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Omega For Sale

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Natsuo had a fun time last night, too bad he doesn’t remember it. 

He had gone to a party being thrown at a frat house on his university’s grounds. The one condition to enter the party was simple: bring an omega or else you won’t enter. Natsuo had brought Shouto along since he’s an omega and he was willing to go with him. He may have lied a bit when he said it was for ‘art class’, but it did work, and he got to go to the party of a lifetime! 

Damn he got really wasted, though. 

He’s hungover and stumbling into an unknown bathroom to puke whatever is in his stomach out. He would swig his mouth with mouth wash afterwards, taking an aspirin from the medicine cabinet not too long after. 

He would stumble back into bed, barely awake, but at least his headache is slowly starting to ease up. 

The white-haired alpha would smell the air, the scent of an omega is here, but it feels familiar somehow. No matter, all that matters is he got lucky with an omega last night. 

He smirks, wrapping his arms around their small waist, taking in their scent and enjoying it for the moment he can, “Hello beautiful.” 

Then he hears it: “Who is beautiful? My name is Todoroki Shouto.” 

His grey eyes are open in an instant and they’re filled with the horrified conclusion coming into his mind, “…Shouto?” 

No, no, no. It cannot be Shouto! This cannot be Shouto! Not Shouto, anyone but Shouto please, oh please do not be Shouto! 

Shouto must be facing the wall because he is staring at the back of a half-white, half-dark blood red head of hair and a…no.

He didn’t, did he? Please, please say he didn’t do what he thinks he did! How wasted was he last night to think Shouto would be a good omega to mark! 

He leans in and smells the scent gland, hoping to find no traces of his scent, but it’s there. It’s as clear and thick as any alpha would be the morning after marking an omega to be their mate. 

No, this cannot be happening! 

“So…I marked you last night. Were you wasted too or…” 

“No, I didn’t drink once.” 

“Oh, I see.”

Natsuo had woken up naked. He really, really hopes he didn’t fuck Shouto last night… 

“Did we, um, you know…fuck last night?” 

“I don’t know what you mean by that.” 

“Did we have sex?” 

Shouto is quiet for a few moments, shifting underneath the white covers, “Um…we did, but only because my heat started last night out of nowhere and you wouldn’t allow anyone else to touch me! It was…sweet, actually. You made me feel wanted and desired for the first time in my life.” 

…He fucked Shouto. He actually, legitimately fucked Shouto. 

What the hell is wrong with him? 

Why would he fuck Shouto of all people? 

This is not good, not good at all! What the hell will he tell their shit stain of a father? What will he tell Fuyumi? Hell, what will he do to get out of this in general? 

He may have fucked himself over for life, but at least Touya is dead. That means he won’t have to worry about his psycho big brother trying to kill him in the middle of night for marking ‘his precious Shoucchan’. 

At least there’s one good thing about this whole mess, then. 


When they were only pups, Shouto was born and he was an omega. He remembers Touya being the most excited of all to see the baby, with Fuyumi in a close second. He doesn’t remember if he was excited or not to see the first ever omega Todoroki. He only remembers seeing Shouto in a baby blue blanket, with a white onesie on.

He thought Shouto was cute, but he could tell his eldest siblings were the most excited. 

Touya, Fuyumi, and himself are all alphas, which is a rarity in the high class. 

Years ago, when their father was young, they used to do this thing called ‘selection gatherings’. An alpha or beta would pick a beta or omega to be their mate at a large gathering compromising of five-year-old omegas and betas waiting to be taken away by their alpha or beta mate to be raised by their family before being marked at their first heat. 

However, things have changed since their father’s day. 

For example, the high class no longer has any beta or alpha offspring to offer up for selection. All they have had for years is omegas. With omega offspring becoming increasingly common, the high class either have to have their omega children mated off with alpha or beta relatives in their families or go through the humiliation of having their omega child mated with a low or middle class alpha or beta. Thanks to Touya, Fuyumi, and Natsuo all being alphas, their father is using this advantage to be as picky as he wants to be with their mates. 

This pickiness would end with Shouto’s birth. Since Shouto is an omega and Enji has no other options on the table for him, all he can do now is decide which one of his other kids will get to be the one to mark Shouto someday. Thanks to Shouto being born, Enji stopped trying to arrange a perfect mate for his alpha children. Now he has to pick one of them to be a mate to Shouto, so his bloodline won’t be sullied and dirtied by low or middle class blood. 

The siblings had never seen or touched an omega until the day Shouto was born. He distinctly remembers Shouto having incredibly soft skin, which made him want to cuddle Shouto as a teddy bear before their beta mother stopped him from doing so. 

He also remembers Touya being the one who really took an interest in the first ever omega Todoroki. He studied him like a scientific experiment and growled, baring teeth when he did this, at anyone who dared to touch him. 

Natsuo never understood why. He just wanted to see Shouto, what was so wrong about it? Why couldn’t he play with him too? Isn’t Touya too big to play with him anyway? 

“Touya-nii, I want to play with Shouto too.”

“You can play with him another time, Natsuo. I’m observing him.” 

Natsuo remembers feeling frustrated. Natsuo remembers being a bit mad. Natsuo remembers finding Touya’s fascination to be a bit strange. 


Shouto’s heats are long and as such, he spent it in a white walled, black floored frat boy’s room with its own basic white bathroom attached to it. For one week he would spend his days the riding out his omega’s heats and he hates himself for not feeling disgusted over having sex with Shouto.

He should feel disgusted, shouldn’t he? I mean, their father did say no one gets Shouto and that is what led to Touya being kicked out of the house before their father found him dead. 

Then again, Shouto was supposed to go to one of them originally before Fuyumi marked a high class beta and moved away to live with her family so no one would know of the Todoroki omega. 

When Natsuo thinks about it hard enough, he’s not disgusted with having sex with Shouto…but he didn’t ever plan on getting a mate because, simply put, he’s a whore. 

He enjoys fucking various, random omegas on any given basis. He has never knotted one before or gotten any pregnant (he does wear a condom, after all). Because of his whorish lifestyle, having a mate doesn’t really sit well with him. He wants to have his sex with any omega he pleases whenever and wherever he chooses to do so. 

He’s not sure if he can remain loyal. Natsuo has never courted before and he’s never been in a relationship. All he’s ever done is promiscuous sex because he’s popular, rich, and a handsome alpha. Getting laid is easy for him, so easy, it may as well be a part time hobby for him. 

It’s a hobby he enjoys which is why he hates himself for not hating or disliking having sex with Shouto. 

He doesn’t want to change or give up his lifestyle. He barely knows Shouto and in all honesty, he’s not sure if anything between them could work. He feels bad for Shouto on some end or another because he knows this mating is a mistake he made when he was sloppy drunk. 

The athletic alpha does have one solution for this before their father and sister discovers this. 

He tells Shouto once his heat is done, “Wear a turtleneck sweater whenever you’re home and no one will ever know.” 

Shouto gives him a neutral look with what appears to be saddened eyes, nodding slowly as he says it, “Okay, alpha. I’ll do as you say.” 

At least he knows Shouto will do as he says… Now, time to find a way out of this mess before it erases his current lifestyle for good. 


As for Shouto, this was a whole new experience. 

He had thought this was going to be for Natsuo’s art class. Had he known it was a party full of drunken, rowdy alphas and betas, he wouldn’t have come. When he heard at the door that Natsuo could only come if he had an omega with him…it honestly hurt because he felt used. 

When he tried to voice this to Natsuo and tell him he wanted to go home, Natsuo had ditched him alone in the crowded house. He found a chair in a corner to sit down in and drink his bottled water in peace. He didn’t want to be here. He wanted to go home, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. 

He spent over half of the night sipping his water and going on his phone, reading a book to pass some time. The fifteen-year-old omega wants to go home, far away from these gross alphas and betas going for any omega as aggressively as they can without any shame.

Shouto then squeaked, his eyes filling with fear. No…not here, not now! 

His heat…it’s starting. He needs to leave. He needs to leave right now before any of these intoxicated alphas makes a move on him! He gets up to find Natsuo to tell him he needs to leave, but before he could find him in the throng of drunken, lust crazed bodies, he was grabbed by two alphas. 

They were twins, both being strong, tall, and intoxicated. 

“Hey omega, where the hell are you going?” 

“Yeah, we haven’t seen such a pretty one like you around here before.” 

Shouto whimpers, knowing this situation is a dire one for himself, “P-Please let go, alphas. I need to find my brother.” 

“You can find him after we’re done with you.” the twin holding his right wrist proclaims with a smirk. 

Shouto struggled to get out of their grip, but before he knew it, they were dragging him up the stairs of the frat house. He tried to beg for help, only for no one to help him. He called out for Natsuo only for Natsuo to never come. He was nearing tears with how scared he was because he did not want to spend his heat with drunken strangers!

Out of nowhere, his brother’s snarl was heard and he could finally calm down, “What the hell were you doing with Shouto?” 

The twins froze in their spot at the scent of a superior alpha’s angered scent, clearly murderous, clearly blood thirsty for the one who tries to take his omega. The twins have their hands forcibly removed from Shouto’s wrists before they are thrown roughly against the hallway wall. Natsuo would then turn to Shouto, his grey eyes showing his concern despite his inebriated state, “Shou, you okay?” 

“No, my heat is starting and I need to leave!” Shouto exclaims to him over the obnoxiously loud music at the party. 

Natsuo the picks him up bridal style and takes him down the stairs. Before he could reach the door, Shouto’s heat had started. 

Right at the moment his heat had started, many alphas were starting to circle them to get to the omega in heat only for Natsuo to bite him and claim him as his own. 

With a growl, he runs up the stairs of the frat house and finds the nicest room. Once in there, he sets a whimpering, nervous Shouto down on the bed, promising him, “Don’t worry Shoucchan, I’ll make this great for you. I’m the best at fucking omegas.” 

“O-Okay alpha, I’ll trust you.” 

“Natsuo, call me Natsuo. It’ll be weird hearing you call me alpha.” 


Natsuo would lean down and kiss him, this being his first kiss. Though he knows he is drunk (he can taste the horrid drinks on his tongue), he is sure Natsuo will be fine with this. He’s an alpha, he knows what he’s doing, and this is Natsuo so it should be okay… 

At least, that’s what he told himself then. After spending a heat with Natsuo, he knows now that the alpha doesn’t seem too happy to have him as a mate which is saddening for him. He doesn’t know why Natsuo is rejecting him, but…he is, and it hurts. 

Hiding his mark feels disgusting and wrong on so many levels. He feels violated by hiding it. It makes him want to cry at how unfair it is that he has to hide who his alpha is when others can declare proudly who their mates are. 

Is Natsuo ashamed of him? 

Is he embarrassed to be his mate? 

He’s not sure what it is at this point. He wishes he knew why Natsuo couldn’t be happy to be with him. He only wants to know what he can do to make Natsuo want to be his mate, or at least be somewhat okay with it. He’ll take somewhat okay at this point because it’s better than nothing. 

He’s at home now, in his room, on his tatami mat. He’s holding a white bunny plushie close to his chest. It’s one Natsuo got him as a child that he still sleeps with to this day. Which makes his whole predicament hurt a lot worse than he’d care to admit. 

He waits for Natsuo to call, only to never hear his phone ring. He waits for a reply to his text, only to never receive one. 

It breaks his heart as the realization sinks in: his alpha, his mate, has rejected him. 

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Rejection from his mate hurts him in more ways than one.

Shouto lays in bed, not eating, only getting up to clean himself and use the bathroom. Other than this, he stays in bed all day without his father noticing. Since he is the only omega Todoroki, it’s not abnormal for him to never leave the property. He’s learned all that he could from the tutors on how to be a proper omega, but it seems none of it matters if his mate doesn’t even want him.

His chest constantly burns, and he feels nothing but a sharp stabbing feeling over his heart. If this is how rejection feels, then he’d rather have never been mated by Natsuo at all.

He had been in his bed when his father opened the door, ordering him in a cold tone, “Get dressed in your nicest clothes. You’re needed for a meeting with an alpha I believe would be good for you.”

Shouto’s throat constricts and he can’t speak. All he does is nod in response, hoping his father will take the hint and leave.

His father’s footsteps are heard echoing off of the bare walls of his plain, traditional Japanese bedroom. They stop at his tatami mat before he is being pulled up out of his mat by the hair on the back of his head. He gives out a pained cry, causing his eyes to fill slightly with tears as his father hisses at him, “Speak when spoken to, Shouto. I will not tolerate disobedience from an omega in my household.”

“Yes, alpha. I’ll get ready right away.” he manages to force out of his mouth. Soon after, he is released from his grip and dropped back down on the bed. After this, he gets off of the tatami mat and goes to get ready for this meeting with some random alpha he’s never met before.

Shouto remembers being isolated from his siblings. Not because he will be a hero someday, but because he has to learn how to be the perfect omega for his future mate. Since there are no alphas or betas in the higher classes to mate with, he is going to have to mate one of his siblings.

He already knows Fuyumi isn’t interested in him and he’s not interested in being her mate. He wishes he had a choice and was not being forced to go with whoever their father chose for him.

His mom is always nice to him, though. She never forces him to act a certain way or dress in certain clothes chosen out for him by his father. He wishes she was the only parent he had because then he could have more choices and say in his life.

Oh well, it’s all the price of being the first ever omega Todoroki.

He would always watch his siblings play outside, wanting nothing more than to play with them. Under the harsh watch of his father, he never could because it’s ‘improper’ for omegas to do. Alphas are allowed to play, rough house and get dirty. Omegas are supposed to be quiet, calm, and clean. At least that’s what his father said.

Whenever his classes with the tutor were done for the day, he would go to the window to watch his siblings play. He would be sitting there in his kimono, watching them play while wishing he could have fun like them.

His eyes always fell to Natsuo for some reason or another. He doesn’t even know why Natsuo caught his eye, but he did. He watched him in interest, but it became fascination soon enough. He wonders what it would be like to talk to Natsuo more. He wonders what it would be like to play with him.

…His blue and grey eyes fall onto Natsuo more and more as he imagines himself out there, playing with him, but without the others around. Just himself and Natsuo…that would be fun, wouldn’t it?

It would be fun.

He is dressed in a white cashmere turtleneck, grey cigarette pants, and black shoes. Right in front of him is this huge alpha with a kind smile, dark eyes, and buzzcut hair, “Hello, Todoroki! I am Yoarashi Inasa, it’s nice to meet you!”

He’s loud, a bit offputtingly so, but it’s nothing Shouto can’t deal with, “Hello alpha, it’s nice to meet you as well.”

Yoarashi starts talking in the little tea room they are alone in while his father and Yoarashi’s father discuss some things. Yoarashi is speaking but Shouto can’t hear him. His instincts are screaming at him, his legs are itching to run out of the room and expose his neck to his father so he can see he is mated already. It feels like he is cheating on Natsuo to even be here right now. Though his alpha rejected him, he is stuck with him for life. Cheating on him and lying to Inasa about his single status isn’t what he wants to do.

“Are you okay, Todoroki?” Yoarashi’s croon cuts him out of his thoughts.

Shouto sighs while shaking his head, “I’m not…I’m so sorry. You are a very, very nice alpha, but I can’t mate with you. I’m already taken with my brother, Natsuo. I would have told my father, but he begged me not to.”

Shouto then rolls down his turtleneck collar for Yoarashi to see his mark. Upon seeing it, Yoarashi nods, “I understand. Don’t worry, your secret is safe me! I could never force an omega to cheat on their mate.”

“Thank you, alpha. You’ll be a good mate someday to another omega. I know you will be.” Shouto replies, gratitude and relief heavy in his voice.

Yoarashi would then ask him, “Do you love your alpha?”

Shouto answers honestly, because he sees no point in lying or holding secrets at this point, “I don’t know what love is or feels like. I only know I wish he would give me a fairer chance than what he has been.”

Shouto’s smile is sad and his eyes are empty, void of any expression whatsoever. Yoarashi frowns at the sight, feeling his heart break at the sight of an omega who was obviously rejected by his mate, and he replies softly, “Whoever your mate is, I’m positive he’s not good enough for you. If he has any sense of mind, he will give you a fair chance and not be so cold to you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

In all honesty, this upper middle class alpha is nicer to him than his own mate. He kind of wishes he hadn’t been marked by Natsuo at this point, not when his father had already chosen Yoarashi for him.

Natsuo is stressing out at university. Ever since he marked Shouto, thinking about touching or fucking other omegas feels wrong to him. He has had to reject more omegas than he cares to think about. Then there’s the instinctual need to have Shouto in his dorm with him so he can scent him and be sure he’s not talking to alphas or betas who may be interested in him.

It’s a horrifying change and he really, really doesn’t want to live his life this way. He wants to go back to the days of running around with different omegas every night. He wants to go back to the carefree days of being able to think about touching and fucking attractive omegas at his university without feeling repulsed by it.

Damn it, he made a mistake! He shouldn’t have marked Shouto, he was always going to be Touya’s anyways…well, before he died at least.

Ugh, what can he do? He wants to go back to his original lifestyle.

Luckily for him, he has a dormmate who is sympathetic to his plight, “What’s wrong?”

“Well…okay, if I tell you, will you believe me and help me out on it?”

“Sure, anything for you, dude.”

“So…I marked my omega brother at the frat party two weeks ago after he went into heat.”

His friend raises a brow, “You have an omega brother? No fucking way.”

Natsuo gets out his phone and shows him the one photo he has of Shouto on it. His friend—an alpha—looks at it for a bit too long before asking, “Damn, what did his slick taste like?”

The Todoroki alpha blanches to this, an instinctual drive to rip out his throat driving him to growl instead in response, “What does that have to do with anything?”

“It’s just…damn, he’s sexy. If you don’t want him anymore, I’d totally take him off of your hands in a heartbeat and show him what a real alpha can do! I wouldn’t mind being in a polyamory thing with you. You know, as long as you don’t live with me and sexy here and I’m the only one who gets to speak to him, fuck him, see him, and be by him at all times.”

…Polyamory! That’s what Natsuo can do!

Just not with his dormmate.

“Hell no, you can’t be with Shouto!”

“You don’t want him anyway, why not let him be with someone who does want him and those killer curves? Do you have any video of you two sharing his heat? I want to see what he’s like when he’s riding a cock and coming undone.”

He grabs him by the collar and punches him in the face as hard as he can, “Get the fuck out of here unless if you want me to go further than that.”

His dormmate clutches at his nose—which he thinks may be broken—and leaves the room. Natsuo is left to face the fact he allowed his instincts to take over. He is left to face the fact he potentially broke his dormmate’s nose and ruined their friendship all over some gross comments Natsuo himself has made about other omegas in the past.

He feels like a hypocrite and he feels out of control over his own emotions. It’s a terrible sensation to endure.

Still, his dormmate did have a good idea: polyamory could work for this and maybe he’ll go back to being himself after it’s done. Hopefully he will anyway.

He could go on a dating site, social media, message board, question asking website, or post a video about his predicament. The only problem with all of the above is his father would find out and if he did, he knows he will have his head for marking Shouto.

Which is why he needs to think outside of the box and go on a website he knows his father doesn’t know about. Maybe…ebay? No. He will definitely hear about it then. Amazon? Nope, Fuyumi shops there too much and she would alert their father right away. Mail Order Mate website? No, Fuyumi knows a guy who’s on several of those. He would tell Fuyumi who would tell their father and he’d have Natsuo’s head on a silver platter.

…Craigslist. He can go on Craigslist and make a posting for an omega looking for a second mate! This will work perfectly!

Except, his alpha hates the idea and the thought of Shouto being with someone else is making bile crawl up his throat. He forces himself to go on Craigslist and work through the revolting feeling building up inside of himself. By the time he is done, he has a listing set up under the mating section of the website, one asking for a second mate for an omega in exchange for one hundred thousand yen, and telling the person interested to email him for more details.

