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The Dark

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I’m not afraid of the dark
I’m afraid of what waits within
The form of death remade
The bones of its previous victims
I fear the teeth that gleam in the dark;
The eyes that shine like mid-morning light
What new form death takes - is to be avoided at all costs

I’m not afraid of the dark - but the beast that waits within
It hunts and screams; lures and taunts
It takes forms of loved ones and whisks them away
Nothing ever remains; no clothes, bones, or flesh
This being is unique and all the nearby villages are haunted by it
It is like a ghost - never seen but always heard

The creature is as old as the darkness it hides in
Attempts to appease the beast have been made but to no avail
Those who hold no value of fear or life search for it
None have returned
Once though it has stopped - death or the creature that takes it’s shape
No one passes over - the chaos ends with offerings being made

We do not fear the dark
We fear the lack of it;
Of what happens when there is nothing but light
What do we become of then?
If we have no reason to value what we have
We become worse than the creature that hunts us