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Tempest in a Teacup

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Bakugou had never expected everything to get so out of hand. It was all supposed to end after that one night, but he found himself gravitating, unable to quench his thirst for that two-toned asshole named Todoroki Shouto. He assumed the Half n’ Half bastard felt the same since he showed up right on time for their ‘appointments’ every Wednesday night, knocking on Bakugou’s door like he was simply asking for the day’s homework assignment. He was sure that was what it looked like to their classmates; they thought Todoroki was getting tutored. 


It was something Bakugou was very cognizant of, as was Todoroki. They both knew that if the nature of their relationship were to get out, their future careers would be at risk. There would be judgment from the public solely because they were going to be future heroes, and being gay was considered feminizing to an extent. Sure, much of society had migrated to the approving side of it all, but there was still a rather large portion that would denounce their competency as protectors of the public and outright object to their relationship--if it could be called that. Bakugou was not planning on attaching any names to what he and Todoroki were. There was no interpersonal connection or love. It was just lust. They liked to fuck each other and that was it, nothing more, which was another reason why their flings needed to be kept secret: people would blow it out of proportion. Bakugou knew that it was just sex, he was pretty sure Todoroki thought of it as just that too since the Icyhot asshole barely spoke to him under normal circumstances. He was too busy hanging around the nerd squad--not that it bothered Bakugou. They were supposed to keep a low profile, and Todoroki suddenly spending time with his explosive, blonde-haired classmate would have been the opposite of that. The two upheld the idea amongst the class that they could hardly stand each other; he and Todoroki ‘study’ together once a week and that was all. And even that was not an off the wall transition in their relationship. The two had been spending a lot of time together with their Provisional License retakes in March, so people did not question why they--of all people--were studying together weekly. Bakugou had already been tutoring Kirishima and Ashido weekly since January, so what could one more person matter?


That was what the blonde thought when he pretended to add Todoroki to the list of people he was helping with school, but he soon regretted his decision when Sero and Kaminari got the balls to ask him to join after they heard he accepted Todoroki. He ended up placing them in the group with Kirishima and Ashido since that was the only real study group and came up with the excuse that they were put together without Todoroki because they were too stupid for even the dumbass Half n’ Half bastard to deal with. So now Bakugou was stuck helping four of his mindless classmates figure out two plus two and covertly fucking Todoroki on the side. Long story short, he had a lot on his plate. But hey, he was Bakugou fucking Katsuki, and there was nothing he could not handle!




The beginning of his second year at UA was not much different from his first year. He now had his Provisional License which he acquired about a month ago, and he was starting off with outstanding marks, as always. Unfortunately, his birthday was coming up, and unlike his first year at school, everybody knew about it. Kirishima and Kaminari made sure to spread word of a party happening on Saturday, which of course was his actual birth date. It only served to motivate his brainless friends more. 


Aizawa quickly caught wind of the party, and despite Ashido’s best efforts, no alcohol was brought onto the premises. It was something Bakugou was thankful for in all honesty. He could hardly tolerate all of these fucks when they were sober, let alone when drunk off their asses. 


The party was… nice. He was willing to admit that it turned out better than he expected. Kirishima must have handled most of the planning because it was geared more towards something Bakugou would like rather than what Kaminari wanted at a party. Everyone hung around the lounge area, ate snacks, and watched movies. There were no embarrassing party games or any of that type of shit, Bakugou made sure of it. The majority of his classmates got him gifts, which he appreciated, but that also meant that he would have to get them all gifts this year. Whatever, he would get them the best gifts ever, incomparable to anything else.


“I’m going to bed.”


“Wha-?! Bakugou, w-wait! It’s your party, shouldn’t you stay up a little later than ten?” Kirishima seemed to be putting in another movie for everyone to watch, but Bakugou had other plans. He noticed Todoroki had not gotten him anything, which only partially offended him, but then when he looked at his classmate for a reason why, he received the tiniest smile, imperceptible to anyone who did not know Todoroki as well as he, which was everyone really. The dual haired boy had something planned for him, and Bakugou was getting impatient. 


“I don’t care, it’s already way past when I normally go to sleep. I’m not fucking up my schedule just for you dweebs. I don’t have to be here for you all to watch movies and shit.” Kirishima gave him a saddened look. Bakugou sighed, “It was fun, okay? Thanks, I guess.” He stormed off, the last of his gifts in his arms as he made his way to his room. Todoroki had already left the party around half an hour ago and was probably waiting in his room. Bakugou would have to go get him after he dropped his presents off in his dorm. 


As he walked away, he could hear his classmates start the movie Kirishima had just put in. Good, that meant they did not have to worry about being too loud this time. After depositing his gifts in the corner of his room, Bakugou got back on the elevator and traveled to the fifth floor. He knocked quietly on Todoroki’s door, which was something he only did when this whole fling began. Guess he never broke the habit now. The boy answered, dressed in a different set of lounge clothes in preparation for tomorrow. 


“Hang on,” was all he said before closing the door slightly. Bakugou rolled his eyes. He had thirty minutes to get ready, and Bakugou was tired of waiting.


When Todoroki reemerged, he was hiding something behind his back. Bakugou tried to peek, but the fire and ice user made sure to keep the mystery object hidden entirely. He shrugged, assuming that he would find out what it was in a minute or so. 


They took the elevator back down and entered Bakugou’s room. As soon as the door closed, he grabbed Todoroki’s shirt collar and pulled him down into a kiss. The other boy leaned into him, trying his best to keep hold of whatever was behind his back. 


Bakugou let go and walked to where his bed was located. “So… about that present?” he asked smugly.


He was expecting a sly response or even an eye roll, but Todoroki silently revealed what he was hiding instead. It was a white, medium-sized box with a smaller white box tied on top of it. Bakugou stared, shocked that Half n’ Half actually got him a present. He could tell his silence was starting to put Todoroki on edge, which was odd to see coming from the constantly stoic boy. 


“The hell are you just standing there for? C’mon… come sit down.” He gestured to his bed, putting on his usual annoyed attitude in an attempt to hide his excitement. Todoroki made his way over stiffly and sat down next to him.


“Open the bigger one first…” he said as he handed the gifts to Bakugou.


“Yeah, yeah.”


Bakugou lifted the top off of the larger box, setting it somewhere behind him. Inside, on a pile of white tissue paper, was a book. The text on the front said A Worldwide Cookbook: Recipes from Around the Globe . He flipped through it, seeing sections titled North America , France , Italy , and so on. It seemed like a fairly expansive book and something Bakugou had never had access to before. When looking back at Todoroki, his face showed none of its usual signs of anger or aggression. 


“There’s still more to open,” Todoroki said, holding eye contact with the blonde. Bakugou nodded, placing the lid back onto the box and putting it under his bed. He reached for the small one next.


After lifting the tiny lid and setting it on his leg, he saw what was within, a small charm--probably only two centimeters overall--connected to a silver chain. It was shaped like a 3D model of a grenade and was also made of silver, with black gems in between the lines of the grenade. Bakugou was scared to touch it in all honesty; this thing probably cost way more than what he could afford. 


“Look at the bottom.” Bakugou finally touched it and lifted it to see the flat end of the charm. On the bottom was an engraving of the kanji for ‘strength,’ and it appeared to be in Todoroki’s own handwriting. He was completely stunned, sitting there, holding the jewelry in silence. “Here,” Todoroki took the box from him and took the necklace out of its holder. He leaned forward to clasp it around his neck. The metal was cold on his skin, but Bakugou barely noticed that. The icy feel of the silver was in the back of his mind as he was trying to comprehend whatever feeling was stirring inside him. He felt like he was going to throw up but not in a bad way. Bakugou moved his hand up, pressing the charm against the center of his chest where it hung.


“D-Do you like it…?” Half n’ Half leaned into his line of sight. “Was it too much? I’m sorry, I just… I thought it would be nice, but I-”


“Shut the hell up, Icyhot,” Bakugou spoke with no bite in his tone. “I… love it, okay? Thank you.” He reached forward and hugged the other boy. Todoroki seemed surprised by his reaction, but he eventually relaxed and hugged Bakugou back. As sudden as it happened, the hug was over and Bakugou pushed the other away. “The fuck, Todoroki, how much did all this cost anyway… You don’t have to spend all this cash on me. It’s just a birthday.” 


“I’ve been saving up, so don’t worry about it. I wanted to get you something nice seeing as how our… relationship is something special in a way.” Bakugou froze up.


“...Calm down…” Todoroki looked away. There was something off about his expression. “I don’t mean an actual relationship. It’s just sex, right?”


Bakugou was not sure how to respond since it seemed as though the atmosphere changed. The silence of the room was suffocating; he was positive Todoroki could hear his heart beating. However, when the boy finally looked back towards his blonde-haired classmate, there was a shift in his demeanor. 


“How about we get to the final part of your birthday present, hm~?” The gray and turquoise of Todoroki’s eyes grew darker, and Bakugou felt something stir inside him.


This was what he had been waiting for. Removing the necklace, he gingerly placed it on his nightstand. While it had not been long since he and Todoroki last fucked, he felt like he never had enough. He always wanted more from his classmate and was excited as he pushed the other boy back down onto his bed. 


Bakugou’s hands found their way to Todoroki’s chest, underneath his shirt, fingers stretching over the smooth, pale skin. One thing he always found appealing about Todoroki was that he was not scrawny, but also not overly built. He was almost completely covered in lean muscle, yet exhibiting softness in all the right areas too, not to mention how his face was very pleasing to the eye. But he would never actually admit to any of these thoughts, not that Todoroki was really asking him to. It was obvious there was a mutual attraction; they did not feel the need to voice it consistently. 


Eventually, Bakugou became sick of the restriction Todoroki’s shirt was causing on his exploits, so he--rather forcefully--pulled his shirt off, making the red and white strands of his hair twist together. His classmate exhaled slightly, something short of a laugh passing through his lips.


“The fuck’s that for, Half n’ Half?”


Todoroki smirked, “Someone’s a little eager.”


In retaliation, Bakugou roughly slid his palm over Todoroki’s nipple, which caused him to let out an involuntary gasp. “Who’s eager now?”


A blush was rising higher on Todoroki’s cheeks, embarrassment mixed with stirring arousal. “S-Shut up. It’s not my fault you’re taking so long.”


“Oh yeah?” Bakugou recognized a bit of a challenge there, so he took it upon himself to strip both of them down to nothing in record time. Best not to waste any more time.


Todoroki was almost fully hard. Normally, he would have made a comment teasing the boy about how he had barely touched him and yet there he was, lying beneath him and waiting to be fucked, but seeing as how Bakugou had been touched even less than Todoroki, and he was equally as hard, he figured it was in his best interest to let it slide.


He moved up, grinding against Todoroki, both of them shaking from the sensation. He felt hands gravitate towards his hair and slender fingers start to pull. From the multitude of times he had slept with Todoroki, that usually indicated the boy was really, really into it, so Bakugou complied, continuing to rut against the other’s cock. 


About five minutes had passed before the pace of it all began to quicken. Bakugou’s hands were gripping Todoroki’s hips, holding them down against the mattress, and as much as he did not want to slow things down so that they could move further, he knew he wanted to experience Todoroki fully tonight. Not every one of their hookups went all the way like this, but it had happened a few times already, and he was really craving it. He could tell Todoroki wanted it too. His legs had only spread since they started, Bakugou slotted comfortably between them. 


“Hang on,” he said, and Todoroki released his hair and neck momentarily so that Bakugou could reach for one of the drawers of his nightstand. His arms rested above his head, stretched up near the bars of the headboard. At the sight, Bakugou paused, his mind conjuring up a new thought. It was not rare, one of them would often propose something experimental during sex, and they had always followed through with doing whatever it was because they were both kinky as fuck, but Bakugou could not help but feel slightly embarrassed by what he was about to ask.


“I have an idea. What would you say to me using a shirt to tie your wrists to the headboard?” Todoroki’s normally blank expression broke, revealing one of slight surprise, but there was also something else there, something libidinous.


“It’s your birthday, and your present, so whatever you want is fine with me.” Bakugou noticed how the corners of his mouth turned upward minutely. 


“Ha!” He laughed as he grabbed the nearest article of clothing, which just so happened to be Todoroki’s shirt. His classmate raised his arms more, positioning them to make it easier for Bakugou to tie his hands together with the metal bars of the headboard. “Don’t act like I’m the only one enjoying this, you sex addict!”


“Me the sex addict? You’re the one who immediately pounced on me as soon as I walked through the door.” Bakugou finished the knot, ensuring that it was both tight enough to hold and loose enough to still allow circulation.


“Yeah, well I want to fuck the shit outta’ you, so what can I say?”


It was a rare occurrence when the blonde snuffed out any rebuttals his classmate might have come up with. That was why it was so rewarding to Bakugou, as well. Todoroki was a difficult person to win over, so the fact that he saw a part of the boy that no one would ever truly see, a more vulnerable and passionate part, it only made him more aroused. He assumed Todoroki thought of him in the same way.


There were no more words exchanged, just Todoroki lifting his hips up slightly, indicating that he wanted Bakugou to get a move on. With the lube from his drawer in hand, he placed a small amount on his fingers, warming it up somewhat between the two before inserting them. Todoroki clenched his teeth, both in an attempt to subdue any noises that tried to escape him and adjust to the feeling of Bakugou stretching him open. He was careful, ensuring that the red and white-haired teen could easily take three of his digits before removing them to pour more lubricant into his palm. 


Todoroki whined, impatiently jutting his hips around. Bakugou was surprised at the boy’s eagerness; he imagined it was due to his restraints. Todoroki could not touch him or himself, and he simply had to wait for Bakugou do make a move in order to get off. He could only imagine how frustrated he must be. It brought a smirk to Bakugou’s face, and his dick twitched at the thought, paired with the quiet noises coming from his classmate. 


With everything ready, he aligned himself before pushing inside Todoroki slowly. His brows were knitted and his eyes were squeezed shut as he adjusted to the feeling, and the moment his face relaxed, Bakugou pushed deeper inside until he was bottomed out. They stayed still for some time, heavy breaths being the only noise exchanged between them. That was until Bakugou began moving. 


Todoroki had the bar in a death grip underneath his restraints, and while it was an odd angle, he did not seem to care. Soft moans poured through his lips each time Bakugou pushed back in, a sound he would die to hear again. During one particular thrust, he hit Todoroki’s prostate, which caused a rather loud sound from him in response. Bakugou felt him tighten around his cock.


Fuck, ” he grunted. His hands moved down to Todoroki’s hips again, ready to move the boy with his own thrusts. First, he decided he needed to muffle himself and Todoroki somehow, so he leaned forward and connected their lips. The other teen matched him, their tongues moving together as their moans mingled in each other’s mouths from Bakugou’s momentum. 


Everything else faded away as the time stretched on, his thrusts becoming more erratic each time. He felt the vibrations in his throat as Todoroki finished with what would have been a very loud sound had his mouth not been covered. Bakugou was not long after. He felt Todoroki’s body seize up, squeezing him and causing him to come. He stayed inside the other boy for another minute or so, both of them still delirious from their high. Their senses eventually began to return, but before they could fully recover, there was a knock at the door.


Bakugou’s eyes snapped open, and when he looked at Todoroki, there was panic on his features. They both seemed to mentally communicate the same question to each other: had someone heard? 


