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Her yellow-tinted sunglasses caused the world to change color every time she opened her eyes. She hid her yawning mouth behind her hand as she turned to look outside the car window, the sound of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline playing in her ears. For such an important day she sure was tired. She hadn't been able to sleep last night due to stress and adrenaline, and by the time she began feeling sleepy it was already light out and the first alarm of ten she had set went off. She had wanted to cry of frustration, and she almost did but told herself she had to learn to be strong for what was to come and swallowed back her tears.

The feeling of weight moving next to her caused her to shift her eyes in its direction and she saw her sister getting more comfortable by leaning her shins against the passenger's seat as she scrolled through her iPod; presumably to look for a new song to play. Ah, the era of iPods. Apart from the whole being-reborn-into-a-fictional-world thing, the older technology was definitely the most difficult thing for Catherine Harmon to acclimate to. That and the music. She didn't listen to modern pop very often in her old life anyway, but sometimes a girl just wanted to lip-sync to Ariana Grande, dammit.

"How much longer?" asked – more like whined – her sister. Cat took out one earphone so she could better hear her.

"Until the apocalypse? Give it nine years," she replied, grinning when her sister turns to look at her like she's insane.

"You're not funny," she says, although Cat knows she secretly enjoys her weird sense of humor.

"We're almost there, Vi," Ben, her father says and she can hear the smile in his voice.

Violet groans and settles back into her seat, Cat plugs her earphone back in, takes a sip of her second iced coffee of the day, and comfortable silence fills the car once more.

…Until approximately thirty minutes later, when Violet speaks up again. "How much longer?" This time she drags out her words even more, and it's impossible for Cat to not hear her. She takes out the same earphone.

"We're almost there," their father responds once more, and Violet audibly huffs.

"Would you shut up? Asking every five minutes won't change anything," Cat says playfully. She receives a death glare in return and tries not to laugh.

"The light is different out here. It's softer," her mother gently remarks.

"It's called smog," Violet says grumpily.

"You should be excited, Vi. You can stop sneaking cigarettes and just start taking deep breaths," her father teases.

Violet huffs loudly. "I need to go to the bathroom."

"We're almost there," her father repeats.

"I need to go," Violet tries again.

"Vi, it's a freeway. Really, where do you want me to pull over? Maybe the Honda next to us has a bathroom or something."

"Bet if the baby had to shit you'd find somewhere."

Her mother looks over, "Really? Violet, I hate that word... Unless I'm saying it."

"I'm really glad we named you Violet, instead of our second choice," her father says.

"Which was?" asks Violet.

"Secondfavorite?" suggests Catherine. She receives another death glare from her sister, though she can see a smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

"Sunshine," her mother responds, and the sound of chuckles fills the car.

Cat plugs in her earphone and hopes to every god that they really are almost there. Unlike her sister, she actually does need to go.

Lo and behold, twenty-five minutes later they arrived at the house. The house. It looks so… real. Though Catherine knew that the inexplicable (she refused to use the word "supernatural") existed ever since she realized which family she'd been re-born into, she'd never actually experienced anything herself. Well, after going through reincarnation of course. Knowing what lurks inside the beautiful house she was in front of? Knowing what could happen to her and her family? The goosebumps she can feel break out on her skin definitely aren't due to the warm summer air.

Her father turns their car off as she and Violet finish storing their iPods back in their backpacks.

Her mother turns to look at them, "Are you guys ready?"

Cat finishes zipping up her backpack and chirps out a "Yup!"

Violet responds with a far less enthusiastic "Yeah," and they all eventually exit the car.

They make their way over to the front door and Catherine can hear her family talking to each other in the background as she looks up at each visible window, wondering if somebody was watching them. We're fresh meat. Of course we're being watched. She looks back down in front of her and takes a deep breath to try and calm her sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated, and anxious self. Surprisingly, it does next to nothing.

Her dad rings the doorbell and turns his head to look at her mom, "I love it. Don't you love it, hon? I mean, it looks even better than it did online."

"Yeah… It's interesting," Mom says as she looks over the front of the house.

Violet crosses her arms and lets out a breath, "Great. So we're the Addams Family now."

"Doo-doo-doo-doo," Catherine quietly sings, looking over at Violet when she hears two finger snaps, and they share a grin.

"Oh come on you two, look at this place. Isn't it amazing?" her father's enthusiasm has evidently not diminished at all.

