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Aoyama jolted awake with a gasp, his entire body trembling, his hands clutching the blankets on Izuku's bed tightly.

He'd just had a horrific nightmare. Absolutely horrifying. 


"Whoa, whoa, Aoyama, angel, what happened...? It's okay, it's alright... Another nightmare?"

Aoyama turned his head to see Izuku beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder and gently rubbing circles into the skin. Aoyama took a deep breath, still shaking. 

"Oui... Y-You... We w-were out and a villain a-attacked us and I couldn't... I-I couldn't...-" He burst into tears, sobbing into his hands.

Izuku flinched in surprise, scooting closer to Aoyama and wrapping a blanket around his shoulders before wrapping his arm around his waist, bringing him close until he was resting against his chest.

"I couldn't... I couldn't s-save you. He g-got you... You were b-bleeding so much, oh mon dieu, I..." Aoyama mumbled into Izuku's shirt, which was now wet with tears. Izuku sighed, rubbing comforting circles into Aoyama's back. 

"Angel, it's okay, I promise you. It was just a nightmare, I'm here, I'm okay. And so are you. I'd never let anyone hurt you and I know you'd never let anyone hurt me. Okay? We're completely safe." Izuku spoke softly, calmly, into Aoyama's ear. He lifted one of his hands to play with Aoyama's hair, before he began to hum a quiet tune.

Aoyama shakily inhaled, slowly calming down in Izuku's embrace. His lover was right. They were safe.

"Merci, mon amour. Je t'aime." Aoyama sniffled, pulling away from Izuku's embrace slightly to look him in the eyes.

Izuku smiled, reaching his hands up to cup Aoyama's cheeks. He wiped away some of his tears with his thumbs, gazing into his tear-filled violet eyes.

"I love you too, my angel." Izuku then leaned in and kissed Aoyama softly, satisfied to hear the french boy sigh contently into the kiss. The only sounds in the room were the two's sighs of contentment and the noises of their lips connecting repeatedly in a shared love.

After a few minutes Izuku pulled away, brushing some of Aoyama's hair out of his face, pressing a kiss to his forehead. 

"Everything's okay. You're okay, I'm okay, we're okay." He said, lying back down and bringing Aoyama down with him, letting him cuddle up close to his chest. 

"Oui... Merci. Goodnight, mon cher." Aoyama mumbled as he drifted off to sleep, relaxed and content in Izuku's warm and loving embrace. He felt like nothing could ever harm him if he had Izuku by his side. Izuku would protect him and he would protect Izuku, for as long as they lived.


"Goodnight, Aoyama. My love... Sleep well." Izuku kissed the top of his lover's head before drifting off to sleep as well, the room becoming quiet once again aside from their breathing and the occasional mumble whilst they dreamed.



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The sunlight shining through Izuku's curtains lit up his room, waking him early. He forgot to close the curtains... Of course, dammit.

Groaning, Izuku rolled over, flinching in surprise when his arm hit something warm. He turned his head to notice his boyfriend, Aoyama, sleeping peacefully beneath the blankets. 

Oh, right. Aoyama had stayed the night.

Just the fact that Aoyama was next to him right now made him giddy, hyper with excited affection for his angel.

He gazed at Aoyama's sleeping form for a few minutes, admiring his beauty. He really was an angel in Izuku's eyes. 

Izuku sighed contently, before scooting closer to his lover and pulling him up against his chest, nuzzling his golden blond hair. His calloused hands ran up and down Aoyama's back slowly, comfortingly, as he began to whisper quietly to him. 

"Angel... Angellll, wake upppp... It's morning, love..."


Aoyama groaned, his eyelids fluttering open slowly. He glanced around for a few moments, before finally realizing he was in Izuku's room, and in Izuku's arms. He smiled tiredly, wrapping his arms around Izuku's waist and nuzzling into his chest.

"Bonjour..." He paused to yawn, trying to keep himself awake, finding it difficult due to Izuku's comforting embrace. "How did you sleep?"

Izuku smiled, running one of his hands through Aoyama's messy hair. "Good. What about you?"

"Good." Aoyama smiled back, before leaning up to press a quick kiss to Izuku's lips. He began to pull away, as he'd intended it to be a quick peck, but it seemed Izuku had other ideas since he grabbed Aoyama's chin gently and kissed him once again. It was a careful, soft kiss, all while Izuku made sure his grip on Aoyama's chin wasn't too tight so he could pull away if he really wanted to. Although, he knew he didn't.

Aoyama chuckled against Izuku's lips, giving in and kissing back lazily, resisting the urge to fall back asleep in Izuku's arms. "Mmm...~" Aoyama finally pulled away, raising an eyebrow. Izuku was extra lovey dovey this morning, not that Aoyama was complaining though.

"Mon cher, we need to get up. As much as I'd love to stay here and cuddle and kiss you all day, we do need to get ready for class." Aoyama said with a giggle, booping Izuku's nose.

Izuku groaned, pouting childishly. "Hmph... Yeah. Cuddle more when class is over...?" He asked hopefully, although he doubted Aoyama would ever say no to cuddles.

"Of course, mon amour."

"Yes!! Woo!"


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Aoyama huffed as he finally got his purple suit on, having been struggling with it for the past minute.

He was preparing to go out for a date with his beloved, Izuku. Just the thought of his darling made his heart soar, and he giggled quietly to himself as he made his way out of his apartment and to Izuku's car, where the green-haired boy had been waiting for him.


Aoyama opened the passenger seat door, slipping inside and sitting down with a grin. He shut the door, turning to smile at his lover.

"Bonjour, darling.~" He purred, leaning over to press a quick kiss to Izuku's cheek. Izuku chuckled, raising an eyebrow. 

"Hi, angel. You ready for our date?" Izuku asked, resisting the urge to kiss Aoyama all over right here right now. He'd have to wait until they got home.

"Mhm!~ Of course, my love."

Izuku chuckled again, and started the car, beginning to drive to their date location, which was a fancy restaurant. A veryyy fancy one, since Izuku had more money than he knew what to do with. Ever since he'd become number one hero, he'd been loaded with cash, and tended to spoil Aoyama quite a bit. Aoyama had protested a few times, but Izuku knew he loved it.

Izuku took a few deep breaths as he drove, his gaze focused on the road but his mind all over the place.

Tonight was the night.

