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The Color that Shines Through

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There. There it was, that familiar curly green hair. The one that belonged to the boy who always looked rather nervous and anxious. You didn't know why, but you just wanted to brighten his day every time you saw him. It was a silly notion if anything, but it was something that slowly grew into a routine that you were very comfortable with. You could easily walk up to him, talk to him, and do your best to console him. Was it just your personality? Or was it him who caused you to change it every time you saw him? You didn't know, but you felt rather giddy and as if you could easily provide some kind of comfort to him.


You didn't have to think about it at all as you plopped down next to him on the bench he was sitting at outside of U.A. Classes were done for that day, and you had been making your way back the dorms. "Hey," you smiled, "You lost, Izuku?" Green eyes, that you had complimented many times before on their color and size, looked at you a bit alarmed. Your appearance had caught him off guard, so that could only indicate that he had been thinking about something.


"[S-Surname]?! When did you get here?!" he asked. You stood up, turning to face him with your hands on your hips and a pout adorning your face.


"How many times must I tell you to call me by my given name?!" you whined. Midoriya Izuku's face turned red as he thought about it and because of the proximity of your face to his.


"W-Well, you see...I forget...," he told you. You just pulled back and sighed, shaking your head as you returned to sitting next to him again, arm resting on the back of the bench leisurely. Your relax posture was quite the difference from Midoriya's who sat rather stiffly with his hands folded together in his lap.


"Come around at your own pace," you merely told him, knowing that he was probably a bit uncomfortable with calling you by [Name]. "Anyway, what are you thinking about? It has to have been bugging you if you're out here and not in your dorm." Midoriya flushed a bit, eyes looking away.


" see...I'm just thinking about...about becoming a hero that's all," he explained to you, "I...I want to be the greatest hero ever to be honest, but there's just so much to worry about." You felt a pang of sympathy as he spoke, but you couldn't help but to smile. Since he was opening up, then it meant that he was fine with telling you his problems.


"I understand," you told him, causing his eyes to shift towards you, "We're all aiming to become the greatest, aren't we?" Izuku smiled nervously at your words as he looked forward again.


"I-I guess so," he nodded. You gazed at him and smiled happily as you stood up again, hands on your hips as you looked up at the sky.


"Alright, it's settled!" you said, much to Midoriya's surprise. Before he could question what you meant, you quickly turned to him full of excitement, "I'm going to support you in any way that I can in your journey to becoming the number one hero!"


"What?" Midoriya's eyes widened at your seemingly random notion. Your smile just widened.


"That way you'll never have to worry about it again!"





If there was any time to be remembering that moment from all those years ago, it was now. You couldn't help but to cringe, however, at how you used to be. You were so all over the place and probably a bit annoying now that you think about it. You were sure that at that moment in time, you probably scared poor Izuku to death as he was most likely trying to just have a moment for himself to think about everything. You grabbed some of the hair pins that was in front of you, pinning parts of your hair in place as you got ready in front of a vanity mirror inside of your rather sizable closet. You would have much rather go to stylist that day, but since you had been extremely busy, you were just going to do your best with what you had. At least you knew that you weren't the only one with this problem though, since during a phone conversation that you had with Uraraka earlier confirmed that she, too, had to settle with doing her own hair for such a big occasion. You all needed to look your best, after all. Twisting the ring on your left hand, you looked down at several pairs of earrings in front of you, hoping to find something that matched perfectly.


You really didn't think you'd ever be worried about such things whenever you were younger. Back then, you truly were pretty ditzy and such a carefree spirit. For instance, you remembered when one day you and Kirishima both wore your ties wrapped around your heads in protest because 'ties weren't manly'. To be honest, you did love your uniform tie, you just had so much fun goofing off and being a part of the cause. Now, things were different. You settled on a pair of earrings that matched the red wine colored mermaid-style dress you had chosen to wear for that evening. You were pretty excited about this whole thing. In fact, your heart was thumping so much that you barely heard the sounds of footsteps approaching.


"Are you ready, [Name]?" The voice caught you slightly off-guard, and when you turned around you were greeted by that curly green hair. Izuku was leaning against the doorway to your shared closet. You leaned down to put your shoes on before standing up, smiling happily at the man in front of you.


"All ready," you replied, exiting the closet, "Tonight's going to be such a big night, you know?" As you said this, Izuku's face grew a bit nervous, and he stopped in his tracks for a moment. You could no longer hear him following you, so you turned around to face him. "You okay?" you asked, taking a few steps closer to him. Izuku flushed a bit, looking away from you as he put a hand on the back of his neck.


"I'm just a bit nervous...," he admitted. While you had undergone quite the change from when you were younger, Izuku still had many of his same tendencies and mannerisms. You thought they were extremely cute, though! He was much more confident as an adult; however, you would have to give him credit for that. Reaching forward, you grabbed onto his hand, gently rubbing circles onto the back of it with your thumb. You could feel all of the scars he had on it, indicating how hard he worked to make it to this point. He deserved this.


"You'll be fine, Izuku," you assured him, "I'm here with you, and I'll never leave your side." Izuku's beautiful green eyes snapped onto you, and he smiled shyly. It was a look that always manged to make your heart stop for a second. You truly cared for him dearly. Not being able to help yourself, you leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. As you had feared, some of your lipstick rubbed off onto it. You reached up and wiped it away as best as you could.


"Did it stain?" Izuku chuckled. You nodded, giggling slightly. Instead of kissing him again, you nuzzled your nose against his softly for a bit.


"Feel better?" you asked.


"Yes," he smiled.


Keeping his hand in yours, you led the way out of your bedroom. Izuku already had his keys with him, so it was one less thing that you both needed to worry about. After all, there was so much that could go wrong, and while you didn't want to think of that, you were truly a huge part of Izuku's support system. You didn't know how it ended up that way, and recalling the moment that you had before would do no good, because in that time even though you did mean it in a way, you had just wanted to comfort Izuku as best as you could. It wasn't like you hated always being there for him, in fact you loved it dearly. You just knew that you had to make sure the night was as perfect as possible. It was what Izuku deserved after all, and you would do your best to see to it.


Like the gentleman he always was, Izuku opened your car door for you. You giggled sweetly because of that, getting into the passenger side and letting him close the door. It always made you feel so special when he did things like that. They were small everyday things to be honest, but all of those little gestures really attested to what he felt for you. One might think the whole thing was silly and cliché, but with Izuku it was just something that he did. It was natural for him in a sense. "Okay, did you remember to program the GPS earlier?" Izuku asked you once he got into the driver's side.


"Of course I did. The last thing we need to do is show up late," you pointed out. Izuku not being there would defeat the purpose of the entire night. "I can't wait to see the others...well mostly Ochaco and Kirishima." You leaned back in your seat a bit, minding your hairstyle, as Izuku pulled out of your garage, driving towards the venue.


"I'm sure everyone will be there," Izuku pointed out, "This day is important for all of them, too. I mean we all worked so hard after all..."


"Which I hope is something everyone else won't be thinking when you, Todoroki, and...and Bakugo...are honored," you said, letting out a sigh. Izuku flushed a bit, remembering that the others weren't quite there yet. Well, Kirishima and Iida were, but just not as far up and he, Todoroki, and Bakugo.


"Well, they'll all get there soon enough," Izuku decided to say, "I mean, our class was filled with amazing people with great quirks. It's only a matter of time before things get even more hectic." Looking at Izuku, you pouted at the words he chose to use. You couldn't really focus on what he had exactly said as his mistake was just so blinding to you.


"Don't you mean 'our classes'?" you asked him, eyebrow raised. Izuku glanced away from the road for a second to look at you. He smiled a bit nervously, trying to remember the exact words that he had used.


"That's what I said...didn't I?" he questioned. You shook your head.


"No, you said 'our class'. Meaning just the old Class A..and not B," you grumbled a bit. Sure you were close with the others from Izuku's class, and they accepted you like one of their own, but you were a member of Class B through and through. You remembered the tension that had happened in your high school years because of some of your class feeling as if it were out-shined by 'the trouble-makers' as the older students at the time would call them.


"I'm sorry, [Name]," Izuku apologized, "I just, you know, forget...that you weren't in my class." He chuckled a bit nervously, though you just sighed, looking out the window in front of you. You could see a huge building lighting up the dark night sky. There were reporters in front of it as well as paparazzi and civilians taking pictures of everyone who pulled up in front of the building to give their keys to the valet.


"It looks like we're here," you pointed out. You looked at Izuku to see that he was incredibly flustered at the moment, hands gripping the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles were turning white. You wondered if he would ever get used to being a famous hero. You couldn't help but to internally giggle as you recalled a time where he freaked out seeing a new hero that he liked. The hero was so shocked to get that from Izuku, who was incredibly famous.


Izuku pulled up to the valet, who opened your car door for you. You stepped out and as Izuku came around to meet you, you wrapped both of your arms around one of his. "It'll be alright," you assured him, "Nothing to worry about."


"R-Right," Izuku said, psyching himself up a bit. As you both walked out in front of the reporters' and paparazzi' cameras, they called out to you both.


"It's Deku and Viridian!" they exclaimed. As they said your hero name, you couldn't help but to slightly collapse into yourself, remembering the story behind that. You scolded yourself from thinking about it. Tonight was about staying positive for Izuku's sake, who could probably really use some reinforcement right now. Tugging at his arm lightly, you led him into the building, and once you were both safety inside of the massive ballroom, which had several round dining tables in it, Izuku let out a sigh of relief.


"You need to get used to that," you said, nudging him.


"I know, I know," he agreed, sighing again. You both didn't exactly have much time to wind down from the air of excitement, however, as Kirishima rushed over to the both of you. He had a drink in his hand already. You do recall him mentioning something via text about 'pre-gaming' with Sero and Kaminari earlier that day, to which you had to explain to him how much of a bad idea that was. You wondered if he listened. Kirishima could hold his alcohol, though.


"It's Mr. and Mrs. Midoriya!" he exclaimed. He hugged Izuku and then hugged you. You noticed that he didn't smell too much like alcohol, so he was probably good, "I feel like it's been forever since I've seen you...When was the last your wedding, maybe?"


"You saw us last week," you explained, "...We got married about seven months ago." You shook your head at that.


"Ah, a week just feels too long to me!" Kirishima smiled, "I miss the days when we all lived together...well [Name] wasn't there, but she'd sure make it up by goofing off with us!" You flushed slightly as he said that, while Izuku chuckled a bit.


"Anyone else here yet?" you couldn't help but want to change the subject. The trips down memory lane usually led to some kind of embarrassing story that involved you, after all.


"Well, Sero, Kaminari, Mina, Jirou,-"


"Ochaco!" you were so happy that you hadn't gotten a drink yet as Uraraka jumped you from behind, hugging you tightly, "Hey, Deku! Hey, [Name]!" She was always such a ray of light. You and her were mostly just associates when you were younger, but ever since you got engaged to Izuku she had become really involved in your life which led you both to become incredibly close to one another.


"Nice to see you, Uraraka," Izuku smiled, "Did you get that problem at your agency fixed?" Uraraka kept her arms wrapped around you as her face changed to one of 'oh, I almost forgot to tell you about that!'


"Yes, and wow! I couldn't believe where they had all gone! Like I left work that afternoon and saw my receptionist's car covered in them! It was insane," she explained, "Turns out my new hire and her were old friends, and she wanted to prank her." You had heard all about it earlier that day during your call with her, but looking at Kirishima's face, you could tell that he was lost.


"Wait, what happened?" he asked.


"All of the post-it notes at my agency had gone missing," Uraraka explained, "I thought I was just being crazy, but apparently one worker stole them all to prank another...It was interesting to say the least." Uravity did run a pretty nice agency, though. Her workers were probably so relaxed that they had no thoughts about consequences. From what you knew, the employee got away free.


"[Name] and I don't have things going on like that at our far as I know," Izuku thought aloud before turning to look at you. At this point, Uraraka had unlatched herself and went to stand between you and Kirishima.


"We don't," you nodded in agreement, "I do most of the hiring, though, so..." You shrugged a bit, "I think maybe I'd be able to spot a post-it note thief. Who knows?" You kind of doubted that you being the one who handled personnel had too much to do with how your employees acted, so you weren't even sure why you really mentioned it. You were sure that the respect they had for Izuku had much to do with their behavior, to be honest.


"Ah, 'post-it note thief?' Did I walk in on the conversation at a bad time?" Sero asked as he came over. Iida and Todoroki were right behind him. Izuku smiled brightly once he saw them. He shook their hands, happily.


"Hey, guys," he said, "How's it going?" You reached out to shake their hands as well, but Todoroki was a bit reluctant. You remembered him saying that handshakes were something he kind of liked to avoid since one of his hands was cold while the other kind of hot. You didn't really mind it, though.


"Just waiting for this whole thing to start happening," Sero said, "It's kind of boring just waiting around." Iida adjusted his glasses, and as he did so, you knew that he was getting in gear to disagree with whatever had just been said.


"It's important to wait so that everyone has time to get here! From the guest list we are missing Tokoyomi, Best Jeanist, Hawks, Bakugo-"


"He's already here, man," Kirishima explained, "I rode here with him. Can't have him flaking out." You looked to the side a bit at the mention of Bakugo's name.You sort of felt far away from the conversation now.


"You guys are always hanging out together," Ochaco smiled, "It's sort of sweet to think that Bakugo has someone so close to him." Kirishima flashed his famous sunshine smile.


"The guy needs a push, but I can always convince him to do things," he pointed out, "He really didn't feel like coming tonight once he read the invitation." Kirishima turned to look at Izuku, "I wouldn't be surprised if he even challenged Deku to fight right on stage." Usually, you'd say something to that, but you didn't feel like you could at the moment.


"T-That sounds like something Kacchan might do," Izuku said, "But...he wouldn't actually...would he?" He looked at everyone who either shrugged or nodded. Izuku let out a sigh, before turning to look at you, who was still looking away.


"Bakugo has a temper," Todoroki pointed out.


"Haha, you're telling me!" Ochaco laughed. At this point in the conversation, you decided to just peel away. Alcohol was something that would be good. It was supposed to be a perfect night, so you should have a drink in hand to celebrate, after all.


"I'm going to get a drink," you announced, "Anyone want one?" You looked at your husband who shook his head, before glancing at the others who seemed good at the moment. "Okay, I'll be back in a bit." As you headed to the bar, you took in the beautifully decorated room before you. The decorators had really gone all out for this. They also seemed to favor string-lights and the color champagne. Thinking about champagne, it was probably the best drink to have when the main event started. Oh, how you felt so happy and proud of your husband!


You neared the bar, but your thirst would have to stay unsatisfied a bit longer as you were intercepted by the mayor. He was a rather happy and sweet man overall, but that made sense considering how the city and those surrounding it were filled to the brim with great heroes. "Good-evening, Viridian," he referred to you by your hero name, "Don't tell me you've come alone?" You giggled softly at his playful words.


"No, my husband is right over there," you explained, pointing over to Izuku. It, however, wasn't the best time to do so because for whatever reason Sero was forcefully taping Kaminari's mouth shut, and you died inside just a little. The mayor just laughed though.


"What a rowdy bunch!" he said, "I'm pleased that our heroes are so charismatic." You didn't think that was the right word to use there, but you looked back over at them, smiling happily.


"Yeah, they're good people," you said, before turning your attention back to the man in front of you.


"You must be so proud of Deku," he said, "And you deserve some of that glory yourself, you know!" You beamed a bit, but you waved that compliment off, blushing slightly. You hadn't expected to be praised in that way. After all, the night was about the others.


"I really don't," you giggled a bit.


"Nonsense! After all, every great hero has great sidekicks! And Deku should be proud that he has you for one." Your eyes internally widened as that was said. 'How many times does this make?' You thought. Being mistaken for your husband's side-kick wasn't new to you, but you felt that dying feeling internally once again. People thinking that you, yourself, wasn't a hero also led to some interesting theories about Deku hiring you just because you were pretty and then marrying you or stories about you being a no good gold digger. All these people seemed to forget the fact that you were a hero, too and got into a relationship with Izuku long before he became famous.


"W-With all due respect," you started, "I also have the title of hero...My husband and I both work as heroes." The mayor raised an eyebrow at you in confusion before he realized what you were saying.


"Oh! I'm sorry dear!" he told you, "I just get confused is all. I mean your hero name is 'Viridian', which does match well with your husband." 'He's not that shade of green' You couldn't think that enough.


"It's fine," you said, trying your hardest to not act offended.


"Well, I should be greeting the guest of honor, then!" the mayor changed the subject, "I do hope you have a lovely evening." And with that he headed off to the little group that had formed, and looking over now you could see that they had been joined by Shinsou, Toru, and Jirou. You let out a sigh and walked over to the bar. Oh, how badly did you want to order something like long island Iced-tea or even just straight vodka, but you settled for wine.


While you were waiting for your drink, you heard a familiar deep voice saying, "Scotch." You didn't want to do it, but you glanced next to yourself to see Bakugo standing there. It was as if he felt that, though, because he looked as well, and you both were staring at each other awkwardly for a few seconds before quickly glancing away. You couldn't see it, but Bakugo rolled his eyes, "...Midoriya...," he merely said. He had begun to call you by Izuku's last name after you had gotten married.


"Good Evening, Bakugo," you manged to say. You started to feel your body heating up a bit, and you couldn't help but to wonder what was taking the bartender so long. When he came back, you felt a sigh of relief, but he was empty handed.


"Did you want that on the rocks?" he asked Bakugo.


"No shit," was his reply. The bartender quickly nodded heading to pour his drink. 'Where's my wine?' you thought. The bartender ended up over-pouring the drink and spilled a little. Bakugo growled, "Who the hell did they hire?! Fully clothed Chippendales?!" Was he looking for a response from you? No this is Bakugo, he's just being irradiated like he always was, right? But what if he did want you to comment? Would that make things less weird?


"I-I know right...," you made yourself say, voice sounded as if your words had no weight. Bakugo glanced at you before looking back at the bartender and shrugging. 'I messed up!' you thought. As if to save you from this situation and yourself, your wine was placed in front of you. Another bartender had poured it.


"Sorry about him," she smiled, "He's new and a bit nervous around all of these heroes." You took your drink, not sure if you should say anything to Bakugo or not. Would it be weird if you didn't? You decided on something neutral and that would be harmless.


"Um...congratulations, know on your achievement," you told him. You were met with very annoyed eyes, making your own eyes widen. You had seemed to forgot that he wasn't in the best mood. What had Kirishima said before? That he might get fed up and fight Izuku? Maybe he'd fight you too now.


"Trying to rub it in my face, aren't you?" Bakugo questioned rhetorically, "Well you can just shut the fuck up!" You froze a bit, thinking about how bad your words were. Should you apologize? Explain yourself? Why was talking to Bakugo just so hard?!


"R-Right," you ended up saying before quickly walking away. 'Wow, that was one of the worst things I could have said!' You breathed deeply and put a hand on your heart, hoping to calm it down. You just needed to head back to your group! That's all you needed to do! But what if Bakugo intended to go there because Kirishima was there?! You groaned inwardly. "Oh, what to do...," you whispered to yourself.


And as if a ton a bricks fell from the sky and onto your head, you had noticed a second group. Actually, this should have been the first place you went to, but ever since Izuku and his friends had adopted you as their own, you almost forgot about your other set of friends. "Kendo!" you called, rushing over to the group of her, Monoma, Pony, Shiozaki, Tokaga, and Tetsutetsu. You hugged Kendo tightly, making her laugh.


"Hey, [Name], we were wondering when you'd come over!" she told you. You felt so much better at the moment and was able to just forget about your previous spills. Even though you had spent more time with the old Class A ever since you and Izuku had gotten together, you felt much more comfortable with your own.


"[Name], why don't you go back to Class A, huh?" Monoma asked, "I mean you did betray us for them, you traitor!" He laughed, but thankfully, Kendo hit him. She was gracious enough to not knock him out like she usually did.


"Stop that," she scolded, "[Name] isn't a traitor and the former Class A isn't bad at all." You didn't take any offense in Monoma's words, though. You honestly had no idea who generally did to be honest.


"You should be celebrating, [Name], well you and Midoriya," Tokaga pointed out with a hand on her hip, "After all, you both worked towards this, did you not?" The others couldn't help but to laugh at the light teasing while you flushed up a bit.


"Oh, come on!" you whined, remembering the day you barged into class saying proudly 'I'm going to help Midoriya Izuku become the greatest hero ever, so if I forget, someone please remind me!' You cringed at your past behavior. Kendo would often tell you, years ago when you were in high school, to stop hanging out with Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina and the rest of their little group since she was generally concerned that they were affecting you with their, as she delicately put it, 'carelessness'. You knew she wanted to say 'stupidity.'


"Those were some interesting days," Pony thought fondly with a smile on her face, "We should all get together more often and just reminisce, you know?" You smiled and nodded, happy that the heat was now taken away from you.


"How about we go to a bar soon?" Kendo suggested, "I know of a really good one. Some of the drinks they serve come on fire!"


"No, no bars. Alcohol can make people do the worst things," Shiozaki said with a slightly dramatic shake of her head. She glanced at the wine that was in your hand, which caused you to turn to your side slightly so that it would no longer be in her view.


"I'm sure we'll figure something out," you shrugged. Kendo then opened her mouth to say something, probably to give another suggestions, but then she smiled and looked behind you. You raised an eyebrow, before curiously deciding to turn around. It was that curly green hair, so you automatically smiled without even really thinking about it.


"Hey, Midoriya," Kendo greeted, "Congratulations!"


"Yeah, you must have worked hard. I mean you're so young, too," Tokaga pointed out. You could see your husband's face visibly turn red at the praise. You wondered how long it would take him to get used to that, after all, as you had thought about earlier, he still wasn't used to being a famous hero.


"Thank you," Izuku chuckled a bit. There was definitely a hint of anxiousness in his laughter. You just looked at him fondly.


"We'll catch up with you sooner than you think!" Tetsutestu told him, "By the way, is Kirishima here, yet?"


"Yeah, he's...," you looked around for your friend's signature red hair, and once you saw it you couldn't help but to wonder why he didn't style it in a different way for this occasion, "Over there." It seemed as if Class A's group had disbursed and everyone went to do their own things. Kirishima was hanging out at the bar with Bakugo and Sero.


"Well, anyway, I just came over here to get [Name]," Izuku finally said. He turned to look at you, "Do you want to dance?" You were slightly taken back by that request, but glancing at the dance-floor you could see, Ochaco, Iida, Kaminari, and Jirou already there. Perhaps they had decided to do so, prompting Izuku to want to do the same? It was just not really like him to randomly ask you that.


"Sure," you told him, "Just let me..." You looked at your wine glass. It was probably a bit uncouth, but sadly you didn't exactly know which table you were sitting at, so you downed the rest of it, before walking a few paces to place it on the tray of a server who had some horderves. "Alright." Izuku smiled and grabbed onto your hand, and as you both walked to the dance-floor, you could of sworn you saw Shiozaki shaking her head at you.


Deciding to ignore how unladylike you had just looked, you just danced with your husband, looking at him admirably as you did so. Izuku smiled back at you, gently holding onto your hand and hip as he led. You were sure that the last time the two of you danced like this was at your wedding as much as you could recall. With being heroes and starting a life together, things had been pretty hectic, so you were enjoying this night. Even taking in the account of dealing with the press, being mistaken for Izuku's sidekick, and running into-


"So, I saw that you talked with Kaachan," Izuku said. You honestly had no idea that he had been watching, and knowing that he probably saw the extremely awkward moment made your face heat up a bit, which did not go unnoticed. So, Izuku chuckled a bit, "[Name], it's fine, you know? I'm sure you're more bothered by what happened than he is, and I mean I'm okay with it." You couldn't help but to want to roll your eyes at that, since it was easy for Izuku to say.


"Well, of course you don't have a problem. You weren't the one who-"


"Can everyone please make your way to your assigned tables. We are about to begin." You took your attention away from Izuku to check out the stage where a woman was standing behind a podium at a microphone. You couldn't help but to sigh at this bittersweet moment. You got to escape conversing about a subject that you really didn't want to get into, although your time dancing with your beautiful husband was cut short.


"Let's go, [Name]," Izuku said softly. He didn't let go of your hand, but rather led you off the dance-floor and to your table.


"Do you know where we're sitting?" you asked.


"Yes, we're at the head table."


"Ah, I see..." It could really only be that one considering what this occasion was all about. It would have been nice to have your choice in where you got to sit, but it wasn't too big of a deal, or rather that was what you were thinking at the moment. Once you made it to the table, Izuku pulled your chair out for you. The act made you smile fondly, even though this wasn't the first time for something like this to happen. "Now, I guess we just need to wait for everyone else to get seated," you thought aloud. As you were saying this, Todoroki pulled out the seat next to you, sitting down. He nodded at you curtly. "Hey, Todoroki," you smiled. You noticed that the man did not bring a date with him. He really needed to start dating in your opinion so that you and Izuku could double date with him. You already saw him a fair amount after all since he and Izuku were such good friends.


"I guess we're just waiting on Kacchan now," Izuku said as he sat down at your other side. You had totally forgotten about that possibility. You doubted that Bakugo brought a date as well, so it would probably sadly just be you and the three of them. That might not make for the best conversations considering how Bakugo wasn't the happiest with your husband right now, and Todoroki always found himself in the path of Bakugo's rage as well.


"Seems like it," Todoroki nodded. He glanced at you, probably trying to read the weird expression currently on your face, however once you made eye contact with him, he looked away, "How have you two been?"


"Busy but happy," Izuku smiled. That was honestly the perfect way to put it, "And after tonight, I'm sure we'll be even more occupied."


"Yeah, it'll definitely take time to adjust," Todoroki agreed before looking at you, "How are you feeling, [Name]?" You didn't expect him to ask you that, but him trying to make out your expression earlier probably had much to do with it.


"I guess the same as usual," you shrugged, having to really think about it, "I'm just really happy for you...." You trailed off as you watched Bakugo coming over with his hands in his pockets. His posture was one that said he did not want to be there. "...for you all," you manged to continue, eyes trailing back to focus on Todoroki.


"Hey, Kacchan," Izuku smiled.


"Shut it, Deku," Bakugo rolled his eyes, sitting down in his seat. You couldn't help but to wonder why he even came in the first place. Sure this whole entire thing was rather important, but Bakugo wasn't the one to follow social norms. So, why did he show up?


"Hey, guys!" As if answering your internal question, Kirishima popped up right behind Bakugo, going to sit next to him. Red Riot certainly had a way of making Ground Zero do things that was for sure. Then again, who couldn't Kirishima influence? He was such an addicting ray of light in all honesty.


"What are you doing, stupid hair?" Bakugo grumbled.


"Well, we came here together after all, so I minus well sit by you!"


"Idiot this isn't a date!" Bakugo retorted. Kirishima just shrugged at that, though didn't move a muscle.


"If you say so! But nothing's wrong with it if-"


"Shut up!"


You stifled a giggle as best as you could at the interaction. You were so grateful that Kirishima was there. You would have to remind yourself to always make sure he was present whenever you would have to interact with Bakugo. That might make things much less awkward. If only you hadn't messed up like that all those years ago. Izuku didn't think it was a mistake, and encouraged you to try to be more comfortable around Bakugo. To be honest, though, it wasn't like you both were ever friends in the first place in your opinion. You were just neutral if anything. The two of you just happened to hang around the same people. Come to think of it, you remembered the week after the Sport's Festival, you had seen Bakugo, Kirishima, Mina, Sero, and Kaminari all sitting together eating lunch. With a happy expression on your face you exclaimed, 'Hey, it's the Bakusquad!'. Bakugo did not seem to take any amusement in that, however, the others in his group couldn't stop laughing at the name and had decided to play the part for the rest of day.


Later on, when you were heading to your locker, Bakugo approached you saying, 'Are you fucking happy?!' behind him, Kirishima, Mina, Sero, and Kaminari were mimicking his every move. You, having no idea what he was referring to said,


'I am! I was only a few points away from a 'B' on a test that I got back today!' From that moment on, the others adopted you as one of their own and Bakugo started to refer to you as 'ditz-face', 'forgetful-bitch', and 'idiot from class 1-B'.'


Kirishima had said, 'Don't worry, he has names for us, too!'


While the memory wasn't something to exactly be proud of, it was still a very sweet one. You had made some good friends, that were still there for you. Looking at Bakugo, you couldn't help but to wonder if the two of you would have gotten closer if you hadn't-


"Good Evening, everyone!" A loud booming voice was heard from the stage. You snapped out of your thoughts from the past and looked over at its source. It was the mayor, standing behind the podium. "I'm so glad you all could make it tonight, and I'm proud that my city is home to some of Japan's top heroes!" After he said that, everyone clapped in agreement. "As you all know, the televised announcement of the full top ten will happen next month, but for now this dinner is to honor our top three. From the moment..."


As the mayor was going on and on, making a speech, you glanced over at Kirishima who was eyeing the empty champagne flute in front of him. "How are we supposed to do a toast?" he asked in a whisper.


"Do you think there's going to be one?" Todoroki asked. You watched as he glanced at the table next to you, probably seeing if they had anything in their glasses. Izuku seemed to do the same, while Bakugo just stared in front of him with his arms crossed.


"Ah, Iida's table has champagne," your husband pointed out. He was right. Iida's entire table not only had champagne, but food in front of them as well. Sitting there was Iida, Ochaco, Kaminari, Jirou, Yaoyorozu, and Tokoyomi.


"What, how?!" Kirishima's whisper grew a bit louder.


"I would not be surprised if Iida got up and asked the kitchen to serve them," you pointed out. Iida definitely knew how to backseat drive a situation. He was one of Izuku's closest friends, so you found that out pretty early. In fact, one time when he came to you and Izuku's place for dinner he insisted that you all ate at a very specific time.


"But why would he do that?" Izuku thought aloud.


"He probably told them that he wanted to eat early so his food would be properly digested," Todoroki suggested. You thought it was a joke, and apparently so did Izuku and Kirishima, so you all stifled some laughter. Todoroki just looked at you all in confusion, "What?" he asked.


"Now, it's time to start with number three!" the mayor's voice seemed to get louder, interrupting you all from your slightly rude conversation. You looked at your husband, smiling softly as you could see him visibly starting to get nervous. You reached over and held onto his hand, and the second you did that, he squeezed in comfort. You didn't mind at all, especially since he didn't do so too hard. "I'm proud to announce Todoroki Shoto as Japan's number three hero!" Like a professional, Todoroki got up as everyone clapped for him. He headed to the stage as he shook hands with the mayor who gave him a plaque, which was probably just a gift that the mayor had professionally made for the occasion. Once Todorki went back to his seat, the mayor continued, "Now for our number two hero! Bakugo Katsuki!" Once again everyone clapped, though Bakugo didn't exactly look like he wanted to get up.


"Go on, man!" Kirishima cheered him on, "If you don't everyone will think you're not grateful and you for sure won't ever become number one." Bakugo glared at Kirishima, but he did as expected and stood up.


"Shut up, stupid hair," he grumbled before going up on stage. He only let the mayor shake his hand for a second before unenthusiastically grabbing his plaque and going to sit back down. He dropped it in front of Kirishima, who took it in interest, eyes scanning over it.


 "Now, the moment I'm sure everyone has been waiting for!" Izuku's grip on you tightened at the mayor's words, "I'm incredibly excited to announce that Japan's number one hero and our new Symbol of Peace is a resident of my very own city! He is a man worthy of this honor with an amazing quirk and team backing him up." The way that Izuku was holding your hand started to grow more painful, but you endured it for him, "Japan's number one hero, Midoriya Izuku!" The room erupted in loud cheers and claps. You smiled happily as you watched your husband walked up the stage.


Finally, Izuku achieved his dream at becoming number one! And while that was clouding your thoughts, the little thing that you hadn't paid any mind to as of yet was that you were now the wife of the number one hero.


Chapter Text

It had been about two months since your husband was named the number one hero, and things had never been busier. Izuku was the symbol of peace, so naturally, every time someone or something was in danger, he went running to the scene of the crime, leaving you to deal with all of the paperwork. It hadn't always been like that, but since Izuku was so busy saving everyone, someone had to do the mission reports, and he wasn't the type to ask his other staff members for help. So, one day, when you noticed a never ending stack of papers piling your husband's desk, you couldn't help but to sigh and take control of the situation. Ever since then, the reports skipped Izuku and went straight to you. Thankfully, it was nothing that you couldn't handle, and it wasn't like you had much paperwork to take care of yourself other than things that pertained to the agency, such as hiring people.


Speaking of hiring people, since Izuku's rise to fame as the number one, some the sidekicks were able to start their own agencies and become pretty successful. So now you needed to hire more. You had been putting it off; although, you did look through a few of the resumes which pretty much all contained things such as 'I'll be more than a dedicated member of Deku's team', 'It has always been my dream to work with a hero as amazing as Deku', and 'As Deku's sidekick I will make sure not to tarnish his good name.' Something was telling you that they all just wanted to work for your husband. And while you knew the only reason people knew your name was because of Izuku, the agency was still the both of yours. You had decided to go into business with Izuku, since you were engaged at the time and were getting out of being sidekicks yourselves. So, if someone was going to be a sidekick of the agency they would be working for and with both you and Izuku. They didn't seem to take it that way, though. You couldn't be too upset, you had no time to feel that way. You just felt like it was rather typical.


So, after you manged to briefly glance at the resumes that had been sent via email that day, you started to work on filling out some more mission reports. You hoped to be done in time to go on patrol, which was something you liked to do. It was a good way to get out and stretch your legs while interacting with people, and since you started going by yourself, you really were able to use that as an opportunity to clear your mind. Sure, some people did ask for pictures and autographs, but it was not at all as bad as your husband. Ever since Izuku got famous, it was very difficult for him to walk five steps out of the agency without being bombarded with people, reporters, and paparazzi asking for interviews, pictures, autographs, etc. When you would go out with him, you often always got separated from him. And there was a time where one girl threw her panties at him. Rage had never come so quick to you, and you had pulled Izuku right back to your agency. Since then, you both went on patrol by yourselves, and sometimes since you were so busy doing office work, you weren't able to go at all.


Still, someone had to be the boss and handle everything, and Izuku wasn't as good at that as you were, so you really didn't mind taking the time out to make sure that everything was taken care of. You honestly hadn't seen yourself in this position years ago. You always thought you'd be a hero like Present Mic or Midnight. A hero that wasn't too famous, but decently known and loved their job. When you were in high school, though, you never really pushed yourself towards a direction. For example, your good friend Uraraka wanted to be a rescue hero, so she focused on that. You were embarrassed to say that your focus was all over the place back then.


As you were filling out the reports, the clock started to tick by. You had to take a break to stretch out your legs and what not, so you went to the little cafe that was located on the first floor of the agency and got some coffee before returning to your office. "Looks like I won't be able to patrol today...," you said to yourself. It wasn't a big deal, though, as you had a lot of reports to get through. The good thing was that, after you would finally finish them all (if you manged to stay on top of it), you wouldn't have a desk full of papers staring at you menacingly the next time you walked into your office.


Walking back into the medium sized room, which was kind of on the small side, you put your drink at your desk before turning on the TV that was directly across from it. The Hero Network was the channel that it was currently on, and you left it there as you went about doing your work. Doing paperwork was probably the only thing that you'd have to do that day, unless one of the sidekicks needed to talk to you about something or a client were to call. They usually spoke with Izuku, though, so you doubted that something like that would happen.


A few more hours later, and you were on your last stack. You glanced up at the clock seeing that it was around four o'clock. You were out of time. Standing up with a sigh, you collected your things and turned your computer off. You didn't exactly know when you started to go home earlier than Izuku. Sometimes you'd get to stay later, but you pretty much left earlier than him everyday. You had a house to take care of after all, as well as personal things, and Izuku did take on more cases, so you didn't exactly mind being the one to take care of the household and cook dinner for you both. It was just the way that it had to be, so you couldn't exactly complain. And you were sure that this was something common in households with both spouses working. Someone probably had to give just a little bit, right?


Feeling assured about your day to day life, you took the elevator to the top floor, heading to Izuku's office. There you were greeted by Izuku's personal receptionists, one of which used to work for All Might. They greeted you happily, and you said 'hello' to them back before walking to a pair of large double doors. You opened them easily revealing an incredibly large office. Besides the very big desk that sat at the far end of the room, there was also a sofa set, coffee table, giant drop-down TV, and a circular table. The office also had two window walls, which added to the overall look of importance. When you both started out, you actually worked in that office with him, which was why it was so big and had everything that was needed, in your opinion. However, there was just so much noise disturbance with the both of you there and doing separate things, you thought it would be better if you went to do your work elsewhere. So, you found a vacant room to work in, and soon enough that pretty much became your office.


"Hey, [Name], are you about to leave?" you looked over to see your husband at his desk. He had a stack of manila folders in front of him, each very thick due to its contents. You smiled as you walked over to Izuku, which took much longer than you would have liked. When you finally made it, you greeted him with a soft kiss on the lips.


"Yeah," you answered, admiring the blush that was on his face now. He always felt kind of weird engaging in PDA at work, but he did mention that he liked it, "And before I leave, is there anything I should know or do?" At your words, Izuku seemed to perk up. His green eyes shown brightly as he smiled.


"Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! All Might called, and he's coming to visit. I know I probably should have checked with you ahead of time, but I said that he could stay with us," Izuku explained. You remembered the day when you realized that no matter how much time that Izuku had spent with All Might, he was still always excited to see him. It had been during your second year at U.A., and you were truly puzzled by it. Now you just thought it was cute.


"That's fine," you smiled, taking in how excited your husband looked, "Do you know when he's coming?"


"Next month, and if it's not too much to ask, can you make sure the guest room is ready?" Izuku questioned, "I think we need new towels and soap for the bathroom." You weren't at all surprised with this request. It was one of the reasons that you usually went home early, to take care of the house. You nodded.


"Oh, no problem," you assured, waving it off, "I'll probably head to the store on my way home. Anything else?" You wanted to make sure before you walked out of the agency that everything was taken care of. The last thing you needed was to be called by someone in the middle of making dinner.


"I think that's all, [Name]," Izuku told you, "Make sure you're safe when you head home, though, alright? I really don't like that we have to leave at different times, but I know it's necessary." Izuku reached out and held your hand with his own. You couldn't help but to giggle softly. He was always just so protective with you, but considering your line of work, it only made sense.


"I will, Izu. I'm a hero, too," you reminded.


"I know, honey, but I do need you to stay safe," Izuku pointed out. At that moment, you couldn't help but to recall the time when you and Izuku had fought your first villain together. Izuku had been a bit nervous to fight with you, since he had such a strong power and didn't want to accidentally get you caught up in that no matter how amazing he was at using it. However, it only took the villain landing a hit on you once for Izuku to end that fight in two seconds flat. You had been both caught off guard and a little turned on.


"Like I said, I will," you giggled again leaning over to kiss at his lips, "In any case, I should get going-oops!" It wasn't that big of a deal, but since you were leaning so close to your husband, your work bag had pushed the manila folders on Izuku's desk, causing them to slid across it slightly. Izuku just pushed them back correctly. "Ah, what are those for anyway?"


"These? Just some missions I need to give to the sidekicks," Izuku explained, "They already chose the ones they wanted during the meeting we had today. I just need to write their names on it and give it to them." You couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow at this.


"There was a meeting today?" you asked, head tilting slightly. Izuku's eyes widened a bit, and he quickly looked at you.


"I'm sorry, [Name]. I forgot to call you for it," he apologized. You pouted, not liking this one bit. Other than solving problems out on your patrol, going through the different missions that you got from clients was how you did your hero work. Those meetings were pretty important to your hero life. You just wanted to get straight to the point, however, and not dwell on something you couldn't fix...which was advice you probably needed to apply to other areas of your life.


"Well, is there any that I can do?" you asked, crossing your arms. Izuku just sort of looked to the side, face looking slightly nervous. You knew the answer just by his body language alone. Sighing, you grabbed the folders looking through them all, "There has to be one that's too difficult for our sidekicks to do on their own...besides, we need more of them anyway, it's not like we can easily pair them up..."


"Our sidekicks are pretty capable...," Izuku told you, "To be honest, I don't think any of those are...are the right fit for you." You stopped looking through the missions momentarily to look at your husband.


"And what's that suppose to mean?" you asked. Izuku's eyes couldn't really meet yours at all once you asked that. You knew whatever answer he would give you wasn't one you were going to accept, and you also knew that his anxious mannerisms were a weakness to you. Not giving him a chance to reply, you opened one of the folders on his desk, "How about this? It seems like a villain is terrorizing a neighborhood at night. I could help with that." You couldn't exactly read your husband's mind at the moment. You knew that he was feeling anxious, though you weren't sure if it was because he forgot to include you in the meeting, so you could choose what you wanted to do at the time of the others, or if it was because he, for some reason, didn't want you doing any of the tasks he had assigned. His face, however, brightened up slightly, and he pulled out one of his desk drawers, grabbing a single sheet of paper from it.


"I had almost forgotten about this one. Someone faxed in this concern about an hour ago," Izuku explained. You picked up the paper to read from it.


"Someone reported an increase of drugs in the city?" you asked. Izuku nodded as your eyes went back to the paper. There wasn't much information on it besides the type of drugs the reporter had spotted and the locations that they spotted it at. At least the information went to the bottom of the page.


"I think it's something important to look into, and since you're good with getting information, it's perfect for you," Izuku said. You looked up at him and sighed. Drugs weren't anything new, but it could turn into a worse situation if not handled properly. So, who knows maybe there was something behind it.


"Do you really think this is that detrimental?" you asked, wanting to make sure. Izuku nodded.


"Yeah, and it would put me at ease if I could leave it to you. When I received the fax, I honestly wasn't sure how I'd handle it," he explained. You sighed, but nodded. If Izuku thought it was something worth looking into, then so would you. After all, it was better to be safe than sorry.


"Okay," you told him, "I'll handle this."


"Thank you, honey," Izuku smiled. His smile was so cute and infectious that you coudn't help but to smile as well. You leaned over to kiss him one more time before telling him that you would see him later and leaving his office.


As you took the elevator down to the first floor, you looked at the paper that Izuku had given you. What were you thinking? There was such little information that you wondered if you really could figure out what was going on. Was there even anything going on? Maybe the people who made the drugs just made extra, and it was as simple as that? And if that were the case then why didn't Izuku just recommend the mission to a hero who specialized in this type of thing like Jirou? She was amazing at drug busts, after all. You and Izuku were more suited to fighting villains head on and face to face. Izuku's words then came to mind 'It would put me at ease if I could leave it to you'. You flushed a bit as you thought about how solving this could really help him, and Izuku was such a sweetheart to you that you felt as if he deserved to not worry about this matter, and who knows maybe this was a bigger deal than it seemed. "Alright...I can do this," you spoke to yourself once the elevator dinged. You put the paper into your bag before heading out after saying 'good-bye' to the secretaries that were there.


The second you walked out of the agencies doors, you no longer had your hero mentality about you. Now, you just focused on the things that you needed to get done with at your household. You needed to buy things for the guestroom and bathroom and head home to straighten up and make dinner. It was about week after you started leaving work before Izuku that you decided the best way to make sure your job and your home was in order was to take care of your work things at work and your home things at home. It seemed simple enough, and with Izuku staying later than you, it truly was. He pretty much always had heroing on his mind, though, and becoming the new Symbol of Peace only added to that. Getting into your car, you tossed your work bag in the backseat. You wouldn't need it until tomorrow, anyway. The only reason you kept it with you was because it doubled as a purse when you were working.


The drive to the nearest department store wasn't long, and though you would rather go to a store that specialized in household items, you just wanted to get this done with, so you got out of your car and headed inside, grabbing a basket. You minus well get new sheets for the bed while you were at it. The last person who slept in your guest room was a drunk Kirishima who had apparently activated his quirk in the middle of the night. It left a few small holes that weren't too noticeable, but you figured that having a new sheet set would be a good idea after that.


Thankfully, there wasn't too many people in the store, which meant the chance of someone recognizing you was a bit less. After all, you were still wearing your hero costume, since you had just left work. "Let's see....toothpaste...toothpaste...where is the toothpaste?" you asked yourself.


"The toothpaste? That would probably be in the same isle as the toothbrushes." You raised an eyebrow at that voice, wondering if it were a worker, and if it were they were so not providing you with helpful information. So, you turned around to see who it was.


"Ochaco!" you smiled brightly, practically hopping over to give the girl a hug. She giggled and hugged you back. "Did you leave your agency early or something?" You pulled back to look at her, seeing as she was dressed in her civilian clothing.


"No, I had the day off," she explained, "In any case, are you doing some household shopping?"


"Something like that," you replied with a nod, "All Might is coming to visit next month, so Izu and I need to prepare for that."


"Is he?!" Uraraka asked, "I wonder how his retirement is going? I mean, it's going to be great to see him, you know?" You nodded again, and the two of you began to walk together down the current isle that you were located.