The blonde attempted to quickly get out of bed and find pants, underwear, anything to cover himself, but the end result was Todoroki grunting in discomfort as Bakugou pulled out of him too fast. When he moved on to the ‘getting out of bed’ part, he collapsed onto the floor, his feet tangled up in his bedsheets, letting out a pained squeal as his face met the carpet. The knocking became louder and more rushed.


Reaching for the nearest pair of underwear--whether it was his or Todoroki’s, he had no clue--he stood and pulled them on over his still semi-erect dick. 


“Bakugou!” Todoroki whispered harshly, wiggling his bound wrists, silently begging to be untied so he could hide somewhere. There was no time for that though, as the person was now almost continuously knocking on his door, so his solution was to grab the sheet from the floor and toss it over Todoroki. It was obvious there was a person under there, but no one would know who it was, especially if he could get away with barely opening the door, so it would have to do.


Within three strides, he was at the door, ripping it open, but leaving only enough for the person outside to see his face and part of his shirtless form. On the other side, he found Kirishima, his face wound with concern, and his arm still poised in the knocking position.


“What in the actual fuck, Shittyhair?!” Bakugou was whisper-shouting so as to not wake up anyone else in the other dorms, if Kirishima’s knocking did not do that already.


“Hey, don’t get mad at me!” His voice was louder than his explosive friend for once, but it was still at a normal speaking volume. “Since your lights were on, I assumed you were up, and I’ve been standing here knocking for like five minutes! And then I heard a lot of banging around in there all of the sudden,” Bakugou tensed up at his phrasing, “and I thought you might’ve fallen or something, so I was worried when you didn’t immediately answer. I almost broke your door down because I thought you needed help!” It was like the redhead needed a moment to breathe because he paused for a few seconds before continuing. “A-Are you naked?” The worry left his face, replaced by a judgemental glance. 


“Basically, so go back to your fucking room!” Bakugou tried to slam the door, but Kirishima caught it, pushing it open more. 


“No, I wanted to talk to you! Everyone left to go to sleep a while ago, but it was your party and you were like, the first to leave!” The door was more ajar now, and Bakugou was desperately trying to shove it closed, but Kirishima activated his quirk to keep it open still. “Who the hell leaves their own birthday party first?! That’s not normal, so I had to make sure you were alri-” He cut himself off when his eyes trailed inside Bakugou’s room. “Is someone in there?” 


And with that, Bakugou stepped forward to the other side of the door, pushing Kirishima back and slamming it behind himself. “How many times do I have to tell you to leave, Shittyhair?!”


“Where are your pants?!” Kirishima took more steps back, a slight tinge of pink on his cheeks as he tried to pointedly avoid looking at Bakugou.


“I told you I was basically naked!”


“But why?”


“None of your business!”


Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of another door opening. Turning to see the source, Shoji was standing in the hallway, and when he spotted the altercation with his one classmate almost entirely exposed, he slowly stepped back into his room, his eyes wide in surprise and confusion. 


“S-Sorry. I was just-... See you all tomorrow.” He ended his sentence by quickly shutting his door.


Bakugou sighed loudly, gripping his forehead. “Look. I really did enjoy the party, and I appreciate that you care about me or whatever, but right now is not the best time. Tomorrow, we can fucking talk to your heart’s content. I’m sorry I worried you, but you should know by now that I’m strong as shit and don’t need worried over.”


“Fine. But tomorrow we are talking!” Shittyhair looked around like he had something more to say.




“How are you gonna’ get back in?”


Bakugou blanked. He turned around frantically, seeing that yes he did lock himself out and his only hope back inside was a tied up Todoroki. That, or he could march down in his underwear to the student office in school and ask for a new key, which was not something he planned to do.


“Fucking shit! I-I got it okay?! Just go!”


Kirishima shrugged, finally giving him some space and heading back to his own dorm. Groaning, the blonde prepared to sneak outside, planning to use his quirk to launch himself up onto his balcony, but before he could actually go anywhere with the ridiculous plan, his door opened a crack. He all but ran inside and closed it behind him, bumping into a half-dressed Todoroki.


“How the hell did you get free?”




Looking back at his bed, the top of his sheets were burned away, leaving jagged, blackish-brown edges in its wake. Not only that, but part of the wood on his headboard was browned, and there was a pile of ash on his pillows. Seeing as how the only article of clothing Todoroki was missing was his shirt, Bakugou could guess what the ash was from. He was about to start shouting, but Todoroki cut him off.


“I’ll buy you new bedding if you buy me a new shirt.”


Too tired to argue at this point, Bakugou simply nodded. He grabbed a spare blanket, tossing the ruined one aside before falling into bed. He heard Todoroki say a quiet goodnight before exiting through his balcony door and using his ice to get back up to his room one level above and then using his fire to get rid of the evidence. 


Bakugou fell asleep rather fast, knowing that for how tiring the current day had been, Sunday would be even worse.

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Bakugou woke up later than his normal. It was not the Todoroki level of getting up late, as that boy could easily sleep past two in the afternoon, but for Bakugou who started his day around 07:00 am every morning, getting up at 09:23 am was late.


He spent little time getting ready in the morning, showering and brushing his teeth in about fifteen minutes, before getting dressed into a pair of baggy sweats and a loose tank top. His hair dried fast, resuming its spiky appearance as he headed down to the kitchen and common rooms.


Bakugou would estimate that about half of his classmates were already awake and bustling, making it very difficult for him to even get eggs from the fridge. Grabbing a skillet and a small amount of butter as well, he went to work making a small portion of scrambled eggs for himself. It did not take long, and when they were done, he snatched some hot sauce from the cabinet, pouring it over his breakfast and sitting down. 


Of course, as soon as he raised his chopsticks to his mouth, he was interrupted. 


"Yo, Bakugou! Everything good, man? Kirishima was flipping last night, saying you were hurt and all this shit-" Kaminari took a seat next to the explosive blonde, leaning his elbows on the table. 


"Shut up," Bakugou cut his classmate off. "Shittyhair came up to talk to me, and when I didn't immediately come to his beck and call, he freaked. But that's all it was, everything is fine."


"Didn't seem fine to me." His head snapped to see Shoji standing a few meters away. He was not facing Bakugou and Kaminari, busying himself with preparing his own breakfast instead. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Pikachu lean forward, clearly showing his interest in the information Shoji had to share.


"Shut the fuck up, Octopus!"


Shoji simply rolled his eyes. "I just wanted to grab a late-night snack, but with you two arguing naked in the hall, I lost my appetite."


He heard a bout of laughter erupt from Kaminari. "Naked?! Hah, what the hell?!"


"I wasn't," Kirishima made his appearance now, sitting on the other side of Bakugou, "he was."


"No I wasn't!"


"You were only in underwear. That's naked, dude." More laughing came from his right where Kaminari was sitting. A growl ripped from his throat.


"Well, maybe if you weren't fucking breaking down my door so late, I would have been clothed and not ready for bed!"


"Hey, that's a lie! I know you don't sleep in your underwear."


God, Bakugou was going to kill this kid. This was not the place to be having this conversation; there were too many ears eavesdropping. He could not help but notice how Kaminari's laughter subsided, and the electricity user was abnormally quiet. 


"The fuck are you doing?" he glared.


"Texting the group chat with Ashido and Sero about what happened."


Bakugou felt his eye twitch in irritation. "Like fucking hell you're texting them this! I'll fucking kill you, Pikachu!" He was restrained by Shittyhair, allowed Kaminari to jump out of his chair, holding his phone away from Bakugou like he was a rabid dog about to chew up his new action figure. 


"Hey, everyone already knows part of the story! Kirishima said you two had to talk about stuff today, and he said that we all could come too. I'm just catching them up to speed on the information they missed."


When he relaxed enough, Kirishima released him, and with a loud groan, he slammed his head against the table. "Fine," he started. "But can we continue this somewhere else? Preferably a breakfast joint since none of you are going to let me finish my meal in peace." The other two nodded in silent agreement.


Bakugou rose, taking his plate and dumping its contents in the trash. Within minutes, Scotch Tape and Raccoon Eyes were waiting by the front entrance to the dorms, the latter bouncing with excitement over the possibility of hearing new drama.


The train ride to the breakfast place was a short one. Bakugou had been there multiple times since it was close to his house and had good food for a decent price. It was also an unassuming establishment, so he did not have to worry about those shitty paparazzi news people getting up in his business.


It was one of the less flattering aspects of hero life, for sure. One's life was constantly under scrutiny by the public, and not only was it like that for the pros, but for the up and coming hero students as well. Everyone had to watch themselves, lest a scandal form and be blown out of proportion.


After receiving their drinks and placing their orders, the interrogation began.


"Okay, so what happened?" Ashido leaned forward excitedly. Bakugou was glaring at anything and everything as he recounted the story from his perspective. 


"Fucking Shittyhair had a panic attack last night and came pounding at my door while I was trying to sleep."


"That's not what happened!" Kirishima pouted at him. He huffed in response, giving the redhead a chance to speak.


"I wanted to talk to Bakugou some more after everyone left the party last night because he was the first to leave his own party, and it seemed like he was upset about something! So when I went up to his room--and keep in mind that his light was still on, so he wasn't asleep! I knocked on the door, and there was no response, but I kept hearing noises coming from his room, so I assumed he was just ignoring me or in the bathroom or something. I kept trying for like five minutes, and there was still nothing, but then I heard a stumble from inside. I thought he'd fallen, and I was seconds from breaking that door down myself, but then he finally answered the door, and he was practically naked!" Kirishima paused briefly. "And then, when I tried to come in, he pushed me out, which didn't really make sense to me because it looked like someone was already in there, so why would it be a problem if I came in too?"


Bakugou was gripping his temples, rubbing them in an attempt to ease out his frustration. Hearing the details spelled out for him, he realized how bad it all sounded. He was lucky it was Kirishima who came that night rather than someone… less innocent. 


"Kirishima, are you joking?" Sero said in disbelief. 


The other boy shot his friend a confused glance. "What?"


"You really can't even guess why Bakugou was awake at night, with another person in his room, ass naked?" 


Everyone at the table could practically hear the cogs turning in Shittyhair's head like he was trying to solve a complex riddle or something. Then, he snapped his head towards Bakugou, shock in his expression.


" Oh.


Raccoon Eyes and Pikachu were snickering in the booth next to each other. "Yeah, Kiri," she began, "Bakugou was too busy to answer the door for you!" Kaminari covered his mouth hard in order to keep the onslaught of giggles in. 


"Shut the hell up!" He wished he could reach over the table to strangle the two of them right then and there, but that would lead to his ass getting banned from this place for life.


"O-Oh my God, wait!" Kaminari spoke between laughs. "That means- I mean, we have to find out who, right?"


The table went silent, and Bakugou's face dropped. Oh shit…


He tried to get up and run, but Sero taped his arm to the back of the booth before he could. He reached over, ready to rip it off, when another piece landed on his other arm, effectively trapping him there.


Ashido gripped the table and said, "Quick, Kiri! How did you know someone was in the room? Did you see them?"


"No," the other said. "They were covered completely by a sheet, so I couldn't tell."


Sero interjected next. "Well, there's no way anyone outside of UA would be allowed in the dorms, which means that whoever it is has to go here. And," He paused in thought, "I doubt it's anyone outside of 2-A because there wouldn't have been enough time for them to travel here before Kirishima came knocking!"


"Oh my God, Sero, you absolute genius!" Kaminari said after seeing the way Bakugou's expression turned frantic. "So that narrows it down to," he stopped, holding out his fingers to count on them, "six people."


"So now, we just have to use logic!" Ashido sprung up, "Who out of the girls is Bakugou closest to?" The boys, including Bakugou, gave her a deadpan stare. "O-Oh… wait. But it wasn't me, I swear! You guys know I would say something."


"Like I'd ever sleep with Pinky!" Bakugou said, disgusted.


"See?" she said, paying no mind to the obvious insult. The other boys nodded, accepting the point made.


"I don't think it would be Hagakure, either. Why would Bakugou even bother covering her up since she's invisible already? The sheet would only serve to make her more visible," Sero continued.


"Wah! You're right! We're down to four!" Kaminari smirked.


“I can ask the other girls during class sometime tomorrow!” Ashido and Kaminari fist-bumped each other, their apparent plan already in motion.


“You better not ask anyone anything. You’re just going to spread shit!” Bakugou knew every girl would deny it, obviously, but then each of them would be in such disbelief at the accusation, that they would tell other people, and thus the rumor would spread. He really did not need this shit right now.


“Sounds like someone’s worried about us finding out his secret~!” Raccoon Eyes taunted him. “If you just told us who it was now, then nothing would be spread.”


Bakugou had been trying to free himself of his bonds during the entire conversation, and when he finally ripped the tape off, he leaped forward, sticking it to Kaminari and Sero’s heads. Both boys shouted in protest, but it was too late. The blonde was standing now, free. “That’s the point of a secret. No one is supposed to find it out. So do me a favor and get your fat noses out of my goddamn personal life!” And with that, Bakugou stormed out, not caring much about his breakfast. He figured Kirishima would just end up eating it anyway, so it would not go to waste. 




Bakugou had spent the rest of his Sunday inside his dorm room, avoiding all aspects of social life. He barely even saw Todoroki, only going downstairs to get food occasionally. When the evening was ending, and night beginning, he received a text.


HanHan (20:57): Are you feeling alright?


It was not often that he and Todoroki messaged each other. There was always the worry that their Line accounts could be hacked, leaking anything possibly incriminating to the public, but it was also something that they simply did not do. They saw each other daily, giving them plenty of time to talk if they wanted. That paired with their private meetings every week, the two never felt the need to text each other. But seeing as how Bakugou had been reclusive today, he could see why Icyhot messaged him rather than spoke in person.


Me (20:57): yeah


HanHan (20:57): Are you sure?


Me (20:57): yes


HanHan (20:57): Okay then.


Bakugou set his phone back down onto its wireless charging system, thinking that the conversation had ended, but when his room lit up with the light of the screen, he slipped it back into his hands.


HanHan (20:58): Did you speak to Kirishima today?


Me (20:58): yeah, I did earlier


Me (20:58): not like you would’ve known since your ass was dead to this world all morning


HanHan (20:59): I was tired.


HanHan (20:59): Yesterday was very…


HanHan (20:59): Eventful.


HanHan (21:00): So I needed to recuperate. 




Me (21:00): and you better do that fast cause we still have Wednesday


HanHan (21:01): 😏


HanHan (21:01): That is true.


Me (21:01): what the fuck is that


Han Han (21:02): An emoji?


Me (21:02): yeah I know that dumbass, since when do you use them


HanHan (21:02): Well, if you texted me more, then you would know that I use them when I feel they apply to the situation.


Bakugou stared at the message, not entirely sure on how to respond to it. Was Todoroki asking him to text him more?


HanHan (21:03): 😶


Chuckling, he finally responded.


Me (21:04): you’re really strange sometimes, you know that?


Me (21:05): 😂


Me (21:05): tell anyone I sent that and I’ll blow your dick off


HanHan (21:05): Nothing I haven’t already experienced.




HanHan (21:05): No, I’m good. You would never kill me anyways. 


Me (21:06): and why’s that?


HanHan (21:06): Because you like me too much.


He could feel the heat rising to his ears.


Me (21:07): SHUT THE FUCK UP


HanHan (21:07): So, the conversation with Kirishima. How did it go?


