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Vivid Dreams

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Regina left her ensuite turning off the light she brushed her teeth and removed her make-up.

She sat at her vanity applying moisturizer before heading to bed alone. Just like she did any other night. Henry wasn't a little kid anymore and almost never slept beside her even if he had a bad dream.

Her purple silk pajamas and her 'insane thread count sheets ' as she imagined would be said by Sherrif Swan; were the only things that comforted her.

She sighed as her head hit the pillow. She refrained from tossing and turning thinking it would just be a waste of effort. Eventually sleep claimed her.

She woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee and breakfast.

Henry didn't know how to cook and she sure as hell didn't have anyone over. She couldn't recall anyone making her breakfast except for the cute attempts of Henry when he was younger, and servants from the Enchanted Forrest.

Maybe she was just hallucinating it. She shook her head and laid there quietly contemplating what to do until she heard the scurry of tiny feet in the hallway then descend down the stairs.

Clearly her daily routine was not going to be done, she needed to find out who the hell was in her house because there was no mistake of those being Henry's feet.

She got up and went to Henry's room there was things different about it. Somethings the same but others the telling of an older boy who lived there. The coffee and breakfast definitely hit her nostrils as she took a deep breath. After descending down the stairs a little girl she didn't recognize flew out of the kitchen heading towards her with open arms.

"Mommy Mommy Mommy I made breakfast!" She picked up the girl who hugged her tightly.

"Did you now my little princess?" Regina said with a smile trying not to alarm the girl she was not her mother. What in all the realms was going.

"No you silly Mommy I'm no princess I'm a knight like mama!" The little girl said to her smiling so brightly.

Regina tried to refrain from raising an eyebrow. Mama... Now she was ever more curious what was going on.

"Am I in trouble? " The little girls lip started to quiver. She had seen that brow and from what she understood it was when something bad happened. Regina relaxed her brow and smiled back at the girl.

"No my sweet knight, Mommy was just thinking of something" she kissed her cheek taking a whiff of how 'her' supposedly little girl smelled. She smelled so good and it just made Regina smile even more. "Let's go eat, my little one"

She walked in to the kitchen to see who she least expected to be there The Savior, Sherrif Emma Swan as she lived and breathed. Emma turned around to face them and took the girl from her arms, kissing Regina's lips before saying "Good morning babe how'd you sleep?"

Regina just stood there stunned. Whatever the hell kind of dream was this she was just going to roll with it. Sure enough she'd wake up to an empty kitchen and as far as she was aware Miss Swan was a fire hazard in the kitchen in the real world.

Emma had put the little girl in a booster seat. "I already made you a plate Gina." Something was bothering her wife, she'll have to get into that later.

She squeezed Regina's shoulders the tense reaction wasn't what she expected.

Regina turned around and put her arms around Emma's waist she saw the frown that painted her face.

"I'm sorry dear, I'm having an off morning" Regina looked into those green eyes saw love and concern.

"Are you sure that's just it?" Emma asked concerned. Regina responded with a chaste kiss to Emma's lips. Which was far more soul moving than she had expected.

With a beaming smile she gave Emma was mostly convinced.

Regina sat down to the table a bowl of fruit accompanied a plate with a waffle and scrambled eggs. Emma busied herself with making a plate.

There was no setting for Henry she wasn't going to ask.

"Mama said I'm a good chef" the little girl who she had no idea what her name was said smiling with quite a bit of syrup all over her face.

Regina took a few bites. "Mmmhmmm, I think you might be even better than me"

Emma joined them at the table with way too much bacon for Regina's taste.

They enjoyed small talk conversation and hearing all about the little girls dream she had the previous night.

Regina started cleaning up as Emma cleaned up their little girl. She heard Emma tell her to go play in her room for a bit. The pitter patter of little feet went up the stairs.

Emma wrapped her arms Regina giving her a back hug as some call it. "Somethings definitely bothering you" she whispered before kissing her neck. Before Regina snarked a response she remembered where she was, a dream and there was no use in destroying this dream.

Emma stopped Regina's cleaning "I told Sarah we will go to the park before we drop her off at Ruby and Mulan's, I'll finish cleaning up. I've determined you won't do any work today house or regular work and don't think I don't know you sometimes get up at night at work in the study during the weekend or when I'm at work."

Once again Regina turned around and found her arms around the Sherrif. "What did I ever do to deserve you?"

Emma jokingly responded "You casted a curse" while still laughing kissing the Mayor's lips, it heated up quickly as Regina swiped her tongue at Emma's lower lip and Emma gladly allowed entrance.

They were both nearly out of breath and Regina kept hearing this beeping noise.

"Do you hear that" she asked Emma?

"I don't hear anything babe"

Next thing Regina knew her alarm clock went off. There was no smell of coffee or breakfast. She turned the damned thing off.

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Regina did her best not to think about her dream; to think of Emma or Sarah. Unfortunately for her, her best was not enough.

"Sarah..." She said aloud at various to no one in her office. Her secretary was gone for some personal appointments today. A smile accompanied Everytime she said the girls name.

She had slightly curly brown hair, Emma's green eyes and shape her nose, but everything else was all Regina. It was just a dream so she wasn't going to delve into how exactly that happened.

Sarah was an older 3 maybe 4 years old from what Regina could remember of Henry. She already missed the girls giggles and the love she felt from both her and Emma. She was lost in wonder when Emma knocked and just walked right in but she had payed Emma no attention.

"Regina... Earth to Regina" Emma said. As she placed the paperwork on the desk.

Regina shook herself out of her daydream. "Sheriff Swan to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"Paperwork Thursdays as always" Emma replied with a sigh. She sure didn't know if it was the curse that created all this bureaucratic paperwork hell as she never worked at another law enforcement office but for quiet town it was damn ridiculous. However she did enjoy seeing the Mayor even if it only was a brief moment before shit hit the fan or something or other. Mostly these days things were good between them but their spats would make light from time to time.

Regina had looked Emma up and down then just stared at her face, her eyes for awhile then those soft, so kissable lips. "What? Do I have something on my face?" Emma asked in slight horror, but also felt a slight blush to her cheeks.

Regina smiled and replied shaking her head "No dear, if that's all Sheriff, I'm feeling a bit under the weather and heading home early." Little did Emma know she had dreamed about her and some no way on Earth will happen child they would have together.

"Do you want me to keep Henry for the weekend?" Emma asked shyly , it was Regina's turn and she thought maybe she would say no way in hell, but to her astonishment Regina agreed to it.

"Just tell Henry I love him and the three of us will have brunch on Sunday" Regina had added.

"You got it feel better" Emma said before she left.

Regina didn't even bother to bring any work home. Almost as if dream Emma's words were actually taken to account. Though if she really did want to work from home which she figured she might as per usual there was plenty to do from home and also accessible from the computer.

She got home not too long after she had a quick trip to the store. After putting away the groceries she headed upstairs walking to the spare rooms wondering which one would have been Sarah's.

"This is insane, she's not even real!"

She walked back to Henry's room noting how everything is where it should be. Feeling a headache come on she got herself some asprin and water downstairs.

Deciding to read a book to take her mind off her dream from that morning.

However she soon drifted to sleep on the couch.

She opened her eyes when did she fall asleep and there was weight on her lap. She looked down to see Emma there. She smiled, Emma was far too busy chatting away what looked like her stomach.

"So you see little dumpling everyone is excited to meet you, okay maybe your big sister Sarah is a little jealous but that's normal, she's going to love you lots and lots once you get here" Emma was going to keep talking but she felt a shift.

Regina ran her fingers through Emma's hairs "Little dumpling? Really? Emma?"

Emma looked up at her. "When did you wake up babe?"

"Mmmm right around our jealous Sarah" Regina responded.

"Don't worry about that it'll come and go. We we're lucky with Henry being so much older. All excitement there" she said beaming up at her wife before kissing Regina's stomach and sitting up.

"Are you telling me that or are you telling you that?" Regina smirked and raised her eyebrow.

"Okay maybe the benefit is more for me" Emma said defeated.

"Whatever happens we will deal with it my love there's naturally going to be jealousy as she won't be our baby anymore"

"Youngest baby, she'll always be our baby"

"You know what I meant, even our nearly 20 year old son is our baby still". Regina didn't know how she knew that tidbit, but alas she was just rolling with it. Which then made her think

"You don't think I'm too old , we're too old for this baby?"

Emma started "Well technically..." before she got hit in the arm "Owwww I swear those hormones make you into the hulk" she rubbed her arm before grabbing Regina's hands. "But seriously you were 34 when Henry was 10, almost 38 when Sarah was born so maybe 42 is pushing it but haven't you heard those stories of even 60 year olds? And not you I'm totally for real. The baby is fine, will be fine, we don't need to worry. The less, the healthier as Dr. Whale said." Emma comforted her.

Regina ran from the couch to the bathroom. Morning sickness can't be this real in a dream can it? Well it is. Emma had quickly joined her holding her longer hair now and rubbing her back. "I'm sorry for this part babe, if I could take it instead you know I would."

Regina flushed the toilet and grabbed the mouthwash. Siding l swishing and gargling before sitting it out. "That's one of the reasons I love you, my saviour. " She grabbed Emma's hand and led them out of the bathroom.

"Oh and what might be another reason ?" Emma asked

"These" kiss, "amazing" kiss, "kisses" kiss "you" kiss, "give" kiss. By that last kiss Emma was pinned up against the wall.

"Well your lips definitely are so kissable, and I love you too Mrs Swan-Mills" Emma said picking up her wife bridal style and taking her upstairs. Regina giggled as she was taken upstairs.

She couldn't even remember the last time she giggled , did she ever even giggle? How could she feel so happy? They were going to have another baby? Why couldn't this be her real life? She was just going to enjoy this dream however long it lasted.

Emma had just laid Regina down in the bed she was hovering over her about to kiss her wife passionately till a deep voice from downstairs interrupted "Mom, Ma, Sarah I'm home!" said Henry.

Emma shifted and kissed Regina's stomach "That little dumpling is your big brother" she helped Regina get up. They left the room together.

"Gross, did I just interrupt, actually don't tell me" Henry said. He was taller than his younger mother Regina noted. "Where's Sarah?"

Emma answered "preschool kid"

"That's right I am a terrible brother" Henry replied rubbing the back of his neck. He had been so busy with college, midterms he spaced out she started preschool.

"Nah you just don't want you're sister to grow up" Emma replied.

"It's true... She grows up too fast"

" We could say the same about you" Regina added

"Yeah yeah" he hugged his ma then his mom. "So whats the news?" He said as he settled his bags in his room.

"You're going to be a big brother again" Regina said as soon as he was facing them.

"Again?" He said in disbelief.

"Jeez kid your act you have 5 or more younger siblings" Emma said.

He didn't like the look on his mom's face. "Sorry Mom Ma, I didn't mean to sound disappointed just thought you were going on a vacation since your wedding anniversary was coming up, but hey I'm all for more siblings" he said with a smile pulling both of them for a hug. Knowing his older mother well he added"Truly I am and no Mom you're not too old, more and more the standard age these days really so if you to really want that 5 it'll be okay"

Regina pulled him for a solo hug. "Oh Henry thank you but I think 3 is enough let me look at you" she pulled back. He wasn't clean shaven. She couldn't believe how grown up he was before he could say anything her phone rang.

Next thing she knew she was back on the couch alone. She answered hey phone caller ID was Emma. "Sherrif -"

Henry interrupted her "Mom , Ma says you're not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon and I love you"

"Thank you Henry I'm sure I'll be fine. Enjoy your time with Emma I'll miss you and I love you so much" she said into the phone.

"I will bye Mom" Henry says and waited for her to say bye as well before disconnecting the call.

Regina put her phone down besides her. Her left hand going to her abdomen, there was no baby there but she could definitely dream about it.

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She spent the rest of Thursday afternoon on some work in her study sipping on wine as she worked away. If even in her dreams she got caught working she wasn't going to be free of a nearly three decade habit overnight. Granted it was at a much slower pace and at the leisure of her home in comfy clothes she'd never be caught dead the office in.

It was 7pm before she quit work. She made herself a vegetable stirfry for dinner continuing on polishing that wine bottle she opened after she had her nap.

As much as she wanted the dreams also equally didn't want them as they were giving her what she felt like was false hope. Maybe tonight they wouldn't greet her, maybe the alcohol would keep them away.

Regina did laundry and light cleaning around the house paired with another bottle of wine. Holding off on going to bed till 11:30.

In her purple silk pajamas she entered her bed after her nightly routine. Quickly drifting to sleep.

She woke up to a baby crying. She was dreaming again. Had their new baby been born already? Her chest felt full and she looked down clearly having a child made her breasts a whole other thing she wasn't expecting.

Regina got up and went down the hallway towards the crying she could hear Emma shushing the baby. She stopped at the doorway taking in the sight.

"Shhhh Sarah Mama is here, let's let mommy sleep some more" Emma said as she rocked their daughter.

This dream went back in time.

Regina just smiled so she would get to enjoy their daughter at a younger age.

"Thank you for trying my love but I'm awake hand her to me, I feel like I'm going to burst" Regina said as she walked to the rocking chair unbuttoning her pajama shirt. Emma handed 3 day old Sarah to Regina and just watched her wife breastfeed in awe.

Regina looked up at Emma "What?"

"I'll never get tired of this, of you feeding our daughter and before you say it's because I get to stare at your wonderful newly sized breasts which is great" Emma goofily smiled as she said that part. "You're helping her grow more, you're bonding with her, there's other things I can't express in words, and it's a sight I won't ever tire of. You're so beautiful even when sleep deprived "

Regina smiled and switched Sarah to the other breast. "Thank you for this. I never thought I'd have this" Looking down at Sarah still smiling.

Emma pressed a kiss on top of Regina's head. "No thank you babe, this is more than I ever could have dreamed of and even though I missed this part with Henry, I'm so glad you get to do this with Sarah and besides if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have this so maybe we should be thanking him. You know maybe when he isn't grumpy from lack of sleep or teenage hormones" Emma laughed waiting for Sarah to finish eating before Emma took her in her arms to burp her. "Go back to bed I got this don't I Sarah? Yes, I do!"

Regina wasn't sure if she were to go to sleep in her dream would she wake up back in the real world? The past times she was interrupted by her alarm clock or her phone. She was awfully tired. She walked out of the room after a kiss to Emma's lips buttoning her shirt as she went to the room

She laid down in bed soon sleep took her, but she stayed in the dream to her surprised as she woke up to someone warm shifting in their sleep she removed the arm from her waist and went to the nursery finding Henry changing Sarah's diaper. "You're an amazing big brother Henry thank you"

Henry smiled at his mom he was just about to be 14 in a few short months. Not quite as tall as his 20 year old self but taller than his real world 11 and a half self. "I know mom, I said I would help and I mean it. I'll just go get ready for school now. I love you mom, I love you Sarah" placing kisses on both of their cheeks. His voice was a bit squeeky.

Regina picked Sarah up from the changing table. "Have a good day at school Henry try your best to not fall asleep in class I know it's hard and no you may not have coffee"

Henry flashed a grin at his mother before leaving the room "well it was going to be worth a shot"

"Are you hungry my little princess?" Regina fed Sarah again as it was time. She heard her nickname being called from down the hallway ten minutes later. "In the nursery" she responded.

Emma rubbed her eyes as she Entered the room. "Why didn't you wake me?" Morning breath be dammed she place a kiss on Regina's lips taking Sarah as soon as Sarah was done which was just a few seconds after she walked in.

"You stayed up the last time, you need your rest too Sheriff Swan-Mills" Regina replied as she buttoned up her shirt. "I'm going to make sure Henry doesn't need anything, he probably doesn't but he will always be my baby too" she kissed Emma's cheek.

She didn't even get down the hallway when she heard the beeping sound. That damn alarm was taking her temporary bliss away. She was awake and wanted to throw the damn thing out the window.

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She decided it was in her best interest to work a partial day that Friday as well. More than slightly hungover and reeling from yet another dream. Things in town were being relatively slow at the moment. When was the last time she gave herself a break? Years it had been years.

She told her secretary to just take the rest of the day off they could deal with any voicemails or messages on Monday. At first her secretary thought Regina was just pulling her leg but Regina grabbed what files she felt were most important and left. She would do them tomorrow maybe later tonight if she felt like it.

Spending her day tending to her Apple tree and making Apple Cider doing her best to keep her mind occupied doing something she loved something that relieved stress as these dreams were stirring up conflicting thoughts and feelings.

She wondered what would she dream of next. From last night dream it seems that maybe they won't go in order. Not that they needed to. She could 'wake' into a dream of being old and a grandma to Henry's children for all she cared.

Once she returned inside she went up to what would be or maybe never would be Sarah's nursery. How could these dreams be so realistic? To even feel so real? Regina looked down at her chest that was smaller and definitely lacked the full feeling.

Her phone rang as she stood in the middle of the guest bedroom. Not that she had guests over often but the house came with many rooms.

She didn't check the caller ID but was happy to hear the voice on the other side

"Hi Mom are you feeling better today?" Henry said.

"No, my little prince but I am taking it easy" she replied on the phone.

"Really? You are?" He sounded almost too shocked. Even in the past when his mom was sick she still didn't stop like the Energizer bunny. He actually couldn't really remember his mom being sick that often. Though when he was she would work from home, she always had put him first.

"I am, I worked on my apple tree after leaving work early again today. Now I'm just relaxing I hope to be feeling all better by the time we have brunch on Sunday. " Regina said.

"Wow, well Ma and I are going to watch a movie. Feel better soon I love you" Henry made sure he sounded like he cared.

They said their goodbyes and Regina put her phone back in her pocket. The room wasn't even remotely like a babies or a child's room she looked around before leaving. She went back downstairs. Poured herself a glass of cider, flicked her wrist to turn on classical music and the fireplace. Picking up her book she drank and read.

Relaxing just as she told Henry she was doing. She didn't want to make herself a liar again. Henry and her and made great progress these last few months. It did feel good to not work and just unwind. However, it didn't feel good to be alone. Maybe she wouldn't be alone for much longer she was doing the math for Sarah in her head, they probably didn't have her right away, how long would have they dated and she definitely noticed wedding rings. Not recalling being called Mrs. Swan-Mills in the dream prior to last or using the hyphenated last name for Emma in the last.

However, did it really matter? These were just dreams after all. She laughed at herself even trying to fathom Emma as her wife other mother to their children not just shared son. Though these dreams were helping her make it seem more like a possibility.

It was a good dream she woke up and a good day she had minus the loneliness she felt, but possibility was starting to brew. Regina headed to sleep early that night.

She awoke in the arms of who she assumed was Emma as no other partner seem to take place in her dreams as of yet and if she were to be honest maybe she wouldn't want anyone else either.

There was a slight snoring that reminded her of Henry she laughed.

"Good morning my gorgeous wife what are you laughing about?" Emma lifted an arm and hand to under Regina's chin to kiss the Mayor. Then rested the arm back down tightening her hold.

Regina looked at her "you snore like Henry"

Emma laughed "yeah you have told me before"

Regina replied "it's still funny" hopefully that covered her tracks.

Emma looked at the clock " we have about 10 minutes" which wasn't long enough for sex but a nice make out session would be perfect.

"For what?" Regina inquired.

"This..." Emma kissed the Mayor before getting on top of her and kissing her deeper more passionately. A moan escaped the Mayor first which surprised her, followed by Emma which she found so sexy and turned on.

Next thing they know the door is flung open and a little Sarah jumped on the bed "good morning mommies!"

Emma slid off Regina and picked up Sarah lifitng her into the air. "Good morning!" She said. So much about 10 minutes... Sarah giggled.

Oh that was the giggle that just felt so right and she was missing in her life. Regina tickled Sarah's exposed stomach "Good morning my sweet knight" more giggles from Sarah. Regina got up and wrapped her robe around her. "I'll start breakfast"

Emma looked disappointed she was hoping to send the little one to wake Henry and wait downstairs. "We will get ready right Sarah?"

"Right Mama!" Sarah said so excited and so AWAKE.

Henry was already downstairs when Regina got there. "Sarah got to me first" he grumbled pouring himself a cup of coffee.

Regina laughed "what happened to happy you who changed diapers in the morning?" Making herself a cup of coffee.

"Stayed up late...and she jumped on my morning wood" he replied.

That last bit was totally unexpected, she still had a few years till that happened to her Henry she hoped. She nearly spat out that sip of coffee. How would that conversation even go... Maybe Archie, she couldn't believe she was considering Charming David, but she was.

"Go ahead laugh Mom it's okay" Henry said more awake.

Regina laughed out loud after she swallowed. Henry joined in. Emma and Sarah joined them in the kitchen fully dressed.

"What's so funny?" Emma asked Regina whispered in her ear "Ouch Henry, Sarah apologize to your brother you can't jump on him in the morning in bed he got hurt"

Sarah looked sad "I'm sorry Henry"

Henry responded " It's okay squirt just no more jumping when I'm in bed okay?" She nodded sheepishly. He smiled down at her before picking her up for a hug "Sarah's hugs are the best I'm feeling all better" she hugged him tightly before she was set down in her booster seat.

Regina put a fruit bowl, bowl of Cheerios and milk in front of her. Before starting on eggs, bacon, and toast For her two bottomless pits.

"All of you eat your fruit while I cook" little did she know she had 3 bottomless pits as Sarah also had some eggs and bacon.

"Henry you sure you're going to be okay with Sarah?" Emma asked him.

"Yeah I'll just ice it when I have chances you two have a great solo day you deserve it mom" Henry replied.

Regina was upstairs getting ready for their day together. Sarah watching her closely. "Mommy you're so pretty"

"That's sweet of you my sweet knight thank you, now be good for your big brother" she kissed Sarah's cheek.

"I promise Mommy" she kissed her mommy back.

Emma and Regina left the house hands entwined as Emma drove the BMW X5

"Where are we headed?" Regina asked Emma.

"Out of town for a day trip" Emma smiled quuckly at Regina before putting her eyes back on the road.

"You really think we should go out of town with Henry hurt?" Regina said worriedly "Maybe we really should just stay in town"

Emma lifted their entwined hands and kissed the back of Regina's hand. "He insisted, and mom and dad are home also" she planted another kiss before setting the hands down in her lap. Rubbing indestinctive patterns with her thumb on Regina's hand. "They'll be fine, besides we deserve this is been awhile since you and I have gone out alone"

Regina just sighed, they listened to music and chatted about Sarah and Henry till they got to their Destination. "A travel agency? We could just book online dear"

"That's not the point babe, besides there's a resturaunt I want to take you to and I'd like to walk around a town showing off my hot wife where everyone doesnt know who we are" Emma said with a grin.

"You're insufferable " Regina said getting out of the car after Emma opened the door.

"But you love me anyways" Emma said grabbing Regina's hand.

"That I do my love, that I do"

They walked to the travel agency together.

There was no phone nor alarm when she woke up from her dream this time. She naturally woke up with a smile on her face.

Chapter Text

What was she going to do?

She felt the love Dream Emma has for her and how much she has for Emma. She didn't say I love you directly in that dream.

She wasn't sure how she was going to act in front of Emma at this point luckily she still had today to possibly get her bearings though if she had another dream tonight she wasn't sure she would be successful.

Was she attracted Miss Swan before these dreams started? Earlier in the week she would have flatly denied it, but now she was starting to accept such feelings. She didn't however think the Saviour would recepricate such feelings.

"I don't know..." Regina said aloud to the walls. Was their game of cat and mouse misdirected passion. They have had many passionate fights, just not romantic passion. At least that she was aware of.

She had 26 hours till she would see both her son and Emma. Sipping on her cup of coffee she paced the kitchen as her bagel toasted in the toaster. Once it popped up she carefully took it out applying cream cheese. Sighing she took a bite after setting her empty mug down.

In all honesty she just wanted to go back to sleep and go back to her dream family. However, she knew that wouldn't be fair to Henry and she loved him so. What would he think of his two parents being together in the real world? Not just parents but two women, two mothers?

In dream life he was happy, glad they were a family. Knowing he wished for family, for her to be happy and not alone, maybe she would do something about it.

She cleaned her dishes after finishing eating. She caught up on all work she possibly could that she had at home and even logged in on her home computer for a couple of hours. Making up for the lost time she didn't work Thursday and Friday. She was so engrossed she managed to skip lunch.

She poured herself a near full glass of her apple cider. She made herself a salad and grilled a chicken breast for an early dinner. She was Queen of hiding her emotions, her motives, or well she used to be it almost now felt like another lifetime. She has been trying so hard to turn a new leaf and definitely didn't want to jeopardize it either. She ate in silence contemplating. It was interrupted by a notification of a text message.

Emma: Need anything? How you feeling? Brunch at 10 still?

She smiled her Emma just sent message. Wait... Her Emma. Oh no, no, no, no not Her Emma. Right now she was just Sheriff Swan.

Regina: No thank you dear, feeling better. Thanks again for taking Henry. Yes, see you at Granny's don't be late Miss Swan.

She took the last sip of her cider after setting her phone down smiling as she finished the last of her dinner. It had only been two days of dreams, but those three days were changing her so much from within. Though there was a big problem with her dreams she took an infertility potion to spite her mother. It still didn't remove her smile.

Even if it's short she was going to enjoy these dreams, these feelings, this hope for a better future even if it means she's not with Emma or conceives children. Adoption would definitely be an option.

She spent some time in Henry's room tidying it up, then just taking it all in maybe in her next dream or so she would see what had changed. His room has changed through the years from a nursery to the room he has now. Growing up with him as he has been and it will continue to do so.

She took a long bath before doing her nightly routine. Putting aside in her mind what she was going to do tomorrow about her growing feelings. If that's what they are she was all confused. She proceeded through the rest of her night routine then headed to her bed. She soon wouldn't be alone, she'd be overflowed with love and so she fell asleep with a smile.

She woke up to her arms around Emma, her head on her chest. She pulled herself closer to Emma feeling her warmth, taking in her scent. Regina moved some of her hair out of the way so she could clearly see Emma's face.

Emma continued to sleep soundly.

No feelings of hate or resentment surrounded Regina's thoughts or heart anymore. There wasn't much left to begin with but they weren't friends yet either. Maybe that could be a step, she would be happy being friends if not being wives. This was her, not her dreamselfs feelings not that she was at any point so far have taken over by.

She noticed next they weren't wearing anything. She looked under the covers and felt a blush run to her face quickly. Wasn't that risky to be asleep naked with a 3/4 year old who barges in? Regina started to get out of bed before Emma pulled her back in

"Nuh huh not this morning Gina you're not abandoning me in this bed alone"

"I don't abandon" she scoffed

"Yeah and I don't like bearclaws" Emma replied while pulling Regina in for a chaste kiss. "Good morning fiance it's lazy Sunday and Henry if you forgot is at my parents so there's no need for you to go anywhere just yet"

Ah Fiance... There's no Sarah...yet. "Good morning my love, my fiance" Regina said as she returned to the position she woke up in. "Better?"

Emma wrapped her arms around her "Much much better, just ten minutes babe and we can get out of bed." Kissing Regina's forehead. "You know I was worried you were gonna say no "

"What?! Why would you be my love" Regina looked up at her.

Emma replied "your previous experience with one we shall not name"

Regina was shocked she told her about Leopold. Snow didn't even know what her father did to Regina.

"This isn't Harry Potter dear but I appreciate the sentiment. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, have more children with you, I want to be your wife" she initiated the kiss this time. Earlier in the week she wouldn't be caught dead saying those words even in a dream.

"More kids? You really want more kids" Emma inquired.

"yeah 2 more, doesn't have to be right away. You don't?" Regina didn't said with concern even though she

"Have no fear, I would love to have more kids with you future Mrs. Swan."

"I never said I was taking your last name" Regina raised her eyebrow as she looked up at Emma.

"I can convince you ..." Emma smirked.

Regina slapped Emma's side "none of that right now. I'm not sure how you're not starving but I am and parched."

Emma replied "Oh I'm hungry I just wanted to spend time here like this" releasing her hold on Regina.

They hopped in the shower together after they had breakfast. Lazy Sunday the couple we're snuggled up together on the couch.

Emma had put Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the BluRay player starting season 2. Regina had never seen it before but she might actually been enjoying it. It was one of Emma's favorites. "It's a classic, I might reconsider marriage if we don't watch this together throughout our life" Emma said jokingly.

Regina had rolled her eyes at that. "Well it's not that bad..."

"You so like it, you just won't admit it" Emma said before planting kisses it was starting to get hot and heavy. Regina was massaging Emma's left breast as Emma's phone rang on the coffee table.

"Don't answer that Sheriff" it went to voicemail, the kisses and heavy petting continued but it rang again. After the third time Emma moved Regina aside "I'm sorry babe"

Emma answered the phone.

"David? What happened? Where at ? I'll be there in 12 minutes." She hung up the phone She ran upstairs took her gun out of the safe and changed. "Sorry my fiance but duty calls, don't get too far on those episodes without me"

Regina walked her to the door "Come home to me safe my love" leaving a chaste kiss then watching the yellow deathtrap drive away.

She never felt worried like this before about Emma. Whatever it was it sounded serious. She paced around the house then going to Henry's room for comfort there really wasn't anything much different. Just a few items. She was curious to see what size Henry was wearing but if there was any sort of truth to these dreams maybe some mystery wouldn't be so bad.

"Gina! Baby I am home!" Emma said as she closed the door behind her.

Regina raced down the stairs and hit Emma in the chest "you didn't even call or text!

"I'm sorry Regina, Leroy thought it would be funny to dunk it in his beer before he ran away, I was about to call you and he snatched it from my hands. I still don't know for a dwarf how fast he can rub. He's in a cell now sobering up.

"It's only 4:30pm" Regina exclaimed.

"5 o'clock somewhere babe, I'm really sorry, I'm here safe" Emma said wrapping her arms around Regina. "We can finish where we left off..."

Regina heard the damn alarm going off. She sighed as she turned it off as she was awake back in bed, home alone. It was just starting to get really good.

Chapter Text

It was essentially d-day. Regina had no idea what sure was going to wear sure nearly had emptied her entire closet 2 hours later sure had settled on a Navy blue dress that just accentuated every curve.

"This isn't even a date for goodness sake... What am I going to do? " Her feet had padded probably 3 miles in that room since she woke up.

She had no idea what on Earth she would say. 'Oh hi Miss Swan I've been dreaming about you and having babies with you since Thursday' like that would go well.

Insanity this was pure insanity. She finished getting ready of course wearing her signature red lipstick. The rest of her make up with her outfit just make enough heads turn.

There was only one set of eyes she wanted set on her and that was Emma's.

Regina got to Granny's with 10 minutes to spare thinking she would wait for her two loves. Or she meant one, that being Henry. As she usually would but to her surprise they were already in a booth, she joined them.

Emma broke the silence "Wow Regina... Just wow"

Regina chuckled.

Had Henry not been there she might have asked if saw something she liked.

"Mom you look great" Henry exclaimed "so you're feeling better?"

"Thank you both much better. Emma would you like to come over to watch movies and stay for dinner?" Regina said.

Henry excitedly said "yeah ma you should come over!"

"I dunno I don't want to interrupt what little weekend you have left with Henry" Emma replied

"I wouldn't have offered if it was going to be an issue, besides I want to thank you for taking Henry this weekend"

Ruby interrupted to take there orders. "Wow Regina you're smoking hot! What can I get you three?"

Regina thanked Miss Lucas and proceeded to order a salad. Both Emma and Henry got french toast with hash browns and bacon.

Regina was just smiling as Henry retold his events with Emma that weekend. Taking glances at Emma occasionally. They ate their meal and she paid for the three of them.

Emma said "I guess I'll see you at the mansion" Henry already had run outside to wait at Regina's car.

"See you soon Emma" Regina got up and meet Henry outside and drove home.

Emma wondered no Miss Swan or Sherrif, she actually used her first name and Ruby was totally right Regina was smoking hot today. She wondered what was going on. Ruby sent her a wink before she left the diner. She drove and soon was infront of the mansion the door was left open so she walked right in and closed it behind her. She was wondering what had gotten into Regina something about her seemed different.

They watched movies and chatted. Regina made her infamous lasagna for dinner Emma had three servings "you're cooking is so good Regina I could just marry you" Emma said as soon as she said it she was waiting for some kind of remark that never came. Regina laughed, God she loved the sound of that laugh.

They watched one more movie before Henry said goodnight to his mother's. Hugging Emma first Regina.

Emma was caught looking at Regina up and down when Regina turned around she just smirked. After Henry door closed. This was now or never, either Emma had feelings for her or they were just dreams. Maybe she needed some liquid courage, but then she didn't want to be assumed it was just the alcohol.

Emma said "Well I guess I should get going..." she had shoved her hands in her pockets she felt nervous and wasn't sure why. She did enjoy her time today with Henry and Regina it was better than any previous times.

"Emma I..." Regina just didn't know how to say it so she showed it instead kissing Emma on the lips.

Emma had froze and Regina started to panic before Emma returned the kiss taking her hands or if her pockets and wrapping them around Regina. The kiss deepened and eventually air was needed for the both of them.

"I didn't know how to say that" Regina admitted afrer she caught her breath.

"Wow...that was...I had no idea you felt that way" Emma was stumbling on her words. Swan don't fuck this up she gave you a perfect window Emma thought to herself.

Regina looked down for a moment did Emma not feel the same way? This was a mistake she shouldn't have done that. Next thing she knew she was kissing the Sherrif again.

"Don't worry so much in that pretty didn't gorgeous head of yours" Emma had let go of Regina stepping back to just take in all of the woman she began to love but just couldn't act on those feelings first because of fear of rejection.

She had this giddy smile on her face "Go on a date with me Regina"

Regina replied " are you asking or stating?"

Emma took a step closer closing the gap she made " Both? " She chuckled.

Regina laughed " I suppose that can be arranged" she stared into green eyes. They were so beautiful.

"Yeah? Really?" Emma sounded more surprised than she thought she would.

Regina wrapped her arms around Emma's neck and kissed her "does that answer your question?" Emma nodded in response they both smiled.

Emma left soon after that saying goodbye with one more kiss. Regina traced her lips with her fingers with a smile. She cleaned up dinner and the remains of their movie day.

Regina took a peek at their sleeping boy. She would talk to him how he feels about her dating Emma tomorrow. This was not a dream. This was real life. Though a few kisses and a first date didn't promise of what she had dreams of she was glad they helped her realize what she was feeling all along.

These vivid dreams maybe a product of her subconscious trying to help the conscious catch up but she was thankful for them.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up to someone smaller snuggling up to her. She was happy to find out it was Sarah. She wrapped her arms around the little girl just enjoying laying there looking at her for probably 10 minutes before she tried to get out of bed without waking the little girl she failed.

"Have a good nap Mommy?" Sarah sat up and looked up at her mother with a smile. Reaching up to be picked up.

Regina picked her up "I did thanks to you my sweet knight."

"Mama says I'm the best nap buddy" Sarah said as Regina walked them out of the room. She kissed her mom on the cheek.

"Your Mama is right, and where is your Mama?" Regina continue to smile as she held Sarah close.

"She's at work, did you forget?" Sarah asked with tilt to her head.

"I did" Regina tickled Sarah to hear that giggle she loves so much.

"You're so silly Mommy" she struggled to say as she giggled and wiggled.

Regina stopped and put her down she was laughing as well. She was filled with so much joy and happiness.

"Come and get me Mommy" Sarah said giggling as she ran away.

