away from them. 


Now that the festival was over though, it did free some time for Oboro to go back to thinking about matchmaking ideas for his friends. He came up with a list of things they could do but none felt perfect enough and he really didn't want to risk another month of torture if things went wrong, some seemed pretty simple and without any obvious drawbacks but they were things that he couldn't figure out how to get out of it. So far the best idea he had was inviting them to a zoo and ditching them but that plan would probably end with Shouta forcing him to pay for their tickets...or Shouta canceling and leaving poor Hizashi at the zoo alone. 

Nothing felt perfect, and he was quickly losing home when the solution came to him in the form of UA's Culture Festival. 

"Alright, everyone! We need to start thinking of ideas for 2-A's booth for the Culture Festival." Sarudo, their class rep, told them early in the morning during homeroom, their teacher standing to the side to supervise but not looking like he cared too much other than to make sure they wouldn't cause any trouble during the hour they had to plan their booth idea. 

It took less than a minute after the class president before the whole class erupted into chaos, everyone trying to chime in with a different idea, overwhelming the teacher and their class president by jumping in and not letting either of them to get a word edgewise. 
"What about a haunted mansion?"
"Oh, a school play! I always wanted to try acting!"
"No, we should do a musical! We'll show 2-B who's better!"
"Isn't 2-C doing that though? I think we should do a maid cafe!"
"Boring! How about a kissing booth?"
"As if anyone would want to kiss you Tendo."
"Oi! What the hell is that supposed to mean Oizuchi?"

The chaos continued for a while until the teacher finally stopped them, raising his voice and ordering them to stop yelling over each other and to raise their hand to get their idea and one by one a list of ideas was written on the board for the students to vote on by the end. Oboro had been on board with quite a few ideas, torn between voting for the play or the musical since that would be a lot of fun to act out. But just before he was about to cast his vote, he felt a lightbulb light over his head.

This...this was plan B.

The play or the musical didn't ensure that Shouta and Hizashi would be in a position to kiss or even act in love with each other, a kissing booth would be good to make them jealous but a jealous Shouta would be angry and not closer to confessing and Hizashi would be miserable. A haunted mansion...well that was an idea, but it was only really romantic if they were the ones going through it not acting like monsters. And he didn't care what the internet said, monsters and zombies were terrifying, not sexy. He knew what would be perfect for these two idiots though.

"We definitely should do a maid cafe!" Oboro grinned and all at once, everyone in the classroom turned to him with a wide variety of expressions almost immediately. The girls started to complain while the boys agreed immediately. Predictable really, the room erupted into chaos again as the boys tried to argue for it while the girls tried to argue to the contrary. Not all of them of course, but enough to make a lot of noise.

"Hey! I wasn't done." Oboro pouted, "It doesn't have to be the girls to use the maid uniforms, we can do a reverse maid cafe, or all of us wearing the maid dress!"

That was lead with silence, a moment of contemplation from everyone before outrage erupted. The girls seemed happy with the idea in some cases, the boys angry and refusing to cooperate, it was starting to look like his plan wasn't going to work until the class president demanded some order and put the idea up to debate. The boys didn't want to be forced into dresses anymore than the girls so it was decided that they would allow anyone that wanted to dress in a skirt and the maid outfit then they could, and if they didn't then they could go with the fancy waiter/butler costume that they would design for the class.

It took a while but finally, his plan was in motion. And first, he needed to convince Shouta and Hizashi to wear the maid outfit.

"Absolutely not."
"Wha...Shouta! Come on! It'll be fun!" Oboro whined, he had barely even gotten the words 'maid outfit' and Shouta had already shut him down.
"I'm not wearing a skirt, I don't even want to wear the butler outfit but even that is better than the maid outfit," Shouta answered as he continued building the entranceway to their cafe, they had stayed behind to help with the rest of the preparations.
"But if it's the three of us it'll be fun!" Oboro tried again, looking at Shouta with a pout.
"You can still have fun if it's just the two of you." Shouta scoffed.
"Drop it Oboro, he won't change his mind, besides if he doesn't want to wear a dress then we can't force him. It can be just you and me." Hizashi shrugged, handing Shouta a stapler when the boy reached out for him. And they weren't even being slick now, Oboro could see the lingering touch as Shouta took the stapler from him. That, more than the pining, was going to kill him. The lingering touches, the yearning in their eyes, was it so bad that he wanted to just push them against each other and make them kiss? 
"It's not nearly as much fun though." He huffed, trying to remind them that he was there and they couldn't do their longing stares while they had work to do.
"No one will wear a skirt, so why bother? Just get the other uniform." Shouta rolled his eyes. "And pass me the paint will you?"
"You are wrong, but yeah, whatever." Oboro sighed, continuing with the preparations for the festival. Turning to look at Hizashi and smirking as he saw his thoughtful look. Oh, someone was going to wear the maid outfit alright.