God, he was actually going to murder this asshole tomorrow.


Me (21:07): he only figured some stuff out because of the other dimwits


Me (21:07): don’t worry about it though


Me (21:07): they only know that I slept with someone Saturday, they don’t know who


Me (21:08): they think it’s one of the girls in class


HanHan (21:08): I don’t know if I should be relieved or scared.


HanHan (21:08): That group can be surprisingly resourceful. 


Me (21:09): they won’t figure it out


Me (21:09): they’re just going to think that one of the girls is keeping it a secret


Me (21:09): the fact that it could have been a guy never even came to their minds, so we will be fine


HanHan (21:10): Okay, I trust you. 


HanHan (21:10): I know it’s getting a little late for you to be up, so I will let you go.


HanHan (21:10): Goodnight, Bakugou. 


Me (21:10): yeah yeah, see you in the morning


HanHan (21:10): 😴


When Bakugou set his phone down again, there was a warm smile on his face. 




He slapped his head. What the hell was that thought?! Half n’ Half was the opposite of cute; he was socially stupid. He clearly needed some sleep, so he shut his eyes tightly, drifting off into dreams of red and white. 




Bakugou felt like everyone was looking at him funny. It was about halfway through the day on Monday, and if Ashido followed through with her declaration from the other day, then he knew exactly why he felt eyes watching him. 


At lunch, he tried to sit alone, away from his other classmates, but of course, Shittyhair found him and dragged him back to a long table with the rest of their normal crew, as well as a few additionals, including Todoroki. The two gave each other a look before Bakugou settled down next to his redhaired friend. Immediately, Ashido began hounding him.


“Tell me how you bribed them?”


“What the hell are you on about now?” he said exasperated. 


“I asked the girls, and they all denied it! Now, I know they wouldn’t keep anything this big a secret because we girls always stick together. So that means you had to have bribed one of them to stay quiet!”


Yaoyorozu--she was sitting near Todoroki at the other end of the table--spoke up, “Mina, I don’t think any of the girls are lying. Besides, it isn’t your business in the first place to be asking such crude questions about fellow classmates.”


“For once, I agree with Ponytail,” Bakugou said, rolling his eyes. The girl appeared offended at first but quickly got over it.


“Sounds like you two are getting along! YaoMomo, you wouldn’t happen to be lying about something, huh?!” Ashido shot a suspicious glance between the two, who both made a disgusted expression at her accusation. 


“I can’t believe you would think of me so lowly, Mina! I would never do such an act so carelessly,” Yaoyorozu said.


Bakugou glared at them. “Oh so sleeping with me is considered low and careless? Glad to know. Now you’re definitely not finding out who it is.”


Ashido groaned, “C’mon, Bakugou! If you just tell us, you won’t have to deal with us bothering you so much.”


“Are you kidding me? It would only make you bother me more! And you would go after the other person too.”


“Well, we know it isn’t Ashido, Hagakure, or YaoMomo, so that leaves Uraraka, Tsu-chan, and Jirou as possibilities,” Sero contributed. If he used as much brainpower in his studies as he was using to try and figure out Bakugou’s sex life, then maybe he would not have to tutor the ass.


“I know it isn’t Jirou,” Kaminari piped up. “I was texting her last night, and she totally would have told me if it happened. Plus, she isn’t that type of girl.”


“None of the girls are ‘that type of girl,’” Kirishima said. “Do you really think that Uraraka or Tsu-chan would do something like that?”


For the first time since the debate began, Todoroki contributed something. “Uraraka likes Midoriya.”


Ashido and Yaoyorozu tensed up. “How did you know that?!” the former questioned.


“She told me.” He stared at her like it was the most obvious thing.


“Why would she do that?”


Todoroki shrugged, focusing more on his food than the actual conversation. “I don’t know. Probably because Midoriya and I are friends.”


“Okay, well that would only leave Tsu-chan. She’s closest friends with Uraraka, so our best bet would be to ask her alone, without Tsu-chan around. Maybe she would say something then,” Sero moved on, as if Todoroki was not involved in the discussion at all.


“Leave it to me!” Ashido smiled proudly.


“No,” was Sero’s response. “We need someone who isn’t known for spreading gossip.” Raccoon Eyes deflated, slightly offended. “I think that YaoMomo would be best.”


“I really don’t feel comfortable discussing such a personal thing behind Tsu-chan’s back,” she said.


“I’ll do it.” It was Todoroki again. The others at the table were shocked at his offer.


“The fuck, Icyhot?” Bakugou glared at him.


“What? If Asui is telling the truth, then there is nothing for you to worry about.” There it was, that tiny, imperceptible smirk on the red and white-haired boy’s face. He was teasing Bakugou, challenging him. That fucker. His eyes were still locked with Todoroki’s--silent provocation happening between them unbeknownst to the rest of their classmates--when Kaminari started talking.


“Okay, Todoroki. As soon as you ask her, you have to tell us what she said. I’m dying here in suspense!” 

Chapter Text

“Bakugouuuu, I’m hungryyy.” 


It was probably about the thirty-thousandth time Ashido had whined about it, and Bakugou was ready to shoot himself in the head.


“Oh my God, if you really can’t fucking wait another hour until we’ve finished then just go get something quick and get your ass back up here!” he snapped. 


“But I’m comfortable! I don’t want to get up and lose my groove here! You’re closest to the door, you can go down to the kitchen and grab something.”


“I could honestly eat too,” Sero chimed in. Kaminari nodded as well, but Kirishima seemed to be the only one who had no idea what the others were talking about, seeing as how they had all just come from dinner only a few hours prior. He rolled his eyes at them, continuing to teach them about the lesson they had earlier that day.


It was now Thursday night, the day designated as his ‘tutor the idiots’ day, but Bakugou was thankful for the way he planned out his week. Having his meetups with Todoroki every Wednesday, he always felt relaxed and content afterward, so it made dealing with his friends the next night much easier. This time though--still fueled by the confrontation the two had on Monday in the cafeteria--the sex was really fucking good, which was why when Pinky begged one more time for food, he caved.


“Holy shit, fine! What do you want?”


“Oreos!” Ashido’s face lit up when she said it. The other two seemed to agree, so he stormed out of his room and down to the kitchen.




As soon as she heard the ding of the elevator, she went to work. Her, Sero, and Kaminari all stood at the same time, ready for action.


“Okay, we have five minutes tops before he gets fed up searching and comes back up here,” their black-haired friend began. “Ashido, search the nightstand and desk, I’ll look around the bathroom. Kaminari, check the closet and bed.”


“W-Wait, what’s going on?” Kirishima was looking at them completely confused.


“Sorry, Kiri, we couldn’t tell you. We all know that you can’t lie for shit, especially to Bakugou,” Ashido spoke solemnly. 


“We made a plan to search Bakugou’s room for clues! After Todoroki said that Uraraka said Tsu-chan was telling the truth, we are back to square one. We need to see if we can find out who it is Bakugou’s sleeping with, and this is the only way,” Kaminari continued.


Sero placed his hand on Kirishima’s shoulder. “Look, if you don’t feel comfortable helping us, then you can just sit there, but we would really appreciate it if you could at least keep watch for us?” The redhead looked conflicted. “C’mon, don’t you want to know who it is too? You’re his best friend, and he hasn’t told you anything!”


Kirishima thought for a moment before saying, “You’re right. I don’t like how you guys are doing this, but I’ll keep watch, okay?”


And with that, they set out on their assignments. Kirishima stood by the door, his ear pressed to it, listening closely for the elevator noise. Sero moved off to the bathroom. Ashido began rifling through Bakugou’s desk, and Kaminari opened the closet door to begin his search.


Finding nothing in the dresser, she moved on to the nightstand, screeching when she opened the drawer. She slammed it shut, like whatever was inside could jump out and kill them all. Sero peeked his head out from the bathroom door.


“What? What is it?” Kaminari asked.


“H-He’s got lube!” she shuttered. The others made faces holding varying degrees of disgust.


“Okay,” Sero started, “but that doesn’t really give us any info. Just that he has sex, which we already know. Keep looking, maybe you missed something! Are you sure there’s no condoms or anything at least?”


Ashido opened the drawer again, very slowly. “Ew, what the fuck. There’s nothing. Are you telling me he doesn’t wear condoms? And I thought he was smart.”


Sero went back into the bathroom, and Kaminari moved onto searching the bed. Bakugou’s closet was a no-go, only containing his gifts from his birthday, some still in partially opened boxes. Nothing seemed abnormal, though, except for the one gift from Todoroki, which was some sort of bomb necklace, but Kaminari paid no mind to it since Todoroki was weird and rich, so it made sense why he would give out weird and rich presents. 


He checked the pillows, feeling around inside them and underneath, but he still found nothing. There did not appear to be anything under the duvet either, so he did not bother lifting it up. The electric blonde got down onto his hands and knees, placing his head against the floor and lifted up the bed skirt. 


Unsurprisingly, the space under Bakugou’s bed was completely spotless, just like the rest of his room. Kaminari did not understand how the kid kept up with it. There was only one thing under there, so he slid it out into the open.


It was a plain, white cardboard box, like the gift boxes that held clothes or other items and were wrapped up in colorful paper to further conceal the gift, but it looks like whoever put this box together did not get that far. Lifting the lid up, the bottom of the box fell gently out onto the floor, revealing a handwritten note on top of white tissue paper. He lifted the small piece of paper, reading in his head.


As you could probably tell at the time, I thoroughly enjoyed your suggestion from Saturday night. I figured it would be better if we had the proper ‘equipment’ for when we do it again. Plus, it is more appealing to the eye than a stretched out shirt. Consider this as another birthday present from me.


P.S. Don’t lock yourself out of your room again if we use these, please. I would really hate having to melt metal to get free with my skin directly next to it. Not to mention how much more damage it would do to your bed.


Kaminari was about to have a seizure. He could not help but think that his assumptions from what he read were wrong, that maybe his mind was only drifting towards that possibility because they were so engrossed in finding Bakugou’s secret lover. The only way to be sure was to fully open the gift, so he shakily removed the layers of tissue paper. He felt something cold and hard after a few layers, so he gripped what he sensed was a chain and lifted it out.


In his hand was a pair of handcuffs, one wrist having a soft, feathery piece of fabric covering it that was red, the other wrist having one that was white. He glanced back into the box, noticing a silver key resting on some of the wrappings.


His brain finally caught up to everything that was happening, and he threw the object into the center of the room like it had burned him. Kirishima and Ashido were the only two to catch it at first since Sero was still in the bathroom. The former called out to him though when he recognized the item.


“What the fuck is that?” Sero was apprehensive, staring at the handcuffs nervously. 


“Are those handcuffs? What kinda’ shit is he into?!” Ashido was backed against the dresser.


“There’s a note.” When they looked at Kaminari, the boy had lost most of his usual demeanor. He was staring at the floor, bewildered. 


“Are you serious?! What did it say?” Kirishima stepped away from the door.


“Basically, it was like ‘Thanks for Saturday, we should do it again using these. They’re a birthday present so I don’t ruin your bed again when you get locked out.’”


There were a few beats of silence before Kirishima spoke up again. “And did it say who it was from…?”


The other nodded, opening his mouth to speak, but he was interrupted by the sound of Bakugou’s door unlocking.


“S-Shit!” Sero ran away from the bathroom door towards the back of the room with the others. If they were going to die tonight, they would die together. 


Bakugou started to say “There wasn’t any Oreos down there, so I got some chips instead. That better be good enough because I’m not-”


He paused, taking in the scene in front of him. The four idiots were backed against the wall at the other end of his room, and there was a bunch of white tissue paper everywhere. There was also…


Bakugou glanced down, taking in the sight of the colorful handcuffs on the floor. “What the fuck are you guys doing ?” he said, appalled. 


“H-Hey, that’s not from us!” Raccoon Eyes was flinching away from it as she spoke.


“Well, then who the fuck’s it from?!”


“Todoroki,” Kaminari looked at Bakugou, dazed. 


The atmosphere shifted, and as Bakugou felt the bore of their stares, he tried to school his features, but it seemed as though it was too late. The panic that flashed across his face for less than a second had been noticed.


“N-No fucking way!” He laughed in disbelief. The other three caught on, their faces changing from shock to conniving delight.


“Fuck.” Bakugou turned to run--that always seemed to be his only option when dealing with these fools--but once again, Sero’s tape caught him just before he reached for the handle. It yanked him back, dragging him into the snare. He was not going to make this easy for them. Twisting, he shot off a few blasts. While the tape did break, he was closer to them than he would have liked, and he had to waste precious time scrambling off the ground to get up a run again. It was time he needed for his escape apparently, because by the time he was standing again, Kirishima was in his path, forcing him further back into his room. No matter how many explosions he set off in the boy’s face, he was not deterred. Bakugou fell backward, landing on his ass near the bed. His heart stopped when he felt a cold metal click around his wrist. Looking down, he found his right hand was cuffed to the leg of the bed.


He pulled on his bonds futilely for a few moments before peering back at the others in fear. “What the fuck?!”


“Nuh-uh!” Ashido shouted back. “What the fuck you! You’re fucking Todoroki!”


“N-No I’m not, I fucking hate that Half n’ Half bastard! Why the hell would I want to fuck him?”


Kaminari cleared his throat. He was holding up a piece of paper, mimicking Todoroki’s voice. “ I figured it would be better if we had the proper ‘equipment’ for when we do it again. ” He pointed at the red and white handcuffs. “What kinda’ kinky shit is this?! And you’re gay?! What the fuck!”


“Why wouldn’t you tell us?” Kirishima was by far the quietest when he spoke, his voice sounding wounded.


This,” he gestured to the handcuffs, as well as the whole situation, “is why I didn’t tell you guys! You always freak out and blow things out of proportion. Plus--and this is something you guys are incapable of understanding apparently--it was not something we wanted people to know! If this gets out, it could ruin our future careers as heroes, so it was best to just keep it a complete secret.” Not to mention that sneaking around with Todoroki was pretty fun. And hot. But like hell he would ever admit that to them. Bakugou tugged at the handcuffs again. “And what the fuck even is this?”


“It’s a present Todoroki left under your bed,” Kaminari replied.


“That fucking dumbass Icyhot,” he said, only partially under his breath.


The group was interrupted by the sound of a phone ringing. It was coming from the charger next to his bed.


Sero leaned over to see who it was. “Pft, HanHan, are you serious?”


“Wow, you guys even have cute phone nicknames for each other,” Kaminari said sarcastically.


“Shut the fuck up! I call him that all the time, fucking Half n’ Half bastard!”


“Yeah, but I don’t see a bastard attached at the end of it,” Sero smirked at him, grabbing the phone.


“Hey! Put that down! Fucking Scotch Tape, I’m serious!” Sero gave some kind of signal, and soon Bakugou’s mouth was covered by a pair of hardened hands. His focus went towards Kirishima, smiling sheepishly and shrugging. He tried to struggle and scream, but with three people holding him still and a hand obstructing his mouth, not much could be done. That does not mean he stopped his attempts at escape though.


He froze when he heard a familiar voice coming from the device, Sero holding it out smugly while it was on speaker.


“Hey, Bakugou, are you alright? I heard more than the average amount of explosions coming from your room.”


