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Hope Begins in the Dark

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In the beginning, there was nothing. A swirling abyss, stretching out far and beyond, enveloped by nothing but darkness. No life was evident in this dull, monotonous void, nor light to brighten up this empty expanse. The bustling process of waking up and working all day did not exist in this time. There was no meaning or purpose; nobody you could live for. All that is was obscure; unknown from all.

And then, as if being articulated, the dark void drifted together and took form. A wordless process as the emptiness combined into the centre, creating a large figure. A small light formed within its core, soaking in the dying embers of the atmosphere. The light shone on the small flecks of darkness, illuminating the surrounding area. It stretched across the cosmos for a short second, spreading its warmth around for eons. The ball of light pulsed and rippled outwards across the galaxy as it took its final form. What was once nothing became the form of the creator, Chaos.

She was made from nothing but was suddenly everything. Her hair looked like a beautiful nebula, floating around as if weightless. Each strand of hair glittered with stardust and rippled with colour. Her eyes held the universe within them, full of possibilities shining through, but deep and dark enough so that they gave off a mysterious and unknown vibe. Her skin sparkled lightly with flecks of plasma, and her smile was said to be as warm as supernovas. Time seemed to slow down as she heaved in a small and gentle breath. As she breathed in the nothingness of the world, she exhaled productivity. She did not like the dark expanse or the lack of life. She hated how boring the universe looked. But most of all, she disliked that there was no meaning and that there was a lack of purpose.

Her thoughts sent shockwaves throughout the universe. As if on command, everything that came to mind created a chain reaction bursting from her core. Her hands crafted the cosmos from the sadness that this dull place oozed and formed something beautiful. What was once a black expanse radiated colour and brightness. She created the stars that glimmered in the night sky, enveloped by dazzling nebulae. Supernovas burst from twisted rocks that floated aimlessly, and planets were made that orbited around gently. Some planets contained life, an endless array of creatures and beings that existed on the soil they were birthed from. There was suddenly movement in this world, and Chaos was happy.

From her stomach, a small egg formed as a by-product of her thoughts. And as she smiled, the egg hatched, forming the first batch of primordial beings. She named the first Gaea; a gentle being with long luscious locks full of flowers and vines. Her skin was as brown as freshly dug soil, with small light freckles splattered across her face like sand on the shore. She gazed over towards the second whom she called Eros, who smiled gently back towards her. His hair was silky blonde, and his eyes a light pinkish-red. His cheeks were roses on his pale skin, and his cheeks were gently rounded. She cradled the two closely into her chest for just a moment before letting them go off on their own, spreading the life and purpose of the world that she intended. She watched as Gaea enveloped Chaos’ most loved planet, Earth, spreading life and happiness upon it. She gazed fondly at Eros, who went off and brought love to places. But her gaze lingered on her last primordial child.

She saw many things as she gazed upon him. The being exuded danger and destruction. His hair was dark and unearthly, each strand glimmered like obsidian stone. His skin was tanned and glimmered like the magma coursing through his veins. As he opened his eyes she could not help but gasp. It was like staring into hell; pure evil radiated from these two orbs. She absentmindedly named him Tartarus. In her mind, she saw what the future entailed for the primordial. Many separate timelines flickered through her head, and whilst she saw many things, she was only blinded by the raw power he invoked onto others. His actions in all timelines were so volatile and evil. She knew he could never be redeemable and would only cause suffering for others. She almost stopped glimpsing through the future.

But one thing caught her eye. One small minuscule action that would inevitably create a chain reaction across the universe. A small flicker of hope washed over her. The answer to the evil he would soon cause. Gently grabbing onto his arm, she compelled him to look at her. His burning black eyes were like embers that stared into his soul. She felt movement in her core, a warm bubbly feeling enveloping her as she enacted her plan. She could feel Tartarus moving away from her, trying to avert her gaze. She drew some of his essence out and merged it with hers. He howled in pain, clawing desperately at her hand as it gripped him harshly.

A small light formed in between them, pulsing brightly and with raw power. As it formed, tiny specks of stardust circled it, drawing in the light of nearby supernovas. Chaos watched as the light took form, creating limbs and features out of thin air. Strands of glowing green hair sprung out from the head. Whilst the top glowed and glittered much like Chaos’, the underside was dark and black much like Tartarus’. A constellation of freckles dusting the slightly plump cheeks with a warm blush. The skin glittered with the remnants of stardust, pale yet radiant, and the eyes when opened looked just like Chaos’. Warm and inviting, yet containing the universe, they opened gently and gazed over the now bright expanse before them. A small little boy, forged by the creator and the destroyer. His face shape and body looked horrifyingly similar to the build of Tartarus, but looked so much like Chaos’. A complete mixture of the two had been formed.

Chaos cradled the child to her chest, smiling gently as he nuzzled into her shoulder. He looked up gently and made eye contact with his father. Chaos watched as Tartarus stared at the being in wonder, as if mesmerised that something created from him could look so innocent and loveable. However, the moment ended too soon as his face set itself into a distinct scowl before he teleported away, joining Gaea and Eros.

For now, Chaos vowed she would shield her child from the clutches of Tartarus and watch over the universe as it grew. She would nurture her child and care for him, helping him grow and manage his powers and responsibilities. The time would come for her to hand him over to his fate, but for now, she would spend time with him. She would not interfere, only gaze onwards, thinking of what it could have been if she had helped.

Izuku was not born like normal children. From the early moments of his long and exhausting life he recalled staring into the eyes of his mother and seeing the galaxy shining back. He paused before staring back into the abyss spread out before him, seeing many bright gleaming constellations staring back at him. He could feel them welcoming him with a feeling much like the warm embrace his mother gave him.

He turned again to look at the man before him. He assumed that this was his father. His cold eyes did not hold any warmth for him, only displaying curiosity much like a man looking at his finished product. They were black, like the time before they existed. Empty; soulless; deserted. All Izuku could see was death and he did not like the look of it.

The man stared at him, astonished slightly before wandering away, joining the other world with the other Protogenoi. Izuku knew this would not be the last time he saw them, but did not dwell upon it anyway. Instead, he settled in the loving embrace of his mother, clutching gently onto her long silky robes.

For many eons, his mother hid him up in the stars, away from the problems of Earth. She kept him a secret from his other brothers and sisters, and shielded him from all the bad things in the universe. He grew and learned many things, developing his powers and controlling his emotions. But Izuku wanted to explore. He knew everything about the world but had never experienced it. He wanted to see humans and play in the luscious dirt his sister moulded with her hands. He wanted to touch the clouds and taste the air that Ouranos had protected. He loved the universe and the conversations he had with the stars, but he wanted to see more and feel more. He yearned to escape and to create.

But his mother forbade it, only telling him that his time would come eventually. Izuku knew it was not wise to argue with his mother, so instead he waited and watched the world evolve. They watched the evolution of humans, from their primitive lifestyles to their modern routines. He distinctly remembers crying and weeping as the asteroid hit the Earth, killing the dinosaurs and wiping out majority of the plant and animal life.


(“But mother!” Izuku sobbed loudly, clutching onto her robe from his place on the floor, “The stegosaurus’ and the pterodactyls looked so happy. Why did they have to die?”

Chaos only watched onwards, her chin raised upwards and her eyes gloomy.

“Life is a precious thing, Izuku. They are not like us. Their lives are more fragile and short. Every moment they live and breathe should not be taken for granted, yet this is often the case. They wander about, living aimless lives, wasting away without having meaning, all for it to be taken from them so abruptly.”

Chaos knelt down gently and stared into Izuku’s eyes. Their universes collided as they made eye contact. She placed a caring hand onto his shoulder. He noted how he could feel the warmth radiate through his robes.

“Izuku. I want you to understand that whilst life is delicate, it should not be wasted. You should always yearn for meaning in life. Promise me that you will never take your existence for granted.”

“I promise.”)  


He watched the many wars that took place between different nations, and the conflicts from simple-minded things such as what to watch on television. When huge blockbuster movies came out, he watched them too. When scientific discoveries were revealed, he gasped in fake surprise as well. He loved watching over Gaea’s place. Humans were so weird and petty, but he loved them.

His favourite era was when quirks evolved from humans. At the time of the first baby glowing in the hospital bed, he excitedly talked about it to his poor mother all day. He gave her headaches as he mumbled happily about all the different possibilities that this could bring for mankind. His favourite past time was talking about the different types of quirks to his mother as she ran her warm fingers through his hair. He could go on for eons talking about the different possibilities each quirk contained.


(“…And the guy with the wooden body could do so much with his quirk! Not only could he encase villains within a wooden barrier, but he would also stretch out his limbs and save so many civilians! His wooden body would be pretty durable, so he’d be able to withstand many hits from other quirks. He could lift off debris from inside a wreckage and save people, but I wonder if his wooden capabilities could help in construction or agriculture…”)


And he loved talking about the heroes that came out of it. He could not pick a favourite just yet, as the era was so new in itself, but he loved the whole concept all the same. He remembers sitting there one day, watching a hero fight a villain in animated excitement. His mother watched with a concerned face, unlike Izuku’s joy-filled persona.