Finally, the day of the Culture Festival arrived. He hadn't given his plan a lot more of thought over the weekend, other than hoping that seeing each other dressed in different outfits would spark something. And nothing made him more hopeful for this than walking into the classroom and seeing Hizashi being helped by one of the girls to tie the apron to his dress.
"Well, hey there sexy. You come here often?" Oboro teased as he took him in.

It seemed that Hizashi had chosen to go with the whole mile with the maid outfit. Not just having fun with it but owning it. His hair was down which made it seem longer than it usually was and he had a hairband with ruffles on his hair like the other girls, the dress the class had chosen was green like the school uniform with gray details like the buttons and the apron, they'd also chosen one with a corset especially to give the boys a bit of a figure, it was tight around the stomach before loosening up around the hips to give place to the puffy skirt and the top was looser and had ruffles to soften the chest. The skirt was the cherry on top though, since it reached just a little above the knee and Hizashi had taken that as permission to wear thigh-high socks. The neck was a button-up, and around Hizashi's neck, there was a big red bow to complete the look and continue to give the illusion that there was more than just a flat chest underneath it. 

"Thanks! I was a bit torn on whether to wear this or not but it looked too cute not to. You didn't wear the maid dress?" Hizashi looked at him with a pout. "After all you complained about going as a match."
"Well Shouta said no so I figured that was off. But you look great Zashi! Maybe I should have given it a shot but I doubt I'd look quite that good." Oboro grinned at him, turning and freezing as he sees Shouta arriving from what he supposed was the bathroom after changing. "Oh look like a different person too!"
"Hm?" Hizashi looked curious before turning and even from behind him Oboro could see his ears turning red as he took in the sight of Shouta in the butler suit.

Not that he could blame him, Shouta looked like a different person dressed in the butler suit. The pants, a darker green than the uniform, were hugging Shouta's figure in a stark contrast to the normal loose pantsuit he usually wore, a white long-sleeved button-up shirt and a vest that was a light gray in the front and black at the back that also fit him like a glove and gave him a slimmer shape since it was as form-fitting as the pants if not more, all of that finished with the red string tie and black gloves as well as his hair actually combed back with a half-ponytail, that left his face free with some hair still curling around his ears. It really went to show just how much Shouta hid on a day-to-day basis because now they could actually see his lithe figure and judging from Hizashi's silence it was definitely like seeing another person. Now if only he didn't look so uncomfortable, he would actually look pretty great since he definitely had a sophisticated air around him dressed like that, almost like a rich kid dressed for an important party instead of just a student dressed as a butler for a school project.
"What? You can stop ogling now." Shouta huffed, crossing his arms before walking into the room, but Oboro didn't miss the way that he turned to look at Hizashi. Maybe...maybe the plan would go well this time.

The rest of the morning was spent with Oboro doing his best to keep Hizashi and Shouta within eyesight of each other, taking double the tables if he had to, and causing one of the two to drop things more often than they normally would as he zoomed by. The first time had been an accident but there was no denying the way Hizashi almost spontaneously combusted when he saw Shouta bending down to pick up the handmade menu. 

"Welcome to 2-A's Maid cafe! Please come in." Oboro grinned, he was in such a great mood, he had seen Hizashi and Shouta looking at each other pretty much all afternoon, they'd gotten so distracted at some point that Oboro had been certain they would drop everything and kiss in the middle of the cafe, though Shouta wasn't the kind to be into PDA so that probably wouldn't happen. Still! There was no doubt in his mind that they would end the day confessing to each other.
"Alright, Aizawa, Tendo, Yamada, and Shirakumo! You can take your break now." The class president told them, and Oboro grinned as he immediately went to meet his friends and drag them off to see the rest of the festival, time for some good food and then ditching them.

