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Can’t Sleep Love

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“Tell me am I going crazy,” Bakugou asked the group in front of him.

Kaminari laughed and agreed, “Uh-huh!”

The whole group laughed at the response and Bakugou sighed, wondering why he agreed to them coming over.

“Come on Blasty! It’s not every day you’re having a gay panic,” Kaminari exclaimed.

“Yeah dude, come on, we’re all friends. Let us help you,” Sero said trying to stop Bakugou from killing Kaminari.

Bakugou raised an eyebrow but decided to let both of those comments slide.

Bakugou was sitting at the lunch table, not listening about the new game Kirishima had just got for them to play. “Hey bro! Who are you staring at,” Kirishima asked when he realized that Bakugou was spaced out.

Bakugou’s face flushed red and he yelled, “I’m not fucking staring at anybody!”

Kirishima laughed and followed Bakugou’s line of sight. When his eyes landed on Todoroki, Kirishima smiled and patted Bakugou on the back. “You know I think he likes you so if you confessed he’d yes.”

Bakugou’s face flushed a deeper red and he finally tore his eyes away from Todoroki. “Oi! I wasn’t staring at fucking Icyhot! I don’t fucking like him!”

Kaminari and Mina both laughed and interjected with, “Uh-huh! That’s like saying we’re the smartest people in the class!”

Bakugou glared at his friends but they just kept on laughing. Sero soon sat down and looked at the laughing three and asked, “What did Bakugou do this time?”

“He says that he doesn’t like Todoroki,” Kaminari replied.

Sero smirked but kept his mouth shut knowing those three were going to be killed later. When Sero looked back at Bakugou, he saw that Bakugou had already tuned them out again and was staring at Todoroki. Sero nudged Kaminari, who about yelled but stopped when Sero pointed over at Bakugou. Kaminari motioned for the other two to look and they all smiled at each other. Mina took her phone out and quickly took a picture. “Oi! What did you just take a picture of!”

Mina laughed and showed him the picture. Bakugou had a soft smile and his face was relaxed without any of his usual angry features. Bakugou blushed when he saw how he looked like a lovesick fool. “How about we send this picture to him and see what he says,” Mina joked.

Bakugou frowned but mumbled, “Just send it to me.”

“Tell me have I lost my mind,” Todoroki questioned.

“Yeah,” Ochako mumbled, giving him a look of concern.

Iida sighed and started to question, “He’s just so aggressive. Are you sure about this?”

Todoroki sat there and glanced at himself in the mirror and thought about Bakugou. He saw a smile immediately appear on his face and mumbled, “Yeah, I’m for sure.”

Midoriya laughed as he watched his friend try to come to terms with his crush. “You know Todo, he might like you back?”

Todoroki frowned and stated, “I highly doubt that. I always say something to fuck up our hangouts or at any moment we’re alone together.”

Todoroki sighed, he hadn’t paid any attention in class because he was stuck staring at Bakugou. “Hey, Midoriya could I borrow your notes? I kinda spaced out during class and didn’t write anything down?”

Midoriya smiled up at Todoroki and handed him the notes. “Sure Todoroki! What caused you to space out though? You never let anything distract you.”

Todoroki glanced at Bakugou and saw that he was looking back at him. “What the hell Icy hot. If you’re just going to fucking space out in class then I guess you’re not a fucking threat for the number one hero.”

Bakugou got up out of his seat after that and walked towards the door without a second glance.
Todoroki frowned and looked back at Midoriya, who had a small smile. “I’m guessing you got a little distracted by watching Kacchan? You know if he catches you one day then he’s going to take it the wrong way.”

Midoriya laughed when he watched Todoroki rub his face, groaning. Todoroki sadly looked at the notes, he asked for, and said, “I can’t help it. I try not to but I just couldn't help it today. He’s just so pretty.”

Midoriya laughed and peaked around Todoroki to see if Bakugou was still close by. He made eye contact with Bakugou, who seemed like he was staring at Todoroki, and laughed when he saw Bakugou flip him off. “Well, it seems like he likes staring at you too.”

Todoroki blushed and take a glance behind him but saw that Bakugou had left. He dropped his shoulders and mumbled, “Yeah right. Like he would ever like me back.”

Midoriya sighed and watched Todoroki leave the classroom.

“Am I just afraid of lovin’,” Todoroki continued laying down on his bed.

Midoriya watched Todoroki shove his head in the pillow and said, “Uh-huh.”

Todoroki lifted his head from the pillow and glared at Midoriya. Midoriya just shrugged and continued, “You’re scared of letting anyone close to you. You’re barely telling us anything even though you asked us to help.”

Todoroki glanced at the other two, who nodded along. “It’s not that I don’t trust you’s just...I don’t know how to explain how I feel about him.”

Todoroki watched as Kirishima and Kaminari crowd around Bakugou in the living room. “Baku bro! Come on! It’s just a few hours with us! Have a movie night with us,” Kirishima begged.

“Come on Blasty! You never join us. Come on and join us for one night,” Kaminari whined while tugging on Bakugou’s arm.

Bakugou groaned and ripped his arm out of Kaminari’s grip. “If you fucks will leave me alone then I will join in the damn movie night.”

Kirishima and Kaminari both looked at each other and cheered. “Yay! Blasty is coming to movie night!”

Todoroki laughed and leaned against the door watching the two of those dancing around the living room. Bakugou looked back at Todoroki and rolled his eyes. He motioned towards the two dancing and mouthed, “They’re fucking crazy.”

Todoroki smiled and mouthed back, “But you love them.”

Bakugou made a disgusted face back at Todoroki. Kirishima saw the exchange and asked, “Hey Todoroki! Would you like to join us? Someone needs to sit by Bakugou. He hits us if we’re too loud so we need a person who can take the hits.”

Kaminari smiled and motioned for Todoroki to come closer to them. Todoroki pushed himself off the door and walked over to where Kaminari was standing. “I would join but I don’t want to ruin your movie night.”

Bakugou scoffed and said, “What the fuck are you saying Icyhot?”

“I would come but as I said, I don’t want to ruin movie night so I’m just going to head to my room,” Todoroki said motioning towards the halls.

Bakugou frowned but turned away and stomped over to the couch. “I don’t give a fuck what you do.”

Todoroki frowned and waved bye to Kirishima and Kaminari, with that he turned around and walked back to his room.

Bakugou threw a pillow at Kaminari and said, “Or am I not the lovin’ kind?”

Sero laughed and replied with, “Yeah.”

“You are the loving kind. It's just it in a different way than most,” Kirishima explained.

Bakugou sent a look at Kirishima and huffed mumbling about how he shouldn't protect these nerds.

Bakugou sat in the kitchen, drawing in his notebook. Kirishima and Deku enter the kitchen, not noticing Bakugou. Bakugou glanced at their hands and saw that they were holding hands. All of a sudden he heard, “I love you Izu. I’m so happy I have you,” Kirishima said leaning in.