Sero smugly looked at him on the floor, and when he spoke, his voice was laced with fake desperation. “Todoroki! Thank God you called! Bakuguo got really angry at Kaminari while we were studying tonight, and in his attempts at killing him, he fell. He’s laying on the floor now, and we think he’s unconscious! We’re going to need your help.”


“Shouldn’t I call Aizawa?”


“No! You can’t! Do you really think Bakugou would want Aizawa to know about this?”


There was a pause before Todoroki spoke again. “Probably not.”


“We’re going to need some ice, so you have to come to his room right now.”


“Couldn’t you just get ice from downstairs?”


“W-We can’t do that!” Sero was starting to get nervous. He was running out of excuses. “We would have to leave him alone while he was unconscious.”


“There are four of you though.”


“No, it’s just me! Kirishima and Ashido left early tonight, and Kaminari ran away when Bakugou went after him.”


Another pause. “Okay.”


“So does that mean you’re coming down to help?”


“Yes. I’ll be there in a second.”


“Cool! Thanks so much, Todoroki!”


Sero got no response after that, only the sound of Todoroki hanging up. He looked back at Bakugou, who finally shoved Kirishima off of him.


“I really don’t get it. How can you sleep with him? He’s so emotionless,” Sero laughed.


“I can’t picture it at all!” Kaminari agreed. “Like, how does it even work?”


“Stop fucking thinking about it!” Bakugou shouted at them. A quiet knock could be heard at the door, and Sero ran over to answer it. As soon as it was slightly ajar, he started calling out to the other. “Icyhot, don’t fucking come in! It’s a trick!”


The next thing he knew, Sero reached outside, gripping Todoroki by the front of his shirt and pulling him inside the room. The boy stood there stunned for a moment, taking in the scene before him. With his face still blank, he spoke.


“Bakugou, you’re not unconscious.” It was not even a question.


“Of course I’m not dipshit!”


Ashido stode up to the red and white-haired teen, placing her hand on his shoulder. “So, Todoroki, we were just discussing with Bakugou about this whole secret lover business, and we think we’ve found a lead!”


Bakugou could see it, the way Todoroki tensed up slightly. “Is that so? Well, perhaps it truly is someone that doesn’t go to UA.”


“No, no,” she singsonged, sitting on the floor with him in tow. “The information we found points to him attending UA. Our very own class, in fact.”


She said it fast, but Bakugou could tell that Todoroki picked up on it. He stared at her warily.


“So,” she continued, “how long have you two been fucking?”


He went through the same stages of panic that Bakugou had when he was first accused, but Todoroki’s were certainly more muted.


“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he tried, but Kirishima spoke up.


“Y’know, I can kinda’ see it now. They really are similar, Todoroki is just more reserved than Bakugou.”


“Yeah, they both denied it straight away,” Kaminari shrugged.


Todoroki glared at Bakugou. “I thought you said they wouldn’t find out.”


“Yeah, well they wouldn’t have if you didn’t hide this shit,” he shook his wrist around, displaying the red and white handcuffs, “under my bed!” 


The other boy froze, a blush rising on his cheeks. “W-Well, I didn’t think anyone would be rifling through your room.”


“Oh my God!” Raccoon Eyes poked his cheek. “That’s the most emotion I’ve ever seen you show, Todoroki!” It only made the boy’s blush deepen.


“S-Shut up.”


“Oh no, it’s happening. Bakugou is rubbing off on him,” Kaminari shook his head, resigned. 


“In more ways than one,” Sero added with a grin. The rest of the group started laughing.


“Get the fuck out of my room!” Bakugou shouted over them. He had the key for the cuffs in his hand, having snagged it from the box when the others were not looking. With both his hands in front of him now, explosions popping off in each, the four agitators switched their tactics.


“H-Hey, Bakugou, buddy, we already know now so there’s no need to do any more damage to the situation, r-right?” Kaminari was backing away from him.


“It gives me all the more reason to kill each and every one of you! That way, it’s like nothing ever got out.”


“T-Todoroki,” Ashido pleaded with him. “You have to stop him!”


He gave her a cold stare. “Maybe you should have left the situation alone.”


“If you dweebs want to leave here with your lives, then you better swear that this stays between us. If I find out that even a single other soul knows, I’m coming for blood.” Bakugou had a manic grin on his face. Each of them nodded quickly, their faces pale with fear.


“Get the fuck out of my room.” All of them, except for Todoroki, scrambled out of his dorm, shutting the door on their way out. Bakugou sighed loudly; he felt completely exhausted. Looks like his life was about to get ten times harder.


“I’m sorry,” Todoroki began. “I suppose I should have hidden that better…” When Bakugou turned to look at him, the boy actually looked dejected. Knowing him, he was probably blaming himself for everything.


“Shut up, it’s not your fault. I should’ve been more careful with them, but I underestimated their drive to make my life a living hell.” He paused, looking anywhere except at Todoroki. “And I’m… sorry for getting you roped in with them. You know they’re going to target you too now.”


“You don’t have to apologize, I’ll be fine. Maybe it will make the stress on you a little easier if they have someone else to pick on.”


Bakugou laughed, “Oh they’ll find a way to split it equally between us.” Clearing his throat, he looked around his room, his eyes landing on the handcuffs still connected to the bed. “Um… T-Thanks for the gift. I haven’t had the chance to read the note yet.”


The blush was still present on Todoroki’s face. “It’s fine. Looking back now, I probably shouldn’t have gotten them. I think I got a little ahead of myself.”


“I don’t think so.” Bakugou was stepping forward. He snatched the cuffs off the ground and held them up, the red and white sides of them pairing with Todoroki’s hair. “We could try them out now if you’d like?” Todoroki matched his smirk.


“Yes, we can.”


It looked like Bakugou’s night was not going to be as bad as he thought it would be.

Chapter Text

When Todoroki awoke, it was to the sight of Bakugou, fully dressed in his uniform--although it was without the tie or jacket buttoned--shaking him.


“Get the fuck up, Icyhot. Unless you’re planning on being late for class,” Bakuguo said before turning away, moving back towards the bathroom to brush his teeth.


He was confused at first, but then the events from the previous night came flashing back into his mind, and he smiled at the memories. The end of it all was a little fuzzy though, so it surprised him that he was still in the blonde’s dorm. He had only ever stayed the night one other time, and that was after their first time together. He remembered trying a few new things during sex in addition to the handcuffs the night before, and he and Bakugou may have gotten a little too into it, seeing as how he was unable to recall everything that happened. 


Todoroki finally made his move to get up, and he found that he was somewhat sore, but it was nothing he could not handle. He was thankful to his post-coitus self for at least putting on underwear before passing out. Wobbling only slightly, he stepped around the room, grabbing his clothes and putting them on. As he was buttoning his shirt, Bakugou exited the bathroom, a toothbrush still in his mouth.


“S-Shit…” he said, around the brush.




“Your neck.” 


Todoroki looked at him, confused. Bakugou nodded his head in the direction of the bathroom, so he followed the blonde inside to see what he was referring to. 


“Shit,” he echoed.


With the sight of the reflection, memories came flooding back to him. The two had gone a little over the top, and Todoroki now had some slight bruising on his neck from where Bakugou’s hand gripped the night before. He ran his hands over it, wincing slightly. He saw the blonde flinch in response, and when his eyes met a pair of red ones in the mirror, he looked apologetic.


“I’m not gonna’ say I regret it, cause it was really hot, and you asked me to… but sorry…” 


Todoroki smiled slightly. “It was hot. But now, I’ve got to think of something to do to hide this before class starts.”


“Hey, you’re not the only one all marked up! I’m just lucky your dumbass was conscious enough to leave spots where they’d be hidden by my clothes.”


“And your dumbass was not conscious enough to hide the marks?” he shot back, and Bakugou growled, storming out of the bathroom. Todoroki followed him, and asked, “Do you have makeup or something?”


“Why the hell would I have makeup?” The red and white-haired teen shrugged.


“Does Ashido have any? Maybe we can borrow some of hers.”


“Okay, first of all, I would never bring this shit to them. They already know more than enough. Second of all, in case you haven’t already noticed, she’s pink. I don’t think her skin tone is going to match yours.” He was digging around his closet. “And before you even suggest it, we are not asking any of the other girls for makeup. Here.” A red scarf was thrown in his direction, which Todoroki caught effortlessly. He looked at the other teen, tilting his head. “Wear that. Just say you’re sick if anyone asks. It should get you through the day, and you’ll be fine by Monday. We don’t have much time before class starts, so you should probably go grab your things.” Todoroki nodded, stepping out onto the balcony and propelling himself upwards to his room.




“Todoroki-kun, what’s wrong?” 


Midoriya was the first to question Todoroki’s scarf when he walked into homeroom. 


“Nothing, I just feel a slight cold coming on.”


“You’re sick? I didn’t think that was possible~,” he teased, and Todoroki smiled, the action mostly covered by the cloth. 


“Shut the hell up, Deku,” Bakugou grunted, but it was weaker than normal. “If Half n’ Half got himself sick, you should steer clear of him. He’s a walking germ-pool.”


Midoriya ignored the boy, and instead commented, “You know, Kacchan, I thought you had a scarf that looked just like that one.”


“I don’t, shit-nerd. I don’t know where you’d get that idea.” He looked away, avoiding the green-haired teen’s stare.


The conversation was interrupted by the entrance of Aizawa, which Todoroki was thankful for. Everyone rushed to their seats while the man scanned the room to ensure that each of his students were present. 


“Today,” he began, “we will be doing combat training. Some other teachers will be present in the gym to work with students, give corrections and tips, and to help me monitor you all.” His glare lingered on Bakugou, who scoffed in his seat. “Everyone is to head to the gym and change into their tracksuits. See you all in ten minutes.” The teacher exited as quickly as he entered.


The students grabbed their things and traveled together towards the gym. Todoroki found himself walking near Bakugou rather than Midoriya and his group. Kirishima and Bakugou gave him an odd look.


“You suddenly decided that I’m way cooler than those dweebs you always hang with, Half n’ Half?”


“If you’d like to look at it that way,” he replied. The blonde was about to shoot out more insults at the fire and ice user in retort, but Kirishima spoke up first.


“I’ll hang back with the others.” He had this look on his face, something akin to what Bakugou’s other friends had when looking at the two of them, but the redhead’s was much kinder.


The two continued their trek in silence, that was, until Bakugou asked quietly, “Are you okay?”


“Yes. Why wouldn’t I be?”


“We have to do combat training. How are you going to deal with the whole scarf scenario?”




“Yeah,” Bakugou rolled his eyes, “ oh.


“Well, what about you?”


“What do you mean?”


“You said you’ve got marks to hide as well. What are you going to do when changing?”


Bakugou blushed slightly, and Todoroki found himself smiling at it. It made the blonde look cute.


“Shut the fuck up. We wouldn’t be having to worry about all of this crazy shit if you weren’t so horny last night.”


“You asked me,” he chuckled, and Bakugou snapped his head to look at his face. Todoroki never laughed. The blonde was sure he had never heard even a puff of air out of the boy, so hearing the light sound made his heart beat faster.


The rest of the walk was in comfortable silence, but Bakugou found himself moving closer to his classmate, their shoulders touching occasionally along the way.




Bakugou and Todoroki were able to change alone, acting as though they arrived at the gym a little later than everyone else. True to what the blonde claimed, he did have quite a few deep red blotches on his shoulders and chest, which made him smirk. Bakugou slapped his arm as they exited the changing room.


“Don’t look so smug, Icyhot.” He was about to reply, but Aizawa interrupted him.


“Todoroki, the scarf?” He raised an eyebrow at the boy.


“I’ve been feeling sick.”


“Are you sure you’ll be able to participate today?”


It would have been much easier to sit out for the day, but Todoroki did not want his father catching wind of him missing out on training. “I should be alright,” he replied. Aizawa nodded.


“You will be sparring today. Your partner will be assigned to you, and each battle will last two minutes, unless one of you taps out before that. Now, this is not like the sports festival. If your partner ends up unconscious, that’s a loss for you. If neither of you are out by the time two minutes is up, then it will be considered a tie. Whether you get a win, loss, or tie will determine your grades, as well as how you actually did during the battle. Basically, a loss does not automatically mean you’ll get a low score if you put up a good fight. This exercise is meant to help each of you develop more restraint when using your quirks.” Aizawa gestured to some of the other teachers, comprised of Midnight, All Might, and Cementos. “We will be conducting multiple battles at a time since 2-B has reserved the gym right after us. Let’s begin.”


The students were told their match-ups first, and which area they would be dueling in. Todoroki was disappointed that he and Bakugou were assigned to different areas, the blonde being in the third group with All Might and Todoroki in the first group with Aizawa. Though, before the two were separated, he heard that Bakugou was going to be sparring Sato. He, on the other hand, was going up again Iida. Looks like this battle was not going to be as clear-cut as it was when he fought Sero in the sports festival.


“Best of luck, Todoroki-kun!” Iida smiled as he rested his hand on his shoulder.


“Yes, to you as well,” he nodded just as Aizawa motioned for them to take their places on the platform.


“Ready…” he began, “go.”


Todoroki launched ice from his right foot. It was not as large as he could make it, but being inside a building limited his abilities somewhat. As expected, Iida easily dodged it, running off towards Todoroki’s left side. Most of his classmates realized that he was still slow with his fire, even if he had no qualms with using it anymore. It would take him some time to get used to using it like he does his ice.


Iida sprinted, and Todoroki lifted his left hand, shooting out a blast of fire. Once again, it was dodged. By this point, he knew his blue-haired classmate was going to reach him, and rather quickly, so he touched the ground, forming a barrier of ice spikes in a half-circle in front of him. It threw Iida off, and he quickly changed direction to avoid running directly into the spikes. Now, he was heading towards Todoroki’s initial ice wall. He was unsure of Iida’s next move, so he stood still, keeping his defenses up.


The teen jumped onto one of the protruding parts of the wall, using it to propel himself into the air where he activated his Recipro Burst. Todoroki did not know when he had time to practice using it in midair, but he clearly had been training a lot. Iida was able to stay upright, but still somewhat wobbly while flying through the air straight towards Todoroki. 


He reached him in an instant, and the two crashed into each other due to Todoroki’s surprise and Iida’s lack of control over his landing. The class rep was lying on the ground, and the fire and ice user crashed backward into his ice fortress. There were a few moments where neither moved, both disoriented, but Iida eventually jolted upright, kicking out at Todoroki. He held up his left arm, which he coated in a thick layer of ice, but the force of the blow was strong. The ice cracked slightly, and he was pushed towards the peak of the wall. His exit was blocked now.


Placing his left hand on the ice behind him, he melted it as quickly as he could, but that left him open to attack. Iida reached out to grab him, most likely trying to hold him down and force him to tap out, but Todoroki was able to back up just out of his reach once enough ice had melted for him to do so. Unfortunately, Iida was able to reach the scarf. He closed his fist around the fabric, and when Todoroki stepped back, it unwrapped, revealing his neck.


He could tell that Iida saw it, as the boy’s expression changed to worry. He had to act quickly, so he charged the blue-haired teen, who was still stunned at the sight of his classmate’s bruising and froze his chest. The mass of ice caused him to lose his balance and fall to the ground, where he was met with more ice encapsulating everything except for the hand holding the scarf. Todoroki snatched it and quickly wrapped it around his neck again while Iida tapped out.


