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P is for: Protective

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“Deku!” she heard Kacchan shout as she rolled onto her back, groaning in pain as she did so. She and Kacchan, the Wonder Duo that they were, were fighting a villain that proved to be more problematic than they thought. The woman had summoned sidekicks that got the drop on her and had hit her pretty bad. She could tell her leg was broken pretty bad, and her head was dizzy with pain. Her vision swam and her ears rang, she couldn’t think straight or see straight, she was definitely down for the count. As she lay dazed in the rubble, she heard his heavy footsteps quickly approached her.


“Ka-cchan,” she gasped out, before coughing up some blood. Not good, definitely not good. 


“You bitch! I’ll kill you!” he roared at the villain, accompanied by loud explosions. Izuku felt her vision swim and her ears rang even worse as she tried to sit up, pain shooting through her body.


K-Kacch-“ she choked out again, unable to think properly, she just wanted her Kacchan.


“Deku!” he cried out again, his voice sounding far away and faint. “Deku!”


“Ka-cch...” she breathed out, her eyes finally falling shut. The last thing she saw was a figure running towards her, desperately crying out for her.








“Really, Kacchan, I’m fine,” she assured him, hobbling in on her crutches as Kacchan held the door open for her.


“Yeah, right. People who are fine always have broken bones,” he grumbled, glaring at her as helped her make her way to their bedroom. “Fucking dumbass.” He grumbled and growled under his breath as he helped her get comfortable.


“Kacchan,” she sighed in fond exasperation as he fretted over her in his own Kacchan-y way. “I’m gonna be fine.”


“Tch,” he scoffed, making his way to the kitchen. “What do you want to eat, dumbass?” he asked.


“Oh, whatever you want to make,” she said. She was used to Kacchan being protective of her after she came home from the hospital, but he seemed extra protective this time around. “Although, katsudon would be nice.”


“Tch, typical,” he scoffed, getting everything out. She must have fallen asleep, because when she woke up, she smelled the delicious scent of katsudon.


“Mm, Kacchan?” she called out, voice a little rough from sleep, wincing as she sat up.


“Food’s almost ready,” he replied, his voice slightly muffled. “Don’t you dare get out of bed, Deku. I’ll bring it to you.”


That shocked her. Kacchan never let her eat in bed, wanting everything to be clean and orderly, so something must definitely be off. She pulled out her phone and responded to a few missed messages and sent out some emails when Kacchan came back in with a steaming portion of katsudon for her to enjoy.


“Mm, wow! Kacchan, smells so good!” she praised, a cheery smile on her face.


“Obviously,” he scoffed, sitting down beside her and placing the serving tray in his lap. He grabbed the spoon and help it up for her. “Here.”


“Eh?” she asked, going cross eyes as she looked from the offered food back to her partner. “Kacchan, I can feed myself, promise!”


“I fucking know that,” he bit out, glaring at the extended spoon. “Just shut up and f- eat! You can’t get better if you don’t eat properly.” She sighed and nodded as she let her partner feed her, his movements careful and tender. He continued to feed her in silence, a familiar yet charged silence.


“Is everything okay, Kacchan?” she asked after she was mostly done, growing more and more concerned.


“I’m fine, Deku,” he said, refusing to make eye contact with her.


No, you’re not,” she sighed, placing a hand over his fist.


“Don’t worry about me,” he spoke softly, voice and tone uncharacteristic. “You just focus on eating and getting better.”


“Kacchan, please, I’m fine, just tell me-“


“You’re not fine!” he shouted, accidentally setting off an explosion that destroyed the utensil in his hand. “You are not fucking fine! Fuck, Deku! You nearly fucking died! You reckless idiot! And you expect me to just be okay with it!? Fuck no! I can’t-!” he broke off, sounding choked with emotion. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her to his chest, enabling her to feel just how much he was shaking.


“I can’t fucking lose you, Izuku. I can’t. I know that it’s part of the territory, that it’s a risk we take every day we put on our uniforms, but fuck, you’ve never been that close to death. I was so fucking scared...” He shook with emotion as he held her against him,  hiding his face in her neck as he let a few tears leak out.


“I’m sorry, Kacchan,” she apologized, petting his back soothingly as he got everything out. He slowly raised his head and pulled her into a desperate kiss, full of need and hunger. The pain of her injuries was nothing compared to the rising heat building up inside of her as Kacchan made love to her. He was slow and tender, making sure to take care not to hurt her.


Deku,” he growled sensually into her ear as he rolled his hips into hers.