“But mother! Look at how he utilises his quirk like that! Propelling himself from the wall and launching that attack! Heroes are the best! I wish I was a hero too!”

He buzzed against her hip excitedly. His mother, however, would sadly smile down and kiss his forehead.

“Possibly, Izuku.”

And he would frown as she patted his forehead, smoothing down his green hair. He longed to escape this place.

He just didn’t realise how soon it would be.

Chaos smiled sadly. She watched as Izuku stared out from his spot in the viewing chamber, watching a horrific event occur. A new hero had just emerged, proclaiming that he would be the Symbol of Peace. Of course, Izuku adored the new hero, yet with an admiration unlike anything she had experienced before. Izuku’s eyes glittered with hope and his smile was blinding. Chaos knew the days were drawing closer than ever. She would have to start the plan shortly, but she needed to talk with her child first before anything happened.

“Mother!” Izuku whipped his head around, glancing at her happily, “Look at this new hero! He’s so strong and cool! He just saved a bunch of people, mother! He’s even carrying them all! I wonder what his quirk is…”

“Izuku, my child,” Chaos started.

Instantly Izuku sobered up. He could tell this would be a serious conversation that required all his attention. He gently walked over and stood in front of his mother politely, hands twiddling in anticipation.

“Izuku, you have grown and matured so much throughout the years of your existence. I have enjoyed and treasured my time with you very much, but you cannot be with me any longer.”

Chaos felt tears spill from her eyes and roll down her cheeks. She cradled Izuku’s head gently in her arms, running her warm hands through his hair for quite possibly one of the last times. Izuku leaned into the touch as he too started crying.

“I am leading you onto the path of your destiny, my child. I cannot tell you much, but you will not remember me, nor the life you have lived. These memories will be locked away until you remember who you are.”

Izuku’s plush bottom lip trembled slightly.

“I won’t remember you?”

“No, Izuku,” Chaos whispered, “You won’t. But you will get to see the universe. You will see it all, I promise you.”

Izuku hugged her tightly, sobbing into her robes. Chaos bent over and hugged him just as tightly, cradling his head gently.

“Why is life so cruel? Why must I forget who I am and who you are in order to explore the universe?”

Chaos simply cupped his face with both her hands. Izuku reached up and held them there, trying to remember ever inch of her face, to remember the feelings he experiences with her. But it would be to no avail (yet).

“I never said life was fair. You will remember one day, I promise you. But not now. It’s time to be a hero, my little angel.”

The last thing Izuku saw was his mother’s beautiful face smiling down at him.

And then there was darkness.

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Aizawa Shouta ran a hand through his long messy black hair, tiredly glancing out the window. Yamada Hizashi hummed loudly next to him to the upbeat tune of the radio. To put it quite frankly, they were both nervous. Each were decked out in their hero costumes cramped in a small blue car driving around the outskirts of Musutafu. He absentmindedly squeezed Hizashi’s hand, his partner keeping his eyes on the road dutifully. Shouta burrowed his head into his capture gear slightly throughout the long drive. Hizashi, noticing his discomfort, flicked the station off before slightly turning to him.

“You know,” he said, his voice slightly lowered, “This orphanage that we are visiting will definitely have better services than the last one, I’m sure.”

The two of them had been assigned cases of checking the local orphanages in the area for possible breaches of codes of conduct following the increase of villains as a result of poor treatment. While the job seemed meagre in comparison to fighting villains at large, their agency decided to keep the more well-known heroes on deck in case of a large scale attack. It wasn’t that Shouta was complaining, it was just that dealing with smaller children discomforted him.

Hizashi and him had talked multiple times at the prospect of them settling down and starting a family, however, between the two being active Pro Heroes and Shouta’s current hesitation, it was a hard topic. It wasn’t that it would never happen, it’s just that Shouta found it illogical for the time being.

“I sure hope so,” Shouta sighed tiredly.

“Aw come on, Shouta. Lighten up a little! This place has tons of little listeners that will definitely be excited to see some Pros in action!”

“Well, they’ll be excited to see you because you’re in the charts. I’m just an underground hero.”

“Honestly Shouta, they’ll idolise anyone with a hero costume on. Seeing heroes gives these kids hope and stirs them off the villain path. Now let’s go see these little listeners!”

The rest of the drive there was an easy short drive. Small units and houses blurred together as the car sped past. They pulled up to a small grey building covered in pot plants. There were small little trinkets hanging everywhere, and children’s toys laying haphazardly over the pavement in the front. There was an abundance of flowers and trees that faced the building as if protecting it. Now that Shouta noticed it, there were so many animals in this area. Just across the road, a small tabby cat curiously crept towards the building. A few blocks down, a deer gazed directly at the vicinity. Birds covered the trees all through the area and lined the powerlines across the road. How had they not notified the council about this? Either that, or Shouta didn’t know that Musutafu was an animal-friendly place.

But that didn’t seem right. This city had just as much villain attacks, if not more, than all the other main cities in Japan. Ever since the introduction of quirks, most animals often retreat to the forest in order to avoid villain attacks and survive in peace. Some even develop quirks themselves. In all honesty, this area seemed like a fairy-tale.

They both walked up to the building slowly, absorbing the little vicinity. It seemed like the children here were at least provided with supplies and not contained within the building. On the door there was a little framed sign that said ‘Musutafu Orphanage’ in obnoxious curly writing. Hizashi knocked lightly and waited patiently, humming an awful song that played on the radio earlier.

They didn’t wait long, as a nice young lady answered the door. She had lovely long black hair with golden ends as if they were dipped in molten gold. Her face was rounded with slightly chubby cheeks and a small mouth. She had a button nose and dimples beside her mouth when she smiled. Her eyes, much like her hair, was a beautiful golden colour. She wore a vibrant green dress with white polka dots. They noted that her feet were bare.

“Hello there and welcome to Musutafu’s local orphanage! My name is Tanaka Ayane. Is there anything you-“

She paused when she finally realised who was waiting at the door (she recognised Present Mic, not Shouta of course).

“Oh my gosh,” her hands found her face in shock, “Two pro heroes at our door, ok then. Hello, please come in.”

Shouta and Hizashi bowed lightly before walking into the genkan and removing their footwear. They noticed the small bowl of water and a clean white towel next to a little bonsai tree.

“I’m sure you know who Present Mic is, but allow me to introduce myself. I am Pro Hero Eraserhead.”

“A pleasure to meet you both,” she said politely, “If you wouldn’t mind, could you please wash your feet at the basin near the bonsai tree? It helps to stop the spread of bacteria her in the facility.”

Shouta and Hizashi shared a look. They knew this place would tick all the boxes. They complied, and once finished cleaning their feet followed Tanaka into the main hall. Much like the outside, the inside was also colourful and filled with toys and plants. There were a few beanbags sitting around in one area, with lots of puzzles, dolls and trinkets. The whole place was organised and efficient. There were also no hazards for the children.

“So, what brings you to our orphanage?” She smiled lightly, “Is there any immediate danger that we are unaware about, or are you two looking to adopt?”

Shouta blushed slightly, his face still set in a bored expression. Hizashi, noticing his discomfort, took the lead.

“Nothing to worry about fellow listener,” he said cheerily and loudly, “Just resuming normal protocol for us heroes! Gotta check out the kids and see how they’re holding up in a place like this, ya dig?”

“Oh how kind of you!” Tanaka clapped her hands together happily, “Would you like to meet the children? They are playing at the moment and one of my co-workers, Watanabe Yuka, is currently supervising them.”

“Yes,” said Shouta, “I presume that the children are always heavily supervised and attained for?”

“Oh yes of course!” said Tanaka cheerily, “It would be bad practice to leave them by themselves, as most of the children in this orphanage are aged from 3 months to 8 years. Once they reach age 8 they are eligible for the foster home program that Musutafu runs. This program has their own location just on the south side if you were going to take a look. But yes, the children here are managed and treated with respect. We toilet train them, feed them their three main meals a day, as well as morning tea and snack time, as well as providing designated play times and set sleeping schedules depending on age.”

Shouta and Hizashi smiled to each other as they walked with Tanaka. It seemed they didn’t have to stay too long. The only main thing would be to check the living conditions for themselves, but the place seemed hazard proof in the most part.

Tanaka held the glass door opened and they stepped out onto the pavement. The backyard area was very large and spacious, filled with trees and bushes. Flowers lined the outsides of the fences, and there were little dandelions growing out of the ground itself. There was a small cubby house located on the edge of a sand pit, where kids were happily playing around in. Small little tricycles lined the cement strip that ran close to the building, and there was a shed filled with other toys that could be used. As the heroes entered the area, all of the kids stopped and looked over in awe. Shouta stared at his partner and noticed a large smile on his face. He also noticed some other supervisors in the area, but the one he assumed was Watanabe smiled and waved at them.

“How many children are registered in this facility?” asked Shouta politely.

“As of currently, there is about twenty children. We only have two infants, and the rest are aged 2 to 8.”

