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So what if I'm a damn Omega?

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Izuku Midoriya was very excited today. Kacchan was coming to visit today! It was after a doctor's appointment today to figure out why Izuku's quirk hasn't manifested yet, but Kacchan was coming over! The green boy and the volatile boy had been friends forever, so they always looked forward to the others visit.
“I can't wait to see Kacchan. I can already see his face once he sees I really did get the latest Allmight merchandise!” the boy exclaimed to his mother.
“I am too, but right now we need to leave so we can make it to your appointment. Are you ready to go?” She said smiling at him.
“Yep, I'm all set” the boy chirped in response. His mother smiled and grabbed her keys.
“Then let's go so you can be back in time for Kacchan, shall we?”
“Yeah let's go!” Izuku yelled as he ran out with his Allmight action figure.

Several hours later........

While most neighbors the Midoriya’s had would normally be put off by loud and brash behavior, everyone had gotten used to such behavior from the two blond, red-eyed clones that were always visiting the apartment complex.
“Move it hag! We're already late because of you!” the smaller clone shouted as the two blonds walked up the steps to the Midoriya's apartment.
“Don't you call me a hag, you bratty punk! I'm still your mother! And five minutes is not late, it's within a time frame of arrival!” the larger clone said to her son.
“Just shut up and get a move on hag! Deku said he got the newest Allmight merchandise and he promised to show it to me!” Leaving his mother behind, Katsuki ran up to the door and rang the doorbell. When nobody answered, he started to bang on the door.
“Auntie Inko! We're here! Are you and Deku back from the doctor's yet?”
“Katsuki! Quit banging on their door!”
“But they aren't answering!”
Right as the words left his mouth, the door opened a crack.
“Inko! Is everything alright? You don't look too well.”
“I'm fine Mitsuki. We received some bad news at the doctor's today. Can we reschedule for tomorrow?”
“What's wrong? Is Izuku ok? Is he sick? Talk to me Inko.”
“He's healthy, but the doctor said he won't be able to become a hero.”
Hearing that Deku wouldn't be able to become a hero, Katsuki pushed the door open and rushed into the house catching the adults off guard.
Katsuki ran up to the computer room where he knew Deku was always watching Allmight videos.
“Deku! Are you okay!? You're not dying, are you?!”
“Kacchan! Why are you here?”
The green boy had obviously been crying, not that it was unusual.
“Auntie Inko said the doctor said you can't become a hero. You always say you want to be a hero, so it must be bad.”
By now the adults had overcome their surprise and arrived at the doorway.
“Kacchan, the doctor said I'm quirkless.”
‘Kacchan probably hates me now. I have to break our promise to be heroes together.’
“Wait so you're physically capable of crying so much without a quirk? I thought that was your quirk.”
Hearing the innocent question, Mitsuki gave a snort of laughter before she could suppress it.
“You’re terrible Kacchan! I don't cry that much!”
“Yes, you do Deku! You cry even more than Auntie Inko does! That's why your hero name is going to be the crying hero!”
“Well yeah. I thought you were going to be a hero that was functionally quirkless, so there is no difference in wanting to be a real quirkless hero, right? Besides, you just want to help people, so you can leave beating up the villains to me. We're still going to be the best hero tag team ever!”
Wiping his eyes, Izuku looked directly at his red-eyed friend.
“Thanks, Kacchan.”
“No problem Deku. Now where's that new Allmight merchandise you promised to show me?”
“That's right! It's over here!”
Leaving the two children alone, the adults went down to the living room.
“Yes Inko?”
“Thanks for bringing Katsuki over. He was able to tell Izuku what he needed to hear when I couldn't.”
“Don't thank me for that Inko, my boy is still a brat.”
“Still, thanks.”
“Don't mention it. Your boy's calm demeanor has done wonders for Katsuki's temper.”
“I guess they were just meant to be friends.”
“Well, since we're best friends, they didn't have much choice.”
“Ha-ha, maybe.”
“Shall we go catch up while the boys are busy?”
“Yes. Would you like some tea?”
“That would be lovely Inko, thanks.”
The two women sat down on the couch in the living and began catching up with what the other had been up to the past month.
“It sounds like you and Masaru have been quite busy lately.”
“Like you wouldn’t believe Inko! We were hoping that a newest line would be one of our most popular, but to think it actually managed to catch the attention of Best Jeanist! He even wants to come by our workplace to see want else we have in the works!”
“I’m so happy for you Mitsuki! You two deserve it. I’m sure Katsuki is looking forward to meeting a hero who is in the top ten.”
“Thanks, Inko, though we are keeping it a surprise for Katsuki. He knows someone wants to look at our works, but he doesn’t know who yet. Enough about us though. What have you and Izuku been up to?”
“Oh, nothing much really. Just the same as usual. The only new thing was winning those tickets to that hero convention last week.”
Shifting forward to look closer at her best friend, Mitsuki gave leveled her signature ‘cut the bull shit’ look towards the green-haired woman.
“Inko. What aren’t you telling me? It’s obviously something that is bothering you. I may not be an Omega, but I can smell your unease and I know this isn’t from Izuku’s doctor’s appointment.”
Knowing that she couldn’t hide anything from her best friend and packmate, the Midoriya matriarch relented.
“Hisashi received a promotion the day before yesterday.”
Seeing her friend hesitating, Mitsuki pulled her close and started releasing protective pheromones to calm her agitated Beta friend.
“Mitsuki, it’s in America.”
Once the words came from her mouth, Inko started to softly cry.
“What should I do Mitsuki? There’s already enough strain between the two of us and we’re still not back to being on speaking terms, but it’s not going to be like it is now where he’s just a few hours away in Kyoto for Izuku to visit him. I’m so confused. If we go with him, I’m sure the arguments will start again, and I don’t want to expose Izuku to that now that he’s old enough to really remember things, but I don’t want to deprive my son of his father. Mitsuki, please tell me what I should do.”
Rubbing circles on her friends back, Mitsuki reached for Inko’s teacup and brought it up for her friend to drink. After a couple of minutes, by which time the living room had been covered in Alpha pheromones, the two friends separated.
“I’ll be honest Inko, I’m not sure what you should do. I’m not really good with handing things tactfully. I’ve always faced everything down head on. The only advice on this that I can really give you is this. Talk to Izuku. Don’t tell him everything but see what he thinks about moving to America with his dad. You want what’s best for him so what he wants is something you should take into account. Just take everything one step at a time, but beyond that, just know that I’ll always have your back. Plus, we can always visit you in America.”