Tonight was the night he was going to propose to the love of his life. He was overwhelmed with anxiety, but he had to do this. He wanted to do this. He'd never loved anyone like he loves Aoyama, and he wanted the twinkling boy by his side for the rest of his days.




They'd finally arrived at the restaurant, and were seated at the best table the restaurant had. It was outside on a large balcony, underneath the stars, candles on the table and romantic music playing from nearby.

Izuku had been trying to calm his nerves while they ordered their food, but he couldn't will away the fear in the pit of his stomach. He loved Aoyama more than anything. What if he said no? What if he decided Izuku wasn't good enough? What if-

Izuku was shaken from his thoughts when Aoyama reached across the table to caress his cheek, concern twinkling in his violet eyes. "Darling? Is everything alright? You've been spacing out a lot..."

"O-Oh, yes, angel. I'm fine!" Izuku squeaked out, reaching a hand up to remove Aoyama's hand from his cheek, holding it in his own instead. He stroked Aoyama's hand with his thumb, sighing.

Aoyama seemed suspicious, but didn't question further, smiling at his lover. "Je t'aime, Izuku."

Izuku's heart soared at those words, and he laughed breathlessly, having to force himself to hold back from yanking Aoyama forward into a kiss. "I love you too, Yuga. So much. God, I... I love you more than anything."

Aoyama blushed, giggling. "Aww, darling... Gosh, you really know how to flatter me, hmm?~" He teased, reaching across the table to boop Izuku on the nose childishly before continuing to eat his meal, unaware of the question Izuku was going to ask soon.

Izuku took a deep breath, and forced himself to calm down a bit, at least enough to eat his meal.


After they'd both finished, they stayed for dessert, chocolate cake in the shape of a heart. How cheesy.


Izuku snickered as Aoyama fed him some of the cake, feeling childish and silly. God, he loved this twinkly boy so much. He was completely enamored.

Wiping his mouth, Izuku prepared himself mentally for what he was about to ask as the waiter came by with the check.

After he paid, he stood, taking a deep breath for the millionth time this night, before speaking.


"...Yuga Aoyama."

Aoyama glanced up at his beloved, who was currently standing by the side of his chair. He turned in his seat, raising an eyebrow. "Yes, love..?"


"...Yuga, you are the love of my l-life." Izuku cursed under his breath at himself for stuttering, but continued nonetheless. He couldn't mess this up.


"You lifted me up during our younger years when I needed help the most, you were there by my side the entire time, you gave me love when nobody else would... I can't explain how much I love you, Yuga. Everyday, I fall more in love with you, I honestly didn't think it was possible to love someone so much, h-haha."

While Izuku nervously spoke, Aoyama watched him and listened closely, his eyes already welling up with tears of joy from his lover's cheesy speech.

"I... I want you by my side, forever, angel. I want to wake up to you in my bed, every single morning before I go out to do hero work. I want to eat dinner with you, and watch movies on the couch with you. I want to kiss you, all night long. I want to love you. Forever. If you'd have me, I have to ask..."



Izuku inhaled deeply, deeper than he had the entire night, kneeling down on one knee as he pulled a small, black box out of his suit pocket.


He heard Aoyama gasp as he opened the box, revealing a beautiful sparkly emerald and amethyst ring.


"Izuku...!" Aoyama's violet eyes were filled with tears, his breathing shaky as he stared at his beloved down on his knee before him.


"Yuga Aoyama... Will you marry me?" Izuku finally asked, holding his breath in anticipation. 


"Oh mon dieu, Izuku, yes! YES! YES, YES YES, A MILLION TIMES YES!" Aoyama suddenly cried, nearly knocking his chair over when he flung himself into Izuku's arms, squeezing him tightly as he sobbed tears of overwhelming joy.

Izuku's breath caught in his throat as Aoyama sobbed in his arms, his brain taking a moment to process that Aoyama had actually said yes. He felt himself get choked up, tears of his own quickly forming in his emerald eyes. He set the ring down on the table for a moment to hug Aoyama back, tightly, nuzzling his neck.

"I-I'm so glad, angel... I love you, I love you so much, baby... I can't wait to walk down the aisle with you." Izuku whispered into his ear as he sobbed, rubbing his back comfortingly. Everyone else in the restaurant began to clap and cheer for the couple, which made Izuku nervously chuckle at the fact there were so many eyes on them.


Aoyama finally pulled away from the hug after a few minutes of joyful sobbing, wiping his eyes and sniffling, a big smile on his face along with a blush.

Izuku smiled back, wiping his own eyes that had filled up with tears, before reaching over to the table and grabbing the ring, holding it out to Aoyama.

Aoyama gasped again, whimpering as he tried not to burst into tears again. He held out his hand, letting Izuku slip the ring onto his finger. Aoyama held his hand up, staring at the beautiful ring in complete awe.

Izuku laughed at the expression of pure shock and awe on his lover's face, running a hand through his messy green hair. He felt so relieved that Aoyama said yes, he was so worried he wouldn't. His anxiety quickly faded when Aoyama wrapped his arms around him again, showering his face with kisses.



After half an hour of crying in the restaurant, the newly engaged couple finally left to their car, both still high on excitement and joy.

The second Aoyama shut the door of the car, Izuku jolted forward and pulled Aoyama into a searing kiss, filled with every emotion he was feeling.

He pressed Aoyama against the door of the car, cherishing every sigh of contentment or whimper that left his mouth.

After a solid minute they finally separated, resting their foreheads together.

Izuku lifted a hand to caress Aoyama's cheek, gazing into his eyes with such overwhelming amounts of love Aoyama nearly started crying again. 

"I love you so much, angel." Izuku whispered, with the biggest, brightest smile he'd ever had.

Aoyama sniffled, smiling a shaky smile of his own, looping his arms around Izuku's neck. "Je t'aime aussi, my darling. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my days with you, mon cher."

Izuku chuckled, leaning forward and kissing Aoyama again, desperate to feel more love.


When they arrived home, they spent a relaxing night together, watching movies, playing games, cuddling, lots of cuddles.

And after a warm, romantic bath together, candles, jazz music and all, they continued their contest of affection in bed, drawing out the night for as long as possible, both of them lost in a hazy state of overwhelming, intense love. Many 'I love you's were spoken that night.


They did eventually tire themselves out, and drifted off in each other's arms, content and overwhelmingly happy in the other's embrace.

Aoyama fell asleep first, leaving Izuku to gaze at his sleeping fiance with affection filling his emerald eyes.

Fiance... Izuku still couldn't believe they were engaged. He felt over the moon, ecstatic. 

