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Vivid Dreams

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Regina felt lips on hers and she kissed them. Emma had turned off the alarm. "Sorry to wake you my gorgeous girlfriend. Go back to sleep. I love you, I'll pack us up and wake you later" Emma said then kissing Regina's forehead.

Regina nodded with a yawn. "I love you too" she said before closing her eyes again drifting back into Dreamland.

Emma started packing when her stomach growled she decided to grab herself some coffee and a few pastries. She ended up grabbing a coffee for Regina as well just in case she woke up but she didn't. Emma didn't let it go to waste. She didn't eat all the pastries either leaving some appetite to eat breakfast with Gina.

Everything was packed but she didn't close anything as they still needed to shower and dress for the drive back. Their morning brunch was going to be more of a lunch with their son but he said he didn't mind. The fact that they didn't call him at all was discussed on the drive over and their phones would be on in case of emergency. Regina wasn't happy about it at first but Emma surely kept her occupied during the weekend. In fact they rarely left the room, not that Emma really had any complaints about that. To her the weekend was perfect.

It took some convincing to herself but Emma decided on a quick solo shower and got dressed. She climbed on the bed and moved strands of brown hair out of Regina's face. "Gina, babe, time to wake up"

"Mmmm you packed everything already?" Regina said opening her eyes looking into the green eyes of the one she loved. Then wrapped her arms around her. "Did you shower without me? " She raised an eyebrow.

"Guilty... If I didn't I wouldn't want to leave this hotel room and we got to get going. Breakfast is on the way and I didn't order the whole menu this time" she said with an accomplished smile.

"I guess I'll take a shower alone." She said with a pout.

Gosh this woman was so damn sexy when she pouts. Emma kissed those lips. "I absolutely regret my decision but stand by it at the same time. I debated for a half hour"

Regina let go of Emma and exited the bed. She made sure she walked slowly to Emma could enjoy the view and continue to regret her decision. She turned before entering the bathroom "Close your mouth before you drool dear"

Emma closed her mouth and swallowed. She answered the door when the bell boy brought their breakfast she tipped him and he was gone. She waited until Regina was out of the shower and in her robe before she started eating. She couldn't stop staring at Regina. Regina was eating while undressing Emma with her eyes.

"Babe you got to stop looking at me like that..." Emma said

"Like what?" Regina said innocently

"Like your going to pounce on me and fuck me till it's late in the evening" Emma said taking another bite of her food.

"Well it's not my fault you're just too fuckable"

"Touche...but seriously we don't have time..." Regina had scooted closer and was running her hand on Emma's inner thigh. Emma shivered.

"You were saying?" Regina took a bite and pushed the cart away. She untied her robe with her other hand.

"We um...I...uh..." Emma couldn't get a word out.

"Just a quickie" Regina said unbuttoning and unzipping Emma's jeans. Emma quickly took them off along with her underwear and took off her tank top leaving her bra on. Which Regina then removed. "I want all of you my love." She tossed the bra aside and they quickly got off before finishing breakfast naked and getting dressed.

"Thank you for coming with me this weekend babe" Emma said kissing Regina in the car.

"Thank you for taking me away for the weekend my love"

"My love... I like it" Emma said kissing Regina one more time before buckling up and starting the car.

Regina smiled and took Emma's hand into hers. She was excited to go back home with the woman she loved.

Regina fell asleep halfway through the car ride home. She woke up as soon as they crossed into Storybrooke. It wasn't painful but she felt her magic return to her.

"Babe you okay?" Emma stopped and looked over at her girlfriend concerned.

"Just my magic returning that's all. We're home" She said with a smile

"Indeed we are babe, soon we will be with our son. Lunch at Granny's and then Lazy Sunday commences"

"We need to go grocery shopping and no it can't wait till tomorrow and then our Lazy Sunday will commence. Well you can stay at the house or with your parents while I go shopping" Regina said

"Don't be ridiculous I'd love to grocery shop with you babe" Emma replied. A few minutes later they had pulled up to the loft. Emma got out and opened the door for Regina.

"Are you sure? What about your mother?" Regina asked getting out.

"She's coming around Gina. She can't keep me away from you. You're my girlfriend, I love you, the history is a bit complicated and weird but I don't care. I'm with you not her. Besides your Henry's mother too" Emma kissed Regina's cheek before grabbing her hand and they walked to the apartment together.