His alpha is screaming at him to delete the listing. Natsuo is really fighting himself here, trying his best to stay to true to his plan while repressing his instincts the whole time.

He sets his phone down and hides it underneath his pillow. He needs to go through with this so he can go back to his old life and act like this has never happened…

He can do this. Can’t he?

Shouto’s mother went missing back when he was younger. He doesn’t remember why she did, his only memory of the last time he saw her being the time she had gone into his room very late at night. He was so sleepy he honestly doesn’t remember too much. He remembers she had wrapped him in a baby blue blanket. He remembers she had gone outside at one point, but something stopped her. He doesn’t remember what it was, he remembers falling asleep before the something could talk because he was too sleepy to stay awake.

He woke up in his room the following day. He would hear of her disappearance from his father. At first, he thought she had ran away and was coming back for them.

Except, she didn’t run away. She was found dead in a river by some fishermen. It is believed she killed herself due to ‘depression’ but everyone else knows it was because of her alpha’s abuse towards her over the years they were mated.

Shouto was devastated because his mother was the only nice parent he had. Once she was gone, he was left with his father and his controlling ways over him. It was a few years after this his father would declare none of his siblings were fit to mark him, causing Touya to be kicked out of their home before he too committed suicide.

Shouto’s life has consisted of important people leaving him and his father controlling his every move. Every day, he would demand he dressed a certain way, he would command the cook to make Shouto certain foods whereas Enji himself ate different meals, and he would order Shouto to move into a room closer to his own so he could further control him even in his own personal space.

Shouto never got to go to school. He was always kept out of the public eye and knowledge because his father did not want the world to know he had spired an omega child. Because of this, he never got to have an email address or any social media accounts. Though he could use the internet and apps (as long as he didn’t have to make accounts to use them) on his smart phone, he could not interact or be a part of the online life he saw others being a part of.

Throughout all of this, he at least had Natsuo who he could watch play from his window, all while imagining himself playing with his brother.

He only wanted to play with his big brother. Was that really asking for too much?

Natsuo is not sure what to tell Shouto about the Craigslist listing or the fact he wants him to have a second mate. He knows Shouto will most likely be hurt by it, but maybe if he words it right it won’t be as bad.

His fingers hover over the contact on his phone, the one that simply says ‘Shouto’ and he wonders what to do. He is hesitating and his instincts are screaming at him to not let Shouto go, to take down the Craigslist ad. Still, his desire to go back to his old life is enough to push him through with calling the omega he hasn’t spoken to in two weeks.

The phone rings and rings… Then it hits voicemail.

All he can do is give a simple, “Hey Shouto, call me back when you can, bye.”

It’s a strange predicament he is in: half of him wants Shouto here and the other half wants to go back to his old life, but it seems the second half is slowly losing.

He doesn’t know what he will say to Shouto when he calls him back. He doesn’t know what he will tell Shouto about his plan. He wants to be honest with Shouto, but he has a feeling Shouto will not take it well.

Shouto did receive the voicemail from Natsuo, but he doesn’t know what to do or how to respond. He did feel a bit lighter upon hearing his alpha’s voice again, but he doesn’t know what he wants to talk about. Shouto doesn’t want to feel any more pain from rejection so he ignores Natsuo’s voicemail, choosing to not respond instead.

He did manage to get and keep Yoarashi’s number, though. He is able to call up the alpha whenever he pleases or text him whenever he’s bored. It’s a nice thing to have, really. He never knew friends would be so nice to have. He’s never really had a friend before, so having Yoarashi as a friend makes him really, really happy.

That and it’s a welcome distraction from the rejection he is facing.

He spends time with Yoarashi, usually at his own place under the watchful eye of his father. It’s hard to get any alone time or have any real conversations like this. He does manage to find a way to do so, though.

Shouto has discovered that if he and Yoarashi wait until his father goes to the training room, then they can talk alone in the garden outside, far from his eye and ears.

Yoarashi would ask him when they were in the garden, “Have you spoken to your mate yet?”

“No, I have not. He tried calling me for some reason or another, but I’m not sure what to say. He didn’t want me. He has forbidden me from showing my mark or telling anyone we’re mated. Then he didn’t speak to me and now, out of nowhere, he calls me… I don’t know what to make of it.” Shouto slips out with a pained glaze to his eyes.

It makes Inasa want to hold the boy closer because he can only imagine the pain rejection would cause. Though frowned upon by those in the middle and lower classes, he would willingly challenge Shouto’s awful mate to a battle to the death for his hand in mating.

“He’s not worth it, Todoroki. You can do far better than him.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

Seeing the small smile on his lips has Inasa believing he did something right here, but then this precious sight would leave him.

Fuyumi had been home this weekend, which is why she is the one who approaches Shouto and Yoarashi in the garden, “Shouto, Natsuo’s on the phone for you.”

Shouto’s smile dies down instantly, his once hopeful eyes now back to being hollow as he nods, “Alright, alpha. I’ll go speak to him.”

It causes confusion in Fuyumi and rage in Inasa, who firmly believes Shouto deserves better.

Chapter Text

Shouto hadn’t wanted to talk to Natsuo, but he knew better than to go against an alpha’s orders in his household. 

“Hello, alpha.” Shouto answers politely enough when picking up the landline. 

“Hey Shouto, why didn’t you ever call me?” 

“Oh, you mean what you said to do in the voicemail? I’m sorry, I’ve been busy.” 

It’s not a lie. He has been busy getting to know his first ever friend. He has also been busy spending time with him, as well. Though a huge part of this has been because he doesn’t want to feel the sting of rejection again.

“Ah…hey, um, do you want to come over to my dorm?” 

“Are you sure you want me there, alpha?” 

If he’s a bit skeptical or unsure, it’s only because Natsuo doesn’t want anyone to know he is his mate. Had he been a bit more honest, he wouldn’t have sounded the way he did when he spoke. 

“I do, I think it would be good if you came over… Can you come over tomorrow?” 

“I’ll see if I can.” 

“Okay, I’ll see you then.” 

“If I can come, then yes, you will.” 

“Alright, goodbye, Shouto.” 

“Goodbye, alpha.” 

The conversation was short and blunt. There wasn’t any emotion to it aside from awkwardness on Natsuo’s end and apathy on Shouto’s. He doesn’t want to go to his dorm, but he is his alpha and whether he likes it or not, he has to obey him. 


Though he never really got to speak to Natsuo or Fuyumi much (more like almost never if Shouto was being honest), he did have at least one person in his life who loved him and spent all of their free time with him. 

Touya would always come into his room after he was done with his studies for the day. His earliest memory of this is when he had gotten done with his studies and the redhead alpha had come into the room with a bright smile on his face, “Hi, Shouto. How was your day?” 

“Okay, I guess. I wish I could eat whatever I want and play outside like alphas and betas do. Playing looks like fun.” 

Touya frowns at his sullen face, then takes out his bento and opens it, “Do you want some mochi and daifuku? I also have dango and melon pan here too.” 

Shouto was skeptical, not too sure what to do, “Um… I don’t want to get in trouble for eating this stuff, alpha.” 

“The old man won’t ever find out. Come on, Shoucchan. Give it a try.” 


He tried the mochi first, taking the little ball into his hand, and giving it a small bite. 

He never had anything so good before. 

He wound up eating the whole ball before moving onto the one Touya had called ‘daifuku’. This was excellent as well, he really loved the red bean filling. Then there was the melon pan which he thought was okay, but he did enjoy the dango. 

By the end, he was stuffed and purring when he hugged his biggest brother, “Thank you, alpha. I really loved it a lot, even if it was only a once in a lifetime thing.” 

Touya ruffles his hair, his own light red head of hair and turquoise blue eyes looking so attractive to Shouto in the moment he smiles at him, “You’re welcome, Shoucchan, but you don’t have to call me ‘alpha’. Call me ‘Touya’, okay?” 

Shouto feels a bit awkward saying it at first, his first time saying Touya’s name sounded a bit choppy on his tongue, “Tou…ya?” 

“Yeah, try again. I know you can get used to it.” 

“Isn’t it disrespectful? You aren’t my mate.” 

“I will be someday, so it’s not disrespectful. Go on, try again.” 

Shouto tries a second time, the name coming out smoother than before, “Touya.” 

Touya kisses his forehead, telling him with a bit of pride in his eyes, “You did great, Shoucchan!” 

Shouto soaks in the praise because he never hears it. All he ever hears is criticism or dismissals from everyone else, but Touya praised him! Maybe Touya likes him. He’s not too sure. 

He hopes he does. 


Shouto would arrive at Natsuo’s dorm three days after the phone call had ended. He had meager possessions in his life, so naturally his room was quite barren in general. It made packing everything into one bag quite easier. If Natsuo wants him to live there full time as a mate now, he may as well give it his all so his alpha will come to like him. 

When he did arrive at the dormitory building, he was shocked by all of the alphas and betas eying him up like a piece of meat. The omega made his way over to the stairs he would have to climb to get to his mate’s dorm, doing his best to avoid the alphas and betas around him. 

Once he was outside of it, he knocked on it, hoping he got it right. 

Then the door opens and there stands his mate…shirtless. Shouto looks to the ground to hide his blush, addressing him simply, “Hello, alpha. You wanted me here?” 

“Ah, yeah, I did…come in, Shouto.” 

Natsuo did want him here because he at least wanted to tell Shouto the truth about the Craigslist ad in person. Though he thinks he will do it once he has found a good enough second mate for Shouto. So far, all of the guys who answered the ad were creeps who didn’t have the yen to prove they were of some worth. 

For now, he will have Shouto stay here, but only because when he does find the right mate on Craigslist to be with Shouto, he will tell him the truth. 

He allows Shouto in his dorm, his former dormmate and friend now staying with someone else. Since that has happened, Natsuo is here alone without any new people to be his dormmate. He did notify the university of an omega staying in his dorm for an unforeseeable amount of time, so it’s all good.

Shouto asks him right off the bat, “Will I be sharing a bed with you or no?” 

“No, you won’t be sharing a bed with me.” Natsuo answers back easily, even though he is fighting his alpha urges to have Shouto in his arms right now and every night for the rest of his life. 

“Oh…okay, I’ll just take the other bed then.” the omega replies with a neutral face but on the inside, Shouto is starting to regret coming here. He doesn’t want to face more rejection from his alpha, so maybe it’s best if they don’t talk now. 

He sets his bag on the bed and starts cleaning up the dorm. Natsuo raises a brow to this, wondering, “Why are you cleaning?” 

The dual colored boy answers him with ease, “Because it’s what an omega does.” 

“Okay, I’ll see you later. I have some classes to attend to, I’ll be back. Bye Shouto, have fun cleaning.” 

With that, Natsuo is out of the room and Shouto is left alone while his alpha goes out to party with his friends instead. 


Shouto remembers Touya because Touya was always around. 

Touya always complimented him. Touya always praised him. Touya always got him treats and new foods to eat. Even though he wasn’t allowed to play outside, he at least had Touya there to talk to him in the garden whenever he did get the chance to go out. 

Fuyumi and Natsuo were never really by him much. He can count all the times on one hand he actually interacted with Natsuo, but the times he interacted with Touya are innumerous. 

He never really thought about it much. He always assumed because Fuyumi was mated he didn’t matter anymore. He thought maybe Natsuo was happier playing and talking with his alpha friends than what he would be with him. 

It’s okay, Touya was always here. Touya always made things better. 

He never knew any games to play growing up, but Touya did teach him something he will always enjoy doing on his spare time. 

He had been bored, watching Natsuo play with his friends and imagining it was himself there with him. Touya entered his room, greeting him in the same happy voice he always did, “Hey Shoucchan! How are you?” 

“I’m good.” Shouto answers simply, wanting nothing more than to play like everyone else. 

Touya sees this and he approaches his side with something in his hands, “I know you don’t know any games to play and the games I did try to show you confused you. Which is why I brought you this: a coloring book.” 

Shouto paused to look over at the brightly colored book. He then looks at his brother in disbelief, “There’s no way a book made to be colored in exists. It goes against everything a book is supposed to be.” 

“That’s where you’re wrong. See? This is a coloring book and you are meant to color in it.” 

Once Shouto sees the colorless pictures with different animals, plants, and settings, his stormy grey and turquoise blue eyes are instantly fascinated, “Wow! It’s actually meant for coloring?” 

Touya nods, handing him a box of colored pencils, “It is. If you want, we can color together.” 

“Yeah, let’s color together, Touya.” 

He would grab the baby blue pencil first and start his journey on a fun past time. It’s not the same as playing outside, but it’s just as good he thinks. Seeing the pictures come to life with the colors he chose was the most fun he ever had inside his home. 

Touya pets him a few times before asking, “What’s your dream, Shouto? What do you want to do?” 

“I…want to play outside like everyone else does. I want to eat whatever I want like everyone else does. I want to wear whatever clothes I want without daddy telling me what I can or cannot wear. I want to be free, like everyone else but me is.” 

Touya would take in these words before hugging Shouto tightly, promising him, “Someday when I become your mate, I promise you will be free. You’ll get to play outside, eat and wear whatever you want and so much more. I will make you happy, Shouto. I promise.” 

Shouto is stunned to hear such words from an alpha. He is amazed to know his brother is willing to do such improper things for an omega like him, “You mean it? When you become my mate, you will make me happy?” 

“Yes, Shoucchan. I promise, I will make you happy.” 

Shouto hoped Touya would be his mate someday. It’d be nice to be able to play with pretty alphas like Natsuo. 


Natsuo had tried to have a good time, but he couldn’t. 

His instincts were clouding his mind, his judgement and ruining his fun. He had seen some omegas at the party who were types he would have gone for back before he marked Shouto, but when he tried to talk to them, he found himself losing interest immediately.

What made things worse was hearing other alphas and betas speaking about Shouto. 

Turns out, his mate is more popular than what he once thought. Every alpha and beta who saw him either in the dorms, at the frat party where they became mates, or both was talking nonstop about him. He had to leave early because he couldn’t handle hearing the comments anymore. It made him want to attack everyone for looking at or speaking about Shouto in that way. 

“Natsuo’s omega brother is sexy. I wouldn’t mind fucking him until he can’t move.” 

“He is! Damn, did you see him walking in the dorms in those skinny jeans? Fuck he’s hot. I wonder what he’d look like all covered in my cum?” 

“Yeah, you can tell the only reason why he has legs is to go from the bedroom to the kitchen. He seems really formal and proper… Those types are the best because they can’t say ‘no’. Imagine all the fun that can be had with him.” 

“Heh, I bet he’s sensitive on his pussy. I wouldn’t mind eating him out to see if my theory is true or not. Male omegas only wear that tight of jeans when they’re really sensitive on their pussy and want it to be licked like lollipop.” 

Fuck, he doesn’t like what’s happening to him! It feels like he is becoming Touya and that is the last thing he ever wanted to be because Touya wasn’t ever the same after Shouto was born. He doesn’t want to wind up losing himself and his lifestyle all because of Shouto. It’s not fair that he has to lose himself whereas Shouto doesn’t. 

He returns to a spotless dorm and miso soup that Shouto had made on a hot plate. Shouto himself is sleeping underneath the covers of his bed. 

Natsuo fights his instincts one last time to crawl into his bed and ignore the natural urge to have his omega in his arms. 


Natsuo can recall the times he actually spoke to Shouto growing up on one hand. That’s how little he talked to him, but it wasn’t his fault! No, the blame here lies with Touya. 

Touya, the one who could not let Shouto go or talk to anyone else but himself. Touya, the one who got too jealous of anyone touching Shouto or attempting to that he would literally rip Shouto away from them, glare them down with murderous eyes, and take Shouto away with him to his room. Touya, the alpha who would obsessively cuddle Shouto so he would walk away reeking of his scent, a volatile message to any alpha or beta to not touch him, because he’s taken. 

There was a time where Natsuo had knocked on Shouto’s door when he was four or five—he forgot which age exactly—to ask if he wanted to play. 

What he got when he opened the door was Touya holding Shouto in his arms and nuzzling him, giving off what must be an alpha version of a purr that sounded kind of…scary to Natsuo’s ears. The grey eyed alpha didn’t care though as he trudged onward into the room to ask, “Shouto, do you want to play with me?” 

Shouto looked so happy at the request too, his eyes livened up in a way he didn’t know was possible and he actually smiled, “You mean it? You want to…play with me?” 

“Yeah, why would I be here if I didn’t want to play with you?” 

Just his luck, Touya was in one of his ‘don’t let Shouto go’ moods and he decided to play dirty, “Shoucchan, you told me we could cuddle after coloring. What happened to those plans?” 

“I want to play, though.” Shouto brings up with a confused glance thrown in Touya’s direction. 

“Yeah Touya, you hog him all the time! I want to play with Shouto and see him too. He’s not just your omega, you know.” Natsuo retorts with a pout and an indignant stomp of his left foot. 

To which, Touya—the sneaky bastard—concedes, “You’re right. Shoucchan is more than an omega. He’s the light and love of my life. If you want to play with him, Shoucchan, then…you may.”

Touya releases him and Shouto turns around to face Touya. It was a huge mistake because Touya is already pouting and acting upset, which is enough to send Shouto into damage control mode, “Touya…what’s wrong? Why are you sad?” 

To which, he would sigh dramatically, “Oh, it’s nothing Shoucchan. You go and have fun without me.”


“Go ahead and leave me behind, my Shoucchan. I don’t want to hold you back.” 

Shouto caved, like he always did whenever Touya pulled this shit, “No, Touya, I’ll stay by your side, I promise! I can play another time. I’ll stay and cuddle with you, I promise. Please don’t be sad, okay?” 

Natsuo would get angrier because Touya always did this. 

It’s like he doesn’t care if he likes Shouto too or not. It’s like he won’t give him any chance or opportunity to speak to him or get to know him better. No, he just hogs Shouto for himself because that’s what he does and that’s what he wants to do. It’s all he’s ever done ever since Shouto was born. At this point, it’s getting sickening to Natsuo to see it happen so frequently, it’s become a predictable occurrence Shouto is dense and oblivious to. 

“Shouto, he’s faking it! He always fakes this stuff because he wants to hog you! He’s a brother hog and it’s getting annoying.” Natsuo snapped, his shout not at all missed by Touya. 

“I am not a brother hog. I just enjoy spending time with my Shoucchan. If you want to spend time with him, you can, but you never really seem to.” 

“Because you are always there, hogging him and pulling this stuff whenever you don’t get your way!” Natsuo snarls at his big brother, finally having had enough of this treatment. 

“Really now? Even if I wasn’t ‘hogging’ him, would you go out of your way to speak to him and spend time with him?” Touya shoots back with a cold, icy stare which sends shivers down Natsuo’s spine. 

Alpha pride prevents him from backing down though, “I would because I want to get to know Shouto, but you make it impossible because you’re crazy over him! He’s not yours. He’s ours. Get over it, Touya.” 

Touya’s scent sharpens slightly and Natsuo instinctually knows if he doesn’t leave soon, his punishment for trying to take Shouto away from Touya will be dire, “I don’t give a damn what you believe. Shouto will be my mate someday and I will give him all the freedom he wants. If you really did care about him, you’d be doing more to get involved in his life. If you ask me, this sounds like you are blaming me for your lack of trying.” 

“Ugh, whatever, Touya! You can have him. I don’t care anymore!” 

Natsuo never understood Touya after Shouto was born. Then again, he doubts he ever wanted to anyway. 

Chapter Text

The following morning, Shouto would make him breakfast from a hot plate (tamagoyaki and steamed rice). He would ask the omega, “How did you get the ingredients for this stuff?”

“I bought it with dad’s credit card.”

