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Bathed in your Moonlight

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The moon was full and bright tonight, the Dark Woods shimmering in moonlight. Tonight was the only time of the month a human could enter it without losing their way, the only night they could hunt the elusive creatures that dwelled in the confines of the Woods. Legends spoke of silver stags, and unicorns inhabiting the magical sanctum, they also warned of the existence of its merciless guardians, the dark elves.c

When Katsuki Bakugou, a ruthless alpha from the human gateway village to the Dark Woods, went into the woods, he wasn’t expecting to find a quarry as soon as he entered. He’d gone into the Woods before, roamed through the glimmering trees and bushes for hours without being able to happen about a magical being, yet tonight he hadn’t spent ten minutes searching before a young stag with bright white fur and small silver horns happened about his path. The encounter had been so out of the blue, he’d gotten the chance to lock eyes with the creature’s beady black orbs. The stag took off, Katsuki sprinting after it, concentrated on following the creature’s trail and its particular scent.

He ducked under some branches, rolled through some bushes and finally came to a halt once he’d spotted a clearing a few meters away. Being careful not to make any noise, he laced an arrow to his bow and neared the clearing. He then tiptoed his way to the bushes that lined the limits of the clearing, crouching amongst them. He looked between the leaves, seeing the stag drinking from a small pool of water, one that was fed by a waterfall.

He narrowed his sight on his quarry, the stag seemingly unaware of its situation. The hunter drew his bow, pressing his thumb against his cheek as he aimed, his breathing slowing down. Just when he was about to release, his eyes darted towards movement by the waterfall. An ethereal figure made its way towards the stag, walking on water.

The being that came closer was drenched, their skin glimmering with moonlight. Once they were close enough, Katsuki could see his pretty peach skin through his pretty much see-through white romper. He had puffy, short, curly green hair sprinkled with starlight, his feet bare and his arms adorned with beautiful silvery ink swirls. The blond couldn’t get a good view of his face from where he was, but he was convinced the being was going to have a very cute face.

The green-haired being came close to the stag, petting its head and talking to it, for what Katsuki could tell. The stag pushed its head against the being’s chest, eliciting a chuckle from him that sounded like beautiful music to Katsuki. The hunter sniffed the air trying to catch the being’s scent. Whoever they were, they knew how to cloak their scent perfectly.

The blond lowered his bow, distracted in full by the display before him. He’d become so engrossed he hadn’t noticed he’d been leaning forward. The shift in weight provoked the crumbling and cracking of old leaves, albeit not loudly. A normal human wouldn’t be able to hear the sound, but both the stag and the being had to the hunter’s misfortune. The stag left in a hurry while the being finally turned his face towards Katsuki’s direction. Emerald green eyes locked onto Katsuki’s piercing red orbs.

He’s… a dark elf. Katsuki almost fell back as he noticed the dark sclera around the elf’s beautiful green irises. The being said something, Katsuki couldn’t recognize the words from lip reading. The blond leaned back when the elf stepped out of the water, making his way towards the hunter’s exposed hiding spot.

He’ll kill me Katsuki thought, getting ready to flee.

The elf spoke, their voice reminding Katsuki, ironically enough, of sunshine. The air shifted, the scent of the woods growing stronger. Katsuki panicked, feeling his skin tingle more as the scent got stronger. He stood up, his intentions being to turn back and run away as fast as he could. His plans were destroyed when after he’d achieved to get on his feet the elf cupped his face, effectively holding him in his place.

Panic turned to awe as he took a better look at the elf’s beautiful freckled face, pink dyed, plump lips curved into a smile. It was almost as if everything else had ceased to exist, if only for that mere moment.

The elf spoke again, the air vibrating around them. Katsuki felt panic bubble up in him again along with pure courage, if he’d die he’d at least try to fight back.

He was about to open his mouth to speak when the other pressed a kiss on his lips.

The elf closed his eyes, Katsuki leaving his own wide open from shock. Electricity ran down his spine, his skin tingling as he remained frozen, lips locked with the dark elf.

“Ah… there’s nothing to fear, Kacchan.” The elf spoke, this time speaking Katsuki’s tongue fluently, his lips still dangerously close to the blond’s. The stranger pressed his nose against Katsuki’s, his arms wrapped around the blond’s shoulders. “I won’t hurt you.”

The hunter relaxed, dropping his bow while he made peace with the fact he wouldn’t be allowed to hunt… at least not if he wished to remain alive and in this beautiful creature’s good graces.

