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Curse of Eden

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Real Name: Marie Kinzie

Avatar Name: Blaze Watergem

Title: Queen-Mother of the guild Ainz Ool Gown, one of the 42 Supreme Beings.

YGGDRASIL Guild: Ainz Ool Gown

Avatar Appearance: Blaze is heavily based on the Gorgons from Greek Mythology, having parts of her hair be serpents and other parts natural hair. The other feature being golden wings, which can double as shields due to them literally being made of gold. Due to this, however, she cannot fly. Green scales cover her body in random patches, and her eyes are deep purple. She chose to go deeper into the magic route than melee route, so she does not have the eye ability Gorgons are known for. Her main outfit is an armor lined dress, which is heavily enchanted in the defensive department. Her main weapon being a bow and arrow set that, when in close combat, can be used like a double edged blade. She’s got a bad habit of wearing more jewelry than she probably should, having a love for shiny things.

Strengths: Blaze’s main strengths are in stealth and in magic. She mains as an offensive spellcaster, but can act as a minor healer or an assassin class if need be.

Weaknesses: Blaze is far too protective. She’ll put herself in the line of fire even if she doesn’t have to do so. It doesn’t matter if the attack wouldn’t even take off a single HP point, she’ll put herself between the threat and those she cares about without hesitation. Even if the attack that would not hurt her ally at all, might hurt her greatly.


Personality: Blaze is the creative type, loving to design anything she can get her hands on. She designed her weapons, she designed her outfits, her room, all down to the last detail. It got to the point where she started putting money into the game just to design some monsters for the Great Tomb of Nazarick, which is why her floor is jokingly called The Rookery. When it comes to anything non creative, Blaze is careful to comment. She’s the quiet sort, preferring to listen and pay close attention to those she cares about than offer her own opinion. She’s rather sensitive emotional wise, and guards her heart carefully when letting others in. Once she does, however, that person is staying whether they like it or not.
When it comes to fighting, Blaze has a bad habit of getting showy or dramatic as a way to hide her nerves. After all, if she puts on a show the enemy is more focused on her than her guild mates.


Status Effects:
As a Nonhuman character Blaze has two main status effects, and one minor.

First Major - Mark of Eden: The one who has the Mark of Eden can create monsters or plants without the cost of MP. This effects drawback is that it must be used at least once per day or the marked becomes ill. The illness will continue until the power is used, and gets worse ever day.

Second Major - Child of Gaia: The holder of this ability gains experience quicker in potion making, botany, animal taming and raising. The drawback is that they are not only weaker against fire and undead attacks, but they gain less experience in smithing, melee combat, and PvP combat.

Minor Effect - Dragon Eyes: The holder notices objects faster if they are rare or expensive. This also means they can be momentarily distracted with shiny jewelry, or rare spell books.

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No no no.

When word had spread, you hoped it had only been gossip. The typical whispers that started up every now and then but, eventually, were proven wrong leading to everything going back to normal. The normal where you and Momonga guarded Nazarick against intruders, the normal where you would create new creatures in the Rookery before just visiting the different floors to say hello to the Guardians.

The message currently in front of you, however, was a glaring piece of proof that normal was no longer going to happen. Yiggdrasil was officially ending. After so many years, the servers would shut down and there goes the world you had enjoyed for a solid eleven years. It almost felt insulting, that not even a downloadable version would be offered, at the very least for those who wished to enjoy it again. Shoot, you’d take just being able to wander the halls over nothing!

But nothing would be what you’d get, and as you signed into the game for what would be the final time, it didn’t escape you that sinking feeling in your soul was grief.

The grief of losing a loved one.




The rush of signing in isn’t one you forget easily, so maybe it was the meaning behind this time that took your breath away. The meeting room was empty, save for the seat across from yours where a dear friend sits. He seems to perk up once you’re there.

“Blaze! Glad to see you made it.” Momonga says, sending a smiling emoji your way.

“It’s the end of the world, how could I miss it?” The joke falls a bit flat with the nervous laugh that follows it, but you make it regardless. Standing up, you move to sit directly on his right. Not like anyone else wanted the seat, after all.
“ I the only one who’s come in today…?” You cast a glance around. 42 seats and only two are full. Oh, nostalgia, how you love to keep the hurting company.

