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Boku no Hero Kinktober

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Prompts are in! We'll see if I can get to them all. Rules are fairly simple.

No hate as I will close down commenting quick if there is any. So far all of you have been super lovely! If I don't get to your kink during this month, check out my Red Light On collection. I'll be working on whatever kinks I like that I didn't get to for Kinktober over there.

All characters are aged up to prohero status. Not even 18, they are in their 20s.

All my kink is consensual. Even the dubcon is consensual and I will state it somewhere in the fic. No rapeplay or noncon here.

I do not write for Endeavor, Mineta, or the Liberation Army. The first two because I do not like their characters. The Liberation Army because I do not have a grasp on the characters.

I can't state it enough: It's Kinktober. We practice the: Your Kink is Not My Kink here. No kinkshaming.

Chapter Text

“Well, well. If it isn’t Ground Zero? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you liked me." You smirked as the hero whirled around at the sound of your voice. You perched on top of a low wall, having observed the fight he’d just finished. He would be sweaty which made his quirk more powerful, but then again… You’d always liked a little danger with your pleasure. The extra kick of adrenaline made the sex much more intense. This hero had caught your eye the first time you’d crossed paths. He was solidly built which was a bonus, but it was his ass you really enjoyed.

There’d been heavy banter and you could see the way his eyes roamed over your body in the skin tight suit. Which was exactly what you wanted. The attraction was there, the only problem between you two was simple. He was a hero and you were a villain. Not affiliated with any group, you liked working by yourself.

"Oi, get down here you fucker." Ground Zero snarled as small explosions popped in his hands. The little show of power sent a thrill through you. You loved the cocky ones. His eyes watched as your tongue swiped along your bottom lip, and you saw the muscles of his throat work as he swallowed. Well, well.

"What are you gonna do if I do get down there?" Your sultry question had him pausing for a second.

"Turn you in to the police." Well, that wasn’t any fun at all.

"Ooohhh, handcuff me? Kinky. I like it.” You threw back your head and laughed at the curses he threw your way. “Such language. Should an upstanding pillar of the community use those words?” You could see the tips of his ears as they turned red. You were getting to him.

“Don’t make me come up there."

"Well now. There’s an idea. But you won’t.” You smirked at him. He wouldn’t lunge for you no matter how tempted he was. He’d tried that last time and wound up slamming headfirst into your barrier. Your quirk allowed you to solidify molecules in front of you to make a barrier. It had multiple uses but mostly for defending yourself against heroes.

He silently seethed as he glared at you from his spot on the ground. “Tell you what. I’ll come down there, but only under one condition." He huffed and clenched his fists as he realized there had to be a catch. No villain would willingly let themselves get caught.

"What’s your fucking condition?" You smirked at him and hopped down. He lunged for you but slammed into the invisible barrier. "You.” You shook your head, uninterested in whatever name he was going to call you.

“Tsk, tsk. You knew it wouldn’t be that easy to catch me. Now, my condition is simple. A kiss.” He glared at you as his face burned. “Oh ho. Is the great and powerful Ground Zero afraid of a little kiss?"

His arm slid around your waist as his other hand snatched up your wrist. If looks could kill, you’d be six feet under by the look of his eyes. Perhaps taunting the up and coming hero was a bad idea, but then again, you’d had worse ideas. His lips slammed against yours, more force than finesse. One hand fisted in the material of his hero costume as he angled his head for a deeper kiss. His grip loosened on your wrist and you lowered it until your fingers brushed against the front of his pants. He pulled back with a startled hiss when your fingers stroked him through his pants.

“Getting a little excited are you?” Your lips curled into a smug smile as his hips jerked against your hand. “I can take care of this for you.” His lips curled back in a snarl but he wasn’t pulling away. “Does the fearless Ground Zero get off on public sex? Who would have thought it?” His hand tangled in your hair and tilted your face so he could leave biting kisses along your jaw. Your fingers made quick work of the front his pants until a hard, warm weight was in your palm.

“Bitch.” He hissed as you closed your fingers around him. The insult rolled off your back as you began to stroke him, thumb smearing precum as you moved.

“You love it.” You smirked as you alternated pressure while your hand pumped. His hand in your hair tightened and he jerked his hips against your hand. You felt a warm sensation on your hand as he breathed out in a slow exhale. “Already? Hmm, a villain getting you off that good?” You smirked as you brought your hand up to your lips and licked the cum off your hand. His eyes watched your tongue and he opened his mouth to say something.

“Hey, what’s going on down there!?” You jumped at the loud voice. Ground Zero hastily fastened his pants and you tucked your hand behind your back. After a lecture from the police officer and explaining the situation to him, you were both free to go.

“Katsuki, that was too close. No more of these fantasies are going to be in public okay?” You whined as he grinned down at you.

“No promises.” You lightly smacked his shoulder as you two headed back to your shared apartment.

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Shouta threw an arm over his face to block out the sun. It felt like he’d barely climbed into bed and now it was time to get up. He blearily opened one eye as the bed shifted beside him and he saw you turn over. You had mischief on your face, and that usually spelled something he would enjoy. Shouta evened out his breathing again and watched.

You ran a hand down his chest, pausing at the waistband of his pants. His dick twitched as he figured out where you were going with this idea. He couldn’t stop the smile as your fingers dipped below his fluorescent pink sweats. You chuckled as you felt his hips shift.

“You know you have atrocious fashion sense. Always have.” He grunted at your observation. Your fingers tugged until his cock was free and gently slapped against his shirt and stomach. "Hmm. Someone’s happy this morning. Well, relax. I’ll take care of you this morning.“ He sighed and reached for your hair. His fingers tangled in the silky strands while your lips pressed against his straining dick.

A soft groan spilled from him when you took him into your mouth. Your tongue flattened on him, cheeks hollowing out, and your hand wrapped around the base of his cock all sent him into a haze of pleasure. His head fell back when you hummed against him. The things you could do with your mouth.

You slid off his cock with a slick pop, grinning as your hand pumped him while you talked. "I love you Shouta.” He sighed and rolled his hips for more friction but you kept the pace frustratingly slow. "You deserve a reward.“ Shouta realized you’d been speaking and he should feel ashamed for not paying attention. But you were sliding your underwear off and straddling his waist and all he could think was getting inside of you.

You both groaned when you slid down on his cock. His fingers dug into your hips, urging you to move. You rocked your hips and his hand reached between you. He matched your pace with his fingers, leaving you a trembling mess. He groaned when he felt you come apart around his cock. You always looked absolutely gorgeous when you came. Head thrown back, lips kiss swollen and spit slick, and skin flushed. He’d never get tired of seeing you like that. And it sent him over the edge. He pulled out and came over your stomach. Something about seeing your body dripping with his cum, it gave him a dark thrill.

"Good morning Shouta.” You leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. "It’s the weekend. Go back to sleep for a while.“ That was the best thing you could’ve told him. You slipped off of him to go clean up, and he shifted further into the sheets. Normally he’d join you, but sleep was a siren’s call and he was answering it today.

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"Now what did I do t'deserve this?" Fatgum grinned as he spotted you on the bed. You wore a cute, lacy lingerie set that left nothing to his imagination. He noticed the items on the nightstand and pieced it together with a wicked grin.

"I just wanted to give my favorite hero the reward he deserves." You held out your hands to him and he quickly shed his clothes before he joined you on the bed. "And my hero deserves his favorite treat. Don't you think so Fatgum?" He shuddered when your voice dropped an octave saying his name.

"Well now darlin', I appreciate the thought. And I'm lovin' you in that lacy getup." His hand brushed down the front of your body. He hissed when your hips rolled against his hand. "But I don't recall doin' anything t'deserve this."

"Do I really need a reason to spoil you Taishiro?" You purred as you reached for him. He leaned into your touch as he grinned at you.

"Nah. But I'm really wantin' to spoil ya today." You blinked and he pressed his advantage. He swallowed your sigh as his lips covered yours, shuddering when your fingers reached for his hair, nails gently scratching his scalp. One hand reached for the nightstand and he grasped the chilled can. Perfect. He leaned back and suppressed the urge to spread you out underneath him.

The small pop and hiss of aerosol canned whipped cream broke the tension. You squealed as the cold cream spread over the skin showing from the lacy bra. Which quickly morphed into a moan when Taishiro leaned down and licked the cream off your skin. He grinned as he spread more cream, drawing a line down to your panties. He shifted until he was kneeling by the bed, lapping at the cream and drinking in your moans. His teeth grazed the lace covering you. His fingers hooked under and tugged the panties down.

"Taishiro." He glanced up at you, flushed and pupils blown wide with lust. Lust for him.

"Yes darlin'?" He grinned as his thumb brushed against your clit. You whined about him teasing you. "I'm just enjoying my reward." He smirked when your head flopped back.

Taishiro spread the whipped cream on his fingers, then spread it over your thighs. He made sure to not get any in you, but your outer lips were covered. His dick hardened even more at just the sight. Bon appetit. He leaned in and lapped at you. Your moans were music to his ears. He slipped a finger inside of you.

"Taishiro. Please quit teasing me." He chuckled against you and took pity on you. His thumb pressed against your clit, ripping a moan from your throat. He cleaned up all the whipped cream before he curled his finger and hit that spot that he knew made you see stars. You rewarded him with a sweet cry of his name. "I'm close. Ah, I'm." You groaned as he felt your walls flutter and tighten around his finger. He groaned as he felt you cum. He raised his face and grabbed your hips, pulling until you were flush against his cock through his pants.

"Night's not over yet."

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"Just look at you." His fingers grasped your chin, making sure you kept your eyes on the mirror. You saw yourself, spread open and dripping as his fingers disappeared inside of you. He twisted his wrist and a bolt of pleasure shot up your spine. He smirked against your shoulder as you moaned his name. “Look at you dripping for me, do you see this mess?” He lifted his fingers to your lips and you saw them wet from being in you. He tapped them against your kiss swollen lips and you obediently sucked them inside.

Mirror you looked absolutely wrecked. Bite marks and bruises from his lips and teeth littered your body. Your hair was tousled and haphazardly put up to keep it out of his way. His other hand slid to your front and spread his fingers underneath your chest, his fingers inches away from where you desperately wanted them. You arched your back in a pitiful effort to move his hand.

“Now, that’s not being very patient princess.” He nipped at your shoulder and you could see the red mark forming already in the mirror. You groaned around his fingers before he took them out of your mouth. His thumb brushed against your lower lip before he slid his hand down to grasp your throat. “Remember our deal? You be a good girl and you’ll get to cum. Be a bad girl, and you don’t.” You went still beneath his hands. “And you know what princess?” His lips brushed against your ear.

“You’ve been a bad girl.” You groaned as you knew what that meant. “Don’t turn away. Watch.” He smirked as he lifted you up and settled you across his lap. His cock rested against your slick folds, precum dripping from the tip.

“Dabi!” Your whine didn’t have any noticeable effect on him. His fingers tightened on your thighs as he rolled his hips. Your head fell back as his cock rubbed against your swollen clit. You were teetering on the edge but he wouldn’t let you fall unless he wanted you to cum.

“That’s right. I’m the one who’s going to fuck you until the only name you remember is mine.” He whispered against your neck before he lifted you and then bottomed out in you with one thrust. Your fingers clawed at the sheets as you watched his cock disappear inside of you in the mirror. The stretch was borderline painful, but when did you ever like it safe? “No cumming princess. Maybe if you’re a good girl.” He murmured as his hand smacked against your ass. The sting sent a jolt of heat spiraling through you.

Your hips moved slowly at first but once you got your balance you were able to slam down on his cock. The friction brought you to that edge again, but he’d stop you with his hands. “Dabi, Dabi please.” You leaned your head back against his shoulder as you tried to move your hips again. He smirked against your throat.

“You wanna cum?” You nodded and tried to move once again. “Maybe once I do I’ll get you off this time.” He held your hips still as he hilted himself inside of you. He set a furious pace, and you felt the orgasm tighten in your belly. He came with a harsh grunt, but you were right there. He pulled out to your frustration.

“Dabi.” You groaned as he leaned back, taking you both to the bed. He shifted until he was stretched out at your side, one hand moving down your body with purpose. Until the shrill bell of his ringtone filled the room. “No!” You whined and threw your arm across your eyes as he reached over for it. You didn’t know what he did as his job, and quite frankly knew you were better off not asking, but he never ignored their calls.

“Sorry princess. Duty calls.” He tapped the cell phone to his forehead as he slid out of bed. You grabbed for him but he eluded your grip and you buried your face in the sheets in frustration. “Hey.” He called out to you, using your name in a softer tone than normal. That grabbed your attention. His fingers grasped your chin when you lifted your head. “I’ll make it to you next time.” With that he let you go and dressed before he left your apartment.

You heard his laughter from the other side of the door as the pillow smacked into it.

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You weren't quite sure how you wound up in the position you were in. The village had gathered up all the traditional offerings for the 'protector' of the area and it was your year to deliver them. A rite of passage for your home. You were merely expected to deliver the gold, food, and pelts as tribute. Then the dragon caught your scent. He'd plucked you up and swept you away to his cave.

Which landed you in your current position. On your knees, clothing in tatters around you, and two dicks thrusting inside of you. You moaned when the dragon, in his human form, reached around to flick his fingers over your swollen clit. You felt so full, so stretched. All you could feel was him. His cocks, the warmth of his chest on your back, his breath on your skin. It was intoxicating. He thrust a finger in your mouth and you tasted yourself on the digit. You moaned around the finger, tongue brushing the claw. Carefully sucking it so as not to cut yourself.

"You're." His voice was rough as he moved. The guttural moan rumbled against your back as he hilted himself inside of you. "So tight. So warm." His teeth grazed your shoulder, drawing a thin line of blood. Which seemed to feed his growing hunger for you.

"Did. Did you get bigger?" You tried to look over your shoulder but he buried his face in your shoulder. Your orgasm built slowly in your belly as he moved steadily inside of you. He grabbed your hips and slammed into you, bringing his hips flush with yours. You felt a swelling and realized what that meant. So, dragons really do knot… You'd assumed it was one of those fairy tales. You came with a cry, clamping down on his cocks.

"Shit." He groaned as he felt your orgasm. His claws dug into your skin, the coppery sting of blood reached your nose, and seemed to push him into a frenzy. He came with a grunt, his knots swollen and locked him in place inside of you.

His weight wasn't unpleasant, and you were too tired to care about the various scrapes and bruises. You would tend to them later. Another old wives' cautionary tale came to mind. Rut season. When dragons would be driven by lust and could go into a mating frenzy if the right scent crossed their paths. Seems it wasn’t quite as fictional as you believed. You breathed a quiet sigh when his knots went down and his cocks slid out of your body.

That seemed to spur him into moving. He jerked back from you as if burned, and you sat down on the furs. His release dripped down onto them as you tilted your head to watch him. He practically plastered himself to the wall, watching you with crimson eyes full of panic. Which was a little concerning as he was the one who abducted you, not that you were complaining. The sweet ache between your thighs was all consensual. You had an obsidian dagger you could’ve used if the situation got too dangerous. Concern for how rapidly he was breathing snapped you out of your haze. "Are you okay?" Your words spurred him into motion and he grabbed a blanket to throw over your shoulders. "Thank you. Can I ask what your name is?" You, surprisingly, were calm about the whole situation. Perhaps it was because you never saw any of the cruelty the dragons were famous for when you looked in his eyes.

"It. It's Kirishima." He scratched at his chin while sitting across from you on the pelts. You smiled at him. It was good to have a name to go with a face.

"My name is." He nodded as you gave your name. He flushed as you winced when you shifted.

"Here." He reached for you and scooped you up along with the blanket. "I. I'm sorry." He kept his face averted as he took you to the back of the cavern. You let out a soft sound at seeing the small spring there. "It. The water has healing properties. Soak in it and it'll ease the aches. I'm sorry." He set you down by the spring's edge and you turned to look at him.

"Thank you. Will you join me?" He flushed and nodded. You stepped into the water and contemplated long and hard about the situation you found yourself in. Perhaps it was when the old wives spoke their cautionary tales, you weren't scared into submission. No, you wanted to meet a dragon. Wanted to be swept away. The idea of being the mate of a dragon was appealing to you, always had been. The odd one out of your village for sure. Perhaps there was a way to salvage this. You noticed the way Kirishima glanced at your body.