Makes sense, if he thinks about it. It’s a great meal, that much he can admit, “This is really good, Shouto. Thanks for the meal.”

Shouto is stunned by the show of gratitude but he recovers well enough to say, “You’re welcome, alpha. What are you doing today?”

Natsuo isn’t lying this time when he tells him, “I am going to my medical classes today and afterwards, I will be studying with a friend.”

Shouto nods and drinks his tea, with Natsuo noticing he hasn’t eaten anything at all aside from some plain tofu and white tea. He doesn’t really want to ask, but he needs to know why Shouto only made enough food for himself only, “Why are you eating only that small cup of tofu? That can’t be healthy.”

“It’s what is allowed in my diet. Omegas aren’t supposed to be fat.” Shouto explains nonchalantly, causing Natsuo to note, “Yeah, but it’s not healthy for anyone to be as thin as you. I wouldn’t doubt if you are underweight, Shouto.”

It was the one distracting thing during Shouto’s heat he couldn’t stop thinking about. Shouto’s…thin. Too thin, if he’s asked about it. He could see his ribs during his heat, his hip bones were a bit too sharp and his stomach a bit too flat. Had it not been Shouto’s heat and his instincts overrode his rational thought, he wouldn’t have fucked Shouto. He would have fed him some food to help him gain weight.

The thin omega shakes his head, “I’ll be fine. Omegas are supposed to be this way. It’s proper and formal, just like any mate would want.”

“What do you even eat in a day?” Natsuo grills him slightly, “Who even allowed you to eat a diet meant to keep you too thin?”


That explains all of this. Shouto gets out his phone, screen shotting something before sending a text. Natsuo’s phone dings immediately after, showing a text message from Shouto. It’s a photo of his diet plan, complete with daily meals he is supposed to eat. When he looks it over, he finds something which shocks him, “You eat only twice a day?”

Shouto nods, too busy drinking his tea to give a proper response. Natsuo looks over it more, finding the portions to be incredibly small and the meals themselves to be incredibly plain.

“Shouto, you know you don’t need to eat like this here, right? I mean, most people don’t eat like this in general so…”

“It’s okay, alpha. I’ve survived off of this diet all of my life. I’ll be fine.”

Natsuo doesn’t think he will be. This diet wouldn’t be enough for healthy growth or a healthy lifestyle. Though he hates feeling like Touya, he cannot deny the alpha was right all of these years later: Shouto’s diet is bad for him and their dad is wrong about it.

He makes up a plan in the back of his mind, but he won’t tell Shouto of it now. He will finish his meal and with a smooth voice, say, “I’m heading off to class now. Bye Shouto.”

Shouto’s mate leaves without a kiss or a wave in his direction. It makes him feel more alone in this place than what he did on the first night here.

Shouto can remember a time where being by Natsuo felt more like a dream he could never achieve or fulfill. He remembers there being a time where Natsuo was the one sibling he wanted to speak to more and get to know. He always seemed fun to play with from what he saw from his window.

The one time he got to speak to Natsuo without Touya interrupting him had been after he had successfully made his first cup of boba tea for the first time. He had been so proud to get the recipe just right and he had been all the more proud when he saw his brother going into the kitchen to get something to drink, only to ask, “Did you make that?”

Shouto would nod, “I did, alpha. Do you want to try it?”

“Sure, why not?”

He then grabbed the cup from his hand and took a few sips. Afterwards, he would comment, “It tastes great, Shouto! You really did this all by yourself?”

“Yes, I did. If you want, you can have another one I made. I had to learn how to make it today in my lessons.”

“Oh, I’d like that! Where is it?”

“Right here.”

Natsuo grins when taking his second cup of boba, and is about to thank Shouto again, only for Shouto to ask in a shy tone, “Alpha…if I wasn’t an omega, would I be allowed to play with you?”

The rules for being a Todoroki omega are strict. He has to eat a certain diet chosen out for him by his tutor and approved by his father. He has to wear clothes his father chooses out for him. A majority of his lessons are for cooking, cleaning, exercising, and dancing to please his alpha. Since he is infertile, he can never give his alpha pups, but he can at least learn how to please his alpha in every other area of life. He is not allowed to play outside or rough house because ‘proper’ omegas don’t do such things. The most fun he has in his life is the dance lessons, coloring in the coloring books Touya gives him, and exercise routines.

“Of course you would be. You can still play with me now. Come on Shouto, let’s go!”

Just when he was about to savor some taste of freedom, their father had to overhear them and he had to grab Shouto’s arm too tightly, “Shouto, what are you doing?”

He’s calm, but his scent is lethal, letting Shouto know what will happen next, “I’m sorry, alpha. I shouldn’t have ever asked him if I could play with him if I were an alpha.”

Natsuo wasn’t going to back down at first, but then, he hadn’t ever seen their father get this mad before at Shouto, “Dad, I—”

“Shut it.” he growls and it’s a feral sound, deep in tone and enough to silence the alpha child in his spot. He would then drag Shouto away from him and down the hall.

He opens the door, shoves the omega inside his room, and backhands him so hard he falls to the floor.

“Know your spot, omega.”

It was a warning ground out through a hiss. Once the door was closed, Shouto went over to his tatami mat to cry in silence.

Shouto had gotten done cleaning up the dorm, finding it odd how Natsuo could live in a place so small despite going to a higher end university.

The dorm walls are white, the floors have a grey stain on the wood grain, there is a basic white bathroom here (much like what Shouto had seen in the frat house when Natsuo scared away the frat boy from returning to his room during his heat), and a small kitchen nook. In this nook, there is a small section of cabinets, a stainless steel sink, a drying rack to leave the dishes to dry, a microwave, a small stainless steel refrigerator, and a decent sized hot plate.

He knows their father paid more money for him to have the best dorm while here. He’s just shocked this is the best they had. The only room separated from the other in here is the bathroom and that’s it.

It’s a far cry from what he is used to, that’s for sure.

No matter, he has more pressing matters to address. For example, he needs to do his daily yoga routine and his daily jog.

Normally, he would do this on a treadmill in the training room and a yoga mat he had kept stored in there. There’s not any room in the dorm to do his routine, so he has to go to other places to do this.

He jogs outside and when he is done, he looks up nearby yoga studios to do his daily yoga routine. Overall, he only came back to the dorms once to shower off after the jog and after that, he took a train to get to an omega-only yoga class where he felt safe being by his fellow omegas.

Shouto is quiet and reserved. He is the first one in the class and the first one to leave. The omega didn’t get to make friends that day. Then again, Shouto always feels inadequate to other omegas. High class omegas aren’t raised the way he is anymore. Sure, they were back in the day when there were more alphas and betas in the high class, but not anymore. Now they are expected to take over businesses, become heroes, or join some other type of high paying career that requires going to university.

They are allowed to be whatever they want, much like the lower and middle class omegas. Shouto has seen this on social media and videos online. He knows he is a modern day anomaly, which makes it all the harder for him to want to make friends. He knows they will always look down at him for being lesser than what they are. He knows they will never see him as an equal because he’s not as independent or empowered as they are.

It hurts to know outside of his father’s home, he has no spot in the world where he belongs. It makes him less open to the idea of leaving the house because even if he does get freedom, what can he do with it? He’s not been raised or gone to school the same way everyone else has. What can he really do out in the real world? He doesn’t even know what he could do.

He is at a tea shop to get some green tea when he hears some omegas—who must be from Natsuo’s university or something—talking about his alpha.

“Well, the best alpha I ever had in bed was this one named Todoroki.”

“Wait, did he have white hair and grey eyes?”


“Was he a total beast in the bedroom?”


“…When did you have sex with him?”

“A month ago. Why?”

“Oh, because that was when he courted me and ghosted me after we fucked each other’s brains out.”

The girl’s friend was enraged to hear this, her voice hissing when slamming her tea on the table, “The fucking pig! He’s just like every other sexist alpha out there.”

Shouto knows he shouldn’t approach them, but this is his mate they are talking about. He needs to know what is going on with him and why he is rejecting him, even if it means facing an ugly truth.

“Do you two know Todoroki Natsuo?” he asks them bluntly once he approaches their table.

The omega girls give him a sympathetic glance, the girl he had courted answering him, “Yeah, we do. Why? Did he screw you over too?”

Shouto knows Natsuo doesn’t want anyone to know about their mating, but he hates keeping it a secret. He wants to be honest about his mating to someone… He can’t though, he has to keep it a secret, “I think he is screwing me over right now.”

The first girl who had heard about him being a player from her friend is the first one to call him out, “Let me guess: he marked you, didn’t he?”

Shouto’s eyes widen and his mouth runs dry, “W-What?”

“I was at the frat party. I saw him mark an omega going into heat, that omega being you.” she then pulls out a chair for him to sit on, “Go on, tell us how he fucked you over.”

Shouto figures there is no point in lying to them. He opens his mouth and lets his pain out to someone other than Yoarashi for the first time ever since he got mated, “After my heat passed, he made me wear turtlenecks over my mark and forbade me from telling anyone about it. Then I went home and he didn’t talk to me for the longest time until the day he left me a voicemail asking me to come out here. I did come out here pretty late last night, but he left me alone right away to go to classes and said I couldn’t share a bed with him. He is gone at classes now, but I’m starting to think he’ll only reject me again.”

The girl he had courted takes his hand and coos to him, “I’m so sorry this happened to you. He’s a major prick and you can do way better than him.”

“Thank you…” Shouto whispers in response, not knowing what to do anymore.

“I’m Reiko, the one he courted and ghosted after we had sex. This is Runa, the one who saw him marking you. I’m sorry you’re marked to such a prick.”

“It’s alright. I can handle it, I guess.” he then asks them, “Did he do this to other omegas as well? Has he always used omegas for sex and nothing more?”

Runa looks so guilt ridden when handing him her phone and showing him Natsuo’s many social media accounts. All of them include him being with various omegas over the years, omegas he would later ghost after having sex with them or sharing a heat with them. One post even showed him talking to another omega the night he was supposed to be gone at classes. The first night Shouto had been there in his dorm.

Runa and Reiko hug their fellow omega, both girls mentally vowing at the same time in perfect sync to get even with the alpha for this omega’s sake.

Shouto didn’t want to go back to the dorm after hearing this. Now that he’s heard what other omegas have to say about his brother online and what he’s done to them, he knows now why Natsuo marked him and it hurts.

After Touya died, Natsuo was the only one he had, and he wanted nothing more than to get to know him better. Except, it seemed Natsuo had moved onto other alphas, betas, and omegas as friends instead of him. He was stuck alone in that household without a Touya there to be by his side and cheer him up or a mother there to calm him down whenever he cried. No, he was…left alone.

He had tried on so many occasions to talk to him, only for him to say, ‘yeah, okay, I got to go, Shouto’ or ‘I can’t talk now, I have a friend to see’. Now he knows why he had eventually quit having anything any conversation with him. Now he knows why he was ignored for his friends. Natsuo sees him the way their father does: as a hole to fuck and nothing more. He only marked him because he was drunk and let his territorial alpha instincts take over.

He never wants to see or speak to him ever again. He doesn’t want him as a mate anymore. He wants to go home and forget this whole mess ever happened.

Just when he thought his mate was making some shred of effort into accepting him…this happens and he’s back at square one.

He sits down on a park bench, not caring if it’s too late for an omega to be out according to his father’s rules. He wants to be alone and away from Natsuo for good.

His mate has been trying to call him and he’s been texting him nonstop. Shouto’s at the point of blocking his number, but he decides to leave it be for now. Natsuo will get sick of faking concern soon and he will stop with the incessant, annoying calling and texting. Shouto almost feels like texting, ‘why are you even texting me? I know you don’t care, so you can stop faking it now’.

He’s already cried his heart out to Yoarashi over the phone. His friend was an excellent listener who did his best to calm him down. Though he did ask for Natsuo’s dorm number and the address for some reason or another. Shouto gave it to him because he figured Yoarashi wanted to visit him or help him get his things.

He’s still pondering over whether to return to his place or stay with Fuyumi and her mate for a few days instead. He hasn’t come to a decision yet underneath the starry sky in the quiet, serene park.

He didn’t notice it in time. There was an alpha coming from behind him, wrapping his hand around his throat, “Don’t scream, little omega. You see…my quirk allows me to decay the things I touch when I use all five fingers at once.”

The alpha from behind makes an excellent show of this by decaying the trash can beside the park bench. Shouto whimpers, feeling frightened as the alpha behind him chuckles, “You have a lovely scent, too. You are just as beautiful as the picture your first mate sent me.”

“W-What picture?”

The alpha behind him goes silent, his hand unwrapping itself around his throat, allowing Shouto to turn around to face him.

Though his voice is young, his face is aged and wrinkled around the eyes and cracked along the lips. His red eyes send a chill down Shouto’s spine as he pulls it up from his phone.

A…Craigslist ad?

“What is Craigslist?”

“It’s a website where people go to sell used, old, worn shit they don’t want anymore. You were put in the mating section in an ad for an alpha looking for a second mate for an omega.”

The alpha with the silvery blue hair shows him the ad and Shouto’s heart breaks when he reads it. Then he shows him the messages they exchanged, and what hurt the most after an already devastating day was seeing his own mate say in the first message, complete with the only photo of Shouto himself he has on his phone: our mating was a mistake i made when i was drunk. i don’t want to give up my life as is or lose myself to being mated to him. if you can take him off of my hands, i’d appreciate it.

Shouto’s heart shatters and the burn of rejections swallows him whole as he doesn’t even bother to read the other messages. He simply picks up his phone, calling his soon to be forgotten mate to say, “You wanted me gone because you wanted money to fund your lifestyle of using omegas as a hole to fuck. I know about the ad, I know about the other alpha, and I know about you. I’ll obey your wishes. I will leave your life for good, alpha, and I’ll never return. Don’t bother pretending to care or be scared for my safety any longer. I know you don’t care, you never did. Goodbye, enjoy using omegas for your own satisfaction.”

He didn’t even allow Natsuo to speak to him. He hung up before the alpha could say a word to him. He took a step forward to the new alpha, not sure if he wants to go with him or not, but his own hurt and need to hurt Natsuo back is propelling him to do this.

Before Shigaraki can reach out for him, a low, deep, deadly growl is heard from the shadows. There’s a terrifyingly demonic hiss escaping the lips of an alpha who had seen and heard too much, “I fucking knew it… Get away from my Shoucchan or else.”

Shigaraki didn’t respond fast enough or move quickly enough away from Shouto for the alpha to be happy. A bright blue flame engulfed him whole, beautiful and horrifying at once.

Shouto ran away from the scene, never having seen something so violent before, and already he was scared for his life.

Chapter Text

Shouto had ran from the scene, terrified for his life as he ran, but then he ran into someone he had wanted to see in that moment.

“Todoroki, are you alright?”

He stops to look up at Yoarashi, his kind and worried eyes meeting his own, “Y-Yoarashi?”

He smiles and croons to him, “I was coming to beat some sense into your mate, but then I decided to change course and come see you instead. What happened? You look scared.”

Shouto shakes his head, burying his face in Yoarashi’s chest, “I’m fine. I really, really want to go home, Yoarashi.”

Inasa wraps him up in his arms and promises him, “Don’t worry, you don’t need to go back to your awful mate ever again. I’ll be sure you won’t.”

Inasa takes him in his arms and they ride a train over to Fuyumi’s place for the night. Once she hears everything from Shouto, she allows the boys to stay the night at her place. When Natsuo calls her up in a panic, she ignores the call, leaving him high and dry.

Natsuo had gotten an email from a guy who didn’t seem like a creep. Unlike the others, he could pay the fee to obtain Shouto as a second mate and he seemed decent enough in the emails. Except, things got creepy when he saw the man had been emailing him photos of Shouto having his morning jog. All of this happened after Natsuo had shown him a photo of Shouto and gave him his address.

He was late in checking in his messages, but when he did, he discovered the photos of Shouto jogging, the photos of Shouto riding a train, Shouto at yoga class, and a distraught Shouto speaking to Reiko and Runa at the tea shop.

He had sent him an email at the park he was at, a cryptic one that read: he’s already here all alone…i may as well take him now for free than wait any longer or pay any fee. thank you for the omega, i’ll be sure to take better care of him than you ever did.

In that email was a photo of a man with an aged face, red eyes, and slivery blue hair. Suddenly, Natsuo felt nothing but fear strike through him harder than a lightning bolt hitting his body on full blast. He seems pretty similar to the villain on the news…

Oh fuck, what had he done to Shouto? Guilt began exploding out of him to the revelation, feeling like shit for what he did to his brother.

He had already been calling and texting Shouto ever since he received the messages containing the photos of him going about his day. Shouto wasn’t answering him which was simultaneously frustrating and terrifying. Once his classes were done, he decided to go looking for Shouto. However, he had no clue where he was at and he didn’t know which park he had gone to.

Reiko and Runa cussed him out when he called them. They wouldn’t even give him a chance to speak, hanging up on him and promptly blocking his number afterwards. He would call up Shouto, running through the various parks, trying to find him.

When Shouto did answer, he felt relief course through him and then he heard what was said. He paused, taking the words all in as they struck at him hard. Shouto hung up on him and he couldn’t keep moving. His whole body froze as his instincts overrode his rational mind. He couldn’t help what was happening at that point. It felt as though Shouto had…quit on him. Like his mate had…rejected him?

No, Shouto wouldn’t do that! He was raised to be prim and proper, to follow the traditions set by their father! He wouldn’t ever reject him, let alone quit on him. He loves him, he has to because of instincts!

…Then why did he block his number?

Natsuo would go visit Fuyumi after returning from his classes and finding Shouto’s meager belongings taken out of his dorm. Upon asking what happened to the dean, he had been told his father had sent someone in to get Shouto’s stuff out of the dorm. He would try calling up the main house, only to find his number was blocked there as well. He would try calling up Fuyumi one more time, asking her right when she answered the phone, “What the hell is going on?”

“What do you mean? Are you talking about the part where you almost got Shouto marked by a villain because you wanted to keep being a whore and marking him was a mistake?”

His heart drops to the pit of his stomach. If she knows, then their father will know next and he cannot have that! That man will have his head on a platter!

“Where is Shouto at? I can’t find him anywhere and for some reason or another, my number has been blocked from the main house.”

“He stayed at my place last night with his new alpha friend, Yoarashi Inasa. He told me everything that happened and I’ve got to say…for a guy who talks about how much he hates our father, you sure are exactly like him.”

Natsuo growls to this, having despised their father for abusing their mother and keeping Shouto separate from the rest of them because of his ‘omeganess’, “I am not a thing like that bastard.”

Fuyumi scoffs to this, her comeback cruel and sharp enough to dice him to pieces over the phone,“Wow, your hatred of him must have made you blind, huh? You rejected Shouto the way dad rejected mom and you tried to cheat on him the night he moved in your dorm, just like dad cheated on mom for several omegas because he hates betas the most. Just like dad, you view omegas as holes to be fucked and thrown away. Going off of the huge post about you online, you’ve been doing this since late middle school too. You really are just like him. Your marking Shouto was a mistake, but not because it inconvenienced you. It was a mistake because Shouto deserves to have a nice alpha who can love him, like Touya or Yoarashi, not a whore like you.”

“I never hit him!”

“But you forced him to hide your mark from everyone and deny being taken with you. You forced him into silence and then you never called or texted him. To make matters worse, you wouldn’t even allow him to sleep in the same bed as you after his heat. You never complimented him, you never made him feel wanted, but you did make him feel like a mistake that had to be hidden at all costs. Dad hid the fact he was mated to mom from everyone and forbade her from talking about it to anyone. He also forbade her from showing her mark to anyone. He never allowed her to sleep in the same bed as him and he only used her for sex. He never complimented her, he never made her feel wanted, and he ignored her after he got what he wanted out of her. You are dad in more ways than just your looks. You are dad in personality too.”