“Not really. Herohero signed in for maybe a few minutes. You just missed him. Other than that...yeah, it’s just us.” Momonga falls silent, before slamming his fist on the table and ranting albeit quietly. You don’t hesitate to select the hand on shoulder action, even if he wouldn’t feel it.

“Hey, hey. I’m here. You’re here. Nazarick isn’t abandoned. Yes, it sucks the others are gone, but as long as we can we’ll stay here and make certain this place won’t be forgotten. Even if it’s just us, the Great Tomb will live on.” Maybe it was the comfort of memories, or the fact that you knew you were holding yourself together, but what you say helps Momonga calm down. He nods in agreement, then stands up.

“I think I’m going to head to the throne room one last time, will you come with me?” He asks this while striding over to the Staff of Ainz Ool Gown. You didn’t make a peep as he took it out from the case and into his hands. Today was about you two, who would you be to deny him?

You follow him into the hallway, smiling when he stops to have Sebas and the Pleiades join your somber parade to the throne room. You were a bit lost in thought on the way there, though.

Should you say something? Visit somewhere? There was little time left, and while you didn’t want to leave Momonga to face the void alone, a part of you wanted to go and say goodbye. While they may be others creations, you had adored the Floor Guardians with all that you are. From the elegant Albedo to the playful Arua. From the shy Mare to the...flirtatious Shalltear. You wished you could have went and told them all goodbye. You probably would have only made it to Shalltear and Cocytus before breaking down. Maybe it’s better if you just follow your Guild Leader’s, well, lead.


Upon reaching the throne room, you end up moving past the others and up to said throne. Giving a smile emoji to Albedo, you sit down on the right throne arm. The Throne seat was Momonga’s, but even in these final minutes you’d be hard pressed to surrender your spot on the arm. You look up to the roof, eyes lingering over each and every banner. Each one an old member, an old friend now gone.

It’s movement beside you that brings you back, as Momonga has sat down next to you. You must’ve been so lost in thought to not notice him give the command for the others to kneel. You’re both silent for a moment, watching as that clock slowly ticks downward to zero.

“...It’s been fun. This adventure of ours…” Your voice sounded loud in the silence, “I’m glad we met. I’m glad we made Ainz Ool Gown. I’m going to miss all this, I mean sure we’ll always be able to talk. You know I’m there for you, hell you’ve always been here for me…” Oh no, here comes the tears.

“Blaze, it’s alright.” Momonga looks to face you, and even with the skeletal face you could feel a smile through the screen. Out of your mouth comes a tearful laugh.

“Nope, you get to sit on the epic throne, I’m making the epic speech.” You pause to let him laugh before continuing. “Long may the Great Tomb of Nazarick stand strong in the memories of those who lived in these halls, and those who fell before ever reaching these halls. They’re where we created ourselves, discovered ourselves, and now where we will end. I know for me, it was where I first came out - to you first, I might add, both times as bi and as poly. You’re family to me, Momonga, and while our home may fall around us I know that bond will never fade.” You finish up, just in time too. One minute left.

You close your eyes, blocking out everything and desperately trying to copy the room to memory. Maybe you could try and remake this using a program, or drawing it out.






It’s the feeling of something pulling on your hair that makes your eyes shoot open, and it’s the slow realization that you are still in the throne room that startles you.

What on Earth is going on?!

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You knew the feel of your gaming chair pretty well by now. It was no means something to brag over, but at least it was comfortable to spend long hours in. Judging by the fact that you were no longer registering the feel of said chair beneath you, but the feeling of a cold chair arm was the first clue you had that this really might not be a dream.

This to be exact, would be the normally delusional idea that you had been transported into a video game, Yiggdrasil to be exact. The other clue, and probably the biggest most obvious on this face of the galaxy, was tugging on your hair. Your scalp, really, if you were needing to be specific. A deep breath, and then a slow lift of your hand upwards…


Wrapped around your wrist lazily, is what your - now panicked - mind believes is a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. Looks like those herpetology classes paid off, if in a really bizarre and rather impossible way. The serpent was slow moving, clearly unthreatened, and your eyes follow up the length of its body.
Directly into the visible hair on your head, alongside many other species of snakes in similar relaxed positions. Oh, look, a king cobra. How lovely.