"I can't believe you actually dressed like that." Shouta sighed as he stared at Hizashi, for what felt like the millionth time that day.
"I just thought it was comfortable! You know I don't care about wearing skirts." Hizashi shrugged, the three of them had decided to grab some food from around the school, and they were now sitting upon a peaceful spot outside on the gardens.
"Hm, I guess since you like it it's not weird, but you've been getting stares all day," Shouta told him, like a huge hypocrite if you asked Oboro.
"Yeah but there's nothing wrong with that! Hizashi is rocking the outfit." Oboro grins and gives him a thumbs-up. "Now imagine if it had been all of us in the dress though." 
"If you want to see me in a skirt you better start dreaming." Shouta glared at him as he chewed on the Takoyaki they'd bought.
"Chill! I was just saying." Oboro huffed.
"You look a lot better like this though, the suit looks...really nice on you," Hizashi whispers, causing Shouta to stare at him with a surprised stare.
"Oh, hey! I'm done with my food. I'm gonna go grab something sweet! I'll see you guys later!" Oboro said quickly, this was as far as Hizashi had gotten in admitting he found Shouta attractive and he wasn't going to ruin it by being there.

He kept eyes on the two of them from a distance though, quickly disappearing into the crowd and beaming as Shouta and Hizashi continued to talk, sharing small glances and shy smiles whenever they caught each other. It was a shame he couldn't hear what they were saying but it had to be good given the way they were looking at each other. 
"What are you doing?" Came a voice from behind him, causing him to jump up in the air and go into a defensive pose as he looked behind him.
"What the...Kayama! You scared me." Oboro pouted as he looked up to see that it had only been his upperclassman, dressed in a weird costume but he wasn't too surprised, he'd heard that 3-A was doing a play, and seeing how amused she looked.

As quickly as he realized how obvious they were, given the attention that Kayama usually got, he hushed her and motioned at her to get closer and hide behind a nearby tree before pointing to where his friends were.
"I'm spying on those two, I'm hoping that seeing the other dressed like that they'll finally realize they're in love with each other." He explained.  
"Ooh young love!" Kayama grinned as she moved closer and peeking around the tree. "So, what was your plan here?"
"What...what do you mean? I'm already done, this is the end of the plan." Oboro frowned. "I made sure they were dressed like that and then pushed them together?"
"You sweet summer child. Is that all?" Kayama laughed at Oboro's put-upon face. Which he felt was justified, clearly, Kayama had never tried to deal with two stubborn friends and school at the same time. It wasn't like there was a lot online about how to get two stubborn morons together. 
"Well...I...yes? I kept making them drop his things so the other would look at him." Oboro added, and he was even more indignant at Kayama's sigh of disappointment.
"Shrakumo, Yamada already is in love with Aizawa, all you've done is make him sexually frustrated. Which is fine! A good first step! But you should have focused on Aizawa seeing a bit of a tease with Yamada in that dress." Kayama points at him and shakes his head. "You were not nearly ambitious enough! This would have been a great opportunity to get a classic 'oh no, you're trapped in a closet' scenario going. With Yamada dressed like that, it would have taken no time for Aizawa to..:"
"Okay! I get it! You can stop now!" Oboro squeaked because he might want his friends together, but he didn't want to hear Kayama describe them defiling school grounds. Kayama laughed at him, shaking her head before the two went back to observing their mutual friends."Well...he has been staring at Hizashi's legs all day, so that's something." 
"It definitely is, but you need a little something more...daring, more direct. It's not just putting them in situations where they might confess, they have to be driven to it." Kayama explains, putting an arm around Oboro and causing the white-haired boy to blush at the closeness as Kayama held a fist to her chest and grinned. "But don't worry my dear, from now on, I'm going to help you!"

He should have felt happy that he had someone else on his side, and he definitely was over the moon at getting Kayama's number, but he couldn't help but feel like he had just doomed his friends by agreeing to Kayama's proposal.

Later that night, when his phone kept blowing up, he stopped feeling so bad.


Did you see him Oboro?
I swear
I almost had to leave so many times
The vest looked so good on him,
it hugged him in all the right places 
he looked like a model
like he should be on the cover of a magazine
I have never been a religious man
but seeing Shouta in a suit might be my new religion.

The better Goku:
Zashi...pls...i beg...i dont wanna hear more about shoutas ass
also...i mean he looked good dont get me wrong i definitely didn't recognize him but...magazine??

Not just his ass!
His arms!
His chest!
His thighs Oboro!!
He could kill me with those thighs...he could destroy watermelons with them
I'd let him wrap them around my face anytime

The better Goku:
i mean, ur not wrong
but also...pls stop it
i do not want to hear about ur fantasies i already know ur a masochist


The better Goku:

i hate u

The better Goku:
u looooveee me 

you lost that right
you're the worst friend ever 

The better Goku: 
u don't want the pictures I got of Shouta in the butler outfit then 
is what im hearing

I love you and you are the best best best friend anyone could ever want

The better Goku:
thought so
now go to sleep u gay disaster


Gucci Eyebags
I hate you, so much.