Violet opens her mouth to say something Cat is sure would be super duper deep and insightful, but the door opens and her sister shuts her mouth.

The woman who opened it looks exactly how Catherine remembers her looking. Pasty, middle-aged, with a hairdo that screams "conservative suburban mom," and an outfit that only screams. Her over-the-top fake smile makes Cat want to sneer and judging by the look on Violet's face, she isn't alone in her desire.

"Welcome! Please, come in," Marcy says, and politely ushers them in through the door before closing it, "I hope your drive here was pleasant?"

"It was certainly… Different. So many new things to looks at," Mom responds with a slightly forced smile and puff of laughter.

"Ah, I imagine things are a bit different over on the East Coast. I wouldn't know. I've never left the state, you see!" Marcy exclaims and laughs a rehearsed laugh.

Her mom is clearly unsure as to how to respond, and her dad decides to intervene with a smile and a, "So, what can you tell us about the house?"

Marcy mutters a "right" and begins her real-estate agent spiel. "Well, this house is a beautiful classic L.A. Victorian. Built around 1920 by the doctor to the stars of the time, it's just fabulous. These are real Tiffany fixtures. As you can see, the previous owners really loved this place like a child. They restored everything."

"Gay?" her mom chimes in, and Catherine looks at her pleadingly. She briefly grimaces at her, and mouths a "sorry."

Marcy hums smugly. "What do you think?"

Dad looks over at Cat with an impressed smile and drawls out, "Tiffany. Wow." She rolls her eyes and smiles when he playfully jabs her arm with his elbow.

Marcy's going on about the kitchen now, and Cat tunes the conversation out. She turns to Violet who's looking around the library and asks, "Wanna come check the place out with me?"

Violet gives a half-smile and nods.

"Hey, Dad?" Cat says quietly, and he turns to look at her, "Me and Vi are gonna go upstairs and explore."

"What? Getting bored?" he teasingly asks with a smile and raised eyebrow.

"Yes," they respond simultaneously.

He chuckles and nods, "Go on then. We'll call you down if you're not back by the time we come to a decision."

Cat perks up and turns to Violet, "Come on! There has to be a bathroom somewhere, right?"

Violet snorts. "I don't actually have to go. You know that, right?"

They begin walking up the stairs as Catherine responds, "Well unlike yourself, some people have had two full cups of coffee and have a bladder the size of a squirrel. And yes, I know. You're a terrible liar, remember?"

"Am not!" she says indignantly.

"Are too!" Cat sing-songs.

"Am not!"

"Are too."

Violet sighs and mumbles "I hate you when you've had caffeine."

"I thought you hated me always."

Violet smiles small and huffs out, "Then too."

A door in front of the stairwell catches Cat's attention, and she begins walking towards it. She turns to her sister and asks, "Do you wanna split up, or explore things together?"

Violet looks down the hallway and says, "Uhhh, let's split up. I wanna see what's down there."

Cat nods with a smile. "Alright, well, guess that means I can jump out and scare the shit out of you."

"As if," Violet snorts and starts walking down the hallway, causing Catherine to turn the doorknob and enter what looks to be a bedroom.

It was definitely larger than her old room but didn't seem to be the master bedroom. The floors were a light wood, and the walls were a creamy off-white. In the middle of the ceiling hung a gorgeous antique chandelier and an equally as old white wardrobe was to the right of the door. A comfortable-looking wooden double bed was pressed between the left wall and a glass bedside table, beneath one of two windows. A beige, rectangular rug could be seen coming out from the bottom of the bed. A dresser was pressed against the wall a few feet next to it, underneath a large square mirror. On it was a small stereo and potted cactus. A desk and office chair could be seen below the second window, its right side pressed against the right wall, and on it was what seemed to be a welcome card of some sort.

Catherine moved further into the room and to the desk. She could read the front of the card now, and it read:



Important Numbers Inside

Marcy Eastbrook: xxx-xxx-xxxx"


Curious, she looks inside and notices that it contained, true to its word, important phone numbers. Police, fire department, abuse hotlines, and more that she couldn't be bothered to read fully. She still needed to go after all. Now inside the room, she noticed a bookcase tucked into the southeastern corner of the room and a door next to it. She could only assume it lead to a bathroom, so after setting the card back down she walked over and opened it.