Regina ran after her they played chase, then played hide and seek.

"I found you Mommy!" Sarah said for the 7th time that afternoon.

"Yes you did, Mommy has to make dinner now why don't you go play on your own till your Mama gets home"

Regina hugged her daughter.

"Okay I love you Mommy" Sarah hugged her back.

"I love you too my sweet knight" Regina said before walking into the kitchen. She took inventory of the fridge before starting to cook. She checked on Sarah every now again. She was playing well on her own with her toys.

An 45 minutes passed by and Emma was home "Gina babe! I'm home. What is that amazing smell?!" She walked into the kitchen. Kissing her wife.

"Mmmm welcome home" Regina kissed the Sherrif.

Emma kneeled down and kissed Regina's stomach "Hello little dumpling" she got back up and kissed Regina again. Next thing they know Sarah was running in "Welcome home Mama!"

Emma picked her up and hugged and kissed her. "Hello my little knight, let's clear out of the kitchen so Mommy can finish up and we can eat dinner. I'll play with you till dinner" she carried Sarah out there.

"We're having chicken roast with carrots, potatoes, and gravy" Regina loudly so Emma could hear her.

"Sounds good and smells amazing more and more babe!" Emma was setting up chutes and ladders.

"What did you do today Sarah?" Emma asked her little girl.

"Mommy played with me lots! hide and seek, chase, toys. We took a nap. Mommy also says I'm the best nap buddy!" Sarah said happily.

"I thought you were my nap buddy..." Emma pretended to be sad.

Sarah squished Emma's face "Don't be sad Mama. I can be both mommy said. Don't be sad. Mommy has been really tired all time. She used to never nap." Sarah placed a kiss on Emma's lips before letting go.

Emma knew why Regina was tired. Early pregnancy fatigue.

"Okay you can be both." Emma smiled "Mommy's body is helping your baby brother or sister grow so you keep being the best sleep buddy for her too okay?"

Sarah nodded in response and they proceeded to play chutes and ladders.

Regina watched them for awhile before setting the table. Emma was so good with Sarah. The timer went off "Emma, Sarah dinner is ready"

Emma thoroughly enjoyed dinner. "Babe you have outdone yourself that was so so so good. I'm so glad we're married because your food is just to die for"

"Thank you dear, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Sarah baby eat two more carrots"

"I'm not a baby anymore, the baby is there" Sarah pointed towards Regina's stomach.

"You're right my sweet knight, but you still need to eat those carrots" Regina's hand fell to her stomach.

Emma grabbed the other hand smiled and squeezed.

Sarah quickly ate her carrots before cutely asking to be excused and left when she was granted so.

"How was your morning sickness this afternoon?" Emma asked her.

Regina answered "Thankfully none existent"

"I'm so glad to hear. I'll clean up why don't you lay down for a bit I'll take care of Sarah's bath and get you for bedtime" Emma said as she got up and she kissed her wife before starting to clean up.

Regina went to their room and laid down she didn't expect to fall asleep.

Emma true to her word woke her up for Sarah's bedtime.

Sarah told Regina she wanted too bedtime stories she just couldn't resist those puppy green eyes. Before the second book was over Sarah had fallen asleep.

Emma was downstairs watching TV after she had taken a quick shower.

Regina had joined her "You so caved and read two stories didn't you"

"No..." Regina jokingly denied.

They both laughed.

"Give me those feet" Emma said motioning her hands.

Regina put her feet in Emma's lap enjoying the massage she let out a moan "You might be glad to be married for my food I'm glad for your massages"

"I'm so glad you enjoy them." Emma continued and another moan escaped from Regina. "How about we take this upstairs and I'll get the rest of your body?" Emma said suggestively.

Regina took Emma's hand and led her up the stairs. They kissed and removed Regina's clothes. Emma grabbed the edible massage oil while Regina laid down on the bed.

Emma planted kisses while she massaged Regina's body.

Next thing Regina knew the alarm was blaring in her ears. She groaned as she turned it off. She sat up frustrated. Well time to get ready for work.

Chapter Text

Regina took a quick cold shower that dream. Those kisses Emma giving her during that massage left her sexually frustrated. She got dressed, did her hair, and put on her makeup.

She got Henry up for school that Monday morning while he got tray she made breakfast. She was debating whether to tell him about the date before or after school. The date and time had not been set yet but she wanted to make sure it was okay with him first.

Yes, she was the adult the family and she should be able to find her happy ending, but Regina didn't want to cause a new rift between her and her son when things between them these past few months were going much better than it was a year ago. She contemplated as she cooked scrambled eggs and flipped pancakes.

Henry was sitting at the breakfast bar observing his mother. "Mom are you okay?" He asked when she set his plate in front of him.

She took a sip of her coffee "Yes Henry, I'm okay, but there's something I'd like to talk to you about"

He was about to talk with his mouthful, but he wasn't with his blonde mother so he just nodded instead.

"How would you feel if I started dating Henry?" This conversation could go either two ways either he was on board or he was adamantly against it.

Henry had finished chewing what he had in his mouth. "I want you to be happy mom and not lonely. Do you have anyone in mind?" He asked that last part curiously before taking another bite.

This was it, she took a deep breath "Emma..."

Henry's brows furrowed and he was in deep thought for a moment he nonchantly said "Ma? I dunno..."

He took another bite he was trying to hold in his joy. He quickly chewed and swallowed before taking another bite.

Regina thought well it wasn't a no, at least not yet. That wasn't a response she was expected. "After you think about it could you let me know. No need to rush."

"Okay" he was having a hard time containing it, he took another hefty bite.

Regina turned to refill her coffee next thing she knew her son was hugging her. "I'm done thinking, I'm so excited. I tried to joke with you, I'm sorry. You're really going to date Ma?" Henry said and asked with Joy.

She wrapped her arms around him. "Yes, we will have our first date soon. Your joke wasn't funny, much like your mother's. You're really okay with this?" She said.

He looked up at his mom. "Of course! The three of us can really be a real family."

"Henry, we can't get ahead of ourselves while I would really love for Emma and I to, we don't know how things will work out" Regina said.

"Things will mom, they will" he said with a smile. The boy who was the truest believer knew it would. What better way for the Savior to bring all Happy Endings by being the former evil queens true love.

Regina had released her hold and lowered herself to his eye level "If it doesn't work Henry you know both her and I love you very much and nothing will change that"

"I love you too Mom" he hugged her again.

"Okay my little prince we gotta get going" she said.

Henry took one more big bite of food before grabbing his backpack and heading to the car.

Regina dropped him off and then headed to work. The morning was uneventful, more boring than anything she had meetings she didn't want to deal with but some of them had gotten pushed due to her being out of the office Thursday and Friday. She couldn't stop thinking of those kisses from last night. She wasn't even thinking of the dream she had at all at the moment.

It was just about time for lunch. She was picking up her purse when Emma walked in with two to go bags from Granny's. Emma locked the door behind her.

"Just so you know this isn't our first date, think about it as an appetizer" Emma smirked as she set the bags of food down on the coffee table.

She walked up to Regina and grabbed her purse setting it down "You don't need that right now. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I got your schedule from your secretary I hope you don't mind. I wanted to come earlier but I knew you were slammed."

Regina closed what small gap they had between them. "I've been thinking of you too" Emma's lips were soon on hers, she returned the kiss.

"We should eat before the food gets cold, okay my food. I got you a salad" Emma said smiling against Regina's lips before stepping back and pulling Regina to the couch by her hands.

They began their lunch in silence just smiling at each other, and to themselves as they ate.

"I talked to Henry this morning what he thought about us dating" Regina looked at Emma.

"What did he say?" Emma looked back at Regina stopping her eating.

"Well he tried to pull a terrible joke on me, much like your terrible jokes and he approves. He got a bit too excited and I had to talk to him that things may not work between us." She saw the expression that was started to show on Emma's face. Regina put her hand on Emma's leg "I want us to work"

Emma kissed Regina "I do too, also I tell great jokes."

"Thank you for bringing lunch Emma, but I must get back to work" this time Regina initiated the kiss they kissed till they were out of breath.

"I'll text you later ya?" Emma said before a chaste kiss and packing up the rest of her lunch.

"I look forward to it" Regina said with a smile.

The rest of Regina's day went pretty smoothly except for one ridiculous meeting but she didn't let that bring her elated mood down.

She received a text from Emma before that meeting. She felt herself blush when she read it.

Emma: "I forgot to tell you looked gorgeous today".

Regina: "You looked beautiful yourself"

Regina left the office later that day and headed home. "Henry have you finished your homework? We'll be having Chicken roast with mashed potatoes, carrots , and gravy." She had stopped by the store she was inspired by her dream.

"I'm almost finished, can I play video games after I'm done till dinner? Did you see Ma today?"

Henry said coming downstairs from his room bringing down his backpack to finish his homework on the dinner table. "Can you help me with two of these math problems"

"Emma brought me lunch today, you may play and of course I'll help you" Regina told Henry.

"You look really happy mom" Henry smiled at his mother.

"I am happy" Regina said.

They had a great evening that night.

Regina had gotten all ready for bed when her phone rang.

"Hello?" Regina said after answering.

"Is it too late? Did I wake you?"

Emma said over the line.

Regina's heart raced at the sound of Emma's voice

"I just gotten into bed" Regina said.

"Should I let you go?" Emma asked.

"No no we can talk for awhile" Regina assured Emma.

"So about our date how's Saturday night? I got mom and dad to watch Henry" Emma sounded clearly nervous.

"That sounds wonderful what time?" Regina asked.

"How's six? I'll pick you up and yes you're going in my NON deathtrap. You don't know where we are going"

"I suppose that'll be fine. You really should get a better car Ms. Swan" Regina really hated that car but she reluctantly trusted Henry enough to be in there he hadn't gotten harmed at all so far.

"Miss Swan huh? What happened to Emma? The way you say my name is so sexy" Emma said.

Regina laughed.

"And I love your laugh. I could hear it for the rest of my life" the words came out before she knew the implication. It was good Regina couldn't see her face.

"Well Em-ma that could end up being in your cards. I must get to sleep now"

"Good night Regina" Emma said with a smile.

"Good night dear" Regina hung up and happily sighed. Saturday couldn't come soon enough.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up to being asleep on Emma's chest again. Thankfully they were fully clothed. She felt a kiss to her forehead so she looked up

"Good morning my love" Regina said capturing Emma's lips.

"Good morning wife" Emma shifted down so she was facing Regina face to face. She put her hand on Regina's cheek before kissing her and eliciting her own moan. "I love you Mrs. Swan-Mills"

"I love you too Mrs. Swan Mills" Regina replied not trying to think what that meant in the real world. She was just starting to date Emma but here she was married and they were a family.

They both heard crying and it was coming closer to them, but then it disappeared down the stairs.

They both got up from bed. Emma headed for the bathroom and got in the shower. Regina had put on her robe and headed down the stairs.

A teenage Henry had a baby Sarah in his arms bouncing her as he was heating up a bottle.

Regina assumed as her dreams so far have been fairly consistent no matter the time frame.

"Good morning Mom go ahead and start breakfast I got Sarah" Henry said and he went to make funny faces trying to get Sarah to stop crying. "I know you're hungry, it'll be coming soon"

Regina's heart was full she had no doubts her Henry would become the amazing big brother this Henry was. Sarah was probably around 3 months old. She probably was going to need to pump she presumed after breakfast.

Emma joined them about 10 minutes later "Thanks Henry for getting your sister this morning" She was all dressed for work. It was interesting they had uniforms now. It was a good idea. "Mulan called I'll be skipping breakfast sorry babe" she kissed Regina's cheek.

Regina turned and cupped Emma's face and kissed her lips "Come home safe"

"I will, I always do" Emma walked away and ruffled Henry's hair he was busy feeding Sarah on the couch and she kissed Sarah's head.

"See you tonight family"

"You're welcome and bye Ma" once Sarah was done with her bottle he got up and burped her before putting her in her swing. Then going to the table to eat his breakfast. "Thanks Mom for breakfast, after school I'm meeting up with the guys to do homework and hang out"

"Sounds good Henry just be home by curfew." She said taking a bite from her food. She was watching both her son and daughter with nothing but a smile on her face.

"You know I will" he quickly finished his food and put his plate away in the dishwasher. "Love you Mom" he kissed Regina's cheek. He put on his back pack and fist bumped Sarah "Don't get into too much trouble squirt, be good for mom okay?" Then he was out the door in a flash.

Regina laughed recalling how an older Sarah jumped on his morning wood. She picked her up from the swing and bounced her. "Don't jump on your brothers bed when he's older okay?" She carried Sarah upstairs and sat in the rocking chair rocking until Sarah was asleep. She put Sarah in the crib and picked up the pump all the supply's were there.

"This thing looks pretty self explanatory..." She decided to take it to her room as she didn't want to risk waking Sarah up as she didn't know how loud it would be or how loud her surprise she sure would be.

It was definitely an interesting experience, absolutely different.

She put the milk in the fridge before hopping in the shower. She dressed in casual comfy clothes before returning to the nursery. Regina watched Sarah sleep.

Whispering she talked to Sarah "I love you very much, you might not believe me but Mommy has been dreaming about you. I'm actually dreaming right now, but I know someday this will be real. I don't know how that will work out but I just feel it. I hope I can be a good mom for you both here and in my world. I promise I'll do the best I can"

Sarah continued to sleep soundly for 2 hours. Regina spent that time tidying up the nursery and started on laundry. She was quite surprised to see how much there was but it made sense. When she heard crying she changed Sarah's diaper and then breast fed her. She was taking in all the baby Sarah scent she could.

They were downstairs in the living room Regina had put season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while she spent time with Sarah. She put a pot roast in for dinner.

Emma came home on time refraining on her honey I'm home routine since Sarah was born just in case Sarah and/or Regina was asleep. Sarah was wide awake but content in her swing, Regina was asleep on the couch. Emma picked up Sarah she whispered to her. "I knew your mommy loved Buffy" she checked Sarah's diaper and went upstairs to change it.

Emma was buttoning the onsie when Regina came running up the stairs in a panic. "Oh you're home. I was so scared" tears were coming down Regina's eyes.

Emma put Sarah in her crib and put her arms around Regina "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, you were sleeping so soundly I didn't have the courage to wake you" she wiped Regina's tears away.

Regina rested her head onto Emma's shoulder. "Next time leave a note or wake me."

Emma rubbed Regina's back "no waking I'll leave a note. I didn't think you'd get this scared"

"I thought someone took our baby" a few more tears escaped Regina's eyes.

"Just me, I'm sorry babe" Emma said apologetically.

"I forgive you" Regina looked up at Emma who kissed her lips. Regina deepened it. Sarah was busy cooing in her crib. Regina was being backed out of the room and into their bedroom kiss after kiss, hands were roaming until the timer down in the kitchen went off.

"Damnit..." Emma said "I'll take it out you get Sarah, Henry joining us?"

"No he's hanging out with with his 'boys' " Regina placed a chaste kiss

Her alarm went off before she even made it out of the room.

Chapter Text

The rest of the week seemed to drag so slow the 28 years of frozen time almost felt faster.

Regina continued to dream each night. She wondered when would the dreams stop, not that she really wanted them to. Though she didn't want to be comparing her real life with her dreams.

Henry was having his weekend with his other Mother, this last weekend he had spent with her because of her out of nowhere dreams that were throwing her for a loop. Which led to where she was now getting getting ready for her first date with Emma.

Would she have realized her feelings if she hadn't had the dreams in the first place? How long would it have taken? It honestly didn't matter but she couldn't help but wonder.

She was finishing putting the last of her makeup it was 24 minutes till Emma would be there to pick you up. She drank an apple cider to bring down her nervousness as she got ready. She double checked she had what she needed in her purse, wallet, spare makeup, phone.

She made her way downstairs and paced the floor, heels clicking on the floor. "It's going to go fine... We've been out before and it's gone fine... But it wasn't a date..." Her trains of thought was interrupted by her text message tone.

Henry: Have fun tonight with Ma! Love you Mom.

Regina: Thank you Henry I love you my little prince.

She put her phone back in her purse this pacing was doing her no good so she sat down 7 more minutes. She turned on the TV and channel surfed until the door bell rang. She turned off the TV, grabbed her purse and keys.

As soon as she opened the door Emma's jaw dropped. Emma was wearing a black suit with a tie that made her green eyes seem even more beautiful.

"Right back at you Emma" Regina said looking her up and down. Emma pulled her forward for a kiss. "You are absolutely gorgeous tonight, ready for our date?"

Regina nodded "let me just lock up" she locked the door and Emma had grabbed her hand they walked to the car together. "You sure I can't convince you to take my car instead?"

"You'll let me drive it?" Emma asked and Regina responded with a laugh "That's what I thought"

Regina stepped into the car after Emma opened the door for her. "Care to tell me where we are going?" She asked as soon as they got on the road.

"Granny's" Emma said seriously. Though they totally were not going there.

"You're joking right? You are absolutely not serious"

"I'm totally serious" Emma said glancing at Regina's face of shock before laughing.

"Emma Swan! You will turn this car around this instant we are not going to Granny's for our first date" Regina said aghast.

"Come on Regina you got to give me more credit than that. We will be not at Granny's in a couple more minutes." Emma reassured her.

"Your joke was not funny, once again" Regina said.

"It was to me, and I know me alone"

The last couple minutes passed in silence. Emma parked the car "Stay there" Emma quickly got out and opened the door for Regina and offered her hand. Regina took it and they walked towards Georgio's Italian restaurant.

"Georgio' favorite" Regina said happily.

"Henry gave me a heads up, and no I wouldn't have taken us to Granny's if he hadn't"

As soon as they were inside they were seated shortly. Regina had ordered her favorite wine while they looked at their menus. Regina looked around she thought at first she thought maybe she was too busy staring at Emma but no one else except for them and the staff working were there. "You reserved the entire place?" Regina asked.

"Nothing but the best besides I wasn't sure if you wanted anyone to know about our date. Not that I'm ashamed because believe me I want to show you off"

"You want to show me off?"

"Why wouldn't you're gorgeous, you're an amazing mother," Emma said

"Former evil queen wouldn't be so proud about that" Regina interrupted.

"Remember the former part, you've changed I know that and if others don't they will in time, or even if they won't that still won't stop me." Emma reached across the table and grabbed Regina's hand and smiled.

"Does your mother know your here?"

Regina asked out of curiosity.

"No, because I didn't want to be in a fowl mood and let's not talk anymore about parents" Emma said.

"I was just curious if she was at home squirming or pulling her hair out. That's my last word" Regina said with a smile while Emma just shook her head but smiled back.

The waiter came and took their orders. Emma ordered both Fettuccini Alfredo and Chicken Parmigiana, and Regina ordered the Spaghetti alla Carbonara.

"Two meals really Emma?" Regina raised an eyebrow.

"I couldn't decide, besides I might as well since I reserved the place get the bang for my buck. I also have a healthy appetite." Emma said.

"Your appetite is anything but healthy" Regina replied.

"Might not be healthy, but I look good." Emma said with a grin.

Regina smirked and Emma laughed in response which got Regina laughing in return.

"I love your laugh"

Their wine glasses were refilled bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil was brought to the table.

Regina mixed the oil and balsamic vinegar and dipped a piece of bread.

"What do you love about it?" She said before taking a bite.

Emma grabbed her own piece of bread. "Well one you look happy, two it's like it came from the heavens, and three it makes me happy you look and sound happy"

"What about number four?" Regina asked baiting her. She felt her heart swell and falling deeper for Emma. She also liked seeing Emma happy.

"Four?" Emma said covering her mouth as she had taken a bite of her bread but didn't want to show her mouthful.

"You could hear my laugh for the rest of your life?" Regina reminded Emma.

Emma's face fully blushed in a nanosecond. " remember that?" She stumbled to say.

"That's quite hard to forget dear" Regina responded.

Their food arrived and Regina took a bite.

"That doesn't scare you away?" Emma said before even taking a bite from either of her two dishes.

Regina finished chewing and swallowed before she said "No, do you want it to? Should it?"

Regina had taken a few bites before Emma even responded she hadn't even touched her food yet. Regina was starting to worry.

Emma had been busy contemplating she was completely blindsided. She wasn't ready for such a deep conversation she was hoping to keep the night fairly light.

"Emma you don't have to answer that. We came here to have a good time, you haven't even taken a bite." Regina worriedly said. She was kicking herself for making such a mistake. Clearly it was too soon to be talking of such things. Emma must have said it by accident and didn't mean it.

Emma looked up from her food and saw the worry on Regina's face and heard the tone. 'You're not fucking this up Emma's she thought to herself.

"It terrifies me..." She said and Regina's face worsened. "It's just... I'm sorry... fuck this is all coming out wrong." She stuffed her face with food and took a big gulp of wine to clear her mouth "wow that's good. What I mean is it scares me because of my history, and I've never felt this way about anyone. I don't have a good relationship track record, the closest thing was Henry's father and he abandoned me like all the other people in my life but I want this, I want you, I want us" Emma took a bite from her other dish.

Regina was the one to reach out her hand to Emma's this time. "I'm not great at relationships either, but I'm not going anywhere Emma. Wherever this goes or doesn't go. You have a friend in me "

Emma nodded and a few tears escaped her eyes "Shit" she wiped them away with her free hand. "I've totally ruined our date."

"Maybe it's taken a bit of a detour but I wouldn't say it's ruined. Besides this would have been a conversation that would have come up. " Regina squeezed Emma's hand before returning to her meal.

The rest if the date went off without a hitch. Smiles, laughs, and random details about their likes and dislikes were shared. Eventually they were back at the Mills mansion. Regina invited Emma for more drinks they made out in the couch like teenagers.

Out of breath Emma "I've had a really great time tonight but I should get going Gina"

"Did you just call me Gina?" Regina said catching her breath. It gave her hope that maybe just maybe her dreams weren't just dreams.

"Do you hate it?" Emma asked and Regina shook her head. "Good Gina because I like it" they both stood up and walked to the door. Emma placed a chaste kiss on Regina's lips "I'll see you tomorrow at brunch"

"Tomorrow" Regina stole one more kiss before Emma was out the door. She wasn't sure if she would dream tonight but she didn't need to.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up to a small body haphazardly spawled on her body "Sarah" she said softly as she looked down and smiled. She quickly felt the urge to vomit so she got up as carefully as she could and ran to the bathroom.

She heard tiny steps enter the bathroom. "Mommy is baby making you sick?"

She wasn't sure in the moment what to say. She wretched once more before flushing the toilet. She washed her hands, and swished around mouthwash.

She picked Sarah up "We will have Mama explain to you later. You still look sleepy my sweet knight. How about I lay down with you my cuddle buddy?" Sarah had nodded and not more than five minutes Sarah had fallen asleep.

She knew she probably should have googled this stuff before a dream like this would happen. That seemed awfully silly to research for living in a dream, but these dreams don't seem to be going away anytime soon.

If she were to research here would it have any truth to it? She wasn't even sure if Buffy the Vampire Slayer she watched in her dreams was the real thing, or some random conjuring of her imagination.

She slid out of bed and left Sarah there it was late in the afternoon and she should get dinner going. As soon as she got to the kitchen she felt dizzy so she decided to lay down on the couch. As soon as it settled she decided she also needed something in her stomach so she ate an apple with some crackers as she prepared dinner.

"Mommy Mommy!" Sarah yelled scared then began crying.

Regina quickly wiped her hands clean and raced up the stairs.

Sarah was covered in sweat "Mommy's here" Regina wrapped her arms around her little girl. "Did you have a bad dream?" Sarah nodded. "Shhh shhh bad dream is going far away now where it can't hurt you. I'm here and you're strong aren't you my sweet knight?"

Sarah's cries reduced to sniffles. "I'm a knight like Mama"

"Yes dear you are" she picked Sarah up and brought her to Sarah's own room. "Let's change your clothes and you can help me make dinner"

Sarah picked out her own outfit and for the most part dressed on her own. She took Regina's hand and walked downstairs with her.

They entered the kitchen and Regina had just started chopping vegetables. She removed dough that was resting in the fridge. She grabbed the rolling pin and set it front of Sarah. Sarah knew what to do from previous baking with both of her mothers.

Regina continued to work on the filling of Chicken Pot Pie as Sarah was busy rolling away. Together they had fun making the pies together soon they were in the oven and both Regina and Sarah we're a mess. Laughs were definitely had.

Emma walked in the house hearing the laughter she walked into the kitchen. "How are my two favorite ladies?" She tossed her red leather jacket on a chair in dining room as soon as she saw the sight behold her.

"We're doing very well my love"

A very messy Sarah ran towards her Mama and Emma willingly a picked her up and she kissed Regina. "Chef Sarah what are we having for dinner ? It smells so good!"

"Chicken Pot Pie Mama!" She rubbed her flour covered hands all over Emma's face before giving her a welcome home kiss. Soon Regina was claiming her welcome home kiss as well.

"Mmmm Hello to you little dumpling" Emma placed her hand on Regina's stomach. "Babe go shower and Sarah and I will clean up won't we?!" Sarah nodded in response. Emma stole another kiss before Regina left for a shower.

"Mama?" Sarah asked looking up at her mom as they cleaned.

"Yes Chef Sarah?" Emma was doing the majority of cleaning.

"Is baby making Mommy sick?"

"No sweetheart the baby isn't making your Mommy sick. Mommy's body is doing a lot of work with your little sister or brother. Sometimes all that work makes mommy a little bit sick and tired, but that it's a good thing because it means that the baby is growing the way it's supposed to.

She got sick when you were in her tummy, but you didn't make her sick. Do you understand?" Emma said hoping she explained good enough.

"I think so Mama, baby not make Mommy sick, but all the work Mommy is doing making her sick."

"That's right, and so you, Henry, and I got to be more helpful to Mommy okay?"

"Okay Mama"

Regina joined them shortly after.

"I'll just give Sarah a quick bath before we eat and change" Emma took Sarah's hand and they left the kitchen.

Regina grabbed a book and sat on the couch and began to read. Taking out the pot pies when they were finished and leaving them to cool.

"Sarah, Emma dinner is ready!" She yelled up the stairs.

"We will be down in two minutes" Sarah responded, probably what Emma told her.

Regina just smiled.

They had a really good time talking at dinner. Sarah told Emma of her and Regina's day which Regina was happy to hear about the morning and early afternoon she had missed. She also told Regina that the baby wasn't making her sick.

They had put Sarah down for bed together. Emma insisted that she only get one story that night she was reluctant but eventually fell asleep.

Emma and Regina laid in bed together facing each other in low light of a bedside lamp.

"Emma do you remember our first date?"

"The one where you ridiculed my amount of food and I nearly ruined with my rampant emotions?" Emma laughed.

"Oh and you said you'd be my friend? I don't think I'd ever hear those words out of your mouth"

"Well for one I didn't know you could eat that much, and two you didn't ruin it." Regina replied.

"You said that then too" Emma smiled.

"Well you didn't and even if you had look how far we've come" Regina said. As she settled her head on Emma's chest as Emma had moved on to her back.

"We got married, Henry's in University, we had Sarah, and now we have little dumpling on the way" Emma had put her hand on Regina's stomach. Regina put her hand over Emma's.

They fell asleep like that.

Regina woke up back alone in her bed. Her hand on her stomach but her head on a pillow. She wished Emma was there.

Chapter Text

Regina had just finished getting ready and just had stepped down on the first floor when Henry ran through the door "Mom! Mom!"

He crashed right into her and gave her a hug.

"Henry what are you doing here?"

"Ma and I came to bring brunch instead of eating at Granny's. It was my idea!"

Emma walked in with to go bags from Granny's. "French toast for everyone!" She closed the door behind her.

Henry had gone into the kitchen to grab plates and silverware.

Both women just had these smiles on eachothers faces as they walked closer to each other.

"Good morning" Emma said and kissed Regina quickly.

"Indeed it's a good morning" Regina took the bags from Emma and set the food on the plates.

They sat around the table and Henry told Regina of his time with Emma and her parents while they ate.

"I beat grandpa at so many video games but he still had fun. He's a good sport" Henry said with big smiles.

They all had big smiles he felt so happy that his parents were getting along, well more than getting along.

"How was your date?" he looked back and forth between both Regina and Emma.

They both answered at the same time "It was good" both of their smiles got even bigger.

Henry said happily "I'm really happy"

"Me too kid" Emma said.

"I am as well" Regina said.

Henry quickly finished eating. "I'm going to read some comics upstairs. May I be excused?"

"You may Henry" Regina said.

Henry picked up his plate and left thr table putting his plate and silverware away in the dishwasher. He saw his mom reach across the table to grab his Ma's hand. He quickly ran upstairs to give his parents time alone. It was technically still Emma's weekend but since last Sunday things have changed. Maybe the new tradition would be Sundays for the three of them at the Mansion. Even if they didn't spend the whole time all together. He wanted to give his mom's some time together.

"Looks like Henry is trying to be a date maker" Emma said kissing Regina's hand.

"Do you mind?" Regina asked.

"Absolutely not" Interlocking her fingers with Regina's.

They finished their brunch in a comfortable silence.

"Go ahead to the living room I'll take care of the dishes" Emma said letting go of Regina's hand.

Regina went to the living room sitting down on the couch"Emma dear what's the plan for the day?"

"Lazy day Sunday" Emma said as she was putting the dishes away in the dishwasher. "I'm sure Henry will come down at some point. Just relax like we did last Sunday except maybe a little bit of this..." Emma sat next to Regina and kissed her slow and sweet at first before Regina deepened the kiss.

A moan escaped Emma and Regina was soon on top of Emma kissing until they we're catching their breath. Emma was running one hand through Regina's hair and holding Regina with the other.

Regina rested her head on Emma's chest "This is nice"

"Mmmhmmm" Emma said kissing the top of Regina's head.

They adjusted to a more comfortable position to watch TV. With Regina in the front. An hour and a half had passed by, Emma moved Regina's hair so her neck was exposed she was kissing her neck. "Emma you're not watching said you wanted to watch this" Regina said.

"I'm watching, I'm multitasking"

Emma said leaving more kisses.

"Don't you dare leave a hickey" Regina warned.

"Or what?" She whispered into Regina's ear seductively.

"You will be sent home Miss Swan" Regina replied.

"Fine..." Emma resumed her kisses eventually exposing some shoulder and kissing there.

"Is it safe to come downstairs?" Henry said from the top of the stairs.

"Yes, Henry it's safe" Emma said as she sat up and sat next to Regina who had sat up as well.

"Can we watch the new Avengers movie?"

"Yeah sure kid, I don't think your mom cared for what I chose to watch" Emma said.

Regina didn't even want to mention how Emma wasn't even watching, but she wasn't really complaining what Emma was doing instead.

"Mom can we have Pizza for dinner ?"

"I suppose that's fine, it is our 2nd lazy Sunday together after all" Regina smiled at both Emma and Henry.

Emma and Henry just beamed.

Henry put in the movie. He decided to sit alone in the side chair while his mom's cuddled up on the couch.

He probably spent quarter of the movie just watching them. He was happy his mom's looked happy, sounded happy, acted happy. He hoped that this was going to last for a long time.

The movie was over by the time it was dinner they gotten a pepperoni with extra extra cheese.

"Am I staying the night here?" Henry asked.

"If you want to, if that's okay with you ?" She looked at Regina.

Regina had her mouthful so she just nodded.

"Cool! Ma you should stay the night too!" Henry said.

Emma had choked on her drink.

"Emma are you okay?" Regina asked. She was also shocked at Henry's suggestion and luckily didn't choke on anything.

"I'll be fine" she coughed " just down the wrong pipe"

Henry waited a couple of minutes busy eating away "Ma you going to stay the night? It's okay right Mom?"

"If she wants to" Regina said.

Emma looked like a deer caught in headlights. "I don't have a toothbrush" she wanted to spend the night but at the same time she wasn't sure she'd be able to stop herself at just kissing. Though she probably would end up sleeping in one of the spare bedrooms.

"I have some extras, you can even choose one " Regina said, what is she getting herself into. Emma had looked reluctant.

"Looks like I'm staying the night kid" Emma said happily.

"I'll set up the guest bedroom after dinner" Regina said.

"Why? Aren't you two together? She can sleep in your bed. Grandma and Grandpa share a bed."

Neither Regina or Emma knew what to say to that at first. They didn't want to say it was too soon because what if they did end up sharing a bed in the near future. Nor did they want a conversation with Henry to say what had changed. They had glanced back and forth between eachother and Henry having a silent conversation with eachother.

"How silly of me, of course we are together" Regina said.

Henry then went on to talk about his comics with his mother's for the rest of dinner. They watched one more movie and Emma had put Henry to bed.

Regina was in her bedroom she had already changed into her pajamas, brushed her teeth, and washed all her makeup off. She was nervous. One Emma had never seen her without makeup and two she wasn't sure what would or would not happen between them tonight. She would be happy just falling asleep in Emma's arm. She was at her vanity putting on moisturizer when Emma walked in.

"I set a pair of pajamas on the bed for you if you want, you don't have to wear them and the toothbrushes are on the counter in the bathroom"

"Thanks, Henry is out like a light" Emma grabbed the pajamas and headed to the ensuite. "Holy shit this is a nice bathroom"

Regina just laughed and got into bed. She laid there until Emma had joined her they were facing eachother. Emma had set her clothes on the chair.

"Even without makeup you're beautiful Gina. What kind of insane thread count are these sheets they're amazing" Emma said.

"Thank you and I don't remember" Regina said.

Emma laid on her back and motioned for Regina to cuddle up on her which she happily obliged.

"I don't normally go to bed this early" Emma said as she stroked Regina's arm up and down.

"What do you do?" Regina asked.

"Watch TV, surf the Internet, think, but I think I found my new favorite having you in my arms" Emma said.

They talked about random things for another 20 minutes. Regina was waiting for Emma to say something. Emma's breathing was slow, deep, and even. For someone who doesn't go to bed early regularly she was tonight. Regina smiled to herself and closed her eyes falling to slumber herself.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up with a body pressed against her back. She wasn't sure yet if this was real life or if she was in a dream. She really needed to pee, as much as she wanted to stay cuddled up to the blonde. She carefully maneuvered herself out of bed it was a little bit more difficult than she expected. When she had reached the bathroom, she saw her reflection. She was definitely visibly pregnant, she was 6 months along even though she didn't know that exact detail. She used the toilet and washed her hands. She stood there in the doorway watching Emma sleep soundly. Her left hand automatically caressing her bump.

She left the bedroom and met Henry in the Hallway.

Henry's occasional squeaking voice said "Good Morning Mom"

He bent down and gave a kiss to Regina's stomach "Good Morning little sis." He stood back up and smiled at his mom. "Don't worry about making me breakfast mom, I'm just going to have a bagel with some juice"

Regina ask "Are you sure? I really don't mind making you breakfast"

He nodded "I'm sure mom, thanks for being an amazing mom" he gave her another kiss on the cheek. "Just go back to bed, love you lots" his voice squeaked again. He headed down the stairs.

Well since henry wasn't his much older self, this must be Sarah she was carrying. She really hoped she would be able to experience this in real life. The reminder of her taking a potion to prevent any sort of pregnancy reared its ugly head. If anything, she would at least get to experience it in her dreams, at the very least. She returned to bed, she was facing Emma and placed a gentle kiss on her lips, not necessarily meaning to wake up the woman. She grabbed Emma's hand and put it on her waist and scooted as close as the bump would allow, putting her own hand on Emma's waist. Emma adjusted a little, mumbling something incoherent before to returning to be silent. She soon fell asleep.