The better Goku:
owo whats this??
showota?? at this time? 

Gucci Eyebags:
Stop butchering my name

The better Goku:
lol no
but seriously, why do you hate me now?

Gucci Eyebags:
Why did you have to tell Yamada to wear the maid dress?
You couldn't have been satisfied with the butler outfit?
I woud have been screwed either way but i wouldn't have had to see his legs all day.

The better Goku
pls tell me more about hizashis legs

Gucci Eyebags
fuck you
They're so long, how are they so long
He's 80% leg

The better Goku
wow i really didn't peg you as a legs kinda man
for some reason i thought youd be more into his ass
did the corset and bow not do anything to u?

Gucci Eyebags:
Shut up

The better Goku:
oooh so thats a yes
was it the corset? or the skirt?? come on u can tell me,
i saw u looking at him al day

Gucci Eyebags
will you please stop?

The better Goku:

Gucci Eyebags:
A guy should not look that cute on a dress okay?
Out of all the boys that wore the maid outfit he was the one that looked good in it
Like, the thigh highs and the frill
did he have to wear those? Was it necessary? Other than to show off his legs? 
They had cats on them! They were kitten thigh highs and no one could even see them unless he sat down
But he still had to wear them. 

The better Goku:
so u were totally staring at his legs when we were sitting together
good to know

Gucci Eyebags
His waist looked so small you could just grab him and pull him towards you

The better Goku:
shouta, pls read what u just sent me and consider if u wanna finish the message u were typing

Gucci Eyebags
uuuugh I hate you
you just had to give him the idea and now I can't sleep

The better Goku:

Gucci Eyebags:
Stop that

The better Goku:
what if i sent you pictures i took of Hizashi in the dress?
would that earn ur forgiveness?

Gucci Eyebags:
I'd hate you less

The better Goku:
Say I'm your best friend and I'll send them to you

Gucci Eyebags:
That's blackmail
Not very heroic

The better Goku:
neither is forcing me to listen to ur pining after hizashis legs but here we are

Gucci Eyebags
uuuugh fine
you're my best friend
now give me the pictures


Oboro laughed as he sent the pictures to both Hizashi and Shouta, already knowing the two of them would be flushing bright red and saving them.
He could go without the mooning on both of their sides, but he supposed it was amusing. And this plan at least hadn't backfired like the last time, it was a step in the right direction that at least the two had opened up a little bit more about their feelings. It was only a matter of time before the two got together.

Oboro sighed as he laid down on the bed, ready to fall asleep when his phone lighted up one more time. Groaning as he expected it to be one of the hopeless pair, fully planning on ignoring it until he heard the phone go off three more times, finally deciding to check it out and beaming as he saw it was actually Kayama, feeling even better as he read her plan.



Chloroform but sexy
I have the perfect plan for those two
How easy are they to scare?
And how much would you be willing to spend for them?



Right below those texts, there was a link that sent him to an ad. And a soon as he caught on to what Kayama wanted to do he grinned.

Plan B had been a partial failure, but with Kayama on his side, it really was only a matter of time before those two ended up together.

Chapter Text

Thanks to Kayama helping him, plan C was already a lot more detailed than the past two. It really was different to have someone else to help bounce ideas off of, and it wasn't until the two started chatting that he realized he had been going at it all wrong since the beginning. 

Sure, in stories and TV all people needed to accept they liked each other was to spend time together but Shouta and Hizashi already spent almost every waking hour with the other so simply pushing them towards each other wouldn't work. They needed to be pushed towards realizing that the other cared about them too, and what better than the annual fair? 

It was Kayama's idea, he'd give credit where credit is due, she had sent him the tickets and gave him a quick rundown of the plan while letting him give a few ideas here and there. But mostly she just took control with the little information that Oboro gave her about what he had already planned.
It also helped that he knew his friends more than Kayama, so whenever she came up with something that wouldn't work because of their personalities Oboro would intervene and offer some better choices until they finally had a more cohesive plan.  


Chloroform but sexy

It's easy, everyone knows they're in love but they're huge chickens!

They need to see that the feelings are mutual without a doubt!

And what better than a festival, couples everywhere, romantic ride

and out best bet: the haunted house

nothing like being scared out of your mind to help create intimacy.