"It will be, and I know that Izuku is excited," you smiled, "By the way, do you know where the toothpaste is?"


"I already told you, [Name]! It's by the toothbrushes!" Uraraka giggled.


"Ochaco, come on!"


As Uraraka graciously led you to where the toothpaste was sold, you passed by the televisions being sold, which one was on a music channel, playing the ending of a pretty familiar song. "Oh, I like this one!" Uraraka smiled, "So, anyway, what else do you need to get besides toothpaste? Is a new sheet set on the list?" You rolled your eyes playfully as she said that.


"I'm honestly surprised that someone could use their quirk in their sleep. I hope that I don't accidentally activate mine one night and push Izuku out of the bed," you giggled. As you were leaving the electronics area, you heard an announcer on the television say,


"And that was the newest hit by rising idol Saitou, Yumi! Yumi will be preforming live at..." You didn't bother to really hear the rest of it as you focused on what Uraraka had to say.


"Well, Kirishima manged it," she pointed out, "But then again he was really was everyone else to be honest." After the live broadcast event of the ranking top ten heroes, most of you decided to head back to Izuku's and your place to celebrate, and it ended up exactly how you expected it to. Which was with half of the party goers drunk, a few tipsy, and Iida, Izuku, and Todoroki being the completely sober ones.


"The next time we have a party like that, it's definitely not going to be at Izu's and my place that's for sure," you couldn't help but to say as you followed Uraraka down the toothpaste isle. You smiled in triumph before turning to look at your friend and thank her, and once you were done there you and Uraraka just shopped and talked together, which ended up in you inviting her over for a visit. It would be a few more hours until Izuku was done with work, so you figured that it would be nice to have someone to hang out with while you cooked and such. Thankfully, Uraraka agreed to your proposal.


"Maybe we should have bought some wine for this," she suggested with a slightly devious look. You just laughed at her suggestion.


"You and I both know that's the last thing we need to do since we have work tomorrow," you told her, letting her have her items scanned first. She did have way less than you being as she just needed to get some new towels for her bathroom and a set of curtains for her living room. As Uraraka went up to the register, the cashier immediately recognized her.


"You're Uravity!" he said, excitedly, "You've saved like tons of people." Uraraka nervously rubbed at the back of her head, blush incredibly apparent on her face. You always thought her reaction to getting noticed was so cute, and it reminded you so much of your husband who also got a bit nervous.


"Haha, yeah, I am," she nodded, "...Just shopping..."


"It's so cool seeing heroes off duty!" the cashier gushed, he then glanced at you, smile growing wider, "Ah, it's Viridian, too!" You had no problem with being recognized and were used to it, you just preferred that it happened on duty as opposed to when you were on your off time.


"Mhmm," you smiled. Unlike Uraraka, you were in your hero costume, so it did only make sense that this would happen. You had to admit, though, it did feel a bit good getting called like that. Although, you did feel a bit weird at your hero name, at least you weren't referred to as 'Deku's sidekick'. These types of interactions were pretty hit or miss after all, but you were recently named in the top fifty of heroes, so you assumed that you would be getting less of that and more people knowing that you were a hero, too.


"So, what's it like working for Deku?!" You internally groaned so loud that you could almost psychically hear it, and you were sure that Uraraka did, too. "I mean, you are also his wife, so I image that you get to see him for how he truly is." By that time, Uraraka had paid for her groceries, and yours were being scanned. You let out a breath of air, trying to not seem too bothered.


"I work with Deku, not for him," you clarified, "And, I mean, I like it." You didn't have any complaints about working with your husband at the moment, but working at the agency itself could be pretty stressful. You weren't going to reveal that, however. In the age of social media, you knew that you had to be very careful as to what you said and did. It just came with being well-known.


"Wait, so you're not like his side-kick or anything like that?" you were asked.


'Seriously?' you thought. Luckily, before you could decide how rude it would be to just ignore him and take your already scanned groceries to the next cashier, Uraraka decided to step in. Honestly, you wondered what you did to deserve such a good friend. She was always there for you and seemed genuinely happy to hang out with you, which you felt the same of her.


"Haha, well you see [Name] here actually runs the agency with Deku," Uraraka explained while you just focused on paying your bill, "Since he's the Symbol of Peace, I guess most people don't realize that."


"Oh, I see," the cashier told her, he didn't seem to exactly absorb the information, though, "Well, it was so cool meeting you guys! Maybe next time you can bring Deku! That would be so amazing."


"Yeah...," you merely said, before grabbing your items and leaving to put your shopping cart up. Uraraka followed, giving you a look of sympathy. You had told her how annoying it was many times before that people confused you with being Izuku's sidekick, though as much as you wanted to blame them, you couldn't. You just thought back on how hard Izuku worked to earn his title as number one, so you assumed that it only made sense for those around him to seem not as talented. You just wished it didn't bother you as much as it did.


"You know, I remember when we were in high school, and we had to take that hero studies class," Uraraka told you, "I'm sure the students of U.A. all know who you are. I mean, you fight with the best of them after all, [Name]!" You couldn't help but loosen up again at Uraraka's attempt to make you feel better. As you both walked back to your cars, you nudged her.


"And who's the best of them? You?" you teased her.


"Oh, of course!"


By the time you arrived home, you had completely left the incident at the department store on the back burner. It was just a drop in a bucket after all, so you parked in your and Izuku's garage, while Uraraka parked outside of your home. You got out of your car to grab the items that you had bought, only for Uraraka to come over and help you. You noticed that as you were unlocking your house door, Uraraka and wiggling a bit in her position. "You alright?" you asked, opening the house door. Maybe she needed the bathroom or something. That was probably the only logical explanation, unless she was cold. Though, it was still the Summer so you kind of doubted that.


"I just need to use your powder room, that's all." You giggled a bit at the way she decided to put it.


"Well, you know where it is," you told her, taking the bags from her hand, "I'll go plop this in the guest room, while you do that I suppose." Uraraka had already headed upstairs before you even finished that sentence. You figured that she was going to use your and Izuku's bathroom, since you would be in the guest room. Not a big deal, though, but you did have another bathroom downstairs, which she probably forgot about. With a shrug at the situation, you put the new items in the guest room, deciding to get them ready whenever it became closer to the time All Might would arrive. After all, Izuku was probably going to want everything to be as perfect as possible.


Once you were done with that, you headed off to the kitchen to get started on making some tea for you and Uraraka. You would start on dinner about an hour before Izuku would arrive. Sure it would be sort of late, but you loved eating dinner with your husband, and if for some reason he would decide to eat at the agency, you knew that he would tell you ahead of time. So, you hummed softly as you prepared the tea, thinking about what else needed to be done. Maybe the laundry. You would have to check up on that. "Hey, you guys got a cushioned headboard?" Uraraka asked as she walked into the kitchen, "Is it new?" At that question, you felt your cheeks warm up slightly. You turned to look at Uraraka as you nodded a confirmation. "What happened to your old one? Did it break?"


"The old one? created a hole in the wall behind it...," you explained as you turned your attention back to the tea kettle in front of you and acting as nonchalant as you could. You could practically feel Uraraka's amusement, though as she stared at the back of your head.


"The headboard created a hole in the wall?" she asked.


"Yes," you curtly responded. You could then hear her stifle a giggle, which caused you to quickly look at her, revealing your red face, "What!?" you whined.


"Nothing, nothing!" Uraraka giggled, walking over to your kitchen table to sit at it. You turned back around to the now whistling tea-pot, so that you could quickly pour the tea, "Speaking of Deku," as she said that you nearly burned yourself as you jolted a bit, "How has been handling being the new number one?" You were just going to ignore what brought about the subject of your husband.


"Well, you know, Izu," you shrugged as you brought the tea over to the table, "He's easily adapted to it, you know? He's always been so able and capable, so it's easy to him." To be honest, he was so prepared for the role it was almost as if someone had prepped him and guided him into that position. And while you knew that Izuku was aiming to become the greatest hero ever since high school, it just seemed like being the number one was something that only he could do.


"He really is," Uraraka agreed. She thanked you for the tea and blew on it a bit before continuing, "I always looked up to him whenever we were younger. I mean don't get me wrong, I still saw him for the cute hero otaku that he was, but that added to his charm!" You smiled a bit at that, loving to hear the nice things that Uraraka had to say about your husband. She was one of his best friends after all, so it only made sense that she had such a high opinion of him, right?


"Back then, I just wanted to constantly cheer him up," you pointed out, "He always looked as if he had a lot on his mind. I do wonder now if at the time I was just annoying him, buuut he did ask me out during our third year, so I guess I just grew on him." You shrugged. Uraraka smiled and sipped on her tea.


"And, I'm sure he grew on you, too! I mean, it was obvious that you had a thing for him back then, after all," she giggled, "I'm so happy for you both, though." You, however, raised an eyebrow as this was brought up. Did all that time ago Uraraka think you had a crush on Izuku? Surely, she was just remembering it wrong.


"If by 'a thing' you mean, I just wanted to make sure everyone around me was as happy as possible then, I guess you're right," you shrugged, as you stood up, "One sec, I need to see if there's any laundry to do." As you walked out of the kitchen, you didn't at all see the look on Uraraka's face. You did, however, feel a slight shift in mood, but your mind was too preoccupied on making sure that all the chores were done with to really register that. There were a few things that needed to be washed, so you brought them to the laundry room and tossed them in the washing machine. Luckily it wasn't anything like you or Izuku's hero suits or formal wear. The latter you brought to the dry cleaners and the former you hand washed before sending it to your support department for them to be checked and taken care of. And speaking of hero suits, since you were in the laundry room already, you decided to change out of yours and place it aside before putting on some lounge wear that had been inside a basket full of clean clothing that you had yet to fold.


Upon returning to the kitchen, however, Uraraka smiled softly at you, before she tilted her head, "Wow, that shirt is really big on you," she commented. You just looked down at yourself and shrugged.


"It's one of Izuku's," you told her, "His stuff is really comfortable to walk around the house in and sleep in. He also gets the cutest look on his face when he sees me in his clothing. Anyway, sorry to keep you waiting!" You grabbed the tea cup that was in front of you and drunk from it.


"O-Oh, no problem," Uraraka said. She glanced to the side of herself, "In any you...Did you have any interesting cases lately?" Uraraka was seeming a bit different at the moment and in a huge contrast to how she was earlier. Maybe she was forgetting something that she had to do, and didn't want to be impolite and leave. This was Uraraka you were talking about, though, she had no problem excusing herself when she needed to.


"Not really," you thought aloud, "Was there one...?-Oh! Izuku did give me a mission that's going to take a lot of effort. I'll have to start on it tomorrow, since he thinks it's important."


"I thought you and Deku decided on missions together?" Uraraka asked, curiously.


"Well, usually we do, and then give the rest to our sidekicks, but since we are in separate offices and we're both so busy that became easier said than done," you explained, "After all, me doing a mission with Izuku is rather pointless since it barely takes him any time to take care of a situation."


"That's Deku for you," Uraraka nodded. You then realized that you were having much more trouble reading her than before. It was like she was there with you psychically and not mentally. Now, the younger you would have demanded to know what was on her mind, but now that you were older, you knew that people needed time to think for themselves. Whatever it was that was bothering her, it hadn't started until not that long ago. She must have remembered something, or maybe she got a bad text message when you were out of the room. You decided not to ask or mention it, though, being as this wasn't the first time you've been around Uraraka that she went from being energetic to not there completely.


"I should probably get started on making dinner," you said as you stood up, "It's probably a bit early, but it'll be alright." You shrugged before walking to your refrigerator to get some ingredients out, "It's going to be curry tonight." Since you were making dinner earlier than usual you figured that you'd make enough for Uraraka. She always commented on how much she liked the food you cooked. Which to be honest you actually had to learn how to cook properly when you moved in with Izuku, who was your poor test subject. All of that had paid off, though.


"Do you do all of the cooking?" Uraraka asked. You didn't look back at her expression as you went to get some rice to cook out of your pantry.


"Not really," you shrugged, "Izuku makes breakfast, and I do dinner. We're usually at work for lunch, and I mostly just order from a nearby place or eat at the cafe we have. As for Izuku, he usually does the same."


"So, Deku cooks, too?"


"Mhmm," you smiled, "And I can't thank him enough for it. I'm not exactly a morning person." You giggled a bit as you started making the curry. You felt eyes at your back, but didn't really focus on it. However, those eyes were soon replaced by the feeling of Uraraka wrapping her arms around you from behind in a hug. "Is this your way of asking for dinner?" you asked in amusement. She gave a light laugh.


"I'm just really happy that you love Deku so much," she explained, "He really deserves to have a good and supporting wife, you know?" You patted at her arms affectionately, before going back to focusing on cooking.


"Just like you deserve a good and supporting husband~." As you said those words, Urarka pulled back from you. You glanced in her direction to see her face turning red. She quickly shook her head, hands waving in front of her face slightly.


"M-Me?" she questioned, "Ah, I'm not exactly ready for know with being a hero and all...haha..." She looked away, face still red as she put a hand on the back of her head. You felt a bit happier now that she seemed less distracted than she had been earlier.


"Oh come on, now's the perfect time!" you urged, "Maybe try online dating or something. It could be fun! Though I'm sure most people will think you're a catfish and not the real Uravity."


"Ah, dating as a hero is going to be tough!" Uraraka whined, making you laugh. However, before you could decide to tease her, you heard the sound of the front door opening and closing. Uraraka's attention seemed to be taken by that noise as well as she turned her head to face the kitchen doorway. You automatically knew that it was your husband, making you surprised that he was back so early and also happy. You supposed that this wasn't too far off from the time he usually got back, but any minute earlier than usual was something that you would gladly take. After all, being a hero didn't exactly leave you with as much time with Izuku as you wanted, even though you both worked at the same agency.


"[Name]?" he called. He should know by now that you would either be in the kitchen making dinner or in the bedroom just relaxing and resting.


"In the kitchen, Izu!" you called back, "Ochaco is here, too!" You watched as Uraraka flushed a bit, which made you raise an eyebrow. Maybe she had wanted to leave before Izuku had gotten back, which was an odd thought, but it was weird to see her blush given the current moment. Taking your mind from that however, Izuku walked into the kitchen holding a white box. Without a second thought, you went to greet him, getting up on your toes as he leaned down, so that he could return the kiss you were going to give him. "You're back early," you commented as you walked back to the stove, "What's in the box?"


"Well, after I gave all of the sidekicks their missions, I didn't have too much to do, so I decided to come home," Izuku explained, he put the box on the kitchen counter, "And...well..I bought that dessert that you said you wanted to try. It was tiramisu, right?" You couldn't help but to gush at how thoughtful your husband was. It was so like Izuku to do something like that. He was too considerate if anything.


"You really didn't have to!" you told him with a giggle, "You're way too thoughtful, honey." Izuku shrugged at your words with a slightly flushed face before turning to look at Uraraka who had been watching the display with a soft smile.


"Hey, Urararka," he greeted, "How's everything? Did you hear All Might is coming to visit soon?"


"Y-Yeah, [Name], told me," she said, rubbing at the back of her head again. Her eyes glanced to the side, "You know...I should probably get going. I'm sure you two just want to unwind, after all." You turned to her with a pout. This was par for the course with her, however. She always seemed a bit awkward whenever you and Izuku were in domestic mode. You wanted to assure her, though, that it was fine if she wanted to stay. She was so close to the both of you that she minus well just always make herself at home.


"You don't have to do that," you told her, "I mean, we would love it if you were to stay for dinner, right Izu?" You looked at your husband who nodded.


"Of course!" he agreed, "We insist." Uraraka didn't seem too interested in that idea, as she shook her head quickly. She glanced from Izuku to you, and smiled slight anxiousness apparent on her face. Maybe the reality of wanting to settle down was getting to her, so seeing you both acting like a married couple was a bit weird.


"Another time," she said, making her way towards the kitchen door, "I...I'll see myself out. It was nice seeing you both, though!"


As you and Izuku waved Uraraka good-bye, she signed internally, which turned into an external one once she made it to her car. After hearing what she heard earlier from you, she couldn't help but to wonder if this was all really okay? Uraraka slapped at both of her cute cheeks as her mind was starting to slip into negativity. Maybe she'd find out later, but for now Deku seemed happy. And he deserved happiness, after all.


She would just do her best to continue to cheer you both on, and hopefully she was just concerned about nothing.


However, back inside of your and Izuku's home your mind started to drift to when and how Uraraka started to become so close to you. You were sure that it was probably something that the two of you could reminisce about later. For now, you would just focus on continuing to cook dinner as you and your husband both talked about your days.


Chapter Text

It was was something that was incredibly rare. Izuku was the new number one hero, and with Bakugo right under him he was pretty much always at work in order to maintain his title and keep feelings of peace in everyone's hearts. However, Izuku did get days off every now and then, but what was truly rare was you and him having days off at the same time. While Izuku was monumentally a better hero than most of those around him, you were still a good hero with a good quirk and fighting abilities even if you were often outshined by your husband. The government recognized your talents, which meant that you still had to go to work quite a bit as well. And while you did get more time off than Izuku, it wasn't as if your times synced together too often. When they did, it meant that you would be able to spend the whole day together give or take any time he saw someone or something that needed saving and went to rectify the situation.


So, on this glorious morning, you woke up feeling well rested. Looking next to yourself, you noticed an empty spot in the bed where Izuku would usually be. You would have preferred to wake up next to your husband, but you assumed that he had probably woken up much earlier than you had and was already starting with his day. You couldn't exactly blame Izuku for not wanting to just stay idle in bed while you were receiving the rest of angels. You sat up and stretched out your arms a bit before reaching to grab your phone and checking out your messages. You had two group chats going. One with some of the old members of class B and another with some of the old members of class A.


You read through some of the new messages in each chat before you put your phone down and yawned, wanting to just cuddle back into the covers and close your eyes to sleep again. Looking at the clock, you noticed that it was about eight thirty. Honestly, you were surprised at how early you were up. You half expected to still be in bed until around noon. At least with waking up this early you could do some work in the garden. It, too, like the house, needed some tender loving care. With that in mind, you rubbed at your eyes before getting up and going to the bathroom to do your morning routine. The plus side of being up so early was that it meant you had more time to hang out with your husband which was nice. You wondered what you'd do that day with him. You knew that you needed to go shopping for some groceries, so you could do that.


After getting ready, you exited in the bathroom. You chose to put on some comfortable clothing that was good for the Summer and that you wouldn't mind getting dirty since you did want to work in your garden. Leaving the bedroom, you went downstairs and to your kitchen to find your lovely husband at the stove making breakfast. The kitchen smelt so good, and like something very familiar but you couldn't put your finger on it. Was it cinnamon? Was Izuku cooking with cinnamon? Deciding not to dwell on it, you walked over and wrapped your arms around your husband from behind, burying your face into his back. "Good morning," you greeted, although it was a bit muffled. You could feel his back vibrating a bit as he chuckled.


"Good morning, [Name], did you sleep well?" he asked as he turned a bit and wrapped an arm around you to bring you to his side. He kept his arm around you and moved it down to your waist. You nuzzled into him, liking how warm he was.


"I did," you nodded before asking, "What's that sweet smell?" You glanced at the oyako-don that Izuku was making, thinking about how it couldn't be that with its contents of chicken stock, chicken, and fluffy eggs. Glancing at the counter that was in front of you, you also noticed that he made some rice. This caused you to glance at the blender, that you knew was kept nearby, to see what was probably a protein shake in it. Well, Izuku's incredible body was certainly not made over night, and it definitely needed a lot of things to maintain it.


"Oh, I'm making cinnamon rolls," Izuku explained, "They're in the oven now. Can you check on them?" You nodded, and as you did so, Izuku leaned over and kissed at your forehead lovingly. You didn't know why, but it was always interesting watching Izuku eat cinnamon rolls. It was truly a mystery as to why you were so fascinated by it, but you just were. You went over to the oven and opened it up, taking in the wonderful smell. They looked done to you, so you brought them to a section on the kitchen counter and started to frost them.


With you there and helping, in no time you and Izuku were sitting at your kitchen table eating breakfast. Your house had a dining room with a door-less entryway right behind the kitchen, but you pretty much only used it when you had guests. It was just more comfortable and practical to eat at the kitchen table. "So, anything you want to do today?" Izuku asked you as he ate some of one of the cinnamon rolls you stared for a second before snapping out of it.


"Well, we need to grocery shop today," you told him, "Other than that, there's nothing too particular...I did want to do some gardening this morning." You shrugged. Izuku smiled softly.


"Okay, I haven't done my morning workout yet, so I guess after I do that and after you garden we can go shopping," he suggested. You stared once again as he ate more of the cinnamon roll. You quickly shook your head to regain control of yourself.


"Sounds good," you agreed, before going back to eating some rice. "Only three weeks until All Might comes," you decided to say, "I'm so happy that he was able to actually retire from everything peacefully. He really deserves it." As the conversation shifted to All Might, Izuku perked up happily. It amazed you at how star-stuck Izuku became when it came to the old Symbol of Peace.


"He really does," he nodded, "I'm happy I was able to be the one to take over his position. I just hope I don't ever let him down." At that, you couldn't help but to think about how close All Might and Izuku were. When you were younger and in high school, you just assumed that All Might was like that with all of his students, but once you and Izuku got together, you realized how close the two of them actually were. When you both started your agency together, All Might had been a guide through everything. He even helped you find amazing staff members and such. You had come to realize that All Might was like a dad to Izuku. The man even gave a speech at your wedding (which caused your husband to cry). Not only were the two close in terms of relationship, but their quirks were also very similar. Sure, it was something you thought about before, but the more you thought about it the more you realized about it.


"Yeah, I don't think you will," you said before adding, "You must have been All Might's favorite student or something. I mean you're practically the next him." You stared into Izuku's green eyes, watching as he quickly looked away once you did. His face flushed slightly and his smile grew nervous.


"I-I wouldn't say that...," he replied, "I mean...he was close to everyone...I-I guess since I admired him so much he decided help me out a bit. I mean, he did help you, too."


"He did because I was the one you were forming an agency with," you nodded. You found his nervousness at the topic to be rather weird, but Izuku often turned to a stuttering mess when you wore lingerie. So, maybe for now you could just attribute it to over-excitement or something. Perhaps the thought of him being All Might's favorite student, was hard for him to believe. Izuku did love that man to death.


"A-Ah...well...I mean..." Izuku looked at a lost for words, which you honestly thought was pretty cute. Giggling softly you stood up and pecked his lips before taking your dishes to the sink. Maybe one day he'd be able to wrap his head around the fact that his favorite hero loved him like a son. You did wonder how that came about, and who knows, maybe you'd be able to talk to All Might about it when he came to visit.


"I'm going to go outside to do some gardening. Hopefully in about an hour or so we can start getting ready to do our shopping," you explained. Izuku just nodded, face still red. You wondered if he was still thinking about what you had said, but you didn't dwell on it too much as you walked to the back of your house. There was a short hallway with two rooms at each side of it. One was the home gym, and the other was the sun room. At the end of the hallway was another door that led to a very small room which had a few things in it like umbrellas, ponchos, and raincoats, but what you were after was the door in there that led outside. You hummed softly as you opened it before heading straight to your garden shed. You grabbed a sun hat, a watering can, and some mulch deciding to tend to the little plants that you kept in a flower bed. Next you would worry about trimming the bushes, but for now you would just work on the flower bed.


You put your sunhat on and filled up the watering can, carrying it to the brightly colored flowers. You had bought them already grown, and Izuku had helped you plant them. You thought that they were an excellent component to your backyard. You tipped the watering can over to water the flowers, before your head turned to look at the windows of the gym. You could see Izuku in there and starting his work out. Damn, did he have such a nice body, and he worked hard to maintain those beautiful muscles. You didn't think you'd ever be with someone so incredibly attractive, so you were grateful that you had agreed to go with Izuku when he asked you out. He was still very cute back then, but it wasn't like it was no- "Shit!" you whined, as the bed began to overflow, water kissing at your shoes. You quickly put the watering can down before getting on your knees to try and correct the situation.


It wasn't too bad as you had actually missed a bit when watering and didn't get everywhere since you were too busy staring at your husband. You finished watering the other parts before deciding to focus on putting mulch on the bed. You would avoid the parts that you over-watered since one reason to apply mulch was to lock in moisture and those plants did not need that. As you were applying the mulch and slightly wishing that you would have brought over your gardening gloves from the shed, you noticed a cute little lady bug. You let it crawl onto your finger as you smiled at it, admiring it. You reached out and placed your finger next to an azalea so that the lady bug could crawl onto it. As you were enjoying this moment, however, you could hear a slight hissing sound. You hoped that you hadn't accidentally left the outside facet on or something.


You looked around before spotting the source of the sound, which caused you to yelp out in horror. You tried to stand up, but you ended up falling back on your butt yelling, hat falling off of your head, "A-A snake?!" The lady bug just flew away as if leaving you to defend for yourself. At this point, you had no idea where the snake had gone, but it had looked pretty poisonous to you, which freaked you out even more. You inched away from your flower bed, though stopped as you hit something.


"[Name], what's wrong?!" you husband worriedly asked. He had probably seen you freaking out through the window.


"T-There's a snake! A snake! It looks so poisonous!" you exclaimed. Izuku glanced around the area before looking down at you. He let out a very calm sigh then reached down to pick you up bridal style as you continued to whine frantically, "It was right there, Izuku! Right there!" You pointed to back of the flower bed.


"I know, I know," Izuku said, calmly as he carried you inside of the house. He carried you up the stairs and to your bedroom before sitting you on the bed with ease, "Calm down, [Name]. It was probably a garter snake. From what I know there's no poisonous snakes in the area."


"I know what I saw!" you whined. It was clear that, Izuku thought you were just freaking out over this, but then again he was probably a bit surprised at how freaked out you were given your line of work. "It could have bit me!"


"Garter snakes don't have fangs."




Your husband let out another sigh, before comfortingly wrapping his arms around you in a hug. He wasn't at all sweaty, so he probably didn't get very far into his work out. Gently rubbing the top of your head, Izuku leaned down and kissed your forehead, "You're fine, [Name]," he assured you, "Now, let's just get ready to leave. If you really think there's a poisonous snake out there, then I really don't want you doing any gardening today, alright?"


"O-Okay," you agreed, starting to calm down. Once you seemed fine, Izuku went into the bathroom, probably to take a shower since he did work out a bit. You felt bad for ruining his work out. After all, maybe it had just been a little garter snake, and you remembered it differently. Your loving husband shouldn't have to suffer due to your crazy mind, so you pouted, walking into the bathroom after him. As he was taking off his shirt, you wrapped your arms around him from behind, catching his attention. "I'm sorry...," you apologized. Izuku chuckled softly.


"For what?" he asked.


"For freaking out and cutting your gym time," you told him, "You know, we don't have to leave right can go back to working out, and then we'll go later." Izuku grabbed onto your hands, making you let go of him before turning around and pulling you into a hug.


"It's fine, [Name]. I can work out later," Izuku assured you, "Your safety is very important to me. Besides, we should probably go early so we can beat the crowds." You looked up at him, pressing your body against his as you did so.


"Are you sure?" you asked. Izuku smiled at you and nodded before leaning down and kissing your lips.


"I'm sure," he expressed, "Now let's get ready." You slowly returned Izuku's smile before leaving the bathroom to get ready to leave. He was right about beating the crowds, especially since the both of you were often recognized. It wasn't as bad for you as it was for Izuku, and when the two of you were together, either you got separated from him or fans would ask very inappropriate and deep questions about your personal life since the two of you were married. It wasn't something that you particularly felt like dealing with that day, but you knew that you should at least be prepared for it. You changed into some casual yet nice clothing. You used to not be one to dress that fashionably, but once Izuku became the new number one hero, as his wife you were actually offered a few stipends by brand names and designers to shop at their establishments so that they could get publicity from you wearing their clothing. It was a little chapter in your life, along with Izuku's salary matching his title as number one, that you didn't spend too much time thinking about, but it was there. You and Izuku just didn't really reflect that lifestyle too much besides all of things in your house (and the house size itself) that you needed like a gym. Izuku also did buy a nice house for his parents as well and made sure to get you the safest car he could find. Other than that, you both didn't worry about living lavishly. It just wasn't something that was on your minds.


After putting your clothing on, you brushed your hair and put on just the tiniest bit of make-up. You then put some sandals on before leaving your closet, going to sit on your and Izuku's bed as you waited for him to get ready. He was currently putting on his clothes, which you decided to put your attention elsewhere less you wanted another watering can incident. You decided to grab your phone, reading the messages from your group chats. In the old class A one Kirishima, Mina, and Tokoyomi were discussing this new cafe that sounded good, while in the class B one Pony and Kendo seemed to be planning a get together. You hoped you'd be able to make it for whichever day they picked, since you missed hanging out with them. You mostly hung out with Kirishima and Uraraka now, which they were fun, you just wanted to get together with others as well.


"You ready to go?" you heard Izuku ask. You looked up from your phone, nodding and standing up.


"Mhmm." You glanced around the room before spotting your purse and grabbing it. As you slipped your phone inside of it, you couldn't help but to think how weird it still felt having to even carry a purse. You supposed, though, that this was just one of the things that went with growing up somehow...or maybe it was because you either had a lot of crap to carry or your pockets were so small that even car keys couldn't properly fit in them. "Hey, did you read about that cafe the others were talking about?" you asked as you and Izuku were leaving the room, heading to your garage.


"I did," he nodded, "Maybe we should have went there for breakfast." He merely shrugged, though as you got to the bottom of the stairs, you couldn't help but to say,


"Coffee and tea aren't breakfast...neither are the desserts they serve." You voice sounded so wholesome, and Izuku couldn't help but to chuckle at what you were insinuating.


"Didn't I make you cinnamon rolls this morning?" he asked. You just shrugged.


"Did you?" you countered, shamelessly, eyes looking away innocently. Izuku just smiled at your demeanor.


"[Name], dear, did you want to go to that cafe?" he asked.


"Well, if you're going to ask then I suppose we can," you shrugged as if you didn't care. Honestly, you'd love to spend some time with your husband that way, even if it would delay your grocery shopping a bit. You also didn't think it would be too crazy for you both being heroes as the others didn't seem to have any problems while they were there. They wrote nothing but praise about this place, so it would be a good opportunity to go out with Izuku.


"Okay, we can go," Izuku chuckled again. Once you two made it to your garage, Izuku opened up your car door like usual, letting you get in before closing it and going around to the driver's side. As you buckled yourself in, you couldn't help but to recall your first date with Izuku.


He had just been so nervous, you could tell that easily, and you honestly wondered at the time why he had asked you out. Izuku just didn't seem like the type to randomly do something like that, but you had agreed because you didn't see the harm in it. You also thought he was pretty cute, a true sweetheart, and could probably use a nice time out with someone. So, you decided to be that person and agree when he had approached you at your locker one day after school.


'You...You want to go out with me?' you had asked. Izuku's whole face was red, and he nodded smile looking incredibly nervous, 'Well, I guess that's okay. Where do you want to go?' Izuku didn't seem like he had much of an idea at the time, so you just told him to text you once he made up his mind. You hadn't been squealing on the inside about being asked out by Izuku, but instead you just felt a nice warmth, and that no matter what you were going to have fun with him. Going on a date with Izuku hadn't been something you've thought about before that moment, after all.


"I think this is a good place to park." Your husband snapped you out of your thoughts, causing you to look around at where you were. You were in a parking garage. The one thing you didn't like about living in a city was how you had to walk quite a bit to get to the places that you needed to go to, especially if they were downtown. You got out of the car, before walking to the other side where Izuku was. He grabbed onto your hand and led you out. "It didn't seem too busy when we drove by, so that's good." You just nodded as if you knew what he was talking about, and as if you hadn't been lost in your thoughts.


"I really want to try their strawberry shortcake that Kiri raged about," you told him, before looking at your husband. Your eyes widened as you saw his pretty green ones, "Ah, Izu, you didn't bring any sunshades?!" Izuku just chuckled.


"[Name], people are going to recognize me either way. The always do, especially when we're together," he said, "Besides, you didn-" You let go of his hand and pulled yours out of your purse and sighed. He was right, though, he would get noticed either way, but even if they lower him getting recognized by at least one percent, you still thought that was good.


"I guess they are pretty useless, but it is still Summer," you reminded, before slipping your shades onto your face to block out the sunlight.


"Fair point," Izuku shrugged before reaching for your hand once again and holding it, "Let's just try to lay low if we can." You nodded before starting to window shop as you walked passed many establishments. Window displays just made products look way better than they probably actually were. There was just something about it. You tried to avoid getting pulled in by their allure when you were clothes shopping, though. You knew that just because something looked good on a mannequin doesn't mean it would look the same on you. It was just so hard not to get tempted though.


"Ah! Izuku, look at that umbrella!" you said, stopping in front of a display case featuring mannequins holding umbrellas, wearing ponchos and rain-boots with fake clouds and rain. Izuku glanced at the window before looking at you fondly.


"Do you want it, [Name]?" he asked you before adding, "Do you even need it?" You knew that if it was something you wanted he'd probably go in the store and get it for you, but you also knew that he knew that you were just window shopping.


"I don't, but it's just so cute! Look it has rubber ducks on it, Izuku!" you exclaimed. If you had paid better attention to your surroundings you probably wouldn't have said his name so loud.


"You would walk around carrying an umbrella that has rubber ducks on it?" Izuku chuckled. You turned to him matter-of-factly.




"Is that Deku?!" you heard someone yell.


"It's Deku and Viridian!" Before you knew it people flocked over to both you and Izuku, who held your hand a bit tighter so that the two of you wouldn't end up getting separated. It has happened more than once after all, and while Izuku was worried that you might accidentally get trampled, you just found it to be annoying. You got a bit closer to the window behind you as everyone was asking for autographs, pictures, and questions about your life. Izuku didn't have much of a problem keeping up with the autographs and pictures, but he looked very flushed and nervous as he did so. You on the other hand, didn't have as much people interested in you, but you felt slightly overwhelmed as you were signing one autograph then asked by someone else. You also felt your sunglasses fall from your face due to the commotion (which you didn't pay much mind to). Things were okay for the situation, but then the questions started getting more personal.


"When are you guys going to have a baby?!"


"Why haven't you given Deku a baby, Viridian?!" Your face flushed at that, and you turned to look at your husband, who was too focused on signing autographs and people asking him about the latest villain that he had fought, which he took the time to answer that question.


"I'd give you so many babies, Deku!" You rolled your eyes once you heard that, but it gave you the strength to grab onto your husband's hand and pull him out of the crowd of people. He was a bit taken off guard, but he went with you. It was like walking thought molasses, though, or very thick syrup. It was always like this when you were stopped by people while out with your husband. He was just too famous, which caused people to be curious about you due to your association.


"We should hurry," you said, wanting to forget what had been shouted at your husband. It was weird, though, you were usually the one that got asked about your relationship. When it came to talk-shows, interviews, and like what happened today, Izuku was usually asked about hero things and being the Symbol of Peace, while you got asked questions like 'How do you manage to both work and take care of your house?', 'Do you plan on getting pregnant?', 'Do you find it hard being a good wife?' It was all so annoying. However, you would be lying if you said Izuku didn't get asked questions about your relationship except his were usually pretty inappropriate ones pertaining to you or your body.


When you finally arrived at the cafe, you felt as if you had run a marathon. While letting out a breath of air to calm yourself, the hostess sat you and Izuku at a table near a window. She was incredibly hands on, getting your orders in no time and bringing out the things you wanted. You got some strawberry short cake and a green tea latte, while Izuku got a banana foster and a smoothie with protein in it. As you guys were eating, you couldn't help but to recall what you were thinking about earlier. Your first date with Izuku. Poor boy had just been so nervous.


You had met him downtown in front of a fountain. You made sure to dress incredibly cute, since this was a date after all. Izuku's whole face turned red once he saw you, and he looked away with a nervous smile, complimenting you.


He had been stiff as you both walked downtown, deciding on what you both should do. He seemed a bit unprepared, but he actually wasn't. He was just so nervous. 'I-I think w-we should go to a cafe, a-and then to the aquarium...M-Mina told me that you liked them.' That had been the first time that Izuku made your heart melt, and your eyes widen. The fact that he would go out of his way to find out what you liked so that he could plan something around it was really thoughtful and cute. So, you happily agreed before taking his hand in yours and pulling him along.


"Do you have a list, [Name]?" Izuku asked you. You looked up from your incredibly delicious cake, and raised an eyebrow, "For when we grocery shop?" Now you had to think if you had made one or not, and at the realization that you forgot about doing that because of your snake issue, your eyes widened.


"Oh no, I forgot!" you whined. It was important to know the things that were and weren't needed.


"It's okay," Izuku assured, "We can just make one now and try to think about what we need." You nodded before grabbing some paper and a pen from your purse. It probably looked a bit off doing that in the cafe, but you didn't care too much. As you scribbled items down, Izuku pointed out a few things that he remembered was needed from when he made breakfast that morning. Honestly, you usually found yourself on top of these things, so this was just annoying. You scolded yourself internally for getting freaked out over what was probably a harmless type of snake.


"Alright, I think that's all," you said, capping your pen, "Or at least I hope it is..." You sighed and shook your head. Your waitress walked over with your check, which your husband handed over his card. When she came back, however she asked,


"So sorry, Deku, but...can I please have your autograph?" with a flushed a face. Her eyes darting around him a bit. You didn't mind it so much when other people checked your husband out, it was when they yelled obscene things or threw garments his way that really got to you, but this wasn't a big deal. Izuku, also, never really noticed, and he truly really just saw only you in an intimate light. It was how he was. His cute little anxious self probably wouldn't be able to handle looking at someone else in that way. It took long enough for him to stop almost fainting when you hugged or kissed him, though that had been back when you were just dating.


"Here you are," Izuku smiled blushing a bit nervously at the fan interaction.


"Thank you so much! I'll cherish it always!" your waitress said, before leaving. You just looked at your husband.


"Ready to go?" you asked, "We probably have to thank the others for telling us about this place." Izuku chuckled and nodded as he stood up, causing you to do the same.


"Alright, let's go," he agreed.


As you walked out of the restaurant, Izuku grabbed your hand once again, keeping you a bit closer this time than he had before. The streets didn't seem too busy at the moment, which you were grateful for, "The place we do our shopping isn't too far from here," Izuku noted, "But it will take some walking. Are you okay with that, or do you want to just drive there?"


"I'm fine with walking," you smiled. You knew the only problem with walking was being so exposed, but you thought it would be a bit stupid to head back to the car when you could just walk there. Besides, you were enjoying your time out with your husband. Days like this were much scarcer than you would have liked them to be, so you were just going to milk it to the last drop. As you walked, you decided to window shop a bit more, though none of the displays looked as appealing to you as the ones you saw before. Those shops really needed to up their window game. You did see one window display that you liked, which was for a bakery. There were cakes, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls being displayed. You were reminded of your husband.


"Look, it's Deku!" you heard someone yell. You looked at the cinnamon rolls and nodded before snapping out of it and turning to look at your husband, who now looked startled. In no time, the both of you were flocked by people once again. That was starting to get annoying, but it was your life. You tried to hold onto Izuku's hand a bit tighter so that you wouldn't be separated, but sadly you were nudged away from him by others trying to force a picture with him.


A few people recognized you and tried to ask you questions about your life, but you were too focused on not getting squished by the people around you. Your husband had some crazy fans among the regular ones, you supposed, because other heroes seemed to have more order with their fans when they were approached. In the midst of getting tussled around, you noticed the grocery store right across the street. Now, it was true that you promised to stick with your husband in both the good and bad times, but you felt no guilt whatsoever as you quickly crossed the street, leaving your poor husband to handle all the fans.


You must have looked disheveled when you walked into the grocery store, because the clerks at the front stared at you in confusion. You let out a breath of air to calm yourself before you fixed your clothing and hair as best as you could. You went to grab a shopping cart, and once you did, you started on your list. You usually liked to keep all of the food in your house stocked as much as possible, so there wasn't too many directly needed items like milk and eggs that you had to get. However, there were a lot of items with protein on the list. Izuku had a strict diet, after all, and he needed to maintain it. You had more wiggle room than him when it came to your diet, but you still needed to make sure you were in a good enough shape to be a hero. Though, you couldn't remember the last time that you got to fight a villain...From what you recalled, the last incident you solved was getting a cat out of a tree. (Izuku had been so proud of you.)


About ten minutes after you started shopping, Izuku came into the grocery store. You only knew it because you heard someone loudly say his hero name. You rubbed at the corner of your eyes and shook your head. You knew it wouldn't be too bad, though. You and Izuku liked to shop at the same places so that the regulars could get used to seeing you there, and you could do things in peace. The only thing was that not everyone was a regular. You just decided to continue with your shopping, though.


Your phone began to ring, so you pulled it out of your purse. Izuku was calling you, probably wondering where you were, "Yes?" you answered.


"Hey, [Name], where are you?" he asked, "Did you even make it into the store?" So, he hadn't seen you betraying him it seems.


"I did. I'm by the fruit."


"Okay, coming." After he hung up, you decided to check your messages as you waited, leaning forward against the basket. You pouted once you noticed that the get together that Pony and Kendo were planning was going to happen on a day that you were working. Hopefully, you'd get to go with them next time. "Hey, honey," you heard. You glanced to see your husband, walking over. He leaned down and kissed your cheek, "You okay?"


"I'm fine," you told him, "I managed to escape pretty early." You stood up straight and started to push the shopping cart to your next destination, "Did you get anyone's clothing this time?" You nudged your husband playfully as he followed alongside you.


"Thankfully not this time," Izuku nervously responded. You couldn't help but to laugh.


Chapter Text

It was about a week later, and as you heard the sound of the new cushion headboard you had recently bought hitting the wall hard, you could only hope that another hole wouldn't be made. Your husband was good, very incredible in fact. When the two of you actually had the time and energy to go all out, he would make sure to show you how much he loved you with every touch, whisper, and purr he made as he ravaged your body. However, the two of you were pretty busy people, so moments like that didn't come as often as you wanted. You both did have quite the bit of stress in your life that you had to take care of, so you resorted to more quick measures that served the purpose of relieving that stress. And in those times, you found yourself under your husband while he gripped you a bit too hard and brought himself to completion. It wasn't like he didn't take care of you, though. In fact, Izuku would make sure you had met your release before he did, but since you were both being fast with it, he knew that the best way to do that was to just focus on getting you off before taking care of himself. When you both had time to actually take, though, you would often be able to finish around the same time.


You had been a bit extra sensitive that night, coming during the prep-work that Izuku did to you. Since your husband was well-endowed, it was crucial that he at least took the time to get you ready for him. So, when he rubbed you to get you wet and then started to slip his fingers inside, you lost yourself way too easily. After that was said and done with, your husband climbed on top of you. And about three minutes into the sex, you came again. In your defense, however, Izuku was really aiming for that to happen with the way he played with your sensitive bud as he drove his length against your spot. Now, he was less focused on you since you had been taken care of and more focused on meeting his own release. He thrusts weren't as controlled, and the closer he got the less rhythmic he became. You had to admit to yourself that it hurt a bit. It wasn't anything you couldn't handle, however, it was just uncomfortable. You were getting a bit overstimulated, Izuku wasn't really hitting the best places inside of you, and at times he went a bit too deep if anything. Not to mention, his grip on you was hard.


You couldn't stop yourself from panting, though, and neither could your husband it seemed. You did like the look on his face currently. Earlier, when he was focused on you, he had been watching your expressions, but now he was looking down at your body and sometimes your face in lust. Glancing at his body, you could see he was a bit sweaty, and to be honest, so were you. "O-Oh!" you couldn't help but to let out a noise as his tip met your cervix. It would hurt sometimes when that would happen, but now it just felt surprising.


Izuku picked up his pace and went a bit harder on you. Your bit your lip at the rough feeling, arms going around to hold onto your husband as if for dear life. You knew that he was near his release, and that was further confirmed as Izuku buried his head against your neck, groaning and going much deeper inside of you. You felt his length pulsating before feeling the familiar warm feeling of him coming inside of you. He was breathing hard, breath tickling your skin, before he started to kiss at your neck feverishly and lovingly. You wondered if your husband had left any bruises on your body this time, though what you did know was that you were going to be sore in the morning. It was worth it, though, because you'd take any kind of sex with your husband. "Was that too much?" Izuku asked against your neck, breathing kind of hard. You shook your head.


"No, I'm fine," you assured him. It wasn't like your husband could help it. He was just so strong, and in moments like these he usually lost some of his control. Izuku picked his head up to press his lips against yours. He kissed you deeply, sliding his tongue into your mouth, which made you shiver. As he kissed you, you could feel him softening inside of you. You were happy that he got to release all of that stress, though you did feel rather full.