“...Blaze, I don’t think this is normal anymore.” The voice you hear is unfamiliar, but the tone definitely belongs to Momonga. You turn towards it and, oh, look, a skeleton. Wait, isn’t that Momonga’s avatar?

“Yeah...I think something might be really wrong here, Momo.” You lower your hand and have just enough time to notice that your new serpent buddy, technically your hair, will not be letting go that easily, when a third party decides to join the conversation.

“Lord Momonga? Lady Blaze? Is there a problem?” Both of you look to the kneeling NPCs, who are now all looking up at you with way more concern than should have ever been shown through a screen.

Looks like that’s three clues to add up to what should be impossible… You pay close attention to Albedo, as she now approaches the throne, or more specifically Momonga.

“Please, whatever might be troubling you, let me help.” She insists, and while you scramble mentally for an excuse that makes sense because how are you supposed to just tell a now obviously living exNPC what on Earth - wait wait are you even on Earth anymore?!

Momonga beats you to it.
“The GM call function isn’t working.” He states this like the most obvious thing in the world, and the sudden urge to scream No KIDDING is remarkably strong. Can he not feel how different everything is now? Clearly your snakes agree, as they all begin hissing, some a bit louder than others. Maybe it’s like a cat...they reflect my mood? In that case, time to take a breath and focus… You do just that, and then notice the sparkly green aura that appears before quickly disappearing around Momonga.

Albedo sighs before stepping away from the two of you. “I’m sorry, my lord, but I do not know this GM call magic you speak of.” She states, now looking a bit forlorn and oh no you are not letting her keep that sad look. Nope not today. No sadness for the nice lady.

“It’s alright Albedo, I’m certain…” Oh boy you jumped into this with no plan, time to use some acting skills, “I’m certain what Momonga means is that something feels off. It may be a good plan for us to check and see that all is in order.” You finish, and then hop off your place on the throne arm. You cast what hopefully looks like a confident smile to Momonga, and decide it’s time to fake it till you make it on this leadership thing.

“Sebas, if you’d be willing, I would appreciate you checking outside to ensure everything is alright with our surroundings.” Your polite request is met with a respectful bow followed by a “My Lady”. You then face the rest of the Pleiades.
“Pleiades, I would like to ask that you ladies search the ninth floor for anything out of the ordinary. We need to ensure the Great Tomb is has no uninvited visitors.” Once again, they agree and go to do as you asked.

Now it’s just you, Albedo, and Momonga remaining in the throne room. It’s now you realize the thudding in your ears is, in fact, your own heartbeat.
That was intense. Even now, if there were any doubts about whether this was real or not just got blown out of the water. The fact that none of those commands existed but they all still responded proves that. So if everything’s real, then…THE ROOKERY.

Eyes widening, you whip your head around to look Momonga in the eyes - er, eyesockets.
“I need to go check something. I’m certain we can reach each other over the Message spell. If you need me, reach me that way.” You do not wait for a response, and focus on the rings on your hands. Rather, you focus on the ring bearing the Ainz Ool Gown insignia with eyes shut tight. It’s supposed to let you teleport around the tomb, and if items still work this one definitely should. You keep focus, even when the noises around you blur and —

Weightless. You’re weightless for a moment before dropping to your knees on the soft ground. The buzzing hits next, bugs chirping and the clicking calls of various animals. Some do not even sound as though they come from any animal you do recognize, and it’s this fact that makes a wild grin break out on your face.
You know this floor well. You built it from the sandy dirt to the tinted glass roof. The Great Tomb belonged to both you and Momonga, but this place was your true kingdom to rule.

The Rookery is alive with your creations, and their mother now walked among them. You could truly interact with these beautifully terrifying monsters you’ve made now, as flesh and blood.

You couldn’t wait.

