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Fire Emblem Warriors 2

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Lianna was concerned. It was after they Beat Velezark but still there were rebels against them who hated that Both King Oskar And Darios died in the full war against Velezark. These rebels were Grinstonne Soldiers who were loyal to The killed Royals of their kingdom because they were releasing Velezark so The new rulers Of Gristonne Kingdom made these rebels enemies to The Grinstonne Kingdom and Asytolis backed them up. This meant the rebels brought many assassination attempts onto the new co-rulers of Aystolis. The good thing is Rowan’s body wasn’t spilled in blood for the public to see. The bad thing is that left the possibolity of him having been kidnapped still a option. Lianna then ran into her mother Yalina.

Lianna says “Mother, Do you know where Rowan is?”

Yalina smiles and says “He told me he was going out to the town. Did you not know he does that a lot nowadays?”

Lianna thought about it and she had noticed but it wasn’t confirmed to her. What was Rowan thinking? Then again he took his legendary sword he got on their journey with him.

Lianna says “I noticed it but it was never confirmed to me.”

Yalina says “Give him a break. He’s always happy when he comes back, isn’t he?”

Lianna looked back and realized he was happy when he got back always.

Yalina says “He deserves some happiness. You have yours in a boyfriend from Grinstonne’s New Royalty and you two are betrothed thanks to me accepting that contract with the new King.”

She was right but what was suspicous was how happy Rowan was when he got back from being out.

Lianna says “The thing is the happiness he has when he comes back from being out is the same as my happiness when I come home from a date with my boyfriend.”

Yalina says “You know I just noticed that too. Do you think there is someway we can find out that reason?”

“I can track him with my legendary since they are connected and find out the reason by seeing it.” Lianna says.

Yalina says “Please do. I want to know if he’s happy because he found himself a girlfriend.”

Lianna shook her head at the thought. She then headed out and used her Legendary Sword to track the location of Rowan’s Sword. She finds out he’s at a restaurant with a red haired girl that looked familiar. She got closer and saw who it was. It was Anna the Merchant Girl who joined Rowan, Her, and The Warriors from Other Worlds after they completed one of her pictures and beat it’s Challenge on it.

Rowan says “I love you, Anna.”

Lianna falls back and her butt hits the ground. She thinks “Anna Is Rowan’s Girlfriend?”

Anna looks in the direction of Lianna but, before she sees Lianna, Anna’s head gets pulled back to Look Rowan In The Eyes.

Anna Says “I love you too, Rowan.”

Lianna can’t believe what she just hear Anna say. She was shocked even more by their next action which was they kissed each other on the lips.

Lianna thinks “Did Anna use some kind of product on Rowan only to make him fall in love with her? It doesn’t make sense. I am getting to the bottom of this.” She gets up and walks over to Rowan’s And Anna’s Table. She says “Anna, is there a reason that until after I get a boyfriend that Rowan didn’t have you for a girlfriend?”

Anna and Rowan jump at this. Anna gets worried by the look the Queen of Aystolis is giving her and Rowan gets an annoyed look.

Lianna says “Well I am waiting for an answer.”

Rowan gets up in his sister’s face and tells Anna that he’ll handle this. He then says “The real truth is Anna And I have been dating since she joined our forces and we wanted to keep it secret. In fact, Lianna, I am the one who started the relationship.”

Anna says “That is the truth.”

Lianna yells “Why did it have to be secret, King Of Aystolis, after Velezark was defeated in the final battle in The Interspace?”

Rowan The King Of Aystolis says “I planned on telling Mother and you when A diplomatic Betrothal up for you. So I was going to bring her to the castle to show you guys after this date.”

Anna says “… You ruined the surprise for you and we won’t let you ruin it for Future Mother-In-Law. You are our body guard on the back up to Rowan and Me against the rebels. We are going to Kingswood Next.”

A battle happens in Kingswood Lianna had help a Great Lord Swordwoman and a female Grandmaster Mage. Lianna sees Anna give Rowan a kiss after the battle. Lianna now trusts Anna and they head back to the castle to introduce Anna to Yalina.

Lianna says “I am back, Mother. With Rowan and His Girlfriend.”

Yalina says “Oh so Rowan does have a girlfriend.” She approaches and sees Anna. Confused she says “Is Anna this girlfriend?”

Rowan says “Yes Mother. We secretly got together when she join forces with Me, Lianna, and the Heroes of Another World against Velezark. Now we need to stop those rebels and I bet Anna can help.”

Anna says “Could Lianna’s Boyfriend help as well?”

Lianna says “I think so since he signed us up for this. We got to introduce you to him.”

Anna says “What is his name?”

Lianna says “His name is Alpus.”

Anna says “He is the King of Grinstonne and A Grandmaster. I think it would be excellent to have him on our side.”

To Be Continued…