Natsuo is silent as the memories of their father acting the same way he did to Shouto came flooding back all at once. The guilt weighs heavy on his heart and lungs when he comes to the realization that Fuyumi is right. He did treat Shouto the way their father treated their mother.

Though he can try to defend himself on one end, “I didn’t cheat on Shouto, though. I never cheated on Shouto.”

It’s not an unknown the fact to the alpha Todoroki children that their father regularly, shamelessly cheated on their mother for omegas. He despises betas the most of the secondary genders, the only reason why he marked Rei when he was young was because the omegas had been taken and she was the only beta with a quirk he found suitable enough for his goal of surpassing All Might. Wednesday nights were known as ‘omega nights’ in the household, where Enji would bring in some strange omega to sleep with while the rest of the family hid out in the vacation house, the punishment being a severe, brutal beating if any one of them dared to come into the main house when he had an omega over.

He can already hear his big sister’s eye roll over the phone, “You attempted to cheat on him the first night he was there and you were going to sell him off on Craigslist so you could cheat on him for other omegas. Craigslist of all places, Natsuo! Don’t you know how many human traffickers, murderers, and creeps go on there? How the hell did you think you were going to find a decent person on there! You should have expected a villain would be the one trying to get Shouto!”

He has nothing for this because he knows she’s right, and yet his stubbornness prevents him from stopping for some reason or another, “I didn’t want to lose myself to being mated to Shouto like Touya did after he was born! I didn’t want to become some possessive, clingy, jealous alpha. I wanted to be me still, what’s so wrong about that?”

“…So you wanted to remain being an inconsiderate, cruel, sexist whore like dad instead? Say what you will about Touya, but unlike you, he loved Shouto in the end. He would have been a far better mate to him than you ever would have been.”

“Okay, ‘cruel’ is a bit harsh to use here.”

“What you did to Shouto was cruel and what you did to all of the omegas online who claim you led them on into thinking and believing they had a shot with you only to ghost them after having sex with them or riding out a heat was cruel too. You rejected Shouto so severely to the point where you were willing to sell him online like he was some commodity, some object for you to throw away. How is reducing all of omegakind to holes to be fucked not cruel?”

Again, he has nothing to combat this with because he’s realizing she is right and he’s starting to feel like a hypocritical piece of shit for going hard on their father when he’s done the same exact things he has done. It’s not any better when he realizes he followed the same beliefs he did without fully knowing it, making him feel disgusted with himself over the revelation.

Since he has nothing for this, he decides to ask again, “Why can’t I contact the main house or Shouto?”

Fuyumi’s answer is spoken with apathy, which somehow hurts worse than any rage ever could in this moment, “Because Shouto told dad you used him to get into parties at university and dad decided to ban you from the property. He hasn’t told dad about being mated to you, but dad was still pissed off enough to block your number and hire guards to prevent you from coming onto the property. Shouto blocked your number after he got away from the villain when he was walking to the train station with Yoarashi. He doesn’t want a thing to do with you ever again and honestly, I don’t blame him. After everything you’ve done to reject him, it’s only fair if he rejects you right back.”

He has nothing for this either. No counter arguments or any retort in mind, he’s accepted defeat because he has come to the conclusion he is not their father. No, he’s worse.

Fuyumi couldn’t be forgiving for what Natsuo had done to Shouto. She knows all too well something Natsuo must have been too dumb to see: Shouto had a huge crush on him throughout his childhood.

Sure, Touya could get possessive, Fuyumi can concede this. In fact, Fuyumi remembers a time where she had wanted to play dress up with Shouto because she was bored, but Touya had been there in the room at the time, cuddling Shouto. When she tried to ask, he growled at her with his teeth bared, a clear threat of deadly assault if she did not leave right then. So she knows he can get possessive.

What she does know is Touya’s possessiveness could get worsened if he was jealous and Touya wasn’t one to get too jealous over nothing. No, with him there had to be a reason as to why he was jealous in the first place. If Touya isolated Shouto from Natsuo, it’s only because he saw him as a threat to a bond he thought was easily his.

Shouto would always want to play with Natsuo. Fuyumi remembers this one time where Shouto had been talking to Natsuo about tea and he had offered to make him some. Natsuo then countered this with a tea party offer, which excited Shouto, but then Touya had seen the two getting a bit too close.

Shouto was clearly fascinated by Natsuo, always watching him whenever they were outside playing instead of anyone else. Fuyumi caught on quickly to his crush. She can only imagine what it was like for Touya when he had put the pieces together for himself.

Touya would never allow a tea party or any game between them to happen. He would always pull the same lines to get Shouto to do as he pleased, “Shoucchan, I haven’t seen you all day.”

“Oh, hi Touya! I’m sorry, but can we see each other later? Natsuo and I are going to play!”

Touya would not accept this well, his eyes glaring daggers at Natsuo, “Oh, okay then… I guess I will just have to wait after a long day of bullying and stress at school.”

“Bullying? People…hurt you, Touya?” Shouto would ask with the same worried eyes he got every time he saw Touya pout a little bit or give a small frown or huff in displeasure.

“Yeah, they do and it’s tough to deal with alone. Still, I pull on through because I always have you here waiting for me. I guess it’s okay if you leave though…I suppose I will just have to get used to being a throw away doll to you.”

Fuyumi would have called him out on his bullshit back then, but she knew better than to challenge the strongest alpha of the Todoroki children.

Shouto gasps, as he always did whenever Touya pulled his bullshit dramatics, “I’m sorry, Touya! I can spend time with you right now if you want me to. I can always play with Natsuo another time.”

Touya would respond by scooping Shouto up into his arms and nuzzling him, “Thank you so much, Shoucchan! I’ll scent you in my room.”

“Okay Touya, whatever makes you feel happy.”

Natsuo would frown to this interaction, asking Fuyumi once Touya was out of earshot, “Why does he always hog Shouto? Doesn’t he know I like him too?”

“He hogs Shouto because he loves him too much and he doesn’t like competition getting in the way.”

Natsuo must not have caught onto this over the years she’s had to tell him this because if he did, then he probably wouldn’t have done what he did to Shouto.

Later on, she would peep into Touya’s bedroom to find the two cuddling a bit too intimately together on the tatami mat. Shouto would ask, “Can I play with Natsuo now?”

To which Touya would tighten his grip and nuzzle him some more, “Shoucchan, why bring him up now? Aren’t you happy with me?”

“No, I am! Sorry Touya, I won’t do it again.”

“Good… I love you, Shouto.”

“I love you too, Touya.”

Fuyumi does know Shouto loves Touya, but he also has a crush on Natsuo. He always tries so hard to talk to him whenever he can, only for it to be interrupted by Touya or their father taking him away.

After Touya had died, she had noticed that Shouto would always try to talk to Natsuo whenever she visited her siblings.

He would always give Natsuo boba tea he wouldn’t drink, he would always give Natsuo new sweets and dishes he learned only for it to go untouched, and he tried to talk to Natsuo only to be cut off by him or ignored.

When he tried to express his feelings with a heartfelt letter Fuyumi had helped him write, he had asked her, “Will he like me after this? I don’t know how to confess my feelings that well…”

She didn’t know if he would or not, but she would at least attempt to reassure him, “I’m sure he’ll talk to you at the very least once he reads the letter.”

He had written it on a pink piece of paper and stuffed it inside a white envelope before placing it on top of Natsuo’s dresser. The alpha hadn’t read it for the longest time, but on the day he did, he left a white bunny plushie outside of Shouto’s door.

Shouto had been so happy to see it, chirping excitedly to Fuyumi, “Fuyumi, look! He gave me a courting gift! He must like me. He has to if he gave me something so nice.”

Fuyumi didn’t know what to tell him. She didn’t think Natsuo gave it as a courting gift. She believed he didn’t understand the intention behind the letter and simply gave him a bunny as an act of kindness.

She couldn’t bring herself to be honest back then and she kicks herself now for not being able to, “Wow, that was…nice of him to do.”

Just as she had thought, every time she would visit them once a month, Shouto continued on being neglected by Natsuo, but instead of quitting, he held onto hope that Natsuo felt the same way. The white bunny plushie had been the symbol of maybe Natsuo felt the same way. Maybe he will talk to me and let me play with him again.

Except, it never happened.

On the night Shouto had been asked to arrive to Natsuo’s dorm, he only managed to go along because he had begged their father to allow him to go. He was so excited to spend time with Natsuo that when Fuyumi took him there, his scent showcased his happiness so thoroughly…

Then he came back to the main house and he wasn’t the same three weeks after seeing Natsuo. He was far more quiet, sullen, and morose. He quit eating and stayed on his tatami mat in his room all day long. He seemed to be as though he were in mourning in her eyes, looking back at it, she kicks herself harder yet for not seeing the same signs of a rejected omega that were present in their mother as a rejected beta.

She wants to be there for Shouto now, but she knows he needs his alone time after the trauma he went through. After everything he has gone through with Natsuo so far, she can only hope he learns to never give an obviously uninterested person all of his heart ever again.

Chapter Text

Reiko and Runa were vindictive, wanting to get even with the alpha who had screwed not only them, but his mate over. They started a post on social media talking about their experiences with Natsuo and requesting other omegas who had the same experiences to speak out. This had opened a Pandora’s box of every omega ever screwed over by him to come out and speak about their experiences.

Needless to say, this led to the once popular extrovert being shunned, ostracized and isolated by his friends at university as well as his friends online. Now he has become a pariah, a symbol of alpha sexism towards omegas which has transcended from the digital world to the real one where he is no longer invited to parties, he has no friends, no one talks to him unless if they absolutely have to, and no one wants to be in the same dorm as him for fear of being placed under the same category as he is.

He tries to show up to parties, only to be kicked out either peacefully, with threats of the cops being called, or with someone attempting to assault him. He’s long since stopped trying to even show up to them, becoming a hermit with the scarlet letter painted on him. Except, instead of it being an ‘A’, his is a ‘S’ for sexist pig and no one wants to be associated with such things.

In a world where the high class no longer has any alpha or beta offspring, but is abundant with omegas instead, the modern world has changed. Omega rights are a thing now and equality is something that is fought for by the omegas who are not mated to a lower or middle class mate or to an alpha or beta member of their family. In this sense, Natsuo’s social isolation was only damned to happen from the betas and alphas who are mated already and feel a sense of empathy for omegas. Well, then one has to wonder how many of the single alphas and betas think the same way Natsuo once thought but are only faking empathy to not lose their chances with an omega.

Either way, wondering about such things will not aide his situation. It will not take away from the fact he’s been rejected not only by his friends and social life, but by his mate as well.

He’s feeling the burn of rejection in a way that Shouto did, but this time he is left to suffer alone in the same isolation Shouto has for all of his life. He is holed up in his dorm whenever he is not at classes, constantly on social media after this ‘Yoarashi Inasa’ added him as a friend. Seeing Shouto on his posts, looking so beautiful, smiling for him and holding his hand… It breaks his heart.

Unlike Shouto, he now has to deal with chronic insomnia, his own instincts constantly making him feel worse with never ending reminders of how badly he fucked up, and he’s quit eating much. No, all he does now is watch on social media as this alpha grows closer and closer to Shouto whereas he is left to drift away.

It’s funny: only a month ago, he was on top of the world. He was a popular, outgoing extrovert who had a way with the omegas. Now, here he is, a vilified, exiled hermit—a pathetic, hollow shell of his former self—living in isolation in his dorm as his mate openly rejects him on social media for another alpha.

He doesn’t socialize much anymore after what happened with Shouto. He never calls, he never texts, he only stays in his dorm and watches as Shouto begins to replace him for another alpha. He doesn’t even know why he is torturing himself like this, why he is making his stomach churn in tight knots, why he is making his heart feel as though it’s dropping out of his body, and why he is making his own throat so tight, so constricted he feels like he can’t breathe.

He watches as Yoarashi makes a post about going to this cherry blossom festival and it makes him gasp as he comes up with an idea to make this right by Shouto. First things first though, he needs to call up Fuyumi to figure out how long Shouto has known this Yoarashi Inasa.

“What do you want?”

She’s still pissed off at him. It makes sense when he thinks about it.

“I want to know how Yoarashi and Shouto met.”

“Why do you want to know that?”

“Because I am curious about it.”

Fuyumi explains it with what sounds like snide in her tone, “He is the superior alpha dad had chosen for Shouto. He is an upper middle class alpha with an aspiration to become a hero, he attends UA High, and he is the first place winner of the Sports Festival. Dad introduced him to Yoarashi two days after he had rode out his heat with you. He had wanted Yoarashi to mate Shouto, but now they are only friends instead. It’s only a matter of time before he comes to his senses and takes him as a second mate to leave you behind forever.”

He’s…known him for a while then? So the whole time he was ghosting Shouto he moved on to another alpha that quickly?

Ah, well, knowing this didn’t make things feel better. Here he had thought he knew Yoarashi for only a week. He never knew when Shouto had ignored his calls he had been seeing another alpha, one that sounds better than him in every single way imaginable.

His heart with the nonstop stabbing feeling became a heart on fire as the stabbing motion began to burn. He’s stuck in this spot where he doesn’t know what to do or say to this. He wants to try to talk to Shouto. He wants to sort this out and apologize to him. He wants to give them a chance, but he has a feeling Shouto won’t be as willing to listen as he had been back when he had asked him to come to the dorm with him.

“Okay, thanks for telling me.”

He had wanted to hang up, but then Fuyumi had given him a tid bit of information that knocked the wind out of him, “Shouto had a crush on you for so many years and then you went and fucked him over. Didn’t you even read the letter he gave you? You know, the one written on the pink paper?”

He hadn’t really read it back then. He thought Shouto was asking for a plushie in a dramatic way so he left it on his dresser and forgot about it. He did get him a white bunny plushie as a way to fulfill his wish. He didn’t know there was an actual meaning to the letter.

“I…didn’t. I thought he was asking for a plushie in a dramatic way, so I got him a bunny.”

She groans loudly, a hiss coming out of her lips, “You idiot! Shouto had a crush on you for years, even when you quit speaking to him in general! That letter was a confession of his feelings for you and he thought that bunny was a sign you liked him! You always used to say Touya hogged Shouto, but he was right. When you had the chance to speak to Shouto and play with him for all of these years Touya was gone, you didn’t. Touya wasn’t the problem. The problem was you.”

That…that hurts the worst to hear because she’s right—no, Touya was right.

He had plenty of chances to speak to Shouto and do things with him after Touya died, but he never did anything. He just ignored him and left him alone in that prison of a house. It’s no wonder why Shouto was so willing to do anything with him or why he would get so excited whenever he so much as glanced his way…

Fuck, he fucked up with Shouto. Is there any way at all he can fix this? He’s not sure if he even can anymore.

“You didn’t throw that letter away, right? I can’t help but to think you were cruel enough to.”

“I didn’t throw it away, I left it on my dresser and never really read it through. I think it’s still in the house behind my dresser in my old room. You can go check if you want.”

“I will and I will mail it off to you. Not because I want you two to amend things, but because I want you to suffer in a way worse than what he suffered.”

“Okay, I’ll see it in the mail soon then.”

Fuyumi hung up on him, which he knows he deserves at this point. Still, as long as Shouto hasn’t developed deeper feelings for Yoarashi then he thinks he still has a chance to win him back if he just talks to him and admits all the ways he went wrong.

The letter had come in a bit too soon for Natsuo’s liking, but when he did read it, it was enough to make his heart feel as though it would give out on him and his lungs crushed by the heaviest weight of guilt he has ever felt.

The letter itself wasn’t too long. It was short, simple, sweet, and oddly enough, very Shouto.

Alpha, hi. I wanted to tell you this for a long time, but you don’t speak to me anymore so I figured you’d get it if I wrote a letter for you instead. According to Fuyumi, when you make my heart race, my tummy feel…fluttery, and when I think of being your mate someday, it means I have this thing called a ‘crush’ on you. I hope you feel the same way, but if you don’t, I understand. I’ll accept whoever dad chooses for me. I’m sure they won’t be too bad and over time, I’ll get over it. If you do feel the same way, please speak to me again. You don’t have to play with me, I just want to talk, I’ll take talking. Even if you don’t feel the same way, please speak to me still. I have no one to speak to here without mom and Touya. It’s hard and I get lonely. Please speak to me again, I’d be happy if you did. Thank you for at least reading this, I hope to hear from you soon. Love, Shouto.

Fuck…fuck… He fucked up. He fucked up really, really bad. He never caught on to Shouto’s feelings. Then again, he got too caught up in his life to ever pay any notice to Shouto after Touya was gone. To know he was always waiting for so many years for some sign Natsuo of wanting to be his mate, holding on to a false hope he had given him in the bunny, and waiting for some sort of conversation, any at all for all of these years after Touya was gone…

It breaks him as a whole as he is faced with the dirtied, stained, destroyed image of himself in his mind. His self-confidence and self-esteem are shattered when it becomes too painfully clear and obvious how awful of a person he truly is. He’s a living, breathing piece of shit for treating Shouto worse than their father ever treated their mother.

He may not have hit Shouto, but he still broke his heart beyond repair during a time of vulnerability for him. A time where he had built up false hope—a false hope Natsuo himself had given him when he left that white bunny plushie outside of his door—in Shouto only to crush it cruelly. When Shouto was willing to try, he learned the hard truth about his new mate in only a day.

Natsuo is not sure what to do to amend this. He’s at the point where he firmly believes he can’t, but his instincts won’t allow him to not try. Instead of repressing his instincts, he decides to follow them for once concerning Shouto.

He has to make this up to him. Shouto is his mate and he deserves to have a happy bond after all the shit he put him through.

The day of the cherry blossom festival, he showers and gets dressed in his best clothes. He does all that he can to make himself look his best before heading off to the cherry blossom festival Shouto is attending with Yoarashi. It was a long train ride to get there, but by the time he got there, he was already looking for the familiar head of half-white, half-dark blood red hair in the crowd.

Luckily for him, he was able to find Shouto underneath a cherry blossom tree…receiving a kiss on the lips from Yoarashi Inasa.

Shouto’s blushing and stunned, asking Yoarashi right away, “Why did you do that?”

“Todoroki…I want to be your second mate. Your current one is terrible to you and you deserve so much better. I am willing to give you the world and then some. I promise I will do so someday! Just please…become my mate.”

Natsuo’s heart is crumbling to dust but at the same time, he is possessed by this deep seeded rage.

How dare this alpha kiss his mate!

How dare he add him as a friend online in order to taunt him, to lure him out here, all so he can see this! If Shouto agrees to this mating, Natsuo cannot say he will not attack the tall bastard with his quirk.

“Yoarashi, I do like you as a friend. You are the first friend I’ve ever made. I just…don’t want you as a second mate. There was only one alpha for me, and he’s gone now. Maybe someday I’ll find someone similar to Touya, but for now, I’ll just have to wait it out. I’m sorry. I hope you will still be my friend.”

Yoarashi looks hurt, but he puts on a brave face and hugs Shouto anyway, “It’s okay, Todoroki. I understand, take your time and you will find your new Touya someday.”

“Thank you for understanding, Yoarashi. You will find your perfect someday, I know you will.”

The tall alpha would ask him, “Do you want me to go back to the stand and get us something to eat?”

“I’m good, but if you’re hungry, you should go.”

“Oh okay… I’ll be back, Todoroki! Wait right here!”

Shouto nods and waves him off as he goes to get himself something to eat.

Natsuo approaches Shouto cautiously, wary in his footsteps as his anxiety about the situation at hand returns tenfold, the cockiness from before now gone, “Shouto, hi.”