“Thank you Mitsuki. It’s always helpful to talk to you.”
“Don’t mention it. That’s what friends are for.”
Picking up their teacups, the two women returned to the kitchen to get more tea and finish their idle chatter.
“So Inko, do you think you know what dynamic Izuku is going to present as?”
Letting a sigh out, the shorter woman gave the question a bit of thought. “…A beta like me.”
After a quick bark of good-natured laughter, the blond woman responded, “makes sense, the little squirt takes after you in everything else. I am feeling some hesitance from you again though Inko.”
Finishing another cup of tea, Inko gave a short laugh, “I really can’t hide anything from you, can I?”
“Nope so don’t even try hon.”
“Alright, I do have concerns that Izuku might present as an Omega. He is such a sweet and mild-mannered child, it just seems to fit.”
“And that would be an issue how?”
After sighing in exacerbation at her friend the Beta replied “Mitsuki, you know that there are no Omegan heroes. They just aren’t cut out for being in that line of work, so if he does present like that his dream would be crushed a second time.”
“Bullshit. You’ve been listening to that bastard you call a husband for too long. Yes, there are no Omegan heroes yet, but that’s because they just don’t want to go into that field. And I guess it’s also because there are fewer of them then any other dynamic. I believe the last census had sixty-three percent Beta, thirty-six percent Alpha, and one percent Omega on the global scale? Anyways there is no reason why an Omega can’t be a hero. All they have to do is beat the crap out of the villains and drag the victim’s ass to the nearest hospital or something.”
“Mitsuki! There is more to heroics then that!” Came the Beta’s slightly horrified response to her Alpha friend’s blunt remark.
“Details Inko, they aren’t usually that important.” Of course, there was the casual dismissal motion in her hand when she said it.
Shaking her head, Inko went back to their original topic. “What about you? Do you know Katsuki’s future dynamic?”
The response was instant. “Alpha. My brat is too aggressive and bossy to be anything else.”
“I would agree, but you should be kinder with your words.”
“Kind words should only come from angels like you and weaklings who won’t stand up for themselves. People have gotten too damn sensitive over any sort of criticism or blunt remark. It’s annoying really.”
Before the women could continue any sort of conversation, there was a ruckus up the stairs. Exchanging glances, they wordlessly agreed to check on their children. Once the were at the hallway though, the door to Izuku’s bedroom opened and a blond head poked out.
“Hag? Auntie? I think Deku’s nose is broken.”
Upon hearing of her child’s apparent harm, the short woman all but sprouted wings and flew through the door to her offspring. The towering blond on the other hand, glared down the gremlin she called her son. “What did you do brat?”
“Nothing old hag! We were just playing!”
“What. Were. You. Doing?”
“Taking turns jumping from Deku’s bed onto his bean bag to see who could get higher. I think his foot got caught in his sheets, since he didn’t jump and just kinda fell face first into the floor.” Knowing that it would be pointless to explain how that had been a bad idea, Mitsuki decided to avoid the issue and help her friend’s cherubic son.
“Go get a bag of ice and a towel to wrap it in while I see what else we will need.”
“Okay.” Once the tiny devil disappeared down the hallway, she entered the small bedroom. Upon doing so, she found her friend buzzing around the little squirt, now she was quite sure Inko had a secondary quirk that made her part bee.
“How ya doin’ squirt?”
Looking at his Aunt with his giant smile, albeit a bit ruined with the waterfall tears and the blood smears, the little cherub responded with a shaky voice, “’m okay Aunty.”
“Oh Mitsuki! His nose is broken! Do you know how much Ibuprofens kids can have? Would it be better if I take him to the hospital? Should I-”
“Inko! Calm down, I’ve treated a dozen broken noses with Katsuki. I know what to do.”
Before the panicked woman responded, the little blond devil stormed back into the room, “Hag! I got the ice and towels!”
“Quit calling me a hag you brat! I’m still your mother. Now Izuku, we need to reset your nose okay?”
Looking up with his teary green eyes, Izuku gave a slight nod.
“Katsuki, wrap the ice in the towel. Okay Izuku, I’m going to reset your nose on the count of three, then your mom is going to help you ice it and keep it pressured ok?”
Another nod and a few more tears, though at least the blood flow was slowing down. The clot shouldn’t be disturbed by the reset too much.
Taking a breath to start counting, Mitsuki carefully grabbed his nose and immediately popped it back into place.
“Ouchy! What happened to three?! Auntie, you meanie!”
“Rule one of first aid squirt, it’s never going to be on the count given.” Grabbing the ice, she gently, for her anyway, slapped it on the bridge of his nose.
“Keep the pressure on there until the bleeding stops and remember to breathe through your mouth.” Standing up, she turned to her friend who seemed to have finally calmed down.
“Once the bleeding stops, just make sure the clot doesn’t get disturbed and everything will be fine.”
“Oh, thank you Mitsuki!”
“Don’t mention it hon. Katsuki and I should be heading back now though, it’s almost time for dinner.”
Hearing that it was time to leave, the two boys immediately hugged each other, “See you later Deku! Quit being such a crybaby!”
“Bye-bye Kacchan! I’m not a crybaby!”
Of course, neither of them was probably thinking before hugging. As soon as the ice-pack was removed for the hug, Izuku’s nose resumed bleeding.
“Damn it Deku! You’re bleeding all over me!”
“I’m sorry Kacchan!”
“Don’t swear you damn brat!”
While the three of them were falling into a general state of confusion in their argument, Inko looked on with relief and happiness. ‘Mitsuki, Katsuki thank you both so much for being there for Izuku. Whether or not he presents as an Omega, I know Katsuki will be there for him as a packmate. Mitsuki, thank you for always showing how an Alpha should really be.’
Shaking herself from her thoughts, she stepped over to her little pack and grabbed them all in a hug.
“Mitsuki, why don’t you call Masaru and the three of you can join us for dinner.”
Yes, she wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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A few weeks after Deku was diagnosed as quirkless, he and his mother were invited over to the Bakugou household. As they were approaching the door, it opened, and a small blond blur dashed out and collided with the small green boy in a crushing hug. “Deku! You’re late!”

