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Bury A Friend

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I’ve always wondered what was wrong with me. I never seem to attract anyone’s attention. I’ve felt this way for a long time.


When I was younger, I would wonder why all the guys would pay attention to my friends and not me. It’s not that I’m an attention seeker, I just like to be reminded that I matter.


I’ve wanted someone to share my life with because of my parents. No, it’s not what you think. They weren’t happily married and on good terms, it’s quite the opposite. 


They don’t like each other and had me without being together. Since learning about that, I like to refer to myself as a ‘mistake’ even though my mom tried to assure me I wasn’t.


Anyways, I’ve wanted to share my life with someone because of my parents because I wanted to show them love isn’t dead. I wanted to show them that there are still people out there that will love you the way you deserve to be loved.


Well, that was years ago. I’ve changed my opinion and have seen the world for what it finally is. A filthy place full of ongoing and eternal sins. 


New movement breaks me out of clouded thoughts, and I feel my lips stretch into a huge smile. My target has been spotted, it’s an old man that deserves what’s coming to him. 


I’ve been watching him for some weeks now, planning my attack to end his life once and for all. Whatever his name is, I’m sure it isn’t important because it won’t matter when he’s in his grave. 


I crack all my knuckles before making my way over to the unexpecting man. As I come to take the seat beside him, I put my plan in action.


I show the bartender my fake ID and point at the drink the old man is gulping down. They nod and move away to make it. I let out a sigh, resting my head on my hand, moving a piece of my hair behind my ear. 


“What’s going on, miss?”


I turn to the old man, pouting my lips some. “It’s just that my job has been tiring and I feel like I’m the walking dead.”


He smiles, leaning forward some. It makes the barely noticeable hairs on my arms prickle and I have to mentally calm myself down. “Oh really? Is there any way I can help?”


I pout my lips even more but don’t make it obvious I’m doing it purposely while reaching for my drink. I bring the glass to my lips and hide my small smile behind it. 


“Sure, do you know any jokes or etc that can lighten my droopy mood?” His face lights up and I have to refrain myself from jumping on him to claw his eyes out.


He throws his head back, letting out a bark of laughter. “Of course. I’ve been doing this trick for years.” 


I nod, falsely smiling. “Have you ever tried it on anyone? What is it?” 


He nods too. “I’ve tried it on my kids and they fall for it every time.” At the sentence, I almost physically cringe. So, I was right. Well, when am I not about these certain things?


I set the glass down and wipe my forehead. “It’s getting hot in here, you mind carrying on this somewhere else?”


He smiles widely, nodding excitedly. “Yes! I was just about to ask you the same thing.” He hobbled off the bar stool.


The old man motions me on, leading the way as I follow. My body tensed, and my eye began twitching uncontrollably, as I feel myself being watched.


Not giving in to my paranoia, I shake the feeling off the best I can and prepare myself for what’s going to happen. He pushes a door open and sits down in a chair, facing me. 


“C’mere, pretty young thang.” 


Closing the door quickly, I don’t hesitate to pull out my blade I keep in the boots I wear. Before he could even react, I leap to him, slicing at anything I can reach.


I can’t help but laugh as the sound of his screams travels through my ears. He tries his best to push me off, but I land a hit to the side of his neck, watching his movements come to a twitching halt. 


Keeping my hand on the handle of the blade, I pull off the wig, tossing it to the side. I gesture to my face, smiling forcefully. “Remember me?”


He looks at me more frightened than before and it takes everything inside myself not to swiftly pull out the blade that connects death to him. 


He continues to stare at me with that stupid expression, and I feel myself getting angrier as each second that passes with no reply. 


I move the blade some, blowing a laugh out of my nose when he twitches almost whining in pain. “Answer me. I know you can even though your paralyzed.”


Like I expect, he just sits there with that stupid, pitiful expression. I shake my head in disappointment, knowing what I have to do. I try to yank the blade out of his neck but feel myself being tugged off of him by someone. 


I go to fight back but can’t when the familiar feeling of cloth and the smell of chlorophyll fills my nose as my vision starts to cloud. 


My body suddenly jolts, my eyes flying open as a headache makes itself known by making me feel my quick heartbeat in my ears. My neck suddenly feels like a pencil while my head feels as if it’s a bowling ball making it drop back painfully.


What’s happening? 


Where am I?


Why am I feeling like this?


Why can’t I move?


Why can’t I see anything but darkness?


Okay, let's see if I can remember. 


I went to the nightclub, watched that old man for an hour or two before making an approach. I sat down and acted like an innocent female, and he bought it. He even agreed to go somewhere else.


He led me to a room and when he got in, I closed the door shut and sliced him up. I let out a small groan feeling my head ache even more when trying to continue. 


Wait, did he set me up? 


What if he knew I was plotting revenge all this time?


What if I hallucinated that whole thing? 


What if I didn’t land any type of hits on him and he just faked screaming and crying?


I slowly tilted forward, seeing a bit of light come from across the room. I blinked blurriness out of my eyesight to see someone or something, moving weirdly. 


Unexpectedly, a dim light was turned on and I looked up at who did it to see a tall fair-skinned male, gazing down at me with a weird smile.  


His hair was light brown, but you could clearly see it was dyed since only a certain part was colored while the rest was I guess his normal hair color. 


He squatted in front of me, raising a hand to rub up and down my leg. It made me twitch and that made him smile even weirder. 


“Who are you and why do you have me here?” I questioned, trying to ignore the feeling of his hand going higher while doing the same rubbing movement. 


He pulls his hand away, clasping it with his other. “I’m Oh Sangwoo and you are?” 


I roll my eyes, peeping what he was doing. “You didn’t answer my question.”


He lightly shrugs, smiling still. “You didn’t answer mine either.”


I let out a frustrated groan and give in to saying my name. 


He chuckles, standing up. My eyes follow his movements seeing him, pull a chair in front of me. He seats himself and suddenly takes a knife out, running his index finger along the sharp part. 


His eyes meet mine and his smile turns into something more wicked. “Tell me why I shouldn’t slit your throat?”


I let out a sigh, the emotion behind it the same as my earlier groan. “If you’re trying to scare me, it’s not working.”


Sangwoo’s eyebrows lift up in surprise, as his movements with the knife stops. He leans forward, squinting his eyes. “Why is that?”


I lean forward too, a hold that I just now felt stopping me. I move some to identify whatever is holding me to hear metal. My numb arms are in chains. “You can’t threaten someone with death who already wants to die.”


He makes a sound of disbelief. “Oh really?”


I nod my head, resting my head on the wall that I’m realizing I’m against. This whole situation has thrown me off. Who does this guy think he is?


If he kills me, he’d be doing the world a favor. 


I feel a sharp pain erupt on my chest and I snap out of thoughts, seeing him cutting me with the knife. Of course, it hurts but I don’t show it. 


Seeing that I’m not affected, he moves to my neck. He presses the tip to the center of my throat, smiling at me smugly. I look at him, my expression bored, leaning forward feeling the metal dig into my skin. 


He scoffs, pulling the knife away. He stands up once again and moves the chair back to where it was before. He walks over to some cart where I see a bunch of weapons on. 


He places the knife down and walks to the stairs. I feel relief creep up on me, but I’m not giving in just yet. I furrow my eyebrows, as he picks something up and makes his way back over to me.


The wicked smile is on Sangwoo’s lips again, and that’s when I know something is about to go down. With his foot, he moves my legs, so they aren’t touching each other anymore, stepping in between them. 


“I guess I won’t kill you just yet.” He states, continuing. “But I need to do something to make sure you won’t escape.”


Before I can even react, my heartbeat and a sickening crunch fill my ears. Instinctively, I look at where the pain is coming from to see my gross looking ankle.


I don’t get a chance to look away as the weapon I can’t even recognize connects with my already broken ankle. I go to let out a scream but stop myself, looking up at the ceiling.


Not long after, I feel his hand on my face, moving it so I can look him in the eyes. He leans in and presses a kiss to my forehead, smiling at me normally. 


“I’ll see you later.” He says, pulling away from me. I watch as he tosses the object I have yet to identify in the corner of the room. He exits the room not before turning off the light leaving me in darkness.


Why couldn’t he just kill me? 


Why is he keeping me here?


Why did he have to do whatever he did to my throbbing ankles?