Shouto turns around, looking so stunning in his pretty pink kimono that he knows their father made him wear for today. Shouto isn’t talking or even looking at him. He seems to be looking anywhere else but him and this hurts the alpha more than he would like to admit, “Okay, look, I fucked up badly with you and I was a terrible alpha to you. I was worse to you than what dad was to mom and I am sorry for everything I did. I’m sorry for telling you to hide your mark, I’m sorry for telling you to not tell anyone about us, I’m sorry for ghosting you, I’m sorry for giving you false hope, I’m sorry for the Craigslist ad, and I’m sorry for rejecting you. Listen, I want to give us a try. I want to try to be a good alpha to you if you will have me.”

Had he said this to him right on the day he moved into the dorms, he could have forgiven him and given him a chance. However, as it stands, this apology is too little, too late. Shouto answers him bluntly, not caring about the bags and dark circles under his brother’s eyes or the pallid color of his skin. No, he doesn’t even care about the fact he’s lost some weight because none of this could ever atone for what he did to him, “Why should I give you a second chance when you never gave me one at all? You didn’t mark to protect me or because you cared. You marked me to have sex with me instead of anyone else at the party. You don’t see me as a human being, let alone an equal. I am nothing more than a used commodity for you to sell off when you get bored and want to have sex with someone new. Your sex life matters more than me, don’t lie to me about it. I’m not here for that.”

“Shouto, that’s not true. I’ve changed, really, I—”

“I don’t believe that. Not for one second.”

Shouto would then speak while looking him directly in the eyes, “I don’t want to be your omega anymore. I know now that our mating was a mistake. I shouldn’t have ever held out hope in you. Every time I did, you always disappointed me in the end and this time is no different from the rest. I won’t be used by you ever again. Stay out of my life and never speak to me again, alpha. You’re not my mate. Only Touya is because Touya was the only one in that damned cage who loved me.”

Natsuo tries because he cannot bring himself to quit on Shouto, even if the burn of rejection is deeper seared into himself than what it was before, “Shouto, I know I hurt you, but you have to trust me. I am ready and willing to be your mate, please, I’m sorry. I will change for the better, I will be the mate you deserve.”

“I don’t care. You’re not my alpha and I’m not your omega. Burning the plushie you gave me was the best thing I’ve done for myself up until now. I’m done with you. Never speak to me again or else I’ll get Yoarashi here to blow you away with his quirk.”

He snarls slightly, not liking where this is going and not ready yet to quit, “I don’t care. I am your mate Shouto, whether you want me to be or not. I want to make this work between us and I don’t care how many times I have to apologize or prove myself to you, but I am not leaving.”

Shouto makes an ice wall and he decides to quit while he’s ahead for today, “Alright, I deserved that and I deserve your rejection after all the shit I did to you. Just know that I am not quitting Shouto. I will make up for what I did to you and I will be the mate you want to be with.”

“Sure you will and dad will allow me to become a hero.” Shouto replies bitterly, venom heavy in his voice when saying it.

“Shouto…I am sorry and I know you don’t believe me, but I will make it up to you.” when he sees his croon isn’t getting him anywhere, he decides it’s better to leave Shouto alone for now, “Fine, I’ll leave you be. I’ll see you around, Shouto.”

Shouto doesn’t say anything in response and Natsuo knows better than to expect it. He will make this work. He may have fucked up before, but he won’t this time around. He will become the mate Shouto deserves. 

Chapter Text

Dabi had once been a young man in love with his little omega brother. He had thought he had done all that he could to cement himself as the favorite, but it seems the crush on Natsuo never went away if what he saw on Shigaraki’s computer meant anything. 

Years of wanting Shouto, years of plotting a way to kill the old man so he could finally have Shouto to himself and it was all for naught if the emails he saw meant anything! 

Natsuo is so dense, how the hell could he not change his email address all of these years later? How the hell could he just randomly give a stranger he met on Craigslist the address he is living at with Shouto? 

He knows for fact Natsuo goes to that university too because the over sharer on social media doesn’t think to hide such things. 

He’s lucky Shigaraki is generally stupid about logging off of anything due to his online gaming addiction. He is more than lucky to know he always keeps himself signed in to every website he has an account on, including the email sign in websites he uses to make gaming accounts. 

Thanks to this, he was able to stalk Shigaraki to the same location at the park where he was about to try to take his Shoucchan away. Of course, he feels awful for scaring his Shoucchan away the way he did. Shouto never did see his quirk growing up. He only knew it was a flame that burned hotter than their father’s, but other than this, he had no clue about it. 

Oh well, once he explains himself to Shoucchan, everything will be just fine… 

This being said, he’s struggling with a certain dilemma: should he lose his ever loving shit on Natsuo first or should he mark Shouto first? He’s not too sure which one he should do at this point since they’re both something he wants to desperately do at the moment. 

Once he isn't so busy with the league, he will make his move, but for now, he will bide his time. He will bide his time and wait it out, all for the safety of his precious Shoucchan. 


As for Shouto, after confessing to his father he saw no mating potential in Yoarashi and he wanted to remain friends with him, he was kept at home still, only allowed to go out whenever it involved doing something with Yoarashi. 

However, Shouto is starting to notice something…strange with his father. 

He’s having him wear kimonos all the time now. It’s a strange change of pace he doesn’t quite see coming until after admitting he only sees Yoarashi as a friend. Then comes the roses. 

Yes, his father has started giving him roses, they’re always red and they’re always fresh. He at first thinks the man is trying to turn a new leaf, finding this all a bit strange but pleasant. 

When he starts joining his dance lessons as a partner with hands that tend to wander a bit too much, that’s when Shouto starts to feel a bit uncomfortable with the changes.

It doesn’t help matters that Yoarashi’s school life has finally caught up with him. Now he has to focus more than ever on being a top hero, leaving Shouto alone in his home more and more with only his father for company. 

It wouldn’t be as bad if he had a chance to get out of the house or leave the property in general. However, his father forbids it and as such, he’s not allowed to leave. With the guards there to prevent Natsuo from coming over, he feels as though he is a villain locked away in prison for a heinous crime. Being alone so much makes him feel devastated as he is forced to relive the all too recent stings of rejection from Natsuo as well as the loss of his mother and Touya. 

His mind can be a toxic place to live in if he’s in it for too long. Inside the pristine, traditional Japanese home (it feels more like a mansion display in a museum or a hotel at times given the lack of personal touches in the home), he has nothing to do other than to go watch videos online and color. When these activities bore him, he cleans even if there is no cleaning needed. He will exercise even if it’s not warranted. He will cook and make a grand meal for his alpha even though he’s not here and that’s all his own fault…

No, he will not give in to his instincts! Natsuo rejected him and according to the information on the news, the charred body in the park was one of a villain. Not just any villain, but one rumored to be the head of the infamous, dangerous, predominantly alpha (they are said to have at least one beta member) League of Villains. 

He can’t take Natsuo back after this. He just can’t, not after everything that’s happened. 

Then again, he did seem… 

No. Stupid instincts craving his alpha’s attention and touch! Natsuo is not worth it, only Touya is and Touya’s gone. Touya was the only alpha who ever loved him, what the hell was he thinking crushing on Natsuo for all of these years? It was a mistake, just like their mating, and he doesn’t want a thing to do with the alpha after what he did. 

Touya was the only one worthy of his heart and love. He sees this now… He wishes he had seen it earlier. 

Touya, the one who had loved him and given him everything he could… He wishes now more than ever that Touya was alive and could somehow mark him. He wouldn’t mind being in a polyamory situation where he never sees Natsuo again and he lives with Touya instead full time. 

In his room, there are specialized nesting blanket sets from Touya he’s held onto to for all of these years because it smells of him. This rich, warm scent of amber and musk with a dash of cinnamon that is so very Touya it’s impossible to not associate it with him. 

He clings to them as he wishes more than ever before he had Touya here by his side right now. 


Ultimately, it was Shouto who won out on Dabi’s priority list. The man formerly known as Todoroki Touya had chosen to come see Shouto in the middle of the night when their father was too busy fighting a group of villains to be home. 

As for the guards…well, Dabi disposed of them. His quirk is made for that, after all. 

Walking past the beautiful landscaping of their front yard, beyond the gates and into his former hell hole, he circles around the house from memory alone. The patchwork alpha finds himself entering the home by sliding Shouto’s open window upward a few cracks more to slither into the room and approach his tatami mat. 

He looked so peaceful sleeping in his plain white blanket, but he needed to get Shouto up if he wanted his plan to work. Before he does confront Natsuo for his bullshit, he needs to do this for his beloved Shouto’s sake. 

Rejection from an alpha does awful things to omegas. Looking at his Shouto now, he can see the effects of it. He’s lost too much weight, his skin has lost its color, and he has these tear tracks on his cheeks to go along with the dark circles underneath his eyes. Along with this comes intense feelings of heartbreak, betrayal, and worthlessness. Given the way their brother is, he must have hurt Shouto beyond repair when he saw those emails he sent Shigaraki. 

To think, Natsuo was once upon a time competition…now he’s just a worthless alpha like their father who is unworthy of Shouto! To think he would be the worst one out of all of them when Dabi is the villain who has killed numerous people. 

No matter. He has no time to think on this stuff anyway. 

He lays down in bed beside Shouto, like he did when they were kids and Shouto had a nightmare. He takes Shouto’s nearing bony body into his arms and nuzzles him along the crook of his neck as he holds his omega for the first time in years. 

Years without Shouto has been hell on him. He became hostile, irritable, and bitter, full of hatred for the world around him. Every night, he worried over Shouto. Every night, he dreamed of Shouto living with him and being his. Every time he had a passing thought in his mind, it was always about Shouto. Shouto consumed him whole far more after he left the house than what he did when he lived in it as Touya. 

He doesn’t look like the same Touya anymore and he certainly doesn’t feel like the same Touya at times. At first, it had been easy to compartmentalize himself: Dabi was the persona he needed to survive off of the streets and avoid detection by his father. Touya was the person he really is on the inside. 

Usually, he can keep the two separated, but lately it’s been getting harder to do. The ‘Touya’ part of himself feels more and more stained with the Dabi persona with every passing day. It’s starting to feel like Dabi is who he really was all along, even if he knows in the back of his mind this isn’t true. 

Then he thinks of Shouto and he feels less stained again. Just being by the boy again is enough to make him feel like the old Touya he once was. He feels less stained, tarnished, ruined by his life whenever he is by Shouto. He feels…good and whole again, which is all he really, truly wants deep down.

He kisses the crook of Shouto’s neck, hoping to stay like this forever. Alas, forever ends when Shouto stirs and awakens with a sleepy, “Touya?” 

“Yes Shoucchan, it’s me. I’m back and I’m never leaving you again.” he promises more to himself than Shouto at this point. 

Shouto stirs some more, using his phone’s flashlight as a light in the too dark room. What he sees was definitely not what he was expecting when this voice claiming to be Touya released him from his arms. 

His eyes widen at the sight of a patchwork young man with black hair and turquoise blue eyes in a shade just like their father. He had the same piercings Touya had, with the same face shape Shouto remembered him having, but he couldn’t believe this was his Touya. 

He panicked, dropping his phone on the tatami mat and trying to get away from him, only for this self-proclaimed Touya to hold onto him tightly. He is frightened because there is a stranger in his bed and he’s home alone. He doesn’t want this alpha to mark him or to hurt him. What if he’s just like Natsuo or their father? What if he’s a mixture of both? 

The omega whimpers in fear and the alpha croons, a sound familiar and dear to his heart. He freezes, tensing up as the croon continues but then he releases his scent and Shouto feels his world crashing down. 

His breath catches in his throat, he wants to cry because this all too much in one night. No, no this cannot be Touya! It has to be an imposter playing a cruel trick on him! It has to be! 

Then the imposter speaks while fishing out something from the pocket of his long, black coat, “Remember when the old man burned your favorite plushie from mom to ash and you were really upset over it? Well, I got you a new one you can hide better now, Shoucchan.” 

He sees the All Might plushie and knows this is real. 

The sudden realization of who this stranger truly is has him reaching out to touch his face, his words shaky, “…Touya? Is that really you?” 

“It’s me, Shoucchan. I’m sorry I didn’t come back sooner, but I had to get stronger first before returning to you.” 

His first thought is simple enough: “Why are you all scarred now? What happened, why aren’t you dead? Why did you leave me behind?” 

Dabi sighs because he knows this will be a long explanation but Shouto needs to hear the heart breaking truth for his own good, “I’m scarred because I overused my quirk when I fought the old man the night I supposedly ‘got kicked out’. My quirk is called ‘cremation’ and it is blue flame that burns hotter than dad’s. It’s what I used when I killed the creep who tried to take you away in the park. Long story short, whenever I use my quirk too much or at too high of a heat, I can burn my own skin, which is how I got these scars.” 

“Why did you leave me? Why aren’t you dead like dad said you were?” 

“I left because I called the old man out for some shit regarding mom’s death. I can’t really explain it right now in full, but what I can tell you is mom’s death wasn’t a suicide. I had enough proof to believe he killed her and made it look a suicide. He didn’t like being called out for his bullshit, so he tried to kill me, but it didn’t work. I ran away to avoid being killed by him. As for my body, he must have faked my death by using a random charred body and saying it was me.” 

Hearing this both shocks and scares Shouto, making the omega ask with wide eyes, “What made you think that, Touya? What kind of evidence did you have?” 

Dabi holds him in his arms, whispering into his ear, “If I were to answer your questions, it would take me all night to explain. I will explain it to you later when you’re not here, where he can return home at any moment to catch us together.” 

Touya never lied to him in his lifetime, which is why Shouto trusts him wholeheartedly, “Okay Touya, I’ll believe you and I’ll try to get out of the house so you can speak to me in private about this sometime soon… Why now, though? Why return to my life now?” 

“Because I found out you were marked by Natsuo and I learned of his rejection of you. I’m so sorry he was a piece of shit to you, Shoucchan. You didn’t deserve any of that. You’re the best omega in the world and you deserve only the best. I know you probably won’t trust me enough to do this, but Shoucchan, can I become your second mate? That way you won’t be stuck with a shitty alpha and you can have me as your alpha.” 

Shouto’s answer is quick because if this is a dream, then the mark won’t actually happen and he’ll wake up sad and alone. If this is not a dream, then his wishes will come true and he will have Touya as a mate.

He doesn’t hesitate when telling him, “Go ahead, Touya. Mark me and make me yours. You are the only alpha who ever loved me and I want you to be my alpha from now on.” 

Dabi lowers the collar of his shirt and gives his scent gland a bite, relishing in the taste of Shouto for the moments he can before he pulls away. Now that he is sitting up, he sees that his Shoucchan sleeps in only a t-shirt that covers his pretty panties. It’s at least six inches above the knee and it makes Dabi’s mouth water at the idea of getting to touch Shouto in a heat someday, show him what a real alpha can do in bed… 

“What have you been doing for the years you were gone, Touya?” 

He sees no point in lying to Shouto now, so he may as well be honest with his mate, “I was a drifter for a while there, but I became a villain thanks to the ideology of the hero killer Stain. I know you may not like it or approve of it, but I did join the League of Villains. It was only to kill the old man, nothing more, nothing less. Once I’ve achieved my goal, I’m leaving the league and Japan in general to live in a new country in a nice place. I’m hoping to take you with me, if you even want me to, that is.” 

This doesn’t honestly shock Shouto at all because, “Your being a villain is why you knew where that leader of the league was at the night I saw him die in the park. How did you find out about it?” 

Dabi scoffs to this, rolling his eyes at how reckless Shigaraki could be even after All for One’s arrest, “The idiot leader never logged out of any of his accounts on any of his devices. All I had to do was go through his search history to figure out why he was so excited at the time to find out what was going on. I knew the bastard couldn’t get an omega without doing something shady, so I decided to figure out what shady method he had used… Craigslist was the one thing I had not seen coming, but I wasn’t shocked. I used that information to find out where he was at and stalk him down before he could take you away from me.” 

Shouto doesn’t know too much about hero society other than what he saw in videos online and what Yoarashi had told him. He knew about the hero killer Stain from videos online and—as bad as it sounds—he did agree with him. His father was the example of everything a false hero is. He will never admit it to Yoarashi, but he could sympathize with Stain’s point of view since he lives through his father’s oppressive ways each and every single day. He knows false heroes are a very, very real thing. His father is living, breathing proof of it. 

He snuggles with his All Might plushie before commenting, “I don’t think your being a villain is a bad thing. I agree with Stain too, except for the part about killing false heroes. I believe they should be imprisoned in Tartarus or stripped of their licenses, depending on their crimes behind closed doors. Besides, if you hadn’t been a villain, you wouldn’t have been able to save me, so it was a good thing in the end.” 

In the soothing silence, he purrs in Touya’s strong arms as they lay back down in his tatami mat and cuddle. 

After a few moments of cuddling, he asks his mate, “Are you going to leave me and never speak to me again once the morning comes?” 

“No, I would never do such a thing to you, Shoucchan. I will leave my number in your phone so we can talk as much as you want.” 

Shouto smiles to the thought of this, but suddenly wonders, “When can we be together for good, Touya?”

Dabi is blunt and honest in his response, “When the old man croaks.” 

Shouto accepts this answer, because sadly enough, he knows it to be fact. 

Chapter Text

With Touya as his second mate, things begin to look up for Shouto.

He leaves his window open enough for Touya to slide on in and cuddle with him every night. He starts to eat more, go outside in the garden more, and he starts to become happier than what he’s ever been. It’s a slow improvement, but he is getting to be healthier again.

When he rides out a heat with Touya, he feels fulfilled. Going without Natsuo for his heat has been incredibly hard on him. His heats are long, a week at best, and though they are not too sexual, he does have some arousal. After Natsuo rejected him, he had to deal with his heats alone, which for an omega who is mated and rejected by their mate it’s hell on earth. His cramps intensify to the point of needing pain relief medication to make it bearable, his body temperature goes completely haywire, and he can barely move because of how stiff and sore his whole body would become.

Riding a heat out with Touya in the middle of the night makes his heat a breeze to deal with.

Touya compliments him, praises him, and makes him feel wanted, needed, adored. He is everything a good mate should be and Shouto doesn’t regret taking his offer to mate.

Touya is everything a mate should be… So why was it so difficult for Natsuo to even try in the first place?

After Touya killed the guards, Enji didn’t see the point in getting more. He figured if the first set were not up for the job, then anyone else wouldn’t be either. This did mean that whenever Enji was off of work, he was home alone with Shouto. When this change happened, he quit allowing him to see Yoarashi whenever the other was free, citing a fear for his safety.

Shouto knows talking back to him will induce a beating or a backhanding. Thus, he does the smart thing and keeps his mouth shut. What is nice is there is an increase in the presence of nomus in the city so he’s not home as much. Which means he can spend more time with Touya whenever he’s alone at nights.

Whenever he is home, things aren’t the way they used to be. His father used to neglect him quite often, but lately, he’s been paying more attention to him. He’ll yell for Shouto to come over to where he is at and order him to clean the area up. He’ll command Shouto to make him dinner, to exercise with him in the training room to be sure he’s ‘not slacking’ on his routine, and he’ll make him eat dinner with him to be sure he’s sticking to his diet, all with an underlying threat of a beating if he does not comply.

If he is in any room reading or practicing his calligraphy, he is always watched by his father’s burning gaze never leaving his person. He feels small, trapped, and as though his father isn’t right in the head to be acting like this.

Is there something wrong with him?

Why does he always watch him like this, his eyes unmoving from his person, his face blank, and his arms crossed across his large, thick chest?

Initially, he wrote it off as the old man being over protective or hyper critical. He didn’t think it was anything more than this. At least, that’s what he tells himself anyway.