Wheezing out what little air he had left, the smaller boy tried to answer. “So-sorry, Ka-Kacch-an. I wan-ted to wa-tch a v-illain fi-ght. Huuu.”

“I can’t understand you, Deku. Hi Auntie Inko!”

“Hello Katsuki dear, how have you been?”

“Really well! And yesterday I got-”

“Katsuki you brat! Quit trying to strangle Izuku!”

“Shut up hag! I’m hugging him, not strangling him!”

“He’s turning blue, brat!”

Looking back at the smaller boy, Katsuki noticed that there was indeed a blue tinge to the other’s face. And he was starting to make a weird whistling sound. Huh?

Letting Deku go, Katsuki watched him collapse to the ground and immediately start sucking in air before passing out from the rapid change in oxygen.

“What’s the matter with the nerd?”

What the boy thought was an innocent question earned him a smack from his mother. “Ow! What was that for?!”

“I said you were strangling him, so of course he would be trying to breath!”

“It’s not my fault Deku’s so breakable!”

“It’s not that he’s breakable, you were just squeezing him to tightly brat!”

“Nuh-uh! It’s because he’s breakable! I bet once we get into U.A., he’ll be breaking something weekly!”

“That isn’t something to joke about brat!”

“It’s true! Deku never thinks before he does something stupid! So, I bet he’ll jump head first into everything and hope he doesn’t get splattered across the city!”

Before the spitfire’s mother could respond, their conversation was cut off.




“Way to go brat!”

“What did I do you stupid hag?”

“Don’t you talk to me like that! I’m still your mother!”

The two blonds kept bickering the entire time they hauled their respective friends into the house and set them on their recovery seats. At least the neighbors stopped calling the police after the first three times it happened.


The two greenette’s woke up to the smell of yakitori and the sound of bickering.

“I told you no brat!”

“But how else is Deku supposed to develop a liking for spicy food?”

“It’s impossible brat! He’s too much like his mother, and I tried for years. It’s just impossible.”

The Bakugous were probably the only people the Midoriyas would ever meet that would argue on their behalf and still manage to either insult them or make them feel terrible. All without meaning to. But, come hell and high water, the Bakugous would fight to the death for a friend. Usually the offending party’s death. Inko has always attributed it to the fact that the Bakugou line, at least on Mitsuki’s side, has only ever been Alpha’s with a rare Beta every other generation or so. So, of course they would be the ones to fight any threat, just never expect them to do emotions very well.

“Hag! Auntie and Deku are awake now!” The blond boy had entered the dining area to set the table and caught sight of green hair moving.

“Quit calling me a hag, you brat! What do they what to drink?”

“I don’t know!”

“Well ask them!”

“You! They can hear you anyway!”

“You brat!”

Before the argument could really get underway, Izuku spoke up. “May I have milk please?”

“Ok. What would you like Auntie?”

“Tea is fine for me.”

Turning back towards the kitchen, Katsuki started yelling. “Hag! Deku wants milk and Auntie wants tea!”

“Quit calling me a hag! Let them know it’s time to eat.”

“It’s time to eat.”


Once the four of them were at the table, the meal began in earnest. “It’s a shame Masaru couldn’t join us today. Be sure to tell him I said hello.”

“Will do Inko. That should help cheer him up after a day of cleaning up after those idiots that can’t deliver a message to save their lives.”

“OH! Deku! That reminds me! I met Best Jeanist yesterday!”

Kids and their ability to connect dots and change a conversation.

“Really? That’s so cool Kacchan! What’s he like? Is he like when he does an interview? What about his quirk? Did you get to see it?”

“He’s really uptight. Exactly like his interviews. He showed it to me and even let me ask questions about it!”

“That’s so cool! Did you ask about…”

Letting the two boys continue their conversation, the women enjoyed their meal until a certain tidbit grabbed their attention.

“Oh! Kacchan! Did you ask him if he ever had to face that kind of villain?”

“I did! He said it never happened before, but he said he’d be sure to watch out for them!”

“Hold up a minute squirt. I don’t remember you asking him about any villains.”

“That’s because I asked when you and the old man were busy with the shoot.”

“Oh, Mitsuki, no harm done I’m sure. Best Jeanist is supposed to love kids, he is the highest ranking Beta hero after all  . I’m sure he didn’t mind. Though I am curious, what kind of villain are you talking about?”

Izuku was the one that answered, his excitement uncontainable. “Since his quirk is manipulating clothes, we wanted to know if anybody ever came at him naked before!”

The silence that fell over the adults went completely unnoticed by the children. So, they finished their meal and excused themselves to go play outside.


“Yes Mitsuki?”

“Tell me I did not just hear that my boy asked a pro hero if he ever fought a naked villain before.”

“I’ll take the blame since it was Izuku that wanted to know.”

“Not what I wanted to hear hon. But I guess we have a letter to wright.”


The two boys were outside playing heroes. Or at least trying to. “Kacchan, I think I’m going to be siiick.”

“Hold it in Deku! A hero wouldn’t barf just because he was called out after a meal!”

“But Kacchan, I feel really sick. Can we lay down for awh-BLEAGH!”