“Ka-cchan,” she moaned breathlessly, nails scratching down his muscular back. They kissed lovingly as he came inside of her, him pecking her face as they curled up together.


Stupid dumbass, makin’ me worry ‘n shit,” he mumbled, a pout on his face.


“Hehe, sorry Kacchan,” she giggled, snuggling into his broad chest. “I’ll be more careful, okay?”


“Fuckin’ better,” he muttered, kissing her forehead. “Now get some rest. You won’t get better if you don’t sleep. Shut up and sleep.”


“Only if Kacchan sleeps with me,” she hummed, tucking her arms between their bare chests.


“Tch, ‘course,” he scoffed, wrapping an arm around her. “Love you, Deku.”


“I love you too, Kacchan.”












K-Kacchan?” she asked one day, stepping out of their master bathroom, her body shaking.


“Eh?” he asked, looking up at her from his phone. In her trembling hands was a pregnancy test.


“It-it’s positive,” she cried, tears streaking down her face. His eyes widened as he looked down at her still flat stomach.


“It... it is?” he asked, sitting up and getting off the bed. She placed a hand over her mouth as she cried, her shoulders shaking as she silently wept. “Fuck, Deku,” he groaned, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing the daylights out of her.


“Wh- Kacchan!” she exclaimed, pulling back in shock. “Didn’t you hear me? I’m pregnant!


“Yeah,” he said, a soft smile on his face. “Isn’t that great?”


“Wait, you’re not upset?” Izuku asked, mind still racing from the shock of it all.


“Why the hell would I be upset?” he asked, leaning back to look down at her unassuming stomach. A smirk spread across his face as he leaned in to kiss her again, his hands caressing her lovingly. “I’m fucking ecstatic! You’re pregnant, do you know how amazing that is?”


“Ah, r-really?” she asked, eyes wide and wet. “W-well, that’s great!”


“Great,” he smirked, dipping back in to kiss her vigorously.


“Mmph! Ka-“ she sputtered into the kiss, throwing her arms around him to prevent  herself from falling. He threw her onto the bed and began to ravage her, focusing on giving special attention to her stomach. He pulled her shirt and shorts off, leaving her in just her underwear.


“Fuck, Deku,” he moaned against her, “you’re fucking perfect and you’re carrying my baby. Fuck,” he groaned, licking up her firm stomach muscles to her neck. Then, he kissed between the valley of her breasts down to her belly button, hooking his fingers under the side of her panties and shimmying them down her legs. He pulled them off her feet and tossed them aside, resting his hands on her hip bones as he kissed down to her flower. He licked up her folds and sucked on her clit, drawing out moans from her lips.


“Oh, Kacchan,” she moaned, her thighs tensing around his head. “Mmm, yeah,” she moaned breathily, a pleased smile on her face as he ate her out. He grabbed him by the back of the head and rolled her hips into his face.


“Fuck yeah, Deku,” he groaned into her pussy. “You’re so fucking hot and perfect. My perfect Deku.” His praise made her heart stutter in her chest and her core heat up, her thighs rubbing together around his face.


“Oh, Kacchan! Please, don’t stop,” she begged, back arching off of the bed as she reached a hand up to fondle her breast. He licked and sucked on her clit until it was pulsing and swollen.


“Ngh, yeah, just like that baby,” he growled, sending vibrations through her arousal. “Fuck, so good, baby.”


“More, more, please!” she cried, her thighs trembling around his head as her orgasm raced forward. He worked his tongue so well against her, suckling on her clit until she threw her head back and released.


“Kacchaaaan!” He worked her through her orgasm, tongue unrelenting against her. After a few moments, her thighs went lax around his shoulders, her chest heaving for air. Once he was free of her vice like grip, he leaned up and pressed kisses to her stomach. He teasingly circled his thumb around her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her overstimulated body.


“K-Kacchan, t-too much,” she whined, pushing his head away from her stomach with her hands. He smirked up at her and stopped the movements of his fingers, going back to peppering kisses across her stomach.


“You were so good, my pretty Deku,” he cooed, caressing his thumbs lovingly over her hip bones. “I can’t wait to meet the baby.”


“Kacchan, I’m not even showing yet,” she laughed, rolling her eyes fondly.


“You think I give a damn?” he asked, cocking a judgmental brow at her. She tossed her head back and laughed, shaking her head as she stroked his hair.


“I’m excited too,” she whispered, smiling down at how Kacchan loved on her stomach. “I love you.”


“I love you too.”