Shouto is trying to get used to his father’s presence, but he feels suffocated and monitored by big brother in this instance. If he were just allowed to leave the grounds of the house, then he’d be fine. If he were just allowed to see Yoarashi again in person and do something with him, he’d be fine. Since he can’t do any of the above, he’s not fine. He’s saddened by it all. He misses doing things with Yoarashi, but now…it feels like he can’t do anything at all.

He despises too warm of a weather or too warm of a room. He’s always preferred the cold since the cold is associated with fond memories of his mother on a nice winter day, sneaking him out of the house to build his own snowman and make a snow angel before he had to return to his lessons with the tutor.

Being in this heat is suffocating and he doesn’t know how to breathe in it. He longs for the cold, but so long as his father remains here, watching him with the same neutral look on his face, he cannot escape it.

Though he is in his room at the moment—safe from his eyes for now—he still feels watched somehow. Maybe he is getting paranoid from being here for too long, but he knows he cannot stay here any longer. He has to do whatever it takes to get out, which is why he calls up Fuyumi to ask a favor of her.

The phone rings and on the second ring, she is answering him, “Shouto, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I guess… Fuyumi, can you cover for me and tell dad I’ll be staying with you and your mate for a while to visit?”

“Why do you want me to cover for you?”

“Because I need to get out of the house. He won’t let me do anything with Yoarashi anymore and he won’t let me leave the property. He watches my every move whenever he is home, he doesn’t leave me alone…I don’t know what to do to escape it. He’s starting to scare me.”

She is hesitant, so Shouto begs a bit harder, “Please, I cannot stay here anymore! I need to leave, please, help me leave.”

“…Okay, I’ll cover for you. Where are you going to go when you do leave?”

Shouto knows she won’t like it, but it’s the only place where he can think of that has a spot where he can talk to Touya alone about their mother.

“I am going to stay with Natsuo.”

“Shouto, no! Do better for yourself!”

He already has, but she doesn’t need to know that. He will tell her when Touya says it’s okay for him to do so. For now, he needs her to think otherwise.

“Fuyumi, the only second mate I want is Touya, but he’s gone now. Whether I like it or not, Natsuo is my mate and my instincts are screaming at me to forgive him after he apologized at the cherry blossom festival. I need to have him in my life: mating is permanent, and I can’t reverse it.”

“Oh Shouto…I don’t know…”

“He says he wants to try to be a good mate to me. Please, Fuyumi, let me do this. I should at least try to make things work with my mate so my heats aren’t so miserable and painful—”

“Okay, too much information! I’ll cover for you, don’t worry…but if he hurts you again, I will kill him.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind doing things to help you out. Listen, I have to go now. I’ll talk to dad later. Bye Shouto.”


Though his sister does not approve of this, he needs to do this. He needs to get out of this house and figure out what evidence Touya has of their mother having been murdered by their father.

The topic Touya had brought up to him the night he marked him has been on the backburner of Shouto’s mind, appearing in his dreams as vivid nightmares of their father doing horrendous things to murder their mother. He honestly hopes it’s all coincidental and nothing concrete. He doesn’t want to know he’s lived with a murderer—specifically, the man who murdered his mom—for so many years of his life.

He knows of this one area where he can speak to Touya alone, one away from the public and the eavesdroppers on the street.

Off of the campus of Natsuo’s university, there is this empty cake shop that is for sale. However, the door in the back by the dumpsters is very easy to break into. Before he left the tea shop, Reiko and Runa told him that many people go there to hang out, do some drugs, or whatever it is they please. They offered to give him a sleeping bag so he could hide out there from Natsuo, but he didn’t take it. He insisted he would be fine on his own, and he wasn’t in the end but… At least he has Touya now as his mate.

He knows it’s wrong to lie to Natsuo and act as though he wants to make things work. Then he remembers Natsuo lied to him and tried to sell him off to some villain on Craigslist. Then he remembers being ghosted before that…

Yeah, he suddenly doesn’t feel as bad as he did before.

He unblocks Natsuo’s number from his phone and gives him a call while their father is still gone. On the first ring, he answers, “Shouto, why are you calling me?”

“Because I want to give us a chance, alpha. I think we could make this work if we tried.”

“How are you going to get past dad?”

“I got Fuyumi to agree to cover for me.”

The line is silent, but then he hears a breath of relief, “Great… I can’t wait to see you, Shouto. I promise, I will be a better mate this time around. I promise, I won’t hurt you ever again.”

“Let’s hope you won’t.” Shouto replies a bit skeptically before sighing, “Goodbye for now. I’ll see you soon.”

“Goodbye Shouto and thanks for giving me another chance.”

“Don’t read too much into it. You still screwed me over in a terrible way that I have yet to forgive.”

“I know, but I also know I can get you to forgive me. You won’t regret this, trust me.”

“I can’t really do that.”

The line is quiet except for the sound of something cooking in the microwave at his dorm and then he hears Natsuo sigh, “Right, I understand. Goodbye.”


Shouto hangs up on him, feeling a bit exhausted to have spoken to his deadbeat alpha for the first time since the cherry blossom festival. He honestly hopes he can get that conversation with Touya sometime soon, because he needs to know what happened to their mother.

So far, his plan is going great. He’s got Fuyumi to cover for him, Natsuo thinking he wants to ‘work things out’, and a place for Touya to meet him to discuss their mother’s unfortunate end.

Now all he needs to do is wait for Fuyumi to call their father and get him on board with him leaving the house to see her. After this, he will go stay with Natsuo at his dorm and he will set everything up with Touya. All he has to do is hope his father will buy anything Fuyumi says to him so this can happen. If he doesn’t, then he’s back at square one, trying to think of what to do next.

He got freakishly lucky.

His father allowed him to go visit Fuyumi and her mate for however long they wanted him over. Needless to say, he was overjoyed with the thought of his plan going well, but he kept it all hidden behind a mask of apathy as he packed up his meager belongings in one bag.

He did at least stay at Fuyumi’s place until Natsuo was out of his classes for the day. It was nice to visit with her and her mate, though he felt awful for not being able to tell the truth when she commented on his improving condition.

“Thank you for saying I look much better now. It was hard at first, but I guess I learned to let it go and move on. Natsuo will be going through hell and back again to win my heart. I won’t give it to him this time around. He’ll have to earn it, which I will make him do.”

He wants to tell her Touya is alive and well. He wants to tell her he claims to have proof of their mother being murdered. He wants to tell her the real reason why he is wanting to stay at Natsuo’s dorm, but he can’t. Touya is a villain now and he’s not sure how Fuyumi will take it.

Nevertheless, seeing her smile to what he had to say lifted a weight off of his chest of being called out for his lie. It was not a complete lie, if he were being honest. He has learned to let go of what happened with Natsuo and he has moved on, only because he was marked by Touya. Being marked by Touya did wonderful things for him…he really cannot say he’d want another mate than the one who marked him at night in his bedroom.

Touya really is the perfect mate…

No, he can’t get lost in his lovely thoughts of Touya! He has to hide his second mating from Natsuo still. He can’t act too happy or else he’ll ruin his own plan before he can even follow through on it.

He would arrive at Natsuo’s dormitory building once his classes were done. This time around, he knew how to dodge the alphas and betas in the halls as they cat-called him and made creepy comments to him. He arrived at his dorm in record time this time around. With one knock on the door, Natsuo would answer and give him a warm smile as he hugged him, “Hey Shouto. I missed you so much.”

Had he said this back when he first came to the dorm, Shouto’s heart would have melted and he would have thought that his alpha loved him.

This time around, he takes it for the grain of salt it most likely is.

He will not allow himself to fall into any instinctual feelings or previous crush feelings that have not gone away fully yet. He will remain strong and he will not cave to the alpha or his conniving ways.

“Hi, alpha.”

It’s all he says to Natsuo but that’s all he’s willing to give him. He’s not his alpha anyway. Touya is, not him.

“Okay, I can admit I deserve you treating me like shit after what I did to you. I won’t stop trying to spoil and pamper you like the princess you are, so be prepared to be spoiled shitless!”

His warm smile would have done something to him in the beginning of their mating, but as it stands, it does nothing for him now. He’s already screwed him over once. He won’t let it happen again.

His instincts may be screaming, gnawing at his mind and heart to not be so guarded around him but Shouto doesn’t care. Natsuo hurt him deeply with his rejection. He doesn’t know what it felt like because he always had other options at his fingertips due to his freedom because of his alpha status. Shouto, on the other hand, had nothing other than their childhood home their father kept him prisoner in.

He only nods curtly in response, not giving Natsuo any satisfaction of a verbalized response.

Natsuo expects this, but he is prepared for Shouto staying here unlike the last time he was at the dorm, “I remembered you liked soba. I got you the zaru kind, that’s one you liked. Right?”

The white haired alpha is nervous because if he cannot make a dent in Shouto’s now tougher shell, then he will remain rejected and he will get a second alpha to replace him. Alphas cannot mark numerous omegas, but omegas can be marked by a certain number of alphas depending on their genetics.

Knowing how strange and rare Shouto is with his quirks, he could most likely have one hundred alphas mark him. He doesn’t want to think he is replaceable, but he knows in the back of his mind he very damn well could be should Shouto get another mate.

Shouto sees the zaru soba take out, confirming Natsuo’s guess with a calm, “Yes, that is my favorite kind. Amazingly enough, you are correct, alpha.”

Though it was tad condescending, Natsuo will take it. He fucked up and he will have an extremely long road ahead of him to get Shouto to even like him again. If a tad condescending is the worst he will have to deal with, then he will take it and move onward in his mission to win him over.

Natsuo never had to win anyone over before because of the Todoroki name, his popularity, his looks, his wealth, and his high class status. This will be a challenge for him, but he supposes he can do it if he tries hard enough. He can’t quit on his mate or else his mate will quit on him. It’s as simple as that, really.

He hands Shouto the soba and watches as the omega lets out a small hum at the pleasant taste of the noodles, “Is it any good?”

“It’s good, not bad for takeout soba at all. Though I still prefer the fresh stuff I learned to make in my lessons.”

Natsuo takes out his bukkake udon and takes a bite, asking Shouto after he swallows his food, “You learned how to make zaru soba in your lessons? That’s cool. Did you learn how to make anything else? You know, besides the soba, the tamagoyaki, the miso soup, and the badass boba tea I used to drink almost all the time.”

Shouto is taken aback by this, finding it odd that he remembers so much, “You…remember my boba tea? Why? You quit drinking it after a while.”

“Yeah because I had to go on a strict diet to be a good athlete in school. I craved it all the time, though. I remember your boba tea because it was the best one I ever had.”

Stupid heart, starting to beat quicker at the mention of this. No, he’s not ready to let him in, not when he finally has Touya back!

“I know how to make every traditional Japanese meal as well as every traditional Japanese dessert. I did have to learn how to make crepes and various French desserts as well, but I’m not that good at those. I’m best at the traditional Japanese cooking.”

Things are a strangely comfortable silence between them before he asks his first mate, “Do you have a party to attend?”

Natsuo shakes his head, a sad gleam in his stormy grey eyes when he answers him, “I haven’t gone to those in a really long time. After Reiko and Runa called me out online, I haven’t been able to attend any parties. I’ve been shunned and isolated by everyone at my university. All of my friends quit talking to me, if I show up at a party, I get kicked out right away, and everyone thinks I’m a sexist pig like dad. So, I will be staying here with you tonight.”

This will be awkward because Shouto had been hoping he’d be gone so he could sneak out to go see Touya. Looks like this won’t be happening for a while then, “Oh, I see.”

After they are done eating, Natsuo gets out his lap top and makes an offer he hopes Shouto won’t refuse, “I know you didn’t get to watch these growing up, but do you want to watch some animated movies with me? I think you’ll like them.”

If it means they can avoid more conversation, then Shouto is all for it, “Yes, that would be nice.”

“Okay, I’ll get the first one out and we can sit on my bed together to watch it.”

“I’d rather sit on mine.”

“Alright, we can sit on yours. I’m cool with that.”

At least Shouto is allowing him to sit next to him. Hopefully he’ll be able to sleep by him as well…

Chapter Text

The movie wasn’t bad, in fact it was actually good, and Shouto had agreed to see more so he could avoid any unnecessary conversation. He knows it’s probably wrong to do this to him, but why should he give Natsuo a second chance when he never gave him one to begin with?

Though he decided to relent to his request to allow him to sleep in the same bed as him. Shouto was too tired to fight him on it anyway, so it made sense to quit while he was ahead.

Today he found out Touya won’t be able to see him for a week. Though he is a bit miffed at the idea of having to spend a week with Natsuo, he pushes himself through it because maybe it won’t be so bad. This and his instincts are practically clawing underneath his skin and clouding his thoughts to willingly let go of what he did to him and give him a second chance.

He’s not going to listen to his instincts. The last time he did, Natsuo screwed him over. He will not allow that happen to again, so his instincts are being repressed.

At the moment, he is at a soba shop with Natsuo, trying to find something on the menu that is in his diet. Right when he thinks he found something suitable, he hears a blunt, “Shouto, you don’t have to stick to your diet here. I don’t care what dad or your tutors said. You can eat whatever you want when you’re with me.”

Shouto’s not too sure of this though. He doesn’t want to run the risk of the alpha lying and smacking him across the face for breaking a rule. It’s happened to him enough times during his tests from his lessons that it’s a response he has come to fear.

Touya was the only alpha he could really trust to not lay a finger on him for stepping outside of his diet and to this day, he can confidently say it hasn’t changed.

Apparently, Natsuo must have sensed his hesitance, because he gave him a white envelope from his spot across the table, “Open it and read the papers inside. I literally wrote a report on why your diet is unhealthy for anyone, especially omegas. I didn’t give you the full one hundred page report, but I did give you three important exerts from it.”

Shouto opens the envelope and reads the three very well written papers on his diet’s detrimental effects on anyone, especially omegas. He is a bit taken aback by the fact Natsuo took the time to write this out, asking him, “Why did you write this?”

“Because dad’s fucked up and forcing you on that diet all of your life was wrong.”

The omega is amazed his brother feels so strongly about this, yet he chalks this up to his going into the medical field more than any actual care or concern he could claim to feel for him, “…I’m amazed you think so, alpha. The way you feel so strongly about this is surprising but…well, what else is to be expected of someone joining the medical field?”

Natsuo frowns to this, setting down his coffee after he had taken a few sips of it, “That’s not the only reason why I care. I care because I do care about you.”

“Selling me off on Craigslist so you can cheat on me for other omegas is a strange way of showing you care.”

The alpha asks his mate in a low tone, sounding slightly annoyed to Shouto’s ears, “What will it take for you to quit throwing that back in my face every time I attempt to make things better with you?”

Shouto thinks it over for a good five minutes before telling him, “I don’t know. You hurt me worse than anyone else has ever done. I can’t recover from that overnight, a day, a week, a month, or even a year. The pain will always be there until the day you can prove you won’t reject me ever again.”

Natsuo accepts the challenge as is whereas Shouto is horrified his instincts had sneaked past his rational side to speak something so horrid. He doesn’t want to give Natsuo a second chance! This doesn’t mean his instincts will cooperate with him. No, it just makes them fight him harder concerning Natsuo, the one his instincts view to be his ‘true’ mate.

He doesn’t see it this way. In his eyes, Touya is his ‘true’ mate and his only mate. He doesn’t want Natsuo anymore after what he did to him. He wants to run away with Touya and live a better life with him.

“Alright, I will be sure to give you enough time to heal from my fuck up.”

“You’re not calling it a mistake?”

“A mistake is spilling milk on the table. What I did to you was a horrendous fuck up I will never be able to live down.”

He’s not sure if Natsuo is being genuine or not. All he can do is nod curtly and say, “At least you can admit it.”

It’s not what Natsuo wanted to hear, but he will take this as well. Anything is a step forward in his relationship with Shouto compared to what it was weeks ago.

They eat their meal, Shouto having stuck to a simple meal of abura soba and Natsuo having some ramen. They didn’t talk too much, but Natsuo did at least get to be by Shouto without too much bitterness on his end.

Sadly enough, he had to head to back to his classes. He would tell Shouto, “I’ll see you when I get back from the dorm. Do you want zaru soba tonight or something else?”

“I’m fine with whatever it is you want. I’ll just have tofu and rice tonight.” Shouto answers him nonchalantly.

It’s not what Natsuo wanted to hear, but he figures this is a test of sorts. Maybe Shouto wants to see how he will react if he is given such a task at hand. Maybe he wants to see if he will treat him like an equal or like an omega.

No matter, Natsuo will be sure to be pass this test! He is not letting Shouto leave his life that easily.

What’s strange about living with Natsuo so far is the fact he has been civil, kind, and considerate of him.

He has been left confused by his behavior. He’s not sure if this is a genuine attempt to change or if this is all a ruse to gain his trust back only to use him for heat sex again. Shouto doesn’t know what to think of him at this point. He doesn’t trust him regardless of what he said, but he can applaud him for being nice this whole week.

Natsuo has gotten him food he wasn’t allowed to eat on his diet, he’s taken him out on dates every night, and he’s slept in the same bed as him. His instincts love being by him, but his rational self is still hurt from what he did to him. He doesn’t want to take him back as a mate. He doesn’t want to have him as a mate. No matter how much he hates to admit it, he cannot get rid of Natsuo. Natsuo will always be his mate until the day he dies.

Now, his omega half would say ‘give him another chance, he’s your mate, you may as well try to make this work’ but his rational half would say, ‘keep your distance, be acquaintances, and stick with Touya, everything will be fine’.

He’s not sure which part of himself to listen to anymore.

This being said, he cannot focus on this right now. He is going to meet up with Touya today to discuss what happened to their mother and he cannot wait to hear what all he has to say.

Shouto hadn’t told Natsuo he was heading out to the abandoned cake shop today. In fact, he didn’t tell him he was heading out at all. He went out while he was in class, thinking he wouldn’t be too long with Touya, and then he’d stay with Natsuo longer before heading off with Touya once his plan for their future is fulfilled.

It’s a straight forward plot and it leaves him excited as he goes in through the back door, hoping to see Touya there.

What he got was what he had wished for: Touya is here and from the somber look on his face, he’s got something pretty heavy to tell him about their mother’s death.

“Shoucchan, come here. There’s something I need to show you.”

Shouto approaches his second mate, at first wondering why he wanted him close, but then he sees it: the voice recorder their mother used to speak into.

Their father had been awful to her and if she had a written diary, he would have read it and attacked her savagely for whatever was written in there.

This being said, she did have a way out: her beloved voice recorder. The same one that she used all the time to release her truest thoughts and opinions on things as her mind began to spiral downwards the longer she lived with their father.

He asks him, “Didn’t mom have several of those?”

Causing Touya to nod in response, “She did, and she entrusted me with them because she knew I was going to be your mate someday. She told me one day, they would be needed. After she ‘committed suicide’, I took them all from a box in her room and buried it in a park where my friends and I would go to ditch classes. It’s how I was able to get them after I survived my brawl with the old man. I didn’t listen to them for the longest time because I didn’t want to hear her suffering. Then one day, curiosity got the best of me. I had to know what made her suicidal and why she did it, so I listened… What I heard is not what I had expected.”

The one he has in his hand is dated the night of her disappearance (day, month, year and time; their mother always was so organized), the last time Shouto ever saw her to be exact, and he feels his heart plummet to the pit of his stomach at the sight of it.

“Touya…are these mom’s final words?”

“They are, Shoucchan. The night she disappeared, she gave this to me and told me to never let it go no matter what. For years, I thought it was a suicide note but after listening to it, I can’t say the same thought anymore.”

He presses play on the recorder, with Shouto holding his breath in anticipation for the revelations to come from it.