Regina opened her eyes about an hour later. Emma was just staring at her with a goofy grin on her face. "Good morning wife and gorgeous mother of my children" Emma placed her hand on Regina's ever-growing bump. "How's our not so little pistachio doing?"

"I can't believe you're calling our daughter pistachio still" Regina shook her head and was met with a kiss from Emma.

"Well I can't stop now and she doesn't have a name yet, so she's still pistachio" Emma kissed Regina again. As if on cue, little pistachio or aka Sarah Regina assumed kicked right where Emma's hand was.

"Looks like she's doing well, and she knows her Mama already" happy tears came to Regina's eyes.

Emma wiped the tears away "Those are happy tears, right?" she asked with concern.

"They are, I'm just so happy and maybe a lot more hormonal than I wish to be" Regina said

"That's perfectly alright, come on I'll make the three of us some breakfast" Emma said getting out of bed. Regina followed her down the stairs, she said at the counter watching her wife work away. She made spinach, mushroom, ham, and cheese omelets and made some fresh apple juice.

"Less than three months babe and our little girl will be here" Emma said happily before flipping one of the omelets.

"I wouldn't mind if she would stay a little bit longer" Regina said.

"You might be saying that now, but I'm pretty sure soon you'll want her out" Emma said starting the second omelet. Placing the first one in front of Regina.

Regina picked up her fork that was placed on the plate. "That might be true, but I'm enjoying this pregnancy. I still can't believe I am."

"Well, that's true love for you" Emma said leaving a lingering look to Regina as their eyes.

True love? Emma was her true love, was true love actually strong enough to defeat such a potion? Well in a dream anything is possible. True love is the strongest magic of all, maybe it would be in the real world as well. Only time will tell.

"My one and only true love" Regina said taking a bite a moan leaving her throat at how good the omelet.

"I sure hope so" Emma said jokingly. "Looks like you like my omelet, all our cooking lessons are paying off babe. Thanks for that, you know I want to help out more around the house" Emma joined sitting next to Regina.

Regina placed a hand on Emma's thigh "I know you do, I'm just so glad you weren't a total lost cause"

Emma squeezed her hand "Well… I was there for a while, but I have a great teacher, and wife who wouldn't give up" Emma took a bite of there food.

Regina "Oh, believe me I nearly did, I just decided to keep trying one more time" she smiled at Emma before taking a sip of her juice.

Emma was busy stuffing her face, but had squeezed Regina's hand as a response.

They finished their breakfast quietly till Emma broke the silence.

"So, you want to go to the park today for our walk?" Emma asked Regina.

"That's sounds good" Regina went to pick up the dishes after she got up.

"Nope nope, that's my job" Emma stopped her and picked them up and stuck everything in the dishwasher before starting it.

"You know I'm pregnant, not incapable right?" Regina said with a huff walking out of the kitchen as Emma loaded the dishwasher.

"You know I know, but I like doting on you on my days off and then some" Emma quickly caught up with her wife at the bottom of the stairs wrapping her arms around Regina from behind her hands resting on Regina's stomach. She kissed the spot where Regina's neck and shoulder met, on the right side. "Don't get mad please?"

"Fine." Regina said before walking up the stairs. She wasn't exactly mad, irritated most likely. She didn't even know what the big deal was. She'd probably cool down in a few moments. However, if her wife said anything about hormones she was going to go from irritated to pissed off, and luckily for the both of them Emma said nothing as she followed Regina up the stairs. Maybe Emma had learned her lesson previously.

Regina walked in to the closet to find many of her clothes not even being there, well the clothes she usually where. Most of everything was replaced with maternity clothes. She picked out a couple outfits and laid them down on the bed debating on which of the two she should pick. Emma quickly got dressed in dark blue skinny jeans, a red t-shirt and a cream cardigan she left the room and had gone downstairs. Regina decided on the grey dress. It perfectly and cutely showed off Regina's baby bump. She tried to put on a pair of heels but that didn't work and opted out for a pair of flats.

They drove to the park in silence. They were holding hands as they walked around, fingers interlaced together. Regina was busy looking around, trying to gauge people's reactions. No one seemed to care, they were busy doing whatever they were doing or not doing in the park. As they walked along, they were greeted by various townsfolk. There were people Regina didn't recognize and there were a few who wanted to burn her at the stake at this current point in time in real life that happily talked to both her and Emma. They took a break sitting down on a bench. Emma had her arm around Regina's shoulders she was tracing various shapes on Regina's shoulder aimlessly while she stared at the clouds.

"Emma…" Regina finally broke the nearly never-ending silence that was between them since before leaving the house.

"Yeah Gina babe?" Emma said after a delay still focusing on the clouds.

"I'm sorry" Regina said looking at Emma.

"For what?" Emma stopped looking at the clouds and looked at her wife completely lost on what her wife was apologizing for.

"For being so cold" Regina replied.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. I know I go a bit overboard ever since we found out about little pistachio, I'm just really excited, worried, and all these other things. I won't tone it down though. I love you and I want to take care of you. Your body is doing a lot of work taking care of our baby making sure she grows healthy, big and strong. So, I just want to do somethings since I can't help with that."

"I love you too and thank you for all you do. Even if it might get on my nerves… and you are helping with that by taking good care of me, you're taking care of" she was hesitant to say it "little pistachio too which helps her grow healthy, big, and strong"

"You're welcome, I'll be back" Emma got up and ran off and was back a few minutes later with ice cream. "I saw you eyeing the cart earlier"

Regina took the ice cream "Spumoni" she licked the ice cream cone "delicious"

Emma said "Gotta have a little pistachio, for our little pistachio, along with chocolate, and cherry"

Regina looked at Emma's empty hands "You didn't want any?"

Emma "I'm quite good, watching you eat is plenty enough for me, besides I was thinking we could stop at Granny's for some fresh bear claws"

"That sounds amazing" Regina said as she continued to eat her ice cream cone.

Emma laughed "Not sure I'll ever get used to that"

"What?" Regina had some ice cream on her upper lip. Emma kissed it away and leaned back into the bench.

"You liking bear claws, you wanting them, and associating amazing with them also" Emma said smiling.

Regina stood up and grabbed Emma's hand. "Let's go now, I also really need to pee"

Before they had gotten to the car Regina heard an alarm, but it wasn't her alarm clock. She woke up and there was a body next to her, she heard a groan and the body shuffled turning off the alarm. Regina had opened her eyes and Emma was there wearing her pajamas. She wanted to pinch herself to make sure this was real.

"Good morning gorgeous" Emma said "sorry about the alarm"

Regina replied "Don't worry about it and good morning"

Emma pulled Regina closer and into a kiss. "I gotta get home and get ready for work, but I don't want to leave…"

Regina said "Then don't"

Both of Emma's eyebrows raised in response.

Chapter Text

"Go into work a little late I'm sure your boss won't mind..." Regina said Kissing Emma

"Perks of dating the boss I suppose" Emma laid there smiling.

"Kind of scandalous isn't it?" Regina said

Emma wiggled her eyebrows and Regina laughed so Emma laughed also. "Maybe just a little, but no complaints here" she kissed Regina.

"Mmmm none here either" Regina kissed Emma passionately. Then her alarm went off. She quickly turned it off before going back to kiss Emma. They made out for a good ten minutes. Then just laid there cuddling for another five.

Emma had another alarm go off on her phone. "Time to get Henry up. I'll go wake him up." She left a peck to Regina's temple before getting out of bed.

Regina got up and got dressed into one of her powersuits. She started on breakfast making scrambled eggs and waffles. The coffee was done brewing and it smelt so good. She poured two cups of coffee.

Regina heard the front door opened and closed. Emma walked back in two minutes later. "Just got some clothes. I always keep some extras in the car" Emma raised the duffle bag. She was still wearing the Pajamas. Regina would never leave the house even just to the driveway in her pajamas. Though the free kind of spirit Emma had to not even mind was a breath of fresh air.

Emma took the second mug on the counter. "Hey just how I like it"

"I might have noticed how to take your coffee" Regina smiled.

Henry came downstairs his hair was still wet from his morning shower. Regina set a plate in front of him. "Good morning moms!"

"Good morning Henry" Regina said as she handed Emma her plate.

Henry poured syrup all over his waffle then followed with whip cream.

The three of them sat side by side eating happily. Emma finished first as she ate like she hadn't had a meal in days. She raced to up the stairs and changed her clothes making sure to grab her dirty clothes.

"Mom?" Henry looked over to his left.

She took a sip of her coffee swallowing what she was just chewing "Yes Henry?"

"Is Ma gonna move in now?" He asked

"Oh Henry, it's a bit too soon for that" Regina.

"Why?" Henry took his last bite.

"We only just started dating not too long ago. It takes time for people to figure out if they're ready to move in together it's a pretty big step" Regina said, not eating anymore waiting if she needs to say more.

Henry drank his juice. "How long?"

"How long till what?" Emma joined back in the Kitchen.

"Till you move in Ma" Henry said.

"Oh wow..." Emma was surprised.

"However long it takes, get your bag. We don't want to be late"

All three of them piled into the Mercedes and Henry was dropped off to school. Henry hugged both his mom's before they retreated back into the

"So he wants me to move in already. At the rate he's going we'll be married and be having a baby by spring of next year"

'Give or take a year and a half or two.' Regina thought to herself. Regina laughed. "I'm sure that's exactly what he's thinking" Regina pulled into the driveway.

"Coming inside?" Regina said before getting out of the car.

Emma followed behind her. She closed the door and wrapped her arms around Regina. To ask or not to ask... I mean asking didn't mean an actual proposal.

"Are those things you want?"

Emma asked Regina as she hugged her from behind.

Regina turned around and put her arms around Emma's neck. "Want what dear?"

"Someday marriage and a baby?" Emma asked looking deeply in Regina's eyes.

"Do you?" She was hopeful to pass the question off so Emma would answer first.

Emma looked away and thought before looking back "I asked you first, but my answer is someday for sure. I never thought I'd be a mom, even after giving birth to Henry. Yet here I am. It only took 10ish years."

Regina said "and you're such a good mom, despite what I might have said prior you have proven otherwise" she kissed Emma.

"And you?" Emma said interrupting the kiss.

"Someday would be great, but for now you and Henry are all I need" Full truth be told Regina wouldn't mind sooner rather than later either. How was she going to tell Emma about her anti-pregnancy potion, but that was for another day.

"Sounds good to me." Emma kissing Regina with heated passion.

They made their way to the couch. Regina had just pushed Emma down on the couch. She was just about to staddle her when Emma's phone rang.

"Hold that thought" Emma said as she reached into pocket "Sheriff Swan. Yup, okay, I'll be out there in 5 minutes" she stood up. "Sorry duty calls" she left a lingering kiss that made both of their heads spin.

"See you for lunch?"

Regina nodded.

Not much long later Emma was out the door with her duffle bag. What a weekend. They had to first date, they basically had a semi chaperoned 2nd one with the son, a sleepover and here they were.

Regina grabbed her purse and headed into the office. Twenty minutes late. Not too bad. No way in hell she would be thinking that two weeks ago.

The morning whizzed by quickly paperwork and she had one quick meeting. She picked up Granny's and headed off to the Sheriff station.

Emma heard the infamous clicks of Regina's heels heading her way.

A smile came immediately to her face.

"What might you be smiling about?" Regina said with her own smile on her face as she walked towards the Sheriff.

"Grilled cheese and onion rings" Emma said grabbing the bags from the Mayor setting them down on the desk before pulling Regina down to her lap. "And you" she placed a kiss as she secured Regina on her lap.

"Where's David?" Regina said as she kissed the Sheriff.

"On patrol" she kissed Regina once more before removing one hand around Regina, leaving the other one, and pulling out her lunch. "Stay like this?" She popped an onion rings into her mouth.

Regina pulled out her steak salad and started eating while she was seated on the sheriff's lap.

"Why did you make such a big deal about going home if you had clothes in your car the whole time?" Regina asked.

"To gauge the situation and I really do need a shower after work." Emma replied.

"Well you can always use one of the showers in the house including mine" Regina said.

Lunch was going smoothly some time had passed by.

They were too busy talking and laughing that they didn't even hear Snow walk in.

"What in hell!" Mary Margaret yelled.

"There went our nice lunch" Regina frowned and stood up about to straighten her suit when Emma pulled her back on her lap.

"Our lunch is no where near over" Emma said. She turned her gaze to Snow "There's no need to yell, I'm having a lunch date with my girlfriend" While they didn't quite had gotten to label each other or what their relationship was she hoped Regina thought of her the same, or at least would now.

Snow had her mouth open. What in the realms was she even witnessing. "Girl..girlfriend... I didn't know you...Emma you know that's Regina right?"

"Well Duh Mary Margaret" Emma said, Regina just smirked and took the second to last bite from her salad. She was rather enjoying this moment now.

"Where is your father?" Mary Margaret asked.

"David is on patrol" Emma said then looked at Regina before she looked back at her mother. "Look this isn't exactly how I wanted you to find out but here it is. Regina makes me happy and I know you three of you have some serious troubled history at the least but I'm hoping that can be put behind us, if you love me as much as you say you do."

Mary Margaret replied "You know I love you, but this, this is... "

"Not a negotiation, I'm not a teenager mom" Emma said emphasizing last word. "I don't need your protection. I can take care of myself" She removed Regina from her lap and walked over to Snow to give her a hug. Mostly to deescalate the situation and to show hopefully that she's not choosing Regina over her.

Snow wrapped her arms around her daughter "It will take some time, but I'll do my best if she does the same" with that she was out the door.

"So I'm your girlfriend?" Regina said walking up to Emma.

"Yeah you are" Emma said with a grin.

"Well then girlfriend finish your cold lunch. I must sadly head back to work." Regina placed a kiss on Emma's cheek.

"Before you go, David knows too I actually told him, he took it better."

Emma kissed Regina's lips and cheek.

So the cat's out of the bag. Much sooner than Regina thought it would be as she walked to her office she needed time to think of what just happened.

The afternoon went by slower than cared for. She half expected Snow to show up at her office but glad that she didn't.

The evening passed by at an okay pace. Regina helped Henry with his homework and they prepared dinner together. She didn't divulge the information that his grandparents now knew about her and Emma. He would find out soon enough.

Henry was tucked into his bed and she was about to turn out the light. "Mom?"

"Yes Henry?"

"I hope you and Ma work out so she moves in"

Henry said.

"Me too, now sleep my Little Prince" Regina turned off the light.

She did her nightly routine she missed having Emma in her bed but last night was the first of many nights to be.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up to Emma cuddled on her. Emma's arm was around her chest under her breasts and her head perfectly tucked in the nook of Regina's neck. Emma's soft breath was tickling her and she stifled a laugh trying not to wake the blonde.

"Gina five more minutes" Emma mumbled tightening her hold. Regina turned her head and kissed the blondes forehead adjusting slightly so she wasn't going to fall into a laughing fit. When the alarm went off two minutes later "okay okay I'm up, I'm up" she blinked her eyes as Regina turned off the alarm.

Regina was feeling particularly horny that morning. Did she want her first time to be in a dream? People have sex dreams all the time. Maybe making out for a bit would be enough. Though in real life that was getting tough stopping there but she wasn't sure when to taking the next step in their relationship. To hell with it it's just a dream Regina thought.

Regina straddled the Sheriff kissed her deeply with tongue. She started raising a hand under Emma's shirt but Emma stopped her.

"Good morning wife but we don't have time for that" Emma looked at the alarm clock. "We will be late to our appointment to see little dumpling"

Regina kissed Emma's neck and treated her head on her shoulder "remind me why we made the appointment so early"

Emma wrapped her arms around her wife "because we couldn't wait to see her or him, now let's have breakfast" Emma tapped Regina's butt to signal her to get off her.

Regina sighed and got up to get dressed. Emma met her in the walk in closet and kissed her "You exhausted me last night. Not complaining at all. I love pregnant you. We will have plenty of time afterwards. You can eat me alive.

" Emma winked at Regina before grabbing her clothes and returning to the room. Regina just shook her head.

They got breakfast at Granny's 4 bearclaws and a fruit bowl. Saving two of the bearclaws for later. Sitting together holding hands at the hospital they waited for Regina's name to be called.

"Regina" a nurse called out. Emma and Regina followed the nurse to the room. The nurse took vitals and asked "is there anything I should let the doctor know?"

Regina looked at Emma. "No there's nothing, everything's good" Emma said smiling.

"The doctor should be in here no more then five minutes" the nurse left.

Regina was sitting on the table nervously biting her lip.

"Hey, everything's going to be fine"Emma said and squeezed her hand. Regina squeezed back. "I hope so"

She had never ever been in this situation before despite already having Sarah in this dream world who was spending time with her grandparents. Regina took deep breaths until the doctor arrived.

Thank God it wasn't Whale Regina was relieved. "Regina, Emma it's good to see you both again" Dr Lancaster said.

"It's good to see you too Dr Lancaster" Emma said.

"Whelp let's get down to business and see how this baby is developing sorry for the coldness" Dr Lancaster turned on the machine, lifted Regina's shirt and put on the gel and started probing with the wand. Her eyebrows furrowed as she looked.

"Is everything okay?" Regina asked worriedly.

Dr Lancaster moved the a free rides before smiling "everything is okay looking good but,"

Regina interrupted " but what doctor?"

"Here you see baby number 1" she turned on the heart monitor "heartbeat sounds good" then she moved the wand "and here's baby number two and heart beat sounds good. Congratulations" Dr Lancaster took some ultrasound pictures for the couple.

"Twins..." Emma said before letting go of Regina's hand as she had passed out.

Regina yelled "Emma!"

Luckily Emma didn't hurt herself she woke up five minutes later with just Regina in the room. "What happened?"

"You fainted" Regina said standing up. "Are you alright?"

"Twins! Hells yeah I'm alright. I'm sorry my body responded that way. Guess it could not contain my excitement" Emma said happily and apologetically.

"You're not disappointed?" Regina said worriedly.

Emma sat up from her chair and wrapped her arms around Regina "two little dumplings, never could I be disappointed in having more children with you" she met their foreheads together and slightly squeezed Regina. "How're you feeling about it"

"Shocked really, do you think we can really do this?" Regina asked.

"Of course we can were Storybrooke's power couple we can do anything!" Emma knelt down and kissed Regina's stomach "can't we babies, our little dumplings?" She left another kiss before standing up and grabbing Regina's hand and leaving the room.

Regina's other hand went to her stomach. Two babies that's not what she expected but she was happy they were healthy.

"You're parents are going to go nuts when they find out" Regina said.

"Mom is going to be all over you so happy, and Dad will be estatic but you know less handsy" Emma smile was beaming.

So obviously over time things changed between them. Or maybe in this world it never was a problem.

They reached the car and Emma opened the door for Regina. "You really are happy aren't you?"

"Yes, babe I am. Glad we opted for the third row, but maybe we need to consider a van... don't think two car seats will work well trying to get back there"

"I'd prefer a bigger SUV than a van, but you might be on to something" Regina said.

They got home and sat on the couch staring at the ultrasound pictures for awhile. They just cuddled and both had fallen asleep.

Regina woke up first and headed upstairs. She spent a few minutes in Sarah's room before heading to one of the other spare rooms.

"I thought I would find you in here" Emma had joined her 10 minutes later.

"We need to start on the Nursery" Regina said. The room for the most part had been cleared out already. She wrapped her arms around Emma's waist and rested her head on Emma's shoulder. "We're gonna need two cribs, two dressers..."

"We will get everything we need for them" Emma turned her head and kissed Regina's forehead as she wrapped her arms around Regina. "Such a good thing you chose a big house for yourself. You may not have known at the time but you are filling it up full of love."

Tears started falling down Regina's eyes. "I am, thanks to you" she picked up her head and looked at Emma cupping her face. Emma wiped away the tears before Regina kissed her. Regina didn't stop kissing the Sheriff and started backing her up out of what would be the twins nursery.

"Why Mrs. Swan-Mills what exactly do you have in mind?" Emma asked with a wink.

Regina kept backing Emma out and they were almost to the bedroom. Unbottoning Emma's jeans.

"My my my...I totally agree" Emma said as Regina lowered the zipper. She removed her shirt and Regina started placing kisses on Emma's neck as she started lowering Emma's pants. They had already had reached the bedroom.

"Mama! Mommy!" Sarah said as she ran through the front door.

"Sarah!" David came in running after her. He caught up with her and picked her up blowing raspberries on her stomach.

Sarah laughed "Grandpa that tickles."

Snow came in shortly after smiling at her husband and granddaughter.

Regina helped Emma put her shirt back on. "Kids and interruptions, that's life." She kissed her wife and straighten her outfit. Regina was first downstairs as Emma.

"Mommy!" Sarah wiggled in her grandpa's arms. He let her down and Regina picked her up as soon as she got to her mommy.

"Hey Mom, Dad." Emma said as she came down the stairs.

"Sorry Sarah couldn't wait another hour to see you both" Snow had said.

"That's alright I missed you so much my sweet knight" Sarah nuzzled I her mothers neck.

"I missed you Mommy" Sarah said.

Emma gave both of her parents a hug. "So we have some news, why don't you two take a seat"

Emma wrapped her arm around Regina and kissed the top of Sarah's head before Regina put her down. They walked closer to the couch together where David and Snow sat waiting.

"You tell them dear" Regina said.

Emma nodded and her beaming smile was back "We're having twins!"

"That's great!" David said.

"Oh my that's so wonderful!" Snow said and she was quickly up wrapping both Regina and Emma in a hug. Then when she had a chance she hugged Regina alone. She didn't want to let go either.

Regina was starting to feel uncomfortable Emma could tell "Mom you got to let her go" she said trying to peel her off. So Snow latched on to Emma instead.

"It's really so wonderful, so exciting two more grandchildren!" Snow said so excited.

"Yes Mom it's very exciting, you actually know first before Henry, babe we need to call him" She was hugging her mom back briefly before she dropped her hands having enough.

David decided to get up and intervene. He pulled his wife back.

Sarah looked up at the adults "What are twins?"

Emma squatted down to Sarah's level. "Twins means two. Mommy has two babies in her belly instead of one"

"So I'm going to have two brothers or sisters? Can I have one sister and one brother?" Sarah asked innocently.

"Remember how we talked about how we can't choose? That's still the same and we don't know yet in two months we will know" Emma said and Sarah nodded.

Sarah went over to Regina and raised her hand on top of Regina's stomach. "Hi babies I'm Sarah your big sister. Sorry I only said hi to one before I didn't know" She had been learning in preschool it wasn't nice to not say hi to everyone and only a select few.

Tears were going down Snow White's eyes being so touched by the moment.

"That's okay Sarah they understand we all didn't know but we know now" Regina ran her hand through brown curly hair.

"Today I played knights and princess with Grandma and Grandpa. You'll like them a lot. We also played hide and seek. Grandma makes good hot chocolate and Grandpa is tall and you can reach high in the sky with him! I'm going to play now bye bye babies" Sarah ran off to play in her room.

"We really had a great time today" David said. He loved his granddaughter very much and with her got to spend the time he didn't with Emma growing up.

"Your father is so good with Sarah " Snow said "She's definitely a grandpa's girl"

"Thanks for taking her last night. We really appreciate it" Emma said.

"You know it's no problem we don't mind at all. We love spending time with her " Snow said. "Well we better get out of your hair we will see you Tuesday night for family dinner"

Everyone gave goodbye hugs. Both David and Snow went upstairs to say goodbye to Sarah and then they were out the door.

Regina said "That wasn't so bad"

"Yeah mom could have been way worse" Emma said her hand went to Regina's stomach caressing it with her thumb.

Regina had taken out her cellphone and dialed Henry. "Voicemail" she told Emma soon as she heard the beep she left a message "Henry, we have news call when you have a chance. We love you"

She hung up.

She was about to wrap her arms around Emma when she woke up 5 minutes before her alarm world go off.

Chapter Text

Regina turned off her alarm that hadn't gone off yet and stretched. She entered the ensuite and took a quick hot shower. She got dressed put her makeup on perfectly and then woke up Henry.

"5 more minutes Mom" Henry mumbled.

"You had 5 minutes already. Let's wake up now my little prince" she gently shook him.

"Okay okay I'm up" he sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Can you make waffles?"

"Yes I can, shower and get ready" Regina said and left the room.

She prepapred waffles and scrambles eggs. She added chocolate chips to some, even though Henry didn't ask for any. She hummed as she cooked.

Henry came downstairs 10 minutes later. He smiled at his mom's humming. "Awesome mom chocolate chip!" He gave her a hug and then sat down.

They ate together. Regina put away the extra waffles for an easy breakfast or even an afternoon snack.

Henry gave his mom a hug before getting dropped off at school. He waved goodbye as he closer to the school gates.

Regina's morning went smoothly she was disappointed in not seeing the Sheriff for lunch. Sheriff Swan was too busy out on a call dealing with a domestic disturbance.

The afternoon was nothing particularly exciting eventful her either she was going through proposals, budgets, and had two extremely boring meetings.

She checked her phone for any messages before leaving the office for the day. Nothing. She sighed and turned off the lights as she left then locked up.

Regina helped Henry with his math homework that night they had Tacos that evening for dinner. She tried playing video games with him but she nearly threw a fireball at the console and crushed the controller. It would be awhile before she tried playing again.

She was relaxing in her study nursing an apple cider while she read. Henry already in his room tucked into bed when the doorbell rang. Regina got up and answered the door, an exhausted looking sheriff with a nasty looking shiner to her left eye. She was immediately enveloped into a hug. She hugged her back.

"Oh Emma what happened?" She asked.

"A ridiculously long day I'd prefer to not talk about. I needed to see my girlfriend and maybe have a few drinks" Emma said.

"Apple cider?" They released from the hug and Regina closed and locked the door once Emma stepped all the way in.

"Please" Emma answered Regina and followed her to the study.

Regina poured Emma a drink and she downed it one go.

"You know that's meant to be sipped" Regina said pouring her another glass filling it up a little more than usual. "Come sit with me" Regina grabbed her hand led them to the couch.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?"

Regina asked concerned.

"No and I've iced it a couple times already. It looks worse than it is" Emma said slowly drinking her drink.

Regina had picked up her drink as well. "I see"

Emma wrapped her arm around Regina's shoulder they sat there in silence she started drawing various shapes on Regina's arm, much like in that one dream Regina noted to herself.

"Thank you, this is exactly what I needed." Emma finished her drink and set the glass down taking Regina's nearly empty glass as well setting it down also. She turned Regina's head and kissed her lips. It's started slow and sweet, then heated up and hands were roaming until air was necessary for them both.

"You're welcome, I missed you today" Regina said as soon as she could.

"I missed you so much" Emma said caressing Regina's cheek. "I would have called but everything was so back to back. I don't even remember the last time I worked these many hours. I don't even want to think of all the paperwork I'll need to fill out" Emma shook her head.

"Put it aside for tomorrow, right now it's just you and me." Regina said leaning forward and kissing Emma.

Eventually Emma was on top Regina her red jacket thrown on the floor, a few buttons had been undone on Regina's blouse.

"I want you so bad Gina, it's been so hard only kissing you. The amount of cold showers I've had to take. Even just thinking about you" Emma whispered into Regina's ear and went back to kissing Regina's neck.

"Upstairs, bedroom" Regina said in a low breathy tone.

Emma raised herself, so she was looking in Regina's eyes. She didn't even get a chance to ask.

"It was a statement, and I'm sure"

Regina said.

Emma nodded and got up quickly picking Regina up and carrying her up the stairs.

Regina laughed and had wrapped her arms around the sheriff's neck.

"Bedroom on the left"

Emma entered the bedroom and closed the door with her foot. She set Regina down on the bed before removing her shirt and skinny jeans. Regina just watched her. Next thing Regina knew she was being kissed and her blouse was fully unbuttoned next her pants were coming off.

Regina soon took control of the situation and casted a silencing spell for the room; nothing goes out but noise can come in.

As soon as they were both naked Emma said "Wow you're absolutely breathtaking" it made Regina blush.

Everything started sweet and slow but eventually a faster rhythm was found. Emma collapsed in the next to Regina. "That was way better than any dream I ever had" Emma said.

Regina was still recovering, and did she just hear Emma right? "What did you say?"

Emma wrapped her arm around Regina's waist and pulled them closer together. "This was better than any dream I ever had" she kissed Regina's shoulder.

Regina turned to face Emma. "You've had sex dreams about us? Since when?"

"Ummm... Well... Shortly after I came into town." Emma said sheepishly.

"Miss Swan!" Regina didn't know what to think about that.

"You know that's also sexy and didn't help in keeping dreams away. Though the way you say Emma ... Mmmm so good" Emma gave a heated kiss.

That kiss led to round two to which they both fell asleep in each other's arms afterwards.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up to no one next to her. She reached across the bed to feel if there was any warmth there, there was nothing. "Emma?" There was no response. She was wearing red silk pajamas when did she ever put these on? It was kind of sexy. She noticed her breasts were enlarged from normal, but she didn't feel any sort of fullness.

She got up put on her robe and left the bedroom and went first to Henry's room, it was slightly changed but not the same as when Henry is in college. She walked down to Sarah's room, it was still a nursery and not a little girls room. The house was completely silent

She decided to get dressed in comfy house clothes a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt she grabbed what she assumed was her cellphone it was different, newer than the model she currently has. She headed downstairs and there was note waiting for her on the kitchen island. It was written in Emma's scribble.


Took the kids out for breakfast and going to the park afterwards. You were sleeping so soundly we didn't want to wake you.



There was a heart drawn next to Emma's printed name. Regina smiled and put the note down. She put some water in a pot and decided to make herself some oatmeal. She topped it off with blueberries. She quietly ate breakfast with a cup of coffee. She was about to call Emma on her cell phone to see if they were still at the park, but Henry came in the door with a sleeping Sarah, around a year and a half old. He headed upstairs and put her down in her crib. Emma came in a minute later with a bag from Granny's and some groceries, she closed the door with her foot.

As soon as Emma saw Regina "Good morning my gorgeous wife" she said with a beaming smile and gave her a peck on the lips as she passed her by. "This is all of the groceries, I grabbed you a Chicken Caesar salad on the way back not sure if you ate or not. Did you sleep well?" Emma talked as she put away the groceries.

"I slept wonderfully, thank you for having me sleep in." Regina said as she helped Emma finish put the groceries away. "I ate already so I'll just save this for later" She put the salad in the fridge and recycled all the bags in their proper place.

Emma put away Regina's bowl, then went over to Regina giving her a proper good morning kiss. "You know even in the sweats you're pretty sexy"

"You're just insatiable, but I appreciate you think that" Regina said wrapping her arms around Emma's neck and closing the little gap between them.

They didn't hear Henry come down the stairs "At this rate Sarah and I aren't going to be the only kids in this house" he was half disgusted but also happy at this sight that his mothers were still very much in love. He shook his head and powered on the video game console as soon as he was in the living room. He sat down on the couch putting on his headphones and started chatting away to one of his online friends. "my parent's are totally not utilizing their bedroom" both Emma and Regina heard.

"Hey kid, it's a natural process for a couple in love and we aren't even being that much! It's innocent kissing we aren't …" Emma said

"Emma!" Regina stopped her from explaining any further.

Henry just laughed into his headset and continued talking to his friend about the game they were playing.

Emma wiggled her eyebrows and took Regina's hand and they went to their bedroom. "We probably have a half hour before Sarah wakes up" she turned on the baby monitor. "Henry's busy playing games" she started kissing Regina's neck and reaching under Regina's shirt.

Regina then backed Emma up to the bed and pushed her down on the bed. Emma was making quick of removing her pants as she paused at Regina removed her clothes.

"So damn beautiful Gina" Emma said with love and want.

Regina pulled off Emma's pants and underwear "you make me feel so beautiful"

They quickly made love, both of them feeling satisfied. Regina was glad to know or to in this dream that even after a new baby the fire between her and Emma burned strong. She wondered if this night be the case in real life.

"I love you Regina Swan-Mills" Emma said with a Chaste kiss then getting up and tossing Regina her clothes.

"I love you too" Regina said as she got dressed just in the knick of time.

Crying was coming from the baby monitor. Emma had gotten dressed just as quickly. They entered the nursery together.

"How's our little princess? Did you have a good nap and ready to get out of your cage?" Emma said.

Sarah's tears stopped she was holding on to the rail bouncing up and down before raising her hands up.

"Mommy missed her little princess" Regina picked Sarah up and started placing kisses everywhere "yes I did" the room with Sarah's laughter. Regina guessed she became her sweet knight when she was older. She stopped with the kisses when it seemed Sarah had enough. Sarah snuggled into her.

Emma just loved watching her wife and daughter interact.

"Why don't you join Henry with his gaming. I'm sure he'd appreciate it." Regina said looking up from Sarah.

"Yeah I'll go do that" she gave Sarah a kiss on her head and one on Regina's head at well. She left the room. "Prepare for annihilation son!"

"Mama" Sarah giggled.

"Yes you're Mama is so silly. Now let's change this diaper shall we?" Regina laid Sarah down on the changing table and expertly changed her diaper and even changed her outfit some stuff had leaked.

"Can you say Mommy Sarah?" Regina asked.

"Maaama." Sarah said.

"Mommy" Regina said.

"Maaama" Sarah said.

"Who's this?" Regina pointed to Emma in a picture.

"Mama" Sarah said.

She then pointed to herself "Who is this? "


So there was a difference, she couldn't say Mommy yet but that first ma was longer.

"Good job" Regina said with a smile. She carried Sarah downstairs she checked the time. "Are you hungry?" Sarah did the sign for eat. She placed her in her high chair seat and gave her applesauce and Cheerios separately. She fed some of the applesauce and let Sarah feed herself some most of it ending in her face or bib. Sarah's dexterity was good for her age when picking up the Cheerios.

The shouting from the living room made Regina shake her head. Regina cleaned Sarah up and set her down in the living room.

Sarah quarter walked and crawled the rest of the way into Henry's lap. He lifted his controller as she got his lap and he lowered his arms as soon as she was there. The shouting turned more into taking for the most part. In between matches he adjusted Sarah so they were both more comfortable. Sarah sat there watching the TV, looking up at her brother, and watching her Mama for awhile.

Regina decided to make a pot roast for dinner and got that started and in the oven to cook for hours so it was melt in your mouth worthy.

By the time she was done Emma was playing alone the video game and Henry had stopped and decided to play with Sarah helping her put shapes the wooden toy box, take them out and do it again.

She took out her phone and took pictures of all three of them and then just some of Henry and Sarah. They wouldn't be there when she woke up but maybe in a frame in another dream one night.

Regina sat down next to Sarah. "You're a great big brother Henry"

"Well, it's so easy when I got a great little sister" he tickled Sarah's tummy to get a giggle of her which he did. "You know with what I said earlier I wouldn't mind more siblings" Henry said with honesty.

"Well we will see what happens" Regina said.

Henry got up "I'll be in my room if you need anything. I'm going to get some reading done for school"

Sarah started to cry at Henry walked away. "Your big brother has homework he'll be back later." Regina tried to distract her with a stuffed bear but no luck.

Emma came to the rescue with funny faces. "Awww no tears sweet heart. I'm sure Henry doesn't want to do homework either especially because it's the weekend. "

The three of them played with various toys before Sarah was yawning ready for her afternoon nap. Regina picked her up and rocked her to sleep in the rocking chair with a bottle of milk. She kissed her forehead before taking the bottle and laying her down in the crib. She grabbed the baby monitor from the bedroom and headed downstairs.

