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Keep Beach City Lovely

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This series will be a mix of ratings and genres, mainly friendship and romance based, varying from General to Explicit. I'm willing to do Male, Female, Gender Neutral/Non-Binary inserts as well as Poly ships.
My rules for content are as follows:

•I'm over 18, so I absolutely will not write sexual content
involving characters who are minors (Steven, Connie, etc.)

• For the sake of simplicity, gem fusions will be regarded as their own entity (i.e. they'll be their own character and not seen as a combo of their individual gems). If they appear/ are coded as adults, I'll regard them as such.

• To reduce flooding, I will be limiting the amount of comments on each chapter, I will do no more than 10 requests at a time.

Dos and Donts List:

✔Polyamorous Ships (involving two or more characters)
✔ Lemons/NSFW
✔ Trans characters/Reader Inserts
❌ A/B/O
❌ M-Preg, F*ta/S*ssy, any transphobic shit
❌Bestiality (we are not lewding Lion, believe it or not, that's a
❌Daddy/Mommy Kinks, Age Regression
❌ Rape/Non-Con
❌Kinks involving non-sexual body fluids (Blood, scat, vomit,
❌ Stuffing, Inflation, any fatphobic shit
➖ BDSM (depends on the kink/subject matter)

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Hey guys, I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone that sent in requests! I really appreciate the comments and I wanna sincerely apologize for ghosting you all and not giving any updates in months. I have been struggling with work, mental illness, and a myriad of personal/familial issues since I first posted this series, but rest assured I will start posting as possible! Again, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you alls comments and incredible patience with me. I will be better with keeping you all updated and making an effort to crunch out these stories so you guys won't have to wait any longer 😊👋