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Vivid Dreams

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When Regina opened her eyes Emma was hovered over her body carefully turning off the alarm. Emma didn't even realize Regina was awake until she was pulled down for a passionate kiss.

"Well good morning to you gorgeous girlfriend" she said still hovering until Regina flipped them over and was on top.

"You're awake before YOUR alarm" Regina said before pecking Emma's lips and then her cheeks "good morning"

"It happens sometimes" Emma said nonchantly while grabbing Regina's butt with both hands.

Regina let out a moan she looked at the clock. Emma removed one of her hands and Regina's head was turned and pulled down for a kiss. Her arms wrapped around Regina. "Let's stay like this for a few more minutes and how bout we save some time and shower together?" Emma asked.

Regina adjusted so she was mostly on Emma but was resting her head on Emma's chest. Emma started stroking her hair. It felt so nice. It all felt so nice and the best part of it all is that she was awake.

She wasn't pregnant at all, they weren't married at all. Even if those dreams didn't come true. She felt she knew she would have more children with Emma. That someday they would get married. That Emma would move in eventually. Would it be too crazy if she just moved in now? Probably so she just let that thought fade into the back of her mind.

"Did you know I called you babe last night?" Emma asked

Regina was coming out of her thoughts "Hmm? " There was a pause "Yes I did"

"You don't mind it?" Emma kissed Regina's forehead

"Normally I would despise it but from you I don't mind. Just don't expect me to be calling you babe back" Regina said.

"Alright babe that's no problem, now we better hit the shower it's been about ten minutes" Emma said.

They showered and Emma got Henry up for school. He had really wished it was the weekend already.

"Why can't it be Saturday?"

"You and me both kid, I wish it was too. Come on get up and get in the shower"

"Okay, I'm up" he stumbled out of his room and walked to his bathroom. Emma shook her head and went downstairs and grabbed coffee.

"So good" she said as she sipped the hot beverage away.

"I'm glad you like it, thought I would try a new brand" Regina said.

"Whatever it is, I want to drink it with you every day" Emma knew the implication of what she said and she said it with a grin one that would hopefully make Regina laugh.

Which it did.

Regina laughed and raised and eyebrow "Is that so? Will I be bringing you a to go cup on mornings you're not here?"

"You'd do that?" Emma was surprised.

"For you dear I think I'd do nearly anything" Regina confessed and she was quite shocked at her own confession and blushed which was not lost on the Saviour. She finished cooking breakfast.

Henry totally heard that part Regina said and was all smiles as he reached the breakfast bar and sat down. He kept looking at both his mom's as he ate quietly. They were busy chatting about town stuff while they ate. That's the thing about being Mayor and Sheriff even if at home work never totally leaves you. It also gave them common ground besides Henry.

They both got Henry off to school and then went their separate ways for work. Emma finished up her reports to her amazement she was quite proud of herself at that and was at the Mayor's office before lunch.

"Got it all done!" She handed the paperwork to Regina. At that point Emma's happy meter was going off the charts and as long as nothing major happened in town it was going to stay that way.

"You did? So no late reports? You were so worried for nothing dear" Regina said putting down the paperwork on her desk. The door was closed so she hugged the Sheriff.

"Yeah I guess I was. Kind of used to having such a hard ass of a boss who'd reign terror on me" Emma said hugging Regina back and then resting her on Regina's shoulder.

"Well how dare your boss for being so harsh on you..." Regina said with a laugh.

Emma laughed "I really do love your laugh and who knew dating my boss would make things better for me. Even made my bad work day melt away like it never happened"

"That bruise likes to beg to differ" Regina said lightly running her fingers over it. Regina said.

"Eh, it'll go away with time" Emma said lifting her head grabbing Regina's hand and kissing her palm. "Besides I don't even feel it when I'm with you" she interlaced her fingers with Regina's "now let's go get some lunch" Emma started walking and Regina followed. They took the cruiser to the diner.