"Dinner is going to be so amazing. Henry ate some left over waffles for his lunch."

Emma said from the kitchen. "Do you want a sandwich babe?"

"I'll just have my salad" Regina said.

They sat next to each other instead of across from one another.

"Henry said he wouldn't mind more siblings." Regina said before she took a bite.

"Hmm oh yeah? What do you think about that?"

Regina the proper lady that she is finished chewing and swallowed before speaking.

"I'd like Sarah out of diapers before we start trying at least" Regina responded. She wasn't even sure how the girl was conceived in the first place. She knew true love broke the potion she drank but it didn't create the baby as well but the few features she had of Emma we're exactly Emma's.

"Doesn't mean we can't practice" Emma said with a grin before taking another bite of her sandwich.

"Oh hush, you're incorrigible" Regina said but she placed her right hand on Emma's thigh.

Emma's grin widened as she chewed.

Regina took the last bite of her salad. She moved her hand to tease the Sherrif. Before she walked away.

"Oh that's so not fair" Emma said appalled.

Regina laughed and suddenly she was being pulled from her dream by her damn alarm clock.

She however was being held by a naked Emma and that brought a smile to her face.

Chapter Text

She turned off the alarm clock. She turned to a sleeping Emma. She tucked a strand of wayward hair off Emma's face. Emma stirred and pulled Regina closer.

Regina kissed Emma and Emma kissed her back before opening her eyes. "Now that's one way to wake up. Good morning my gorgeous girlfriend" Emma said.

"Mmmhmmm good morning" Regina said before kissing Emma again. "Do you have clothes for today?"

"I do, just need to get them" Emma said. Her alarm went off on her phone. She turned it off and got up.

"That's quite the alarm you have Emma" Regina said as she Enjoyed the view in front of her.

"Well it's usually the only thing that wakes my heavy sleeper self up" Emma said looking for her clothes so she could grab her change of clothes.

Regina got up and squeezed Emma's butt as she was pulling up her jeans.

"Gina!" Emma said shocked

"I'll be in the Shower" she walked right into the bathroom.

Emma just watched her sway in there. She quickly grabbed her change of clothes after taking a peak at a sleeping Henry. She placed her bag on the bed and undressed. 'Should I join her? Or should I wait?' Emma debated for a moment before just going into the bathroom and joining in the shower.

She kissed a wet shoulder and grabbed the loofah from Regina washing her back for her. Then handed it back over. She loved the way Regina smelled and today she would get smell like her all day. "Your scent is intoxicating" she whispered before nibbling on an ear.

Regina handed Emma the shampoo to which Emma poured some and gave it back. Emma washed her hair and Regina turned her around to wash her back. As much as she wanted to escalate things, they needed to get ready for the day. She put the loofah down and rinsed off. "I'll grab you a towel, just get out when you're ready" she said, and Emma responded with a pout.

Regina got out and toweled off as Emma continued to wash. She grabbed Emma a fresh towel and put it on the rack. She got dressed and left the room to wake up Henry. "Good morning my little prince time to get up" she gently shook.

"Okay" Henry said stretching slightly "Good morning Mom"

"Emma is here, I'm going to start breakfast" she caressed his cheek and he smiled as soon as he heard his other mother's name.

Regina headed downstairs and started breakfast. Henry quickly hopped out of bed and got into the shower in his bathroom. He showered and got ready for school. He came down the stairs to see both his mom's smiling at eachother while chatting away. His smile faded when he saw the bad looking black eye on Emma's face. He sat next to his Ma and a plate was placed infront of him. Hash browns and a ham and cheese omelet.

"Ma, what happened to your eye?" Henry asked.

"Oh, long story. Don't worry about it, it looks worse than it feels" Emma said squeezing his shoulder before resuming her eating.

Regina grabbed her plate and sat next to Henry.

"Did you spend the night Ma?"

Henry asked.

"I did, you were already asleep. Your Mom helped me feel better after a really bad day" Emma said.

"She's really good at that" Henry said smiling back and forth to both moms.

"She really is kid," Emma said as she took her last bite. "Anything good happen in your comics?"

With that Henry was going on and on. As he ate his mothers asked questions or nodding their heads.

"Okay Henry we really should get going" Regina picking up at putting away the plates and mugs the dish washer"

Henry hopped off the stool and grabbed his backpack before heading out the front door waiting at the Mercedes.

Emma grabbed Regina by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss. "As much as I want to send the kid off to school with you, I got to check on a prisoner" She said with a heavy sigh.

"Alright, see you for lunch my office?" Regina asked.

"Provided things don't go haywire absolutely" Emma kissed Regina one more time before they both left the house Emma with her spare clothes bag and went their separate ways.

Regina explained to Henry why Emma didn't join them like the time before. Despite that she was happy, and Henry seemed much happier too. How could she not have seen her happiness would bring him happiness as well? She couldn't change the past but she could continue on working toward a future hopefully with Emma in it.

She found herself humming while at work. That and thinking of last night with Emma. They took a deep step in their newly found relationship. Her brow furrowed should she be slowing things down? Was it too soon for them to have slept together? Though why should she if it all just felt so right?

What had been building between her and Emma had been a long time coming. Especially if Emma had already been dreaming of them together for well over a year and a half. She wondered what else Emma might have dreamt about them. Did she dream of having a family too? She wouldn't dare ask that question at least not yet.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her secretary announcing the Sheriff. Where had the time flown by? She dismissed her secretary to go on an extended lunch.

Emma waking in with bags from Granny's

"Got you a BLT with a side salad" she said as she set down the bags.

"How's your day been so far?" She sat down by the Sheriff. Taking out her food as Emma did the same.

"So far so good, much better then yesterday. " Emma took a big bite of her grilled cheese "oh that's so good" Regina laughed. "And that laugh is so good too" Emma said before taking a sip of her milkshake.

Emma was thoroughly enjoying her lunch with Regina. She loved spending time with the woman and was sort of kicking herself for not making a move on the woman. Maybe they could have been on better terms much sooner, then again it could have backfired as well.

They finished their lunch and cuddled on the couch for about 10 minutes.

"Do I really need to be there for the council meeting? I really need to continue working on those reports"

"Do you still plan on being Sheriff?"

Regina asked.

"After yesterday that's debatable" Emma said. "There isn't enough coffee in Storybrooke to beat the exhausted out of me"

"As long as you are Sheriff your presence is required, I'm sorry dear you had such a rough day yesterday" Regina said rubbing her hand on Emma's arm up and down

"There's no the Mayor is my girlfriend get out of boring meeting pass?"

Emma jokingly asked.

Regina laughed "If there was I would have dated myself sometimes"

"That's kinda hot" Emma said.

"You are absolutely ridiculous" Regina said lightly hitting Emma.

"Come on clean this up and let's get going"

Emma cleaned up their lunch and they headed to the council meeting together.

As soon as they entered the room their smiles were definitely noticeable by the other council members. Whispers were spoken as the two took their seats. Whatever had gotten the Mayor in a good mood might just play out in their favor.

"Let's get this meeting started everyone" Regina said and the meeting wasn't half bad everyone didn't get what they wanted but they were all heard with a receiving ear.

The other council members were filing out of the room. "Sheriff Swan may I speak to you for a moment" Regina requested.

Emma walked over to her "I really got to get on those reports, especially since tomorrow is paperwork Thursday."

"I suppose a couple late reports won't be too terrible just this once" Regina said wrapping her arms around the sheriff's neck.

"Oh yeah?" Emma said wrapping her arms around the Mayor's waist.

Regina leaned in for a kiss saying "Yes" against Emma's lips before kissing her.

A few kisses later she broke contact "Will you be coming over tonight for dinner?"

"I wasn't planning on it but I'd love to. I just need to stop at the station for an hour and head home to change out my clothes in my bag"

Emma said.

"I never said anything about staying the night" Regina toyed with Emma.

"Oh well, I still like to keep extra clothes" Emma said.

"Of course, you'll stay the night, that is if you want to" Regina didn't want to assume either.

Emma kissed Regina "of course I want to. I'll see you in less than a couple hours." She kissed Regina one more time before they both left the room.

Regina went straight home and called out for Henry. He was sitting down at the dinning table doing his homework.

"I'm here Mom" Henry said. "How was your day at work?" he asked as he looked up from his paper.

"It went well, your mother will be joining us for dinner tonight" she sat down next to him.

"Really? That's awesome Mom! Now can you help me with these problems?" Henry said and asked.

"Of course I can" Regina helped Henry with his homework and then he went off to play video games as Regina prepared dinner and dessert.

Emma rang the door bell and Henry paused his game "I'll get it!" He jumped up and ran to the door. Emma was carrying her duffle bag already, deciding to forego having to get it in the morning in either today's clothes or pajamas.

"Hi Ma!" Henry opened the door excitedly. He embraced her in a tight hug. "You staying the night?"

"Hey kid, yeah I'm staying the night. What is that smell? I think I've died and gone to heaven" Emma said as Henry was pulling her inside, she shut the door.

"Mom made chocolate cake and steak fajitas!" He tugged on Emma's bag and she let go. He went ahead and took it upstairs.

"For a Wednesday night the kid is sure excited" Emma laughed as she walked into the kitchen.

Regina turned around and smiled "Well there's chocolate cake, and there's you" before she turned back around to the stove. "Don't you dare touch that cake, or you won't be getting any"

Emma was just about to have her finger in the newly frosted cake that had just recently cooled. She wasn't sure if that was supposed to have a double meaning but she wasn't going to take any chances.

"Henry even took my bag upstairs" Emma said as she sat up on the kitchen counter.

"Did he now?" Regina said turning off the stove and moving the pan off the burner. She went to Emma and enveloped herself in Emma's arms resting her head on Emma's chest. "How was the rest of your day dear?" she asked.

"He did. Non eventful caught up with David, was able to complete one of those reports. Went home, and now here I am" she said kissing the top of Regina's head before cupping her face and kissing her lips. She saw Henry standing there out of the corner of her eye so she didn't deepen the kiss. "Looks like dinner's ready kid, Let's go wash our hands and set the table" Henry and Emma did just that.

After dinner they played a game of Monopoly, Regina was surprised to see how competitive Emma got playing what she thought was a mere child's game. Henry ended up winning. Emma was a bit of a sore loser for a few moments until the chocolate cake came out.

"Oh Gina…that…this… is … I don't even have words babe" Emma said after taking a sip of milk after a huge bite of chocolate cake.

Both Regina and Henry laughed.

"It's really good Mom, thanks!" Henry said digging into his own cake.

"I would have to say this is probably one of my best cakes yet" she took another bite of a small piece of cake.

The three of them could get used to this. In fact they didn't even want the night to end, nor did they wish the next day was a school/work day but it is. All three of them went to sleep with smiles on their faces that night.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up in Emma being the big spoon with a hand on her stomach Emma was kissing her neck. Regina turned around and Emma's lips were soon on hers, then a tongue sought entrance which she allowed in their tongues dance for a minute before Emma stopped the kiss "Good morning my gorgeous wife"

Regina smiled at Emma "Good morning and you're awake before me" she tried not to sound shocked, but it didn't work.

"It happens on occasion, don't be so shocked." Emma disappeared under the sheets and kissed the noticeable but not huge baby bump under Regina's pajama shirt "Good morning our little dumplings" she resurfaced back in front of Regina.

Regina's hand went to her stomach autonomously rubbing it. She happily felt the baby bump that was there. She didn't quite notice it when Emma's hand was there, and she was just waking up. She felt movement similar to when she was dream pregnant with Sarah. She immediate grabbed Emma's hand. "Do you feel them?"

"No, I don't but soon enough in a few weeks I'm sure I will. You just enjoy it, and I'll keep enjoying watching you" Emma said

Regina let out a big yawn.

"Maybe you should go back to sleep babe" Emma said, feeling slightly bad for waking up her wife. "Sorry I woke you, just was wide awake, how about this. You catch a bit more sleep, I'll get Sarah off to preschool and I'll make you breakfast in bed"

"You wouldn't mind?" Regina asked letting out a smaller yawn.

Emma gave an eskimo kiss before a peck to Regina's lips "I'd do anything for you Regina babe you know that"

Regina pulled her in for a heated but chaste kiss before letting go and closing her eyes "I love you Emma"

"I love you too Gina" Emma said getting out of bed. She left the bedroom and headed down to Sarah's room. Sarah was sound asleep in her bed. Emma did wake up a little early today. She just watched her little girl sleep for awhile before kissing Sarah on the forehead. "Good morning my fellow knight"

Sarah wrapped her arms around Emma's neck, and Emma proceeded to pick her up. "Mama you're awake! I was dreaming we were defeating a dragon and saving mommy. Henry was there too!"

"Oh wow that's such a great dream, did we get to save your mommy?" Emma said carrying her out of the room and down the hallway then stairs.

"No, you woke me up, but I know we would just like how when we play knights and Queen! Where's mommy?" Sarah said and then asked.

"Mommy is really tired today so she's still sleeping, we won't wake her up so her and the babies get lots of rest" Emma said.

"So the babies will grow big and strong like me" Sarah added.

"That's right" Emma put her down in the breakfast bar stool. "What would you like for breakfast today strong knight Sarah?" she tickled her stomach.

"Applejacks, Mama that tickles" Sarah said laughing.

Emma got a bowl one of those that has a straw built in, a spoon, milk, and the Applejacks. She poured a good size bowl for Sarah to which no surprise Sarah finished it all and had even a little bit more.

"Today at preschool Michael and Kara are going to build a tall tall tower with me with the blocks after we have our learning time. Last time it was almost as tall as me!" Sarah said excitedly.

"Oh wow, well I hope this time it is as tall as you, maybe even taller! Remember though if it falls down too soon you just try again, and if you run out of time today there's always another time. It's okay to be upset, but not take it out on others okay" Emma said with care.

"Yes, Mama" she carefully came down from the stool and grabbed Emma's hand. "Let's get ready!" she pulled her up the stairs. "I'll dress myself, you get dressed yourself"

Emma was finishing getting dressed in her room when a mismatched Sarah came in, it didn't look so bad and she was proud of the little girl picking out her own clothes. "If you're very careful you can kiss Mommy and the babies"

Sarah carefully climbed on the bed and gave her mommy a kiss on the forehead. "Sweet dreams mommy" she moved down to were approximately Regina's stomach was and kissed the blankets over "sweet dreams babies" she climbed off the bed and grabbed Emma's hand and they left the room together.

Regina didn't want to let her wife or daughter know she was awake, so she just laid there. She felt so happy, so loved at that moment. She got up after they left to go to the bathroom, returning to bed once she was done. She was wide awake now, but she wasn't going to join her wife and daughter she didn't want Sarah to think she wasn't careful enough. So she grabbed her phone and started scrolling through photos to pass the time.

Emma got Sarah off to preschool and returned home. She went to the bedroom to check on Regina.

"You're awake" Emma said to Regina.

"Yeah, I actually woke up just as you came into get dressed, I really had to pee. Couldn't get back to sleep after that. Thank you for the extra sleep." Regina said as Emma climbed on top of the bed to lay next to her wife.

"You're very welcome" she kissed her wife. "Watcha lookin' at?"

Regina showed her the phone "I'm just scrolling through our old photos, sometimes everything seems so surreal like this is just a dream. You, me, Henry, Sarah, the babies" her hand that was already on her stomach rubbed across the blankets.

"Well babe it's all very real, and if this is a dream it's a dream I never want to wake up from" Emma said. Kissing her wife once again. "Now how about that breakfast in bed?"

Regina shook her head "Another time my love, I'm awake and I'd rather not make a mess of this bed. At least not of that kind" she smirked.

"I love pregnant you, what about breakfast?" Emma said and the next thing she knew her shirt was off.

"That's because I can keep up with your outrageous sex drive, and breakfast can wait a little bit can't it?" Regina said as Emma nodded in agreement unbuttoning Regina's shirt. They proceeded to make love and then while Regina showered Emma made them breakfast. French toast with sunny side up eggs and fruit bowls. Regina came down after her shower and they started to eat breakfast.

"Mmmm breakfast is so good Emma" Regina said taking another bite.

"It really is" Emma said shuffling another piece of french toast into her mouth.

"The babies are really enjoying it" Regina said with a smile, they were being very active.

"I would hope our little dumplings would enjoy it, maybe not as much as me, but that's okay" Emma said rubbing Regina's stomach before going back to eat with a big grin on her face.

"Do you think Henry will come home this next weekend?" Regina said.

"No, he's got that date with that um… what was her name… Jessica I think….or was it Laura?" Emma said scratching her head.

Regina shook her head. "You can't remember her name for the life of you"

"Well, don't tell Henry that" Emma said.

"I'm sure he already knows dear" Regina said with a laugh.

"Well he likes her so I'm not disapproving of the girl at all, if it becomes serious, I'm sure I'll remember" Emma said hoping.

"You better or you'll never hear the end of it from our son" Regina said picking up their empty plates. Emma was about to take them from her. "Don't you even dare" she slapped Emma's hand away and started put away the dishes and pans in the dishwasher.

"I'll just hop in the shower real quick babe" she gave a gentle tap to Regina's butt.

Regina finished loading the dishwasher after grabbed their glasses and ran it.

She headed into the living room and heard her alarm going off, this dream was over for now.

Chapter Text

When Regina opened her eyes Emma was hovered over her body carefully turning off the alarm. Emma didn't even realize Regina was awake until she was pulled down for a passionate kiss.

"Well good morning to you gorgeous girlfriend" she said still hovering until Regina flipped them over and was on top.

"You're awake before YOUR alarm" Regina said before pecking Emma's lips and then her cheeks "good morning"

"It happens sometimes" Emma said nonchantly while grabbing Regina's butt with both hands.

Regina let out a moan she looked at the clock. Emma removed one of her hands and Regina's head was turned and pulled down for a kiss. Her arms wrapped around Regina. "Let's stay like this for a few more minutes and how bout we save some time and shower together?" Emma asked.

Regina adjusted so she was mostly on Emma but was resting her head on Emma's chest. Emma started stroking her hair. It felt so nice. It all felt so nice and the best part of it all is that she was awake.

She wasn't pregnant at all, they weren't married at all. Even if those dreams didn't come true. She felt she knew she would have more children with Emma. That someday they would get married. That Emma would move in eventually. Would it be too crazy if she just moved in now? Probably so she just let that thought fade into the back of her mind.

"Did you know I called you babe last night?" Emma asked

Regina was coming out of her thoughts "Hmm? " There was a pause "Yes I did"

"You don't mind it?" Emma kissed Regina's forehead

"Normally I would despise it but from you I don't mind. Just don't expect me to be calling you babe back" Regina said.

"Alright babe that's no problem, now we better hit the shower it's been about ten minutes" Emma said.

They showered and Emma got Henry up for school. He had really wished it was the weekend already.

"Why can't it be Saturday?"

"You and me both kid, I wish it was too. Come on get up and get in the shower"

"Okay, I'm up" he stumbled out of his room and walked to his bathroom. Emma shook her head and went downstairs and grabbed coffee.

"So good" she said as she sipped the hot beverage away.

"I'm glad you like it, thought I would try a new brand" Regina said.

"Whatever it is, I want to drink it with you every day" Emma knew the implication of what she said and she said it with a grin one that would hopefully make Regina laugh.

Which it did.

Regina laughed and raised and eyebrow "Is that so? Will I be bringing you a to go cup on mornings you're not here?"

"You'd do that?" Emma was surprised.

"For you dear I think I'd do nearly anything" Regina confessed and she was quite shocked at her own confession and blushed which was not lost on the Saviour. She finished cooking breakfast.

Henry totally heard that part Regina said and was all smiles as he reached the breakfast bar and sat down. He kept looking at both his mom's as he ate quietly. They were busy chatting about town stuff while they ate. That's the thing about being Mayor and Sheriff even if at home work never totally leaves you. It also gave them common ground besides Henry.

They both got Henry off to school and then went their separate ways for work. Emma finished up her reports to her amazement she was quite proud of herself at that and was at the Mayor's office before lunch.

"Got it all done!" She handed the paperwork to Regina. At that point Emma's happy meter was going off the charts and as long as nothing major happened in town it was going to stay that way.

"You did? So no late reports? You were so worried for nothing dear" Regina said putting down the paperwork on her desk. The door was closed so she hugged the Sheriff.

"Yeah I guess I was. Kind of used to having such a hard ass of a boss who'd reign terror on me" Emma said hugging Regina back and then resting her on Regina's shoulder.

"Well how dare your boss for being so harsh on you..." Regina said with a laugh.

Emma laughed "I really do love your laugh and who knew dating my boss would make things better for me. Even made my bad work day melt away like it never happened"

"That bruise likes to beg to differ" Regina said lightly running her fingers over it. Regina said.

"Eh, it'll go away with time" Emma said lifting her head grabbing Regina's hand and kissing her palm. "Besides I don't even feel it when I'm with you" she interlaced her fingers with Regina's "now let's go get some lunch" Emma started walking and Regina followed. They took the cruiser to the diner.

Emma was holding Regina's hand and whispers started happening and Regina's face turned into a frown. "Hey, don't pay attention to them just look at me. They'll get used to it."

"I just wish others could be as happy as we are about us" Regina said sadly

"Well I don't care whether thy are or not I'm with you and not them. Though I would like that as well" she squeezed Regina's hand. "Just keep in mind that we are happy" she leaned over the table and kissed Regina on the lips before sitting back down.

"Granny you owe me 50 bucks and two weekends off!" They heard Ruby yell to Granny in the back. She then walked over to their table "So what can I get you two love birds?"

"Dude, did you have a bet about me and Gina?" Emma said to Ruby.

Ruby shrugged her shoulders "maybe, maybe not. Gina? Huh?" She smiled at the Mayor.

"Don't you ever call me that Miss Lucas" Regina warned.

"If you're gonna date one of my best friends you might as well call me Ruby" Ruby said.

"Fine. Ruby, I'll have the chicken Caesar salad and water"

"You so had a bet! " Emma shoved Ruby playfully "two grilled cheeses fries, onion rings and a chocolate banana shake"

"You got it!" Ruby said and walked away.

"Did you order enough dear? Are you sure you don't want a burger with that?" Regina asked.

Emma laughed. "Yeah I think I'll get that burger" Regina glared "geeze i was only kidding"

"You really should eat more healthy" Regina said

"Are you trying to say you want me around for a long time?" Emma kissed Regina's hand.

Regina nodded. She wasn't sure how she felt about all the PDA that Emma was doing but at the same time she didn't want it to stop either.

They ate their lunch in their personal couple bubble bliss. They were holding hands about to leave the diner when Snow walked in.

Snow was shocked to say the least. She looked down and saw their fingers laced together. Them dating was real. It wasn't just a facade or a nightmare she had one day. "Emma-" Emma interrupted before she could say anything.

"Mary Margaret we gotta get back to work but I'll be home tonight alright?"

"Alright" Snow said and she walked around them and went towards the counter.

Emma opened the cruiser door for Regina and then she walked to her side to get in. "Remember babe it's our happiness that matters" she drove Regina to work and opened Regina's door for her this time, after telling her to wait. "I'll be over later tonight if that's okay?"

"That's more than okay" Regina said kissing her Sheriff goodbye for now. Emma waited till Regina was at the door before driving off.

The afternoon for Regina was boring but the time passed by quickly enough it was the time after work that seemed to carry on and on.

Regina was at home with Henry they worked together on a science project for a good portion of the night.

"I wish Ma was here" Henry said.

Regina rubbed his back "Me too Henry, Me too" She didn't tell him he would probably see her in the morning just in case Emma didn't show up. Not that she was planning for that to happen but you never know.

Henry had more of the chocolate cake Regina baked yesterday for dessert after they quit working on his project.

"You've done very well so far Henry. I don't think we will be doing that much this weekend."

"Do you think Ma will be over this weekend?" Henry asked taking his last bite.

"I'm not sure but whatever happens we will have a good time. Now go brush your teeth and get ready for bed I'll be up in a few minutes" She picked up his plate and cleaned up downstairs she looked at the door and shook her head. Emma will be here when she gets here.

She read part of a comic book with Henry and he fell asleep not too long after. She was downstairs in her study getting herself a drink when the doorbell rang. She put the glass down and answered the door.

"Hey" Emma said with her bag over her shoulder "missed me? Because I missed you" Regina stepped aside and she walked in. Regina closed the door.

"Of course I missed you" she cupped Emma's face and kissed her.

"Mmmm. I missed bedtime didn't I?" She kissed Regina.

"You did, he's well into Dreamland now" Regina said next thing she knew she was picked up bridal style.

"How about I show you some things from my dreams?" Emma wiggled her eyebrows.

Regina laughed "That sounds wonderful dear" she forgot all about the drink she had poured sitting in her study.

And Emma did after taking Regina upstairs and it was a good thing there was a silencing spell or otherwise Henry would have been truamatize for life and seeing Archie again.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up alone. She checked her phone and it said it was Saturday. Which she knew she was in a dream based on it's Friday and the picture of Her, Emma, and baby Sarah as her background and lock screen. She stared at it for a few minutes and smiled.

It was after ten am she definitely slept in as she got older maybe it was because of Sarah or maybe it was Emma's influence. She didn't particularly like waking up early but it was such a habit she never changed it. If she stayed asleep till 8 that was way oversleeping, of course, that would be a weekend day.

She put on her robe and headed downstairs where she saw Emma playing with a 9-month-old Sarah on the floor.

"Look Sarah Mommy is awake!" Emma said Sarah looked over to Regina and smiled at seeing her mommy. Putting her arms up to be picked up.

"Good morning my gorgeous wife," Emma said sneaking a kiss on Regina's cheek as Regina picked up Sarah.

"Good morning, you could have woken me up," Regina said kissing Sarah's cheek before she snuggled her head in the nook of Regina's neck.

"Yeah I could of but you needed your sleep babe," Emma said getting up off the floor. She kissed the top of Sarah's head. "She's had both her milk and solid food breakfast earlier. Fresh diaper and we're having lots of fun but I could tell she was waiting for you"

"Did you miss mommy our little princess?" Regina said rocking back and forth. "Looks like you might be ready for a nap soon. I love you so much Sarah sorry I missed early morning time with you"

"I love you, Sarah, mommy will sing you a nice lullaby, thank you for spending alone time with me" Emma rubbed Sarah's back and kissed her cheek. "I'll make breakfast babe" Emma headed off to the kitchen.

Regina started singing as she brought Sarah upstairs to her room. She sat down in the rocking chair. Sarah was fighting to stay awake but after ten minutes she was sound asleep. Regina loved the smell of Sarah and loved holding her in her arms.

She truly wished Sarah was in her future. If not Sarah than another child, but the love she has for Sarah cannot be replaced. Even though she knows deep down Sarah isn't real these dreams the more they went on the more attached.

She held Sarah in her arms for another 5 minutes before she placed Sarah in her crib and stood there watching over her for another 10. She grabbed the baby monitors and switched them on grabbing the receiving end to go with her.

She came downstairs and into the kitchen "By the way where is Henry?"

"Don't you remember he's having a sleepover at my parents with his friends? As much as he loves Sarah he didn't want to be interrupted by her cries this time plus he's spending time with Mom and Dad. Tomorrow will just be you, me and him. Sarah will spend time over there" Emma said as she placed pancakes, a small veggie omelet and a fruit bowl on the table.

"That's right...I slept so well I even forgot what year it was this morning" she tried to play off her 'forgetfulness' as she sat at the table then pouring syrup on her 2 pancakes.

Emma grabbed her plate of a huge stack of pancakes, bacon and cheese omelet, and fruit bowl and sat across from her wife. "Oh? And what year was that? I'm glad you were able to sleep well" Emma smiled and dug into her omelet.

"When we started dating." Regina said biting into her pancakes.

"Oh wow" Emma said with her mouth slightly still full.

Regina swallowed her bite "Manners Emma"

Emma swallowed "it's just you and me"

"Still my love, you're still breaking that horrible habit" Regina said eating some fruit this time.

"Oh, come on it's been like forever, but whatever I don't want to fight over this" Emma said a bit upset.

"Alright" Regina said.

The rest of breakfast was silent. They cleaned up together in silence cleaning by hand instead of using the dishwasher.

Regina sighed as the last dish was dried "are we fighting because you haven't said one word to me."

"No" Emma said pulling Regina close. "I said we aren't, and we are not." She hugged Regina tightly before kissing her. Regina deepened the kiss and next thing you know Regina's legs were around Emma's waist. Emma carried them to the couch where they made out for 5 minutes both completely out of breath.

They settled on the couch and watched TV kissing here and there. Ok, maybe the TV was mostly background noise. In between kisses were just long silent but loving stares between the two of them. Communication of their emotions without words.

Emma was on top resting her head on Regina's chest when cries were coming from the baby monitor and upstairs. Emma got up and ran up the stairs before Regina could move a muscle.

Regina sat up and waited on the couch. Emma came downstairs with a crying Sarah who immediately was reaching out for her brunette mother. She took Sarah from Emma and started soothing her with her voice. "Hey shhhh it's okay Mommy's here" she rubbed Sarah's back until Sarah stopped crying and eventually Emma was there with a warm bottle.

Regina adjusted Sarah to feed her. So she didn't breastfeed anymore. She wondered when she stopped. Sarah looked up at her as she ate the tear stains dry on her face holding the bottle with one hand.

"I love that she has your eyes" She said as she looked at Emma.

"I love she's got some of your beautiful skin tone, not my pasty white" Emma laughed at herself.

"Did you just call out son pasty white and I love your white complexion" Regina said.

"To be fair he tans much better than I do so no I didn't, and thank you babe. You know I love yours" Emma said.

Sarah had finished her bottle and Emma grabbed Sarah to burp her. It was the routine they had if both of them were around. One would feed and the other would burp. Usually, it was Regina feeding, of course, doing the feeding. Emma patted her back until a big burp came out. "There you go, do you feel better now?" Emma asked Sarah not expecting a response. For whatever reason it made Regina laugh. "There's the sound I love hearing and want to hear for the rest of my life"

"I don't even know why that made me laugh" Regina said.

"Well maybe you're just letting your little immature child out " Emma laughed

"Perhaps" Regina aid and Emma tickled Sarah so she was laughing too. The three of them laughed for quite awhile.

Emma was starting to say something when Regina felt herself pulling away from her dream. She knew she didn't want it to end but at the same time, Emma Swan would be in her bed or at least be in her home. One day hopefully it would be their home.

Chapter Text

Regina snuggled closer to Emma and opened her eyes.

Emma was smiling she woke up to Regina's laugh. "There you are, you were laughing in your sleep babe. "

She kissed Regina "Good morning gorgeous do yo remember what was so funny?"

Regina shook her head. "Good morning dear, sorry if I woke you"

"It's no problem babe you know I love your laugh. " She looked Regina in the eyes. "I know it's insane but I really could hear that laugh for the rest my life"

Regina caressed Emma's cheek "The entirety of us is a bit insane if you really think about it, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I really want you to hear my laugh for the rest of our lives. I want that in the cards for us Emma"

"Yeah?" Emma asked.

"Absolutely yes" Regina said and soon Emma's lips were on hers.

"Oh and..." Regina said.

"And what?" Emma asked

"Last night was... How do you put it? Wow" Regina said with a chuckle before kissing Emma.

"Wow is an understatement babe." In this moment Emma almost said I love you but was interrupted by Regina's alarm.

Regina turned off the alarm and got out of bed. "Join me in the shower?" She asked Emma as she was taking off her pajamas then tossing them in the laundry basket.

Emma was soon bounced out of bed and behind Regina kissing her neck. Removing her tank top and boy shorts.

They showered after a quick love making session in the shower.

They got ready, got Henry up, he got ready on his own. Regina made breakfast and they ate and were out the door in time.

The day went fine for the Mayor and the same for the Sheriff. During a break in her patrol Emma grabbed more clothes to wear for the weekend.

Regina was already home when Emma got there. Regina had texted to just walk in and forgo ringing or knocking.

Like an old school TV show Emma announced her arrival "Honey I'm home" she said with a laugh. Regina came out of the kitchen to greet her girlfriend with a kiss.

"Really dear? Honey?" Regina said.

"Yeah you know from those old TV shows... Oh maybe you didn't watch any..." Emma said a little regretful

"Don't worry so much dear I did have a lot of spare time in those near three decades" Regina said reassuring her with a kiss.

Emma deepened the kiss and was backing up the Mayor to the living room couch.

"Gross" Henry said from the top of the stairs.

Emma pulled away from Regina who returned to the kitchen with a blush. "Just you wait kid in a couple years you won't be so grossed out by kisses"

"Maybe not mine but definitely yours and Mom's" Henry said as he reached the bottom of the stairs. Emma ruffled his hair before heading up the stairs to Regina's room to put down her duffle bag.

She came back down to see Henry helping his mom cook dinner. She just watched them interact for awhile with a smile on her face. Glad the days of them not getting along to be over for good. Emma hated the fact that part of it was due to her but that was now behind them too. She wrapped her arms around her two favorite people "So what's smelling so good?"

Henry responded "pork chops with chicken with rice soup and baked potatoes. It's really good Ma! You put the soup that is more like a gravy on your potato. "

"I don't think there's anything your Mom makes that is not really good" She kissed Regina's cheek expecting a gross but there wasn't one. "So what cheek kisses are okay?" She said looking at Henry.

"They're tolerable" Henry said. The two ladies laughed and soon Henry was laughing too.

They watched TV while the pork chops baked in the oven.

While they we're eating dinner Henry asked. "Will I still be going over to Grandma and Grandpa's on Monday?"

Regina had no answer and looked to Emma. She would miss having both Henry and Emma around.

"You know kid... Maybe not for the whole week. It's really something I should discuss with your Mom."

"Well if you would just move in then you wouldn't" he grumbled.

"Henry Daniel Mills! What did I say about Emma moving in?" Regina said.

"That it takes time, but she's here all the time anyways" Henry said.

"Most days she has been here but not all the time" Regina said.

"Besides your grandparents will still want to spend time with you" Emma added. This was not a talk she was prepared for still. Yes, she enjoyed spending time with Regina but their relationship was new moving in was too soon wasn't it?

"I enjoy spending time with your mom and you but it's still new this thing...this relationship and we will all make adjustments."

"I just wish you would move in already and we can be a family" Henry said.

"We are a family kid. Together or not together , me living here or not, we will always and I really mean always be a family"

"I guess, may I please be excused?"

Henry said grabbing his plate and glass.

"You may Henry" Regina said.

Henry put away his dishes and headed towards his room.

Emma swallowed a bite " Well that went well"

"He's 11 he doesn't understand, don't worry about it Emma whether you live here or not yet doesn't matter" Regina grabbed Emma's hand and squeezed. "Like you said he wants us married with a baby on the way, but it's our time we will go by not his"

"Dinner is really delicious babe" she interlaced her fingers with Regina's

"Thank you" Regina said.

They continued eating.

"I'm not sure yet what I want to do for my week with Henry. Is it too much I'm spending so much time here?"

"No I don't feel you're spending too much time here. I want you here as much as possible. The house is too empty when it's just me" Regina said.

"Then how about we stay till Thursday. I'll have my parents watch Henry Friday and Saturday. Then the three of us have our lazy Sunday together again?" Emma suggested.

"You really think your parents will watch him both days? " Regina said taking her last bite.