As Izuku pulled out of you, you shuddered a bit at the feeling. There came the emptiness now, but it didn't last very long. Your husband laid next to you, pulling you close to him so that you could cuddle against his chest. You were both still in your night clothing being as when you started this little session, you just wanted to get down to it. So, Izuku had just moved your thin shorts and your panties to the side, and pulled himself out of his bottoms. Speaking of which, you reached down to fix yourself. It seemed as if Izuku had already put his member back up. Probably when he got off of you. Before you could dwell on that any longer, you felt your husband kissing your temple, hand stroking down the back of your head soothingly. "We should probably go to sleep now...since we have work tomorrow," he suggested. You couldn't help but to agree with that. So, you wrapped your arms around him lovingly, closing your tired eyes.


"Goodnight, Izuku," you said softly.




You weren't the fondest of putting make-up on your body, but there you found yourself sitting in front of your vanity and applying cover-up to your bruises. It was something that happened every now and then, when you and your husband waited way too long to take care of yourselves, causing a bit more roughness in result. You didn't exactly care, but that morning when Izuku saw the bruises in the places he had grabbed you, he just could not stop apologizing. You mostly had them on your hips, thighs, and love-bites on your neck. There were also marks on your wrists, which made you recall a moment last night when you were near your second peak, and your husband pinned them at your head while he rammed into you. You were grateful for the size of your house, because anything smaller and you would have woke up your neighbors. Once you were done getting ready for the day, you went downstairs to the kitchen. Whatever your husband was making smelt really good, or maybe you were just really hungry after last night's exercise. "Good morning," you smiled as you entered the kitchen. You saw Izuku stiff up a bit, being able to tell that he was still bothered by hurting you. You were, in fact, very sore, but you weren't going to let Izuku know that.


"M-Morning, [Name]," he greeted, slowly turning to face you. You couldn't help but to walk over to him, and get as high up as you could to kiss his lips.


"I love you~," you purred sweetly. You walked over to the kitchen table and sat down at it. The moment you did your eyes widened slightly as the bruises on your thighs touched each other. You kept up your smile, though, trying to seem calm. It was a bit pathetic as a hero, however, because you received a far greater beating from your husband than you had from a villain in a long time. Man, you were tired.


"Do you feel sore, [Name]?" Izuku softly asked as he set a plate of pancakes and bacon in front of you. You noticed that he was going to eat eggs, rice, and have a protein shake.


"No, not at all!" you waved off, "I feel fine. Better than fine, in fact." You grabbed onto the front of Izuku's hero suit to pull him down for another kiss. Izuku kissed you back, before going to sit down across from you.


"You know...I'm really sorry, [Name]," Izuku apologized for what was probably the hundredth time that morning, "I promise I won't go as hard on you next time." You just hoped that you wouldn't have to wait as long for sex. You smiled at him softly.


"Izu, it's fine. I'm fine," you assured, "In fact, I really liked it. It's fine to go rough in the bedroom at times...I mean remember the time when I couldn't sit down properly for like a week?" Izuku had liked doing the act that led to that a bit more than you would have expected, though, right now his whole face was turning tomato red, but he nodded. "That was fun, wasn't it? But I mean, come on, we're heroes! It's not a big deal." Izuku bit his lip.


"I...I don't like hurting you, though, [Name]! I do understand that you like it when I'm a bit rough, but seeing those bruises on you-" You had enough really, so you got up and went over to him, cutting his words off with a kiss. The action took more energy than you wanted it, too, but you hoped to get your point across.


"They were given with love and consent, Izu," you told him, "It's fine, and I'm fine." You kissed him again, sitting on his lap. It felt so much more comfortable than the chair in your opinion.


"Are you sure?" Izuku asked once you pulled back from the kiss. You smiled and nodded. "Okay, but I'm like really sorry-"




You were starting to feel a bit happy about the fact that you and Izuku drove to work in two separate cars, simply because you knew he'd probably continue apologizing the whole way there. Izuku had left for work earlier than you since he had to look over the reports some of the sidekicks had written after they finished their recent missions. You used your extra thirty minutes alone to make sure the house was in tip top shape before getting in your car and heading to the agency. Oddly enough, your back was hurting a bit, too. You'd make sure to be on top next time. That way you wouldn't be as sore, and Izuku wouldn't freak out if you got hurt. You loved the man, but you felt as if he just needed to relax more at times. Hopefully, you'd get to go on a vacation with him very much doubted that would happen, though.


When you made it to work, you nodded in the direction of your receptionists' desk, as they were busy working, before heading to your office. As you went to close the door behind you, you decided to leave it a crack open just in case you needed to open it. You would probably use your quirk to do so since there was no way you were moving more than you needed to that day. You plopped your bag down onto your desk before practically throwing yourself onto your chair. Ugh, you were much more sore than you had realized. Izuku had really done you in last night. Maybe you should work out more, but you'd never be a match for your husband's strength.


Finally finding some energy, you turned your computer on, and wheeled yourself closer to it. You preferred to use a desktop at work as opposed to a laptop, and you kept it adjacent to your desk on another desk. While it was powering up, you looked at the paperwork and mail that was on your desk. Sojiro, one of the agency's receptionists, probably put it there. He was the only one who had no problem going into your office when you weren't in it besides a few sidekicks. You sighed, seeing as he also put the due dates he wanted them all signed by on a post-it note on top of the paperwork. It wasn't like there was an actual formal time they needed to get done, he just probably didn't want you putting him behind on his work, since he was the one who had to fax them to the police station and clients...even though you were his boss.


Ignoring that for a second, you turned back to your computer, going to check your email. You had a lot more than you would have hoped. Some applications, status updates from each department, and-Oh! An email from Izuku! There was a fifty-fifty chance that it was another apology. You opened it and read its contents,


Hey, [Name],

Can you look over my schedule for me for errors? I really don't trust anyone else to do this at the moment, and I have a lot to get done today,


I love you.


You clicked the file that he had sent to download it, and as you did so you noticed that there was more room to scroll on the page. So you did just that reading,


Also, I'm still really sorry about last night. If you need to head home earlier, I understand.


You just shook your head before replying that you would take care of his schedule. You didn't exactly mind doing that, although it really should be his personal receptionists' job as they were the ones who created it. You couldn't blame your husband for feeling more comfortable with you doing it, though. After all, it was very important that it was correct being as Izuku needed to keep up his new title. You felt like his receptionists were more than capable enough to do it, but this was your husband asking you for help.


I didn't take long at all for you to make sure everything was correct. You knew what your husband had to do well enough by now, and his receptionists were amazing at their job. To be honest, pretty much all of the staff were great at their job. All Might did help you both to find some great people, and though you didn't like to toot your own horn, you had done a pretty good job at getting more people when needed. Once you were done with taking care of Izuku's schedule and shooting him another email, you decided that you would start on your paperwork. You pulled out your top desk drawer to get a pen, only to see the paper of the mission that Izuku had given you. You groaned at that. You hadn't been able to find anything else about the increase in drugs, and seeing the paper was a reminder. You pulled it out and looked at it. Perhaps you could ask one of your sidekicks for help with this. It was their job after all, but which one? Most of them were busy with their own missions. You needed more brains on this, though! More people working together to figure this out and put a stop to it. Maybe you could start by reading police reports of recent drug usage. Hopefully by doing so, you could find out if it has increased since you received this mission and if anyone had been caught using these drugs recently.


As you wrote that down so you wouldn't forget it, you heard a familiar voice outside of your door. "No, no, I like just got to the agency I work at! Sure, I can do another week, I just need to make sure I show my face here for a bit." Yep, you knew exactly who that was, and you needed to have words with her. You were so grateful that you left your door a crack open as all you had to do was focus on it and pull it, so that it would open all the way, your eyes glowing slightly at the usage. Your quirk was simple in name and what it did, but even though it was straight-forward, it could be pretty strong. Your quirk was called 'Push-Pull'. For pulling objects, you had to be facing them or at least concentrating on them mentally. As for the push part, you could expel from all around yourself. You didn't have to necessarily face in a direction. When using the quirk, your eyes glowed depending on the amount of force you used, since it was how you used it. And as for the force itself, the amount all depended on how much you strengthened and trained, and it was a lot better now than when you were in high school.


With the door open, you were able to see blonde idol before you. Her skin was a deep tawny color, and she wore her hair in two curly pigtails. She had a beauty mark at the bottom left corner of her lips, and her eyes were pink with a white outline of a heard around her pupils, "Yumi," you called, getting her attention. Once you did, you motioned for her to come into your office. You would surely pull the girl in if you had to. Saitou, Yumi was an up and coming idol when you hired her. Since she was getting attention and fast, you thought it would be perfect to hire her as a marketing move. Midoriya, Izuku having a famous idol as a sidekick could only propel his career as a hero, and that it did. You just had one problem, however, and it was the way Yumi used her quirk. You totally ignored the fact that she didn't do as much as the others simply because you decided it would be best for her to also focus on her career.


The girl pouted a bit once you called her name. She told whoever was on the other line, probably her manager, that she'd talk to them later before hanging up and going into your office. Once she sat down at one of the two chairs that was in front of your desk, you used your quirk to push the door closed again, though not all the way. "I forgot that you moved to this place as your office," Yumi said, glancing around, "It's so tiny compared to Deku's." You just sighed and shook your head.


"Yumi, I've told you time and time again to stop using your quirk to gain more fans!" you whined, tiredly, "That would look horrible if people found out." You didn't scold her like a boss, but rather as if you were a sibling. Yumi's quirk was a problem when she used it for her own personal gains, which she didn't see as wrong. Her quirk was called 'Infatuation' which activated when she sung, causing others to fall in love with her voice. With it she could make people see her in a platonic way so that they would care for her and want to protect her, but she could go as far as making people turn into mindless love slaves. Yumi's voice was great without her quirk, but you KNEW that she was using it to make people buy her merch and be more into her.


"But would it, though?" Yumi pointed out, cutely.


"Yes!" you said. You then sighed, rubbing at the inner corner of your eyes as you leaned back into your seat, "Look, stop using your quirk that way...Also, you need to do some missions soon. I might have one I could use your help with..." You could possibly have her look up police information about drugs. She'd probably hate doing that, but it needed to be done, and most of the other sidekicks were out completing their own work. Bypassing what you had just said, however,


"You know, you look really tired, [Name]," Yumi pointed out, "Are you sure you don't need to go home? Sojiro told me that you were probably really sore." Your eyes widened as she said that. How did they know what you and Izuku did last night?! Oh, almost forgot that all of your emails were monitored. It had to have been that! Izuku really overdid it with the apology.


"I-I'm not sore or tired," you said, "In any case, you-"


"Hmm, well, everyone knows that there's a difference with you when you've had a busy night with Deku breaking your back, but I don't fault you for it!" Yumi smiled. Your face turned red at that. Maybe it was your fault for creating such a relaxed environment for those around you. You even let them call you by your first name. You couldn't help it, though! You loved getting to know people, and making them feel comfortable. It was a reason as to why you and Izuku were even married.


As if saving you from this embarrassing moment, your office phone rang. You quickly put it on speaker so that whoever was calling you could unknowingly rescue you. "Yes?" you quickly asked.


"Hey, [Name], do you need some Advil or something?" Sojiro's voice rung over the phone. Your face was now akin to your husband's tomato red face that he had on that morning.


"No, I don't!" you said, "And you both need to stop worrying about my private life!" Yumi giggled a bit at your mini freakout.


"Both? Is Yumi in there?" Sojiro asked.


"Hiii!" Yumi answered.


"Hey. In any case, [Name], you have someone here for an interview," Sojiro told you, finally getting to the point of his call. This had completely blind sided you, though, making you forget your previous embarrassment. It was surprising after all, being as you hadn't even got through reading all of the applications yet.


"But I didn't schedule an interview for today," you answered, "In fact, I haven't even read all of the applications sent in."


"Yeah, I know," Sojiro mused. He was way too good at his job. Yumi, however, had her mouth opened.


"You haven't hired anymore sidekicks, yet?!" she asked, shocked, "Weren't you supposed to have new ones hired since like a month ago? With some of the others forming their own agencies we're being overworked here, you know?"


"Weren't you just away on tour for like a month?" you questioned.


"Well, someone's here," Sojiro interrupted, "Should I turn her away or...?" You bit your lip, thinking about it. It was incredibly short noticed, but it couldn't be that bad to just hear this person out...You were incredibly unprepared at the moment, though. You supposed that this situation was probably your fault being as one of the applicants probably got antsy and decided to make an appearance. So you sighed, deciding that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea just to conduct the interview.


"You can send her in," you sighed, before looking at your door to pull it open. You glanced at Yumi and gestured to it, who nodded and stood up to leave. "I'll email you about that mission, by the way." You weren't about to let her go away completely free after all.


"Fine, fine," Yumi pouted before leaving the room. You rummaged around your desk drawers for a clip-board to write on. You didn't have a set sheet with you at the moment with questions, but you were confident enough in your hiring process to do this without too much preparation.


"I just sent her in," Sojiro told you before hanging up. Letting out a sigh, you glanced at the door and noticeed that Yumi had closed it completely when she left. You couldn't help but to lazily groan at that. It wasn't like you could turn the knob with your quirk, which was why you left it a crack open before. Well, whoever this person was would probably knock and then open the door for themselves like a regular human being. So, you waited for that knock, and when it came you told whoever it was to enter.


Before you now was a curvy woman. She had long black hair and yellow eyes that were behind glasses, though what was most striking was the fact that she was wearing a jacket despite it being Summer. Maybe it had to do with her quirk. You weren't one to judge people or make assumptions, after all. Politely, you stood up and reached out to shake her hand, "Viridian," you introduced. When she shook your hand back, you couldn't help but to note that her skin felt rather cold.


"Takamana, Aiko," she said, "My hero name is 'Viper.'" You motioned for her to sit down in one of the chairs across from you, before you sat down as well. Now, you just had to make sure you didn't look as if you were unprepared for this. You agency didn't need any sort of bad publicity after all, and if the press got anything negative coming out, no matter how small, they would run with it.


"Pleased to meet you," you started, "Do you have a résumé for me?" You weren't too big on reading them after an interview, since they were all pretty much the same in your opinion, but it was still nice to have. Takamana just gave you slight smile.


"Not on me at the moment, no, and to be honest I haven't even sent in an application," she admitted. You were rather shocked at hearing this. Did this woman not know which agency this was? Did she not know how many applications that you didn't read that get sent in daily if not by the hour? Did she really expect to just walk in off the street and get hired? You'd have to tread lightly. She was here now, so you couldn't just kick her out without seeming rude.


"O...Okay then," you said, trying to not look so surprised, "Well, what job are you exactly looking for here, then? I mean, you basically just walked in here unannounced, so...?" You hoped she wasn't one of those crazy fans that thought your husband conducted the interviews and just wanted to use that as an excuse to meet him. If that's the case, then you certainly were going to have to kick her out. Forcing an interview just to meet a hero that one was a fan of was just something difficult to deal with.


"To be honest...I just really wanted to meet you," Takamana said. Your eyes widened, and you could not stop the smile that came onto your face.


"So, you said your name was Takamana Aiko, right?" you asked, writing it down onto the paper in front of you. Hypocrisy was your middle name at that moment. Takamana nodded at your question.


"I know it must be a bit annoying to have a random person walk into your office all of a sudden because they want to meet their favorite hero," she said, "But I do really want to work for you, as your sidekick." You just waved her words off as if you hadn't been thinking a variation of them a moment ago. You honestly couldn't believe that you had someone interested in working for you, and not even saying both you and Izuku, just you. Speaking of which...


"It's alright, but you do know that becoming a sidekick of this agency means that you'll also be Deku's sidekick?" you questioned her. You didn't even know her quirk yet, but you were just about to sign her on. You did need new sidekicks after all, and an amazing one had just dropped into your lap.


"Yes, I know that, but I just can't help myself. I think you're such a great hero," Takamana told you, "It would truly be an honor to work for you Mrs. Midoriya." At that moment and for a second your mind cleared a bit. It was odd, she hadn't called you 'Viridian' once. It was as if she knew that it was tied to people thinking you were Izuku's sidekick, which you desperately needed to set straight. "Should I tell you my quirk?" she asked. You snapped out of your thoughts.


"Of course," you quickly said, trying to seem as if you hadn't drifted away for a bit.


"My quirk gives me snake-like abilities," she explained. At least now the jacket made sense, "Because of it, I'm also immune to poisons and a bit stronger than a regular human." You were reminded a bit of Tsuyu at the moment.


"Are you poisonous yourself?" you asked.


"I am," she nodded. You wrote down all of her words, before looking over your impromptu interview paper. Honestly, you did need more sidekicks, and her quirk sounded very useful to you. It wouldn't be so bad to hire her, even with how informal this all was, and she even really liked you as a hero which made your heart gush. "Is that all?"


"Well, I don't have any more questions," you explained, that was an understatement, "I do think you'll be a good fit for our agency. I will need to conduct a background check, though, and if all goes well, you might even be able to start next week."


"Background check?" Takamana asked. She then reached next to her, feeling around a bit before grabbing a bag that you didn't even know she had with her. She pulled out a big brown envelop and handed it to you, "I know that alongside with being a good hero, you also handle a lot of things at the agency. So, I took the liberty of having my own background check done. I haven't opened it, so I don't know what inside of it." You raised an eyebrow as you took the envelope from her. This was weird.


"I see...," you said. Takamana smiled.


"No need to worry if you prefer to do your own. I just wanted to help you out if I could," she explained. You looked a bit skeptical at this, but like she said, you could also have one run yourself. It shouldn't be as big of a deal as your mind was trying to make it. So, you smiled.


"Alright then! I will see what I need to do, and if all goes well, I'll draw up a schedule for you," you told her, "Now, if you don't mind, I need some contact information." You passed her your clipboard, "Name, number, and email. You can write it anywhere." Takamana didn't seem at all judgemental at your unprepared interview sheet of paper, which you were thankful for. She just smiled as she wrote her information down and handed it back to you. "Great. It was nice meeting you." You stood up to shake her hand.


"It was a privilege meeting you," she nodded. You couldn't help but to beam a bit because of it. "Hopefully, I'll hear from you soon!" You waved her off, and once the door was closed, you made a happy noise. You didn't know why, but you wanted to tell Izuku about what had just happened. After all, he was your husband, and if anyone was going to share in your excitement, it would be him. You and Izuku didn't talk about it that much, but you knew that he knew that people thought you were his sidekick at times and that most people who applied to work there just wanted to work for him. It was something that was an elephant in the room as you both didn't really discuss it, but you had no problem going up to his office and telling him how excited you were. Maybe people were starting to see you for the hero you actually were, and maybe they were starting to recognize all of your efforts.


Starting to become a bit more excited, you put the envelope that Takamana had given you inside one of your desk drawers before leaving your office. Your husband shouldn't be particularly busy at this time. You had handled his schedule for the next week, so while you didn't exactly know what he was doing you had a good idea. He would most likely be in his office or just about ready to leave for a patrol, which reminded you that you needed to make time to do one yourself. It wasn't something that you had thought about recently, but you barely had time to go on patrol lately. You had been busy with your husband's paperwork as well as taking care of other business that pertained to the agency. It wasn't like you exactly minded to do all of that at the moment. After all, Izuku was better suited for fighting while it was easier for you to do management things. You weren't worried about that right now, though! You were just excited to tell your husband about what had just happened.


So, you took the elevator up to the top floor, greeting Izuku's personal secretaries before going straight to his office and opening up the double doors. At your entrance, three heads turned to look at you from their position on the sofas in Izuku's office. Todoroki and Shinsou were sitting on one while your husband was sitting across from them on the other. You wondered if this was a social call of some sort? It had to be, because if they were talking about a mission, Izuku would have called you for the meeting. Speaking of your husband, he stood up from where he was sitting and went to greet you. "Hey, [Name]," he smiled with a tinge of nervousness, though, you were still over the moon so you didn't pay much mind to that, "Did you need something?"


"I just conducted an interview with an amazing candidate," you smiled brightly, "She seemed really excited to work with me, so I think I may hire her!"


"That's great, [Name]!" Izuku told you. You couldn't help but to nod. "What's her quirk?" Of course your husband would want to know that, but it only did make sense after all. Though, you knew that he was curious on a personal standpoint as opposed to wondering if she'd fit.


"She has snake-like abilities," you explained, "I think she'll be helpful, know...She actually gets that she won't just be your sidekick." You flushed slightly as you said that, but you kept up your smile.


"Only the best sidekicks know that," Izuku nodded, happily. You giggled a bit before glancing at the others in the room, who were listening to your conversation with interest. Since your attention was now on them, Shinsou thought it would be appropriate to say what he was thinking.


"Didn't you mention needing to hire more sidekicks like a month ago?" he asked, "So, you hadn't done that?" He was so cocky, but oddly enough he and your husband were friends. You didn't have much of a problem with Shinsou, it was just that his dry teasing and sarcastic nature could be too much for you at times. Plus, it was something that you had to get used to because sadly when you were in high school, you took many of the things he said as literal. So, you hoped dearly that none of your past blunders had any lasting affects on the man.


"W-We've been working on it," you shrugged, face flushed slightly due to embarrassment, "It's a process..."


"Do you two need help?" Todoroki decided to ask. You groaned internally. Now, you were about seventy percent sure that Shinsou had been just teasing you, but Todoroki playing into it in such a literal sense did not help the situation. Izuku just chuckled, though, having a better hold on dealing with the two than you did.


"We're fine," he assured, putting a comforting hand on your back. He led you to the sofa, and you sat down next to him. Now would probably be the perfect time to change the subject, and ask the two why they were even there. It was something that you put on the back burner when you first walked in, but now your curiosity was peaking.


"So, how did you two find yourselves here?" you asked. Shinsou glanced at Izuku, who smiled a bit nervously before looking back at you.


"Dunno," he said, "I'm just here for some reason." You opened your mouth to say something, though words didn't exactly form. What were you even supposed to say to that? It was as if Shinsou was just admittedly giving an incredibly weak excuse as to why they were there, and if you were to say anything against it, it would probably end up being rude even if you didn't want it to be. How hard would it be to just say-


"Just a simple visit," Todoroki quickly said, "Nothing out of the ordinary." The half-hot half-cold hero was definitely a pro, "In any case, I hear that you guys are housing All Might when he comes into town." As Todoroki brought about a subject change, you couldn't exactly help but to have your mind start to wonder a bit. It was just odd that they'd both be visiting Izuku unannounced like that. You could expect it from Kirishima, Uraraka, Kaminari, even Tsuyu, but not those two. And it couldn't have been something planned or Izuku would have mentioned it to you, right? This whole thing was so puzzling but...


"Mhmm! It'll be great to have him around even if it's for just a week. Oh, by the way, Toru and Kaminari suggested we throw a party for him," Izuku smiled brightly as he put a hand on your knee comfortingly.


But you trusted him so much that it probably wasn't anything to worry about. In fact, it was probably stupid of you and a bit judgemental to even think that Shinsou and Todoroki wouldn't randomly pay your husband a visit in the middle of the day. They were all friends after all.


"Sounds like a good idea," Todoroki agreed, "But it'll take some planning, which could be a hassle with all of our busy schedules." He was right, there was a lot to be done so planning a party for All Might while you were all working heroes certainly wouldn't be the easiest. Whatever did happen, if something even did, would probably be very simple.


"Oh, well, [Name] won't be busy that week," Izuku pointed out. This was news to you, and you couldn't help but to turn to your husband in shock as that was said. You certainly would have quite a bit to get done just like everyone else. You would certainly need to speak to your husband about this, but you weren't at the point of possibly getting into it with Shinsou and Todoroki in the room of all people.


"You won't?" Shinsou questioned you. You opened your mouth to say something, but you decided that now wasn't the time for it. You would talk to your husband in private later.


"That matter is being tabled at the moment," you chose to say, "In any case, I should really get going. It was nice seeing you both."


"Bye, [Name]," Todoroki told you, while Shinsou just looked at you curiously. You just got up and left the room, mind still on what Izuku had said. As you walked to your office, you thought back on all of the conversations that you had with your husband that had to do with All Might visiting. It was just mostly about how excited Izuku was for his visit, and about how you needed to make sure the guest room and bathroom was ready for him. As far as you remembered that was literally it (unless Izuku had sprung it up on you last night in bed.) You hoped that he was just confused, which was hardly the case with him, though it was still possible. So, once you made it back to your office, you sent him an email telling him to stop by once Todoroki and Shinsou left so you could speak to him. For now, you needed to finish up some paperwork. You hoped to have it all done by the time you wanted to go on patrol.


In the middle of doing your work, you heard a soft knock on the door before it was slowly opened. Izuku's cute face peaked into your office before he widened the door and walked in, "Hey, [Name]," he greeted you as he sat down across from you, "What did you want to talk about?" You knew that it would probably be in your best interest to be straight-forward. You put the pen that you had been signing paperwork with down, before leaning forward slightly, arms folded on top of your desk.


"Izuku, what did you mean earlier when you said that I wouldn't be busy during All Might's visit?" you asked. Izuku looked at you curiously before his eyes widened, nervous look now plastered all over his sweet face.


"O-Oh, I'm sorry, honey. I must have forgotten to talk to you about it!" he started, "I was hoping that I would be able to delegate all of your paperwork to the other departments for that week, and ask you to keep All Might company while he was here. It would be really helpful..." You were taken off guard at this. If you were able to get others to take on the mountain of paperwork that you dealt with that easily than you would have done so a long time ago. Not only that, but if you found a less hands on way to manage the agency then you would surely be out solving cases and fighting crime.


"I don't think...I don't think that's in our best interests, Izu," you told him. It was hard to get mad at him when he was being so cute and anxious. It was truly your weakness, "And besides, even if I was able to get the others do my work, I'd want to be out there helping you take on villains and such."


"Don't worry about that, though, [Name]," Izuku assured you, "I talked with my secretaries and they said that could handle most of my mission reports for that week, and I spoke with Sojiro, and he said he knew well enough about what you do to be able to navigate the paperwork for our agency, and when it comes to managing the other departments and assigning tasks to them, I can do that while you're out." You bit your lip, completely ignoring how everyone knew about this before you did.


"But Izuku, what about, you know being a hero and fighting villains?" you asked. You didn't exactly feel comfortable with being fazed out for a week.


"That'll be alright, too," Izuku said, leaning forward and grabbing onto your hands gently, "Look, honey, I'd love to be the one to stay the week with All Might, but as the Symbol of Peace it just isn't possible for me. I love you, and you're my better half. So since I can't do it, I know that you can. I see you as being able to do the things that I can’t and vice versa. We work well together…” Hearing him say that had your heart melting. It made this whole situation seem as if you guys were just being extensions of one another doing what the other couldn't. It truly made you feel like his partner, and you wanted to be there for him and help him out. After all, Izuku absolutely adored All Might. And since he couldn't give his favorite hero the full hospitality that he wanted to, he needed help from you, his wife.


"Alright," you said, softly, cheeks heating up a bit, "I'll take that week off." That week was two weeks away currently. Izuku smiled happily and leaned forward to press his lips against yours. You couldn't help but to kiss him back, hands cupping his cheeks a bit before you pulled away.


"Thank you, [Name]," Izuku told you, "It really means a lot to me!" At his happy tone, you couldn't help but to giggle.


"No problem!"


Chapter Text

It was the week before All Might's visit, and you were much busier than you hoped you'd be. On top of worrying about the regular things that went into running a hero agency (and one of the biggest in the country no less), you also had to deal with planning everything for All Might's party. So, you made calls to several different vendors for decorations, catering, and of course a clean up crew because there was no way you were cleaning everything up. As you were on hold with one restaurant, you couldn't help but to think about the other things you needed to do. For one, you also had to head to the support department that day to bring one of your husband's hero suits that you had hand washed to be checked by them. Hero suits didn't belong in washing machines, and you and Izuku didn't trust dry cleaners for this kind of thing, so you hand washed them. And once they were washed, they needed to be inspected just in case the quality became lack luster or something broke.


"Hello? Yes, this is Mrs. Midroiya [Name], and I'm calling about your catering services," you spoke over the phone once you were no longer on hold. You could hear the owner, who was the one on the line, yelling at the person who first took the call for making you wait. Having the same surname as the number one hero did have its perks. As you finished with the call, you rubbed at your tired eyes. You hadn't even started on your paperwork yet, nor had you any time to have a background check done on your newest sidekick. You had decided that the one that Takamana brought in herself would be fine, so you had emailed her at the end of the previous week saying that she could start this week. Takamana did seem like she would be a good worker, after all.


So, you figured that there was nothing to worry about on that note. You would just focus on everything you needed to get done with that day, which was planning for the party, taking care of Izuku's hero suit, and doing your and Izuku's paper-work. It didn't seem like a huge deal, but there was just so much paper-work. Your husband was always saving everyone and everything. You remembered the last time you two went out on a date, and you reached down to put your phone in your purse only to look up and for Izuku to be gone. You looked out the window and saw him holding up a metal beam that some construction workers must have dropped. He just never stopped saving people. And while it was admirable, it resulted in a lot of paperwork.


As you started to read though your emails for that day, which consisted of more applications among other things, your office phone rang. You picked it up, balancing it on your shoulder as you continued to give attention to your computer screen, "Viridian," you answered.


"Your new hire is here, [Name]," Sojiro's voice sounded over the phone, "Do you need me to give her a run down of the agency?" You glanced around your office for a bit before settling your eyes on Izuku's hero suit. It would be the perfect opportunity to bring that to the support department.


"No, don't worry! I'll be there in a second," you told him.


"...Don't you have like three stacks of paper work on your desk?" Sojiro couldn't help but to ask. You pouted, face flushing up.


"I'll be there soon," you merely replied before hanging up. At times like these you did wish that you hadn't offered to do Izuku's paperwork for him, but you knew that he was really needed out and about. When it got down to it, you didn't mind it so much, even though it was dreadful in itself. You stood up from your chair and grabbed your husband's hero suit, folding it twice over itself in your arms as you walked out of your office. You headed to the elevator, greeting some of your workers on the way as you did so. You were a bit excited to work with Takamana. She seemed like such an interesting person, and she was interested in working under you. So, there was that to brighten up your day.


When the elevator opened up to the ground floor, its bell dinging, you walked over to the reception area. Takamana was standing in front of it, having a conversation with Sojiro. As you approached, they turned to look at you. "Oh, Mrs. Midoriya, good morning," Takamana smiled.


"Morning," you smiled back, "And you can just call me '[Name]', alright?" Takamana raised an eyebrow at that before looking at Sojiro who just nodded.


"Wow, that's really formal," Takamama responded. That had to be sarcasm, you couldn't help but to think, so you laughed slightly. At least you hoped that was sarcasm.


"I find it better to manage employees when we're on a first name basis," you explained to her, "Anyway, let's get going, shall we? I'll show you around a bit, and then hopefully you'll be able to properly settle in, alright?" You led the way to the elevator, Takamana following closely behind you. "I'll show you to the Support Department first." Takamana glanced down at the green hero suit in your arms.


"Is that Deku's?" she asked. You nodded.


"I usually take care of his hero suits for him," you explained, "and since we're going to the support department, I minus well do this, too." You shrugged shamelessly, even though one of the reasons you even offered to show her around was just so you could get this task done with.


"Does he do yours?" Takamana raised an eyebrow. You were slightly at a loss for words, wondering why she would ask that, but you just decided to shake your head.


"No, I do mine as well," you told her. When the elevator finally stopped at the Support Department's floor, you led the way out of it. The support department was always busy. People were always rushing around and creating new things. Since Izuku was the number one hero, the agency was granted a lot of money which went into managing it. And based on the recent budget reports that you had to take care of, it was easy for you to see that the Support Department used the most of it. They were always on top of their game and used the funds they got to invent new support items, fabrics, and costumes. Because of this, many people from all around the world wanted to work there, mostly so their own projects could get funded. You didn't handle most of their hiring; however, you left it up to the department's head. The floor was always bustling and the workers were always excited about their work, and this time was no different.


"So, I see everyone is dead tired in this department," Takamana commented as she saw an employee running past them quickly with an armful of gears. You chuckled slightly, knowing that that one was definitely a joke.


"The workers here are very full of li-fe!" you didn't mean to say the last word broken up or so loudly, but you felt a sharp pain on your back. As you turned around, it was exactly as you had expected. Sagawara, Mae had just head-butted you. She was a short woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her most notable feature was that she had two small, black curved horns on top of her head due to her goat quirk. She was also one of the best in the Support Department, and one of the only workers that was trusted with dealing with your and Izuku's hero costumes. So, she got away with a be honest the whole department did since they all had their ways about them.


"Morning, [Name]!" she greeted you, salt shaker in her hand. She had an obsession for the stuff, since it was good for her bones due to the calcium, so if you ever pulled her for some kind of gift exchange, you would make sure to get her a salt lamp. "Who's this?" As she asked that, she reached for the costume in your hands, which you gladly gave to her.


"Mae, this is Takamana, Aiko, the agency's newest sidekick. Takamana, this is Sagawara, Mae, a technician in our Support Department," you explained, "You'll probably have to have your measurements taken here soon so that-"


"Oh, I can do it now!" Sagawara nodded, before tipping her salt shaker into her mouth, "I was just about to take a break, but this works, too." The Support Department pretty much did work during their breaks since they found a lot of joy in it, so this was par for the course with them.


"It's fine. You can take your bre-ak!" You rubbed at your arm that had just been rammed into.


"It's no problem, this way," Sagawara assured, before motioning for the two of you to follow her. You let out a breath of air, hoping that you wouldn't be harmed again in this process. Takamana, at least, looked amused at this situation. "So, how are you liking our agency?"


"It's really interesting," Takamana responded, "Though, I'm really looking forward to working with [Name]." You couldn't help but to smile at that.


"So, you haven't met Deku yet, then?" Sagawara asked, "He requests some really tricky items, and it's always so fun to make them! [Name] on the other hand...I can't recall the last time she requested us to make something."


"Hey, I asked for goggles one time to prevent things from getting into my eyes," you pointed out with a pout.


"But they were so easy to make! Give us something more challenging," Sagawara told you, she then glanced at Takamana, "Don't be afraid to ask for support items. It's our job after all." She stopped inside of a room with sewing machines, fabrics, threads, etc. It was very bright with lots of windows. There were a few people working on the sewing machines in the room, but other than that it surprisingly wasn't too bustling.


"I won't," Takamana assured her.


"Great! Now just stand still while I take your measurements," Sagawara said as she put Deku's hero costume on a table. She then walked over to a closet and disappeared inside of it before returning with a clipboard and a tape measure. As she got to measuring Takamana's body parts, you decided to make sure everything was in check in the room and nothing needed replacing. Usually such things were included in the weekly reports that each department was required to send to you, but it never hurt checking things out for yourself. The Support Department usually ended up fixing their broken items themselves, though. They seemed to prefer it that way.


After your mini inspection, you watched as Sagawara went about measuring Takamana and writing the measurements down as she did so. You couldn't help but to think about the last time you had your measurements taken there. It was maybe around the time after you and Izuku got back from your honeymoon which was around eight or so months ago. Maybe it would be time for you to get another costume, but then again with how little you had been fighting lately, the two that you had were in such great condition. They didn't take the amount of care that Izuku's did. As you snapped out of your thoughts, you noticed Sagawara putting the tape measure around her neck. "All done?" you asked.


"Mhmm! I'll just put these into the computer a bit later," she explained, "That way you can go to any of the other technicians here as well if you have any costume concerns okay, Takamana?"


"Thank you. I plan to try to help [Name] with all the missions she goes on, so you might just be seeing me quite a bit," Takamana chuckled. You wondered if she was being sarcastic or not, because you could not recall the last time you had gotten a tare or other kind of abrasion to your hero costume. Rescuing cats from trees and signing paperwork didn't take much effort after all. Sagawara raised an eyebrow at that, but she just shrugged.


"If you can give us work to do, then we'll do it," she nodded, before lightly hitting the side of her head against your shoulder, "Is that all? Because I have an energy drink that needs attending to." You shook your head, wondering if it would be a smart idea to push back your office duties and go on a patrol. Takamana seemed to have a good opinion of you and thought you did a lot, and it was something you wanted to keep up least she probably start trying to work solely with your husband.


"Yeah, thanks Mae," you told her, "We'll let you know if we need anything else." Sagawara nodded before taking her salt shaker with her and heading for the Support Departments break room. You turned to look at Takamana. "This agency has other departments, but other than human resources and the infirmary, I think the others might be a bit mundane to show you." You didn't think she'd need to visit your Marketing Department, Public Relations Department, or anything like that. You really hoped she'd never have to deal with the latter, because if she did it was likely that she got into some kind of scandal.


"I'll probably need to get to know the other sidekicks a bit later," Takamana thought aloud, "But there's no rush for any of that. I'm sure I'll figure things out, and Sojiro already explained some things to me." You smiled softly. This was a good opportunity.


"Well then, if you have no rush, then why don't we go on patrol right now?" you asked, "And who knows, maybe we'll encounter a villain and get to fight together." You weren't counting your lucky stars with that one. You highly doubted that something like that would happen, but it would be nice to do a patrol simply because that was probably what Takamana thought you usually did coupled with the fact that it had been ages since you got to do one.


"Ah, perfect," Takamana nodded, "Let's go then. I'd love to be able to see you in action." You were pretty excited, even though you knew that would never come. You chose to stop thinking about that as you headed back to the elevator with Takamana.


"So, do you mind if I ask how you found out about me?" you asked her. Most people knew you from being Izuku's wife if anything.


"Hm? What do you mean by that?" Takamana raised an eyebrow at you before you both boarded the elevator. You thought it was a pretty straight-forward question, though, so you wondered how you could word it better.


" did you know who I was and that I was a hero?" you clarified. You hoped to God that she would understand what you meant since you didn't think you could get anymore descriptive than that.


"Oh. Well, you were Mirko's sidekick, right?" Takamana answered. That had honestly taken you back a bit. You didn't think that anyone would remember you from that. It had been such a long time ago, and Mirko was the number five hero at the time with quite the bit of sidekicks. To think that Takamana would know that was incredibly also made you wonder how she didn't know that you barely fought any villains anymore. "I remember you from working under her, and I was happy to see that you were able to form your own agency." You flushed slightly.


"It's Izuku's agency, too," you explained. Takamana shrugged.


"He might be perceived as the main hero here, but you're certainly the boss," she pointed out. Your heart was thumping so loud in your chest that you barely registered the elevator dinging. No one really told you anything like that before, to be honest, and for some reason you felt like you needed to hear it. You quickly forced yourself to snap out of those thoughts. You felt like it was silly to get excited over such things. You were happy with your life after all, weren't you?


"T-That's definitely one take on it," you said, before clearing your throat, "In any case, we should be leaving the agency now." Takamana nodded before following you to the large glass double doors that were on the other side of the room.


"Hey, where are you going?" Sojiro called.


"On patrol!" you merely said, not stopping. If you would have looked back, you would have saw the man rubbing at the inner corner of his eyes, probably worried about you not finishing all of your paperwork on time. You had decided not to pay any mind to any of the other things that you had to get done with and instead just be the hero that you wanted to be. No, the hero that you were. After all, this wasn't a big deal. You were just doing a long overdue patrol. No, harm there whatsoever in your eyes. So, you ignored the slight feeling of guilt that you had due to the fact that you were pushing back working on your paperwork, as you led Takamana outside and into the streets. The air felt nice, and you also felt something that you hadn't in awhile, which was the feeling of being able to take on anything and spring into action at any minute. Though, you doubted that anything would happen. It was still nice to go on patrol. "Now, we just walk around looking for any trouble while instilling security in people's minds, okay?" you smiled.


"Alright, sounds good," Takamana nodded. While you led her down the street, talking about other hero duties such as choosing missions, dealing with clients, and hero team-ups, a few people waved and called out to you happily. It was nothing like how it was when your husband went out, and for that you were grateful.


As you passed by a cute little flower shop, the shop owner was humming happily, sweeping her store front. She paused when she saw you, holding her broom close to her, "Oh, Viridian! It's been forever since I've last seen you out on patrol!" she told you. Takamana raised an eyebrow.


"Has it?" she asked. You flushed slightly.


"Haha, something like that," you brushed off, "I'm just giving an orientation to our newest sidekick. Takamana, Aiko." The shop owner looked at Takamana in fascination.


"Isn't that pleasant. Your hiring process must be very rigorous, Mrs. Midoriya. After all, hasn't it been a long time since you've hired a new sidekick?" she asked. How did everyone know this?!


"Haha, something like that," you brushed off her words yet again, "In any case, we should keep going. It was nice catching up with you!" As she waved the both of you off, you let out a sigh, rubbing at your head. You knew you hadn't patrolled in a long time, but you didn't think it was so long that people noticed.


"You know, if what she said was true, then I'm truly honored that you hired me," Takamana smiled. You were thankful that Takamana didn't realize the truth, which was that you truly had just been slacking off. Plus, for some reason all of the applicants writing about how they wanted to work for Deku had just kept getting to you. You were going to ignore that for now because you did your job and hired a new sidekick.


"Well, I think you'll fit well in our agency," you told her, leaving it at that for now. You went back to explaining everything to her, covering the way meetings worked and the proper way to file a complaint. "No one really complains much, but I did hear from human resources that a few people had said that Mae booby traps the vending machines from time to time. So, there is that." You would let the Support Department head deal with that, though. "Other than that, everything is pretty no nonsense even though I try to keep a friendly environment."


"I see," Takamana nodded with a hand on her chin, "Do you mind explaining the agency's structure for me? You know like how it'll go for me as a side-kick?"


"Oh, sure!" you smiled, "Your main job is to assist me and Deku with missions, but every day make sure you sign in with reception. If you already have a mission you're assigned to, go to the Heroics Department and start working on it. If you don't, you report to either me or Izuku. If you are working on a mission, before you do anything extra like going to a location, interviewing people, alerting the media, or anything of that nature, you need to get it approved." The sidekicks usually went to Izuku when they needed approval, but you had a feeling that Takamana would go to you, "And for any support items or costume maintenance, go to the Support Department. I have a rule that you must have your costume inspected every time it gets washed, alright?"


"Okay. You spoke of clients earlier, so how does that exactly work?" Takamana questioned.


"Oh, it's really simple!" you waved off, "'Client' is kind of an unofficial name. Basically, it's people who call on you for your services as a hero. It can be as small as a little girl who calls on you every time her cat gets stuck in a tree, or as big as a company needing security for an event. Bigger clients also give donations to the agencies that help them out. Izuku and I usually handle the bigger clients. Like for instance, you could get assigned to a mission that's for a department store who has had its merchandise stolen by a repeat offender. Or you could even work with the police or a whole city to solve a problem, which is what Izuku does pretty much. Clients can also call you at any moment, so it's important to be prepared." You remembered many nights that ended with unmet needs because Izuku got called to take care of a villain.


"I feel like I should be writing this down...," Takamana thought aloud.


"Don't worry, all of this information and much more will be in your employee handbook...which I have to find where I put them," you said, rubbing at your chin in thought, "Unless Sojiro has them..." You couldn't exactly figure out the true answer, because suddenly a car swerved in the street, hitting a light post that was next to you. Your eyes widened, and your mouth dropped. Was that just a fluke? As you quickly went to make sure the passengers were alright, a few other cars swerved in the road, driving quickly as if they were driving away from something. Takamana stooped down, putting her hand on the ground.


"Someone is causing a commotion down town," she said, feeling the vibrations, "That direction." She pointed down the street, where you knew an old walking park was located.


"Wait, so there's a villain?!" you asked her, feeling rather shocked. There was just no way.


"Possibly," Takamana told you. It had been a long while. Too long in fact since you've last faced a villain. Sure, you had seen some a few months ago, but you were with Izuku in those times and one of two things would happen. Either they would get scared seeing a very famous hero even though he wasn't number one at that time, or Izuku would take them down before you even had a chance to look in their direction. It had been some time, but you had to carefully assess the situation.


"Viper," you said, calling Takamana by her hero name, "I need you to call the police and an ambulance. I'm going to head to the crime scene, and as soon as everyone in this area is safe and taken care of meet up with me, alright?"


"Of course, [Name]," she agreed. As she got her phone out, you headed in the direction that Takamana had pointed in as fast as you could. Your heart was racing, but you manged to calm yourself. Maybe you should have had a sidekick spar with you in the time that you weren't seeing any action. That probably would have helped, and while this whole time you wanted to fight villains and truly act like a hero, now that it was happening, you were nervous.


As you neared the park, you noticed people running away. The villain had to be ther- You didn't need to wonder any longer as half of a park bench was thrown your way. You didn't exactly have time to think, so instead of figuring to make use of your quirk, your body thankfully reacted and you dodged. You glanced at the broken park bench before seeing a big villain that looked like a horse-man on steroids. "A mutation type," you said to yourself. You scanned the area to see a few people standing off at the side and watching while others ran away. You hated when civilians did that, because it made it harder to fight. You had to put their protection over capturing the villain.