Bakugou made a face and scooted his chair back to make them realize that they weren’t alone. Both of them turn to Bakugou and their faces turn red. “B-Bakugou! I didn’t see you there bro!”
Bakugou rolled his eyes and got up.

“Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t. Please don’t ever make me have to watch you guys being disgusting again,” Bakugou replied, walking out the door.

Bakugou ran into Todoroki as he walked out of the kitchen. Glancing at the heterochromatic boy, Bakugou jerked his head towards the kitchen and said, “I wouldn’t go in there if I were you. Unless you want to see idiot and the damn nerd being disgusting.”

Todoroki raised an eyebrow and peaked his head into the kitchen. He saw Kirishima and Deku kissing and quickly left the room. “I don’t know what I was expecting honestly.”

Bakugou looked at Todoroki and laughed. Todoroki looked at him in shock and put his hand up to his face to hide his blush. Bakugou stopped laughing and looked at Todoroki in confusion. “Why the hell do you have your hand covering your face?”

Todoroki looked away and replied, “It’s nothing. I just feel hot today.”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow and scoffed. “Yeah, duh. Your quirk does deal with fire you fucking idiot.”
Todoroki looked at Bakugou and nervously laughed, “Yeah. That’s why I feel hot.”

Bakugou leaned in, bringing their faces a few inches away from each other. Todoroki’s face turned a deep shade of red and Bakugou placed the back of his hand on Todoroki’s forehead. “Hmmm, you feel really warm. Are you sure you don’t have a cold or something?”

Todoroki quickly pulled back and stuttered out, “Yeah! A cold! That’s what I have. Sorry but I need to go back to my room so I don’t get you sick.”

Bakugou frowned and grabbed Todoroki’s hand before he could leave. “Do you want me to fix you something? Do you want me to give the damn nerd and round face a heads up on you being sick?”

Todoroki’s mind went blank and he just stood there, staring at Bakugou. Bakugou tapped his foot waiting for a response. Todoroki glanced at the hand Bakugou is holding and he snapped out of his daze. “No! I’m fine! I'll be fine! I really gotta go,” Todoroki replied and ran back to his room.

Bakugou watched Todoroki run down the hall and looked down at his hand. He blushed when he realized that he had been holding Todoroki’s hand.

Bakugou glanced at Kirishima and commented, “Kissing in the moonlight. Movies on the late night. It’s getting old.”

Kirishima shrugged and said, “Dude, not my fault you were awful when we dated,” but then agreed with Bakugou, “Uh-huh”

“I wasn’t that bad.”

“You literally checked on Todoroki more than you check on me. How is that not being bad,” Kirishima questioned.

Bakugou groaned and agreed, “Okay. Maybe I was a little fucking bad.”

Bakugou was outside on the balconies when Kirishima ran out on his. “Baku bro! I need your help!”

Bakugou glanced over at Kirishima and frowned. “What the hell do you need help with Shitty hair?”

Kirishima grinned and walked over to the side of the balcony. Bakugou raised an eyebrow when Kirishima hopped over on his balcony. “Bakugou, I need your help because...I like you.”

Bakugou gave him a look and questioned, “You like me? Shitty hair, if this is a joke I’m going to kill you.”

Kirishima pouted and said, “Do you really think I’d joke about this? Bakugou, I like you.”

Bakugou blushed and placed his hand on Kirishima’s face. Slowly he leaned in and whispered, “Kiss me then.”

Kirishima closed the gap between them. Bakugou smiled and slowly pulled back. Kirishima grinned and commented, “Well this is a lot more romantic than I thought it would be.”

Bakugou snorted and said, “Yeah, you fucking kissed me on a balcony at night. How much cheesier could you get?”

Kirishima laughed and wrapped his arms around Bakugou. Bakugou smiled and laid his head on Kirishima's shoulder.

“Hey Bakugou,” Kirishima yelled across the field.

Bakugou looked towards him and nodded his head in the form of acknowledgment. Kirishima grinned and grabbed his hand when he reached Bakugou. “Let’s have a movie night!”

Bakugou frowned and went to say no but then saw the pout on Kirishima’s face. Bakugou sighed and answered, “Okay fine but just this fucking once.”

Kirishima grinned and placed a kiss on Bakugou’s cheek. Bakugou turned his head to hide his blush and shoved Kirishima off of him. “Get off Shitty hair. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kirishima just laughed and walked back over to where he was supposed to be training. Bakugou felt someone walking up to him and saw it was Todoroki. “What the hell do you want Icyhot?”

Todoroki was giving Bakugou a weird look and questioned, “You can Kirishima are dating?”
Bakugou frowned and turned his back to Todoroki. Bakugou then grunted out, “Yeah. Why the fuck is that any of your business?”

Todoroki just looked at Bakugou and shook his head. Without saying anything Todoroki walked away. Bakugou glance back to see that he was gone and mumbled, “Why the hell would Icyhot fucking care if I and Shitty hair were dating?”

Later that day Bakugou was laying on the couch in the living room and Kirishima was in front of the TV trying to pick out a movie. “Bakugou what movie do you want to watch?”

Bakugou hummed and said, “Winter Soldier. The best movie.”

Kirishima gave him a weird look and shrugged. Kirishima placed the DVD in PlayStation and went over to the couch to lay with Bakugou. “Oh. Are you guys watching Winter Soldier,” a voice from behind asked.

Kirishima stuck his head up and smiled when he saw it was Todoroki. “Yeah! Bakugou said it was the best movie so I thought I’d give it a try.”

“Oi! You mean you haven’t fucking watched it,” Bakugou asked in surprise.

Kirishima looked over at Bakugou and raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, dude. You know I’m not a big Captain fan. I’m an Iron Man fan.”

Bakugou let out a sound of disgust and shoved Kirishima away. Todoroki watched and laughed at it. “Oi! Icyhot do you like this movie?”

Todoroki looked at Bakugou, surprised that he actually asked him something, and responded, “Yeah, I would have to say it’s my favorite.”

Bakugou grinned and motioned towards Kirishima. “At least you have good taste in movies, unlike this fucker.”

Todoroki smiled and rubbed the back of his head. “Well I’ll leave so you guys can enjoy this movie in peace.”

“Might as well stay. At least you’ll fucking enjoy the movie with me, unlike this disgrace.”
Kirishima pouted and whined, “Bakugou that’s mean!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes but also scooted over so Todoroki could sit with them. Todoroki looked at the spot Bakugou made for him and looked back at the couple. “Are you really sure it’s okay?”

“If it fucking wasn’t then I wouldn’t have offered you shit head.”

Todoroki glanced at Kirishima and saw that he was just smiling at him. Todoroki sighed and sat down next to Bakugou. Bakugou gave him a sharp grin and mumbled, “I’m glad I’m not the only one with good taste.”