“Do you offer any other programs that allow the children to see parts of the city, or are they just maintained in here?”

“We do have regular trips to a local park here in Musutafu, as well as times where we can explore selected parts of the city. We also have a community bus that takes the children to and from the nearest government-run school, however, that’s just for children who are required to take mandatory schooling. Our orphanage has certain requirements that we as employees must adhere to, such as receiving a degree in teaching. This degree allows us to teach the students up to a kindergarten level here in the facility before sending them off to learn with the big kids.”

The two heroes both nodded dutifully. It was obvious that the children were provided for in this place, and that they wouldn’t have to worry. Speaking of children, most of them had stopped and crept closer to the heroes. Hizashi smiled and cheered happily.

“Hey there little listeners!” he laughed, “It’s your fellow Pro Hero Present Mic and his BFF Pro Hero Eraserhead! We are here to see you little guys!”

The children all laughed and cheered happily. Some of them even came up to the two and hugged them happily, crying about how nice it was for some heroes to see them. It broke their hearts a little (Shouta claimed it was only a little) but they just smiled and talked (by them he means Hizashi). Shouta stepped back a little and took note of all the children in the area. They were all clingy, cute and bubbly, which he assumed was the normal stereotype for little kids.

It was then that he noticed one child that wasn’t with the entire group, lying on the grass out on a tiny hill. It seemed as though the Earth was swallowing him whole and giving him a big hug, and the flowers around him bent over and gently kissed his face. He seemed as though he was sleeping, but upon further notice the child was just daydreaming. He turned over to Tanaka, who was gently talking with one of the children about Present Mic’s radio segment.

“Excuse me, Mrs Tanaka,” he asked hesitantly, “Who is that child over there?”

Tanaka looked upwards to where Shouta was gesturing and smiled warmly. It seemed the sight of the boy also lifted her spirits slightly.

“That’s one of our children who has been here since birth,” she sighed sadly, “His whole case was very peculiar. He wasn’t even registered in the system, didn’t have a birth certificate or any registered family members that took his family name. He just showed up on our doorstep in a crib with a note and a large amount of money in a bank account that is locked for the time being. But he is the sweetest, most kindest little human being you will ever stumble upon. In fact, we originally thought he had a florakinetic or nature-related quirk, because once he arrived here all of these flowers and plants just started growing out of nowhere. Whenever he sets foot onto the ground or daydreams like he is, it looks as though the Earth is hugging him.

“I just want to let you know,” she said softly, “That we have had him tested at the doctors, and it has been proven by multiple specialists that he does not possess a quirk, so if you do go talk to him, just be aware of this fact. He loves quirks though, so feel free to connect to the kid with that. He is such a smart boy for his age – he possesses so much knowledge that we haven’t even taught him yet! He must’ve had smart parents…”

“What’s his name?”

“His name is Midoriya Izuku.”

Izuku. What a delicate little name for a precious child. Something was so alluring about the small boy, so Shouta decided to step away from the other kids and take a closer look. It almost felt as though he was gravitating towards the smaller child, or as if some magnetic force was pulling him closer to the small boy. Hizashi glanced up and saw his partner walk away, but chose not to disturb him (the children were so cute he had to play with them all).

As Shouta crept forwards, he noticed that the child seemed to be glowing. His skin sparkled as if somebody sprinkled him in stardust. He had little curls of green hair that framed his face angelically, and his little round chubby cheeks had a constellation of freckles covering them. When he opened his eyes and stared at Shouta, he could see the universe within them. His little plush lips fell open slightly as he looked at the older man, sitting up slightly and looking over.

This boy was so precious oh my god-

“Hi there,” he said gently, kneeling down to look at the boy.

He sat up a little bit, shaking the leaves in his hair by moving his head softly from side-to-side. Shouta nearly lost his mind right there from the cuteness.

“Hello,” he said softly, tiny little hands rubbing at those gorgeous eyes.

His little eyes lit up in recognition slightly as he took in the appearance of Shouta. The older man blushed slightly under the intensity of his gaze.

“Eraserhead,” he softly muttered.

“Wait,” said Shouta, shaking a little bit, “You know who I am?”

Izuku nodded happily, his face stretching out into a bright smile. His eyes lit up like supernovas and his smile was so blinding Shouta teared up a little (he would protect that smile).

“You are one of my favourites! I used to…um…”

Izuku spaced out for a minute and clutched his little head tightly. Shouta bent down and rubbed his back lightly as Izuku’s face scrunched up in pain. He gave up after a few seconds, huffing slightly as he hunched his back a little.

“I don’t remember why. I’m sorry.”

“Hey kid,” said Shouta, sitting down next to the upset boy, “You’ve done nothing wrong. We all forget things every now and then. It’s natural for humans.”

Izuku frowned a bit at the word ‘human’ but otherwise stayed neutral, leaning into Shouta’s touch a little. He laid his head down after that, lying next to Shouta on the grass. He could’ve sworn the ground moved to hug him again, but it was probably his imagination acting up.

“I love lying here and staring up at the clouds. The world is so pretty, and the ground is so soft. I always feel happy here.”

Shouta nodded slightly, lips curling into a small smile. He listened to the boy ramble on about how he adored heroes next, and from there he talked about quirks. Shouta felt like he could listen to his soft caramel voice any day. In fact, he got so lost in the moment that he didn’t realise he was combing his right hand in Izuku’s locks.

The smaller boy looked up at him and Shouta could’ve cried. The boy’s eyes widened and glittered as he hummed happily. His lips curled upwards and it was such a pure moment.

Shouta was not crying. He wasn’t.

“Mr Eraserhead,” he said, playing with the black material of his pants, “You’ll probably hate me after I say this, but I don’t have a quirk, and that means I can’t be a hero.”

“Woah there kid,” Shouta stared as fat little tears rolled down his plump cheeks, “I don’t hate you, and you don’t need a quirk to be a hero.”

Izuku looked up in astonishment, tears still moving down his face.

“You don’t?”

“Of course not,” Shouta rubbed Izuku’s back gently, “Anybody can become a hero. They just need to be a good person and always help others.”

“But I can’t do that without a quirk!”

“You’re helping me right now.”

Izuku blushed slightly at that and hugged Shouta’s thigh. Shouta smiled and combed his hand through those green locks once more, pleased with the satisfied hum that came out of the boy. He couldn’t ignore the blissful feeling within him at interacting with Izuku. This kid was something else, and Shouta couldn’t let him live within this place and then get chucked into the foster care system. What are the chances that someone would adopt him when they left? He needed the boy more than anything.

“Hey there Shouta! What’cha doing over here,” Hizashi called out cheerily, “I just checked the place and it’s all good…oh! Hi little listener!”

Shouta stared back at his partner and smiled softly, still combing the hand through Izuku’s hair. Hizashi blushed slightly, taken aback by the genuine gesture. He then glanced down to the little boy who was now leaning slightly on Shouta’s thigh, clutching the black fabric with his tiny little hands. The small boy’s eyes, puffy and red, widened in recognition at Hizashi, obviously recognising the Pro Hero in front of him.

“Present Mic!” he chirped happily, “Another Pro? I am so happy!”

Hizashi’s smile widened considerably, taking in the cute boy who’s eyes held so much trust. He glanced back over at Shouta and was surprised at the mellow and genuine look on the man’s face. Nobody (except himself) could get him to smile like that. This kid must be something special. An unspoken agreement passed between the two men.

This child was too precious. They needed him in their lives.


Izuku knew he was no ordinary child. He knew in his heart that he had a great future ahead, filled with hardships and struggles. He possessed knowledge that no regular 4 year old would have. But this did not dishearten him. No, it only made him happier.

It was this knowledge that joined him on his first day at the day-care closest to his Dad and Papa’s unit in Musutafu. He had been living with the duo for just over three months now, and he loved them so much. They filled the empty void that he possessed when he thought about his birth parents. He couldn’t remember, but he knew that they were important people.

He gripped tightly onto his Dad and Papa’s hands as he skipped along the path. He was very excited to make new friends with people his age. The kids at the orphanage were very nice, but he wouldn’t be seeing them as often as before. He couldn’t wait to lie down on the grass and talk to the flowers about his day.

“Papa, Daddy,” he said warily, “Can I still makes friends even though I’m quirkless?”

Shouta and Hizashi paused and stared at each other before enveloping their boy in a tight hug. They knew that being quirkless was a tough topic within the house, but they still believed that Izuku would become a hero in whatever field he chose.

“Woah there little stella,” Hizashi said, rubbing Izuku’s back gently, “Being quirkless does not define you. You are a beautiful human being and anyone would be lucky to have you in their lives.”

“But on this topic,” said Shouta as he pulled away, “If anyone at all hurts you or calls you names because you don’t have a quirk, then tell us right away.”

“We just want you to be happy.”

Izuku teared up. The little boy always seemed to have so many tears in his tiny little body. Shouta and Hizashi both brushed them away before kissing his cheeks, causing Izuku to giggle. They loved it when he laughed. The sound was so melodious and pretty, like little chimes that rustle through the wind.