“Deku! That’s gross! Are you okay?”

“I don’t feel to good….”

“Wait here Deku.”

The blond boy dashed back into the house and made a break for the kitchen. Since he didn’t see either adult, he scooted a chair closer to the counter so he could climb up. Filling a glass with cold water and carefully took it outside to his friend.

“Here Deku, drink this slowly.”

As his friend took the glass, Katsuki began rubbing circles on Deku’s back.

“Feeling better yet?”

“A little. Thanks Kacchan.”

“Stupid, it’s what heroes do.”

Once Deku was feeling a bit better, the two children moved to the shade. With nothing better to do, they started to talk. Random things about heroes, what kind of heroes their going to be, and all sorts of other stuff.

“Hey, Kacchan?”

“What nerd?”

“Do you know what an Omega is?”

“It’s something the hag won’t tell me about since she said I don’t need to worry about it yet. Why?”

“I overheard Dad talking when I was visiting him. He said that Omegas is a really rare condition and that people who have it can’t become heroes. Mom also said that I might catch Omega.”

“That stinks. Why can’t they?”

“I don’t know. Kacchan, do you think I’m going to catch Omega?”

“Nah. You’re already quirkless, so I doubt you could get something rare like that again. It’d make you even weirder than you already are.”

“Kacchan! I’m not weird!”

“Yes you are Deku!”

Before the little green boy could respond, Katsuki stood up. “Are you feeling better yet?”

“Yeah, thanks Kacchan.”

“Let’s go inside so you don’t start barfing again.”

Hoisting his friend up, the blond led the way back to the house. Once they were inside, they immediately went upstairs to Katsuki’s room and pulled out their coloring stuff.

“Hey, Kacchan?”

“What Deku?”

“Dad’s moving to America and he wants me to go with him. Mom said I wouldn’t be able to see you as often if I did. But, if I don’t, I won’t see Dad as often. What should I do?”

“I don’t know. You can go if you want and I can just harass the hag into letting me visit you. You do have to come back so we can go to U.A. together. I’ll drag you back if I have to.”


“Shut up and look at this Deku.”

Lifting the sheet of paper he had been drawing on, Katsuki showed his friend another version of his hero outfit.

“Kacchan! Hero outfits aren’t supposed to be scary!”

“Well mine going to be! I’ll scare every villain into surrendering! They’ll all be afraid of Lord Explosion Murder!”


“Shut up and let me see yours.”

Instead of waiting for his friend to willingly give it up, Katsuki simply took it.

“Are you supposed to be some ninja bunny?”

“No! Those are All-Might’s hair things!”

“That’s creepy Deku.”

Handing the paper back, the duo started arguing as they continued to color. They kept at it until their mothers came in and said it was time for the Midoriya’s to leave.

“Bye Kaccan!”

“See you tomorrow Deku!”

Once both green heads had disappeared, Katsuki turned to his mother. “Mom? Are Deku and Auntie really going to leave? Can we visit them?”

Looking down at her son, Mitsuki felt her heart hurt as she saw his eyes glassing over like he was going to cry. Reaching down, she picked him up and began scenting him to calm him down.

“They might. But don’t worry, we will visit them every summer. They can’t get rid of us that easily.”

Burying his head into his mother’s scent gland, Katsuki felt a wave of relief. “Ok.”

“C’mon brat, nap time.”

While he usually would have fought against the very idea of needing naps, the little boy let himself fall asleep in his mother’s arms.

Chapter Text

A few weeks after their last visit, the Midoriya’s and the Bakugou’s were meeting at the park for a picnic. It was a special occasion, so everything had to be just right. The two children had taken off to play, while the adults were watching from afar.

“Are you sure Inko? I’m not trying to pressure you into or out of anything, but I want to know that you’re sure.”

“I’m sure Mitsuki. I think moving to America will do us some good.”

“Well, if you’re sure. Just be sure you call or something, so I know you’re alright. If you don’t, I’ll hunt you down myself. And for good measure, I’ll murder your husband.”

“Now dear, that seems a bit extreme, doesn’t it?”

“Of course not Masaru! Anything wrong would be that bastard’s fault and there would need to be justice.”

The two Betas just shook their heads at the Alpha’s antics. She had always been this way with everyone, but she had developed a particularly strong dislike of her packmate’s husband. A part of it was that the rest of the pack the two women originally had were killed in a villain attack a few years out of college, so it was natural that the lead Alpha would become hyper protective of the last remaining member, but there always seemed to be something else there. Regardless, the blond prioritized Inko’s happiness over her own dislike of the man. So, the conversation was quickly dropped in favor of calling the two boys over to eat.

“Oi! Brat! Squirt! Get over here! It’s time to eat!”

“Okay Auntie!”

“Hey! Were not done playing yet!”

“You can finish after we eat!”

“But Deku will start barfing again!”

“Kacchan! I won’t! I promise!”

“You better not stupid Deku! If you break your promise, I’ll start calling you Barfy!”

“Now, now Katsuki, it wouldn’t be nice to call your friend that.”



“Alright you brats, quit squabbling. We need to eat so Inko and Izuku can head home to finish packing.”

The women’s words immediately dampened the happy atmosphere. Neither boy wanted to part from the other. Little Katsuki was the first to speak up.

“Do they have to go?”

Knowing her friend could not handle anything with any method that was not blunt, Inko spoke up.

“Yes, Katsuki. Izuku and I have to go. Izuku’s father is going to America, and he wanted us to go with him.”

“But I don’t like him, and the hag said she could just throw him in a ditch somewhere and I could share the old man with Deku.”

 “Brat! You weren’t supposed to repeat that!”

Inko immediately looked at Mitsuki.

“You said what?”

The blond woman’s response was completely unashamed.

“It’s an option if you want it.”

Izuku’s face was scrunched in confusion.

“Why would you throw Dad in a ditch? What would that do?”

Before the blond Alpha could explain it to her innocent boy, Inko waved it aside.