Emma was holding Regina's hand and whispers started happening and Regina's face turned into a frown. "Hey, don't pay attention to them just look at me. They'll get used to it."

"I just wish others could be as happy as we are about us" Regina said sadly

"Well I don't care whether thy are or not I'm with you and not them. Though I would like that as well" she squeezed Regina's hand. "Just keep in mind that we are happy" she leaned over the table and kissed Regina on the lips before sitting back down.

"Granny you owe me 50 bucks and two weekends off!" They heard Ruby yell to Granny in the back. She then walked over to their table "So what can I get you two love birds?"

"Dude, did you have a bet about me and Gina?" Emma said to Ruby.

Ruby shrugged her shoulders "maybe, maybe not. Gina? Huh?" She smiled at the Mayor.

"Don't you ever call me that Miss Lucas" Regina warned.

"If you're gonna date one of my best friends you might as well call me Ruby" Ruby said.

"Fine. Ruby, I'll have the chicken Caesar salad and water"

"You so had a bet! " Emma shoved Ruby playfully "two grilled cheeses fries, onion rings and a chocolate banana shake"

"You got it!" Ruby said and walked away.

"Did you order enough dear? Are you sure you don't want a burger with that?" Regina asked.

Emma laughed. "Yeah I think I'll get that burger" Regina glared "geeze i was only kidding"

"You really should eat more healthy" Regina said

"Are you trying to say you want me around for a long time?" Emma kissed Regina's hand.

Regina nodded. She wasn't sure how she felt about all the PDA that Emma was doing but at the same time she didn't want it to stop either.

They ate their lunch in their personal couple bubble bliss. They were holding hands about to leave the diner when Snow walked in.

Snow was shocked to say the least. She looked down and saw their fingers laced together. Them dating was real. It wasn't just a facade or a nightmare she had one day. "Emma-" Emma interrupted before she could say anything.

"Mary Margaret we gotta get back to work but I'll be home tonight alright?"

"Alright" Snow said and she walked around them and went towards the counter.

Emma opened the cruiser door for Regina and then she walked to her side to get in. "Remember babe it's our happiness that matters" she drove Regina to work and opened Regina's door for her this time, after telling her to wait. "I'll be over later tonight if that's okay?"

"That's more than okay" Regina said kissing her Sheriff goodbye for now. Emma waited till Regina was at the door before driving off.

The afternoon for Regina was boring but the time passed by quickly enough it was the time after work that seemed to carry on and on.

Regina was at home with Henry they worked together on a science project for a good portion of the night.

"I wish Ma was here" Henry said.

Regina rubbed his back "Me too Henry, Me too" She didn't tell him he would probably see her in the morning just in case Emma didn't show up. Not that she was planning for that to happen but you never know.

Henry had more of the chocolate cake Regina baked yesterday for dessert after they quit working on his project.

"You've done very well so far Henry. I don't think we will be doing that much this weekend."

"Do you think Ma will be over this weekend?" Henry asked taking his last bite.

"I'm not sure but whatever happens we will have a good time. Now go brush your teeth and get ready for bed I'll be up in a few minutes" She picked up his plate and cleaned up downstairs she looked at the door and shook her head. Emma will be here when she gets here.

She read part of a comic book with Henry and he fell asleep not too long after. She was downstairs in her study getting herself a drink when the doorbell rang. She put the glass down and answered the door.

"Hey" Emma said with her bag over her shoulder "missed me? Because I missed you" Regina stepped aside and she walked in. Regina closed the door.

"Of course I missed you" she cupped Emma's face and kissed her.

"Mmmm. I missed bedtime didn't I?" She kissed Regina.

"You did, he's well into Dreamland now" Regina said next thing she knew she was picked up bridal style.

"How about I show you some things from my dreams?" Emma wiggled her eyebrows.

Regina laughed "That sounds wonderful dear" she forgot all about the drink she had poured sitting in her study.

And Emma did after taking Regina upstairs and it was a good thing there was a silencing spell or otherwise Henry would have been truamatize for life and seeing Archie again.