Todoroki rolled his eyes and Kirishima hit Bakugou’s arm. Bakugou laughed and relaxed when the movies started up.

“I’ve been there, done that. It’s supposed to but hot but it’s just cold,” Todoroki complained.

Todoroki placed his head in his hands and looked at his friends desperately. “Midoriya I’m still sorry about before.”

Midoriya looked at him with a neutral expression and shrugged. Todoroki rolled his eyes causing Iida to sigh and say, ‘Yeah.”

Midoriya came up to Todoroki and nervously asked, “Hey Todoroki are you doing anything later today?”

Todoroki tapped his chin in thought then responded, “No. Why?”

Midoriya looked down at his feet and stuttered out, “Would you like to go on a date with me?”

Todoroki looked at Midoriya in confusion and asked, “ Like a date date? You like me?”

Midoriya’s face flushed and he quickly nodded his head. “Yeah! I thought we could go on a double date with Kacchan and Kirishima! Kirishima wants to do a double date so I thought it would be a good first date for us!”

Todoroki looked at how nervous Midroiya was and nodded his head. “Okay, yeah. I’ll go on this date with you. What are we doing?”

Midoriya looked up at Todoroki with pure happiness and excitedly replied, “We’re going to see a movie and then go to dinner! Nothing fancy!”

Todoroki nodded and turned to head to his room to get read. “What time are we going?”
“Oh! We’re leaving in two hours!”

Todoroki nodded and motioned towards the elevator. “Well, I’m going to head on back to my room and get ready for the date. I’ll see you in two hours.”

Midoriya nodded and rushed to the living room where Kirishima was.
On the way back to his room, he ran into Bakugou. “What are you doing on this floor?”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and asked, “Did you say yes to that damn nerd?”

Todoroki raised an eyebrow and turned to unlock his door. Bakugou followed Todoroki into his dorm room and sat down on his bed. “I don’t think I said you could come in? But to answer your question yes, I agreed to the date.”

Bakugou groaned and leaned back on the bed. Todoroki raised an eyebrow but shook his head, deciding on not question it. He turned to his closet and tried to pick an outfit out for tonight. Bakugou laughed, as he watched Todoroki try but fail at picking out an outfit. “If you’re just going to sit there and laugh at me then get out. Don’t you have to get ready?”

“I already have my fucking outfit picked out. I’m not fucking hopeless like you dumbass. Here, let me fucking pick what you wear tonight.”

Bakugou pushed Todoroki out of the way and looked through the closest. Bakugou pulled a couple of shirts out and motioned for Todoroki to come over to him. Todoroki walked back over to Bakugou and stood there looking at the shirts. “I can only wear one shirt at a time. You know that right?”

Bakugou glared at him and mumbled, “Of course I know that you fucking idiot. I’m not a fucking dumbass like you. I just need to check and see which shirt would look better.”

Todoroki just nodded his head even though he couldn’t understand anything Bakugou said. Bakugou held up a red turtleneck and frowned at it. Shaking his head, he tossed it to the side and held up to the next shirt. “Hmmm, this white button-up looks good. Let’s see how the other shirt looks,” Bakugou said to himself.

Todoroki felt a blush appear on his face and he quickly turned his head away. Bakugou ignored the sudden movement and held up the black turtleneck. Bakugou groaned when he saw that the turtleneck looked good too. “Okay, you fucking idiot, which one do you want? The white button-up or the black turtleneck? Either looks good on you.”

Todoroki felt his face get hotter and quickly grabbed the turtleneck. He then turned and grabbed a pair of jeans but those were quickly snatched away from him. Bakugou gave him an unimpressed stare and flatly said, “Ha no. You’d ruin the outfit so I’m picking the pants too.”

Todoroki groaned and rubbed his face. “Why am I blushing so much. I’m going on a date with Midoriya not him. I don’t even like Bakugou,” Todoroki mumbled to himself.

Bakugou looked at Todoroki in confusion but continued to search for a pair of jeans that would look good. “Are you okay wearing black on black? Or are you one of those weird people who hate it?”

Todoroki nodded his head in confusion and was hit in the face with a pair of black skinny jeans. “There. Surely to God, you can’t do anything to mess this outfit up,” Bakugou said, looking at the confused Todoroki.

Bakugou walked out of the room without another word and Todoroki watched him walk out. He glanced down at the clothes and shook his head. He looked at the clock and saw that they had wasted an hour just trying to pick out clothes. Laughing to himself, Todoroki started to get dressed.

An hour later there was a knock at his door. Todoroki walked to the door and was met with flowers. “I got you these. I thought maybe you’d like a gift,” Midoriya said with a red face.

Todoroki gently took the flowers and gave Midoriya a soft smile. Midoriya gave him a small smile in return and watched Todoroki grab a vase, he had for when he got flowers for his mom and placed the flowers in the vase. “I guess we need to go downstairs and meet the other couple,” Todoroki said.

Midoriya nodded and held his hand out for Todorki to take. Todoroki hesitantly took his hand and grinned when he saw the smile Midoriya had on his face. The two walked downstairs and Todoroki about choked when he saw what Bakugou was wearing. He had black ripped skinny jeans with a red button-up shirt on. He also had on a black leather jacket. Todoroki stared at Bakugou and felt his face start to warm up. “Oi, Icyhot what the hell are you staring at,” Bakugou growled out.

“I’m just trying to figure out how you actually made yourself look good,” Todoroki replied with.

Bakugou smirked but held back the comment he wanted to say. He felt Kirishima grab onto his hand and he remembered that they’re supposed to be going on a double date.

“Okay! I’m glad you two were able to come,” Kirishima started, “Is the movie Scary Stories okay with everyone?”

Bakugou smirked when he saw Midoriya’s face grow pale. Todoroki shrugged and agreed to the movie. Kirishima, not noticing how pale Midoriya was, smiled and opened the door. Midoriya sighed and followed the other couple out of the door. “So what caused you guys want to go on a double date? Kacchan doesn’t seem like the type to do this.”

“You’re exactly right on that you damn nerd.”
Kirishima gave Midoriya an apologetic smile and said, “I thought it would give you a push to ask Todoroki out and turns out I was right.”

Midoriya blushed and smiled at Kirishima. Soon enough they got to the theater and Bakugou let go of Kirishima’s hand. Todoroki went to follow him but Bakugou stopped him. “Don’t fucking worry. This was Shitty Hair’s idea so I’m going to fucking pay for all of us.”

Todoroki slowly nodded and didn’t register that Kirishima and Midoriya were standing behind them so he blushed and shot Bakugou a soft smile. He felt eyes on his back and realized what he just did so he quickly said, “Ah. Thanks. I’m surprised you actually know how to be nice.”

Bakugou flipped Todoroki off and went over to pay for their tickets. Midoriya had a weird look on his face and asked, “Hey Todoroki are you okay? Your face is really red.”

