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Through Our Moonlit Mirror

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Izuku looked at himself in the mirror, a smile on his face while thinking that ever since he’d finally gotten laid, he was looking quite charming. He wore a white, see-through, off shoulder, loose shirt with sleeves made up of threads of fabric that hung loosely over his arms. He also sported a pair of short shorts with a minty green color underneath a white lace pattern.

He was a very sought out for bachelor, a powerful sorcerer and an omega at that. The main problem he faced throughout the years was his more dominating nature. Alphas preferred submissive omegas, and betas felt overly threatened by his nature. He had gotten into bed with a couple of lucky elves, but none of them could get him to feel anything, not even when he was in heat. His situation was so bizarre he hadn’t even gotten pregnant the times he’d fucked during heat without protection. The omega in him was very picky about who he got to be with, sometimes shutting off completely. No one had ever met an omega like him, and as such there wasn’t a way to help him. His heats were messy, no alpha being capable of satiating him by any means.

In the end, he’d given up. Then one day he’d realized one of the humans that liked to enter the Woods during full moon nights made him feel something.

With nothing to lose, he thought that perhaps he could try one last time with the human he’d felt such a strong pull for, the charming hunter that explored the Dark Woods and smelled like ginger, pure spice. The only being capable of waking his omega and get him begging to at least get closer.

He wondered if Katsuki was out there, hunting on foreign woods. The image of his hunter drenched in sweat and focused on striking down his prey, eyes narrowed and determined made him weak. Just picturing him made his mate mark burn and his lower half quiver with need.

He hadn’t planned on bonding with him, that had happened as an unexpected product of their tryst. Yet, now it felt like it was meant to be.

The mating mark on his neck had scarred well. Running his fingers over it reminded him of his alpha and how much he yearned to smell his spicy scent… feel his ripped muscles under his fingers…

Gods, he wanted to see him. Needed to.

“Katsuki…” He whispered, magic flowing from his fingertips into the mirror.

The mirror’s surface shifted, colors rushing through it until a clear image was given. The image shown was that of a wooden ceiling. Izuku thought maybe the hunter wasn’t anywhere near it, having left it at home by his nightstand. Then the image started moving, blurring about before it focused on the face of his beloved alpha.

“Hey, Izuku…” The blond looked like he’d just woken up from a nap, his hair tousled and his eyelids still heavy. “How’s my favorite elf doing?”

Izuku smiled, crossing his arms before he started pacing about in front of the mirror.

“Well, I am sort of okay.”

“You feeling uneasy?”  

“Mmmm, maybe?” Izuku gave his back to the mirror, snickering as he felt like he could tease his alpha a little. His inner omega though, craved for his alpha’s scent, craved to be pampered. Alas, that was impossible until the next full moon, his skin would remain deprived of his alpha’s touch and his bedside would remain cold.

“We could try something different,” Turning, the freckled elf saw the blond touch the mirror. He walked over to it and pressed his hand against it too. The ghost of the man’s warmth was palpable through the glass thanks to the magic he’d embed on Katsuki’s side.

“What do you have in mind?” Izuku licked his lips, curious to know what his alpha had planned. He saw the blond was smiling at him excitedly, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

“I’ll distract you,” Gods, Katsuki looked so handsome when he sported that drop-dead gorgeous full smile of his. Izuku saw a lot of it through the mirror whenever they spoke, and he’d never gotten enough of it. He wanted to see it in person though, melted at the thought. In fact, he got turned on just thinking about it. “Do you want to give it a try?”

“Yes, a distraction sounds like something I really need right now.” The freckled man took his free hand to his head, toying with his own curls. “How will you distract me?”

“By giving you something else to focus on.” Katsuki sat up, the image blurring about a little before the blond set the mirror on the bed in an angle Izuku could see him sitting with his legs spread out as he leaned against his headboard. The hunter wore a pair of brown pants and no shirt, silver markings matching those Izuku had on his arms going around the blond’s neck. The tattoos were the result of him being bonded to a dark elf, the omega’s bite mark having scarred nicely on the man’s neck too. “How about you show me how you please yourself?”