This was promising.

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You didn’t hear him come in, sleeping as soundly as you were in your bed. He wouldn’t have it any other way though. He wanted to surprise you, it had been a few weeks. With his undercover assignment on top of being a hero, he just couldn’t spare much time for you. Hawks knew he had at least six hours before he had to go back to it. He could sleep. He always slept so soundly when he was with you. Your presence calmed him in a way little else did. His clothes wound up in a pile on your floor, right next to yours. The bed dipped and you shifted.

“Hmm? Hey.” He smiled as your eyes slowly focused on him with your voice rough from sleep. He reached out and traced his fingers along your cheek, enjoying the way your eyes lost their dreaminess as you focused on his face. “You’re back.” Two words. Two simple words but they filled him with such warmth. Someone was glad to see him. Genuinely glad.

“Yeah.” He leaned forward and captured your lips in a kiss. His weight tipped you both backwards, and he quickly covered your body with his. The color crimson was all you saw as his wings spread, closing the two of you in your own little world. Your arms wrapped around his neck as he deepened the kiss. It had been longer than you cared to admit since you last had sex. Even then it had been a quickie before he’d dashed away again to save someone.
Being a hero, you knew that his time would be limited. It made you treasure the time you did have. A groan left your lips when his hand slipped between your legs. His fingers found you warm and soft, and it didn’t take long to heat your body up. Your nails dug into the back of his neck as his fingers pressed inside of you with the heel of his palm rubbing against your clit with every flick of his wrist. His wings fluttered as your hips rolled against his hand, desperately trying to get him to move faster. “Impatient?” He sounded so smug.

“For someone who has fast in his nickname, you are going impossibly slow right now.” You felt his smile against your collarbone. He was being insufferable again. It was one aspect you loved about him, but not when he was applying it towards your impending orgasm. He twisted his wrist and a sharp gasp left your lips.
“Am I not paying enough attention to you? We’ll have to rectify that.” Hawks grinned as he ground his palm against your clit. Your back bowed off the bed as your fingers curled in the sheets. “I can’t leave you hanging after all.” He smiled as he shifted and pressed his lips against your ear. “Hope you’re ready.” He nipped at your earlobe and curled his fingers. You cried out as stars burst behind your eyelids. You whimpered when he pulled his fingers away, that orgasm had been like a flashbang. Intense but over in a flash. He shifted while you were still coming down from your orgasm. Your hands grabbed his shoulders when he grabbed your hips and bottomed out in you.
“Ah!” Hawks leaned back and shifted your legs until they were thrown over his shoulders. He was going so deep inside of you. The feeling was intense. You peered up at him and he grinned down at you.

“Look at that face.” He grabbed your chin, keeping you still as his lips covered yours. Your nails dug into his shoulders as he angled his hips slightly and hit that spot inside of you. He drank your soft cries as the pleasure built up slowly. “Feel how you’re clenching on me. I’m not even touching your clit and you’re already close to coming aren’t you?” He let go of your chin to reach between your bodies and press against your clit.

“No, no. That.” Your head fell back at the tiny sparks of heat that danced in your belly. His pace didn’t falter as his fingers began to move. Your second orgasm was much more intense than the first one, and Hawks drew it out. He slowed his thrusts, pushing down more on your clit as you cried out his name. He smiled as you breathed out a shaky breath when your mind cleared.

“You didn’t think we were done did you?” He began to move and you sucked in a breath. Your body was still sensitive from your orgasm. Hawks moved at a leisurely pace but his fingers pressed harsh circles around your clit. It was too intense. Your body felt filled to the brim, overstimulated, and you were close to begging.

“I think you’ve got one more in there for me.” He murmured against your neck as he slammed his hips against yours. “Cum for me.” Your head fell back as the pleasure pain whipped through you. Tears welled up at the corners of your ears as the third orgasm ripped through you violently. He buried his face in your shoulder as he came with a harsh groan of your name. He shifted and rolled to the side, pulling you with him.

“Hey.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead. You gave him a shaky laugh and looked up at him.

“Well, welcome home. Now get some sleep before you have to leave.” He pulled you close and buried his face against your hair. When you woke, he was gone again. Leaving only a red feather on your pillow and his scent on your sheets.

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"Ah, no touching the blindfold. Or it's game over." His rough voice crooned into your ear like a sultry bass. Your fingers dropped as his chuckle rumbled against your back. How long had you been like this? You couldn't remember, with the blindfold on it seemed as if time was an eternity and over in a snap. The loss of your vision only amplified your desire for the man behind you.

His fingers rolled your nipple, wringing a choked cry from your throat. His other hand slid beneath the waistband of your shorts, finding you slick with barely any stimulation. You whimpered as he pressed two fingers inside of you. "What a cute little slut." His teeth grazed your earlobe as he pressed his palm against your clit in a ruthless twist.

"Please, please, please." The words spilled from your lips, a plea for release or continuation. You couldn't be sure anymore with the haze of pleasure in your mind.

"Please what?" He grunted when your hips pushed back against him. You could feel the unmistakable hardness pressing against you. He was as turned on as you were, but he got off on the words just as much as the actions.

"Let me cum please." A harsh cry was pulled from you when he ground his palm against your clit once more.

"My name." His teeth raked across your neck and shoulders, there'd be bruises tomorrow.

"Dabi, please fuck me!" You wailed as his fingers curled and hit that sweet spot inside of you. Your head fell back against his shoulder as you rode out the waves of your orgasm. Spent, you let him hold your weight up. His fingers snatched off your mask and you met his blazing eyes.

"We're not done yet."

Chapter Text

“What are you doing?” You merely smiled at the scolding question as you slid your foot along Shinya’s leg under the table. It had been a few weeks since you’d last been able to spend time together, he was a busy hero after all. You merely tilted your head to the side and gave him an innocent smile.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Shinya.“ Your foot pressed between his legs, your smile changing to a smirk when you felt the unmistakable hardness there. The waiter came over to deliver your food and you thanked him with a bright smile. Shinya muttered a thank you while he glared daggers at you.

You suppose you should behave. He had a reputation to uphold as the number three now. You lifted your foot and set it back down to enjoy your food. Shinya picked up his utensils and you didn’t see his other hand. You’d focused on the deliciousness in front of you.

You jumped when you felt something press against the front of your panties. Your eyes looked over at him and you saw the flush riding his cheeks. You sucked in a breath when he used his quirk and pressed against your clit. "Are you feeling alright?” You narrowed your eyes at him, but he was always sneaky when it came to payback. You’d expected him to pay you back, but hadn’t expected him to do it in the middle of a restaurant.

“Just fine." You managed to get out the words before his thumb pressed in and rubbed up. The heat between your legs had you trembling. He let you be while you ate, but the moment the waiter took your plate he renewed his efforts. Your legs trembled as Shinya moved your panties aside under the table. His fingers slid against your slick folds. You could see the smug look in his eyes, sometimes he could be insufferable.

"Perhaps we should get dessert to go?” He watched the flush rise in your cheeks as you shook your head. “Greedy today?” You smiled at him.

“Greedy for you definitely." You grinned as it was his turn to flush. You choked down a moan when his fingers pressed against your clit. The versatility in his quirk always amazed you. He brought you right to the edge, and you couldn’t stop the whine as he stopped and drew his fingers away. "Shinya.”

His eyes met yours and you saw the mischief there. Payback indeed. You huffed. "Let’s skip dessert.“ You had to disguise your laugh as Shinya flagged down the waiter for the check. The steely glint in his eyes told you that you were in for a world of payback when you made it back to your place.

Chapter Text

“Are you certain?” He whispered against your skin as his hands slid the ropes up to secure your wrists. Shinya always made sure to double and sometimes triple check with you before he began to wrap the ropes around your wrists. You’d suggested getting leather cuffs at one point but he declined. He’d said something about loving seeing the red rope against your skin, since he used the same color in his hero costume.

“I am Shinya. Go ahead.” You smiled and tilted your head for the sloppy kiss he placed on your lips. You melted into his touch and one of your hands tangled in your hair as he deepened the kiss. He pulled away and stared down at your swollen lips and flushed cheeks.

“You make me lose control. I feel like any second I’ll slip and hurt you.” You pouted as his hands stilled on the knots.

“Shinya, you’d always respect my safe word?” He nodded. “Then I have absolute faith you’d stop if you heard it. So even if you lose a little control, I won’t be complaining.” You smirked as he barked out a laugh, but his hands went back to working on the knots. Soon your hands were secured against the headboard. The knot was snug but not tight, and you could move your wrists enough to keep blood circulating if needed.

He leaned back to watch you and everywhere his eyes looked burned as if he’d touched them. Your head fell back when he leaned down and captured a nipple in his mouth. Your back arched as his hands ghosted down your sides. As if he was mapping out your body all over again. You always felt treasured by Shinya, he made sure of that. Your hips bucked against him as one hand slipped between your legs. He groaned and rested his forehead against your chest as he found you soaked and eager for his touch. “Excited?” The rough chuckle sent longing through you.

“For you? Always.” He groaned against and shifted until he was between your legs. He easily parted your legs, settling them over his shoulders before he nuzzled the inside of your thigh. Silently asking for permission. “Please.” He placed a biting kiss there, sucking enough to leave a bruise. Your costume covered up that part of you, and he relished the thought of the mark there while you were out on patrol. A secret between the two of you, that you were his. Your fingers flexed against your palm as you shifted your hips to get his attention.

“You’re being impatient tonight.” You huffed and glared down at him. He merely laughed and pressed a trail of kisses up your thigh, stopping when he reached your dripping core. He smiled as he passed over the area to leave another mark on your other thigh.

“Shinya!” You tightened your thighs around his head as he laughed against your skin. He enjoyed teasing you once he got rid of the concern for losing control. He loved it a little too much sometimes. “Please. I want to feel you.”

“You already are feeling me.” His lips pressed against the top of your thigh. You huffed again and rolled your hips to get his attention. He was being obstinate, the ass.

“I’d rather feel your lips somewhere else.” Normally he wasn’t one for dirty talk, but when he got into his teasing moods, anything was possible. Not that you minded. Oh no, you enjoyed these moods.

“Oh? Where would that be?” He smirked against your skin when you whined at him again. He took pity on you and settled between your thighs again. He eased a finger inside as his tongue licked up against your clit before his lips closed around the bud. Your hips jerked against his face as a stuttering moan left your lips. It had been a while since you’d last been with him, he groaned as he felt you tighten around his finger. It wasn’t too much longer after his mouth was on you before you felt that exquisite tightening in your belly.

“Shinya, Shinya. I’m going. I’m.” You trailed off as your orgasm hit you. The waves rolled over and all you managed to do was repeat his name over and over like a litany to something holy. He stayed to help you through your orgasm, waiting until the last tremor left you before he moved up your body. Your lips clung to his when he pressed a kiss to them. You tasted a hint of yourself on his lips but that never bothered you. You both groaned when his cock slid into your welcoming body. He moaned your name as he paused to let you adjust before he set a leisurely pace.

His hips stuttered as you wrapped your legs around him. His fingers dug into your hips as he increased his pace. The wet sounds your bodies made bounced off the walls, only increasing your arousal. “I’m close. Shinya.” He shuddered and reached between you to rub gentle circles around your clit. Your head fell back as you felt the dam break inside of you. You came with a sharp cry, fingers digging into the ropes as your back bowed. Shinya grunted as he followed you soon after, burying his face in your shoulder.

His fingers fumbled but untied the knot, letting your hands fall free. He shifted his weight off of you and took your hands in his. He gently massaged the skin, his touch warm against your skin. He pressed his lips to the small red marks left behind by the ropes, a touch full of love and adoration. Shinya leaned forward to kiss you when his phone went off. You smiled as he cursed and reached for it. He saw the message and winced as he saw who it was. “I’m sorry. I.” You pressed two fingers to his lips.

“I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to that first date Edgeshot. I’m just glad the villain waited until now rather than five minutes ago.” He gave you a soft smile before pressing a quick kiss to your lips before he was up and gone. The only trace left of him were the red cords stretched across your pillows.

Chapter Text

Tsunagu shifted as he stood in the entryway to your shared home. He checked his watch for the fifteenth time. "We’ll be late.“ He called out to you as you finished up in the bedroom.

"We will not be late. I promise." You laughingly called back. You had just finished styling your hair before you left the bedroom. Warmth pooled low in your belly as you looked at Tsunagu in the formal attire. He looked like perfection in the formal suit, you couldn’t wait to take it off of him when you got back from the charity event. "You didn’t.” You had to laugh as you ran your fingers over his sleeve. Denim. Figures. His hero name is Best Jeanist afterall.

“I won’t be caught unawares if some villain decided to show up." You wished you could see his face but he insisted on the high collar again and it wasn’t worth fighting about. "You look lovely.” You tilted your head and stuck your lower lip out into a fake pout.

“Only lovely? I suppose I’d best go back and try for ravishing next.” You turned on your heel and laughed when his arm hooked around your waist and hauled you back against him. “Tsunagu, I can’t look anything but ravishing when I’m standing next to perfection.” You pressed your lips against his cheek above his suit’s collar as you teased him. You could feel the heat of his blush against your lips and it endlessly amused you when he would get embarrassed. The man was the number three hero and yet you could make his ears turn red with a few simple words.

“You.” He buried his face against your neck when you laughed. He sighed and reached up with his free hand to tug the fabric clear of his face. His lips closed over the back of your neck, mouthing the words you always heard every day: Love you. It sent a shiver down your spine as he trailed kisses along your throat. He looked down at his watch and nodded. You barely got a chance to question him before your dress lifted off the floor. The air drifted over your legs, and nakedness. “No underwear? Did you have plans for later?”

You chuckled as his hand skimmed up your naked thigh. “Maybe?” You flashed him a grin that morphed into a moan when his fingers dipped between your legs. “Ah, Tsunagu.” He brushed his thumb over your clit, sending heated shocks along your legs. You reached up for him, but gasped when your arms seemingly moved on their own. You could see the threads binding your arms together in front of you. “No fair.” You whined as he slid a finger inside of you.

“I never claimed to be very fair now did I?” You whined again as his lips brushed over your bare shoulder. It was his turn to chuckle as he pressed small tight circles around your clit. “Perhaps if I ravish you now, I won’t be subject to your teasing while at dinner.” Your back arched as he slid another finger inside of you.

“Ah!” The cry ripped from your throat as the tension built slowly in your lower belly. “We-we’ll be late Tsunagu.” Your words were breathy, and you only wanted him to hurry up. Instead his fingers stilled inside of you. His thumb rested just above your swollen clit, and no matter how much you squirmed he refused to move. He raised his head until his lips were by your ear.

“You’re right. We will be late. Perhaps we should wait and finish this after the ball.” You sucked in a breath and whined out a protest. He chuckled and nipped at your earlobe. “Then shall I continue, without any interruptions this time?” You nodded and he chuckled again before he moved his fingers, curling them to hit that one spot that made you see stars. His thumb moved in just the right way on your clit and that orgasm that had begun to fade roared back to life.

“Tsunagu! I’m so close.” Your head fell forward as he pressed a biting kiss to the nape of your neck. You could feel his groan against your neck as he felt your body tighten around his fingers as your orgasm hit. “Ah!” The arm around your waist kept you from slumping forward as your knees buckled. His hand slipped from you and the threads loosened around your arms. He helped guide you to the small bench that decorated the entrance in your home. He pulled out his cell phone.

“Yes, I’m afraid we’re not feeling well tonight. Yes. Please make my excuses will you?” He ended the call and turned to face you. Though you’d just had an orgasm, heat burst in your belly at the look he sent your way. “Well, now we have all night.”

Chapter Text

You whined as the heat drove you insane. Your body had turned against you and your alpha was working late. Your body wanted a knot, it wanted to be filled with your alpha’s knot. Your fingers and the silicone toy wasn’t cutting it, and your body screamed at you in frustration. It made the decision to call your alpha slightly easier, your mind was clouded with lust.

“Hey you’ve reached Hawks.” His voice reached you as you whined. You could just picture his face as he held the phone to his ear. Those crimson wings fluttering as he could hear the unfulfilled need in your voice. He coughed and you heard a rustling. “Having trouble at home babe?”

“Not funny. I need you.” You whined as he chuckled into the phone. “Please.” You bit off a curse as you heard someone call his name. He and the other person spoke briefly before he brought the phone back up to his ear.