Todoroki’s eyes widen and he quickly lied, “I’ve had a fever this week and I thought I was over it but I guess I’m not.”

Kirishima frowned and said, “Dude! You should have said so! We could have pushed this double date back!”

“Ah, that's exactly why I didn’t say anything. I wanted to go on this date.”

Midoriya blushed and went to grab Todoroki’s hand. Todoroki saw and moved his hand back, “I don’t want you to get sick.”

Midoriya pouted but nodded. Bakugou came back and threw an arm around Todoroki’s shoulder grunting out, “I got the tickets you fucking losers. Now, why are you two hammering Todoroki with questions? I could feel the judgment from a mile away.”

“Todoroki just told us that he was running a fever earlier this week. I told him that he didn’t have to come on this date,” Kirishima explained.

Bakugou nodded his head and walked over to Kirishima. Kirishima smiled and placed a kiss on Bakugou’s cheek. Bakugou grunted and started to walk towards the theater room. The rest of them follow and soon enough they found seats in the middle row. “So how are we seating,” Todoroki asked.

Kirishima was about to respond with, “Oh you and Bakugou can sit by each other,” but then he remembered how the last time they watched a movie with Todoroki, that Bakugou had laid there and just talked to Todoroki instead of him, “I and Midoriya will sit between you two.”

Bakugou shrugged and walked into the row first and picked the seat he liked. Kirishima followed then Midoriya, and Todoroki did.
Todoroki frowned when another jumpscare came up in the movie and Midoriya clung to him tighter. Todoroki looked down at the green-haired boy and asked, “Are you okay? Do we need to leave?”

Midoriya shook his head no but buried his head into Todoroki’s arm. Todoroki sighed and resisted the urge to yank his arm away. Todoroki noticed a movement to his right and realized it was Bakugou getting up. Bakugou awkwardly shuffled out of the row and walked out of the theater. Todoroki turned to look at Kirishima, who looked like an upset puppy. “Hey, Midoriya, I’m going to go use the bathroom,” Todoroki whispered.

Todoroki quickly got up and left the theater room. He looked around and didn’t see Bakugou standing out in the lobby so he headed towards the bathroom. When Todoroki entered the bathroom, he saw Bakugou leaning on the sink with his face in his hands. Todoroki slowly moved over to Bakugou and softly asked, “Bakugou, are you okay?”

Bakugou’s head shot up and looked at Todoroki in surprise, “What the hell are you doing Icyhot? Fuck! This is making everything so much worse. Go back in there!”

“What are you talking about? What am I doing? What am I making worse?”

Bakugou glared at Todoroki but sighed. “Kirishima is saying that you have a crush on me and that he thinks I like you back. I haven’t even got to enjoy the movie because me and him have argued the entire time.”

Todoroki laughed and said, “Trust me I don’t like you.”

Bakugou paused and looked at him. He went to say something but stopped and walked past Todoroki. “Tell Kirishima that I’m waiting for him out in the lobby. Say that I need to talk to him,” Bakugou told Todoroki and walked out of the bathroom.

Todoroki stood there before he realized how weird he looked just standing in the middle of the bathroom. Todoroki walked out into the lobby and saw that Bakugou was sitting at one of the tables. He sighed and walked back into the movie theater. When he got back to his seat, he leaned over and whispered, “Bakugou said he needs to talk to you out in the lobby.”

Kirishima just nodded and walked out without saying anything. Todoroki sat back down next to Midoriya and watched the rest of the movie. When the movie ended, Todoroki noticed Bakugou nor Kirishima had come back yet. He felt Midoriya take his hand but he didn’t pay any attention to it. “We might want to check on the other two,” Todoroki thought out loud.

When they walked out into the lobby, they just saw Kirishima sitting at the table. Midoriya walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Are you okay Kirishima? What happened?”
Kirishima looked up and gave Midoriya a small smile. “Me and Bakugou broke up. I know I should be upset but I just feel like he didn’t really want to date.”

Todoroki stood behind the two and watched them talk about how everything went down. He cleared his throat and motioned towards the doors. “I’m going to go make sure the idiot is okay and isn't getting himself in trouble.”

With that Todoroki left the Theater and ignored the two sets of eyes watching him leave.

Mina climbed up on the bed and ran her hand through Bakugou’s hair. He sighed and leaned his head on her shoulder. “He wakes my heart up. He lights me up,” Mina mocked, knowing he would never say something so cheesy.

Sero smirked and joked, “Yeah well his quirk does deal with fire Blasty.”

Bakugou threw a different pillow at Sero and growled, “Yeah and guess what my quirk is about to fucking blow you up tape boy.”

Sero started dying laughed and choked out, “Tape boy? Are you really that lovestruck right now?”

Bakugou raised his head up, sending Sero a look that promised death. Sero laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

“Hey Bakugou, are you ready for class today,” a voice came from outside his door.

Bakugou frowned thinking it was one of the idiots and threw open the door getting ready to yell. Bakugou stopped when he saw it was Todoroki standing there. “What are you doing Icyhot,” Bakugou asked in surprise.

“Well I didn’t want you to be late so I thought I’d stop and get you to walk with me,” Todoroki said nonchalantly.

Bakugou felt his face start to heat up and he quickly turned back into his room. Bakugou grabbed his backpack and walked back to his door. “Yeah, okay. If you say so Icyhot,” Bakugou mumbled, shutting his door.

Todoroki smiled at him and wait for Bakugou before he walked on. ‘Call me Shouto. We’re a lot closer than before so why don’t you call me by my name?”

Bakugou looked at Todoroki in shock and blurted out, “Well then you have to call me Katsuki! I’m not going to call you by your first name if you’re not going to call me by mine.”
Todoroki glanced down at the blonde and gave him a grin. Bakugou looked away blushing when he realized what he said. “Okay, Katsuki. I’m glad we’re at an agreement,” Todoroki hummed out.

Bakugou felt his entire face turn red and he quickly said, “Yeah, whatever you say Shouto. I can’t believe you want me to call you by your shitty name.”

Todoroki laughed at the comment and opened the door for Bakugou. “Yes, well I do consider you a friend so I thought this would prove it.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and stomped out of the dorm building. Todoroki was right behind him and Bakugou could hear him laughing still. Bakugou looked at Todoroki and said, “Calling you by your name doesn’t prove shit. I already knew we were fucking friends. I only give fucking nicknames to people I fucking like.”

Bakugou’s eyes widen when he realized what he said and he started to walk off leaving behind a stunned Todoroki. Todoroki soon snapped out of it and caught up to Bakugou. He placed his hand on Bakugou’s shoulder and stated, “Well then you like everyone in our class since we all have our own wonderful nicknames from you.”

Bakugou relaxed when he realized Todoroki didn’t understand the little confession. Turning to Todoroki, he saw that his face was a little red, and he smirked. “Yeah, I had to fucking like you guys. I’m fucking stuck with you guys for fucking ever.”