The elf turned bright red, his eyes glowing as magic sparkles ignited about him. The hunter seemed very amused by his reaction, the elf stuttering and mumbling lots of words in his native tongue before managing to calm down. What the hell was that?

“S-sure!” Izuku blurted out in the end, his legs already weak. The elf turned around towards his bed, stumbling as a special kind of heat settled in the pit of his stomach. He sat over the sheets, taking small breaths to calm himself down. With a flick of his wrist, his mirror came closer, hanging right at the foot of his bed. Katsuki was looking at him with a reassuring gaze, the hunter waiting patiently for his omega to settle down.

“Will you be okay like that?” Katsuki inquired, raising an eyebrow. Izuku smiled biting his lower lip, two more flicks of his wrist got him a bottle of lube from one of his drawers and a blue box he kept under his bed. “I keep forgetting you’re magic.”

“I keep forgetting you’re only human.” Izuku chuckled, taking his hands to the border of his pants.

The elf tugged down on the piece of clothing, slowly pulling them down his legs. He slid one leg out first and then let the pants fall off the other by slightly raising it off the bed. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath, his omegan dick resting between his smooth legs. Katsuki shifted on his place on the other side of the mirror, his cheeks flushed and his eyes focused on the elf. Izuku gave the blond a flirty smile, his hands lingering over his navel.

“You’re so beautiful…” Katsuki said, his voice breathless as his eyes shined with desire. “I miss you.”

An unfamiliar warmth settled in the elf’s chest, he’d felt like his heart might run out.

By the GODS, what does this man DO to me?

“I miss you too.” Izuku replied with a wink while he saw Katsuki settle a hand over his crotch. “This… this is for you. Make sure to watch closely.”

Izuku grabbed the bottle of lube, pouring light-blue liquid over his fingers and using magic to make it warm. He then spread his legs and took his lube-soaked fingers to his small dick. He massaged it with one hand, taking his other to his entrance. He ran a finger over his rim, slickening it up before pushing in his middle finger. He let out a breathy moan, digging his head back on his pillow, convincing himself Katsuki was in the room with him.

“You’re doing so good.” Katsuki’s voice caused the elf to let out a little cry. His alpha’s voice was just what he needed to start slickening up.

Slick oozed out of him as he fingered himself, his nose drowning in his own aroused scent. His dick was already half-hard, his hands pumping it while he slid in a second finger… then a third. He was shivering, his toes curling into the sheets as he rubbed his insides.


“Mmmm, Kacchan…” The elf bit his lower lip as he brushed his sensitive spot, trying his best to drown his moans and get his body to stop shivering.

“You look so amazing, darling.” Katsuki commented, the elf stopped touching himself to raise his lower half and catch a glimpse of his mate. The blond had stuck his hand inside his pants, he was stroking himself underneath the fabric. The memory of Katsuki’s thick dick, the thought of having the blond’s knot tearing into him, stretching him open made his mouth water and his hole twitch.

“Haha, you’re thinking of me, right?” The blond teased, lowering his pants and letting his fully erect member out in the open, the rosy head shiny with pre-cum. The elf had to hold back a giggle, his mate was very easy to rile up. Of course, he was no better once his body remembered how good that dick felt inside him, how that knot had filled him up so well. “You’re dripping wet, my little omega.”

Izuku’s cheeks flushed as he desperately reached for the blue box, tearing the top off before he pulled out a huge, ribbed pink dildo with a thick knot at the base. Izuku winced, his omega starting to whisper sultry thoughts into his consciousness.

You need him to fuck you, fill you up. He stopped for a moment, dildo in hand and his breathing hard. This won’t do. You need him, you have to have him.

His omega side was right, but for now, this would have to do.

“I-I need you… to… to talk me through it.” Izuku looked up at the mirror, staring at his alpha’s face through his lashes.

“Hey!” Katsuki growled, the distressed alpha in his voice making Izuku’s skin tingle, his knees tremble. “I… I got you. Now, relax.”