I cringe at the imagined pictures of how they probably look right now. I get rid of the thoughts not wanting to freak myself out. There’s no way I can look at my ankles, I know if I do, it will be too much for me to handle.


No one will ever hear me say this out loud, but I am afraid of broken bones. It just disgusts me how it looks, and I would never want it to happen to me.


Picturing my injured ankles, I start to feel queasy. I don’t realize I’m crying until I feel a hot liquid run down my cheeks to my stinging neck.


Maybe this is what I deserve for killing multiple people, even if they had it coming. 


I open my eyes expecting to see darkness but see Sangwoo sitting in the chair -from when he threatened to kill me- staring at me curiously. 


Painfully, my head drops forward. I shut my eyes in pain, opening them when I feel slightly better. I freeze as my gaze meets with something I was trying to avoid. 


At the disgusting sight, I feel that familiar clog in my throat as my eyes water. He broke my ankles, he broke them until you can see a lot of the bone. 


He broke my ankles…


My breathing starts to get uneven and I struggle to fill my lungs with the oxygen it needs. My mouth opens, and I start to drool while swaying some, trying to keep my head up.


I don’t have to wait long before vomit shoots out of my mouth, landing on the floor and my lap. My head feeling heavier than before, it slams backward hitting the wall.


I try to control my breathing as I dry heave. When I know I’m done, my glassy eyes set on a revolted Sangwoo. 


I squeeze the tears out of my eyes, not being able to wipe them because of my bound limbs. 


I want to die.

I want to fucking die.


He sighs, running a hand through his hair. He gets up from his chair and carefully comes to me. I shut my eyes, not wanting to see what he does next. 


I can’t take it.


“Wake up.” 


At that command, I open my eyes. He rolls his and holds out his hands. I look at him confused, and he clenches his jaw. Still looking the same way, I look around trying to figure out what he wanted. 


I go to cringe at my broken ankles but see that they’re wrapped up in bandages. Also, my vomit is gone. He cleaned it…


“Stop acting like a retard and come here.” I lean off the wall, expecting to fall when my arms barely stop me from doing so. I look at my free limbs with wide eyes.


Sangwoo sucks his teeth and snatches me forward. Next thing I know, I’m on his shoulder and he’s moving towards the stairs. We’re going somewhere? But where?

I get placed on something cold and I look around, seeing that we are in a bathroom. I brace myself on the toilet cover, watching Sangwoo run the bath by turning a few knobs and some other stuff.


I shiver, running my hands up and down my arms. I look away from Sangwoo to my lap to see my exposed thighs and legs. Suspiciously, I raise my hand to my chest and look only seeing my bra.


Was I in my undergarments this entire time? 


How am I now noticing?


What else haven’t I noticed?


My heart almost stops as I feel Sangwoo grab at my boobs, his hands sliding to the back as if trying to look for something. I see the confusion on his face but before I can say anything, he makes me lift up my arms, yanking the bra off.


I immediately cover my chest, and he looks at me with an amused smirk, sliding off my panties, putting that and my bra together. He puts them on the sink counter and begins chuckling. I cross my legs, trying to cover up my lower regions the best I can.


 “What?” I spat.


He lifts me up and places me in the bathtub, smiling. “I don’t know why you’re trying to cover those bee stings. It’s nothing to look at.”


I hum angrily, feeling my temper rising. I know my boobs are small, but he shouldn’t compare them to bee stings. They are nowhere near bee stings.


Pushing away the feeling to attack him with any nearby item, I look around for a washcloth. My eyes land on him and I move my head a bit, showing how confused I was. 


When he gives me the same look back, I roll my eyes. “Aren’t you going to give me something to clean myself with?”


His eyebrows raise, and he leans his head back like he’s surprised. My heartbeat skips a necessary beat as he stalks forward, arms crossed. “Is someone ungrateful?”


Feeling like something bad will happen if I give him even more attitude, I shake my head. “No, not at all. I just feel really grimy.”


He hums, giving me a suspicious look before walking out of the room. I look down at the murky bathwater, swirling it with a finger. I groan some, scratching my itchy skin. Wishing to get the vomit and blood off of me, I scoop the water up and splash it on me, trying to get the substances off.


Hopefully, he gets me something to wash with, if he doesn’t then that defeats the whole purpose of putting me in the bathtub. I wonder how long he’s planning to keep me here.


One thing I know for sure is that I’m not staying for long. I don’t care what it takes, I’m leaving this place as soon as I can. But for now, I can’t do much. 


I already know if I try anything on this man he’ll make me regret it and I have more common sense than doing that. Once again, you’ll never hear me say this out loud but Sangwoo is actually scary. That’s not even a word to describe him, I think terrifying suits him. 


I haven’t thought about it much but Sangwoo is really muscular. I know he works out on the regular and can probably kill someone in one punch. 


A shiver runs through my body and it snaps me out of my heavy thoughts just in time to see Sangwoo walk in with a few items in his hands. They consist of a large sponge, clothes that are balled up, and a towel.


He sets the stuff down on the toilet seat cover and reaches over, pulling the tub stopper out. When the murky water goes down the drain, he runs the water again and I watch as it rises up just above my chest again. 


He reaches over me and grabs something, squirting it all in the bathtub. He dips his hand in the water and swirls it around, creating bubbles and making the water soapy.


Sangwoo tosses the sponge in the water, and I grab it. I look at him to see that he’s now leaning against the wall where the light switch is, arms crossed while staring at me.


I take my attention off of him, and sink the sponge in the water, pulling it out when I know its soaked, rubbing it on my skin. This isn’t much, but I guess its enough. At least he gave me clean water with bubbles.


Hearing a bunch of movement, I look and see Sangwoo taking off his shirt, sliding out of his pants. My eyes widen in shock as my chest constricts painfully. I try to move backwards but my back hits the cold wall.


I look away not wanting to see him naked, turning a certain direction to resist the temptation to look. I swallow thickly, feeling him get in. 


I try my best not to tense too much as he moves to sit in the back of me, putting his head on my shoulder. “Let me help you.”


He takes the sponge out of my hand and starts washing my body. 


He begins at my shoulders, sliding down to my arms, going up and down them a few times. He then moves to my neck, going around it a few times before heading to my chest. 


My body tenses up instinctively as he travels to my lower regions. It makes him chuckle, sending shivers down my spine. Thankfully, he spends a few seconds down there, moving to my rear.


When he’s done, he tosses the sponge somewhere else in the tub, moving closer, now fully pressing against me. I ignore the certain something touching my lower back, as he envelops me in his arms. 


He makes me lean back, so, I’m laying on his chest as he buries his face in my dry hair. I feel him inhale it as he makes a surprising sound.


“Your hair actually smells good…” He mutters, inhaling it some more, his arms tightening its embrace. 


I’m not even sure how that’s true but I won’t question him. There’s no need to say anything. 


After a few minutes of silence, he sighs like he’s in paradise. “This is nice, right?” Not trusting my voice, I hum in agreement, nodding. 


What is his definition of nice? This certainly shouldn’t be it. Is he that desperate for someone that he has to kidnap them when they didn’t expect it, and hurt them? I don’t understand.


How can he be loving and then a monster within a little time? He breaks my ankles, and slices me in my upper body parts, leaving me to be covered in my blood and tears, only for him to let me wash it all off, providing me affection.


It just doesn’t make sense. 


“It’s time to get out.” He whispers in my ear, grabbing my hands that were underwater, raising them in the air so we both can see how wrinkled they are.


Following what he says, I break out of his hold and go to stand up when I remember my broken ankles. I carefully turn to him, silently pleading. 


“I want to see you do it on your own.”


I turn away from him, knowing how angry my facial expression is right now. How does he expect me to do this? I can barely move properly without pain erupting from my ankles.


I grab ahold of the bathtub rail with one hand and use it to semi hoist myself up. I press my other to the ground and slowly slide out, squinting my eyes in pain.


I take the items off the toilet seat and place them on the sink counter, grasping on to the toilet to try to get on it. When I plop down on my butt for the 5th time, I hear an annoyed noise from Sangwoo. 


From the corner of my eye, I can see him rise from the tub, stepping out. He roughly picks me up and places me on the seat I’ve been trying to sit on for the last few minutes.


He snatches the towel, drying me off, doing it harshly. What is he so mad about? I didn’t do anything wrong. This is my first time with broken bones and it hard to do something when a certain part of your body is screaming in pain.