“It’s nothing Izuku. Just something your Aunt said. Now let’s eat.”

Too soon for the little boys, the meal was finished. They ran off to finish their game as the adults cleaned everything up, but there was a sad air to their game. Neither of them wanted to leave the other. So, they played. They played until their parents called them back. Then they said their goodbyes. Not even the little blond could pretend not to cry as they embraced each other.

“Bye-bye Kacchan! I’m going to miss you!”

“Bye Deku! Don’t forget you have to write, and I’ll visit you until you come back, and we go to U.A!”

“OK, Kacchan! It’s a promise!”

Releasing each other, the two boys continued waving at each other as they walked in opposite directions. The moment the other was out of sight, Katsuki threw himself into his parents’ arms and started sobbing.

“I, hic, don’t want, hic, them to go!”

“Shh, it’s ok sweetie, it’s not forever and we’ll still see them every summer.”

“Your mom’s right, and we might even see them more often.”

“But, hic, they won’t be, hic, here!”

As his parents wrapped their soothing scents around him, whispering calming words, the little boy cried himself to exhaustion.


Nine years later…….


Ignoring the stares that the extras, as Katsuki would call them, were giving them, the two thirteen-year-old friends continued their run around the park.

Or rather, Izuku was running while carrying Katsuki who was currently trying to beat the greenette’s head in.

 “Deku! Get your ass moving!”

“I’m trying Kacchan! You’re just too heavy!”

“No, I’m not nerd! You’re just hella slow! There’s no way in hell you can become a hero if you can’t even carry someone to safety! What were you thinking wasting your time in America like you did! Did you do any exercises you damn nerd?” Katsuki was determined to get his message across, so he gave the other boy an extra hard smack on the head. It had nothing to do with the fact his friend indirectly called him fat without meaning to. Nothing at all.

“Kacchan! Give me a break! You’re solid muscle so you have to weigh at least a ton! And yes, I did exercise! It’s just unreasonable for the first words out of your mouth to be ‘I’m going to make sure you did as I told you!’ and then demand me to carry you through what’s basically a triatholon!”

“Quit complaining Deku! It can’t be that hard if your motor-mouth is still running! Besides! I said it during every visit, so what the hell were you expecting! If you actually want to be a quirkless hero, then you need to get your ass in gear! Now run! Or I’ll make you run another lap!”

“Gah! I’m running, I’m running!”

“Too late shitty nerd! Give me another lap!”


While the two boys were up to their usual antics as though they had never been apart, their parents were off on the side watching them and setting up a picnic.

“Well Inko? How’s it feel to be living in Japan again after eight years of America?”

“Oh Mitsuki! It’s such a relief! Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my stay there, but this is my home.”

“You said it hon. The three of us only spent a year in both France and Italy, so I can’t imagine how it feels for you.”

“I’m just surprised those boys could go back to their antics like this even though they only saw each other about once a year.”

“Hmph. Little brats. Now, tell me. Have you been up to anything since you’ve been back?”

“Just unpacking to be honest. It just doesn’t seem like we had so many boxes when we were packing.”

“Shit’s Law Inko. Crap multiplies when you aren’t looking.”

“While I do agree with you, maybe you shouldn’t swear so much?”

“Why the hell would I do that hon?”

“Get your ass moving Deku!”

“Because I honestly can’t imagine Katsuki getting that habit from Masaru, and a hero who swears at the drop of a hat wouldn’t be popular?”

“People are pansies Inko. If they don’t like how my boy talks, then they can piss off.”

The green-haired woman started shaking her head. “This is another pointless conversation isn’t it?”

“As pointless as the last time.”

“Why are Alphas so hard-headed?”

“It gives us a handy excuse to yell at people.”

“Mitsuki! That’s terrible!”

“You asked hon. Oi! Brats! Get your asses over here! It’s time to eat!”

“Shut up you damn hag! We can hear you just fine without your screaming!”

“Don’t you talk to me like that! I’m still your mother, you damn brat!”

“Coming Auntie!”

“I’m not done with you yet, you damn nerd!”



As the two blonds devolved into an argument with Izuku caught in the middle, Inko shook her head in wonder.

‘The yelling should remind me so much of the arguments Hisashi and I had, but they don’t.

Shaking her head to clear out the negative thoughts, the short woman focused on the important parts.

‘I suppose I should just be happy the split was as clean as it was, and that Izuku still has others he can lean on.’

“Come on you three, this food isn’t going to eat itself you know.”

At the calming pheromones of the Beta, the argument swiftly died down. There were still some barbed comments between the blonds, but nothing excessive. A perfect atmosphere for reunion picnic on a warm spring day before the school year starts.

Chapter Text

Another day, another damn day listening to these extras blow and go about how they’re gonna become heroes, yet not a damn one of them puts in any damn effort. It always pisses Katsuki off. At least Deku, after several practice fights where Katsuki absolutely destroyed him, has figured out that staying in shape is a fundamental part of being a hero. Having a good quirk doesn’t do a damn bit of good if you’re dying of a damn heart attack ten minutes into a fight. It was a waste. Especially Bat Boy. His quirk would be damn helpful in rescue operations.

“Kacchan? You’re scowling again.”

“Shut up Deku. I was thinking.”

“Oh, what were you thinking about?”

“About how much these damn extras piss me off.”

“Kacchan! That’s terrible!”

“Shut up Deku. You know I have a point.”

“Kacchan, you didn’t tell me why.”

“Damn Deku, just agree with me.”

The two boys were eating their lunches in the shade of the solitary tree the school had. It had become their customary spot. No one ever bothered them there. Not since that time about a year ago some upperclassmen had tried to force them away. Amazing what a few broken noses, a multitude of bruises, and a pissed off Mitsuki because her son’s black eye might not heal before the next shoot can do. The Incident had pretty much solidified Katsuki’s position at the top of the school. Granted, now that their year had started presenting, there were a few stupid Alphas every now and then that thought they could challenge him. Needless to say, he pummeled them all. Though the best part was the fact that since it was always an actual challenge, Katsuki never got in trouble for it while the other side caught hell for challenging an Unpresented. Something he supposed he would miss once he presented. But oh well, shit happens. And it should be soon to. He is one of the oldest kids in their year, so he should be amongst the first to do so. No point in thinking about it until he did present though.