“I don’t do well with strangers, dark elf.” Katsuki growled, trying to look displeased. He glimpsed at the floor and realized the elf was floating… he also caught a glimpse of a pretty set of pinkish nipples under the wet, see-through fabric of his loose-fitting romper.

“Ah, I see…” The elf cooed, edging back and holding out his hand to the blond. “My name is Izuku Midoriya, a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance.”

Katsuki stared at his hand, unsure on whether he should or shouldn’t shake his hand. In the end, he roughly took it, immediately regretting his brusqueness when he felt how soft Izuku’s hands were.

“Katsuki Bakugou.” He replied, the green-haired smiling sweetly at his words.

“Kacchan.” The elf said, chuckling afterward and managing to make Katsuki’s heart skip at least three whole beats. “I should be forward with you, I asked the stag to bring you here.”

The blond tched, looking away annoyed at his own lack of common sense. Of course, he couldn’t have found a magical creature so quickly by chance.

“Why would an elf want a hunter this far into the Woods?” Katsuki asked, his voice bearing an edge, his hand lingering on the hilt of a dagger he kept in his thigh holster.

“Because I felt a pull for you.” Izuku said calmly, his voice sounding… slightly different.

Magic? Katsuki questioned, his skin tingling again.

He’d come to realize that the spell the elf had unwoven was the one that kept his scent hidden. Katsuki’s nose was assaulted by a deep scent of peppermint laced with morning dew. His eyes had grown big with surprise, his mouth salivating while his entire body shivered. He’d almost fallen headfrst, his knees weak while his stomach did flips.

Omega. A voice in the deepest confines of the hunter’s mind stated.

The elf was a beautiful, fertile omega.

His for the taking.

“What the fuck…” Katsuki managed to say breathlessly, a growl forming in his throat and his skin catching goosebumps the more he breathed in Izuku’s delicious scent.

“I’ve wanted to claim you for my own for a while now… and now I see your body won’t reject me.” The elf finally touched the ground, gluing himself to Katsuki as his hands reached to the back of the blond’s neck. His fingers ghosted over Katsuki’s skin, rubbing the blond’s scent glands excitedly once he’d happened about them. “I need a mate before the moon falls tonight. What do you say, Kacchan?”

“Hnng,” Katsuki was trying to hold to a shred of his self-control, his more rational side attempting to shut off the primal instincts tearing through his better judgment.

He’s your omega. He wants you. Take him. The voice at the back of his head was getting louder, his blood flowing south as he pictured the elf on all fours and begging for his cock.

“I can smell your need, Kacchan.” Izuku stood on his toes to whisper in Katsuki’s ear, the elf taking to kissing the man’s earlobe almost innocently. “Breed me.”

He resisted, trying his best to ignore how absurdly horny the elf smelled like. He stopped breathing, biting into his lower lip and hands clutched into tight fists.

“Don’t make me do this the hard way…” Izuku mocked, his right hand sliding into Katsuki’s pants and cupping his dick with a grip that provided just the right amount of stimuli to make the man breathe again. He took a lungful of air, heavily laced with an even stronger dose of pheromones. The moment he’d breathed that much in was the moment his fate had been sealed.

Fuck it. Literally.

The blond picked the elf up, cupping the latter’s ass while he wrapped his legs around the blond’s waist. Then he kissed the elf, hungrily, deeply, sticking his tongue inside the other’s mouth effortlessly and taking to explore each inch of it. Izuku replied in kind, moaning into the kiss and moving his hips to give friction into his crotch.

Katsuki normally kept good control of how he smelled, his pheromones normally being too much for anyone to bear. Now that he had this needy beauty rubbing up against him, his brain declared he no longer needed to restrain himself.

The burning scent of ginger overwhelmed all other scents, the sudden release of pheromones from the blond’s scent gland causing Izuku to shudder and gasp. The scent was riling him up, Katsuki sensing his elf was going into heat.  

“Ah, you smell so good.” Izuku’s voice faltered, even when he spoke between desperate kisses he’d sounded far too weak. His skin was hotert to the touch, as if every brush of skin didn’t already sear the blond’s own.

Make him cry your name, take him. He’ll be yours. Yours alone. Katsuki’s thoughts might be a mess but they were at least all focused on having him do one thing.

“Mine.” He growled, feeling something twitch against his abdomen the moment he did so.

“Yes, yours.” Izuku giggled as Katsuki slammed him against a nearby tree. “Ooof! So rough—"

His pretty mouth was shut close by Katsuki’s, the man rutting into him and getting his pants soaked as Izuku’s sweet-smelling slick dripped right through his already wet romper. The elf whispered some foreign words and two seconds later, Katsuki’s pants had dropped to the ground, his hardened dick now free to rub over the very soft, very wet fabric of Izuku’s clothes.