Izuku breathed out, Katsuki’s alpha voice tender, but commanding. Just the right amount of control he needed. The elf relaxed, as told, and waited for orders. “Good boy. Can you lay back over your pillows for me?”

Crawling slowly, the elf reached the center of his bed, lying back over his pillows in an angle steep enough for him to see the mirror and his lower half. With his dildo in hand and legs widely spread, he took to watching Katsuki with a needy gaze, biting his lower lips and tears running down his cheeks. His insides hurt, his body yearning to have something pushing into him, opening him up, filling him.

“It’s okay, darling.” His alpha’s voice was reassuring, it made his inner omega purr. “I need you to place your toy against your entrance… and close your eyes.”

The rubber tip felt a little cold against his wet entrance, but he was still rather impatient at the expectation of having it in him. He closed his eyes, gulping as he awaited orders.

“I’m here, beautiful.” Katsuki’s voice had gone lower, sounding a lot huskier than usual. “Push it in, slowly.”

Izuku drew blood from his own lips as he had the pink member slowly open him up, his body gratefully taking it in. He twitched, the intrusion causing a tide of relief that quickly retreated to leave him yearning for more.

“Shhh, c’mon, darling, you got this.” The blond cooed, Izuku pushing more of the toy into him. The stretch was pleasing, Izuku now a mewling mess. “Lovely, you’re doing so good, honey.”

Alpha’s pleased, we please him. His inner voice was coaxing him too.

“Go on, fuck yourself for me.” The blond chuckled. “Pump yourself full of that thick cock.”

The elf shoved whatever was left of the dildo into himself, right to the thick knot on the base, the ridges catching on his prostate and making him scream. He’d clenched on the pink toy, the difference in temperature making him feel a little weird.

“That’s my cock, honey. Remember how it felt? Having me inside you… thrusting into you…”

Having his eyes closed made the images flash before his eyes, vividly. His Kacchan, kissing him fiercely, grinding into him, thrusting his delicious cock deeper than anyone Izuku had been with...

His hands moved on his own, starting to thrust the ribbed dildo into himself trying to imitate the rhythm he’d held with his alpha.

“Yeah, you’re mine, my little omega. I want you to feel me inside you, I want you to milk my knot so bad.”

Izuku had stopped mewling and turned to moaning loudly, his voice mixing in with the lewd noises of his hole being fucked by Katsuki’s cock.

“Ah, yesh! Alpha! I want your knot so bad…” Magic was fluctuating in him, he felt it rush through his veins, mixed with his blood. It felt all so damn good, Katsuki’s dick pressing at his sweet spot with each thrust.

“Why don’t you sit on me, beautiful? Pound yourself into my knot.” Izuku took out the toy, having to break the illusion if only momentarily, before he kneeled on his bed, his back to the mirror, and lined the toy with his sopping wet hole.

“’Zuku let me see you…” His alpha’s voice was pleading, it called for immediate action. The elf turned around, retaking his previous position and catching the blond’s intense red gaze. His alpha was a mess, despite his voice being able to mask his obvious crazy arousal. He was all sweaty, his pants out of the picture and his hand holding his throbbing erection, pre-cum dripping like crazy from the head.

Izuku flicked the mirror closer, pressing one hand against it for support. Katsuki changed his position, placing the mirror by his face as he lay on his side on the bed. Izuku wasn’t able to see him fully anymore but at least he could feel his alpha’s warmth through the mirror.

“You ready?” Katsuki whispered, his pupils dilated, Izuku believing he could see stars in his eyes.

The elf nodded, gently pushing himself down into the toy.

“Good, you’re doing so, soo good, my darling.” Izuku couldn’t take his eyes off the hunter, his walls clenching against the dildo as he sat on it. “I want you to feel me deep inside you, I want my knot to plug you up real good.”

“Kacchan…” Izuku reached the knot, taking a deep breath before pressing down on it.

He glued his forehead against the mirror, his breath fogging it up a little. The magic in his veins seemed to find a way to vent, flowing into the mirror.