Todoroki laughed and continued walking towards the school. Bakugou swore he could feel his heart skip a beat. “You should laugh more often Shouto.”

Todoroki stopped and gave him a weird look. “I laugh all the time though?”

Bakugou felt his heartbeat even faster when he responded, “Yeah but not genuine like that. The other laughs usually sound like you’re faking it.”

Todoroki looked at Bakugou in shock and blushed. Bakugou smiled when he saw the blush appear on his face.

Todoroki groaned and rolled towards the edge of the bed. “He sets fire to my soul,” Ochako said pretending to be Todoroki.
Todoroki raised his head and glared at her. “‘Cause I can’t do it anymore,” She continued.
Todoroki threw a pillow at her and listened to the other two laugh.

“Hey, Midoriya...I think I like Katsuki,” Todoroki confessed in the middle of a study session.
Midoriya looked up at Todoroki and said, “Did...did you just now figure that out?”

“Have I been obvious about this crush? Do you think Katsuki knows? Does he like me back?”

Midoriya choked and looked at Todoroki in shock, “Does he know that you’re calling him Katsuki?”

Todoroki slowly nodded his head and Midoriya let out a sound of distress. “Oh my god! How are you both so blind! I love you Todoroki but you’re really blind.”

Todoroki frowned and stared at his notebook when suddenly there was a knock at his door. “Oi, Shouto! Do you want some food? I’m about to cook.”

Todoroki shot up and quickly opened the door. Bakugou looked at the frantic boy in front of him and gave him a confused look. Todoroki gathered himself and responded with, “Yeah, I would love that. I’ll actually go down to the kitchen with you. I can’t believe you came up here just to ask me that.”

Bakugou just stood there letting Todoroki ramble on. Midoriya peaked his head out from behind Todoroki and waved at Bakugou. “Hey, Kacchan!”

Bakugou snorted and waved back. “Sup you damn nerd.”

Todoroki looked at those two in shock but decided not to question it. He turned back to Midoriya and said, “Well I’m going to take a break and go eat something. You want me to bring you anything back?”

Midoriya laughed and responded, “Nah. I think I’m going to go back to my room or go see Kirishima.”

Bakugou scrunched up his face and said, “If you go to Shitty Hair’s room then I better not hear anything disgusting.”

Midoriya laughed and walked past Bakugou, mumbling “No promises Kacchan.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and glanced at Todoroki, who was staring at him. Bakugou laughed to himself and asked, “Is there something on my face or am I just so attractive you can’t take your eyes off of me?”

Todoroki shook his head and asked, “So when did you and Midoriya become comfortable around each other?”

Todoroki watched Bakugou wander into his room and look around. Bakugou, totally spaced out, walked over to Todoroki’s desk and let out a short laugh. He reached down and grabbed the notebook that Todoroki was writing in and pointed at the unfinished doodle, “So who’s the lucky person you were about to write with yours? Shouto Todoroki x…”

Todoroki stood there in the doorway with his mouth hung open. Bakugou laughed at the look and went to go turn to some of the other pages, to see if he had written it anywhere else in the notebook, causing Todoroki to rush over and try to grab the notebook. “Bakugou give it to me! That’s my notebook!”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow at how frazzled Todoroki was. Todoroki took advantage of his confusion and grabbed the notebook. He quickly set it on fire and smiled, “Ha! Now you’ll never know who’s name I was going...I just burnt my had all of my notes.”

Todoroki looked at the ashes that were still in his hand and looked back at Bakugou. Bakugou had his hand covering his face and was trying to contain his laughter. Todoroki frowned and jabbed a finger into Bakugou’s chest. “Hey! This is all your fault! You should let me have your notebook!”

Bakugou snickered and rolled his eyes. “Uh-huh. Okay Icyhot, now let's go down to the kitchen so I can fix food and after that, you can take my notebook.”
Todoroki gave Bakugou a smug smile, not realizing that Bakugou kept two notebooks for his class notes because he knows he has idiots as friends.

Mina pulled Bakugou’s head back to rest on her shoulder and said, “Bakugou do you think you just have a crush or is it something more?”

Sero and Kaminari both looked at Bakugou expecting him to laugh and blow off the question. Bakugou looked at Kirishima and saw the encouraging look he was getting. He decided to tell them the truth and stated, “It’s something more...I stay up all night thinking about him. It’s like a can’t sleep, love. I want that...of you guys want me to be honest.”

Kaminari looked at Sero and mouthed, “Are we sure this is really Blasty? He’s never talked like this.”

Mina rolled her eyes and gave Bakugou an encouraging smile. Bakugou looked everywhere but at Mina. Mina laughed and joked, “You’ve never liked a guy this. Not even when you dated Kirishima did you talk like this.”

“Hey! He did too,” Kirishima objected.

Mina raised an eyebrow and Kirishima mumbled, “Okay maybe not that lovestruck but still.”

Bakugou was sitting outside looking up at the stars. He felt someone walking closer but decided to ignore the presence. “Bakugou what are you doing outside? You know you’re not supposed to be out here,” A voice said from behind Bakugou.

Bakugou shrugged his shoulders and looked towards the voice. Frowning, Bakugou turned his head and looked back up at the stars. The person sighed and plopped down beside Bakugou. They shifted to where it looked like they were staring at the sky but they were actually staring at Bakugou. “Todoroki what do you want,” Bakugou grunted out, getting annoyed by the staring.
Todoroki shrugged and replied with, “I saw you walk out here so I got worried. I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

Bakugou felt Todoroki place his hand upon his and yanked it away. Todoroki frowned and reached for Bakugou’s hand. He frowned when he saw that Bakugou kept moving it out of his reach and grabbed him by the shoulders. Bakugou gave Todoroki a confused look and watch Todoroki lean in slightly. “Bakugou do you trust me,” Todoroki whispered.

Bakugou leaned in too and closed his eyes. Todoroki laughed and finally grabbed Bakugou’s hand, pulling back, Bakugou felt a soft kiss being pressed on his palm. Bakugou’s eyes shot up and saw that Todoroki was placing soft kisses all along his palm. “Oi! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Todoroki stopped and looked at Bakugou straight in the eyes. A smile appeared on his face when he saw how flustered Bakugou was. He tugged Bakugou by the hand causing Bakugou to tumble on top of him. Todoroki looked up at Bakugou, who was leaning over him and placed his hand on his cheek. “Bakugou…”

Bakugou slowly lowered himself down and looked at Todoroki, whispering, “What do you want from me Shoto?”

Todoroki grinned and raised up a little, “I want you,” Before they could kiss a door slammed open and Aizawa barged out, giving the two boys an upset look.

Bakugou and Todoroki both stopped and gave a sheepish grin when they saw Aizawa staring at them, rubbing his face. “What the hell are you two doing?”