Unsurprisingly, the bathroom was no less beautiful than the bedroom. Fuck, I can't wait to get in that shower. After briefly looking the room over, she closes the door, walks over to the toilet, lifts the lid, and pauses as a chill runs down her spine. Somebody could be watching me. No, not somebody. I'm sure of only one person here who would violate a girl's privacy like that. But she really had to go. She sighed. Hopefully he's distracted by Violet. She pulls down her comfortable floral jumpsuit and does her business as quickly as she possibly can.

After exiting the bathroom and closing the door again, she gave the room another quick once-over with her eyes and moved back out into the hallway. Following down it with her eyes, she saw another, larger door at the end. It at least looks like it leads to the master bedroom. The door was closed, though Catherine was almost certain that Violet had gone in there already. She could be hiding to try and scare me, her paranoid mind whispered. Squinting her eyes, she slowly made her way over towards it. The sound of her yellow heels clacking on the wooden floor was almost deafening, and she could feel her heart rate pick up from anticipation. She noticed a broom closet to her right and her heart jumped. She could be hiding in there. Bracing herself, she quickly opened the door and thought she saw Violet, though it was only a trick of her mind.


Later, Cat would vehemently deny that she jumped and shrieked like a little girl when her sister popped out from behind her, but for now, she absolutely did just that. She quickly turned around, almost losing her balance in the process, with her hand over her heart as she saw Violet double over while cackling. That bitch!

"You bitch!" Catherine exclaimed, breathless.

"I-hahaha, I did sa-hee as ifff" Violet managed to get out, before leaning against the wall and calming herself.

"Where were you even hiding?" demanded Catherine with her arms crossed.

"Behind the archway. I finished snooping around and was gonna go check out the room by the stairs," she responded with mirth still present in her eyes and voice.

Cat did notice that there was an archway in front of the broom closet, but she didn't realize there was enough room next to it for anybody to hide; not even her sister who was even more petite than she was.

"Ugh, alright. Though if we do end up getting this house, I'm calling dibs on that room."

Violet shrugged, "I liked the room behind the archway anyway. More my style than yours, so dibs," she said as she began moving back towards the stairwell.

After taking a few breaths to calm herself, Cat opened the large door and confirmed her suspicions. That's a master bedroom if I've ever seen one. From her now foggy memory of what the room looked like in her previous life, she could say with confidence that it was near- (if not completely) identical. And much more modern than the previous room. Too modern, she wrinkled her nose. She never was a fan of modernism, even if this room wasn't the worst offender she'd seen. The bed looked comfortable at least. Her nose wrinkled even further at the thought of what her parents might do on that bed.

"Oookayy, time to move on," she mumbled to herself as she closed the door and walked past the archway and into the only other room she could see. Violet's room.

Opening the door she saw a bedroom that seemed perfectly to her sister's taste. A bit boho but with a rougher grunge side to it. Also clearly designed for a teenage girl or young adult. It was attractive though. I wonder if we'll have sleepovers again. Her and her sister used to sleep over at the other's room all the time after hours of watching movies, listening to music, reading, and eating food that made them break out the next day. For the last year, however, Violet seemed to prefer being alone and always made vague plans for any slumber party request Cat made but never came through. Maybe it's a teen thing. Catherine might be 18 in body, but in mind, she was 45 and found it more and more difficult every day to remember what it was like to be 17.

She spotted the door to the bathroom and stopped moving. She remembered that part well. Her sister dying, a dead boy sobbing as he held her, the water pouring down on them both. She turned the doorknob and immediately saw the bathtub. It was as though she could see it playing out in front of her. She closed her eyes to try and stop it, but the scene kept playing no matter how much she tried to block it out. She opened her eyes, turned on her heel and swore to herself that she wouldn't let her sister die this time. She would do anything to prevent it, even if it caused Violet to hate her, or even if she herself died. She speed-walked over to her room and saw her sister exiting it. She wanted to hug her and kiss the top of her head, but she knew it'd be weird so she instead settled for a smile.

"Hey. You finished?" Violet asked.

"Yeah. It's a really pretty house."

"I wouldn't call it pretty. Outside's cool though."

"Hey, you never know. It could be haunted or something. Would you think that was cool?" Cat tried to not smile too wide.

Violet snorted. "Only if Johnny Ramone was one of the ghosts," she remarked, causing Cat to let out a puff of laughter.

"We should head back downstairs. Mom and Dad might want our opinion on the house."

"When have they ever wanted our opinion?" Violet asked and crossed her arms.

Catherine frowned, "They ask for my opinion all the time. When it comes to aesthetic stuff at least."