“A heat?”

“Yes.” The word sounded more like a plea than a statement, just hearing his voice sent your body to overdrive. “Can you come home please?” He chuckled.

“I’m the number two hero babe. It isn’t that easy.” He enjoyed teasing you. The insufferable ass.

“Fine.” The word must’ve startled him because you could hear his wings flutter in the background. “I’ll take care of it myself.” You huffed and hung up on him. You didn’t have the patience to listen to anymore of his teasing, not when your heat was this intense. You glanced down at the toy beside you. The knot at the base of the dildo wasn’t nearly comparable to Hawks’ but since he was determined to tease you, you’d make do.

You positioned the dildo between your legs and sank down on it, breathing out when the base of the knot hit your slick folds. It wasn’t as good as the real thing, but your body seemed to accept it. You rolled your hips and moaned at the pleasure that snaked up your spine. Your moans and the wet sounds your body made drowned out any other sound in your apartment.

Two arms slid around you from behind and you let out a startled yelp that was quickly muffled as his lips covered yours. His hand slid down and found your clit swollen, you’d been so close. “Hawks.” Your hands reached backwards, grasping for him. The first brush of his fingers against you had you melting against him.

“Hmm. You replace me with a toy?” He spread his fingers, brushing against the toy.

“You weren’t here and you were teasing me!” You whined as he shifted behind you. In a whirl of movement you were flat on your back, and the dildo on the floor and his body pressing yours into the mattress.

“So, any knot will satisfy you?” You tilted your head back as he rolled his hips against you. Your nails bit into his shoulders as you tried to get more friction. “Hmm? What was that babe?”

“No! I want your knot!” He’d tease you all day if he wanted. “Please knot me!” You glared at that insufferable smug smile on his face. You knew how to play dirty too. “Please, Keigo.” A shudder ran through him as his name left your lips. “Alpha, I need your knot. No other knot can make me cum like yours can.”

“You.” His fingers dug into your hips as he bottomed out inside of you. Your back arched off the bed as his knot rubbed against you. He didn’t give you any chance to adjust, he began a quick pace as your walls clenched around his cock. He reached between you, gently pinching your clit and rubbing tight figure eights over the swollen bud.

Your heels dug into the mattress as his hips slapped against yours. You moaned his name, pleaded for release as his fingers brought you closer to the edge. The orgasm hit like a tidal wave, intense and rolled through you. He dropped his head to your shoulder as his knot slipped inside of you with a slick pop. His cock pulsed from his release, and he held you tight against him until the intensity faded away. “You’re evil to use the name card.” He grumbled against your shoulder as he waited for his knot to go down. You gently smacked his shoulder.

“If you wouldn’t tease me so much then I wouldn’t need to go resort to it!” He laughed and pressed a kiss over your bond mark, grinning as you huffed at him. “So…” He tilted his face to look up at you when your scent hit him again. “Do you have to go back to the office anytime soon?”

His wings fluttered, the crimson feathers sparkling in the sunlight filtering through the windows, at your question. “Hmm. I took the rest of the day off.” He laughed as you breathed a sigh of relief, groaning when you leaned up and gently bit the bond mark you’d given him. “I mean, how could I let my little omega suffer hmm?”

Chapter Text

“Are you certain this is what you want?” Nemuri’s voice purred in your ear as her hands stroked over your chest. For a hero, she had such soft hands. You loved it when she ran them over your bare skin, snagging her wrist and bringing them up for a kiss. Nemuri laughed and tugged until you leaned in for a kiss. “Feeling bold today then?” She smiled against your lips and pouted when a second set of hands tilted your head back for a slightly rougher kiss.

“You’re being selfish again.”

“Shouta.” Nemuri started but you cut her off with a squeeze of her hand. Shouta’s fingers dug into your hips, pulling your ass to him. “Hmmm. Have we neglected you lately?” Nemuri smirked as she tilted your face up with one finger to gaze into your eyes.

“Terribly. I’ve been terribly neglected.” She laughed and you heard even Shouta chuckle behind you.

“Well, we can’t have that now can we?” Shouta leaned forward and pressed a rough, biting kiss to your shoulder. Nemuri purred as your moan rolled across her lips against your throat. Her hand slipped down between your legs, lips forming a smug smile as she found you slick and swollen. “Look at you. Do you feel this Shouta?” Nemuri nibbled at your throat as she shifted her fingers to make room for Aizawa’s.

“Stop teasing me.” You whined but Nemuri merely shifted and pressed her lips to yours.

“Where’s the fun in that?” She gently tugged your bottom lip with her teeth and grinned as you whined again. “And you love it when we tease you.” You gasped when her fingers slid between your legs, working you to a frenzy. Shouta chuckled against your shoulder as he rolled his hips against your ass.

“Enough Nemuri.” He tugged your underwear aside, pressing his dick against you. You hummed as he slid inside, Nemuri pressed her fingers against your clit.

“If you could see what I see. The look on your face right now.” She smirked as her other hand grasped her chin and brought your face up to hers as you tried to hide. Shouta groaned as he slowly slid inside, letting your body adjust before he was completely in. His fingers relaxed around your hips when you pushed back against him. You were trapped between them. One soft and full of heady promises and the other was harder and rarely pulled any punches. But you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Your hand finds its way between Nemuri’s legs, your turn to smirk as she groaned when you slid your fingers against her clit.

“Naughty kitten.” Nemuri smirked as you nibbled at her jaw. Shouta groaned and began to roll his hips against yours.

“You’re always taking care of me Nemuri. Now it’s my turn.” You murmured against her throat as your fingers began to press against her clit. You slipped one inside of her, groaning at finding out how wet she was. She really did get off on teasing you. You slipped another finger inside, using your palm to press against her clit while your fingers scissored inside of her. Her voice was sweet to your ears as you felt her clench down on your fingers. As she orgasmed, her quirk activated for a brief second. You inhaled the sweet aroma and laughed softly as Shouta cursed softly behind you.

“Nemuri. Really?” He huffed as the R-Rated Hero settled down beside you, spent after that orgasm. Shouta shook his head but he slid a hand around and pressed his fingers against your clit. “Your turn.” The words sent a shiver down your spine as he snapped his hips against yours. It didn’t take much to have your orgasm crashing through your body. He buried his face in your shoulder when your body clenched down on his cock. A few more thrusts and he followed you over, pulling out to cum on your ass.

“Shouta!” Your protest didn’t have much weight behind it, spread out on the bed in front of him as you were. He merely smirked and grabbed a small towel by the bed and wiped up as best as he could. You settled in next to Nemuri, who was quick to curl around you. Shouta settled down on the other side of you and wrapped an arm around the both of you.

Chapter Text

He waited for you to come home full of nervous energy. Tamaki had suggested the idea after giving it a lot of thought, and Mirio had been all for it. You’d been a bit quieter in regards to the suggestion, and he was in the middle of spiraling. Did you think it was disgusting? Would you leave him for this? Mirio kept him grounded while you’d merely asked for some time to think about it. He owed it to you after springing the idea out of nowhere. Tamaki heard the shower turn off, and knew Mirio would be joining him in a few minutes. They’d both gotten the evening off from work, a rarity these days, but the streets could survive one night without Suneater and Lemillion.

“Relax! She’ll be fine Tamaki. Quit worrying.” Mirio hooked his arm around Tamaki’s neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Tamaki gradually relaxed as Mirio shifted his lips along his jaw, trailing little nibbling kisses along his skin. The door shutting broke Tamaki out of the haze and back into the nervous state he was before. Mirio sighed as Tamaki turned and buried his head in the pillow, braced for the rejection that was sure to come.

He hadn’t expected your laughter. “Tamaki? Are you okay?” You leaned in and kissed Mirio before sitting on the bed by his head. Your hand settled between his shoulder blades. “Is this about what you asked?” He couldn’t answer and just nodded. “Oh Tamaki. I’m sorry. I only asked for a bit of time to think about it because it was really sudden. But I’ll be honest.” You leaned down and moved the pillow away from his face. Your lips pressed a kiss to his temple. “I’d been thinking about something like that for a while. I didn’t know how to bring it up to you without making you panic, but it seems I did that anyway. I’m sorry.”

You apologized to him? What? Tamaki sat up and reached for you, his hands cradled your jaw as he pulled you in for a kiss. “Do you know what that does to me?” Mirio groaned as he leaned back. Tamaki heard you chuckle and that’s when he realized that Mirio hadn’t gotten dressed from taking his shower. He’d simply pulled a towel around his waist.

“I see someone’s eager for tonight.” You teased Mirio easily and he merely grinned in return. He stretched out alongside Tamaki on the bed, leaning against the headboard. “I need to shower before we do anything okay? So be good.” You kissed Tamaki gently, barely a butterfly kiss before you pulled away. It left him wanting more. He was always afraid of taking more. You shuffled and squealed when Mirio yanked you towards him for a kiss. He kissed you while you were laughing, muffling the sounds against his own lips. “Mirio. I need a shower. Why don’t you and Tamaki get started while I’m in there?” Tamaki flushed as he heard you and saw the grin Mirio threw his way.

“You sure?” You nodded and Mirio released your wrist after giving you a final kiss. “Well, you heard her!” Mirio laughed as he pulled Tamaki towards him. Tamaki tried to protest but it quickly died as Mirio pressed teasing kisses over his face, and then lower. Tamaki let out a whine that you heard in the shower as Mirio tugged his sweats off.

You didn’t take too long in the shower but it still surprised you to see the mess Mirio could make of Tamaki in a few short minutes. That he could do the same to you was amazing. Mirio grinned up at you as he was leaning over Tamaki, who was hiding his face with his hands. The sight of them never failed to have heat curling low in your belly. Your toes curled in the carpet as you bit your bottom lip. “I almost feel bad to interrupt that.” You grinned as Mirio pressed a kiss to Tamaki’s forehead as he couldn’t form a coherent response at the moment. He had two fingers inside of Tamaki, enjoying the sounds his lover made as he prepped him.

“Aww, but I want to see you.” Mirio gave you a playful pout before you grabbed the harness from the top dresser drawer. You’d made sure it fit snug but didn’t cut off any circulation, it was fit to your size. You had to stop yourself from laughing as the dildo bobbed in the harness, it wasn’t a funny moment but the sight of the bright purple penis was a bit exaggerated. Mirio flashed you a grin as he saw you heading towards the bed. “Tamaki.” Tamaki peeked through his fingers as the bed dipped with your weight.

“How do you want to do this?” You asked him quietly but he was frozen at the sight of the harness. You knew it would take patience and coaxing to get Tamaki to say what he wanted. “Tamaki.” You ran your hand through his hair, leaning down to kiss him. You ran your tongue over his bottom lip and sighed when his lips parted easily beneath yours. You moaned in his mouth when Mirio’s free hand cupped your breast. His fingers rolled the hard nipple, sending heat zipping down your back. “Tamaki. Do you want it from behind or facing me?” You whispered against Tamaki’s lips as his face burned red.

“B-behind.” You smiled at him and praised him for answering. His cock bobbed against his stomach at the praise and you noted it down in your mind for later.

“Then, let’s get you on your knees.” He sputtered but did as you told him. He turned away from you and Mirio smirked over his back at you. “Tamaki, why don’t you help Mirio out there?” You grinned as Tamaki’s ears turned red from the flush on his face. You leaned in and nipped the edge of one. “I love seeing you two.” That earned a groan from both men.

Tamaki took Mirio’s cock inside his mouth as you lined up the dildo with his ass. Thankfully Mirio had done an excellent job of prepping him, the toy slid inside with little resistance. Your hips were flush against his and you waited for a signal from him. Mirio groaned and buried his hand in Tamaki’s hair before he nodded to you.

You tested a few angles, slowly so as not to hurt Tamaki. One thrust had him groaning, and his mouth slid off of Mirio’s cock with a slick pop. He groaned your name as you thrust again at the same angle. “Hmm. I think you like that angle? Look at you, taking this all so well. You’re doing so good Tamaki.” He moaned and tried to bury his head. You reached over and tangled your hands in his hair. “Nu-uh. You need to finish making Mirio feel good too.” Tamaki whined but nodded. He groaned around Mirio’s cock when your hand reached around and grabbed his own straining dick. Your thumb spread the precum around the plump head of his cock, before you began to stroke him in time with your thrusts.

“Gonna.” Mirio groaned and grabbed Tamaki’s head as he pulled him off. He came over Tamaki’s chest as Tamaki tried to protest. “Sorry.” Mirio gave him a breathless chuckle before he kissed him. Tamaki’s fists clenched in the sheets and he let out a low groan.

“I’m. I’m close.” You leaned over and pressed a kiss to his spine.

“You’ve done so good Tamaki. I like seeing you with my cock inside of you like this.” That was it. He groaned and you felt a warm spurt against your hand and you smiled as you gentled your thrusts. Once the last shudder left him, you eased out of his body. Luckily the towel was in easy reach as you laid the harness on it for cleaning later. Mirio helped ease Tamaki down onto the sheets and you smiled down at him.

Mirio reached out and snagged your wrist, yanking you towards him. “Mirio!” You laughed as his hands slid down to grab your ass. “You haven’t.” You shook your head, you’d gotten worked up from doing that to Tamaki, but you hadn’t orgasmed. “So now it’s your turn.” You gasped as he lifted you easily and settled you over his face. “Better grab the headboard!” That cheerful warning was all you got before his tongue pressed against your swollen clit. You grabbed the headboard as a shudder went down your spine. Mirio grabbed your thighs, wrapping his hands around them, when you tried to move so you weren’t crushing him. You were a moaning mess as Mirio used his tongue and mouth to bring you to orgasm.

You moaned when Tamaki’s hand reached up to play with your breasts. Both at the same time. It was going to be too much. You cried out as your orgasm rolled through you in blissful waves. Mirio easily lifted you again until you were lying between them. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and wrapped an arm around you and Tamaki, pressing the two of you together in an effort to cuddle. Mirio liked the touches and connection after sex, and you were glad to give it to him. Just as you were glad to give Tamaki the praise he thrived on during sex.

“So, was it what you expected Tamaki?” You bit your lip to not giggle as Tamaki’s entire face flushed bright red again. “I’ll take that as a yes. Shall we do something like that again?” Mirio cheerfully agreed that you should. Maybe it could be his turn next time. That surprised Tamaki, but not you.

“Okay, maybe next time.” You pulled Mirio down for a kiss, groaning when you tasted faint traces of yourself on his tongue. “But, it’s time to clean Tamaki up. You left a mess on him.” Mirio had to grace to look sheepish as Tamaki huffed as he wiped his chest clean with the towel.

“Group shower!” Mirio announced as he rolled out of bed.

“Mirio, no!” You laughed as he scooped you out of bed, with Tamaki following quietly behind the two of you.

Chapter Text

“You know you’re going to give me what I want Hawks.” You pressed the tip of the crop under his chin, smirking as you tilted his face up. The winged hero glared at you as he flexed against his bonds. “Don’t bother you. Unlike you, I know how to tie a knot properly.” The red ropes looked absolutely gorgeous against his body, what little was exposed.

“I’m not telling you anything.” He turned his head and his wings rustled.

“Ah, no trying to use your quirk.” You purred as you slipped one finger under one of the ropes. It tightened the ropes around his wings, not enough to hurt but just enough to let him know you meant business. “Wouldn’t want those pretty wings of yours to get damaged.” He scoffed and turned his face away.

“You’re still not going to get me to confess.” Your tongue swept along your bottom lip. As if you were enjoying seeing him at your mercy. It should have disgusted him, but it just turned him on.

“Oh I think I will. You see, I have a special quirk.” You smirked as that got his attention. “My saliva acts like a poison if I concentrate it. In small amounts it acts as a powerful aphrodisiac.” He laughed.

“So what? You gonna fuck me until I give you what you want?” The sinister light in your eyes had him rethinking his taunt.

“Tempting but no. I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction. Quite literally in this case. Until I get my information, you don’t get to cum.” His eyes widened at your challenge. He could handle a little edging, not anything he hadn’t experienced before.

“Do your worst.” You pressed your lips against his, shoving your tongue in his mouth to rub against his. He ignored the tingles that rushed down his spine, causing his wings to flutter. You lifted your head and he could feel the heat burn in his stomach. “You can’t break me.”