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A long time back, when Earth wasn’t as screwed over by pollution and a whole mess of other similar problems, you had grown up in the countryside. A classic farm girl, with a desperate love of the outdoors and the sweet animals of said farmyard. This love never left you, whether it was in the small plants you kept on apartment window sills or how your artwork was inspired by the natural world. No matter how much of everyday life became technological, this part of you had remained. It was what most of your guild mates said about you.
”Oh, Blaze? Yeah, she’s one of the more outdoorsy types. Creative, too.” It was why, when Ainz Ool Gown had begun designing different floors for the tomb, you had spoke up and asked for a floor to design. Thus, the Rookery was born.

It was a mix of different biomes, although it held its own style. Every last detail had been crafted lovingly, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. The ground was more sand rather than dirt, but stained a deep purple color. The light seeping through the tinted glass roof would occasionally glint off said ground, making it look more like stardust than sand. Different classic trees sprouted up here and there, pines to willows, and quite a few of them are growing fruit. Apples were a common choice, mostly chosen as an inside joke to your character. The air held a small chill to it, and you were certain that - if it was completely quiet rather than filled with chattering of beasts - you would hear the sound of crashing water. If memory was correct, the massive lake was at the center of the floor.

Thus, you begin your journey towards the center. As the lake was the only freshwater body in the Rookery, most of the animals would be there. That, and you knew for certain two of your greatest creations lurked there.
Pushing back some low hanging branches, you’re pulled out of your thoughts by a rumbling sound somewhere in front of you. A glance up puts you eye to eye with the lake. The water was still as glass, barely a ripple on the surface. You step out into the clearing, the tree line a few feet away from the edges of the shore.

Ok, so the lake is here...which means the door to leave is over that way...and so the nest is...aha! You could practically feel your own eyes light up as you noticed a dip in the ground. Practically skipping over, you look down to find many head sized eggs, ranging from sky blue to a deeper shade of periwinkle. If the nest was here, Mona had to be close by.

Mona had been one of your first creations, at least the first one to be placed in the Rookery. She was certainly one you looked back on fondly, and with a bit of hilarity as she had helped you towards exploring your Mark of Eden ability. You had designed her, and in turn the children she could have, to essentially act as tanks for battles.

Momonga had not been pleased when the one you gifted him ended up growing to the size of a small house and basically wrecked his room. You helped fixed it, but it was still a lesson in which animals now remain in the Rookery.

Busy looking at the eggs, you stiffen up when a burst of hot air whips past you, causing your regular hair to fly forward and your snakes to bunch up like a bun. Guess they didn’t appreciate the sudden heat. The steady sound of something large breathing on you is quickly noticeable, and you turn with a Cheshire grin.

She was big. That much was clear. Smaller than a T-Rex, but still pretty big. A wall of dusty brown scales, and sharp obsidian claws. Her mouth - protected by two long, tusklike horns - was opened slightly, causing the tusks to move away to both sides to accommodate her many, many fangs peeking from small lips in many, many rows. Six gleaming buggy eyes watched your every move, three on each side of her head. The long tail behind her was the only distraction from her ferociousness, as it was swinging back and forth like an excitable dinopuppy.

“Hey, girl…” You keep your voice low, and movements slow as you raise a single hand towards her. This was your creation, your Mona, but she was also the mother of the eggs you were currently standing by. If life taught you anything, and from what you know about being the Mom friend, it was you do not upset a mama bear. “Oh, look at you. My gorgeous girl. My sweet, sweet Mona…”
Your hand makes contact with her nose - er, where her nose should have been. Why did you decide on no nose again? Oh, well. She has been fine without it. No time for worrying, not with the happy way she was nuzzling into your hand. Seems she doesn’t mind you in the nest, a good thing to remember when you go check up on you next creature. He might be a bit harder to win over, but he wouldn’t be hard to find.

Climbing out of the nest, and nearly stumbling from a certain someone trying to nuzzle you right back into it, you start to head away and around the lake. Judging by the thumbing steps behind you, your adventure party just gained a member. It would take a few minutes to walk, but once on the other side you see the nest you were looking for.
A polar opposite to Mona, Ikran had built his nest up in the branches of two entangled trees. It’s only a few moments wait, leaning on your loyal bodyguard, but when he lands he makes an entrance.

