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Vivid Dreams

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Regina sat up and stretched. She checked the clock. Did she sleep through her alarm? She removed her pajamas and got into the shower. She was washing her hair when a familiar body joined her in the shower hugging her from behind. "Emma where were you?"

Emma started washing Regina's back. "Couldn't sleep went to Granny's and picked up some breakfast. Decided you could use some more sleep. I was just about to wake you up. Henry's gotten up already too he's downstairs eating."

Regina rinsed her hair and back then wrapped her arms around Emma "I just missed waking up in your arms"

Emma kissed her. "Did you get enough sleep?"

"Yes I did thanks to you" Regina said kissing Emma.

They finished their shower and both got for ready for work.

Regina was first downstairs.

"Good morning Mom" Henry said as soon as Regina made it to the kitchen.

"Good morning my Little Prince"

She took out her fruit bowls Emma got her for breakfast out of the Granny's bag.

"Mom... I'm not little anymore" here said embarrassed.

"But you'll always be my Little Prince" she said talking a bite of her breakfast.

Emma stepped in the kitchen. "Yeah kid even when you're 20 you'll still be her Little Prince" she ruffled his hair.

Henry just shook his head.

"Henry why don't you go get your stuff and I'll take you to school" Emma said and Henry left the kitchen. Emma took this opportunity to kiss her girlfriend.

"Thank you for breakfast" Regina said and kissed Emma back.

"No problem babe. I'll see you tonight. I love you" Emma said with a smile.

"I love you too" Regina kissed Emma one more time before they both let go of eachother.

Emma left with Henry. The house was quiet. Regina had a smile on her face as she quickly ate her breakfast.

After work and school no one forgot it was Family dinner.

David answered the door "Emma, Henry, Regina welcome come on in" he stepped aside to let them in.

"Hi Grandpa!" Henry hugged David.

"How's school this week so far?" David hugged him back.

"It's going good, video games before dinner?" Henry asked

"I suppose if it's okay with your Moms"

Regina nodded and soon she was bombarded by Snow and what she would call a death hug.

"Regina I'm so glad you could make it" Snow said.

"Thank you for inviting me" Regina said with her polite mayoral voice.

"Mom you can let her go now" Emma said.

"Oh right sorry" Snow let go of Regina and then hugged her daughter.

Emma hugged her mom back. "Mom you can be a bit less aggressive with your hugs. It's a bit too tight"

Snow let go of Emma "Sorry. Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes" she said cheerfully.

"Anything I can do to help? "Emma offered but also grabbed Regina's hand and intertwined her fingers with Regina's.

"No sweetie just settle in. Oh I did some of your laundry for you." Snow said.

"Thanks Mom you really didn't have to do that..." Emma said. "I'll just check on that laundry then." She didn't let go of Regina's hand and they both headed towards Emma's room. Emma passionately kissed Regina and closed the door with her foot.

"Your parents and our son are downstairs" Regina said.

"I've waited all day for this, just a few minutes of kissing my girlfriend please?" Emma kissed Regina again. They laid down on the bed careful not to knock over the clothes that we're sitting on the edge. Things escalated and hands were roaming.

Snow walked in "Dinner is... Oh gosh!"

"Mom couldn't you have knocked?" Emma said.

Snow left closed the door behind her.

Regina was absolutely embarrassed and wanted to leave that instant. Her cheeks were red and she was getting up from the bed when Emma pulled her back down and laughed.

"So that's what getting walked in on by your parents is like... Check that off on the I've never list" Emma continued to laugh

"I can't believe you're laughing right now" Regina said but Emma's laugh was infectious and soon she found herself laughing too. She wiped her lipstick off Emma's face before getting up successfully and reapplying on her lips.

"I almost think you might have done that on purpose" Regina said.

Emma came up from behind her and wrapped her arms around her. "Maybe, maybe not. You'll never know. You look great and thanks for coming over tonight I know you much rather be at home"

"Your lucky I have a soft spot for you Sheriff" Regina said.

Emma kissed Regina's cheek. "Yes I am very very lucky. Come on let's get this dinner over with"

Regina and Emma headed downstairs. Snow was putting dinner on the table. Henry was sitting to the right of David. Regina sat next to Henry. Emma sat at the head of the table between Snow and Regina.

"So Regina how are things going at the Mayor's office?" He said passing the mashed potatoes.

"Well, tedious meetings here and there but nothing I can't handle thank you for asking David. How's the Sheriff's office?"

"Weird to have my daughter as my boss, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The town is safe " David said before smiling at Emma.

"Dad did you tell Mom about that thing you were talking about the other day?" Emma asked David.