He regretted his challenge. His body felt like it was on fire. His heart jackhammered in his chest, as he bit back a groan. Your lips were wrapped around his cock, quenching some of the heat inside of him. You lifted your head long enough to lick his cock from base to tip, smirking when his hips rolled against your mouth. You’d kept him teetering on the edge for an hour. He’d lost count on how many times he’d almost begged you to let him cum.

“Ready to give me my information?” You slowly stroked him with your hand, an agonizingly slow pace. Not what he wanted nor what his body screamed at him for. The smirk on your face was almost too much. You were enjoying this!

“N-nah. I don’t think so.” He sucked in a breath on a whine as your grip tightened slightly as you dragged your hand up his cock. Your thumb stroked the glistening tip of his cock, waiting for him to give in.

“Stubborn. But I really like the stubborn ones.” You returned to sucking his cock, twisting your wrist as your lips touched your hand. He let out a strangled groan but you lifted your head before he could fall over that edge again.

“You’re such a.”

“Ah! No using bad language Hawks. I thought you heroes were above that thing.” He glared at your smug smile as he groaned while your fingers worked him. “Or maybe this isn’t enough?” He glared up at you silently screaming at you with his eyes. Instead you grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand and poured a generous amount on your fingers. “Let’s test it out shall we?”

“What do you think you’re?” Hawks cut off with a groan as one of your fingers slipped inside of him. He hissed out a breath when you curled your finger, looking for a certain spot. Hawks tried to keep his face neutral but his blasted wings gave him away. They fluttered when you worked your finger in tandem with the hand wrapped around his cock. He was so fucking close. Right as his balls tightened you stopped moving.

“Fuck!” He cursed and you smirked.

“Are you going to give me the information I want?” He grit his teeth and curled his lip at you. “Just tell me what I want and then I’ll let you cum. I’ll even let you pick where you want to cum.” He perked up at those words. You curled your finger again, and he saw stars behind his eyelids.

“Fine.” He groaned and you tilted your head. “What?”

“Go ahead and give me what I want to know.” You smiled at him like the cat that ate the canary.

“Your chocolate. It’s on top of the refrigerator.”

“Hah! I knew you’d hidden it!” You grinned and broke character to bask in your triumph. “Hmm. But I can’t leave you hanging like this now can I?”

“You’d better not.” He grumbled and gave you a lopsided smile as you chuckled. You leaned down and slid his cock into your mouth while you pressed another finger inside of him. It didn’t take him too much longer to get back to the edge again. “Y-your face. I want to, on your face.” He was barely coherent but you understood him.

You waited until his body tensed up and then you lifted your head. You stroked him the way you knew he liked it while you moved your fingers. He came with a harsh cry, his release hitting your cheeks. He groaned when you removed your fingers and you grinned when he rolled his shoulders. “Hang on. I’ll take the ropes off.” He huffed as you tugged the knots free after wiping your face clean.

Your hands soothed away the aches with a gentle touch, pressing kisses to his skin where there were bruises. Your quirk could be poison, but it could heal small enough wounds like rope burn. His wings spread as he watched you. You caught him staring and laughed.

“So, was it all you imagined?” You brushed a kiss across his cheek.

“You play the villain really well. You sure you’re just a regular office worker?” He teased as you collapsed against him laughing.

Chapter Text

“Not. A. Word.” The threat was supposed to intimidate him, but that wasn’t going to happen. His fingers ran over the curve of your ass and you cursed. “Shouta! I swear!” You yelped when his hand came down hard on your ass. “Eraserhead…” You could only blame yourself for the predicament you were in. You swore you would be able to blast through the wall after the villain. Except, halfway through you’d gotten into his line of sight. And only made it partway through the wall. The villain had been apprehended a few blocks away by another hero, but you were good and stuck. Unwilling to try and damage anymore of the wall with you currently in it, you had to rely on Shouta to help pull you out.

“Help me out!” You weren’t able to get a good leverage from your position and so you were stuck. You jerked when your costume parted beneath his fingers. “You better not!” You clapped a hand over your mouth as he jerked your panties aside. What the hell was he thinking? Your teeth worried your bottom lip as his fingers slid over you, lightly flicking your clit. “Shouta.” His name came out as a ragged groan when his knuckle brushed over you. His other hand smacked your ass and you quickly muffled the groan that threatened to spill out.

Shouta’s fingers pinched and rolled your clit as he pressed against you. You felt his dick through his pants, rubbing between your ass cheeks. He could be such a tease when he wanted to be. You rolled your hips back against him, hoping it got the message across. You felt, rather than heard, his chuckle but a few seconds later you felt the head of his cock pressed up against your dripping folds. His fingers went back to your clit and he eased his entire length in you. You pressed your hand over your mouth, this half of you was outside. Anyone could walk by and hear you.

Shouta’s fingers pressed over your clit, sending little heated shocks through your system as he thrust inside of you. You moaned when the hand not paying attention to your clit smacked your ass. The tension built in your lower belly as his fingers never stopped moving over your clit. You wanted to see his face, to kiss him. “Shouta. I’m.” You moaned as you felt that band snap inside. Your orgasm rolled over you, making you bit down on your knuckle to keep your moans quiet. A few moments later you felt his hips still and his cock pulse inside of you.

You tried to catch your breath when a shadow passed over your face. “Fancy meeting you here!” You panicked as you saw Hizashi standing at the front of the alley. “You okay?”

“Fine!” You could feel Shouta laughing at you from the other side of the wall as he pulled out and set your hero costume to right. “Came out the wrong side of a villain fight.” You yelped when Shouta landed one more smack to your ass. Damn it! Hizashi arched an eyebrow and then smirked as he realized what was going on. He heard Aizawa laughing on the other side of the wall.

“Hah! I’ll leave you two alone.” You tried to protest. “Oh no. I’m not going to judge you on your kinks. Have fun.” He walked away with a jaunty wave before he disappeared around the corner.

Chapter Text

The TV droned on behind you as you prepared dinner in the kitchen. A glance at the clock told you that your husband was late getting home, that wasn’t too unusual. Hero work wasn’t suited for the typical work day schedule, and you’d learned early on to make dishes that could be warmed up later. You tried not to worry too much when he was running late, as he would send a text when he ran into villain trouble. As your phone sat silent beside you on the counter, you knew it wasn’t anything like that. Still, whenever he was late always made you uneasy.

The door opened with a quiet click and drew your attention from the pot. “I’m home.” You turned and smiled as he walked into the kitchen, pulling off his jacket.

“Welcome home Tamaki.” You leaned up and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. He flushed and returned your smile. He still got flustered a bit when he was with you, but after the years together he didn’t try to press his face into the wall. “Dinner’s going to be ready soon. Why don’t you grab a shower?”

“I can help.” You nodded and stepped aside to let him help you. The simple chore was always more pleasurable with company. “If you don’t mind?”

The quiet question for reassurance always tugged at your heart. You’d never turn Tamaki away for wanting something so simple. “Of course I don’t mind. I love it when you help me.” You didn’t miss the way his ears turned red and the small shudder that went through him. Could he? Hmm. That was worth testing later. A plan began to form in your mind. Part one would be to relax Tamaki and test out your theory that he enjoyed it when you praised him. Part two was getting his pants off and seeing just how far you could push the praise kink he seemed to have developed when you weren’t looking.

You relaxed into Tamaki’s arms as you sat on the couch. He rested his chin on your shoulder as you watched a show on the TV, but it didn’t hold your interest. You were much more interested in how he’d reacted to your praise earlier. You knew he needed reassurance still, but could he get a turn on from it? Time to test it out. You rolled your shoulder and winced.

“Are you alright?” You almost felt bad at the worry you heard in his voice.

“My shoulder’s just a little sore. That’s all.” His hand ran over the back of your shoulders, his fingers prodding gently at the skin to feel the tension there.

“You’re really tense.” You tilted your head back to give him your best pleading look.

“Could you give me a shoulder massage? Please Tamaki?” He flushed and ducked his head at the look in your eyes but he nodded. His hands came up to your shoulders and he began to gently knead the muscles. It felt really good.

“That feels really good Tamaki. You’re good at this.” You hummed as his grip faltered slightly. You could just imagine his face with the red creeping up from his neck. “You missed your calling.” He stammered out a response and you grinned. You let out a moan when he worked at a particularly sore spot. His arms wrapped around your waist and he pulled you back against him while burying his head.

“You’re mean.” He whined as you grinned. You felt his dick press against your ass on the couch and realized he’d gotten worked up.

“Aww, I’m sorry Tamaki.” You reached back and stroked his hair. “I just really love you, you know. You make me feel good and I like letting you know.” You turned your head to kiss his head and he tightened his grip on your waist. He whined against your shoulder. “What’s that?”

“I said you’re a tease.” He pulled his face back just enough to tell you what he thought before you flashed him a grin. He realized what he said and quickly shook his head. “No, I didn’t mean that.”

“What’s the matter Tama? You know you like it when I’m a tease.” You pressed your ass back against him, making him groan and press his face against your neck. “Aww, don’t hide your face. I love seeing you.” He grumbled against your neck. Time for part two of your plan. You shifted until you slid off the couch.

“What are?” Tamaki choked on his breath when your hands tugged at the waist of his pants. You freed his cock from his boxers and gave a soft stroke.

“I just want to give my favorite hero some attention. That’s all. You do so much for me Tamaki.” You murmured as your hand pumped his cock, watching his face for any sign of true displeasure. Instead you saw his pupils blown with lust and his face burning from the praise. You dipped your head down and licked the tip, smirking as his head fell back with a groan.

“Y-y-you’re mean.” Tamaki whined as he threw one arm over his face while his other tangled in your hair. You lifted your head.

“Do you want me to stop?” His head jerked back up and you grinned at the mild panic in his eyes before he groaned in defeat. “That’s a no then?” He nodded and your mouth went back to his cock. “You’re so responsive Tamaki. I love seeing you like this.” He whimpered as his cock hit the back of your throat after you praised him. Your hand wrapped around the base of his cock, squeezing in time with your movements.

“C-close.” He groaned as you lifted your head with a slick pop. You nodded and knew what would really get him going. He’d told you once that he’d fantasized about coming on your face and mouth. You’d thought it over and decided to really blow his mind. Your hand pumped his split slick cock as he leaned forward. Tamaki came with a harsh cry and choked on his groan as his release landed on your face. It sent another shudder through him and you grinned as you ran your tongue over your lips. It was worth the slightly bitter taste to see his eyes practically roll back.

“You did good Tamaki.” You laughed as he took off his shirt to clean your face. “Hmm. You looked so good when you came. I wanna see it again.” He whined in protest but his dick twitched against your hand.

Chapter Text

You hadn’t expected this reaction. Confusion clouded your mind as Dabi dragged you off to your room and slamming the door shut behind you. “You get off showing all of that to the others?” His finger hooked in the scoop neck of your tank. You were shocked, did he think? You quickly shook your head. “Oh? You get off on tryin’ to make me jealous?”

“No, Dabi.” He cut you off with a rough kiss, teeth nipping at your bottom lip when you whimpered against his lips. “Dabi.” He tangled a hand in your hair, tugging until your neck was exposed. His teeth left marks in the soft skin there. He wasn’t going to let you explain, but that was fine. You caught a glimpse of blue flame and squealed before you instinctively jerked away. He gave a harsh laugh as the strap of your tank top turned to ash.

“Scared princess?” He bit your earlobe as he ripped the tank top off of you. You groaned, it was one of your favorites! Now it was ruined! “You don’t need to be. I’d never hurt these beauties.” He smirked as his hands covered your breasts. His thumbs brushed over your nipples, teasing them until they were hard points.

“Dabi.” He grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head with one hand.

“Don’t move.” You nodded with a soft whimper and he released your hands to move back to your breasts. “No one else gets to see them like this. Your tits are for my eyes only, got it?” You nodded again, squealing when his fingers gently pinched and tugged at your nipples. He loved watching your face when he played with your tits. “Did you like that?” His hand slapped your breast and he smirked as you bit your bottom lip.

You cried out when his mouth covered one of your nipples and sucked hard, you dug your fingers into the door to keep from moving. His fingers rolled the other nipple and tugged in time with his mouth. It was almost too much. Your thighs pressed together as he kept his hands above your waist. “Hmm. I don’t think I’ve tried fucking your tits. What do you say princess? Let me fuck your tits.” He lifted his head and grasped your chin as he spoke. His thumb brushed against your bottom lip, smirking when your tongue brushed against it. “Is that a yes?”

“Y-yes! You can fuck my tits.” He smirked and grabbed your waist. You blindly followed him to the bed, knowing that if he was pleased then he’d please you later. As much of a dick as he was, he didn’t leave you hanging for too long unless it was part of the play.

He knelt over you, smirking as you pushed your breasts together without any prodding from him. He reached for the lube on the bedside table, making sure his cock was slick with it before he moved to your breasts. He leaned over and grasped the headboard as his cock pressed between those glorious tits. He’d always had a fascination for them, and loved the way they bounced when he fucked you. He knew they’d feel amazing and he groaned at the feeling of their warmth surrounding his cock. “Fuck princess. You feel good wrapped around my cock.”

“Dabi.” You groaned as he began to move. You shifted to give him a better angle and blinked when he groaned. His hand tangled in your hair and his pace got faster.

“Gonna cum on those pretty tits of yours.” Dabi groaned as he pulled out from your breasts. He stroked his cock and moaned as he came. His release landed on your breasts and some got on your face, and he smirked as you whined about it. “But you look so pretty with my cum on your face princess. Lets everyone know you’re mine.”

Chapter Text

Your precious sleep was interrupted by humming. You buried your face in the pillow to drown it out, but there was no drowning out Hizashi when he was in a mood. You and Shouta had both tried. Never worked. You wished you had half the energy Hizashi seemed to have, or better yet. You wanted to bottle the energy and sell it, you’d never have to work again. Shouta was similarly trying to ignore Hizashi’s early morning serenade, with as much success as you.

“Wakey wakey!” Hizashi laughed as he dodged the pillow you threw his way. “Hah!” You realized now you had no defense against him and scooted closer to Shouta.

“Lemme under.” You ducked under his pillow as he grunted and made room for you without moving too much. His arm wrapped around your waist and he pulled you flush against him as Hizashi went back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. You sighed and snuggled up against Shouta, smirking when you felt something press against your stomach. He grunted and swatted at the hand that ran under his shirt. “C’mon Shouta.”

“No.” He grumbled and you huffed as he grabbed your wrist and held your hand prisoner. “Too early.”

“You’re turning down sex, when I’ll do all the work?” That got his attention. He blearily opened one eye to stare down at you.

“All the work?” You huffed and nodded. Your body had been torn from a vivid dream involving your two lovers and it demanded satisfaction. “Fine.” You laughed as he dropped your wrist.

“Fall asleep on me and I’ll leave a mark where the class can see it.” You threatened and he merely grunted as you shimmied out of your panties. He lifted his hips so you could ease his already straining cock out of his pants. He turned over on his back at your nudge and you straddled his hips.

“What are you two doing in there?” Hizashi called out from the bathroom as you grinned while you sank down on Shouta’s cock. Shouta groaned and his hand fisted in the sheets as he bottomed out inside of you. Hizashi poked his head in and you bit your lip to hide the chuckle. “Awww, you started without me again!”

“I’m sorry Hizashi.” You grabbed his collar when he made it to the bed. He went down eagerly as your lips met his. “I just couldn’t help myself.”

“You promised to do all the work again didn’t you?” You laughed and nodded as he grinned in Shouta’s direction, who still had his head under the pillow.

“I told him if he fell asleep then I was going to leave a mark.” Hizashi laughed as he pulled his shirt off. That threat usually got Shouta’s attention, he didn’t need the class remarking on anything. The man prided himself on his professionalism, but his two lovers pushed that all the time.

“I’m not asleep.” Came the muffled argument from the pillow. Hizashi grinned as he knelt on the bed. “What?” Shouta lifted the pillow and his head fell back. “Really?”

“What? It would be mean to leave Hizashi out.” You pointed out as your hips rolled.

“That’s right Shouta. It would be mean.” Hizashi mimicked your voice as he reached around and cupped your breasts in his hands. Your head fell back against his shoulder as he kissed up the side of your neck. Shouta huffed and propped his head up on the pillow.