There’s static, but it’s minimal, the familiar hum of their mother’s softened whisper soon filling the empty space, echoing off of the walls as it does, “I know I sounded crazy in my last entry, but I swear, I wasn’t! I wasn’t crazy and now…now I have to leave.”

Her voice cracks and he can hear her release a small sob, a smaller sniffle, with the sound of her despair being one which will haunt Shouto for the rest of his days, “Enji, he’s always hated betas, talked about how they’re useless, bastardized, lesser alphas. He’s always wanted an omega, but he couldn’t get one, so he leaves me for adult omega women once a week, every week. He was upset when Shouto was an omega at first, but now…Shouto’s getting bigger and he’s not as mad or ashamed of it anymore. He’s…just…enthralled in the strangest way.”

“He chooses his outfits for him, he monitors his diet, his progress in his lessons, and just about everything else with Shouto! It feels as though he’s trying to make Shouto into the mate he wanted me to be with all of the things Shouto is learning to do with great success that I never could do right in Enji’s eyes. I see Enji watch Shouto and the look in his eyes is the same look he gets whenever he is with an adult omega woman: one of feral lust and a need to dominate.”

“He will hurt Shouto if he gets any bigger and I cannot let him hurt my baby! I refuse to let him kill me so he can have Shouto. I know it sounds insane and stupid to do, but I have to leave with him tonight. I have to leave so Shouto can be happy and free like every other omega his age is.”

There’s the sound of her deep breathing, the sound of her resigned sigh, before she gives her final words, “I may not make it out of this alive, but I have to try for Shouto’s sake. I have to try so he can have a happy future. One he cannot get from being here.”

Another minute of silence before more the sound of a cloth being used to wipe something is heard. There is another minute of static and silence after this, with Rei saying the most haunting words yet, “Goodbye. I’ll speak to you later.”

The room is eerily silent before Touya takes his hand, rubbing the back of it with his fingers, “A few years after she was found in the river, I listened to this recording. After this, the old man would announce to Natsuo, Fuyumi, and I that none one of us could get you as a mate. I was so mad, I wanted to kill him on the spot, but I held back. I couldn’t stop myself from confronting him with everything I heard on the recording one night when he came back with some random omega he met. He forced me into the car and took me to this seedy downtown area where we fought in the streets. The area was so old and rundown, there were no cameras there to capture the fight. Well…you know what happened after that.”

With a grim pointing to his scars, Shouto doesn’t push for any more answers. He’s still stunned by what all he’s heard on the tape. He cannot really fathom this because…no. His father doesn’t want him! Their mother went crazy and misread things! She’s wrong. She’s wrong about this one. She has to be.

“Dad never showed any interest in me.”

“Shoucchan, I know you can be dense at times but even you had to find it weird when he moved you closer to his room after she died. You have to find it weird that he monitors everything you do, keeps track of everything about you, and controls the way you dress. You have to find it strange he refused to let you leave the house after rejecting Yoarashi as a mate. Shoucchan, he’s not right in the head around you. After I heard this recording, I monitored him the way mom did, and she wasn’t lying. If he could lie about my death, how do you know he couldn’t lie about her suicide?”

All of this is so much… His memories of the last time he saw her being something he thought to not be anything special, stand out, or indicative of anything. Except it is and he’s just now come to this conclusion years later.

His hands are trembling, and Touya has to hold him close. He knows of Shouto’s final time he saw their mother because he had asked him about it two days before he confronted their father. His second mate envelopes him in his strong, scarred arms and gently kisses the top of his head, “I know you must be scared, but I won’t allow him to hurt you.”

Shouto inhales his mate’s scent, finding it to be calming in this moment through his flashbacks of his final moments with his mother before she died and the scary image being painted by the dots he is connecting in his head.

Dabi, meanwhile, cannot stomach seeing Shouto so upset. Though he is happy he is finally piecing things together regarding his father, he cannot help but want to take him away from here and somewhere new, somewhere far away from Enji Todoroki.

Shouto wasn’t back when Natsuo returned to the dorm. This alone was enough to terrify him because he didn’t know if he went back home to be away from him again or if he went to get marked by another alpha.

Luckily for Natsuo, all Todoroki alphas in the main house have a tracking app on their phones to keep an eye on Shouto. By the time he gets on the app, he sees Shouto is not far away from the campus. Though he is curious as to why he is at the empty cake shop…

Oh well, he can figure it out when he arrives there.

It’s off campus but not too far away. In fact, it takes Natsuo only fifteen minutes to walk there. Then again, he’s been here enough times to know how to enter it and where he will most likely find Shouto.

What he didn’t expect to see was a patchwork, raven-haired alpha there with the same scent and eyes as Touya holding Shouto in his arms.

Shouto had been wearing button downs and turtlenecks to hide his scent gland. Natsuo had thought he was doing this to spite him due to his initial request of this after sharing a heat with the omega. Now, in this simple grey t-shirt, he sees it: another bite, one on top of his own.

Shouto has a second alpha and he didn’t tell him.

Going off of what he is seeing, his alpha mind can only assume the alpha holding him is the one who is his second mate. This only hurts worse, making a deep seated rage spike out of at the sight of his omega, his Shouto, with another alpha who is probably his second mate, the second alpha he never once knew a thing about.

He cannot control his outrage or his scent as he approaches them. His voice is low, growly, and deadly when he approaches the couple, “Who the hell are you and what are you doing with my omega?”

The other alpha is far too calm and confident for Natsuo’s liking, his lips twisted into a half smile that could stretch his staples if it got any wider, “Hey Natsuo, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Remember when you used to go around the house, stomping your feet and complaining about how I hogged Shouto? Remember how you used to say because of me, you couldn’t get a chance to get to know Shouto or be with him? Funny, you had all of these years to get to know him, so why didn’t you take it? Could it be that I was right all along, and you never cared for Shouto the way I did?”

The slight taunting tone, the confidence in his words, the slouch in his posture, and the scent… No, it cannot be—but then, Touya was the only one who would know these things aside from Fuyumi, their mother, and their father.

So it must be, “Touya?”

“You guessed right. I finally got Shouto in the end. What’s funny is, despite my being a villain now, I’m still not as bad as you for what you did to your own mate. I don’t know how the hell you could fuck up something as simple as keeping my Shoucchan happy, but you did and here we are now.”

“Dad said you were dead.”

“Did you ever see my body?” Natsuo hadn’t, none of them had, and Dabi can tell this much is true by his silence as well as the confused look in his stormy hues, “You remember my quirk, right? The way it works and the side effects on my skin if I use it too much or at too high of a temperature?”

The moment he sees the all-too familiar blue ball of flame, he knows it is Touya and their father had lied to them about something so fucked up. He’s disappointed their father would do such a thing, but not shocked at this point.

Regardless, he cannot think of his father now. No, he can only think about Touya and his mark on Shouto’s neck.

Chapter Text

Natsuo is glaring them both down at this point because this is the ultimate betrayal an alpha can face from his mate.

Polyamory relationships are done based on agreements and negotiations made by the mated pair and another alpha or beta. For Shouto to do this behind his back and not even tell him of it… This is the ultimate scorn, the ultimate way to show how little he wants to be his omega. This was the ultimate rejection and violation of their mating he could have ever done.

It’s a unique scorn, it’s devastating and agonizing yet infuriating all at once.

His first thought is to say to Shouto in a venomous tone, “I can’t believe you would go out of your way to cheat on me with him. I know you didn’t want to be my omega after what I did, but no matter how badly I fucked up, this was never okay and never a solution, Shouto! You whored yourself out to him after being mated to me? What the fuck is wrong with you!”

Had this happened before he got marked by Touya, Shouto would have been whimpering and trying to suppress his distress pheromones. Instead, because he is mated to Touya and he’s in his arms, he leaves Touya’s arms to glare down Natsuo, his words icy, “Really? You’re calling me a whore even though you fucked and used every omega you could get your hands on for heat sex? You cheated on several different omegas you were claiming to ‘court’ when you had no intention of mating them. In fact, I saw on a post online thanks to Reiko and Runa, one that was a photo of you talking to other omegas the first day I arrived to your dorm when you said you were at classes! You wrote under that photo, ‘getting closer with these gorgeous omegas’.”

Shouto then laughs harshly, his eyes never leaving his first mate’s the entire time, “Then you tried to sell me off on Craigslist so you could get rid of me to a random person to be my second mate. You did this because our mating was a mistake and you wanted to cheat on me for other omegas while I was gone with a second mate. Well guess what? I have one now, I got one just like you said you wanted me to, so you can go back to being a whore now, Natsuo.”

Natsuo didn’t care for having this thrown back in his face, his teeth bared when using a lower tone than before, one alphas usually use to force an omega into submission, “When are you going to stop throwing my past fuck ups back in my face? It doesn’t justify what you did because it was different!”

“Because you’re an alpha and alphas are allowed to cheat on their mates, like dad did to mom, but if an omega gets themselves a second mate without telling the alpha, somehow it’s worse, right?” Shouto replies softly, no longer meeting his eyes now, “You really are just like dad. You’re sexist through and through with your double standards. It’s okay for alphas to lie and cheat, because that’s alphas following their nature. If their mates do it, it’s wrong and they are whores. It’s the same sexist shit I heard from the old man all of my life and to know you think the same way tells me you will never change.”

His alpha side takes over, his outrage clouding his judgement, the hurt from his bruised ego overriding his rationality, “Shut the fuck up, omega, I am not a sexist, hypocritical prick like dad!”

He had shouted this in his alpha voice—a voice meant to scare betas and omegas into submission—and it was accompanied by a murderous scent in the air, Natsuo wrapping his large hand around his mate’s tiny right wrist before raising his free hand in the air, ready to strike if needed.

Shouto had screwed his eyes shut and was releasing distress pheromones, his breathing reduced to pitiful whimpers, but before Natsuo could do anything else, he was struck in the face by Touya. Touya quickly took Shouto away from him, shoving the omega behind his now straightened out frame, looking more intimidating than ever with that ball of blue flame in his left palm, “What the fuck were you going to do to my Shoucchan?”

“I wasn’t going to do anything, Touya.”

“You called him ‘omega’, just like when dad used to call mom ‘beta’. You even said it in the same voice he did, you grabbed his wrist like he used to do with hers, you raised your free hand in the air, ready to hit him for stepping out of line. Just. Like. Dad. Did.”

Natsuo is indignant in his own feelings of justification, “If he would’ve told me this sooner, I wouldn’t be doing this now! He provoked this out of me by lying to me and using me to see you! He had no intent on improving things between us or giving me a second chance. He used me to see you. If he hadn’t used me, I wouldn’t have done what I did.”

“That doesn’t excuse you agreeing to sell him off to Shigaraki before the dumbass decided to cheap out and kidnap Shoucchan instead. If I hadn’t killed him, Shoucchan would have been taken and raped by now in his creepy room.” Touya then approaches him, his eyes as bright as his flame when glaring down the scumbag who dared to use their alpha voice on his precious Shouto, his mate, his omega! How dare he!

“You wanted him to have a second mate so you could keep whoring around. He chose to obey your wishes like a good omega would. He got himself a newer, better mate who isn’t like our old man. He didn’t owe you anything after what you did to him.”

He looks behind Touya and is instantly struck with deeper guilt than what he had felt when he had been rejected by Shouto.

Shouto looks a lot like their mother—a spitting image to be exact—and Natsuo knows he looks exactly like their father with their mother’s coloring. To see Shouto shivering in his spot, his eyes screwed shut, and whimpers coming out of his mouth has Natsuo feeling all sorts of devastated for what he’s done.

Seeing Shouto like this has flashbacks coming back to him of their mother being this way after their father would beat her. To know he went so far on his own mate, to know he truly is just like the man he had despised all of his life—it disgusts him thoroughly to know he is just like their father was to their mother when it concerns Shouto.

He doesn’t know what to do to amend this, he borderline knows he crossed the point of no return with Shouto. He will never want a thing to do with him ever again. He will never see him as a good alpha or mate. He will only ever see their father in him and that’s worse than being rejected and having Shouto get a second mate without telling him.

“Shouto, hey…hey look, I’m sorry, please… Shouto, look at me…” he speaks in a soft croon, trying to get Shouto to stop looking so much like their mother did after a beating, but it wasn’t working. It only made Shouto panic more, which meant more distressed pheromones were released into the air.

“Please…let me talk to you… Let me explain myself, I swear I can explain myself.”

Shouto isn’t budging and before he can say more, Touya is speaking into an ear piece he had put in his ear while Natsuo was trying to reach out to Shouto, “Ujiko, can you teleport my mate, Shouto, to my room at the base? I’ll be back for him shortly once I’m done here.”

In front of his eyes, Shouto vanishes inside what appears to be black goop that disappears the moment he does.

Touya takes out the ear piece after thanking this Ujiko and glares down his brother, his eyes narrowed, his stance threatening, “I don’t know what the fuck you were thinking, but I do not and will not allow anyone to treat my Shoucchan like that and get away with it alive. Then again, I have a feeling I won’t need to kill you, so I won’t.”

Natsuo takes a small exhale from this, but he is quick to say it, “I know your quirk fucked up your skin. Let me guess, dad pushed you too far, huh?”

“You can say that. He did try to kill me the night I conveniently disappeared.”

Dabi doesn’t feel as though Natsuo deserves to know the truth of the matter at hand. Natsuo is their father with their mother’s coloring and in his eyes, there is nothing to be salvaged from him.

No, he’ll let nature take its course with Natsuo. He doesn’t need to bring up anything else to the one who had almost struck his Shoucchan for being brave and standing up for himself.

After making this decision, Natsuo would hiss out, “You were always everyone’s fucking favorite. Dad wanted you to become the one to carry on his legacy and surpass All Might, but when your skin became too much of an issue, he had Fuyumi and I made. Fuyumi was a girl so he never considered her once, but when it came down to me, I was constantly compared to you. I was always told how much better you were than me, how Touya would have done this better, Touya would be quicker on his feet than that, or the infamous, Touya was the only hope I had, I don’t even know why I bothered to make you next. Everyone thought you were cooler than me, everyone thought your quirk was better than mine, everyone liked you more than me, even my own friends liked you more than me!”

Natsuo’s hands had clenched into fists that are currently shaking at his sides and his next words are said with such desperation, it almost makes Dabi feel pity for the pathetic guy, “You were already everyone’s favorite! Did you have to steal Shouto too? Shouto was my one chance to be liked as much as you were, and you took that away from me! You took him away from me back then, wasn’t that enough for you? Did you have to take him away from me now too?”

It dawns on Dabi the real reason why Natsuo marked Shouto at the frat party (Shouto had told him the full story himself of how it came to be) and it sickens him more than the idea of his brother using Shouto for heat sex, “You marked Shouto to one up me. You marked him to get even with and hurt me, didn’t you?”

Natsuo’s hurt and rage know no limits, which is why his answer is blunt and obvious, “Marking Shouto was the only way I could ever beat you at anything! I saw an opportunity and I took it, I won for a week there while you lost. I will always be his first for everything and you never will. I won Touya. I was the better brother for the first time ever and that’s something you cannot ever get back.”

“You never cared about Shouto at all then. Just like I thought. Here I was gone for all of these years and according to Shoucchan, you never made any move to play with him or speak to him. You ignored him and left him to rot until the day you could get some use out of him. Shouto wasn’t ever someone you cared about. Shouto was just something for you to use to feed your own pathetic ego. Here I am, a villain who worked with Shigaraki, and yet I am not the worst one out of all of us. No, you are the worst one out of all of us after you became dad towards Shouto.”

Natsuo is moved into speechlessness, causing Dabi to click his tongue, “Well, I should get going now. Shoucchan needs me. I am his mate, after all. Goodbye Natsuo, enjoy your punishment.”

He puts in the earpiece once more, asking for this Ujiko to take him back to his room. In the same strange black goop Shouto disappeared in, Touya is gone and Natsuo is left with the repercussions of everything he’s done.

It had been only five minutes after Touya and Shouto left the cake shop when Natsuo pulled himself out of his shocked stupor to exit the building. He had found Shouto’s phone on the ground, which means he won’t be able to find him this time around, which means he cannot apologize or explain himself.

He had only gotten five steps away from the door before he was lifted up by his shirt collar and roughly thrown back into the building.

Standing right in front of him was his father and going off of pheromones alone, the man was pissed.

“I have been busy lately, Natsuo. You see, I haven’t had time to check the tracking app I have on my phone. However, I did get enough time away from paperwork and other distractions from home to check the app’s history and I found it interesting how Shouto stayed a week there at the same frat house he claimed you used him to enter a party.” Enji circles him like a lion about to pounce on its prey, leaving Natsuo feeling small as well as speechless, “The same week he stayed there was the same week his heat would have started, which means you would have known about it.”

“Then I saw sometime after this, he stayed at your dorm, only to return home right away and request for you to not be allowed near him. Then he went back to your dorm all over again…this time for a week and going off of what I’ve seen in the app, he’s dropped his phone here because I certainly cannot smell his heavenly scent in this wretched place.”

Enji stops circling him then and walks over towards him to stand right at his feet, his eyes never looking more blank and cruel than what they do in this very instant, his voice low and apathetic, “I saw you texted him a lot before he went to your dorm the first time around. I…asked Fuyumi some questions and she was able to confirm to me that you did, indeed, mate Shouto. Even Yoarashi admitted it to me after Fuyumi told me to go ask him about it.”

Natsuo’s throat runs dry and Enji’s hand instantly lights up in flames, “You see, I don’t take well to anyone who tries to take my Shouto from me. I will not tolerate anyone who stands in the way of me and my soon-to-be perfect omega being together. If you thought you could just take him from me and there’d be no consequences, then you’re wrong.”

“W-Wait, wait, please, I-I didn’t want him as a mate! It was all a mistake, I only did it to one up Touya, please!”

His begging falls on deaf ears as Enji lifts up his hand and kills his own son with his flame.

He would exit the building, setting it on fire before heading out. His mind clouded with only one vow, “I will get Shouto back and this time, I won’t hesitate. I will mark him.”

Chapter Text

When Shouto was a baby, Touya had been known to observe him, but observing him really was not just simple Shouto-watching as he lay there in his crib.

'Observing' included holding Shouto whenever their mother allowed it or when she was simply not around. Holding Shouto was a nice way to relieve stress at the end of the day…it also allowed him time to be by the first omega he had ever seen.

Fuyumi and himself have gone through ruts before. The idea of finally getting the chance to have an omega in their life was so exciting, so enthralling it left them hopeful for the idea that one of them could actually be with this omega. It’s a delightful thought to have. However, it’s also a thought which triggers a certain possessiveness in Touya. This possessiveness can get…ugly at times.

Fuyumi had been looking for Shouto, knowing already where the baby was, “Touya! You can’t hog Shouto like this! Mom won’t like it!”

She’s outside his door and she can already smell the scent of fresh omega in the air. She opens the door regardless of permission given, approaching him with a frown, “Touya, I want to hold Shouto too.”

The redhead would snarl, “Shut up, Fuyumi. I’m the oldest, I’m the only one allowed to hold him when mom is not around.”

She knows this snarl, she understands how deadly it is, but she does not give a damn right now, “I want to hold Shouto, too! Dad didn’t choose you to be his mate. Any one of us could be his mate for all you know.”

Touya rejects this without second thought, his eyes narrowing at her from his spot on the tatami mat, “Dad will choose me if he knows what’s best for Shouto! I’m the only one who should get to have him, not you or Natsuo. You two don’t even like him.”

“How can we even like him if you’re always observing him and holding him? You don’t even let us hold him.”

“So? If you want to hold him oh so badly, then you should be the first one to get to him.”

Fuyumi knows better than to argue when he gets like this. Shouto is always going to be hogged by Touya, no matter what. Which is why she asks him, “What would you do if dad did choose one of us to be with Shouto instead?”