"All I wanted was to walk in this mother fucking park WITHOUT BEING ASKED WHY THE LONG FACE!" the villain yelled. Ah, one of those incidents where it wasn't someone who had negative intentions from the beginning, but was rather pushed to the limits and reacting in anger. You HATED the paperwork for those. You couldn't think of that now, though! You had to focus on diffusing the situation. The villain picked up the other half of the park bench and threw it towards you. You used your quick this time and pushed it back towards him, which hit and effectively stunned him.


"Ah, there it is!" you heard behind yourself. You quickly glanced to see a media van, and a reporter with her camera crew getting out of it. You hated fighting with the media around as well, so this was just like double shit. You had to ignore them. "I'm here at the current scene downtown where Viridian is facing off against a villain. Where is Deku you might ask? Well, he doesn't seem to be here." You couldn't help but to roll your eyes internally at that one before focusing on the villain, who was regaining his composure.


"You think hitting me with a bench is funny?!" he yelled.


"It appears as if Viridian has hit the villain with a park bench somehow! How will she be able to defeat the villain without Deku?! It's so suspenseful!" the reporter announced. Eraserhead had it right when he spoke about the media.


The villain charged towards you, and you were prepared to push him back to send him flying. You would just wait until he got a bit closer so that no one around you would get caught up in it. As the villain grew closer, your eyes began to glow, and just as he was about a foot from you-


"Unbreakable!" You barely had any time to even think about what just happened as the villain was knocked into the building behind him, a flash of red being the only thing you saw.


"Ah! Red Riot has defeated the villain in one hit! We're all saved!" the reporter yelled. As everyone around you erupted into cheers, your mouth dropped open. Kirishima totally just stole your moment. The hero, who was currently in his unbreakable form, turned to you with a big smile and a thumbs up.


"Team work, am I right?" his smile increased. You just glared a him, trying to not make a scene with the camera crew broadcasting your every move. Kirishima probably thought he was a big help (which he was), and knowing him he probably reacted the second he saw the villain.


"[Name]!" you heard a new person entering the park, and you looked over to see Takamana running over, "I saw everything on the TVs on the way here! Did you really hit the villain with a bench? That sounds awesome." You rubbed at the corners of your eyes, "I mean, how did you even pick it up? Oh, Red Riot!"


"Yep!" Kirishima beamed. You minus well introduce them.


"Kiri, this is my new sidekick Takamana, Aiko," you said, "We were out on patrol...and then you showed up." Kirishima didn't seem to understand your annoyance towards him at all.


"Oh, that's cool! You haven't been on patrol on ages, have you [Name]?" he questioned. You thought going on patrol was a good idea, but now you were starting to question that decision. And when you got back, it was nothing but paperwork for you.


"Ages....wouldn't be the word I'd use," you told him, "Anyway, since you handled the villain, we'll leave the clean-up to you, I guess." That was the one good thing about Kirishima stealing your thunder. He would have to worry about all of the paper work and police interviews. You put you hands on Takamana's back, pushing her out of the park. "Nice seeing you, Kiri."


"See you later, [Name]! And nice meeting you, Takamana!"


As you both walked back to the agency, Takamana started to talk about how fun it would have been if you had both fought the villain together. Then she went onto say that you probably would have had it handled by the time she got there anyway. And while you were happy that she saw you in that light, you couldn't help but to wonder how she did. You just felt as if you completely flopped, and maybe just maybe, you weren't exactly being the hero and boss you were supposed to be, but for some reason Takamana only had praise to say about you. You didn't think you've done something to earn this much praise or admiration from her, and the really good things you've done like helping with charities and such, you kept on the down low. "Looks like we're here," Takamana noted. You just nodded, leading the way inside of the building.


"If you come with me to my office, we can work out a schedule for you," you explained, "Tomorrow will be your first real day, after all." Surely with time, she'll find out that you were like every other hero in terms of work and not on the level that she seemed to place you on. Your husband, Bakugo, and Todoroki were that level.


"Ah, so this wasn't it?" Takamana asked as you both got on the elevator.


"Well, no, not exactly," you told her, "I was mostly just explaining everything and showing you around, and if you do have any more questions don't be afraid to ask." The elevator dinged, and you both got off, heading for your little office.


"Trust me, I won't," Takamana assured you.


"Great. Oh, by the way, I won't be here next week," you minus well let her know now, though you didn't exactly want to tell her the reason for it. You were sure she would ask, because really, why wouldn't she?


"You won't?" she questioned, "Why not?" As you opened your office door, trying to find a good way to explain to her why you would be absent the following week, the answer to your question was already in your office.


"[Name]!" Izuku said, rushing over to you. He worriedly looked at you, eyes scanning over your body as he grabbed onto your hands and raised up your arms as if checking for any injuries, "Are you okay?! I saw what happened on the news." You raised an eyebrow at this. Sure Izuku was protective, but this was a bit much in your opinion.


"Yeah, I'm fine, and if you watched, I'm sure you saw that," you explained. It wasn't like the villain even touched you, even though he attempted to hit you with a bench. The news station didn't seem to catch that from what you understood, however. Izuku cupped your cheeks with his hands, looking at your face.


"I'm still concerned, [Name]," he told you. You flushed slightly as you looked up at him. He was too cute for his own good! Or rather your own good.


"I'm alright," you said, pulling away, "But I'm happy that you're here. Meet our new sidekick, Viper." You stepped aside so that Izuku could see her. Takamana smiled pleasantly, offering her hand for Izuku to shake.


"Nice to meet you," she told him as they shook hands, "You guys have a nice agency here, and I really hope I'm a good fit."


"I'm sure you will be," Izuku smiled before glancing in your direction, "[Name] is really good at staffing."


"[Name] is good at a lot of things," Takamana shrugged, smile turning slightly devious. You couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow at that, being as well-it was new if anything, but it wasn't like you completely knew or understood Takamana, though she acted like such a good person towards you. It didn't seem as if Izuku noticed this as he just chuckled.


"That she is," Izuku agreed, "I'll see you both later, though. I have some things to take care of." He had a meeting with the mayor soon, which you knew because you finalized his schedule for him and checked it for errors.


Once Izuku left, you went to sit behind your desk, prompting your new sidekick to sit in one of the chairs in front of it. You turned to your computer, pulling up a file which was basically a blank schedule template that you used. "This will get you started. I usually give all the information of what the sidekicks need to do to Sojiro who puts them all on your schedules and emails them to you. All of the blanks spaces left will be for you to fill out with the missions that you have that week, or when you choose to do your patrols."


"Noted," Takamana nodded, watching as you started to fill her schedule up.


"After you check in tomorrow, you should head to the Heroics Department to settle in. I'll leave about forty-five minutes for that....I'll have to check with Izuku for any missions that might be lef-" You stopped in your tracks remembering the drug mission that you had been given. Your eyes widened. Takamana would be perfect to pawn that off on  help with that! "Ah, actually, while I'm out, can you start looking at something for me? It's a mission that I'm currently working on."


"Oh, I'd love to," Takamana smiled, "It'll be great if my first mission is with you."


"Perfect, I'll send you the details for it." Takamana's quirk was basically being a snake, so she would be the perfect person to get information.

Chapter Text

It was much earlier than you would have liked to be doing this, but here you were, waiting for All Might's plane to land at around three-thirty in the afternoon. The plane wasn't supposed to land until four, and you wanted to arrive at that time knowing that All Might would have to take the time to get his bags and such, but your cute and incredibly anxious husband insisted that you be there early 'just in case' as he had said. You thought that didn't make much sense, but your love for Izuku was far greater than the opportunity to just sit at home watching television while you waited to leave. So, you went much earlier than you wanted to. You waited and waited, messing around with your phone as you did. You had called Sojiro earlier, asking him how things were at the agency and if he needed you to stop by, but he said everything was fine and for you to enjoy your week off. You just hoped that if they did need you, that it wasn't during a time when you were preoccupied. You still had some things to get ready for the party after all.


About thirty minutes later, you felt like you were nearing your limit. Maybe you should have asked Izuku to hire a driver instead, so that you could have just stayed at home. He probably would have said that wasn't a good idea or something. One thing you had to remember was that Izuku was incredibly smart, so it was possible that he did think of that and decided against it.


Fifteen more minutes passed, and you were close to just going to wait in the car or something. The airport was just getting to you. The noises, the cold air, and having no place to sit. You noticed a support pillar next to you, so you casually started to move your body to lean against it, as you did so, however, "Young [Name]! How good to see you!" You almost slid against it and fell at All Might's booming voice. You quickly looked at him to see that he was in his muscular form, "I hope you've been we-" With a poof he was back to normal, blood dripping from his mouth. You smiled and moved closer to him, wrapping your arms around him in a hug.


"Hey, All Might!" you greeted, warmly. Even though you were internally bitching about having to go early to soothe your husband's anxiety, you were still incredibly happy to see All Might. "How's retirement?" you asked as you pulled away from the hug. He had obviously retired from heroing when you were in your first year at U.A., but he also retired from teaching right after you graduated.


"Wonderful since I've left everything up to the Midoriyas," All Might chuckled. You couldn't help but to giggle a bit at that as well. One thing you were grateful for with Izuku being the new Symbol of Peace was that All Might was able to retire without any worries. And sure that burden was now on your husband, but it wasn't so bad since some of your former school mates were just such great heroes and had no problem sharing that burden with him.


"I'm glad," you smiled, "Now, let's head out. Izuku will be thrilled to see you when he gets back from work." Thrilled was an understatement. You half-expected your husband to cry because of it, but you never knew with Izuku. He just loved All Might so much. You remembered when you first saw his dorm-room back at U.A. It was during your first year, and some of the members of Class 1-B were visiting Class 1-A's dorm. Since you always felt like Izuku needed some cheering up, you just opened his dorm-room door without a care in the world only to close it again and go about your business. Izuku hadn't been in his room, and you had left feeling as if you had seen a shrine that you weren't supposed to. Now, you knew better. Izuku just admired All Might way too much, but you couldn't fault him for that flaw. You saw it as enduring now, anyway...except when decorating became an issue at your current home. You made Izuku keep it all in his home office, except for this one All Might fluffy throw blanket. You allowed that to stay in the bedroom closet.


"Did you not have work today?" All Might asked as you led him to your car. You shook your head.


"I took off all this week so that I could keep you company," you smiled as if this was something that Izuku hadn't convinced you into doing. Honestly, you wouldn't have minded it so much if your husband had brought it up earlier, and you two were able to discuss it better. But there was no wishing things could be different now.


"Oh, you didn't have to do that," All Might chuckled pleasantly. You chose to just wave that off, since you knew your mind would keep thinking about things that could have happened instead. You would just enjoy your time off. Besides, it wasn't everyday that this could happen, and not every hero was so lucky to get a week off like this. You would choose to only think about the bright-side for now.


During the drive to your and Izuku's house, you and All Might reminisced about the days when you were in high school, and he was a teacher at U.A. You decided to avoid all talk that had anything to do with things you personally did like the 'wearing your school tie on your head' incident but instead focused on things as a whole. "I remember my first cultural festival, and Class A did a whole musical performance, while my class chose to write that crazy play," you said. All Might chuckled. "There was way too much in it." You shook your head. Never mind that you thought it was an amazing idea at the time.


"I admired the fact that you all came together and put on something great," All Might smiled, "Though you guys were a bit competitive back then."


"Monama alone was competitive," you pointed out, "But, I guess I sort of understand why." You never felt lesser for being in Class 1-B, even though most people assumed that those in that class weren't as good as the ones in class A, when in fact class placements had actually been random. You were just ecstatic to even have been able to attend U.A. in the first place. You did, however, think that Class A had been full of trouble makers back then, but you had seen that as a fun thing.


"A little rivalry can be good, though," All Might assured, "In fact, I owe thanks to the rivalry between young Bakugo and young Midorya for my peaceful retirement! Midoriya was definitely going to take my place, but he was able to do it thanks to Bakugo pushing him." You smiled softly at that. All Might and your husband had such a close relationship.


"You make it sound as if you had plans for Izuku to do so," you giggled. All Might's eyes widened as you said that, and he looked away quickly. You figured that his relationship with Izuku must hit him on a personal level, and hearing about it probably made him a bit flush.


"W-Well, we all knew that boy was special," All Might stuttered slightly, "Though any one of you could have done it." You just shrugged happily before focusing on the road.


"I think there was something that made Izuku stand out from the rest of us in that regard," you couldn't help but to say, "He just had this air about him. An air that made you want him to succeed." It was what caused you to cheer him on even before the two of you started dating. You never had any will to become the number one hero, but out of all the others that wanted it, you felt the happiest backing Izuku.


"As your former teacher, I feel a bit guilty for saying this, but I agree," All Might smiled. The drive wasn't too backed up with traffic, though that wasn't saying a lot considering the time of day. When you made it home, you parked in your garage and got out of the car.


"Do you remember where the guest room is?" you asked as you watched All Might get his bag.


"I do," he nodded, "And, thank you for having me." As if Izuku would let All Might stay in a hotel or something. You didn't think it was anything to be thanked for since All Might was like family now, after all. And if anything, he should be thanking Izuku. If it weren't for Izuku, then you and All Might wouldn't nearly be as close as you were.


"It's no problem," you told him, "Besides, save it for Izuku." You unlocked the house door from the garage before opening the door and leading the way inside, "I should probably get started on dinner since Izuku wants to come home as early as he can. If you need anything at all, let me know!"


"Don't worry, I will," All Might smiled, "I'm going to take a shower and settle in." You nodded as you watched him going in the direction where the main guest room was located with his suitcase before you headed off into the kitchen. You decided that you would make katsudon that night for everyone, though you did wonder if All Might could eat it. If you remember correctly, he did have health issues. You supposed that you should make some light soup on the side just in case that was needed. Usually when you got home after work you liked to change into some lounge-wear and relax a little bit before starting to cook, but with the current situation and Izuku wanting to come home early, you felt like you should just start cooking now. You would keep your current clothes on and change into your night clothes after you showered before bed.


So, with that plan in mind, you started to make dinner for everyone. In the middle of your cooking, All Might came into the kitchen smiling pleasantly, "Smells good," he noted, "What are you cooking?"


"Katsudon," you replied, "I also made some light soup just in case you would prefer that." All Might chuckled, sitting down at the kitchen table.


"Thank you. That's very thoughtful," he noted, "You make a really good housewife." Him saying that caught you off guard for a bit, to be honest, but you knew that All Might didn't mean anything bad by it. He was probably just saying that you were good at doing household tasks and such.


"Haha...Izuku is really good at this stuff, too. He usually makes breakfast, but since I'll be off this week I might just do that for him," you shrugged. Even though Izuku was always so preoccupied, he still did his share around the house, especially on his days off. You did wonder if people figured that you did all of the house work. It was true that you did most of it, but Izuku certainly was helpful in that department.


"That does sound like him," All Might nodded, "I'm sure he wants to make your job as easy as possible."


"Yeah, he does," you agreed with a smile, "Izuku is a really loving husband." You couldn't help but to feel warm inside as you thought of him.


"I'm glad you both are so happy, but how have you adjusted to being in the spotlight? I know that young Midoriya has called me from time to time asking for advice on how to deal with fans," All Might explained, "Though, since he's married, he has to handle the women a bit differently than I did." He chuckled. You were suddenly very grateful to how flustered your husband could get about such things.


"I wouldn't say I've been in the spotlight so much...well as the Symbol of Peace's wife I am, in that way, but as for being a hero...well...most people think I'm Izuku's sidekick," you admitted. Currently, you saw that mostly as an annoyance which you would like to change if anything, though with how Takamana reacted to you, you did feel like things were getting better.


"Ah, I see. Well, you should probably try to get more missions done then," All Might suggested, "And have interviews done on you as well, to make it known that you're your own separate hero." Your mind went to all of the talk-shows that you had been on. 'When are you going to give Deku a baby?' You shivered at the thought. You kind of wanted to steer this conversation into a different direction, but doing more missions did seem like a good solution.


"Hey, All Might? What do you tell Izuku when he asks about dealing with fans? He and I can't go out much without being bombarded with people," you pointed out. All Might looked up slightly, probably trying to recall what he had said.


"Well, I told young Midoriya that he must control the situation. When you have lots of fans wanting your attention, you need to let them know that you'll get to all of them if they come at you in an orderly fashion," All Might explained. Your mind instantly went to your husband being a bit too anxious to do that.


"Alright...but what about if there's no time to deal with all of them?" you asked. That would probably be of help to know more than anything.


"Then you simply and loudly explain to them that you are on a tight schedule while apologizing," All Might told you, "Just make sure that they can hear you. Usually, they don't follow you when you leave after saying that." You were sure that you could do that for Izuku the next time the two of you were out together. You just hoped that you could be loud enough.


"I'll definitely-"


"All Might?!" You were cut off by the sound of your husband's voice. It sounded as if he was coming into the house from the garage. All Might smiled and glanced towards the doorway of the kitchen. He stood up, and soon enough that curly green hair was seen at the doorway. If Izuku yelled to civilians to calm them down like the way he just yelled All Might's name, then maybe he could control their craziness. You watched as Izuku embraced his favorite hero, who hugged him back. You could have sworn you saw happy tears, and the scene just made your heart melt. "How was your flight?"


"It was alright," All Might answered, patting Izuku's back before they pulled away, "How have you been holding up? Japan is safer thanks to your efforts after all."


"Everything's been fine," Izuku smiled. His face then flushed slightly, and he looked away, "Though...probably not as good as you when you were the number one." You found the look that he was giving to be so cute. You could hardly handle it. You let the two of them have their moment, knowing that they had a strong relationship and hadn't seen each other in awhile.


"Ah, well, that's just not true!" All Might told him, "The country is in great shape! You're too hard on yourself." You, honestly, agreed with that statement. Izuku needed to stop comparing himself to All Might, too. Your husband smiled, slowly, though it was the nervous wobbly one that he often sported.


"Well, you were the greatest hero ever, All Might," he said, "I can just never compare." You let out a sigh but smiled at his words. This was right on track for Izuku. No matter how great of a hero he would become, he'd never even consider to think that he could at least be as good as All Might.


"Just take the compliment, honey," you spoke, as you walked over to him, "You should also shower and change out of your hero costume. We'll wait for you." Izuku still looked a bit flushed, but he nodded, giving you a side-hug and kissing the top of your head.


"Yeah, I should go shower now," he agreed, "But we do have a lot to talk about! And you should come to [Name]'s and my agency sometime." You raised an eyebrow at this, mind wanting to go to Why the hell am I staying here if you're just going to take All Might with you?! But, it did not.


"Haha, I'd love to!" All Might agreed. Izuku then left the room, leaving you to start wondering about the party. You could get some more preparations for it done if Izuku does take All Might with him, though. Thinking of which, couldn't you do that in front of All Might or ask for his opinion? Were you even supposed to? You couldn't exactly remember if this was supposed to be a surprise party or not, and you were sure that that was something that you should know. Asking Izuku would probably be your best option, and you figured that you should ask him sooner rather than later.


"Will you excuse me for a second?" you asked All Might, politely.


"Oh, sure," he smiled. You then quickly left the room, heading upstairs to your bedroom to get to its attached bathroom. Izuku would be showering in there, and you hoped to catch him before he started to do so. You didn't at all think about knocking, so you opened up the bathroom door without a second thought.


"Izu-" You stopped mid-name, eyes staring at your husband who was in the process of removing his boxers. You couldn't help but to wonder how long it had been since you've gotten to see his incredible body fully like that. You were always so preoccupied and busy that you never paid too much attention to him when he was changing, and it had been awhile since you've both showered together or had sex without any clothes on.


"Do you need something, [Name]?" Izuku asked you as he stepped into the shower, turning on the water. He left the shower door open so that you could properly talk to him. Your eyes started to trail down his muscular body, though you quickly stopped yourself and snapped out of it before your gaze traveled too low. If you were to look at him there, then you certainty wouldn't be able to fully control yourself.


 "U-Uh, yes," you stuttered a bit, face slightly red, "Should we tell All Might about the party?" It was so hard to ignore the beautiful man that was showering in front of you. Izuku wasn't at all uncomfortable about being naked in front of you, which you were grateful for. He did, however, get incredibly flustered when he saw you naked, and now you were starting to see that it was kind of the same for you. You just couldn't help your hormones, though. Your husband had a sexy body, which turned you on, after all.


"Did you tell him?" Izuku asked. You shook your head and noted the sigh of relief that Izuku gave out, "Good. I think it'll be better as a surprise party." Honestly, you did wish that All Might knew, since it would make things smoother.


"Alright, but you know since he's going to be here with me for a good bit of time....won't that be kind of difficult?" you questioned. Sure you had started preparations last week, but you were still dealing with RSVPS and other little details. Izuku smiled softly at you, eyes looking a bit sympathetic.


"I know it seems like a lot, but I'm really counting on you. And I know if anyone can do it, it's you," he said. You bit your lip, wondering if you really could. This was your husband asking you to do something that he wanted to but couldn't after all. Like he said, you were his better half. So, why not try your hardest to get this done? You didn't want him to have yet another thing to worry about.


"Okay," you said, "I'll try." Izuku smiled at you again and leaned out of the shower to kiss your lips.


"Thank you."


Once Izuku was done showering and putting on some comfortable clothes, you all sat together at the kitchen table to eat dinner. Izuku and All Might conversed animatedly with one another, which you found to be incredibly cute. You knew how much your husband adored All Might, so it was nice to see him like this. It was probably melting away a lot of the stress that went with his busy schedule. After all, the two had being Japan's number one hero and the Symbol of Peace in common, so it was good that Izuku had someone who understood that stress. You were happy for him. "It's like one incident after another when I'm out on patrol!" Izuku mentioned, "A bridge will collapse, and after taking care of that I'll get word of a bank robbery, and then there are the children who run into the street! There's always someone or something needing to be saved."


"Haha, that's how it was for me!" All Might chuckled, "I remember having extremely busy mornings when I would head off to U.A. to teach you kids, but putting smiles on everyone's faces was worth being late." You giggled happily at this conversation.


"You were still such an incredible teacher, though!" Izuku couldn't help but to say, "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be where I am today." You could tell that this whole thing was a bit emotional for Izuku, and you could only attribute that to how close he and All Might were. You couldn't really imagine what it would be like to have such a strong relationship with someone who you admired as much as Izuku admired All Might (though, it wasn't like you liked anyone that much), so that had to be why he felt that way. You always thought that Izuku did a great deal on his own, so he definitely should take a huge amount of that credit. It wasn't like All Might magically gave him something that would help him get ahead. He just taught him.


"Well, it definitely was an honor to have you as my pupil," All Might replied. This whole thing was just so heart gushing to you. You just had to speak on it.


"Wow, Izuku must have been your favorite student or something, All Might," you pointed out, remembering how you mentioned it to Izuku a few weeks ago, "I mean, you guys just have this incredible bond." You kind of expected for more sentimentalism, but instead Izuku quickly looked away with an anxious face while All Might laughed. His laugh sounded nervous to you.


"I-I guess you could say that," All Might forced out. Izuku just nodded, eyes still not looking at you. You raised an eyebrow, but decided not to pursue this. Maybe All Might just didn't want to seem like he had shown favoritism when he was teaching at U.A., and perhaps Izuku still couldn't fathom that idea for some reason. You just decided to shrug their reactions off. "I-In any case," All Might started, "this dinner is great. You're a wonderful cook, [Name]." You giggled slightly at the compliment.


"Thanks, but it did take some time before I could properly cook," you explained, "So, I'm glad you like it!" Before you got married to Izuku, you decided to find out as much of the domestic things about him as you could. Things such as how he liked to spend his time at home, did he snore, what kinds of TV shows he liked to watch, and, of course, his favorite foods. To do that, you consulted his mother quite a bit, and she gave you some answers as well as recipes. Since Katsudon was Izuku's most favorite food, you made sure you'd be able to cook it as perfectly as you could.


"[Name] is really good at cooking and taking care of the house," Izuku pointed out, "I'm really grateful for that, with my busy schedule. It's nice that I can count on her to do the things I can't."


"Oh, but Izu is great at those things, too!" you couldn't help but to say, "As I mentioned earlier." You giggled. Izuku looked at you a bit flustered, probably realizing that you and All Might had most likely discussed him previously that day.


"I'm happy for the two of you," All Might chuckled, "I couldn't have wished for a better situation for you both, after all, you seem really happy." Izuku's wobbly smile came on his face, going well with his slight blush. You smiled, pleasantly. Although All Might had been your teacher, since he was basically like a dad to Izuku, you knew that you would have to get his approval as well, which hadn't been hard to do. You just had to keep Izuku happy.


"We are happy," Izuku replied, "I'm very blessed." You just continued to smile and nodded.


That night, after All Might retired to the guest room, you went to take your shower and get ready for bed. Izuku got ready as well, though he had been done before you since he showered earlier. Once you were done in the bathroom, you joined your husband, who was already in bed. You crawled over to him before laying down next to him under the covers. Izuku put his arm around you while you curled up against him, comfortably. "It's really nice that All Might is visiting," you told him, laying your head on his chest.


"It is," Izuku agreed, kissing the top of your head, "I really missed him. I hope he moves back."


"He's enjoying his retirement to the fullest," you noted, before starting to trace patterns on your husband's clothed chest. You moved your head up a bit to look at him, "You know, Izu, I was having a hard time controlling myself when I saw you in the shower earlier~." You definitely did not forget about that, and now that you were in your bed with him for the night, you could lose as much control as you wanted.


"D-Did you?" Izuku stuttered. You nodded, moving up a bit to kiss his lips. Izuku kissed you back, wrapping an arm around your waist as he did so. When you pulled away, you bit your lip lustfully, hand sliding down your husband's body to settle on his crotch. You really wanted him. At your hand placement, Izuku's body stiffened up a bit, and his face grew a little anxious. He was never one to deny you, and he was always pretty excitable, so this reaction was a bit off. "Y-You know, [Name]," he started, face becoming red, "I-I don't think we should do it with All Might in the house." You honestly had no idea if you should even be surprised by this. You wanted to roll your eyes, but you didn't.


"I'm cool with it if you don't feel like it," you told him, "but is All Might being here really the reason? Because he's so far away." The main guest room was on the first floor, at the far side of your house. It was really nice and even had its own door that led outside to a private patio, so it wasn't like he was in the next room or something. Still, you couldn't get mad at Izuku for not wanting to do it.


"I know, honey, but...I don't...I don't think I'd be able know...perform with knowing that All Might is here," Izuku explained, eyes looking away as his face grew a bit redder. You let out a sigh.


"Come on, baby. All Might is probably thinking we're doing it anyway," you pointed out, "It's not a big deal." Izuku bit his lip and looked at you before shifting his position so that he was on top of you.


"I-I can try," he said, pulling your shirt off to reveal your chest. You nodded before letting out a pleasure-filled sigh as Izuku started to prepare you. You could tell that he was still on the fence about this since he wasn't giving you much foreplay and was, instead, getting straight into it. Izuku had just pushed your panties and thin shorts aside before rubbing you to get you wet. Once you were wet enough, he slipped two of his fingers inside of you and scissored them a bit, trying to make sure that it wouldn't hurt that much when he first entered you, "Are you ready?" he asked. After you nodded, Izuku shifted a bit and pulled himself out of his night pants and boxers. He rubbed his length against your cunt to collect some of your wetness as lube and to get himself hard. You moaned softly at this teasing feeling and grabbed onto your husband's shoulders.


When Izuku was slightly hard, he decided to slip inside of you...only, he ended up pushing against the wrong hole, "Ow!" you whined, making him pull back.


"I'm sorry, [Name]!" Izuku quickly apologized, "I'm just...I'm just really distracted right now...I mean...well...." He flushed hard, looking away. To think that Izuku's respect for All Might would be so great that something like this would happen. You hadn't even considered that this could happen.


"It's fine," you assured him, "I can wait a week." It would be a stressful week with all of the party-planning and such, but it wasn't like you could make Izuku do it if he couldn't.


"Are you sure?" Izuku asked. You nodded.


"Yeah, it's alright," you responded as Izuku put his length back up and got off of you. You fixed your panties and shorts then put your shirt back on. Once that was done with, you cuddled up with your husband, who wrapped an arm around you, lovingly and a bit shyly after what had just happened, "Let's go to sleep, sweetie. Goodnight."


"G-Goodnight," Izuku said before adding, "I love you."


"I love you, too."


Chapter Text

While your night had been dry, it had been pretty restful at least. You didn't have to get up to get ready for work, which that was something you were greatful for, but Izuku still had to go into the agency, and his alarm was still set for it. So, you woke up early because of that. You rubbed at your eyes a bit, before looking out at the big window across from you as you waited for your husband to turn his alarm off. Sure you would have liked to have closed the curtains the previous night due to the now blinding sun; however, it was the perfect recipe for waking up. Speaking of waking up, as the alarm continued to blare, you turned your attention to Izuku, who was still somehow out like a light. This was kind of surprising for him, but you assumed that he must have had a busy day yesterday. With a sigh, you sat up and started to shake him awake. "Izuku...Izuku!" you called. You didn't have to go much further than that as he peaked his eyes open before rubbing at them, one of his strong arms going to wrap around your waist.


"What is it?" he asked, sounding a bit groggy.


"It's time to get up," you reminded. Your husband looked at you tiredly, before his eyes widened. He must have had a really good sleep last night, despite what had happened. Though you assumed that All Might being there had something to do with his very relaxed state.


"Oh! I almost overslept," Izuku noticed, removing his arm from you as he sat up in bed. He reached for his alarm and turned it off. Afterwards he stretched his arms a bit while you just watched. Usually what would happen was that you'd both get up and start to get ready for the day. Since you usually liked to shower in the mornings, you'd add that to your routine while Izuku would make breakfast (though it was a bit different if the two of you had been sexually active.) Now, however, you had all the time you wanted. So, you just sat in bed while you watched your husband do what he normally did to get ready. Perhaps you should get up, put a robe on, and make breakfast. It was the least you could do, after all.


With that in mind, you got out of bed, glancing at your husband who went to get one of his hero suits to change into. You stretched your arms a bit then put on your slippers and a robe before heading downstairs to the kitchen. You knew that you'd have to make something protein-filled for your husband along with whatever you would make for All Might and yourself. Speaking of All Might, what did he even like to eat in the mornings? Maybe you should have asked Izuku. You let out a sigh before shaking your head. You were sure that you could make something that was good for breakfast. And after much thought you made some Tamago Kake Gohan and fish for your husband and some porridge and pancakes for you and All Might. Now you just needed to make Izuku's protein shake and some tea, and everything would be all set. As you were making the tea, All Might walked in.


"Oh, I half expected to see young Midoriya in here," he chuckled, going to sit down at the kitchen table. You placed the pancakes and porridge on the table along with silverware and dishes, so that he could start eating if he wanted to.


"I'll handle breakfast while I'm playing housewife for a change," you smiled, "So, did you sleep well?" You walked back over to where you had been before and started to work on making Izuku's protein shake while the water for the tea boiled.


"I slept perfectly, thank you," All Might told you. You glanced to see him getting some of the porridge, "But in any case, do you have anything planned for today, [Name]?" As All Might asked that, the tea water started to boil, causing you to rush over to attend to it.


"Not exactly," you shrugged, "But I'll think of something." You poured the tea and served All Might a cup before going back to focusing on making Izuku's shake. Speaking of your husband, you were a bit surprised that he wasn't in the kitchen already with plans to make breakfast. It wasn't as if you had told him that you were going to do this after all, but who knows what he's doing. He might be on a phone call or something.


"I see," All Might nodded, "I hope you don't mind, but I have plans to see a friend today, so I won't be here with you." Like yesterday, your mind wanted to go to why you even needed to stay home for the week, but you didn't let it get there.


"I'm sure there's lots of people that want to see you," you shrugged, which was a reason as to why everyone was planning a surprise party for him...well you were planning it anyway, though it hadn't exactly been your idea. You couldn't very well question things now, though, and if you did you just reminded yourself that you were doing it for your husband, who you loved dearly.


"Haha, hopefully I'll get to see everyone!" All Might said. Maybe it would have been a good idea to tell him about the party just in case he does go around trying to fit in as much visits as he possibly could during his stay. Not like you could make that decision, even though you were the one handling everything. Casting that thought aside, you turned on the blender after putting everything in there that was needed for Izuku's shake.


"Sorry about the noise," you smiled, though All Might waved that apology off with a chuckle. In the midst of your noisy blending, Izuku walked into the kitchen, eyes glancing over at how breakfast was already made and such. You figured that he must be a bit surprised or rather this whole thing was probably sort of unexpected. "Morning, Izu." You spoke as if you didn't wake up next to him, but you two hadn't talked much then being as you were still pretty sleepy at the time.


"Hey, sweetie," Izuku smiled, happily. He walked over to you and pecked your temple, "I see you made breakfast. Thank you."


"It's no problem," you shrugged, before watching as your husband went to greet All Might.


"Good morning, All Might. How was your night here?" Izuku asked as he sat down at the table. You just decided to walk over and place the food that you had made for him in front of him along with the protein shake that you had just made.


"Like I told your wife, I slept perfectly," All Might chuckled, "My, you two are quiet hospitable." You couldn't help but to smile at that as you sat down at the kitchen table with them, having your own plate of breakfast food in front of you.


"We definitely try to be," you nodded. Izuku had flushed a bit at All Might's words of praise, but he smiled nonetheless.


"So, do you have any plans for today, All Might?" Izuku asked, "Since [Name] will be here, she'll be more than happy to keep you company." To be honest, you were sure that it would be like All Might keeping you company since yesterday you just laid on your bed in boredom playing on your phone with the TV on in the background, while you waited to pick All Might up from the airport.


"Haha, I'm really grateful for that, but today I'm going to visit my friend Tsukauchi," All Might explained before turning to look at you, "I plan to be back during the afternoon, if I can, however."


"Oh, if you need me to bring you to his place then that's no bother," Izuku offered, "It wouldn't make much sense to have him drive all the way out here when I'm heading into the city anyway."


"How thoughtful of you," All Might smiled. He finished off his tea before standing up, "I'll go get ready to leave now." You watched him as he left the kitchen, and then glanced down at his plate. He mostly ate the porridge and barely any of the pancakes you made. You still didn't know if his health issues had anything to do with what he ate, but you were kind of too afraid to ask him at this point. You'd just have to ask Izuku. Before you could, however, your husband started talking.


"Did everyone RSVP yet?" he asked. You briefly looked at the doorway of the kitchen as if All Might could return at any moment. Which, he really could but probably not at that moment, since he just left.


"Not everyone," you shrugged, "I still haven't heard from Eraserhead, Vlad King, and about a third of your old class...and Shinsou just said 'I don't know'. So, yeah, I'm working on that. All of my old class said they would come, though as well as the others we invited. Oh, and Grand Torino said he'd do a pop-in."


"I see, well, thank you for handling all of this for me, honey," Izuku smiled, "I think you're really good at these kinds of things." You smiled shyly, not exactly thinking that party-planning was your forte, since it involved way more effort than expected, but getting that compliment from your husband made you feel more capable.


"It's no problem," you replied, "I mean, someone has to do it, and All Might does deserve something like this."


"I couldn't agree more," Izuku told you as he stood up to bring his dishware to the sink. That reminded you of what you had wanted to ask him.


"By the way, Izu-"


"Alright, I'm ready," All Might returned, "I hope I didn't take too long."


"Don't worry, you didn't," Izuku assured, "I guess we should leave now." He walked over to you and leaned down to peck your cheek. You weren't at all surprised that he wasn't being too affectionate since All Might was there, "Do you mind cleaning up here, [Name]?"


"No problem," you easily said. It felt a bit weird with them leaving, and you having no set plans for that day. So, you just continued to sit down where you were. It's not like cleaning the dishes had any urgency like it usually would, "Have a nice day, you two."


"Good-bye, [Name]," All Might waved as he and Izuku left the kitchen. You just sighed, looking down at the food on your plate. As boredom and a surprising mix of being unsure seeped throughout you, you wondered what you could do that day...Well, you did remark how you were "playing housewife", so you might as well make sure everything was clean and in order. With that in mind, you got up and brought your plate to the sink as you stared to wash the dishes. Out of every household task, you hated washing the dishes the most. Luckily for you, since you did hate it, Izuku usually took care of that when he had time, but now you had to do them. It wasn't like you could complain since you didn't have work or anything.


So, you washed the dishes, and right after that you decided to go around the house, making sure everything was clean. It was mostly dusting that needed to happen, and a few things needed to be picked up. Other than that it was spotless. Since you and Izuku were mostly at work and made sure to clean up after yourselves nothing truly needed to be done. Even the bathrooms were really clean. Also, since you came home a bit earlier than your husband in order to maintain this level of cleanliness, that added to how little work you had to do at the moment. So, you were stumped with things to do. With a sigh, you plopped yourself onto the sofa. You didn't think you could ever be a housewife. There was nothing to really do, but maybe there would be if you had kids. You doubted that would happen any time soon, and it wasn't like you wanted it to. After all, you were content on being a hero. An active hero.


With a sigh, you pulled out your phone and decided to do a bit more party planning. You hated to be a bother, but you reminded everyone in the old Class A group to let you know if they were coming, while also messaging the others who didn't respond yet. You would also need to decide on where you would have this party and take pictures of the area for the decorators to decide how they should operate ahead of time. Perhaps the pool house and surrounding area outside would be good. The weather was supposed to be nice that day after all. You agreed with yourself, and stood up to take care of that detail.


The pool house was obviously in your backyard and right by the pool. It was really nice and had its own bar, living room, and bedroom. You had thought about letting All Might spend his week there, but you decided it would be better not to. As you took pictures of the area, you received a text from Eraserhead, who said 'I'll come if I can make it'. You weren't surprised at this, but you couldn't help comparing his answer to Shinsou's. When you were finished doing that, you headed back into the main house, sprawling on the sofa yet again. You glanced at a clock and groaned as you saw that it was around a little after ten o'clock. Honestly, you didn't know what you were expecting. You didn't know when or if All Might would return, and who knows when Izuku would get back. Definitely WAY later than it was now.


Hoping to satisfy your boredom, you turned the TV on, hoping to find something interesting to watch. Nothing seemed to catch your attention, so you put it on The Hero Network. Izuku really loved that channel. As a documentary about the American hero Captain Celebrity was shown on TV, you decided to play around on your phone. There was this really cute game called Mandora that you liked to play, and as you did that, getting close to getting your highest score yet, you received a text from Uraraka, which caught you off guard. You pouted as your time was up, though you decided to just focus on the text. 'Hey, [Name], how's your time off going?!' She must be either signing paperwork or on break. Perhaps both.


'Boring. There's nothing to do! And All Might went to visit a friend.'


'Haha, I figured! Want to hang out? I'm finishing up my paperwork and will be done soon. How about we go for brunch?' That didn't sound like a bad idea at all, even though you had eaten breakfast not too long ago. It would just be nice to get out of the house.


'Sure, sounds great!'


'Perfect! Just meet me at my agency, and we'll go from there'. After texting back that you would see her soon, you headed up the stairs to get ready to leave. It felt weird not putting on your hero costume on what would usually be a work day, but you would prevail over that feeling. You decided to wear something that would look good just in case someone decided to take your picture. Since you would be out with Uraraka, that was bound to happen at least discreetly. People liked to see heroes out and about together for some reason. You put on some wedge sandals and grabbed your purse after doing your hair and light make-up. Once you made sure that you were presentable, you left your house, driving towards Uravity's agency. Her own agency wasn't too far from where yours and Izuku's was located. There had been times when you guys would meet up during your patrols, but that was way back when you all had just started out.


The drive there wasn't too long, and when you walked into Uraraka's hero agency, she was there at her receptionists' desk, handing them her paperwork to send off to the Police Station. When Uraraka saw you, she smiled happily. "Hey, [Name]! Any place you want to eat?" she asked. You probably should have thought of that on the drive over, but sadly your mind was on other things.


"Not exactly," you shrugged, you were just very happy to be out of your house, "Whatever you choose is fine with me." As Uraraka led the way out of her agency, you followed.


"But you have to like it, too!" she pointed out, "Let's just walk around and see if anything catches our eyes, alright?"


"Sounds good!" you agreed. As you walked around with Uraraka the two of you just chatted about everything, posing for pictures when asked and signing autographs as well. You were a bit surprised at the amount of people that recognized you outside of your hero costume, but being Deku's wife and currently walking with another hero probably had a lot to do with it.


"How about sushi?" Uraraka asked, "Or barbecue?" You thought about it for a bit, but it seemed as if the same person that had stole your moment last week, was intent on doing it again.


"Why not Korean barbecue?!" You knew that it was Kirishima. The sound of his voice was so easy to recognize, and you had thought you saw some swooning women around the area. You figured now that that hadn't been your imagination.


"Kiri, hey!" As you turned around to greet your friend, your face displayed some mixed emotions. He wasn't alone it seemed. Bakugo was there, too, looking incredibly annoyed as he was standing slightly behind the red haired hero. What was most interesting was that he was wearing civilian clothing like you. You hoped this wouldn't be a weird or awkward interaction, but since both Kirishima and Uraraka were there, too, it couldn't be that bad.


"Hey, guys!" Uraraka smiled, "What are you up to?"


"Bakugo and I were just hanging out," Kirishima said, thumb pointing to the blonde behind him before putting his hands on his hips.


"Hmph, I was just minding my own business and trying to grocery shop, but stupid hair keeps following me," Bakugo grumbled. Kirishima ignored him, though, and continued with what he was saying.


"Those sounded like food options, Uraraka. Are you guys going to eat out?" he asked.


"We are, want to join us?" Uraraka responded. You and Bakugo both seemed to freeze up at this, but most likely due to different reasons. It was no doubt to you that Kirishima was going to get him to join you guys, though.


"Sounds great!" Kirishima said, "There's this good Korean barbecue place not too far from here. You guys wanna go there?" It couldn't be too bad with Kirishima and Uraraka there. The two were currently your closest friends after all, so you were sure that you could manage even with Bakugo being there. You did hope that the two of you could talk one day without it being so weird, but you doubted that. You didn't know how Bakugo felt about the past, but you still were unsure about it.


"Okay," you agreed. Kirishima looked at Bakugo who just rolled his eyes.


"It's settled then," Uraraka smiled. So, you all followed Kirishima to the restaurant that he had spoke of. In your opinion, it was rather early for something like KBQ, but you couldn't complain too much. "So, were you out on patrol, Kirishima?"


"I was," the red head nodded, "And then I ran into Bakugo. I haven't taken a break, yet, so this works."


"I'm actually taking a break now," Uraraka pointed out, "Since [Name] was just so bored holed up in her and Deku's house with nothing to do! I took her in because of the goodness of my heart." While Kirishima laughed at Uraraka's purposefully exaggerated telling of the events that led to you meeting her up, you sighed.


"You joke, but since All Might's with a friend, I really had nothing to do," you said, "I don't know how housewives do it. Maybe I just need more hobbies."


"Ah, so that's where All Might is," Kirishima thought aloud, "Did you get new sheets for the guest room?" He chuckled as if he wasn't the reason why you needed them in the first place. "Oh, look, we're here!" The establishment looked pretty causal on the outside, but once you all walked in, it looked pretty elegant, but in a simplistic way. The host looked you all over before gasping happily.


"Right this way, heroes!" he said, "And it's wonderful to see you again Red Riot!" You weren't surprised at all that they remembered Kiri. When he liked a restaurant well enough, he tended to go often and introduce people to it. The host sat you all in a nice room, pulling back the curtains. "The waiter will be here in a second to take your orders, but I must ask will anyone else be joining you?" Your eyes were scanning the menu in front of you as the host spoke, but you began to feel stares on you. You looked up to see Kirishima and Uraraka looking at you. Which made you raise an eyebrow. You turned to look at the host who was looking at you expectantly. You quickly shook your reaction off.


"No, no one else is coming," you said. The host looked at you a bit more before briefly closing his eyes and saying,


"Very well then. Your waiter will be here soon." As he walked away, you just rolled your eyes. You weren't surprised, but you were definitely caught of guard at the fact that he was basically asking you if Izuku would be joining. Did people think that you couldn't go places without him or something? Or maybe he was just getting his hopes up that the number one hero might make an appearance. If only Bakugo were more friendly. The host could have put all of that energy on seeing the number two.


"That never gets old," you sighed, looking back at your menu.


"Deku is pretty popular, isn't he?" Uraraka giggled. Bakugo rolled his eyes at that, looking a bit irritated. You were grateful that you were sitting as far away from him in this situation as you could. Uraraka was at your side, Kirishima was in front of you, and Bakugo was next to Kirishima.


"He's number one for a reason," you shrugged, "People love him, but then again, so do I."