“Still not doing any of the work.” He grumbled as his hands came up to your hips. He bit off the groan as you angled your hips to let him go deeper. The two of you would be the death of him one of these days.

“Can I?” Hizashi murmured in your ear as his dick pressed against your ass. You nodded and leaned forward. You kept your weight off of Shouta as your hands were on either side of his shoulders. He cracked open one eye as he felt Hizashi’s fingers at your ass.

“We don’t have time for this.” Shouta grumbled. You laughed.

“Feel free to leave then, Shouta.” His fingers tightened on your hips in response and you had to grin at him. “Quit playing the grump. You know you love this.” He grumbled as you pressed a kiss to his forehead while Hizashi eased inside of you. You felt stretched, so so full. Caught between them was always intoxicating. Hizashi pressed kissed to your shoulders as he moved until his cock was all in. Shouta groaned as it pushed you further down on his cock.

“You good?” Hizashi murmured against your skin as he waited until your body adjusted. You nodded and cried out when he moved. The angle had your clit dragging against Shouta while their cocks filled you. The feeling was so intense, your fingers dug into the sheets by Shouta’s shoulders. Shouta’s fingers moved from your hips to curl around the back of your head and pull you in for a kiss. You moaned as you felt Hizashi tug at your chin when Shouta’s lips left yours. You tilted your head back as his lips covered yours. He groaned deep in his chest as he tasted you and Shouta on your tongue.

“Gonna cum.” You murmured as you felt your orgasm drawing close. The pleasure coiled tight in your lower belly as your clit rubbed against Shouta. Sweat beaded on your forehead from being trapped between the two of them, but you didn’t even notice from being so caught up in the pleasure. The tension tightened to a breaking point and your head fell against Hizashi’s shoulder as your orgasm washed over you. You cried out their names as you came hard. Shouta cursed and you felt him come inside of you. Hizashi groaned and pulled out before he came. He choked on a moan as he came against your lower back. He rolled off and pulled you off of Shouta to lay between them.

Shouta glanced at the clock and cursed before he threw back the covers. “It’s late!”

“Shouta, wait!” You called out but he wasn’t listening as he rushed to the bathroom. You sighed and leaned your head against Hizashi’s arm. “When do you think it’ll hit him that it’s Sunday?”

“About halfway to campus.” Hizashi grinned as you laughed. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Chapter Text

You really wanted to suck his dick. The two of you had been dating for around four months and the most you’d done was kiss. The man had the patience and restraint of a saint. You, not so much. When you’d snuggle against him, you’d feel his dick press against you. You knew he’d be huge, the man himself was over eight feet tall. Yet he still kept you at arm’s length. You wanted to climb that man like a fucking tree. Your coworkers were slightly concerned when you would randomly glare at the posters in your office that showcased the hero agencies around the area. Little did they know it wasn’t because you didn’t like the hero, it was very much the opposite. You decided to burn the frustration away by a visit to the gym near your home. Maybe if you were too tired to be horny, you could appreciate being with Taishiro instead of trying to find ways to convince him to let you suck his dick.

The workout didn’t work. You whined as you made it back to your apartment and then flopped down face-first onto the pillow. “Fuck!!” The pillow smelled like Taishiro, that only made things worse for you. Damn it! You flung the pillow behind you as you pressed your face into the covers to rage out your frustration.

“What’s gotten into ya tonight?” You jerked up at the sound of Taishiro’s voice. You peered over your shoulder and blinked to be sure you weren’t just hearing things. The hero stood there in the door looking over at you on the bed. “Now that’s a sight.” You flushed as you realized just how you looked. Ass in the air and face in the sheets, wearing only your cotton shorts and sleep shirt. Your first instinct was to sit up but you checked it. He walked in on you after all.

“Bad day.” You told him as you stretched out flat on the bed, kicking the comforter off onto the floor. He clicked his tongue as he sat on the edge of the bed. You suppressed the shudder when his hand rested on the small of your back. It nearly engulfed your back, and sent a warmth curling low in your belly.

“Sorry ta hear that darlin’.” He sounded so sincere you felt a twinge of guilt for lying. You just didn’t want to pressure him by telling him that you were frustrated from lack of progress in your relationship, aka you were horny as hell.

“I’ll live Taishiro.” You flushed at using his name, it still took some getting used to. “What brings you over here?” You shifted to look over at him at the foot of the bed.

“I can’t want ta see ya?” He flashed you a cheeky grin but you weren’t completely buying it. “I brought ya some food.” That got your attention.

“What kind?” You shifted to sit up and couldn’t. “Taishiro?”

“I’ve been meaning t’ask.” He scratched the side of his face while he kept you pinned in place with his other hand. A heated pulse throbbed between your legs from it, and you wanted to growl in frustration.

“What’s that?” You asked as you did your best to keep the frustration out of your voice. This man could turn you on with such little effort, but you couldn’t see any crack in his expression. It almost made you wonder if you had any effect on him, almost.

“Can I stay the night?” You stared up at him.

“You have before? So yeah. I mean, I’m pretty sure you still have a change of clothes here. Unless you took it home with you last time.” You shifted again, now focused on finding him a change of clothes. He rolled you onto your back and you stared at him in surprise.

“No, I mean.” He grumbled. “This is harder than it looks. It’s not easy for me ya know.” He turned his face away. Something in his face had you going still.

“Taishiro, are you asking to stay the night because you want to have sex with me?” You bit the inside of your cheek as he flushed red.

“Did ya hafta put it like that?” A muffled snort of laughter escaped and he narrowed his eyes at you. “What’s so funny?” The disgruntled expression on his face broke the restraint on your laughter and you curled up on the bed. He waited you out, having faith you weren’t laughing at him.

“I’m sorry Taishiro. I am. I’m not laughing at you.” You moved quick and were up on your knees before he could react. You placed a kiss on his cheek. “I’m laughing at myself.” He merely raised an eyebrow at you. “Well, you weren’t the only one thinking about wanting to spend the night.” He huffed and then it hit him.

“Really?” You nodded and brushed a kiss over his still grinning mouth.

“Really.” Your fingers tugged at his hoodie. “Off.” He laughed and tugged at your wrists. “No. Not gonna happen. Lemme go.” You squirmed as he eased you back onto the bed. You had one goal in mind and damn it, no one was going to get in your way. Not even the man in question himself.

“What’s gotten into ya?” Taishiro moved back as you squirmed under his hands.

“I’ve been thinking about sucking your dick for days and no one is gonna stop me now that you want to take that next step!” He froze like someone sucker punched him. It gave you enough of an opportunity to slip out and onto the floor.

“Wait!” His hand grabbed your shoulder. “Ya don’t have to.”

“Taishiro, you’re awfully hard for someone who’s trying to turn down a blowjob.” You smirked as you palmed him through his pants. He choked on a breath.

“I’m bigger than.” He began but you waved it off.

“I’m counting on that.” He couldn’t find an argument in him after that. He released your shoulder and sat back as your fingers freed him from his pants.

You rubbed your thighs together at seeing his cock in front of you. You wrapped your fingers around the base of his cock and pressed a line of kisses from base to tip, licking the precum that leaked out. A throb of heat went through you when you realized your fingers didn’t touch when you wrapped them around his dick. Taishiro groaned above you as your mouth closed over the head of his cock. You took as much of him as you could into your mouth, relaxing your jaw as he hit the back of your throat. The choked curse that passed his lips was reward enough for you. Enough to put up with any slightly disagreeable taste. You bobbed your head while twisting your hand at the base of his dick. There was no way you’d fit his entire cock in your mouth, he was far too big. You’d give it your best damn shot.

One of his hands dove into your hair, tensing when he hit the back of your throat again. You could hear him mumbling something but couldn’t quite catch what he was saying, too focused on your current objective. His hand tightened in your hair and he pulled you up and off his cock with surprising strength.

“Hey!” Your protest came out in a hoarse croak. You moaned as his lips covered yours.

“Your turn.” He spoke against your lips and it didn’t really register until you felt his hand reach between your legs. Your head fell back as he used his fingers against you. They felt so damn good as they twisted and rubbed to bring you closer. You jumped slightly when Taishiro pressed cold, slick fingers against your heated skin. Lube. You chuckled and leaned up to kiss his chin.

“Someone’s prepared.” You couldn’t finish the teasing when one thick finger slid inside of you. Only one and you could feel the stretch, it sent a shudder of heat through you. What was his cock going to feel like? You couldn’t wait to find out. Taishiro rubbed his palm against you while his fingers worked inside of you. The stretch was unbelievable when he added a third finger.

“Yer taking me so well.” You whined at the praise, wanting more than just his fingers. He chuckled and pulled his fingers away. “What do you want?” You moaned as his teeth nibbled at your neck. “What’s the matter? Ya were so vocal a few minutes ago.”

“You tease!” You groaned as he ran a hand under your shirt, toying with your nipples while he waited you out. “I want your cock. Please.” His hand left your chest and moved to your waist, lifting you until you were settled over his dick.

The stretch was unbelievable as you slid down, inch by slow inch. You’d never felt so full before, it was enough to ignore the slight sting of discomfort as your body adjusted to his size. You both breathed out when your hips were flush with his. He buried his face in your neck as his fingers tightened on your hips. He nearly had to bend over in half, even with your own height taken into the equation, but you both craved the contact. After a moment you tested him by rolling your hips. His head snapped up with a gasp and he met your eyes. You lifted your hips before sliding back down, a silent plea for him to hurry the hell up.

He nodded and held your hips while he thrust up into you. Your head fell back as he hit that spot inside of you every time. Stars burst behind your eyelids as he rolled his hips up. Your fingers grasped at his shoulders as you met his hips with each thrust. He reached between your bodies and it didn’t take long. You were gone, yelling out his name as your orgasm rolled through you. He followed not too much longer after you. You flopped across his chest as he collapsed backwards onto your bed.

You realized neither of you got fully undressed, it almost made you laugh. If you had the energy. That was the best damn orgasm you’d had in a long, long time. His hands gently tugged at your body, moving until you were eye to eye. The uncertainty there had you moving and you placed a kiss to his lips. “That was incredible.” You murmured against his lips. He returned your kiss on a sigh. “I’m glad you decided to spend the night.” You smiled down at him and blinked when his stomach rumbled.

He flushed red but you dropped your head to muffle the giggles. “Come on Taishiro.” You rolled off of him and stood beside the bed, holding out one hand to him. “Let’s clean up and then eat. And after we eat, we can go for round two.”

Chapter Text

“Come on then princess. Show me how you get off.” The sinful voice rolled over your skin like a caress. You should’ve expected this coming from the villain. He chuckled and gently bit your ear while you straddled his lap, facing forward. “You want my cock?” You nodded and ground your hips against his erection straining against his pants. “Then get yourself off first.”

“You’re just being lazy.” You breathlessly tossed out over your shoulder. He smirked and reached around to pinch your nipple.

“And if I am? You’re still going to get yourself off. Then maybe I’ll fuck you.” You groaned at the stubbornness you heard in his voice. There was no denying Dabi when he was like this. If you wanted him to fuck you, and you desperately did, you would have to do what he said. Doing it was just embarrassing, and you whined that out to him. “Are you gonna complain? Then I can leave.”

“No!” He smirked and you realized you’d fallen right into the trap. “Dick.”

“You still want it.” He murmured against your ear as you huffed. He pressed his hand against your stomach and spread his fingers, inching closer to where you wanted it. Yet, he stayed frustratingly still. “Go ahead. I wanna see you fuck yourself on your fingers.”

You trailed one hand down your body, gently rolling your nipple in your hand drawing a gasp from your lips. “Yeah, your tits are sensitive aren’t they princess?” Dabi’s lips brushed against your neck as he spoke, keeping his hands still on your hips. You nodded and brought your other hand up to grab the other breast. You played with your breasts, enjoying the heat simmering in your belly. “Let’s get on with the show princess.” You yelped when he smacked your ass.

“Impatient.” You gently scolded and glared when he bit your shoulder in retaliation. “Hey, we agreed no marks.” You reminded him as he laughed and smacked your ass again. You huffed but moved your hand down to cup yourself between your legs. You groaned as you felt how wet you were just from playing with your breasts. Two fingers slipped inside of your slick folds, while your palm ground against your clit. You bit your bottom lip to keep the moans quiet.

Dabi reached up and ran his thumb over your bottom lip, gently taking it away from your teeth. “Now, now. I want to hear you when you come princess.” You groaned as you clenched down on your fingers at his words. It felt good, but it wasn’t Dabi’s fingers. “Be sure to scream my name.” He murmured against your neck. He’d been peppering kisses along your shoulder and neck, nibbling when your breath hitched.

“Dabi, please. I need.” You groaned as you felt the tension tighten in your belly. “I need your fingers.” He chuckled and wrapped his fingers around your palm.

“Do you need them? Or do you just want them?” You groaned when you felt the tension begin to ebb and wanted them back. The ass was making you edge yourself!

“Does it matter Dabi? Your fingers feel better than mine!” His fingers tightened on your wrist, and you whined. He released your wrist and you went back to rubbing against your clit. He wanted you to orgasm, then you were going to get that release. Normally he’d edge you for at least an hour, but this time you weren’t going to let him. The exquisite tension built in your belly again, slowly building until it snapped. You threw back your head with a choked cry as you came around your fingers. His name flew from your lips as you ground down against his pants. You slumped against him after the last wave receded from your orgasm. Dabi’s arms lifted you and placed you on the mattress before he hovered over you.

“Good job princess. Now, are you ready for round two?” He shuddered at the wrecked look on your face, and he smirked as he saw your body shiver in anticipation.

Chapter Text

He hadn’t expected that fucking quirk. He prided himself on his control over everything, but that damned quirk had thrown all of that into chaos. Shouta grunted as he pushed open the door to the small hideout he called his own. A certain scent reached his nose and he quickly covered his mouth and nose. You were there. Damn. His dick tented the loose pants he favored when fighting and his blood boiled with want for you. Though in his current state, anything would have sufficed. He just wanted you. Shouta followed the scent of your body wash to the back of the hideaway, a sadistic grin splitting his face when he saw you hunched over at the desk. You were almost completely oblivious. His capture weapon was in his hands in a second and you screeched when it wrapped around you, trapping you in the chair.

“A little warning next time Eraser!” You yelled at him as he tied you to the chair. “I have to finish getting this information for you. Lemme go.” You struggled but knew from personal experience it was no use. When the villain Eraserhead got into one of his moods, there was no getting out of anything. Normally, you got more notice when he was feeling like this. He twisted his wrist and you gasped as the cloth shifted until your legs were spread wide. You hadn’t expected him back for a long time, so you were in shorts and a tank top. As you’d normally expected to go to sleep right after finishing your work. This gave him easy access.

“Hmm. No underwear today?” His long fingers slipped underneath the fabric of your shorts to find you bare. You opened your mouth to tell him that it was laundry day, but his lips covered yours in a rough, sloppy kiss. A moan pulled from your chest as he shifted and suddenly two fingers slipped in.

“Ah!” Your back arched at the sudden invasion. He was impatient today. Normally he liked to draw out his teasing, until you were begging for him to touch you the way you wanted him to. Something happened. “What? Eraserhead.” His lips silenced any questions on your tongue, bending your head back with the force of his need. Something happened but he wouldn’t answer your questions. You moaned when you felt his dick brush against your thigh. His lips trailed down your neck, biting as he went. “Hey! No marks!” He huffed and sucked the skin on the side of your neck. Insufferable ass.

You barely had time to register the sound of your shorts being ripped from your body before his cock bottomed out inside of you. All you could think was thank the divines he remembered lube. He swallowed your moan when his lips covered yours again.

He was desperate for relief and your body was warm and tight around him. His fingers dug into your hips as he gave you a few brief seconds to adjust, but it was eating at him. The hunger in his belly that demanded he chase his release. He set a rough pace once he felt your hips tilt towards him. The room was filled with the sounds of your moans and the wet sounds of sex. It shouldn’t have been a turn on, but it only made the ache inside of him worse. He groaned as he felt the tightening in his belly. He knew you hadn’t and probably weren’t close, but he needed to get rid of this infuriating feeling. The feeling in his belly was like a live current, an incessant buzzing in the back of his mind. He needed release, now. But it wasn’t happening. Fuck.