Being scared with someone also makes people very horny, didn't you know?



The better Goku

wait for real!?

i don't think they'll scare easily though

unless there are bugs


Chloroform but sexy

Maybe not, but you never know how they'll react to the haunted house

their hearts will be pumping 

they will be sweating, paranoid of their environment

and Yamada will be clinging to Aizawa 


The better Goku

How do you know it won't be the other way around?


Chloroform but sexy


When they realize it, it's only a matter of time before they're entangled in a passionate embrace!


The better Goku

wait, go back a bit

i thought we were getting them to admit their feelings

not have sex in public 


Chloroform but sexy

Are you sure?

They really would have no choice but get together then

we can always just lock them in a room and tell them they have to 


The better Goku

...that's plan z 

I don't want to see my two friends getting it on 


Chloroform but sexy 

then why are you doing this?


The better Goku

because I love them and want them to kiss?

not spy on them when they get it on??

wait do  you  want to see them have sex in public!?



Needless to say, working with Kayama was interesting, it was fun to talk to her and it was even better to finally have someone to rant to about how helpless his friends were. She could see where he was coming from and understand how frustrating it was that they wouldn't just accept their feelings. It was fun, engaging and he was definitely excited about their plan. 


Step 1: Getting them to the fair. 


This one was both very easy, and very hard, and it all depended on whether Shouta was in a good mood or not since the boy was a bit of a wet blanket at times and would do whatever to get out of social events. He did just fine when it was just the three of them or even with Kayama but anyone else and he got quiet and distant. So the best bet was to get him before he was too grumpy or tired from class, and hopefully not seem too eager or suspicious either.

"Guys! You'll never guess what I got us!" Oboro grinned as he approached his friends at the beginning of the day without any warning. It was a normal Friday and perhaps he was cutting it a bit close, but Oboro had quickly learned when it came to making plans he had to choose the right time to make sure Shouta wouldn't try to get out of going out with them. 

He had to bring it up with enough time that Shouta could tell his parents and make sure he didn't have other things planned (which he never did anyway but it was better to be cautious) and not give him enough time to either second guess himself or make other plans to avoid the ones he made with Oboro and Hizashi. 


"Not interested," Shouta said quickly, as expected. Though that did nothing to tamper his disappointment. 


"Come on, you don't even know what it is! It could be exciting." Hizashi grinned at the boy when the black-haired student just rested his head on top of his crossed arms over the desk to sleep. And Oboro couldn't help but notice how close he was sitting to Shouta, looking one moment away from running his hands through the black strands in front of him. "What do you have Oboro?"


Thank god for Hizashi, the blond was always ready to join in on his schemes even if he didn't know they were schemes. "Kayama got four tickets for the Spring Fair this Sunday! Do you know how hard they are to get?" Oboro beamed, almost jumping on his seat in excitement. Sure this was all just a way to get his friends together but he couldn't deny that he was still excited about doing something fun.


"So? Just go with her alone. I don't want to go and third wheel you somewhere that's already going to be loud and crowded." Shouta groaned, hiding his face in his arms and shaking his head as he ignored the two loud boys that had begun enthusing together, "Why do you want us to interrupt your date anyway?"


That brought a stop to the conversation, Oboro looking at him with wide eyes and slowly growing blush. He really hadn't considered how that would look for someone other than him. 


"W-What? It's's, not a date! Why would you think it''re just...stop that!" Oboro shook his head and slammed his hands on Shouta's desk, only managing to make the boy look up at him and Oboro almost flushed as he saw the almost terrifying smirk on his face. "Please come with us? It's not a date." 


The two boys stared at each other for the longest time, Shouta studying Oboro's face and looking almost suspicious after the smirk fell off his face while Oboro was still trying to keep his face from burning and he was looking as serious as he could at the sleepy boy. He didn't even know what Shouta could see in his face, it always felt like he could see right through him when he was looking so serious and thoughtful. At least it wasn't Hizashi, he had seen the boy almost losing control of his quirk the last time he had Shouta's attention like this. Then again, Oboro might have preferred that than being exposed to the deep scrutiny he was under right now. 


"It could be fun," Hizashi spoke up after a few moments of the staring contest. "I mean, sure it's probably going to be crowded but it's been a long time since I last went to a fair, I want to try some junk food and...I mean it's been a while since we had fun all together right?" 

"Right! Thanks, Hizashi!" Oboro nodded, glancing over at Shouta. "So? Will you please come? You owe me!" Not that he was going to explain out loud why Shouta owed him, but one look at the shorter boy told him that he didn't really need to. The message had been received loud and clear. 