“I was staring at the fucking stars when Icyhot fucking joined me and I accidentally fell on top of him,” Bakugou grunted trying to explain.

Aizawa raised an eyebrow but decided not to question it any further. “Both of you get back to the dorms. You guys know you’re not to be out here.”

Bakugou got up and walked part Aizawa without even looking back. Todoroki sat there, watching Bakugou and realized he hadn’t moved yet. Trying to ignore the stare he was getting, Todoroki quickly rushed into the building to catch Bakugou. Todoroki stopped when he saw Bakugou enter his room and slowly walked over to the door, He placed his hand on there and sighed. Giving the door one last wistful look, Todoroki turned to the elevator and went back to his room.

“This is the kind where I dream about him all day...I’ve even dreamt about him at night,” Todoroki confessed when Ochako pressed him.

Midoriya laughed and had to hold Ochako back from pouncing on Todoroki. “Todoroki, I love you, but why don’t you ask him out again?”

Todoroki quickly shook his head no and hid his red face. “That’s ridiculous. He’d reject me.”

“Oh boy,” The three friends thought.

Todoroki sighed and mumbled, “It’s like a can’t sleep love...gimme that can’t sleep, love.”

Iida stared at Todoroki, with his mouth hung open, and stuttered out, “Love?”

A soft noise was heard then Todoroki whispered, “Yeah.”

“Todorki are you...are you quoting a song,” Midoriya asked.

Todoroki felt his face heat up and chucked a pillow at Midoriya. “Shut it. You know I’m not good at this stuff.”

Midoriya let out a laugh.

Tapping his pencil, Todoroki stared at the back of Bakugou. He could hear the voice of Aizawa in the background but couldn’t bring himself to focus. Todoroki was confused about where him and Bakugou stood at in their relationship. Suddenly the red eyes that he's been dreaming about turned towards him and narrowed. Todoroki gave him a smile grin but frowned when he saw that Bakugou turned around without returning a smile. Todoroki sighed when he heard them being dismissed and slowly packed his bags. “Oi, Icyhot why the hell do you keep staring at me?”

Todoroki turned around and was greeted with the shorter boy giving him a death look. Todoroki rolled his eyes and explained, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you but you’ve been avoiding me.”

Bakugou let out a huff and resorted, “I’m not avoiding you. I’m not a fucking coward. We don’t have anything to fucking talk about damnit.”

Todoroki frowned and glanced around the classroom. He saw that they were the only two left and quickly grabbed Bakugou’s hand. Bakugou’s face flushed and he avoiding eye contact with Todoroki. Todoroki pulled Bakugou towards him. He wrapped his arm around Bakugou’s waist and leaned down to his ear, whispering, “This. This is what we need to talk about. I have no clue where we stand.”

Bakugou tried to yank his hand away but Todoroki had a stronghold on it. Trying to push himself away from the taller boy didn’t work either since he had ahold of Bakugou’s waist. Bakugou frowned and growled, “Let me fucking go! What the hell you bastard!”

Todoroki frowned and tilted Bakugou’s head up. Bakugou tried to snarl at Todoroki but Todoroki had already brought his face close to Bakugou’s. “Fucking fuck off! I don’t have time for this bullshit! The other night meant nothing,” Bakugou shouted and finally pushed Todoroki off of him.

Todoroki stood there in a daze, once again, watching Bakugou leave, once again.

That night Todoroki laid in bed and frowned. His thoughts kept leading him back to those red eyes. Those eyes showed how much Bakugou wanted to kiss Todoroki, even though Bakugou basically rejected him. Todoroki raised up and let out a sigh for the hundredth time that night. Getting up, he walked out of his room and headed down to the kitchen to get some tea. Todoroki stopped when he walked into the kitchen because standing in the middle of the room was the same boy he couldn’t stop thinking about.

Bakugou was standing by the over mumbling to himself. Todoroki quietly moved closer to try to hear what he was saying. “Stop...being a lovestruck...get over him…dammit Kirishima”

Todoroki frowned and quietly left the kitchen without getting the tea he wanted. “Of course he’s not over Kirishima,” Todoroki thought to himself.

Mina grabbed Bakugou’s hand and pulled him up off the bed. “Come on we’re going downstairs. You’ve been in here for days.”

Kirishima nodded and grabbed Bakugou’s other hand trying to get him to leave. Bakugou frowned but gave in to the tugging. Kaminari and Sero snickered and took a picture of Bakugou being pulled around. Soon enough Mina lead them to the couch downstairs and declared, “It’s movie night but we still need to finish your confession Bakubabe.”

Bakugou grunted, “I’m not doing it down here. What if he walks in?”

“Dude, he’s out to see his mom right now, you’re fine,” Sero interjected.

Bakugou sent a glare at Sero, who just laughed and patted Bakugou’s arm.

Kaminari motioned for Bakugou to continue in confessing and Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Okay, maybe I’m too picky…”

“Uh-huh,” was softly added to that statement by Kaminari.

Bakugou sent a glare towards Kaminari but continued, “It’s like I’m not in the same world like him! He acts like him being a hero is a given and he doesn’t even really want to be!”

Kirishima nodded but interjected, “He is starting to want to become one, for himself, and not care about what his father says.”

Kaminari raised an eyebrow and asked, “Isn’t he super-rich too? So if you date him then think of how spoiled you’d be”

Bakugou felt his eye twitch and he grounded out, “I’m not into him for the money. I actually want the real thing with him. Not all of us are so fucking dumb to even fucking think of that bullshit.”

Kaminari raised his hands in surrender and replied with, “Okay so you’re not a gold digger. Good thing to know.”

Mina and Kirishima sighed and stared at the shadow that was in the hallway. They glanced at each other and laughed.

“What are you two shit heads laughing about?”

“Oh nothing Bakubabe,” Mina lied.

Bakugou glanced over at the lunch table Todoroki was at. Seeing him laughing at something that damn nerd said made Bakugou frown. “Blasty, stop staring at your secret love and agree to tutor me!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes when he heard Kaminari whine but agreed, “Fucking fine. Just because you’re fucking useless if left alone to study by yourself.”

Kaminari and Sero high-fived each other causing Bakugou to groan. “Now you guys need to actually fucking pay attention this time. Last time I tutored you fuckers, you guys just fucking goofed off.”

“You’re tutoring?”

Bakugou grimaced when he heard that voice but put on a cocky grin and replied, “Yeah. What’s it to you Icyhot?”

Todoroki stood there staring at Bakugou then said, “Actually, can I join in this tutoring session? I need help with English actually.”

Bakugou raised an eyebrow but shrugged. “Sure. Maybe if you’re there then these two fuckers will fucking listen to me. We’re going to be in my room at 7 so don’t be fucking late.”

Todoroki nodded and walked off to throw his tray away. Bakugou felt the stares of the four people at the table. Bakugou slowly turned back towards them and saw the grins on their faces. “Whatever you shit heads are planning, fucking stop.”