This all felt like a dream to the green-haired boy, who couldn't believe in a life without his twinkly angel anymore. Any life without Aoyama wasn't one he wanted to live in anymore. He wanted, no, needed Aoyama by his side. Forever, for the rest of their days. 

He'd never been so happy.

Izuku made a promise to himself and his sleeping beloved that night, that he would be the best husband ever. He'd give Aoyama as much love as he wanted, and make him feel special, make him feel amazing. 


And as Izuku finally drifted off to sleep as well, he pressed a loving kiss to Aoyama's forehead, whispering a few words that held so much love.


"Goodnight, angel. I love you, so much... Sleep well."


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A booming thunder, raging, and so, so loud startled Aoyama from his slumber, the entire house shaking from the pure power of the wind, the eerie shriek-like noises that came with each harsh gust. It terrified the blond boy.

Aoyama sat up, sweat dripping down his forehead. He immediately felt his breathing speed up, and got out of bed, stumbling over to his bedroom door and rushing out into the living room of him and Izuku's shared home.


Upon spotting Izuku, his beloved, resting on the couch and doing his late-night hero studying, Aoyama burst into tears, startling the green-haired boy. 

"Yu-chan? Angel, what's wrong? What happened??" 

Izuku quickly shut his notebook, tossing it onto their coffee-table and rushing over to Aoyama's side, placing a calloused hand on his trembling shoulder.

"Hey, hey... Honey, it's a-alright! Is it the storm? It must've been a lot louder from the bedroom, huh... I'm sorry love, I should've been in bed ages ago, I just got so distracted." 

Izuku sighed guiltily, moving his hand from Aoyama's shoulder up to his face, cupping his cheek. 

"It's okay, I promise. It can't hurt us. Nothing can hurt you, or me, nothing can harm us in any way. We're completely safe."

Aoyama wiped his teary eyes, nodding. How pathetic of him, to be scared of a storm... He was about to continue scolding himself mentally before Izuku tilted his chin up, forcing him to look him in the eyes.

"Aoyama. I know that look, that expression you have right now. You're thinking badly about yourself again, aren't you?"

Izuku asked, brushing away another tear that managed to escape Aoyama's eye.

The blond boy sadly nodded, ashamed. 



Izuku frowned, pulling Aoyama into a tight, comforting hug, reaching a hand up to play with his hair while the other rubbed comforting circles into his hip. 

Aoyama sniffled, before sighing contently, relaxing into his husband's embrace. It really was okay. It was always okay, when Izuku was by his side.


The two stood there in silence, enjoying each other's warmth, the only sound being the faint thunder and wind from outside their home sweet home. 


After a few minutes, when Izuku was sure Aoyama was calm enough, he pulled away from the hug. Grinning, Izuku brushed some of Aoyama's golden blond hair out of his face, gazing into his galaxy-like violet eyes. 

"I'm sorry I got so distracted with my studies. Are you ready to go back to bed, yu-chan?"

Izuku asked, lacing their fingers together, pressing a loving kiss to Aoyama's cheek. Aoyama giggled, blushing. 

"It's alright, mon amour... Yes. Yes, I'm ready for bed. But only if you'll come to bed too."

Izuku smiled, and with a nod, began to lead Aoyama down the hall to their bedroom.



Finally in bed, wrapped up safely in Izuku's arms, Aoyama felt calm. He felt safe, protected. Warm. Loved. It really was the most amazing feeling to be in love with Izuku Midoriya. To be by his side, love him, be loved by him.

"Mmm... Goodnight, my angel. I love you." Izuku mumbled into Aoyama's hair, spooning him from behind. 

Aoyama smiled, blinking his eyelids tiredly, barely able to whisper out a reply before he fell into a deep, relaxed, content slumber, his eyelids fluttering shut.

"Goodnight, darling... Je t'aime aussi."



And with that, the two fell asleep, both dreaming of their futures, their happily ever after.

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It was a cold, windy October night, and Izuku and Aoyama were currently scrambling around their kitchen, hurriedly making bat-shaped cookies.

Why, you ask? Well, tonight was the night before Halloween, when the two had their horror movie marathon and cuddled on the couch. The bat cookies were just something to snack on while they did so.

"Aoyama, can you pass me the cookie cutter, please?" Izuku asked, looking expectantly over at his husband.

Aoyama grinned and nodded, handing the bat-shaped cookie cutter over to Izuku.

"Thank you, love." Izuku pressed a quick kiss to Aoyama's cheek before cutting the cookie-dough into bat shapes using the cookie cutter, humming 'This Is Halloween' whilst doing so.


While Izuku was distracted, Aoyama sneakily snatched a piece of cookie dough, quickly tossing it into his mouth and humming innocently.

Izuku didn't notice, too focused on getting the cookies perfectly bat shaped.

Aoyama giggled, licking some of the cookie dough that was left behind off of his fingers.


Izuku, however, did notice that, due to the fact Aoyama was obnoxiously sucking on his pointer finger to get the last bit of cookie dough off. Izuku raised an eyebrow, setting the cookie cutter down and looking at the remaining pieces of cookie dough left to notice there was one missing.

"Yu-chan! Did you steal a piece of cookie dough, you little villain? We needed all of those to make a perfect batch! Not that I'm mad, but..." Izuku trailed off, a pout on his face, hands placed on his hips sassily.

Aoyama snickered, looking away guiltily. 

"Maaaaaybe.... But I couldn't resist, I'm hungry and you know this is my favorite type of cookie dough, mon amour." He fake-pouted, fluttering his eyelashes innocently, knowing Izuku couldn't resist his pouty, sad expression.

"Nope, nuh-uh mister!" Izuku huffed, looking away from Aoyama's puppy dog eyes. "Not today! You're not winning with those sad eyes. I know you're faking it, you little... little.. ugh, I can't insult you, there's nothing to insult you about, you're too perfect..."

Aoyama's face flushed pink as he giggled, jumping off the counter where he'd previously been sitting to walk over to Izuku who was by the stove.

He wrapped his arms around Izuku's neck, pulling him close, a flirty expression on his face. Maybe the puppy dog eyes didn't work, but Izuku had never once been able to resist Aoyama's flirty side.

Izuku's face immediately flushed bright red, a flustered squeak coming from the green-haired boy, embarrassed to be so suddenly close to Aoyama despite the fact they'd been married for a year and a half now.