Her sister looked at her indignantly, "What? Really?" she huffed loudly, "Of course they do. You're the golden child."

Cat picked up a strand of her dark, curly hair and tried to defuse the situation by saying, "Looks pretty brown to me."

Violet rolled her eyes and snarked, "Well at least your humor sucks."

Cat grinned and repeated, "We really should go back down though."

"Fine," Violet said, and they both started down the stairs.

They immediately saw Hayley, their dog, running past the base of the stairwell and heard their mom say, "Shoot. I should go get her before she pees on the floor or something."

"It's fine, Viv. You trained her yourself, she's well-behaved," their dad responded.

"We'll go get her, Mom, it's fine," called Cat, loud enough for her mom to hear.

"Oh, thanks, honey!"

Cat and Violet looked at each other and started in the direction they say Hayley go. They eventually saw her barking furiously at a closed door.

"What are you yapping at?" Violet asked, as Catherine picked the dog up and tried to calm her.

"Looks spooky," she remarked, having a pretty good idea as to where the door could possibly lead to.

Of course, this only spurred Violet on as she tried to open the door to no avail.

"It's probably locked, Vi," said Cat, trying to sound casual and not as nervous as she was feeling.

Her sister didn't listen though, and with a particularly rough shove, she finally got the door to open. She turned to her with a raised eyebrow (that she totally learned from her, by the way), and a smug expression on her face.

Cat rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up."

Violet smirked and started walking down the stairs that lead to the basement, leaving her sister no choice but to follow. As soon as Catherine stepped foot beyond the door she could sense that something was wrong. It was a heavy feeling, not just in her body, but in the very air. It felt like it was about to rain, but instead of water it would be boulders; harming her and trapping her against the floor, and she had to seek shelter before it was too late. She had to be there for Violet though, so she swallowed heavily and followed her further into the belly of the beast.

Her sister started scanning the area with her eyes, but soon turned back to her and uttered a "Come on," moving towards the exit and to a place that felt much safer. Though there is no safety here, is there? Not unless you're dead. "The dead have nothing to fear." She remembered writing that in a high school essay, but only now realized how wrong she was. I'm dead. And I'm terrified. I should have tried harder. I should have persuaded Mom that coming out here was a mistake. I should have done something more. Why am I so useless? Why am I still so useless? She could feel herself beginning to relapse, and quickly followed her sister back up the stairs and out of that hell-hole of a room.

Though she exited the basement, the oppressive feeling was still there. But it was lighter somehow. Less like she would be crushed at any second and more like somebody was watching her. She didn't know if that was better. She felt her skin crawl at the thought.

"…you quit?" she could make out the end of what Marcy said as she and Violet started walking over to their parents.

Her mother barely let her finish her sentence before saying, "This wallpaper is peeling over here. Looks like maybe there's a mural underneath it."

"The last owners probably covered it up. They were modernists." Ugh "Speaking of the last owners, full disclosure requires that I tell you about what happened to them."

"Oh, God… They didn't die in here or anything did they?"

"Yes, actually, both of them. Murder-suicide. I sold them the house, too. They were just the sweetest couple. You never know, I suppose."

"That explains why it's half the price of every other house in the neighborhood, I guess," their father chimed in just as she and Violet made it back to their parents and Marcy.

"I do have a very nice mid-century ranch, but it's in the Valley, and you're going to get a third of the house for twice the price."

Her father sighed, "Right."

"Where did it happen?" Violet questioned, and Catherine looked at her while biting her lip.

"The basement," Marcy responded.

Catherine could see an excited gleam in her sister's eye as she smiled and said, "We'll take it."

Even though she knew this would happen, I'm such a moron, she had to actively restrain herself from screaming of frustration. She put her pleasant mask on and turned to look at her parents who were gently smiling at each other.

Marcy did the same, and with a smile asked, "Will we?"

Her mother turned back to look at her two daughters and shifted her gaze onto the real-estate agent. "We will," she responded with a soft smile.

"Excellent!" she chirped, "If you'll come this way, I have a few papers you two need to sign before I can hand you the keys."

As Marcy began walking back towards the kitchen with their parents, Catherine shifted her eyes towards Violet.

"I'm gonna go get my stuff," she said excitedly.

Catherine did her best to smile genuinely and responded with an "alright," before her sister disappeared through the front door. Only then did she let the mask slip as she let Hayley down and moved into the living room. She turned the TV on to try and calm down and turned to what looked to be a liquor cabinet.