They took off again and came across the small little day-care that Izuku would be joining. It was in a little white cottage with a large sign that said ‘Sandy’s Super Day-care’. Izuku’s eyes lit up at the sign and he smiled at his two dads. They smiled back happily before opening the small gate at the fence and knocking on the little door. There was two reasons actually why they chose this day-care in particular. One, because of the close proximity, and two, well because…

“Miss Tanaka!” Izuku squealed happily.

The familiar lady bent down so Izuku could wrap his little arms around her neck. When the superhero partners were looking for possible day-cares, they realised that Tanaka Ayane from the orphanage Izuku used to stay at also worked part-time at the local day-care nearby. They thought it would be good for Izuku to have a friendly face.

“Hello there, Izuku,” she smiled happily, “And hello too Present Mic and Eraserhead. Would you like to come in, or are you off to work?”

“We are in a rush to get back, but we just wanted to make sure Izuku would be ok,” smiled Hizashi happily.

“Bye kiddo,” said Shouta, bending down to ruffle Izuku’s hair, “We’ll be back by four, is that ok?”

Izuku nodded happily, once again crying. The two men opened their arms with a sigh and let their kid barrel into them, squeezing them tightly with a large hug. Izuku hummed happily as he got lost within the hug, feeling his Dad’s long black hair tickle his cheeks, and his Papa’s hand’s on his back squeezing just as tight. They stayed like that for a few seconds before they let go and waved to Izuku. Izuku happily took Miss Tanaka’s welcoming hand and waved back with a smile.

Upon entering the day-care, most of the children stopped what they were doing and came around Izuku. They mostly stared and squealed happily that there was a new person here. But Izuku noticed another person who had not joined in the celebrations. The boy scowled slightly as he tried to complete a puzzle, small hands gripping the pieces tightly. His blonde hair puffed up around him like an explosion, and his little red eyes were set in a frown. Unlike Izuku’s pale skin, his was tanned and had no freckles.

“Hello children,” said Miss Tanaka, “This here is Midoriya Izuku, and he will be joining us from now on.”

Choruses of “Hi Midoriya” were heard throughout the building. Izuku shyly waved with a large smile on his face, joining the other kids and talking with them. Izuku knew that although Eraserhead and Present Mic were his dads, he still had his original family name for privacy reasons. He noticed the other kid again, who was still struggling with the puzzle, and went over to talk with him. As he got closer, he could see the kid grumbling under his breath angrily.

“Hello,” he waved happily, “I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

The boy dropped the puzzle pieces and glanced over at Izuku, an angry yet disinterested look on his face. However, as soon as he saw the boy and made eye contact, his face morphed into curious confusion. He blushed slightly before looking back at his puzzle pieces.

“I don’t care.”

Izuku bit his lip slightly, scooting over and sitting opposite of the boy.

“I’m sure you don’t mean that. What are you doing?”

The boy seemed annoyed that Izuku was still around him, but didn’t make any move to get rid of him.

“I’m doing a puzzle, stupid.”

Izuku frowned slightly.

“I’m not stupid.”

The other boy winced as if making a mistake before aggressively joining a puzzle piece with another. His face twisted into a little smile before morphing back into concentration. Izuku seemed curious and noticed another piece that could be joined together. He reached down and was about to grab the piece before relenting and staring back at the other boy.

“Can I help you with the puzzle?”


“Why not?”

“Because I want to finish it myself.”


Izuku placed his hands in his lap as he stared at the boy in stunned silence. He was a very pretty boy. He liked how although he was a very aggressive person, he looked like a little Pomeranian.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“Because you’re pretty.”

The boy blushed slightly before turning his attention back to the puzzle.

“What’s your name?”

The boy glanced up and stared at Izuku for a long time. He looked into his eyes and was blinded by the intensity of his gaze. His red eyes glowed like magma, and Izuku wished he could stare into those eyes more often.

“I’m Bakugou Katsuki. Don’t call me Katsuki.”

“Oh, ok. Then I’ll have to call you something else. Ka-tsu-ki, ka-chu-cha…oh! Kacchan!”

The newly dubbed Kacchan stared back up at Izuku with a patronizing glare.

“Don’t call me that,” he growled angrily.

“I like it! Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan!”

Kacchan growled but made no move to stop him. He seemed to like that the little greenette had come up with the name. He continued his puzzle and Izuku continued watching him happily. The little boy started humming a tune he heard his Papa hum every now and then, and he noticed it almost relaxed Kacchan.

The other boy placed the last piece in and cheered victoriously, raising his left arm in a fist towards the sky much like All Might would. Izuku clapped happily and did a little happy dance next to Kacchan before hugging him. Kacchan paused for a bit before shoving Izuku off. The younger boy didn’t think much of it though and instead chose to talk about heroes with Kacchan, which he enjoyed thoroughly. Kacchan grabbed his hand roughly and tugged him outside so that they could talk more in private. Izuku hummed and grabbed Kacchan’s hand tighter, noticing that it was a little bit sweaty.

“I think All Might is the best,” hummed Izuku happily as he laid down in the grass, “He always smiles and saves people!”

“Yeah!” Kacchan smiled victoriously, “Every time he fights he always the winner!”

Izuku laughed as the Earth swallowed him up like it’s done many times before, giving him a gentle hug. Kacchan didn’t seem to notice, still talking about heroes and how they always win. He didn’t even notice the group of kids who crowded around Izuku excitedly.

“Midoriya!” one of them cheered, “What’s your quirk?”

Izuku paused before sitting up and curling in on himself. He gripped his little yellow t-shirt slightly, looking down at the grass and avoiding eye contact. Kacchan sat up and stared at Izuku in anticipation, showing a bit of judgement in his eyes.

“I-I, don’t actually, have a quirk,” he whispered gently.

All of the kid’s faces instantly soured. He played with his fingers for a little bit, watching as the other kids whispered among themselves. Some pointed and laughed, whilst others moved further away from him, as if he had some sort of disease. He stared over at Kacchan, who looked at him in disbelief.

“You don’t have a quirk?” said the same child, “How?”

“I don’t k-know,” he sobbed lightly, “I j-just don’t h-have one.”

The same child, a taller boy with large hands that seemed to elongate, stepped closer to Izuku threateningly. Izuku shuffled back a little bit.

“That means you can’t be a hero, you useless Izuku,” he mocked, “Izu-ku. De-ku. Deku. You useless Deku!”

He jabbed him with one of his fingers at the smaller boy and laughed. All the other kids mocked him and laughed at the small boy, chanting ‘useless Deku’ over and over. The other teachers were oblivious to what was going on in the playing area, simply chatting with one another. Kacchan still stared at him, face twisting into a dark frown.

Izuku sobbed silently, tears running down his face. He had just made a new friend, and now Kacchan probably didn’t want anything to do with him.

The previously mentioned boy slowly stood up and moved in front of Izuku, staring at the other kids threateningly.

“Bakugou,” sneered the tall boy, “What are you doing defending this useless Deku?”

“He’s not useless. He has more potential then you dumb extras. Now scram!”

Small crackles of explosions instantly sprouted from his outstretched hands. The kids stepped back in fear, some running away. Kacchan looked murderous at the others, but Izuku’s eyes shone in admiration.

“Now DIE!”

A big explosion set off, scaring all of the other kids and sending them running away. Izuku’s eyes sparkled and his face smiled so widely. Kacchan blushed before kneeling down in front of Izuku.

“I don’t care if you don’t have a quirk, Deku,” said Kacchan, “You’re still gonna be my hero partner, whether you like it or not. Like Iron Man or some shit.”

“That’s a bad word, Kacchan,” whispered Izuku, but he didn’t seem to care. He kept on staring at Kacchan’s palms, wondering curiously about how he made those explosions happen. He put his hand on Kacchan’s palm and traced a finger over his palm lightly. Kacchan watched on in curious interest, staring at Izuku’s eyes and seeing the universe within them.

“Was that your quirk? Can you show me again?”

Kacchan nodded happily and let off a few small explosions in front of Izuku’s awaiting eyes. The smaller boy’s eyes gleamed happily as he watched. Kacchan’s explosions reminded him of a star forming in the galaxy. They were warm and comforting…just like…something he couldn’t remember.

Bakugou himself glanced over at Deku and watched as his eyes lit up happily. He loved how excited and entranced he was over his quirk, so he continued to let off small explosions. And when Izuku laughed, well, he vowed he would protect the small boy with his life.

Both boys didn’t even notice when Miss Tanaka came over and separated the two. She scolded Bakugou for using his quirk and scaring off the others, but he didn’t care.

It was totally worth it.

Chapter Text

Bakugou walked ahead along the path through the forest, turning his head back and smirking victoriously as Deku followed him. The little boy had grown on the temperamental child, and Bakugou would even say he enjoyed his presence (although he’d never say it out loud). The duo had been spending more and more time together at the day-care. They both enjoyed playing heroes and talking about the villain fights that have happened over the years. Deku actually knew a lot about the fights, although every time Bakugou asked why he would get really sad and say he didn’t remember. Deku had a fucking bad memory sometimes (Bakugou remembered everything).