Mina laughed, “Well looks like you have a date with your crush.”

Kaminari and Sero both groaned and complained, “Dude no! We need to pass this test or else we’ll get killed!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and ignored the two complaining. Bakugou watched as Todoroki walked out of the cafeteria and groaned when he realized what he agreed to.

Bakugou frowned when neither Kaminari or Sero had shown up to the tutoring session, leaving him in his room alone with Todoroki. He heard a ding and grabbed his phone. He huffed and threw his phone back on the desk. “Well, the two idiots sent me a text and they apparently aren’t able to come for some fucking reason.”

Todoroki nodded and started to get his stuff out and started to sit on the floor. “Oi, come over here. We’re going to be sitting on my bed. The floor hurts too much.”

Todoroki looked at Bakugou with a hesitant look but nodded. Bakugou was cursing the other two out in his head and looked at the stuff Todoroki had pulled out. “Okay, so what don’t you understand? You’ve been doing the homework right.”

Todoroki mumbled and looked away from Bakugou. Bakugou grunted and placed his hand on Todoroki’s face causing him to look at Bakugou again. “What did you say, you fucker?”’

“I only did it right because...I copied,” Todoroki mumbled.

Bakugou sat there staring at Todoroki, wondering if he was joking or not, and Todoroki felt a blush appear on his face because of the stare. Bakugou soon realized that he was being totally serious and busted out laughing. Todoroki sat there staring at Bakugou in amazement. Bakugou’s laughter was a sound that Todoroki loved. Todoroki sat there with a smile on his face and leaned against the hand that was still on his face. Bakugou tried to calm down his laughing when he felt pressure on his hand. Todoroki stuck his tongue out at Bakugou which caused the blonde to start laughing again.

“Okay, Icyhot. We need to get studying,” Bakugou said between fits of laughter.
Todoroki frowned, not wanting to stop listening to Bakugou laugh, so he said, “I’ve been entranced by your cute face.”

Bakugou let out a howl of laughter and tried to pull his hand away from Todoroki’s face to grab his side. Todoroki pouted and raised his hand to trap Bakugou’s against his face. Bakugou choked back some laughter and stared at Todoroki. “Oi, what the hell do you think you’re doing Icyhot?”

Todoroki pouted some more and whined, “I’m trying to keep your hand on my face. I enjoy this. “

Bakugou blushed and pulled his hand away trying to ignore the upset sound Todoroki let out. “It’s late. Just go back to your room. We can do this on a different day.”

Todoroki sat there in confusion, not understanding why he was suddenly being kicked out, and asked, “But it’s only 8. It’s not that late.”

“It is for fucking me so get out,” Bakugou growled out.

Todoroki looked down and quickly gathered his things. He decided not to question what he did to cause the sudden change.

Bakugou stared at the door as Todoroki left and dropped his head into his hands. “I can’t even be alone with him for more than an hour and not fuck it up. Why the fuck am I like this,” Bakugou fussed at himself.

“I’m tired of dreaming that I’m no one to him.”

“Well there’s not much you can do about that, honey,” Ochako commented.

“I need to wake up next to him. I want to wake up next to him. I’m dying. I want to tell him that I love him,” Todoroki finally confessed.

Iida sighed and stated, “Just go to his room and tell him. We’re all very tired of seeing both of you pinning after each other but not doing anything about it.”

Ochako elbowed Iida in the side and quickly said, “Todo, honey, I know you said you weren’t going to confess to him but why don’t you try.”

Todoroki just shook his head and stared at the door. He honestly wished Bakugou would just be at the door with a love confession but he knew better than that.

Midoriya and Ochako both grabbed Todoroki and pulled him towards the door. “Go down to the kitchen. You need to go get us drinks if we’re gonna keep listening to you.”

Todoroki turned around to protest but the door was slammed in his face. Slowly he turned around and walked toward the elevator. He glanced up to see what floor it was on and saw that it was heading down to the first floor. “Hm, I wonder who’s even up at this time,” Todoroki mumbled to himself.

Soon enough the elevator got back to him and he stepped on still trying to figure out who would be up. Soon enough he shrugged his shoulders and decided that it didn’t matter. As he walked out of the elevator he heard some voices in the living room and inched closer to the opening. “Okay, so you’re not a gold digger. Good thing to know.”

Todoroki stopped when he heard Kaminari’s voice coming from the room. He had to hold back a laugh at that comment and crept closer to hear the group talk.

Todoroki woke up and rolled over unconsciously reaching out to grab someone or something. Todoroki sighed when he opened his eyes and realized that he dreamed about sharing the bed with Bakugou. Groaning, he rubbed his eyes and slowly got out of bed. “Today is the day that I’m going to confess to Bakugou. I’ve had this planned for a while now. I can do this,” Todoroki muttered encouragement to himself.

Walking out of his room, Todoroki felt his nerves start to get to him. He quickly made his way to the second floor and knocked on Bakugou’s door. He heard some grumbling then was faced with a sleepy Bakugou. Todoroki looked at Bakugou’s hair and saw that it didn’t look much different from his normal hair. Todoroki finally stopped staring when he heard another grunt. Giving Bakugou a small smile, he said, “I thought that maybe today we could walk to school together?”

Bakugou stared at Todoroki for a couple of minutes and turned around, slamming the door. Todoroki stood there, not knowing if that was a yes or a no. After a few minutes, Bakugou opened the door and walked out without saying anything. Todoroki watched the shorter boy stand beside him and raised an eyebrow. “Are we fucking going or what,” Bakugou grunted.

Todoroki smiled at him and started to walk towards the elevator. “I’m glad you agreed to walk with me,” Todoroki started.

“Well, I didn’t think I had much of a choice. You were just standing at my door.”

“Yes well, I didn’t know if I was to take that as a yes or a no.”

Bakugou gave Todoroki a flat look and asked, “So you don’t know that a door slamming in your face is a no?”

“I...I didn’t take it as that so no”, Todoroki said confused.

Bakugou snorted and shook his head. Todoroki glanced at the elevator and saw that they hadn’t been moving. He looked and saw that they did press the button but it seemed like the elevator was stuck between the first and second floor. Bakugou started to growl out of annoyance and said, “When the fuck are we getting out of this shitty thing.”

Todoroki glanced at him and said, “Well it looks like it’s stuck between the floors. Do you have your phone?”

Bakugou shook his head and explained, “I don’t bring it to class so I don't get tempted by it.”

Todoroki immediately thought that reasoning was adorable but quickly pushed that thought aside and said, “I forgot to charge mine last night so it’s dead.”

Bakugou sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “Maybe it will get unstuck and fucking go,” Bakugou questioned to himself.

Todoroki laughed but stopped when he saw the look shot at him. Todoroki raised his hands in mock surrender and teased, “Oh Lord Explosion Murder, I’m so scared of you and those red eyes.”