"Of course they love Henry, and they love me and if they don't by some odd chance...well, we can fall asleep on the phone with eachother" Emma said with confidence.

"Never in my life did I think I'd look forward to falling asleep on the phone" Regina said.

"Well look forward babe because whenever I'm not here that's what we're doing" Emma took her last bite.

Regina let go of Emma's hand and stood up she was about to grab her plate before Emma swiped it before she could get it.

"You cooked, I'll clean. Why don't you get comfortable on the couch?" Emma asked.

Regina didn't say anything and headed towards the living room and sat down on the couch. Emma put everything in the dish washer before running it. She also wiped down the table before joining Regina on the couch.

"Feet please" Emma said sitting on the far side away from Regina. Regina obliged and started massaging Regina's feet.

"Oh gosh that feels so good" Regina said.

"Good I'm glad" Emma said with a smile continuing to massage.

She eventually moved to Regina's calf's.

"How you feeling?" Emma asked.

"Amazing thank you dear" Regina sat up and kissed Emma.

They cuddled on the couch and watched TV eventually Emma fell asleep.

"Emma" Regina said lightly stroking Emma's cheek.

"Hmm?" Emma said half awake.

"Why don't you head up to bed?" Regina said reaching her arms out after standing up to help Emma up.

"Mmmmk" Emma said taking Regina's hands.

They both walked upstairs and said goodnight to Henry.

"Goodnight mom's I love you" Henry said to them.

They both gave him a goodnight kiss.

After they left the room and were in Regina's bedroom "I guess today wore me out more than I thought. Sorry I fell asleep."

"It's quite alright dear" Regina started her bedtime routine.

Emma changed into a clean tank and stripped down to just her underwear, brushed her teeth before getting into bed. She was fast asleep before Regina got into bed.

Regina kissed Emma's forehead and snuggled up closely. She whispered "I hope we stay together for a long time. Life is so much better with you in it Emma Swan" she closed her eyes and fell asleep not too long after that.

Chapter Text

Regina opened her eyes and she felt movement in her abdomen. Her hand went down to rub her stomach her baby bump was bigger than the last time she had one. She felt a kick on her hand and immediately grabbed a sleeping Emma's hand.

"Huh, what?!" Emma said from being abruptly woken up. Emma felt a thump against her hand realizing where her hand was she rubbed the area. "Good morning little dumplings" Regina moved her hand again where the other baby was kicking. "Pretty active this morning aren't they? Were you able to get enough sleep my gorgeous wife?"

"I think so if not I'll just take a nap later. It feels like they're having a fun party in there. Now I really have to pee" Regina said getting out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Sarah came rushing in the bedroom and jumped on Emma landing awkwardly on her stomach.

Regina heard an umph from Emma as she left the bathroom.

"Good morning Mama! Where's mommy?"

"Bathroom, and good morning my little knight. Do you remember what I said about jumping?" Emma said.

"Not to on Mommy it will hurt the babies." Sarah said proudly for remembering.

"That's right" Emma wrapped her arms around Sarah and got out of bed carrying her.

Regina walked over to Emma and wrapped her arms around Sarah and Emma. "Good morning my two favorite girls" Giving them both a kiss on the cheek.

"Mommy Good morning!" Sarah said with much enthusiasm. She wiggled until Emma put her down. She put both her hands on Regina's stomach and kissed it. "Good morning little dumplings!" One of them greeted their big sister with a kick. "I felt it! I felt it!" She had let go and was jumping up and down.

Both Emma and Regina smiled. "They just told you good morning too." Regina said rubbing her stomach.

Emma picked Sarah back up and walked out of the room "What should we cook for breakfast Chef Sarah?" Emma asked as she walked down the stairs. Regina slowly following behind them.

"Waffles!" Sarah exclaimed.

"We had those yesterday" Emma said.

"Waffles again please" Sarah put on her puppy eyes. Even Emma couldn't deny those green eyes. She understood how Regina felt sometimes when she did the same thing.

"Since you used your manners you may have waffles" Regina said entering the kitchen with them.

"Yay yay! I think the babies will love waffles too when they get older. How long till they come?" Sarah asked

"2 and a half months" Emma said. "We can wait that long can't we? They need to be what Sarah?" Emma asked.

"We can. In there as long as possible so they grow big and strong" Sarah said as she was put down on a stool.

The three of them worked on breakfast together.

Looking at the breakfast at the table Emma complimented "Chef Sarah you did a great job!"

Regina poured syrup on Sarah's cut up waffle which already had some whip cream. "Yes my sweet knight you did a wonderful job"

"Thank you I had great shoe chefs"

Sarah said.

"It's sous chef dear" Regina reminded her.

"Yeah shoe Chef" Sarah said again.

Regina just smiled and dug into her breakfast. They all ate with small talk here and there.

"Wow babe you really can put it away" Emma chuckled.

"That coming from you is a compliment? I am eating for three you know" Regina said.

"Oh I know, it just still surprises me sometimes. It is a compliment. Now I know what you think about me." Emma said with a grin

Regina laughed in response.

"There's that sound I'm going to hear for the rest of my life" Emma said.

"Mommy's got the best laugh!" Sarah added

"That's right Sarah she does, but you have the second best laugh" Emma said getting up from the table and picking up Sarah blowing raspberries on her exposed stomach.

"Mama that tickles" Sarah said laughing.

Emma then hung her upside-down.

"Mission achieved little knight "

"Emma dear please don't make her lose her breakfast" Regina pleaded

"You won't will you Sarah?" Emma asked her daughter.

Nearly touching the ground "No, I have a strong stomach like Mama!" Sarah said before she was gently flipped right side up and being hugged by Emma. She hugged and kissed her Mama. "I love you Mama" she kept pecking kisses to make Emma laugh.

"I love you too my strong stomached knight" Emma said laughing then put her down.

Sarah ran over to Regina and did her best to hug and kiss her Mommy "I love you Mommy"

"I love you too my sweet knight. Can you go wash up and get dressed for me?"

Regina hugged her little girl and kissed her cheek.

"Uh huh!" Sarah ran half up the stairs before being warned.

"No running Sarah" Emma warned.

"Yes Mama" Sarah finished her trip to the bathroom to wash up and then her room to change.

Emma cleaned up everything and Regina went to wash her face that got sticky from Sarah's kiss after that she got dressed in a purple maternity dress after much debate on what to wear.

Regina heard a whistle from behind her. Then felt Emma's arms wrapped around her and lay on her stomach. She felt a kiss on her neck. "You look amazing Gina"

"How is it I can feel like a giant whale yet you make me feel so beautiful?" Regina askes

"Because you are beautiful, inside and out" Emma kissed her shoulder before turning Regina around locking eyes with her. "You're the most beautiful, gorgeous, sexy woman in the world to me. No one can compare to my wife" Emma said.

A few tears escaped Regina's eyes and Emma wiped them away before kissing her deeply. Emma locked the door with magic. That definitely surprised Regina. Emma backed Regina to the edge of the bed and told her to sit which she did. Emma proceeded to remove Regina's underwear after hiking it up and went down on her wife.

"Wow" was the only word that escaped Regina's lips after that happened.

"Glad to be of service to my Queen" Emma stood up and bowed. Emma removed her clothes and tossed them in the hamper and hopped in the shower alone.

Regina just sat there shocked. She cleaned herself up and put her underwear back on which thankfully Emma didn't leave on the floor. "I hope this will all be real someday" she said to mostly herself but also the babies growing inside her. Her hand resting on her stomach.

She eventually got up and unlocked the door. She could hear Sarah playing in her room. She wanted to check if she had gotten dressed which when Regina got there she had.

"Wow Mommy you're so pretty" Sarah looked up at her mother from her Legos she was building. Sarah was wearing a pink dress.

"Thank you so are you, come here I'll finish your zipper" Regina said.

Sarah had gotten most of it up but couldn't get the last part. She got up and her brunette mother finished zipping it up. She then grabbed most of her Legos and put them on her bed. She knew her Mommy had a hard time with the floor now "Will you play with me?"

"Of course I will" Regina sat on the bed and built Legos and played with the Lego people with Sarah for a good 20 minutes. Eventually Emma was standing at the doorway just watching them.

Sarah looked up at saw Emma "Mama the mailman lost the packages and now the townfolk are angry can you be the Sheriff?"

Emma chuckled the imagination this kid had definitely rivaled Henry's. "Of course kid" she sat on the floor.

Lego Sheriff Emma defused the situation and helped find the lost packages which apparently got stolen by the ice cream man by accident. Or maybe it was on purpose but the ice cream man only admits it was accidental.

Emma then helped Sarah put the Legos away and Regina headed downstairs to her study to read for a little bit.

Regina propped up her swelling feet on the couch and turned the page of her book. She could hear Emma and Sarah playing hide and seek. Eventually Sarah came in to hide "shhh don't tell Mama" Sarah hid inside a chest that held extra blankets but had room.

"Oh where is Sarah? She's not behind the couch... Not inside the pantry... Not upstairs in my closet... Not in the coat closet... Come out come out wherever you are!" Emma said a couple minutes later Emma was in the study.

"She in here?" Emma asked Regina.

"There's no one here but me and the babies." She patted her stomach before turning her page.

"Sarah wins! Mama gives up and cannot find you" Emma said walking to the living room.

Sarah giggled from the chest and climbed out. Kissing her Mommy's cheek and stomach before leaving.

She ran and jumped on Emma.

"Here I am!" Sarah said

Emma turned around "You hid so well I couldn't find you. Where were you?"

"Not telling" Sarah grinned.

"Oh yeah?" Emma tickled Sarah and both of them laughed till they couldn't laugh anymore.

"You two are so silly" Regina said coming out of the study.

"Mama is the silly one!" Sarah exclaimed.

"I am" Emma admitted.

Regina walked passed them and went to the bathroom. When she got out the two of them were snuggled up on the couch. Regina joined them and they watched TV for awhile.

She was about to say something when her alarm went off. She didn't quite want to leave the dream but she was waking up and couldn't stop it.

Chapter Text

"Turn it off and go back to sleep babe. Why you have an alarm on Saturday defies all logic" Emma said.

Regina turned the alarm off. "Is that so Miss Swan?"

"Busting out the Miss Swan huh? And yes it does. It's the weekend you sleep in" Emma said wrapping her arms around the brunette.

"Now close your eyes and sleep"

Regina started running her fingers of her right hand through Emma's hair.

"That feels good" Emma said and surely enough Emma was asleep with in a few minutes.

Regina laid there for 10 minutes watching Emma sleep. Normally she would be already out of bed but she was comfy and secure in the saviour's arms. She didn't want to leave them quite yet. She yawned and closed her eyes. Not quite awake, but not quite asleep either.

She must have drifted off eventually as the clock was passed 9. She had turned away from Emma but was still in her arms. She tried to get up.

"Not so fast young lady" Emma tightened her hold.

"I'm far from a young lady" Regina said and Emma was then on top of her kissing her deeply.

"Well you look young and that's what counts. Good morning my gorgeous girlfriend" Emma said

Regina flipped them over "Good morning and thank you. I'm so glad you're here"

"I'm so glad I'm here too" Emma said as she grabbed Regina's ass.

"What is it that you have in mind Miss Swan?" Regina said seductively.

"It appears we have the same thing in mind" Emma said removing Regina's pajama shirt before flipping them over and removing her tank top.

It was another hour and a half before they left the bedroom, showered and dressed.

They were both grinning when they got downstairs. Henry was watching cartoons.

"Wow mom you slept in! Did you do that Ma?"

'She did more than than kid' Emma's grin grew wider. "Yeah, I'd like to think so"

Regina hit Emma in the arm.

"Owww what was that for?" Emma asked rubbing her arm.

"You know exactly what Em-ma" Regina said going into the kitchen to cook up brunch.

Emma watched cartoons with Henry.

"We good kid? You were a bit upset last night"

"Yeah I just really want the three of us to be a family unit not like how it was in the past" Henry said looking at his blonde mother.

"Listen Henry it will never go back to being bad as it was back then. We have all gone through a lot. Bad and good. Your mom and I have an understanding now outside of her and me. Whatever happens between your mom and me definitely affects you and I'm sorry if it's confusing or going too slow but you got to give us time okay? We have to find out if we're really good for eachother. As much as we both want to be, that doesn't mean we will be. Do you understand ?"

Emma explained.

"Yeah, I think so" Henry said

"We both think it's great you're so supportive of us you know. This would be much harder if you didn't approve of our relationship. So thank you for that kid" Emma said ruffling his hair. "Now let's get back to these cartoons" She wrapped her arm around him and laughs were heard from the kitchen.

Regina smiled as she cooked she would take glances of her girlfriend and her son, no their son. She prepared everything on the dinner to table. "Wash up it's time to eat" she announced to what seemed to be two children in the living room. She dried off her hands and shook her head then proceeded to sit and wait at the table.

Both Henry and Emma washed their hands and then raced each other to the table. Emma was going to win but she tripped over herself, maybe/maybe not on purpose.

"Thanks Mom this is all great" Henry said

"This is fantastic thank you Gina" Emma said and all three of them dug in.

They talked about what they wanted to do that day and decided to go to the park then go to the movies before going to Granny's for dinner.

Once at the park Emma held a soccer ball while they walked around. Henry had a bag of drinks. Regina carried a blanket and a book.

They passed the bench were Emma left Regina to grab ice cream in that one dream. Regina set out the blanket and Henry put down the bag of drinks.

"Come on Henry!" Emma said running out further away from the blanket.

"Bye Mom" Henry said running after Emma.

Regina sat down on the blanket and watched their son and Emma kick the ball back and forth. Henry wasn't all that coordinated but he was mostly into a book of some sort whether that was comic books , fairy tales, or regular reading books. Emma on the other hand was a goddess with the soccer ball. Hopefully Henry would learn something from her Regina thought, but if not it wouldn't be the end of the world.

Regina got busy to enjoying the nice day and reading her book when all of a sudden the soccer ball hit her book which hit her in the face. Her nose started bleeding.

A minute later Henry and Emma came running. "Mom I'm so sorry are you okay?" Henry said apologetically.

"Oh shit" Emma saw the blood and passed out.

Regina was about to warn Emma of her language but saw the blonde fall to the ground.



She was passed out for a couple of minutes. Regina's nose had stopped bleeding by then.

"Damn what happened?" She said rubbing her head.

"Mom's nose was bleeding and you passed out. I never seen that before it was kind of cool"

"Henry!" Regina said.

"I said kind of..." Henry said.

"Gina are you okay?" Emma asked

"It's stopped what about you?" Regina asked with care and concern. "Do we need to go to the hospital"

"I'll be fine I have this thing with a lot of blood and a lot came out of your nose" she pointed but not looked directly at the tissues. Hoping that would be a good enough excuse it wasn't entirely true but she didn't to worry Regina
"Henry can you pass me my Gatorade?" Emma asked.

Henry got both of theirs and they both drank.

"Well that was eventful" Emma said sitting next to Regina wrapping an arm around her.

"I'll say" Regina laughed

Both Henry and Emma joined in laughing.

They eventually laid back and talked about what shapes or things they saw in the clouds. Besides the nose bleed and the pass out it was a perfect early afternoon.

They had a great time at the movies.

"I can't believe you got a refillable popcorn and refilled it twice"

Regina said as she drove to Granny's for dinner.

"What? Movie theater popcorn is the best!"

"Yeah mom!" Henry said from the backseat.

Once they got in the diner they sat in their regular booth. Henry sat next to his brunette mother. He was busy staring at the menu while his parents were not so busy looking at theirs and more at each other.

Ruby came by and took their orders. Both Henry and Emma got chocolate milkshakes, and Bacon Cheeseburgers with fries, an order of onion rings. Regina got tea, water, and a steak with red peppers, green beans and a side salad.

The family completely were continuing to enjoy their time together. Talking and laughing.

Regina stole a couple onion rings and at one point fed Emma some of her steak.

"Come on Gina just take one bite" Emma kept egging her girlfriend to try her burger.

"No thank you I am perfectly fine with what I have" she took another bite of red pepper and steak.

"Alright last chance babe, it'll be gone soon" Emma said putting the burger in middle of the table with her hands.

Regina just shook her head.

"Good try Ma, someday she'll know what's she's missing" Henry said.

They finished their meal, headed home and played a game of Life.

Regina won with a full car of Children which just made her beam. Emma the competitor was a bit of a poor sport.

They had already tucked Henry in bed and Emma was waiting for Regina to finish moisturizing.

"Oh Emma it's not that big of a deal"

Regina said putting on the last of it.

"Says you who won" Emma grumbled.

Regina got in her side of the bed. She held Emma's face and kissed her forehead before kissing her lips. "Think of it this way dear. You won with me because your in a bed with me, and so far our one child is asleep in his room and if there's anyone I want a car full of kids with it's you"

"Mmmm well that is better" Emma said and Regina was kissing her again "much better" another kiss. Regina's hands had moved to Emma's body but the kissing didn't stop. Clothes ended up thrown hazardously around the room and the night ended up being very late before Regina fell asleep on Emma's chest and in her arms.

Chapter Text

Regina snuggled to the body next to her. Emma's scent she took a deep breath in and smiled. She opened her eyes and moved stray strands away from Emma's face. Emma was sleeping so peacefully but Regina was wide awake so she laid there for about 5 minutes before carefully leaving the bed. She noticed the rock on her finger so it obviously was a dream.

She grabbed her phone and checked the day it wasn't a school or work day. She peeked into Henry's room he was snoring softly. His hair was getting a bit shaggy. He was older than he is now, but not quite as old as he is with Sarah.

She went to Sarah's room just to double check but of course she found no Sarah.

She headed downstairs and started the coffee pot. She grabbed two mugs and waited for the coffee to brew. She prepared her mug of coffee and prepped Emma's all she would need to do is pour and stir.

She started on breakfast. When she got to cooking bacon. She felt arms around her. "I love you so much and not just for making bacon." Emma said.

"Well Emma if you only loved me for bacon I'd truly be disappointed and Good Morning"

Regina said and felt a kiss on her cheek.

Emma poured her mug of coffee and stirred. "Good Morning how'd my gorgeous fiance sleep? I went to reach for you and you were gone"

"I slept well I tried going back to sleep but I couldn't so I watched you sleep for a bit, then here I am"

She plated some bacon and looked to see Emma not steal any but definitely had the looks of about to drool. She continued to cook more bacon and breakfast overall.

"Mmmm this coffee never disappoints" Emma cupped her mug with both hands drinking it away. Staring down the bacon. She waits impatiently.

Regina turns off the stove and puts a plate of eggs and toast in front of Emma. "Go ahead just please leave some for our son"

Emma immediately attacked the bacon leaving the kid 3 regular pieces and a small piece. She was immediately shuffling her face with food.

Regina shook her head but still smiled. She ate her eggs and toast. No bacon for her. She would like to live a much longer time. Long enough to see her grandbabies should Henry have children grow up.

Emma took a break from eating "Have I told you I love you because I do"

"You have and I don't mind hearing it. I love you too dear"

"Is it safe to come downstairs?!" Henry said from the top of the stairs.

"You know kid I can tell your mom I love her without my tongue being in her mouth soon after or before."

"Emma!" Regina exclaimed

"Ma that's so gross" he walked in the kitchen and plated his food before sitting down. "And that rarely ever is the case" he laughed before he started eating.

If Regina wasn't sitting between her and Henry Emma would have lightly smacked the kid behind his head. "That's not even true, you're definitely over exaggerating" Emma said picking up her empty plate and started putting everything away in the dishwasher.

Regina saw Henry rolled his eyes. She nearly choked on her eggs. She took a sip of her coffee. "Henry what do you have planned today?"

"I'll be out with my friends and we will be doing homework at Johnathans house and playing video games. I'll be home after dinner but before curfew" Henry said finishing up his plate before putting it away.

Emma was putting on her boots. "I'll be home by lunch" she finished putting on her boots and stole a kiss from her fiance. Henry was already heading up the stairs. She deepened the kiss before pulling away. "I'll miss you babe wish I didn't have to go to work today"

"Me too dear, me too" Regina kissed the Sheriff goodbye and Henry left not much longer after that.

She decided to spend some time in her garden.

She thought of her more future dreams of her being pregnant with twins. It seemed insane but she gladly would do so. The how still boggled her mind. No matter the case, being pregnant was a wonderful feeling besides the morning sickness. She worked away at her garden of course including her apple tree.

Regina placed a bowl of fresh apples she washed on the table. When Emma walked through the door.

"Gina Babe I'm home!" Emma said happily.

Emma walked into the dining room and saw the slightly sweaty and slightly dirty Mayor. She put down the bags of Granny's and wrapped her arms around Regina. "It's so sexy you working in the garden babe"

Regina wrapped her arms around Emma resting her head on her shoulder "tiring work but will worth it. I'm done for the day"

Emma kissed Regina's forehead "worked up an appetite then?"

"Absolutely" She kissed the Sheriff and sat down at the table.

"Me too, I don't know what special talent Pongo has but he worked up an appetite in me" Emma sat down and emptied the bags. Two grilled cheeses with fries. A chicken salad for Regina. Also two bottles of cold rootbeers.

"I really don't understand why Archie has never trained him" Regina said.

"Dog likes the wind in his ears and fur I guess" Emma shrugged and digged in.

Before taking a bite "Was that all your day consisted of?" Regina asked.

Emma chewed and took a swig of her root beer. "No, I got ahead on some paperwork. I think she might like that"

"She just might, I don't know her all that well you know" Regina said with a smirk.

"Sometimes she brings me lunch and vice versa" Emma said.

"Well then... I might have to have a talk with this boss of yours" Regina said pretending to be jealous.

"Don't worry babe it's all work and no play" Emma said

"It better be, I'd only approve play if it were me" Regina smirked.

"Well luckily..." Emma was breaking their game of pretend.

"Luckily? What dear?" Regina said

"My boss is you" Emma said with a smile "and there's totally play but no one else knows that" she placed her finger over her lips and doing a silent shush before going back to eating while grinning.

Regina smiled and continued to eat. They ate and Emma cleaned up. "Shower with me?"

"You don't even have to ask" Regina said grabbing Emma's hands once they got to the bedroom they kissed each other removing eachothers clothes placing them in the hamper. They took a long hot sensual shower.

Emma had her arms around a toweled Regina. "I love you, you're so beautiful"

"I love you too, you're not so bad looking yourself" Regina smiled "now are we gonna get dressed or are you going to be naked all afternoon?"

"is that really an option?" Emma said as she was naked and left her towel in the bathroom.

"perhaps..." Regina said with a smirk.

She was waiting for Emma's response when she opened her eyes

she looked down at her hand and saw no ring but looked over to the sleeping Emma beside her.

The dream was nice but this was even better. So she laid there and watched Emma sleep. She hoped some day a ring would be on her finger, that some day there would be more children in the house but for now this was more than good enough.

Chapter Text

Regina took a peak under the sheets to appreciate Emma's real naked body in front of her. She giggled when she saw the clothes all over the room. She slipped out of bed very carefully. She walked around the room and picked up every single piece of clothing and mindlessly stuck all of it in the hamper including Emma's.

She hopped into the shower and quickly got clean dried and dressed. She leaned over and kissed Emma's forehead. She looks so peaceful in her sleep. She then headed down the hall to Henry's room he was fast asleep too. She gave him a kiss too, he stirred but didn't wake up.

Once she was downstairs in the kitchen she looked in the refrigerator no bacon. She looked at the clock. It was still somewhat early she could probably head to the store and be back before the loves of her life were awake.

She grabbed her purse and keys she started the coffee pot and left a note on the counter just in case.

It felt strange to leave Emma alone with Henry in her own house but it didn't really bother her. It would be something she would get used to. At least she hoped she would get used to.

She grabbed three packages of bacon it was probably best to stock up on some. She grabbed more eggs, milk, and some veggies.

She got home and Henry was already awake. He was eating a bowl of cereal. "Ma is still sleeping" he said before putting a spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

"I got some bacon" Regina said.

"Alright! Thanks Mom Ma is going to love you for that" Henry said.

Regina put away the groceries and headed upstairs. She found a standing half awake Sheriff in her room.

"Hey do you know what happened to my clothes?" Emma said rubbing her eyes.

"I must have put them in my hamper I'm sorry" She closed the gap between them and gave the Sheriff a good morning kiss.

"Mmmm well that's okay I'll just dig them out later" She said kissing the Mayor back who was pulling herself even closer to Emma her hand beind Emma's neck. Regina sought entrance to kiss Emma with tongue and Emma allowed it. After a minute the kiss stopped. "Good morning to me and to you my gorgeous girlfriend but I think" She patted Regina's ass "it's time for me to have a shower" Emma stepped aside and started heading to the shower when Regina smacked her ass.

"I'll be making breakfast" Regina said leaving the room. She washed her hands at the kitchen sink and got to working away at making waffles, bacon, and veggie omlettes.

Henry was watching cartoons on the TV.

Emma came downstairs and thought her nostrils were playing tricks on her. Miss Healthy Mills cooking bacon? She ruffled Henry's hair "Good morning kid"

"Morning Ma" he looked at the excitement on his mother's face and smiled.

When Emma walked into the kitchen and saw a partial plate of bacon she was in heaven "Oh my gosh I love y- Bacon" fuck she almost did the most unromantic first I love you ever. "I love bacon I love Bacon. Yup I love bacon" She did her best to recover.

"I can see that and if you don't keep your hands off the bacon before everything else including more bacon is finished you won't be having bacon" Regina said as Emma's hand hovered over the bacon. It soon retracted after that.

"Can you take the waffles to the table please" Regina said as she finished the last omelette she turned off the stove and carried the different plates to the table.

"You're eating a veggie omelette Emma" Regina said

Emma making a face.

Henry came to the table and grabbed a waffle and some bacon. He didn't have an omelette.

"Why doesn't Henry have one?" Emma asked

"He eats healthier than you on a daily basis" Regina said digging in to her omlette with extra veggies.

Emma sighed and started eating.

They ate at a comfortable silence.

Well silent except for Emma's noises as she happily ate her bacon. She made sure to put some bacon with her Veggie omelette.

"It's lazy day Sunday folks, what you want to do Henry?" Emma asked.

"Spider Man movie marathon!" Henry said excitedly.

"Sounds good Henry" Regina said.

Emma got up and Henry happily skipped to the living room. Regina had a few more bites to eat. Emma put away the dirty dishes while Regina put away the left overs then joined Henry on the couch.

"It's really great Ma is here mom" He gave her an uncharacteristic hug. Which Regina gladly returned.

"It really is" Regina said.

"Group hug!" Emma said coming in and hugging their son and her girlfriend.

They sat and watched 3 Spiderman movies one of them being a cartoon. They had simple sandwiches for lunch. Emma and Henry were playing video games while Regina cooked Spaghetti for dinner after reading for an hour and half the movies were over.

"Awww come on!" Emma said complaining.

Henry just laughed and continued playing. Until he was called to put away the clean dishes and set the table.

Dinner was full of laughter and smiles. Regina was truly happy to see so much joy in her son. It reminded her of the time before he started pulling away from her believing she was Evil. Which she was, but what doing her best to change.

Henry retired to his room and both Emma and Regina were cleaning up dinner together.

"Babe you're busy thinking , what about?"

Regina put the leftovers in the fridge and Emma turned to face Regina. "I... It's... Henry is so happy right now. I'm afraid that's not going to last long and he's going to blame me"

"Oh Gina" Emma wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and kissed her forehead. "Why would he do that babe?"

Regina looked up into those green eyes she adored and gets lost in. "Us, if we don't work out. I'm afraid he'll start calling me the evil queen again. Or even worse that I just was using you to get back at your mother which I'm totally not"

"We can cross that bridge if it were to ever happen and if for whatever reason I don't see right now because so far we are so great and the sex I mean you know it's amazing" Emma winked. "I know you hit a rough time for awhile with him and it's partly my fault, but we've moved on so far from that now. You've been constantly changing in front of everyone's eyes. The Queen isn't who you are it's who you were" Emma her arms tightly around Regina.

Some tears down Regina's eyes she wiped them away "but what if..."

Emma kissed Regina's lips. "No what if's. His happiness not always will depend on us. I'm here with you, for you, and Henry being OUR son is a bonus. Plus I'll deal with whatever he is being with you, together or not together. He's my son too and as his other parent you don't deserve that. "

Regina had a few more tears fall. She never had someone be there for her since her father. Oh how much she missed him. Emma wiped the tears away and kissed Regina's cheeks as she embraced her girlfriend again.

"Besides if anyone is to fuck this thing between us up it's likely to be me and I'll definitely let him know that. Not that it's gonna happen right? For now we just plan on being like this for all the tomorrow's"

Emma said

"I'm not sure how your vulgarity ended up being so sweet" Regina rubbed Emma's cheek.

"It's a talent I guess, let me finish up these dishes and I'll meet you in the study for a drink?" Emma kissed Regina and let go.

She joined Regina in the study and took her poured glass of cider and took a sip. "I really don't know how you make this stuff"

"My father taught me years ago" Regina responded with a half smile.

"Who you named Henry after for right?"

"Correct I did" Regina was just continuing to go down memory lane with her thoughts of her father. She sipped slowly and eventually she poured another glass.

"He was the only one ever there for me my mother well ... She was a difficult woman to say the least" Regina said taking a big gulp

"I wish I could have met him" Emma said.

Tears started falling down Regina eyes at a fast pace. She soon was embraced again.

'Shit Fuck' Emma thought to herself "Was that the wrong thing to say? I'm sorry" she said aloud.

"No it's quite alright, maybe I could take you to see him sometime but there is something you should know" Regina pulled away from Emma finishing her cider and went for something stronger and downed it in two big gulps.

"To get here I had to kill my father" she was facing away from Emma.

Emma finished her first glass of cider and set her glass down. She walked up to Regina and turned her around. Placing her finger under Regina's chin and staring into her eyes. She truly was mortfied and it probably did somewhat show but she wasn't going to run. Not when the woman she loved was letting her in. "I'm sorry you had to do that Regina but that's not you anymore. I'd love to go see him sometime with you" she kissed Regina's forehead wrapping her arms around her.

Regina let it all out, fully mourning her father in the comfort of another.

"It's okay, you're okay" Emma said holding her girlfriend close. "I'm here"

"You're not running away" Regina said in between sobs.

"The only place I'm going is to your bed. I'm not running away. " She wiped tears from Regina's face and grabbed some tissues for Regina to blow her nose. "Well lie, I'll go check in on Henry first then your bed later" she smirked.

That made Regina smile after she blew her nose.

"There's a smile" Emma said. "I'll be right back"

Emma ran upstairs and checked in on Henry he was busy reading Spiderman Comics. "You doing alright kid? Lights out in an hour and a half okay?"

"Yes Ma" He was none the wiser that his mom was having an emotional breakdown downstairs.

Emma closed the door and headed back downstairs. Regina was blowing her nose again. "Feeling better babe?"

"Much, maybe a little tipsy now" She threw the tissues away "let me wash my hands"

Emma sat on the couch and waited. When Regina returned she got into Emma's arms and rested her head on Emma's shoulder.

"Since you told me something of your past how about I tell you something about me?" Emma asked. Regina nodded on Emma's shoulder.

"Totally not the same thing but I had a friend once. She lied to me about being in a foster home, when we crossed paths again she wanted to be friends but i just couldn't let it go" She Continued to go on about Lily

"Thank you for telling me. That must have been really hard for you

I guess we both struggled with forgiveness in our past"

They cuddled on the couch for an hour before Emma checked in on Henry while Regina started her nightly routine she didn't want Henry to see her like that.

"Goodnight Henry your mother and I love you very much " Emma said tucking him in and kissing his forehead

"Where is she?" Henry asked.

"She um... cried earlier so she didn't want you to see but don't tell her I told you" Emma said

"Is she better now?" Henry asked.

"Yeah she's better" Emma smiled

"Okay good, I won't tell" He started to close his eyes. "Tell Mom I love her and I love you too"

"I will" Emma shut the door.

She entered Regina's bedroom and brushed her teeth before stripping down to her boyshorts and changed into a clean tank top.

Regina joined in her bed and cuddled closely. Resting her head on Emma's chest. "Thank you for tonight"

"You got it babe" Emma said stroking Regina's hair. Regina soon fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up with Emma to her back. Emma's hand was resting on her stomach. She felt it was curved. Regina moved her hand to Emma's she was very very pregnant. She smiled. She suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom so she moved Emma's hand carefully and slowly struggled to get out of bed.

Once she was finished she grabbed her robe and headed down the hall. She went to Henry's room first as she wasn't sure if this was Sarah or the Twins. To her surprise a grown up Henry was sleeping in his bed. Softly snoring much like his blonde mother. He had scruff growing on his face. He was so grown up she had seen him before like this but it was still a surprise. Her little boy was a young man.

She closed his door and headed down to Sarah's room she was sitting up rubbing her eyes. "Good morning my sweet knight" She sat down on Sarah's bed.

Sarah hugged her mom and give her a kiss. "Good morning Mommy" then she kissed Regina's stomach "Good morning little dumplings"

Sarah put her hand on Regina's stomach "Are they sleeping?"

"I think so Sarah, are you hungry?"

"Yes, mommy I'm hungry" Sarah got up from her bed and waited patiently for Regina to get up then grabbed her hand and they walked downstairs together.

Regina prepared breakfast fruitbowls, yogurt with granola and apple juice for her and Sarah. She started the coffee pot before she sat down next to Sarah.

"Thank you Mommy" Sarah said before eating.

"You're welcome" She took a sip of her juice before eating.

They were just done eating breakfast when Henry came downstairs. He entered and stretched his arms and Sarah took this opportunity to jump on Henry. He scooped her up in his arms.

"Henry Henry! You're here Henry!" She said when she had run to him.

Once she was in his arms she snuggled into his neck.

He kissed her forehead "Good morning squirt I am here got here last night after you went to bed" he hugged her tightly before adjusting so he could carry her with one arm. He walked over to his Mom and kissed her cheek. "Good morning Mom" With his free hand he rubbed Regina's stomach "Good morning little dumplings"

The scruff on Henry's face felt weird when he had kissed her. "Good morning my little prince" Regina said cleaning up after her and Sarah.

"He's not little mommy!" Sarah said.

"He may not but he'll always be my little prince, just like you'll always be my sweet knight"

Henry made himself a mug of coffee while still holding Sarah he took a sip and walked around to the table taking a seat with her in his lap. She just didn't want to let go. "I missed you so much, did you miss me?" He asked Sarah.

"No" she said with a smirk .

"No? You sure?" Henry said with a pout sticking out his bottom lip.

"Yes yes! I missed you lots and lots. Do you have to go back to school?"

Sarah asked hugging him tightly.

"Not today. I'm all yours today. So what should we do?!"

"Are you going to have breakfast? Mommy and me had fruit, granola yogurt with apple juice" Sarah said looking into his eyes.

"I will later, right now big brother is trying to wake up." He took another sip of his coffee.

"But you are awake!" Sarah said.

"You know how sometimes you wake up but you still feel sleepy? That's me right now" Henry said.

"Oh...Mama is like that all the time" Sarah giggled.

Henry laughed. "Yeah Ma is like that all the time..." He then whispered "I think it's because she's old" he joked and laughed. He got a glare from Regina. "I'm totally just kidding, that's just Ma. Some people don't wake up very easy like you."

"I'm wide awake!" Sarah exclaimed

"That you are squirt" Henry said and finished his coffee with his little sister on his lap.