"Clearly," Bakugo grumbled. You were a bit taken back by his comment, and your surprise was about to increase as he added, "Maybe a little too much." You opened your mouth, since you wanted to say something to that, but you just couldn't find any words. Uraraka seemed confused as well, bit Kirishima just chuckled.


"Well, they are married!" he said, "Anyway, how's the party planning going? Since it's a surprise party it must be a bit tricky to plan with All Might there." You thought about it for a bit, mind being taken away from Bakugo and what he had just said. You thought it would be difficult to plan with All Might being there, but today he was elsewhere, so you were at least grateful for that when you had been working on it.


"It's not too difficult," you slowly said, as you continued to think about it, "I'm just mostly dealing with RSVPs now." You glanced at the blonde on Kirishima's side since he hadn't said if he were coming or not. Kirirshima seemed to know the look you gave, so he just smiled.


"Don't worry about Bakugo, he'll be there," he waved off, "If you need any last minute help, you can ask me."


"Me, too!" Uraraka added. You smiled happily, grateful to have friends like them.


"You seem to have everything under control, though I'm not surprised," Kirishima told you, "I'm sure it'll be an awesome party, and we'll all get to hang out with All Might together." Which, that had been a good reason alone to have the party in your opinion. Uraraka nodded.


"Yep! He was a great hero and a good teacher," she said, "I think it's important that we stay as close to him as we can."


"I agree," you nodded, "Though because of Izuku, he and I are already kind of close. I mean, it's weird. Izuku and All Might just have this crazy strong relationship! Like you'd think All Might had paved the way for Izuku to become number one or something." As you said this, you could feel Bakugo's eyes staring at you, and in reaction you looked at him without a second though. His face was a mixture of surprise and confusion. It was a bit weird, but your attention didn't remain on him for long as the conversation kept going.


"They are close. He did give that speech at your wedding," Kirishima said, "But Midoriya's dad used to work a lot, right? So, I'm sure All Might filled that role."


"Yeah," you agreed, "I mean, I assume that's the reason. I never get far into a conversation with Izuku when I ask him about it." Now you were feeling a different pair of eyes starting at you. You glanced at the side of yourself to see Uraraka, looking at you with random curiosity. You, at least, assumed that it was random. You didn't have a problem asking her about it, though, but before you could the waiter came and got your orders. You decided to get Kirishima's advice on that since he had eaten there before. Once the waiter left, to get the meat you guys ordered so that you all could grill it, Uraraka turned to you and asked,


"[Name], what do you like most about Deku?" Was that really what had been on her mind? It was a rather interesting question for her to ask, and a bit surprising to you. You might as well answer her, though, since she actually seemed pretty curious. But what did you like the most about him?


"Well...I don't think I could choose just one thing. I mean, what's not to like?" you answered. Uraraka smiled warmly at what you said, it confused you a bit, but you preferred not to pry. Maybe she was wondering what to look for in a guy when she would finally get serious about dating. That had to be it, really.


"Tch, a lot," Bakugo rudely grumbled.


After you finished eating lunch, Uraraka and Kirishima had to return to their agencies, while Bakugo just left without a word. He had mentioned grocery shopping earlier, so he probably left to do that. You, on the other hand, walked with Uraraka to her agency since you had parked there and said a goodbye to her before driving back to your house. That didn't kill too much time since Uraraka and Kirishima could only squeeze about forty minutes out of their work day. Now it was once again back to being bored and with nothing to do. Perhaps you could do some gardening, even though your plants were fine at the moment. Maybe you could also get a little work out in. You had to stay in shape to be a hero, after all, even though you hadn't been in any action in ages.


When you made it home, you went upstairs to change into some lounge wear. You couldn't really walk around the house wearing one of Izuku's shirts and a pair of short-shorts since All Might was visiting. So, you settled for some comfortable leggings and a simple shirt. You went outside to look at your garden, wondering what you could do for it. It was well-watered and had a fresh set of mulch from two days ago, so it wasn't like there was anything that needed to be done. You turned your attention to the pool, which was barely used, wondering if anything had fallen in, but you noticed that the cover was on it. You remembered the times when you used it and left it uncovered causing leaves to fall in, and then Izuku would clean it. Damn, he looked so hot when he cleaned the pool. You were regretting thinking that since it wasn't like you were going to get it in at all that week with All Might being there.


With a defeated sigh, you walked back into the house. You couldn't really think of anything to do, so you decided to do some working out. Your husband had some really heavy weights, which you typically avoided unless you wanted to push or pull them back with your quirk. You normally needed Izuku to take the heaviest ones off the rack and set them on the ground in order for you to do that, though. And while you were rather capable yourself, what Izuku could lift was just astonishing, so those weights were something else. They didn't even have ones like that in regular gyms. So, since you couldn't do that, you focused on doing a bit of cardio and some resistance training. Izuku always told you that if you ever wanted to build more muscle to do less cardio, but you were fine with your workout routine. You just really needed something that could keep you in shape.


After your work-out, which you were glad that your lounge-wear doubled as work-out gear, you showered and changed your clothing before grabbing a book and plopping down on the sofa. You let the TV be on in the background as you read. It wasn't like you had anything else to do, and working out, while it did make you feel nice and relaxed after it was said and done with, made you kind of sleepy. Before you knew it, the book was resting open on your face as you dozed off.


It was a few hours later when you finally woke up. You rubbed at your eyes and grabbed your phone to check the time. It was around four in the afternoon. You didn't know when Izuku or All Might would be back, so you debated if you should start cooking or not. After some thought you decided to wait until around five-thirty. If Izuku was going to drive All Might back from his friend's house, then you were sure that he'd leave as early as he could. If he wasn't, then Izuku would probably get home at around seven or eight depending if his day had been busy. At first, it had not yet donned on you to just text your husband, and when it finally did, well you felt kind of like an idiot. 'Hey, Izu, when are you coming home? Are you picking up All Might?' After sending that text, you looked at the TV. The volume had been pretty low since you had been reading earlier, so you grabbed the remote and turned it up.


"...thanks to an anonymous tip, pro-hero Chargebolt was able to stop a criminal before they were able to rob a bank..." You saw Kaminari's face being shown on the screen as the reporter continued to speak, "We can all sleep a little safer tonight, knowing that such heroes are here to lock up miss-doers without a second thought." You glanced down at your phone and saw that there was no new messages. You couldn't get into a tizzy just yet, though, being as it wasn't so long since you sent the message. Leaving the TV on, you walked into the kitchen, wondering what you would make that night. Sometimes the actual cooking could pale in comparison to figuring out what to eat. Maybe you would just make some rice, fish, and miso soup tonight. It was pretty basic, but you couldn't think of anything else.


When that was done being decided on, you had no idea what to do with yourself next. Looking at your phone again, you noticed that Izuku had text you back. You let out a sigh of relief as you opened up the message, 'I'll probably be home around six, and yes.' He was always so formal with his texts. Well, at least now you knew that you could start dinner somewhere between five and just needed to kill time until then.


The hour dragged on in your opinion, which you spent that time watching TV. Soon enough, though, you made dinner and as you were setting up the table, the sound of a door opening could be heard. You felt a sense of relief because of that. "I'm going to go freshen up a bit," you heard All Might say.


"Alright, I'll see you later," and there was your husband. In no time, he poked his head into the kitchen, and you walked over to greet him, "Hey, [Name], how was your day?"


"I had trouble filling it out," you pouted. Izuku smiled at you softly, before rubbing at your head affectionately.


"Ah, I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll get used to it," he assured you, chuckling a bit, "and who knows, maybe you'll even like it." You figured that he was joking so you rolled your eyes at his words.


"Doubtful," you told him. Izuku chuckled again before leaving, probably to go take a shower and change his clothing. You couldn't help but to slightly scan your eyes over his hero suit, wondering if he had any tears on it or something. If he did, then that would be something you could do tomorrow. You would hand-wash it, then get it ready to be given to the Support Department. Sadly, you didn't see any, so you sighed and went to sit at the kitchen table while you waited for All Might and Izuku. You decided to play on your phone and read a few articles. Honestly, you couldn't be a housewife. That whole day, you just felt as if you were waiting for Izuku to come home, and that was a very annoying feeling.


"Hey, [Name]." You looked up to see All Might walking into the kitchen, "How are you?" He sat down at the table with you.


"I'm alright," you smiled. It wouldn't be good if All Might knew that you didn't really like staying home. He'd probably feel bad, since he was essentially the reason you took off from work, "Did you have fun being out today?"


"I did," All Might told you, "It's always wonderful seeing my friend, and it's nice to know that he's safe." Living with Izuku meant that you had access to pretty much all the All Might information you needed, regardless if you wanted to hear it or not. So you knew that All Might didn't have many close friends, and according to your husband, detective Tsukauchi was All Might's best friend. So, it had to have been really nice to see him after all this time. After all, the relationship had to be pretty meaningful, which made All Might's comments make you smile at the sheer genuineness.


"Well, you know if he's ever in trouble, Izu and I will take care of it," you assured happily. It would mostly likely just be Izuku, but you weren't going to worry about details for now.


"My, it looks like everything is handled with you two," All Might chuckled, "It makes my retirement feel very peaceful." You and All Might chatted for a few minutes more until your husband arrived into the kitchen. He sat down next to you and across from All Might. You glanced at his hair, noticing that the green curls were still slightly damp.


"What are you guys talking about?" Izuku asked, curiously as you all started to eat. You had almost forgot that you had been waiting for him, since you were so focused on talking to All Might.


"This and that," you shrugged, "By the way, Izuku, how is everything at the agency? Am I missing anything important?" Even though you had the week off, you were still a concerned boss. And since no one you called that worked for you would give too many details and just tell you to 'enjoy your time off', you could at least get information from your husband.


"Everything's fine, [Name]," Izuku brushed off, "No need to worry." You let out a sigh, unsure with how you felt about that answer. Sure, you should be relaxing and not thinking about the agency, but you couldn't help yourself.


"Well, it's not like I'm worried, I'm just curious," you pointed out, "I mean, I know all that I have to do, and it's really no easy task to get it all done plus completing your own things." You thought about how all of that paperwork and managing prevented you from doing your hero duties at times. Izuku smiled at you softly.


"It's okay, alright?" he assured, "Everyone is fairing well and no one is behind even with the added work. It's all been properly spread out, after all. You know, everyone at our agency thinks you deserve this break, so just relax." You looked at the soft and kind face that your husband was giving you and let out a breath of air. Maybe you should stop worrying so much. If you did actually complain, then that would just be ungrateful, and you didn't want to appear that way.


"Alright," you nodded.


"Taking a break is nice every once in a while!" All Might smiled, "I know I cherished all of the time I got off...though even in those times I still couldn't help but to save others." You giggled a bit when you heard that.


"It's the exact same with Izuku," you said, "It must be the curse of being the number one hero." Izuku flushed up a bit.


"W-Well, it's not like it can be helped. I want to save everyone that needs it," he admitted.


"Well said!" All Might agreed. You felt your heart warming at that, causing you to feel a bit better about all of this. Sure, you had your doubts before, but now everything seemed right. You should be grateful that your employees like you so much that they were willing to do this, and you should also be grateful that you shared an agency with another hero and capable sidekicks that allowed you to take the week off.


And you were grateful, you couldn't help but to think that evening as you got ready for bed. After dinner, you had done the dishes as All Might and Izuku winded down in the living room chatting away. You loved how enthusiastic your husband sounded when he talked to or about All Might. So, it had been nice to hear. After the kitchen was cleaned, you decided to go upstairs and start getting ready for bed. It was pretty early, but you saw no harm in it or walking around in your night clothing with All Might there as long as you didn't wear anything too revealing. Sure you weren't as close to All Might as Izuku was, but the two of you were still pretty close in a sort of father-in-law and daughter-in-law kind of way.


You brushed your hair and put it up so that it wouldn't disturb you too much while you slept after changing into some comfortable night clothing. You went to the bathroom afterwards to wash your face and do everything else that you needed in order to be ready to sleep, such as putting on night cream. When you walked out of the bathroom, you decided that, although it was very early, you would probably just curl up in bed and read or watch TV until you fell asleep that way Izuku and All Might could have some more time alone to just talk with one another. You doubted that they had much alone time since All Might got there, and they deserved that. Happy with this idea, you headed downstairs, thinking it would be good to make some tea for yourself. You would make sure to be quiet, though, so that you wouldn't disturb Izuku and All Might.


As you got to the first floor, you heard their voices come from the living room. You smiled, before continuing with your journey. Curiosity got the best of you, however, making you focus on what they were saying as you kept walking, "...I haven't told her...she'd be so upset and probably angry with me if she found out..." You paused as you heard your husband say that. He couldn't have been talking about you, there was just no way. With a shake of your head you kept walking.


"I'm sure [Name] will understand. She loves you after all." You came to a full stop at All Might's words. You felt your eyes widen, and your body began to shake slightly. You didn't know why you felt this way and so fast, too.


"I-I just feel so bad for lying to her," Izuku said, "I know I should have told her long ago I mean...what if knowing this would have made her not want to marry me? I should have told her before then." You bit your lip, stomach starting to do flips. Izuku? Lying to you? There must have been some mistake, right? You couldn't think of an excuse, however, so you just continued to listen, "I mean, even Bakugo knows, but she doesn't. That might anger her more." You closed your eyes for a brief moment before heading back up the stairs, the thought of wanting to drink tea far gone from your mind.


Izuku was hiding something from you. Something that he figured would have made you not want to marry him. Something Bakugo knew that you didn't, and All Might also knew. Was your marriage based around a lie? And how big was this? This whole time you had been convinced that your husband just wanted the best for you, and that he loved you to no end, but now you didn't know what to think. Sure lies could happen in relationships, but one that would make you not want to be with him must have been pretty big if anything. And the fact that Izuku and All Might had been smiling to your face this whole time was starting to feel pretty insulting. You were beginning to go from feeling disturbed to angry. It was one thing for Izuku to lie to you, but All Might, too? Did his mother also know this and not tell you?


If Izuku had cheated on you, you swore that you were going to cut off an appendage of his the second you found out! This was just unbelievable! How could he lie to you? And WHAT was he lying to you about? Your mind spiraled into all sorts of possibilities to things as small as him lying about loving katsudon to as big as Izuku not even being his real name. It was just too much for you, this whole thing. You laid down in bed with your arms crossed, staring at the wall. Your mind was cluttered, and while you didn't want to think about this anymore, you couldn't help yourself. You were pissed.


 You didn't know how long you had been laying there with your thoughts festering, but at some point, your husband came into the room. You only knew that since you heard the door opening and closing. "[Name]?" he asked softly. You could hear him walking over to the bed and slowly getting in. He probably thought you were sleeping and didn't want to wake you up. That illusion was shattered, however, when his curly hair came into view as he looked over your body to see your face, "Oh, you're awake," he smiled, "I thought it was still a bit too early for you to have been sleeping this whole time." You let out a sigh and sat up. Izuku obviously didn't know you were angry, and you couldn't exactly pop off at him at the moment. You just hoped for his sake that he'd tell you the truth soon.


"Yeah," was all you said with a shrug. Izuku's smile turned soft as he laid back in bed.


"So, how's the party-planning going?" he asked. The straight nerve he had to ask such a thing. You just kept your anger inside, knowing that it was better for you to do that.


"I'm almost done with it," you answered, "Pretty much the only thing left is to get all of the RSVPs in."


"That's nice to hear. I'm glad I could count on you for this. I mean, you're the perfect person to do it." That was it. You had kept it inside for as long as you could, but Izuku was just angering you beyond belief, which was really saying a lot, since you pretty much overlooked everything he did. Sure, you could be logical and see that your current and new anger was actually because of him keeping something from you, but you were beyond that point.


"That sounds really condescending," you sharply told him. Izuku quickly looked at you, eyes a bit confused.


"Did it?" he asked, "I'm sorry, [Name]. I didn't mean it that way. I just think you're doing a really good job, and no one else could do any better." You glared at him.


"Oh, shut up, Izuku," you scoffed. Your husband looked at you with wide alarmed eyes. It was obvious that he wasn't expecting any of this, but then again you and him rarely had fights, "I'm only planning this party, since you stuck it onto me. You saying that I'm the "perfect person" to do this is really insulting. I mean, who couldn't plan a fucking party? You're acting like I'm doing some big amazing thing while the rest of you get to save the fucking world." Izuku quickly sat up.


"W-Wait! Where is this coming from, [Name]?! I didn't mean it like that, I swear," he told you, "Let's just back up for a bit and talk this over, alright?" He reached out to hold your hand, but you pulled away from him, moving to lay on your side again, facing the wall. You felt Izuku shaking your shoulder, "[Name], come on, let's talk about this."


"Goodnight, Izuku," you said, leaving no room to argue. You didn't want to discuss it further.




Chapter Text

It was two days until the party that you were starting to regret planning. They both were lying to you! Well, Izuku was, but All Might knew...and so did Bakugo, somehow, but that was besides the point! Here you were, taking off from your job to sit around all day and plan a party because someone who was lying to you wanted you to do so. It was just boggling your incredibly upset mind, and while you were trying to fight it, you couldn't keep your upset nature to yourself. All Might and Izuku didn't know that you knew about this deceitfulness, after all, but it was hard to not show your feelings. It also was hard not to get mad at everything your husband said or did to you, since you knew that he was hiding something. And the anger from that was clouding everything else. "Good morning," All Might smiled as he walked into the kitchen. He was still your guest, and you had to be at least somewhat polite, so you replied to him,


"Morning..." You walked over to the table, placing down plates and silverware for breakfast.


"So, what did you cook this morni-" Before All Might could finish asking his question, you practically dropped a huge platter filled with nothing but pancakes at the center of the table. Your demeanor and the abundance of the dish, catching the skeleton man by surprise. In your pettiness, you might have thought of the one breakfast food that the two would probably not be too keen on eating. And, while you loved pancakes, you remembered that All Might barely ate any the previous morning, and you also knew that they didn't have that much protein in them. Sure it was a bit childish of you, but carbs for all. " that all you cooked?" All Might asked, eyeing the plain pancakes. You added nothing to them.


"Yes," you curtly said as you walked back over to the counter to grab a cup of tea, leaning against it.


"I-I see," All Might replied as he slowly moved a pancake to his plate. He glanced over at you to see you just leaning against the counter, drinking your tea, "Oh, did you also make tea?" he smiled.


"Just the one cup," you easily said, before finishing it off. All Might clearly did not know what to make of this, and he looked sort of conflicted. Before he could decide if he wanted to say anything or not, Izuku walked into the kitchen. He had been sleeping when you woke up that morning, so you hadn't spoken to him since the argument last night. Izuku looked at you skeptically before turning to look at All Might, who looked confused before looking back at you.


"Good morning," he said, cautiously, before going to sit at the table. You just shrugged, not saying anything.


"Morning, young Midoriya," All Might greeted back, "How did you sleep?" As he asked that, you glared at your husband, wondering what his response would be.


"I...I slept okay," Izuku said, glancing at you. He then turned his attention to the food in front of him, "Wow, dear, that sure is a lot of pancakes...Is that all you made?" You put your tea cup in the sink as you had still been holding it, giving a long pause as you did so before answering your husband's question.


"Yes," you simply said.


"I-I see...," Izuku responded. His famous anxious smile, which hadn't made too much of an appearance since he became number one slid onto his face, "Did you perhaps add any protein supplements into it?"


"No," you answered immediately. All Might looked from you to Izuku and back again, utterly confused. It seemed as if he was starting to catch on to what was happening. It shouldn't be hard for him to grasp that you were upset, after all.


"Y-You know, [Name], it's kind of important that I get an appropriate protein intake and-"


"No ones stopping you from eating something else, Izuku," you rolled your eyes before leaving the kitchen. You weren't about to deal with this anymore, at least at the moment. In your eyes, Izuku had no room to complain about what you made, and it kind of annoyed you that he'd even have the audacity to do so in the first place. You let out a sigh, going up to your bedroom so that you could relax a bit. Maybe you were being too hard on them. It just hurt you so much that Izuku, of all people, was lying to you.


As you left the kitchen, Izuku watched you, trying to study your body-language as if to get at least some information as to why you were acting this way. You were the most helpful, fun, outgoing, and charismatic person he knew, so to see you being so stand-offish and cold was just confusing. Maybe he had built you up so much in his head that any negativity you had didn't exist to him on most days, but he didn't seem to think so. He married you for a reason, more than one reason actually, but they could all be compiled into one word: Love. He loved you and everything about you, so the last thing he wanted to do was to argue with you. Why were you so upset, though? Was it really about the party-planning? Sure he did spring that on you last minute, but he saw that whole situation as being very important. "Young Midoriya, is something wrong with [Name]?" All Might asked. Izuku turned to look at his favorite hero.


"To be honest, I'm a little confused...," he admitted, "Last night she took something I said the wrong way and got really mad, but I don't know, she can't be this mad about it." Izuku didn't want to talk about the party, since he knew that he couldn't mention it to All Might.


"What did she get mad about?" All Might asked. Izuku knew this was coming, and he also knew he couldn't one hundred percent explain the situation.


"'s nothing too big of a deal, really...least in my opinion," he replied, "I just told her she was really good at doing something, and she took it the wrong way. That's all." All Might sighed, a bit before looking at the barely eaten pancake in front of him.


"Considering how she was acting this morning, she must be really upset about something," All Might pointed out, "I'm sure there's more to it, and you both need to communicate. You should just be open with her about how you feel and ask her how she feels. It's all you can really do, and I'm sure that [Name] will come clean. She love you, after all." Izuku looked down as he thought about that. Would you really open up to him? You hadn't last night, but maybe he could try again. All Might was right, though, it had to be more than just what he said.


"Okay, I'll try," he nodded, " you want to go to my agency's cafe or something?" He loved you dearly, and would gladly eat anything you made him, but those pancakes were made with hate, so he wasn't sure how he felt about that. All Might looked at the pancakes and chuckled.


"I feel bad about not eating them, but it's a bit too heavy of a breakfast for me," he admitted with a nod.


"Alright, I'll just go tell [Name] that we're leaving," Izuku told him before leaving the kitchen. Even though you were mad at him, Izuku wasn't mad at you. He was just confused, and he did not want to make the situation worse. And maybe going to talk with you now would only hurt the situation, but he had his duties as a husband and one of those was to tell you 'good-bye' and let you know that he was leaving. Izuku felt that doing little things like that, holding doors open for you, and such were important for thriving relationships. Not only that, but he felt as if you deserved to be treated with the utmost of care. It was the least he could do to thank you for always supporting him and being by his side. Walking up the stairs and to your shared bedroom, Izuku knocked before slowly opening the door. You looked up at him, face a bit annoyed. Even though you had that expression, you still looked so beautiful to him. He had to find out what was wrong, "I-I'm about to leave, and All Might is coming with me," Izuku said, "So, good-bye, honey, I love you." You just rolled your eyes before getting under the covers on the bed.


"Whatever," you said. Izuku's nervous expression appeared on his face.


"If you need anythin-"


"Bye," you curtly told him.


"O-Okay," Izuku said, before quickly disappearing out of the room.


He had managed to make you a tinge more upset. He was taking All Might again! Why were you even there?! You rolled your eyes again at the mere thought. Your husband was definitely pushing it, and while you knew that you were just finding everything he did upsetting due to the fact that he was hiding something from you, you felt like your new annoyance was justified.


Izuku was your first in many things, to be honoest, and you had come to know that he wasn't at all like most guys. He had always been so sweet, hard-working, sensitive, and cute. And while you were younger you didn't ever think you'd end up with someone like that (especially since you had thought he cried too much back then), as an adult you were eternally grateful for choosing him. He was the type that you felt would never lie to you or do anything to hurt you intentially, but with this situation, that view was crashing down. And even if you weren't married to him and if he wasn't the love of your life, you would still be affected by sweet Midoriya Izuku, keeping something from you. You remembered how it was when you were younger and dating him. Most people were a bit surprised that the two of you had gotten together, and the surprise increased with how you acted towards him in public. Now that you thought about it, it was a mircle that Izuku didn't decide to dump you when you were younger due to your over-loving behavoir. And while you hadn't been in the 'love' stage, you just thought having a boyfriend was fun.




You remembered a time during your third year at U.A. when you and Izuku were dating. It was around lunch time, and Izuku, Uraraka, Iida, and a few others from Class 3-A were walking to the cafeteria like usual.


"Izuku~!" you purred, jumping onto his back, wrapping your legs around his waist while you nuzzled your head against his neck affectionately. You knew that he wouldn't fall over since your boyfriend was muscular and sturdy. He was caught off guard, though, as were Uraraka and Iida, who you honestly didn't speak to much at the time.


"[Name], hey," Izuku smiled as he hooked his arms around your legs to keep you in place, "Are you going to come with us today?" You usually either ate lunch with your class members or with Kirishima, Mina, Bakugo, Sero, and Kaminari. Sometimes you also liked to eat in the classroom with a few others, and there were times when you would pop in to hang out with people in other departments. You could just be all over the place.


"Haha, no, I just wanted to see you," you told him, sweetly, kissing his cheek. Izuku flushed up at that, eyes glancing to his class rep.


"Hey! No PDA!" Iida scolded.


"Sorry," you pouted. To be honest, you were a bit surprised that he didn't say anything about you currently hitching a ride on your boyfriend's back, "So, Izu, are you taking me to see that new movie this weekend? Hm~?"


"I-If you want to," Izuku answered, face still a bit red. He really liked going on dates with you, though he had been at the stage where it made him flustered for some reason. You liked your tomato of a boyfriend, though. You thought it was cute!


"You should come eat with us sometime, [Name]," Uraraka suggested, smiling softly...or weirdly in your opinion. Uraraka just hadn't been someone you were close to at the time. All you really knew about her was that she and Izuku were friends, and that she usually referred to him as his hero name.


"Maybe sometime," you shrugged, before hopping down from your boyfriend' back, "I'll see you guys later, though~!"




 As an adult, you couldn't help but to wonder if when you were younger had you ever been too much for Izuku. You assumed not, though, since you were married to him now. You looked at the ring that was on your finger and sighed. You were sure that you had forgotten to take it off last night since in your current moodiness you doubted that you would have put it on this morning. It was a beautiful ring, though, you had to give Izuku credit for getting you a nice one. You didn't care about such things, though, and had just been happy that he proposed. Getting married to such an amazing man was an accomplishment to you, and to be honest, you guys weren't even married for a year, yet. Things were more fresh than you'd like to admit, but with both of your professions you guys didn't have to go through the things that most newly weds did such as a start-up home or anything like that. You guessed that you guys could move one day, but you didn't need a bigger house. This one was perfect in your opinion. Izuku had been rising the ranks when you two went house shopping, after all, and the realtor was really adamant about getting you guys something nice. She had said 'A famous hero needs the best!' While house shopping had been a pain, moving in had taken longer than you would have liked it to.




Izuku had far too much hero merchandise and notebooks. Your husband was a cute hero otaku, and you knew that going into the relationship, you just figured that it wouldn't ever be something you had to deal with. And you decided you weren't going to as you plopped a box filled with hero magazines and notebooks in a hall closet when the two of you were in the process of moving in. "Sort through it properly later," you merely told your husband as you walked passed him, who was moving a desk into a home office. The only good thing about moving was watching your well-muscled husband display his strength. Those definitely weren't show muscles~.


"O-Okay, [Name]," Izuku agreed. He had pretty much let you organize and decorate the house the way you wanted to. He just wasn't into that sort of thing, you figured.


"By the way, what do you want to do for dinner?" you asked as you leaned against the office doorway, "We could order out, but I can also try to cook something." This was before your cooking skills became great. They were just average at that point in time. Izuku placed the desk down easily.


"If you don't feel like cooking, we can order out," he told you, "It's not a big deal...or we could cook together...whichever." He flushed a bit, loving to do things with you. You giggled softly before walking over to him and leaning up to kiss his lips. Izuku leaned down to meet you so you could do so.


"Either is fine with me, but since we've been organizing everything all day why don't we just order?" you shrugged.


"Alright, we can get whatever you want," Izuku smiled.




Your husband really made things easier to be honest. He had just been so loving, so what could he be hiding? Whatever it was, it had to have happened before you got married to him, but what was it? You had thought up many possibilities, but it was difficult to come up with something that fit everything. Something that All Might and Bakugo knew, something that might make you not want to marry Izuku, what could it be? You rubbed at your eyes, turning over in bed to face where Izuku's night table was located. You saw the picture of you in your hero costume that he had on it and pouted. What was he hiding?


That evening, you had just made a simple hot pot for dinner. There wasn't much conversation going on...well there was between All Might and Izuku, but it was a bit awkward as they did try to include you in. You just didn't feel like talking about or discussing anything at the moment. You had spent a lot of time thinking about things that day, and to be honest you were at the point of mental exhaustion. You could barely even think the words 'what could be he hiding' anymore. You didn't want to. " know, some of our employees asked about you today," Izuku mentioned as he looked in your direction.


"I see," you merely said. All Might chuckled nervously.


"You two run a nice agency," he pointed out, "You have fine workers and a nice a system."


"It's because of all the hard work [Name] does," Izuku smiled a bit anxiously, "She created a nice system."


"We'll that sounds lovely! It's important to be able to do that as a hero," All Might nodded, "So, I say you're a fine hero, [Name]." You just let out a sigh, knowing that they were trying to butter you up. You didn't think what you did was all that great, being as it was just something that had to be done. You stood up, taking your unfinished food to the sink.


"I'm going to bed early," you merely said, before leaving the kitchen. You had went from slight denial, to anger, to annoyance, and now you just felt so done. You didn't know about the stages of grief, but you assumed that that hadn't been them. You just wanted Izuku to tell you what was up, but you weren't sure if you should confront him being as he doesn't know that you know that he's lying about something. Well, lying in omission if anything. You hated the fact that he was keeping something from you, you did. As you walked up the stairs to start your nightly routine very early, you couldn't help but to decide that continuing to think about this wasn't in your favor. Perhaps you should confront him, or maybe it would be best to just let him tell you...that is if he ever does.


So, you showered and got ready for bed very early before curling up under the covers, letting the TV be on in the background. From what you had seen, it was once again on The Hero Network, playing some documentary. You'd change it,  but it wasn't like you were really paying attention to it anyway. It was just serving as background noise as you tried to sleep.


You didn't know how long it had been from when you started trying to sleep to when you heard the door opening, but you were still awake to hear it. "[Name]?" you heard Izuku's voice as he entered the room, closing it behind himself. You opened your eyes and rubbed at them before sitting up tiredly. No use pretending to be asleep. Izuku knew your mannerisms well enough to be able to determine if you actually were or not.


"What is it?" you asked. Izuku looked a bit unsure of himself, but soon enough some confidence came onto his features as he went to sit on the bed.


"[Name], please talk to me," he started, "I love you, and I know that you're upset about something, and I don't want you to be." You bit your lip as you tried to recall all of the thoughts that you had later on that day. The only thing you could think about doing was being vulnerable and honest. Communication was very important for a relationship to work after all, and you married Izuku for many reasons. So, it was time to determine if you had been right in them.


"I know...and I love you, too," you told him, "It's just that..." You bit your lip as you looked away from him. This was a lot harder to bring up then you expected. After all, Izuku had no clue that you overheard him and All Might. Izuku could obviously sense your hesitation, and he grabbed onto one of your hands with both of his.


"If something's wrong, please let me help you," he said, "That's why I'm here, and I want you to always tell me how you're feeling and why. Okay?" You looked into those big beautiful green eyes and sighed. There was just no way you could ever stay mad at him for too long.


"Are...Are you hiding something from me?" you asked. The second those words left your mouth, you noticed that Izuku's eyes widened. Nevertheless, his hold on your hand tightened, and his expression changed to one of confidence.


"Yes, I am," Izuku answered, making your heart thump hard. You felt your stomach drop as if this was the first time you've found this out, “but, I swear to you that it’s nothing harmful…You might be upset that I’ve kept this from you, but it wasn’t my secret to tell at first.” You felt even more at a lost now that you've heard this.


"What does that even mean?" you couldn't help but to ask, weakly. Then, catching you by slight surprise, Izuku gently pulled you onto his lap. You were a bit reluctant at first, but you accepted it.


"I should have told you this the day we got engaged...well...maybe even a bit before then," Izuku told you, as he started to softly stroke your hair, "It's just...I do think it's something you should know, but it's really complicated, and it's not just my secret." Once again, you felt even more confused.


"Izuku...I don't understand," you admitted, "Can you explain everything?" At that, your husband's gaze moved up for a second, probably thinking about it.


"I will...but not tonight," he told you as his eyes snapped back to yours, "I'll tell you tomorrow night. I just need to think of a proper way to do it." He kissed the top of your head. It didn't seem like it was anything too bad, just important. But what was it? There was no use trying to figure it out when your husband was just going to explain it anyway. You were still kind of anxious, though.


"Alright, I trust you...," you mused before adding, "I mean...I can trust you, right? It's not like cheating?" Izuku's eyes widened at that question. You wondered if he was now thinking that you were probably thinking that was what it was the entire time.


"I'd never do that!" he said, face starting to flush up, "I-I're the best woman I've ever known so..." His face became redder, which made you giggle a bit. Maybe it was wrong of you to not just talk to your husband in the first place. After all, Izuku was the last person that would deliberately try to hurt anyone or be deceitful. There had to be a good reason for him to keep this from you.


"Okay, I'll wait until tomorrow," you agreed.


When you woke up the next day and went to make breakfast, you felt kind of bad about your pettiness from yesterday. You wished that you would have just talked to your husband about everything, then things would have been cleared up. You did still wonder what he was going to tell you tonight, but he did say that it wasn't a harmful secret. You just needed to wait it out. That morning for breakfast you made porridge, rice, fish, hash-brows, eggs, a protein shake for your husband, and tea for you and All Might. It was a big breakfast, but you hoped to counter the pancake morning that was the beginning of yesterday. "Good morning, [Name]...," All Might said carefully as he walked into the kitchen. He looked at all of the breakfast options you had set up on the table rather surprised.


"Good morning," you replied, blushing slightly, "I hope you're enjoying your stay here so far." All Might smiled pleasantly as he went to sit down at the kitchen table, pouring himself some tea.


"I am, thank you," he answered. Izuku then walked into the room as All Might sat down at the table. He went over to you and kissed your forehead affectionately. You had gotten up pretty early to make the large and protein-filled breakfast, so you hadn't woke up with him again that morning.


"Hey, [Name]," Izuku greeted, "Did you sleep okay?" You couldn't help but to giggle a bit at his question. You could tell that he was probably trying to make up for everything as well, but with him telling you the truth tonight, you didn't feel like that would be necessary...well you hoped that you'd still think that once you were told his secret.


"I did," you answered him, before leaning up and pecking his lips. Izuku flushed a that, eyes going to look at All Might who was just looking at you both in amusement. Izuku then looked back at you before returning your peck with one of his own.


"T-Thank you for making breakfast again," Izuku said as he walked over to the kitchen table. You joined him and All Might, deciding to just eat some of the options instead of a little bit of everything, "So, All Might, do you have anywhere to go today?"


"No, not today," All Might said, shaking his head, "I'll be here with [Name]." He smiled towards you, causing you to smile as well.


"It'll be nice to get to spend some time with you," you said. To be honest, while you did get to have some conversations with All Might since he had arrived, you hadn't gotten to spend the day with him like Izuku had yesterday. Also, it would just be nice to not be cooped up alone in your house. It wasn't like there was much for you to do after all. So, when your husband finally left for work (giving you another flustered kiss right before he did so), you were alone with All Might. You decided to take him out back and in the garden, bringing some nice raspberry lemonade with you. There was an area under a canopy to sit at that had outside furniture. You placed the lemonade and glasses down before sitting on one of the chairs. All Might sat on an outside sofa adjacent to you.


"I see you two have made up," All Might noted. You flushed a bit, feeling kind of embarrassed with the situation.


"Y-Yeah, we did," you told him, "I just...I overheard Izuku telling you some things...but we talked about everything, and he's going to tell me tonight." All Might smiled softly. You wondered what he was thinking. He obviously knew the secret, so he could tell you if he wanted to. You doubted that he would though.


"[Name], I promise you that young Midoriya loves you dearly, and he'd never keep anything from you that he could help," he explained. You nodded happily as you thought about it.


"I agree," you said, "I wish that I would have just told him how I felt when I first became makes me feel like such a bad wife." You shook your head at yourself, "Izuku is too good of a man to have to deal with things like that." All Might turned to you, face showing concern, which confused you a bit.


"Don't think like that, young [Name]. I know that young Midoriya does not think of you as a bad wife, besides you're human, and he understands that I'm sure," All Might told you. He then let out a soft sigh as he stared out at the back yard, "In fact, I remember when he came to ask me for advice with asking you out. He was so anxious about the whole situation and almost backed out." You quickly turned to look at All Might.


"Izuku asked you for advice about asking me out?" you questioned. You don't think you've ever been told that before. All Might nodded, chuckling softly.


"He went on and on about how he didn't think he was good enough for you," he admitted, "I had to convince him that he was." You smiled, not being able to help a giggle from coming out of your mouth. Izuku was so nervous when he was younger, and to think that he saw you in that light was amusing.


"He definitely is," you smiled, to be honest you probably weren't good enough for Izuku, "I remember when I first met him..." You couldn't help but to drift off to that time. It was during your first year at U.A. You were actually having a really good day that day. Well, some people might think of it as mundane, but you remembered being really happy because you were going to attend a sleepover at Kendo's that weekend and more importantly you had brought a bag of chocolate with you to school. There was just something about having a bag of chocolate readily available to you that just magnified your day. You didn't exactly know why now, but back then you did.




And the reason had been as simple as: Because you could just reach into the bag and eat chocolate whenever you wanted to. And who could be unhappy when they had that? It was in the middle of the day, and you were walking from your class to the bathroom. You didn't like to stay cooped up during your short break times if you had a choice. So, you took your sweet time going to the bathroom. On your way, however, your eyes snapped to the only other person who was walking down the hall. You noticed three things about him right away. He was walking in the opposite direction that you were, his hair was curly and green, and he looked a bit anxious. You couldn't help but to stare wondering why he had that expression. Was U.A. getting to him? Was he tired? Was his mind cluttered? You didn't exactly know, but you knew something that could make him happy. It made you happy after all.


"Here," you merely said as you pulled out your bag of chocolate from your pocket once he neared you. The boy looked highly confused, but he allowed you to drop the bag into his hands, "You look like you could use this," you smiled before continuing on your journey.




"I had actually forgotten that I did that until Izuku reminded me of it," you blushed at your passed embarrassing behavior, "He told me that he was highly confused that day with what I did, but he thought it was really cute and nice..." Once you got older, you realized that your husband was just an anxious person, especially when he was younger. He did seem to like your efforts to make him happy, though, so there was that.


"That is cute," All Might chuckled, "You guys were very interesting high school sweethearts. I'm glad that he has someone that has always cared so much about him." You flushed a bit.


"Many people care about Izuku," you pointed out, "I mean, how could someone not? He's so pure, like you only want the best for him." You shrugged, "Or something like that. I always felt the need to make sure he was alright when I was younger. I don't know why though. There's just something about him that makes me want the best for him."


"Well, you do love him, so there's that," All Might reminded in amusement.


"You're right, I do," you chuckled.


That evening you made some fried rice, teriyaki salmon, and miso soup for dinner, and like usual you all ate once Izuku got home. He looked a bit distracted during dinner, so he wasn't in the conversation that much if anything. You wondered if he were thinking about what he was going to say to you that night. You decided not to pry, though, knowing that it was better to just let Izuku think when he needed to...unless something had happened at the agency, then you would want to know right away.


"Lovely dinner," All Might complimented.


"Haha, thank you," you smiled, "I'm quite proud of my cooking skills. It did take a lot of trial and error to get to this point, right, Izuku?" You glanced at your husband, who snapped out of it for a second as he heard his name.


"Uh, yeah," he agreed, probably only half-knowing what you were talking about. After dinner, you washed the dishes before going to get ready for bed. It was only a matter of time before you found out what Izuku's secret was. After you finished up in the bathroom, you left your bedroom altogether and went downstairs, looking for your husband. From what you remembered, All Might had already retired early that night, so your husband couldn't have been speaking with him.


"Izu...," you called softly as you looked around. You walked into the kitchen, and as you did so Izuku came up from behind you, probably having heard your voice.


"Hey, [Name]," he said, gently grabbing onto your hand. He led you to the living room, seeming to not want to waste any time. Either that or his mind was still a bit unfocused. You sat down on the sofa, watching as your husband stood there in thought. After a bit of time he started to mutter to himself with one of his hands on his mouth and chin, making you smile softly at him. Honestly, you remembered him doing that quite a bit in high school, but as you got older it became a bit scarce. He must really be wondering the proper way to tell you.


"Izuku!" you called to snap him out of it. He flushed slightly.


"O-Oh, sorry," he apologized. You gave him a reassuring smile, standing up and walking over to him. You grabbed onto his arm and led him on the sofa so that he could sit next to you. It was obvious that he was trying to find a good way to tell you this, but since he didn't make it seem like it was anything bad last night, you felt like he really should just relax. Now that you think about it, it might be a bit hard for him to do that...


"Alright, so what is it?" you asked him. Izuku bit his lip for a second, eyes looking away.


" know what my quirk is...?" he asked, making you raise an eyebrow. His quirk? This had to do with his quirk? You thought back on when you overhead Izuku telling All Might that it might make you not want to marry him, wondering how that applied.


"It's like a super power, right?" you questioned with an eyebrow raised. That was what his quirk registration said anyway.


"N-No, not exactly," Izuku shook his head, "It's...well.." He trailed off, face going red. You let out a sigh, grabbing onto both of his hands, giving them a reassuring squeeze.


"Honey, please tell me. Look, I'm your wife. I love you," you softly told him, "That's what I'm here for." Izuku looked into your eyes as if trying to see how genuine you were being. You weren't one to lie or manipulate anyone, though, but you couldn't fault him for being a bit skeptical due to how worried he seemed.


"Alright," Izuku said, letting out a deep breath. He held back onto your hands tightly, "My quirk isn't my own. It was given to me by All Might." Your eyes widened in surprise and confusion. You were mostly surprised as to why Izuku was freaking out over telling you this, and confused by what he meant. He could sense that, though, well at least the latter part, "All Might inherited this quirk as well. It's called One for All. Basically, it's a quirk that allows you to pass down quirks onto someone else. I'm the ninth successor, and I have seven quirks." At that, your mouth dropped. No wonder your husband was so strong! And to think that he was the one All Might chose. Their relationship was now making so much more sense to you.


"Wow...," you said, taking in what you were just told, "That' is incredible." At your last words, Izuku looked at you a bit confused. You honestly hadn't expected for the person you married to basically be a central part of something bigger. Sure, he was the number one and the symbol of peace, but this was just something else. "And you love All Might so much. Like to be his successor, that'" You could barely get over this, and you didn't think you ever could.


"You're not mad?" Izuku asked, "That I've kept this from you?" You shook your head.


"No, I'm not mad at all. I mean, I need to process this because that's just something so out of this world, but I'm really happy for you, Izuku! I mean, being the person to receive All Might's quirk? That's huge!" you told him. Izuku smiled a bit shyly at your words.


"Well...there's a bit more," he admitted before looking away. You raised an eyebrow, and he let out another breath of air. "[Name], I was quirkless before if we ever have kids, that might get passed down onto them, which can be hard, as it was for me and my mother. So, I don't know...That might be unfair to you, since I didn't mention this before and now we're married, so..." You rolled your eyes. It was so like Izuku to worry about that, but at least now it made sense. He loved being a hero, and he worked hard for it. Before, he had mentioned getting his quirk later in life and how hard being quirkless was for him. So, it only made sense he'd think you'd be upset about that.


"Izuku, I'm disappointed that you'd think I care about that," you told him. As he looked back at you, you moved closer to him and hugged him tightly, "I married you because I love you, and I don't care if our kids are quirkless. That doesn't matter to me! And even if they want to follow in our footsteps and be heroes, they can. Sure, they'll have to work hard, but with your genes I'm sure that won't be a problem." As you pulled back from the hug, you noticed Izuku tearing up a bit. Your emotional husband definitely warmed your heart.


"Do you mean that?" he asked. You nodded, and once you did Izuku pulled you back towards him so that he could kiss you. You kissed him back, tangling your fingers in his curly green hair as you did so. Izuku slowly moved you to lay down on the sofa while he got on top of you, tongue slipping into your mouth. You moaned softly into the kiss, letting your husband get between your legs. You missed this kind of intimacy with him. It always felt amazing to have him touch you, especially since he knew exactly where to touch. Izuku broke his kiss from you to kiss at your face, neck, and jaw softly and lovingly. You let out a purr in delight before holding onto his face with his hands to stop him.