He reluctantly and cautiously placed his hands on Aoyama's hips, trying to avoid eye-contact, a wobbly smile on his face.

Aoyama leaned closer, smirking. 


He whispered, leaning close enough that if either moved their heads forward even a little bit, they'd be kissing.

When Aoyama giggled, Izuku decided he'd had enough of his teasing, and suddenly pushed Aoyama up against the counter, trapping him, a smirk replacing his wobbly smile.

"Hah. What n-now, villain? I've caught you, hahah!!" Izuku laughed in victory, an All Might-like smile replacing the smirk in mere seconds.

Aoyama's face was red now too, a shocked expression on his face. Sometimes, yes, Izuku would have these bursts of confidence, but not often. It always took Aoyama by surprise when it did happen.

"H-Hahah! Oui, you've caught me...~ What now, hero?~" Aoyama giggled, slightly nervous, because during these bursts of confidence, Izuku tended to be a bit unpredictable.

"Hmm... I think you need to be punished.~" Izuku hummed, his half-lidded emerald green eyes seeming to glow as if he'd activated his quirk.

"W-What do you mean by that...?" 

Aoyama squeaked out, his body tensing up against Izuku's, violet eyes wide with wonder and curiosity.


The green-haired boy grinned, leaning in for a kiss, taking Aoyama by surprise. Aoyama of course kissed back, unaware of the fact that Izuku's hands were wandering up his shirt, but not just to feel...

Aoyama suddenly gasped, pulling away from the kiss with a burst of laughter as Izuku began tickling him. Of course, he should've known Izuku wouldn't want to get intimate in the kitchen. Little rascal tricked him. Although, it was kinda karma for all the teasing he does to Izuku on a daily basis.


"H-HAhahaHAH!! Izuku- N-NOOOoOooO!! NOoOHOOo! Stop, stop, c-CEASE! HAHAHAHAH!" 

Aoyama wheezed, struggling to escape from Izuku's grasp, thrashing around. He was trapped, Izuku was just too strong. 


Giggling, Izuku finally stopped, pressing a kiss to Aoyama's forehead before stepping back and giving him freedom once again.

"Did you learn your lesson, yu-chan?~" Izuku hummed, snickering into his hand, face still blushed red.

Aoyama huffed, breathless. "Y-Yeah... I did. You little broccoli boy..." He giggled, brushing some hair out of his face once he finally regained his breath.


 The two lovers laughed together, sharing a quick kiss before finally deciding to get back to work on the cookies.





Half an hour later, the cookies were finally in the oven. It'd only taken so long due to the fact Izuku had to continuously fight Aoyama off, away from the cookie dough. Little rascal kept trying to snatch more whenever Izuku turned his back.

Collapsing onto their couch with a huff, Izuku grabbed a blanket off the floor and wrapped it around his shoulders, before calling out to his husband who was currently in their bedroom, doing something. What that something was, Izuku wasn't sure. Aoyama could be pretty mysterious at times.

"Yu-chan! Aoyama? I'm waiting for you... Are you okay in there? It's been like, five minutes, I'm a bit worried... Honey??"

Just then, their bedroom door swung open, revealing Aoyama in a baggy Deku sweater. That's right, Aoyama had his husband's own merch. Of course he did, why wouldn't he? Izuku's flustered expression whenever he saw him wearing it was just an added bonus.

"I AM HERE!" Aoyama shouted as he swiftly sprinted towards the couch, barely giving Izuku a minute to react before he leapt onto him, landing on his chest and sending a few of their pillows flying.

"Oof!" Izuku huffed, before giggling along with Aoyama. The blond-haired boy sat up so he was straddling Izuku, smiling down at him. Izuku chuckled, his gaze traveling to the Deku sweater. His face flushed red, he'd never not get flustered from seeing his beloved in his merch. 

"W-Well hello again, honey... Did it really take you that long to change into a sweater?" Izuku asked with a chuckle, one of his hands traveling up to Aoyama's hip, rubbing circles into the fabric of his sweatpants.

Aoyama snickered, crossing his arms over his chest. "Oui. But only because I was trying to decide WHICH one to wear. You know half my wardrobe is just your merch, love. It's hard to pick one."

"Yeah, yeah... True." Izuku laughed, sitting up slowly and changing positions so Aoyama was sitting in his lap, back pressed up against Izuku's chest. The two sighed contently, enjoying each other's warmth and presence. 

"I love you, Aoyama... I know I say it over and over again, like, everyday, but I mean it. I mean it so much, angel... I'm so happy to be with you, you... You really do twinkle, so brightly. You light up my life." 

Such a cheesy thing to say, but Izuku really meant it. Aoyama had changed his life in so many ways, all for the better. He'd be lost without his angel by his side. 

Aoyama smiled, cheeks blushing pink. "Mon amour.... Je t'aime aussi, je t'aime tellement...I cannot put into words how much you mean to me, petit lapin..." He removed one of Izuku's arms from around his waist to lace their fingers together, pressing a loving kiss to Izuku's calloused, scarred hand.

"Izuku, love...~ What do you say we... Take this to the--"

Aoyama's question was suddenly interrupted by the timer beeping obnoxiously from the counter, startling the two.

"Ah, merde, interrupted by the cookies once again." Aoyama whined, pouting as Izuku gently moved him out of his lap to go check on said cookies.

"A-Aoyama, we can... We can do that, later. Right n-now let's focus on the cookies, and the movie marathon, okay?" Izuku stuttered out, face bright red from what his husband was suggesting. Sure, it wouldn't be the first time, far from it, but... Izuku wouldn't be Izuku if he didn't get embarrassed by such things.

The violet-eyed boy huffed but nodded, curling up on the couch and covering himself with the blanket to make up for the lack of Izuku's warmth.


 Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Izuku hummed a random tune while he took the cookies out of the oven, breathing in their sweet scent with a smile of satisfaction.

"Ah, well, some of them look a bit wonky, and two of them are missing, thanks to a certain someone, but they didn't turn out too bad." Izuku chuckled, giving them a few minutes to cool before taking one off of the baking sheet.

He took a bite of the bat-cookie's wing, his eyes instantly lighting up with joy when the sweet flavor filled his mouth. They'd turned out better than he'd thought.

"Mmm! Aoyama, you gotta try one! They're really good!" 

...Silence. No reply.

"Aoyama? ...Angel?"