His hand reached between you and his fingers found you close to the edge. The angle he’d been at had hit that spot that made you see stars. His fingers brought you even closer to that edge, until the tension in you broke. He muffled your scream with his lips as he slammed his hips against yours as he came inside of you. You groaned when his forehead rested on your shoulder. He didn’t bother moving and you realized with a start that he was still hard. “What happened Eraser?” He laughed against your skin, teeth marking your shoulder despite your repeated protests.

“Sex pollen quirk.” You let that sink in for a minute.

“Wait? You’re not joking?” He huffed and moved in you. Your head fell back as you realized he hadn’t gone soft at all.

“Does that feel like I’m joking?” He groaned as he began a slow pace, just lazily thrusting in and out of your body.

“Since when.” You sucked in a breath as he hit that spot inside of you once again. You were still sensitive from your orgasm earlier and your body responded to the touches almost violently. “Since when does a hero have a quirk like that?” He huffed and sucked on your neck again. “Quit that!”

“No.” You grumbled at his answer. “Wasn’t a hero. Not a legal one anyway.” Made sense. Vigilantes weren’t rare but they had the quirks that didn’t quite make the cut for hero work. Shouta reached down and you tensed.

“How long are you going to be like this?” Your fingers dug into your palms as he flicked his wrist and made you see stars. The man knew how to touch you to bring you to orgasm, and knew how sensitive you were after an orgasm. He really was an insufferable ass when he wanted to be.

“Dunno.” His nonanswer should have infuriated you but your body was quickly waking up again. He changed the angle of his hips and your head fell back with a cry. “You aren’t complaining.” If you could have hit him, you would have. You didn’t have to look at him to know he had a smug smile on his face, you could see it in your mind.

“Quit talking and fuck that shit out of your system already.” You grumbled as he looked up at you from your shoulder. “I have work to finish damn it.” You knew that he hated it when you took that tone with him. It ensured you were in for a lot of teasing. He leaned back and loosened the capture weapon around you. You looked at him in surprise as he stepped back, cock sliding out of your body. “Eraser?”

You weren’t expecting him to turn you and push you onto the desk. “No! My papers!” You protested as he swiped all the papers off the desk. That had taken you all night!! He leaned down until his lips reached your ear.

“You should be more concerned for your own hide.” He smirked against your ear when he felt your shudder. In a blink your legs were spread open and tied to the desk legs. A hiss passed your lips when his palm cracked against your ass. His hand reached between your legs and wrenched a cry from your lips. “You’re going not going to cum again until I say so.” His lips sucked a deep purple mark on the back of your shoulder despite your whining. He loved seeing the marks on your skin, it set something primal off in him. You were his. He knew how to play your body to bring you to orgasm. He felt your body tense and pulled away.

“Why?” He smirked against your back. Why?

“Because it’s fun.” He ran his tongue over your spine as he contented himself by thrusting against your ass cheeks. He waited until your body had calmed down, despite your bitching at him. He reached down again and drew back when you were right there.

“You are an ass.” You groaned as he edged you again for the third time. His lips trailed back up your spine, soft as a butterfly. Contradicting to the man himself. Your hips rolled against him, silently pleading for him to get on with it.

“What do you want?” He chuckled as you huffed, but he wanted the words. Needed the words. “Be good and tell me.” You groaned as he pressed his palm against you, pulling your body tight to his. You couldn’t move an inch, and would get no relief that way. Just like he wanted.

“You. I want you.” You groaned as he kept his hand where it was. “Please Eraser.” You cried out when he sharply bit your shoulder. “Wha?”

“My name. Say my name.” His tongue brushed against the stinging bruise, sending a shiver down your body. He was in a mood. If you ever found that person…

“Shouta, please. Please fuck me. I need your cock.” Your pleas ended on a moan when he pushed in. His hand pressed down on your back, right between your shoulder blades, keeping you bent over. His other held your hip in a vise like grip as he set a harsh rhythm.

“Look at how sloppy you are.” He smirked as he watched his cock go in and out of your body. Always a turn on, and that sex pollen had an itch in the back of his mind that he needed to satisfy. He groaned as your body tightened around his cock, reminding him that he’d been edging you for a while which always made you extra sensitive. “Don’t move.” You gripped the edge of the desk as the hand on your back slipped around and his fingers found you swollen and slick.

“Please, please let me cum this time.” You turned your head to the side to look up at him. A shudder went through him at how you looked. Cheeks flushed, eyes misted over with frustrated tears, and lips swollen from his kisses. You were his. He twisted his wrist and you let out a moan that he felt in his belly.

“I think I can let you this time, but you have to wait for me.” You groaned and rested your cheek against the desk. You concentrated all your energy into holding back the orgasm that was right there. He slapped your ass again, smirking as he heard your moan. You were always a slut for pain. He cursed when he felt his balls tighten, his own release was near. “Fuck. You feel so good.” He increased his thrusts as he moved his other hand between your legs to match his rhythm.

“I can’t. I’m going. Shouta!” You knew you couldn’t hold back your orgasm anymore. “I’m.” You moaned out his name as your orgasm washed over you. He cursed as he helped you ride through the waves, cursing when his own release caught him off guard. He spilled inside of you, finally feeling the buzzing receding in his mind. He moved his hand to beside your shoulder, keeping his weight braced on it. You both paused to catch your breath, and he rolled his hips. “N-no.” He glanced up at your face as you squirmed to get away from the sensation.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He smirked as you whined at him. “I’m not done yet.”

“Yes you are. You’re soft! I can feel it!” He huffed and pulled out of you. His own legs were shaky but damned if he’d show you any weakness. With a slight flick of his wrist, the capture weapon released your legs and you collapsed onto the chair with shaky legs. You protested when his capture weapon wrapped around you, tugging you onto your feet. His lips brushed against yours in a possessive kiss.

“Time for bed.”

“I still have work to do!” You complained but it wasn’t any use. He simply dragged you off to bed despite your protests. “Shouta!”

Chapter Text

Shouta smirked as he leaned against the side of the door while you bustled around the office. How he lucked out with such an efficient assistant was beyond him. You didn’t ask for details regarding his work but produced the information he required for all of the runs he went on. He wasn’t going to second guess his luck, not with how you were looking in that tight little outfit. The way the fabric stretched across your ass had his hands itching to dig in. He straightened while you had your back to him, leaning over the desk looking for something. You didn’t even hear him coming, he couldn’t have planned it better if he tried. His hand descended with a sharp crack.

“Jesus fuck!” You shrieked as red-hot pain radiated out from your ass cheek. You tried to turn around but a hand on your shoulder stopped that. The hand pushed you down onto the desk and you groaned. “Eraser! I have work to do! Stop it!” You knew complaining did nothing but earn you more trouble, but damn it. The man paid you to do this work and yet he kept insisting on interrupting said work. Only to get pissy when the information was late, resulting in yet another punishment. Not that you minded all that much. You resisted the urge to rub your stinging flesh.

“You shouldn’t tempt me then.” You shot him a glare over your shoulder as he pressed his hips against your ass. “You’re late turning that report in to me.”

“Because you.” The words died on your lips when his hand came down with a sharp smack again. You moaned this time when he grabbed your ass, massaging the plump flesh in his hands.

“You need to be punished for that.” You barely had time to form a reply before his hands had your pants unbuttoned and pulled off. You were clad in just your underwear from the bottom down. Anticipation had your thighs rubbing together, you wanted to know what he was planning. “These can come off too.” He hooked a finger in the waistband of the plain cotton and tugged until they pooled at your feet.

He leaned back to admire the view. Your skin was already darkening from his two smacks from earlier. “What do you think? Ten?” You shook your head. “Oh? Fifteen then?”

No. I don’t need a punishment Eraser.” You sucked on a breath when his hand connected again with bare flesh, that stung. This time his fingers searched between your legs and stroked you gently. The contrast between the touches sent your sensitivity into overdrive. You rolled your hips against his hand with a soft moan. “It’s your fault the report is late.” You huffed as he smirked.

“Getting mouthy on me? Fine. Twenty it is.” He let out a dark chuckle when he heard the whine escape you. But you kept your mouth shut. You were learning. “Now, be sure to count.” The hand not currently busy between your legs landed with a harsh crack on your cheek.

“O-one.” You murmured as he twisted his wrist to your surprise. A keening cry spilled out of you as the sting of the slap and the pleasure from his fingers tightened in your belly. He smacked one more time. “Two.” You breathed as he gently massaged the sore skin of your ass. He rolled his hips against your body, right between your sore ass cheeks, and you felt just how much he was getting off on this. Sadistic bastard. “Shouta.” You murmured only to yelp when another crack filled the room. “Three!” You whined in desperation at your skin felt like it was on fire.

The sounds of your cries and Shouta’s slaps mingled together as you kept a count of how many smacks he delivered to your ass. “Twenty!” You almost shrieked the word as his hand ceased its downward arc. He smirked as he looked down at your ass. Your skin was swollen and he saw the cherry red handprints on the flesh. It sent a wave of possessiveness through his body. The imprints may as well have been a brand, you were his.

You knew you wouldn’t be sitting down for a while. Not with the way your flesh stung as he ground his hips against yours. His fingers had never eased up on their teasing between your legs, but he kept you hovering on that line again. He wanted the words, but damn it. You didn’t want to give in. Yet, deep down, you knew you would.

“Are you ready to get fucked?” Aizawa asked as you whimpered.

“Yes. I want your cock please.” He leaned down until his lips were by your ear.

“Please who?” You bit your lip at the shudder of heat that went through you.

“Please Shouta. I need your cock. Let me cum on your cock please!” You’d caught him off guard with that sentence. He knew you were frustrated but he hadn’t anticipated this kind of reaction. He had to remember this for next time.

“Since you asked nicely.” Shouta grinned as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled his straining erection free. You gripped the edge of the desk as he poured the lube on his dick. He slid into you in a slow push, letting you get used to the stretch. Once your body relaxed, he bottomed out inside of you before he began a rough pace. He pressed his face against your shoulder and latched his lips onto the skin there.

Shouta.” You groaned as you knew it would bruise. Your entire wardrobe may as well be turtlenecks at this rate. He smirked against your shoulder before he leaned up and captured your lips in a heated kiss. You moaned into his mouth when he brushed his tongue against yours. His hips never stopped moving as his hand between your legs continued to make you see stars. “Can I cum?” You whispered against his lips.

“Yes.” He grunted as you fell over that edge. Your body clenched around his cock and he wasn’t too far behind you. Shouta took several deep breaths while keeping his weight from crushing you. He sighed and straightened. A surge of sadistic pleasure bubbled up inside of him. You were stretched out across the table, face flushed, ass cheeks a cherry red, and the most wrecked look on your face. He stuffed himself back in his pants before he leaned over to your ear.

“I expect that report on my desk in two hours.” You groaned at the ridiculous time constraint but it was enough to spur you out of bed.

Chapter Text

The phone’s camera clicked as you grinned into the lens. It had been a few weeks since you’d been able to spend time with your boyfriend. He tried, divines knew he tried, but with his schedule it was just too difficult to slip away for some personal time. You sighed and checked the photo. You thought it looked decent, but then again you were your own worst critic. You’d chosen a cute sheer babydoll top with matching lace panties, with stockings. An impulse buy, but one you couldn’t fault yourself for. It was nice to treat yourself every once in a while. Now, to send or not to send. That was the question.

If you did send it, your very proper lover was sure to be angry. Embarrassed. And you wished you could see the blush on his cheeks when he opened the file. Though, he would punish you in some way. Was it a risk you were willing to take? You looked at the calendar and did some mental math. Three weeks since you had last been able to see him for more than five minutes. Yep, definitely going to send it. You double and triple checked the contact to make sure you didn’t accidentally send it to someone else. You sent it and now you had to wait for his reply. When you didn’t get a reply you pouted for a second before you decided to take some really interesting pictures for your boyfriend.

Shinya glanced down as his phone vibrated in his pocket. A message from you, he couldn’t fight the smile that curled on his lips as he thought of you. The villain situation had calmed down, so he was able to check your message. He stepped to the side and opened the window. He was thankful for the privacy as the picture of you popped up. His jaw clenched as he saw the sheer material clinging to your curves. The blood rushed in his ears as he realized he could see your nipples through the fabric. He paused above the keyboard when another image appeared. This one was of you in just panties and the stockings. He prided himself on his control but was thankful for his loose hero costume. It helped hide the evidence of his arousal. As he was concentrating another image slid in with a slight ding. He groaned and held the phone to his chest. You were playing with your nipples in that one. Shinya slid the phone back into his pocket with a shudder. He didn’t know what had gotten into you, but he was going to have to show you some manners at home.

“Hey Edgeshot! We’ve got this handled. You’ve been working nonstop for a few weeks now haven’t you? Take the evening off.” Edgeshot was surprised by Hawks’ offer but with his phone still buzzing in his pocket, he wasn’t going to turn it down.

“My thanks.” He bowed and turned to head to his agency and change before he headed home. Hawks grinned and waved as the other hero disappeared from sight. He typed in a message on his phone. “You owe me for this.” He tucked his own phone into his pocket and turned back to the police.

At home you were a bundle of nerves. It was worth it to owe Hawks a favor if it meant you could get Shinya home earlier. The door opened quietly, if you hadn’t been alert for any odd sound you would have missed it. You turned to see Shinya standing in the doorway to your bedroom, his mask already in his hand. “Y-you’re home early.” You managed to smile at the intense look in his eyes. He stepped over to you, dropping his mask in the chair by your dresser.

“That was reckless, sending those pictures.” He brushed your cheek with the back of his fingers. You’d expected harsher words from him. “Is it because I’ve been neglecting you lately?” You sucked in your bottom lip as his fingers trailed down. You’d put the top back on, tied neatly with a bow. His finger hooked in the bow, tugging until it came undone. You resisted the urge to squirm as his lips ghosted along your jaw. His other hand moved to your hips, with his fingers digging into the curve there. You didn’t even realize he was guiding you back towards the bed until the backs of your knees hit it and you went down. He smirked as you held out your arms to him.

“No. Not yet. You’re not getting what you want yet.” You groaned as he dropped to his knees. He turned his head and pressed a kiss to your silk covered ankle. “You’re keeping these on.” His hands ran up your legs over the stockings, sending a shiver through your body.

“I didn’t think you had a stocking kink.” You smirked and squealed when he gently pinched your thigh. His hands lifted your leg as he trailed kisses up to your knee. He ungraciously tugged you until your ass rested against the edge of the bed. “Shinya.” His name came out on a whine. With him so close, you just wanted to touch and feel him against you. Your body burned for it.

“Not yet. Wouldn’t be a punishment if I gave in to you now would it?” He smirked at your whiny protest. You only got this needy for him. It humbled him as he saw how ready you were. He could see the damp spot on your panties, and he let his thumb brush against you. Soft as a whisper. Knowing it would frustrate you. You didn’t disappoint him.

“Please Shinya. I won’t do it again I promise.” You pleaded as he pressed in just a bit more with his thumb. You groaned and bucked your hips to get more friction. He pulled his thumb away as you groaned. His fingers shifted the cloth covering you and finally gave you what you wanted. He leaned in and flattened his tongue against your clit as his finger dipped inside your heat. Shinya brought you to the edge with his lips and fingers. Right as you felt the tension tighten in your belly, he pulled his head away.


You heard rustling and his pants dropped to the floor. You reached to pull off your panties but he stopped you. “They stay on.” You nodded and leaned back, merely holding out your arms for Shinya. He gave you a smile but instead of leaning down to you, he grabbed your legs and put them over his shoulders. Your fingers moved your panties to the side so he could line his cock up with your slick folds. Your back bowed when he pushed his cock inside of you. You both groaned as he pulled out until the tip remained and then slammed his hips back into you. His free hand reached between you and he rubbed gentle circles around your clit as he pounded into you. “Together.” You nodded and curled your fingers in the sheet as he tightened his grip on your calves. He leaned down and he was so deep. The angle had heat sizzling along your body, it brought you right back to the edge.

“Shinya. I’m.” He grunted as he was close as well. He nodded and rubbed your clit in faster strokes. You cried out as your orgasm crashed through you.

He groaned as your walls clenched around his cock, it was too much. He slammed his hips to yours once before he pulled out. You shuddered as he dropped your legs and stroked himself until he came on your stockings. He sighed and held his weight off of you with one arm as he caught his breath. You smiled up at your hero as he leaned in for a kiss, finally. When he pulled away you had a mischievous smile on your lips. He knew you’d have something to say, you usually did.

