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Vivid Dreams

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Regina woke up to being asleep on Emma's chest again. Thankfully they were fully clothed. She felt a kiss to her forehead so she looked up

"Good morning my love" Regina said capturing Emma's lips.

"Good morning wife" Emma shifted down so she was facing Regina face to face. She put her hand on Regina's cheek before kissing her and eliciting her own moan. "I love you Mrs. Swan-Mills"

"I love you too Mrs. Swan Mills" Regina replied not trying to think what that meant in the real world. She was just starting to date Emma but here she was married and they were a family.

They both heard crying and it was coming closer to them, but then it disappeared down the stairs.

They both got up from bed. Emma headed for the bathroom and got in the shower. Regina had put on her robe and headed down the stairs.

A teenage Henry had a baby Sarah in his arms bouncing her as he was heating up a bottle.

Regina assumed as her dreams so far have been fairly consistent no matter the time frame.

"Good morning Mom go ahead and start breakfast I got Sarah" Henry said and he went to make funny faces trying to get Sarah to stop crying. "I know you're hungry, it'll be coming soon"

Regina's heart was full she had no doubts her Henry would become the amazing big brother this Henry was. Sarah was probably around 3 months old. She probably was going to need to pump she presumed after breakfast.

Emma joined them about 10 minutes later "Thanks Henry for getting your sister this morning" She was all dressed for work. It was interesting they had uniforms now. It was a good idea. "Mulan called I'll be skipping breakfast sorry babe" she kissed Regina's cheek.

Regina turned and cupped Emma's face and kissed her lips "Come home safe"

"I will, I always do" Emma walked away and ruffled Henry's hair he was busy feeding Sarah on the couch and she kissed Sarah's head.

"See you tonight family"

"You're welcome and bye Ma" once Sarah was done with her bottle he got up and burped her before putting her in her swing. Then going to the table to eat his breakfast. "Thanks Mom for breakfast, after school I'm meeting up with the guys to do homework and hang out"

"Sounds good Henry just be home by curfew." She said taking a bite from her food. She was watching both her son and daughter with nothing but a smile on her face.

"You know I will" he quickly finished his food and put his plate away in the dishwasher. "Love you Mom" he kissed Regina's cheek. He put on his back pack and fist bumped Sarah "Don't get into too much trouble squirt, be good for mom okay?" Then he was out the door in a flash.

Regina laughed recalling how an older Sarah jumped on his morning wood. She picked her up from the swing and bounced her. "Don't jump on your brothers bed when he's older okay?" She carried Sarah upstairs and sat in the rocking chair rocking until Sarah was asleep. She put Sarah in the crib and picked up the pump all the supply's were there.

"This thing looks pretty self explanatory..." She decided to take it to her room as she didn't want to risk waking Sarah up as she didn't know how loud it would be or how loud her surprise she sure would be.

It was definitely an interesting experience, absolutely different.

She put the milk in the fridge before hopping in the shower. She dressed in casual comfy clothes before returning to the nursery. Regina watched Sarah sleep.

Whispering she talked to Sarah "I love you very much, you might not believe me but Mommy has been dreaming about you. I'm actually dreaming right now, but I know someday this will be real. I don't know how that will work out but I just feel it. I hope I can be a good mom for you both here and in my world. I promise I'll do the best I can"

Sarah continued to sleep soundly for 2 hours. Regina spent that time tidying up the nursery and started on laundry. She was quite surprised to see how much there was but it made sense. When she heard crying she changed Sarah's diaper and then breast fed her. She was taking in all the baby Sarah scent she could.

They were downstairs in the living room Regina had put season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while she spent time with Sarah. She put a pot roast in for dinner.

Emma came home on time refraining on her honey I'm home routine since Sarah was born just in case Sarah and/or Regina was asleep. Sarah was wide awake but content in her swing, Regina was asleep on the couch. Emma picked up Sarah she whispered to her. "I knew your mommy loved Buffy" she checked Sarah's diaper and went upstairs to change it.

Emma was buttoning the onsie when Regina came running up the stairs in a panic. "Oh you're home. I was so scared" tears were coming down Regina's eyes.

Emma put Sarah in her crib and put her arms around Regina "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, you were sleeping so soundly I didn't have the courage to wake you" she wiped Regina's tears away.

Regina rested her head onto Emma's shoulder. "Next time leave a note or wake me."

Emma rubbed Regina's back "no waking I'll leave a note. I didn't think you'd get this scared"

"I thought someone took our baby" a few more tears escaped Regina's eyes.

"Just me, I'm sorry babe" Emma said apologetically.

"I forgive you" Regina looked up at Emma who kissed her lips. Regina deepened it. Sarah was busy cooing in her crib. Regina was being backed out of the room and into their bedroom kiss after kiss, hands were roaming until the timer down in the kitchen went off.

"Damnit..." Emma said "I'll take it out you get Sarah, Henry joining us?"

"No he's hanging out with with his 'boys' " Regina placed a chaste kiss

Her alarm went off before she even made it out of the room.