Ikran had been made second, a way of making up for you not being able to fly as you went the defensive route rather than offensive. He was all reds and oranges, colored like a neon sunset dipped in gold. The deepest red was located in his eyes, though, one set smaller than the other. The rest, a fiery mess. Exactly what you wanted. You stepped away from Mona to get closer, and barely flinch when he roars in your face.

“Hey, Hey. It’s just’s just me.” You coo to him, still walking closer. His landing had been awkward, being uncomfortable on the flat ground. While Mona took most of her elements from a T-Rex, Ikran was an odd combo of a dragon, a gecko, and a bat. He would land by clinging to walls or trees, and lowering himself slowly. More wings than legs, as he had four massive 13 meter wings, and no real legs to speak of. He mostly was left to just crawl on the ground using the small hands attached to said wings.
He was your mount, meant to rain Hell from above with him spitting fire and you casting spells alongside arrows. Built for speed with a light body, and every inch as menacing as his old world counterparts. If his fire didn’t kill you, the speed at which he’d ram into you from the skies probably would.

You were pretty sure you had tears dripping down your cheeks as you pet him, the realization hitting you full force. They’re alive. These creatures you made, you designed from coding and program now are with you as living and feeling as you are. Soon, you find yourself sitting on the silky sands of the shoreline, leaning against a slumbering Mona with Ikran’s nimble head in your lap. You think you could see a few Xra - a creature you heavily based off of the Xenomorph from Aliens, with the minor tweaks of giving them teleporting abilities using shadows and getting rid of the facehugger - looking at you from the safety of the bushes. You move to beckon them forward when a small buzzing noise distracts you.

It couldn’t have been a bug, there wasn’t many small enough to hide from you in here. That and, you were pretty sure it was coming from inside your head. Oh, no. Did you get a concussion somehow?? When would you even get one, you haven’t hit your head! Sure, Mona had been trying to keep you in her nest but there’s no way —


{Blaze? Blaze can you hear me? I’m using the Message spell, and I really need you to respond.}

Oh thank goodness it’s just your bestie turned Lich communicating through your head, and not something bad.

{Yeah, yeah I hear you Momonga! Loud and clear. What’s going on with you?}

{Things are going well. I’ve instructed Albedo to gather the floor guardians to the sixth floor. I’m going to teleport there, and I think you should be there too. Where did you go anyways? You took off in a hurry.}

{I went to the Rookery! Oh, Momo you should see this! All my creations, my beautiful monsters, they’re all here. I’m basically in a cuddle puddle with Mona and Ikran right now, but you bet I’ll head on out to the sixth floor. Can’t leave you to face this on your own after all.}

{Awesome. I’ll see you there, then. Oh, and Blaze? Please...please leave Mona in the Rookery. I’m begging you.}

{Whaaat? Oh come on, she wouldn’t hurt a fly!}

{Blaze she is a huge dinosaur from the depths of any living creatures nightmares, and is somehow convinced she’s the size of a lapdog. If you bring her, she will attempt to sit in someone’s lap and will likely kill them. Leave her. Please.}

{Ok, ok…fine. Mona stays with her kids. See you soon, Momo.}

You hear a distinct beep that is probably the spell ending before sighing, and moving to pat Mona’s side.
“Sorry, girl. Mama tried to get you to the sixth floor. Maybe next time…” You shift around a bit, moving slow as to not awaken Mona and Ikran. As you walk away to teleport, a thrill catches your attention. Turning around, you see Ikran watching you. Well…

Momonga technically said that only Mona had to stay behind, right?

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Other than nature, the arts had been the focuses of your passion. Painting, singing, dancing, and finally acting. Nothing was quite as good as putting on a show, and it was even better when done for your friends. Curtain call had always been bittersweet, as it meant the end of an old story but the beginning of a new one. Sometimes, you had wondered what could compete with such a thrill.