The blond looked down as he took hold of the romper’s fabric, his intention to just tear it to shreds if he could manage to do so. Katsuki closed his fist around the fabric and pulled sideways, the entire piece coming apart into scattering threads. Magic.

“Nothing in your way, alpha.” Izuku’s voice held a taunting tone. The elf pressed his lips against the blond’s ear, his legs tightening around Katsuki’s waist and his hole drenching the blond’s throbbing cock with slick.

Katsuki kept his left hand on the elf’s ass, his right wandering to that wet spot between the green haired’s cheeks. He pushed one finger in, Izuku’s tight and hot insides welcoming him, sucking him in. The elf moaned sweetly, his cute dick twitching and leaking precum.

“Don’t be shy now…” The elf combed through Katsuki’s hair, his fingers digging into the soft locks.

The alpha stuck in a second finger, spreading them open while Izuku pressed his forehead against his shoulder. The smell of sweet peppermint got impossibly stronger. It mixed in perfectly with the alpha’s ginger as Katsuki’s own body mirrored the action.

“Mmnnn, alpha, please… I want you in me so bad.” Izuku begged, his voice making it obvious the elf was on the verge of tears.

“You’ll have me, omega.” Katsuki growled, taking his fingers out and using the same hand to position his dick on the elf’s entrance. Slowly, Izuku sunk unto him, the elf’s soft insides embracing him and clenching around him fervidly.

“Yes, Yes, oh gods, yes.” The elf chanted lifting his face to sloppily kiss Katsuki as he moved his hips as best as he could. “Fuck me, fill me up, give me your cum, my alpha.”

The blond kissed him back equally as sloppily, sucking on the other’s lips, biting them to the point they’d be sore. He started thrusting into his elf, meeting the other’s rhythm before they both decided to pick it up. Pounding into his pretty elf felt like heaven, the cute man’s hole clenching around him tightly, slick dripping to the floor every time he drew back to thrust. Izuku was clawing at his back, his legs tightening around his waist every time he thrust in, shuddering and lewdly moaning whenever Katsuki brushed his sweet spot.  

“AH! KACCHAN!” Izuku moaned loudly, his body locking up tight on his alpha’s dick as he climaxed. He’d shuddered, coming unto the man’s chest his head thrown back and his throat fully exposed. Katsuki attacked it, sucking until his peachy skin bruised, eventually taking to teasing the side of the man’s neck by brushing his teeth against it. “Knot me, Kacchan, please…”

The elf’s dick didn’t soften, it remained erect and throbbing even after coming once. The blond continued rutting into the elf, the base of his dick starting to inflate, the knot eventually pressing ever so tortuously against the elf’s sensible entrance.

“I want your thick, chubby knot so bad,” Izuku was a mumbling, drooling mess, nibbling at Katsuki’s shoulder trying his hardest not to bite down even though KKatsuki was dying to have him draw blood. “Let me have you. Plug me up with your knot. Fill me up, put your pups in me.”

Izuku’s skin seemed to have acquired a glow, the air around them moving about in a sort of vortex, it helped the heat but Katsuki didn’t think much of it as he found himself sucking on his omega’s neck, his knot slowly but surely opening its way into the elf’s delicious insides.

Izuku arched his back, his eyes rolling to the back of his skull and his nails digging into Katsuki’s skin as Katsuki’s knot finally popped into him, consequently pressing ever so perfectly against his prostate. Silvery, moonlight-like cum once more poured out of the elf’s small cock, this time he’d come with such force some drops had even landed on Katsuki’s lips.

He licked the salty, magic laced substance off, feeling his mouth hot and warm. Izuku mumbled words in elven, lowering his gaze to stare at the hunter with dreamy, ecstasy filled eyes.

“Now, you’re going to be mine.” Izuku’s voice was low, teeming with mischief as he smiled lazily, his cheeks flushed.

The elf showed off his fangs, his green eyes glowing brightly as his skin sparkled with green and red lights. Katsuki didn’t have it in him to put one and one together, but he soon found out that this wasn’t a simple matter of an alpha claiming an omega.

Izuku chomped down on his scent gland, the bite shaking every bit of the hunter’s being right to his core. He’d opened his mouth to growl, scream even, but no sound came out. Then he felt himself go, blanking out as he came as deep as he was inside Izuku. The green-haired moaned into the bite, blood soaking the hunter’s shoulder and dripping down Izuku’s throat.