After melting all the ice still intact on the arena, he rushed off of the platform. Iida ran after him.


“Todoroki-kun, i-is everything-”


“It’s fine,” he cut the boy off. “Please, do me a favor and forget what you saw? It was nothing.” Iida slowed and stopped walking, Todoroki leaving the class rep behind while he went to the changing room.




The class was told to meet back in homeroom as soon as their sparring sessions were over, so that was what Todoroki did. He tried his best to avoid people after what had happened with Iida, and he ended up being the first person to enter the classroom. He sat in his seat for about half an hour reading various hero articles on his phone while the other students from class 2-A poured into the room. He did not miss how Iida was trailing behind Aizawa as the two entered.


“Todoroki,” his teacher called.




“See me after class.” 


He said nothing in response, only nodding in acknowledgment. He had a feeling he would have to make up a story now; Iida definitely had told their teacher about the marks. As irritating as it was, he knew he could not blame the class rep for being concerned about a fellow student’s wellbeing, but it was really not something he wanted to deal with trying to explain, especially to his teacher.


Todoroki zoned out for most of the class, trying to think of excuses for the blotches on his neck. He hardly noticed when Aizawa dismissed everyone, but when Yaoyorozu tapped on his shoulder, he was pulled from his thoughts.


“Are you alright, Todoroki-kun? You’ve been acting odd all morning it seems.”


“Yes, I just… I think that I underestimated the effects of this cold.”


“Perhaps that’s what Aizawa-sensei wanted to speak to you about? Maybe he feels that you pushed yourself too hard today.”




“Yaoyorozu, if you don’t mind, I’d like to speak to Todoroki alone.” Aizawa was standing near his desk. The black-haired girl nodded, before saying her goodbye as she rushed out of the classroom. 


Todoroki was looking everywhere except for at his teacher, who was now sitting on the desk in front of him. Suddenly, the man reached out, ripping the scarf from the red and white-haired teen’s neck. Todoroki frantically tried to grab it back, but Aizawa was faster and set it behind himself.


“So Iida was right.” Todoroki felt his face heat up, knowing that his teacher could very well find out about his weird kinky sex life with another one of his students right here, right now. “You wanna’ explain to be what those marks are from?”


“Training,” he blurted out.


Aizawa’s eyes narrowed. “Training… with who?”


His gaze fell to the floor as he attempted to think of any name that would make sense without incriminating one of his fellow classmates or teachers. When he received no response, Aizawa spoke again.


“Was it Endeavor?” The mention of his father made him tense up slightly. It would make sense, would it not, his father being the cause of something like this during a training session? But as far as he knew, Aizawa had no clue about his family’s history. The only people that should know are Midoriya and Bakugou, who later confessed to overhearing the conversation he and the green-haired boy had during the sports festival. Maybe Midoriya told Aizawa? Iida had done so, despite him asking it to be kept a secret. Maybe Midoriya felt that their teacher needed to know about his past abuse.


Todoroki decided to play it close to the vest. “What would make you think that?”


“I remember the stories that came out back then.” He gave his teacher a confused look, so Aizawa continued. “During the beginning of my hero career, there were many conspiracies about where your scar came from. You were just a boy, and yet you had a nastier scar than most pros have. People wanted to know what had happened, but all that was released was that it had been an accident, something completely unforeseen and unavoidable that resulted in such a tragic outcome. The public bought it, but there were some that didn’t quite believe that tale.”


Todoroki was staring hauntedly at his teacher. He had never thought about that, the fact that his father had to spin a story for the public many years ago about the appearance of his scar. He was used to people avoiding the subject around him. Sure, there were some comments online, but for the most part, nobody questioned it. He had never wondered why that was the case, but it made sense now: everyone thought they already knew the answer. 


“So, I’ll ask you again. Was it Endeavor that did this?” His eyes had trailed away from his teacher while he was lost in thought, but when the words left the hero’s lips, Todoroki’s eyes snapped up. He tried his best to mask his fear--the visions of his past now fresh in his mind--but he could tell Aizawa could see it. The problem was that it was not his father that had done this. It was something he had brought on himself when he asked Bakugou to do it, and he enjoyed it. But this was not something he could just say to his teacher. But then again, despite everything that had happened, he could not let his father take the blame for this.


“N-No, Aizawa-sensei, it wasn’t-”


“You don’t have to defend him, Todoroki. You shouldn’t do so for someone who strangles his own child.”


“He didn’t-”


“I’m going to have to bring this to Nezu’s attention.” Todoroki froze.


“No! A-Aizawa-sensei, I swear, my father is not responsible-”


“You know, Todoroki, we teachers are trained to detect the presence of abuse. And so far, you’ve been displaying all the signs.” Aizawa stood, handing him back the scarf. “I cannot sit idly by and allow one of my students to go through something like this. I’m sorry, but I will report this, even if you deny his involvement.” And with that, his teacher took his leave.


Todoroki was still sitting at his desk, completely stunned at what had just happened. Eventually, these allegations were going to reach his father, and all hell would break loose.




Bakugou was watching TV in the common room when Todoroki suddenly burst through the entrance to the dorms. The few others that were lounging around jumped at the intrusion. His two-toned eyes scanned the room, finally landing on a baffled Bakugou. It was as though they had a silent conversation briefly before Todoroki rushed to the elevators. Bakugou whipped out his phone, sending him a text.


Me (15:28): the fuck is up with you icyhot?


Me (15:28): just looked like you saw someone die


HanHan (15:29): My room. Now.


He stared at the message, confused. Something was definitely wrong if it got Todoroki as rattled as he was. Stretching, he got up off of the couch and turned off the television, nonchalantly making his way towards the elevators.


Bakugou’s knuckles made contact with Todoroki’s door once before the red and white-haired teen opened the door. He entered, anxious about what had the other so unnerved. 


“What’s-” the blonde began, but he was almost immediately interrupted.


“Aizawa knows about this,” he gestured to the bruising on his neck, “and he thinks my father did it.” Bakugou went rigid, but he said nothing, giving Todoroki time to continue. “He’s going to report it to Principle Nezu.”


“Fuck.” Bakugou was rubbing his temples. They were doing fine keeping things under wraps for a month, why was the world crashing down around them now?


“They’re taking this very seriously. I think Aizawa has suspected something for quite some time but had never had any reason to act. Now that I’m his student, he has some right to dig around.” Todoroki looked down, his arms wrapped around himself. “And eventually… this will reach my father…”


Bakugou cringed at the thought. He could only imagine how furious Endeavor would become when false allegations were pitted against him, especially when they originated from his own son. Todoroki’s breathing became heavier, yanking him from his thoughts.


“Hey, hey, calm down.” He really did not have to, but Bakugou felt the urge to hug him, so he moved forward, wrapping his arms around the taller teen. “I’ll be here no matter what happens, okay? I’ll kick that bastard’s ass if he tries to make your life miserable in any way. You don’t deserve that shit.” He felt Todoroki reciprocate, arms tightly gripping the back of his shirt while he regulated his breathing.


It was an odd sight to see. Todoroki Shouto, the stone-faced, impassive pretty boy from his class was fighting off a panic attack in his arms. Bakugou had seen so much of Todoroki during the past month, not only physically, but emotionally. It was such a contrast from what he expected, and Bakugou found himself really enjoying this side of his classmate. As much as he hated to admit it, he cared about this asshole. 

He refused to think of it any differently than he thought of Kirishima or any of his other friends though. Todoroki simply made it to the ‘important friend’ level and that was all. That was what Bakugou kept telling himself as he held the other tighter, his only thoughts about how to help him, make his life better, make him happy, hear that laugh again.

Chapter Text

Todoroki laid low for most of the weekend, the only instance Bakugou had seen the boy even leave his room was on Friday evening, when Aizawa called him downstairs, a camera in hand, ready to document the supposed ‘evidence’ of Endeavor’s abuse. They really were taking this seriously.


Things only got worse on Tuesday, when Todoroki was called out of English by All Might and some detective. Their classmates gave him varying degrees of concerned looks as he exited quietly, trailing behind the two men. 


Bakugou turned, facing forward once again when Todoroki was no longer there, and he was met with Deku’s dumb knitted eyebrows, marred with worry lines that never seem to leave the nerd’s face.


What? ” he growled, but the green-haired boy was unfazed. Deku opened his mouth but quickly closed it when Present Mic resumed the class, facing forward. Great. Bakugou had a feeling he was going to have even more unwanted company than usual at lunch today.




“Young Todoroki! How are you?” All Might smiled kindly at him, but it did nothing to calm his nerves.




The detective, Tsukauchi from what Todoroki could recall, turned to look at him. “Don’t worry,” he started. “You’re not in any trouble. I’m sure you have some idea as to what this may be about.”


“I’d like to reiterate again that what was found on Friday was not caused by my father. There’s no need for any of this.” He felt uncomfortable at the glance he received from the detective and All Might. The bruising had mostly faded, only healed, yellow spots left by now. He was not wearing the scarf anymore since there was not much to hide at this point; the only way anyone would be able to see the marks was if they knew where to look.


“Unfortunately, Todoroki, despite what you say, we have no other leads here. If you are telling the truth, and it truly was not your father that did this, then you need to speak up and tell us what actually happened. Otherwise, all odds point to what we have now.”


Todoroki tensed at Tsukauchi’s words. He knew he had to tell them at some point since none of this was blowing over and only getting worse. Not only was it extremely embarrassing, but he was also concerned for Bakugou. What would happen to the blonde if he told them what had happened? Todoroki was not sure if he could live with himself knowing that he ruined Bakugou’s future over something like this. And yet, he could not live with himself if his father’s career spiraled downward because of this either.


The two adults stopped in front of a door which appeared to be a small conference room of some sort, and All Might grabbed his shoulder before they entered.


“Young Todoroki, your father already knows what this is about. He’s waiting inside, and Tsukauchi here is going to facilitate. I’m going to wait out here, okay?”


His words were meant to be comforting, but Todoroki was panicking. They already told his father?! It seemed too soon to reach that step! All Might, oblivious to Todoroki’s internal struggles, pushed him into the room with the detective and his father, closing the door shut behind him. He stood frozen for a moment, taking in his surroundings.


Tsukauchi was seated behind a desk, shifting some papers around. There were three seats on the other side, his father in the far left one, glaring at him. Todoroki decided to take the far right seat.


“Alright,” Tsukauchi began, “let’s work through this.”


“There is nothing to work through!” Endeavor growled. The detective ignored him, continuing his train of thought.


“Shouto, you still claim that the cause of your injuries was not from your father, correct?” He nodded. “So that would lead me to believe that you know what actually caused them.” He hesitated, but then nodded again. “I don’t know what is preventing you from telling us. It would make all of this much less stressful, which is something that I believe you’d prefer.”


“I-I cannot say with him here.” He glanced at his father, who scoffed. Tsukauchi immediately agreed before Endeavor could get a word in otherwise.


“If that’s what it takes, then fine. Todoroki, please step outside. You may come back in when we call for you.” Begrudgingly, his father stood, shooting a meaningful scowl in his son’s direction. As soon as he heard the door click, Todoroki spoke up.


“I need you to promise me something.” Tsukauchi simply waited for him to continue. “One, that what I say here will remain between us. And two, that… that who I name here will face no repercussions.”


“I don’t know if I can do that. I will need to share with Nezu, Yagi, and Aizawa, as they are a part of this. Technically, I should inform your father as well.” He paused briefly, meeting Todoroki’s eyes. “But depending on the nature of the subject, I could keep it under wraps, I suppose.” The red and white-haired teen let out a relieved sigh. “As for the second half… I’m not so sure yet.”


Todoroki was not entirely satisfied with that answer, but he knew that he needed to tell Tsukauchi the truth, no matter what. Though, he decided to exclude as much detail as he could get away with.


“I am not being abused,” he began, “and I did not get these bruises from training.”


“What did you get them from, then?”


Todoroki blushed, trying to think of how to word what he was about to say without completely humiliating himself. When he answered, his eyes were looking at the floor, avoiding the detective’s.


“I… was doing things the previous night, and that’s what lead to my injuries…”


He was not looking at Tsukauchi, but he could tell the man had no idea what he was talking about if the complete silence was anything to go by. He struggled to think of how else to say it, but he was failing. Eventually, the detective broke the silence.


“You’re going to have to tell me, Todoroki. Trust me, you don’t have to feel embarrassed or anything. I’ve heard plenty of odd things during my job, and I'm sure what you want to say isn’t as bad as it may seem. I assure you that there will be no judgment here.”


He highly doubted that.


“So,” Tsukauchi continued, “can you tell me what you mean by ‘ doing things ’?”


It took Todoroki a few more seconds to build up the courage to say it, his blush deepening. “I was… having sex.”


“So… the bruising was from something that happened during sex on Thursday night?” he prodded. Todoroki nodded. “That is still something of concern, Todoro-”


“I asked for it,” he interjected quickly. Now that everything was unraveling, he wanted to get this all over with as soon as possible, and he knew that if he waited any longer, he would not have the fortitude to say any more.


“O-Oh.” Todoroki spared a hasty glance at Tsukauchi’s face. He internally grimaced, realizing that the detective, despite what he had commented beforehand, was, in fact, judging him. There was a slight blush below his eyes, hardly noticeable through his tan skin, but Todoroki was sure it was there, and one corner of his mouth was marginally contorted into a small frown. “I think I understand.”


“Can I please go now?” He wanted to die, and honestly, he was not sure if he could even return to his class after this ordeal.


“Not yet, there are still a few things we need to discuss. Even though you claim that all of this was… consensual… there are still concerns. You are underage, for one, so you technically do not have the capability to give consent in that situation by law. Also… depending on how you answer this next inquiry, you may have violated the rules of the dormitory, which is rather serious.”




“Well, I am assuming that you were with a fellow student?” Todoroki nodded hesitantly. “Was it a male or female student?” There was a change in the man’s tone, something more tender, as if he already knew what the answer would be.




“Hm, then you were not in any violation,” he smiled. “However, my first point still stands. There is also the issue of confirming your story. You’re going to have to tell me who it was, Todoroki.”


He looked away, “I don’t want him to get in any trouble…”


“I cannot guarantee that, unfortunately. However, I do believe you to some extent; you don’t seem like the type to so vehemently defend someone who’s purposefully hurt you.” Tsukauchi sighed, saying “I’ll make you a deal: if you name them, nothing permanent will be added to their record or anything. They may be in trouble, but I will not ruin the person’s life completely over this, I promise you that.”


Todoroki assumed that was the closest he would get to an agreement with the man over this. He still did not want Bakugou to get in any trouble at all, if possible. Plus, it felt wrong outing him in this way, but he did not have much of a choice at this point. He hoped the blonde would understand as he replied.


“Katsuki… Bakugou…” 


The detective’s eyebrows rose. “Thank you for telling me, you may leave now. Though, before you go, just know that I will have to interview some of your classmates about this situation. I will not mention your relationship, but I need to confirm that Bakugou’s character is respectable.”


Despite being dismissed, the red and white-haired teen sat still. This conversation was starting to piss him off.


“His character is far beyond respectable. There is no need for you to question it as you are.”


“He has a tendency to lash out against authority, Todoroki. Not only that, but he was targeted by villains due to his aggressiveness. He is a delinquent, and I will need to investigate further to ensure I establish the proper punishment for him.”


