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The One for Me

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Magnus looked around the room in which Underhill left him. It was spacious and lived-in, homey, with the tiny touches of a person Magnus had come to recognise so well. His eyes twitched at the site.

There was a low rumble of sound of two people talking coming from beyond the closed door. The sudden desire to cross the threshold and see the other man had him aching all over.

Hold your horses. He chastised himself.

The click of a door opening brought him out of his thoughts and back to the present.

"I'm sorry Father. It's just my mate is like really tired and I couldn't ask him to come downstairs in that state", Underhill apologized on behalf of his....mate...???

When did these two mate. And even more, how did HIS man mate Underhill!!!

Hold it.... Hold it....

"It's quite alright, my son. Let your mate rest. His condition you say?" He did his best not to show his concern.

"Yes, well, he's pregnant, you see. Six months along, to be exact. And the pregnancy is really hard on him. Especially since I'm not his true mate."


Pregnant with this man's child...

Magnus saw red.

Control yourself. Don't show. Don't blow up everything.

Deep breaths...

"Well, congratulations for the pup. I pray that it brings you peace."

He was grateful that Underhill didn't notice the frosty bite in his tone. God, he really wanted to gut that Man alive.

"Thank you, Father"

"If you don't mind my prying and i don't mean to emphasize anything, but why isn't he with his true mate, if he had found him?"

He really wanted to know what he had told Underhill about him? How had he explained him?

More importantly, had he told Underhill why he ran away from Magnus? Did he tell him why he wanted to run away so much that it was okay for him to become pregnant with another man's child if only it helped him get away from his true mate?

He also hoped Underhill won't realise his reason for all the prying.

"Well, the man died. Car accident. Nice man but nature works in its own way. That was actually how we met. His mate and I worked in the same office. I went to return some of his stuff from his office to his mom's. And there he was. I don't know how to say this without sounding like a sap, but he was the most beautiful man i had ever seen. And well, now we're here, mated and pregnant with our first pup on the way. We didn't meet in the best of the occasions but we turned out okay so there's that."

Underhill was a talker, it seemed.

But Magnus did think that his mate did well for himself. He managed to run away from Magnus and even found a mate to keep himself safe.

No wonder no-one was able to find him sooner. But Magnus was nothing if not a dedicated man.

"Well, I'm sorry that he.... lost his mate like that but he has you now to look after him. He's a lucky man." His voice was emotionless at best.

"Not as lucky as I am. He's the best man. And now he's given me a purpose in life. A family of my own. I couldn't be happier."

Magnus just replied with a tight smile that didn't touch his eyes in the least.

"Actually that's why i wanted to meet you Father. I'm a little religious man and, if you'd be so kind, i would like your blessing. For my mate and the child." Underhill told him.

"I'll be honoured", he said impassively.

Finally, he talked about taking me to him. Magnus thought maliciously. Impatience turning its coils in his chest, making it hard to breath. His mate was just in the other room and he wanted nothing more than to go there and just....

Actually he didn't know what he'd do next.

Will he come with him or will he refuse him? Will he have to force him to come cause there is no way he's leaving him?

There's no way he's going back alone.

There is no chance that he can refuse Magnus.

Magnus won't alow it.

6 months

It has been 6 months since he ran away.

Ran from Magnus

From his True Mate

Loneliness was killing Magnus now. And no matter what happened, he would have his mate with him.

They can solve their problems later.

It's about time his Mate came home .

But what of the child that was on the way?

What of Underhill...?

If it were upto Magnus he'd have Underhill out of the way. Most preferably not breathing. But his mate was nothing if not soft hearted bean. Magnus chuckled internally at the thought.

If a little less bloodshed is all it takes to keep his mate from leaving then maybe Magnus should give it a thought. But deep down he also knew he couldn't promise such things to his mate, given his line of work and all.

Magnus sighed internally.

Guess he'll just have to ask his mate when he sees him, since he's the one who brought Underhill in between them.

He followed Underhill out of the room who was now headed to the longest set of stairs Magnus had ever seens. Underhill stopped in front of a door on the first story and knocked.

"Baby. Father's here for the blessings. Can we come in?"


He hates nicknames.

Just one more thing that you don't know about me nor do you care enough to know. A voice that sounded like his mate shouted in his head. He winced at the memory. His mate had looked at the verge of crying that day when Magnus had called him a self-righteous asshole.

Not one of his finest moments.

I'm going to say sorry for that one first. He decided.

After he has taken his mate with him.

Back to their home.

"Come in".

That voice.....

He'd recognise that voice anywhere.

That was him....

That was his mate.....

All his senses went haywire as he forgot how to breath.

Underhill opened the door and the scent hit him.

Mate, My Mate

His brain short-circuited and he stood aloof in the doorstep.

"Come in, Father."

Underhill must have mistaken his stupification for hesitation and invited him in.

As in a trance, he stepped inside the room.

He was there.

On the bed.

On clean white sheets.

He looked perfect if not a little pale.

He had not yet looked at him, he was looking at Underhill.

Then he turned to Magnus.

The world must have stopped moving cause that was what Magnus felt like. All his senses hyperaware of his mate's presence and his eyes on him.

And then he saw him go still, rigid, staring unblinkingly at him. He felt his breathing harshen and his eyes go unfocused.

He saw him move his right hand move to his abdomen. To his Pregnant belly.

Jealously coiled his insides like never before.

It was not his child that he was carrying.

"Baby, it's Father Clark that i told you about. He's here to bless our pup".

Sweet, oblivious Underhill, who was yet to notice the sudden rigidity that had grasped his mate, chanted happily.

Magnus saw his mate's eyes shift to Underhill at that and suddenly it was enough to break his trance. He looked back at Magnus and when their eyes locked again, Magnus saw something in them he never wished his mate to feel when he saw him, Fear.

Fear for his unborn child?

Fear for Underhill?

Fear for his own self?

Magnus didn't know, but he was hit by an urge to soothe him. To tell him not to worry. To tell him.... Not to fear. Not to fear Him.


His mate whispered through wide eyes stuck on Magnus.

"Are you feeling alright baby. You know you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

Underhill was by his mate's side in a second and perhaps thought that his pale face_ from shock_ was ill health. Bless the man's innocence.

The words seemed to bring His mate out of his trance. His big hazel eyes suddenly seemed to realize a Lot of things altogether.

Magnus had found him.

He couldn't run from him even for his life.

He was stuck.

He was stuck and he was pregnant.

His unborn baby.

Magnus was a merciless man.



He'll kill Underhill. Magnus will kill Underhill.

He had to protect his child and Underhill.

So he did the only thing he could think of at the moment.

He moved to Magnus and fell on his knees.

"Please don't"

Fresh tears clouded his eyes.

If Underhill dies today then his death will be on his hands.

"Please don't kill him. I beg of you", he choked.

Magnus knees wobbled and he fell beside his mate and took his trembling hands in his hands.

That was a mistake.

They both gasped at the contact and their eyes froze over eachother.

There were tears tracking his mate's handsome face. Magnus didn't like the pain in his mate's eyes at all. He wanted it all gone.

"I won't", his wide eyes stared at his mate's.

"I won't. I won't. I won't." He chanted gaspingly as he placed his forhead against his mate, holding his mate's face in his hands.

His mate's eyes flutter closed and he released a shaking breath.

It had been such a long time since he had seen his mate's face this close. Such a long time since he had held his face in his hands. He was beautiful. Pure. Innocent. Perfect.

Then he remembered why he was here in the first place.

"If you decide to come back home with me".

His mate's eyes snapped open. They were still that beautiful shade of ethereal blue that had taken Magnus' heart in shackles since day one and had never let go since.

He felt his mate sag. Felt him go through a series of emotions that were too complicated for him.

Then he looked at Underhill and Magnus felt his resolve crumble. His hands fell from his mate's face.

"Just don't touch Underhill", his mate said with downturned eyes. He wasn't looking at him anymore.

"What the hell is going on? Do you two know eachother?" They heard Underhill's confused voice but both were too focused on eachother to reply him.

Jealousy hit Magnus on his mate's words like never before. He saw red.

"Why. You love him so much that can't fathom even the smallest of the pain falling on him. He can't keep you as his mate same as you can't while I'm here and you know this",he growled.

His mate looked at him with wide eyes.

"He told you", he whispered.

"Of course he did. The man's so in love with you, has practically been gushing his undying love for you from the moment I stepped inside this hell hole. But not anymore, you either come with me willingly or I'll take you by force. And i swear you won't like it", he growled holding his mate firmly. He faintly processed the fact that there were probably going to be bruises later on his mate's arms where he was holding him.

His mated released a very low whining sound from his throat. Probably due to Magnus' bruising grip on his arm.

"That's enough. Take me your hands off my mate." Underhill was suddenly beside them and Magnus had urge to kill him right then and there.

"Underhill, no stop." Before Magnus could say anything his mate was between Underhill and him.

"Babe, what the...?" Underhill looked at his mate, confused.

"Underhill, remember that time when I told you that my mate was dead". Magnus saw his mate talking in a calm voice to Underhill and smirked but no one was looking at him. Underhill was too focused on his mate.

"Yes I remember he died in a car crash. But....", Underhill sounded confused as if he couldn't understand what was going on.

"I lied. This man, he's not Clark. His name's Magnus, and he.... he's.... he is my true mate. And it's time I go with him." He sounded breathless, like a man who had given up on everything in his life.

Underhill suddenly felt his ground shifting. His mate. Lied to him. Used him. For what. To get away from a man.

No, not a man, His True Mate. His mind supplied helpfully.

But if the man was his True mate, then why was he running from him.


"I'm sorry".

"But....this means that you and I....", Underhill gasped and Magnus felt sorry for the man caught in all that drama.

"I'm sorry...", He repeated with tears that were ready to be spilled but won't come out.

"My baby, my pup...", Underhill was hyperventilating now.

He gasped and the trears in his blue eyes broke borders and ran freely on his face.

Magnus' patience ran out here.

"Alright that's enough. We're leaving now."

He pulled his mate to his feet. His eyes focused on the sudden appearance of a mating bite on His mate's neck.

Magnus' lip thinned and a growl escaped his lips as he gritted his jaw.

He pulled his mate to the door. The man allowed himself to be pulled with no resistance at all, like a man lost to the waves in a vast ocean.

They had barely reached the stairs when they heard a growl behind them.

"No. I won't let you take my pup and my mate like that. HE CHOSE ME. You let him go Right Now." It seemed Underhill had finally understood what was going on.

Magnus turned to face the man with his canines out. Underhill was in no state of control. He was sweating and hyperventilating. His canines showed and talons looked ready to tear Magnus apart. The Alpha in him was ready to do whatever it took to keep his mate with him.

Magnus growled at the sight as Underhill attacked him and tackled him to the floor.