He slips a white shirt over my head and slides a small pair of black panties to cover my lower area. Where did he get panties from?


Has he been planning my abduction? Did he just buy these? Could they possibly belong to someone else?


“Where did you get these from?” I blurt out, tugging at the lace fabric in gesture. He looks at me from clearing the bathtub with a normal smile. 


“Some whore left them behind.”


I shift in my spot on the toilet, feeling disgusted that I’m wearing someone else’s underwear. I bet they aren’t even clean.


“Don’t worry, they’re clean.” Still giving me the same smile, he takes the sponge and places it in the corner of the bathtub.


“How come I don’t have a bra?” 


That question makes him turn around with a not pleased expression. He nods to the door, saying, “Do you want to wear your vomit-covered bra?”


I shake my head, looking at him with a look that made me look like I was sorry I said it. He rolled his eyes, taking the towel and wrapping it around his waist, tying it securely.


He took me into his arms, making me wrap mine around his neck in surprise at the sudden actions. As he exited the bathroom and began walking somewhere else, I looked around at the unfamiliar things.


If I want to get out of here, I need to memorize where things are. He places me at a small, and low table, pointing at me. “Don’t you even think about moving from that spot.”


With that, he left to go get changed, I’m guessing. 


I look up and see that there’s another table next to me, with secure high chairs. How come he didn’t put me up there? Is he afraid I’ll fall and hurt myself?


I sigh, tracing shapes on the small table I was seated at. Remembering to memorize where things are, I moved my head, taking in my surroundings as best I can.


So, this is a kitchen. 


I smirk to myself. If this is a kitchen, that means there should be appliances and objects relating to it in here. I try to spot anything I can use as a weapon when I hear Sangwoo padded feet approach the kitchen.


“What are you looking for?” He questions, dressed in a red t-shirt with baggy gray sweatpants, sockless. His expression isn’t mad, he just looks like an innocent child.


I shake my head. “Nothing, I just thought I smelled food.”


He smiles normally, and walks over to me, rubbing my head like a dog. “Oh, so, you're hungry?” 


I nod, now feeling the hunger cramps. Is he actually gonna feed me?


He takes something off the counter and places it on the table and my mouth can’t help but minimize in disgust when I see what it is. Canned sardines…


He makes a small sound like he forgot something and throws something at my head, making it fall on my lap. Not rubbing my head since it didn’t hurt, I grab the rectangle package off my lap and recognize it as saltine crackers.


He can’t be serious…


I look up at him and he’s looking at me like he’s excited to see me eat this. Did he do something to this food for him to be smiling at me like that?


“Don’t be shy, dig in.” He says, giving me a bright smile while shutting his eyes in pleasure. I sigh softly, and open the can of sardines, almost blanching at the smell that comes from it.


I ripped open the package of crackers, taking one out and holding it in my left hand while I picked up a singular sardine with my right. I placed the dead creature on the cracker, and held it to my mouth, making myself not breath through my nose.


I shoved it in my mouth, chewing slowly, expecting it to taste horrid. When it doesn’t, I make a noise of surprise, fixing another sardine on a cracker.


On my last one, I watch Sangwoo move to a big pot where I assume is on a stove, moving his hand like he’s stirring something.


Finished with my sardines, I move both the crackers and metal can to the corner of the table, showing that I was finished. 


I’m so surprised I actually ingested the supposed to be disgusting food. It wasn’t all that bad…


I look towards Sangwoo to see him concentrated on the pot in front of him, stirring here and there. Really taking a look at Sangwoo, I see that he isn’t an ugly individual. He’s not even close, I bet all the girls drool over him.


If he looks like that, how come he has to take it this far just to get someone? He told me something earlier that meant a lady had been over before.


Does he do this with other people? I doubt it, I don’t remember seeing anyone here besides him. Thinking back to the basement, I try to remember if I see any sign of human life, but my head starts to throb, hinting that I should stop trying to remember. 


I blink out of my thoughts, seeing Sangwoo place a bowl in front of me. I stare at it, mentally cringing. It smells and looks like tomatoes with some type of spice and white rice?


I grab ahold of the spoon, getting a good amount of whatever this is and put it to my mouth. I hate tomatoes but maybe this one will be like the sardines and crackers. Looks nasty but tastes good.


I open my mouth and insert the spoon in, tasting the food, only to spit it out. I stick my tongue in distaste, dropping the spoon back in the soup looking food.


I freeze and slowly look up at Sangwoo who was standing by me this entire time.


I know I’m in for it when he just looks at me blankly, blinking a few times.

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A scream rips from my throat as I’m yanked into the air by Sangwoo. My hands fly to my throat, trying to make the shirt I’m wearing stop choking me.


“You’re going to eat this delicious food I cooked for you.” He grits out, his face so close to mine as he drops me on my butt. I rub my throbbing ankles with one hand, and the other I do the same to my throat.


He shoves me to the ground, making me lay and grabs the pot, pouring the content it contained all over my face making me choke. I wipe my face but that seems to do me no justice as the spice gets in my eyes, burning me severely.


While attempting to soothe my eyes, I hear him laughing. I grab for my shirt and wipe, trying to see again but that does me no justice either. I feel myself being picked up again and I let out a groan when his lips smash against mine, our teeth clashing painfully.


I fall on my back and before I could fully lay down how I was before, he grabs both sides of my face, shoving his tongue in my mouth, exploring every space.


Not wanting this, I shove him off and scoot away. That only makes him grab me again, and the next thing I know, my face is being shoved in water as he scrubs my eyes.


I clutch on to something, trying to use it to push me away from the water but fail. He’s drowning me and there’s nothing I can do about it.


I didn’t see this coming. I never thought drowning would be my cause of death. I thought it would be getting stabbed or being shot in the head.


My mouth opens in a silent yelp as my head hits the floor, and I can’t help but roll over onto my side. Everything hurts, there’s no specific area that hurts worse than the other.


I can hear Sangwoo yelling at me, but my brain can’t decipher the words. I press my palm to the floor, trying to steady my rough breathing. I can’t seem to catch my breath…


My body physically cringes as I vomit water through my mouth and nose, making me clutch them painfully. Somehow that makes me feel better and I twist my shirt some and wipe my eyes wanting that to cease the burning of them.


Fortunately, that works, and I slowly look up to see Sangwoo looking down at me still angry. Not wanting him to anything else, I hold out my hands in front of myself.


“Please Sangwoo, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to spit your food out that you worked so hard on.” I pleaded, body shaking in fear. Even if I have to kiss his ass, I just want him to not hurt me anymore. But seeing what he does over little things, I know that it won’t happen.


He shakes his head and grabs my arm. He starts dragging me to what I assume is the bathroom to wash off but when we pass that, I know what’s about to happen.


He’s putting me in the basement again. I move to get out of his tight grip but stop. I don’t want to upset him further, that’ll only put me in the worst position.


I yelp when we reach the stairs and he pushes me down them, resulting in me falling on my side. I heavily breathe in pain, not even having time to recover as he drags me to what I assume is my old spot.


Hearing the clicks of metal, I know he has me bound in chains again. Not having the strength to keep my head up, it lolls to the side. I can’t even help the drool that drips from the side of my mouth.


“I’m gonna give you time to think about your decisions, you ungrateful bitch.” He sneered. I lazily watch him make his way back up the stairs, slamming the door loudly.


I now know what to do. I need to kill myself in the quickest way possible. Seeing how Sangwoo is, he’ll try to revive me back to life.


Impaling myself with a knife seems great but what if a miracle happens and I’m saved by him? Who knows what he’ll do to me if that happens, it makes a shiver run down my spine.


What about hanging myself in the bathroom? Okay, that won’t work. I would need rope and Sangwoo doesn’t have a shower, only a bathtub which means there’s no shower rod to tie the rope.


Also, if I try finding a rope, it’ll take too long since I have no idea where anything is. I’m bound to get caught by him and I’m not up for getting beaten.


Overdosing on any pills that he may have is not even an answer since it takes too long to die doing that, I would know since I’ve done it plenty of times. Anyways, Sangwoo wouldn’t even let me out of his sight not even for a few minutes.


The only thing I can do now is earn Sangwoo’s trust and then kill myself when he least expects it. It’ll be perfect, I can already see it.