He stood up suddenly, the small chair slamming loudly into the wall behind him, most likely leaving a dent. Good.


“He may be more aggressive than the other students, but that does not make him evil in any way. When he was kidnapped, he resisted the League with every ounce of his being, despite the fact that heroes had failed him. He is the most determined person I have ever met, and I’m not going to sit here and allow you to sully his name.”


He was glaring down at a stunned Tsukauchi, storming out before the detective could say anything else. Both All Might and his father tried to stop him, but he ignored them. He had already missed English--something he was not the best at--so he was not planning on missing any of his other classes over something so trivial.




Despite his best efforts, he could not shake the green-haired nerd. Deku kept on his heels all the way to the lunchroom, and just when he thought he had lost the boy in the twelve o’clock crowd, he reappeared, acting all chummy with Kirishima and Ashido. Fucking grand .


Deku noticed his approach first. “Kacchan! I wanted to ask you-”


“Let me fucking sit down first!” He snapped his mouth shut, but his eyes continued to follow Bakugou as he sat in one of the chairs opposite of the three others. Deku still was not speaking, so he shouted at him again. “ What?!


“What’s going on with Todoroki-kun?”


“How the hell would I know anything about that Half n’ Half bastard?”


“You two are close. Plus, you had this expression when he left today, like you knew what it was about.”


He fucking hated how perceptive Deku could be.


“Well, I don’t know shit.” He focused his attention on his food, trying to ignore the green eyes boring down on him.


“Iida-kun said he saw bruises on Todoroki-kun’s neck, and that he reported it to Aizawa.” Bakugou nearly choked on his rice. “Is it something to do with Endeavor?”


The blonde sent a wary gaze towards the other two at their table, but they seemed far from surprised. Todoroki’s father gave off a vibe, and the two clearly had a less than perfect relationship, so he supposed they had their suspicions about the man.


Part of him wanted to lie, claim that it was Endeavor’s fault just to end this conversation and get them off of his tail, but he knew that was wrong. Anything he says about the situation could complicate things for Todoroki, and he did not want that. The teen was already going through enough right now as it was.


He decided to tell the truth but left out everything he possibly could. “No. Wasn’t that bastard this time.”


Stupid Deku seemed relieved. Bakugou did not understand why he could not just ask Todoroki himself later on. Maybe he was too antsy to wait.


“So you know who it was then,” Kirishima interjected, his eyebrows knitted together in worry.


This time, Bakugou lied. “No, I don’t. But I asked Icyhot and he told me it wasn’t his dad.” He and Ashido nodded, accepting the response. On the other hand, he still felt eyes boring through him. When he looked at the source, his own red eyes were met with green ones. Surprisingly, the other did not frantically look away. It was a bad sign.


He could tell the cogs in the green-haired teen’s mind were turning, and it unsettled him. Letting out a growl, Bakugou narrowed his eyes at the other. This got the desired reaction out of Deku, causing him to jump and yelp. His attention broke away from the blonde, fixating onto his rice bowl. He could finally have some semblance of peace. That was until…




Todoroki sat down next to him, setting his soba tray on the table. The others greeted him kindly, but the unasked questions ruined it. And yet, despite how much everyone interrogated Bakugou, no one even tried to probe the actual source. It was obvious, how much everyone wanted to ask about his absence, especially Deku, but no one said a word. They all simply ate, participating in idle chatter for the rest of lunch. He was not sure if he should be relieved or pissed.


One glance in Todoroki’s direction told him that he would be getting an explanation later. He kept looking at him, and Bakugou sensed some anger there, which was unusual. Clearly something was up Icyhot’s ass, and if that was the case, it spelled bad news for the both of them.

Chapter Text

The school day was over, and Bakugou found himself meeting the red and white-haired teen inside his dorm room for the second time this week, and not for the reasons he wished. Todoroki explained to him how his conversation with the detective went. It sounded like it went about as well as Bakugou would have expected.


“You’ll probably get called out of class to talk to Tsukauchi tomorrow, just saying. And… some of our classmates will be as well.” Bakugou opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything, Todoroki continued. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I know everyone would vouch for you.”


Hearing Todoroki say that did make him feel somewhat better about the situation. He was used to people assuming the worst about him, and it did get to him at times, no matter how much he put on a front that nothing bothered him. It was good that he had friends on his side.


Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of a knock at the door. Todoroki stood, walking over to look through the view-hole before opening the door. 


“Todoroki-kun! ...And Kacchan?” Of course, it was fucking Deku. “Uhm, well, Aizawa-sensei wanted to speak to you both, so I guess this makes it easier, telling you both at the same time.”


“Why?” Todoroki asked.


“He didn’t say. But he’s waiting downstairs, so you two should probably go now.”


He nodded, starting to close the door on their green-haired classmate, but before he could fully disappear from view, Bakugou noticed that he was getting stared at by the boy once again. It was the questioning gaze, the one he had when he would overthink things, trying to piece it all together.


It pissed Bakugou off knowing that more and more people were figuring them out, and there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening. Everything was out of his control; it felt like both he and Todoroki’s futures were slipping through their fingers.


“C’mon, let’s get this over with,” he said, grabbing Todoroki’s sleeve and guiding him to the elevators.




“Tsukauchi explained everything to me.” It was all Aizawa had said to them as he led them away from the dorms. Todoroki was not sure where they were going, but it was towards the school entrance, so he assumed they were going to one of the conference rooms to talk more privately. Neither he nor Bakugou responded to their teacher, allowing the man to continue.


“Why do the two of you have to cause such headaches for me,” he sighed. “Anyways, for the time being, I think it’s best that you two stay separated. However, it was Tsukauchi’s decision on how that would be done. Unfortunately, I had no say in it.” Their teacher stopped unexpectedly, almost causing the two teens to crash into his back. He turned to face them after a moment, locking eyes with Todoroki. “Until further notice, Todoroki will be no longer be permitted to stay in the dorms. He will be staying at home…” 


He felt his heart lodge itself inside his throat. If that was the case, then they had to have told his father the truth, and that was probably why he was the one forced to go home and not Bakugou: his father had control in this decision. Todoroki knew the man could not care less about Bakugou, he only wanted Todoroki back under his thumb. His living situation at the dorms gave him freedom, more than his father would ever normally allow, and that was a problem in his eyes, so he would do anything to get Todoroki back in that house. 


It hurt knowing that it was his own decisions that led to this outcome as if he practically handed himself over to his father. It hurt knowing that someone he cared about was roped into it all, tangled into his problems and being dragged down by him. Todoroki knew he should not have gotten so close to the blonde, it would only end with him spiraling downward. It happened to everyone he ever cared about: his mother, his siblings… Anyone Todoroki ever got close to was bound to be destroyed.


He had done so well, keeping everyone in his class at a safe distance, Midoriya being the only one who came dangerously close, but he was able to pull away from the boy just in time. Right after he told him about the encounter he had with his father during the first year sports festival, Todoroki knew what he needed to do. He recalled the confused and saddened expressions the green-haired teen had given him when he started treating him more like a stranger than a best friend, avoiding opening up any more than he already had. He tried his hardest to keep everyone at the same level, friends at best, but Bakugou had broken through, just like he did with everything else in life.


And despite what had happened in that alley after they got their provisional licenses, Todoroki had many opportunities to pull away and shut the blonde out, but he did not. It all started out as good fun, something that made him feel alive for once, but as the days went on--and Todoroki hates to admit it--he caught feelings for him, and at that point, Todoroki knew there was no going back for him. He was selfish, thinking that he could have something normal in his life, something enjoyable. Nothing in his life was allowed to be as such.


“W-What the fuck do you mean?!” Bakugou was shouting, and it yanked him away from his thoughts. “He can’t go back there-”


Aizawa held up a hand, silencing the fuming blonde. “If it were up to me, he would be nowhere near that house. Todoroki, despite the fact that this specific situation was not a result of your father’s wrath does not mean that I’ve lost my suspicions. If anything, they’ve only grown. Your reaction when I first discovered the marks on your neck and accused your father told me a lot. I asked Tsukauchi and All Might to not tell your father about this situation, but they claimed it was out of their hands. By law, they were required to inform your guardian. It was then up to Endeavor on how to respond.” He held out a controller, pushing a button on it which caused the front gaits to open. Behind them sat a sleek, black car with a driver waiting patiently, door to the back seat open. Aizawa leaned forward, his mouth next to Todoroki’s ear. “I’ll get this resolved as fast as I can. Please hang in there until I do.” He shot back upright quickly, saying “Your things will be mailed to you. See you in class tomorrow, Todoroki.”


He nodded, somewhat stunned, and he reluctantly approached the car. He shot a glance towards the two of them before entering, his eyes landing primarily on Bakugou. He could see that the blonde was still furious, but there was something else there too. Fear? Heartache? Todoroki knew that he was probably displaying those emotions himself. He sighed, finally sitting down on the leather seats. The driver slammed the door shut, taking his place behind the wheel and driving off.




“We still have to talk.” They watched as the car left, Aizawa’s tired eyes landing on him when it was no longer in sight.


“About…?” he grumbled. It was obvious, but he was beyond pissed right now, and he was not going to make this easy if his teacher was planning on dealing out some punishment for him.


He sighed loudly, waving his hand towards the school. “Let’s go.” He pushed the button again, closing the gate as he walked away. Bakugou stood still for a moment, watching the doors close before following Aizawa inside. “He’ll be okay.” 


Bakugou said nothing in response, but it comforted him somewhat, knowing that Todoroki had an adult on his side.


Aizawa brought him to a room with two couches in it, and Bakugou recognized it as the room All Might had brought Deku and himself to when they had to talk after their fight last year. The memory only soured his mood more. Aizawa took a seat on one of the couches, Bakugou following suit.


“Todoroki claimed that what you did was consensual and that there is no abuse between you two. I personally believe him, and I do not think of you as the type to do something like that. But given the possibility of how well Todoroki had hidden his past abuse with his father, I can’t completely ignore this. Also, you both shouldn’t be doing that stuff in the first place.”


God, Bakugou wanted to die. He really did not want to be having this conversation with his fucking teacher of all people. He supposed it was better than his parents, but still.


“If I put in a good word for you, Tsukauchi will call all of this off. So I’m here to listen to what you have to say about all of this.”


“The hell do you want me to say?”


“Explain it to me, your relationship with Todoroki. I’ll make my decision on what to say based on how you respond.” Bakugou was still unsure of what to say. “How about start with how you two got together?”


He figured that made sense, starting from the beginning. He was flexing his fingers, wrapping them around each other anxiously as he delved into the story. “It began back when we got our provisional licenses. We never really got together, though. It was just s'posed to be a fling.” He was mumbling by the end of his sentence.


“Is it not that now?”


Bakugou tensed up at the question. His mind was screaming at him, telling him to say no, to deny his developing feelings for that Half n’ Half bastard. Aizawa probably would not like that, but it would save Bakugou from becoming emotionally vulnerable. Some part of him felt that if he never admitted anything out loud then he could get away with pretending these feelings did not exist and that was much easier than confronting them. There was also the possibility that he was the only one catching feelings, that Todoroki felt nothing but lust for him and would reject him if Bakugou were to voice anything. That was something he did not even want to imagine.


“I-I don’t know…” was what he decided to settle on. It was the truth after all. Well… half-truth.


Aizawa sighed loudly, annoyance lacing his tone. “You kids always make things so difficult, you know that? Things are often simpler than you make them out to be, Bakugou.”


“It doesn’t feel that way.”


“Well, that’s probably because you and Todoroki have the emotional expressiveness of two rocks.” Bakugou snapped his head up, a loud growl ripping from his throat, but his anger died when he saw that his teacher was smirking slightly. It was something the man rarely did, so it was shocking, to say the least. 


“It may seem patronizing coming from me, but I do have advice that could help you, even if I cannot relate fully to your situation,” he continued. “All of you are little shits, but I do want what’s best for each of you.”


It was weird, hearing his aloof teacher talking so affectionately about his students. Bakugou wondered if he was like this for each of his classes or if 2-A held a special place in his heart.


“Then what do you suggest…?” It hurt his pride a little when he asked, not usually one to ask for help. It pissed him off on any given day, but this was something he felt inexperienced with, like he was unable to find his footing and stabilize himself.


Aizawa rested his chin on his hand, his glowing eyes signifying the activation of his quirk. “I’m a very observant person, Bakugou. I have to be due to the nature of my quirk. I’ve noticed a change in you recently, you and Todoroki. You’ve both become kinder. I suppose that’s not the right word to use, but I’m sure you get what I mean. When you two first started out here, you were angry little bastards, hated everyone and everything. That continued for most of your first years. But starting this year, you’ve both become more compliant both with teachers and with your fellow classmates. You’ve been taking your studies more seriously, more maturely. I couldn’t help but wonder what had changed because while I saw the product, I was unable to see the reason for it. I think that I’ve finally found that reason, Bakugou, for both of you.” He closed his eyes, smiling. “You’re each other’s weaknesses, it seems.”


“Tch, I don’t have any weaknesses.” It was an automatic response. Bakugou was not sure if it was true at this point.


“You can tell yourself that, but then you’ll be in this predicament for a long while. The way I see it, you have two choices: one, accept the fact that you’ve developed feelings for the kid and go with it, or two, pull away completely, no more of this in-between. And it may be easiest for you to take route two, but in my opinion, I think it would be best for you to go with the former.”


“...And if that way doesn’t work out?”


“Why would it not?”


“If he doesn’t like me back. If he does and we find out we hate each other. If he pulls away from me completely. If we get shit from people as we get older, and it ruins everything…”


“I suppose some of those are possibilities, but you’ll never know unless you try. The Bakugou I know never stops, he always gets what he wants. Frankly, it’s a little odd seeing you so unsure of yourself. Odd, but in a good way. More humanizing. And let me just say, that look he gave you when he was leaving was not something I’d consider a look from someone who didn’t care about you. You’re overthinking it all. And I don’t think you two could end up hating each other any more than you did last year,” he said, huffing out a laugh. “The only one of your concerns I would deem valid is the fact that society will judge you. Unfortunately, if you were anything other than heroes, no one would bat an eye, but many of the older people out there still hold their prejudices. I don’t think any of that would impact you two, though. You both hold that ‘fuck you’ aura, the one that has you do whatever you want despite what others think. You’ve never let others dictate how you lived your life up to this point, right?” Bakugou nodded slowly. “So then, why start now?”


He hated that his homeroom teacher was so fucking spot on with everything. It pissed him off, made him feel like he was being read like a goddamn book.


“You aren’t that old yet, so why the hell are you so wise?”


Aizawa snorted, “You don’t have to be old to be wise. As I said, I’m just observant.”


“So what are you gonna’ tell the cop?”


Detective. And you don’t have to worry about it. I’ll say good things. Although, I’m still going to provide my own punishment for both of you.”


“Whatever,” Bakugou said, groaning. “As long as nothing crazy awful arises from this.”


“It won’t. And I’ll work on getting Todoroki back into the dorms as well. Though I suppose at this point, I should keep you two apart somehow. Maybe I’ll have to move one of you to the girl’s side of the dorms so you can’t sneak off to see each other.” Bakugou shot his teacher a mean glare, but the man did not flinch, his expression hardened. Great , he was probably serious then. Whatever, he and Todoroki would find a way to meet up without breaking the rules. There were places other than their dorm rooms that were semi-private. In all honesty, that sounded pretty hot. He would have to bring the idea up to Todoroki when he got back into the dorms.


