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Vivid Dreams

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Regina woke up in Emma being the big spoon with a hand on her stomach Emma was kissing her neck. Regina turned around and Emma's lips were soon on hers, then a tongue sought entrance which she allowed in their tongues dance for a minute before Emma stopped the kiss "Good morning my gorgeous wife"

Regina smiled at Emma "Good morning and you're awake before me" she tried not to sound shocked, but it didn't work.

"It happens on occasion, don't be so shocked." Emma disappeared under the sheets and kissed the noticeable but not huge baby bump under Regina's pajama shirt "Good morning our little dumplings" she resurfaced back in front of Regina.

Regina's hand went to her stomach autonomously rubbing it. She happily felt the baby bump that was there. She didn't quite notice it when Emma's hand was there, and she was just waking up. She felt movement similar to when she was dream pregnant with Sarah. She immediate grabbed Emma's hand. "Do you feel them?"

"No, I don't but soon enough in a few weeks I'm sure I will. You just enjoy it, and I'll keep enjoying watching you" Emma said

Regina let out a big yawn.

"Maybe you should go back to sleep babe" Emma said, feeling slightly bad for waking up her wife. "Sorry I woke you, just was wide awake, how about this. You catch a bit more sleep, I'll get Sarah off to preschool and I'll make you breakfast in bed"

"You wouldn't mind?" Regina asked letting out a smaller yawn.

Emma gave an eskimo kiss before a peck to Regina's lips "I'd do anything for you Regina babe you know that"

Regina pulled her in for a heated but chaste kiss before letting go and closing her eyes "I love you Emma"

"I love you too Gina" Emma said getting out of bed. She left the bedroom and headed down to Sarah's room. Sarah was sound asleep in her bed. Emma did wake up a little early today. She just watched her little girl sleep for awhile before kissing Sarah on the forehead. "Good morning my fellow knight"

Sarah wrapped her arms around Emma's neck, and Emma proceeded to pick her up. "Mama you're awake! I was dreaming we were defeating a dragon and saving mommy. Henry was there too!"

"Oh wow that's such a great dream, did we get to save your mommy?" Emma said carrying her out of the room and down the hallway then stairs.

"No, you woke me up, but I know we would just like how when we play knights and Queen! Where's mommy?" Sarah said and then asked.

"Mommy is really tired today so she's still sleeping, we won't wake her up so her and the babies get lots of rest" Emma said.

"So the babies will grow big and strong like me" Sarah added.

"That's right" Emma put her down in the breakfast bar stool. "What would you like for breakfast today strong knight Sarah?" she tickled her stomach.

"Applejacks, Mama that tickles" Sarah said laughing.

Emma got a bowl one of those that has a straw built in, a spoon, milk, and the Applejacks. She poured a good size bowl for Sarah to which no surprise Sarah finished it all and had even a little bit more.

"Today at preschool Michael and Kara are going to build a tall tall tower with me with the blocks after we have our learning time. Last time it was almost as tall as me!" Sarah said excitedly.

"Oh wow, well I hope this time it is as tall as you, maybe even taller! Remember though if it falls down too soon you just try again, and if you run out of time today there's always another time. It's okay to be upset, but not take it out on others okay" Emma said with care.

"Yes, Mama" she carefully came down from the stool and grabbed Emma's hand. "Let's get ready!" she pulled her up the stairs. "I'll dress myself, you get dressed yourself"

Emma was finishing getting dressed in her room when a mismatched Sarah came in, it didn't look so bad and she was proud of the little girl picking out her own clothes. "If you're very careful you can kiss Mommy and the babies"

Sarah carefully climbed on the bed and gave her mommy a kiss on the forehead. "Sweet dreams mommy" she moved down to were approximately Regina's stomach was and kissed the blankets over "sweet dreams babies" she climbed off the bed and grabbed Emma's hand and they left the room together.

Regina didn't want to let her wife or daughter know she was awake, so she just laid there. She felt so happy, so loved at that moment. She got up after they left to go to the bathroom, returning to bed once she was done. She was wide awake now, but she wasn't going to join her wife and daughter she didn't want Sarah to think she wasn't careful enough. So she grabbed her phone and started scrolling through photos to pass the time.

Emma got Sarah off to preschool and returned home. She went to the bedroom to check on Regina.

"You're awake" Emma said to Regina.

"Yeah, I actually woke up just as you came into get dressed, I really had to pee. Couldn't get back to sleep after that. Thank you for the extra sleep." Regina said as Emma climbed on top of the bed to lay next to her wife.

"You're very welcome" she kissed her wife. "Watcha lookin' at?"

Regina showed her the phone "I'm just scrolling through our old photos, sometimes everything seems so surreal like this is just a dream. You, me, Henry, Sarah, the babies" her hand that was already on her stomach rubbed across the blankets.

"Well babe it's all very real, and if this is a dream it's a dream I never want to wake up from" Emma said. Kissing her wife once again. "Now how about that breakfast in bed?"

Regina shook her head "Another time my love, I'm awake and I'd rather not make a mess of this bed. At least not of that kind" she smirked.

"I love pregnant you, what about breakfast?" Emma said and the next thing she knew her shirt was off.

"That's because I can keep up with your outrageous sex drive, and breakfast can wait a little bit can't it?" Regina said as Emma nodded in agreement unbuttoning Regina's shirt. They proceeded to make love and then while Regina showered Emma made them breakfast. French toast with sunny side up eggs and fruit bowls. Regina came down after her shower and they started to eat breakfast.

"Mmmm breakfast is so good Emma" Regina said taking another bite.

"It really is" Emma said shuffling another piece of french toast into her mouth.

"The babies are really enjoying it" Regina said with a smile, they were being very active.

"I would hope our little dumplings would enjoy it, maybe not as much as me, but that's okay" Emma said rubbing Regina's stomach before going back to eat with a big grin on her face.

"Do you think Henry will come home this next weekend?" Regina said.

"No, he's got that date with that um… what was her name… Jessica I think….or was it Laura?" Emma said scratching her head.

Regina shook her head. "You can't remember her name for the life of you"

"Well, don't tell Henry that" Emma said.

"I'm sure he already knows dear" Regina said with a laugh.

"Well he likes her so I'm not disapproving of the girl at all, if it becomes serious, I'm sure I'll remember" Emma said hoping.

"You better or you'll never hear the end of it from our son" Regina said picking up their empty plates. Emma was about to take them from her. "Don't you even dare" she slapped Emma's hand away and started put away the dishes and pans in the dishwasher.

"I'll just hop in the shower real quick babe" she gave a gentle tap to Regina's butt.

Regina finished loading the dishwasher after grabbed their glasses and ran it.

She headed into the living room and heard her alarm going off, this dream was over for now.