"No not yet maybe after dinner" David said.

Snow didn't even inquire at all as she loaded her plate with food.

"Grandma the chicken is very good" Henry said taking healthy bite.

Snow is silent.

"Mary Margaret are you alright? Henry complemented your chicken" David asked.

"Huh? Oh yes, thank you Henry" Snow said.

"Grandma's just embarrassed she walked in on Ma and Mom making out" Henry said.

Snow turned all red.

In unison Emma and Regina "Henry!"

"I'm 11 and I know to knock, just saying" Henry took a big bite of his green beans.

Regina just smirked and continued to eat her meal.

Emma was thinking 'kid has a point' but had to be an adult "Apologize to your grandma"

"I'm sorry Grandma" Henry said with his head lowered.

"You're forgiven Henry. I guess I've learned my lesson haven't I?" Snow said.

"Our daughter's all grown up" David said with a smile and put his arm around Snow "I'll make sure to knock as well"

"Thanks...and yeah mom Henry's absolutely right you did a great job on the job with the chicken." Emma said as she grabbed a second portion.

"Thank you Emma. So how are things with work?" Snow asked

"Towns pretty quiet for the most part. Just the usual your dwarf getting far too drunk, Pongo escaping. Occasionally some disputes to break up. I hope it stays this way." Emma said taking a bit of her chicken and potatoes.

Regina continued to eat in silence as conversation continued on the table. Emma's hand at one point moved to her thigh and gave a gentle squeeze. Dinner wasn't so bad with the Charmings after all.

Once dinner was done David collected all the plates.

"Well thank you so much for dinner it was really delicious" Regina said removing Emma's hand from her thigh.

"Moms can I stay the night? I already finished my homework?" Henry looked to Emma then Regina.

Emma looked at Regina who just smiled. Man she loved that smile. "Yeah kid you can if it's okay with your grandparents"

"We'd love to have him over. I'll definitely make sure he gets to school on time" Snow said.

"Thank you thank you!" Henry got up and then hugged Regina then Emma. "Come on Gramps time to get your butt kicked" Henry said walking to the living room.

David just laughed. He kissed Snow on the cheek and headed towards the living room as well.

"Mom do you need help with the dishes?" Emma asked standing up.

"Oh no sweetheart I got it" Snow said.

Emma walked over to Snow and waited for her to stand then gave her a hug. "Thanks Mom for dinner it was really great. You sure you don't need help with the dishes" she asked again.

"I'm sure and thanks for coming over. We'll see you next week for dinner right?" Snow asked.

Regina stood up and said "You will." She walked over grabbed Emma's hand and was hoping to avoid a hug from Snow.

Snow hugged the two of them briefly. "Okay we will see you three next week! "

"Henry make sure to brush your teeth" Regina told Henry.

"Yes Mom!" Henry said

"Bye Dad, Bye kid" Emma said

Both David and Henry said their goodbyes as they concentrated on their game.

With that Regina and Emma left.

"I just remembered does Henry have clothes?" Regina said outside the door.

"He's got a whole dresser full of clothes still. "

"Alright" Regina said.

They headed home. Regina kicked off her heels inside her office and grabbed two glasses and filled them with cider.

"Why Madam Mayor are you trying to get me tipsy?" Emma asked closing the gap between them.

Regina gave a chaste kiss handed Emma her glass. "Not tonight, or at least not this moment my love I actually have some work to do."

Emma took a sip then responded with a pout.

"Put away that lip Miss Swan or you won't get what I have in store for you later" Regina said walking and sitting down at her desk.

"Yes, Madam Mayor" Emma said as she sat down on the couch.

Regina worked and Emma had a few glasses of cider as she read a book, played with her phone, stared at the woman she loves as she worked away. She eventually fell asleep.

Regina finished up her work and walked over to Emma. Can Emma be any more adorable? Regina thought to herself. She removed the blanket she had placed earlier. "Emma wake up my love"

"Mmmm five minutes more babe" Emma mumbled.

Regina straddled Emma and nibbled on her ear. "Wake up sleepy. I'm all done with work" She massaged one of Emma's breast and that elicited a moan from Emma.

Emma grabbed Regina by the waist as Regina kissed her with all the passion she had. She then stood up carrying Regina to her desk where they fucked long and hard.

It was 2 :30 am by the time they got to the bedroom. They made love in the kitchen before then. They both were completely spent and sated.

"I love you Emma Swan" Regina said as her head laid down on Emma's chest and Emma was running her fingers through her hair.

"I love you too Regina Mills. Goodnight babe" Emma said and kissed the top of Regina's head.

"Goodnight my love" Regina said and the two of them fell asleep