Magnus didn't want to hurt the man, so he mainly focused on defending himself, but a wince left him nonetheless when his back hit the beginning of stairecase.

"Undehill let him go", He heard his mate shout.

Underhill turned to the said man with fiery red eyes. He held the man by the neck.

"You bitch. You destroyed my life"!

"Underhill, stop.... You're suffocating me", he choked as he tried to get himself out of Underhill's grip on his neck by using his hands to get Underhill's arms away from him, but it was futile. His pushes looked like mere pats against the werewolf's anger-issued strength.

Underhill didn't seem to care anymore.

"Get the fuck off him", Magnus pushed the man off his mate.
But he miscalculated and Underhill lost his footing on the stairs and went straight down.

"Are you alright", Magnus asked his mate whose whole face was red and was coughing badly.

"Underhill", he rasped out.

The man pulled himself to his feet and was ready to fly down the stairs when a grip on his forearm stopped him. Magnus was staring on Underhill's body from his post up the stairs. Underhill had fell face down and was not moving.

"Oh God, oh God", his mate whispered and hurriedly ran down the stairs. Magnus followed him.

His mate pulled Underhill's head in his lap and looked for signs of life while Magnus stood attentive to any move by the unconscious body.

"He's not breathing", his mate whispered.

"What?", Magnus quickly fell to his knees and looked for pulse.

Sure enough, the man was dead.

"I killed him. Oh my god, oh my god i killed him."

His mate was going into shock.

"Hey, hey hey.... Look at me. It wasn't your fault that the man slipped."

His wide eyed mate stared at him.

"He's dead", he whispered.

"Yes. And we have to leave before anyone comes up."

"We can't leave him here"

"We have to go. Think of your baby. I can't protect you here if someone comes looking".

This seemed to bring his mate to his senses and he was quickly on his feet, following Magnus to his car parked outside.

Magnus opened the front door for him but he barely seemed to notice.

Magnus came around to sit in the driving seat and put on his seatbelts.

And then it hit him.

He had him back.

He had his mate back.

He wasn't looking at him instead still looking up front, but he was there.

Magnus held his mate's hand in his hand.

He turned his wide eyed stare to him and seemed to calm down a little by looking at him.

Magnus started the car engine, still mesmerized by his mate.




"Let's go home, Alexander."






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"I see You've found your mate."

His father patted his shoulder as he suddenly appeared by his side. Magnus narrowed his eyes, startled. He didn't remember inviting his father and his lackeys to the party.

"It was just sheer luck".

His father hummed, "I don't believe in luck. What's his name."

Magnus contemplated for a second.


"No second name...!"

"None of importance, no".

He didn't want him to know that Alexander was a Lightwood. He wanted to keep it a secret as long as he could because Asmodeus had a deep hatred for the Lightwoods, which Magnus shared to some extent. But ever since his mate turned out to be one, he accepted the fact that he would have to tolerate his lover's family to some extent. But even then, his acceptance didn't extend to Alexander's friend/brother, Trace....Grace....., whatever his name was, and his parents, Robert and Maryse Lightwood, neither, for that matter. Magnus hated them as much as they hated him. But both teams had come to an unspoken middle ground for the sake of Alexander.

"Strange. He looks so..... regal. Could have fooled me with that persona he's got going on." His father's eyes lingered where Alec was standing talking to his friends.

And despite how much he hated his father noticing Alec, he could admit that Alec did look like rather intimidating, yet charming, like a lord in his court, authoritative, calculating, the man who had the last say.

"Well... That's Alec for you", he said montonously, shrugging his shoulders.

He didn't want his father to know how much Alexander mattered to him. Didn't want him to know that the man was his True Mate.

"There is also a news circulating around. Not a rumor, mind you. That you're planning to take him as your mate. So you can consider my surprise and my urgent desire to see the man who, apparently, has my son.... wrapped around his fingers."

Who the hell told him. Magnus mind started running at 200 kilometres per hour. His father was a man of many talents. One of them being somehow able to know people's secrets and then using it against them. But Magnus had been careful ever since he met Alexander. How did his father come to know of this, Magnus had no idea.

Nobody knew he was deciding to take Alec as his mate. His father was bluffing for sure. Digging for dirt. Well, he wasn't going to get it from him.

"It's pretty serious, yeah. If we are comparing them to my.... Past. But I can't say I'm that much...... whipped", he said. Carefully rolling his eyes to complete the facade.

"Stop tapping your fingers against the glass, Son. If you do it with a little more strength, you'll probably break it. Did you know that it's your nervous tic", Asmodeus chanted happily.

Magnus immediately noted the vice like grip he had on his drink, and pursued his lips.

"You see, you're not a very hard person to read Magnus, given if one knows where to look. When Ragnor, that drunken fool, told me last night about your little boy toy, I didn't believe him of course. Thought the old man was rambling as usual. Seeing things that weren't there. But it got me worried. And now you've just confirmed it for me. So," his eyes turned dangerously serious, "when were you going to tell me".

Magnus wished he could get a hold of Ragnor and his liquor and drown the man in it, and not in the fun way. The man's drunken endeavours were getting out of hand.

But right now, he needed Asmodeus off his back. He knew he couldn't skirt around the obvious. His father had obviously done his homework and would not be swayed. It was possible he already knew Alec's identity. It was best to face the problem head-on.

"Why? So you could haunt him away like you did with Etta and Imasu, to name the few".

If he had tried to guilt-trip his father, his efforts were wasted on the man. His father didn't appear fazed. He only shrugged his shoulders in response.

"I want what's best for you and this family. We rule this city. Some cheap hypocrites should never come before the best for the family. I thought we understood eachother Magnus".

Magnus wanted to mention all the sacrifices he made for the said family, which ironically comprised of his father and him at the moment, if one didn't count his uncles and the Head of their family, Lucifer and Lilith.

What was even more ironic was his father's attempts to get Lilith in bed with him, even though the two hated eachother's guts. But let it never be said that his father was alone in his quest to have Lilith married to him, the rest of Magnus' six uncles, Asmodeus' brothers, were also striving for the same, apart from Lucifer.

Lilith was like the supervisor of their family which was currently headed by Lucifer, one of Asmodeus' brothers. He was the de facto leader because he held the greatest power in the family. The man looked over all their overseas business and also had a say in his "brothers" businesses. Lucifer had lured Lilith into his bed by whispering sweet nothings into her ears and she had fallen head over heals for him. At that time, she had been the wife of Lucifer greatest competiter, Senator Adam, who wanted to dimantle Lucifer's little empire in Mob business, and was stopping at nothing to "rid the city of these serpents who like a leech, had drained the city to fill their own banks". Lilith didn't love her husband but wasn't so keen on betraying him either. That was until Lucifer appeared in the scene. He, with his sweet talk and honey laced lies, made Lilith betray Adam. The scandal was so severe that it ruined the man's life and his career in politics as well. But Lilith was not swayed by all the drama. She was a firm believer that Lucifer loved her and would marry her, and they would rule the mob together.

Adam's defeat by Lucifer garnered him great respect in his family and the man became the head of the family and its business.

Too bad, Lucifer was nothing but a leech, as Lilith's husband had called him. However, Lucifer earned himself a loyal follower in form of Lilith and apparently, even though he didn't love her, he trusted her enough to let her supervise all the family's business.

That being done, made Lilith the golden ticket in the family. Whoever won her, won the family business. Too bad Lucifer held her in his leash. Moreover, the woman was also hopelessly in love with the charming demon spawn. But that never stopped Asmodeus' and his other five brothers from pursuing her.

That brought Magnus back to his current predicament. With all that talk about what's best for family and what not, in the end, his father was nothing but a hypocrite. He talked about how family always looked after eachother, but was ready to murder his own family to get a hold of the family business if the need thus arose. Magnus knew the only reason his father didn't dare try such a thing was the threat of Lucifer's power looming over him.

But even more so, he hated the fact that he was afraid enough of his father to raise a voice against his questionable sense of family preservation.

"I do understand, father. Family is my first priority and nothing can change that."

"Is that why you're involved with a Lightwood. I've also heard that little alec here is also quite comfortable with the Herondale heir, an Alpha, Jonathan, I think is the man's name. The families might even try to mate the two together given the strong bond that the two share."

So he did know Alexander.

Magnus quenched the little jealousy that rose through him at his father's words. It happened a lot these days whenever he heard Alec's name being mentioned with someone else.

He looked over to Alec. He had gone to the dance floor with a lady friend of his. The club lights highlighting their curves where they were grinding on eachother on the floor.

Magnus sighed. Alexander was a walking temptation and now that little dancing and rolling of his hips had suddenly made the room a hundred degrees hotter for Magnus.

"Jace and Alec are just friends"

"I'm surprised that from all my talk, this is what you've picked up. But are you sure, Magnus? Because my sources tell me... that your play toy here...has a little crush on the blonde"

Magnus saw red at that. He looked over where his father stood besides him casually glancing at the crowd, more specifically, glancing at Alec in the crowd.

"Are you trying to break Alec and I up by rousing me. Because you might want to change your tactics a little. Gets a little old with time. Don't you think?" He replied in a harsh cold tone.

"Oh I'm not trying to rouse you, or God frobid, break up. Quite the contrary actually. I appprove him as your potential mate."

Magnus' mind whirred at that. What the fuck was his father playing at.

"Wait..... you want me... to take Alexander 'Lightwood' as my mate".

"That is what I said".

"You hate the Lightwoods".

"I do, yes. Despicable little family, if you ask me. Especially that mother of them, Maryse. I hate that women to my core." His father sneered at the end.

"Then why on earth would you want me to take her  my son as my mate, except....." Magnus left the words hanging, thinking.

There was only one possible explanation to all his father's apparent acceptance of Alec as Magnus'mate. He wanted to take a hold of the Lightwoods family through Alec, since he was the first born. Asmodeus will be able to control the family's business, and potentially could even cause humiliation for the family with his little tactics.

Magnus hated his father more now than he did five minutes ago.

"I see You've caught on".

"Your plan is vile", Magnus sneered, "you'd use an innocent man to get to the sins of their parents."

"No ones innocent Magnus. If life brought him to You as his mate, he must've done something...Not so innocent"

His father's logic was beyond Magnus.

"Now, you listen to me, Magnus. I know what you're thinking. Even if you weren't going to take him as your mate before, I know for certain that you won't do it now. But you've got no choice in this. You will take Alexander as yours. Or I will have to find another way to get my little move against that pesky family. Now you've two choices, either you take Alexander willing, or i I'll find someone to do it for me. But I don't wanna hurt you if I can help it. So chop-chop, Magnus. Make your choice."

Magnus stood frozen at his place. He didn't notice when his father moved away from him.

