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Hajime "Gonna Fuck This Mini Fridge" Hinata

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A shiny metal box, made to contain and protect food. A chamber that was to imprison items for later consumption. Just like the pods Hajime Hinata and his friends exited after they woke up.

Everyone looked... Different to say the least. Sonia was in rags, Akane resembled a skeleton, Fuyuhiko's eye wide with fear, and a black haired Souda. It was as if it'd been years since they'd seen each other.

And it'd be years before anyone woke up. On Jabberwock Island they waited, and waited, and waited for someone to awaken. Time seemed to slow exponentially, with each day bringing more and more memories that stirred in Hajime's head.

It wasn't long before he spent all day lying on the floor, his will to move completely absent. How he yearned for his friends to wake up and take the pain away from him, his guilt choking his tears back down his eyes. 

He just wanted to see Komaeda and Chiaki again, but that'd never happen. Chiaki isn't even real.

It was Hajime Hinata's birthday.

"Heeeey soul friend! I hope ya like what I got ya!"

A bright eyed Souda smiled behind glasses, his hair brushed neatly behind him. How he'd managed to clean himself up was a mystery, but the change was welcome by everyone. In his hands was a big, black poorly wrapped minature refrigerator.

"Thank you, Souda." Hajime smiled sheepishly as he accepted the gift. Sonia and Akane gave him best wishes too, Fuyuhiko shouting across the room. He refused to leave Peko's side.

That night, when everyone was asleep, Hajime got up and walked to the kitchen, throbbing cock and all.

The mini fridge whirred excitedly, it was begging for the big dose of the Hajime semen special. He approached the appliance, his hands twitching in anticipation. It was full already, but it was time to get stuffed.

Hajime Hinata pulled down his underwear, but not his pants, revealing his Hajime Yogurt Dispenser.

"You like that? You little whore!" Hajime yelled as he cock slapped the fridge, the doors opening and closing. He prematurely ejaculated at record speed, his semen landing on the side of one of the pods. He didn't care though, it was time to Hajime.

He held down the fridge, and spanked its ass as hard as he could. Hajime broke his hand on impact, but he was too horny to care. He came once more because he didn't care. Time to Hajime.

He Hajimed the fridge after flipping it over, and Hajimed it more when he opened it up and spilled the contents all over himself. He writhed in the grape jelly that now covered him. Hajime Time.

"Hajime? Is that you?" A voice called out, and the brunette ceased his fridge fucking romp to look at whoever was calling his name. Tears began to spread the grape jelly.

It was Nagito Komaeda.

"O-oh God... Komaeda..." Hajime cried. Partially because he hasn't seen his friend in years. Partially because that same friend just watched him have sex with a fridge.

Komaeda smirked.

"It's okay, Hajime." He approached, his Komaeda boner poking the mini fridge. "I have not cum in six weeks."

Tears fell from the eyes of Hajime Hinata, and cum fell from the penis of Hajime Hinata. With Komaeda's jacket, the fridge was tied up in shibari.

"My my, looks like he's getting excited." Komaeda said as he clapped the fridge's firm ass cheeks. The fridge's penis was now a big penis.

"Let's suck it together, Hajime"

I don't know if I have it in me to write the rest of this.

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Komaeda sucked the mini fridge cock like it was a penis. It was his meat. His steak. His veal. His lamb. His raw meat. His Sasuke and his Naruto.

Real talk but after watching Beastars I don't know if I can eat meat ever again. Vegan propaganda.

Hajime looked down, his balls empty of all their cum. The once brown walls were now white with his hajime.

"It appears someone has snajimed..." A voice said from the living room.

"It's the Hajime slayer!" Komaeda said with a penis deep inside his mouth. "The Hajime vegan propaganda!"

The mini fridge moaned loudly, the cum inside of it getting colder.

"Hold your Hajimes, I come in peace but also inside your mom."

Souda walked into the room with his Hajime exposed.

"OH MY GODJIME! HE'S ABOUT TO SNAJIME!" Komaeda screamed, the mini fridge's balls became real blue as his mouth absconded from the touch of his thick fridge member.

"It aint gonna Hajime, Snajime."

Hajime himself sighed.

"Hi, Souda."

"I need your cum." Souda laughed maniacally. "And you wanna know why?"


"I suffer from a condition. One that makes me allergic to underwear, turns my hair pink, and does... This."

Souda dropped his pants to reveal a two inch penis and two deflated water balloons.

"Oh my Hajime..." Komaeda cried, "How's he gonna snajime?"

"My days of snajiming were hajimed, until I hajimed a plan. I needed to make a frajime to store cumjime to inject into my balljimes."

"Why?" Hajimed.

"I need to pass on my genes."

"Oh my Hajime."