“What have you done?!” Sangwoo yells, dropping the groceries he brought home to rush over to my body that’s swimming in a pool of blood.


I smile lazily as he tries to stop the ongoing bleeding that’s coming from my chest. When he sees my expression, his turns into something horrified, realizing that I planned this.


His fists ball up, and he looks at me with tears in his eyes. “So, you rather die than be with me?” Struggling to move my head, I try to move it in a movement that was known as a nod.


An odd sound breaks me out of my daydream. I turn my head in all possible directions trying to figure out where it came from. Aren’t I down here alone?


The thought of being bound while someone is down here with me makes me feel quite uneasy. I swallow thickly, wanting to move as far as possible from whoever or whatever is here. But I don’t know where it’s coming from…


A raspy groan comes from somewhere on my right and my heart can’t help but constrict painfully. I scoot to my left quickly and that results in the chains rattling loudly.


“Who’s there?” A panicked voice asks, and my eyes widen in realization at who it is. It’s the man. That old man I tried to kill some time ago. I can’t tell the proper time it’s been since I’ve been here, but I guess it’s been a while.


I don’t utter a word, not knowing if he was bound like me.


“Is anyone there? I need help. I don’t know where I am or why I’m here, but some young man is keeping me captive. I bet he’s doing the same to you.”


How is he even still alive? I remember him bleeding a whole lot from the many times I stabbed him. Why does Sangwoo even have him here? I hope isn’t planning something disturbing.


Abruptly, a small stream of light was seen, and I let out a small sigh of relief when I see Sangwoo making his way down the steps. He turns on the light, and I expect him to make his way over to me, but he doesn’t. He turns on another light and now the entire basement is lit up.


My eyes widen in fear as I see that I was right about that old man being here. I spot 3 girls tied up in rope next to each other, on the other side of the room, looking like they are zombies.


Hearing weird sounds, I turn to see Sangwoo with his back turned. He’s picking up and inspecting the weapons like he’s trying to figure out which one to use. He’s dressed in nothing but a midnight blue apron and boxer briefs.


“Hey! You’re that girl that tried to kill me!” I whip my head to the old man who’s glaring angrily my way.


I roll my eyes, shaking my head. “It’s not like you didn’t deserve it, you slimy bastard.”


He made a sound of annoyance and went to say something when he quickly closed his mouth not looking at me anymore. I furrow my eyebrows and look where he’s looking to see Sangwoo looking at us all confused childlike.


Our captor is up to something and I can feel it deep down in my chest.

Chapter Text

I stare in fear at Sangwoo, waiting for the worst to happen. I’ve learned that anything that has to do with him, nothing good will come from out of it.


I tremble as he walks over, bending down next to me. He reaches out and that makes me flinch. He ignores my behavior and I blink dumbly when I hear a clack.


I rub my stinging arms and stare up at him somewhat confused.


Why did he free me?


Without saying a word to me, he scoops me up into his arms. I hold onto his neck and lay my head on his chest. I feel him take a few steps and I look, seeing that we are in front of the curious-looking old man.


I open my mouth to voice a question, but a yelp comes out instead as I get dropped. Pain seizes my ankles and I hurriedly grab at them, wanting the horrible feeling to stop.


My heart slows as Sangwoo begins unlocking the old man’s bounds and the smirk the man gives me sends shivers through my body. I scoot back, trying to avoid the man who’s trying to grab at me.


I feel my arms get taken a hold of as I’m dragged closer to the man. In a panic, I scream. I kick the best I can, but the old man takes a hold of both my swollen ankles, dragging my open legs to him.


Sangwoo releases his hold on me and I start swinging my fists, wanting this man to take his filthy hands off me. He balls his hand up and connects it with my stomach. My hands drop to my sides and my head rolls back, feeling as if I could vomit my guts out.


“Look at you. Not so strong without your blade, huh?” I look up at him through my glassy eyes, seeing and now feeling him on top of me. He’s going to finish what he started…


Lifting my prickling arms, I attempt to move him off of me, but he grabs both of them with one hand and presses them to the side of me. Dazedly, I move my head, trying to get a view of Sangwoo, only to see him standing some feet behind me.


“Sangwoo…” I plead weakly, moving the best I can. More tears well up in my eyes, when he just stands there, looking down at me with a childlike expression.


I can’t believe this is happening. Sangwoo’s going to watch him do this to me. Not being able to do anything else, I just close my eyes and wait for him to get it over with.


When he’s finished I’ll make sure to plan the demise of him and Sangwoo. Of course, killing myself after. I thought I could end all my nightmares and suffering if I killed this man, but no Sangwoo had to step in and ruin everything.


The reason why I’m so against this man is because he is a disgusting child molester. His targets are the younger kids because he knows that when he makes them promise not to tell, they don’t because they feel like they’re keeping a secret just like they do at school with their friends.


He sexually assaulted me when I was younger. I don’t remember the exact age I was, but I know I had been in the early elementary. I think maybe kindergarten or 2nd grade. I can’t figure it out.


Feeling like a huge weight was off of me, I snap out of the haunted thoughts that roamed my mind only to see the man not on me anymore. Is he done?


I sit up and wipe the tears out of my eyes. My eyebrows raise in shock as I see the old man on the ground a few feet away from me, clutching his head.

Sangwoo suddenly appears in front of me and stretches his hand out. I hesitantly take it and rise to my feet. I wobble some, feeling a fiery pain envelop my legs. I move to collapse but Sangwoo catches and holds me close against him. I feel him pull my underwear up, and I expect to see blood running down my legs but there isn’t.


I don’t even feel any pain between my thighs.


“I expect you to be responsible with this.” Before I could even register what he said, an object was placed in my hand. I look and see that it’s a large kitchen knife.


Sangwoo places a hand on my lower back, guiding me towards the bleeding man. The old man turns over to sit on his behind to look at us with shock.


He holds his hands out in front of him, shaking his head wildly. “Don’t!”


An unexpected laugh escapes my mouth as I clutch the knife tightly in my hand. It’s amusing to watch him cower in fear now that I have the upper hand.


“Want me to hold him down for you?” In response to that question, I shrug my shoulders. Sangwoo removes one hand from around me and shifts some and I watch in surprise as he stomps down onto the man’s stomach.


He makes a gargled sound, his eyes bulging out of their sockets.


Sangwoo gently places me on the ground in front of the man. I don’t even get time to look away as he snaps both of his arms. I swallow the bile that’s creeping up my throat.


Sangwoo drops himself in the back of the man, holding him carefully. He had him in a way where I could easily attack anywhere on his body but at the same time, he’s putting him in a tight hold.


I ignore the man's pleads and send the knife through his chest but not too deep for him to bleed out quickly. Slowly, not wanting death to take him that quickly, I drag the knife downwards. Then I start dragging it everywhere, not minding the way his blood splatters on my face and shirt.


As I move to go for his arms, an idea pops up into my mind. It’ll be pretty gruesome, so, I think Sangwoo should do it. I move closer to Sangwoo, and I see him move away quickly as if he was expecting me to use the knife on him.


I tap the handle of the knife on his knuckles and he opens his hand, taking it. I then hold onto his buff arm and whisper a few things in his ear.


He nods, a smirk forming on his lips. I turn around, and drag myself to the chair, that Sangwoo sits in, and climb up on it cautiously. To be quite honest, I am very confused.


What was the use of him letting that man think that Sangwoo was on his side? I don’t think he could’ve done it in my favor because he’s probably still mad about the food thing. But why is he helping me? How come he trusted me with the knife?


I could’ve very well stabbed him. I didn’t because I was so focused on the old man who’s deserving of what’s happening to him right now. Sangwoo’s using the same thing that man did all those years ago.


I won’t go too much into it, but I asked Sangwoo to chop off the stubby thing between his legs and to shove it somewhere that would hurt the most.


The dyed blond drops the old man to the floor and the way the man does remind me of a rag doll. Sangwoo walks over to me, scooping me in his arms again and begins heading for the stairs.


I don’t hold onto him as I did earlier, what if he drops me again?


“Is he dead?” I ask.


“No, I’m letting him bleed out slowly.” He answers simply, placing me on the cold object called a toilet seat cover. Not allowing me to do anything but hold onto the thing I’m sitting on, he strips off my two clothing items.