"Oh, and one more thing", he heard his father say. "If you decide to agree with my proposition, you're invited to the family dinner tomorrow in the Lucifer's bungalow. Do bring your future mate, if you decide to take him as such."

Magnus looked at his fathers back retreating towards the club's exit. He couldn't take his eyes off the man. He was so focused that he didn't notice Alexander slip in behind him.
Only when Alexander wrapped his arms around his middle and started kissing along the curve of his neck, did his trance break and he responded by baring his neck. Nobody in the club batted an eyes onto them and Alexander continued with his little administrations.

"Who was that man. That you were talking to", Alexander asked.

Magnus moaned as he playfully bit at just the right spot on his neck and then continued to soothe it with tiny kisses, that were more like teasing pecks.

Magnus understood very well where this was going and he was enjoying every minute of it. Alexander effectively took his mind off his father.

"Why? Jealous?" Magnus offered him more of his neck to work on. Tipping his head back to rest on Alec's shoulders.

"I was thinking more along the lines like.... Maybe I should go for him if you and I don't work out", Alec replied teasingly. He usually did it to rouse Magnus, because according to him the sex was heavenly when Magnus got in one of those modes of his. Only this time it had opposite effect on Magnus.

Alec noticed the little shift in Magnus' demeanor and looked worriedly at him.

"You do know that I'm joking right", he said, looking straight into his eyes.

Magnus quickly controlled himself.

"I know, darling. There's just a lot on my mind."

"Anyway I can help you relieve that stress, Sir", Alec was back to his playful self at that.

Magnus looked at Alexander. The man was perfect. He was made for him and they fit together perfectly. Asmodeus was a cruel man and if he said he wanted something, he got it. He wanted to damage the Lightwoods. Magnus didn't like the Lightwoods but he also didn't want to hurt Alexander in anyway. If he agreed to his father, he'll be able to at least protect Alec as his mate.

"Actually there is. I wanted to ask you something", he replied.

Alexander hummed at that with a glint in his eyes.

"Sounds promising. Does this 'asking' involves you tying me up to bed. Because I thought you'd never ask".

And no matter how much he tried to control himself at that, his best friend in his pants seemed to like that plan a little too much, the very sudden southwards rush worried Magnus as much as it aroused him. His minds supplied him with very vivid images and a throaty groan escaped his lips before he could help it.

Alexander just chuckled innocently, obviously satisfied with his response, and continued his mission at his neck.

"That too, and also, I wanted to ask if you would like to meet up with my family".





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Magnus sat in his chair facing the windows. He could see the city lights twinkling like tiny diamonds ready to be plucked. New York looked beautiful this time of year. But his mind couldn't appreciate the beauty of the city that lay at his feet, rather focused on the naked beauty sleeping in his bed across the room. He had practically fucked Alec's brains out tonight in his desperation, His father's words ringing in his mind with every thrust, taking the edge off every time he came close to let go. In the end it resulted in Alec's falling asleep as soon as his sixth orgasm of the night hit him, where Magnus had only been able to produce one.

He was taking Alec to see his family tomorrow. Or rather, his father was going to know that he'd accepted his proposal. Magnus wanted to do everything to keep Alec out of harm's way, but it was rather difficult to act on one's wishes if one's family was the main cause of all the troubles and heartbreaks.

Alec had been confused when Magnus brought the topic of seeing his family. Despite of them being True Mates, they were keeping their relationship as normal as possible. So, naturally Alec thought it was a bit too early for family meetings. But Magnus had ways to convince him. Alec had agreed in the end, of course, after Magnus was through with him.

Magnus was not worried about Alec's physical safety at this point. Asmodeus was no stupid, so Magnus doubted he'd try to be hurtful to Alec in anyway on their first meeting. Asmodeus wanted Alec's family business, so he could hide his black deeds behind white collar money, that Magnus was sure of, but how did he plan to do it, he had no idea. He knew his father, and what the man was capable of, of how far the man would be willing to go to get what he wanted. Magnus would have to protect his mate and his mate's family as well, if he wanted to stay in his mate's good graces, considering the love Alec had for his family.

Asmodeus also mentioned his hatred for Maryse. It got Magnus thinking, What was the past here? Was there some shady history between the two and Asmodeus was doing it out of spite, Or were the two already in some business together, that probably wasn't going in Asmodeus' favour? But if the Lightwoods were already in business in Asmodeus, they probably weren't as white collar, law abiding citizens, as they appeared to be. But Alexander appeared to be so far from crimes and other not-so-legal deeds of Magnus' family that it seemed quite impossible for his parents to be involved in some shady deals. But Magnus couldn't be certain much about that. After all many families kept their children unaware of their below-the-table deals, until they came in business themselves.

Magnus' string of lazy thoughts was broken by a soft snoring sound from the bed. He looked back to find Alec shifting in his sleep for better position. His pale skin was marred by hickeys and bruises from where Magnus had held him down, gentle in his ministrations but with enough roughness to leave marks, as though claiming him, that made Alec go pudding on the bed. His mate was probably sour that lead to him shifting this much, because normally he would sleep like a dead log after one of their sex marathons. The thought got Magnus to worry if he had been too rough with his lover, but he also knew that Alec would tell him to stop if something was ever too much for him.

He thought about taking some sleeping pills because he had to be up in the morning to go see some of his father's transactions. There was a batch of ectasy mixed heroin coming from one of their dealers in China. Then there was the problem in one of their clubs, that Asmodeus wanted him to look into. One of their Aplhas was causing some troubles and Asmodeus wanted the commotion solved for better.

But looking at the time, he knew if he took any pill now, he'll never make it in time. Then there was also the point of his drinking all night. He sighed and got into bed, snuggling Alexander from behind and kissing his neck, above the tattoo between his shoulder blades. Alec had told him that he got it with Jace. The man also had the same tattoo in the same place.

The sight brought back Asmodeus' words from their yesterday's uneventful yet so very unappreciated meeting. Alexander had a crush on Jace. Looking back now, Magnus wondered why he never thought of it before. There was that spark in Alexander's eyes when he talked about Jace, that wasn't there when he talked about the rest of their family. Was what Asmodeus was saying could be true? Was Alexander just with him because some random blonde wannabe Alpha won't return his affections?

His train of thought causes Magnus to shudder. What was he thinking? Alexander didn't love Jace like that, of course he didn't. He called him his brother. What kind of pervert would call someone his brother, then have thoughts like that about the same brother.

Magnus sighed. He had let his Father's words get to him as usual. But it still didn't stop him from looking at the tattoo and then hating it for being there. Magnus wasn't the best of men, and he certainly wasn't above that kind of jealousy.

This is ridiculous. He thought. Now I'm jealous of a tattoo.

He was quite sure he wasn't head over heals for Alec. Yes, the man was his true mate, and Yes, he loved every moment they had together, but he wouldn't call it actual love. It was more like ___ affection, one you develop for someone when you start pursuing a relationship with another person. So what was this possessiveness that coursed through him whenever Alexander was mentioned, he couldn't find reasons for his unexplained jealousy whenever Alec's name was associated with another person. Alexander confused him and made him wanting more at the same time. And this uncertainty of possibilities thrilled him as much as it frightened him.

As his mimd drifted off to sleep with Alexander in his arms and with his back snuggled against Magnus' chest, he decided to give a call to one of his lackeys in the morning to find out about the past between Maryse Lightwood and Asmodeus. He knew he'ld never get a straight answer from Asmodeus and asking Alexander was out of the question. He didn't want him suspicious of anything.

He kissed Alec's hairline one last time, inhaling his soothing scent before his mind finally succumbed to sleep in the sanctuary of his lover's nest.






Magnus woke up to the feeling of hangover but more importantly, to the feeling of too cold sheets. Alexander had already left for college apparently. Thinking back to it, Magnus thought that he probably heard someone whispering something about leaving for college in the morning, but he'd only hummed in reply, too sleepy to actually respond.

He sat in the bed, wincing at the sudden movement, and also feeling disappointed for missing Alec in the morning before he left. He noticed his Polaroid camera sitting on the opposite side table and skidded over to it. There was a Polaroid of him sleeping like an oversized koala bear in golden satin sheets, his face mushed against the pillows. A small smile tugged his lips. He turned the polaroid to find a message scribbled in Alec's chicken scratches, couldn't resist, it said.

Magnus heart couldn't help but melt for that weird dork. Sometimes, Alexander was too sweet for his own good.

Looking at the time, he remembered that he had to be in his office in an hour. He groaned as he got out of the bed and headed for the shower.

While lathering his head under the cold shower, he remembered his thoughts from before falling asleep. He had decided to call someone to look into Maryse Lightwood, someone that wasn't too loyal to Asmodeus, or too scared of him either to go blabbing about Magnus to him.

The man was a two faced snake. Perfect for the job Magnus had for him. If Asmodeus ever got to him, the man knew how to play with words and get away with it. Furthermore, he was sharp and witty enough to find out what Asmodeus and Maryse were cooking in their backyard.

He came out of his room half an hour later dressed to nines and made himself a cup of coffee, with amount of coffee that bordered on too much. It was a habit Alec got him into, he shook his head fondly. Even though Alec didn't live here, there was already an imprint of Alec on every surface of his penthouse.

The building currently being used as their headquarters was originally known as Edom's headquarters, or as Asmodeus liked to call it, The Third Pit, to avoid others from creating a direct link to Lucifer and the rest of their family. It was at a distance of just five minutes walk from Magnus' penthouse and he preferred to cover it by foot.

Three hours into it and already all thoughts of Asmodeus were out of his mind. He let his mind be soothed by work, looking over paperwork his assistant had arranged for him. Everything appeared to be in order as he checked when something in his calendar caught his eye. It appeared that the Jade Wolves were causing trouble again. A growl left Magnus. That group never sat quietly, never did things quite the way as they were told. They were efficient, Yes, but they also liked to cause trouble. This time, it appeared that the Alpha was again hesitating in paying his monthly dues. Anger flashed through Magnus at this balant display of insubordination. The rules were clear, teach the offending party a lesson it doesn't forget.

Magnus shot a quick text to Asmodeus. He wanted to know if Asmodeus would accompany him to the shore but he suspected that the answer would be no, and the the job would fall on him. Asmodeus didn't like to get dirt on his shiny leather boots by going to these dumps, as he liked to call it. Magnus then called his assistant to arrange for his visit to the said dump in the evening and to make sure that the jade wolves leader, Talto, was there to greet him. He wanted to be over with it before his visit to his family with Alexander.

This reminded him of calling Meliorn and he asked his assistant to send for the man, and also to settle the man's payment beforehand.

Meliorn always dressed like he was out for a pride walk, dressed in beautiful silk that wasn't fit at all but somehow able to show off all the man's assets, and highlighting his green eyes, lined with a kohl so dark, it put night sky to shame. The man looked utterly guileless and easy on eyes, but Magnus knew better.

