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Days Like This

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It was vying to be the third worst day of Liz Parkers life. Maybe even second, if it kept going down hill. For a while she’d thought the worst day would always be the day her Grandma Claudia died, then the day Max was taken to the White Room, or the day they heard the message from the Orb. When Alex was murdered she imagined nothing would ever take that unenviable spot. Shortly after though it had been superseded, and somehow her priorities and what constituted “a worst day” changed. The day a little over a month ago when Max had left, the moment Tess had grabbed him and he had been dragged into the Granolith with her, watching as Tess abducted him away with her into exile in the moment her betrayal was discovered, had seemed like the absolute culmination of devastation.

She had him, she was going to have him again, they knew the truth and there was no way he was leaving, no way he was going with Tess. But in a sudden jerking motion and a flash of light, Tess had dragged him with her inside the Granolith, and the cavern began to come apart around them. Defeat snatched from the very jaws of victory. She’d have stayed, even then, if he hadn't yelled at her to run, if the others hadn’t dragged her out of the cave. Standing at the foot of the stone, sobbing in the arms of Maria, Michael, Isabel and Kyle, as the ship shot into the sky, she knew it was the worst day of her life. So far it seemed nothing would ever top it. But today was trying to come close.

“Get out.” Her father told her, a coldness in his voice she’d never experienced before. She knew he’d be angry but, not like this. She searched his face, but it was closed, with an anger she’d never seen before.

“Daddy I, I’m sorry. Mom, you know I never-” Her mother just shook her head, hand over her mouth and turned away from her.

“Get out. Now. Pack your things, and leave.” She couldn’t process what she was hearing.

“But Daddy, I-” Her eyes filled with tears, her throat burned. She knew she messed up, but they were her parents, how could they do this? How could they turn her out?

“You made your bed Elizabeth, and now you have to lie in it. We put up with the sneaking around, the staying out late, the lying, everything. We tried to straighten you out. But now you’ve gone and done this, and we can’t stand by while you throw your whole life away. If you keep on this path Liz, you can’t do it here. We won’t help you destroy everything you were supposed to be.”

“I’m supposed to be your daughter! You’re supposed to love me, no matter what, even when I mess up!” Her voice was as raw as the tears streaming down her face.

“You have to choose Lizzie.” Her mother said, turning back to her, tears streaming down her own face. “If you want to stay, you know what you have to do. Otherwise you have to leave. It’s the only way.” She couldn’t understand how her mother, her mother who swore she was her only miracle, the much planned for and loved only child of a couple who’d found each other and parenthood far later than was common in their little rural community, could do this to her.

She looked at them, and they seemed like strangers. She couldn’t even recognize the people who raised her anymore “I’ll pack a couple of bags tonight, and be back for everything else in a couple of days.” She said, voice hoarse, before turning and walking to her room.