"Are you sure?" you asked softly. Izuku looked into your eyes and nodded, and after he did so, you let go of his head and let him continue kissing you. He trailed his lips down your neck and pulled your top down a bit so that he could suck and nip at your shoulder and clavicle. You wiggled underneath him in pleasure, having your hands in his hair as you felt his hands trailing down your body, one going to your crotch to prepare you. You could feel your husband's length getting hard against your thigh, and you let out a gasp in surprise once you felt one of his hands bypass your bottoms and slip inside of your panties. He started to prep you, two fingers driving themselves deep inside.


"You're so wet...," he purred softly against your skin before adding, "Do you want me?"




"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Both you and Izuku's eyes widened as you turned to look at All Might, who had just walked into the room. He quickly shielded his eyes, "I-I'll just get out of your hair." He then left the room as soon as he could. Your husband's face turned insanely red, and you could feel him softening against you, making you let out a sigh.


"Izuku?" you said.




"Let's just go to bed."


Chapter Text

Breakfast was a bit awkward...well at least for Izuku and All Might as they sat across from each other at the kitchen table as you worked on finishing your husband's protein shake and some tea for you and All Might. "Y-You know, All Might, I'm really sorry for what you saw last night!" your husband quickly apologized. This morning he had been stressing over if he should let it just gloss over without saying anything or if he should apologize. He decided on the latter since his respect for his favorite hero was just too great. To you, though, it was like a son apologizing to his dad for doing something he shouldn't have. "I-I mean, it's not what you think. We didn't do a-anything, and we went straight to bed afterwards!" You were not at all surprised with your husband's current behavior.


"O-Oh, no it's fine! I mean, you two are married and adults now! That's just what couples do," All Might assured. He, too, looked a bit nervous at this situation. Kind of like a dad who had witnessed his son doing something embarrassing and was trying to smooth things over, and also like a dad who was trying to give his son some newfound freedom. You, personally, were just enjoying the show.


"I-I know, but we really shouldn't have been on the sofa like that! It's disrespectful...," Izuku flushed, looking away.


"It is your home, though, Young Midoriya, and you can do that with your wife almost anywhere," All Might excused. You had to stifle your laughter now. You finished up making the shake and the tea before bringing them to the table and sitting down between the two men.


"Come on, you two," you said, "It's no big deal, alright? All Might, we're sorry that you had to see that. Izuku and I were just making up." You shrugged, "Not a big deal." Your husband rubbed at the back of his head as he looked away with a flustered expression, wobbly smile on his face.


"I-I see," All Might mused before adding, "So, you both are fine?" You just nodded in response to that.


"I told her about One for All," Izuku explained, seeming completely okay with changing the conversation now that he had apologized, "Gratefully, she wasn't upset with me."


"I couldn't be upset about that," you smiled towards your husband. Sure, there was the matter of Bakugo of all people knowing before you, but you trusted your husband enough to just try to let things smooth over. You were happy for him after all, and you were happy that you could now help him even more since you knew the truth. There was still probably more to discuss about One for All, but that would come with time.


"Well, I'm glad," All Might chuckled.


"It really puts everything in perspective, though," you pointed out, "Like your relationship. I feel as if I understand it better and why Izuku was your favorite student." You giggled, remembering how you brought that up previously as being the explanation of their closeness.


"A-Ah, but it's not like that! All Might liked us all equally," Izuku quickly said, "He just had to train me to use my quirk properly." All Might nodded.


"Yes, I didn't have favorites, so no need to worry about that," he defended. You looked at them both and shrugged. It was probably a bit uncomfortable to think of a teacher liking one student more than the others, even if it was kind of true.


"I guess you're right...," you said as you thought about, "I mean, after all, Izuku is probably more like your son if anything." You smiled. The reactions they gave were completely expected. Izuku's face turned red, and he quickly looked away, while All Might spurted a bit of blood, at a loss for words.


"I-I well....," Izuku had no idea what to say either.


"I mean...I guess it seems that way," All Might said, softly. You just smiled at them. You really hoped to learn more about their relationship now that you had knowledge of Izuku being All Might's successor. It now also made sense as to why All Might helped you guys with your agency.


"I-In any case, why don't you come to work with me again, All Might?" Izuku asked. You didn't at all have to fight off any negative internal thoughts as you heard that since you knew that Izuku actually had a good reason for asking that. After all, today was the day of All Might's party, and he needed to be out of the house so that things could be set up for it. All Might glanced at you, which you nodded in encouragement. It was sweet to think that he'd be worried about you feeling lonely that day.


"Alright, then, I guess I'll tag along," All Might smiled.


Once All Might and Izuku left, you had some time to yourself before you would have to start getting things ready for the party. It was going to start at five in the evening, so you got ready for the day and when the decorators came at ten you led them to the pool house and surrounding area to have them start decorating. There wasn't much for you to do at the moment, being as your hired help seemed to have everything taken care of. You were asked a few things such as your preferences and ideas, but you decided to just let them decide everything since they were the professionals.


At around one, you heard the doorbell ring. You had been drinking some tea and watching TV when you heard it, so you put your tea cup down and went to answer the door. You hoped dearly that it wasn't anyone arriving too early. After all, it couldn't have been the DJ (which was actually just going to be Present Mic) or the caterers. Perhaps it was your neighbor telling you that your guests could no longer park in their yard being as you decided the best way to further hide that it was a secret was to have everyone park next door so it looked as if your neighbor was throwing a party and not you. You hoped dearly that it wasn't that. "[Name]!" You were met with a warm hug as Uraraka wrapped her arms around you, "I took off since I figured you could use some help!"


"I actually hired some decorators, but it's always nice to see you!" you smiled, "Come on in." You led the way deeper inside of the house, taking Uraraka to where you had been before. "Would you like some tea?"


"Oh, sure," Uraraka nodded. You left to pour her a cup and handed it to her once you got back before sitting down, "So, how has your little vacation been? Still bored?" You thought back on all of the emotions that you felt these last few days. To be honest, with the whole 'Izuku keeping a secret' thing, you hadn't had any time to feel bored anymore, and now the party was happening and All Might would be leaving soon which meant you'd be back at work.


"It's been so-so," you answered. It wasn't as if you could tell Uraraka what happened. One for All was a secret, "I've been managing, though I can't wait to go back to work. I mean, being a housewife just isn't for me. There's nothing to do." Uraraka chuckled a bit.


"Well, with a husband like Deku, I'm sure he has no problem sharing any housework. So, unless you start having kids the only thing you have to do is relax," she pointed out. She was right, though. Izuku was the type of person who would feel bad if he left all of the work to you. Sure, you did most of the cleaning and such, but your husband was such a neat person that it wasn't a huge issue. Come to think of it, though, he hadn't been doing much that week since you were home. Granted, you did decide to make breakfast, which he usually did. But small things like the dishes and making your bed had been on you. You just hadn't really noticed, since as mentioned, Izuku was just a really neat person, so it wasn't like you were cleaning up after any neglectful messes. You couldn't complain, too much, however since you were sure things would return to normal once you went back to work.


"True," you nodded, "And I doubt I'll be having kids any time soon. I mean, Izuku and I aren't even a year married, and I want to keep heroing. Enough about that, though, have you made any steps towards your own future?" You gave her a sly look. Uraraka's face flushed.


"W-What do you mean by that?" she asked, trying to play it off. You laughed a bit.


"Oh, come on, you need to find a guy, so that we can double date," you told her, "It's bad enough Izuku and I can't find many couple friends, and every time we go out and do couples classes like painting or cooking Izuku ends up intimidating everyone since he's so famous." Uraraka chuckled.


"And built. Don't forget built," she pointed out. You smiled in amusement.


"Do you like muscular men, Ochaco?" you asked her. Your question caused the girl to flush up. She looked away as if trying to mask herself.


"W-Well, that sort of thing doesn't matter to me," she explained, "I just want to find the right person." You nodded, leaning back in your seat, comfortingly.


"Well said," you agreed, "That's how I felt with Izuku. I mean, don't get me wrong, he looks incredible, but that's a plus not a must."


"Exactly that," Uraraka quickly nodded.


You and Uraraka spent the day together, and soon enough it was time to get ready for the party. She had brought her things over with her, so that she wouldn't have to go back home just get ready. In the middle of doing your hair, the caterers came to set up followed by Present Mic who dragged Aizawa with him to force him to help him set up his DJing area. It was nice to see your former teachers, who, in your opinion, hadn't changed a bit since you were in high school. "You got the best DJ around!" Present Mic hyped.


"Thank you for doing this," you smiled. While he wasn't charging your anything, it was also nice since you really did think Present Mic was a good DJ/radio host. You knew that Izuku did as well since you knew that he listened to his show every week.


"Hey, no problem! It's a special occasion, after all!" Mic pointed out.


"Do you have to be so loud?" Aizawa asked, distastefully. Yep, the duo was the same as ever. You led them to where the party was set up. The backyard and pool house has red, white, blue, and silver decorations. There were hanging stars and outside string lights and lanterns everywhere as well as tinsel and some nice yellow flowers to match the All Might color scheme you chose.


"Wow, you guys definitely captured, All Might," Mic pointed out, looking around the area. You just smiled, pleasantly.


"You have the decorators to compliment for that. I just told them the general idea of what I wanted, and they took care of everything," you admitted. All you had to do was give them a color palette and tell them that the party was for All Might when you hired them over the phone. Everything else, you left up to them. Sure, it had been risky, but it all paid off in the end. "I think the pool house patio is perfect for you to set up."


"You got it," Present Mic smiled. As he and Aizawa were setting up, you went back inside of your house to get everything ready. As you were heading towards the stairs, Uraraka quickly approached you.


"I let the bartenders in," she explained, "They're gonna start bringing things around back. I told them about the pool house's bar."


"Thanks," you smiled brightly as you led the way upstairs. It was only a matter of time before the party started, and you had nothing to worry about. Everything had worked out well, in the end with it, and it had successfully been kept a secret from All Might. You were proud of your work. Now, you weren't the type of wife that expected to get anything for helping their husband out, but after tonight you hoped to get something from your husband. The week had just been too dry for you...


In no time, or at least it seemed like that to you, you had finished getting ready, and the guests were arriving. You stayed at the front of the house in order to greet everyone and make sure they all arrived. This was a surprise party, after all, and Izuku told you to let him know when everyone got there, so that he and All Might could head over the second everyone did. You did exactly that, feeling a sense of relief once everyone had arrived. You wanted to talk to your friends and just relax. 'You can come now' you text your husband before heading out back to the pool house area where the party was happening. "Hey, [Name]!" Kirishima greeted, "Try this drink! Trust me, you'll love it." You honestly, wanted to wait until your husband and All Might arrived before you started to drink, but you figured why not.


"Sure," you shrugged, taking the drink from his hand and sipping on it, "Wow, that is very fruity. It's pretty good, though." You hadn't at all expected that he'd give you such a drink, but then again it shouldn't be so surprising.


"See? What I tell, ya?" Kirishima chuckled, "Hey, Bakugo!" He called out to the man who he had shown up with, making you jolt slightly in surprise, "You try it, too!"


"Shut it, stupid hair," Bakugo grumbled.


"Oh, what drink?" You heard Uraraka's voice and looked over to the direction that she was in, seeing her, Mina, and Kaminari walking over. You held your drink out to give her a sip of it, "Oh, that's so fruity. Wow."


"Right?" you asked, "It's Kirishima's recommendation." You nudged the redhead who chuckled.


"Haha, it's my recommendation to you, [Name]," he pointed out, "Since I knew you'd like it." You couldn't help but to agree with that, since he was right on that note. You'd probably recommend it to others, though, since you did in fact like it. Sure it was pretty sweet, but it did taste good.


"Now I have to find a drink that you'd like," you thought aloud with a hand on your chin. You were half-joking, though. Kirishima chuckled, and nudged you this time.


"If you don't, you're gonna fail as a friend," he told you. Mina let out a laugh at your interaction.


"It's like that week of Valentine's Day all over again," she pointed out.


"Oh, shit it totally is!" Kaminari laughed. You couldn't help but laugh a bit while Kirishima chuckled. You remembered that week in your second year at U.A. It was one of those things that you did that you could actually look back on and laugh at yourself rather than cringe. It was a cute memory, in your opinion, and one that you shared with your friends.


"Ah, [Name's] a married woman now. She has no time to fantasize about past love affairs," Kirishima teased. You rolled your eyes playfully.


"If you call us being total idiots a 'love affair' then sure," you couldn't help but to say. This whole time, Uraraka was looking around at the four of you rather confused. Once you noticed it and caught her eye, it caused her to ask the one question that was on her mind.


"Hm? What do you mean?" she asked.


"Oh, you didn't know? [Name] and I were desperately in love in high school," Kirishima joked, causing you to playfully shove him. It did only make sense that Uraraka didn't know since you only really started interacting with her when you started dating Izuku. You were just surprised that you hadn't told her the story, since you both were so close. But then again, it wasn't as if it were a big deal, so it was something that could easily slip your mind.


"When I was younger, I thought Valentine's day was a day when you just bought chocolate for yourself and ate it all," you admitted with a slight flush.


"And they call me dumb," Kaminari snickered.


"In any case," you continued, "When I found out that it was a day that was basically supposed to be about couples and romance, I couldn't help but to want to celebrate it correctly. I don't know why, I just did for some reason. Maybe to correct my wrongs, who knows." You smiled at your past behavior.


"I remember when [Name] found out about it. We were all eating lunch together," Mina pointed out, "The shock was too real."


"Yeah, I was surprised," you giggled, "In any case, Kirishima offered to celebrate it correctly with me, and he and I decided that we should date for the week leading up to it. You know to make it right." Uraraka looked from you to Kirishima with surprised eyes.


"Haha, yeah, that was something else," Kirishima chuckled, "Best girlfriend ever." He nudged you, making you roll your eyes.


"We didn't change how we acted around one another. We just bought each other a bunch of chocolate during Valentine's day and then broke up," you explained.


"Pretty successful Valentine's day," Kirishima nodded, "Though Bakugo kept telling us how stupid we were being." You thought about that and nodded before turning to look at Uraraka. She looked as if she were a bit uncomfortable and in thought about this, which took you back a bit. Why would she be uncomfortable at this? She couldn't have been drunk already...though maybe you somehow were. Those were just better explanations than her actually feeling weird with your story. It wasn't like you and Kirishima were even into each other back then, and even if you were, you still didn't get why that would bug Uraraka. Maybe there was something else going on with her. That had to have been it, and if she didn't feel like sharing, you wouldn't ask her. As you turned to look at the others in this mini-group, your phone buzzed, causing you to look at it.


"Oh! They're here!" you exclaimed, before turning to face the others in the room, "All Might's here, everyone!" Now, you just needed to make sure everyone outside knew this as well, and you also needed to tell Present Mic to pause the music.


As Izuku pulled up to his house, All Might said, "Your neighbor must be throwing a party or something," as he looked out the car window at the house next door, which had cars parked all in the yard and on the street. Izuku couldn't help but to remember when you told him not to worry about parking because you had that covered. He didn't expect that you'd ask the neighbor for something like this, and he was not sure how he felt about it. It wasn't like he had a better plan, though.


"I-I guess so," Izuku mused as he drove into the garage, sending you a text to let you know that he and All Might had arrived. Now all he had to do was make sure All Might didn't expect a thing until he made it out back where the party was going on.


"Young Midoriya, I know you're just parking, but it's very dangerous to text and drive," All Might scolded. Izuku flushed up a bit at that.


"A-Ah, well, you see [Name] wanted me to let her know the second we got home. She gets really anxious about my safety," he explained. He felt like that was a completely stupid excuse, and he just hoped that the man bought it.


"Young [Name] seems to love you very much, doesn't she?" All Might smiled.


"Haha, yeah, she does," Izuku nodded, internally sighing in relief, "Let's go, so that we can hurry and get ready to leave for dinner." Izuku had told All Might that you all were going to go to dinner that night, so he had an excuse for the man to dress up for the party. He just hoped to God that All Might wouldn't finish getting ready before him and end up finding out about the party. The guest room did have its own outside area, so there was that risk.


"Okay then," All Might agreed as the two got out of the car. Izuku knew that he didn't have much time at the moment, and he was more anxious than usual. One wrong move, and the surprise could easily be ruined. So, the new number one hero rushed upstairs to get ready. As he entered the bedroom, he noticed some items in there and in the bathroom that weren't yours. He assumed that someone must have come early and gotten ready with you. It was most likely Uraraka since she was one of your closest friends and would do something like that. Going in the bathroom, he noticed that there was a slight mess of hair care products and make-up. Izuku couldn't help but to remember the first time you moved in together. He always felt so unsure when it came to living with a woman. Not in a bad way, though, but rather trying to find the thin line between what was violating and what was okay. He always got so flustered thinking 'Wow, that belongs to a woman, am I even allowed to touch it?' Since he lived most of his life with his mother, and the advice he received from All Might had always been standard, so Izuku hadn't been exactly prepared to fully live with you. (Personally, you never noticed.)




Izuku remembered a time that happened about a week after you first moved in together. You both had been on the sofa all snuggled together and watching a movie. After said movie, you decided to get ready for bed rather early, while Izuku went to have a late night workout. By the time Izuku was done with his workout, you were all cuddled in bed letting the television be on while you messed around with your phone. As you were doing that, Izuku had went to get ready for bed and take a shower. After his shower, he got dried and dressed, and when he went to put his towel in the laundry hamper, he noticed them. Your worn panties on the floor next to the basket. Izuku's whole face turned red at the sight. You must have not noticed that you missed when putting your dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and poor Izuku had no idea what to do.


It wasn't like he was upset, and honestly, it was a good sight to see if he was really thinking about it, but in the end he had no idea if you wanted him to see that or not. Was he supposed to pick them up and put them in the basket? Could he even do that? Would you feel violated if he did? Izuku did NOT want to mess this relationship up with you, who he loved very dearly. Biting his lip, Izuku started to think about the possibilities. You probably did not know that they were on the floor currently, so if he were to pick them up and put them in the hamper, you would never know. However, wouldn't that be a bit sleazy? Deciding that there was a chance that you wouldn't be upset if you found out (because really the whole thing was ridiculous), Izuku cautiously picked your panties up and dropped them into the waste basket, face incredibly red.


After he exited the bathroom and went to join you on the bed, you snuggled into him. "Your face is so red," you commented, "You okay?"


"I-I'm fine!" he said a little bit louder than he meant to.


As you lived your life with Izuku, he often found your things out and about in the bathroom, and he lived with uncertainty on if he should touch them or not. They were your things after all, and for the most part at the beginning of the relationship, he decided that it was better to go the safer than sorry route and not mess with your items.




Izuku couldn't help but to recall this moment and shake his head. He grabbed onto the curler that was left out and saved it for you as well as your brush, hair pins, and make-up. He knew by now that you found it so annoying to save everything after you used them, which he had no problem doing for you. Honestly, Izuku cringed a bit at his past behavior. What was yours was his and vice versa, and while he had no use for a hair curler, he knew that you didn't care if he touched or moved your things around. He certainly had to get used to living with a woman, and he faired really well in doing so.


It did not at all take long for Izuku to get ready. He just mostly had to shower and such. What he knew, though, was that it probably took All Might even less time than him, especially since he saved all of the things that you left out. So, Izuku hurried down the stairs, letting out a sigh of relief as he saw All Might casually walking towards the kitchen area. "Ah, are you done, young Midoriya?" he asked, "By the way, where's young [Name]?" Izuku smiled at his favorite hero, feeling very relaxed now that it was certain the surprise wouldn't be ruined.


"I'll take you to her, come on," he assured before leading the way to your house's back door. All Might seemed a bit confused, but he nodded and followed the curly-haired man out the back door. The decorators had set up lanterns leading from the entrance of the backyard to the pool house. Izuku led All Might down the path, who was looking around, probably wondering if your backyard has always had those lights or not. "This way," Izuku prompted as he walked around the pool house to its back. The second they made it there, they were met with a loud,


"Surprise!" All Might's eyes widened as he looked at all of his close friends. He felt his heart swelling, and he smiled, happy tears coming to his eyes. Looking around he noticed the color scheme of the decorations as well we the caterers, bartender, and Present Mic DJing. It was indeed a party.


"You didn't have to do this!" he said, "Thank you, everyone!"


As Izuku watched his favorite hero, taking in everything, he couldn't help but to smile and think about how the man deserved this, but he also couldn't help but to think that you did such a great job with everything. You were always good at this sort of thing, which was managing and planning things, and hopefully you'd be able to see that, too after this week.


You, on the other hand, did feel like the whole thing paid off after you got to see All Might's happy face. Sure you had your reservations, but in the end taking a week off hadn't been so bad if it meant that All Might could feel this loved and happy. You walked over to your husband and wrapped your arms around one of his, effectively catching him by surprise, "[Name], you scared me," he chuckled. You giggled and leaned up to affectionately rub your nose against his. You were wearing lipstick, and you did not want it to smudge onto him.


"Sorry, honey," you apologized, leaning against him, "Well, we did it. We managed to keep this whole thing a secret." You let out a sigh of relief. Izuku kissed the top of your head.


"You did it," he told you, "I think you're cut out for this kind of thing." You rolled your eyes playfully.


"Yeah, yeah," you mused.


Once the party ended, you had to take care of those who were too drunk to go home. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as the party you and Izuku threw after the top ten hero announcement, but it was enough to be annoying. You were pretty tired and didn't want to deal with it. However, you had your husband to help you move the drunks which had been Kirishima, Toru, Sero, Kaminari, and Mina. You and Izuku had two other guest rooms that you could throw them in. You put Sero and Kaminari in one and Mina and Toru in another. Well, Izuku carried them while you dragged a half-awake Kirishima to the sofa in your living room. Next time you were going to have the bartender only serve two drinks per person because this was just ridiculous. "Is that everyone?" Izuku asked as he met you at the staircase. You nodded.

"Thankfully," you sighed, "I'm so tired. I just want to cuddle in bed with you and some tea." Izuku chuckled.


"I can make some tea for you if you want," he insisted. You shook your head, though, rubbing at your eyes with your fists. You hadn't expected for the party to be this exhausting, but after All Might retired for the evening and Nezu, Grand Torino, and Recovery Girl left, things got a bit wild.


"I'll do it myself," you said, "You go warm the bed for me." Izuku smiled in amusement at your words before leaning down to kiss your lips softly. You were more than sure that your makeup probably rubbed off at this point. Twelve hour lasting your ass.


"Alright then," Izuku told you before heading up the stairs to get ready for bed. You lazily slumped into the kitchen and grabbed your tea kettle, filling it up with water from the sink. You yawned for a second, closing your eyes and turning your face away from the running water without really thinking. You soon enough felt water on your wrist indicating that the kettle was over-flowing. You tiredly cursed yourself as you turned your attention back to the pot. Once you did, you jumped back.


"S-Snake!" you called loudly in shock, "Izukuuu!" Your husband came no more than two seconds after you called his name.


"What?! What happened?!" he asked frantically. You pointed to the sink which only contained the overflowing tea kettle and running water.


"T-There was snake! It was right there!" you called, mind not going to the fact that you were probably waking up the drunks, if they weren't already in a deep sleep. Izuku looked at you before looking at the sink and sighing. He walked over to it and turned off the water before walking back over to your slightly trembling form. Your husband picked you up bridal style with ease, turning off the kitchen light before carrying you up the stairs.


"Look, I know you're tired, so let's just head to bed. If you really want some tea, I'll make it for you, alright?" he assured. You looked at him surprised.


"But, Izuku, there really was a snake! I-"


"[Name], this house is incredibly structurally sound. I guarantee you that a snake could have not gotten in," Izuku pointed out, "It's been a long day, and I know you had a bit to drink." He placed you in the bed and pulled the covers over you. "Just try to get some rest, okay? I'll go make you some tea." He kissed your forehead before heading out the room.


"B-But-" He was gone. You let out a groan and slumped back into the bed. Maybe you were just imagining things in your exhausted state. You just hoped that you didn't wake anyone up.



Chapter Text

It felt so good being back. You actually had things to do! So many things to do...and you were starting to feel a bit sick, but you would persevere. You had been back for a few days now and had easily been able to get back into your routine. You came into your office, started looking over your husband's schedule, filling out his hero reports, and tending with your other work such as managing the place. Izuku had informed you that morning that there would be a meeting today to assign missions again, and he asked you to send an email to all of the sidekicks reminding them. You felt pretty excited since such a meeting meant that you would be able to choose a nice mission to do! Sure you still had that one from before, but it would be nice to possibly get to fight a villain. So, you felt pretty giddy as you went about your morning, handling different sets of paperwork and such, and looking over your emails. It was same old same old with you.


About two hours later, your phone rang. You picked it up in anticipation. "Hey," Sojiro's voice was heard, "You wanted me to call you when the meeting was about to start?"


"Yes, thank you," you smiled as you stood up and collected your work bag. Your heard the man sighing over the phone.


"Just saying, but weren't you the one who sent emails to everyone about the meeting? Why did you need a reminder?" At that question, you flushed up a bit. You might have realized how pitiful it must have been to be so excited about this, but you couldn't control your feelings. You knew you'd end up staring at the clock in anticipation, so you decided to have the receptionists ring you for it.


"I-I was busy and was afraid that time would have gotten away from me," you quickly said, before hanging up. You knew that he probably knew the real reason, which you weren't going to address. For now, you would just relish in the fact that you were finally going to get the chance to do actual hero work. You could barely remember the last time you faced off against an actual enemy, the park-incident not counting simply because Kirishima stole your moment.


You walked out of your office, happily, seeing a few side-kicks along the way to the meeting room. Quite a bit of them decided to take the stairs, probably for training purposes, while you shamelessly took the elevator. Taking the stairs was probably way healthier, but today was just not that day. Your elevator ride wasn't too long, and when you stepped out of it, you noticed your husband, who was on his way to the meeting room. "Hey, Izu," you smiled.


"Oh, [Name], I'm so happy I caught you before the meeting," he told you as he approached you. You raised an eyebrow at that, before your eyes glossed over to the thick stack of manila folders that were under his arm, which contained all of the missions. "I need you to pick something up for me right now." Your eyes snapped back to your husband, looking rather surprised.


"Wait, now?" you questioned, "Aren't we about to have a meeting?" Izuku smiled his wobbly smile, eyes looking away for a second.


"Yes, but this is kind of important," he explained, "Mostly because, it's always good to have someone out on a patrol as well, and since pretty much all of our sidekicks will be at the meeting, I think this is a good way to kill two birds with one stone." You put a hand on your hip, raising an eyebrow.


"So tell one of our sidekicks to do it," you merely said.


"That would be unethical, [Name]!" Izuku quickly responded. You let out a sigh, rubbing at the inner corners of your eyes as you thought. He wasn't untrue with the fact that it was good to have someone out and about at all times. This was the agency of the number one hero that brought peace in everyone's hearts, but why you? What did your husband want you to do?


"What is it that you need then, Izuku?" you asked. When you noticed his face turned a bit nervous, you realized that whatever it was would probably annoy you a bit.


"Do you remember how I brought my sport coat to the dry cleaners after Kaminari spilled liquor on it during All Might's party?" he asked. You rolled your eyes, tapping your foot against the ground. No wonder he said it would be unethical to make the sidekicks do it. This was assistant work, and neither you nor Izuku had or needed assistants.




"[Name], it's important to be on time for these things. Besides, you actually already have a mission you need to take care of, remember?" he pointed out, "It would be a help to have you on patrol as well." You bit your lip. He was right. You did have that mission where you had to investigate the recent use of drugs in the city. You had been putting it off since you couldn't get far with it. You should scold yourself for not being a good enough hero and having this already taken care of. Maybe you were just rationalizing the fact that you were going to go pick up Izuku's dry cleaning, but you didn't want to think of that. He was still right.


"Fine," you sighed, "I'll go." Izuku smiled down at you.


"Thank you," he said, before leaning down and kissing your forehead, "It'll put me at ease to know that someone from our agency is out there." You flushed a bit and nodded.


So, you accepted your husband's task, and by the time you got back to the agency, the meeting was, of course, over with. You had expected that when you set off to the dry cleaners. Nothing happened on your little patrol either. Things were peaceful and calm, making you feel a bit as if you wasted time. Any extra time you had should be spent on the mission you had already received. It was just so annoying, though, since you hadn't seen any action in ages and you really wanted to. Perhaps you shouldn't complain, though. "Ah, [Name]!" Coming out from the elevator and into the first floor was Takamana. She had a manila folder in her hand, which made you feel a tinge bit envious, "Where were you?"


"I was out doing a patrol since everyone was at the meeting," you explained. You couldn't let the one person that you knew thought highly of you know that you really just went to get your husband's dry cleaning (which you put in your work bag), "You know, it's important to at least have one person out."


"I'm sure if it was us sidekicks, we'd need more than one person," Takamana smiled, "But knowing you, you were all that's needed." The second you could give this girl a raise, you would. "Anyway, I'm off to complete this mission! Apparently there's a villain who has been stealing from several establishments, and we got a lead on where he lives. So, see you."


"Oh, Takamana, wait!" you quickly said, causing the girl to stop in her tracks and look at you curiously, "Have all of the mission been given out?" There was still a slight chance, even though you knew the answer.


"They have," Takamana nodded, "But when I asked Deku earlier about what mission you were going to do, he told me you had the task of figuring out why more drugs are getting into the city, and putting a stop to it. If he left that up to you, then it must be complicated! Not saying you can't do more than one mission, but you should just focus on that. Anyway, I must be off."


"Okay...," you simply said as you watched her walk away. Could you really complete this mission? The more you thought about it, the harder it seemed. At least this day made you realize that you actually did have an important mission to work on. With that in mind, you headed back up to your office to do your work.




Earlier that day and across town, Bakugo was in his office filling out his paperwork. He thought on all of the missions that he had recently taken on and how he needed to get them done. It shouldn't be too hard for him, and once he was done it would bring him closer to knocking Deku out of the number one spot. Sure Deku had One for All, but that meant nothing to Bakugo. The distance between them wasn't incredibly large, but there were some things that Deku did that Bakugo just wouldn't do that put him over the top. One, Deku had a really good agency with good employees that made things run incredibly smooth. Bakugo on the other hand wasn't really a people person, so he didn't have a big staff. In fact, he hated the hiring process and thought it was stupid. Second, Deku had a good presence in the media. People loved him, while Bakugo could be rather short with them. And third, he had you. It might seem strange, but it was simple. The fact that Deku shared his agency with his wife was something that civilians loved and probably thought was cute. In turn more people would probably pick Deku's agency to solve things for them. Nevertheless, none of that mattered to Bakugo, who was going to try to beat Deku out anyway.


As Bakugo was filling out his paperwork, there was a knock at his door. "Come in," he merely said as he kept his focus on the papers in front of him. Opening the door and walking into the office, was a tall guy with blue hair of different light and dark shades who had dark eyes. He was Bakugo's new sidekick. The Midoriyas weren't the only ones who delayed hiring new sidekicks. Though unlike you, Bakugo had just put the whole thing off simply because it was the last thing on his mind. "Oh, you ready, Yamoto?" Bakugo had told his new sidekick that he would take him on patrol with him that day after he got settled in.


"Yep! I'm all set!" Yamoto smiled. Bakugo inwardly groaned. He hadn't conducted an interview, so he didn't know what to make of it when he found out that his new sidekick had a loud and outgoing personality. Though Bakugo assumed that as long as he didn't have to deal with it too much, it would be fine. The few sidekicks that Bakugo had usually did their own thing, and after Yamoto was shown the ropes, Bakugo hoped the same for him. "So, where are we going to do our patrol, Ground Zero?" Bakugo stood up from behind his desk and walked towards the door.


"Just shut up and follow me," Bakugo grumbled as he walked out the door. He passed by his two secretaries, who didn't say a word. They usually didn't talk to anyone but each other, which was why Bakugo hired them in the first place. Quiet and efficient was just perfect for someone like him. Bakugo led the way out of his agency, walking down the street to start his patrol, "Things are usually pretty quiet around here, so don't expect to see much."


"Gotcha," Yamoto nodded, looking around the area. Some civilians were watching from afar and waving silently. It was no secret that Bakugo didn't do so well with the public, so most civilians didn't approach him. Even though people were aware of his less than stellar personality, they still knew that Bakugo was good at what he did and did not have any bad intentions. So, they still waved at him and felt a sense of security in their hearts when he passed by. "Oh! What if a villain does turn up?"


"Then we fight it," Bakugo said with a roll of his eyes.


"I see...But, is there a certain protocol that goes into this? I wouldn't want to go after someone who really isn't making any trouble," Yamoto pointed out. Bakugo let out a sigh. Oh, how he wished he had someone that could take care of tasks such as hiring and dealing with new employees. Maybe he should get on getting someone to do that job, because he had no patience for answering questions. Nevertheless, he knew that he had to answer Yamoto, even though he thought it was a question that didn't deserve a response.


"Y-" Stopping mid-sentence, Bakugo stared at a sight that completely took his attention. A noticeable scowl then crept onto his face. He was angered by this. By the sight of seeing you in your hero uniform leaving a dry-cleaning place. Why were you doing that instead of doing the duties of a hero, like you should be doing? But, he already knew the answer, and it pissed him off to no end. You weren't being used to your full potential, and Bakugo hated that. Ever since the two of you were younger, he always thought you had an interesting quirk. The only problem was that you were often spacey when it came to heroics among other things, so he knew that you'd probably never consider it as such. Back then, Bakugo figured that if your quirk ever became much stronger, he would want to fight you. Now that you were older and actually heroes, he saw as you being a waste in that role.




Back in high school, Bakugo thought you were a total dumb-ass, and when you would come to hang out with him and the others he felt like you were just one more annoyance to the group that liked to force their time on him. Kirishima, Mina, Sero, and Kaminari loved hanging out with you, however, so they would always invite you to go to places with them. And while Bakugo intially had no idea why they were interested in you, he ended up forgetting that he ever wondered that in the first place. You didn't care how others perceived you. You were carefree, but when you truly felt strongly about something you could be rather intense. You were also pretty funny and easy on the eyes. Bakugo wouldn't call it crush, but he couldn't stop his heart from thumping every time you got really close to him or when you made those cute stupid little faces. He remembered your face when you came to school one time really tired. Your hair was a mess, and you were constantly yawning. It was too adorable for Bakugo to look at. Oh, how he hated you. Oh, how he liked you.


He remembered the day he found out what your quirk was. Mina had offered you a piece of mochi, which you lazily used your quirk to pull it towards yourself. Bakugo had raised an eyebrow when he saw you doing that, asking, "Your quirk allows you to pull things towards you?" You had looked at him curiously, but you nodded.


"Yeah. That and push things away!" you smiled. Bakugo then looked at you in utter disbelief, causing the others around you to look at him confused.


"So...You can pull things towards yourself, but you weren't on top at the cavalry battle during the Sport's Festival?" he questioned. After he said that, Kirishima and Sero finally got it, before turning their stares onto you. You raised an eyebrow, tilting your head.


"Yeah, I wasn't," you merely shrugged. Mina and Kaminari looked just as lost as you were, and Bakugo, Kirishima, and Sero continued to stare at you. You looked around, before trying to think about what the pull part of your quirk and the cavalry battle had to do with each other. When it finally hit you just said, "...Oh..." And that was it. Though your face did look a bit thoughtful.


"Ditz-face," Bakugo said with a shake of his head.




Bakugo couldn't help but to wonder what it would have been like had your mind been more focused on the game. Would you have been able to participate during the one on one battles? And if you had, would you have been a strong opponent? He knew for a fact that now, you were quite knowledgeable. Very smart even, though you did have your moments. He wondered what got you there? He kind of doubted that it was Deku, or rather he would be annoyed to find that to be the answer. But what if it was? Maybe you had been influenced by those around you. Bakugo did wonder how you would be if you and him had gotten closer. There was no chance for finding that out now, though, since you became so awkward when you were around him. He still couldn't believe you weren't over that. It was so stupid, but perhaps there was a reason you acted so weird around him in relation to what happened. Maybe if he would have acted differently afterwards if he knew what it was.




Class A and Class B were having a joint training exercise. It wasn't something that was rare, but it didn't happen too often, so it wasn't as if the classes got to see each other using their quirks first hand that much. The training exercise was a simple hostage-situation type, and you had been chosen to be the hostage while Todoroki and Bakugo were going to save you from Kendo and Monoma. You were a bit confused since you figured that your own classmates would be saving you, but apparently due to the slight rivalry that the two classes had the teachers thought it would be best to diffuse the negative part of that by still have you guys fight one another, but also saving one another. So, Kendo and Monoma had to save Tsuyu.


"I'm bored," you whined as you sat tied up on a chair in what was supposed to be a replica of an abandoned building. Monoma was guarding you, waiting for whoever would come to save you. You had kind of wished that Kendo would have taken that role, but Monoma could be interesting in his own way. He could also be annoying, though.


"You're not doing well at your hostage role," Monoma scolded you with a smirk, "Is it because Class A affected you this much with their stupidity? How scary." You let out a sigh and lulled your head back a bit. This was why you rather hang with Kendo.


"Hostages can be bored, too...," you muttered.


"Shh!" Monoma shushed you as the sound of explosions could be heard in the distance. As they grew closer, the building began to shake, cracking a bit as pieces of the ceiling fell down. It had to have been Bakugo who was coming to save you. Todoroki didn't make explosions. Or did he? As you wondered about the half-hot part of his quirk, the door was exploded, more of the building cracking. "Haha! As I expected! It would be you that would come!"


"Just because you expect it doesn't mean you can do anything about it!" Bakugo called. You just watched as the two began to fight. Bakugo was firing his explosions at Monoma, who had copied your quirk and was pushing them back. He used the pull part of your quirk, to pull the pieces of fallen building at Bakugo from behind him, and honestly, you had never even thought of using it that way. You watched, noticing that Bakugo was now getting closer to you. You wondered if he had been enacting any sort of plan, but you couldn't be so sure, and Bakugo knew that.


Bakugo had been focusing on attacking Monoma while moving closer to you. He planned on grabbing you and then jumping out the window, but only after he left Monoma unconscious. What he hadn't thought about was Monoma obtaining his quirk and using it, which he ended up getting by pulling Bakugo to him and smacking him. Monoma jumped back, and the two began going at it both using Bakugo's explosion quirk. Bakugo would be lying if he had said that Monoma getting his quirk didn't piss him off or not add any fuel to his fire. It caused him to let off even bigger explosions, and before he knew it the building began collapsing. "Someone untie me!" you called as the walls and ceilings started to crumble in on themselves. Even if Bakugo wanted to, which he did, he barely had time to react as he felt the floor caving in, affectedly causing all of you to fall through it.


Everything around Bakugo was dark. His first instinct was to blow away all the debris that was around him to escape, but to no avail it didn't work. Bakugo growled in annoyance, trying again. When that didn't work, he reached forward to feel how hard the material around him was and rather what it was. It felt like a hard and thick stone. Bakugo rubbed at his eyes in agitation as he thought about how to get free. It was only when he heard a soft groaning sound did he realize that he wasn't alone. Using his quirk to generate light, he looked around until he saw the source of the sound. It was you, and you had some rubble on you. It wasn't anything to draw concerns. Just some pebbles. You dusted yourself off, sitting up while rubbing at your head. "You okay?" Bakugo asked. You nodded. Bakugo noticed that your hands were free. You probably found a way to slip out of the robe.


"Y-Yeah," you said, while you looked around as if contemplating the situation. Bakugo knew you well enough to know that you weren't doing that. "Monoma!" you called. To be honest, Bakugo had almost forgot that that annoyance even existed. "Monoma!"


"Out here!" came Monoma's voice, "I'm gonna get some help. You two stay put! By the way, of course I'd be the one to make it out, haha!" Bakugo growled and rolled his eyes at the tease. The other blonde certainly knew how to be aggravating. Deciding to not worry about it, though, Bakugo turned to face you.


"Looks like we have to wait for that idiot to-" He stopped mid-sentence once he noticed that you had your knees to your chest, shaking a bit. You looked around at the area, face rather frightened. Everything would be alright, so why were you so scared? Usually, Bakugo would roll his eyes and ignore whoever he was with, but you just looked so cute. He felt his heart thumping in his chest. He wanted to ignore it. Clearing his throat he asked, "What's up with you?" As your eyes snapped onto him, he could see tears forming in them. He wondered if you were afraid of the dark, so he shown his light a little brighter.


"I...I-I don't want to die like this," you said. Bakugo was starting to remember that you weren't the brightest bulb there was. Though he was sure your fear was clouding what little judgement you had. Bakugo walked closer to you, sitting down right next to you.


"We aren't going to die," he calmly said, "Just relax." Telling someone to relax usually had the opposite affect, which Bakugo seemed to forget.


"But what if we do?!" you questioned, "I-I...T-There's so much I never got to do! So, many life experiences!" Bakugo debated asking you how hard you hit your head. He'd be lying if he said he didn't think you being scared like that wasn't cute. He flushed a bit, looking away from you while he wondered why he couldn't just yell at you to 'shut the hell up'. It was never hard to be rude to you, especially when the others were around, but now...being alone with you...things felt different.


"And you'll get to do them, just calm the hell down," Bakugo sighed. You didn't relent though, as you shook more, hugging your knees to your chest.


"I won't get to graduate, or form my own agency! I also won't get to climb Mount Fuji!" you practically cried. Though he thought your current delirium was uncalled for, the last thing you said had intrigued Bakugo. He really liked mountain climbing, and it would be cool if you also were into it.


"You wanna climb Mount Fuji?" he asked. He had already done so before, after all. You shrugged, though, making Bakugo feel as if it had been too good to be true.


"I just really w-wanted to climb a mountain and look out at the view, y-you know? It doesn't have to be Mount Fuji," you told him. Bakugo bit his lip, staring at your sweet panicked face. He hated you, but he liked you. You were just so annoying and stupid, but you were also so sweet and passionate. Seeing that you might possibly have something in common just drove him to wanting to get to know you better.


"Anything else you have on that list?" Bakugo asked. You raised an eyebrow at him. You did seem a bit calmer, so Bakugo assumed that talking was probably helping you calm down.


"W-Well...I really want to try baking...I also wanted to see how strong I could make my quirk," you admitted. You rubbed the tears away from your eyes, shaking completely stopping by now. Bakugo couldn't help but to wonder what you were thinking at the moment.


"And?" he pushed. He didn't know what possessed him to do this, but he reached out a put a hand on your shoulder. He could have sworn he saw your cheeks getting a bit red, but that could have just been wishful thinking. You turned to look at him.


"I...I'll never get to experience love or even my first kiss...," you softly said. Your eyes then trailed down, "I know it's cliche...especially for a girl, but it's how I feel." Bakugo could feel his heart thumping loudly in his chest at your words. He bit his lip as he stared at your face. It was right there. Right next to him. And your lips looked so sweet. Bakugo let out a breath of air to calm himself as he looked away from you. Things were now quiet, as you had seemed to calm down enough, and he was battling his inner thoughts. He couldn't just-


"Oh, fuck it," Bakugo growled, before extinguishing the light in his palm and using that hand to pull your face towards him as he crashed his lips into yours. His other hand remained on your shoulder and pulled you closer to him. Your lips were stiff against his, but soon enough he felt them moving against his own. Once he was given that permission, Bakugo deepened his kiss with you, slipping his tongue into your mouth. He could feel your body shivering and a muffled moan sounded from your mouth. Bakugo hummed in approval. He would have wrapped his arms around you had it not been for the gauntlets that were still on his arms. Catching his breath, Bakugo pulled away from the kiss. You also seemed pretty breathless, and knowing you, you were probably also pretty flushed. Once you regained your composure, however, Bakugo noticed you leaning back into him, but before your lips could connect, the sound of rocks moving could be heard. Light started to fill up the area as the rocks were floating up.


"There they are!" Vlad King said. He, Monoma, Aizawa, and Uraraka were all there. Uraraka was using her quirk to move all of the heavy building materials and rocks. "You two okay?!" Bakugo turned to look at you to see your eyes a bit wide and your face incredibly red. You then slowly turned to look at him saying,


"Looks like you were right...We didn't die."


After that day was when it started. Bakugo noticed that you hung out with him, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, and Mina less. And when you did hang out with them, you hardly even looked at him. When you spoke with Bakugo it was also just really awkward, and what you would say would usually have even less substance if that was somehow possible. Bakugo wished he could talk about that incident and see you how you felt about it, but to him it seemed like you wanted to forget it altogether. It was just so weird, and he didn't know how to bring it up. He also knew that it would be stupid of him to talk about it with the others since he was sure they would only make it worse. So, nothing came of that moment during the training exercise, and before Bakugo could even decide to try to talk to you about it alone, you were dating Deku.


Bakugo was able to get over you easily. Mostly because he had fought his crush on you all along, and you getting with Deku more than helped him to not see you in that way. He always knew that you were friendly towards the freckled faced man, but he never thought in a million years that Deku would work up the courage to even allow himself to have a crush on you. And while you and Deku being together didn't really piss him off as it helped him to get over you, what did piss him off was Deku not helping you to see your full potential. If anything, Bakugo thought Deku was holding you back.