Shouta didn't even have to answer, simply giving a long and weary sigh before letting his head drop down on the table. "When are we meeting, and where?" He asked, not seeing but feeling the victory dance from his two dumb friends. 

Step 2: Ensure that Shouta wouldn't look homeless. 


This had been Kayama's idea, pointing out that Hizashi was pretty good at dressing well and he would look good even if he didn't see this as a date. But Shouta...

Oboro groaned for what felt like the third time that day. "You can't wear that tomorrow! It's too big! Like seriously Shouta, do you even know what size you are?" He asked as he looked at the long-sleeved black shirt that had to be three sizes too big, and the sweatpants that were the same color.  

Shouta simply shrugged and looked down at his clothes. "I don't see what's wrong, we're just going there to fourth wheel your date I don't have to go all out. The least I could do is be comfortable." 


"It's not a date!" Oboro corrected him quickly, though the goal was for this to end up being one but definitely not for him. "Besides, think about it, it's your chance to have Hizashi's attention all to yourself. Don't you want him to look at you and be weak? If you want to sweep him off his feet you need to put some effort!" 


It seemed to be the right thing to say since Shouta turned away from him and crossed his arms in a pout, as though that would stop Oboro from being able to read him like an open book and see how flustered he was. "I still don't see why clothes are that important...If he likes me when I'm not myself then there's really no point." He says simply, and Oboro wanted to shake some sense into him because Hizashi would still be in love if he was wearing a potato sack or nothing at all but somehow he couldn't see it.


Not only that but Shouta was an arguably cute guy if Oboro didn't see him a brother he might have even found him attractive. All he needed was to showcase that, his hair framed his face and looked really soft, he had a soft face that had only started to sharpen, deep soulful eyes according to Hizashi, and he was starting to build up muscle from all the training he did and the T helping him bulk up. God knew Hizashi had ranted enough at him that Oboro could understand Shouta's appeal, it was only a matter of him seeing it too. 

"Okay, Debbie Downer!" Oboro beamed and put his hands on his shoulder. "None of that! I'm sure Hizashi is incredibly into you no matter what but sometimes you gotta put in some effort! Make sure he looks at you! Seduce him! Sweep him off his feet! You can't tell me you don't want him to look at you the same way he did at the culture festival!" Oboro told him with a smirk, remembering a particular conversation with Shouta at 3 in the morning. "Or maybe the way you were looking at him at the culture festival."


"Will you please stop!" Shouta interrupted him, covering his face to try and cover his blush. Clearly remembering the same conversation where he'd admitted that he had seen the way Hizashi stared at him, though he had been unsure of what it meant if it was just how he looked or something deeper. As well as the following conversation about how he couldn't stop looking at the pictures Oboro had sent."Why are you like this?" 


Oboro laughed and shook his head, hugging Shouta and patting his head to try and comfort him; he knew that the black-haired boy wasn't the best with displays of affection but with two very touchy friends he'd clearly gotten used to the random hugs and cuddles from both of them even if he still grumbled and tried to get away like he was doing now, "Because I'm your best friend and want to help! So, let me get you some help and find you some better clothes." He offered, letting him go and dragging him back to his closet. 


"Nothing too fitted. I don't like how it looks." Shouta sighed, sitting down on the bed and watching as Oboro went through all his things, finally giving him a pair of fitted jeans and a red t-shirt. "Not that one. It's too tight around the chest and I look weird."

"Shouta, this is how shirts are supposed to fit. Besides, it'll let you show off your guns." Oboro told him firmly, but he put the shirt down on the 'maybe' pile. He'd try again if he couldn't find something else but it was better to try to get something that would be more comfortable. "But okay, let's go for another shirt." 

In the end, they found a good compromise, a yellow shirt that was more fitted and a jacket to make Shouta feel more comfortable along with a scarf that he would no doubt use to hide behind if he needed it. Looking a lot more appropriate for a date. 


Not that he knew that but he'll thank Oboro later. 

Step 3: Get together, have some casual fun together and rile them up in preparation for leaving the two lovebirds alone. 


By the time the clock stroke 5 Shouta and Oboro were just waiting for Nemuri and Hizashi to arrive and join them, getting a glimpse of all the rides and what else was inside before Nemuri arrived, greeting both of them and complimenting Shouta on his outfit and telling him how good he looked, to the point where Oboro had to step in to stop her before she made Shouta regret coming, he was already looking pretty flustered. No other reason than that, it's not like he was upset because she commented on Shouta and not him, it was rarer for him to dress up after all. And Oboro definitely thought he should be complimented too but...he'd put some effort on his own outfit and it might be nice to at least get a once over from the girl. 