"I've a little job for you, Meliorn, one that will ask you to be a little more___ confidential in your dealings, more so than usual. Even my family can't come to know of this. Do I make my self clear?" Magnus found himself getting straight to the point.

"Crystal", the man replied, leisurely spreading his knees apart, but his eyes remained as attentive as ever. "What can I do for you?"

"There's a woman I need you to look into. Maryse Lightwood. Divorcée of Robert Lightwood. See what she does, where she pays her visits, who she deals with, basically anything, any information you can get about her that might be interesting enough for me. If you're looking for reference, especially look into her links and ties with my family."

Meliorn looked at him through hooded eyes, wondering why Magnus wanted to know of his own family's link to a woman. But he knew better than to ask questions. The family's history was littered with blood. Sons turning against fathers, brothers against brothers. It was always ill-advised to have connection deeper than necessary with this family. If there was going to be a war, Meliorn didn't want to be anywhere near the flames.

"And I should report to...?"

"Directly me, of course. Not my assistant, not a word to anyone that's not me. Got it?" Magnus said sharply.

"I didn't earn myself that spot where I am today by ignoring the basics, my young boss. Your information will never go anywhere from my lips , and you know that I don't lie. How long do I have?" Meliorn replied somberly.

"Get the information as early as you can, but you can also take as long as you need. I'll tell when to stop looking, but until that day, gather as much as you can. If you find something worthwhile, tell me in the earnest. You'll be paid handsomely, of course, which I'm sure my assistant will guide you through."

"Then I better get going. Always a pleasure doing business with you."

Magnus nodded and watched as the man left. The door closing silently behind him. He once again submerged himself into work.






Alec fell on the sofa with a groan as soon as he set foot in his apartment. His face falling into his sister's lap who just chuckled.

"Looks like someone had a busy night."

And Alec knew better than to assume that she was talking about just party.

"Oh, you've no idea", he turned his face and winked at his sister.

She looked scandalised at his reply but also wore a huge grin on her face.

"Alexander, you hog, tell me the details."

Alec just shrugged.

"There's nothing to tell. We went his home. Did it. Many times."

"You do know there's such a thing like too much information." She said, cutting him off.

Alec just winked at her again and closed his eyes in her lap, too chilled out to bother. "Then we fell asleep. And I left for college in the morning."

Izzy noticed the small smile that tugged Alec's lips. It was different from his usual smile, and it warmed her heart.

"I gather, it's the same man. When am I going to meet him?"

"Someday, maybe. Wait, how do you know it's the same man?" Alec looked suspiciously at her. She always seemed to know more than necessary.

"You, actually, Romeo. You have been smiling a lot lately." She was the one to wink at him this time and he groaned.

"You're reading too much".

"Maybe. Or maybe not. Is he your potential mate?"

Alec debated telling her that Magnus was his True Mate, but there was a chance she would get excited and a little too much involved, and he didn't want that yet. Magnus and he were still in the beginning of their relationship and they were taking it slow and steady. Except when they were in bed together. Their sex life was ridiculously amazing.

"He might be a little, yeah."

Izzy squeaked at that and Alec groaned again.






Chapter Text



Magnus slid out of the car as his driver held the door open for him. He could hear the closing of doors and people coming out of the two cars behind him. He wasn't loaded and the absence of reassuring weight made him feel anxious. It was the first time he was going to meet Talto. The man was said to be raised as a bull, and twice as headstrong, but Magnus wanted to solve this commotion without any violence, even though Asmodeus had given him free hand. He looked around at the guards and found Lorenzo Ray, stepping out of the second car, and moving towards him. Magnus sighed and looked at the Jade wolf Chinese restaurant before him.

"Let's get this over with, shall we!", Lorenzo said, as he approached him, his face depicting all the desire he had to be anywhere else. Magnus rolled his eyes. He had no idea why his father always punished him, by sending Lorenzo to accompany him. Probably because Lorenzo always reported back without missing a detail that could make Magnus look like an inefficient and ineffective brat. They both shared a deep hatred towards eachother, Magnus even forgot what started it in the first place, only that if Lorenzo had any say to his ways, Magnus wasn't far behind.

Instead of blessing the man with a reply, he moved forward to the restaurant, with Lorenzo following him closely. Talto was there to greet them on the door, and as soon as Magnus stepped through the threshold, he was metaphorically licking his feet.

"I thought we had an agreement Talto, A mutually beneficial agreement at that one. Is that not true, Talto?" Magnus said as the door to Talto's office closed behind them.

Talto was rubbing his hands together as he stood near the table besides Magnus chair, leaning over. Magnus knew it was as an intimidation technique by the overgrown hulky Alpha before him, and it deeply unimpressed him. He could feel his mode soiling, so instead of being pushed, he leaned further back into the chair and looked directly into Talto's eyes, fire burning his insides.

Talto probably saw the slight change in Magnus' demeanor and went to sit in his chair on the other side of the table.

"I have to be honest here, Magnus. I was there when you were just a babe hanging by your father's sleeves. This must be new for you but Asmodeus and I have an agreement. I tell him if I have a problem, and we solve it by mutually beneficial agreements. So that's what i tried to do. I tried to get in contact with Asmodeus directly and explain this to him, so we can solve this problem by actually discussing, but was always told that he was too busy. And now he has sent me his boy. Our relationship is mutual. So i don't know what he deems to prove by paying no fucking attention to our problems", Talto said with a harsh expression that made him look like a bulldog, and it annoyed Magnus.

He leaned forward, putting his hands and arms on the table and said, "It seems to me that you're saying that my father's judgment is hampered. Is that what you're saying, Talto, that Asmodeus is blind as a bat, that he has no fucking clue what's going on around him. Implore me, What are you implying, Talto?" He knew he was putting words in the man's mouth, but he wanted the man to open up about what was going on in his mind, and what better way to do that than by annoying the hell out of him.

It seemed to be working because Talto looked at him through crossed eyes, and snarled.

"Listen boy, I'm twice your age and I know how these things go far more than you. Have been here all my life. So you better learn something from me. I'm respecting you because you're Asmodeus' son, but you've done nothing to earn it. You think you can come in here and act all high and mighty and think I'll let it go. You better tell your father that, instead of sending his brat, maybe him and I could have a real chat, man-to-man."

Magnus was not fazed. He knew these kind of people, who did everything to make others feel small, bullied them to submission, deep down they were insecure little twats. Even though he was now practically managing in his father's place, people still tended to look at his father as the man. Magnus was always overshadowed, but he had long perfected the art where it appeared to not matter to him anymore.

"I know you think I'm a boy, but look around Talto, this boy holds all the power here. My father sent me because he Knows i can solve our little.... misunderstanding. You object to me being here, you object to Asmodeus. You have a problem with me, you say to me because that is what we do, we're the Banes, we take matters into our own hands and solve them the best way, and you'll do well to remember that."

Talto looked at him with pursued lips and Magnus continued.

"I'm a patient man, or boy as you say it, but know this, I'm your best hope here. You have been creating problems for a very long time now, Talto, and my father is not happy. I might be willing to give you a benefit of the doubt, but I only do this because I believe that you and I can come to an agreement. My father, however, wants the problem gone once and for all, and since you know him so well, you can imagine how he prefers to solve.... little hiccups. So, best keep your pride over the shelf Talto, because it is for your own good."

Looking at Talto now, Magnus knew a little more persuasion, and the man will break. The thought appeared like a smirk on his lips and he leaned back in the chair again.




"Plans for tonight"? Izzy leaned against the threshold.

"Yeah, yeah, I have", he said, distractedly.

"Date night", she fished for details, like always.

"Actually we're going to his family's home". He bent forward and put his hands on the shelf. Creases marring his forehead.

Izzy immediately noticed the slope of his shoulders, and it worried her. She knew his brother liked that man, but Alec had only told her about him this noon. Wasn't it a little too early for family meetings?

"Do you not want to? You can say No you know".

"It's not that, Izzy", he looked at her reflection in the mirror, taking a deep breath.

She was immediately by his side. "Then what is it?"

"What if it's too early, Izzy. I don't know, it feels too early." He voiced Izzy's earlier concerns.

"You don't have to go if you don't want to. Did you tell him that?"

Alec had, rather profusely, if he said so himself.

"Magnus is rather... persuasive", a small smile tugged his lips and he stood straighter.

She rolled her eyes at that.

"Seems to me the guy is clearly whipped for you. And in such a short time. What did you do, give him a love potion or something". She teased.

She was trying to ease the tension in his shoulders away, and it worked as usual.

"A gentleman'll never kiss and tell", he pulled his best charming smirk at her. She puffed at that.

"Oh please, I'd rather be kissed by a toad. And what's that sham about gentleman. Who gave up that rumor?"

"Green is so not your color"

"Please", she rolled her eyes at him, "Every color is my color". She looked at him then, from head to toe,"But same can't be said about you though, lose that stupid shirt. I have one for you. I bought it just last month", she said, stepping into his closet.



Magnus had gazed at him for a tad too long, with hunger burning in his eyes, before pinning him to his apartment's wall and kissing him senseless. Alec moaned into his mouth, before realizing that his sister was literally next door, and quickly pushed him away, only to find Izzy smirking at him from the hallway. A groan left his mouth that caused Magnus eyes to divert to where Alec's attention was. He immediately recognised Izzy because of the sheer resemblance between the siblings, and extended his arm for handshake.

"You must be Alexander's sister. Pleasure to meet you, I'm Magnus."

"Pleasure to meet you too. I'm Isabelle, as you guessed". Izzy gave him her easy-going smile.

"You are very beautiful in person, darling. I'm afraid Alexander's description of you doesn't do you justice. And that's saying something because he talks about you a lot."

Izzy giggled. "Alec has little appreciation for the finer things, I'm afraid. Just look at that suit, he didn't tell me his boyfriend was such a fashionista".

Magnus eyes sparkled with interest at that. "Why thank you. A woman after my own heart, if only I wasn't taken by your brother here. It seems I'm lucky that he appreciates my face enough", he looked at Alec teasingly who groaned and rolled his eyes at the same time.

Izzy giggled in response.

"He looks exceptionaly handsome tonight. I have a hunch that you had a hand in this" his warm eyes leisurely mapped him.

Izzy chuckled, "that's true, I'm afraid. Alec was prepared to go in those hideous little shirts of his, which I'm sure you'll come across soon enough. And yes, you can thank me later."

Alec let out a huff. "Hey, I'm right here. And They are not that bad", he said, trying to salvage some of the flying away honour of his favourite shirts.

Izzy just looked at him through eyes that said "seriously", and Alec huffed again. Magnus gave out a little laugh, that warmed Alec's insides at the same time as he pulled him to the door, before he and Izzy could bond anymore over his classic shirts.