He then reaches over and turns on the water, putting the tub stopper in its place. He’s doing it again. What’s the point of dirtying me up just to keep letting me wash it all off? This just doesn’t make any sense.


He lifts me, and carefully places me in the bathtub, turning off the hot water. He passes me the sponge, and grabs something else, squirting a bunch of it.


After creating a huge bubble bath, he points at me. “Don’t try anything. I’m going to go check on that old piece of shit.”


I nod and start washing. I make sure to scrub everywhere, feeling revolted because that old man was able to touch me the way he used to when no one was around.


I’m glad Sangwoo isn’t letting him take the easy way out. Death is too easy of an escape for people like him. Maybe this will stop all the nightmares from occurring.


Sangwoo enters the bathroom again and takes a seat on the place I was just occupying. He cracks his knuckles, giving me a curious look. “I want you to tell me everything on why you want that old piece of shit dead.”


I sigh, letting go of the sponge. I sit back and rest my head against the shower wall. If a story he wants, a story he will get. There’s no way I’ll refuse because I’m trying to get on his good side.


“He used to be best buddies with my father. At first, he seemed like a good man because he would treat me better than a lot of adults would. The reason for them doing so is because I was a result of a sin. My dad was married to someone when my mom and he were involved. I remember my mom telling me that when his wife found out, she went straight after my mom, wanting to fight her.” I respond, sinking some into the water.


“My dad intervened and sent his wife back home. Even though after that my parents continued to be involved with each other. I find it gross because after they had sex, he would go home to his wife and do the same with her. Sometimes vice versa. Some time into this, my mom ends up pregnant. Although my mom wasn’t in a place to have a kid, she still kept me because she didn’t believe in abortions.”

“Surprisingly, my dad was okay with it. Turns out that he wanted to have a kid, but his wife would always end up miscarrying. When I was born, my dad bought my mom a house. He didn’t live with us, but he would occasionally visit. Anyways, that’s why most of the adults I was around didn’t like me. One day, my mom had to work, and my dad got called somewhere because I think his brother had a heart attack. That meant that they couldn’t watch me. My dad put his trust in his ‘old buddy’ to take care of me and left.”


“I remember being in my room, on my bed, watching something on TV when he appeared just standing in the doorway watching me. I felt a bit uneasy, but I ignored it and continued watching my show. After a few minutes passed by, he stood in front of the TV, looking at me with this innocent smile. He asked me could I keep a secret and I told him yes. He pushed me down on my bed and pulled down my skirt and underwear. Not knowing what he was trying to do, I just laid there and watching him as he caressed me, kissing me everywhere. He didn’t rape me or anything, well at least he didn’t get a chance to because I felt as if something was wrong. I pushed him off and ran out of the room, pulling up my skirt and underwear. I locked myself in my mom’s room and waited for either one of my parents to come home.”


I shake my head, scrunching my face up in disgust at the vivid memories. “When my dad did, he was curious about why I locked myself in the room, but I didn’t tell him the actual reason, I just told him I missed them. After that whole thing, I tried my best to keep away from him. Some months later, I end up having to stay with him for a few hours but luckily he had his kids over. There was two of them, a girl and a boy. We were in their room with the door shut when one of them asked me can I keep a secret. I told them I can and that if they were to tell me, I would tell them one of mine. Our secrets end up being heavily similar.”


Sangwoo raised his eyebrows, crossing his arms. “And what were those secrets?”


Being creeped out at his behavior and question, I answered anyway. “He touched us in ways he shouldn’t have. Unfortunately, he went all the way with both of his kids but not with me and I’m glad he didn’t.”


“Do your parents know?”


I shake my head. “No, not even before their deaths.”


He hummed, nodding at all the information I gave him.


“As I got older, the memories seemed to vanish and for some long years, I didn’t remember anything. But, when I saw him at a store and he had the nerve to smile at me, all the memories came rushing back. Ever since then I’ve plotted revenge.” I add, sitting up now because the position is starting to mess with my back.


A loud sound erupts from downstairs which attracts our attention to it. Sangwoo grumbles something, rising from the seat. He looks at me. “Call for me when you’re finished. I have to go see what this old man is up to.”


I nod and began playing with the bubbles, blowing them off my fingers. I’m going to enjoy this as much as I can. It’s only a matter of time until Sangwoo snaps again.


My mind trails off to the basement, and what I’ve seen in there that I haven’t seen before. I remember seeing that Sangwoo has to turn on two lights for the entire basement to be lit up. That old man was sitting against a wall, some distance from three tied up young girls.


I wonder what’s his purpose for kidnapping them. What has he done to those girls for them to look so dead? Why were they silent during the whole thing that happened? I mean, they did look drugged, but will it wear off? Will he do the same to me if I ever do whatever they’ve done?


From what I saw, they were dressed in their underwear and bras. I don’t think there were any injuries. Well, I don’t know. I wasn’t looking hard enough because of the situation I was in.


Feeling the water turn cold, and seeing my fingers turn into raisins, I call out for Sangwoo. He comes a few seconds after I call for him, and I raise my arms out. Wait, did he change clothes? For what? Shouldn’t he have taken a bath or something?


He’s wearing a black hoodie and white undershirt with blue jeans. Is he planning to go somewhere?


“You didn’t wash your hair.” He states, stepping closer.


I shrug. “I don’t have anything to wash my hair with.”


He shakes his head and grabs for something above me. I reach to take it from him, but he moves it away from me. He unplugs the tub stopper and waits for all the water to go down the drain. He turns me around, so, now I’m facing the shower wall and my back is to the faucet.


When all the water and bubbles are down the drain, he runs some more water, leaning me back to dip my hair under the running faucet. He pops open an item, mumbling something. “I’ll do it for you.”


He pulls at something in my hair and I let out a yelp when I feel it rip some strands out. He mutters out an apology. What even was that? He makes me lean down more, and I have to grip onto the tub railings to prevent myself from falling.


After he’s done washing my hair, he turns the faucet off, helping me out of the bathtub. He places me on the toilet seat cover, drying off every inch of my naked body. He mumbles something quick and leaves the bathroom.


When he comes back, he has items in his hands. He squats down and slips another pair of black panties on me. He makes me raise my arms, and he puts my bra on me. I smile gratefully, and he returns the smile, putting the last item of clothing on me. Another white T-shirt.


“You hungry?” He questions, standing up again. I nod, and he picks me up again but this time I wrap my arms around his neck. He walks to the kitchen and sits me in the same spot as the other time but now it’s clean.


Everything looks as if nothing ever happened. I look down at the plate of food, he put before me on the small table. It’s sardines and crackers again, but hey I’m not complaining.


“I need to go grocery shopping.” He told me as he leaned against the taller and bigger table, gazing down at me. I don’t say anything, I just nod, and eat my food.


I don’t know why he’s telling me this. Is he secretly asking me to go with him? Would he let me out of the house? Am I gaining his trust back?


But there’s no way I could escape right now, even if he takes me with him. My ankles are broken, and I need them to walk properly. But what if I get the right attention and people prevent him from taking me away? What if it goes wrong and I’m thrown in the basement to die like that old man? I can’t imagine what Sangwoo would do to me if I were to make him mad again.


“Whatever you’re planning, you can forget about it because I’m not taking you with me. I don’t trust you enough to do that.” He says.


Crap, my plan has been foiled. I guess I just have to escape when he’s gone to the grocery store. But how far will I be able to make it? I don’t even know where I am.


“Don’t worry, I won’t be gone long. No need to frown.” Saying that he bends down and presses a quick kiss to my forehead. I try to resist the urge to wipe the spot he kissed.


He walks around the table, and I watch as he moves closer to some type of passageway. I scoot over some, so, I’m able to see what he’s doing. I’m not sure what’s over there, I can barely see from this angle.


“This…” He gestures while looking at me. “Is off-limits. I don’t want you up there, ever. If I find out you did, you’ll wish you were never born.”


“Okay.” I squeak, internally screaming at how I sounded just now. Am I scared of that wimpy threat? I know he could do better with the threatening.


He smiles at me like he’s satisfied with my answer. “I’ll be leaving now, don’t miss me too much.” With that, he leaves out a door that I’m just now realizing is the front door.


That’s good to know. When my ankles are healed and I’m able to walk again, I won’t hesitate to run right out of that door. But for now, I should just identify everything I can, so, I won’t go running around here blindly.