Regina loved watching her children interact with each other. She wondered when the twins would be born. Was that something she wanted to experience in a dream? She pondered as she went to the bathroom. Would that ruin the experience if it were to happen in real life. Though the likely hood of that happening was slim to none as she was aware. She heard Emma's voice saying good morning to their children then asking where she was. She exited the bathroom.

"One of your children is sitting right on top of my bladder" Regina said walking towards Emma.

"I remember when Henry did that to me. I'm sorry they're giving you such a hard time" Emma said and closed the gap and kissed her wife "Good morning my gorgeous wife"

She knelt down and kissed her wife's stomach "Hey there in there can you lay off Mommy's bladder she would appreciate it and good morning little dumplings" She stood up and rubbed Regina's stomach while kissing her wife's lips again.

"To be fair it's not like I knew what I was doing" Henry said.

"No but I had to pee every 5 minutes but it was well worth it" Emma said pouring herself a mug of coffee.

Henry stood up holding Sarah with both arms. "You not tired of me yet?" He said walking to the kitchen

Sarah shook her head and held on tighter to her big brother. He let go of her but she still clinged on. "Don't drop me Henry!"

"I would never drop you squirt" he held back on with a single strong arm grabbing a bowl, spoon, milk, and cereal. "If you had let go I would have caught you" he poured himself a bowl.

Emma poured herself a second cup of coffee and grabbed herself a bowl and spoon. She put the milk away after she poured her own bowl of cereal and sat down on a stool and began eating.

Henry stood and ate with Sarah saying "Ahhh" opening her mouth wide to be fed by Henry to which he happily obliged.

Regina couldn't even sit on a stool if she wanted to. So she just stood next to Emma with her hand on her back. She kissed Emma's cheek then watched all 3 of them eat. She rubbed her stomach. The babies were waking up now and we're moving around. She was relieved to not have her bladder being constantly pressed on.

Henry put away both his and his Ma's spoon and bowl away once they we're done eating.

"Ready to get dressed and go to the park squirt?" Henry asked his sister

"Yes yes to the park let's go!" She said so excited.

Henry carried her upstairs and brought her to her room.

"Okay get dressed and I'll get dressed and I'll show you how to tie your shoes. Meet you downstairs" He kissed Sarah's cheek and put her down before heading to his own room to change.

Emma grabbed Regina's hand and led her to the living room. "Give me those feet" she said and sat down on the couch.

Regina happily obliged and Emma started massaging her feet. "Oh that feels so good"

Henry came down the stairs "Can't you wait until the kids leave" he said in a joking tone. He knew very well later pregnancy was hard on a woman's body. Aches, pains, swelling.

"Very funny Henry" Regina said.

He was putting on his shoes when Sarah came down. "Mama Mommy Henry is going to show me how to tie my shoes!"

"That's a great big brother you have there and when the twins are older you can show them how to tie their shoes"Emma said massaging away at Regina's feet.

"Henry is the best big brother!" Sarah exclaimed.

That made Henry smile. "Come on over here squirt" Sarah walked over to him and he helped get put her shoes on. "You ready?"

Sarah nodded.

"Over, under, pull it tight, make a bow, pull it through to do it right."
Henry said as he tied one shoe and then repeated as tied the other. He untied one shoe "okay you try" He repeated the saying but Sarah was easily getting discouraged as she fumbled with the laces.

"I'll show you again and we can practice more later okay?"

"Okay Henry I'm sorry"Sarah said sadly.

"No sorry needed okay squirt it took Mom a long time to teach me it's okay. You will get it, you're already doing better than I did" he encouraged his sister. He finished tying her shoe.

"Come give your Mama and I a hug my sweet knight" Regina said.

"Bye Mama " Sarah hugged Emma

"Bye Mommy" Sarah hugged Regina

"Bye babies" Sarah hugged Regina's stomach.

Henry said his bye with kisses you his mothers' cheek and took Sarah by the hand "We'll be back in a couple hours" they left the house.

"You know what that means" Regina said with a smirk trying to get up which she did with Emma's help

"I have no idea what you're talking about..." Emma said following Regina up the stairs. Regina dropped her robe which Emma picked up with a grin.

Before the bedroom was the pajama shirt, in the room was the pants.

Emma kissed a bare shoulder before walking around and taking in the goddess in front of her. Regina was taking off her tank top before she knew it.

"I just might miss these hormones when they're gone"

She took a step back to appreciate Regina in her entirety.

"You my sexy beautiful wife are just too gorgeous and other things I can't even put into wor-" she was interrupted by a kiss. Emma deepened the kiss and Regina moaned into it.

Emma finished undressing and removed Regina's underwear for her they moved too the bed and just as it was starting you really heat up Regina woke up.

Chapter Text

Regina was horny as hell after waking up from her dream. She kissed Emma a couple of times. She reached under Emma's shirt and massaging a breast.

"Em-ma" she said seductively.

Emma woke up with a moan coming from her. "Gina babe good morning" she sealed that with a passionate kiss.

Regina moved her hands and Emma whimpered at the lost of touch but it was only for Regina to remove Emma's shirt.

Soon Emma was on top of Regina straddling her and Regina just took in the sight. "You're absolutely delicious dear come here"

And with that eventually Regina's clothes were removed along with Emma's underwear and they had hot passionate sex for 2 hours that morning.

That Sunday repeated much like the past breakfast and just chilling on the couch.

The rest of the days Emma got to know more around the house and was able to help put away the dishes, start coffee, definitely not cook. They were definitely functioning more as a family even though nothing was official yet.

On Thursday as promised Emma called and they fell asleep on the phone. Emma told Regina to pack for the weekend. She didn't say more than that even though Regina tried to get more info.

Friday evening came and Emma was at the door waiting for Regina. Once Regina opened the door she was pulled inside with a kiss.

"I've been waiting since yesterday afternoon to do that" Regina said and kissed Emma again pushing her up against the door.

"Can't we just stay here?" Regina said before kissing Emma trying to convince her girlfriend not to leave.

"I...we...reser-" Emma was interrupted by more kisses and soon she was backing Regina up towards the stairs. Regina wrapped her legs around Emma's waist and Emma walked up the stairs that wait to Regina's bedroom.

Once they got to the room Regina was laid down on the bed and Emma started to take off her clothes. She crawled on top of a fully clothed Regina. "We are leaving after this babe." She then kissed Regina's neck and helped her remove her clothes. Regina then flipped them over. "Gosh you're so beautiful" Emma said.

Regina made her way down to Emma's legs and licked Emma to ecstasy. Emma then returned the favor and eventually they were dressed again.

"I promise you're gonna have a good time. It's nice to get away you know" Emma said grabbing Regina's bag and heading out the door.

"Can't we take my car?" Regina said.

"You letting me drive it?" She waited for a response "didn't think so"

Emma packed the bag next to hers.

Once they were in the car Emma grabbed Regina's hand and rested them in Regina's lap. She drove away from the mansion.

Regina smiled at the touch. "You know I've only left town to get Henry" she said a bit nervously. She wasn't even sure why she was nervous.

"I didn't know." Emma said squeezing Regina's hand. It was a three hour drive they stopped at restaurant and had dinner together halfway through the trip.

Regina was first to enter the hotel room as she unlocked the door. Emma was carrying both of their bags.

"Oh Emma it's beautiful you did this all for me?" Regina continued to walk through the room there was candles rose petals throughout the room. Emma had purchased the romance package. A bottle of champagne on ice sitting on the coffee table.

Emma put down the bags and wrapped her arms around Regina.

"Regina you deserve the best. I hope it's to your liking" she said.

"I've never been treated this way. I really like it Emma thank you" Regina embraced Emma for a couple minutes before kissing her.

"Tomorrow I've scheduled a couple massage. How about we have some of that champagne" Regina let go of Emma and Emma walked over to grab the bottle and opened it. She poured two glasses and met Regina who had moved to the end of the bed. She handed the glass to her.

"Thank you" Regina said and Emma clinked her glass.

"To the most gorgeous sexy smart woman in the world may we be together for a long time" Emma took a drink and Regina followed.

"I don't know if I am all that but you make me feel that way" She caressed Emma's cheek and took another drink.

"You are all that" Emma smiled and took another drink "would you like to watch a movie before we settle for activity afterwards" Emma wiggled her eyebrows

Regina laughed and Emma was filled with joy she really did love the woman's laugh. "I supposed we can watch a movie dear we wouldn't be wanting you to get too exhausted" She said with a wink and moved up sitting against the headboard

Emma gulped at that and refilled their glasses and joined Regina on bed she put Imagine me and you on the TV. She had seen it before but she wasn't sure Regina had. She hadn't and thankfully there were no men in their lives to get in the way. They finished the champagne and Regina did the movie.

"I like it but now you're mine" Regina kissed Emma and was given entrance to kiss with tongue. Emma moaned and started removing Regina's pants. One by one as the kisses heated up clothing was removed until they was nothing left.

They exhausted each other until the early morning.

"You're absolutely insatiable," Regina said yawning settling in cuddling on Emma's chest.

"Well I don't think I'm the only one..." Emma giggled and so did Regina.

"Good night Gina" Emma kissed Regina's forehead.

"Good night Emma" Regina snuggled more with Emma.

Soon they both fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up and felt for Emma but it was warm. She then heard her voice and looked down. Emma was talking to her stomach.

"How'd you like that story little pistachio? Looks like we woke up Mommy" Emma said rubbing Regina's belly and then giving a kiss over the covers. Emma then moved up the bed and greeted her wife with a chaste kiss. "Good afternoon gorgeous. Sleep alright?'

Regina wrapped her arms around Emma "Refreshing" kissing her wife passionately. "Our baby seems to enjoyed your story" she kissed her wife again and Emma placed one hand on Regina's stomach and one behind her neck. The kissing lasted for 12 minutes with hands roaming but no clothes removed. "Wait, I have to pee"

Emma smiled and nodded and watched her wife head to the ensuite she sat up against the headboard and waited while checking her phone. She got a picture message from Ruby and Mulan with Henry at the Science Center at a city out of town they were all sucking their tongues out. The next message a normal one and the next saying "having a blast without you Henry's words not mine" They did happen to be near a space rocket exhibit.

Emma laughed and Regina entered the room.

"What's so funny?" Regina said walking over to Emma's side of the bed. Emma showed her the messages and she laughed as well. She put Emma's phone down and motioned Emma to scoot over on the bed. "Now where were we..." Regina joined Emma on the bed and unbuttoned Emma's super tight pants "off now dear"

Emma quickly pulled off her pants. Regina was wearing a purple silk teddy with matching panties and it showcased her baby bump very well. They began to make out again with hands going under clothes before they were removed. I love yous were exhanged multiple times. Along with some other colorful language.

They cuddled for a short while till Emma's alarm went off. "Shower time babe we got a little pistachio appointment to get to"

They showered and Regina started to heat things up. "Babe I really love your libido right now but we don't want to miss this appointment"

"Ugh but you're just so irresistible right now" Regina pouted as Emma started to dry off in the bedroom.

"Get dressed please" Emma said "just hold that thought for 1 hour that's all we need and I'm all yours since Henry's staying with Mulan and Ruby."

Truth be told it was Henry's idea to spend time over there. Between his parents and his grandparents he needed a break from familial pre hanky panky. Yes, Ruby and Mulan are a couple but surprisingly Ruby could keep it in her pants on occasion which provided Henry much Relief. Not that he blamed anyone but he was a teenager and didn't want anything to do with that. He definitely noticed the change in his brunette mother these past few months.

"Never in my life did I think I'd ever hear you ask me to get dressed" Regina said walking into the closet.

"Me neither babe but here we are" Emma said and they both laughed.

They left the house with time to spare. Emma was flipping through parenting magazines as they waited. Regina just waited tapping her hands against the chair nervously.

"Gina everything is going to be fine, nothing has been wrong at all. We're just finding out if we're having a boy or girl today" Emma put down the magazine and grabbed the closet hand and interlaced their fingers. "Either way babe, heck even if we end up with an alien I'll be happy"

"Really an alien dear?" Regina took a deep breath and relaxed.

"Anything with you is nothing but extraordinary so yes even an alien"

Emma said.

A nurse came over "Swan-Mills"

Both Regina and Emma stood up and followed the nurse.

"Any changes or complications since last appointment?"

"None" Emma said.

The nurse took vitals and then was soon gone.

"I'll love our little pistachio no matter what babe" Emma said.

"I love you for that" Regina said "But no alien"

"What about a Dwarf?" Emma asked

"Hell no and they're hatched out of eggs" Regina said as it was common knowledge.

"Well damn good to know" Emma said squeezing Regina's hand.

Then walked in Dr Lancaster. "My favorite parents to be. Nurse Nicole says vitals are good, no complications or changes. Let's check this baby out. Sorry for the cold" she lifted up Regina's shirt and put on the gel and turned on the machine. She started moving the wand around. "Everything is looking as it should be proper size. Do we want to know the sex?"

They both in unison answered "yes"

"Then I'd like to introduce you both to your baby girl" Dr Lancaster said.

Tears came to both Emma and Regina's eyes.

"We're having a girl Emma" Regina said wiping her tears. Dr Lancaster offered tissues.

"Hello baby girl, I'm still going to call you little pistachio" Emma said wiping her tears.

Dr Lancaster laughed then took a few pictures. Turned on the heartbeat monitor. "Everything is sounding spectacular and no you're not having an alien. Nurse Nicole overheard"

"I would still love her anyways" Emma said.

"That makes you an exceptional parent Emma" Dr Lancaster wiped the gel and put down Regina's shirt.

"Continue to have regular physical activity as it suits you. I know these upcoming months are going to make some things more difficult. Continue on the vitamins and we will see you in a few weeks." She handed the pictures to Emma.

They said baby girl Swan-Mills

"Any questions?" Dr Lancaster offered more tissues to Regina. Who shook her head.

"Nope none from me" Emma said

"Regina, Emma, Baby GIRL Swan-Mills it was a pleasure seeing you all today, till next time" Dr Lancaster smiled and left the room.

Emma grabbed a few more tissues and wiped Regina's tears "you gonna be okay babe?"

"I'm blaming the hormones but I'm also so happy" Regina said

"Hi there little pistachio girl. We're pleased to know what you are." Emma kissed Regina's stomach. "That doesn't mean it has to define you though if you ever feel you're something else your Mommy and me support you"

Regina moved some rogue strands of Emma's hair. Before Emma helped her off the exam table.

They headed home and had spaghetti for lunch along with chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and Cheetos. Which Emma totally joined along in.

They made love after that and Regina woke up absolutely happy.

Chapter Text

Regina found Emma staring at her smiling.

"Good Morning my gorgeous girlfriend. Must have been some dream to have you smiling like that" Emma said.

Regina cuddled into Emma and wrapped her arms around her. Talking into a naked neck and shoulder. "Mmmm...It was good but this is better" She said before kissing Emma's bare skin.

Emma kissed Regina's cheek. "I ordered room service for us, then we should shower before we get our massage"

Regina continued her kisses on Emma's skin. She was about to kiss Emma's lips when there was a knock on the door. "I'd say don't answer it but I'm famished"

Emma got up grabbed the robe that was on the chair and some cash out of her wallet. She took the cart full of food and tipped the bellsboy.

"So I really couldn't decide on what to get so I got a bit of everything including healthy stuff" She rolled the cart to Regina's side. Placing a breakfast tray for Regina to put her food on first.

Regina grabbed some over easy eggs, french toast, and various fruits. "Emma I think you got enough food to feed an Army"

"Besides a few things most of these like the fruit and pastries will keep for snacking on later" Emma ate yogurt and fruit much to Regina surprise along with scrambled eggs , bacon, and a huge chicken fried steak.

Emma placed the cart outside the door and Regina started the shower once they we're done. Emma joined and took over washing Regina's hair.

Once it was all rinsed Regina kissed Emma's lips. "Thank you" Regina said. "Last night this morning and I'm sure today has been amazing"

"I only want the best for you and I'm digging myself a hole early as I don't know how I'll top our first date and then this" Emma said grabbing the soap and beginning to wash Regina's body.

"You don't have to do that dear. Top that or this. It's not a competition, anytime I spend with you is spectacular even our mornings at home." She didn't even realize she called her home as their home. She caressed Emma's cheek."You have shown me so much how you care. Thank you for treating me so well"

"You deserve nothing less" Emma took Regina's hand and kissed the palm before putting shampoo on it and placing it on her head. She placed her own hands on Regina's hips as Regina washed her hair. Shr wasn't sure if Regina realized her slip but she honestly didn't mind it. With as much time as she spent over there it was becoming more of her place of Residence then the loft. However, Regina is what felt like home to her. She felt she belonged, and for a slight moment worry came to her mind and clearly it showed on her face as Regina was soon asking.

"Emma? What's the matter?"

"Just my mind not going to a good place for a sec. It's fine I'm fine" Emma did her best to reassure herself and Regina. She wasn't sure how she was doing on both ends. Though she did what she knew best and pushed it away. Her hair was soon rinsed and Regina was washing her body. Soon enough Emma was drying them both off.

Regina wanted to ask but she figured she shouldn't push, at least not right now.

They spent the rest of the morning and part of the early afternoon in the spa they had a two hour hot stone massage, a skin nourishing mud bath, and lastly a facial. They return to their room in much more comfy robes, which Emma didn't think was possible but alas the room ones were comfy but Emma thought and said aloud "I think I want to live in this robe" she put down the bag of their clothes by the lounge chair and climbed ontop of their made bed.

Regina laughed at that. Which just made Emma's smile so much bigger. She stared at Emma she was falling so deeply for her. Not the dream version of Emma but the real one. Her body soon was flushed with want and desire and so her robe dropped to the floor and she was moving towards Emma slowly.

Emma gulped and fully took on the view. 'Gosh I love this woman' She would tell her tonight at dinner. That's if she didn't spill it out accidentally first.

The sex was slow and very passionate they ended up having leftovers from breakfast as their lunch before they went for a few more rounds and fell asleep.

Regina woke up to a note saying get dressed and meet me at the restaurant at 7:15. She wondered what Emma was up to now. She had an hour and a half to get ready. She had brought a few dresses with her. She decided on the blue dress for this evening. It was long but had a slit that would show off one her legs. She put on her lipstick and checked her phone. She had ten minutes now to get there. She put her phone in her purse and put on some diamond earrings before leaving the room.

She walked up to the reservation area and told them for Swan. She almost said Swan-Mills and smiled to herself.

"Follow me Ms. Mills" the man said to her they walked passed all the regular tables and she was taken to a private yet gorgeous room with candles and floor to ceiling windows. She looked at Emma and lost her breath and her heart skipped. She was wearing a dark blue suit with a lighter blue tie with a pattern and a pink dress shirt.

Emma stood up from her chair and smiled. "Regina you made it, not that you were not going to come because..." Shit she was rambling. Regina greeted her with a kiss.

"Breath dear, though you are breathtaking tonight" she took another kiss from Emma.

"We shall see the sunset while we eat and the ordering has already been taken care of" Emma pulled out the chair for Regina and tucked it in when Regina sat down before taking her own seat.

"Emma this is perfect. I really don't know what else to say" Regina said laying her napkin on her lap.

"I'm glad you like it" Emma said.

A waiter had joined them and poured them their best red wine and another had brought their appetizer.

Regina took a sip of her wine and hummed in delight.

"You like the wine too" Emma said with a smile taking some food onto small plate and eating.

Regina did the same.

"The wine is absolutely delicious, though I'm starting to think I'm over paying you"

Emma laughed "No you're not, I had some savings I dipped into, but don't worry you're worth it"

Regina replied "Well then maybe a raise is in order"

"While I normally wouldn't object I don't want to be seen as getting preferential treatment now that we're dating" Emma took her last bite and smiled she took a sip of wine.

"Well perhaps a small raise won't be rejected" Regina said taking a sip of wine and taking Emma's hand into hers.

"I suppose a small one won't raise questions" Emma said.

"You keep us safe and you're the saviour maybe the people would expect for you to be paid more" Regina added

"Care to dance with me?" Emma said standing up not letting go of Regina's hand.

"There's no music" Regina said but then as if on cue slow music started to play in the background.

Regina stood up and wrapped her arms around the savior's neck and Emma's arms wrapped around her. They slowly moved and swayed to the music.

Their glasses were refilled and plates were taken away. The sun was slowly taking it's departure for the day.

Emma's nose was filled with Regina's scent and the touch of her skin on hers was making her heart race. They were now cheek to cheek and Emma was debating should be looking into Regina's eyes or would be telling her in her ear be more than fine. She went back and forth as the music played.

The song was nearing the end and she dipped Regina and then kissed her when she was upright. She looked into those chocolate brown eyes. She wasn't even expecting to hear it back though she was certain Regina had deep feelings for her. She cupped her loves face and grinned this is it. The sun was in a great spot as if they had teamed together. "I love you Regina"

Tears came down the Mayor's eyes she wasn't expecting that admission so soon, not that she didn't want it. She very much did, and the happiness she felt overwhelmed her. How was it possible for her to be loved after everything she has been through, everything she has done? Did she deserve this? Could the savior be her happy ending? "Oh Emma I love you too"

Emma wiped away Regina's tears. "You do?" A part of her couldn't believe it. This was just to good to be true, but she wasn't dreaming right? She wanted to pinch herself just then but was then passionately kissed. The two waiters had come in to bring their main course had smiles on their faces and soon left.

"What does that tell you Emma Swan?" Regina asked.

"That I'm in love with a really good kisser" Emma said and Regina lightly hit her chest.

"Well so am I" and Regina kissed Emma again. "I love you"

Emma said "I love you too, now let's eat" she said letting go of the woman she loves and pulled out her chair.

They ate and the sun was soon all the way set they finished their meal with candlelight.

"Make Love to me" Regina said as she took the final bite of dessert.

"Don't have to tell me twice" Emma was out of her chair in a flash and Regina giggled. They held hands all the way to the room.

As Emma kissed Regina she unzipped the dress while Regina unbuttoned her shirt they worked together to get naked. Though for a moment Emma was just wearing her tie. Regina used it to pull Emma to the bed before it soon was gone too.

They fell asleep much later that night and I love yous were passed back and forth repeatedly. Emma had her head rested in the nook of Regina's neck and shoulder with her arms around the woman she loved.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up with Sarah quietly talking to her stomach.

"...Mommy and Mama are there best you two will see. Mama says I was jealous but now I'm excited to share all my love too. Plus Mama says I will get special days with her and mommy without you just like Henry did when I was born" Sarah gently rubbed Regina's stomach and placed two kisses. Then she climbed up the bed and snuggled up to Regina she wasn't expecting to have arms wrapped around her but welcomed the touch. "Did I wake you Mommy? I'm sorry I just had to talk to the babies"

"No my sweet knight you didn't wake me. I'm just not sleepy anymore" Regina reassured and kissed the top of Sarah's head. "Promise me you'll give me lots of cuddles and snuggles when the babies are here"

"I promise Mommy" she cuddled up even more.

"There you are squirt" A deep voiced Henry says from the doorframe.

"Sorry Mom I got a phonecall she obviously didn't listen to stay downstairs" Henry said apologetically.

"It's quite alright she didn't wake me, could you help me up Henry since you're here" might as well take the assistance Regina thought to herself. She kissed Sarah once more and let go of her.

"Sure Mom" Henry walked into the room and helped his very pregnant brunette mother up out of bed. As soon as Regina headed toward the bathroom Sarah jumped off the bed into his arms. "You know squirt you'll need to let Mom sleep when the babies are here"

"Mommy said I didn't wake her up" Sarah said.

"Just try to remember for me she's going to be really really tired so you'll need to be a big girl and a big helper. I know you'll be a great big sister" he hugged his little sister.

"Come on let's get your bath taken care of" he walked out of the room and into their bathroom. He set her down and started the water and added the bubbles.

"Yay bubbles!" Sarah's face lit up and she undressed herself putting away the clothes in the hamper like a good girl.

Henry checked the water temp "hop on in squirt, let's sail the seas"

Regina had finished going to the bathroom she had been listening to her childrens' conversation while they were in the room.

She had just entered the hallway when she was hearing laughs coming from the kids bathroom. She took a peak and Henry was playing ships with Sarah. She smiled.

She headed towards Sarah's room and pulled a pair of pajamas out of the dresser. She set it down on Sarah's bed. Regina then headed downstairs to the kitchen. She took out the ice cream and grabbed the Cheetos. She made herself a big bowl of ice cream. She sat down at the dinner table and slowly enjoyed her snack.

Henry came downstairs alone.

"She's out didn't even get five pages into our book. Ma still not here?" He went and made himself a Cheetos-less bowl of cream and sat from his mom

Regina had her spoon in her mouth and shook her head. She wondered where Emma was since she got up.

"She really is overworking herself" Henry shook his head. "How are you feeling Mom" he smiled a way that reminded her of his blonde mother.

"You sometimes remind me of your Ma. That smile you have and I'm ready for these babies to make themselves a home outside of my body" she patted her stomach. It had to be at anytime now.

So Emma was working but why she wondered.

"Any day or night now" Henry said after finishing a spoonful. "Hopefully before I go back to school, you hear that you two? Big brother wants to see you on your first day not via video call" he laughed

"If we're only so lucky, and I think they hear you loud and clear. So speaking of school how's it going?" Regina.

"I can't wait to be done with all of my not major stuff Mom I'm so close. I will have just one math class left next Quarter than I can just focus on writing" Henry said.

"I'm so proud of you Henry" Regina said she finished the last of her bowl.

Henry reached to the back of his head and scratched "Yeah I know" he took a bite of his ice cream then swallowed "So I've been seeing someone for the past few weeks..." He blushed at the thought of them.

"Oh and how is that going?" Regina asked.

"Good it's hard not to compare with my relationship with Jessica. You know how much I loved her. I mean I still care about her but I'm moving on. Their name is Phoenix, they prefer non gendered pronouns. I'm smiling more, they make me feel good. The kisses are just out of this world. If things keep going well I'm hoping to bring them home with me next month" he took another bite of ice cream.

"Well Henry we just want you to be happy. Whoever you are with. I hope you know that. I can see you care for Phoenix deeply already. Your Ma and I would love to meet them. I do know getting over first loves is challenging but just keep moving forward. I wish it wasn't so hard me back then"

"Thanks Mom and if you didn't do all that you did we wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be alive, you wouldn't be with Mom, no Sarah, no twins."

"Still there are things I don't think are forgivable." Tears came to Regina's eyes. Damn these hormones to hell.

Henry got up from his seat and sat next to his mother hugging her the best he could. Regina cried into his shoulder. He rubbed her back. "We all have regrets but you taught me the right people will love us anyways. Both you and Ma, but especially you. No one is perfect mom, I love all of who you are. I know I wasn't the best kid growing up for awhile. I regret breaking your heart for that time. That I didn't understand everything. That things aren't as easy as Good and Evil, black and white. Despite it all you changed and the town for the most part loves you."

Regina nodded removed herself from Henry's shoulder both of them wiped away at tears "I love you Henry Daniel Swan-Mills, you have become a great man"

"Thanks Mom" he got up and grabbed tissues. He had a few tears escape his eyes. He wiped them away and handed tissues to his mom.

"Oh Henry the rest of your ice cream melted." Regina used the tissues.

"No worries" He grabbed the two bowls and washed them in the sink.

Regina slowly made her way to the couch. She flipped on the TV Henry she her watched TV for an hour and forty-five minutes before Emma walked through the door looking completely exhausted from her day off work but as soon as she saw Regina her face lit up.

"What a day..." Emma put away her jacket in the coat closet. Her keys in the bowl. She then walked to the couch and kissed her wife and rubbed Regina's belly. "Sorry I'm so late. How are you and our little dumplings doing? "

Henry answeed for his mom "We just had a heart to heart she's a bit emotional still. I told her about Phoenix too."

Regina smiled and Emma kissed her stomach before sitting down and pulling Regina towards her.

Which Regina leaned into. "We're doing fine, very active now you're home, I've been so worried about you" Regina said and grabbed Emma's hands and placed them on her stomach where the two little dumplings were kicking away

"Phoenix sounds pretty awesome babe, they make our son happy and that's all that matters to us." Emma said.

"That's what I told him. Then I had an emotional breakdown about my time before we're together" Regina said putting her head down

"Oh babe I'm sorry but hey no curse no this" Emma kissed Regina's cheek and rubbed her thumbs on Regina's stomach.

"Alright Moms I'm off to my room, goodnight" Henry got up from the couch and kissed Regina's stomach "Hurry up you two" He kissed a cheek of his moms and headed upstairs to his room.

"My love we should head to bed you look and sound absolutely exhausted" Regina said trying to get up on her own. Emma ended helped her up and put her arms around her when they were both standing.

"Babe I need to eat I'm completely starved, but first I need to properly kiss my gorgeous wife and mother of my children" Emma said tiredly with a smile.

Regina passionately kissed her wife when Emma opened her mouth she entered her tongue. Emma let out a moan and returned with her own tongue they kissed for two minutes

"Need to pee"

Emma patted Regina softly on the butt. "Wow now that was a kiss. I'm gonna reheat some food babe I'll be in the kitchen"

Emma headed toward the kitchen. While Regina headed to the bathroom. Emma dug in the fridge for a couple minutes and found some random food to heat up.

She was standing at the microwave waiting for food to heat up when she felt a pinch on her ass.

"Oh Really Madam Mayor?" Emma said.

"Oh yes Sheriff Swan-Mills" Regina said pinching the other cheek and giggled.

Emma turned around and Regina was kissing her. "I missed you so much today I woke up from a nap wondering where you were..I thought you'd be right next to me"

Regina said kissing Emma again.

Emma deepened the kiss and eventually the microwave went off. Regina was already unbuttoning Emma's uniform. "Babe-" she was kissed again "I'm trying to-" and again and the shirt was being ripped off her just leaving her in a tank and sports bra. "Eat" she finally got out.

"So am I Sheriff" Regina winked at Emma.

Oh fuck hot damn. Emma thought to herself she needed to fuel her body for whatever was going to come next even though she was exhausted she wasn't too exhausted for this. She removed the plate from the microwave. She grabbed her fork and scooped up some food and blew. Regina had opened her mouth and she fed her. She grabbed another bite and blew again.

"Mmmmm tasty but not as good as you" Regina said slowly licking her lips her tongue ended up at her scar before retreating back into her mouth.

Emma's mouth was gaping open not have taken a bite. Regina took the fork and fed Emma. Using her other hand to shut Emma's mouth "Chew with your mouth closed dear"

They took turns feeding each other. Emma heated extra food as she knew she would be sharing. Though as they ate Regina was undressing Emma. Next to go was belt, bra, pants. All Emma was left was her boxer briefs she had started wearing as they were extremely comfy and her tank top.

Regina turned around and walked okay waddled towards upstairs. "See you upstairs makes sure you clean up"

Emma quickly washed the dishes drank two glasses of water and picked up all the clothing items before skipping steps as she went up the stairs. She took a peak in Sarah's room and smiled before closing the door

"Em-ma come here" Regina said naked on the bed.

Emma put away her clothes and locked the door with magic. That move still surprised Regina.

Regina got to eat out exactly how she wanted and Emma returned the favor and then some and she woke up to an unfamiliar alarm.

Chapter Text

Regina felt lips on hers and she kissed them. Emma had turned off the alarm. "Sorry to wake you my gorgeous girlfriend. Go back to sleep. I love you, I'll pack us up and wake you later" Emma said then kissing Regina's forehead.

Regina nodded with a yawn. "I love you too" she said before closing her eyes again drifting back into Dreamland.

Emma started packing when her stomach growled she decided to grab herself some coffee and a few pastries. She ended up grabbing a coffee for Regina as well just in case she woke up but she didn't. Emma didn't let it go to waste. She didn't eat all the pastries either leaving some appetite to eat breakfast with Gina.

Everything was packed but she didn't close anything as they still needed to shower and dress for the drive back. Their morning brunch was going to be more of a lunch with their son but he said he didn't mind. The fact that they didn't call him at all was discussed on the drive over and their phones would be on in case of emergency. Regina wasn't happy about it at first but Emma surely kept her occupied during the weekend. In fact they rarely left the room, not that Emma really had any complaints about that. To her the weekend was perfect.

It took some convincing to herself but Emma decided on a quick solo shower and got dressed. She climbed on the bed and moved strands of brown hair out of Regina's face. "Gina, babe, time to wake up"

"Mmmm you packed everything already?" Regina said opening her eyes looking into the green eyes of the one she loved. Then wrapped her arms around her. "Did you shower without me? " She raised an eyebrow.

"Guilty... If I didn't I wouldn't want to leave this hotel room and we got to get going. Breakfast is on the way and I didn't order the whole menu this time" she said with an accomplished smile.

"I guess I'll take a shower alone." She said with a pout.

Gosh this woman was so damn sexy when she pouts. Emma kissed those lips. "I absolutely regret my decision but stand by it at the same time. I debated for a half hour"

Regina let go of Emma and exited the bed. She made sure she walked slowly to Emma could enjoy the view and continue to regret her decision. She turned before entering the bathroom "Close your mouth before you drool dear"

Emma closed her mouth and swallowed. She answered the door when the bell boy brought their breakfast she tipped him and he was gone. She waited until Regina was out of the shower and in her robe before she started eating. She couldn't stop staring at Regina. Regina was eating while undressing Emma with her eyes.

"Babe you got to stop looking at me like that..." Emma said

"Like what?" Regina said innocently

"Like your going to pounce on me and fuck me till it's late in the evening" Emma said taking another bite of her food.

"Well it's not my fault you're just too fuckable"

"Touche...but seriously we don't have time..." Regina had scooted closer and was running her hand on Emma's inner thigh. Emma shivered.

"You were saying?" Regina took a bite and pushed the cart away. She untied her robe with her other hand.

"We um...I...uh..." Emma couldn't get a word out.

"Just a quickie" Regina said unbuttoning and unzipping Emma's jeans. Emma quickly took them off along with her underwear and took off her tank top leaving her bra on. Which Regina then removed. "I want all of you my love." She tossed the bra aside and they quickly got off before finishing breakfast naked and getting dressed.

"Thank you for coming with me this weekend babe" Emma said kissing Regina in the car.

"Thank you for taking me away for the weekend my love"

"My love... I like it" Emma said kissing Regina one more time before buckling up and starting the car.

Regina smiled and took Emma's hand into hers. She was excited to go back home with the woman she loved.

Regina fell asleep halfway through the car ride home. She woke up as soon as they crossed into Storybrooke. It wasn't painful but she felt her magic return to her.

"Babe you okay?" Emma stopped and looked over at her girlfriend concerned.

"Just my magic returning that's all. We're home" She said with a smile

"Indeed we are babe, soon we will be with our son. Lunch at Granny's and then Lazy Sunday commences"

"We need to go grocery shopping and no it can't wait till tomorrow and then our Lazy Sunday will commence. Well you can stay at the house or with your parents while I go shopping" Regina said

"Don't be ridiculous I'd love to grocery shop with you babe" Emma replied. A few minutes later they had pulled up to the loft. Emma got out and opened the door for Regina.

"Are you sure? What about your mother?" Regina asked getting out.

"She's coming around Gina. She can't keep me away from you. You're my girlfriend, I love you, the history is a bit complicated and weird but I don't care. I'm with you not her. Besides your Henry's mother too" Emma kissed Regina's cheek before grabbing her hand and they walked to the apartment together.