The knowing look on Shouta's eyes as he stopped her meant nothing.


Finally, Hizashi arrived a few minutes later, waving at them and immediately beaming at Shouta, ignoring the other two hero students as his focus was taken completely by the black-haired boy, looking him over in what was the least subtle stare ever, and if this was anyone else perhaps it would be obsessive or perhaps just a little excessive considering the fact that the clothes Shouta was wearing were rather simple. At least that's what Oboro thought, but he knew how gone Hizashi was so he settled for feeling satisfied that all the hell he went through to get Shouta to look halfway decent was appreciated by the blond.


"Hey, guys! Sorry I was late...I the outfit Shouta!" Hizashi said once he stopped in front of them, beaming at the shorter boy that was trying to hide his face in his scarf. 

"Thanks, Oboro rejected most of my first choices," Shouta explained, avoiding his eyes, and for once Oboro was sure that he was aware of the way that Hizashi was staring at him. Though that only meant that now they had two awkward gay disasters instead of the usual one. Not that Shouta wasn't a disaster on a good day, but he wasn't usually an awkward one.

"Right! Shall we go then? There's a lot of stuff to do!" Kayama, bless her, was the first to speak up, grabbing both Shouta's and Hizashi's arms and guiding them forward to the entrance. 


The whole place was very nicely decorated, there was a lot of people around like they'd expected, and the vendors were trying to get their attention as they passed. No doubt they would eventually get tired of all the crowd but at least right now everything looked like a lot of fun. Oboro wasn't sure where to even look, getting distracted by all the booths and walking closer to the group so he wouldn't get lost and trying not to be disappointed that he wasn't right next to Kayama.


Something that clearly did not go unnoticed by Shouta, as he turned to him with a smirk and switched places with him so he was between him and Kayama, which was both great, and awful since now the shortest male was too far from Hizashi and that just wouldn't do. "Don't tell me you're overwhelmed already?" Shouta asked, nudging him lightly with a smirk. "That nervous about the date?

"I am not! I was admiring the place! And it's not a date! Why don't you go with Hizashi and make it an actual date huh?" Oboro huffed to try and save face, moving forward towards one of the stands to buy them all some food instead of starting an argument with Shouta, he knew it was a joke, and he did enough joking around with Shouta that he wasn't affected by it but...well he still felt a little weird thinking about dating Kayama, so it was better to distract himself and look at the food and activities there were around, soon being joined by Kayama, glancing back to see Hizashi and Shouta talking like normal. 

At least, if worst came to worst the fair was a fun way to unwind, they had a lot of fun watching the attractions and choosing different rides together, taking a bunch of pictures and dragging Shouta with them, even managing to make him smile for a few before Kayama grabbed his hand and pulling him back. He'd deny his blush to his dying day as the two of them got away from their two friends on the way to the haunted mansion. Reminding him of why they were there in the first place. 

Step 4: Leaving the two idiots alone and hope the scare form the haunted mansion will push them together. 


He watched them enter the enormous building alone, too enticed with each other to notice their other two companions were gone. He'd be a little more offended if he didn't find it somewhat cute that they could lose themselves like that even in the chaotic atmosphere of the carnival. "We should probably follow them, right? Make sure they actually get together?" He asked, turning to Kayama, not moving to take his hand away from her. 


"Yes, that might be a good idea...let's wait outside though. Last time I went to one of those I put every actor to sleep." She laughed, tugging on Oboro's arm and pulling him towards the exit of the mansion, staying out of sight so they could see them appear without being seen. "What do we do now? They'll realize we're gone soon enough..."


Oboro shrugged, keeping his eyes on the haunted mansion. "I don't think they'll care if I'm honest. But I told Shouta if we got separated we could always meet up at the midnight show." He explained, checking his watch and glancing at Kayama, seeing her thoughtful look. "What?" 

"Nothing, nothing." Kayama shook her head, immediately putting on a smile and letting go of Oboro's hand, hopefully not seeing the disappointed look that he no doubts had on his face. "So now we just wait then?"

"Pretty much, yeah, we need to wait for them to come out, and hopefully it'll be with Hizashi clinging to Shouta. Then we just follow them around and give them a light push if they need it!" Oboro told her with a grin, perking up as he saw the beginning of the group leaving the haunted house. "Do you see them?'


