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Vivid Dreams

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Regina snuggled closer to Emma and opened her eyes.

Emma was smiling she woke up to Regina's laugh. "There you are, you were laughing in your sleep babe. "

She kissed Regina "Good morning gorgeous do yo remember what was so funny?"

Regina shook her head. "Good morning dear, sorry if I woke you"

"It's no problem babe you know I love your laugh. " She looked Regina in the eyes. "I know it's insane but I really could hear that laugh for the rest my life"

Regina caressed Emma's cheek "The entirety of us is a bit insane if you really think about it, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I really want you to hear my laugh for the rest of our lives. I want that in the cards for us Emma"

"Yeah?" Emma asked.

"Absolutely yes" Regina said and soon Emma's lips were on hers.

"Oh and..." Regina said.

"And what?" Emma asked

"Last night was... How do you put it? Wow" Regina said with a chuckle before kissing Emma.

"Wow is an understatement babe." In this moment Emma almost said I love you but was interrupted by Regina's alarm.

Regina turned off the alarm and got out of bed. "Join me in the shower?" She asked Emma as she was taking off her pajamas then tossing them in the laundry basket.

Emma was soon bounced out of bed and behind Regina kissing her neck. Removing her tank top and boy shorts.

They showered after a quick love making session in the shower.

They got ready, got Henry up, he got ready on his own. Regina made breakfast and they ate and were out the door in time.

The day went fine for the Mayor and the same for the Sheriff. During a break in her patrol Emma grabbed more clothes to wear for the weekend.

Regina was already home when Emma got there. Regina had texted to just walk in and forgo ringing or knocking.

Like an old school TV show Emma announced her arrival "Honey I'm home" she said with a laugh. Regina came out of the kitchen to greet her girlfriend with a kiss.

"Really dear? Honey?" Regina said.

"Yeah you know from those old TV shows... Oh maybe you didn't watch any..." Emma said a little regretful

"Don't worry so much dear I did have a lot of spare time in those near three decades" Regina said reassuring her with a kiss.

Emma deepened the kiss and was backing up the Mayor to the living room couch.

"Gross" Henry said from the top of the stairs.

Emma pulled away from Regina who returned to the kitchen with a blush. "Just you wait kid in a couple years you won't be so grossed out by kisses"

"Maybe not mine but definitely yours and Mom's" Henry said as he reached the bottom of the stairs. Emma ruffled his hair before heading up the stairs to Regina's room to put down her duffle bag.

She came back down to see Henry helping his mom cook dinner. She just watched them interact for awhile with a smile on her face. Glad the days of them not getting along to be over for good. Emma hated the fact that part of it was due to her but that was now behind them too. She wrapped her arms around her two favorite people "So what's smelling so good?"

Henry responded "pork chops with chicken with rice soup and baked potatoes. It's really good Ma! You put the soup that is more like a gravy on your potato. "

"I don't think there's anything your Mom makes that is not really good" She kissed Regina's cheek expecting a gross but there wasn't one. "So what cheek kisses are okay?" She said looking at Henry.

"They're tolerable" Henry said. The two ladies laughed and soon Henry was laughing too.

They watched TV while the pork chops baked in the oven.

While they we're eating dinner Henry asked. "Will I still be going over to Grandma and Grandpa's on Monday?"

Regina had no answer and looked to Emma. She would miss having both Henry and Emma around.

"You know kid... Maybe not for the whole week. It's really something I should discuss with your Mom."

"Well if you would just move in then you wouldn't" he grumbled.

"Henry Daniel Mills! What did I say about Emma moving in?" Regina said.

"That it takes time, but she's here all the time anyways" Henry said.

"Most days she has been here but not all the time" Regina said.

"Besides your grandparents will still want to spend time with you" Emma added. This was not a talk she was prepared for still. Yes, she enjoyed spending time with Regina but their relationship was new moving in was too soon wasn't it?

"I enjoy spending time with your mom and you but it's still new this thing...this relationship and we will all make adjustments."

"I just wish you would move in already and we can be a family" Henry said.

"We are a family kid. Together or not together , me living here or not, we will always and I really mean always be a family"

"I guess, may I please be excused?"

Henry said grabbing his plate and glass.

"You may Henry" Regina said.

Henry put away his dishes and headed towards his room.

Emma swallowed a bite " Well that went well"

"He's 11 he doesn't understand, don't worry about it Emma whether you live here or not yet doesn't matter" Regina grabbed Emma's hand and squeezed. "Like you said he wants us married with a baby on the way, but it's our time we will go by not his"

"Dinner is really delicious babe" she interlaced her fingers with Regina's

"Thank you" Regina said.

They continued eating.

"I'm not sure yet what I want to do for my week with Henry. Is it too much I'm spending so much time here?"

"No I don't feel you're spending too much time here. I want you here as much as possible. The house is too empty when it's just me" Regina said.

"Then how about we stay till Thursday. I'll have my parents watch Henry Friday and Saturday. Then the three of us have our lazy Sunday together again?" Emma suggested.

"You really think your parents will watch him both days? " Regina said taking her last bite.

"Of course they love Henry, and they love me and if they don't by some odd chance...well, we can fall asleep on the phone with eachother" Emma said with confidence.

"Never in my life did I think I'd look forward to falling asleep on the phone" Regina said.

"Well look forward babe because whenever I'm not here that's what we're doing" Emma took her last bite.

Regina let go of Emma's hand and stood up she was about to grab her plate before Emma swiped it before she could get it.

"You cooked, I'll clean. Why don't you get comfortable on the couch?" Emma asked.

Regina didn't say anything and headed towards the living room and sat down on the couch. Emma put everything in the dish washer before running it. She also wiped down the table before joining Regina on the couch.

"Feet please" Emma said sitting on the far side away from Regina. Regina obliged and started massaging Regina's feet.

"Oh gosh that feels so good" Regina said.

"Good I'm glad" Emma said with a smile continuing to massage.

She eventually moved to Regina's calf's.

"How you feeling?" Emma asked.

"Amazing thank you dear" Regina sat up and kissed Emma.

They cuddled on the couch and watched TV eventually Emma fell asleep.

"Emma" Regina said lightly stroking Emma's cheek.

"Hmm?" Emma said half awake.

"Why don't you head up to bed?" Regina said reaching her arms out after standing up to help Emma up.

"Mmmmk" Emma said taking Regina's hands.

They both walked upstairs and said goodnight to Henry.

"Goodnight mom's I love you" Henry said to them.

They both gave him a goodnight kiss.

After they left the room and were in Regina's bedroom "I guess today wore me out more than I thought. Sorry I fell asleep."

"It's quite alright dear" Regina started her bedtime routine.

Emma changed into a clean tank and stripped down to just her underwear, brushed her teeth before getting into bed. She was fast asleep before Regina got into bed.

Regina kissed Emma's forehead and snuggled up closely. She whispered "I hope we stay together for a long time. Life is so much better with you in it Emma Swan" she closed her eyes and fell asleep not too long after that.