Katsuki slumped forwards, Izuku still clinging to him and sucking on his bite. The hunter could feel it, the ghost of a bond that shouldn’t have yet been possible. Izuku lapped on the bite mark, Katsuki groaning as suddenly he felt all so very conscious of his situation.

“A little dizzy, huh?” Izuku mumbled clenching his alpha’s still sensible dick with his insides, Katsuki letting out a low, shy moan out as a response. “You’re not done, my sweet Katsuki.”

Pure magic ran through the hunter’s human veins, mixing with his blood and giving him a sudden rush of vigor. He gasped, every single piece of him teeming as he’d become hypersensitive. He felt his cock rock hard, throbbing inside Izuku’s twitching walls.

“Pump me full of pups.” Izuku teased, kissing him again and again until Katsuki started to thrust into him. Filling him up, reaching deep into him as his navel met the bottom of Izuku’s ass all the while the omega continued groaning commands into his ear.

“Faster Kacchan, go deeper. Fuck, gods. Your knot feels so good inside me, I’m gonna be filled to the brim with your cum, Kacchan.” His omega growled, Katsuki lost in his frenzied pace, focusing on doing as he was told, on trying to reach the high note, his body begging to release.

He was close, his teeth aching to bite into flesh, to claim his pretty omega now that he’d been claimed himself. The hunter pressed his lips against Izuku’s scent gland, going for nibbles and trying to ease the ache, only to have the elf lock a hand around the hunter’s throat and hold him away from his neck.

“Not yet, alpha.” Izuku’s face was shrouded with lust. He continued his shallow thrusts, going faster as he felt the familiar heat in his belly get stronger and stronger.

He came, Izuku coming with him again, the elf’s cum glowing ever so slightly. The hunter changed their positions once he’d regained his body’s control from being in cloud nine.

He took things to the floor, the elf casting a quick spell so he wouldn’t get hurt by the impact as Katsuki slammed him against the ground and pumped into him ruthlessly, his knot popping out and popping back in plenty of times, . He felt his orgasm build up, Izuku mewls as the elf stroke his own dick speeding things up.

The elf was insatiable, and it was clear he’d pump Katsuki full of magic all night if he had to.

And there it was, the peak in sensation that marked the hunter’s time to come undone once more. Once he was hanging over the edge, his thrusts getting slower, deeper, the elf brought the hunter’s lips to his neck.

“Claim me, my alpha.”

Katsuki bit down on his omega’s neck, getting his teeth to catch part of the elf’s nape. Now that their bond was fully formed, their bodies synced up. Katsuki purred, growling lowly and even cutely as he let go for the third time tonight. This orgasm was like dancing on air, the ecstasy filling his brain, his heart beating fast as he felt like he’d never felt so safe and happy. Meanwhile, his elf wriggled beneath him, milking his knot, trying to get every last bit of his essence. It made his already intense high hitch new heights, forcing mewls even from a dominant alpha like him.

Izuku laughed breathlessly, the taller alpha having collapsed on him, purring as he rode the remnants of his orgasm. The elf ran his fingers over the back of Katsuki’s nape, purring and slipping a hand between them to feel his bulging belly.

“The moon is still high, Kacchan.” Izuku spoke in sing-song, the alpha feeling his skin tingle sweetly. Katsuki dug his face into the elf’s neck, nuzzling into it while the other ran his fingers over the bleeding bite mark he’d left. It was obvious the man was still ditzy, his alpha side making sure his omega was properly scented. The alpha did come back to his senses taking to look at the elf under him with a flustered expression.

“What the fuck?” He mumbled about to have a massive heart attack were it not for the elf’s soothing strokes. “I… I can’t stay…”

“Don’t worry about that.” The elf giggled, wincing in discomfort. Katsuki felt his heart strain, not liking his omega looking distressed.

“I’m fine.” Izuku reassured him, putting out a soothing scent that made Katsuki feel very soft and warm. “Nothing magic can’t fix…”

“…Since when do little omegas claim alphas?” Katsuki questioned teasingly.

“Humans do It differently? You’ll have to teach me.” The elf pressed a chaste kiss on the hunter’s lips, his words not matching his actions. “Let’s go to my place…”


Katsuki woke up the next day feeling sore and fully clothed. The Dark Woods loomed behind him, his village before him. His bow and arrows were set aside along with a small silver mirror and a note. He picked up the square parchment, the words on it written in green ink.

Call my name and you may see me. Until the next full moon…