Kayama didn't answer right away, her hand covering her mouth as he tried not to laugh, and when Oboro tried to ask why she was laughing she simply pointed to the back of the group. 

There, he could finally see the pointy blond hair and he was both surprised and disappointed to see that Hizashi wasn't looking scared at all if anything he was laughing brightly...though now that Oboro looked closer he was a looking bit pink.


That was when Oboro finally saw Shouta clinging to the other boy's arm, pouting at whatever the blond was saying but surprisingly not trying to let go of him. 


"Huh, I would have thought that Hizashi would be the scaredy-cat," Kayama said softly, covering her mouth to keep from laughing too loudly. "Aizawa looks like a grumpy cat hanging off of Yamada."


Oboro shook his head, looking at them amused as he nods to Kayama to follow him so they could keep an eye on them. "There must have been a mirror maze, Shouta hates those. Last time we went to one he refused to let go of Hizashi and me. Something about getting lost." 


Kayama nodded, still looking amused as they kept out of sight. "It's still surprising, but this works just fine! They'll be an item by the end of the day." Once they were far away enough from the haunted mansion Shouta let go of Hizashi, and there was no way to deny the disappointed look in Hizashi's face as they continued to walk around, and he wasn't even the only one. "Or at least I hope." 


And at first, they had been rather hopeful, as the night went on the two matchmakers could see the two boys enjoying themselves. Hizashi dragged Shouta off to different booths, winning a black cat plushie that he gave to other boy and then beaming when Shouta bought his favorite food. For anyone else that saw them, it would look like a date. 


But Oboro was more observant, he saw the way that Hizashi stammered when he gave Shouta the plush and then immediately started walking farther away, and how the black-haired boy waved away Hizashi's thanks when he bought food pretending that he didn't know it was his favorite. And then the more frustrating part was how they looked like they were avoiding even brushing against each other.  


"This is so frustrating, how have they done nothing yet?" The older girl groaned for what felt like the thousandth time that day. "I thought for sure Aizawa was going to kiss him when Yamada gave him that cat." 


Oboro snickered and shook his head. "Oh he wanted to, you could see it in his face. They're so close too!" He shook his head, blinking as he saw Yamada dragging Aizawa somewhere else, checking his watch with a frown. "Damn it, it's almost time to get back together for the show. They're probably going to try and find us now." 


Only, as they approached the two it quickly became obvious that it wasn't the case. Hizashi had somehow managed to drag Shouta to the Ferris wheel, talking his ear off while Shouta just smiled at him and nodded along as they waited for their turn. This felt different than before when they were watching a dance where neither of them was quite close enough to admit to their feelings. This felt like something calmer, the way Shouta was looking at Hizashi was so soft that he had no idea how Hizashi wasn't melting. And the way the blond looked...Oboro had never seen him look happier, rambling about something or the other as he looked at Shouta. This felt like they were watching an almost private moment. 


"Maybe we should go...we get a few hours before they close. Might as well enjoy ourselves too, right?" Kayama grinned as she reached out to grab Oboro's arm, snapping him out of his thoughts and instead, pulling him deeper into the crowd. Except that this time it was to enjoy the fair for themselves. 


That night, Oboro laid down on his bed with a wide smile, looking over the pictures he'd taken during their trip. Most of them were candids of Shouta and Hizashi, a rather cute set that he would eventually put in a scrapbook for their future children probably, but the ones that made him smile the most were the ones that had him and Nemuri in them. Both of them grinning at the phone, pointing behind them to the oblivious pair, or later on just taking selfies for fun with the prizes they won or the junk food they were eating. 

Gucci eyebags

How was your date?


The better Goku 

shouldn't I be asking that? 


you look cozy


Gucci eyebags

delete that 


it was fun, he won me a cat plush 

I named him sunshine 

your turn 


The better Goku

You're a mess

Nemuri is fun, she won every game 

and we held hands twice 

do you think she likes me?

Gucci eyebags 

I think so 

She looked cozy with you too  


The two kept on talking for a while, about the fair, about Hizashi and Nemuri. It wasn't until later that Oboro realized that while they still hadn't gotten Hizashi and Shouta together he still didn't count this as a total failure. Sure, it wasn't a success but he got to spend time with Nemuri, Shouta clearly had fun with Hizashi even if they didn't kiss. 


Their next plan would work for sure, he'd talk with Nemuri about it! They were so close...maybe next time they could actually go on a real date.