"Jackpot," she mumbled to herself as she took a glass and poured some whiskey into it. She could hear the sound of a commercial about cereal ending behind her as she closed the cabinet and moved to sit down on the couch. She quickly drank some of her whiskey, feeling it burn her throat as she hung her head down and tried her best to convince herself that all was right with the world and that she was sitting in a perfectly normal house.

Her fantasy was shattered and her heart plummeted, however, when she heard an all-too-familiar song coming from the TV. She quickly looked up with wide eyes as she saw a commercial about a girl playing with a dollhouse.


I know

You belong to somebody new

But tonight you belong to me


The girl transformed into a doll and entered the house.


Way down by the stream

How sweet it will seem

Once more just to dream

In the moonlight


With an awe-struck expression on her face, the girl explored the house, much like I was doing, and Catherine felt sick.


My honey I know

With the dawn

That you will be gone

But tonight you belong to me


The girl fell asleep and in the morning she went over to the kitchen and began preparing a brand-name pancake mix.


Way down, way down along the stream

How very, very sweet it will seem

Once more just to dream in the silvery moonlight


A man was speaking over the commercial, promoting the pancake mix, but Catherine was too terrified to pay attention to his words. It's only a coincidence. Stop being silly, it's only a coincidence.


My honey I know

With the dawn, that you will be gone

But tonight you belong to me


The girl looked into the camera and smiled as she took a bite of the pancake. But then her hand paused with the fork in her mouth and her eyes seemed to gain a new intensity. She's looking at me. The girl grinned too wide and stared at her until Catherine began to shake. know she's looking at me.


Just to little old me


The girl's eyes became normal and her smile became innocent instead of unsettling. The commercial ended.

Catherine felt herself shaking as she tried to turn the TV off but only changed the channel as her hand wasn't steady enough. She took a big breath and held it until she succeeded in her goal. With her other trembling hand, she lifted the glass up to her lips and drank the rest of the whiskey all at once. She put it down onto the coffee table as gently as she could and breathed out. And breathed out again. And again, and again, and again, until she was laughing hysterically. She covered her mouth to quiet herself, but that didn't prevent the tears from streaming down her cheeks.

She didn't know how long she sat there, but it couldn't have been too long since her parents were still in the kitchen and her sister had only just come back through the front door and up to her room. The feeling of being watched was still there, and she now knew what it was. It wasn't Tate or Nora or Charles or any other ghost that frequents the basement. She wasn't so lucky. If she was, she would have remained dead. It was Evil. Pure Evil was watching over her like an angel of death and misfortune. She needed a plan, and she needed one now. Maybe she could go to Louisiana for a week, visit Robichaux's. They might be able to help her. Or kill me because I hold too much knowledge. She sighed heavily and decided to think about it when her head was clearer. For now, though, only one thing was for certain: she was never, ever, going back to that basement.

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That night she lay awake staring at the ceiling. She tried to sleep, but every time she started drifting off she felt something pulling her back. Wariness, most likely. If I’m vulnerable I’m an easy target. She turned onto her side and rubbed her eyes. I’m an easy target either way, though. We all are. She thought about what she knew about the house. It seemed to enjoy toying with its residents instead of immediately killing them. I might be safe for nowBut that girl. Every time she thought about the commercial she felt a pit of dread in her stomach, and this time it was so strong it bordered on painful. I’ve been toyed with already.

A crash sounded from downstairs, causing her to startle. She forced herself to go back to lying still and focused the ear not pressing against her pillow to try and discern what could have caused the noise. A few seconds later she heard a “shit,” and what sounded like glass being moved around. Someone probably just broke something. It’s fine. She felt her heart slowing back down to a more normal tempo and decided to go downstairs and see what really happened. The moonlight shining through her windows and reflecting off the light-colored walls illuminated her room enough to where she didn’t have to turn any lights on to successfully make her way to the door. She went to open it but thought that if there was broken glass on the floor downstairs, she should probably put on some slippers. After doing so, she finally made her way out of her room and down the stairs.

She tracked the sound of running water to the kitchen, and when she turned the corner to enter it, she saw her sister leaning against the running sink with a slight grimace on her face and her hand held under the water. Catherine moved her eyes down to the floor and saw what appeared to be shards of a broken glass by Violet’s feet, along with a few drops of blood. She calmed down immediately.

“Hey,” Catherine said to get her sister’s attention.

She turned her head to look at her.