Today, the boys were both travelling through the local Musutafu forest. Bakugou always walks through here with his dad and the old hag, and, because Bakugou thought it was decent, he wanted to take Deku around here. Deku always looked at everything like it was the most beautiful fucking treasure you could find, especially nature. He was always lying in the grass or playing with the flowers, so he knew the boy would enjoy the scenery (he did).

Deku’s eyes lit up as they walked down the dirt path, his little plump lips parted softly. Bakugou watched as Deku mumbled to himself idly and stopped to smell every fucking flower he could find. He found it cute, but decided to keep going up ahead. They were pirates today and were looking for “treasure” but it seems like they’ll never find it at this rate. Bakugou grew impatient and grabbed Deku’s hand roughly, pulling him along like a sack of potatoes. Deku gave in and followed him, mumbling something lightly.

“What was that, nerd?”

“You smell like the cookies Papa makes.”

Bakugou’s eyes squinted slightly before he huffed and turned back onto the path and letting Izuku do his own thing. He definitely remembers meeting Deku’s dad’s for the first time, and boy was that an evening


(Bakugou waited in the genkan of the day-care next to Izuku. The little boy was playing idly with the bonsai tree near the water where people washed their feet.

“Hey Kacchan!” Deku spoke excitedly, “This plant is so cute! It like a curly tree, curly curly…”

He traced the small trunk of the tree with his finger, happily humming to himself. Bakugou was getting irritated and quick, not because of Deku being annoying (he didn’t find it endearing) but because his parents were taking a long time to get here. Did they have something better to do than pick up their kid? His wretch of a mum was busy too but she still picked him up on time.

“Hey nerd,” Bakugou said, his loud voice reverberating around the room, “Where are your parents? We’ve been waiting here for so long.”

“Hmm?” Deku’s head tilted curiously, finger idly touching the bonsai tree, “Oh! They are at work! They are very busy, but they will be here any minute now.”

Bakugou wondered how Deku still had the energy to say that joyfully. Being here around these damn extras exhausted him. His energy was always sapped as soon as he got in his dad’s car.

He crossed his arms and scowled at the white walls. They were bright and obnoxious and he hated them and he wanted to go home and he needed-

The door opened slowly, light shining through the opening. This guy that stepped in looked like a hobo ninja because of his black clothes and scruffy black hair (what was those noodles around his neck?), but the other guy…

“WHAT THE HELL?” Bakugou jumped up, eyes widening in shock, “You’re Present Mic!”

“HEY THERE LITTLE LISTENER!” Said superhero shouted in glee, making the walls shake with the force of the greeting, “Oh, and there’s our little stella! Hey kiddo!”

Bakugou whipped his head around just in time to see the sparkles shine in Deku’s eyes. His face stretched out into a grin so fucking bright he had to shield his eyes. The little child scrambled off the floor and into both Present Mic and Hobo Ninja’s arms quicker than Bakugou could say ‘eat shit and die’. Now that he looked closer, he could tell that Hobo Ninja was also a Pro Hero. Deku didn’t tell him he had Pro Heroes for parents, now that was both cool and unfair.

“How was your day today?” Hobo Ninja spoke softly, his voice tired yet his eyes alive with warmth, “And is this, your friend?”

Bakugou puffed his chest out and smirked in his normal characteristic way. His face lit up in pride as Deku nodded happily into their chests.

“Uh huh, that’s Kacchan!”

Both parents smiled and motioned for them to follow after signing out both the boys. Bakugou slipped his hand into Deku’s as they crossed the road, staying close to the adults. It wasn’t a far walk to their little apartment, and Bakugou didn’t need a car to get himself places. He was capable of doing it himself.

“Hey Deku,” he said as he turned towards the smaller boy, “Why didn’t you tell me you have Pro Hero’s for parents?”

“I’m sorry,” Hobo Ninja stopped walking suddenly, bending down low and becoming eye-level with Bakugou, “What did you call our son?”

“Deku?” Bakugou said, both annoyed and confused, “I didn’t call him anything.”

“You just did it again. I would prefer it if you didn’t call him useless so much.”

“Deku’s not useless. I’m just sayin’ his name.”

“I can assure you I know my child’s name.”

Bakugou looked at Deku curiously. But the characters on his clothes said ‘Deku’, and whenever he drew a picture in the day-care he always wrote ‘Deku’ at the top of the page.

“It’s not?” he said in both curiosity and embarrassment.

“It’s ok,” Deku squeezed Hobo Ninja’s hand lightly, “I know he doesn’t mean it. It’s a nickname.”

“I can stop if you want me to,” Bakugou mumbled lightly, head tucking down into his chest with morbid shame.

“No,” Deku clung to his arm happily, “It’s cute. Sounds like ‘dekiru’!”

Bakugou raised his head in defiance and with confidence.



Bakugou later learned that Deku’s actual name is Izuku (although he feels like the boy told him already. He probably wasn’t listening) and enjoyed his time with his parents. He also found out that his other parent is ‘Eraserhead’ or something, but he still calls him Hobo Ninja just to piss the dude off. And also because it makes Deku laugh. His laugh sounds like little bells ringing-

They continued on their voyage together through the forest, seeing pretty trees twisting up into the sky with birds chirping happily as they passed. It felt like the whole damn city of animals turned up to get a look at the duo as they marched along. As they were walking, they came across a big large fallen tree that stretched across the creek running through. It was a little bit slippery, and the creek below was filled with water that sat idle and still in the ground. Bakugou used to feed the wild koi that would swim within the water. But Bakugou wasn’t stopping to feed the fishes. They were doing bigger things!

He took the lead, letting go of Izuku as he climbed up onto the sturdy bark. He walked confidently across, turning back and motioning for Deku to follow. He did, but more cautiously than the fiery blonde in front of him. Bakugou was so lost in the peaceful moment that he didn’t watch where he was stepping. He slipped on an adjacent piece of moss and tumbled into the creek with a gasp. Although it was a shallow creek, Bakugou managed to still get entirely wet, his blonde tufts clinging to his forehead and dripping with freshwater.

He wiped his face and sat up, groaning at his lower hip a little. It was just a bruise, but it still hurt to begin with. He didn’t even think about Deku until he was right up in his face with his arm outstretched in front of him. His eyes were wide and concerned. If Bakugou stared hard enough, he’d be able to see the glittering embers of stars circling through the cosmos, inviting him gently with warmth and comfort.

“Are you ok Kacchan?” he asked, bottom lip wobbling and tears gathering up in his eyes.

For a moment, Kacchan didn’t know what to say. All he could focus on was Deku’s eyes. But then he got his resolve back and smacked his arm away just shy from gently.

“I’m fucking fine, nerd,” he barked out angrily, scowling slightly, “I don’t need your help.”

Izuku recovered from the insult quickly, knowing that the boy was just filled with shame for slipping.

“No cursing, Kacchan,” he chided gently.

Bakugou cursed some more anyway.

 Izuku played with the hem of his shirt as his Papa drove the car around. There was a weird song playing in the background, and it sounded weird, but they were all humming the tune anyway. Even Dad seemed a bit brighter today, but Izuku wasn’t sure why. Were they going on a little trip? Seeing some more places? Or maybe Izuku was going to meet some more people?

He was perfectly fine with staring out the window, watching all the trees blur past. He saw a flock of birds flying high in the sky and watched as they flew high in the sky. Izuku couldn’t ignore the feeling that he should be up there too, flying, wandering aimlessly through the skies…

He rubbed his head lightly. He always had these weird thoughts and feelings, but he never knew why. His brain was so weird.

The car stopped gently and his Dad yawned lightly. They both exited the car, and Izuku waited patiently for them to help him out of his booster seat. Dad came around the side and gently tucked Izuku close to his hip. Izuku laid his head down on his shoulder and smiled happily as he received a little kiss from his Papa.

Izuku thought he heard someone coming, so he gently opened his lashes and glanced upwards. A tall person with dark blue hair and…engines protruding from his arms…came up to the three of them. Izuku knew he had seen this person somewhere before, and it didn’t take him long to find out.

“Shouta! Hizashi!” The taller male hugged the duo, “It’s so good to see you guys! Oh and is this the new little addition to the family?”

At the nod from his dad, he crouched down and got eye-level with Izuku. He watched as the man’s face contorted into a warm and gentle smile. He knew who this person was.

“You’re Ingenium!” he cheered happily, “You’re such a cool hero!”

“Hopefully almost as cool as your dad’s,” he chuckled good-naturedly, “What’s your name, champ?”

“I’m Izuku!”

“That’s pretty cool that you can trust me with your first name! In that case, I’m Tensei Iida. And how old are you?”

“Almost five now!”

“Wow!” his eyes widened comically, smile never fading, “So old already? You must be very clever for your age. You look pretty smart.”

He ruffled Izuku’s hair a little and chuckled with the smaller child. Izuku liked Ingenium. Sometimes he would watch the hero news with his Dad and Papa on the couch, and whenever Ingenium popped on the TV he would cheer and re-enact every fight scene as it played. It was hard to recognise him here without all the armour on, but he could still tell that it was the same generous human under the mask.