Okay, so, he has a few kitchen appliances and some cabinets. I see a knife holder but there are no knives in there. That bastard probably knew I would do something. Anyways, is that a window?


I rise the best I can, trying to get a good look at the window. If it weren’t for Sangwoo opening the front door, I wouldn’t have seen that it was daylight. He did something to the windows where nothing could be seen from the outside.


Does he do this for a living? Like, kidnap people for unknown reasons? The number reason that I know it can’t be is, not being able to get anyone. As much as I don’t like to admit it, Sangwoo is handsome. He has to be one of those guys that are popular. But would anyone want him when they find out about his bizarre ways?


I rub at my swollen ankles, them snapping me out of my thoughts.


I’m not even sure how I’ve been able to withstand all this pain I’ve been in. I’m not even one to have a high pain tolerance even though I’ve been through lots of it all my life, physical, mental, and emotionally.


I may need to ask him for some pain pills, but what if he takes it the wrong way, making me suffer much longer? Then again, there’s a good chance he won’t since he’s been acting so unusually nice. It’s pretty weird to think about.


Speaking of Sangwoo, where is he? I’m not good with time management but I can tell that it’s been a while. Getting groceries doesn’t take that long, what could he possibly be doing?


Oh god, what if he found another victim? Hopefully not.


I shift in my spot on the floor, putting my legs up in a certain position so I’m able to rub my ankles better. As I do that, my eyes land on the front door that weirdly seems close to me.


I know I shouldn’t be thinking about this but what if I were to leave now? What if there was a chance of him not catching me leaving this place? How far would I be able to make it? What even would I say to anyone?


I sigh, shaking my head. I’m in a bad position to be hopeful. I take my hands away from my throbbing ankles and start dusting off my shoulders. There’s this weird feeling that I can’t seem to get off me.


Like, I want to escape but I also don’t want to risk it. But then again, there’s a chance of me not being here anymore. I know what I was thinking to myself earlier, but this place is hell.


There’s only so much time until Sangwoo snaps and he shows me some more of what he has in store for me. I don’t think—well, I know I wouldn’t be able to withstand anything that he has planned.


The more I stare at the front door, the worse the feeling gets. I guess I can kind of describe it now, it’s this weight on my shoulders and heart. I mean, I know I’m afraid, but I feel like I could still do it, despite the consequences my actions may uncover.


Before I could realize what I’m doing, I’m dragging myself across the floor, approaching the door that seems to be brightly shining like something behind it is going to be heavenly.


Am I going to attempt escaping?

Chapter Text

Waking up and seeing Sangwoo looking back at me is something that shouldn’t even happen. My body twitches and my mouth opens in a silent yelp but just sticks to raggedly breathing when my mind comes to amends that it’s just Sangwoo.


Ignoring his creepy straight face staring, I move to sit up when I’m blocked because of the position he’s in. Sangwoo is in between my legs with both of his hands on either side of my thighs.


In silent question, I raise my eyebrows. He blinks at me and his eyes land on something in between my thighs. On instinct, I move to close my legs but can’t because he’s in the way.


Speaking of them, why do they feel as if something heavy is on it?


Now that I think about the area that’s a bit lower than my stomach hurts a lot. My eyes widen in fear as my mind starts to crowd with different thoughts of what could be wrong. Did Sangwoo do something to me while I slept?


A wave of familiar pain seizes my legs and my heart constricts painfully at what I realize what’s happening. To be sure, I pull up my shirt some and see what I was expecting on the other side of my underwear.




My period started while I slept, and I’ve been bleeding for a while now and that’s why he’s looking at me like that. As the saying goes, if it ain’t one thing it’s another.


Sangwoo was just mad at me because of something about escaping. I couldn’t keep up with his words since I was in too much pain since he slammed me against his counter and added pressure to my ankles.


It was so crazy that he randomly stomped into the house, snatching me by my shirt, screaming into my face. Turns out I didn’t actually attempt to escape, I stayed at the table the entire time imagining it for hours until Sangwoo came back.


“Sangwoo, please.” I found myself pleading, not wanting him to get mad at me for bleeding on his bed. After he wore me out, he carried me to his bedroom and patched me up, laying me on his bed that unfortunately doesn’t have any pillows.


He throws his head back in loud laughter, grinning at me like a psycho. “That’s all you have to say after you continue to bleed all over my bed?”


I can’t believe this is happening. If he could just move, I could prevent any more blood from getting on his bed. But, no, he wants to torment me.


I’m not able to voice a reply because a sharp pain erupts through my uterus which makes me clutch the spot below my stomach, breathing heavily. I must have slept a long time because the pain shouldn’t be this intense this early on.


I grip onto his shoulders, tears building up in my eyes at how the pain was progressing. Usually I don’t have to worry about this since whenever I feel the slightest bit of pain, I pop a pill and go on about my day. But, this situation is different. I’m staying with a sadist.


“Sangwoo, please. I’m sorry for bleeding on your bed like this but I didn’t expect it to come. I promise it won’t happen again, just please; I need a pill. I can’t take any more of this pain.” I choke, desperation so evident in my tone.


At this rate, I could be do anything and everything for Sangwoo.


I know I’ve gotten plenty of injuries from this man, but they don’t compare to period pains. They’re the worst. I remember reading something about how now they’re comparing the pain of the cramps to heart attacks.


Sangwoo wrinkles his nose at me and I immediately clamp my hand over my mouth. Right, morning breath. But wouldn’t he have it too? I didn’t smell it though, but that could be because I wasn’t paying attention.


He rolls his eyes and moves away from me and stands up. “I’ll run the bath. You can get there yourself.” With that, he heads for his bathroom.


Mustering up the strength, I drag my way there too. At least he’s letting me wash off. It seems like I’m constantly doing that, and I know it’s pissing him off.


“You better not have got blood on anything else.” He mutters, stripping me of my clothing. I nod and almost let out a moan as the scorching water soothes my intense cramps.


“God, this is so annoying.” He mutters and I look at him to see that he’s on his phone. His eyes are narrowed, he looks irritated. What could he be looking at?


Putting away his phone, he exits the bathroom without saying anything else. I blink a few times when I hear the sound of the front door slamming. Did he just leave?


Nibbling on the dead skin that’s covering my lips, I reach over and grab my sponge. I take some of the body wash I see and squirt a small amount, putting it back.


When Sangwoo comes back, I’m scrunched up in a ball, hurting profusely. The water turned cold and I didn’t want to touch anything in fear that Sangwoo would hurt me.


He sets a bunch of things on the sink counter and grabs me out of the bathtub. He harshly dries me off, avoiding the place between my legs.


He blankets the toilet seat cover with a towel and shoves me onto it. With a glare, he leaves the bathroom, leaving me confused. I guess I have to do this stuff myself. I couldn’t be more relieved.


Grabbing the underwear and slip it on halfway. I shuffle through the things and my eyebrows raise at the small box of tampons. He bought tampons? But I’ve only ever used pads…


Okay, it’ll have to work. There’s no way I’m telling Sangwoo about this, he’ll probably take everything from me. I open the box and take on out. After a few tries, I finally get it inside of me.


I pull the underwear up all the way and move to put on the black T-shirt when I see another article of clothing. It’s a bra…


I slip that on and then the shirt.


Spotting something, I pick it up and identify them as pills. I waste no time popping them in mouth, swallowing them dry. I know that’s bad for me but there’s no time to think about that. I’m in too much pain.

Chapter Text

Settling down in my spot on the floor at the small table, I dig into the food that I prepared for Sangwoo and I. Earlier, he demanded me to make lunch because my existence here is too much. In simpler words, I need to start doing more things around here instead of him.


I was so confused because how could I do that when he broke my ankles, disabling me from doing most things? It seemed he had read my mind because he picked me up and shoved me into a computer chair, pushing me to the kitchen where everything was there waiting.


I only had a few things to use, chicken and vegetables. So, I made soup and surprisingly it tastes pretty good. I thought it’d be nasty since the vegetables he has, I’m not fond of. Maybe it’s because this is the best thing I’ve had in a while.


“Hey, where do you live? I need to go over there and gather some of your things, so, you can stop using up mine.” I snap my head to Sangwoo to see him looking back at me.


“It’s an apartment complex behind that supermarket, the door number is 432. I’m pretty sure you have my key.” I mumble, looking away from him.