“So, you sure you don’t have a stocking kink?” He sighed as you giggled before you kissed him again.

Chapter Text

Taishiro sighed as he walked into the home he shared with you after a long day fighting villains. The smell of dinner drifted over to him and he sighed contentedly. You were always there to cheer him up after a hard day. He leaned down and brushed a kiss over the top of your head before he headed to your shared bedroom to get out of his hero costume. “Rough day?” He simply pulled you against him while you worked at the counter. This was a normal routine, to the point that you could prep and cook while he was hugging you.

“Normal day.” You laughed and tilted your head up to smile at him. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and you hummed happily. “How long until dinner?”

“Hmm. Once I get it in the oven, probably about an hour. Why?” He nodded and headed to the living room after mumbling something about paperwork. You narrowed your eyes suspiciously but shrugged. A hero’s work was never done. Taishiro stayed quiet until you got your dinner in the oven.

“Taishiro?” You wiped your hands off on the towel and untied your apron while you called out for him. You heard his voice coming from the living room and followed it. “Dinner’s in the oven now.” You smiled as you saw him stretched out on the couch, poor thing was worn out. His quirk could take a lot out of him. You leaned down, resting a hand on his chest, and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Want me to wake you when it’s done?” You weren’t expecting the hands that grabbed your hips. He tugged until you were lying across his chest. “Taishiro!” He grinned as you laughed at the sudden rush.

“I missed ya.” You smiled at him and leaned in for a proper kiss. You missed him too. “I want to do something for you.”

“Oh?” You squealed as his hands tugged you up. “What are you doing?” You were practically sitting on his chest, but you quickly caught on to what he wanted. You grinned at him and ran a hand over his hair. “You want to do something for me? And what would that be?” You laughed as his fingers tightened on your waist. “A particular kink of yours perhaps?”

“You know me too well.” He chuckled as you shifted and suddenly your sweats and panties were on the floor. “Yer too good to me.” He grinned as he easily lifted you. You settled your thighs on either side of his face and he tugged until your weight settled on his face. His tongue pressed flat against your clit and a ragged moan left your lips as he closed his lips around your clit and sucked. You grabbed the back of the couch as your strength left you. Taishiro knew just how to bring you to orgasm with barely any effort.

He reveled in your moans as he used his tongue to bring you to the edge. He’d stop when he felt you reach the edge, and blew against your clit. It always made you squeeze your thighs against him, and he loved it. “Fatgum.” Hearing you moan his hero name had his dick rock hard in his pants. This was about you, and he took pity on you. His hands tightened on your thighs as he sucked on your clit again, this time not stopping until your back bowed. He felt your body twitch as your orgasm rolled over you, relishing the way you sweetly moaned his name as you threw back your head.

He moved you easily until you stretched out on his chest. “Hmm.” You hummed as you felt his dick press against you through his clothes. The timer dinged in the kitchen and you contemplated just letting it sit for a few more minutes but then again… You could have your dessert later.

Chapter Text

“Are you home?” Kirishima called out as he set his gym bag down by the door of your shared apartment. He’d just gotten finished with his after work workout. He perked up as the sound of the water running caught his attention. He flashed a grin at the soft humming coming from the bathroom. You were taking a shower. Perfect. Kirishima stripped out of his clothes and padded down the hall towards the bedroom. He made sure to toss his clothes in the hamper before he quietly slid the door open to the bathroom. You must have just gotten into the shower, the steam hadn’t built up yet.

Kirishima watched as the water streamed over your body, his cock stirring at the sight of your plush ass. You turned and smiled when you saw him standing there. “Eijirou. How was the workout?” You didn’t move away when he joined you under the spray. You tilted your head back against his shoulder when his hands slid over your slick skin. “What’s on your mind then?” You grinned as he ground his hips against yours. His face pressed against the back of your shoulder and he trailed a line of kisses from shoulder to shoulder. His hands stayed frustratingly still on your hips.

“I missed you today.” Kirishima murmured as his lips moved up your neck until he nibbled on your earlobe. He muffled his groan against your neck when you moved your hips against his. His dick was hard and slid between your ass cheeks, slicking them with his precum.

“I couldn’t tell.” You giggled as he bit your skin in retaliation for the teasing. Instead of the laughing protest, he wasn’t expecting the moan that fell from your lips. That got his attention. Kirishima trailed his hands up to your breasts, grinning against your shoulder as your body shuddered. “Eijirou.” He suppressed the shudder that came from hearing his name on your lips. He cupped and kneaded the soft flesh in his hands, groaning when your hips pushed back against him. “Eiji. I want you.”

“Oh? How do you want me?” You huffed and wiggled your hips. “Gotta be more clear than that.” Your hand reached behind you and stroked his cock. He hissed out a breath and turned you to face him. “Don’t like me teasing you?”

“I do. Just not right now.” You smiled up at him as he leaned down and covered your lips with his. One of his hands dipped between your legs, groaning when he felt you slick and swollen. His thumb pressed against your clit while he slid a finger inside of you. He soon added a second as you moaned against his lips. Kirishima rested his forehead against yours as he curled his fingers inside of you. His free hand wrapped around your waist when your knees buckled when your orgasm washed through you. You gasped when Kirishima hooked your legs over his arms and lifted you, pressing your back against the wall.

You didn’t want to tell him how big of a turn on that was, but he smirked at you. “Do you like me picking you up babe?” You grumbled and reached over and shut off the water before it turned cold. Kirishima grinned as he ground his hips against yours, keeping his cock moving against your clit. Your moans bounced off the bathroom walls as little shocks of pleasure went through you with every touch.

Your head hit the bathroom wall as his cock slid inside of you, stretching you despite his prepping. He swallowed your moan as he covered your lips with his in a sloppy, heated kiss. He gave you a moment to adjust before he moved his hips, the angle letting him hit that spot inside of you that made you see stars. You cried out his name against his lips while his hands tightened on your hips. He grunted as he felt his orgasm getting close. “Eiji. Eijirou, come inside of me.” You moaned as he bit down on your neck, the words sending him over the edge. He breathed in slowly as he felt your body clench around his cock.

When you got some breath back you chuckled. “Well, at least we’re in the bathroom. Clean up will be easy.” Kirishima laughed and let your legs slid down, keeping his hands on your hips to keep you steady.

Chapter Text

“Eraser? I got those files that.” You froze in the doorway as you saw your boss on the phone. Well shit. You were in for it now. You quickly made your way over to his desk and set the report down before you turned to bolt. The villain Eraserhead wasn’t known for his patience after all. Fingers closed over your wrist and yanked back. You muffled the yelp of surprise as you stretched out across the desk. You stared up into his dark eyes burning with anger. He hated being interrupted, especially when he was on the phone with one of his contacts. Nerves fluttered in your belly as he glared down at you while continuing his conversation on the phone. His hand released your wrist and reached for your chin. His fingers gripped it gently while his thumb stroked your bottom lip. As if contemplating your fate. You resisted the urge to suck it into your mouth, he was in an unpredictable mood at the moment. And on the phone with a client. You would rather play it safe.

You shivered as he gently pinched your bottom lip in his fingers as he stared down at you, having figured out your punishment no doubt. His hand left you and searched his desk drawer. You winced as he brought out the ball gag. Not your favorite but that was why it was a punishment. You’d interrupted his phone call, knowing the rules and boundaries he’d set forth. He tucked the phone against his ear and used his hands to put the gag in your mouth. He smirked down at you as you sighed around the gag.

“Yes. We should be good to move on that date.” His voice rumbled over you and your thighs rubbed together. His eye caught the movement and a slow sinister grin spread on his lips. You knew what that smile meant. You were in for it now, though you didn’t quite dread it as much as he wanted you to. Eraser stood and shuffled around the desk until he was behind you. Your body stayed still, not daring to defy him. Your hips shifted and the coffee mug clattered to the floor. “Oh that? That’s my kitten.” He smirked down at you as the caller asked about the noise. You tried to swallowed but the gag prevented it. Damn it.

His hand tugged the waistband of your pants and dropped them to the ground. You sensed the slight hesitation when he saw you weren’t wearing any underwear. You hadn’t bothered since it seemed he enjoyed ripping them, and replacing them cost too much. Instead his fingers ghosted over the curve of your ass before sliding around. They found you warm and ready. He grinned into the phone as your back bowed when he twisted his wrist. The things this man could do with his hands and fingers, they made your body sing. Aizawa leaned down and nipped at your ear while his colleague spoke about something. You weren’t paying close attention to the conversation as his fingers were toying with you. Your fingers dug into the edge of the desk as he pressed two fingers inside of you. You moaned around the gag, wishing you could call his name.

He didn’t seem affected by you as he leisurely brought you to the edge before backing off. All the while carrying on his conversation. “Yeah. I’ll contact you with the information when I get it. My assistant seems to be taking their time.” He smirked down at you splayed across the desk and decided to give you the relief you sought. He hung up the phone as you clenched tight around his fingers and rode out your orgasm with only a muffled scream.

His fingers unfastened the gag and he tangled his hands in your hair. You followed his hand as he guided you to the floor and pressed your face against the bulge in his pants. “Time to play kitten.”

Chapter Text

For once Aizawa came home not completely exhausted from school. The smell of food caught his attention first, followed closely by your humming. The combination turned a switch on and he knew what he wanted to do with his free time. The only question was making sure you were onboard with it. He approached you in the kitchen, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck as you stirred what was in the pot. He smiled against your skin as he felt your body shudder.

“You’re home early!” You turned as he rested his chin on your shoulder, grinning at the prospect of spending an evening with him. He usually came home and passed right out on the couch for a nap before he went on patrol. There were a few occasions he made it to the bedroom before passing out, and one time you found him lying on the floor with your cat curled up on his back. You’d never tell him you had the picture saved on your phone, under a password protected album. What Eraserhead didn’t know, couldn’t land you in trouble. “What’s wrong?”

“I was thinking. I’m not scheduled for a patrol tonight.” He looked over at you with a steady gaze as you waited him out. “What’s your color for tonight?” You were pretty sure your brain short circuited. Normally it was you that asked that question. You weren’t upset by this, but it was so rare that he asked. UA and patrols ran the poor man into the ground. Oh right, he asked a question.

“My color is green.” His arm wrapped around your waist with a gentle squeeze before he told you he was going to go take a shower before dinner. “Wait, when?”

“You’ll have to wait and find out.” His laughter followed him down the hallway as you stuck your tongue out at him. Fine! You could be patient, just watch Shouta!

You could, in fact, not be patient. Shouta came back into the kitchen after his shower wearing those atrocious track pants that you swore you’d thrown out. And nothing else. He wasn’t a very muscular man, but that didn’t make him weak. He was all whipcord muscles and lean build. Your eyes followed a droplet of water that slid down from his hair to the trail of hair dipping beneath his waistband. You turned back to the stove when he caught you staring. One arm snaked around your waist as he leaned in close to your ear. “Like what you see?” His teeth nipped at your earlobe before he straightened and went into the living room, not giving you a chance to respond.

That ass. He knew perfectly well what he was doing. The teasing, walking around half naked, and asking what your color was. The worst part? It was working. Your body was on edge, anticipating him to make a move. Your body throbbed at the thought of what was going to happen. Dinner was pulled off the stove and you called out to Shouta. He met you at the table and grinned at the food laid out. The conversation flowed easily as the two of you ate, all underscored with a tension that had your thighs rubbing together. He told you about one of his students that pulled an impressive move that shouldn’t have worked, but it toppled his opponent. You told him about one of the villains you’d apprehended that day.

Shouta waited until you went in for your shower and got everything set. You sighed as you stepped out of the bathroom and saw the ropes strewn over the comforter. “I see.” A grin spread on your lips as you realized what he wanted.

“Clothes off.” Your heart thumped as he spoke from behind you. You weren’t expecting that, but your hands moved to your clothes and peeled them off. His hand ghosted over the front of your body, dipping between your legs to tease your clit. “I don’t think this is from the bath is it?” You leaned your head back and shook it as two fingers slid against you. Feather light touches only meant to tease not satisfy. You whined in protest as he removed his fingers. “Hands behind your back.” You breathed and let him set you on the bed. Your hands stayed at your lower back. “Color?”

“Still green. I’ll use the word if I need to Shouta. I promise.” You told him. You knew the man craved your consent. The first time he’d asked you about certain things, he’d been so hesitant. His surprise when you’d agreed had cemented your feelings for this hero. He nodded and slid the rope against your skin. “It feels fine.” The rope had been specially conditioned to almost eliminate abrasions. Your quirk helped out there as well. You sighed as the ropes slid around your wrists, it felt comforting to be surrounded by the rope. Almost like he was embracing you. His hands grabbed your sides and you got the idea. You rested on your knees while his hands worked the ropes around your body in intricate knots. The rope surrounded your breasts, cradling them in the soft fibers. It sent a heated thrill through you when the ropes brushed against your skin. Letting Shouta take control was intoxicating, you leaned your head to the side as his fingers brushed against your ass. The ropes wouldn’t link your legs and hands this time it seemed. You had an idea of what he wanted based on the knots he was using, but with Shouta it was always a surprise. He shifted until you were lying on your back.

“For a moment.” He promised as he worked quickly around your legs. You could’ve told him it wasn’t painful for you like this. Your quirk was pain absorption, to a certain degree. You could convert the pain absorbed into deadly attacks, handy for apprehending villains. You squealed when he twisted the ropes and brought your knees up and out. “You’re distracted.”

“I was just thinking about what you were going to do to me.” Your cheeky response garnered a huff from him before he shifted the ropes and tied off the knots. You were bared for his eyes, a sight reserved only for him.

You were beautiful. He loved seeing the dark ropes against your skin. The way they curved around your breasts, the way the knots rested against your stomach, all of it. His fingers trailed up your inner thigh, tugging at the knots to ensure they weren’t too tight. He knew you had a tendency to just use your quirk instead of telling him to loosen the ropes. He leaned over you on the bed and tugged at the ropes on your shoulders. “What shall I do to you now?”

“Well, I certainly have some ideas.” He smirked at your response. If you could still smart back, then he knew exactly what to do. Your eyes widened as you must’ve realized his plan. “I meant, I’ll do whatever you want Shouta.” You tried batting your eyes at him, but your fate was sealed. His fingers stopped right as your leg joined your hip, inches away from where you wanted them. Instead, he traced the ropes that hugged your stomach and hips. Your groan was music to his ears. He would take pity on you.

A moan left your lips when his mouth closed over a hardened nipple while his fingers continued to map the ropes and knots around your body. His tongue rolled your nipple in his mouth while his fingers finally reached between your legs. He ground his palm against your clit in a sudden move. He lifted his head and leaned up to cover your lips with his in a heated kiss. You whimpered against him when he slid two fingers inside, the slight stretch adding to the budding tension in your belly. The he twisted his wrist and pressed his thumb against your clit. Your head dropped back with a cry as the heat sizzled along your body. His lips cruised down your neck, leaving gentle biting kisses in their wake.

Your body tensed up as the tension in your belly snapped. You moaned out his name as you came around his fingers. Shouta leaned back and you saw the smirk on his face. “Color?”

“Green.” His hands moved quickly. The ropes loosened around your legs, allowing them to relax. For only a second. He pressed your legs together and the ropes kept them together. “Shouta?” You squealed when his hands flipped you onto your stomach. You got the idea and shifted until your bound knees were beneath you, pushing your ass into the air. His hand smacked your ass before he pushed off his pants.

You sucked in a breath when the head of his cock slid against your clit. “I could cum from fucking your thighs.” You whimpered as his dick slid between your thighs, you wanted him inside of you. “But you wouldn’t like that would you?” You shook your head as he shifted behind you. You moaned into the sheets when he pressed inside of you. With your legs pushed together he felt bigger. He groaned as he bottomed out inside of you, pausing to let you adjust. His fingers dug into your hips when he drew back and then slammed into you. “So nice and tight.”

You groaned as he changed the angle of his thrusts and hit that spot inside of you. A throb began between your legs as he maintained a steady pace. The tension built slowly back up until you were begging him to go faster. “Please, I need you Shouta.”

“Need what?” He leaned over and nibbled at the tip of your ear. Your whine shot heat straight to his dick.

“I need you to fuck me.”