Emma knocked on the door with her other hand. Henry answered the door as soon as he saw his moms he wrapped his arms around Regina "Mom you're back! Did you have fun with Ma?"

"I absolutely did, didn't I my love?" She hugged Henry back.

"She sure did kid" Emma said ruffling his hair and hugging both Henry and Regina.

"Emma, Regina welcome back" Snow said with a smile. Emma walked over and hugged her mother.

"Would you two like some tea?"

Snow asked.

"Maybe another time Mary Margaret" Regina said still hugging Henry.

"Can we go to lunch now?" Henry asked.

"Of course we can" Regina said.

Emma gave a squeeze to snow. "I'll be home tomorrow and we can talk" she said with a smile.

"See you tomorrow Emma, Bye Henry Bye Regina!"

Henry ran over to snow "Love you Grandma" he hugged her tightly. Snow hugged him back. "Love you too Henry"

"Thanks for watching him Mary Margaret" Regina said grabbing Emma's hand.

"It was my pleasure" Snow said

Then the three of them were out of the loft and on their way to Granny's. Once they were sitting in their booth and ordered.

"Did you two do anything fun?"

Henry asked.

"Emma treated us to a spa, I dont know if you could classify that as fun but I surely enjoyed it" Regina said.

"Anything else?" Henry inquired

"Um..." How did she tell him they didn't really leave the room without telling him that... "I told your mom I loved her at dinner last night" Emma said

Regina retold the events to Henry as their food arrived and they started eating. "Way to go Ma! Mom did you say it back!?"

"I love your Ma very much" She said with a smile before taking a bite of her salad.

"Grandpa and I played video games, and then we played some chess and taught me some new strategies. Grandma made cookies but between me and grandpa they didn't stand a chance." Henry laughed.

"Oh Henry" Regina shook her head but laughed as well

"She does make great cookies doesn't she Henry?" Emma said

"Yeah, but not as good as Mom's" Henry said

"Your Mom's cooking is hard to beat" Emma said.

"Thank you you two" Regina said. All those years of practice have paid off. Two people she loved, really loved her cooking. "We need to go grocery shopping Henry"

"Okay" he said taking another bite of his burger and fries.

They finished up their lunch and headed to the grocery store. Emma pushed the cart as she followed Regina around the store.

"Don't think I didn't see you both sneak items in the cart" Regina said as they got to register.

"Mom please can we keep them all" Henry pleaded.

"You may this time but that doesn't mean every time we go shopping this will happen"

"I know, thank you Mom" Henry said with a smile.

Regina loved seeing his smile. The long hug she received from filled her heart with so much joy and happiness.

They returned back to the mansion and Emma brought in the luggage while Henry helped put away the groceries.

"Need any help?" Emma said walking into to the kitchen

"No my love, we're just about done why don't you take a seat on the couch" Regina said.

Emma took a seat on the couch and two minutes later Henry joined her and hugged her. "Thanks Ma for making Mom so happy" Henry said

"Making her happy makes me happy kid." She hugged Henry back.

Regina joined on the other side of Henry for one movie and then he had moved to the floor to spawl out. The couple cuddled for the rest of the time they ended up ordering Chinese for dinner which Emma picked up.

They played the game of Life this time Emma had won with Henry a close second. Regina read with Henry before tucking him in Emma came in and said her goodnight.

Later that night Emma had Regina's head on her chest as they laid in bed together. Regina was aimlessly drawing on Emma's stomach with her finger which occasionally made Emma laugh.

"Emma?" Regina said and looked up

"Yeah Gina?" Emma said and locked eyes with Regina.

"I love you Emma" Regina said with a smile.

"I love you too Regina" Emma said.

Regina kissed Emma and there was a woosh and light that spread throughout the town.

"Was that...?" Emma asked.

"True loves kiss" Regina said not quite believing it. Was she truly awake. She wasn't asleep right?

"True love, sounds about right" Emma said with a smile.

"You really think so?" Regina asked

"Well we just got proof didn't we? However even if we didn't, my love for you is endless. True love or not I'm with you" Emma said.

"I love you so much" Regina said.

"I love you too babe" Emma said with a yawn. "Sorry"

"It's okay you got up early and even I napped in the car, get some sleep. Goodnight my love." Regina said snuggling into Emma more.

Emma tightened her arms around Regina and closed her eyes. "Goodnight Gina"

They both soon fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up to the sound of Sarah crying at this point she had enough dreams she could tell her daughter's cry. It was faint but getting louder. She got out of bed and put on her robe. She met Henry with the wailing Sarah in the hallway.

"Sorry Mom" Henry said apologetically "I tried feeding her a bottle but she was having none of it. She wants fresh milk it seems. Diaper changed and clean. We were having fun on the playmat downstairs till she got hungry"

He added before handing Sarah over.

"That's quite alright my helpful prince" Regina said before shhhing and wiping away Sarah's tears. They both walked into the nursery and register untied her robe sitting down on the rocking chair. She lifted her shirt and helped Sarah latch on and the crying ceased. She wasn't expecting Henry to be just standing there, then again he's probably seen her boobs hundreds of times at this point. His friends might snicker or stare weirdly but he was just waiting for his sister to eat.

"So I've been thinking you know since Sarah's been here..." Henry said

"What's that Henry?" Regina said.

"...Did you miss not doing this with me?" He looked at his mom's eyes and smiled shyly.

"Oh Henry if I had the chance I would have. So in a way I did, but you're still my little prince regardless if I breastfeed you or not"

"I know, and Sarah is our little Princess. Isn't that right Sarah?" Henry said.

Sarah's hand had moved on Regina's chest as if she was answering but she really wasn't.

"She's holding up her head pretty good too on her tummy big bro is so proud of you squirt" he fist bumped his sister's tiny hand.

"Maybe we can go to the park later? It's pretty nice out not too hot or cold. If not I can just go by myself"

"I'd love to get out of the house and get fresh Air" Regina said.

"Sweet I'll go pre-pack her bag." He said grabbing some diapers and a couple clothes. He was just about out the door when he turned around and his voice squeaked "I love you Mom thanks for Adopting me" then he was downstairs in a flash.

Regina removed Sarah from her one breast and put her on the other. "You're so lucky to have the big brother you have. Most teenagers i don't think would be half the sibling he is to you and I'm lucky to have him as my son. "

Regina felt a few tears fall from her eyes; happy full of joy tears. The moment she is sharing and just shared with both of her children filled whatever remaining hole of darkness with light.

"What do you say before the park we see what your Mama is up to? Or do you think after?" She paused as if waiting for Sarah to say something."You're right we shall see what her day is like and go from there. Maybe she'll take a break and join us in the park"

Five minutes passed by and Henry was back in the nursery. Sarah had just finished eating and Regina had just pulled down her pajama shirt.

"Awesome timing" He grabbed a burp rag, offered to take her into his arms and burp her.

"Sorry squirt Ma is at work but you got me" he slowly rubbed and patted Sarah's back. "Don't feel bad if you puke on me. I have plenty of more shirts squirt"

Regina stood up and tied her robe. She kissed Sarah's head and then Henry on the temple. "I love you both"

"@We love you too" Henry said and a moment later she burped.

He continued to burp her and there was some spit up or also known as squirt because that one time Emma was burping her and it somehow managed to get not only on Emma but on Henry as well. Sarah had turned into a puke squirt gun. Though thankfully it only happened the once. Nothing is wrong with Sarah though they did get her checked out after that as Henry never did that.

"I'll just take a quick shower" Regina said.

When Regina got out and dressed they Henry was in the rocking chair with a sleeping Sarah. He seemed to have fallen asleep too. She took her phone and snapped some pictures before taking Sarah and putting her down.

"Didn't think I'd fall asleep" Henry said quietly. "She was just all cuddly, warm, and smells good"

"It's quite alright, thank you for letting me sleep and Shower Henry"

"I have it easy it's no problem Mom. I promise I would help and I'm doing what I can"

Henry said getting up. He looked over at the crib and watched his sister sleep for a moment and smiled. He loved his sister very much. Much more than he thought he would, not that he didn't expect to at all but loving a sibling wasn't the same as a parent or a friend.

He wanted to do what he could and most of all he wanted to protect her even though he didn't know quite how.

Henry left the room and Regina turned on the baby monitors and took the reciever along with her.

They had lunch together in the kitchen.

"Henry are you getting enough sleep?" Regina said as she took s bite.

"Maybe not as much as I used to, not that it's Sarah's fault but she wakes me up but I also have a harder time falling asleep at night yay puberty" Henry said

"If you're tired maybe we will go to the park another time. You need to get more sleep to learn properly" Regina said.

"I know Mom, but I'm not falling asleep in classes like some other kids and they don't have babies at their house I'm fine I promise I'll try to sleep earlier tonight I might be tired enough, if I nap I might be up past 2AM "

"You will do no such thing young man I don't care if it's the weekend" Regina said

"Thought so, so see all is well just a little more tired which is to be double understandable. Baby and puberty"

"Can you stop reminding me how much you're not my little boy anymore" Regina said.

"Nope puberty" Henry laughed and Regina did as well.

Emma walked towards the kitchen "Hello family thought I'd stop by on my rounds" she loosened her tie on her uniform.

She placed the bag of Granny's on the counter "bearclaws for everyone!"

Regina walked over and kissed her wife. "Hell-o Sheriff. Do you know how helpful our first born has been today?"

Emma looked at Henry "how much?"

Henry already had grabbed a bearclaw and taken a huge bite. He just grinned while he chewed.

"He let me nap, shower, he played and burpped Sarah" Regina said

Emma pretended to be shocked "What?! You didn't feed her?"

"Not for a lack of trying. He's been perfect except for reminding me how much he's not our Little Boy anymore" Regina said then showed her phone to Emma. "Look at our children sleeping"

"Awww makes up for being a part of little bit of a brat with the no more little boy" Emma joked, walked over to Henry and ruffled his hair.

Regina grabbed Emma's hand and led her to the study. She closed the door behind Emma and pulled Emma towards her in a deep passionate kiss. "I missed you my sexy hot Sheriff"

"Mmmmm I missed you too but someone has to bring home the bacon" Emma joked and kissed her wife deeply walking her back towards Regina's desk to which Emma lifted Regina on top of once they got there.

"Oh I'm sorry would you like to have the next baby?" Regina joked back.

"Nope, I'm good Henry is enough for me. Next one is all yours provided it works that way...I hope" Emma said with a grin and was pulled into another kiss.

"I don't know you might look good pregnant and I'd be here to take care of you this time" Regina said.

"As much as I appreciate it, whatever more kids we have it's all you babe" Emma checked her watch "and as much" kiss "as I'd" kiss "like to keep" kiss "doing this" kiss. "I want to check on our princess before I have to go." She said pulling away

"I wish you could just stay we are planning on going to to the park"

Regina pouted.

"You know how irresistible your pouts are..." Emma said walking forward Regina pulled her in for one more passionate kiss and then she wiped off the lipstick off Emma's lips.

"I'm off next weekend and believe me as lazy as a Lazy Sunday can get with a 3 month old is what we are going to have."

"Look forward to it Sheriff your Children and I will make it possible" Regina said sliding off the desk. She walked in front of Emma and swayed her hips all the way out the room and returned to normal when Henry was in view.

Emma skipped a step each on the stairs quickly catching up to Regina. They entered the nursery quietly standing side by side at the crib.

"I hope you're having sweet dreams Sarah, Mama is here just to drop by. Hopefully you'll be awake when I get home if not I'll be there when you do. I miss you and love you our little princess" Emma said quietly she wrapped her arms around Regina "I love you babe, will miss you till tonight"

"Love you too miss you too" Regina wrapped her arms around Emma giving a prolonged hug till Emma separated them both.

Emma went downstairs and said love you kid to Henry and was out the door.

Regina went to the bedroom, reapplied her lipstick, and headed downstairs to finish her lunch.

Henry was on his video game system when she got down there. "Ma is very cute sometimes. Heard the whole thing" he said holding up the baby monitor before putting it down and returning to his game.

Thank goodness she didn't say anything dirty like she was going to.

Regina was about to reply when her alarm went off.

Chapter Text

Regina turned off the alarm and Emma's arms around her tightened but she didn't wake up. She caressed Emma's cheek. "Emma my love"

"Five more minutes babe" Emma said not even opening her eyes.

"Sheriff Swan if you don't get up I'll be showering by myself" Regina said.

"Alright I'm up my gorgeous girlfriend" Emma said kissing Regina and getting out of bed. She started taking off her clothes and placed them on her bag. Then walked to the bathroom and started the shower.

Regina watched Emma undress then removed her pajamas and underwear and placed them in her hamper. She joined Emma inside the shower. "Good morning"

Emma grinned "Good morning" they showered and got ready for work. Regina woke up Henry for school and started breakfast.

Their morning went smoothly. Henry was off to school and both women were off to work.

Emma was tapping her pen on her desk. She was going to have a talk with her mom this evening. Unsure of where it was gonna go she continued to think. Emma shook her head and decided to work on paperwork.

On the other part of town Regina was busy with meeting after meeting. There was finally a break when she had lunch she was happily surprised to see Emma with bags from Granny's.

"Thought I'd bring you some lunch and give you a face you'd like to see" Emma said unpacking the food with a smile

Regina walked over and grabbed Emma's ass when she had bent over a second time.

"Well hello Madam Mayor" Emma said pulling Regina in for a kiss.

"Thank you for surprising me" she kissed Emma and hugged her.

"You're welcome babe" Emma said hugging Regina back.

They enjoyed a nice lunch.

"Well babe it's time for me to go. I will miss you tonight" Emma said standing up.

"Do you really have to stay there tonight?" Regina asked stood up and wrapped her arms around Emma.

"I promised Mary Margaret. I promise you I'll call you tonight" Emma held Regina for a moment before letting go. "I love you" she said before kissing Regina.

"I love you too" Regina said.

Emma left and Regina cleaned up their lunch. She had ten more minutes before her next meeting. She stood and stretched. She would miss sleeping with Emma tonight. The minutes seemed to pass too quickly the phone rang and knew it was her secretary announcing her next meeting. She answered the phone and told them to send them in. For four and a half more hours Regina had meetings and then could finally go home.

Emma made it through the rest of her shift fine except for having to work an extra half hour. Pongo went on the loose again. She really didn't understand how the dog kept getting away from Archie but she knew he a smart one.

Emma carried her bag to the loft and unlocked the door. David was in the kitchen with Snow. She closed the door behind her and announced her arrival. "Hey I'm here. Just gonna drop off my bag in my room"

She went into her room and dropped her bag on the bed. She quickly removed her dirty clothes and put them in her hamper. Emma left her room at sat down at the table where there was a cup of hot chocolate with cinnamon waiting for her. She took a sip "Thanks"

"I had just gotten done telling your mom you were running late because of Pongo" David said.

"I really don't understand why he escapes so much" Snow said.

"I think he likes the wind in his ears and the chase" Emma said taking another sip.

Both of her parents sat down at the table.

"Thanks again for watching Henry for me this weekend."

"He's a good kid" David said.

"It really is no problem at all" Snow said and took a deep breath

"Emma-" Snow said

"Mom-" Emma said simultaneously

"Why don't you-" Emma said

"Please let me-" Snow said interrupting each other again.

They both chuckled at each other

Snow took a sip of her tea and David squeezed her hand. "I know things have been a bit distant between us since you started dating Regina and I'd like that to stop"

Emma was going to say something but David shook his head.

"Out of the two of us who would have disagreed with who your dating I thought it would have been your father. I guess with all the time he spends with you at work he's gotten to know you a lot better than I have. He's been able to see how much you care for Regina and that was even before you started dating. He got a jumpstart that I didn't, but still I'm not proud with the way I've reacted and I'm sorry" Snow said then taking another sip of her tea.

"Thanks Mom. I don't just care about her though. I love her. That was part of the reason I took her out of town was to tell her that. Luckily for me she loves me too"

"We just want you to be happy and we've both seen how happy you've been with Regina" David said.

"As much as I had wanted to the more time has passed I couldn't deny how much she's made you, my daughter so happy. You've been so happy Emma, happiest I've ever seen you and her... I don't think I've seen her this happy since her and I met all those years ago"

"Let's try not to do the math okay?" Emma said with a laugh.

"Got a deal with me" David said with a chuckle.

"It's good to see her happy, when I was growing up she was just so sad, until she became angry, but that's not who she is anymore. We both see that now." Snow said.

"I'm glad Mom and Dad" Emma said with a smile she got up from her chair and walked over to them they had gotten up as well and embraced in a family hug.

"You know we love you right kiddo" David said

"Yes we love you very very much" Snow said.

"I love you both too" Emma said

"You called us Mom and Dad" Snow said with a tear in her eye.

"Better late than never right?" Emma said and the three of them embraced again.

After a moment "Okay okay you two can let go now" Emma said.

"I know how much you'd rather be with her so go" Snow said.

"I really can stay for dinner" Emma said. She was really happy right now. Not that she needed her mothers approval to be in a relationship nor her father's but it just made things a lot happier.

"Your mother knew and only made enough for two" David said with a smile and his arm around Snow.

She really tried not to bolt like a kid out of there but she emptied and packed her bag in a flash. She double made sure she had what she needed for the rest of the week.

"Emma before you go" Snow said.

"Yeah Mom?" Emma said giddy.

"Wednesdays from now on are Family dinner nights. Tell her and come with her and Henry" Snow said. She talked about this with David it probably wasn't going to be much longer before Emma was going to move out and they both wanted to see their daughter weekly.

"Okay I'll tell her" Emma flashed a smile "Bye love you!" Then she was out the door.

"She really does love her doesn't she David?" Snow asked

David smiled "She is indeed and happy too. Just what we wanted for our daughter even if it's with the most unlikely person. It's almost as if it's a fairytale."

"Oh David stop it" Snow hit David lightly on the chest.

Emma drove across town to the Mansion. Once she got to 108 Mifflin street she parked her car in the driveway and grabbed her bag of she got out. She locked up the Obnoxious to some Yellow Bug. She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

Regina wasn't expecting anyone so who could be at the door? She took the pan off the burner. Wipes her hands on her apron and goes to answer the door.

"Emma what ar-" Regina said before she was interrupted with lips on hers. She involuntarily let out a moan.

"That good huh?" Emma said with a grin.

"Perhaps. Though what are you doing here?" Regina asked

"Oh, so should I go back?" Emma said slightly turning away from Regina

Regina grabbed and dropped Emma's bag on the floor behind her, turned and pulled Emma towards her kicking the door closed with her left foot and kissed Emma. She then slammed Emma against the door and locked it with her right hand. "You're not going anywhere Ms. Swan"

"You know you could have just said no" Emma grinned "Though I much preferred this" Emma moved stray strands of hair out of Regina's face. She locked eyes with Regina "There are those beautiful brown eyes that I love oh so much"

Henry started coming down the stairs "Hey Mom is dinn-" he then saw his two parents at the door and turned around and went back into his room.

Emma just laughed while Regina had hit Emma on the arm "This is not funny, he shouldn't be seeing us like this." Regina said with a scowl but then added " You really love my eyes?"

Emma caressed Regina's cheek "I, in fact, do love your eyes and have missed them since lunch. He's got to get used to things like this. We are in a relationship and are his parents. Let's just hope it's never naked, now that would be a problem"

"I can't even believe you said that out loud" Regina said backing up "I need to finish dinner, I don't know about you but our son and myself are very hungry"

"Oh I'm starved, whatever you're making I hope there's some for me because it smells divine" Emma said patting her stomach then walking towards Regina.

Regina turned around and walked towards the kitchen "You're lucky I made extra that I was going to bring you for your lunch tomorrow"

"Yes, I am in fact very very very lucky to have the best girlfriend ever" Emma wrapped her arms around Regina as they continued to walk to the kitchen leaving Regina's arms free so she could cook.

"Are you going to stay like this?" Regina asked as she stopped at the stove.

"Do you have a problem with this?" Emma rested her head on Regina's shoulder.

"No" as Regina put the pan back on the stove.

Once dinner was done Emma went upstairs and grabbed Henry. "Hey kid, you scarred for life?"

Henry smiled "No, my mom's love each other. A little gross sure, scarred no"

"Ok, good and yes we do love each other very much. We shared true loves kiss last night before we fell asleep"

"I knew it! I knew you were mom's happy ending" Henry said hugging his Ma.

Regina was sitting at the table wondering what was keeping the two people she loved. She shook her head trying not to run down worst case scenarios.

Emma hugged Henry back "You did say I was here to bring happy endings. We better get downstairs for dinner before your Mom kills us"

Regina was relieved to see a smiling Henry and Emma join her at the dinner table.

"Thanks for dinner Mom I'm starving" Henry said grabbing a whole forkful of porkchips and twiced bake potato.

"Thanks for dinner babe" Emma said after having a full mouthful of food.

Regina smiled as they ate happily as a family. "You're welcome" Neither Emma or Henry said anything about what happened when Emma arrived or what happened upstairs.

They watched some TV before spending time with Henry before he went to sleep.

Regina was doing her nightly routine and Emma had just brought in her bag from downstairs.

"I hope you don't mind but I cleared out some space in the closet for you, and a drawer as well. I cannot have you living out of that hideous bag anymore"

"What's wrong with my bag? It's not hideous" Emma felt slightly offended.

"To each their own but at home are you living out of a bag or a dresser and a closet?" Regina said.

"Fair point babe. Thank you" Emma walked over and kissed the right side of Regina's neck while she was sitting at her vanity moisturizing. Emma took her bag to the closet and started hanging up clothes. Soon Regina had joined her and started helping and put away clothes in the drawer for her.

"This drawer my love" She pointed to the open drawer with Emma's belongings.

"Really thank you for this Gina" Emma said wrapping her arms around her true love.

"You don't think it's too much?" Regina asked a little worried she was scaring Emma away.

"Nope it's perfect" Emma kissed Regina. Regina kissed her back the kiss that had started chaste heated up quickly. Clothes were removed before they existed the closet. They eventually made it to the bed.

Afterwards they laid in bed Regina back in her purple pajamas and Emma in her underwear and a clean tank top.

"What took you so long before dinner?" Regina asked.

"I made sure Henry was okay and not scarred for life. He said and I quote '"No, my mom's love each other. A little gross sure, scarred no'"

"That's a relief that is not conversations I want him having with Archie. What else was there?"

"I told him about our true loves kiss and he hugged me saying he knew I was your Happy Ending then I told him we better get to dinner before you kill us" Emma said

"You are my Happy Ending Emma"

Regina said kissing Emma.

"I hope so, otherwise what is true love for." Emma kissed Regina's forehead. "Goodnight babe"

"Goodnight my love" Regina said closing her eyes.

They both went into Dreamland soon after that.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up in Emma's arms she had an ache in her back and she knew exactly why. She was pregnant the question only remained now was with who(m)

She maneuvered to get up but was unsuccessful with untangling from Emma.

"Sarah is thankfully still asleep" Emma mumbled and opened her eyes. She moved her hand and rubbed Regina's stomach "Good morning little dumplings" She then kissed her wife's lips "Good morning my gorgeous wife"

"I'll never tire of hearing that, Good Morning, though why do you look like you just came out of the lower levels of hell?"

Emma frowned "I look that bad huh? Guess I'll be doing extra makeup today on top of extra coffee"

"It's no fair you get to have coffee" Regina frowned herself.

"Turn that frown upside down Gina babe. Today we get to find out what our two new family members just might be."

"You still didn't answer my question" Regina said successfully getting out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.

"Sarah's nightmares she kept me up all night"

As Regina returned to the bedroom from the restroom.

"Why did you not wake me?" Regina just assumed since Emma said what she said. She hoped if she was wrong she could blame pregnancy brain.

Emma yawned she was now sitting up against the headboard with her knees up to her chest with her arms around her legs.

"You were up once, but the rest of the times you just were too peaceful and I wanted at least the one of us growing two of us to get some rest. Is that a crime Gina?"

Emma really didn't want to get into some petty argument fueled by hormones and she probably shouldn't have added that last part but she wasn't in her right mind. She hoped that it would just bypass after it slipped out of her mouth and things would run smoothly.

"I am her mother!" Regina said loudly but not quite yelling as she didn't want to wake Sarah up.

Awwww fuck here we go. Emma said "Of course you're her mother, no one is saying your not"

"I'm pregnant not an incapable mother" Regina said rather upset and she was starting to have tears in her eyes. Why was she fighting with Emma? She couldn't figure out why nor to stop either. This was kind of reminding her of their earlier days before they loved eachother.

"Babe I'm not saying you are" Emma said.

"No you're just proving it with your actions" Regina said angrily as she sniffled.

Emma got up and tried to wrap her arms around Regina but Regina was not having any of it.

"Do not touch me right now" Regina said walking out of the room and towards down the stairs.

"Well so much for a smooth morning" Emma wiped her hand over her face. "Lower levels of hell round 2" She took off her tank top and underwear and tossed them into the hamper before getting into the shower.

Regina started cooking breakfast but didn't start the coffee pot. "Psh she can make her own damn coffee it's her fault she was up all night"

Emma came downstairs ten minutes later she smelt breakfast and went to grab some coffee but there was none so she went ahead and made a pot. She waited till was enough for her to pour a mug and prepared it how she liked.

"Mmm gosh that's good" Emma said aloud after taking a few sips of coffee.

Regina set a plate of eggs and toast in front of Emma, no bacon. So Emma tried to grab herself some.

"No bacon for you" Regina slapped Emma's hand.

"Seriously? Are we really doing this right now? Your acting like I committed a felony"

They didn't notice Sarah had come downstairs. She could tell something was wrong.

"Did Mama really do something as bad as a Felony? Sarah looked at her two mothers back and forth.

Emma knew she didn't. Question was would Regina realize it or is she supposed to apologize her way out of this even though she technically wasn't in the wrong. She sat down in front of hey plate and started eating.

Regina put a plate of food with bacon in front of Sarah she thought about what both Emma and Sarah said. Did Sarah know what a felony was? If she did that made her kind of proud for such young age to understand something like that.

"Why are you mad at Mama Mommy?" Sarah asked locking her green eyes with her brunette mother's brown ones.

Gosh Regina loved those green eyes that reminded hey so much of Emma. Why was she really upset with her. It's not like she was actually there to be woken up. Maybe it was the hormones, but she didn't want to admit that.

"Mama did something not nice" Regina said being stubborn and made herself a plate with extra bacon. These really must be Emma's kids because she was craving them like no other.

"Not nice? Are you kidding me? I was nice, and that's a problem and I'm not sure why" she wasn't going to say it's was about sleep as she didn't want Sarah to think it was her fault. Emma poured herself a second cup of coffee.

"We will discuss this later" Regina said then started to eat her breakfast.

The rest of breakfast was silent and Emma just left her plate. If she was going to see the light of day she obviously would let Regina do things instead of doing them to help her pregnant wife. Though she wasn't sure that was the right choice.

Regina did take all the dishes happily and did them by hand. By the time she was done Emma and Sarah were laughing watching cartoons cuddled on the couch. She smiled as she rubbed her stomach. They really did have the same eyes and she loved it. Regina headed upstairs and showered and changed. She came downstairs and Emma was asleep with Sarah in her arms. It appears no cups of coffee could keep her awake. Sarah kissed her Mama and carefully got out of Emma's arms and turned off the TV. She put a blanket on Emma before walking over to her Mommy. Regina picked her up and hugged her.

"Your so sweet my sweet knight" Whispering and kissing Sarah's cheek.

"Mama didn't get lots of sleep I had nightmares"

Sarah said resting her head on Regina's shoulder.

Regina rubbed Sarah's back. "Want to tell me about your nightmares baby?"

Sarah shook her head.

"I'm not a baby anymore the little dumplings are"

"You're very right you're a big girl now" Regina hugged her daughter before setting her down.

Sarah kissed Regina's stomach in two spots "Good morning little dumplings"

Regina grabbed Sarah's hand and placed it where one of the babies were kicking. "They're saying good morning back"

Sarah smiled bigged. "I felt them! I love you Mommy. Will you play with me upstairs?"

"Of course my Sweet Knight" Regina said.

Regina and Sarah went upstairs to Sarah's room and played for a half hour before Emma came upstairs.

"Sarah get ready to go to Aunt Mulan and Aunt Ruby's" Emma said.

"Okay Mama" Sarah said.

Emma then said "Babe you too our appointment is in an hour"

Regina said "Alright be down in a few moments"

Emma left the room and put on her makeup so she didn't look like death had become her.

Once they were in the car out of habit Emma grabbed Regina's hand.

Regina intertwined their fingers together. She was done fighting with Emma.

Once Sarah was dropped off they headed to the hospital.

Emma let go of Regina's hand and parked the car. She got out and walked around and opened the door for her wife. Once her wife was out she closed the door and looked into her eyes.

"Are we okay now?" Emma asked.

Regina responded by hugging Emma "Yes we're okay now" it wasn't an apology but the moment had passed. Regina let go and grabbed Emma's hand they walked together inside the hospital checked in and sat down until they were called back and brought to a room.

Regina got up on the exam table.

"This is it babe, no more wondering what our little dumplings are" Emma said kissing Regina's stomach before standing back up.

Regina squeezed Emma's hand and rubbed her stomach with her other one. "Just a few more minutes" Regina said with a smile.

Another two minutes passed before Dr Lancaster came into the room.

"Well if it isn't my favorite couple" she said with a smile. "Are we ready to find out about these two babies"

In unison Emma and Regina said "Yes"

Dr Lancaster lifted up Regina's shirt "sorry for the coldness" she squirted the gel and moved the wand around. "Everything is looking good" she turned on the sound and moved the wand again "heartbeats are good." She then pointed to the screen "Here we have baby number 1 who is a girl" Doctor Lancaster typed on her Keyboard after taking a couple of photos.

"We have another girl Emma" Regina said with tears in her eyes.

Doctor Lancaster took the wand again and found the next baby "and here we have baby number 2 who is a boy if you notice the difference right here she pointed to the screen" She took a couple photos, wiped the gel off, and pulled Regina's shirt down.

"We have both babe" Emma grinned resting her hand on Regina's stomach as she kissed her. "Thank you doctor Lancaster"

Doctor Lancaster typed on her computer and printed out the photos and handed them to Regina.

"Both your boy and girl look Healthy." She said with a smile. "Do you have any questions?"

Regina shook her head.

"Well till next time Mrs. Mrs. Swan-Mills" with that Dr Lancaster had left the room.

Emma wiped the tears from Regina's face. "No more mystery we have a boy and a girl little dumplings"

"You're still going to call them that aren't you?"

Regina asked.

"You know it babe" Emma said with a grin.

Regina got down from the exam table they left the hospital. She was to say something when her alarm went off. She had a huge smile on her face and was in the arms of her hopefully future wife when she woke up.

Chapter Text

Regina turned off the alarm and moved hair that had fallen in Emma's face out of the way. She gently caressed Emma's cheek before planting a kiss to her lips.

"It can't be morning yet" Emma mumbled out.

"I'm afraid dear it is" Regina said slowly getting out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

Emma stretched in bed and let out a yawn. She watched her girlfriend undress and followed suit and meet her in the shower.

They did their morning routine of getting ready and Henry up for school.

Emma started the coffee pot and Regina made breakfast. Emma handed Regina her coffee mug.

"So last night I forgot to tell you something" Emma said.

"What is it my love?" Regina took a sip of her coffee made by her love.

"We're having dinner over at my parents tomorrow" Emma said

Regina choked on her next sip. "Excuse me were are what?"

"Dinner tomorrow at my parents" Emma said putting her coffee mug down.

"You want me at dinner at the Charmings tomorrow?" Regina asked

"Technically it's mom's idea" Emma said

"Of course it is, why don't you and Henry just go have a good time" Regina said dishing up three plates.

"She made sure she wants you there" Emma said.

"You're absolutely sure? Especially after how she responded to us dating?" Regina asked skeptically

"I'm sure" Emma wrapped her arms around Regina "we had a good talk last night." Henry came down the stairs "Which we can talk more about later let's eat" Emma kissed Regina's cheek and let go to sit down.

They enjoyed a good breakfast and work/school day.

Later on that evening.

Henry was up playing video games in the living room.

Emma walked into to the mansion and put away her jacket. Regina soon pulled her in the study and shut the door she was already nursing a drink.

"I don't know Emma..." Regina said unsure

"What about babe? What's wrong?" Emma asked concerned

"Tomorrow's dinner" Regina said taking a swig of her drink.

"Family dinner?" Emma asked.

"So it has a name?" Regina asked

"Well yeah it's every Wednesday"

Emma said

"It's every week!?" Regina tried not to be too loud for Henry to hear.

"I didn't get to that part this morning but yes" Emma said.

Regina started pacing the room.

Emma eventually stopped her in tracks.

"Look I know it's not your ideal group of people, but they're my parents and they want you there, more importantly I want you there can you do it for me?"

"Well I'm as sure not doing it for them" Regina finished the last of her drink. "Yes I'll do it for you but no promises on every week okay?"

"Deal, babe. Maybe every other week?"

"We'll see" Regina put down her glass and pulled the Sheriff down on couch on top of her "I missed you" she kissed Emma.

"Mmmmm" Emma kissed Regina "I missed you too babe"

Regina's hands moved from Emma's hips to her ass as they continued to kiss and make out on the study couch. Time just seemed to pass by till there was a knock on the door.

Emma quickly shot up and fixed her ruffled shirt to which Regina's hands were up and underneath just a moment before.

"Mom? Ma?" Henry asked.

Regina fixed her skirt and hair

Emma removed or tried to remove the lipstick off her face

"What are we having for dinner?" He asked through the door.

"Pizza Henry I'm ordering pizza!" Regina said not opening the door. Helping Emma remove the lipstick

"Awesome thanks Mom!" Henry said. They could hear him walking away.

Regina called the pizza place while Emma planted kisses on her neck. She giggled a few times on the phone. She ordered a veggie pizza and a pizza with Ham (Canadian Bacon) and Pepperoni.

"Your giggle is absolutely adorable" Emma said.

"I can't believe you, I was trying to order" Regina looked at Emma

"You didn't hate it..." Emma rested her hands at the small of Regina's back.

"No but still-" Regina said before she was interrupted by a kiss. It was pointless to talk so Regina sought entrance to kiss Emma with tongue. When it was granted Regina let out a moan. Emma's moan followed.

Eventually they were both standing there out of breath.

"We'll continue this later tonight Sheriff" Regina winked at Emma and left the study.

Emma smiled and left behind her.

Henry already had set the table and returned to his video games. Emma picked up a controller sat beside him.

"How was your day kid?"

Emma asked

"Good" Henry replied.

"Homework?" Emma asked.

"All done" Henry looked at his blonde mother and smiled.

Emma joined in on the game and they played for 20 minutes before the pizza arrived. Regina sat in a chair and read a book occasionally glancing at the two people she loved having the time of their lives with eachother.

They were all happy in the mansion.

Regina paid and tipped the teenager who delivered the pizzaboth Henry and Emma took the pizzas to the table.

They had begun eating when Emma said "Henry tomorrow and futher Wednesdays we will be having family dinner at my parents"

"Okay, Mom too?" He took a big bite and looked at Regina.

"Yes, I'll be attending as well" Regina said half smiled. Emma reached across the the table ad squeezed Regina's hand.

Henry chewed and smiled as big as he could. His fairytale book would have never guess the ex-evil queen would be having family dinner with her rivals for so many years. Fate brought his mothers together. At least that's what he believed. Once he swallowed he started talking about his day at school.

