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Q is for: Quickie

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Izuku and Kacchan were on patrol, as per usual. If she thought so herself, becoming hero partners together was the best thing for them. It was usually pretty hard for pro heroes to maintain their relationships, but since they were spending so much time together, it was easier. They were a good team, and she enjoyed their time together. Except on slow days. Kacchan got bored pretty easily on patrols, particularly on days that were quiet, and she was usually the one he used to keep himself entertained.


Which is how she found herself pressed against a back alley wall with half her hero costume off and his hand in her pants.


“K-Kacchan,” she panted, her bare hands trembling on his shoulders, her gloves discarded close by. “W-we can’t just—ung!”


“Shut up, stupid Deku,” he growled into her neck, mouthing and biting her skin. “You look so damn sexy, and I’m fucking bored and horny, so shut up,” he ranted, making quick work of her undressed. He pulled one of his gloves off with his teeth and immediately went back to playing with her, dropping the glove to the side. 


“Kacchan, not all the w-ah! Not all the way! Wh-what if someone sees!?” she fretted, looking around the alleyway worriedly.


“Tch, fine, stupid nerd,” he relented with a huff, his bare fingers playing with her opening. “Gh, you look so damn hot in your hero costume. Too bad it’s so fucking hard to take off. That is,” he said, his voice going low and dark, “unless I rip it off.”


“Don’t you dare, ah!” she threatened, which was diminished by the moan he drew from her. He pressed his mouth against hers and swallowed any more moans he managed to coax out of her. He worked his broad fingers into her, taking great pride in how he made her squirm on them. With his other hand he fumbled his belt off and shoved his baggy pants off, leaving his tented underwear exposed.


“Ah, is that ‘Deku’ underwear?” she asked, a smile evident in her voice. “Mmph!” she moaned, as he inserted a third finger in her.


“Shut your fucking mouth,” he warned impishly, pulling down his underwear to allow his cock to breathe. “You don’t want anyone to hear you, do you?” he asked as he rutted himself against her, trailing some precum along the skin of her inner thigh. She reached a rough hand down and wrapped it around his pulsing cock, frantically pumping it in time with the thrust of his fingers.


“Ka-cch—mmmph!” she moaned, biting down on his shoulder to muffle her noises.


“Fuck, Deku,” he growled against her ear, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. He had his other hand now on her hip, his palm almost burning against her flesh with how hot he ran. “Don’t stop.


“Ah-mm!” she broke off as Kacchan kissed her breathless, greedily taking his air. He brought his thumb up to roughly play with her clit, causing her body to shake and her legs to quiver.


“Cum for me, Deku,” he cooed, quickening his pace as her movements on his dick faltered. She let out a broken cry as he rutted against her quivering form, desperate for his own release. He came ropes of cum along her abdomen as she slumped against the wall, breathing ragged and huffy. They both greedily caught their breath, panting audible in the nearly empty alleyway.


“Kacchan,” she gasped, her thighs giving off a few lingering spasms. “You’ve made a mess of my costume!” she complained, pouting at him.


“Oi, quit complaining, dumbass,” he scoffed, tucking himself back in his pants and straightening up. “Tch,” he smirked, looking down at her proudly, “you sure look perfect like this. I wonder if I should take a few pictures?” She gasped as her face flushed pretty pink.


“N-no! K-Kacchan, please,” she begged, scrambling to pull her costume back up, her heart racing in another shot of arousal. He smiled smugly as he pulled out his phone and snapped a few pictures of her disheveled and lewd form, focusing on the pearly white ropes of cum that decorated her torso and inner thigh.


“Don’t worry, my pretty little Deku,” he cooed tauntingly, a devious smirk on his lips as he held it up teasingly. “These are for me to enjoy and me alone. No one else will see these but me,” he assured her as he pocketed the phone.


“Now make yourself presentable, idiot, we’ve still got shit to do,” he barked as he turned and began to walk out of the alleyway.


“W-wait for me!” she cried out, throwing her costume back on as she ran after her smug boyfriend, trying to ignore the sticky feeling inside her costume. She was going to make him pay for this later... She was a disheveled mess, while Kacchan was still presentable and put together... 


But that had to wait.