So, he’s going to my home? I guess he was serious about keeping me around here for long. I’m not fond of that idea at all. I need to do something about it.


“Could I come?” I question, playing with the ripped skin around one of my fingernails. Please say yes, I probably won’t do anything. It depends on who’s around.


Trying to convince him, I continue. “What if someone sees you? Plus, the place does have cameras and you entering my apartment looks quite suspicious.”


Okay, what I said isn’t all the way true. They could just assume that he’s my boyfriend or something. I’m pretty sure Sangwoo is a good liar.


I flinch when he approaches me. Oh god, he’s gonna hit me.


“You haven’t even eaten all your food.” At the surprising answer, I waste no time dumping the contents that were in my bowl into my mouth, munching.


I swallow, showing him my empty bowl. He blinks at me, face blank. Please let me come. I probably won’t do anything; it depends on who’s around.


“I guess so.” Sangwoo shrugs, walking around me to go into the hallway. Excitement fills my entire being. Is he being serious? Will I be able to go with him? Outside? What happened to him not trusting me? Did I gain his trust back?


Has it been that long? I can’t remember.


He comes back in the room with crutches in his hand, yanking me up to my feet with his other. I struggle to hold up my weight when he adjusts them for me.


I’ve never had to use crutches; this is my first time. I carefully follow after Sangwoo, goosebumps littering my skin. Am I actually gonna go outside?


When he opens the front door, I flinch as the sunlight pours into this house, touching my cold skin. Why does this feel so good? Oh yeah, it’s because I haven’t been outside in some time.


“Are you coming or not?” Sangwoo rolls his eyes, turning around to look at me. I nod quickly, making my way carefully down the steps.


I hear him close the door and as I’m walking to the passenger side of the red truck that’s parked in the driveway, I look around trying to identify my surroundings.


This is somewhere I’ve never been to before. This neighborhood looks to be empty, but why? I see no cars and a bunch of these homes looks to be old.


Sangwoo helps me climb in the truck but I think it was all me because how can you help someone when all you’re doing is shoving them by their butt.


I give him a frown and he just chuckles, shutting the door. He walks around and gets in through the driver's side. As he starts up this vehicle, I can’t help but feel nervous.


This is actually happening. I’m outside, I’m in a working vehicle. He has one. All I had to do is get the keys and drive off, fleeing to the police to report this psychopath. No, I shouldn’t think like that.


If I want to escape this man, I just need to be smart about it. I need to find an opportunity when he least expects me to leave, death should be the last resort.


Arriving at the familiar place that was called my home, I looked around desperately for anyone that I could trust to get me away from Sangwoo.


My heart almost leaps into my mouth when I see Sangwoo looking at me with a blank expression. Oh god, please no. I think he has caught me. He saw the way I was looking around. Oh god, I’m going to get punished.


“I’ve been around you for so long that I forgot what it feels like to be surrounded by people.” I blurt out, hoping he’d buy that. To my utter relief, he hums, getting out.


He helps me out, settling me better into the crutches. He smiles my way before allowing me to lead. I nervously glance at him while we make our way to the elevator.


Why’s he being so nice?


I press a button and enter the elevator, Sangwoo closely behind me. The doors almost close when it suddenly opens and a family of three steps in, quickly glancing at me.


I see the man and woman look at each other with weird looks. I clear my throat, pressing a button with my floor on it. “Um, what floor?”


“You’ve already pressed it.” The man tells me, small smiling. I nod, looking down at the floor. As much as I want to tell them about Sangwoo and how he kidnapped me, I can’t. It’s too risky.


I hear coughing and it makes me look, connecting eyes with a little girl. She gives me a wide smile, nodding in a certain direction. I look to see Sangwoo, he’s looking quite bored.


“You’re boyfriend is hot.” I almost choke at what she said. My boyfriend? She thinks Sangwoo is my boyfriend? As if!


Her mom and dad scold her and Sangwoo chuckles, throwing an arm around me, his lips that are cool and soft pressing against my forehead.


“Thank you.”


I try to control the twitch in my eye as my cheeks burn severely. I can’t believe this is happening. He didn’t deny it. Why didn’t he deny it? We aren’t dating!


“Don’t worry, miss. I didn’t forget about you! You’re pretty. You guys make a good couple.” That made my neck burn too, a weird feeling making its way into my chest.


She thinks I’m pretty but how? I’m sure I don’t look so good.


“Thank you. I appreciate it.”


The elevator door opens and the family steps out first, Sangwoo and I following after. I lead the way down the hallway, stopping at my door.


He unlocks the door with the key and when we step in my home, a burst of heat slaps me in the face. Yeah, I’ve had to be gone for a long time because my electricity is off.


“I’m glad you played along; you’re learning.” Sangwoo whispers in my ear, walking around me to somewhere else. I sigh, following after him.


I only didn’t expose him because I’m too paranoid about it going wrong. I can’t even imagine what Sangwoo would do to me if I ever tried and it went wrong.


I shiver.


When I enter the room I’m met with the sight of Sangwoo holding up a white bra, his eyebrows raised in amusement. “Is this yours?”


I nod, taking a seat on my messy bed.


He lets out a laugh, shaking his head. “Yeah, ok.”


I frown, watching as he rummages through my things. “Why did you say it like that? It is mine.”


“Have you seen your tits? That bra is too big.”


I ball my fists and bite my tongue, having to ignore the gnawing in my throat. It only happens when I don’t say what I want when I want to.


I know the bra is a bit big, but I can still fit it. Sangwoo is such an asshole, he’s deserving of everything that’s coming to him. He leaves the room and comes back shortly with something white crumpled into his hands.


It turns out to be a garbage bag and now he’s dumping a bunch of my stuff into it. When we depart from my apartment building, Sangwoo’s hands are filled with bags of my things.


He puts them in the back of his trunk, tying them securely, so, nothing flies out. The ride back to his house is silent but it’s ok. I just want to be alone with my thoughts.

Chapter Text


Staring at the decent looking female in the mirror, I sigh in satisfaction when I don’t spot anything wrong with my face. I’m glad Sangwoo has been in a good mood lately, he hasn’t been treating me like trash.


I’m so used to Sangwoo beating me up for everything and anything that it’s not even funny. The other day, I dropped a glass bowl because of a sharp pain erupting in my shoulder and I remember this bad feeling washing over me.


Surprisingly, Sangwoo just shook his head at me and told me to clean it up. Of course, I obeyed but I was so paranoid that he’d beat me up while I least expected it. Fortunately, he didn’t.


Twitching at the pressure that’s building up in my lower area, I realize that I need to pee. I move to carefully put myself on the toilet but realize that there’s no toilet paper.


Sighing, I roll my way to the closet that’s down the hallway and open it, searching for the object that I need. Spotting it, I go to grab it when I hear the front door open.


Sangwoo’s home? Not that I’m complaining, but why is here so early? I remember him leaving a couple of hours ago to go hang with friends, what made him come back? He told me that he didn’t know when he’d be back.


At the thought of someone else being here, goosebumps litter my skin and my paranoia kicks in. What if it’s a burglar or something and they see me? Oh god, who knows what they’d do to me?


Hurriedly, I get up from the chair, trying not to make any noise. I ignore the burning in my legs and wobble to Sangwoo’s room. As I enter, I hear footsteps coming down the hallway.


Fuck, I’ve been caught.


Knowing I wouldn’t be able to make it to the closet in Sangwoo’s room, I hide behind the door. God, my legs are killing me. I have to suck it up though, I can’t afford to get caught by whoever this is.


I think they know someone is here. I left the closet door open and why would a chair be in the middle of the hallway? I’m pretty sure they heard my movements.


Oh god, they’ve entered the room. They definitely know I’m here, something’s bad is going to happen to me. I knew Sangwoo not beating me up lately was too good to be true.


“Hello?” A hoarse voice whispers.


Of course, I don’t answer, there’s no way I would. Why are they even here? How did they even get in? I swear Sangwoo locks the door whenever he leaves. What if he made a mistake?


Hope fills my whole body when I think about that.


Furrowing my eyebrows, I hear a moan. What the actual fuck?


I can’t even see what’s happening because the door is blocking my view, I’m afraid that they’ll see me.