No-one could ever call Magnus a patient man. He was onto Alec as soon as the car's door behind the younger man, only to have him responding with a same enthusiasm.

"You", a kiss fully licking the insisdes of Alec's lush mouth, "look", a kiss to the side of his mouth, "so", a kiss on the angle of his jaw, "fucking", a kiss on his pulse point, "hot", Alexander whimpered and arched his back on the seat a little, baring his neck in the process, silently asking him to continue.

"Do you have any idea what those pants do to me", he ground his hips over Alec's who hissed at the contact.  With last night playing in his mind again, Alec's own body responded with a delicious ache.

"Izzy does", he breathed, and immediately registered his reply and the moment.

Magnus pulled his head from Alec's neck and cocked an eyebrow at him, before noticing the flush and dove for his neck again.

"I really liked her but lets not talk about your sister right now", he whispered hotly against his ear.

"Agreed", Alec said a little breathlessly, kneeding Magnus' hips in his hands.


The car stopped before a beautiful house that looked more like a manor than a bungalow. Alec took it in and then turned to face Magnus, only to find him fiddling with his thumbs together, his mouth twisting in a way that Alec didn't appreciate at sight.

Something was wrong. This wasn't just nerves tensing him up.

"Magnus", he inquired worryingly, "what is it"?

"Nothing, nothing", he said a little absent-mindedly. "We're here", Magnus sighed and squared his shoulders, like a soldier getting ready for battle, and it worried Alec even more.

Was he having second thoughts about introducing Alec to his family. Yes Alec was nervous about meeting them, but they had been courting for a while. And although they were taking it slow, deep down Alec knew, that being True Mates meant they were end-game. So why was Magnus nervous so much.

"Look", Magnus started on his on, trying to keep his voice calm and mellow, but was betrayed by his burgeoning nervousness. "My family... can be a little... they're not homophobic or anything like that,... they're just.... really...." He fumbled for the right words.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you family runs mob in the city he has spent his entire life in. How do you tell him that they are only going to a family gathering together as a couple because his father forced him to. How do you tell him that even though you met him in entirely normal circumstances, there isn't anything normal in your life and yes, that also includes your father trying to eat up your said boyfriend's family and everything with it.

"You aren't having second thoughts now, are you? After so much trouble you went through to get me here", Alec said. Magnus could detect hints  of anxiety rolling off in undertones, behind the carefully placed flirtitious and playful visage.

Magnus looked at him. He was a vision. A site for sore eyes. Alec didn't know how much Magnus cared for him. How deep his feelings ran. How much his own emotions frightened him.

The only comfort he could find in all the hassle was the fact that Alec cared for him too, very much so if not equally.

His True Mate. His one and the only. His destined one. His to protect and cherish. His to share his hopes, dreams, happiness, and sorrows with.

His to have a family with....

The thought appeared to bloom new life in his ragged soul.

Magnus decided to take a leap of faith.

He had come this far with this man. They'll be okay. He will make sure of it.

"I hope they don't scare you off with their protectiveness. They love me too much."

It couldn't be further away from the truth.

He didn't have a loving family. They were loyal to nothing but the family name, to their family business, to themselves only.

Magnus found himself wondering if he could have more, have a solid relationship, built on love and respect, one that didn't revolve around his family ties.

These were dangerous thoughts, one that scared him. People like him didn't have a happy ending, didn't get the man of their dreams, didn't have a Loyal Family.

He whisked those thoughts aways like annoying insects that they were and smiled broadly at Alec.

Alec's own nerves seemed to calm down a notch at his lover's wide smile. He huffed and followed him out of the car, towards the mansion/bungalow's entrance door.





Chapter Text





 The night couldn't have gone better in Magnus' opinion. Alec was comfortable, Asmodeus was keeping in his lane, Mammon, Asmodeus' elder brother, was focused on food, Ragnor was on to drinking himself to oblivion, Caterina was pressing everyone to eat everything on the table, and there was the struggle to keep the conversation going that Magnus was sure he could live without. All in all, it was the most civil of his family gatherings that Magnus had ever seen.

Catarina, Lilith's daughter with Adam and by far Magnus' most favourite cousin, ended up under Lucifer's guardian-ship, when she was still very young, after Ragnor, Lucifer's actual son, announced to everyone she was his mate. How that was managed Magnus had no idea. Ragnor ended up a drunkard when their union was opposed by Lucifer, for reasons unbeknownst to the whole family but nobody dared to raise a voice, including Magnus, although it pained him to admit so. Maybe it was shame for his cowardice that brought him closer to Ragnor after that.

After that Ragnor had a habit of not attending their little gatherings, preferring Lucifer's wrath over being civil to him. After few times, nobody noticed that Ragnor was missing, so Magnus was a little surprised to see him tonight, but Magnus wouldn't count on him staying throughout the dinner, since Lucifer wasn't here yet.

"So, what are you studying these days, Alec?" Asmodeus was conversing with his star of the night.

"I'm in my last semester of my BBA degree", Alec beamed in that way he did when talking about something he was passionate about, and Magnus basked in the bright lights of his eyes.

" That's great. What do you plan to do after that?" Asmodeus asked leisurely.

"I'll be joining my parents in the company".

" Oh yeah! and what is it that you guys deal in ?"

"Well we own a transportation company basically but we have some interests in some companies here and there"

And at some point, Magnus zoned out of the conversation. He knew everything about Alec and his family and their business already, having already 'researched' into it and all.

“It seems Lucifer won’t be joining us tonight until late. That’s a shame. He was really looking forward to meeting you’’ Magnus peeked from his place and tried not to look aghast by the implications in Asmodeus’ voice. At some point, Asmodeus had left the room, without Magnus’ noticing, and was now coming back.

“He’s fucking lucky he’s not coming. No need to act like he’s missing out on something great’’, Ragnor spoke, or slurred out from his seat on the table, for the first time of the night. A groan built in Magnus’ chest.

Here we go again. Is it so difficult for this family to have a dinner without creating so much drama.

The rest of the table was trying to look anywhere but at Asmodeus and Ragnor. Even Mammon suddenly found his reflection in the spoon very interesting, when everybody knew he was the last person to care about his reflection.

"Ragnor, no need to be so sour. We have a guest at our table tonight. Won’t you try to be civil for one night of the month at least", Asmodeus replied calmly.

Ragnor grumbled back to his post and Magnus released a sigh of relief. Catarina tried to salvage the mood by starting the dessert session.

"Actually, Alec and I were going to head out for the night now. He has a lecture early in the morning, and I don’t want him to be late because of me".

"Now now Magnus, stay through the dessert at least". His father insisted and Magnus saw demand to be obeyed in his voice.

"I would, father, but…"

"Actually, Magnus, can I talk to you for a second", Ragnor said suddenly.

Magnus looked at him through pinched eyes.

"Sure", he finally said, "Alec, darling, do you mind so terribly to wait for me here".

"That’s no chore. I’ve got good company".

"I’ll be back soon", he kissed Alec’s cheek and followed Ragnor to the door.

"What do you want, Ragnor".

"Look I’m sorry Magnus. I didn’t know he was fishing for details. I thought Alec was just someone you were fucking. I didn’t know he was your mate."

"That’s because its none of your fucking concern. What were you doing gossiping like cunts to my father about me in the first place. What the fuck do you want to prove, huh".

"I was drunk, and he wanted to talk and I said sure whatever or some shit." Ragnor rubbed his face, "fuck, I don’t even completely remember what he wanted to talk about and what I shit before him"

Magnus looked at him with cold eyes. He didn’t completely understand why he was so angry at Ragnor. He wanted to punch all the drugs and whiskey and rum and what-ever-not out of that man.

Ragnor took a deep breath, "Cat came to me in the evening, before all that 'family gathering' or whatever the fuck we call it", he looked so solemn when he mentioned her and then continued, "told me what I did. And I being the fool that I am, said she was joking. I couldn’t fucking believe I let him get to me. These bastards fucking use me like a toy Magnus, and the worst of all is, that I let them. Then you came in with that omega hanging by your hip, smelling like he just took a dive in your glands, and I … I …. I knew I fucked up".

Magnus heaved a deep sigh. He couldn’t really fault Ragnor. Asmodeus had his ways to get to people and Ragnor, being drunk, was the perfect ammunition.

"Fuck, I’m sorry Magnus".

"It wasn’t your fault Ragnor. My father has his ways", Magnus said with a sigh.

Ragnor stopped talking. For a few seconds all Magnus could hear was the sound of his breathing.

After sometime he turned to go and get Alec when Ragnor suddenly spoke out.

"You know, I know right now it doesn’t mean much, but I’ll support you. Whenever you need me".

He said those words so quietly like he was whispering it to the wind, like they were sacred words not meant for anybody but one to hear.

"I don't want you to end up like me. End up without...", his voice wavered before he could continue any further, but Magnus didn't need to hear words to understand him.

Magnus turned to face him.

Ragnor whispered again, "You are the only brother I’ve got in this wretched place".

Magnus sighed but didn’t reply to him, and turned towards the door with creases marring his forehead and 'Me too' ringing in his head.




"Your father seems like a nice man".

Magnus turned his eyes from the road to face Alec, who was looking at him. He took Alexander’s hand in his and kissed its backside.

"Yes, he tends to have that effect on people he wants to impress", he replied with a casual smile, making sure Alec won’t be able to see through it.

"A nice stroke to my ego it is then. Is it safe to assume that I must be pretty special".

"It is, you narcissist", and Alec laughed so heartily and beautifully that Magnus was left too mesmerized to take his eyes off him.

"Fuck", a whisper left his lips as he did the only thing he could at the moment, he brought Alec to him by holding him by the nape of his neck and kissed him. Alec’s eyes fluttered closed and his whole body melted into Magnus as he let himself succumb to the intensity of Magnus’ lips over his. It never got old, no matter how many times they held each other close like this. He clung to his muscular yet somehow, honed shoulders, returning his ardent embrace.

"Can I take you to my place tonight", Magnus said against Alec’s lips. Warmth in his breath sent goose bumps through Alec’s chest and spine, a delicious ache taking hold of his body, one that he was all too familiar with.

"I do believe I’ve a lecture in the morning that I don’t want to be late from", Alec teased him, having somehow ended up in Magnus’ lap, with no memory what-so-ever of how he ended up here, but he wasn’t the one to complain, when the position allowed him to effectively rub against Magnus’ hardening length.

"Can’t I persuade you somehow", Magnus said, pushing his hips up.

Alec hummed at his ministrations, willing his body to not start humping Magnus like a fucking teenager, "I guess if you work for it."

"I’m up for challenge if you are", Magnus smiled and brushed his lips against Alec’s.

"I still have to change".

"You can pick something of mine".