Finishing off his lunch, Katsuki turned back to Deku.

“That reminds me, you owe me some money.”

“Huh? Where did that come from? We were talking about how you don’t like our classmates!”

“I was thinking about presentations. Keep up stupid Deku.”

“I’m not a mind reader Kacchan!”
“Shut up. Take me to the arcade sometime and I’ll consider your debt cleared.”


Ignoring the other boy’s complaints, Katsuki stood up and stretched until his back popped.

“C’mon Deku. We have to get back to class in time for our pop quiz in Math.”

“Kacchan! How do you know if we have a pop quiz? You didn’t sneak into the teacher’s lounge, did you?!”

“No, you stupid Deku. Sensei’s body language was a dead give-away earlier.”

“How? He seemed no different to me!”

“Then instinct Deku! Now quit arguing with me!”

Grabbing his short friend by the back of his shirt, Katsuki proceeded to march back to the classroom with Deku attempting to keep his feet under him while walking backwards. He managed to do surprisingly well until they got to the stairs. Then Katsuki had to drag him up the steps and the rest of the way to class where, true to Katsuki’s word, their teacher had a stack of papers on his desk signaling a pop quiz.

Sitting down at their respective seats, the friends pulled out their erasers, pencils, and anything else they would need and began the rest of their day.


Since their parents were not back from work yet, the two boys had agreed to go to the park to hang out for a while.

“Hey, Kacchan? Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.”

“Kacchan! I’m trying to be serious!”

“Fine. What?”

The green boy pulled his knees up to his chest and looked across the green grass of the park.

“After we present, will we still be friends?”

“Why the hell wouldn’t we?”

“Because, everyone is saying you’ll be an Alpha. Alpha’s like power, so they usually want strong packmates right? But, I’m just me. Mom keeps saying she thinks I’ll be a Beta, but even if I am, I’m still quirkless. I won’t have any strength, so why would a strong Alpha like you will be want someone like me around?”

Reaching his hand up, Katsuki cuffed his friend over the head. Hard enough to knock him over.

“Ow! What was that for?!”

“Knock that shit off Deku. You’re the only one in our class who is willing to put in any kind of hard work, so why would I want to be in a pack with anyone else?”

Watching his friend tear up, Katsuki prepared for the coming flood.


Sure enough, when Deku grabbed Katsuki in a hug his tears already started soaking the blond boy’s shirt. Sighing in exasperation, Katsuki wrapped his arms around his friend and let the other boy cry for a while. After a few minutes though, Katsuki, he never was very patient, picked Deku up, hauled his suddenly squirming body to the nearby stream, and threw him in.


“What? I’ll get in trouble if I let you dry out. Now quit playing in the stream Deku. We need to get going so we can study.”

“Kacchan! You’re the one that threw me in here!”

“Details Deku. They usually aren’t that important.”

“Kacchan! That’s terrible!”

“You sound like Auntie Inko.”

The smaller boy stepped out of the stream with a huff and a muttered “Yeah well you sound like Auntie Mitsuki!”

Unfortunately, his friend heard him.

“I sound nothing like that hag!”


Seeing the blond boy flying at him like an annoyed super-sized Pomeranian, Deku turned around and took off like a shot in hopes of avoiding his friend long enough to reach the sanctuary of home. An epic failure.

The moment Katsuki caught his prey, proceeded to trap the smaller boy in a figure-four body lock and began mercilessly poking his friend’s sides.

“Aahh! K-Kacchan! S-stop! I ahahaha can’t breathe! Hahahaha!”

After a few more pokes, Katsuki finally released Deku who promptly collapsed and began sucking air back into his lungs.

“If you can’t breathe, don’t speak dumbass.”

Hoisting his still wheezing friend up, Katsuki pulled Deku’s arm over his own shoulder to support his friend’s weight while waiting for green boy’s breath to return.

“You’re damn lucky I like you enough to help you after you got me wet.”

“Kacchan! Haa, you’re the one you threw me in the stream then tackled me!”

A Katsuki gave the other boy a solid thump on the back of his head.

“No talking back Deku.”

Half carrying, half dragging his friend, Katsuki led the way to his house. Deku and Auntie Inko were eating there anyway, so they might as well head there together. Throwing open the door, the blond strode in, tossed Deku onto the couch and made his way to the closet where they kept the beach towels.

“OI! Nerd! Catch!”

Throwing a towel over his shoulder in the general direction of where he had dropped his friend, Katsuki was rewarded with an indignant squawk from his still out-of-breath friend. The thump of his green-haired friend tripping and falling as he moved to catch the towel was still more satisfying though.

“Your reflexes are still shit.”

“Some warning next time please!”

“Hell no!”


This was the scene their parents walked in on.

“OI! Brat! Quit tormenting Izuku. I don’t want him flooding the house with his tears!”

“Told you nerd!”

“Not you too Auntie!”


“You know I love the both of you, Inko. Now, let’s start dinner, shall we?”

“Bout damn time. I’m starved.”

“No swearing you damn brat.”

“Look who’s talking hag.”

As the two blonds marched into the kitchen snarking at the other, the two greenettes followed while shaking their heads. Those two always seem to drop everything to throw barbs at the other. It was honestly a miracle Masaru, even as a Beta, could always manage to broker peace between them.


Dinner amongst the five of them went well as usual. Barbs between the blonds, tears from the greens, and a few more grey hairs for Masaru. Once they had finished, the Bakugou trio saw their guests to the door.

“Dinner was great as usual, thanks for having us over.”

“Our pleasure hon. Are you sure you don’t want us to drive you home though?”

“I’m sure. It’s only a quick walk.”