“You keep doing that, let me go grab you some band-aids,” she waited for Violet to give her a nod of agreement and made her way over to the downstairs bathroom. Rummaging around the cabinets for a few seconds, she found an unopened box of band-aids inside a first aid kit, and after quickly fixing her messy bun, went back over to the kitchen. She carefully side-stepped the glass on the floor and stood next to Violet, and began working on opening a normal-sized band-aid.

She looked over at Violet. “I’m guessing this is exactly what it looks like?” she asked with a small smile on her face, which her sister reciprocated.

“No, the glass attacked me,” she responded, causing them both to chuckle. As Catherine started patching her up, Violet furrowed her eyebrows and looked at her. “I didn’t realize I was loud enough to wake you up.”

Cat glanced back at her. “Light sleeper,” she said, forcing herself to yawn. “You probably didn’t wake up Mom and Dad though, don’t worry.”

Violet sighed. “Good. They were tired enough from unpacking all that shit today.”

Catherine gave a hum of acknowledgment and scrunched up her nose. “More shit where that came from.”

Her sister groaned. “Don’t remind me. Did we really need to bring over my fourth grade science project?”

She laughed as she finished working on Violet’s hand. “But of course! How else will you be regularly reminded that little miss Patty Blackwood barfed all over your shoes that day?”

Weak stomach my ass,” Violet grumbled with a barely-concealed grin, “she had it out for me since we were eight.”

As her laughter died down, Cat glanced over at the glass and said, “You sit on the counter. I’m gonna get a broom and clean this mess up.”

“Yes, mom,” Violet drawled as Catherine moved around the kitchen and to where she knew the laundry area to be.

As much as she disliked the prospect of housework, once she actually got around to doing it, she found it to be quite calming. Sweeping especially so. She worked in comfortable silence and found herself growing sleepy when Violet spoke up again.

“It’s gonna be the same, isn’t it?”

She looked over at her and saw a blank look on her face. “What do you mean?”

Violet focused her eyes on her. “School. The girls. The teachers not giving a shit. There’s always gonna be a Patty Blackwood, isn’t there? No matter where I go or how old I get.”

Sometimes Cat forgot how young her sister really was. She was always incredibly smart, even at a young age. She could always keep up with her in a conversation, even though Catherine was technically 28 years older than her. It made it easy to forget that a lot of the issues she had were those of someone so fresh to the ways of the world.

She felt her eyes soften. “You’re right. There’s always gonna be a Patty Blackwood, but at the end of the day Patty Blackwood’s gonna be a sour little brat and Violet Harmon’s gonna be a smart, beautiful, and talented young woman.”

Violet huffed and swung her legs back and forth. “That sounds like what you think you’re supposed to say.”

“Maybe so, but it’s no less true. The more time that passes, the more miserable people like that become if they choose to stay the same. People like us, though, tend to improve. Time is on your side, Vi,” she said and tried to believe that it truly would be this time.

After that, she kept working in silence and when enough glass had been swept aside Violet hopped off the counter, causing Catherine to look at her.

Her sister gave her a short-lived smile. “Think I’m gonna go to bed. I’m tired as hell and should probably get some rest before we go back to unpacking tomorrow.”

“Alright. I’ll probably come upstairs soon too.”

“Thanks for… listening to me tonight,” Violet said somewhat awkwardly.

“I’ll always listen to you, Vi, you know that,” Catherine said as she stopped sweeping.

Violet looked off to the side and half-smiled shyly. “Yeah, yeah,” she looked back at her, “Nighty night, sis,” she said and started walking out of the kitchen.

“Hey, wait!” Catherine called after her, causing her to stop walking and turn back around. She pointedly leaned the side of her head towards her, until Violet rolled her eyes and quickly moved back towards her to give her a drawn out and slobbery kiss on the cheek, causing Catherine to adopt a look of pure disgust.

“Happy?” Violet asked, smirking.

“Very,” Cat deadpanned. “Nighty night, sis.” she heard her snicker and footsteps leading out of the kitchen and, eventually, up the stairs.

Catherine sighed, “Right,” and set to work on gathering the shards of glass into the dustpan, until finally dumping its contents into the garbage bin.

In the peace and quiet of solitude, she contemplated drinking some alcohol to help her fall asleep, but decided that she wanted to minimize any risks she could, and clouding her mind would more than likely do the opposite. She settled on a cup of chamomile tea instead, and hoped the second day in the house would be less… eventful.