"Then I’m not giving it back".

"I might be willing to give it to you as a bribe, if you stay the night with me".

"My, my, Mr. Bane are you asking me for my virtue", Alec smirked.

"Only if you deem me worthy enough of such great privilege Mr. Lightwood".

Alec pecked his lips teasingly in reply, letting his tongue taste the contours of Magnus’ lips, and pulling back before Magnus could deepen the kiss.

"Well, seems like it’s your lucky day then", he whispered against his left ear, and then said in the most hedonistic voice he could manage, "Take me your home, Magnus".




It was past midnight when Lucifer stepped into the familiar foyer. Asmodeus watched as he handed his coat as well as his cravat to the butler, getting chill and cozy, asking him to set the dinner table for him.

“Where is everyone?’’ he asked, as they walked through the hallway.

“They were getting ready to come when you delayed the meeting. Mammon was already here. But he left after your call, something about his daughter and her throat. Cat is here, as is Ragnor, although I doubt he’ll come if called.” Asmodeus said while preparing a drink for himself, “What would you like?”

“What are you having?” Lucifer asked while rubbing his eyes.

“An old-fashioned. Same for you?”

“No, uh, get me a Campari with something. A Negroni, yeah. That will do”, he muttered the last part to himself.

“What’s got you so worried?” Asmodeus asked while preparing his drink.

“There’s trouble with the Morgensterns again. I swear someday they are gonna get on my nerve these bastards.”

Asmodeus sighed.

“What happened this time. You didn’t say anything about it on the phone.”

“That’s because it was a minor setback. I handled it. The shipment’s secure. No one was killed on either side so that’s a bummer. Oh, how I wish for some bullet to land in his bald skull”, Lucifer chuckled tiredly, while sipping on his drink, and sighing at the taste.

“I don’t know how you prepare these. But I find none other that prepares even a close liking to it”.

Asmodeus hummed as he took seat besides his brother on the couch.

“I simply follow what our father did”.

“Ah father, dear old father, do you remember his Sazerac”.

“It was his heartache drink”.

“And the old man’s heart was always aching for something, wasn’t it? Never could fit in. I sometimes think that my boy takes after him”

“Ragnor is a lot like you than you give him credit for. He reminds me a lot of you when you were younger.”

“Even I never ended a drunkard for a bitch”.

Asmodeus sighed.

“Why won’t you let them be, Lucifer. It’s not like Catarina will ever go back, not while Lilith’s here.”

“Won’t she?” Lucifer stared at the ceiling.

Asmodeus didn’t know how to answer to that. He looked away.

“She knows nothing.”

“So doesn’t Alexander. That is his name, isn’t it?” Lucifer looked at him with eyes twinkling like ambers in low lights of the sitting room.

Asmodeus felt an urge for something stronger than an Old fashioned.

“Why won’t you let them be?” Lucifer repeated his question.

He got off the couch and went to the drinking cart to prepare himself something to help him through that conversation with Lucifer.

“You ordered me to”. A Sazerac it is.

“Did I, Asmodeus? Humor me this. Alexander doesn’t know anything about Senator Adam or any of that. He has no part in it, and in a perfect world, he never will. Will you let him be a part of our family then, Bane?” He said the name as if he was mocking him. Asmodeus gave no reaction to his words, much too used to all of his perjoratives, even though deep down he knew his words to be true, but that wasn’t enough to accept them to his face.

“Ah. Father, father, father, father. You won’t betray his poor soul even if you wanted to. His fights, his grievances, his enemies. We took it all, and never asked any questions. It’s in your blood just as much as it is in mine.” He put his now empty glass on the table and stood up.

“There was nothing new to share and manage that we haven’t already discussed weekly”, He said, sounding tired. “I’m going to finish my dinner. Tell me about the Lightwoods in the meantime.”

“I haven’t contacted them yet. I’m waiting for Magnus and Alec to officiate their relationship”, Asmodeus replied cautiously.

Lucifer cocked an eyebrow at him.

“And when will that happen. They have been courting for two months already”.

“I’m quite certain it’ll happen soon. They are dancing in the new flame right now, but it won’t take long, I’m sure of it.”

“A belief in intuition”, he hummed, “but I know it’s not like you to go without a second plan”.

“I’ve also made known to Magnus the consequences should he not follow through.”

“And”, Lucifer smirked.

Asmodeus sighed. “And we don’t necessarily need them to make it official. Rumors are enough to get the job done sometimes. At least it will be enough in that coward’s case. I’ve researched into that company enough. ”

“And that’s your whole plan”.

“Yes, that is my whole plan”.

“Whatever you say, Brother, You have never disappointed me before. There’s no reason for me to believe that you will now.”

Asmodeus looked at him. There was no trace of any tension or sleepless nights on his face, instead it bloomed like lilies against muddy surface. He sighed and turned to leave.

“Of course. Good night, Lucifer”.

“A good night. A good night it is.” He heard him muttering before he closed the door behind himself.




Alec fought himself away from Magnus when they reached his penthouse.

“I need to change”, he honest-to-god giggled under Magnus’ ministrations.

“Why? When I’ll just rip it off you anyway.” He whispered decadently against his collar, marking his intentions.

“Exactly, you barbarian”, he kissed him soundly on the mouth, “your bedside manners are that abysmal. I like these clothes and I’d rather keep them”. He kissed him again, “so I’ll just go and get something of yours and then you can rip it off me all you want.”

Only that was the opposite of what exactly happened.

As Alec stepped out of the shower, clad in the Magnus’ oversized shirt and his underwear, Magnus stared at him through such fire in his eyes that Alec was rooted to the place.

No words were exchanged as Magnus covered the distance between them in wide strides and was in his space within microseconds. Alec’s pupils dilated and words jumbled up in his mind, just as his eyes pinpointed on Magnus’ lips, only a breath apart from his, but not quiet touching. They moved slightly downwards as his move upwards, brushing naught but a sharing of warm breath. Magnus was using his greater height all for his advantage to take all of him in but making no move to touch him.

“Beautiful”, he said.

And that broke the dam.

Alec attacked his lips like a feral cat, just as Magnus bent and crowded his space, both hands cradling and holding his face like he was his most prized possession, pulling him against himself, and Alec’s knees went weak with a whimper leaving his mouth and mingling in Magnus’ breath.

His mind went hazy.

Warm chest backing him against the bedroom’s wall. Possession. Arms lifting his thighs off the ground until they were resting against his back. Guarantee. Right hand curling around his neck, applying the bare-minimum but much-appreciated pressure. Domination. Hips pushing again his. Promise. Smell of arousal and something far more primal and alluring invading his mind. Alpha.

His alpha.

Alec’s body responded to Magnus like a chess piece for him to play, and clay for him to mold, his eyes fluttering open when Magnus palmed him, having never known when he closed them, his hand in Alec’s underwear that frankly wasn’t doing much of its designated job, his body a moaning mess under Magnus’ lithe body. But Magnus’ hand on his erection stopped being enough, his body straining it to get it where he wanted him the most. So he pushed his hand deeper under his body, down to the opening of his special organ that marked him a fertile omega, and as Magnus pushed his middle finger inside, his whole world narrowed down to it, his body opening to his lover like a wet caress, making him forget all the rest of the eight billion inhabiting the world.

Alec moved his hips on one finger. It relieved some of the itch that was coursing through his veins, but it was back again the next moment, with greater force and urgency.

“More”, he moaned brokenly, breathlessly.

The finger was joined by an another long and lean finger, and Alec sighed happily, his eyes shut and head fell back with a thud against the wall. He felt them moving inside him, in and out, and back in and back out, rubbing his rugose walls, smoothing them out, making him wetter and wetter, until he was practically riding them against the wall.

His head bobbed under pleasure, then there were lips kissing him, and then a third finger was joining the two. His mouth fells open and his lover’s tongue invaded it through his slack lips. The pleasure kept building and building, until it coursed through his body like wildfire, consuming him all over, making his whole body go mush, his channel contracting wildly against the now slowly but deeply moving fingers, and he just slacked against the reassuring chest and strong arms that held him through the intensity of his orgasm, face cradled against his Alpha’s neck.


He must have been whimpering, or shouting, he couldn’t tell, because Magnus was running his hand soothingly against his back and shushing him against his ear. Warmth radiating from him was a welcomed feeling for Alec while he was still coming from his high.

“Hey”, he whispered, smiling dopily.

“Hey yourself”, Magnus was looking at him through soft eyes.

“Just give me a second”, he whispered.

“Of course, darling. I’m not done with you yet”, Magnus rolled his hard length against him. Alec bit his lower lip with a groan and rolled his own in response. Magnus hissed against his scent glands and teasingly bit on them.

“Come on”. Magnus took hold of his thighs and carried him off the wall. Alec wrapped himself securely against his chest, arms curling around his neck, and kissed him, letting his tongue instantly taste him.

Magnus tripped and Alec giggled.

“It’s gonna be over a lot early if you keep on like this, and it won’t even be on the bed.”

“Yeah”, Alec looked at his lips, shining under the effects of their incessant kissing, “and where do you think it’ll happen.”

“On the floor, by the side of the bed. Against the window, with the curtains drawn. On the carpet, against the couch.” Alec rolled his hips again. “On the fucking table with your face down so you won’t tease any more.”

“Is that a promise?”

“It can be. But if you keep that up while I’m holding you in the air, we’re only one step away from awkward sex injuries.”

Alec pouted but then leaned on his face. “Well then, Mr. Bane, won’t you take me to bed”.

“I believe I might just take you up on that offer, Mr. Lightwood.” 

“Such a gentleman”, Alec breathed as Magnus lowered him on the bed and then stood to take his clothes off before crawling over him. Alec immediately opened his legs, creating space for the alpha to fit in.

“Such compliments, my lucky day indeed”, Magnus scented his omega.

“You smell”, he took a lungful of his addicting scent, “so sweet”.

“My body does this for you”, he brought his face to him by cradling it in his right hand, “and it demands,” he kissed him on the mouth, letting Magnus access his mouth, sucking on his tongue, an imitation of what could come next, “that you better take care of it”.

 Magnus kissed along his neck, his collar, his collar bone peeking from Magnus’shirt, then came his shoulders, and Alec smirked.

“Don’t you want me to remove the shirt”. He punctuated his statement by bringing his hands to his flanks, over the hem of the shirt.

“Leave it on”, Magnus growled, pinning his hands above his head.

Alec hummed and arched his back for Magnus to work on. Magnus lowered himself on his chest, kissed his way to his nipples, that resembled hardened pebbles under his shirt, and sucked on them through his shirt, marking them wet under his treatment. Alec felt his underwear become wetter, his channel growing needy with every moment.