Izuku made little grabby motions with his arms at Ingenium lightly. The older man, unsure of what to do, looked towards his two mates from high school for help.

“He wants you to hold him, if that’s ok with you,” said his Papa, leaning over gently, “Trust me, Shouta always steals his hugs from me.”

“I’m not taking anything. I just like hugging my child.”

Tensei reached his arms out and gently cradled the child to his chest. Izuku curled his arms around his neck and tucked himself under his hip lightly, resting his head against his strong shoulder. Unlike his Dad’s smaller shoulder, Ingenium’s felt firm but supportive. Izuku liked hugs. Hugging Tensei felt like a warm shower. He looked up to find the said man to be blushing slightly, his arms gently pulling the boy closer to his chest.

“Wow. I wished Tenya would hug me like this.”

“Who’s Tenya?” Izuku asked curiously.

“Oh! I should introduce you two! You guys will be good friends I just know it.”

Tensei walked over to the picnic spot, Izuku still curled around his hip. He noticed that there were other people sitting around too. There was a lady with long dark purple hair and light blue eyes, and there were other people wandering around. Izuku saw though that there was another child sitting gently on the picnic blanket sitting politely with his feet tucked under. He had a little toy car sitting in his hand that he dragged across the blanket. Every now and then, the blanket would crinkle up slightly, but the boy just paused in his playing and fixed it up before resuming.

Izuku assumed this was Tenya. He seemed to look like a nice person, although a lot more obedient and rule-abiding than Tensei. He had the same dark blue hair and blue eyes as Tensei, except his face was a bit more stern and he had clear glasses on top of his nose. Instead of having engines within his arms, he could see the tips of the rods poking out of his calves.

“Tenya!” Tensei called happily, still using one arm to hold Izuku gently, “I have a little friend for you!”

Tenya glanced up at the call of his brother. He squinted a little as he looked at Izuku, but much like Tensei blushed slightly as he looked at the smaller boy. Izuku let himself be lowered onto the mat with Tenya. He watched the taller boy look over in slight curiosity before placing his arm out quickly.

“Hi there! I’m Iida Tenya, brother of Ingenium!”

“Woah there buddy,” Tensei clapped his shoulder lightly, “Ease up on the introductions. Don’t wanna scare the kid.”

Izuku, however, was not scared. He admired the boy’s enthusiasm, and his own mouth stretched into a large grin. He brought his own arm out and shook the boys hand lightly. Tenya pursed his lips as if this was the first time someone shook his hand (it was).

“I’m Midoriya Izuku, but you can call me Izuku.”

Tenya seemed a little discomforted at this.

“Are you sure? Being on a first-name basis with someone here in Japan displays strong intimacy and closeness.”


Tenya nodded slightly before picking up the toy car and placing it in Izuku’s face.

“This is my toy car. I call him Sokudo!”

Izuku watched on in curiosity as Tenya explained how he attained this car and why it is his favourite. Izuku nodded on happily and let the boy ramble on, laying back against the blanket and staring up into the bright sky.

“…and I like how the colours, hey wait, are you even listening? It’s good manners to look at people when you are listening.”

“Yes, I’m just looking at the clouds while you speak.”

Tenya looked on in slight discomfort before returning back to the topic of his car. Izuku gently grabbed his arm and pulled him down on the ground as well, watching as Iida blushed slightly at the contact. He pointed up at the sky with a small finger.

“You see up there?”

“What am I looking at?”

“Look at the clouds. They look so fluffy as they move through the sky.”

Tenya nodded warily.

“They do look fluffy.”

Izuku turned his body so that he was facing Tenya. Tenya glanced over towards the smaller boy, shuffling away a little bit.

“I like you, Tenya. Can I be your friend?”

The taller boy choked on his own saliva.

Shouta stroked a hand through Izuku’s hair as he flicked through the channels on the TV. The smaller boy, now eight years old, was tucked into his side on the comfy couch, watching the TV with Shouta as Hizashi cooked dinner in the kitchen. It had been a long and anxious day, with no crime at all throughout the city. It was very suspicious, and was currently causing public unease. Izuku had been jittery all day, jumping about and flinching at any movement. He was obviously just as tired and uneased as Shouta, but at least he seemed a little bit more calm now.

“’Zuku,” he whispered softly, “You alright?”

Said boy nuzzled into Shouta’s hip more, lazily draping an arm around his stomach. The hand carding through his hair continued as he flicked through the channels idly. Hizashi popped his head around and smiled at the pair before going back into the kitchen and continuing his cooking.

Izuku jerked up, panic written across his face. He looked tense and scared, yet a little curious. Shouta removed his hand in a panic and watched the small boy shake slightly. Izuku clutched his head tightly before wordlessly darting around towards the large window in their apartment that faced the south of the town. He looked out, staring off into the distance, watching everything yet his focus was on nothing they could see. Shouta placed his hand on Izuku’s shoulder, worrying slightly when the boy didn’t respond to him. Hizashi also peeked around the corner and came next to Shouta, curling up next to him and watching Izuku in concern.

“Izuku,” Shouta called lightly, “What’s wrong? What are you looking at?”

Could this just be a big misunderstanding? The timing felt very off, and it made the couple anxious. Especially so, since their unresponsive child slowly turned to them. His face was strangely blank, not a flicker of emotion within his eyes, which was very uncharacteristic of the boy. When he spoke, it was so soft that Shouta and Hizashi should not have heard what he said. But somehow, his voice reverberated around the whole apartment, causing silence around them.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum.”

Chapter Text

To say that Shouta and Hizashi were shocked was an understatement. After Izuku uttered those words, they both glanced warily at each other, Shouta more in confusion. Hisashi, having knowing many languages, translated to Shouta before warily grabbing his hand. They glanced back down at Izuku, who was lightly tracing his finger down the windowsill with a solemn look on his face. Shouta paled considerably before scooping up their child and placing him in bed. Maybe Izuku had just eaten too much sugar (Hizashi always snuck him lollies from time-to-time). Even after placing the child in the futon, his attention was on the right wall. Shouta tried not to think about how that was still the southern direction and instead knelt beside Izuku. He placed a gentle kiss to the forehead after Hizashi before turning off the lamp and closing the door behind him.

Warily, he combed a hand through his hair and sighed before leaning into Hizashi’s shoulder. Hizashi stroked up and down his back before kissing Shouta lightly on the lips.

“It’s just a fluke,” he said softly, “Izuku probably didn’t even know what he was saying. He’ll sleep it off, wake up tomorrow and be all bright and cheery again!”

Shouta nodded, still spaced out. Izuku probably was just jittery about the day and got a bit freaked out. He tried to convince himself that it was just a random event. Weird things like this would never happen again.

Famous last words.

It was almost midnight, and Shouta found he still couldn’t sleep. What Izuku had said earlier had really spooked him out. Hizashi joked about needing an exorcist to inspect their child, to which Shouta responded with a glare. Nevertheless, he knew Hizashi was only trying to lighten the mood and calm Shouta down, so he couldn’t stay angry at his partner for long. He tried to curl up against his side and forget everything that had occurred, but the image of Izuku’s expressionless face haunted him for the rest of the night, sending him off into a restless sleep.

Later the next day, they found out through private sources that there was a major villain attack, one that the media had not aired or discovered for some odd reason. They only found out through their agencies, but even then the details were quite vague. It left the duo wondering if Izuku had a small imperceptible foresight quirk, but alas, they knew that the boy had visited many specialists in the past and was diagnosed quirkless four years ago. He had already passed the maximum age of quirk’s emerging anyway, so even then it brought on Shouta’s anxiety.

Izuku woke up and returned back to his normally bubbly self. It seemed that Hizashi was right. He had completely forgotten the events that had occurred last night and instead chose to talk about the dream he had that night.

“…I was in space and then I was holding a star in my hands! It was so warm, I could feel it pulsing in my hands. And then I blew on it and billions of tiny sparkles flew away! They were so bright, Papa!”

Izuku giggled lightly into his hands, gesturing animatedly about his dream. Shouta smiled from nearby as he read the newspaper, whilst Hizashi leaned over Izuku and hugged him from behind.

“Even brighter than the sun?” he said, smiling widely.

“So so bright! And colourful! My dream was so colourful!”

It was funny for the duo to think that this was the first and last weird experience of Izuku’s. Very funny indeed… 

It was around June, just a few days after Izuku had been deposited down to Earth by his mother. The orphanage was quiet, and Izuku had been given his own room for himself as he adjusts to the new surroundings. Although he remembered nothing of his past life, his dreams were filled with constellations and warm hugs. He curled gently under the covers as the soft light of the night sky filtered through the blinds.

Just before the door, a short burst of light signalled the arrival of two beings. One had short and soft blonde curls that rippled even in the still air, glowing brightly with power. His electric blue eyes sparked dangerously, standing out from his radiating tanned skin. The man had a long, almost crooked nose with a neatly trimmed beard. His face was set in a frown as he stared at the child sleeping in the centre of the room.