“You can go back now,” Aizawa leaned back against the couch, closing his eyes.


“What, you going to sleep here or something?” Bakugou scoffed.


“Maybe. Probably. I’m too tired to walk you back, let alone drive home.” Bakugou could not believe that this was the man that had just given him life-changing advise about thirty seconds ago.


“See you tomorrow, Bakugou,” he said as the blonde exited. When he looked back, he saw that Aizawa’s eyes were still closed. Jeez, the guy really was overly perceptive. He was surprised he could even tell he was leaving since his steps were rather quiet. Bakugou said nothing more as he exited, lost in thought as he made his way back to the dorms.




Todoroki’s house was about thirty minutes away from UA, and it was the longest thirty minutes of his life. The driver remained perfectly silent the whole ride, not that he wanted to speak to the man or anything, but it only added to the tension he was feeling.


Just before they arrived, it began raining, and Todoroki could not help the sardonic huff that left his chest. Of course, it was raining here, just over the Todoroki household. 


As they pulled into the driveway, Todoroki wondered if anything had really changed since he left. Was Fuyumi still there? Was it the same old furniture? The same color and layout? He had not been gone for that long--only a year--so not much could have been different. His father was not the type to change things up anyway.


The driver was standing outside of the car, readying a large black umbrella before opening the door for him. It was not like he even needed it; if he got wet, he could just use his quirk to dry off. The house was only ten feet away as well. But it was what his father paid this man to do, so he could not complain over something so trivial. He could not help that everything involved with this house pissed him off. The driver opened the front door for him using the spare key he was given, and Todoroki entered, not sparing the man another glance before the door closed behind him.


The house was empty, and there were barely any lights on, which meant that either no one was home, or his father was trying to be menacing, setting up such an ominous atmosphere for his return. Or he was asleep.


Todoroki took his shoes off and set them in the closet by the door, stepping further inside. There was still no one in sight from what he could tell; the living room, kitchen, it was all empty. His eyes fell on the large courtyard outside. It used to be roughed up, scorch marks and ice coating it from the training he used to do with his father daily. Now though, it was clean, the grass greener than ever, and if anything, slightly overgrown. 


He slid open the door, stepping onto the wood paneling connected to the house that stretched around the courtyard.


“Sit down.”


Todoroki nearly jumped out of his skin, snapping his head towards the origin of the voice. There his father was, normal appearance of bright flames covering his face gone. He looked like an everyday person, his long legs hanging over the side of the wood and resting on the ground a meter below. His eyes landed on the half-burned cigarette resting between the man’s fingers. When did he start smoking?


“I don’t have all night, Shouto,” he said, taking a long drag and finishing it off, putting it out on the wooden surface next to him. His father pulled out another, a large puff of smoke leaving his nose from the previous one before he lit it using his quirk. Todoroki sat down next to the man, slightly bothered by the fact that his legs dangled just above the ground unlike his old man’s. It made him feel even more childish next to him.


“Why did you tell the truth?”


“When did you start smoking?” he asked, trying his best to avoid the question.


His father smiled slightly, exhaling more smoke from the cigarette as he answered. “Not long after you moved out.”


“You shouldn’t do that. It’s bad for you.”


“Since when do you care?”


“I don’t. But you are the number one now, so you should put more priority on staying healthy. It would be a shame if you lost stamina so soon after achieving your ultimate dream.” His voice was laced with sarcasm, not even trying to hide it at this point.


His father ignored him, going back to his original question. “Why did you tell the truth, Shouto?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, looking out towards the courtyard again.


“Yes, you do. You could have gone with the lie, simultaneously saving your own skin and ruining my life. But you didn’t. You put yourself through the embarrassment of it all, even involving your classmate. And I would assume that you care more about his future than my own, so I’ll ask again: why?”


He stayed silent for some time, trying to think of how to respond. He settled on, “Even if I hate you, and even if those accusations would have been considered true at one point in my life, they were not that time. I would have had to live with the knowledge that I condemned you for something that I had brought upon myself. That’s not the type of hero I want to be.” When he finally looked at his father again, he was staring at the night sky, blowing out more smoke.


“You’re a good kid.”


“No thanks to you,” he scoffed in response. His father glanced at him from the side.


“You’re right.”


Todoroki was stunned, unsure of how to react to the vulnerable side his father was showing him. He had only ever known the man for his overbearing nature, and yet, here he was, spilling his guts to his scornful child. 


With a sigh, his father put out the unfinished cigarette in the same place he had the other, not bothering to clean them up as he stood, stretching his shoulders.


“We can talk more tomorrow after you get home from school. I have the evening off. Fuyumi will be making breakfast in the morning. I’d recommend having some, she’s become a decent cook.” And with that, he left. 


Todoroki sat still on the ledge of the wooden panels, not knowing what to do. He was so unbelievably confused. He could not help but question the purpose of this; his father had to have ulterior motives, some kind of angle to get him back under his control. 


Or maybe he’s gotten better, his mind unhelpfully supplied.


He refused to believe it, not yet anyway. He needed time to gauge this new behavior, to see if it was genuine or not. He needed information, something must have happened while he was gone, something that changed his father’s demeanor. Todoroki’s mind traveled to his sister, Fuyumi. He had not seen her since he left for UA, and frankly, he was surprised she stuck around. She had always had a soft spot for their father, though, along with mom, the two of them always trying to bring him back into the good graces of the rest of the family. She would be his ticket to finding out what had happened to the irate, uncaring man he was used to.


Todoroki stood up not long after his father had left and headed inside. As he was sliding the door closed, he gave one last glance outside at the courtyard. His only memories of the place had been negative, laced with painful bruises and burns, aching muscles and ragged breathing. Now, a new memory was added, one that completely contradicted the others. He was not sure if that made him feel good or bad, the whole thing was still perplexing. Sighing, he fully closed the door, walking towards his old room. 


It was just as he remembered, not a thing out of place. He pulled back the freshly washed covers of his futon--most likely Fuyumi’s work--and crawled into bed. He was already in his loungewear from UA, so there was no need to change.


He shot a longing look at his phone. It was late, he should not bother. He grabbed it anyway, unlocking it using his fingerprint and moving to his most recent contact.


Me (23:51): Hello.


The response was almost immediate. 

Bakugou (23:51): hey

Chapter Text

Bakugou was back inside his room when he heard his phone go off, the text from Todoroki. He responded immediately, taking his phone back into the bathroom so he could finish getting ready for bed.


Me (23:51): hey


Me (23:51): you okay?


HanHan (23:52): More or less. I haven’t been home in such a long time. Things are very different from what I remember.


Me (23:52): is that good or bad?


HanHan (23:52): I haven’t figured that out yet.


He stared at the text, unsure what the hell that even meant, but before he could put more thought to interpreting it, Todoroki changed the subject.


HanHan (23:52): What are you doing now?


Me (23:53): just got back to the dorms a little bit ago, getting into bed now


Me (23:53): aizawa said that all this bullshit should be resolved by tomorrow


Me (23:54): youll be able to come back soon


HanHan (23:54): I would imagine Aizawa has some sort of plan for us when that happens?


Me (23:54): ive got some ideas in mind to get around anything he can think up


HanHan (23:55): Confident, are we?


Me (23:55): uh have you ever met me? confident is my middle fucking name icyhot


HanHan (23:55): Yes, it would seem so.


HanHan (23:56): It’s getting late, I should let you go to sleep now. Goodnight, Bakugou.


Me (23:56): night half n half


Bakugou locked his phone after that, forcing his eyes to close despite how little he expected to sleep. He did not feel tired in the slightest, and he could not help but worry over Todoroki. He would see him in the morning though, so all Bakugou had to do was wait.




Todoroki awoke to the smell of freshly made breakfast, primarily eggs from what he could tell. It had been a long time since anyone had made him something to eat in the morning, let alone even eating anything at all. He usually skipped the morning meal, not wanting to get up earlier than he had to.


Sitting up, he stretched his arms, popping his shoulders before standing up fully and heading to the kitchen. Fuyumi was there, already eating. There was a plate set up for him at the table.


“Shouto!” She smiled brightly at him as he sat down. He gave her a small smile in return.


“It’s been a while, Fuyumi. How’ve you been?” He had almost forgotten how much he enjoyed his family’s company when his father was not around.


“Oh, nothing much has changed for me. Ever since I’ve started college, me and Natsuo have gotten a little closer. Have you talked to him recently?”


“Not really,” he said as he was grabbing rice and piling it in his bowl.


“Hmm, well you should! I know he misses you.”


“It has been a year…”


Fuyumi rolled her eyes, reaching over to bob her younger brother’s head. “That’s too long for siblings to go without seeing each other.”


“Is he still obsessed with that camera?”


“Yeah, but it makes sense. He is a film major after all.”


“Still,” Todoroki smirked.


The two ate in silence for a few minutes, but it was not an uncomfortable pause. They were used to eating in silence, as no one in their family was particularly talkative.


“Dad is at work right now, but he will be back early tonight. He told me that you were going to be staying here for a while.”


“I don’t want to.” When he looked at his sister, she had a sad look on her face.


“I-I know you don’t… but it really is nice to see you after so long.”


Todoroki sighed. “I know, I’m sorry. I’ll try to come by more often.” That seemed to placate the girl. “Anyways…” he started, “what’s going on with him?”


“With dad?” He nodded. “Well… a lot has changed since he became number one. I don’t really know much about it, honestly. I’d like to think that I helped him change even slightly, but I think it was something else that influenced it.”


Something else that influenced it, Todoroki thought. The only thing he could remember about his father during that time was him throwing tantrums, destroying the training room.


“So,” his sister broke him out of his thoughts, “dad never told me why you would be staying here.”


Todoroki looked away. The question was obvious: why? He was not ready to go into full detail over this headache of a situation with his sister of all people. It was bad enough dealing with the ever-looming threat of the conversation coming up from his father.


He settled on replying with, “Nothing, it’s stupid.”


“Shouto, you can always talk to me.” She pouted at his resistance to share his problems, but Todoroki did not cave. “C’mon! What could my cold, aloof brother possibly have done to get taken out of the dormitories, hm?” He shot the woman a glare, prompting her to continue her interrogation. 


“Was it problems with a girl?” she asked, winking. Todoroki grimaced at that. “A boy?” she prodded more. He glared at her again, stabbing his chopsticks into his rice roughly. “It is, isn’t it!”


“I didn’t even say anything! You’re just randomly guessing,” he scoffed.


“I’ve known you your whole life; you don’t have to answer. I know,” she smirked. “So am I ever gonna’ meet him?”


“Calm down, we aren’t even together.”


“Oh, so you’re just pining for him then?” Fuyumi was fully invested in this now, and knowing her, she would never let it go until she knew every detail, which was something Todoroki was definitely not going to reveal.


“Sure,” he said, hoping to end the conversation there, but his sister kept going.


“Oh Shouto, I always knew you would have trouble with this kind of stuff,” she sighed. Todoroki could not help but get slightly offended at the comment.


“What does that mean?”


“Y’know,” she waved her hand in the air, “it’s just this aura you exude. Natsuo has it too, and that’s why he’s still single.”


He raised an eyebrow at her. “Aren’t you single too?”


“At the moment, but that’s beside the point. I’ve been in relationships, I know how they work. You two are hopeless. Or so I thought! Now, you have a chance!”


Sighing loudly, Todoroki got up to clean his dishes and attempt to ignore his sister, but she had no plans of letting him go.


“Wait, wait, Shou! I can help you!”


“I don’t need help. I’m handling it perfectly fine on my own.” A little voice in his head said otherwise, but Todoroki shoved it down.


Fuyumi rolled her eyes, sarcastically commenting, “Mh hm, sure…”


“There’s no point, it’s not like he likes me back or anything.”


“See! That’s why you’re hopeless! You’re so oblivious, you probably don’t even realize he likes you, and you’re just going to do nothing and let him slip away.”


He really should stop this conversation now, it was pointless. Bakugou only likes him for sex, and adding anything more would only complicate things between them. Todoroki would rather shove his feelings down than ruin what he already had with the blonde. But Fuyumi’s words were giving him a small spark of optimism, so he decided to humor her some more.


“And what would you suggest I do then?” he asked, still facing the sink.


“Well, that depends.” He could tell she was smiling ear to ear, happy that her reclusive brother was opening up to her even slightly. “Every person is different, so there is no definite answer when it comes to courting someone. And I don’t know him, so I can’t get a gage on his personality to help you.”


Great, this was all a plot to convince him to introduce her to Bakugou…


Todoroki was not going to admit that the two had technically already met not too long ago, during that disastrous dinner party with Bakugou and Midoriya last year.


“I suppose I’ll have to figure it out on my own, then.”


“N-No!” Fuyumi stood up, taking her own bowl to the sink. “You’ll mess it up! C’mon Shou, just let me help you with this one thing! It’s literally the only thing in your life right now that I could be of any help with…” Todoroki glanced at her, her expression holding that sadness he always hated seeing there. It did not suit her, he was always used to Fuyumi being the happy character of their family.


“O-Okay…” he whispered, but she heard him, perking up at his acceptance.


“Yes!” she cheered, her smile wide. “Do you think you can handle inviting him out somewhere, or here?”


“Definitely not here,” Todoroki replied. “We can go out somewhere, alright? I’ll let you know when we make the plans.” He set the clean, dry bowl back inside its cupboard, leaving his sister at the sink. Before he completely left the kitchen though, he looked back and said, “Oh, and please… don’t do or say anything that would embarrass me…”


“I would never, Shouto.” It sounded innocent, but he could tell she was hiding a smirk.




Before Bakugou could head to class that morning, he was summoned by that fucking detective.


“Bakugou, I’m going to have to take up a moment of your time to ask you some questions. Could you come with me?”


“I’m sure it will be more than a moment.”


The guy said nothing at his jab, choosing to ignore it. It pissed Bakogou off more than if he had responded. But he still followed the man silently, not wanting to jeopardize Todoroki’s situation. He was led to a small conference room a ways down the hall from his homeroom. Once inside, the cop sat down, gesturing to the seats. Bakugou looked behind him, noticing that the section of wall behind one of the chairs had a rather large dent in it. He decided to sit in that one.


“I’m sure you know what this is all about.”




“Aizawa came to me this morning.” Bakugou said nothing, he simply waited for the man to continue. “He said positive things, especially for someone like him.”


“So then why am I still being interrogated?”


“Despite what Aizawa said, I still want to form my own judgment. You have a lot of people vouching for you, which is surprising to me.” Bakugou growled at the comment, but inside, he was concerned over who else the detective might have asked. “Can you tell me when your relationship with Todoroki began?”


“Around the end of our first year, start of the second.”


“And why did it start?”


“Cause we liked each other.” It was technically a lie. At the time, they were only interested in fucking each other’s brains out, but now… 


“Were you the cause of the bruising on Todoroki’s neck?”


“Yes,” he said, blushing slightly.


“Was there any malicious intent behind the action?”


“No! Of course fucking not!”


The detective stared at him for a few moments, locking eyes with him. “Well, I don’t have any reason to think you’re lying, or anyone involved in this situation is lying… so you can go,” he sighed.


“What about Todoroki?”


“What do you mean?”


“The situation is resolved, right? So he can come back to the dorms.”