Dinner was over and two hours later Henry was off to bed. Emma was scrolling through her phone in her clean tank top and underwear in bed while Regina was doing her nightly routine.

"Gina I love you" Emma said out of nowhere.

Regina finished putting on her face cream. "I love you too Emma" She got up from her vanity and slid into bed next to Emma. "I love you so much" she said taking away the phone and setting it aside. "Let me show you just how much Miss Swan" Regina purred and then grinned.

With that the two love birds made love until the early hours of the morning falling asleep in eachothers arms.

Chapter Text

Regina woke up and saw the ring on her finger and she smiled. She turned around and reached out only to find the bed empty but the sheets were barely warm. She looked back at the clock and it was 14 past 11AM. Her next thing to do was moving her hand to her stomach. No babies, but there was definitely baby weight there. She got out of bed and put on her robe and left the room that's when she heard Emma's voice

"Big sister's at preschool. Sister is sleeping, mommy is sleeping so it's just you and me Noah. Think you can hold out lunch for 10-15 more minutes my little man? You're such a super calm baby. Unlike how Sarah was but we love her all the same. Don't we Noah?"

Emma was downstairs holding their week old son in her arms. Bouncing from side to side gently. He didn't have much hair but he definitely had blonde hair unlike Henry. It was still undecided on what color his eyes might be as it was soon to tell but as of now they were a beautiful blue. Emma had such a big smile it melted Regina's heart.

Regina walked downstairs and kissed her wife's cheek.

"Hand me our beautiful baby boy" she sat down on the couch with the awesome nursing pillow and unbuttoned her pajama shirt.

Emma handed Noah to Regina and he latched on quickly and hungrily drank his milk. "Did you get enough sleep babe?"

Regina's body felt exhausted but she was awake. "Yes my love" she smiled at Emma but then looked down at their youngest child. While she may not have known that now she would learn about that in another dream.

She was smiling she wanted so much to say it was a pleasure in meeting him but that would seem obviously strange to Emma. He was so perfect and looked so much like Emma.

When she looked up and found Emma's green eyes all she saw and felt was pure love.

"I love you Regina Swan-Mills" Emma said watching in awe.

"I love you too Emma Swan-Mills"

She looked down "and I love you Noah"

"I'm just going to check on Gabrielle" Emma said before skipping steps up the stairs.

"So that's your sister's name" She whispered as she transferred Noah to her other breast. She could just hear Sarah saying she's so silly for not knowing that.

Regina continued to watch her son eat until he stopped. "Are you all full?" She grabbed the burp rag and started to burp him.

Emma came downstairs empty handed. "She's still out" she grabbed Noah and finished burping him. "Did you save some for your sister to have later?" Emma joked sorta. Emma set Noah down in a bouncer and turned it on. She then to the kitchen and returned with the breast pump and handed it over to Regina.

"Remember babe if there's not much we just keep the routine as the nurse said and eventually there will be enough"

"Enough what?" Regina wondered and started pumping.

"Breast milk for the both of them" Emma looked at her strangely.

"Oh right sorry head was somewhere else" Regina said unsure she was pulling that off.

"Look there's nothing wrong with you, your body just to adjust and it will. If not well we got one great kid formula only fed, just imagine two hybrid fed babies"

"Right..." Regina said. So she wasn't producing enough milk. That was no problem with Sarah. Was there something wrong with her? She immediately thought. No, Emma just said there wasn't and she did mention a nurse.

"Either way our babies will be healthy no matter what"

She finished pumping and Emma took it. Regina buttoned up her shirt.

Emma put away the bottle and set the pump of for next use. "Babe why don't you get in a shower?"

"How about we take the bouncer upstairs and shower together?" Regina walked behind Emma and wrapped her arms around her.

"Yeah?" Emma replied.

Regina kissed Emma's neck that sent shivers down Emma's spine. "Yes, I'll grab Noah, you put the bouncer in the room"

"You got it babe" Emma said happily.

Regina grabbed Noah and the baby monitor and headed upstairs. Emma grabbed the bouncer after turning it off, and set it down on their bedroom floor but there was no Regina.

Regina had gone into the nursery to change Noah's diaper. She took a peak at Gabrielle she also had blonde hair but looked like Regina. She was still sleeping away.

Regina came in with a fresh changed Noah and placed him in the bouncer and turned it on. She heard the shower going and undressed. Tossing her clothes into the hamper. Grabbing the baby monitor she set it on the bathroom counter. Should Gabrielle wake up they could hear her, she left the door open just in case Noah would cry.

Emma was finishing shampooing her hair by the time Regina joined her. "Hey there stranger. I sure hope your my wife"

"You bet your white ass it's me" Regina said grabbing Emma's butt and they both laughed.

Emma rinsed her hair and opened her eyes.

"Yup you're my wife" she said kissing her on the lips. Regina took this opportunity to feel Emma's abs.

"I'm so jealous of your abs but am enjoying them so much"

Regina said.

"I enjoy you enjoy them." Emma grabbed shampoo and started shampooing Regina's hair.

"And I know it's only been 7 days but I've missed this too. This is probably a fluke right now. I'm almost wondering if I'm asleep dreaming of showering with you."

"Surely we've gone longer..." Regina said and Emma moved out of the way so Regina could rinse her hair.

"Nope not since we started showering together 2 maybe 3 days tops"

"You've kept track all these years?"

"You bet your olive toned ass I have. Those have been few and far between"

Regina kissed Emma deeply and Emma let out a moan.

"I love that sound" Regina said.

"If you're not careful this is going to turn into a cold shower" Emma said.

"Just because I can't receive doesn't mean I can't give" Regina said kissing Emma again more passionately this time. Emma moaned again

"The fact that your even considering this 7 days after giving birth is amazing but I will make this shower cold. I want to wait for you" Emma said.

"Do you not find me attractive?" Regina frowned. Grabbing the soap and loofah and washing Emma.

"Babe no, it's not like that" Emma grabbed Regina's loofah and grabbed the soap and started washing Regina.

"If I could bend you over and fuck you right now I would but I can't so let's wait"

"If you insist, turn around" Regina said and waited for Emma to turn around and washed her back.

Emma turned back around and kissed Regina with all the passion she got and this time they both moaned.

"You are the most sexiest woman ever in my life babe I can't wait to fuck you and hopefully not knocking you up again" Emma said turning Regina around and washing her back.

"I swear they better be at least a year old and I'm really not looking forward to more children then the four we have" Regina said.

A cry came from the baby monitor.

Emma gave a quick peck to Regina's lips. "I'll get her you finish up" Emma left the shower and headed towards the nursery.

Emma picked up the crying Gabrielle "shhhh Mama is here. Mommy's in the shower and just fed your brother not too long ago. Let's check this diaper of yours... Woah now that's a mess now let get you cleaned up. Mama will make you Mommy's special milk bottle just for you" Emma cleaned up the mess and even changed her clothes as smell penetrated through. She headed downstairs and bounced Gabrielle her crying didnt stop. She grabbed two bottles and poured the contents of with the other before sticking it in the milk warmer. Once she was satisfied of the temperature fed it to a hungry Gabrielle.

"You slept good didn't you? Noah took dibs since you were sleeping. I bet he was happy getting it straight from the source this time. Hopefully soon Mommy will be able to feed the both of you and if not yummy yummy formula is waiting for both of you. Emma fed Gabrielle standing up as she was burping hey Regina came downstairs alone with the baby monitor.

"Noah's asleep did she eat okay?" Regina asked.

"Yeah she drank it all. I was thinking if you're feeling up to it picking up Sarah this afternoon at preschool take her for some ice cream?" Emma asked finishing burping their daughter.

"Yeah I'm sure I could do that I'm sure she would love that" Regina said.

"If you get tired just let me know and I'll get her okay?" Emma said

"I'll be fine I had a really good nap and shower thanks to my amazing wife" she gave a chaste kiss to Emma's lips before stealing away their daughter. "Did you sleep well our little princess? Will you be a knight like Sarah? You can be whatever you want to be" Regina talked to Gabrielle.

"Sarah will always be our little princess too. You are a Queen "Emma said.

"And so are you" Regina said

"Oh yeah..."Emma said kissing the top of Gabrielle's head

"My love?" Regina asked

"Yeah babe?" Emma asked.

"Could you get us some bacon cheeseburgers? With onion rings, fries and banana milkshakes?"

"Sure thing Gina I'll check in at the station if that's alright?" Emma asked

"That's alright but they don't need you that's why your worked so hard up until they were born" Regina stated.

"I know I know I just want to make sure everything is running smoothly as I intended. I'll be gone 30 minutes tops" Emma said

"You better Sheriff or you'll be sorry. I might not be pregnant anymore but I'm very hungry" Regina said.

"Noted" Emma kissed Regina goodbye and was out of the house.

"What shall we do while Mama is gone?" Regina said and took a seat on the couch. She gave a kiss to Gabrielle's head and took a deep breath in capturing that new baby smell.

"Mama cleaned you up well. I love you Gabrielle. Mommy waited a long time for you. I'm so happy to meet you my sweet girl. You might be thinking I'm silly but Mommy is dreaming right now. I really hope to meet you in my awake life."

Regina continued to cradle Gabrielle in her arms.

Her eyes felt heavy so she gave into sleep. Gabrielle was awake and content in her mother's arms.

Emma was back 25 minutes later with food and milkshakes.

She set the food and drinks down on the coffee table. She picked up Gabrielle and set her in a bouncer and turned it on.

She went back to Gina and kissed her lips "Gina babe"

"You're back..." Regina said

"She's in a bouncer, don't worry she's not far. Food is hot. I'm just going to check on our boy. Start without me" Emma squeezed Regina's shoulder. She left for upstairs.

Regina took a sip of the milkshake first. Then she set the rest of the food out digging into the onion rings, then her burger. "Oh this is so good." She wondered if the food was just as good in real life.

She was halfway done before Emma came downstairs and sat beside her.

"You really were hungry" Emma smiled and ate a fry.

"How's Noah? " She sipped her shake

"Sleeping like an angel" Emma took a bite of her burger. She finished chewing and swallowed before taking again. "Why don't you take another nap before you go get Sarah. I'll take care of our dumplings" she popped a fry into her mouth.

"Thank you my love I just might do that. I thought I was wide awake but now I'm feeling tired." Regina said.

Emma squeezed Regina's thigh "thank you for our family Regina. This is everything I ever dreamed of"

"I wouldn't have them without you my love so thank you" Regina said with a beaming smile and hugging Emma.

Regina finished her food and caressed Gabrielle's cheek telling her and Emma she loved them before heading upstairs. She headed to the nursery and whispered I love you to Noah. When she got in the room she laid down under the covers wasn't sure if she wake up still dreaming. She was just taking it all in hoping not forget when she woke up for real.

She yawned and played with her rings on her ring finger. "I hope someday all of this is real" she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

When she woke up she was alone in bed with no rings on her finger. Where was Emma? She frowned.

Chapter Text

Regina sat up and stretched. She checked the clock. Did she sleep through her alarm? She removed her pajamas and got into the shower. She was washing her hair when a familiar body joined her in the shower hugging her from behind. "Emma where were you?"

Emma started washing Regina's back. "Couldn't sleep went to Granny's and picked up some breakfast. Decided you could use some more sleep. I was just about to wake you up. Henry's gotten up already too he's downstairs eating."

Regina rinsed her hair and back then wrapped her arms around Emma "I just missed waking up in your arms"

Emma kissed her. "Did you get enough sleep?"

"Yes I did thanks to you" Regina said kissing Emma.

They finished their shower and both got for ready for work.

Regina was first downstairs.

"Good morning Mom" Henry said as soon as Regina made it to the kitchen.

"Good morning my Little Prince"

She took out her fruit bowls Emma got her for breakfast out of the Granny's bag.

"Mom... I'm not little anymore" here said embarrassed.

"But you'll always be my Little Prince" she said talking a bite of her breakfast.

Emma stepped in the kitchen. "Yeah kid even when you're 20 you'll still be her Little Prince" she ruffled his hair.

Henry just shook his head.

"Henry why don't you go get your stuff and I'll take you to school" Emma said and Henry left the kitchen. Emma took this opportunity to kiss her girlfriend.

"Thank you for breakfast" Regina said and kissed Emma back.

"No problem babe. I'll see you tonight. I love you" Emma said with a smile.

"I love you too" Regina kissed Emma one more time before they both let go of eachother.

Emma left with Henry. The house was quiet. Regina had a smile on her face as she quickly ate her breakfast.

After work and school no one forgot it was Family dinner.

David answered the door "Emma, Henry, Regina welcome come on in" he stepped aside to let them in.

"Hi Grandpa!" Henry hugged David.

"How's school this week so far?" David hugged him back.

"It's going good, video games before dinner?" Henry asked

"I suppose if it's okay with your Moms"

Regina nodded and soon she was bombarded by Snow and what she would call a death hug.

"Regina I'm so glad you could make it" Snow said.

"Thank you for inviting me" Regina said with her polite mayoral voice.

"Mom you can let her go now" Emma said.

"Oh right sorry" Snow let go of Regina and then hugged her daughter.

Emma hugged her mom back. "Mom you can be a bit less aggressive with your hugs. It's a bit too tight"

Snow let go of Emma "Sorry. Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes" she said cheerfully.

"Anything I can do to help? "Emma offered but also grabbed Regina's hand and intertwined her fingers with Regina's.

"No sweetie just settle in. Oh I did some of your laundry for you." Snow said.

"Thanks Mom you really didn't have to do that..." Emma said. "I'll just check on that laundry then." She didn't let go of Regina's hand and they both headed towards Emma's room. Emma passionately kissed Regina and closed the door with her foot.

"Your parents and our son are downstairs" Regina said.

"I've waited all day for this, just a few minutes of kissing my girlfriend please?" Emma kissed Regina again. They laid down on the bed careful not to knock over the clothes that we're sitting on the edge. Things escalated and hands were roaming.

Snow walked in "Dinner is... Oh gosh!"

"Mom couldn't you have knocked?" Emma said.

Snow left closed the door behind her.

Regina was absolutely embarrassed and wanted to leave that instant. Her cheeks were red and she was getting up from the bed when Emma pulled her back down and laughed.

"So that's what getting walked in on by your parents is like... Check that off on the I've never list" Emma continued to laugh

"I can't believe you're laughing right now" Regina said but Emma's laugh was infectious and soon she found herself laughing too. She wiped her lipstick off Emma's face before getting up successfully and reapplying on her lips.

"I almost think you might have done that on purpose" Regina said.

Emma came up from behind her and wrapped her arms around her. "Maybe, maybe not. You'll never know. You look great and thanks for coming over tonight I know you much rather be at home"

"Your lucky I have a soft spot for you Sheriff" Regina said.

Emma kissed Regina's cheek. "Yes I am very very lucky. Come on let's get this dinner over with"

Regina and Emma headed downstairs. Snow was putting dinner on the table. Henry was sitting to the right of David. Regina sat next to Henry. Emma sat at the head of the table between Snow and Regina.

"So Regina how are things going at the Mayor's office?" He said passing the mashed potatoes.

"Well, tedious meetings here and there but nothing I can't handle thank you for asking David. How's the Sheriff's office?"

"Weird to have my daughter as my boss, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The town is safe " David said before smiling at Emma.

"Dad did you tell Mom about that thing you were talking about the other day?" Emma asked David.

"No not yet maybe after dinner" David said.

Snow didn't even inquire at all as she loaded her plate with food.

"Grandma the chicken is very good" Henry said taking healthy bite.

Snow is silent.

"Mary Margaret are you alright? Henry complemented your chicken" David asked.

"Huh? Oh yes, thank you Henry" Snow said.

"Grandma's just embarrassed she walked in on Ma and Mom making out" Henry said.

Snow turned all red.

In unison Emma and Regina "Henry!"

"I'm 11 and I know to knock, just saying" Henry took a big bite of his green beans.

Regina just smirked and continued to eat her meal.

Emma was thinking 'kid has a point' but had to be an adult "Apologize to your grandma"

"I'm sorry Grandma" Henry said with his head lowered.

"You're forgiven Henry. I guess I've learned my lesson haven't I?" Snow said.

"Our daughter's all grown up" David said with a smile and put his arm around Snow "I'll make sure to knock as well"

"Thanks...and yeah mom Henry's absolutely right you did a great job on the job with the chicken." Emma said as she grabbed a second portion.

"Thank you Emma. So how are things with work?" Snow asked

"Towns pretty quiet for the most part. Just the usual your dwarf getting far too drunk, Pongo escaping. Occasionally some disputes to break up. I hope it stays this way." Emma said taking a bit of her chicken and potatoes.

Regina continued to eat in silence as conversation continued on the table. Emma's hand at one point moved to her thigh and gave a gentle squeeze. Dinner wasn't so bad with the Charmings after all.

Once dinner was done David collected all the plates.

"Well thank you so much for dinner it was really delicious" Regina said removing Emma's hand from her thigh.

"Moms can I stay the night? I already finished my homework?" Henry looked to Emma then Regina.

Emma looked at Regina who just smiled. Man she loved that smile. "Yeah kid you can if it's okay with your grandparents"

"We'd love to have him over. I'll definitely make sure he gets to school on time" Snow said.

"Thank you thank you!" Henry got up and then hugged Regina then Emma. "Come on Gramps time to get your butt kicked" Henry said walking to the living room.

David just laughed. He kissed Snow on the cheek and headed towards the living room as well.

"Mom do you need help with the dishes?" Emma asked standing up.

"Oh no sweetheart I got it" Snow said.

Emma walked over to Snow and waited for her to stand then gave her a hug. "Thanks Mom for dinner it was really great. You sure you don't need help with the dishes" she asked again.

"I'm sure and thanks for coming over. We'll see you next week for dinner right?" Snow asked.

Regina stood up and said "You will." She walked over grabbed Emma's hand and was hoping to avoid a hug from Snow.

Snow hugged the two of them briefly. "Okay we will see you three next week! "

"Henry make sure to brush your teeth" Regina told Henry.

"Yes Mom!" Henry said

"Bye Dad, Bye kid" Emma said

Both David and Henry said their goodbyes as they concentrated on their game.

With that Regina and Emma left.

"I just remembered does Henry have clothes?" Regina said outside the door.

"He's got a whole dresser full of clothes still. "

"Alright" Regina said.

They headed home. Regina kicked off her heels inside her office and grabbed two glasses and filled them with cider.

"Why Madam Mayor are you trying to get me tipsy?" Emma asked closing the gap between them.

Regina gave a chaste kiss handed Emma her glass. "Not tonight, or at least not this moment my love I actually have some work to do."

Emma took a sip then responded with a pout.

"Put away that lip Miss Swan or you won't get what I have in store for you later" Regina said walking and sitting down at her desk.

"Yes, Madam Mayor" Emma said as she sat down on the couch.

Regina worked and Emma had a few glasses of cider as she read a book, played with her phone, stared at the woman she loves as she worked away. She eventually fell asleep.

Regina finished up her work and walked over to Emma. Can Emma be any more adorable? Regina thought to herself. She removed the blanket she had placed earlier. "Emma wake up my love"

"Mmmm five minutes more babe" Emma mumbled.

Regina straddled Emma and nibbled on her ear. "Wake up sleepy. I'm all done with work" She massaged one of Emma's breast and that elicited a moan from Emma.

Emma grabbed Regina by the waist as Regina kissed her with all the passion she had. She then stood up carrying Regina to her desk where they fucked long and hard.

It was 2 :30 am by the time they got to the bedroom. They made love in the kitchen before then. They both were completely spent and sated.

"I love you Emma Swan" Regina said as her head laid down on Emma's chest and Emma was running her fingers through her hair.

"I love you too Regina Mills. Goodnight babe" Emma said and kissed the top of Regina's head.

"Goodnight my love" Regina said and the two of them fell asleep

Chapter Text

A few months passed and Emma officially had moved into the Mansion. It happened during an anniversary dinner. Regina presented her with a key. Which Emma gladly accepted and they both had cried tears of happiness.

Regina was very worried that Emma would run on her but she didn't.

"I'm scared to death" Emma had said and Regina's heart sank.

Emma had reached across the table in the Mansion dining room and intertwined both hands with Regina's

"If I ever run, come after me Regina" Emma had the habit of running due to her past but she wanted to continue to be with Regina and Henry.

"Not that I'm planning to." She came across the table and kissed Regina in a way she hoped said everything she couldn't say.

"I'm home" Emma said with a few tears falling down her cheeks.

Regina wiped them away. Those two words filled her heart with so much joy. "You're home, and your mine my love"

Emma wiped the tears from Regina's face as well "As you are mine" She placed a chaste kiss. "I suppose we should finish our cold dinner then"

Regina had chuckled. "I suppose so"

Emma got up and walked away.

"Emma, I thought we were finishing dinner" Regina said.

Emma walked over to grab her keys and returned to the table. "I can't lose my house key" she said with a smile. She removed the key from the box Regina presented the key with and grabbed the key and placed it on her keychain. She set her keys on the table and they resumed eating.

"Henry is going to be thrilled" Regina said.

"I'm sure he's already celebrating with mom and dad, I love that kid" Emma said. "I know you asked him already"

"You know me so well" Regina said taking a sip of her wine.

When they were finished, they took care of the dishes together. Kissing here and there. Things heated up and they didn't make it to the bedroom first, but they did eventually.

Emma was watching Regina sleep that following morning. Regina was smiling in her sleep and Emma kissed her forehead. She decided to untangle herself and put on some clothes. Regina stirred but didn't wake up.

Emma proceeded to sanitize the kitchen that morning. She picked up their clothes and just tossed them into the laundry room. She was drinking a cup of coffee and staring off into space when Regina came downstairs and came to her side wrapping her arms around her girlfriend and kissing her good morning.

"Good morning my gorgeous girlfriend" Emma said after the kiss.

"Good morning you didn't wake me, and you cleaned?" Regina asked raising an eyebrow.

"I thought it was the least I could do after last night … " Emma smirked and kissed Regina.

"Well yes, I guess you're right, you're absolutely insatiable" Regina said letting go of Emma and fixing herself a cup of coffee.

"What would you like for breakfast, my love?" Regina asked.

"How bout I grab Henry while you make brunch, waffles, eggs, and bacon please babe?"

Regina regarded the time, she did sleep in rather late. "Brunch waffles, eggs, and bacon it is. Go get Henry it all should be ready by the time you're back"

Emma got changed and the smell of bacon was in the air when she came downstairs. She grabbed her keys that she had left on the dinner table. She kissed Regina goodbye after entering the kitchen and soon was in her bug driving to here parent's loft after she locked the door with her brand-new key.

Emma knocked on the door to the loft. Snow answered the door "You're early, we weren't expecting you for a few more hours"

"What can I say I missed my kid, where is he?" Emma asked as she stepped into the loft and closed the door behind her.

"He's in the shower" Snow said. "Would you like some hot chocolate?" Snow offered to her daughter.

"Yeah sure" Emma sat down at the dining table. "Henry was good last night?"

Snow had put the kettle on the stove "You know he always is, is something troubling you Emma?"

"Troubling me? No I just want to make sure my kid is still on good behavior" To be honest though she was a little wary it wasn't because of Henry.

"You don't have to lie to me Emma I'm your mother" Snow said placing her hand on Emma's shoulder.

"You already know Mom so why are you even asking" Emma said.

"Because you're not going to screw this up Emma, you know Regina is your true love, the past is the past and no matter what happens from now till forever the two of you will work things out. You've gone from hating each other to loving each other. You'll always find each other." The kettle started to whistle and Snow left Emma's side and prepared the tea.

Emma sighed. "I really hope so Mom" she took the cup of hot chocolate from Snow. She always prepared it how she liked. "I should be happy and ecstatic, which I am but I'm also terrified. I don't want to lose her. I don't want to lose any of you."

Snow reached across the table and grabbed Emma's hands "You won't lose any of us ever" Snow smiled at her daughter.

The fact that her daughter was struggling with this panged in her heart. All she could do was be there for her, she couldn't fix the past and the cause of all of this was also the love of her daughter's life. It was complicated. Snow didn't hate Regina anymore because of it. It was what it is. Their destiny, their fate for whatever reason.

Emma squeezed her mothers' hands before cupping the hot chocolate with both of her hand and drinking away. "I don't know what I'd do if I ever did…" Emma tried to smile.

Henry came into the dining room, well what you could call the dining room section of the loft all dressed. "Ma, you're here early" He came to her side and hugged her.

"I missed my kid, I decided to come get you. Mom's making brunch as we speak"

"I already ate, but I'm sure I could eat more" He said with a sly grin.

"That's my boy" Emma said with a laugh. Then Snow and Henry joined in.

Emma finished her hot chocolate with cinnamon and stood up. "Thanks, Mom, for the talk"

"You know I'm here for you anytime sweetheart" Snow said standing up and they hugged. A little bit too long for Emma's liking but she accepted it.

"Ready to go kid?" Emma said

"Yup!" Henry said he went to Snow and gave her a hug "Bye grandma tell gramps thanks for the fun last night. "

Snow said "I will Henry"

Both Henry and Emma left the loft.

"So did anything happen last night?" Henry asked as they drove back to the mansion.

"Happen? I don't know what you're talking about Henry. Your Mom and I just had a very nice anniversary"

Henry was excited "She didn't ask you anything?"

"It was a very nice evening that's all" Emma said. She didn't want to tell him just yet.

"Well that's good" His mood evened out, he was a bit disappointed, maybe his Mom got a bit hesitant but he knew eventually Emma, his birthmother would be officially living with them instead of basically living between two places.

Once the car was parked in the driveway they both exited the car. Henry ran to the door and went to open it and it was locked, he was confused wasn't his Mom at home?

Emma pulled out her key "We really should be a bit safer and not leave the door unlocked all the time, even if we are home" She winked at Henry and unlocked the door and walked inside.

She was halfway to the kitchen "Babe we're ho-" she was interrupted when Henry crashed into her from behind. She loosened his grip for a short moment so she could turn around and hug him properly. "That's right Henry, we're home, I'm Home"

His hug tightened "You're finally home"

Regina joined them in a family hug "Welcome home my family"

"It feels good to be home, is brunch ready babe?" Emma asked.

"Yes, it's ready" Regina said.

They sat around the dinner table and enjoyed breakfast.

"Mmmmm babe it's so good"

"Yeah Mom, I think it tastes extra good today" Henry said eating a piece of bacon.

"Thank you, I wonder why that is?" Regina said with a big smile.

"It's about time you finally are home Ma, I'm so happy" Henry said.

"I'm sorry for taking so long, but you know this really doesn't change much. I just have a key. I've basically been living here for months. You know I already do my laundry here too…" She wasn't trying to play down the huge event but it was true she practically lived there. The Domestically of their family unit had grown as the months had gone by.

"Though I can't wait to have so many more meals at home…and maybe someday I'll be able to cook for all of you."

"You are improving, slowly with cooking skills" Regina reached across the table and squeezed Emma's hand.

"Yeah. you're not burning toast anymore" Henry laughed

"Hey that was totally like twice, I'm telling you that was your grandma's toaster. Something was totally wrong with it!" Emma defended herself.

The rest of the day was filled with much more laughs, hugs, snuggles, movies, and games.

Later that evening Emma was holding Regina in bed. "Babe…"

"Yes, my love?" Regina asked.

"Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me" Emma said.

Regina adjusted herself so she was facing Emma "You know I'd do anything for you Emma, you do know that right?"

"I know, but my struggles, I'm sorry" Emma said with a frown.

Regina kissed that frown away. "I'm just as scared but we are in this together, right?"

"Absolutely Gina, believe me I don't want to go anywhere" she kissed Regina.

"I know what you're thinking now and no let's not go down that road" Emma said she tightened her hold on Regina.

Regina was caught red handed if she hadn't casted curse, Emma wouldn't struggle as much as she did, but they wouldn't have Henry or each other. She caressed Emma's cheek "I Love You so much Emma Swan"

"I Love You too Regina Mills" Emma locked her green eyes with Regina's brown one's where they both got lost in each other for a while before they both fell asleep

Chapter Text

Regina walked over to the Sheriff's office later that morning. Her girlfriend had already left the house by the time she got up, a note was left saying Emma got a call and was sorry to miss their morning routine. She received a text that everything was fine by the time she got to work.

She could have waited another 45 minutes and she would have seen Emma's beautiful face but she couldn't wait. She wanted to see it, feel it kiss it. Oh how much time has changed from the many Thursdays she dreaded to see the Sheriff for their weekly meetings. Now she couldn't imagine her life without Emma.

The clicking of heels brought a smile to Emma's face. She was filling out paperwork looking down on her desk. She wondered what her girlfriend was wearing today since she missed getting ready with her today, but she didn't look up quite yet.

"Sheriff Swan" Regina said as soon as she saw Emma. She knew that smile on Emma's face was reserved just for her. No one else was in the office.

"Madam Mayor, to what do I owe the pleasure? I thought we were meeting in..." Emma said and checked her watch a gift she had received from Regina. "42 minutes in your office" she still hadn't looked at Regina at this point it was driving the Mayor crazy, to which it was.

Regina walked around the desk and lifted Emma's chin, so their eyes would finally meet. "I thought I would come surprised my girlfriend who I miss and who I need right now"

Emma straightened up"Oh, need? What for? Is something wrong?" Emma dropped her pen and placed her hands on Regina's hips.

Regina wrapped her arms around Sheriff Swan's neck and they stared into each other's eyes. Emma saw Regina's eyes darken.

"Right now?" Emma stupidly blurted out before backing Regina into her office. Which she rarely spent anytime in. Emma preferred to be out in the open.

Regina nibbled on Emma's ear "If you don't fuck me right now there will be something wrong"

Emma looked around before picking her girlfriend up and carrying her into the sheriff's office and locking the door behind them. Regina had casted a silencing spell, allowing sound in but not sound out.

"You know what this dress does to me Gina" Emma said hiking it up peppering kisses on Regina's face and neck.

"Precisely why I wore it dear. Now are we going to chat or are you going to FUCK me..."

Emma didn't say another word until she was done satisfying Regina. Regina on the other hand said many words including expletives and I love you.

Emma was down on the ground on her knees pulling down Regina's dress to make her presentable. She was looking up at Regina and couldn't stop herself.

"Marry Me" Emma said 'Fuck fuck fuck that blurted out.

"What?" Regina asked shocked. Did she just hear Emma correctly?

There was no going back now. She had been trying to find a right moment, even during a romantic dinner but even then she couldn't pull it off. It had been a few months since she officially moved into the Mansion. Emma couldn't imagine her life without the Mayor. She got up and walked around her office desk and opened the drawer and pulled out a box and opened it once she was in front of Regina again.

"You heard me. Marry Me. I know this isn't the most romantic proposal but I want to spend the rest of my life with you and can't wait-" Emma said until she was interrupted by a kiss.

"Yes" Regina said against Emma's lips.

Emma stepped back "Really?"

"A million times yes" Regina said with happy tears falling from her eyes. She reached out her hand for Emma to put the 1 carat diamond ring with two smaller amethyst stones to the side on a white gold band.

Emma slipped the ring on. "Perfect fit"

"Oh Emma it's gorgeous" Regina said.

"Not as gorgeous as you babe" Emma kissed Regina's ring hand before kissing Regina's lips. She wiped away the happy tears of Regina's before shedding some of her own.

Regina kissed those tears away.

"I love you" Regina said hugging Emma.

"I love you too" Emma said holding Regina in her arms.

They locked eyes and kissed for a few minutes until they were out of breath.

Emma unlocked the door.

"Emma..." Regina said.

"As much as I would enjoy spending more time with my fiancee I am at work" Emma said and smiled as she said fiancee.

Regina grabbed Emma's hand and led them out of the office.

"When did you get so responsible?" Regina said.

"Somewhere between our first date and now" Emma said and chuckled.

Regina laughed.

"I love that laugh" Emma said kissing Regina's hand before letting go.

"I love that you do" Regina said.

Regina waited as Emma finished up the paperwork she was working on.

They had their weekly meeting inside the sheriff's station instead of the mayor's office.

Regina grabbed Emma's hand after the meeting was over. It was lunchtime.

"Fiancee where are we going?" Emma asked.

"Home for leftovers" Regina said.

They walked hand in hand all the way home.

They enjoyed their left overs and made out on the couch before Emma stopped. "I love you but I have to go on patrol now." She peppered a few kisses. "I'll see you tonight my lovely sexy fiancee"

Regina got up from being on top of Emma with a pout. "I want to continue to celebrate. I don't have anything important this afternoon"

Emma gently bit that lip and tugged. "You're so irresistible...and I hate that I have to go"

Regina said "apparently not irresistible enough..."

"Babe I fucked you in my office earlier you are definitely irresistible. It'll just a few hours. They'll fly by I promise"

"They better" Regina said and smacked Emma on the ass. "Go, get out of here"

Emma smirked and left.

Regina called her secretary and told her she would be spending the rest of her day at home. Her office was the last place she wanted to be. So she decided to work from home.

Time passed by and Henry came home. He set his backpack down and sat down on the couch and logged in on his console. He then headed to the kitchen to grab some juice and a snack.

Regina opened the door exited her home office and left the door open behind her. She walked into the kitchen. "Hello Henry" she said with a smile.

"Mom you're home!" Henry said turning around. He saw the big smile on her face and gave her a hug.

Regina hugged him back.

When they released their hug that's when Henry noticed the ring. He hugged his mom again.

"What's this hug for?" Regina asked.

"Ma proposed!" He looked up at his Mom and smiled before letting go.

"Yes, she did." Regina really couldn't keep the smile off her face.

Henry finished pouring his juice and put the container away back in the fridge. He took a sip of his drink. "It's about time"

"You knew?" Regina asked

"Of course Ma asked me if she could marry you and we went shopping for the ring together" Henry said.

"You helped picked the ring?" Regina asked

"Yeah I did" He hugged his mom again. "Congratulations Mom."

"Thank you Henry. Would you like me to prepare your snack for you?"

"No Mom I got it." He smiled at his Mom and prepared his snack and sat on a stool.

"I'll just be in my office if you need me"

"Okay Mom" Henry was happy as he enjoyed his snack. His family was officially going to be whole.

When Emma came home Regina was in the kitchen and Henry was upstairs.

Emma wrapped her arms around Regina's waist leaving her arms free to continue to work on dinner prep. She kissed her neck. "Hello Fiancee"

"Hello my love how was the rest of work?" Regina set down what she was doing and turned around.

"Mmmm same old same old babe. I much would have preferred to be here with you and Henry." Emma said

"He just went upstairs not too long ago. I think he predicted we would be just like this" Regina said with a big smile before kissing her fiancee.

Her fiancee, they no longer were girlfriends and they were going to be married.

"Mmmm anything I can do to help Fiancee?" Emma asked

"Yes, there is" Regina said.

The two of them worked beautifully in the kitchen together.

"Say it again" Regina said.

"Fiancee" Emma said in Regina's ear.

Regina giggled. "Go call Henry for dinner"

"Okay Fiancee" Emma kissed Regina's cheek and headed upstairs.

Henry was reading a comic book on his bed. "Hey Ma!" He closed the comic book and got out of bed and hugged Emma. "Congratulations Ma"

"Thanks kid" Emma hugged her son Back. "Dinner is ready"

They enjoyed a nice dinner. Watched TV as a family before Henry headed off to bed.

When the two of them were in bed together a silencing spell was placed. They made love till the early morning till the fell asleep.