Izuku hurriedly stuffed the rest of the cookie in his mouth before making his way over to the couch, to find Aoyama sleeping peacefully beneath the blanket. He was hugging a pillow close to his chest, blond hair strewn about messily on the couch cushion, softly snoring.

"Oh, aww... Holy whoa, he's too cute, it's not fair." Izuku whispered to himself, heading back to the kitchen to put the cookies in a Tupperware container, before bringing them back to the couch with him.

Izuku sat down on the side of the couch Aoyama wasn't occupying, placing the container of cookies on their coffee table which was in front of the couch.

He admired his sleeping husband's peaceful expression for a moment before gently shaking his shoulder, whispering. 

"Angel... Wake up, my sleepy prince. Movie marathon time, remember? U-Unless you wanna sleep, then we can just head to bed. That's just fine with me, but you're the one that said you wanted to watch the new highly rated horror movie."


Aoyama grumbled in annoyance before his eyes opened, blinking a few times as he sat up with a yawn.

"Uugh... Oui, I know. Can we cuddleee?~" He pouted, leaning up against Izuku's shoulder, his husband's warmth immediately relaxing him to the point he had to force himself to stay awake.

Izuku chucked at his sleepy lover, nodding. "Of course we can, just let me start the movie first."

Admittedly, he was still afraid of horror movies, despite being in real life situations that were far more horrifying than any horror movie maker could ever imagine. He was jumpy, years of hero work will do that to you, don't judge.

Izuku swiftly grabbed their remote off of the arm-rest of the couch, turning on the tv and scrolling through their purchased movies, searching for the one Aoyama had mentioned. Upon finding it, Izuku grinned in satisfaction, clicking the play button.

"Oookay, now we can cuddle, my needy little angel.~" He teased, giggling and pulling Aoyama into his lap, wrapping his arms around his waist. He rested his head on his shoulder, nuzzling his cheek.

Aoyama hummed happily, doing his best to focus on the tv screen as the opening of the movie began, despite his drowsiness.



Two hours later, yes, two hours later, and the two had finally finished their movies for the night. Well, actually, they'd planned to watch 3 more, but since the cookies took so much longer than expected to bake, and they were already quite freaked out, they decided to call it a night as they were both extremely tired anyway.


Mumbling quietly to himself, Izuku stood up and stretched, raising his muscular arms above his head with a yawn.

From behind him Aoyama wolf whistled, standing as well and wrapping his arms around Izuku's waist.

Izuku chuckled, turning around in Aoyama's grasp to face him, lifting a hand to stroke his cheek.

"Hi.~ You ready for bed, angel?" The green-haired boy asked, pressing a loving kiss to Aoyama's nose. Aoyama giggled, nodding.

"Oui. I'm so fucking tired..." He yawned, leaning up against Izuku, groaning dramatically.

"Whoa, someone's been hanging around Kacchan too often... Language, mister." Izuku laughed, picking up his tired husband bridal style, held tightly and safely in his arms.

Smiling an All-Might smile, Izuku began to march down the hallway to their bedroom, laughing heroically the whole time.

Once he entered their room, he gently set Aoyama down on their bed, before flopping down next to him and immediately pulling him close to his chest.

"Mmm... I love you, yu-chan." He said, his words muffled by Aoyama's golden-blond hair. "I love you so much..."

Aoyama chuckled tiredly, wrapping his arms around Izuku tightly, nuzzling into his neck.

"Je t'aime aussi, Izuku. Goodnight... mon amour." Aoyama whispered out, before he fell into a deep, content slumber, Izuku's warm embrace lulling him to sleep in an instant. 

"Goodnight, angel." 

Izuku smiled, pulling Aoyama as close as possible before covering them both with their blankets, finally all cuddled up and cozy.

"I love you. Sleep well, Aoyama.... You're my everything."

Words softly spoken into the darkness of their bedroom, the silence, no noise aside from Aoyama's soft breathing whilst he slept. 

And with one last gentle, loving kiss to the top of Aoyama's head, Izuku drifted off to sleep as well, dreaming of the boy he held so tightly, so safely in his arms.




Chapter Text

"It's too cold! Come back!"

Izuku shrieked as his husband rolled away from him to the other side of the bed, taking all the blankets with him.

Aoyama giggled mischievously, nuzzling his nose into the warmth of the blankets he'd just stolen away from his beloved. 

With a huff, Izuku scooted closer to Aoyama before swiftly wrapping his arms around his waist and tugging him backwards, until his back hit his muscular chest.

Aoyama yelped, struggling in Izuku's embrace, squirming around in an attempt to be freed from his powerful arms. But sadly, for Aoyama at least, Izuku was just too strong. With a victorious chuckle, Izuku nuzzled Aoyama's disheveled blond hair, one of his scarred hands rubbing loving and comforting circles into the skin of Aoyama's thigh.

"Hmmph... Izukuuu... I wanna get up, mon cher, I need to get ready soon."

Aoyama huffed, his body stopping it's struggling in Izuku's tight embrace. A small smile crept onto his face despite him trying to keep a pout, the feeling of Izuku's comforting warmth nearly lulling him back to sleep once again.

"Let gooooo!" Aoyama whined. If he let Izuku hold him any longer, he really would fall back asleep.

Using his free arm and hand, Izuku tugged the blankets off of Aoyama to cover them both instead, before wrapping his arm back around Aoyama with a chuckle.

"No, I'm not letting you go. It's too early to get out of bed." Izuku explained, rolling Aoyama around gently to face him, pressing a loving kiss to his nose.

Despite being married to Izuku for a year now, Aoyama still blushed at those soft, loving kisses from his lover. His cheeks dusted light red, violet eyes twinkling with adoration. 

"Izuku..." Aoyama sighed. "Fine. We can... Cuddle for a little longer, but then I'm getting up, okay? No buts. You'd better wake me up if I fall asleep too!"

"Yes, okay!" Izuku cheered quietly, giggling. He lovingly kissed Aoyama's forehead, causing the blond boy to grin, before loosening his grip around his waist. He pulled Aoyama closer to his chest, running one of his hands through his golden blond hair that seemed to twinkle, just like the rest of him, in the rays of sunlight shining through their curtains.

Aoyama smiled, leaning into Izuku's gentle touch. His eyelids fluttered shut as he relaxed, the warmth and protection of his husband washing all of his worries away in an instant.

A large grin, much like All Might's, crept onto Izuku's face as he gazed at his beloved in his embrace.