Now, riding on the back of Ikran, flying through the Gate you had summoned, you had finally gotten your answer. It took a few moments beforehand to figure out that, no, your more lively hair would not be harmed by the strong movements and turns the great beast would take so that was a relief. Especially now, with him flying through the false sky like a rollercoaster with no rails. Other than that, all worries slipped away once he had pushed into the air with the force of a storm. Going through the Gate had given that same weightless feeling teleporting did, but you could barely bother yourself to notice.

The huge fire elemental in the middle of the amphitheater, however, you could totally bother to notice. How did that even get in here?! Wait, that Aura and Mare? ARE THEY FIGHTING THE HUGE FIRE ELEMENTAL ALL ON THEIR O W N?! You tug a bit on some ridges lining Ikran, they wouldn’t hurt but can certainly be used to get the attention you needed.

“Ikran, time to dive bomb this hazard! Let’s show them what we got!” No sooner had the words left your mouth, and you were falling. Correction, you both were falling, Ikran having pulled in his wings and now shooting directly towards your target. You reach back behind you, feel your bow and an arrow, and nock it.

“ [ Winter's Wrath: Barrage of Shards ]!” The spell is cast upon the arrow and you fire, witnessing it hit the Fire Elemental and shatter upon impact into tiny, tiny ice shards splintering into it. The creature cries out, and the final blow is landed by - you believe that was Aura. “Alrighty Ikran, time to land!”

As he circles around, you can’t help but wonder what a sight that was. You, riding in on Ikran like freaking Daenerys Targaryen, golden wings behind you and a bloodthirsty look in your eyes. Yeah, you think you’ve done your theater buddies back on Earth proud then, acting like a proper warrior Queen and not like you are stuck in an ex video game world. Good job, you!

The landing, still a bit shaky but you weren’t going to complain. A final pat to Ikran’s head, and off you hop to see Aura, Mare, and Momonga moving towards you. You can’t even stop the grin when you see Momonga.

“Technically, Mona was the only one told to stay behind.” The deep sigh you got in return would forever be blamed for the deranged laughter that left you at that moment. You force yourself to calm down though, before turning to the dark elf twins.
“Aura, Mare…” They both bow to you, hands over their hearts, “Are you both alright? My apologies for intervening the fight, I’m afraid I allowed my worry to get the best of me.”

“No reason to apologize, Lady Blaze! It was incredible to see you in action.” Aura states, grinning. “Watching you and the Flaming Storm fight from the skies was wonderful.”
The Flaming Storm? Oh, right. Ikran’s title, which was rightfully earned. Made nods along in agreement with his sister.
“It, it certainly was beautiful…” Mare pipes up, smiling sweetly.

Your smile was bright, the thrill of flying mixed with the praise giving you a warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s the flash of purple just barely within sight that catches your attention.

All four of you look to the Gate, recognizing the same spell you used for your flashy entrance. Looks like the next floor guardian to join you all would be…

“My, my. It appears I’m the first to arrive.” The sweet looking vampire comments, umbrella in hand. You recognize her immediately, used to seeing her while exploring the first, second, and third floors. Seeing her now, though, it’s surprising how fast your heart was going. Shalltear Bloodfallen, a true vampire queen. You could probably describe her in your sleep, What with how often you’d wandered around the floors trying to find her. Gothic bell shaped dress, frills and bows galore she looked non threatening enough. The kind smile that has been dominating your face turns into a smirk. The lady was drop dead gorgeous in your eyes, but you knew she was outright lethal towards enemies of Nazarick too.

“Oh, wow! Lord Momonga!” With that, Shalltear tosses her umbrella aside and it disappears in a swarm of black butterflies. With a running start, she leaps at Momonga and hugs him tight. “The one man I could never rule above! My eternal beloved.”
The sight was pretty funny, a Lich getting tackled by an affectionate vampire, but the fact that she had to physically pull him down just to reach his face sets you off into a small laughing fit. Her red eyes flick over to you.
“Oh, Lady Blaze! How wonderful that you are here too!” When she moves to hug you as well, you don’t even bother pretending that you could resist. You two embrace, and you immediately notice two things.

