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He can’t feel. It hurts.

The ropes keep him stuck, hands behind his back, legs tied together and bent, he can’t move at all and it hurts, he can’t rock himself or anything. There’s no way to ease the pain. It hurts so much. He can’t think at all. He’s tied in a way he can’t move his arms or legs and his head is going into overdrive, it’s too bright, it’s too loud, everything is pushing together in his head and it hurts.

Where’s Izuku? He needs Izuku. He can’t move. Is Shouto okay? Tenya wants to move, but he can’t. He can’t move. His brain keeps reminding him of that. How long is he going to be here? He wants out. He needs out. It hurts. He can’t breathe. Can’t move. 

It reminds him too much of then, in the alleyway. He needs to move. He can’t. Why can’t he move? Why aren’t they letting him move? Tenya’s body is crawling with bad bad bad no no nonononono need to move and his face feels wet. He’s crying. He needs calm, he’s scared, it hurts, that’s the only thing he can think IT HURTS THERES TOO MUCH

“Iida.” It’s Jirou’s voice. They’re here but he can’t reach them it hurts it hurts it hurts “It’s going to be okay, the others went to disable the security systems!” Jirou, Yaoyorozu, Sero, Kaminari, they’re all here and none of them can reach him because of these ropes holding him down his body isn’t moving this feels like before he cant move nononono-

“Can’t move. No...No, no, no...” Iida whispers, voice breaking as he continues struggling at the ropes. “Hurts, hurts, hurts. Zuku. Shou.” He wants to scream, wants to stop the pain running through his head, blinding, hurting, he can’t feel his body everything hurts

“Midoriya’s going to save everyone, okay?” Jirou says, trying to reassure him, but he can barely process it at all. He wants Izuku. “Shouto… he’ll be alright, okay?” They’re both going to be okay. They’ll be okay. But they’re not here, how does anyone know that? He knows they’ll be okay they have to be WHY CAN’T HE MOVE

And he can’t hold it back. He screams. He tries to drown everything else out but nothing works, he’s sobbing and screaming and HURTS

“Iida.” Another voice calls out. “Class rep?”


“I know it does, okay? My head...really hurts right now, so...I… I don’t know if I can help.” Kaminari is taking deep breaths. Wasn’t he in overworked mode? He must have recovered. How long has Tenya been here? Tenya hurts. Is he weak? He feels weak. He doesn’t feel anything. He can’t. “...We gotta wait this out, okay? I know it hurts, it real does, but we need to wait it out. They’ll save us, promise. It won’t be much longer.”

It won’t be much longer.

Tenya has to trust that. He has to. He believes in them. They won’t be long, he tells himself. Even if it hurts he needs to focus on the fact it won’t be long.

Izuku and Shouto. They’ll be here soon. He’ll be able to feel and move and the bad feelings will go away and he’ll be okay. Everything still hurts and his head is pounding but Izuku and Shouto are on their way-

The bots overtook them. Whos to say they won’t overtake Shouto and Izuku? Tenya’s breathing speeds up again. No, they need to be safe. They have to be safe. His head is too full and he can’t focus on anything other than THEY HAVE TO BE SAFE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME and tears trail down his face i f they’re not safe it’s his fault because he can’t move there’s too much in his head he just wants to go home please he wants to see his boyfriends and go home and be safe away from hurthurthurthurt

A sudden loud beeping sound fills the room, and Tenya wishes he could cover his ears but he can’t, and it just serves to increase the pain he’s already feeling until the ropes fall and zoom back into the machine with a SNAP sound. The bots open their little wings again and float off to wherever they came from. It’s clear that the others made it to the security room and disabled the alerts and bots.

Izuku is okay.

Tenya curls up, screaming into the sleeve of his suit jacket as he rocks himself gently, finally able to move but still hurting so much. A crashing sound follows and Tenya’s eyes widen.



“You guys go.” Yaoyorozu tells the others. “It’s best I stay here, I don’t have much energy left.” The others nod and head up the stairs to where the sound came from. Yaoyorozu sits beside Tenya, reaching to her arm and creating a small stress ball, which Tenya takes, holding it tight  He sits with her there and rocks himself, slowly calming down as they wait for the others to return.

Everything is going to be okay. Everything is slowly starting to clear up as he just holds onto the stress ball and rocks himself, beginning to feel again. His head stops hurting, his body feels okay, he knows Shouto and Izuku are going to be okay, everything is starting to feel better. He finds his eyes opening and shutting. The meltdown took a lot of energy out of him, and he just wants to rest.

“Tenya!” He manages to open his eyes again at the sound of loud footsteps approaching him. Izuku wraps his arms around him and Tenya rests his head on his shoulder, as Shouto sits beside the two with a smile.

Tenya’s crying again.


“I saw the security cameras when me and Melissa went into the security room.” Izuku tells Shouto, setting down his drink. “I saw him. He couldn’t have moved at all the way they had him tied.” He sounds distant, and Shouto looks to the carpet.

“...It’s clear it was a sensory meltdown, but do you got worse because of... “ He trails off and Izuku nods. “...I should have been there for him.”

“We wouldn’t have gotten to the security room without you. I’m sure Tenya isn’t angry at you either.” Izuku says, sitting on the side of the bed, where Tenya is curled up under a weighted blanket, fast asleep, hair a mess. Izuku runs a hand through his hair with a smile. “He seemed really glad we were safe.”

“...Tenya’s been through so much.” Izuku nods. Tenya’s eyes flicker open, and Shouto climbs under the covers with him, gently hugging him. Izuku climbs the other side, continuing to run a hand through Tenya’s hair. Tenya clutches onto Shouto’s warm hand, letting Izuku also wrap his arms around him.

Nothing beats the feeling of comfort and safety.