“Sangwoo…” I hear the person whimper out, a sloppy sound feeling my ears after. Sangwoo, they know him? Wait, but why are they saying his name like that?


Letting my curiosity get the best of me, I move the door some as quietly as possible. Vomit rises in my throat at what is before me. It’s some fucking creep masturbating on Sangwoo’s bed.


No fucking way…


I watch in disgust as he holds something of Sangwoo’s to his nose, the movements of his hand getting faster. Narrowing my eyes, I feel rage fill my entire being.


So, this is the person that I was supposed to be scared of? What is he? Sangwoo’s stalker or something? Has he been here before? I wonder if Sangwoo even knows who this is.


“Sangwoo…” He whispers, a small smile appearing on his lips as the movements of his hands stop. He inspects the white substance on one of his hands and then sits up.


Sniffing something of Sangwoo’s again, he arises and wipes the stuff on his pants. Screaming suddenly fills both of our ears and my heart jumps in panic.


I hear him make a sound of confusion, seeing him leave the room.


He’s heading for the basement, that’s where the sound came from.  What should I do? Could I just let him find out about what Sangwoo has been doing to me and others or stop him?


Why am I even considering the second option?


Carefully, I follow after the creep, the screaming getting louder the closer we get to the basement. I watch as he opens it, peeking in the dark place.


“Hello?” He whispers, his head moving in a searching manner.


Unexpectedly, I get this bad feeling which is accompanied by something else that makes my body grow hot. First of all, who the fuck does this creep think he is? He enters this place, most likely without Sangwoo’s knowledge and then masturbates on his bed, sniffing one of his things!


Without being able to stop myself, I run and shove him down the steps, his startled yelp filling my ears along with the sound of his body hitting the basement’s floor.


Angrily, I stomp down the stairs and stand over the guy before socking him with all my strength. His head snaps to the side, his body going limp after.


Not even a few seconds later, I step back in horror at what just happened. Did I really just knock this guy unconscious? For what? Even though he’s a creep, he could’ve been my savior.


Who am I kidding? Sangwoo would show up and get both of us without even breaking a sweat. Even if the creep and I can get help, who’s to say Sangwoo wouldn’t hunt us down?


No thanks, death sounds better.


Whimpering snaps me out of my thoughts and I turn to the direction it came from. It’s coming from the shadows, so, I’m not able to see.


I turn the light on and I almost gasp at the bloodied female who’s chained to the wall. She’s cowering in fear as she locks gazes with me. She’s scared of me…


I wonder if she thinks I’m responsible for all of this.


“P-p-please let me g-g-go! I won’t t-tell anyone!” She cries, tears spilling from her green eyes. What could I say to that? Seems like I was right, she thinks I’m the reason for all of this.


Rubbing my head, I respond. “I can’t do that.”


Her eyes go wide as her face scrunches up in anger. “What do you mean you can’t do it?!”


I keep rubbing my head, biting my lip. “As much as I would like to leave this place, it isn’t possible. We’re being held captive.”


“We’re being held captive you say? How come you aren’t tied up like me?” I’m not allowed to answer when I hear the sound of the front door being slammed shut, my name being shouted.


Fear runs throughout my body as I collapse against the floor, my body twitching. Footsteps grow closer and I turn, seeing Sangwoo standing at the top step.


He doesn’t look angry; he just looks surprised. He makes his way down the steps, standing directly behind me.


“What do we have here?”


Licking over my chapped lips, I answer. “Earlier, I was in the bathroom when I heard the sound of the front door open. When I realized it wasn’t you, I hid. This creep went into your room and that’s when he heard screaming from her.” I gesture to the wide eye individual who’s quiet now.


I continue. “I followed him and end up pushing him down the steps. That didn’t seem to do anything, so, I had to knock him out.”


“And you managed to do all that with broken ankles?” He asked with a tilt of his head, no expression visible on his face now. Holy shit, what should I say? If I say yes, he’ll damage them even more and if I say no he’ll see through my lie and do even worse.


My voice leaving me, I couldn’t help but nod. I look away from him, my eyes burning. He’s gonna break my ankles even further and chain me up again. Fuck…


I hear him hum as I feel cool lips on my forehead. I’m suddenly scooped up into his arms as he begins walking up the steps. We enter his room and he bends down to place me on his bed.


I scream, clawing at anything of him I could reach to get away from the disgusting germ crawling bed. That creep masturbated on the bed and there is no way I’m gonna let it touch me.


“I would prefer if you didn’t scream in my ear and shove your vagina in my face.”


My cheeks burn severely as I realize our position. I’m clutching onto his shoulders as my lower area is practically pressing against his face.


Pulling away from him the best I could without letting go, I apologize. “Sorry.”


He rolls his eyes, shaking his head as he moves away from the bed. He places me on the floor, confusion now on his face. “What’s wrong with the bed?”


Showing how disgusted I am, I tell him. “There’s something I didn’t include about that creep. I’m not sure if he heard me or not but when he entered your room, he sat on your bed and began masturbating while sniffing something of yours.”


Without responding to that, Sangwoo swiftly turned around and exited the room. Smirking mentally, I feel better about pushing that creep down the stairs. I know Sangwoo’s mad about what I just told him. Who knows what he’ll do that guy?


Now that I think about it? How did he even get in here? Sangwoo isn’t the type to be careless. He leaves no mistakes behind from what I’ve seen so far.


I didn’t even get to take a good look at the creep, I was too busy being angry and that girl in the basement occupied my attention. I wonder what’s going through her head at this moment.


She probably thinks I’m on Sangwoo’s side and helping him with kidnapping people. That’s far from the truth, there’s no way I would do that.


Only people who are in love do disgusting things like that. I remember reading something about a girl loving some guy so much that she let him and his friends use her body in any way they wanted.


I find that ridiculous. That or nothing similar will happen to me because I have more sense than developing feelings for a psychopath. Those type of people only cares about no one except for themselves.


I already admitted this but Sangwoo is a handsome person. I don’t know why he has to take such drastic lengths to get people. I can’t even fathom what’s going on inside that head of his.


Hearing the sound of my name, I’m broken out of my thoughts. It’s coming from Sangwoo, of course. Rising to my feet, I try to walk like I was doing earlier but an intense pain shoots up my legs making me tumble to my knees.


How come I can’t walk anymore? I was doing it earlier…


“Coming!” I shout when I hear my name again. I guess I have no choice but to crawl. Coming to a stop at the top of the stairs, there are now four eyes staring at me.


At the sight of the creep being alive, I scowl. How come Sangwoo hasn’t killed him yet?


Sangwoo smiles my way and then nods to the creep who’s staring wide-eyed at me. I see that he’s tied up, his clothing stripped from him except for his underwear.


“I’ve learned some information from him, the one who you call a creep.” Sangwoo’s smile goes wider as the guy’s expression turns into something sour. “We know each other.”


My eyebrows furrow at the second sentence. What? How? When? Why would Sangwoo know such a creep like him?


Sangwoo starts explaining and I spot a small smile showing up on the guy’s lips. What the fuck is he smiling about? You literally masturbated on Sangwoo’s bed and snuck into his house! What’s so good about that?


“Welcome to the family, Bum.” At that, I choke.


I recover quickly, my eyes on Sangwoo now. “What?”


He rolls his eyes, standing up. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”


Licking over my dry lips, I frown. “Why are you keeping him alive? Aren’t you forgetting the motherfucker relieved himself on YOUR bed? His creepy ass deserves death.”


Sangwoo laughs. “You don’t need to worry about that but I haven’t forgotten what Bum did. He’ll be receiving his punishment very soon.”


Suddenly Sangwoo’s expression turns serious. “I would invite you to watch since I know you’ll enjoy it but you have something to do. Go prepare lunch, it better be ready by the time I’m done with Bum.”


With a frown on my lips, I don’t say anything. I turn around and towards the computer chair that’s still in the hallway from earlier. When I climb onto it, I move towards the kitchen and began doing what I’ve been told.


What is Sangwoo thinking? Why keep him around? What purpose will he serve by being here? All he’s gonna do is get in the way. Wait, that sounds off.


I mean, get in the way of my plan. The demise of Sangwoo. I wonder what he said that swayed Sangwoo to keep him alive. I can’t think of anything that creep has to offer. I’m already doing everything…


Well, even though it’s going to take a lot more, looks like I have someone else’s life to take.