"You're so beautiful... I know I say it everyday, but... H-Haha, holy whoa... I've never seen someone as pretty as you, angel." Izuku chuckled, watching as Aoyama's eyes fluttered open to stare back lovingly into his emerald green ones.

"Mon amour... Stop being so cheesy and just kiss me already, I can tell you want to. Your gaze has been moving down to my lips ever since you turned me over." Aoyama teased, scooting closer to Izuku until their chests were nearly pressed together, their legs tangled beneath the blankets.

Aoyama was indeed correct. Izuku couldn't help it though, everything about Aoyama was so entrancing, he couldn't help but gaze longingly at every part of him. 

"A-Ahahah, you caught me...!" Izuku laughed. "I love you."

"Je t'aime aussi, darling." Aoyama replied, his eyes fluttering shut once again as Izuku leaned closer, shutting his eyes as well. Their lips fit together like puzzle pieces, satisfied sighs coming from both males as they kissed softly, the sunlight shining down on them and granting them warmth.

Izuku pulled away for a moment to speak, sighing contently. 

"Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day." He admitted, brushing a thumb gently over Aoyama's bottom lip. Back in their younger days, Izuku was the one to get more flustered over things like this. And yes, he still was, but he'd gained quite a bit of confidence over the years. At least now he could do things like this without turning into an embarrassed, red mess.


Aoyama chuckled, deciding to be a tease and bite onto Izuku's thumb as it brushed by his lip, giggling at the green-haired male's yelp of surprise.

"H-Hey! Angel, heh... You little tease." Izuku giggled as well, but his giggles quickly turned to gasps as Aoyama began to suck on his thumb, drawing confused, flustered noises out of Izuku.

"Wha- Hey! A-Aoyama, quit it, you little...!" Izuku swiftly pulled his thumb away, cheeks dusted red, emerald green eyes wide. Aoyama still managed to catch Izuku by surprise after all these years.

Aoyama burst into laughter, hiding his wide smile behind his hand. "Oh, h-hahahha! You should've seen your face, love! Haahahaha!"

 Izuku pouted at the mischievous glimmer in his lover's violet eyes, the smirk he knew was hidden behind his hand.

 "Hmph... You know, angel... You're the one who's boosted my confidence so much over the years. So don't blame me if I take you by surprise." Izuku chuckled in amusement as he suddenly rolled Aoyama onto his back, before crawling on top of him, holding his wrists gently by his sides.

A deep red blush dusted over Aoyama's cheeks, a surprised, embarrassed expression on his face.

"Oh... Ahah. That is true. But I don't regret it...~" Aoyama purred, winking up at Izuku.

Izuku blushed, leaning down to kiss Aoyama briefly before letting go of his wrists and placing his scarred, calloused hands on his stomach instead.

"I think... I should get some payback for all the teasing you do to me, angel." Izuku said, as his hands began to wander up Aoyama's shirt, fingers brushing gently against the skin of his stomach.

Aoyama sighed shakily, shivers of curiosity and anticipation going down his spine.

"Ah...?~ Payback?~" He questioned, cheeks blushing darker.

"Mhm... Payback...~" Izuku leaned down and whispered into Aoyama's ear.


What Aoyama didn't expect though, was for Izuku to start tickling him. 


"WHA- HAHAHAHAHAH! I-IZUKU, NOOOO, NO! STOP, STOP- HAHAHAHH!" Aoyama gasped and giggled, squirming around pathetically beneath Izuku, laughing hysterically. 

"I CAN'T B-BREATHE!" He choked out through his laughter, tears brimming his sparkly violet eyes.

Finally, Izuku stopped, but not before mischievously and proudly nipping at Aoyama's neck, leaving a small mark.

"There. I think you learned your lesson, right honey?" Izuku asked innocently, rolling off of Aoyama and giggling, cheeks flushed red.

Aoyama scoffed, cuddling up close to Izuku's chest, exhausted after laughing so much. "Sureee...." He huffed sarcastically, wrapping his arms around Izuku.

It wouldn't hurt to miss one day of work, right? Aoyama's 'job' was only a temporary side job anyway, for extra money, so missing a day wouldn't do much. And if anyone had a complaint, they'd have to speak with Izuku, his husband, aka the number one hero.


 "I love you, Aoyama. I love you so much, honey." Izuku mumbled, pulling Aoyama closer and tangling their legs together once again, pulling the blankets back over them.

"Je t'aime aussi, Izuku. Je t'aime tellement." Yawning, Aoyama blinked tiredly at his beloved, brushing his hand against his cheek lovingly.

"Hhm, angel.~" Izuku leaned forward to shower Aoyama's face with kisses, drawing giggles and chuckles out of the male.

When Izuku had decided Aoyama was showered enough with love, he pulled back slightly, pressing one last kiss to Aoyama's lips before looping his muscular arms around his waist. He held him tightly, protectively, rubbing his back gently with one of his hands. Aoyama was his everything, a twinkling star that lit up even the darkest of his days. He was always there for him when he got home after a tiring day of hero work, or a rescue gone wrong.

"...Hm.... Let's sleep a little longer, yeah?" Izuku asked, already half asleep, face buried in Aoyama's messy blond hair.

Aoyama only responded with a quiet, unintelligible, tired mumble, nuzzling his face into Izuku's neck and drifting off to sleep in his husband's loving arms.



They ended up sleeping half the day away, but both were content to spend the rest of it together, enjoying the other's company and affection.


They spent most of the remainder of the day cuddling on the couch and watching movies until the sun set. When it finally did, they stargazed on their balcony while Izuku held Aoyama safely in his lap, keeping him warm with his body heat.


"Je t'aime, darling. Je t'aime tellement." Aoyama whispered and pressed a kiss to Izuku's cheek as a shooting star flew across the night sky.

Izuku spotted it, and decided to make a wish.

"I love you too, my prince. My angel... Don't ever leave me. I love you, so m-much..." He buried his face in Aoyama's neck as tears of joy began to stream down his cheeks. He was so, so overwhelmingly in love. So in love that he didn't know how not to cry with joy, even after so many years. His love for Aoyama never faded. If anything it grew stronger, with each day by his side.


Izuku's wish was to always have Aoyama by his side. To forever be able to hold him, love him, care for him. Forever be able to gaze into his galaxy-like eyes, stroke and kiss his soft skin. Kiss away his tears, comfort him in those dark moments. 


Aoyama is the only person he wants and needs, and always will be. His true love. 


His angel.