“Alright, if you are sure.”

“See you later Deku.”

“Bye Kacchan! Bye Auntie! Bye Uncle!”

Once the Midoriyas were out the door, Katsuki marched upstairs to get ready for bed. They spent so much time talking that it was already well past eight before they had finished their meal, so Katsuki had to finish get to bed if he wanted to maintain his schedule tomorrow. Hopefully by then his abdomen would stop hurting. It had started barking at him on the way back from school but lasting this long was just ridiculous. Especially since he doesn’t remember doing anything that strenuous.

“You know brat, most teens don’t have a nine-year-old’s bedtime.”

“Shut it hag, I’m tired.”

Ignoring whatever his parents were saying, he marched up to his room and went through his evening ritual. Tried to at least. The warm water felt so good that he decided to soak in a bath for a bit. The next thing he knew, he was being woken up by knocking on the door.

“Katsuki? Are you alright in there?”
“Yeah, I’m fine old man. Just wanted to soak in the bath.”

“Katsuki, you’ve been in there for almost an hour. Are you sure you are okay?”

An hour? That got his attention.

“Guess I fell asleep. Thanks for waking me up Dad. I’ll get out now then.”

A dull thump sounded outside the door almost as if his father had startled at something. Weird, but Katsuki crawled out of the bath and put his pajamas on anyway. As he finished brushing his teeth, another knock on the door grabbed the boy’s attention.

“Brat? How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine, Mom.”

“No, you’re not. You only call us Mom and Dad when you aren’t feeling well, and you’ve never fallen asleep in the bath before. Out with it.”

“Ugh, fine. My abdomen started hurting on the way back from school today and the bath made it feel better, so I dozed a little.”

Hushed whisperings told him that his parents were talking. Whatever. He did not want to deal with that now. The pain in his stomach was back with a nasty vengeance and now his neck and wrists were aching on top of it.

“Are you feeling better though? Do you remember straining yourself?”

Katsuki really wanted to say yes, but that would be a lie. Normally he would dodge the question, but he felt oddly complied to answer his parents.

“No, it’s worse. And I didn’t do anything today.”

“Come downstairs when you are done. Your father and I will see if we have some medicine.”

The footsteps told him his parents left, so he quickly finished and went downstairs. He normally hated medicines because they dulled his senses, but with how bad he had started hurting once he got out of the bath, he would make an exception. Maybe it would also help with the headache he felt coming.

Once he got downstairs however, he felt a fog roll over his mind. Something smelled safe and warm. He wanted to cuddle it. He needed to find it. It was coming from where his parents were sitting on the couch waiting for him with some cups of tea. Were they talking to him? They were looking at him and their mouths were moving, but nothing registered. The smell was coming from them. Safe. Warm. Family. His parents will make him feel better. He felt himself walk over to them, bypassing his usual seat and ignoring the cup of tea and the packet of medicine they had placed there. He needed to reach them. They looked concerned though. They were starting to stand. He didn’t want them to. He collapsed onto their laps and knocked them back down. He still hurt but it was safe, warm, parents. They were definitely talking to him, worried. They smelled worried. He’s safe though. Warm. With family. He needed to relieve their worry. He purred. Omegas purr to comfort family and convey emotions, so he needed to purr. Family. Worried. Comfort. Safe. Warm. Their hands. Petting his head. Good. Safe. Purr. Tired. Sleep? Family. Safe. Cuddle. Sleep. Darkness.

Chapter Text

This was not what either of the adult Bakugou were expecting. When Katsuki had said he had pains, they were expecting him to be coming down with a stomach bug of some kind. He rarely got sick, but it does happen. Presenting as an Omega though? This was beyond what either of them had ever expected or prepared for. He was so adorable though.

“Honey, you know Katsuki is going to be furious if he finds out about that.”

“Be quiet dear. Our little hellion is being to cute to pass this up.”

When he had started presenting, Katsuki had latched onto the both of them and had refused to let go. Which is why they had let him sleep in their bed like he used to when he was still a little pup. Now, about ten hours into the process, he had roused from sleep just long enough to snuggle closer to his parents and bury his face into his mother’s scent glad. How could she not take pictures?

“If you say so honey. I’m going to go call his school and let them know he’ll be out for the week.”

“Alright. Take a picture of him before you go. I can’t get a good enough angle.”

A shake of the head was the only defense their sleeping son got from his father before the picture was taken. The following pictures had no such hesitation before they were taken.

Once her husband left the room, Mitsuki switched from taking pictures to calling her friend. Carding her fingers through her son’s hair, Mitsuki waited for an answer. The familiar voice came through after two rings.

“Hello? Mitsuki? Is that you? Is everything alright?”

“Morning hon. Everything’s fine, so don’t be such a worry wort.”

“You never call at this time, so of course I would worry!”

“Calm down hon. I am sorry for calling so early, but I need some advice.”

“Of course Mitsuki! But, are you sure everything is ok?”

“Yes hon, I’m sure. My little brat started presenting last night after you left.”

“Oh! How wonderful! Is he an Alpha? I don’t know if I have any advice for you on that.”

Shifting slightly so she could speak more directly into the phone without disturbing her still slumbering son, Mitsuki told her friend what was going on.

“Hon, Katsuki’s an Omega.”

The silence lasted long enough Mitsuki double checked to make sure the call wasn’t dropped.

“Hon? You there?”

“I’m sorry Mitsuki, but I think I misheard you. Would you repeat that please?”

A sigh.

“You heard me right hon. My aggressive, temperamental, foul-mouthed, bratty little firecracker is an Omega. Masaru and I prepared for him to present as an Alpha or even a Beta, but not an Omega. I know you looked into the Omegan specific process in case Izuku presents as one, so I need some advice on this. Is there anything we need to prepare for?”

Another spell of silence.


“I’m sorry Mitsuki, I just wasn’t expecting that.”

“It’s fine hon. We weren’t either. Any words then?”