Magnus took his time savourig him, relishing in his moans, the tiny hisses that left his mouth whenever Magnus’ teeth grazed over some part sensitive, his hums whenever he appreciated  something Magnus did right, before he began his descent towards his nether regions, and a sigh left Alec’s mouth.

Magnus smirked against his navel before kissing it and along his happy trail that led to…, somewhere under his underwear. Magnus made an unhappy noise somewhere back in his throat, and hooked his hands and pulled it down, freeing Alec’s straining erection of its confines and letting it curve to his stomach. Alec lifted his hips to help Magnus get it off his legs, and Magnus appreciated his gesture by a kiss to his hip bone.

Throwing the underwear somewhere in the room, Magnus let his eyes roam over his omega laid under him, looking pliant and waiting for his alpha, devotion and consent shining through his eyes.

“Do you know how much you effect me, Alexander, looking like that”, Magnus shifted over to face him, keeping his erection away from Alec’s hips, making him grow restless and squirm under him to get some kind of contact with him.

“Why don’t you show me”, he baited him, opening his thighs further up for him. He wrapped his legs around Magnus' waist, trying to hoist himself up. Magnus pulled further back and Alec narrowed his eyes at him.

Magnus lowered on his body, down, down, down. Alec eyes squeezed shut and a tiny exhale left his body. Magnus was almost there, where his body wanted him the most, almost there, ....only to have him bypass to his thighs instead.

Alec's body twitched with denied desire and he rubbed his ass against the sheets, an unhappy whine leaving his lips.

“Say it”, Magnus whispered against his inner thigh, then kissed it before biting on it.

Alec's thighs quivered and his hole clenched against nothing. Magnus was lapping his tongue now where he had bit him, a new bruise develping on his thigh, that was already littered with them, due to Magnus' previous endeavours.

“Please”, he breathed out brokenly.

“Please what”, Magnus continued teasing, providing no contact except his tongue on his thighs, and his hands on his hips to keep them in place.

Alec squirmed in his place.

“What do you want me to do”, he heard Magnus whisper.

Alec lifted himself on his elbows and beckoned him up by pulling him upwards by the hair on the nape of his neck. Magnus climbed on his chest till they were at eye level with eachother.

“I want you”, he laid down and tightened the hold of his thighs against Magnus' back, “to fuck me”, he brought his erection down to his hole, “right here, right now”, he snapped his hips up just as Magnus snapped his down, and it resulted in Magnus slipping all the way in him, to the root, so suddenly that a scream was ripped out of him. His whole body pulsed and his hole spasmed rythmically and as wildly like he was cumming.

“Oh God”, he gasped desperately and he heard Magnus shushing him through it. A stray tear of intense pleasure ran free on his face.

“Are you alright”, Magnus asked.

Alec replied by nodding and rubbing his hands up against his flank, urging him to move. Magnus pulled out slightly before pushing back in, then did it again and again, till he built a staccato rhythm of deep thrusts that had Alec humming in tiny pulses whenever he pushed inside. His orgasm built up so suddenly but surely that he didn't know when it crested inside him, forcefully tipping him off the edge. 

Alec opened his eyes to the awful realization that he came as soon as he took Magnus' cock in him. Oh, the horror.

Slick ran freely over Magnus' length and dripped out of Alec's body and onto the sheets. Alec threw his head on the pillows, his body getting used to Magnus' dick, stretching around it, sheathing it in his omega cavern, warming it further up.

“Come on”. His haze was broken by Magnus lifting him off the bed. His legs were opened up and then he was seated in Magnus' lap. Understanding him, Alec placed his hands on Magnus' chest and lifted himself on shaky legs, starting to move over his erection. Magnus held him close, in between his arms, as he rode him tardily. He tucked his face against Magnus'chest, forehead resting in the crook of his neck.

“Hey”, Magnus lifted his face by hooking his chin in between his two fingers, motioning him to look at him.

“You're perfect”, he said breathlessly, “you're perfect”, he repeated against his lips, eyes focused on his eyes.

Alec looked into his eyes, searching for something he didn't know he needed.

“That was so hot, beautiful”. The nick name had him biting his own lower lip. Magnus looked at him with such adoration that a blush bloomed on his face even in a situation where Magnus was buried in him to the hilt and he had just cum all over him.

Magnus leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. Alec kissed him back, then suddenly bit his lip. Magnus hissed and pulled back. Then took a look at his teasing smirk and dove for his face, kissing him such that was all tongue and teeth and Alec moaned into his mouth, before rolling his hips. Magnus slapped his ass obscenely in response and a lewd moan left Alec mouth before he lifted himself up, hoisting himself on Magnus'cock and suddenly falling down hard.

Groans filled the otherwise empty penthouse and Alec felt himself succumbing to pleasure. Here, joined from chest to chest, thighs circling eachother, hands holding eachother ever close, sharing breaths in the same capacity, was his favourite place to be.

His eyes closed shut, movements becoming erratic, bouncing on the Alpha's cock, filling himself to the brim. And then Magnus was pumping upwards into his body, and that hit him straight in his swollen prostate. His head fell back and his eyes snapped open.

“Yes”, he worshipped to the heavens above. God, this man would be the death of him.

Yes, Yes, Yes. They left his mouth in a breathless littany. The world could end up in flames for all Alec cared, it still won't be enough to exchange that moment for anything else. Magnus was kissing along his neck and collar, his graons muffled against him, his canines a little out, talons scratching and kneeding his ass, impaling him on his cock.

He was close, and he knew that Magnus was too, from the way the alpha was pounding into him vigorously and almost bruisingly with his pace. Then Magnus suddenly lifted him off himself, turning him in his arms and pushing him face down onto the bed. Alec lifted himself on all fours and Magnus greedily pushed home, once again building the maddening pace and the wetness created an obscenely squelching sound that surrounded in its haze. The position made him take Magnus even more deeply, his channel filled all the way, and his erection rubbed his prostate with each thrust, that had him crying out with each thrust, as the Alpha's hand held him by the nape of his neck.

He felt his orgasm building, burning his innards with its growing intensity, forcing him to spread his thighs ever wider, drawing his omega completely out of him, making him draw his shoulders down to present for his Alpha, letting him mount him to his heart's content. 

A broken whimper was ripped out of his chest as he came for the third time of the night. He fell on the bed, hips still hoisted by Magnus, his face mushed against the pillows and his shoulders sagged in post-orgasmic debility, his head chanting the Alpha's name, Magnus, Magnus, Magnus.

Magnus was still going inside him and he pushed himself weakly on his cock to bring him to completion. "Come on", he whispered hoarsely, turning his face slightly on the pillows. His body was quickly working towards oversensitivity, when Magnus' rhythm broke, his cock pulsing inside him, his thrusts becoming erratic, less precise, focused on chasing his own orgasm, and then, he suddenly snapped forcefully and deeply inside him, once, twice and then, he was cumming, deep and hot, Alec moaned against the pillows, his walls contracting to milk it all out of Magnus, while he snuggled him from behind, kissing his back and his neck.

Magnus' body over him was a welcomed weight after their orgasm and Alec relished in it, till the orgasmic haze gave way to tiredness, and he squirmed under him. Magnus kissed the crook of his neck as though apologizing, before pulling out of him, and settling against him, pulling him snug against his chest. 

“Go to sleep, my love, I'll get us cleaned up”, Alec heard him whispering before his mind succumbed to a dreamless sleep.








Chapter Text




Magnus hadn’t seen Alexander for almost a week or heard from him for half of that. Alec for his part, was currently working his ass off to complete the work for his current semester because his heat was coming up in a few days. He had politely asked him, or as much politely as he could while lowering himself on his body, if Magnus wanted to spend it with him, and of course, Magnus’ feet didn’t touch the ground a long time after that. To say he was over-zealous would be an understatement; he was ecstatic. But the big time came at a price of their very limited time together before that, because, well, universities waited for no omega or his heat. So, here Magnus was, sulking in his leather mahogany chair, while he looked over some of the files and wrote some side notes of his own, when the blaring of his phone, Who Let The Dogs Out, suddenly filled the air. That ringtone indicated a call from Asmodeus.

“Hálo, father”, he whispered around the pen’s end that had somehow ended in his mouth.

“Where are you”, his father’s somber voice filled the earpiece, so opposite to the ringtone Magnus had set for him.

“I’m in my office at the Pit”, he said in the most unamused voice he could manage.

“Well, you should get to my office because I have a surprise for you”, his father said in a cold voice before ending the call and Magnus mentally went through all the things he’d done in the past week that could anger his father like that and was himself surprised when he found none. Shrugging, he buttoned his coat as he went through the hall to his father’s office.

He stopped in his steps when he found Lorenzo Ray standing next to his father’s secretary’s desk, looking funereal and red faced. He glared when he spotted Magnus.

“He’s waiting for you”, he growled at him before stomping down the hallway.

Magnus squared his shoulders before entering the room.

“Father”, he announced his presence to… the back of the chair. The chair turned slowly to reveal a very pissed Asmodeus.

“Finally, you decide to show up”, he said.

“I came as soon as you called”.

“Save it. Did you read today’s mail that your secretary send you?”

Magnus hadn’t for a fact.

“A few”, he lied.

“Did you now? Did you read the one about the Jade Wolves?”

It had been a month since Magnus had tried to clear a few of the Alpha’s requests and he really thought that this time their peace was going to last for longer than a fucking month. Well, guess not.

“They’re causing trouble again” When in doubt, go polite.

“They are as a matter of fact. But this time, there’s an addition to their usual moaning. Do you want me to read it out for you?”

Magnus didn’t reply to that.

“Listen to this first; Apart from all the usual charm and wit, I’m afraid Magnus Bane fails to meet the demands of his assigned job because of his over the top confidence and cockiness. His meeting with the jade wolves turned out to be a failure because he refuses to listen to his seniors and prefers to do this his own way, which frankly isn’t much effective either. Do you know who wrote me this?” Asmodeus read a paper from his desk.

A hunch. “Lorenzo Ray”?

“He went with you to the wolves. Remember that?” Asmodeus growled.

That cocky little shit.

“I remember coming back and thinking that Talto and I came to an agreement. He will get to perform security at the first matches, onwards from this year and the man was happy about it”, Magnus had made the offer as luxurious as possible while presenting it to Talto, he made sure there will be no… recurrences.  

“Oh. You and he came to an agreement. Well”, he picked up a tablet from the table, “Well, what the fuck”, he dumped it in Magnus' lap while he jumped in his chair at the sudden outburst, “is this?” he shouted.

He quickly went through the mail open on the tab. Talto had openly shammed him in his mail to Asmodeus, even going as far as calling him a brat and a dumb kid who saw everything through his daddy’s filtered glasses.