Chapter Text

"O-Oh god, oh god, Aoyama! Ohh my god, no, no, no... Hey, h-hey, look at me! Look at m-me, you're fine, you're... You're okay!" Izuku cried, his hands trembling as he took Aoyama's beaten body into his arms, cradling the blond male close to his chest.


He shakily took a breath, running his fingers over Aoyama's blood-stained cheek. 


"Aoyama, please... N-No, open your eyes, please! L-Let's talk about something, u-uhm, anything! Our... Our wedding! I-It's soon, we're gonna get married, it's exciting! H-Haahh..." Izuku's sentence was cut off by a sob escaping his lips, the green-haired male trembling in fear and horror. This had to be a nightmare, there's no way this was actually happening.


Aoyama groaned in pain, his eyes fluttering open. "Darling... Please, don't-" He paused to cough, cursing under his breath. "Don't cry..."


Biting his lip so hard it began to bleed, Izuku buried Aoyama's face in his chest, holding him as close as possible and sobbing into his golden blond hair.

"J-Just... Be strong, Aoyama! Hold on, just hold on until help gets here. It won't be much longer, please, just talk to me." Izuku whimpered, his scarred hand clutching the back of Aoyama's blood-soaked shirt tightly.

Izuku would just carry Aoyama to help, but he'd injured his legs during a fight with villains, the same fight that led to Aoyama's current injury. A large gash on his stomach, and several other cuts and bruises. Aoyama had been fighting the villains alone before Izuku showed up, and on his own, they quickly overpowered him. Izuku had arrived and took care of two villains, but struggled with defeating the third. He'd gotten his legs injured and now he couldn't save the person he loved the most.

"Dammit..." Izuku growled under his breath. He felt... Well, it was plain and simple. He was pissed. Extremely pissed. Mad, angry, enraged. This group of villains had not only ruined his date with his lover, but they'd injured them both as well.

Aoyama took a deep breath, lifting a hand to play with Izuku's messy green hair. He loved his hair, it was soft and nice to run his hand through while they cuddled. He wished they could cuddle right now, back at their apartment, on their couch. Watch movies, shower each other's faces with kisses while giggling, the movie quickly left forgotten.

Aoyama's stomach hurt. But not his usual stomach aches he gets from his quirk, or from eating too much cheese. No, the giant gash in his stomach hurt like hell, blood spilling out of the large wound and staining both his and Izuku's clothing. At this rate, he wouldn't last much longer. He was quickly losing blood, despite Izuku's frantic efforts to stop the bleeding.

"It's... Okay. Listen to me, I-Izuku. We... We both know I'm already too far gone. Please, mon amour, stay strong f-for me, while I'm gone. Okay? Je t'aime. I know you'll be the greatest, the number one hero." Aoyama choked out, attempting to smile. It didn't work. He was in far too much pain to smile. "I'll always love you, Izuku. I'm sorry to leave you so soon. I just can't hold on any longer."

Immediately, Izuku pulled away from the tight embrace he'd had Aoyama in, staring into his lover's watery violet eyes. "NO! No, no, you... You can't, you can't just leave me alone! After everything we've been through, angel, please... YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME! PLEASE, WE HAVE TO... We have to get married..." He sobbed, tears rapidly falling from his emerald eyes.


Aoyama couldn't leave now, not after everything. After all those years, he couldn't leave so suddenly. He couldn't die yet. 


But it seemed the gods Izuku had been pleading to hadn't listened to his prayers, since Aoyama's eyes suddenly fluttered shut, his hand falling from Izuku's hair and going limp by his side.



Izuku froze, shivers going up his spine, eyes wide with absolute horror. No, no, NO...


Snapping out of his daze, Izuku hurriedly checked Aoyama's pulse, sweat dripping down his forehead. Please, please, please--


No pulse.


Izuku brought his trembling hands up to hold Aoyama's cheeks, sobbing violently.

He shakily inhaled before screaming, crying out in agony, letting go of Aoyama's face to clutch his corpse to his chest, pleading and sobbing for his lover to come back, please come back.




Izuku had been happy. He had been on his way to becoming the number one hero, with his lover, soon to be husband, by his side.

But those villains ruined everything.


Now Izuku would never get to see Aoyama's messy hair in the morning, his tired smile as he stretches and presses a kiss to Izuku's cheek. He'd never get to see Aoyama smile and laugh about his stupid jokes that Mirio had taught him. No more cuddles, no more kisses. No more passionate moments in bed, no more romantic, relaxing baths.


No more Aoyama. 


What was Izuku supposed to do now?

He'd lost his star, his shining star. His angel.

What was he supposed to do now?


He hated this, he hated this so much. It hurt. It felt like a knife piercing his heart, stabbing and twisting without mercy. He could barely breathe from how hard he was sobbing, could barely see from all of the tears flooding his vision. He didn't want to believe this, he couldn't accept this, it had to be a nightmare, just a horrible nightmare. He'd wake up any second now, right??


Izuku heard faint sirens in the distance, people calling out his name. The people that had the equipment to save Aoyama, to help him.



But they were too late.


Chapter Text

Rain pitter-pattered on the windows as Izuku and Aoyama laid in their bed, arms wrapped around each other in a loose, lazy embrace.

Izuku sighed contently as Aoyama ran his hand through his messy green curls, occasionally twirling a curl on his finger.

Aoyama hummed a quiet tune, gazing at Izuku with adoration. He absolutely adored him, Izuku was the best husband ever. Words could not possibly be enough to describe how much he loved him.



After another moment of silence, Izuku's eyes slowly fluttered open, the green haired male staring lovingly at his twinkling prince. His beloved.


"I love you." Izuku whispered, brushing a strand of hair behind Aoyama's ear and out of his face.

Aoyama's cheeks flushed pink, a genuine, joyful smile replacing his usual grin.

"Je t'aime aussi, sunshine." Aoyama responded, scooting closer into Izuku's warm embrace. He tightened his arms around Izuku, causing the other male to do the same.

Aoyama felt comforted, safe in Izuku's powerful arms. He giggled, nuzzling his face into Izuku's shoulder. 

Izuku smiled, kissing the top of Aoyama's head, blond hair tickling his nose. He rubbed Aoyama's back gently, almost massaging.

It never failed to surprise Aoyama with how gentle Izuku could be. You'd think that the number one hero, the hero that defeats powerful villains every day, would be a bit more rough. But no. Izuku was extremely gentle, caring, loving. Aoyama was head over heels in love with this man.


