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Vivid Dreams

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Regina woke up to someone smaller snuggling up to her. She was happy to find out it was Sarah. She wrapped her arms around the little girl just enjoying laying there looking at her for probably 10 minutes before she tried to get out of bed without waking the little girl she failed.

"Have a good nap Mommy?" Sarah sat up and looked up at her mother with a smile. Reaching up to be picked up.

Regina picked her up "I did thanks to you my sweet knight."

"Mama says I'm the best nap buddy" Sarah said as Regina walked them out of the room. She kissed her mom on the cheek.

"Your Mama is right, and where is your Mama?" Regina continue to smile as she held Sarah close.

"She's at work, did you forget?" Sarah asked with tilt to her head.

"I did" Regina tickled Sarah to hear that giggle she loves so much.

"You're so silly Mommy" she struggled to say as she giggled and wiggled.

Regina stopped and put her down she was laughing as well. She was filled with so much joy and happiness.

"Come and get me Mommy" Sarah said giggling as she ran away.

Regina ran after her they played chase, then played hide and seek.

"I found you Mommy!" Sarah said for the 7th time that afternoon.

"Yes you did, Mommy has to make dinner now why don't you go play on your own till your Mama gets home"

Regina hugged her daughter.

"Okay I love you Mommy" Sarah hugged her back.

"I love you too my sweet knight" Regina said before walking into the kitchen. She took inventory of the fridge before starting to cook. She checked on Sarah every now again. She was playing well on her own with her toys.

An 45 minutes passed by and Emma was home "Gina babe! I'm home. What is that amazing smell?!" She walked into the kitchen. Kissing her wife.

"Mmmm welcome home" Regina kissed the Sherrif.

Emma kneeled down and kissed Regina's stomach "Hello little dumpling" she got back up and kissed Regina again. Next thing they know Sarah was running in "Welcome home Mama!"

Emma picked her up and hugged and kissed her. "Hello my little knight, let's clear out of the kitchen so Mommy can finish up and we can eat dinner. I'll play with you till dinner" she carried Sarah out there.

"We're having chicken roast with carrots, potatoes, and gravy" Regina loudly so Emma could hear her.

"Sounds good and smells amazing more and more babe!" Emma was setting up chutes and ladders.

"What did you do today Sarah?" Emma asked her little girl.

"Mommy played with me lots! hide and seek, chase, toys. We took a nap. Mommy also says I'm the best nap buddy!" Sarah said happily.

"I thought you were my nap buddy..." Emma pretended to be sad.

Sarah squished Emma's face "Don't be sad Mama. I can be both mommy said. Don't be sad. Mommy has been really tired all time. She used to never nap." Sarah placed a kiss on Emma's lips before letting go.

Emma knew why Regina was tired. Early pregnancy fatigue.

"Okay you can be both." Emma smiled "Mommy's body is helping your baby brother or sister grow so you keep being the best sleep buddy for her too okay?"

Sarah nodded in response and they proceeded to play chutes and ladders.

Regina watched them for awhile before setting the table. Emma was so good with Sarah. The timer went off "Emma, Sarah dinner is ready"

Emma thoroughly enjoyed dinner. "Babe you have outdone yourself that was so so so good. I'm so glad we're married because your food is just to die for"

"Thank you dear, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Sarah baby eat two more carrots"

"I'm not a baby anymore, the baby is there" Sarah pointed towards Regina's stomach.

"You're right my sweet knight, but you still need to eat those carrots" Regina's hand fell to her stomach.

Emma grabbed the other hand smiled and squeezed.

Sarah quickly ate her carrots before cutely asking to be excused and left when she was granted so.

"How was your morning sickness this afternoon?" Emma asked her.

Regina answered "Thankfully none existent"

"I'm so glad to hear. I'll clean up why don't you lay down for a bit I'll take care of Sarah's bath and get you for bedtime" Emma said as she got up and she kissed her wife before starting to clean up.

Regina went to their room and laid down she didn't expect to fall asleep.

Emma true to her word woke her up for Sarah's bedtime.

Sarah told Regina she wanted too bedtime stories she just couldn't resist those puppy green eyes. Before the second book was over Sarah had fallen asleep.

Emma was downstairs watching TV after she had taken a quick shower.

Regina had joined her "You so caved and read two stories didn't you"

"No..." Regina jokingly denied.

They both laughed.

"Give me those feet" Emma said motioning her hands.

Regina put her feet in Emma's lap enjoying the massage she let out a moan "You might be glad to be married for my food I'm glad for your massages"

"I'm so glad you enjoy them." Emma continued and another moan escaped from Regina. "How about we take this upstairs and I'll get the rest of your body?" Emma said suggestively.

Regina took Emma's hand and led her up the stairs. They kissed and removed Regina's clothes. Emma grabbed the edible massage oil while Regina laid down on the bed.

Emma planted kisses while she massaged Regina's body.

Next thing Regina knew the alarm was blaring in her ears. She groaned as she turned it off. She sat up frustrated. Well time to get ready for work.