Next to him stood a man with shoulder-length black hair that almost glowed with a blue hue. His eyes were a deep sea-green that stirred as if a storm was billowing through. His face, unlike his counterpart, had small but prominent smile lines etched on his tan skin. His beard was more longer and ragged than the other mans, but his nose was straighter and shorter. Both men had long robes on, with the first man having white robes and the second man having pale blue. Their robes were clasped with golden vines that twirled around their hips and on their shoulders.

They slowly edged around the corner of the doorway, peering gently at the small child sleeping soundly. The being with golden hair summoned his weapon in anger as thunder crackled in the sky. A large lightning bolt crackled within the vicinity, remarkably not waking up any of the children or adults currently there. The other man grabbed his shoulder harshly, making the lightning bolt fizzle out of existence.

“Must you always resort to violence, brother?” He hissed angrily.

“This child possesses raw untamed power,” the other growled, “It is older and more ancient than ours. I should smite him where he sleeps.”

“Just because there are many threats out there does not mean we should label him as one.”

“Anybody could be a threat these days, especially since you-know-who has been wreaking havoc since the start of civilisation.”

The man shifted uncomfortably. They do not speak of his name, as names hold power, but his brother did have a point. The world was just as violent, if not more, and filled with bloodshed and war. But he knew deep within him that this small being would not be the fall of society.

“He is nothing but a child,” said the second man, “He does not pose a threat to anybody. I do not believe he is here to cause trouble.”

“Nonsense Poseidon!” said the other man, “How dare you object my reasoning! I am your king at it is my word against yours.”

“You shouldn’t judge this child because of their power, Zeus,” Poseidon lightly smacked his bicep, “Screw your head on properly and look at the child. He dreams of outer space and the loving comfort only a mother could bring. Now tell me, does that seem like the thoughts of an evil-doer?”

Zeus glanced down warily, watching Izuku as he inhaled and exhaled lightly. As much as he wanted to show the child who’s boss in this domain, he couldn’t bring himself to kill the child. He just looked so harmless and serene lying on the futon. Zeus could almost say he adored the child (almost). He was so caught up in memorising the child’s breathing pattern that he didn’t notice Poseidon creep up to the child.

“Wha-uh, POSEIDON!” he whispered angrily, “You can’t just TOUCH him!”

Poseidon gave him an almost daring look, cheekily smiling before replying.

“Watch me.”

Poseidon gently placed a hand on top of Izuku’s head and ran his fingers through the silky green locks. Much like theirs, they glowed and radiated with tiny hints of plasma, giving his hair a subtle glow. Izuku unconsciously leaned into the touch in his sleep, humming pleasantly and shuffling closer. Poseidon’s eyes lit up and his eyes crinkled at the edges, giving him an almost peaceful look.

“Brother,” Zeus murmured, “We shouldn’t stray here. We don’t want to cause unnecessary attention on the child.”

“I like this child,” Poseidon hummed gently, “He reminds me of Theseus.”

Zeus huffed in annoyance.

“Yes, we get it. You’re attached to the youth, now come on. Olympus is currently unguarded and they require our presence.”

“You mean it is unguarded because you’re not there? The other gods are plenty capable.”

Zeus huffed before teleporting away. Poseidon lingered just a little longer before teleporting back, leaving the room in its former glory.

 Sometime after, when Izuku was just shy of nine years old, he walked home from primary school with Kacchan. Kacchan didn’t live too far away from him, so they often took the same route. However, Izuku decided that he wanted to go a different way home after he said goodbye to Kacchan. As of right now, his explosive friend was talking about these limited edition hero cards that his mother got for him as a late birthday present. Of course, Kacchan’s birthday was in April, but he told Izuku that he likes getting good presents, so he didn’t mind the wait.

“They’re holographic too,” he smirked casually, “So whenever I move them they change into another hero pose. Some even have a snapshot of their ultimate moves!”

Izuku looked up excitedly, hands bunching into little fists.

“So does that mean you have an All Might one with him doing a smash?”


“Oh my gosh Kacchan you have to show meeee!”

Izuku clung to Kacchan’s arm tightly, shaking in excitement. Kacchan grumbled a little bit but let him cling for a good five seconds before pushing him off. Izuku didn’t mind though. He knew Kacchan wasn’t a hugger, but he took every opportunity he could get to sneak in a little squeeze or two.

“I bet his card looks so cool! I wonder if it would have his quirk name on it. Most people don’t know what his quirk is because he always dodges the question in interviews. Not even Dad or Papa know what his quirk even is! But it’d be pretty cool to have stats on there. Do they have stats? They would’ve had to have measured the amount of…”

“Deku, you’re mumbling.”

“Oh right, sorry.”

The rest of the walk consisted of some more chatter from Izuku, but he did have to bite his tongue to stop himself from spilling so much information. He just couldn’t help it! He always got so excited speaking to people and he had so much to say! Just like whenever he gives hugs, he has so many to give (but not enough people to hug L).

They came up to the Bakugou household. Kacchan lived in a nice house that was very big and spacious. It was made of nice beige bricks with a nice curved spruce roof. The trees out the front were always nice and bushy, but neatly trimmed, and the lawn was freshy mowed as per usual. Kacchan grumbled about his mum being a neat freak before stomping up towards the front door. Bakugou Mitsuki came out and waved at Izuku, who waved back happily, before smacking her son on the forehead and screaming at him to have some manners and say goodbye. Kacchan grumbled under his breath before raising a hand lazily to wave at Izuku. Izuku’s smiled widened as he waved before wandering back towards his place. However, instead of turning right like he normally does, he decided to keep going straight.

Now, why did Izuku do this? He may or may not have seen some pretty birds that he wanted to see. So he happily skipped along, past the flowers in the little old lady’s home, into the junction where more trees are along the footpath. Many little birds sat among the tree, all glancing down at Izuku curiously. None stirred as he walked closer, placing his hands on the trunk of the tree.

“Hello little birds!” he said happily, “My name is Izuku, what’s yours?”

The birds chirped, although he could not understand them. He just smiled happily and nodded along. The birds had little orange bellies and long tiny beaks. The top of their feathers that ran down their head, back and over their wings was teal, and they had a tiny little white stripe over their cheeks and under their beak. Izuku loved seeing the tiny birds fly around, and he often told his Papa that one day he would keep one.


(“I won’t steal it,” Izuku said, wagging a finger around, “It’ll become such good friends with me that it will come live with me.”

Hizashi has to put a hand to his mouth to stop himself from laughing at the serious expression on Izuku’s face. Instead, he nodded along lightly before placing a kiss on Izuku’s forehead, pleased with the little hum he got afterwards.)


Izuku lifted a finger up and laughed happily when a curious bird flew down and landed gently, curling its little feet around his pointer. Izuku stared at the bird in curiosity, his little green orbs sparkling in glee. He was so absorbed in the moment, that he didn’t even notice the person come up from behind him.

“Hello there little one. Found a friend I see?”

Izuku paused and glanced around slowly. Before him stood a tall lady with long brown hair braided into a plait behind her. Her face was long but beautiful, with thin lips that stretched into a melancholy smile. Her startling grey eyes almost looked cloudy, as if she knew Izuku would have a hard future ahead of him. Her pale skin almost blended in with the creamy robe she wore. In her hair were little golden vines interwoven that matched the silky patterns along the edges of her robe. Izuku could tell that she meant no harm, but he could feel the power emanating from her.

“Yeah,” he muttered shyly, “It’s a little bird.”

Her eyes widened in recognition.

“Ah,” she hummed, “A common kingfisher. Quite a spectacular little bird, isn’t it?”

Izuku nodded before reaching out a tentative finger to stroke the bird. He was pleased to find it leaned into his touch.

“How about you tell me a little bit about yourself, young child,” her tone took on a more formal one. She could obviously feel the power the young boy possessed unknowingly, and therefore wanted to determine the threat before she acted.

“Dad and Papa say I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” he lifted his head lightly, “I’m don’t have to tell you anything.”

The lady’s smile widened. A smart boy he was.

“Fair enough. May I interest you in a little story?”

He nodded warily before sitting down on the footpath. She kneeled gently next to him and folded her hands lightly on her lap before staring at Izuku intently.

“Long ago, there was a young man name Perseus. As a babe he was caste out into the sea in nothing but a chest with his mother, for Argos feared that he would kill him. He grew up on an island and was tricked by King Polydectes to obtain the head of Medusa. So Perseus, aided by two gods, obtained one eye and tooth that the sisters of the Gorgons, or the Graiae, shared with each other, in order for them to give him supplies that would aid him in his journey. Once they complied, Perseus slayed Medusa by following her reflection in a shield and beheading her in her sleep. After this, Perseus returned to the island and turned Polydectes and his supporters into stone through the use of Medusa’s head, therefore rescuing his mother and escaping the island.”

Izuku nodded along slowly. For some reason he already knew this story, although how or why he knew this was still a vague mystery in his mind. It almost felt like he had experienced that story before in another life.

“Now, child,” the lady spoke gently, “Can you tell me why this story is relevant?”