“Oh! Right sorry.”

“You’re good hon.”

“All right, I have my notes. Are you ready?”

“Whenever hon.”

“When Omegas present, they go through something similar to age regression due to the fluctuation of hormones that the body isn’t used to handling, so the most important thing to do is stay nearby, especially during the first twenty-four to thirty-six hours and his first cycle. After that, his body should be accustomed to the hormones. Right now though, you need to try and find out if he is a delayed presenter. If he is, you need to find out how long he was delayed, and either you or Masaru always need to be with Katsuki for the first stage, though both of you should always be in the room when he wakes up, otherwise he may have an abandonment crisis. If he wasn’t delayed, frequent scenting should be enough to keep him calm.”

The blond woman felt a chill run down her spine. Masaru was still downstairs.

“Inko. Katsuki is still asleep and Masaru is downstairs calling the school. How do I know if he was delayed and what do you mean an abandonment crisis?”

An unusual urgency entered Inko’s voice.

“Mitsuki, did Katsuki sleep in your room last night?”

“Yes. He started clinging to Masaru and I last night, so we let him sleep with us.”

“Do not go get Masaru Mitsuki. If Katsuki starts waking up, call his cellphone or something, but do not leave Katsuki alone. Some of the signs of delayed presentation are seeking out family, rapidly presenting afterwards, and refusing to be separated during the first stage, so I think he may have delayed himself. If their body is ready to present, but they are not at home, they will subconsciously stop the process. Because Omegas will only present when they feel safe, another sign is severe abdominal pain beforehand. Did he say anything about pains?”

“Yes, he was hurting enough last night that he was willing to take medicine. Inko, what do I need to do?”

“Stay calm. If your scent starts betraying stress or panic, you will wake him up. Omegas are very sensitive to the emotions of those around them, so he will definitely pick up on anything from you or Masaru. As long as Katsuki stays asleep, he won’t notice one of you missing and while he is awake, you’ll be free to come and go. If he does start going through an abandonment crisis though, you’ll both need to scent him until he calms down and recognizes you are both there.”

Before Mitsuki could respond, she vibrations coming from her son before she heard the purring. He was waking up.
“I need to call you back. He’s waking up.”

Ending the call to her friend, she quickly opened the speed dial and called Masaru’s phone.

“Hello? Mit-”

“Get up here now Masaru and keep your scent calm!”

Hearing footsteps scrambling, she ended the call before her husband could ask what was wrong. She needed to focus on her son and try to keep him calm if he completely wakes up. Rubbing her boy’s head and releasing more of her scent seemed to do the trick. He seemed to still be mostly asleep. Just as she was thinking that she had succeeded, the purring stopped, and red eyes snapped open. Matching sets of red eyes looked at each other before Katsuki sniffed the air and released a heartrending keen that resounded through the room. This had to be the abandonment crisis. A split second afterwards, the door flew open and Masaru came in.

“What’s going on?!”

“Masaru! Help me calm Katsuki down!”

Pulling her son into her arms, she began smothering him with her scent even as Masaru laid down on the other side of their son and began scenting as well.

The few minutes it took to calm their son down were some of the most stressful either of them had ever dealt with. Something in his keen had pulled at something in them both and brought a myriad of emotions neither of them could even begin to make sense of. Of course the minute he calmed down, their punkish little brat had promptly rolled over and latched onto his father, buried his nose into the scent gland, and resumed purring happily without a care in the world. Who knew an Omegan child would be such a handful?

“Masaru, Inko said that as long as Katsuki is awake, only one of us need to be in the room with him. I’m going to go call her back and find out more of what to expect. Call me if Katsuki falls back asleep.”


Standing up, the blond woman went down to the kitchen, made herself some tea, and called her friend back.

“Mitsuki! Is everything alright? Did Masaru get back before Katsuki woke up?”

“Everything’s fine now hon. Katsuki woke up just before Masaru got back so we had to calm him down, but the punk is fine now.”

“Oh, thank goodness!”

“Sorry for being abrupt, but do you have anything else we need to know?”

“Of course! Once Katsuki is through the first stage, he will want to nest, so the next thing you should to do is prepare materials for him. Anything soft and covered in your and Masaru’s scent will work, but how much material needed varies amongst Omegas. Most of the sights I found said a couple of comforters, a few extra blankets, and some articles of clothing should be enough to start with. After that, he will start finding anything else he wants, so don’t be surprised if things go missing and end up in his nest. That should be everything you need.”

“Thank you, hon. I don’t know want I would do without you.”

“Don’t mention it Mitsuki! I’m always happy to help!”

“I should probably be going now. Thanks again hon.”

“Anytime Mitsuki!”

Saying farewell to her friend, Mitsuki ended the call and sent a message to work saying neither she nor Masaru would be in for the week, so everyone had time off. Perks of being the boss. Footsteps coming down the steps grabbed her attention.

“Masaru? What are you doing? Where’s-”

Stopping mid-sentence, she whipped out her phone again to take a picture of Masaru carrying a still purring Katsuki on his back. Her brat may have given her a heart attack and stressed her out, but how could she pass up pictures of him being cute?

“What are you doing down here?”

The sound of a stomach rumbling and Katsuki releasing a small whine answered her question.

“Never mind, I’ll make some food.”


A quick meal later, and the family of three sat down on the couch and began watching some television. It was an old series that Katsuki never liked, but this time he seemed more than happy to just sit wrapped up in a blanket between his parents and purr.

“Looks like we found a new favorite show for Katsuki.”

“Honey, don’t give Katsuki too much of a hard time after this. He may not even remember any of it.”

“I guess you have a point there dear.”

Pulling out her phone, she sent a quick message to her friend.

Will he remember any of this?

It may take a few days, but yes he should remember everything. Why?

No reason. Thanks hon.

Turning back to her husband with a sly grin on her face, she couldn’t keep the slight cackle out of her voice.

“Or this will be a golden opportunity to give our little hellion a bit of grief.”