Bakugou snarled and grabbed the front of Todoroki’s shirt. He yanked the taller boy down to his height and hissed out, “I will fucking kill you and I will make sure nobody finds your fucking body.”

“Ah yes, because, you being the last person to be with me before my death wouldn’t set off any alarms,” Todoroki replied flatly.

“Who said I’d do it right now. I might just wait until you get so nice and comfortable and even forget about this conversation and do it. Maybe I won’t even be the last person you see before you die,” Bakugou continued to threaten.

Todoroki rolled his eyes and placed his hands on Bakugou’s shoulders. He pulled Bakugou closer to him and whispered, “Then I’ll keep you to that threat Bakugou.”

Todoroki watched as Bakugou’s face turn red. He let out a laugh and leaned even closer to Bakugou. “Why are you so flushed Bakugou? Are you getting nervous about me being so close to you? You imagining all the different ways this could go,” Todoroki whispered.

They felt a jerk in the elevator and felt it move the last bit before the doors opened. Bakugou took this distraction to push Todoroki away and stalked out of the elevator. “Hey! Bakugou! Wait,” Todoroki yelled, trying to catch up to the blonde.

Bakugou raised his hand in the air and flipped the bird. “Fuck off you bastard. I don’t want to be around you. Fucking bastard.”

Todoroki could hear the malicious in his voice and realized that Bakugou was being serious this time. Todoroki watched as Bakugou walked off and punched the wall. “There you go. Another fucking time you had to watch him walk away, mad at you, all because you keep fucking up,” Todoroki yelled at himself.

Mina and Kirishima gave each other a small high five when they saw who was standing there. Kirishima sent a wink towards Mina and started, “So Bakugou...What did you say this feeling was like?”

“I fucking said it’s one that keeps me up all night. I fucking think about him all the time damnit. Now don’t make me repeat it again,” Bakugou hissed out, frowning that his friend forgot what he said.

“Didn’t you use the term can’t sleep love to describe it,” Mina continued.

Bakugou narrowed his eyes at the pink girl and hesitantly said, “Yes. I did. Why?”

Mina laughed and shrugged, “Nothing. I was just making sure I remembered correctly.”

Kaminari looked at the other two then question, “So Bakugou what do you even like about Todo-... I mean about you know who.”

Mina and Kirishima felt like they could kiss Kaminari even though he had no clue that he was helping them. Bakugou rolled his eyes at that awful save but sat there thinking for a second. Kaminari was about to say something but was cut off “I wouldn’t say I like everything about him. He has an awful sense of humor and sucks at showing expressions. He also sucks at cooking and can’t take care of himself. He pushes my buttons all the time and even though he hates me, he acts like he wants something more.”

“Blasty...are you sure you have a chance with the ice prince,” Sero questioned after hearing that.

Bakugou slumped against the couch and gave the group a dejected look. “No. I don’t. Even though he is all of those things, he’s so much more. He’s determined, he is pretty hot. He takes just take my shit, he gives it back and I love that. The banter between us is fucking great and ugh I’m sounding like a fucking chick flick.”

Mina and Kirishima were practically hugging each other and realized all of them but Bakugou needed to clear out for a while. “Hey boys, let's all go to the kitchen, except Bakugou, and make some food for this movie night?”

Sero and Kaminari easily agreed, they both give Bakugou a little shove as they got up and walked to the kitchen. Bakugou growled and scowled at them. Mina and Kirishima gave him a sly grin as they got up. “So can’t sleep love?”

Bakugou froze as soon as he heard that voice. He slowly looked behind him and saw Todoroki standing by the couch. Todoroki slowly sat down on the couch and glanced at Bakugou. Slowly, Todoroki reached for Bakugou’s hand and mumbled, “Well it’s mutual.”

Bakugou’s head snapped up and look at him in pure shock. The soft smile on Todoroki’s face, the way his heart was beating, the way Todoroki was looking at him was too much. He couldn’t even move his hand away when Todoroki grabbed it. “W-What are you saying,” Bakugou stuttered out.

Todoroki let out a soft laugh, amused by how shocked Bakugou was, and placed his other hand on Bakugou’s face. He leaned towards him and whispered, “I’m saying that I’m in love with you Katsuki.”

He watched as Bakugou’s entire face flushed red and waited for him to stutter out whatever he was trying to say. Bakugou opened his mouth one last time and said, “Fuck it,” he then grabbed onto Todoroki’s shirt and pulled him into a kiss.

Bakugou felt Todoroki smile into the kiss and pulled him even closer. Todoroki ran his hands through Bakugou’s spikey hair and pulled on it. Bakugou let out a soft whimper and shifted to where he was in Todorki’s lap. He pulled back and started to kiss Todoroki’s jaw while mumbling, “I’ve been waiting to be able to do this for so long.”

Todoroki let out a moan when Bakugou started kissing his neck. Bakugou smirked and let his teeth graze where his shoulder met his neck. Todoroki kept tugging at Bakugou’s hair and whimpered, “Katsuki, don’t stop. Please. I’ve wanted this so badly.”

Bakugou pulled away with a mischievous glint in his eyes and gave him a wicked grin. He ran his hands down Todoroki’s chest and slipped them underneath his shirt. Todoroki let out another sound when Bakugou grazed his nipples. “Bakugou,” Todoroki moaned.

Bakugou let out a breathless laugh and pulled away. Todoroki whined and tried to grab his hands to keep them trapped. Bakugou shook his head and climbed off Todoroki’s lap. “We’ll continue this later, baby boy,” Bakugou whispered into his ear before he moved.

Todoroki’s face flushed red, he could feel the smug grin Bakugou had on his face. He glanced at him and saw that he was just as flustered. Todoroki let out a laugh and leaned his body against Bakugou’s. “Well, let me join this movie night to make up for that teasing.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes but wrapped his arms around the other boy. “Yeah yeah. You just want to make out during the movie.”

Todoroki glanced at him but didn't deny the statement. Bakugou let out a snort and shouted, “You four idiots can come out now.”

Kaminari walked out with a grin on his face and walked over to give Bakugou a high-five. “Ay! Blasty! You did it!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes and gave Mina and Kirishima a look. “You two knew he was down here.”

Mina quickly stepped in front of Bakugou and explained, “We didn’t know he was going to be down here. We saw his shadow in the hallway and that’s why we asked you those questions.”
Bakugou frowned but let out a sigh, “I guess you two deserve thanks since it got us together.”
Kirishima smiled and hopped over to the TV to play the movie. “We didn’t fix food by the way,” Sero said dejectedly.

Bakugou let out a snort and looked around the room. A soft smile graced his face when he saw his closest friends and the boy that he loved being with them. Kirishima smiled when he saw the soft look but decided not to ruin the moment. Todoroki glanced up at Bakugou and said, “Can’t sleep love?”

Bakugou laughed and agreed, “Most definitely.”