Izuku’s eyebrows scrunched up in thought as he pondered the question.

“Is it because he’s a hero? He did what he could to save his mother and get revenge on the wrong things that the king did. So, he just did his job as a hero and saved the day.”

The lady nodded lightly, humming to herself pleased.

“I must go now, but I have enjoyed this meeting. Until next time, little one.”

Izuku waved goodbye silently before continuing on his way home with his new little friend. He named the bird Tomodachi because this was his new little friend. He couldn’t wait to show his Papa!

Meanwhile, the lady silently watched from behind a tree. She chuckled slightly before noticing a vague presence behind her. Smelling the ozone in the air, she huffed in annoyance before turning to the other person.

“Father,” she bowed lightly.

“I see that you have met the child,” said Zeus, “Well, speak of it. Is he a threat? I would very much like to kill him where he stands.”

“You are just on edge because of you-know-who and his latest attack,” she placed a gentle hand on his arm, “But the hero handled it very well. He will have permanent damage, but he did his part in the natural cycle of hardships.”

“You are getting off task, daughter,” he snapped lightly, “Is the boy a threat?”

She glanced back over to where Izuku was walking off, humming lightly to himself with a little skip in his step.

“No,” she said at last, “He is quite smart, actually. He appeared to know the story I told him. The power that runs through his veins is almost ancient. It is raw and untameable, yet I do believe he is unaware of his very nature. This could quite possibly be happening for a reason. Have the Moirai contacted you?”

“No,” he huffed, crossing his arms, “I hate being left in the gutters.”

The lady frowned before glancing back up, looking Zeus in the eyes.

“Then I believe this is something more foreign coming into play. He displays an aura of the same lineage the god’s possess, yet if he was the offspring of one of us, it would have been known by now. I believe it is best to let the child grow and play it by year.”

Zeus looked annoyed that he couldn’t do anything, but he bent to his daughter’s word.

“Very well, Athena. You would best be going as of now. Do not linger.”

He teleported away with a loud thunder clap. Athena chuckled before following suit. 


Izuku sat down gently beside Kacchan. It was their first year in middle school, and it had honestly been quite the jump. Now, the boys attended Aldera Junior High, a small little school in Musutafu that was close to where they lived. Much like primary school and day-care, the boys faced hardships, especially Izuku, due to his lack of quirk. However, that didn’t seem to dampen his spirits too much, as it was mostly just verbal stuff. Kacchan sometimes got angry at him though, especially when Izuku jumps in to help others in fights. Izuku knows it’s the right thing to do, but Kacchan tells him that he’s just going to keep getting hurt.

‘Oh well Kacchan’, he thought almost sourly, ‘You’ll just have to accept that I want to be a hero too, and heroes help others no matter how small the cause.’

Izuku loved history. He didn’t know why history had been a fond subject, but he always seemed to do well and he enjoyed learning (or I guess revisiting) about the past. Kacchan thought his obsession with history was weird, but he thought a lot of things were weird so Izuku didn’t dwell on it.

Today they were learning about mythology, in particular, Greek mythology. It was bound to be a fun lesson. Some of the kids even cheered at the thought. Kacchan growled and muttered something along the lines of “goddamn extras”. Izuku jabbed him playfully with the end of his pen before returning his attention to the board. He listened on to the teacher explain the start of the unit and what they would be covering, before she started to explain the actual lineage of mythology.

The teacher that taught history was an older woman in her late forties named Tadashi Yuki. She had shortly cut black hair that curled slightly at the ends, but otherwise stayed straight. She had cat-eye glasses hanging atop her long pointed nose, slightly covering her small beady red eyes. Her teaching methods involved her telling others what is deemed right in her eyes.

“Now children,” said Mrs Tadashi, “Can anyone tell me who the creator of the universe was in the eyes of the Greek civilians?”

One brave girl raised her hand but cringed slightly as Mrs Tadashi raised a long crooked fingernail and pointed it at her.

“Um, was it Chaos, Mrs Tadashi?”

Izuku suddenly paused and let that sink in. Chaos. That was a very familiar name. It sparked feelings of longing and comfort arise in the poor boy. He didn’t know why and he couldn’t understand how this had anything to do with him, yet he felt sad at the fact that he couldn’t remember why. He realised that he was gripping his head, if Kacchan kicking him under the table had anything to do with it, and suddenly raised his head again to see a long red fingernail in his face.

“Midoriya,” she warned, her voice nasally and high-pitched, “I will have you paying attention in my class, thank you. Now, for your incompetence, can you please tell me the first primordial beings that were created by Chaos?”

“Oh, um, wasn’t it Gaea, Eros and Tartarus?”

“Yes, it was actually. Now…”

Izuku couldn’t focus straight. That was another name that sent chills through him. Tartarus. He knew that name. He felt like he knew that face as well, although he just couldn’t understand it.

As he listened to the explanations, he knew something was off about the story. There wasn’t just primordial beings created by Chaos alone. No, there was a central part to the story that was missing, although he couldn’t remember what it was. It was so close to him, sitting on the tip of his tongue, but he felt like even if he tried to reach for it he would never grab anything.

And he hated being in this room, because he knew that everything Mrs Tadashi was saying was wrong and he didn’t know why it offended him so much, but it was just horrible and nauseating for him to listen to something so personal be told so wrong, as if Chaos or Gaea were in the wrong. He needed some air, but he couldn’t go anywhere without looking suspicious.

“Psst, nerd,” Kacchan whispered inconspicuously, “You ‘kay?”

Izuku shook his head lightly. He could feel tears gathering in his eyes. Oh why was he crying? Why did he always have to cry over stupid things? He didn’t even know these beings. He’d never met them in his life! Why was he getting worked up? Oh no, now Kacchan probably thinks he’s weak and he’ll never let Izuku become a hero with him because he’s so worthless and cries over everything-

He felt a warm hand lock around his arm and pull him out of the classroom. Amidst the commotion, he heard Kacchan yell back that they were getting some air and that Izuku didn’t feel well, and before he knew it they were running down the halls and out the back door. Kacchan kept on pulling him and Izuku felt lax in his grip. They burst out to the main gardens in the school and found the small log that the two usually sit to eat their lunch. Kacchan pulled him down and knelt in front of him, his face set in a deep frown (Izuku could still see the concern in his eyes).

“Okay nerd,” he said, “What’s got you so worked up?”

Izuku sniffed and wiped his nose a little, glancing down at his red shoes.

“I don’t know. It’s stupid, I don’t even know why I’m crying-“

“It’s obviously not fucking stupid if it’s got you worked up like that. Chill the fuck out, I don’t care. Just spill.”

Izuku nodded before clasping his hands together and playing with them nervously.

“I will probably sound really weird and dumb, but I just couldn’t stand being in that classroom, Kacchan. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but I do know that what she was saying was wrong. It felt so horribly wrong Kacchan, and I was so offended and I felt sick and I just needed, t-to get, out of t-there…”

Izuku hiccupped, tears streaming down his plump cheeks. Kacchan simply stared back at him in solemn silence, letting Izuku cry his heart out. It wasn’t long before he held his arms out and let the smaller boy tuck himself into his side and cry into his shoulder. Kacchan was stiff in his hug, but at least had the decency to let the boy have his time.

Izuku didn’t know how long he stayed in his hold, but he knew deep down that he shouldn’t ignore these weird feelings. He clutched his head lightly as he let go of Kacchan, standing up slowly and walking back towards the classroom. He didn’t even notice the large ominous shadows falling over the school. He was completely oblivious at the Dracaenae staring at him from behind, licking their lips slightly.

He was unaware of the man standing outside the railing of the school, chanting a soft stream of words. A wicked grin was set atop his pale face, and his dark eyes gleamed dangerously.

“Flectere si nequeo superos, acheronta movebo.



“Ancheronta movebo.



"Ā̴̡̦̣͗n̸͓͕͈̽̈́̄̔̿́͆͊̈̑̀͝c̸̡̨̙̯̝͈̝͔͔̜̝͎̄͂́̂̐̆̉͐̃ḧ̷͇́͒̈͗̎͛̃̾͒̇͘͝ę̶̙̉̊̋͋̊̾̀̌̏͊̆͝ŗ̸͇̺͚̘̣̏̚͜ǒ̵̢̲̙̪̐n̴̨͉̝̫͓̱͈̈́͑͂̈́̑͒̈͜t̷̝̳͇̗̚à̶̢̡̟̩̗̦͔̼̜͚͉̄̾̔̾͝ͅ ̵̭̗̞̱̺̪͆͊͘m̴̲̠͚̲̮̟̩̯̗͗͑͑͂̀̑̽͆͆͆̚ͅơ̵̡̫̙̫̯̝̞v̸̢̨̡͎̹͎̮͕̜̪͛́͂͗ę̸̻̖̼̖͙̗͉̥̦͈̓b̵̾͋̈̾̕͜͠ó̵̦͔͔͇̩̂͐̆̈̚.̶̨̰͇͈̻̰͊̃͛̇͐̇̍̋̈́̅̈́̆"