"...Zero...? Ground Zero?!" Bakugo snapped out of his thoughts as Yamoto had gotten his attention. He quickly looked at his new sidekick, an agitated look was currently on his face, but it wasn't like that wasn't anything less than normal.


"What?" Bakugo asked.


"You didn't answer my question," Yamoto pointed out. Bakugo rolled his eyes. He honestly had half a mind to hire someone to take care of such things. He supposed he could leave it to his other sidekicks, but he really didn't have many, and they were usually always out on missions. Thinking of missions, did you even get to do those anymore? Bakugo was really starting to have enough of Deku's shit, and the way he was treating you.




Hours later and you were in your office doing your paperwork. You were currently taking a break from filling out your husband's mission reports and was now looking over requests that some of the departments had made. The Support Department had requested more funds for more projects, which you allowed being as they truly were good at their work and used the money for nothing but useful things. Merchandising wanted an 'okay' to go through with their plans for a Deku calendar. Now, personally, you didn't mind it not one bit. It was just that you knew your husband and how anxious he could get. They wouldn't be able to get him to properly pose for something like that without looking stiff. He also probably didn't have time to do such things. Merchandising's best bet would be to use stills from the footage of him fighting villains. You let out a sigh as you compiled all of that into an email for them and more. Honestly, you thought your husband would look good on a calendar. The next request was from the cafe, asking to add to their menu. You wondered why they sent you such a request, since really you had little to do with that place, but you sent them an 'okay' anyway.


Leaning back in your seat, you looked at the clock on your computer. You noticed how it was much later than you hoped. Your gaze then turned to the paperwork that you weren't done with yet. You were going to have to leave to take care of everything at home sooner than you wanted. Even though you would have preferred finishing everything up and going home, you were used to your routine. You would just do as much as you could before leaving.


You turned to face your desk, grabbing the next report that you needed to fill out off of the stack. You grabbed a pen and started back up again with the paperwork. At least you only had one stack left to worry about, but you doubted that you would finish it before you left. As you were starting to get into the mood of filling out the papers, your office phone rang. You reached out for it with one hand while your other was still working on the report in front of you, "[Name]," you answered informally.


"Hey, it's me," Sojiro's voice sounded, "Ground Zero has requested an appointment with you at his agency in thirty minutes." Your pen slipped out of your hand.


Chapter Text

You were never in this position before. Which, 'this position', was sitting across from Bakugo, who sat at his desk. You hadn't ever been in his office, and the only time you had ever gone in his agency was when you went there with someone else. For instance, you recalled a time when you were with Kirishima, and he needed to drop some papers off. So, you followed him to Bakugo's agency, and once he handed the papers to the receptionist, you both went on your way. It wasn't like you were trying to avoid Bakugo, but in a way, you were. You just felt so weird and awkward around him. Like you couldn't talk to him unless you were to make a fool out of yourself. And just thinking about him led to some uncomfortable memories. So, you usually did over all avoid him. Not to be rude, but rather to be safe, and you felt as if he probably didn't want to deal with you either. He even looked incredibly annoyed now. So, why did he call you to his office?


You thought back on how you even got to where you were at the moment. When you arrived, you tried to talk to Bakugo's secretaries. They were obviously twins with long dark hair and eyes with pale skin, and when you tried to talk to them, they just ignored you and spoke with each other. 'Does Ground Zero have an appointment today, Molly?' one of them asked the other, who shrugged.


'I'm not exactly sure,' she admitted, 'But, Holly, I do think we would have put it on his schedule if he did'. And that was that. They had effectively shut you out. Now, you knew how hiring went, and you knew that if you wanted to keep an agency from having too many people popping inside of it here and there, you would hire people like Holly and Molly. That had to have been Bakugo's thought process when he chose them. They barely even looked at you, after all, and just went about their work.


'Umm...excuse me?' you had said. You still hadn't been sure why you were even there.


'Don't take it to heart.' Hearing a new voice, you turned to see someone who you knew to be Bakugo's new sidekick, Hajime Yamoto. You only knew who he was and his name because your husband had his ears open when other agencies added sidekicks, and it wasn't in a competitive way. He just really likes heroes. 'You must be here to see Ground Zero, Viridian.' Yamoto smiled. You quickly nodded.


'Yeah, I am...I kind of don't know where his office is at the moment,' you admitted. Yamoto seemed rather full of life, you couldn't help but to think. What was a guy like this doing with Bakugo? If you were petty and rude, you'd have a half a mind to offer a better deal in pay and try to win Yamoto over. His personality would be a good fit for your agency, and he seemed to know who you were, which was a plus.


'Don't worry!' Yamoto chuckled, 'I'll show you'.


As you thought back on that moment, you kind of did consider offering Yamoto a job. You needed to hire more sidekicks to be honest. He probably would reject it, though. People who work for top ten heroes usually really wanted to work for the hero they chose. Snapping out of your thoughts, you turned your attention back on the man in front of you who had yet to say a word. Was he using the tactic of declining to speak first? No, Bakugo wasn't like that. He was probably just thinking if anything. When you first walked in, he just told you to 'sit', and that was all that had happened thus far.


The silence was starting to get to you, however, and even if Bakugo was still wondering what he wanted to say, you could at least try to initiate small talk so that things would be less awkward. Hopefully less awkward....You really hoped you didn't make things awkward! "So...Bakug-"


"[Name], why the fuck are you worried about something that happened back in high school?" you were sternly asked. Your eyes widened as you heard the question. For one, he didn't refer to you as 'Midoriya' like he usually did, and two, he was bringing that up?! When you both had kissed back in high school. Your face flushed, and you looked away. It had ruined your friendship with him, well, if you could even call it a friendship. Back then, you had wanted to get closer to Bakugo. You didn't have any other feelings than that. They weren't romantic and they weren't purely friendship, it was just wanting to reach out and be closer to another human being. Sort of like how you were with Midoriya. You saw someone that you found interesting and thought could use someone else, and at that time when he kissed you, you had at first thought it was his way of reaching out. Maybe you thought he even liked you, but afterwards you remembered your words of wanting a first kiss and figured he was just taking pity on you. You couldn't understand how he felt about it, so you didn't know. You began to avoid him, and soon enough you favored that rather than making an idiot of yourself like you always used to do.


"I-It's because....," you started, "I can't tell what you're thinking...I really didn't mean to offend you." You looked down. You honestly didn't think he'd take notice of the way you acted around him, and you also thought the feeling had been mutual. Bakugo didn't seem like the type of guy to lay his feelings out on the table.


"Hmph, it wasn't offensive," Bakugo scoffed, "And the only thing I think is that you're being stupid and wasting yourself." You bit your lip, gaze remaining on your lap.


"I'm sorry," you apologized.

"Not about the kiss, ditz-face" you could hear annoyance in his voice as he said that, but his words did cause you to look up. Bakugo rolled his eyes, "Kissing isn't a big deal. If you weren't married to fucking Deku, I could kiss you right now without feeling anything. It's something we should have been able to talk about." You were honestly very shocked to hear those words coming out of his mouth. He didn't care about what happened? You never blamed Bakugo for how you had felt towards him, but you did always wonder how he felt. If it wasn't about that, though, then what was he talking about?


"What do you mean?" you asked.


"You're wasting yourself by being stuck in your agency all day when you could be out there fighting villains," Bakugo explained. He leaned back in his seat and crossed his arms. You raised an eyebrow. You didn't think he had been that observant of you, but then again everyone within a thousand mile radius seemed to know that you barely went on patrol, so there was that. "I saw you leaving a dry-cleaning place earlier today. Why the hell were you even doing that?" So that's what it was. Did he really call you all the way out to his agency for that?


"Picking up clothes," you said with a raise of an eyebrow, "I was also out on patrol and just so happened to need to get that done." Sure that was a bit of a fib, but you thought that Bakugo had no idea what he was talking about. Of course, you did want to hero more and fight villains, but it wasn't like you could do that so easily. After all, someone needed to do all of the paperwork and tend to the different departments, and your husband wasn't that good at it.


"Really?" Bakugo asked as if he didn't believe you, "Because I was at All Might's party and saw Kaminari spill alcohol on Deku's coat. You're saying that your fucking husband didn't have anything to do with this?" You crossed your arms.


"For your information, Izuku asked me to go on a patrol for him," you explained, "So, I was heroing!" You were getting a bit annoyed with this, but you weren't so surprised. This was Bakugo after all, and he loved to be rude to others from what you knew.


"[Name], you barely leave your agency. You mean to tell me that the one time that you decide to do a fucking patrol involved you also picking up dry cleaning?" Bakugo questioned, "Which you sure as hell went out of your way to do a thorough search since you were on my side of town." Your face flushed due to both anger and embarrassment.


"Yes!" you angrily said. Bakugo rolled his eyes. What was with him?!


"Look, I know you're trying to justify things, but you know I'm right, [Name]," he said. You opened your mouth to say something, but Bakugo continued, "You know I was in a meeting with Deku, half-and-half, four-eyes, and dunce-face last week?" You raised an eyebrow at that, going to try to get a word in again, but Bakugo kept talking, "You know how many joint missions we all do? Missions that you would be extremely helpful in? There was a hostage situation about five days ago, and Deku called Uravity for back-up, probably knowing you could have pushed the attacker through the fucking wall and pulled the hostages to safety. Do you know about this shit?" You were speechless, and your mind couldn't help but to search for reasons. Of course Izuku would have meetings with other heroes, and you were probably busy anyway. Uraraka was likely very helpful, "You know two nights ago, there was a prison escape, which Deku helped solve. It happened so late at night that many people were asleep and had to be woken up. I was the first one called since I was still at my agency and when asked who would be the best people to help, you were one of the people I named." Of course Izuku would be out there helping with other heroes, it wasn't a big deal. It was just what heroes did. They helped each other, "When Deku showed up without you, who would probably have been a big help pulling the prisoners back if they manged to get too far away, he said that he didn't want to wake you up. You, a hero that should be trained for this." Wait, you were a hero...


As Bakugo went on, naming different incidents that happened and such, you thought back on all of the things you did for your husband. You did his hero reports, managed his schedule, made appointments for him, took care of his costume when it got dirty and needed to be brought to the support department, you sent out emails for him, and you even went home early so that everything there would be ready by the time he got home. You did all of that as if you were his personal assistant, not a fellow hero. Heroes were supposed to throw caution and personal life to the wind. They were supposed to be there at the scene of the crime always, and constantly be looking for ways to make the world more peaceful. But there you were, doing your husband's grunt work and making sure you made it home in time to make dinner. You weren't hero anymore. Not even close. And the worse thing was that the person who loved heroes the most, probably didn't see you as one anymore. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you chose to get married as well as worry about hero duties. There were so many risks involved, but you didn't care. You loved Izuku and wanted to be with him forever, so you were okay with making sacrifices, and since he was the number one hero now, you knew that you would have to give in more. How much was he going to take, though?


You put a hand on your stomach and caved in on yourself a bit. After hearing all of this, you felt like you were going to be sick, or at least that was what you figured. Noticing your body-language, Bakugo let out a sigh, "Deku probably isn't doing all of this to be malicious," he said, "I'm more than sure he isn't trying to hurt you. That loser probably counts his blessings every day for bagging a woman like you, so I doubt he'd do anything to mess it up." You looked at Bakugo.


"I's just a lot to think about and take in right now," you admitted, "I-I...I mean..." You bit your lip. You didn't know what to say.


"I'm sure he's just being too overprotective," Bakugo pointed out, "He's the type of idiot that would go out of their way to protect another person even if they aren't in any real danger. The only problem is that since he sees you every day, he probably thinks up new ways you could possibly get hurt. That's just my take on it." Bakugo then shrugged, "And I'm sure having strong feelings about another person makes you do stupid things." You let out a breath of air, trying to calm yourself. This was going to take a lot of thinking, but for now you felt as if you just wanted some direction.


"So...what do think I should do?" you asked. You didn't realize how you could have missed any of this, perhaps you just didn't want to see it. Izuku had always been loving and sweet. He was protective and usually deferred to you to help him make decisions, but what you hadn't realized was that he could love you more than anything in the world and end up expressing that love in a way that was unhealthy. You were his first after all...and vice versa. Bakugo looked at you with a soft yet stern expression. It looked as if he did have a solution, but you didn't know exactly what he was thinking.


"I'm being a bit selfish here and am probably taking advantage of your situation, but," Bakugo let out a breath of air, "But, I want you to work with me." You were rather taken back by his offer and felt so unprepared for this. Now your mind was starting to wonder if Bakugo had this up his sleeve all along when he told you about Izuku, knew Bakugo. He wouldn't do that, even if you highly wanted it to be that way, "Deku does owe some of his success to your managing skills, but I wouldn't make you do everything. I'd just want you to take over the hiring process and dealing with employees. And if you do agree, I'll let you do whatever missions you want." Your mind was all over the place now. You had to sit down and truly think about your hero life with your husband, and now Bakugo sprung this possibility onto you. You bit your lip. You didn't know if you could add on something else at the moment. Switching agencies would be a big deal. You let out a breath of air, trying to calm yourself. You stood up slowly, catching Bakugo's attention.


"I'll think about it," you merely said, "Thank you." As you headed for the door, Bakugo called out to you.


"Hey, idiot from class B," he said, using another one of his old nicknames for you. You turned back to look at him, "Don't forget like you usually do." In this tense and confusing moment, you couldn't help but to smile. You nodded before disappearing out of his office door.


Chapter Text

Your mind was so cluttered after what had just happened that you went straight home after your meeting with Bakugo. You were glad that you had your work bag with you, but you were pretty sure that you had left the light in your office on. There was no time to care or even think about that now. Your mind was just overflowing with thoughts and trying to rationalize everything that Bakugo had just told you. And while you wanted to go over every piece of information, every word he said, every sound he made, your mind just went to 'He's right'. Bakugo was right. You were being wasted! It had been ages since you last fought a villain, and apparently there had been so many chances where you could have done so, but instead you were either stuck in your office doing Izuku's paperwork or apparently sleeping. Why? Why did you not allow yourself to do the things you wanted? You were a boss weren't you? How did you allow yourself to agree to everything Izuku told you to do and to convince you not to do the things you wanted to? Why couldn't you just tell him 'no?' 'No' is a sentence all on it's own. It doesn't need an explanation. It doesn't need anything else. It's just 'No!' And people, your husband, would have to respect that.


Currently, you were sitting at your kitchen table, face buried in your hands as you thought about everything. You hadn't changed into any lounge-wear nor did you start making dinner. Those things just weren't on your mind. You were still trying to make sense of everything. You were pretty into your current role, so how were you going to take control of your life? Would it really be so easy to do the things you wanted? Someone had to manage the agency, and could Izuku even do his own paperwork and still have time to save the world? Honestly, you shouldn't even be worried about that since apparently he's been doing missions without you. And what else? Sadly, the more you considered everything, the more thoughts took up space in your mind, which started to cloud all of the details and the underlying message of things. What was it that Bakugo told you to do? Oh, he asked you to join his agency as a solution. Could you really do that, though? Changing agencies was a big deal, especially since Izuku and Bakugo were the top two heroes, and you were married to Izuku. You would also be abandoning the people of your agency. But, as Bakugo said, you'd get to do the missions you wanted to do.


If not that, perhaps there's another way. Maybe you could start to truly take charge at your current agency. Izuku couldn't force you to do anything you didn't want to do. That was what you felt like you needed to remember. Although you wanted to help him succeed, you needed to realize that he's already succeeded. You had to talk to him. You just had to. It was the only way that things could be cleared up, and while you were upset, you were going to try to be calm about things. You were still pretty shocked, though, that he was hiding things from you.


You weren't at all sure about how long you had been sitting in the kitchen like that, but once you heard the sound of a door opening and closing, you looked up. You were snapped from your thoughts and brought back to reality. You quickly looked to find a clock, but your attention was taken when you heard, "[Name]!" You were a bit reluctant, but you called back.


"I-In the kitchen!" You had to tell Izuku. You had to talk to him about this and find out the truth, and some part of you wanted this all to be lie or for Izuku to have a really good reason for excluding you from things purposefully.


As your husband walked into the kitchen, he was holding a white box that looked as if it came from a bakery. He had on a soft and cute expression that soon turned curious. You assumed he was wondering why you were just sitting there like that. "Hey, [Name], are you okay?" Izuku asked as he walked over and set the box down on the table. He reached out and placed a hand on your forehead, "You're not still sick are you?" You couldn't help but to flush a bit at his concern and how close his face was to yours. He was always so worried about you and trying to make things as good for you as he possibly could. You mind flashed back to your thoughts from before, and you wondered what his concern had to do with him not letting you onto missions.


"A little," you told him, looking away. You glanced at the box that was now in front of you, "What is that?" Izuku smiled before opening it up for you to see it. There were some strawberry shortcakes inside of it that looked very familiar.


"S-Since you said you weren't feeling well, I went to that cafe we went to before and got some strawberry shortcakes since you had liked them," he flushed, "I know I can't cure you, but I hope this helps." You bit your lip as you looked down at the cute cakes. Now you was because Izuku cared about you that he wasn't letting in on missions. And while that thought didn't make you any less determined to change your work-life, it made you question whether you should talk to him about it or not.


"Thank you," you said, biting your lip. You turned your head away, knowing that you would kiss him if you were to look at him. Izuku smiled and sat down across from you, making you realize something, "Oh, shoot, I forgot to make dinner...I'm sorry." Your husband chuckled.


"No problem, we can just order out," he assured, taking his phone out and going to your preferred delivery app, "Anything in particular you want to eat? I don't really have a preference right now." To be honest, with how clouded your mind has been that day, neither did you, so you just shrugged. "Well, since you aren't feeling so good, maybe we should get something soupy. How about Oden? I think that'll be good."


"Oden's fine," you merely agreed, thinking about how you felt. You had mostly been sick in the morning, if you recalled correctly. "I'm not feeling too bad, though, but I am a bit sore now." You rubbed at one of your shoulders.


"Are you?" Izuku asked as he messed with his phone, probably placing the order. He then stood up and walked over to you, removing your hand from your shoulder and lightly massaging the area for you, "Don't worry, I have some icy hot in the medicine cabin if you think that'll help." He leaned down and kissed your cheek, "I'm going to take a shower. Do you need anything before I go?" Why was your husband just so sweet and cute? You weren't sure if you could be mad at him right now...


"No, I'm fine," you assured him. Izuku kissed your cheek again before leaving the kitchen. You let out a sigh, rubbing at the inner corners of your eyes. You had been intent on talking to him about everything before, but now you just weren't so sure. You honestly didn't want to end up fighting over something stupid or getting mad at Izuku for no reason. You remembered how it was during All Might's visit and how petty and rude you were. Izuku hadn't done anything harmful, and you had thought he did. You didn't want that. Izuku was an amazing husband, and you loved him to no end. You couldn't ruin that. Besides, what was the harm in him excluding you from missions you had no relation in? And you doing his paperwork probably has nothing to do with it either. Now your head was starting to hurt. You just weren't even sure if you could think about this anymore. Not properly anyway...


With another sigh, you stood up from your chair and headed upstairs to change into some lounge wear. You would shower in the morning before work, since you kind of felt like just trying to eat and then cuddling up in bed...with Izuku. Your face flushed, and you bit your lip as you thought about snuggling up with your husband. It just sounded so right and tempting, and his current attitude was definitely having an affect on how you were feeling at the moment. You closed your eyes for a second thinking...trying to remember something from your conversation with Bakugo, but all you got was 'But I swear that it's nothing harmful...' Izuku wouldn't do anything to hurt you, right?


You heard the bathroom door moving, making you open your eyes, and as if putting the final stitch on your lips, your husband walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His curly green hair was still wet, and truly it was a sight to see. Izuku flushed up once he noticed that you were in the room. "I-I forgot to grab some clothes," he explained before heading to the closet. You just nodded as you watched him. You didn't want to risk ruining anything again, especially since you were sure that this problem could be fixed if you just simply took charge of your situation. Izuku couldn't stop you from grabbing missions if you wanted them. "You know, honey, if you really aren't feeling well, you should see our agency's doctor tomorrow," Izuku suggested as he changed in the closet.


"Um...I guess I could do that," you shrugged. It wasn't like you saw any harm in it...nor had you seen your agency's doctor in awhile for obvious reasons that you were currently trying to suppress. Izuku came out of the closet fully dressed.


"Good. I hope it isn't anything bad," he said a bit worried, "I'd hate for you to be really sick." Why was he just so sweet?


"I don't think it is," you explained, "Maybe it's something due to stress." You shrugged. You weren't sure of any type of illness that made you feel sick in the mornings, sore, and with a tiny cold. Stress just made the most sense. Izuku smiled softly before walking over to you. He picked you up easily, catching you by surprise, and laid you on the bed, your head being propped up on a pillow. Your eyes widened slightly, but you couldn't help but to let out a giggle as he got on you, laying his head against your stomach. His arms were at your sides, propping himself up a bit so most of his weight wasn't on you. You ran a hand through his wet locks. "Your hair's still wet," you pointed out.


"Are you stressed?" Izuku asked. Honestly, you were, but your husband was making you forget all about it. He was making you think of the easiest way to try to satisfy everything without doing anything that might hurt your relationship. You wanted Izuku to be happy, because you felt like he wanted you to be happy.


"I might be," you decided to say, starting to play with his curls as he looked up at you, chin resting above your abdomen , "You know, if we stay like this when the delivery guy comes, he's gonna hate us."


"Don't worry about that. I'll bring your food to you in bed," Izuku assured with a smile, "I need you to just rest so that you can get better." He kissed your tummy, making you giggle at the ticklish feeling. "Just relax."


"Okay, I'll do that," you mirrored his smile, "But only if you relax with me."




The next day, you and Izuku headed to work at around the same time. That morning had been rather nice with him holding you close and telling you sweet things while he kissed at your neck and ears. You found him to be just so loving overall, which always made your heart melt. At that moment, you had decided that you weren't going to confront him at all but rather just try to take charge of your own life. It wouldn't be so hard, you figured. You would just force yourself to make time for patrol and missions and become as serious as you could when it came to heroing. You might have to skip some breaks at first in order to make sure you could handle all of the paperwork, but you were sure that you would be able to get into the rhythm of things.


Your first opportunity came in the form of overhearing your husband telling the agency's receptionists that another meeting would take place with the sidekicks that day, since he had received more missions. You would make sure to get a hold of those missions before the meeting. You weren't going to let Izuku not show them to you. He just couldn't, and you were sure that if you asked he would. "Izuku?" you questioned, making your husband raise an eyebrow. "There's another meeting today?" He nodded.


"Yeah, but it'll probably be short," he explained before heading to the elevator, "And [Name], don't forget to go to our doctor." You had nearly almost forgot about that. You hadn't felt too terribly that morning, but even with that, you still supposed that getting yourself checked out would be for the best. With that in mind, you decided to head there now, as it was on the first floor.


The doctor didn't have you do much. She just gave you a check up, had you pee in a cup, took a saliva sample and a blood sample, and then she sent you on your way. You didn't think it was anything serious for her to run all of those tests, but you trusted her judgment since she was one of the best doctors in Japan. Since that was said and done with, you decided to head up to your office. You planned on getting some paperwork done, followed by going to choose a mission before the meeting, and then you would do a much needed patrol. Hopefully with that, you would start to get back on track. As you approached your office, you felt a chill. Maybe what was going on with you was that you were in the stages of just getting sick. If that was the case, you would be sure to do all you could to prevent it.


You reached out for your door knob, but as you went to turn it, the door opened. "There you are, [Name]!" Takamana said. You wondered why she was in your office, though you supposed that she was just looking for you. Takamana adjusted her glasses.


"Good morning," you greeted as you walked past her. You put your bag on your front desk before turning to the one adjacent to it and firing up your computer, "Hey, was the light on when you came in here this morning?"


"Uh...I don't think so," Takamana thought aloud, "But Sojiro was here when I came. He left those stacks of paper on your desk...You know, since you love paperwork so much." You glanced over and inwardly groaned as you saw what could only be budget reports and contracts. You flirted with the idea of doing some of your paperwork at home, which was something you never wanted to have to do.


"Of course he did," you sighed as you sat at your desk. You pulled your phone from your bag, before setting it down next to you, "Now, what can I do for you?" Takamana took a seat across from you.


"Well, I finished my mission pretty easily yesterday," she began. You couldn't help but to think that you were right about her being a good fit for your agency, which was actually a big relief. You did make a gamble when it came to her being as the whole thing had been so informal, but she was a good sidekick and person. "And I was wondering about the one you're working on. You know, the one about putting a stop to the influx of drugs coming into the city."


"I'm...I am working on it," you nodded. Honestly, if you were able to solve that, then it most certainly would put you back on track. It was something that you didn't even know where to start, so obviously it was going to take some time and effort. It was apparently a solvable problem from what you knew being as your agency got it as a mission. "Did you have any questions about it?" You hoped dearly that she didn't because you didn't think you'd be able to answer them.


"Actually I-Oops!" Her glasses slipped down from her face and landed on your desk, which was no big deal as you expected her to just pick them up, but that hadn't been the case. Takamana patted around the desk in front of her, her lap, and her lower cheeks trying to find them, "Just one second!" she told you. You had half a mind to just reach over, grab them, and put them on her, but you were well equipped in sexual harassment training. "Ah, there we go." Takamana finally found them and put them back on correctly. She was not lying at all about her snake quirk. She could not see to save her life. "Anyway, I was asking because I want in on this mission. You spoke about it before with me, so I'm asking you if I can help. I really want to work with you, [Name]." You felt really reassured when you heard her say that. You could do this. You could be a proper hero. And you could do so without confronting your husband.


"Okay," you agreed, "I'll have to make some plans to get this properly started, but I'll include you in them."


"Thank you!" Takamana seemed really excited about this, and it was kind of making you excited, too.


"Is that all you needed?" you asked her.


"Mhmm! See you later." You watched as she walked out of your office, closing the door behind herself, before you turned to face your computer. You'd have to handle the paperwork soon, but first you wanted to check your email just in case any of the departments needed anything or sent any replies following up on your approvals from yesterday. Other than all of the status report emails, you had two that stood out. One was from merchandising asking you to please convince Deku to pose for pictures. They obviously hadn't paid proper attention to what you had sent them. The second was from the Support Department, reminding everyone about costume maintenance. That sparked up an idea into your head. "A costume!" you thought allowed. You could ask them to make you another costume with helpful support items. You hadn't really thought about what you might need in terms of that. Mae always had a good handle on such things, so you could always discuss it with her. After all, they were being paid for it.


You looked at your paperwork before turning your gaze back to the email. It wouldn't be so bad if you just left to talk with Mae and then focused on your paperwork. If you were quick about it, then it wouldn't hurt your plans. You were sure that you would be back before you knew it to get some work done and then grab a mission before the meeting. After you had convinced yourself that this would be fine, you stood up from your chair and headed to the elevator, getting into it. You hoped that Mae wasn't busy with anything, but if she was taking her break then she surely would favor helping you out. As the elevator opened up, you were met with the busy and slightly noisy area. Technicians were running around, working on items, and you even heard an explosive sound, but you just weren't going to investigate that. You stepped out into the department, trying to avoid being in people's way. You were at the hard part, and it was finding out where Mae exactly was. You highly doubted that she would be sitting at her desk. The only thing the desks were good for in the Support Department was to hold the computers.


You checked the sewing room first before looking into the testing room followed by the main supply closet. The floor was just much too big for you to do all of this searching on your own. Maybe you should have just called her. Too late for that now since you left your phone in your office. While you had debated whether or not you should head back up and get it, you heard some rummaging in a room nearby you. Usually you wouldn't care since, honestly, whatever the support department did to help their creative process worked, but this room you knew to be the break-room. So, hopefully it was safe. As you walked inside, you let out a sigh of relief because your search was now over, however... "Mae....what....what are you doing?" you asked the short woman who had the back part of the vending machine open and was messing around inside of it. Mae seemed to tense a bit at your voice, stopping her movements. She slowly turned around before closing the vending machine.


"Nothing at all, [Name]! What do you need?" she asked, smiling brightly. You pointed to the vending machine, feeling confused.


"Were you booby-trapping the vending machine ag-"


"Not at all! Look, let's talk elsewhere!" Mae assured you before, grabbing your arm and pulling you out of the break-room, "Did you get the email about costume maintenance, and that's why you're here?" You decided to just ignore what you had seen and leave it up to the department head.


"Something like that," you said, "I was hoping you could make me a new costume. You know, since Izuku has five, and I only have two..." You would make sure that you'd get to wear all three.


"Oh, really?!" Mae smiled, "Do you have any idea as for design? What about support items?" That was where you had been at a lost. You weren't exactly sure what your needs for it would be. Your quirk was pretty simple, in your opinion, so other than goggles you weren't sure if you even needed a support item for it.


"No," you admitted, "But I'm open to suggestions." Mae studied you as if trying to see if you were telling the truth before she let out a sigh. Without a word, she pulled you to where her desk was and hopped on her computer. Her desk looked way more immaculate than you would have expected, but you were sure that she probably barely touched it.


"Pulling up your file now...," Mae thought aloud, "Your measurements are kind of old. I'm gonna have to remeasure you before you go. Let's see...should your new costume be green? You know, like Deku's?" You shook your head. That would not help your case of people thinking you were his sidekick. "Any color preference?"


"Not really...," you told her, "I just want something functional and that works. It doesn't have to be too complicated." Mae let out another sigh.


"You're really taking the fun away from me, aren't you?" she spoke before standing up. "I'll create a nice base for you, but you need to think about support items. If it'll help, I'll send you the information on the ones that Deku and the sidekicks use."


"Alright," you agreed. You'd have to really think about what you needed.


"Now, let's go take your measurements."


After your little rendezvous at the Support Department, you thought about how the rest of your day would go. You had decided to get some paperwork done with, choose a mission, and then go on a patrol. After that would probably be more paperwork, but you didn't mind that so much. You were determined, after all, to be the kind of hero you really wanted to be...Come to think of it, saving people and fighting villains were all that came to mind when you thought about being a hero. Maybe you need a bit more direction. You weren't exactly sure, though, because maybe what you were planning on doing would be enough. Japan was actually pretty peaceful, after all, and it wasn't like you had the League of Villains to deal with anymore. So maybe saving people and fighting villains was all you needed to do.


You opened the door to your office once you made it there. As you walked in and closed the door behind yourself, you noticed a big brown envelope sitting on your desk that had the words 'test results' written on it. Since the doctor hadn't called you in, you supposed that it wasn't anything serious. You walked over to your desk and grabbed the remote to your office's TV. You pointed it behind yourself to turn it on. You always thought it was good to have background noise while you worked. It just made things seem more manageable in your opinion. As the TV behind you sounded out what could only be a news report, you listened in for a second while you picked the envelop up. "...And the light-post then began to topple over-" You slid the papers from it, walking leisurely around your desk as you read them, so that you could sit down.


However, what you read caused you to stop in your tracks. You held the paper close to you and read it again and again and again. There was just no way. You thought back on your symptoms. Morning sickness, soreness....


"....Luckily Uravity was at the scene of the crime, stopping it before it harmed any civilians." You glanced up at the TV to see a clip of Uraraka nervously giving an interview, before you looked back down at the mocking 'positive' under the pregnancy test box.


Chapter Text

"Why are your ties wrapped around your damn heads?" Bakugo asked with an eyebrow raised.


"In protest!" Kirishima responded while you nodded as if you felt as heated about this topic as he was. That morning you had run into Kirishima on your way to school, and you and him had an interesting conversation which resulted in him thinking that wearing ties weren't manly. You had mentioned something about Tetsutetsu ripping his yesterday, and you hadn't known why. You then asked Kirishima if ties were manly or not, and after some debating and discussion he decided that wearing his tie on his head kind of like a head ban was manlier to which you decided to join in, since it seemed fun. "It's manlier this way!"


"Bakugo must agree! I mean, he never wears a tie," you pointed out. The blonde just glared as he stormed off to his desk.


"You guys are idiots," he said. You just pouted before shaking his reaction off. It wasn't at all too rare that you would sometimes pop into Class A before heading off to your own, though that mostly happened when you ran into one of your friends from it in the mornings. You assumed that it was fine as long as you hurried back to Class B before the bell rang or worse before Iida showed up. He could be such a stick in the mud at times, in your opinion.


"Oh! Why don't we go to the arcade after school?" Mina hopped over, "It's been awhile since we've all gone together!"


"Can't. Kendo's making me join her study group," you sighed. You didn't think you particularly needed one since you felt like your grades were okay, but your class president wouldn't have that. She was kind of strict about everyone in the class succeeding.


"Ah, that sucks, man," Kirishima said, "If you finish early maybe you can join us."


"Hopefully!" you whined, before your eyes hit the clock in the room, "I should be going now, but I might join you guys for lunch, later!" You waved a bit as you left, mind going to what you might want to eat that day. Sushi was always good, but perhaps you might eat some nice mapo tofu...maybe curry...rice balls. You'd figure it out. While you walked down the hall, you noticed Midoriya heading in the opposite direction. You smiled brightly, hoping that might make him feel at ease. He always seemed rather anxious to you, making you wonder if he just had a lot of bad days or if he just had anxiety. "Good morning, Midoriya!" you greeted. He seemed a bit taken back by your volume.


"[N-Name], u-umm, hey," he flushed. You giggled a bit.


"Have a good day today, alright?" you told him before you continued on your journey.




Your class wasn't so far from Class A's, so the journey had been rather uneventful. The second you stepped foot into the room, however, you heard Kendo letting out a sigh. She walked over to you and pulled the tie off of your head. "Do I need to ask why? Or who?" she questioned before starting to put your tie around your neck. You pulled away from her. She was way too much like an older sister to everyone, but you had gotten used to it.


"Well, it's a protest that Kirishima and I are doing," you explained, "It's more manly when you wear it on your head." The second you said Kirishima's name, Tetsutestu's gaze hit you. "Personally, I like my tie, buuut this just seemed fun to me." You smiled. Kendo shook her head.


"It's important that we wear our uniforms properly, you know," she informed you.


"I'm with [Name]!" Tetsutetsu said, "It's better on your head."


"See?" you pointed towards Tetsutetsu who was now repositioning his tie onto his head as if it were some kind of law. Kendo shook her head yet again, deciding not to pursue this further. She knew you well enough by now to know that tomorrow, you would no longer be interested in this. Neither would Tetsutetsu. Kendo handed your tie back, which you put in your pocket. "Though, Bakugo doesn't wear his at all...and that is an interesting look." You put a hand on your chin as you thought about this.


"Not even a day," Kendo sighed, "Well, ignoring all of this, did you bring your notes today for later?"


"Mhmm!" you nodded, "I didn't forget."


"Good, we're going to be studying with a group from Class A today," Kendo explained. When she said that, the first thing you thought was the fact that adding more people to the study group would just make it last longer. You wanted to groan since that meant you wouldn't get to goof off with Mina and the others. You did wonder if you could get out of this or not now.


"You know..Kendo...I'm not sure about this. I mean...I'm not sure if the others in Class A even like me," you said, hoping that this excuse would work. Kendo gave you a stern look and put her hands on her hips.


"Not going to work, [Name]," she told you, knowing well by now how much you popped into their classroom "Besides, I'm having Monoma come, too." If Kendo was forcing Monoma into the study group, then there was just no way that she was going to let you out of it. You pouted, but you nodded. She was doing this to help you, after all, so it couldn't hurt to at least stay there...until you thought of a good enough excuse to slip away.


When lunch time hit, you exited your classroom and met up with Kirishima and Kaminari who were on their way to the cafeteria. Kirishima no longer had his tie on his head and before you could even ask him about it he said, "Aizawa." You giggled a bit.


"Kendo," you smiled, before adding, "I like my tie, though! The colors are neat. Besides, maybe not wearing one would be just as good since that looks cool on Bakugo." You heard a chocked noise as that was said, prompting you to turn around to see where the sound had come from. You noticed Bakugo walking behind you, and his face looked a bit flustered and troubled. Like he was fighting something off. "Oh, Bakugo, hey! I was just talking about you."


Ah, you were utterly clueless.


"Shut it, idiot from Class B," he grumbled as he walked passed you. You just shrugged before looking at Kirishima who had an amused face. Kaminari looked incredibly lost, but that was nothing new.


"Haha, I like my tie, too," Kirishima told you, patting you on the back.


"By the way, looks like I really might not be able to make it to the arcade," you said, "Our little study group is now including some people from your class." You pointed to both Kaminari and Kirirshima with both hands.


"Oh! Yeah, we usually meet once a week for our study group! It's usually me, Jirou, Ojiro, Yaomomo, Mina, and Sero, but Sero, Mina, and I are going to the arcade!" Kaminari explained. You glared at him. That must have been why they decided to combine the two groups for that day! And why wasn't Yaomomo as hard on her group as Keno was! "I also heard that Midoriya and Uraraka are joining them today." You let out a sigh.


"At least there'll be another smart person," you mused. You could have sworn you heard Bakugo, who was walking in front of you guys, scoff.


"So, where are you meeting at?" Kirishima asked.


"Class A's dorm," you explained, "At least that was what Kendo told me."


The rest of your day hadn't been too eventful. You ate lunch with Kirishima, Kaminari, Bakugo, Sero, and Mina. Afterwards you went back to your classroom and finished out the rest of the day. Since it wasn't Thursday, you didn't have your heroics class. So, truly nothing interesting really happened in your opinion. When it was finally time to leave, you went to your locker to change out your shoes. "Hey, [Name]!" You heard Kendo's voice, making you turn to look for her. She was walking over to you with Pony and Shiozaki behind her. "Make sure you have everything with you because we're heading straight over to Class A's dorm. Tetsutetsu and Monoma already went ahead."


"That's very...productive of them," you said, almost as if you didn't believe it.


"I didn't trust it at first, but Kaminari and Sero said they would walk over with them," Kendo explained. At that, a few gears clicked in your head. You inwardly cursed Tetsutetsu and Monoma for thinking up that plan without inviting you along. Those two were definitely smart when they wanted to be. You debated on telling Kendo about how they tricked her, but you figured it would be funner to just watch how this would play out. You closed your locker once you were done, and Kendo led the way. As you walked to the dorms, you could see a few members of Class A walking over as well, one of which was Midoriya. You felt a sense of warmth inside of you once you saw him. Like how one would feel if they saw a cute kitten or puppy.


"Midoriya, hey!" you smiled as you practically hopped over to the freckled teen. Once again, your loud voice seemed to catch him off guard.


"H-Hey," he stuttered a bit.


"I heard you're gonna be studying with us today," you said, just trying to make conversation, "You're really smart, aren't you?" Midoriya flustered at your words, eyes looking away from you.


"I guess," he responded. You nudged him.


"You need to loosen up," you said. Once you made it inside of Class A's dorm, you noticed that Yaomomo, Jirou, and Ojiro were already setting up the area. Yaomomo was making tea while Ojiro and Jirou were pushing the tables together and arranging the chairs. "Why don't you sit by me, Midoriya?" You pointed towards the dining area.


"O-Okay," he nodded. The doors of the dorm opened once again, as Uraraka walked inside, effectively completing the study group. Well, Kendo was unaware of that.


"Did Tetsutetsu and Monoma come here?" she asked. Jirou raised an eyebrow.


"No," she said, "I heard that they were headed to the arcade with Mina and the others today." You made sure to watch the look on Kendo's face as it went from shock to anger. You could tell that she was debating on marching down to the arcade and dragging those two back by the ears.


"Were Tetsutetsu and Monona supposed to come today?" Uraraka asked, "On my way over here I heard Tetsutetsu mention something about his wallet and he and Monona went into their dorm." Kendo let out a sigh before calmly walking out of Class A's dorm. "Ah, Kendo, where are you going?"


"She'll be back," Pony assured. You nodded agreement before going to sit at the table, motioning for Midoriya to follow. He seemed a bit flushed, but he did so. Seriously, he needed to relax, and you were going to do your best to help him do that.


"Hello, everyone," Yaomomo smiled as she walked over, rolling a tea cart over. "Once Kendo gets back, we shall start. So, until then, everyone take your seats and get out your notebooks." She was a professional, in your opinion. You hummed softly as you got out your notebook and led pins to write with. You glanced over to see that Midoriya had an All Might pencil case, which you weren't surprised at all with.


"You really like All Might, don't you Midoriya?" you asked.


"Have you seen his room?" Uraraka questioned as she sat at the other side of the freckled teen, who was growing even more flushed than he had before. "It's like an Otaku's room!"


"W-Well, I really admire him, so..."


You giggled a bit, but before you could add to the conversation you heard the sound of the entrance doors banging open. Kendo walked in dragging Tetsutetsu and Monona in by their shirt collars. "Alright, we're all here," she said. You had an inner feeling of justice being served. If you couldn't get away, then you for sure didn't want those to be able to skip out either. "Now go and sit." Tetsutetsu and Monoma looked utterly defeated as they walked over to the table and took their seats.


"Wonderful, we have a full house," Yaomomo smiled.


"Well, except for Mina, Kaminari, and Sero," Jirou pointed out, "But I think it's better this way." She looked at two empty seats that were at the table, "It was hard to find enough room, and we could only realistically be able to have two more people before we'd have to start squeezing in."


"We could maybe just move into the living room at that point," Shiozaki suggested.


"In any case, let's begin studying," Yaomomo announced. You assumed that she and Kendo would take the reigns here. You knew that you were going to be bored, and you also expected to end up looking off of Midoriya's paper if you got lost on anything. As the studying started and Yaomomo went about explaining concepts and stuff, you could feel an ache start to settle in your bones. You hoped that you never had a mundane job of just sitting down all day and working. You'd really hate to have a desk job. It was a good thing that you made it into the hero course at U.A. About five minutes in and you were already leaning your head on your hand. Kendo started to explain some things now. You looked over at Tetsutetsu and Momono who were pretty much resigned to their fate. You hoped for a little more energy around here.


And then your prayers were answered in the form of Kirishima and Bakugo walking into the dorm. You had expected that they would be at the arcade. Bakugo was pushing Kirishima towards the group. "Kirishima, Bakugo," Uraraka said, "What are you two doing here?"


"Last I checked this was a study group," Bakugo scoffed, "And stupid hair here hadn't done so well on his last exam." Kirishima just chuckled nervously. You were a bit confused, but then it hit you.


"Ah! Bakugo must be Kirishima's Kendo!" you realized.


"What...?" Kendo slowly turned to look at you.


"Well, we have two extra seats, so you're welcome to join in," Jirou shrugged.


"Thanks!" Kirishima smiled before going and sitting at the empty seat next to you. Bakugo sent him a glare, and the red head just gave him a thumbs up. "So, did we miss anything important?" Kirishima asked as he looked at the almost empty page in your notebook. Bakugo sat down in the only other empty seat which was across from Midoriya.


"We kind of just started...I think..." You gazed over at Midoriya's notebook to see that he didn't have much written as well.


"Let's continue then," Kendo said. She went on to explain the current subject you were all studying, which was Hero studies. Midoriya seemed very knowledgeable about the subject, but as you were looking at his paper to see if what you were writing had been correct, your eyes then trailed to the calm look on his face. Discussing heroes, must have been relaxing for him. Your gaze then headed up and into his curly hair, which caught your attention. Without thinking, you reached out and put your hand in his hair. Midoriya froze, face going red.


"Your curls! They don't all go in the same direction...," you noted in fascination. Midoriya had stopped writing at that point, since his focus was on your touch.


"W-Well, my h-hair is naturally like that, s-so...yeah...," his face grew redder.


"It feels nice," you smiled, running your fingers through the green locks, "You must take good care of it."


"I-I try to..."


"Oh! Let me feel!" Kirishima said, before reaching passed you and putting his hand in Midoriya's hair, "Hm, pretty soft-"


"Will you three idiots stop it!" Bakugo barked, "You're being distracting!" He looked thoroughly annoyed. You and Kirishima quickly pulled your hands away from Midoriya's hair. You gave Bakugo an apologetic look, folding your hands in your lap.


"Sorry, Bakugo...," you told him. Sure you didn't want to be there, but you also didn't want to distract the others who did want to learn. You could have sworn you saw a tinge of red on Bakugo's face at your apology. He quickly looked away from you and down at his notebook.


"Just be quiet, ditz-face," he grumbled, to which you nodded. As the instructing and studying continued, you were stuck between being bored and peaking off of Midoriya's paper every time you felt confused or lost. You were starting to feel a slight bit of confusion towards him. He was very smart, so he probably didn't even need this, and yet here he was studying with the rest of you while he could be doing literally anything else...unless him being so smart was because he did all of this studying. You wondered this as you gazed at his notebook a little too long, since Midoriya seemed to catch your gaze.