One, she’s actually a good few feet shorter than you. Two, she is cold. Normally you prefer colder stuff to hotter stuff, and it makes sense with her being undead, but your new cold blooded body wasn’t exactly hurrying to heat you up again like normal.
Weird, so I have more than just snake eyes and scales. Oh, great, I REALLY hope I don’t have to sun myself and stuff. That’d be an awful waste of time… Your thoughts running away with you, you barely notice when Shalltear backs off from you - and gets right into a fight with Aura. You take a step back, blinking, before smiling to Mononga.

“Reminds me of their creators...they were always having spats like this. Interesting, that it seems they’ve taken after them.” You mention to him, and he nods along slightly.
“They truly have...Bukubukuchagama and Peroroncino would have loved to see this themselves.” Momonga agrees, and you two watch the arguing guardians for a bit before the sound of footsteps draws your attention to the entrance once again.

What a ruckus. Stop acting like children in front of the Supreme Ones. ” The area around you grows colder, and even while hugging yourself from the dropping temperature you couldn’t suppress the joy at who has entered the amphitheater. Guardian of the fifth floor, the icy warlord himself, Cocytus. You’d always been a fan of his character design, and seeing him in person made it all the more impressive to witness. A true frozen nightmare, for enemies of Ainz Ool Gown at least.

As though to force the conflict to a resounding halt, Cocytus slams the end of his weapon into the ground and it proceeds to freeze over. The ice spreads and spreads and, oh shit coldcoldcoLDCOLD—

Ikran climbs over to you, before wrapping two wings around your shuddering form and fitting his head atop yours. You relax, both at the comforting heat and his presence. It takes exactly 0.5 seconds for Momonga to realize why you had suddenly gained a living heated blanket, and the aura he gives off feels dangerous.

“That’s enough!” All movement stops, the fighting between elf sister and vampire quieting quickly. “Aura. Shalltear. We don’t have time to be playing around.” Both ladies do a quick bow.
“Forgive me, my lord.” Again, both Aura and Shalltear say this at the same time. As subtle as you could, you end up trying to elbow Momonga in the ribs - oh, right. This might take some time to get used to.

{Relax a little, sure I got cold quick but they’re just messing around a bit. I got your back, ok?}

You can practically feel Momonga acknowledge what you Messaged, and you can barely see it when his shoulders relax a bit. Not even remotely enough in your own personal opinion, but it’s a start to helping your friend out. After all, you had a chance to slip away even for a small bit. Momo needs you now, and you two need to help the other out in any way needed. Starting now.

“We’re glad you’re here, Cocytus.” You speak aloud to the guardian, and try your best to put a winning smile on. The fact that he called you and Momonga ‘Supreme Beings’ was a bit of a shock, but maybe that was just what they called the Players? Wonder if that means anyone remembers stuff from before…
I will always come when my Lord and Lady calls. ” Cocytus’s answer was certainly an honorable one, and it suited his warrior personality.

“Sorry, everyone. I hope you weren’t waiting too long.” All of you turn to see as Demiurge - a sharply dressed demon, who you remember as the leader of defense in Nazarick - and Albedo walk in, completing your group as the majority of the floor guardians are now here. Minus, obviously, Victim and Gargantua. After Demiurge and Albedo reach your group, the floor guardians face you and Momonga with an air of serious that has you watching carefully. You had no reason to, really, but something in you said this was about to get real, really really quick.

“My Lord and Lady, we the guardians pledge our fidelity.” Albedo starts them off, before Shalltear steps forward and takes a knee.

“I am the guardian of the first, second, and third floor, Shalltear Bloodfallen. I serve and obey.” And on it went, each guardian taking a knee as they pledged their loyalty.

I am the guardian of the fifth floor, Cocytus. I serve and obey.

“I am the guardian of the sixth floor, Aura Bella Fiore. I serve and obey.”

“I-I am also the guardian of the sixth floor, Mare Bello Fiore. I serve and obey.”

“I am the guardian of the seventh floor, Demiurge. I serve and obey.”

Coming full circle, it’s back to Albedo. “I am the leader of the guardians, Albedo. I serve and obey.” With all the guardians now kneeling, she looks up to you and Momonga. “Supreme Ones, we await your orders. You need but to ask it of us, and it shall be done.”

This...this just got a lot more serious.