Emma knocked on the door with her other hand. Henry answered the door as soon as he saw his moms he wrapped his arms around Regina "Mom you're back! Did you have fun with Ma?"

"I absolutely did, didn't I my love?" She hugged Henry back.

"She sure did kid" Emma said ruffling his hair and hugging both Henry and Regina.

"Emma, Regina welcome back" Snow said with a smile. Emma walked over and hugged her mother.

"Would you two like some tea?"

Snow asked.

"Maybe another time Mary Margaret" Regina said still hugging Henry.

"Can we go to lunch now?" Henry asked.

"Of course we can" Regina said.

Emma gave a squeeze to snow. "I'll be home tomorrow and we can talk" she said with a smile.

"See you tomorrow Emma, Bye Henry Bye Regina!"

Henry ran over to snow "Love you Grandma" he hugged her tightly. Snow hugged him back. "Love you too Henry"

"Thanks for watching him Mary Margaret" Regina said grabbing Emma's hand.

"It was my pleasure" Snow said

Then the three of them were out of the loft and on their way to Granny's. Once they were sitting in their booth and ordered.

"Did you two do anything fun?"

Henry asked.

"Emma treated us to a spa, I dont know if you could classify that as fun but I surely enjoyed it" Regina said.

"Anything else?" Henry inquired

"Um..." How did she tell him they didn't really leave the room without telling him that... "I told your mom I loved her at dinner last night" Emma said

Regina retold the events to Henry as their food arrived and they started eating. "Way to go Ma! Mom did you say it back!?"

"I love your Ma very much" She said with a smile before taking a bite of her salad.

"Grandpa and I played video games, and then we played some chess and taught me some new strategies. Grandma made cookies but between me and grandpa they didn't stand a chance." Henry laughed.

"Oh Henry" Regina shook her head but laughed as well

"She does make great cookies doesn't she Henry?" Emma said

"Yeah, but not as good as Mom's" Henry said

"Your Mom's cooking is hard to beat" Emma said.

"Thank you you two" Regina said. All those years of practice have paid off. Two people she loved, really loved her cooking. "We need to go grocery shopping Henry"

"Okay" he said taking another bite of his burger and fries.

They finished up their lunch and headed to the grocery store. Emma pushed the cart as she followed Regina around the store.

"Don't think I didn't see you both sneak items in the cart" Regina said as they got to register.

"Mom please can we keep them all" Henry pleaded.

"You may this time but that doesn't mean every time we go shopping this will happen"

"I know, thank you Mom" Henry said with a smile.

Regina loved seeing his smile. The long hug she received from filled her heart with so much joy and happiness.

They returned back to the mansion and Emma brought in the luggage while Henry helped put away the groceries.

"Need any help?" Emma said walking into to the kitchen

"No my love, we're just about done why don't you take a seat on the couch" Regina said.

Emma took a seat on the couch and two minutes later Henry joined her and hugged her. "Thanks Ma for making Mom so happy" Henry said

"Making her happy makes me happy kid." She hugged Henry back.

Regina joined on the other side of Henry for one movie and then he had moved to the floor to spawl out. The couple cuddled for the rest of the time they ended up ordering Chinese for dinner which Emma picked up.

They played the game of Life this time Emma had won with Henry a close second. Regina read with Henry before tucking him in Emma came in and said her goodnight.

Later that night Emma had Regina's head on her chest as they laid in bed together. Regina was aimlessly drawing on Emma's stomach with her finger which occasionally made Emma laugh.

"Emma?" Regina said and looked up

"Yeah Gina?" Emma said and locked eyes with Regina.

"I love you Emma" Regina said with a smile.

"I love you too Regina" Emma said.

Regina kissed Emma and there was a woosh and light that spread throughout the town.

"Was that...?" Emma asked.

"True loves kiss" Regina said not quite believing it. Was she truly awake. She wasn't asleep right?

"True love, sounds about right" Emma said with a smile.

"You really think so?" Regina asked

"Well we just got proof didn't we? However even if we didn't, my love for you is endless. True love or not I'm with you" Emma said.

"I love you so much" Regina said.

"I love you too babe" Emma said with a yawn. "Sorry"

"It's okay you got up early and even I napped in the car, get some sleep. Goodnight my love." Regina said snuggling into Emma more.

Emma tightened her arms around Regina and closed her eyes. "Goodnight Gina"

They both soon fell asleep.