Magnus’ face went red with indignation. The nerve of that man. But then another thought hit him. That was how people saw him. Nobody cared that he got a job done or brought someone down to negotiation, they all wanted Asmodeus, his word, his order, his hand. Magnus was nothing. Even Asmodeus knew that. Fuck, he was wearing what his father got him, from his money.

“Want to say something to me?” his father asked him, irritated.

He said nothing in reply. His shoes were perfect, as always. Asmodeus got him those shoes.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you,” Asmodeus growled.

He lifted his face and met his father's eyes.

“Do you want to say something”, he asked again.

Magnus shook his head, suddenly feeling small in front of him.

“Answer me with your fucking tongue or I’ll rip it out of your mouth.” Asmodeus’ hands gripped the upholstery of the chair Magnus sat on.

“No”, he whispered.

Asmodeus looked at him with such disdain, like he was looking at a lowly insect and Magnus wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole.

“Coward. That’s what you are. You never fail to fucking disappoint me. All my advices, all my... fucking orders”, he paced the room as he snapped, “and all you do, is a failure.”

He turned back to Magnus who was looking pinpointedly at his pen holder on the table, and it angered him even more.

“You fuckin idiot". Asmodeus grabbed the holder and threw it against the wall. It smashed and fell on the floor with a bang. Magnus winced.

“Did you read what they are saying about you to my fucking face. They don’t respect you, because you can’t grow a fucking backbone, and by extension of you, they don’t respect me, you cocky little shit”. His father yelled and Magnus couldn’t help but wonder that Asmodeus was picking words from Lorenzo’s report. It was all that bastard’s fault.

His father was pacing the room now, all the while throwing glares in his direction. Magnus knew he deserved it, he didn’t get the job done, he failed, he let his father down in front of all the people, his father trusted him with a job and he failed, he’s a failure, he might as well accept it. He maybe an alpha but he’ll never be a strong one like his father, or Lucifer, or… Talto even.

“Now you listen to me. You’re my son, but one thing that I can not buy from your Tom Ford and Versace companies, is honor and respect. It comes from the deed, and you do nothing… nothing to earn it. You read Talto. He’s not alone. There’s Lorenzo who mocks you. Lucifer compares you to Ragnor, and I see it in his fucking eyes. There’s Raphael, who is better than you in literally every fucking sense. If only he was my legitimate child.” He said those words as though whispering them to himself but Magnus heard them clearly for what they were, Asmodeus wished for him to be the bastard and Raphael to be the lawful heir, even though he was a beta.

Spite coiled and curled in his stomach like an old well known ally, bringing forth passion and burning his sight with its vitriol. He wished to take what was rightfully his, Magnus’, it was his to have and his to hold, and Magnus did not share what was his.

Asmodeus was still talking.

“but you think you’re so smart, don’t you? You think you can make them listen with your boy-talks and they’ll listen and obey you because you’re their boss. Well guess what, they don’t. they listen to one thing, and one thing only, Power, pure, simple, Power”, his father sat before him on the table and leaned towards him. Magnus looked at him in the eyes, his own blood-shot.

“They are blood-thirsty mongrels, the lot of them, that’s what they are. And you control them with the same blood lust they follow. You’re the new generation and I raised you like that, but the juvenility is now over. Its time to be a man, or be weak like a child. Do you understand me?”

“I understand father”, Magnus said monotonously.

“Do you? If you understood me in the first place then that problem wouldn’t have grown so far. There would be no fucking second time”, Asmodeus stood up and loomed over him, “I don’t do second times”, he growled.

Magnus just stared in his eyes. He didn’t reply to him.

“You better make sure that you never fuck up again, Magnus. Or Raphael will be very happy to take your place, I can assure you of that”

A growl built in Magnus’ chest and he clenched his jaw.

“There won’t be a second time, father. I can assure you of that”, he growled and left the room.




“What’s with you tonight”, Raphael eyed Catarina, copying her expression of being anywhere but here. Catarina for her part just took a deep breath.

“Nothin”, she mumbled.

Bien”, Raphael shrugged his shoulders in disinterest.

Cat was silent as she observed her surroundings.

“You know I hate that bastard Ragnor so much,” She started suddenly and Raphael hid his smirk.

“What did he do now”.

“Nothing. Just... nothing. He’s ignoring me.”

“And what’s wrong with that. Isn’t that what you wanted”, Raphael raised his eyebrows at her.

Cat looked affronted at that.

“I did for some time after…, you know, but lately, I thought we were coming to a middle ground, you know.”

She glanced around the docks at the people loading hessian sacks into the truck. There was still so much work left and it was already 2 in the morning. It was going to be a very long night.

“But then Magnus came with his omega. And it was the same old same old again. He’s popping too much again. Elias contacted me a few days ago. Said he was worried by how much he was taking. You know, the guy from the store. No? He works for Asmodeus.”

“Oh. He’s the kid with snake tattoo on his temple. I think I saw him around Magnus for sometime.’’

“Yeah they dated or just fucked for sometime, I don’t know. Elias was looking for a climb, I think. Anyway, even he was worried and he’s a dealer, for God sake. You know what his exact words were, he said to me, ya boy’s still popping it like pringles. If he goes on like this I won’t have a client no more.’’ She imitated him as she took out her Nat Sherman cigarette case and took one out. Raphael lit it up for her with his Dupont champagne lighter, diamonds glittering under moonlight and Catarina raised her eyebrows at him. He shrugged and looked pointedly at her cigarette.

“They taste good”, She rolled her eyes.

“It feels good”, he replied in the same tone.

“Do you want one”, she asked. He shook his head.

Cat lowered her head and focused on the warmth of the smoke in her chest.

“What is he taking”, he asked and she chuckled in reply.

“What is he not taking, you mean”.

Raphael just looked at her expectantly.

“Everything, Raph, from what Elias told me, Cloud Nine, Crack, Ecstasy, LSD, Acid, and he’s,” she took a deep inhale of smoke and then cursed at too much smoke, “he’s mixing them up, perfecting his cocktail, that fucker.”

Silence surrounded them after that. Cat focused herself on the people working around her, and as usual, it took her mind off of things.

“It was nearly a month ago”, he suddenly said.

“Hn”, Cat didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Magnus”, he said, “came nearly a month ago to the mansion with his nuevo amante. It’s a long time to be holding a grudge.”

“I don’t get him, Raphael. I’m just tired of his shit”, she exclaimed, fed up. She took a puff from the cigarette in her hand and exhaled slowly.

Raphael didn’t reply to her. He was deep in his own mind.

“Asmodeus and Magnus had some sort of fight again.”

Catarina wasn’t surprised by the news. It happened literally every other day.

“I heard Asmodeus shout at him from his office. I think he gave Magnus some things to do and he fucked up.”

Catarina snorted. It was too difficult to placate Asmodeus.

“What did Magnus do now.”

“I think it was something to do with Talto. You know, from the Jade Wolves. He’s causing trouble again. They sorted it out last month, but he’s being a bull again.”

“Whatever. It’s not like Magnus can’t handle a man like Talto.” Catarina folded her coat around herself.

“That’s the thing. He did handle it. But you know, not the way Asmodeus wanted him to. And now they are at eachother’s throats and Asmodeus’ pushing Magnus again.”

“Same old, same old”. She threw the cigarette butt on the ground and squeezed it with her boots. Then she knelt and picked it up with a tissue paper and put it in her coat’s pocket.

“Asmodeus thinks that his way will make Magnus ‘a man’, that’s why he pushes him.”

“If only Magnus was 'macho' enough”, Raphael snickered.

“I think its brave of Magnus to stand against his own family like that. He’s never killed no man. And I can respect that.”

“Whatever. Their fights are trouble enough for me, that’s what they are.”

“What did Magnus say to you”

“Nothing. He thinks I fuel the fire of Asmodeus’ hatred against him, when he’s enough to do that himself”.

“I’m sorry”, Cat understood perfectly what was it like to be the bastard in the family.

“Don’t be. I’m used to it”, he shrugged and put his hands in the pocket of his overcoat.




That’s what killing Talto had felt like.

He stared at the house in front of him.

“If you’ve come here to tell me what an awful mistake i made, by bitching about you to Asmodeus, you’ve wasted your time”

His hands tightened on the steering wheel.

“Tell Asmodeus to come and solve our deal like men. Tell him... not to send kids to a men fight”

He shut down the car’s engine.

“Tell him that this is the last time... or I’ll have to find someone else to work for. Someone who respects and appreciates the work I do for them”

“You are going to regret saying this to me. You’ll regret ever disrespecting me.” He had groaned.

“Regret. I already regret ever letting you in here, boy. But that’s all you’re good at, aren’t you? Jumping on your father’s name because that’s all a little bitch like you can do.” Talto pushed him and he had hit a wall.

“Don’t come to me again unless you have grown some balls. I sympathise with that bitch boy that gets you going these days”.

He hit the steering wheel with both his fists.

He had stared at Talto, eyes blown, trying to comprehend what he was insinuating.

“Oh, that’s right. You don’t think no one knows about your little cruises with that Alec boy. Or does he like to be called a girl in bed. Must need something to get himself off”.

“You see, I already told you. I’ve been in this business far longer than you. I know what makes them tic, just as I know why Asmodeus is avoiding me. But even more than that, one thing that I have learned after all those years, is how to make people do... what i want from them.”

He stared in his eyes.

“You better accept my demands, little bitch, or dear Allie Alec pays the price”.

He opened the car door and got out, heaving for fresh air.

He had dragged Talto out of his office and into the yard. Talto had laughed just as he tripped in his steps to keep up with his pace. The jade wolves surrounded them in silence, watching their boss on his knees on front of Asmodeus’ son, laughing while a gun was pointed to his head.

His hands trembled.

“You think you can kill me. That gun gives your power. Well let me break it out for you. You maybe the son of my boss, but you’ll never be my boss. You know why. Because you’re weak. You’ve always been weak. And I’ll rather serve the Morgensterns than serve you”.

He had shot him in front of his head. His head had split open, brain and meninges and blood and bone spread everywhere.

He tripped on the concrete below his feet.

“Let it be made clear”, he had shouted, “I, Magnus Bane, son of Asmodeus Bane, marks this place as his. All of you bastards, let it not be forgotten”.

He forced his legs to hoist himself up.

The jade wolves had stared at him as he looked through their empty faces.

“Who are you”, he growed at a man with dark skin and chiseled jaw.

“Luke Garroway”, the man replied flatly. He’s not afraid, he noticed.

“Well, Luke, congratulations. You’re the new Alpha”.

He found himself knocking on the door. The door opened to reveal a familiar face.


Arms came around him to hold him and he succumbed against the warm chest.

“Come on in. I’ll get us some hot chocolate”, the man whispered in his ear and Magnus followed him, surrounding himself in the cocoon of warmth created by the man’s arms around him.

“Not that. Can you make a Sazerac, like I taught you?”