They laid in comfortable silence for a few moments longer, content in each other's embrace, before Aoyama's phone rudely interrupted their peace.

It rang loudly from it's spot on their nightstand, causing the two to groan. Aoyama reluctantly began to scoot away, but Izuku stopped him, pulling him close to his chest once again.

"Nooo..." Izuku whined, his words muffled by Aoyama's hair. "Don't leave yet, honey... You're warm, I wanna cuddle a bit longer... The phone can wait."

Aoyama chuckled, sending one last glance to his phone before nodding and relaxing back into Izuku's arms.


Eventually, Aoyama's phone stopped ringing, the bedroom silent once again, aside from the continuous rain hitting their window.


A few minutes passed before Aoyama spoke again, in a whisper.

"Izuku, love, I really need to get up. I'm hungry and I should probably check my phone now, I don't want any angry voicemails."

He waited for a response, but after another minute of waiting he realized he probably wasn't going to get one.

"Izuku?" Aoyama slowly removed Izuku's arms from around his waist, scooting back slightly to look at his husband's face.

His eyes were shut, a peaceful, content expression on his face, a few green curls hanging in front of his eyes. Soft breaths escaped his lips, along with the occasional mumble.

"Oh." Aoyama giggled quietly, cupping his sleeping lover's freckled cheek with his hand, stroking the skin gently with his thumb.


"Hmmm.." Aoyama yawned. He was kinda tired... And napping in Izuku's arms sounded like the perfect thing right now.



Aoyama decided the phone could wait a little longer.



Chapter Text

It was a quiet night in the dorms, most of the students sleeping peacefully, save for one green haired boy currently having trouble falling asleep.


Said green haired boy, Izuku, slung his arm over his forehead with a deep sigh, staring up at his ceiling with his eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

Something felt off. He couldn't tell quite what, but something about this night was making him feel uneasy. He was cold, shivers going up his spine and causing him to pull the blankets tighter around his body.


"Uuuughh..." Izuku groaned, rubbing his eyes with a huff and reluctantly sitting up. He stood up and stretched, raising his arms above his head and yawning. Turning to glance at his clock, Izuku noticed with a gasp that it was nearly 3 AM.

"Dammit..." He muttered, his eyes burning and his throat dry. He picked up his water bottle from his desk, taking a quick sip before screwing the cap back on and making his way over to his door.


He opened his door as quietly as possible, sneaking out into the hall and turning towards his boyfriend's dorm. He shut his door carefully before walking up to Aoyama's door and cautiously turning the handle to check if it was locked. It wasn't.

He would've knocked, but he didn't want to risk waking any of his classmates, and Aoyama had told him several times previously that he was welcome to come into his dorm anytime, as long as he didn't, quote, 'mess anything up'.


"Aoyama?" Izuku whispered, pushing open the door and quietly stepping inside. He shut it behind him before glancing around and noticing Aoyama curled up under his blankets, shivering.

"H-Hey, honey, I um, was wondering if..." Izuku stumbled over his words, his cheeks dusted pink at the use of 'honey'. He didn't exactly mean to say it, it just... happened before he could stop it. 


He mentally cursed himself before regaining a bit of confidence and starting over.


"Ah, I was wondering if maybe.. I could sleep with you, again, tonight? Sorry if I woke you up..." He smiled nervously, though his eyes were fond as he gazed down at his sleepy lover.


Aoyama blinked in confusion, his usually perfectly styled blond hair all messed up and fluffy, his blankets falling from his shoulders as he sat up.


"...Darling, really? You don't even have to ask. Actually, I was having a bit of difficultly sleeping by myself, so it's good that you're here... It's just not the same without your comforting embrace, mon amour." Aoyama smiled sleepily, tired violet eyes having trouble staying open.


Izuku grinned, scratching the back of his neck, green curls soft against his fingers.


"Oh, well, I'm here now, and I'm happy to cuddle you and keep you safe! I'll always keep you safe... I love you." He laughed quietly as he carefully stepped towards Aoyama's bed and sat down on the edge, smiling fondly at Aoyama's pajamas. What a dork. His dork.


Aoyama didn't waste any time once Izuku sat down, lunging forward and wrapping his arms around the green haired boy's waist, pulling him down onto the bed in a fit of giggles.


"Hahaah, I got you!!~" Aoyama slung his arm over Izuku's chest, effectively trapping him. He nuzzled Izuku's shoulder, gazing into his emerald eyes with adoration.

Izuku chuckled, a wide grin on his face. "Aoyama, keep it down, you're gonna wake somebody up!" Lifting a hand, Izuku gently brushed a strand of blond hair out of Aoyama's face, tucking it behind his ear, something he seemed to do often now that they were dating.

Aoyama giggled, pale cheeks slightly pink from Izuku's loving habits. "Oui, oui, I know... Sorry."


"It's fine, don't worry. And, as much as I'd love to lie here and laugh with you for hours, we really should get some sleep... Aizawa has something difficult set up for tomorrow, remember? He never really... Specified, just told us it would surely be a hassle if we didn't rest well. Or maybe he was just scaring us into going to bed early..." Izuku trailed off, yawning. He turned his head to the side, pressing a loving kiss to Aoyama's forehead. 


Aoyama nodded, scooting up slightly and placing a hand on Izuku's freckled cheek. He stroked each freckle delicately with his thumb, affection and fondness twinkling in his eyes.

"Je t'aime, my hero." Aoyama whispered, leaning in to lovingly kiss Izuku's slightly chapped lips. Izuku hummed into the kiss, lifting both his hands to cup Aoyama's cheeks, tilting his head gently to get a better angle and kissing back passionately.


It took a few moments for them to part, neither wanting to stop, but they really did need to get at least a little sleep. So, they reluctantly parted, both boy's eyes glimmering with adoration for the other.


"Goodnight, Aoyama. I love you." Izuku yawned, holding Aoyama close to his chest, his arms wrapped around his waist.


Aoyama's eyes fluttered shut before he had the chance to respond, but Izuku didn't need to hear Aoyama say it back to know it was true.


The two slept peacefully that night, the cold no longer an issue with the warmth of the other pressed so close.



(That is, up until Bakugou came angrily knocking on Aoyama's door screaming "Hey, twinkle toes! Your idiot boyfriend isn't in his dorm, or in class, and all the idiots are worried! You know where the fuck he is?!" They both groaned and reluctantly got up to go speak to the angered blond, their peace abruptly ended.)