"Are you confused about something, [Name]?" he asked. Without really thinking things over, you answered.


"Yes, are you smart because you study so much, or are you just here when you don't need to be?" you asked. Midoriya seemed slightly taken back by your question, but there was another person who was more than happy to back you up.


"That's a good question," Kirishima nodded, and then he looked over at Bakugo, "What about you, Bakugo?" The blonde looked at the three of you and glared.


"If you're just going to blab the whole time then why are you idiots even here?!" Bakugo questioned.


"Kendo," you easily said.


"Because you forced me-"


"Shut it!"


You decided to look over at Kendo who was rubbing at the inner corner of her eyes. "Okay, okay, let's just focus, alright?" she said, "And you know, [Name], if you're having trouble, you can come and sit by me."


"No thanks," you quickly said. Who knows what she'd have you do. Midoriya turned to look at you.


"You know, it doesn't matter how smart you are," he explained, "You still need to study. Being smart just helps you understand the material easier, and it makes you able to teach it to others. Besides, I think y-you're pretty smart [N-Name]." Your eyes widened a bit as he said that. Whatever smart he was talking about couldn't have been book smart. You always figured that as long as you weren't as bad as Kaminari and Mina you were A-okay.


"More like pretty ditsy...," Bakugo grumbled from across the table. You pouted a bit at that, before shaking your head.


"You know what, I'm just going to take the compliment," you said, before putting one of your hands on Midoriya's shoulder, who flushed because of it, "After all, if someone like you thinks I'm smart Midoriya, then I must be." You smiled. Bakugo let out a scoff, which you ignored. Midoriya's eyes widened, but then he looked away from you smiling his nervous wobbly smile.


"Oh, do me next!" Kirishima said, "Someone smart tell me if I'm smart or not!"


"You're a freaking idiot," Bakugo responded. At this point, Kendo just felt like she was beyond being able to do anything to get you to focus. She was starting to consider that perhaps if you truly didn't feel like studying, it would be redundant to try to force you...either that or maybe you were less productive when you sat around certain people. Midoriya certainly wasn't going to scold you, and Kirishima was a definite distraction.


"Hey, Midoriya," Kendo said, getting the curly-haired teen's attention, "Switch spots with me."


"Wait, I'll pay attention!" you whined.


Chapter Text

You didn't know what to do nor did you know what to make of the situation, but one thing was for sure was that you just had to get away. You needed to be alone. Alone to think about all of this and to properly calm yourself. So, you headed out of your agency as soon as you could, got into your car, and drove home frantically. You really shouldn't have been driving in your state, and it shown as you ran a few red lights and almost hit a few people which resulted in them honking their horns at you. You could barely register any of that as you recalled the test results over and over again in your head, incredibly tempted to reach over in your bag to read them again, thinking that you must have read it wrong or something. You knew that hadn't been the case, but what were you going to do? It was true that you did one day hope to have kids with your husband, but you felt like you would at least get several years of being a hero before you took any amount of time off. A woman who was a hero getting pregnant and then resuming her work wasn't anything too new, but now was not the time for this! You were supposed to be getting back on track! You were trying to be the hero you wanted to be! And now...


Maybe you could still be a hero while you were pregnant. You'd have to be careful and keep it a secret from your friends and family, but there was a possibility of doing that. You let out a breath of air as you pulled into your driveway. You were still pretty freaked about this whole thing, though your drive of wanting to be a hero was still there. It would take some figuring out, but you were going to do it. You got out of your car and headed into your house. The first thing you did, after dropping your bag somewhere, was go upstairs to your and Izuku's bedroom and get under the covers. You had to force yourself to relax so that you could think properly. The words were starting to settle into your mind now.


You were pregnant. You were carrying another human being inside of you, a being that was created by you and your husband. You weren't sure how Izuku would feel once you told him the news, and the last time you ever mentioned anything about kids, besides when the subject of birth control came up before or after sex, was during your honeymoon. You talked about having kids in the future and how you'd both be open to it, and that was it. It wasn't as if the two of you had been actively trying, but to be honest with your busy schedules birth control wasn't exactly always a priority to you. And while there were some times you freaked out after the fact, Izuku never really cared, but he would gladly get you a plan B or pull out if you asked him to. You did know something about your husband, and it was that he was so diligent, so you were sure that if Izuku didn't want you pregnant, you probably wouldn't be having this dilemma currently. The truth of the matter was that Izuku didn't mind either way and had been deferring to you and how you felt on the matter. So, you weren't worried that he would be upset, you just weren't sure what his reaction would be.


When did this happen, though? The how was not being careful enough, so when? As you thought back on all of the more recent times you've had sex with your husband, most of which being quickes, there was one time that stood out, and it was the last time you really got to intimately bond with Izuku. You remembered that day a little bit too clearly...It was some time before All Might's visit, and it had been your day off.




It started raining at around noon time, so you decided to be cliche and open up the curtains in your bedroom before cuddling up in bed with some nice warm vanilla black tea. You had all of the pillows on the bed around you as you laid at the center, feeling incredibly snug as you were only wearing one of your husband's shirts and some panties. You had the TV on in the background as you read magazines, books, a few of your husband's old hero analysis notebooks, whatever you could find really as once one thing lost your interest, you picked up something else. It was just a relaxing day overall for you, and soon enough you found yourself hitting dreamland.


You woke up at around three before watching some TV lazily until about five. Now came the annoying part as you had to force yourself out of bed to go make dinner. You had half a mind to just order something, but you had taken out some pork cutlet earlier that day to defrost so that you could make katsudon that night. It was your husband's favorite food, and in your opinion the weather called for it. You felt a sense of relaxation and happiness as you made the dish. You were sure that the first thing your husband would do when he came home would be to greet you, take a shower, and then eat dinner with you. Same as every night, unless it was one of those times he got the day off. Usually during the few times when you had to work and he didn't, when you got home it would be the opposite with Izuku cooking dinner.


By the time you finished the dish, you headed back up the stairs to clean up a bit. You stacked all of the magazines, books, and notebooks into separate piles for when you would return them to their proper places. Before you could do that, however, you heard your name being called. Izuku was home much earlier than you had expected, but you couldn't complain.


"Upstairs!" you called back, as you decided to put the magazines and notebooks up first. It would be much easier to do them then the books since they were much thinner. You could hear your husband coming up the stairs, which made you stall a bit so that you could greet him. A few more moments and there was that curly wet green hair. You giggled a bit. "Did you forget your umbrella?" Izuku flushed slightly, but nodded. You placed the items in your arms back down on the bed before going into your shared bathroom. "I'll get a towel."


"Thank you," Izuku said. You grabbed the nearest one you could find before walking back into the bedroom and motioning for your husband to sit on the bed. He was too tall for you to do this while he was standing up after all. "So, how was your day off?" Once Izuku sat down, you started to dry his hair for him.


"Relaxing," you answered, "I got a nice nap in." You smiled softly, before your eyes trailed down to check how wet he was. He was more damp than anything, but the moisture made his hero suit cling more to his body, his muscles looking even more defined under the fabric because of it. You flushed lightly, moving your gaze back to his face. "Anything happen at the agency?"


"No," Izuku shook his head, "You didn't miss anything." You felt a sense of relief as you heard those words since you could worry for nothing at times when it came to your agency, and Izuku knew that. You finished drying off Izuku's hair and leaned down to peck his lips. As you did so, Izuku pulled you on his lap, having you face him. You were a bit taken off guard, but you giggled pleasantly before pressing your lips against his as Izuku slipped his arms around your waist. "Hopefully the next time we have time off, it's together."


"It's been ages since we last had our days off at the same time, hasn't it?" you noted. That was mostly due to the fact that Izuku was pretty much always hereoing, and when he wasn't, someone had to manage the big agency that you both had.


"Yeah," Izuku nodded before kissing you again, and a bit deeper this time. You felt a bit tingly as he pulled away, smiling softly. "You know, I really missed you today. It was weird not meeting up at some point." You playfully rolled your eyes.


"Since you're always out fighting villains while I'm signing paperwork, we barely even get to do that," you said. Izuku chuckled, his hold on you tightening.


"True, but we usually are only a few floors apart," he shrugged. Izuku leaned forward and kissed you again, tongue tracing your mouth before he pulled away to whisper against your lips, "I feel like I take that for granted." You didn't answer him. Instead you pressed your lips against his, hands going up and into his curly green hair as you kissed him passionately, while one of Izuku's hands made its way under your shirt to rub at your back. You shivered, deepening your kiss as you wanted more from him, and as you were beginning to feel something poking at your crotch, you knew that your husband wanted more as well. Pulling away, you pressed your lips against Izuku's neck, trailing them down. He let out a pleasure-filled sigh, hand rubbing small circles on your back. You kissed back up Izuku's neck, lips touching the corner of his mouth before his lips again. One of your hands made its way to the zipper of your husband's hero costume, grabbing onto it, but before you could pull it down, Izuku easily stood up without hesitation while still holding you. You wrapped your arms and legs around him for dear life, but that didn't last too long as Izuku dropped you on the bed. Your head hitting one of the mounds of pillows you had made earlier.


Izuku got on top of you, kissing your lips as he pressed his hips against yours. You shivered a bit, legs wrapping around his waist while you kissed him back lovingly. Once Izuku pulled away, he licked your bottom lip before looking into your eyes, "Let me help you relax a little more, okay?" His eyes were glazed over in lust, and his voice sounded so innocent yet sultry. You knew what he was going to do, and the mere thought caused your face to flush. Izuku loved to eat you out. He was always just so thorough when it came to it, making sure to give you as much pleasure as possible, and there were times in which he'd stay on you for a long time, making you come over and over again from the oral sex. He just really loved doing it, and some sex sessions would even just be that and nothing else, since Izuku was more than satisfied with just satisfying you.


Izuku kissed your nose and then trailed his lips down to your neck, sucking on it before moving his lips to suck on your shoulder as one of his hands reached down to rub you through your panties. You bit your lip and arched your back at the relieving feeling it gave. You hoped that the two of you would be doing more than just oral sex because you really wanted to feel him inside of you. It had been way too long since you last got to just be with him. Once you were sure that a mark had been made, Izuku moved down your body. He didn't bother with the shirt you were wearing, and instead he just went straight to gripping onto the top of your panties. He was eager, and that was easy to tell. You lifted your hips up, allowing him to take them off of you. Izuku tossed your panties aside before pulled your body down a bit, spreading your legs. You flushed while you looked at him getting between your legs, face moving closer to your crotch, and as you finally felt his tongue slipping out of his mouth to tease your bundle of nerves with it, your eyes closed and your mouth opened in a silent scream. There was just something about him being down there that drove you insane. Izuku kissed your clit before latching his mouth onto it, sucking on it teasingly while he lightly massaged at your inner thighs. You purred and mewled at the feeling, but you wanted more, and you knew that he could give you more. "I-Izuku...," you whined softly, opening your eyes "Please..." Izuku's big green eyes looked up at yours in slight amusement. You knew that he wasn't going to tease you any further at the moment, and when you felt his tongue moving and curling around your clit as he sucked harder you arched your back, moaning shamelessly. Izuku trailed his hands up your thighs, and one found its way to your incredibly wet hole while the other went to hold onto the outside of your thigh. Izuku slipped a finger inside of you, pumping it in and out, making you twitch and shiver as you made noises of pleasure. He knew exactly where to aim his finger, and when he added another, you knew that you were close. You could hardly take it anymore as his mouth sucked on you hard and rough, and his fingers were hitting your spot over and over again. Your end was near, and when you finally came, you arched your back off the bed, letting out whine-like moans. It was too much for you, and Izuku had been aiming to make you come undone.


Your husband continued to pleasure you through your orgasm, and he kissed your clit right after you came down, causing you to shiver. He knew how to make you go wild. He knew how to relax you, and honestly just being able to be with you like this made him crazy. "You always taste so good~," Izuku purred. He kissed your bundle of nerves again, making you whine a bit at the feeling, "I'd keep going like this, but...," he kissed you a third time, "I know you want to feel me, [Name]." He was right about that, and your inner walls clinched a bit around his fingers, that were still inside of you, at the thought of it. Izuku kissed your clit one more time before he sat up, moving his fingers in and out of you while he watched the slightly over stimulated contortion of your face. "I love seeing you like this~," he purred, "All spread out and beautiful." You bit your lip, face flushing.


"I want you, Izuku...," you purred softly as you reached down and grabbed onto his wrist, making him stop his movements. "Please...?" You wanted to fully be with him and experience those passionate feelings that you hadn't had in a long time. For you, sex wasn't just about relieving stress or chasing your release, you loved how much it let you bond with Izuku. His big green eyes stared into yours as he pulled his fingers from inside of you. You sat up as best as you could and moved closer to press your lips against Izuku's lips, arms going around his neck. Izuku kissed you back, wrapping his arms around you as he switched your positions. He laid back on the bed and let you get on top of him. You kept your lips pressed to his a bit more before pulling back and kissing at each side of his face on his freckles. Izuku was a bit flustered, but this wasn't anything new. You moved up, legs straddling right under his hips and noticeable hard-on. You grabbed onto the bottom hem of your shirt and took it off, delighting in your husband's staring eyes. His hands came up and cupped your breasts, thumbs flicking at your hard nipples. You mewled softly, rocking your hips up a bit to grind yourself against the underside of his hard cock. Izuku let out a breath of air, hands moving down to grip onto your hips as you moved them. You slid a hand up his chest and to the zipper of his hero suit before pulling it down and admiring your husband's beautiful muscles when you saw them. Once the zipper was pulled down enough, you reached inside of Izuku's boxers to pull out his hard member. You couldn't help but to stare at your husband's cock in admiration. Since Izuku was pretty much your first for most things, you felt as if you got lucky with him.


Reaching out, you wrapped one of your hands around the length in front of you, pumping it up and down at a steady pace. Izuku groaned from the feeling, biting his lip at your actions. You loved the look on his face when you pleasured him. It always turned you on even further. Feeling too antsy to keep playing with him, you rose yourself up and over his length, before sinking down onto it. Izuku closed his eyes, biting his lip a bit harder as your pussy swallowed him up. He loved it when you topped him. That was more than easy to tell. There was just something about seeing you riding him in ecstasy that was easily able to push your husband off the edge, which you knew. You let out a pleasure-filled sigh, loving to feel so full of him, before you started to move your hips back and forth over your husband at a steady pace. You shivered as you felt Izuku's hands sliding over your body, going from right under your breasts, sensually sliding down to your hips, before lovingly passing down your thighs to your knees, and then sliding back up. His hands grabbed onto your slightly bouncing breasts to give them a squeeze. You placed your own hands on Izuku's well-muscled chest as you picked up the pace a bit in your movements. You moaned in pleasure at the feeling of his hard cock so deep inside of you, touching at all of the right spots. In moments like these, you weren't sure if the way you felt mostly derived from how good your husband was, or if it came from how these moments reminded you of how much you loved him. You give him your body, after all.


As your paced increased a little more, Izuku bucked up into you, effectively getting a gasp to leave your mouth. His hands moved from your breasts to your hips as he started to thrust up inside of you hard and quick. You gripped onto his shoulders tightly for support, while you continued to move your hips against his thrusts. You were almost there. "I-Izuku...!" you called, shutting your eyes. He was pounding into your spot at every movement, not letting up one bit. You weren't sure how much more you could take as your own movements became sloppier and sloppier, and as that happened, Izuku let go of your hips and grabbed onto your hands, intertwining his fingers with yours. There was just something about him holding your hands that made you feel even more connected, which threw you off the edge. Soon, you found yourself shutting your eyes as your orgasm hit. You moaned loudly, whining in pleasure as you squeezed your husband's hands tightly. The pressure from your orgasm was more than enough to cause Izuku to hit his peak as well. He usually liked to hold out as much as he could, but he often got too worked up with you, so that didn't always happen. You could feel his chest vibrating as he groaned, thrusts getting a bit rougher before he spilled his load deep inside of you. It felt so warm, and it filled you up completely.


Your husband's thrusts slowed until they came to a complete stop. He pulled you down so that he could kiss your lips lovingly. Once you pulled away, Izuku looked at you in amusement, one of his hands stroking through your hair. "Do you want more?" he asked you. You nodded before you could even consider if you really wanted to keep going or not. Moments like these were too rare for your tastes, so you were going to enjoy this night to the fullest. Izuku kissed you again, before gently moving you off of him, cock slipping out of your still wet heat. You regulated your breathing to the best of your ability while you watched your husband get off of the bed and take off his hero suit. Your eyes trailed over his beautifully muscled body, taking in all that he had to offer, including his wonderfully handsome face. You really did feel lucky.


When Izuku got back on the bed, he kissed you again, hands going to your hips. The kiss was only broken as Izuku turned you around, having you lay on your stomach. Your face was in a pillow, so you used your arms to prop yourself up. As you did this, you felt Izuku getting on top of you. He gripped onto your hips and kissed at the back of your shoulder before giving it a long lick. You shivered, feeling your toes already starting to curl. "You know, I love you so much, [Name]...," Izuku whispered against your skin right before kissing at your neck, "I don't know if I tell you that enough..." You purred in delight as you felt his tongue slipping out from his lips at every other kiss to your neck. You could almost laugh at his latter statement. Izuku was the type to wear his heart on his sleeve, after all.


"I-I think you do," you told him, before twisting yourself a bit so that you could kiss his lips, "You definitely make me feel loved, anyway." You kissed him again, admiring the slight flush on his face. Izuku smiled softly at you, before moving his head back slightly to brush his lips against one of your ears before licking the shell of it. You just relaxed in his touch, letting him slide his mouth and tongue wherever he wanted.


"Are you ready for me again~," he whispered before attaching his mouth to the back of your shoulder, sucking on it sensually. Your breathing grew heavier, and you let out gasp.


"I-I'm always ready for you," you purred. Izuku hummed in approval. He used one of his legs to spread yours. You felt one of his hands moving underneath you as Izuku pressed the head of his still hard cock between your wet folds. In no time at all, he sunk into you, causing your eyes to nearly roll to the back of your head. His hand found your clit and started to rub at it, lovingly. Your husband didn't start moving inside of you right away. Instead, he took some time to kiss at your neck more and your shoulder, his teeth scraping a bit, causing you to shiver. "Izuku...," you whined, before wiggling your ass back against him. Izuku chuckled lightly in amusement at your impatience before he gave you a firm thrust, that forced an unexpected gasp from your mouth. He started out with a slow pace, but he was moving so hard inside of you that you didn't care. He just felt so good, and his hand that was rubbing at your clit hadn't stopped yet. You knew that you weren't going to last long, and you were sure that Izuku didn't have any plans to hold off from making you orgasm either. He kissed your neck, sweetly, thrusts becoming a bit quicker as he aimed to bring you to completion, and when he would let out groans or other noises of pleasure against your ear, it just pushed you even closer to the edge. Your dug your nails into the pillow underneath yourself, body jolting forward with each thrust your husband gave you from behind. "A-Ah...! I'm so close...!" you called out, back starting to arch.


Izuku slid the hand that was on your hip to your neck, gripping onto it as if keeping you in place while he drove his length even harder and deeper inside of you. You felt yourself tightening up because of that, and soon enough your body was shaking and shivering. With Izuku rubbing your clit, ramming against your g-spot, and his mouth on your neck and shoulder, you weren't sure how long you would last. "Mm, you feel so good, [Name]~," Izuku purred against your ear, "Do you like it when I squeeze your neck like this?" Your answer came in the form of your inner walls throbbing around your husband's cock. You shut your eyes before burying your head against the pillow underneath you as you came hard, moans being muffled. Your toes curled and your body twitched in pleasure as your orgasm racked through your body. Izuku kept driving his length inside of you and rubbing you as you came, once again, your inner walls squeezing around him brought him closer and closer to his own release until he spilled his seed inside of you again, tip hitting hard against your cervix. You were in too much pleasure to even notice that, being as it probably would have either hurt or felt surprising. Izuku thrust into you hard a few more times, getting some tired yet surprised noises out of you before he stopped completely, burying his face into your shoulder as he kissed at it lovingly. You were panting, and your body felt very exhausted at the moment. You just wanted to relax now, and you knew that your husband could tell as he pulled out of you. You shivered slightly as it was as if he was wanting you to feel every inch of him while he slid out of your body. Once he was gone, you felt empty.


Izuku got off of you and laid at your side, pulling you to him. You laid your head on him, cuddling close. "I love you," you told him before kissing his chest.


"I love you, too," Izuku smiled, arm wrapping around your waist securely. He reached over with his other hand, stroking at the back of your head, gently, "Do you need to go to the bathroom? I mean...I did c-come in you twice, after all..." You looked up, expecting to see his face being flushed, and you were not disappointed. It was so like him to just do you as he did, and then get flustered talking about it afterwards. You put your head back down, nuzzling against him.


"Eventually...," you said, "I just want to stay like this a bit more...or rather I feel too comfortable to move." At that moment, you didn't really think about any consequences. You were just relaxing with your husband, feeling very good. You didn't want to do or think about anything other than just being with him. Izuku chuckled softly, before cupping one of your cheeks with the hand that had been stroking your hair, making you look up at him.


"Okay." He leaned down and kissed your lips softly, "If you need anything, I don't mind getting up and getting it for you." You thought on it for a second, deciding that some tea would be really nice right now.


"Can you make me some tea?" you asked, nicely. Izuku nodded, but as he went to get up, you pulled him back down, "Wait! I don't want you to leave just yet...Stay here." You pouted.


"So, you don't want any tea then?" Izuku chuckled. You nodded.


"I do, but I don't want you to leave," you whined. Izuku chuckled again, leaning back down to give your lips another kiss.


"Okay, I'll get some for you if you decide to let me go."




You didn't know how long you had been in your and Iuzku's room, hiding under the covers, but you were removed from your thoughts once you heard your name being called. You weren't exactly sure what time it was, but Izuku was home, and you had to tell him that you were pregnant. You were moving a bit slow, but you got out of bed and made your way downstairs. You just had to come out and say it. It didn't make any sense for you to prolong telling him, even if you were still in the stage of confusion and being a bit freaked out yourself. By the time you made it downstairs, you noticed that it looked as if Izuku was about to go upstairs. Most likely, he had went in the kitchen first to look for you and was now about to head up to your bedroom. As your feet touched the floor at the bottom of the staircase, Izuku wrapped his arms around you tightly. "Are you okay, [Name]?" he asked, "You left work early. Is something wrong?" Izuku pulled away, hands holding onto your forearms. You looked up and into his concerned green eyes, before your gaze hit the floor. "What did the doctor say?"


"...gnant," you mumbled. Izuku raised an eyebrow, not being able to fully hear you.


"What?" he asked. You took a deep breath and let it out, looking up at him now. You had to tell him.


"I'm pregnant." You watched as your husband's face turned rather confused. He tilted his head as if trying to process what you had just told him. It was almost as if you had spoken words that he never heard before, or maybe he just didn't believe you. Izuku then blinked hard, grip on you going slack.


"Did...Did you say you're pregnant?" he asked. You just nodded. "Are you being serious?" You nodded again. Then like clockwork, Izuku's very curious expression changed into a big smile. He picked you up without warning and spun you around happily. "[Name], you're pregnant!" he said, "I'm so happy for us! I mean we're having a baby!" He kissed you, obviously feeling very overjoyed at the situation, while you were still in shock about the whole thing yourself. At least he wasn't upset, but you knew that he wouldn't be. "Now we have to turn one of our guest rooms into a nursery! Oh, and we'll need to tell your gynecologist about this! You'll also need lots of vitamins!" Okay, maybe he was a bit too excited about this news in your opinion, but it was nice that one of you at least had a handle on the situation, "There's so much to do! But we can handle it! You can be a stay at home mom now!" You froze as he said those words, "And don't worry about a thing! Just stay here and take care of the house and the baby, and I'll worry about everything els-"


"Woah, woah, woah!" you said, stopping him right there. You wiggled a bit, trying to get out of his hold, prompting Izuku to put you down. "I still want to be a hero. I mean, I don't think I'm that far along, so I have some time before I have to take a break from it. And then when the baby is old enough for a baby-sitter, I can go back to work with no problem." Even though being pregnant and having a baby would make things more difficult, you weren't going to let it stop your plans. Also, Izuku would have to pull his weight and take care of it once it was out, too. Your declaration was met with a slightly stern face.


"I don't think that's a good idea," Izuku told you, "The baby's safety comes first, [Name]." You let out a sigh.


"And it will, but the agency still needs me," you easily said, "I can't become a stay at home mom. That's just not possible." As you said this, Izuku took a deep breath and let it out.


"[Name], I assure you that the agency will be fine without you," he said. You couldn't help but to roll your eyes. With all the things that you had to do, you barely had time for heroing, so you felt like you were needed to manage and run the place.


"Izuku, it won't. I mean, with the way the place is structured, it needs me there to make sure things go smoothly." You couldn't even believe that you were talking about this. Izuku should be the first person to know how much work you did. As you spoke though, there was something about his gaze on you that made you feel like there was a reason he was saying this. Izuku was smart, and that was something you often didn't think about.


"I'll be honest with you, [Name]," he said, before letting out another breath of air through his nose, "That week when All Might came to visit...The reason I wanted you to take off...The real reason is because I wanted to see how the agency would run without you, and everything was fine." Your eyes widened as he revealed this to you, making your mouth open a bit. No words came out though, and you just thought back on that week and how you were alone for a big part of it. Izuku put a hand on your shoulder, "I think it'll be better if you stay home. For both you and the baby." You were just so shocked to find this out. To find out that your husband not only lied to you, but he had been planning this. Planning on keeping you home! Your mind went back to the conversation that you had with Bakugo. You tried to make everything seem okay, but Izuku was basically admitting that he was fazing you out. You had thought he was just excluding you from hard missions, but it had been so much more than that. You cursed yourself for not confronting your husband about this the second Bakugo told you everything. The truth of the matter was that, you were just trying to run from reality, trying to not be a bother, trying to keep your relationship perfect.


Your gaze was down, and it hit your hand. In that moment, you didn't know why, but you thought back on when Izuku was announced the number one hero. Perhaps it was because that was when it all truly started. You remembered at the time, he had squeezed your hand so tight that it hurt, but you just let him. You endured it all for him. It started as something very innocent in high school, but as your love grew, your good intentions ended up becoming so very toxic to you, and whether he knew that or not, Izuku took advantage of them. You looked back up at your husband. Now was better than never at all.


"Are you being serious right now?" you asked, "Are you being fucking serious?" Even though communicating as calmly as you could would be in your best interest, you couldn't help the words from coming out of your mouth. You were upset that this whole time, Izuku knew what he was doing. You didn't care how pure his intentions might be, and you did not want to be fazed out. He must have known if he lied to you about why he wanted you to stay with All Might. Izuku looked a bit taken back, but he seemed firm with his decision.


"I know, I probably should have told you this sooner, but I hoped that I would be able to slowly nudge you in the direction of preferring to stay home," he said, "Look, I'm not trying to be malicious. I just really want to protect you! You have no idea how dangerous it is for you to be with me!"


"Do you think I care about the danger?!" you asked, "Just being a hero alone is dangerous, and I knew that when I applied to U.A.! Dammit, Izuku! I thought you knew me better than this! I thought I knew you better than this!"


"You don't understand, [Name]! Since I'm the Symbol of Peace, so many people want me dead! Even having One for All is incredibly dangerous, and people are bound to go after you in relation to get to me! And now that you're pregnant, there's even more to worry about! Just let me protect you and the baby!"


"I don't want to be locked up, Izuku! I'm my own person, and I can make my own decisions!" you argued, "I'll be fine! I always have been, and so will the baby!"


"It's better this way!" he told you, "Besides, it's not like you've been doing much missions lately. This is what's best-"


"I haven't been doing missions because you've been preventing me from it!" you snapped, "And don't try to lie to me, because Bakugo told me all about how you and the others do missions behind my back!" Izuku looked a bit surprised when you mentioned Bakugo, "I want to be able to be a hero! I want to fight villains and save people!" Izuku let out a groan, rubbing at the inner corner of his eyes, before looking back at you.


"I'll admit, I did exclude you from missions, but it was only to protect you!" Izuku explained, "They're just too dangerous! But if they weren't, I wouldn't have done that! You need to understand!"


"Well what about the drug mission you gave me?! That's pretty difficult and dangerous!-"


"[Name], literally every agency got that paper, okay? It wasn't a real mission. It was just telling us to be on the lookout for the increase of drugs!" That mission? This whole time? Izuku had made it seem so important and detrimental for you to solve and...this whole time... Your heart dropped. You didn't know what was worse, him lying about the reason he wanted you to stay with All Might or this. There were two things that you knew, and they were that you were pissed and done. You were just done, and you wanted to leave. Izuku let out a sigh and looked down at you apologetically. He put his hand back on your shoulder. Who the hell did you marry? Was this really Izuku? Was he always this overprotective? "I'm sorry, okay. I just...I'm just so worried about your safety..." You let out a breath of air and grabbed Izuku's hand, taking it off your shoulder.


"Someone once told me that you owe some of your success to me, which I believe," you calmly said, "You know, I've always been there for you...without question, and it is a shame that you couldn't return some of that..." Izuku looked at you with sorrowful eyes.


"[Name], I-"


"I don't need you for my career, though," you told him, before starting to walk away.


"[Name], where are you going?! Look, let's just talk about this!" You both had your chances to do so, yet you took that time for granted. You just needed to be away from him now to clear your head. If you didn't you were afraid you'd end up saying things you'd regret and really end your marriage. You both needed space to think.


"As for the drug mission," you continued, "I promise you that something's there. And I'm going to find it." Without another word, you grabbed your work bag that you had just plopped down earlier on the nearest end table and left the house.



Chapter Text

It was an understatement, that people shouldn't drive while feeling high emotions, but if you didn't care earlier that day, then why would you care now? You were just so angry! You couldn't believe that Izuku of all people would be plotting behind your back! Especially something like wanting to nudge you into being a housewife. You could understand if it were just a concern that he voiced, but to go as far as basically fazing you out of the agency, and to get you to stay home to see if said agency could run without out was just crazy! And the more you thought about it, the more you couldn't believe it. What did Izuku see you as? Or rather how did he see you as? Did he think you, who made it into U.A.'s hero course and was in the top fifty of heroes, couldn't fight villains without getting hurt? To be honest, you didn't even want to think of your rank right now because it probably dropped due to you not getting to do any missions.You were strong, right? Were, though. Past tense. It had been so long since you've actually been a part of a real battle that you couldn't help but to doubt yourself. When you were in high school, you had been pretty good at hand to hand combat, which was really helpful when you transitioned to the field now didn't know.


Your phone began ringing, and making the subconscious decisions to look over, you could see that it was Izuku who was calling you. Just seeing that made you a tinge more upset with him. He had his chance to talk to you, to bring up his grievances ahead of time, and now you felt like it was too late at the moment. You needed to be away from him. You needed to calm down. Your husband called you about five more times, that you noticed, as you finally made it to your destination. You were sure that this was going to be a long night, but you just had to get away. You couldn't stay there in your house with Izuku, and even if you were to return, you'd probably take up residence in the pool house or the main guest room, since you wouldn't have to run into him at all.


You pulled up to a rather nice looking apartment building, parking outside of it. You weren't exactly sure what the code was for guest parking, but you were sure you could deal with whatever fines might come your way. As you walked into the building, heading for the elevator, you didn't at all feel as if you were intruding. Sure it was customary to call someone ahead of time before you dropped in like this, but your mind wasn't thinking about that. The elevator ride was much too long for your liking, and when those double doors opened, you made your way to an apartment that was at the middle end of the hall and knocked.


"Coming!" you heard. You let out a breath of air to calm yourself right before the door opened, revealing Kirishima with his hair in its non pointy state and an oven mitt on one of his hands. He smiled brightly once he saw you, "Hey, [Name]! Nice to see you." He stepped out the way so that you could walk in. The main reason you chose to go to Kirishima's place was because you knew that he had the day off. He was also a close friend of yours and just a really kind person in general. You hoped that his cheery attitude might rub off on you that night and make you feel better. You weren't feeling it yet, but you did try to hide how you were actually feeling...You still couldn't believe it.... Kirishima led you to his living room before disappearing into the kitchen to make some tea. "Hey, do you want any dinner? I'm just about done making it!"


"No, I'm not hungry," you said, leaning back into the sofa. You were too tired both physically and emotionally to even think about food. You sighed, looking down at your tummy and putting a hand on it thoughtfully...maybe you should eat, though.


Kirishima popped his head out of the kitchen before walking into the living room holding a tray with tea cups and some anpan. "I know you said you weren't hungry, but here's just in case," he smiled. He was definitely a friend that you didn't deserve, and although your stomach was currently weak, you picked up one of the red bean paste-filled sweet rolls and started to eat.


"Thank you," you softly returned his smile.


"Hey, no problem," Kirishima assured before sitting down next to you on the sofa, picking up one of the tea cups, "So, any reason for your visit? Anything up?" You wondered if you hadn't been able to hide your current inner discomfort that well or not. If anyone was going to know about your problems, it would be Kirisihima. Mostly because he would genuinely try to help, and you knew that he wouldn't tell a soul were you to ask him not to. You placed the anpan you were eating down before turning to look at the red-head.


"Well...," how should you even say this? "Do you think I'd make a good housewife?" You didn't know why you asked that, but it just came out. Perhaps it was the fact that this whole time you had been fighting that role subconsciously, and now that Izuku was the one to bring it up, you really had to think about it. You did want to be a hero, but society probably didn't see you that way, which was why it was so easy for Izuku to do what he did. You never really cared what the media thought or the general public when it came to the type of wife you were to the number one hero. But you knew. You knew what they saw you as. Before you were able to dismiss it; however, now that Izuku was playing a role, things weren't as easy. You didn't want to be 'The Good Wife', but as you figured before, your body probably wasn't as suited to fighting villains as it used to be. Of course, you were going to continue fighting this, and perhaps you asked because you wanted the opinion of a completely honest person that knew you.


"I can do anything you want to," Kirishima shrugged. You opened your mouth as if to say something, but then closed it, feeling very caught off guard by the answer. What were you supposed to do with that? You kind of forgot that Kirishima wasn't the sharpest pencil there was. Maybe you should come clean and explain your situation more. Kirishima might also have more details being as he was a hero that often worked with Izuku.


"Izuku thinks I should be a housewife," you explained, "He thinks being a hero is too dangerous for me, and he's been preventing and excluding me from doing missions." As you said this, Kirishima looked rather thoughtful and a bit surprised, "Bakugo told me that he's also been doing joint missions behind my back. Do you know anything about this?"


"To tell you the truth, I never really noticed...Now that I think about it, does make sense," Kirishima thought aloud, he placed a hand on his chin, "I guess that's why I've been teaming up with Midoriya more than" You let out a sigh, as you had received nothing from this conversation. Kirishima was a dear friend of yours, and you couldn't blame him for not realizing what had been going on nor could you blame him for not weighing in on you being a housewife. It wasn't as if you noticed it either, anyway, "Oh! But you know what, [Name]! I think you're a good hero, and can do whatever you put your mind to! After all, you're really manly!" The second the last words left his mouth, you could tell that he wished he used better word choices, "Wait, wait, wait, hold on. That's not how I meant it." Without thinking, a little laugh left your mouth, which grew a bit more until there were slight tears in your eyes. Kirishima smiled a bit bashfully. You cursed yourself for forgetting the way he thought. Kirishima was the type of person that believed with hard-work and determination anyone could achieve their goal. It was a bit refreshing to have him apply that thought process to you, and you were in desperate need of refreshment. Letting out of breath of air, you sunk back into the couch.


"I have no idea what I'm going to do, Kiri," you told him as you rubbed at your eyes with your fist, "I mean, I love Izuku, but it hurts to think of him fazing me out like that. I like doing missions and fighting villains. I know I didn't have the best sense of direction until I grew older, but it's what I want to do." Kirishima drunk some more of his tea before putting the cup back down on the tray.


"Well, I can understand your frustration, but knowing you, you'll be able to push through this, hero-wise. As for your relationship, well, I'd say to just let things cool down and then try to talk it out," Kirishima explained, "I don't want to be too quick to judge Midoriya, since I don't know his side of things, but as your friend I'll back you up if you need me." You smiled, feeling a warm feeling in your heart.


"Thank you," you told him, before running a hand through your hair, "I kind of have a plan...For getting back on track anyway." You would just leave your relationship to time at the moment, until you felt good enough to speak to your husband without going off on him, "You see, there's an increase of drugs in the city, and I want to see what I can do to put a stop to that." Izuku might think that it's bogus, but it was all you had right now to prove yourself, "It's just...a bit frustrating, I mean I have no idea how to tackle it."


"Oh! I received that paper, too!" Kirishima exclaimed. You inwardly groaned a bit at your own negligence. Of course Kirishima received it. Izuku told you that every agency got that paper. "I've been trying for ages to get leads! It's so difficult to pin-point something like drug use and distribution." You tilted your head in minor shock as Kirishima said this. Honestly, you had expected for this conversation to have ended up nowhere when you mentioned it.


"You really think it's that important?" you asked, voice telling how caught off-guard you were.


"Of course!" Kirishima nodded, "Fatgum, the pro-hero I used to be a side-kick for, worked with the police and Eraserhead on something like this a long time ago. Things like this, though they may seem minor, are actually important to catch for the betterment of society." The warmth in your heart just grew. Kirishima had a way of making things just seem so very possible. He could put a positive spin on just about anything. "It's better safe than sorry, you know!"


"Do you want to work with me on this?" you asked. You honestly had no idea where to even formally start, and Kirishima at least seemed to have the attitude needed to take on such a vague mission.


"Sure!" he agreed, happily, "But this is going to take a lot of thought power." He said that latter part so carefully and seriously that you could almost laugh. He was right, though. You hadn't been able to crack anything about it, and neither had he. Perhaps it would be in your best interests to bring even more people into the equation.


"I'll contact Ochaco and ask her if she wants to work with us," you suggested. The girl was always more than willing and helpful when it came to most matters. She was a close friend of yours, and you could always count on her like you could with Kirishima.


"I'll ask Bakugo, then!"




The next day, you were sitting at your desk in your agency, answering emails and doing a bit of paperwork. You also had to sign in, since you were going to be doing a mission. You let out a tired sigh as you noticed the email that Mae had sent you with examples of support items. You didn't have any time to think about that now, also you knew that moving around the agency too much meant that you would have a greater chance of seeing Izuku, and you weren't ready for that, yet. Last night, you did return home, though it had been very late in the night. You slept in the pool house, and snuck out early, wanting to get to the agency much before your husband did. Kirishima had offered for you to spend the night at his place last night and to do your work at his agency, but you decided that you needed to be completely alone for a bit. Last night at the pool house gave you exactly time to do that. To just think, not think, and lay there staring up at the ceiling. It calmed you down enough to be able to go into work to sort things out. Izuku may have told you that the agency could run fine without you, but you didn't believe that. You just couldn't. One thing for sure was that you were not going to do Izuku's paperwork nor handle anything else for him. Mr. "everything was fine" would have to handle that all on his own.


Once you were finally done with your work, you cautiously exited the building. You received a questionable look from Sojiro, but he didn't say a word to you. That morning you had told him not to send any of Izuku's paperwork your way, and that mixed in with you arriving early and navigating the building like you were some sort of ninja probably told the receptionist that something was up. You knew he probably wouldn't question you about it, though, unless it could potentially interfere with your work or slow his own work down.


You felt a sense of relief as you entered your car. You had made it without getting caught up in anything or seeing your husband. After last night, Izuku hadn't tried to call you, so you assumed that he was just going to let you be for now. Since you were still so upset with him, you felt as if that was the only thing he could do at the moment. Pulling out of the parking lot, you drove away, heading towards Uraraka's hero agency. She was always such a good and helpful friend, so you knew that you could count on her, and with Kirishima getting Bakugo, you were sure that you would be able to solve this mission in no time. Upon arriving at Uraraka's agency, you spoke to her receptionists a bit about why you were there before heading up to Uraraka's office. You knocked at the door when you got to it, only opening it after you heard a soft, "Come in."


Uraraka was sitting at her desk, browsing around on her computer. As you walked into the room, her eyes hit you, and they lit up happily, "Hey, [Name]!" she greeted, "What brings you here?" You took a seat in front of her desk, glancing at the pretty dark wood material before looking back up at the other hero.


"I wish this were more of a social call, but I need your help with a mission." You decided to get straight to the point as there was no need to stall. Time was very important, and last night you and Kirishima had decided when and where you all should meet up once you had talked to the others.


"A mission?" Uraraka asked, tilting her head, "I might be able to help-Well, it depends if my quirk will be well-suited or not." She flushed a bit, rubbing at the back of her head bashfully. You couldn't help but to giggle at her reaction.


"I mostly need your brain," you admitted, "You see, Kirishima and I are investigating the increase of drugs in the city, and we could really use your help." Honestly, the more the merrier, and you knew that she wouldn't turn you down.


"Oh! I got that paper, too!" 'Of course, you did.' "I have some extra time, and I don't mind brainstorming a bit." Though you had felt a slight bit of defeat at her first statement, the fact that she agreed to help, picked you up a bit. You smiled, feeling as if you were right to choose to count on her. "But, did you talk to Deku? He's really smart, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping his wife with this thinker." She giggled, pleasantly, but then it trailed off and turned a bit awkward as she noticed you looking at her with a blank face.


"I'd prefer not to talk about Izuku," you simply said. You just wanted to focus on this mission for now.


"I-I see...Ummm...." You knew she was going to ask you about it now. How couldn't she? She was close with both you and your husband. "Did something happen?" There it was. You didn't blame her, though, and while you wanted to avoid this subject, you kind of felt like she needed to know in a sense. For one, she really was a good friend, and two there was a chance she'd bring this all up to Izuku without realizing how bad that might be for you.


"Izuku and I got into an argument," you explained, "Basically...he...he wants me to become a housewife, and while that doesn't seem like something to get angry at on the surface, instead of talking with me about it he's been basically pushing me out of our agency, apparently trying to show me that it doesn't need me." Talking about it a day after it had been revealed to you just felt so weird. It was like it was making you want to be even less rational about this whole thing, "When I had to stay home that week when All Might came, Izuku told me the real reason was because he wanted to see if the agency could run without me so now...I just need to be away from him." You knew that was the best option, but remembering everything again made you want to opt for more illogical things instead. Looking at Uraraka now, you could see that she looked rather conflicted. She wasn't going to take sides or lean more one way than the other like Kirishima, and you didn't expect her to.


"Do you...Do you know why he's doing this?" she asked.


"He's worried about my safety," you told her, "He's just...he's always been protective of me ever sense we started an agency and had to fight together, but this is just too much, you know?"


"Well, he's the number one hero and your husband," Ochaco reminded, "In order to save others, you need to make sure everyone is safe in your life to be able to really go at it." You could understand that if he had been more upfront and respected what you truly wanted, but that hadn't been the case.


"I'm a hero, too, Ochaco," you reminded her, "Izuku's just being way too overprotective. I wish he would have just talked to me." Uraraka scratched at her head, then nodded.


"Yeah, what he did does sound pretty bad," she explained, "I can see why it'd be frustrating." You hoped she wasn't just saying that, but rather actually believed it. Perhaps you didn't explain it correctly or maybe being close to Izuku first made it hard for her to want to think too negatively of him. Honestly, you couldn't blame her, though, being as you had the same flaw up until last night. When Bakugo warned you, you didn't take it as seriously as you should have. In fact, you let your mind morph the message so that you wouldn't have to get mad at your husband. This was Izuku of all people, after all, and him trying to nudge you into being a housewife in the way he did was still kind of hard for you to believe. You let out a breath of air.


"Getting away from this topic," you started, "We're going to meet in about thirty minutes with Kirishima and possibly Bakugo." It wasn't like you knew for sure what Bakugo's answer would be, so you couldn't definitely say he'd be there. "Is that good for your schedule?" Uraraka seemed to perk up a bit with the change of subject.


"Y-Yeah! It should," she nodded, "Just tell me where we're meeting at an-" Your phone started to ring and immediately, you felt your heart thumping. You hoped that it wasn't Izuku trying to reach you. He had called so much last night that your brain just automatically connected getting a phone call to him.


"Sorry," you apologized to Uraraka as you pulled your phone out. It was like a weight was lifted off of your chest once you read the name 'Takamana Aiko" on your screen. You answered without a second thought, "Hello?"


"Hey, [Name], where are you?" she asked, "Sojiro told me that you left." You wondered what she needed from you, though you weren't so surprised to find out that she had been looking for you. Takamana usually referred to you over Izuku when it came to matters at the agency. So, maybe she wanted approval to do something for a mission.


"I'm actually at Uravity's, taking care of my current mission," you explained, "Do you need anything?" There was a slight pause over the phone before Takamana said,


"Let me help you."