He struggled, whining miserably as the knot stretched him wide the more he managed to push down on it. He wanted it in, he needed it in. It was driving him crazy that it was taking him this long.

“’Zuku, you’re almost done…” Katsuki was talking in between breaths, it was obvious he was close to climaxing. “Put me in, darling.”

Izuku bit down on his already abused lip, choking a groan as he pushed down harder. He froze up, his eyes opening wide as his dick twitched and shot cum all over the mirror. He’d knotted himself, his body twitching in ecstasy as it tried to squeeze the toy for cum. Izuku whined, an intense amount of magic leaving his body. Most of it leaked into the mirror but the rest blew up as a gust of wind that made a mess out of the elf’s room.

“Kacchan…” He whispered before he heard the other man gag.

Izuku looked at his alpha’s face. His eyes had rolled back, his mouth open as he tried to breathe, his cheeks flushed while he seemed to be twitching.

“Katsu—" Izuku’s worry melted as the magic in the mirror recoiled, knocking him backwards as he came for a second time, untouched, his body ceasing to function.

He’d died, he must have died. It felt like he’d left his body, becoming capable of sensing everything. He could hear the voices of the forest, feel the shifts in air flow, the fluctuations of temperature… he could feel things out of the Woods, he could see his precious alpha twitching like crazy on his sheets.

Then it all had gone blank, and for a fraction of a moment he could feel Katsuki’s hands holding his, the bite mark on his neck burning, but in a soothing manner.


Izuku blinked a couple of times, staring at his ceiling, his mind hazy and his body still very sensitive. He tried to get up, the brush of his skin against the soft fabric of his bed making him feel very giddy and jumpy. He was still knotted on his dildo, so he took to slowly removing the toy, a pleased whine escaping him when the knot popped out of him. He took the rest of the toy out, placed it aside and slowly tried to sit up, slick bathing the inside of his thighs. His chest was sticky with his own, glowing silver cum, an incredible amount by his standards. His vision blurred when he tried to focus on things out of the bed’s range. The mirror still floated by the feet of his bed, the glass sullied with silver cum.

“Katsuki…?” He called approaching the mirror, concerned his alpha might have gotten hurt. The image was dark, the mirror must’ve fallen on the sheets face down.

“By… the Gods…” He heard the hunter’s voice, he sounded shaken but otherwise okay. “That… was amazing…”

“You okay?!” Izuku was excited to hear his voice, his omega purring and yearning to see him. The image shifted, showing a very happy, still blissed out Katsuki on the other side.

“Freckles, I feel amazing.” He cooed, his fingers visibly on the borders of the mirror. “Was that you?”

“I-I think…that’s never happened to me before…I think my magic went haywire, used our mating bond to actually link us in real-time. It was stronger than the magic protecting the Woods… that’s pretty crazy.” Izuku laughed, feeling a fluttering warmth in his stomach as well as his head.

“You really want me as much as I want you.” He hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but he did.

“Of course I do, beautiful.” Katsuki’s voice was charged with so much loving care, it made Izuku’s eyes water again.

Being so vulnerable was so strange to him, letting another take control for once… It was nice… as long as it was Katsuki, that is.

Our Alpha.

Izuku stretched, rubbing his bite mark as he took to looking at his blond with tired eyes. That magic blast must’ve tired him out, drained him of his energy. He really needed to catch a nap.

“Hmmm, do you have to leave for something?”

“I couldn’t even if I wanted to, freckles. Too tired.”

“Good, clean up and maybe we can… sleep together?”

The man chuckled, nodding before letting out a contagious yawn.

“See you in ten.”

Izuku took a little longer than ten, having to clean himself out well considering his thighs were a friggin’ mess. By the time he returned, he placed the mirror by his side of the bed and plopped on his sheets only wearing an oversized sky blue shirt. In the mirror, Katsuki was already lying on his side with his eyes closed. The omega smiled dumbly, his eyelids heavy as he tried to keep looking at his mate.

“Rest well, my Kacchan.” The elf mumbled finally closing eyes.

“You too, freckles.”