“I am fucking you.” You sent a glare over your shoulder at his retort. He doubled over when your walls clenched around him. “Alright then kitten.” Your head fell back against the sheets when he pounded into you. He felt your orgasm and groaned as he tightened his grip on your hips and chased his own release. He came with a low grunt, gently biting your shoulder as he released inside of you.

He took a second to catch his breath before he straightened and slid out of you. The ropes loosened around your body slowly and you slid to the bed with a contented sigh. His hands followed the marks the ropes left on your skin, massaging any ache in your muscles. You rolled over onto your back and held up your hands for him. He shook his head at the grin on your face but tucked you against him at your silent request.

“Do you have to be up early again tomorrow?” You traced patterns on his chest as you listened to his heart as it settled down to a normal rhythm.

“No. It’s not a school day.”

“Good, then we’re sleeping in!” He certainly wasn’t going to argue with that.

Chapter Text

You hummed as he shifted against you. The sun was starting to filter through the blinds, but you didn’t want to get up just yet. It was too early and the man behind you had kept you up too late. You grabbed the pillow and pulled it over your face. The movement woke him up and he slipped a hand over your hips and between your legs. “Nooo, I wanna sleep Shouta.” You whined despite shifting to give him better access. Damned needy body.

“Your lips say sleep, but this says no.” He smirked as he found you wet. You grumbled against the pillow as his hips ground against yours. “But that’s fine.” That made you instantly suspicious. Your head fell back as his cock slipped between your thighs, gentle thrusts that barely brushed your clit. His hand shifted your leg and he pushed his cock inside of your slick heat.

“Shouta.” You breathed his name before he wrapped an arm around your waist and tugged you back against him. When he didn’t move you wiggled your hips. His arm tightened around your waist, keeping you still. What was he going to do?

“Behave. You wanted to sleep, didn’t you?” He rested his chin on your shoulder as Shouta was content to stay where he was. “Now you can keep my cock warm.”

“You are an ass.” You huffed but you could play his game. You smirked and clenched your walls around his cock, drawing a soft grunt from him. His fingers dug into your hip but he didn’t move otherwise. It was a battle of wills, and from past experience… You wouldn’t outlast him. The man was stubbornness personified when it was something he wanted. “Will you move?”

“No.” He buried his face at the base of your neck, smirking when you grumbled at him. “Go back to sleep then.” You huffed at him.

“Please?” He shook his head and you whined at him. Usually that worked. He was really wanting to draw this one out.

“Nope, you’re just going to lie there and warm my cock.” You huffed and settled down. Knowing he wasn’t going to budge. It was hard to ignore the stretch inside of you, your body wanted him to move. Needed that friction. You bit your bottom lip to keep the whimper to yourself as his breathing evened out. He really was just going to just let you warm his cock. You knew he would punish you for your smart mouth sometimes, and he liked to vary it up sometimes. Today it seemed he was going to make you suffer through cockwarming. Damn it. Your body really wanted him to move. He was too good at this. You settled down until he was ready to move, doing your best to keep his cock inside of you. Lest your punishment gets worse.

Chapter Text

Working out with Mirio had its perks. You were able to train your body and increase your endurance as well as work on your muscle definition. It helped that you got to train with one of the top ten. There was, however, a downside to working with Mirio. When the man took off his shirt to train, you found yourself very, very, distracted. There had been numerous mishaps where you’d been staring at his back, oh you were weak for a well sculpted back, when you’d dropped a weight on your foot or smashed your fingers. That wasn’t counting the time you literally walked into an open door. Nejire was never going to let you live that one down.

You couldn’t help it. Mirio worked hard on his body, you’d seen the training he put in. That dedication was just as attractive as his abs. It infuriated you when you caught yourself staring again as he wiped the sweat from his face with his towel. Focus damn it! You went back to your reps on the leg machine, trying to sweat out the sexual frustration. Damn it all, you were going to need to purchase a new vibrator at this rate! You pushed against the machine and fixed your eyes on the wall ahead of you.

“Whoa! You’re going to hurt yourself that way!” You jerked back to reality when Mirio knelt beside the machine and inspected the weights. “We went over this I thought.” You bit your bottom lip as you watched him stretch across you to the machine to adjust the weight. The weights hadn’t been set that high.

“That was two months ago Togata. I’m past that initial start.” You reminded him with a forced chuckle as he drew back in thought.

“You’ve gotten better really fast! Soon you’ll be able to lift as much as Tamaki does!” You laughed at his enthusiasm. You choked on your laughter as he stood suddenly and you were eye level with his crotch. You coughed and turned your head. “Are you done? We can go grab a bite to eat.”

“Oh, sure. That sounds good.” You stood beside the machine, twitching when Mirio’s body brushed yours. “You okay there Togata?” You tried to laugh it off, he was way too close. Your heart fluttered as his chest touched your shoulder. Damn it, get these hormones under control already.

“Me? I’m good!” He grinned down at you with that disarming smile of his.

“Okay. Just checking. I’ll join you after I wipe down the machine.” You turned and grabbed the provided towel for the machine. When you leaned down to wipe the seat, the hairs on the back of your neck rose. Goosebumps broke out on your arms, something was watching you. You turned you head, but it was just Mirio standing there with that grin on his face. He was waiting for you and you were just making him wait even longer. “All done!” You tossed the towel in the hamper and turned to face Mirio.

“Great! Where do you want to go for dinner?” You walked alongside Mirio, overly aware of how close your bodies were.

“I’m gonna shower first, but what about that new noodle shop that opened up nearby?” You grinned up at him as you forced the fantasy of him joining you for that shower out of your mind. You were already worked up, and knew you were wet and ready. Maybe you could squeeze out one in the shower…? No. Not enough time.

“Sure. Guess we can’t go eat all sweaty like this huh?” Mirio grinned as you paused in front of the women’s showers. “Huh. They’re out of order.” You stared at the square sign in an offensively bright yellow with mute shock.

Oh you have got to be freaking kidding me. This was just the cherry on the sundae, now you had to walk home smelling like a sweaty gym sock.

“Well, we are the only two in the gym. It shouldn’t hurt for you to use the guy’s shower.” Mirio pointed out. You nodded. It shouldn’t be that bad and if you had Mirio looking out while you took it…

“Okay. I really don’t want to go home smelling like this…” You mumbled as the two of you headed towards the men’s changing rooms and showers.

“I’ll go make sure there’s no one in there for you.” He jerked his thumb over his shoulder at the rooms and you thanked him. He dipped inside and a few moments later his head popped out.

“All good!” You smiled and opened the door as you thanked him. He had disappeared back into the locker room as your hand grabbed the doorknob. You squeaked when your back was pressed against the wall, and Mirio pressed against you.

“Mirio? What the fuck?” You whispered as you desperately gathered what little brain cells you had left to operate with sense and not lust. Those last few brain cells were rebelling as you felt an impressive bulge pressed tight against your stomach.

“I’ve seen you watching me.” You swallowed nervously. Apparently you weren’t as subtle as you’d hoped. You opened your mouth to apologize when his hand covered your mouth. “I followed you home after our last work out session.” Your brain scrambled to remember what happened, and your eyes widened as it hit you what he’d seen. You hadn’t even showered, you’d collapsed onto your bed after stripping your shorts off. Your fingers had grabbed the little pink and silver bullet from your nightstand. If your memory was right, you’d jacked off and cried out his name when you’d gotten that orgasm. Your eyes looked up at his, trepidation in yours.

“Imagine my surprise that my workout pal has been doing that and imagining me.” Your cheeks burned with humiliation. You’d never be able to apologize enough for this. For sure this would be the end of working out with Mirio. He leaned in until his lips brushed your ear. “All you had to do was say something.” Wait, what? Your brain ceased functioning as you tried to process those words.

“You aren’t the only one who’s been watching. I felt like the biggest pervert, getting hard while you were training.” A shudder went through you as he brushed his lips over your ear. “To know it wasn’t just me? Well, I couldn’t keep my feelings inside anymore.” He ground his hips against your stomach and you moaned behind his hand. “Still, if this isn’t what you want. You can leave and I’ll never mention it again. It’s still your choice.” Mirio lowered his hand and you stared at him in surprise. The confidant light in his eyes wavered and you saw your Mirio there again.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Your hands reached up and pulled him towards you. Your lips met in a heated kiss as his hands grabbed your hips and lifted you up. He stepped between your legs easily, it was like you weighed nothing. A heated throb went through you at this display, you loved that about him.

“I’ve wanted this…” Mirio’s lips ghosted over your chin as he nipped the delicate skin on your neck. Your fingers curled in his hair as he eased you away from the door. Your legs tightened around his waist as he walked towards one of the changing stalls. No sense in anyone walking in and interrupting you. The door shut and locked behind him.

“Mirio.” He nuzzled the spot where your neck and shoulder met, pressing butterfly kisses along the skin there. You liked what he was going, but hurry up. “Please. I want.” Your words ended on a choked moan as his fingers teased you over your gym shorts. You felt his grin against your shoulder, but you could deal with any gloating if it meant his fingers got in you.

“You want what?” He teased as he let his fingers drift away. You would go for broke, maybe scramble his brain for once.

“I want your fingers in my pussy!” He went completely still against you after that whine. Did you break him? You looked down but all you could see was the tips of his ears were bright red. A stray thought occurred to you: Mirio.exe has stopped working. You tightened your hold on his shoulders when he slid your legs down. Did you go too far?

His fingers made quick work of your shorts and panties, tossing them down and away behind him. You didn’t have any other warning before he knelt and lifted you over his shoulders. A heated pulse shot through you as you met his eyes as he grinned up at you, only a faint blush staining his cheeks. He wiggled his eyebrows at you, causing you to giggle before you clamped a hand over your mouth. He chuckled and lowered his head. He licked up until his tongue pressed against your clit. Your head fell back against the wall as your other hand scrambled for purchase on the smooth tile wall. Mirio was the only thing holding you up and damned if that didn’t make you hornier.

It didn’t take you long at all to reach that edge. Mirio alternated sucking on your clit while scissoring two fingers inside of you to pressing his thumb against your clit while his tongue dipped inside your slick heat. Your mind fogged with heat and pleasure and all you could think was how much you wanted him inside of you. He grunted when your fingers curled in his hair. “Close. I’m close.” You whimpered as he sucked on your clit hard and your thighs tightened around his head. “Ah, I’m. Mirio!” You moaned as you clenched around his fingers. He groaned against your clit as he helped you ride out the waves of your orgasm.

You barely had time to catch your breath before he stood and slid you down his body in one motion. His cock brushed against your core and you sucked in a breath. He chuckled and grabbed the foil packet from his bag nearby. “Prepared aren’t you?” He grinned at you before sliding the condom on.

“A hero is ready for any situation.” Your head fell back as he eased you down over his cock. The stretch was so good. He hissed when your thighs tightened around his hips. “I’ve got to move.” He whispered, it almost sounded like an apology.

“Please. Please move.” He leaned down and captured your lips in a kiss as he snapped his hips up against yours. You moaned into his mouth as he kept your hips still while he pounded into you. You broke the kiss when he changed the angle and hit a spot that had pleasure singing inside of you. He buried his face against your shoulder, groaning as he chased his own release. Your arms tightened around his neck as you felt your second orgasm approaching. You cried out when that tension snapped inside of you. Mirio’s fingers tightened on your thighs as he slammed into you once, twice and then spilled inside.

You both stayed there panting, and you shuddered as you realized Mirio still had a steady grip on you. You wanted to say something, anything, to show him it wasn’t just sex. You hand stroked his cheek and he turned his head to kiss your palm. He understood. Warmth blossomed in your chest and you hugged him tight with a smile. He returned the bear hug, holding you solidly against his chest as he buried his face in your neck.

The door opened with a sudden clatter, bringing the two of you to your senses. You were in the changing rooms of the gym! You met Mirio’s eyes as he laughed silently at the predicament. “M-Mirio?” You both recognized Tamaki’s voice. “Are you here?” The door to your stall rattled and Mirio reached out and phased a hand through the door.

“Yeah! I’m here! Probably best if you don’t open that door though!” His normal chipper voice was back. They heard silence and then a terrified squeak coming from the other pro hero.

“You aren’t alone are you?”

“Sorry Amajiki…” They both heard Tamaki scurry out and the door shut behind him. You snorted in laughter despite the guilty feeling for embarrassing the poor man.

“So, dinner? Then we’ll go to my place and talk about us?” Mirio asked as he looked down at you. You smiled and nodded.

“Then maybe round two?”

Chapter Text

Aizawa was not a patient man, despite all appearances. His students knew it, you definitely knew it. Your heart beat wildly as you rushed to get home after your office job. Your darn boss wanted you to stay over and finish up some paperwork for him, which never ended well for you at home. You kept him waiting, even if it wasn’t your fault. There was going to be some punishment in it for you, but the heated throb between your legs let you know it wasn’t something you dreaded. The apartment was quiet when you slipped off your shoes. Maybe he was asleep?

The cloth came from the hallway and wrapped around your torso. Or not. The capture weapon easily lifted you and soon you were face to face with an impatient Aizawa. “You’re late.” His rough voice sent heat curling low in your belly as you opened your mouth to justify your tardiness. “No. You’re late.” Welp, there went that.

“I’m sorry.” You ducked your head in apology, feeling the intensity of his gaze on the back of your neck.

“You know the punishment.” You flinched but nodded. “You’ll be a good girl for me.” He grasped your chin and tilted your head up until you met his gaze. “Won’t you?”

Which is how you found yourself lying on the bed, legs spread open and bound with his capture weapon. Your wrists were bound in front of you and Shouta’s cock in your mouth. He was going to use you as he saw fit and you loved it. “You’re such a good little whore aren’t you?” You moaned around his cock as his words went straight to your core. You loved it when his voice went rough, it meant he was getting lost in what you were doing to him. Your throat was raw from being fucked but you knew if you were good, he’d make sure you felt amazing afterwards.

“Take it all.” He clenched his jaw as his legs tensed. You knew his orgasm was on him and you moaned around his cock. You would take everything he had. You loved it. The taste was bitter but the look on his face made it worth it. His hand tensed in your hair as he came down your throat. He pulled away watching as your tongue licked up anything that escaped.

“Do you want my mouth on you?” You nodded eagerly. “Do you think you earned it?” He smirked as he brushed his thumb over your bottom lip. You nodded. “Beg.”

“Please, please. I want your mouth on my clit, on my pussy. Please Shouta.” The words spilled from your lips easily, the need to cum overcoming any kind of pride. You got off on saying the words just as much as he got off on hearing them. His hand in your hair twisted and pulled until your face was tilted up towards his. You hissed at the slight burst of pain but it only sent heat spiraling through you. “Please Shouta.”

“Since you can remember your manners. You don’t get to cum until I tell you.” You groaned as he released your hair to slide down your body. He left biting kisses along your skin, a trail of purple that marked you as his. His lips skimmed over your folds, going to your inner thigh as you squirmed. “Are you getting impatient?”

“No!” You hastily answered and did your best to keep your hips still. He sucked on the sensitive skin, leaving behind a mark that had him smirking against you. After what seemed like an eternity, his lips ghosted over your slick heat. A groan slipped past your lips and your head fell back as he paused. You sucked your bottom lip between your teeth so you could keep quiet.

As soon as you stilled his tongue swept out and pressed against your clit. You stayed as still as you could, but couldn’t resist the small sounds that escaped you. You tried hard. He lifted his head. “You can make noise, but no moving and no cumming.” You groaned as his lips went back to your clit. He slipped a finger inside of your wet heat and you moaned as your toes curled as he hit that special spot inside of you.

“Shouta. You feel good. So good.” You moaned as he chuckled against your clit. He added a second finger and closed his lips over your clit and sucked hard. You saw stars as the tension built in your abdomen. “I’m so close.”

“Not yet.” He went back to licking and sucking on your clit. You wanted to move, the tingling in your legs was almost unbearable. You needed more. Yet that edge was right there. A myriad of feelings as you ruthlessly kept your orgasm back. Then he crooked his finger.

You came with a surprised cry around him. The waves rolling over you as he lifted his head and you lifted your head to look down at him. He stared down at your trembling hips before his eyes trailed back up to your eyes. “Hmm. That was a mistake honey.” You felt fear slither down your spine, tangled with heat as you knew what that meant. You were in for a long, long night.