The man sighed again, this time louder. “Yeah… he can.”


Bakugou stood then, smirking as he exited the room. He checked his phone, seeing that he still had time in homeroom, even if he would be a little bit late. When he entered the class, his eyes immediately landed on Todoroki in the back. The teen had clearly been zoning out, and he almost missed the small smile Bakugou gave him before sitting down and pulling out his notebook. He would have to wait until lunch to fully explain everything to him.




“Get your shit. You got the all-clear to come back to the dorms.” Bakugou had just set his tray down next to the red and white-haired teen, who was luckily sitting alone at the moment. 


“Really? That was fast…” Todoroki said, shoving soba noodles into his mouth. The way his cheeks puffed up from the action made Bakugou blush slightly. Why the hell was that of all things cute to him? Maybe he got a concussion from his last training session.


“Yeah, and it’s all thanks to me!” he smirked. “Better find some way to thank me, Icyhot.”


“Thank you.”


“I meant…” He glanced at the other, trying to explain, but Todoroki was looking back at him blankly. “Nevermind,” he sighed.


There was a moment of silence before Todoroki spoke up again. “It still depends on my father, though. My return, that is. Just because the police said it was okay does not mean that my father will allow me to come back. Remember how all parents had to sign a consent form allowing their children to stay in the dorms? In the end, it is his decision.”


“Of fucking course-”


“My sister wants to take the two of us out to dinner sometime soon, as well.”


“W-What?” Bakugou stared at him, shocked. Todoroki had talked about him with his sister?


“She found out there was someone at school who I was… involved with. She thinks we are dating. If it makes you uncomfortable, I can just tell her it didn’t work out-”


“No, no,” Bakugou cut him off. “Just didn’t expect it, is all. It’s not going to be a repeat of last year, though, right?”


“No, I made her agree to go out to dinner this time. It will just be us three.”


Bakugou thought it over for a second. It was a chance to get closer with Todoroki, closer than they were currently. Aizawa’s advice had been crowding his mind lately, and he could not shake the feeling that there was potential for the two of them. Why else would Todoroki be talking to his sister about his supposed ‘boyfriend’? The whole situation gave him some confidence; perhaps he was overthinking everything, just like Aizawa said. All the signs were pointing to Todoroki liking him back, but the thought of exposing his emotions and becoming so vulnerable scared Bakugou. It was as if he was planning on holding his own heart in his hands, giving Todoroki the option to either accept it or stab it right then and there.


“I’ll go,” he finally replied. “This Friday works for me.” 


“That should be fine,” Todoroki said, his attention drifting back to his food. “I’ll let you know the time later.”


Bakugou simply nodded in reply. He was going to have to gather more information before admitting anything to the other. No way in hell was he going to embarrass himself like that.


“You should talk to your dad,” Bakugou suggested, changing the subject back to what it originally was about. “Last time I saw, he wasn’t a complete dickhead. Maybe you can convince him.”


“I don’t know… I have yet to fully understand him.”


“You don’t have to forgive him or anything. If you hate him, you hate him, but that doesn’t mean the two of you can’t be civil.”


“I don’t think I hate him…” 


Bakugou shot him a curious glance. It was a sensitive subject, and he was surprised that Todoroki was even humoring him by continuing the discussion. It must have been the problem he was going through the previous night.


“It’s just…” Todoroki started again, abandoning his food to stare intently at the table, “I don’t understand. What the hell changed in him while I was gone? Why couldn’t it have happened when I was young, before everything went to hell? I-I used to blame him for everything: my scar, what happened to my mother, to Touya… Everything would be easier if he remained the same, evil bastard he used to be. But for some reason, he’s changed, and I can’t bring myself to hate him, even if I want to.”


Bakugou stared at him, shocked that Todoroki had opened up to him like this. He felt guilty, though, since he was not the best at giving advice. That was more up Deku’s ally. He was unsure if Todoroki even wanted advice here, or if the teen was simply venting his frustrations. He was trying to think of something to say, but before he could do anything, the red and white-haired teen was standing up, taking his tray with him.


“S-Sorry,” he said quickly, “I shouldn’t have said all of that. I know my family is a lot to handle, and I shouldn’t have pushed all of my doubts onto you. After the dinner, you won’t have to hear anything more about them, okay?” 


And with that, he left the blonde wide-eyed at the table. It was probably the most he had ever heard Todoroki speak, but why the hell did he spill all of that to Bakugou of all people? God, he was such an idiot, why did he not reply to him, try to help even a little? He ran a hand roughly through his hair as he stood, taking his leftover food and throwing it in the trash. As much as he hated wasting food, he had lost his appetite. He needed to focus on helping Todoroki through these problems first rather than worry over confessing to him like some damn school girl. He ran over Todoroki’s words time and time again as he headed to his next class, trying to think of what he could do to help him.

Chapter Text

Ever since Todoroki mentioned the dinner with his sister, Bakugou seemed to be avoiding him. His father had yet to allow him back into the dorms, but the red and white-haired teen had never expected that to put a dent in his and Bakugou’s arrangement. Sure, they would have to sneak around more, especially now that Aizawa seemed to be watching them more closely than usual, but Todoroki thought of that as somewhat fun, he and the blonde planning together on how to dodge their teacher as well as Todoroki’s chauffer in order to find some time and place to fuck. But apparently, something else was keeping Bakugou preoccupied.


He was not sure why it bothered him so much; it was not like they were obligated to keep this little fling going. Todoroki could somewhat understand why his classmate would want out of their agreement at this point, what with the drama springing from his household. That was a lot to deal with as a boyfriend, let alone just someone Todoroki was sleeping with. And yet, he went ahead and roped the blonde into all of his problems, causing him to have abuse allegations placed against him, forcing this dinner on him. Of course Bakugou was pulling away. No normal person would ever be willing to deal with all of that.


He’s no normal person, though, his brain unhelpfully supplied. He’s special.


Sighing loudly, he stood up from his seat in the library and packed up his things, not realizing that he was being watched. When he turned, Midoriya was standing right behind him, and he jumped.


“Todoroki-kun,” the green-haired boy started, “s-sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.”


“It’s alright. I was just startled,” he breathed out, wondering what his friend had to say.


“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” His green eyes fell to the floor, a saddened look in them.


“Y-Yeah…” Todoroki replied guiltily. He felt bad about pushing his old best friend away, but once again, he did not want people he cared about to get tied down by him.


“Ahh, y’know, I’m having some trouble with my English assignment. Do you think you could come back to my room and help me?” He seemed to be glancing around the library nervously, but Todoroki had no clue why.


“Can’t I just help you here?”


Midoriya’s shoulders tensed slightly before he responded. “W-Well, I, uhh. I left it in my room, so I’d have to go back and get it anyway, and I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting here when you’d be getting picked up soon.”


“I still have an hour. My father allowed me to stay a little longer after classes ended just in case I needed to get more work done outside of home.”


“That’s good,” he smiled brightly, almost causing Todoroki to do the same. He had forgotten how contagious the green-haired boy’s enthusiasm was. “So then, you’ll be able to help me?”




“Great!” He let out a relieved sigh, Todoroki following him quietly back to his dorm room.




“I’m willing to help as much as I can, but English isn’t my strongest subject,” Todoroki said as he moved to the center of the room. When he received no response other than the sound of Midoriya lightly closing the door behind him, he turned around.


“Todoroki-kun, what’s going on?”


He simply stared at his classmate, completely confused by the question. “What?”


“What’s going on between you and Kacchan?”


Todoroki froze, his eyes rapidly darting to and from the pair of green ones attempting to unravel him. “I don’t know what you mean…”


“I’ve known Kacchan all my life. He’s been acting different for some time, especially with you.”


“Maybe he’s gotten over our fight from the sports festival.”


“I don’t think that’s it.”


“Then I’m afraid I don’t know.”


“I think you do…” Midoriya smiled at him again, and Todoroki felt horrible for lying to the boy. Maybe he should confide in someone. Midoriya had helped him through his doubts in the past, perhaps he could do it again.


“I… don’t know why I would have been the cause…” He rested his head in his hands as he sat down on the floor. Midoriya walked up to him, sitting down across from him.


“You underestimate yourself, Todoroki-kun. Both in your own abilities and your importance in other people’s lives.” When Todoroki did not answer him, he continued. “When you started to pull away from me at the start of this year, it really hurt. I thought that after everything that had happened during our first year, you would trust me, just as I trusted you. But then I realized something.” The red and white-haired teen looked at him expectantly. “You had only started acting distant after Kacchan and I visited your home last year. I’m sure that we witnessed more of your home life than you would have liked. I know that you must think that you’re a burden to others, but you’re wrong, Todoroki-kun. It’s not your fault that your family isn’t perfect, no one would ever think that. All everyone wants to do is help you; you’re in a class filled with future heroes, after all! So no more of this cold guy I thought was long gone. You have friends here in 2-A, and at the very least, you have Kacchan and me.”


Todoroki stared at his friend with wide-eyes, still absorbing everything he just said. He felt so stupid. Midoriya had been his sole savior last year, yanking him out of his vengeful mentality at the cost of his own victory. There was not a thing on Earth that could burden the green-haired boy. Todoroki should have gone to him for advice sooner.


“Thank you, Midoriya,” he finally said. “I… think I might have messed up.”


“How so?” His friend was clearly pleased that Todoroki was opening up to him again.


“I… feel like I might’ve forced Bakugou into a situation that makes him uncomfortable.”


“Hm… that seems impossible if I’m being honest. Kacchan never gets uncomfortable. Are you sure you’re not blowing it out of proportion?”


“I don’t know…” Todoroki said, completely lost.


“Well, even though I don’t fully know the situation, I think that Kacchan is okay with doing whatever it is you’re talking about. He isn’t the type of person to do things he doesn’t want to do, so if he was uncomfortable in any way, he would have said something. I think that you’re worried about his opinion of you, which is feeding into your doubts.” It was scary how accurate Midoriya could be at times, even with very little information at his disposal. “But I don’t think you need to be worried about that.”


“Why not?”


“Kacchan has changed since we were first years. I guess it’s not noticeable to most people, but I grew up with him. For the past seventeen years, I’ve never seen him act with anyone the way he acts around you.”


“And how’s that?” Todoroki was unsure of where his classmate was going with this.


“Like he always wants to be around you. Like he cares heavily about your feelings, what you like, dislike, your opinions. Like he worries over your wellbeing.” When Todoroki looked at him, still not understanding what the green-haired teen was implying, Midoriya sighed. “Like he likes you.”


“What...?” Todoroki asked with a blush. Obviously, Bakugou liked him to an extent. They slept together every week; that was not something one just does with someone they don’t like. But Todoroki knew it was just because of their appearances. There was no emotional connection. At least, there was not supposed to be.


“And I think you like him too.”




“Just try thinking about it, okay?”


“Thinking about what?”


“Imagine you and Kacchan as a couple, doing couple things together.” Midoriya shrugged, a smile on his face.


Todoroki did try to imagine it. He pictured the cheesy things he would often see on television, replacing the protagonists with Bakugou and himself, but it felt forced. Each image ended with the conjured Bakugou calling him a dumbass for thinking of something so cliche, so he tried again, this time focusing on something he recalled the blonde saying he enjoyed doing.


He envisioned the two of them, bantering on the train as they had always done, heading towards some famous gym in Tokyo he had heard about once before. There, Bakugou would chide him as he struggled to put on his harness, needing the blonde to assist him. Once they both were ready, they would race each other to the top of the large rock wall. Todoroki would attempt to use his ice rather than actually climb, earning them a warning from the instructor. In the end, he could only imagine Bakugou winning, solely because Todoroki had never been rock climbing before.


“Next time, we’re going to a real mountain, Icyhot, so you better pick up the pace.” He could hear the blonde say in his mind.


“See?” Midoriya asked hesitantly, and Todoroki jumped, so distracted by his thoughts that he had forgotten the other was there. “Do you understand now?” Todoroki nodded, a tiny smile on his lips. He should have gotten the green-haired boy’s help a long time ago.


“Good!” Midoriya clapped his hands together. “Okay, I actually do need help with my English, though…” Laughing, Todoroki pulled out his notes, mind much clearer than when their conversation began.




“Yo! Bakubro!”


The blonde yanked the safety clip off of the treadmill and stopped dead in his tracks, shooting a glare a the redhead that joined him at his side.


“The fuck you want, Shittyhair?”


“Well…” he started with a smile, “I saw my best bud sulking on the treadmills and I figured now would be a good time for some friendly advice.”


“I’m not sulking.”


“You’re looking at the treadmill like it personally offended you, man.”


“I don’t need advice,” Bakugou said instead.


“Yeah, yeah,” Kirishima singsonged as he leaned against the machine. “What’s the problem?”


“I told you I don’t have a fucking problem!”


“Is it Todoroki?”


Bakugou tensed slightly, hesitating before saying, “No.”


“Okay… What about Todoroki?”


Growling, the blonde stepped away from the treadmill, Kirishima following close behind him. Clearly, the asshole was not going to quit until Bakugou spilled, so he might as well move somewhere more private to talk than in the middle of a busy gym.


He made his way towards the bathrooms, locking the door after ensuring that only he and Kirishima were inside.


“You know, you shouldn’t lock the door in case someone might need to use the bathroom.”


“Good. Let them piss themselves.”


Kirishima crossed his arms with a sigh. “What is going on, dude? You’re acting more… Bakugou-like than normal.”


“The fuck does that mean?!”


“Nothing,” the redhead raised his hands in surrender. “Just talk to me. I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on.”


Bakugou hesitated again, wondering if he should tell the redhead about the many problems running through his head. He figured he might as well try, seeing as how Kirishima was the closest thing to a best friend Bakugou had ever had. Rather than admit that to his classmate, though, he settled for saying, “Look, out of all of those goddamn idiots, I trust you the most. So if I find out that you went blabbing about any of this to them, I’ll fucking kill you.”


“Got it.” It pissed him off that Kirishima had a tiny smirk on his face, like he could read the blonde’s thoughts. “Now spill.”


Bakugou thought about where he should start with it all. “Half n’ Half invited me to a family dinner as his fake boyfriend,” he settled on.


“You guys aren’t dating?”


“No, which is why it’s a problem! He told his sister that we were, but we aren’t.”


“I don’t really see how it’s a problem.”


“Because… cause…” Bakugou was not sure what to say.


“You like him, right?” The blonde felt his cheeks heat up from being called out so easily. Ever since his talk with Aizawa, he had been considering what his life would be like with the red and white-haired teen actually in it, but he did not think he was being obvious. Kirishima took his lack of response as an affirmation, continuing his sentence. “Do you really think he would be talking about you to his sister if he didn’t like you back? You guys are making things way more complicated than it has to be,” he finished with a laugh.


“Look, he’s got enough shit going on with his family. Worrying over a relationship with me is the last thing he needs right now.”


“Or maybe it’s exactly what he needs. If he likes being around you, why take that away from him by pulling away? You’re probably his one relief that he has in life, man.”


Bakugou… had never thought of it that way before… 


“Shit,” he said, but it was empty sounding.


“See? Your best bud is always here to help when you need it.”


The only response the redhead received was a quick nod from Bakugou before he was rushing out of the bathroom. There was in fact, a number of people waiting outside since the door had been locked, and as soon as the blonde opened the door, they poured in, saying curses at him under their breaths.