His scent sharpens, becoming something dangerous, something murderous…like their father when he gets mad at any of them or their mother for interrupting his time with omegas, except more intense.

It feels…deadlier somehow.

“If the old man chooses the wrong mate for Shouto then I will not tolerate it. I don’t want to kill anyone but anyone who tries to take Shouto from me will not be alive for long.”

This was said far too calmly… Something which makes her shiver on the spot.

Touya is terrifying and she knows better than to stand in his way.

“Okay, I’ll leave you and Shouto be for now. Enjoy your time with him.”

“You know I will. I always enjoy my time with Shoucchan.”

Touya had noticed it when Natsuo and Shouto had grown more.

Natsuo was suddenly interested in the idea of having an omega mate. Specially, Touya’s Shouto. Now, Touya had no clue when Shouto had developed this fascination with Natsuo, but he had pieced it together in a rather hard way to handle.

It had started off with Shouto watching them play from his bedroom window. Touya always did his best to show off for Shouto, firmly believing the omega had his heterochromatic eyes on himself. Except, he started to be shaken from this belief, particularly when Shouto had been watching Natsuo making a snow angel one winter day instead of Touya building a snowman.

His eyes are trained onto the scene of Natsuo and Shouto, observing it from a distance. At first, he thought it was a fluke, but when Shouto smiled at Natsuo as he offered him some dish he had made in his lessons, Touya snapped.

“Shoucchan, mind if I have a piece of it as well?”

“Sure, Touya! You can have some too!”

He had made some dumplings (well, he was learning how to) in his lessons that day and Touya had to say, though they were not the best around, it was still a great effort from an omega Shouto’s age.

“They’re really good, Shoucchan. You’re going to be a wonderful mate someday.” he would say to the small omega with a smile on his face.

When Natsuo took a bite of it, he was a bit…honest, “They’re a bit doughy, but that’s okay, I don’t mind it. You did great for your first try, Shouto.”

Shouto seemed a bit disheartened to hear this, but this faded to happiness when he focused on the last sentence, “Thank you, alpha! I’ll keep on trying my best until I make a dumpling you can be happy with.”

Natsuo shrugs, making Touya sick as it hits him all too hard, “Geez, Shouto, no need to be so weird about this stuff! Just get better at it and make a dumpling you can like…”

“Oh, before I forget! Shouto, do you want to play with me? I have this really fun board game my friends like and—”

Touya isn’t about to allow Natsuo, of all alphas, to be the one who gets Shouto in the end.

He falls to his knees in an exaggerated fashion to anyone else except for Shouto and begins to cry out in pain, “Ah! Ow!”

Shouto’s eyes are on him in an instant, his attention now away from Natsuo as the white haired alpha scowls to the sight, “Stop it, Touya! We all know you’re faking.”

“No, I’m not! Shoucchan, I pulled a muscle in my leg and I need you by me to make it better.” Touya cries out to Shouto who is by his side as quickly as he can be, “Touya, how can I help? I don’t know to treat owies.”

“Omega scents can help an alpha’s body heal faster. Please, Shoucchan, for me…stay by me please.”

Shouto didn’t even need to think twice before agreeing to it, “Alright, Touya. I’ll stay by your side.”

“Faker!” Natsuo exclaims in bitterness, causing Shouto to frown at him, “Touya wouldn’t fake anything. That’s not who he is.”

“Stay out of it, Shouto!” Natsuo hisses at him before turning his narrowed eyes at Touya, “You’re faking it! Don’t you have Shouto enough already? Why can’t I play with him just this once?”

Touya’s glare is enough to send chills down the spine of many alphas at his school. Since Natsuo lives with him and is accustomed to it, it does nothing to him.

“Shoucchan, go get your bed ready. Cuddling with an omega is one of the first steps to healing an alpha’s injuries. I will need your softest blankets and pillows.”

“Yes, Touya, I’ll go get it ready right away!”

He rushes over to his room, leaving Natsuo alone with Touya. The eldest alpha is the first to say it: “Stand in the way of Shouto and I getting together, and I will be sure you suffer the consequences for it.”

Natsuo raises a brow to this, finding Touya’s sudden twist of mood to be strange, “What?”

“You heard me well enough the first time around. Only one of us gets Shouto in the end and that one will be me. Stand in the way of that and I will be sure you suffer every single consequence for it.”

“Touya, I just want to play with Shouto.”

“And I know you are also thinking about stealing him from me, so watch your back if you wish to live. I will do whatever it takes to be with Shoucchan, even if it means resorting to dirty measures.”

It was a bizarre conversation to have, but the Todoroki alphas do attend all alpha private schools. As such, Touya knows how to spot out when someone has a crush on another person. He’s seen it enough in his classes with his friends and other classmates. He knows well enough to know the signs. Just his luck, Shouto has them all for Natsuo.

Natsuo rolls his stormy eyes and pouts, “Whatever, Touya! He’s not just yours, you know. If I want to play with Shouto, I can play with him too!”

“You can, but not when my Shoucchan has eyes for you.”


Before Touya can elaborate to the confused kid, he is approached by a distressed Shouto, “Touya, I got everything ready in my room! What do we need to do now?”

Ah, poor Shouto…so dense and naïve. Then again, Touya does love him as is so he’s not complaining.

“We need to get to your room… Once I am in the bed and cuddling with you, the healing power of your scent should take effect.” Touya instructs with a falsified wince and a little groan thrown in for extra pity effect.

Natsuo attempts to infuse some sort of logic into Touya’s carefully concocted lie, “That’s not how alpha injuries work, Shouto. He’s lying to you so you won’t play with me or anyone else other than him.”

“Touya wouldn’t lie to me. He’s too nice and wonderful to ever lie to me. Come on, Touya, let’s go. We need to heal you right away.” Shouto insists to both brothers as he takes Touya’s hand into his small ones and leads him away to his room.

When they were inside the room, Shouto led Touya over to his bed, having him lay down before climbing in with him.

“Okay Touya, are you going to get better soon?”

“I will, Shoucchan.”

Shouto climbs into bed with him, looking so pretty in his baby blue, cable knit sweater and light beige pants. He looks so adorable in his outfits…it’s only a shame that Touya knows the old man chooses everything he wears.

Inside his plain room, he wonders how Shouto even gets by being the only omega in the family. What had once been a wondrous discovery when Shouto was born quickly became a tragedy unfolding in front of his eyes as he saw his father’s sexism coming to life in Shouto.

He controls what he wears, what he eats, what he can or cannot have in his room, how he is to decorate his room, when he goes to bed, what he is to wear to bed, what exercises he should do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and what his lessons should be for each and every day. It’s sickening to know Shouto is nothing more than a toy for him to control.

Shouto looks so cute in his arms…one day, when he is older, he will mark him and give him the freedom he deserves.

For now, though, “Shoucchan, do you want to know a way to speed up the healing process?”

“What is it, Touya?” he would ask with interested eyes.

“Kiss me on the cheek and the healing will happen much, much faster.”

“Sure, I can do that for you, Touya!”

Shouto kisses him on the cheek, causing Touya to feel euphoric. So much so to the point where he did not notice Natsuo watching them from a widened crack in the doorway, his anger and frustration seeping into him deeply.

Fuyumi notices this as he shuts the door to Shouto’s room and walks (more like trudges) down the hall, “What’s wrong?”

“Touya hogging Shouto again. He’s done that for so long now, when will he stop already? Shouto is not just his and I don’t like the way he gets or the way he can get away with acting like he does. It’s not fair!”

Fuyumi knew this feeling a bit too well. This being said, she did know when to quit and maybe it’s time for Natsuo to do so as well.

“Touya will do whatever it takes to become Shouto’s mate. Are you sure you really want to test this out? He has claimed to love Shouto all of his life…”

“Only because he hogged him when he was a baby! Ugh, he’s such a stupid jerk! I can’t stomach him or the way he hogs Shouto all the time! Does he really have to be number one all of the time? Why can’t one of us ever be number one for once?”

“Because Touya isn’t above using his strength to dominate over everything.”

It never sat well with the pouting alpha, but then, this was where the resentment would start to intensify. From here on out, Natsuo’s resentment would only get worse towards Touya.

Shouto hadn’t noticed the mark from Natsuo had faded three days after he died. Dabi did, but he didn’t have the heart to tell him about what he believes happened to him.

Natsuo’s death made the news. They’re already saying it was an omega ex who killed him or an omega who had been screwed over by his ways. Given this, the media—afraid to sound sexist—makes it sound as though Natsuo brought it upon himself and deserved it in a way. Dabi has kept this a secret from Shouto because he knows all too well how the Todoroki family works.

Really, it’s its own ecosystem wherein Shouto is the desirable mate and everyone else who gets in their father’s way is a threat to be disposed of. He knew it was only a matter of time before the creepy control freak would actually strike at Natsuo after piecing the pieces of the puzzle together for himself. It’s why Dabi didn’t kill him in the end: he knew their father would sooner or later, he just didn’t see it coming the same day he spared his life.

He is a bit disheartened to hear the news, but then he remembers everything Natsuo said and did the day he did die. Then he’s back to not caring all over again.

Oh well, no time to think about that! He needs to ensure Shouto is happy, especially since their father is trying to find him and is making a huge media campaign over his disappearance.

The things that bastard will do to get Shouto for himself…

He opens the door to his master suite, which is really a high rise with the most modern and updated features and styles, all done beautifully. Every room has a touch of Dabi in it: his favorite band posters are strung about the walls, he has done random graffiti in random rooms as well as on random doors, and most of all, he has his Shouto in his room.

He enters his bedroom and finds his omega sleeping, cuddled up with a blue leopard plushie he had gotten him.

It’s an adorable sight, but he has to wreck it now if he wants Shouto to wake up and give him his long overdue attention.

He crawls over to his side on the bed, towering over him, trying to think of all the things they could do when he is awake and yet…

He can’t do it. He can’t wake up Shouto when he is sleeping so peacefully after three days of wondering why something feels different about his bond. He had lost so much sleep over it, worrying and stressing over what could be wrong that the worst case scenarios kept him up at nights.

He settles for laying in bed, right beside his Shouto. He then gets out his phone, looking up today’s daily news along with some gossip to keep himself entertained.

Working with the Liberation Army has not been the easiest transition for him, but he is making the best of it that he can. Hawks hasn’t been too bad to work with, but he cannot ever fully trust the Endeavor fanboy who refuses to believe anything bad about him. If only he knew his hero despised betas like him the most! Then what would he have to say about that awful sexist beast?

It makes Dabi cynically gleeful at the thought of ruining Hawks’ image of their father. Just as this does so, there is something rather distressing on the news.

Well, not distressing so much as it is a sad fact for those who get entangled in the Todoroki family ecosystem.

Hero in training Yoarashi Inasa was killed during a villain attack while interning at a hero agency. The villain’s name has not been released to the media and the details are scant at best. All that is known is this agency is one which frequently works with the Endeavor agency. As such, it was only natural for the hero to give his condolences to the grieving family and apologize for what happened.

If only they knew what a crock of shit that apology truly is! That monster is never apologetic for anything because he’s incapable of being apologetic.

Of course, since Shouto is missing, no one is criticizing his father or his lack of aid during the attack which had killed Yoarashi.

According to Shouto, Yoarashi was an alpha Enji had chosen out to be his mate. When this did not pan out well, he was banned from spending any free time with him, despite the fact he had told their father he sees him only as a friend. In all honesty, this death makes no sense to Dabi because he doesn’t get why he would kill Yoarashi when Shouto made it clear he did not view him that way.

There’s something off here, but Dabi is confused as to what that exactly is. Has their father gone off the deep end? Has he finally succumbed to whatever carnal desire he has had boiling inside of him for all of these years?

He’s not too sure. Either way, he has a reason to be worried now.

If he finds Shouto, he will mark him and rape him on the spot. It’s something Dabi can never allow to happen no matter what.

Chapter Text

Enji remembers hearing his final child, his final hope for a successful alpha child to surpass All Might, was an omega. It had felt as though his world had ended and everything around him was crashing down into millions of tiny pieces. He had been so angry because Rei—the damned beta—had only one job: give him alpha children that are powerful. The key words here being ‘powerful’ and most importantly of all ‘alpha’.

An omega Todoroki…it’s unheard of! His family tree has always consisted of alphas. His bloodline is legendary for producing alpha off-spring even with an omega mate. To know he has an omega child repulses him.

He had nothing to do with Shouto for the first year of his life, but then, he decided that if Shouto is going to be an omega, he will be the best damned omega around.

He has him on the traditional omega diet, taught in the traditional omega skills (which mainly revolve around home making and raising pups), and kept away from the public at large so no one ever knows of his shame of having an omega child. It may sound a bit extreme, but Enji really is doing this so Shouto can be mated off to the best alpha possible…

Except there is no alpha around in the high class anymore. Most of the omegas are either going to university like the alphas, betas, and lower and middle class omegas did or getting mated to lower and middle class alphas and betas.

Enji would rather admit defeat to All Might than sully his blood with such a disgusting union. No omega child of his is going to be mated off to anyone other than a high class alpha!

Which is why Enji had announced that one of his kids would be the one to mate with him. High class families desperate to get their omega child a high class alpha will allow incest to happen so as to keep the bloodline as high class as possible. Enji knows it is nothing unusual and since he knows his offspring are desirable for being the only high class alphas, he may as well do what is best for Shouto and keep him with one of the failures.

He may despise the failures (specifically Natsuo and Touya for not living up to his standards), but they are the best option for Shouto on the table.

Touya seems to be the most invested in being Shouto’s mate… Maybe he could give Shouto to him someday…then again, he’s not sure what kind of omega Shouto will be. His alphas only deserve the best, after all.

The thought of giving Shouto, the only omega in the household, away to any of the alphas doesn’t sit too well with him for some reason or another but he doesn’t dwell on it. He has bigger things to worry about than this.

As Shouto got older, things changed.

At first, Enji couldn’t care less what he ate or wore so long as it was all traditional, high class omega standard. Then he noticed Shouto had this lovely scent and these slightly chubby thighs that no alpha would like, so he decided to take control over Shouto’s diet.

It’s only lucky for Shouto Enji did take it over! The boy was going to get fat off of this diet at the rate he was going. Sure, he did exercise and attend a dance class (ballet, Enji wanted him to be flexible and graceful in the bedroom for his future alpha), but it wouldn’t be enough if his diet was sabotaging him.

So, he changed his diet to one he viewed to be a better fit. He kept a journal of Shouto’s weight loss journey and sure enough, within two months’ time, he was at an appropriate weight. He still kept an eye on Shouto so the omega would not get chubby again, but other than this, it was good…

Until he noticed how hideous the traditional omega kimonos were.

Shouto could never attract a mate wearing such dull colored clothes! It was for the best that Enji took over here as well. He now has a log of Shouto’s outfits for the month (all of them preplanned and chosen out by him on the last day of the month) which he is supposed to wear or else he will receive a good backhand to the face.

He obsessively keeps an eye on everything Shouto eats by making him eat in the dining room only, where Enji or one of the maids can keep an eye on what he is eating, how much he is eating, and what he is not eating. He cannot have Shouto getting fat again, much like how he cannot have Shouto wearing such ugly clothes when he needs to attract one of the failures to be his mate. (In order to make sure he wears the outfits Enji chooses for him, Enji makes him get dressed in front of him every day while his tutor keeps an eye on him to be sure he stays in the outfit all day long.)

It’s not something he views to be strange. Shouto is a Todoroki omega. It’s only natural if Enji wants the omega with the best scent around to be dressed in the best outfits which complement his body perfectly and on a diet which fits perfectly with his exercise and dance routine.

Rei, however, had taken a bit of offense to it if the late night conversation in bed with her had been a particular sign of jealousy or not, “Enji, I think you’re too…invested in Shouto and his life.”

“What do you mean by invested?” he asked while reading some paperwork regarding police work to catch some villain he hadn’t heard much of before but was steadily becoming a nuisance.

“Invested as in you are bit too controlling over what he wears and eats. Don’t you find it a bit excessive to plan out his outfits for a month in advance? Don’t you think it’s strange to be so interested in his diet and weight you keep a log of it? I don’t think controlling Shouto like this is right, especially in an age where omegas like him aren’t traditional anymore.”

Enji sets his paper down on the night stand beside the bed in a very curt manner, his scent showing his true annoyance to her claims whereas his face is apathetic, “I am not controlling over Shouto. Everything I am doing is all a part of my duty as his alpha to make him suitable for his future mate. If the omega is going to whine about it, then he can try to survive on the streets with the rest of them.”

This stunned Rei into silence, and yet when she does speak up five minutes later, it’s to comment in a questioning tone, “His…alpha? Did you just call yourself his alpha?”

“No, I didn’t, beta.”

She shuts her mouth at his hiss and they are able to drop it.

Everything Enji does is normal and right for an alpha parent to do for their child. Nothing Enji does is abnormal or strange no matter how much he obsesses over his omega at nights. It’s normal, all of this is, nothing is wrong with him. Nothing is wrong with this. He’s not too invested: this is simply the beta being jealous of the omega. Nothing more, nothing less.

It gets worse yet with time because all he can think of is Shouto and his damn scent. His sweet, sweet scent which haunts his dreams and makes it so much harder to concentrate, to think even at times. He tries to blame it on work or stress, but he knows deep down it’s because his alpha desires an omega mate, not the beta he is stuck with.

Shouto is growing up to be so pretty too. He looks so pretty in all of the outfits Enji chooses for him. He looks so cute whenever he dances in his lessons. He looks so cute when he’s sleeping and Enji cannot control his instincts so he lays in bed with him for as long as he can before the boy wakes up. He is so small, so fragile, so very much an omega in his arms it’s unreal to think he ever created such a thing.

Shouto will be a trophy for any alpha he gets, but… Well, Enji did make him. Why should he have to give him away to one of the failures?

It’s not like they could ever handle such a pretty omega anyhow! Look at him with his plush, pink lips and the soon-to-be perfect form he is growing into. There’s no way Touya or Natsuo could ever give Shouto pleasure during his heats the same way he can.

No, he shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts! Then again…he was deprived of his chance to have an omega mate years ago… Maybe this is his reward for solving the most crimes in history. Maybe Shouto was meant to be his all along and that’s why he cannot give him up to one of those damned failures who will never be alpha enough for him.

It’s this line of thought that deepens Enji’s pull to his Lolita, his poison, his addiction. Shouto is all of the above and so much more. Whenever he is home, he is watching Shouto and when Shouto is alone at nights sleeping, he is holding him in his arms while fighting an erection the entire time.

Most would feel sick for thinking and feeling such a way towards their son. Enji, however, doesn’t see Shouto as a person or even his son. No, Shouto is a prize, a trophy mate, a perfect creation. He could never be a person, his son, or an equal. He’s a pretty virgin hole for Enji to fuck and one day, he will get to do so.

His touches on Shouto are soft when he’s not mad at him. He gives him these little kisses on the cheek that always leave the omega boy gasping so subtly yet cutely it makes him almost smile to hear the fright induced sound. Then there’s the pets on his head, the rubs on his back that go a bit lower than what they should, and the way he has him sit on his lap during dinner time when he thinks no one is watching.

Key word here being ‘thinks’.

Enji had been watched this whole time by his beta mate, which led to the ultimate betrayal against him.

She tried to take Shouto away in the middle of the night and this simply would not do.

He had caught her when arriving home from work. It had been a long night and he was lucky to get home to cuddle with Shouto on time. What he had not expected to see was Rei standing there with his omega wrapped up in a blanket, clearly getting ready to leave.

“What are you doing with my omega, Rei?”

It’s a calm sound, but she clearly isn’t buying it this time around if the tightening of her grip on Shouto means anything, “I am taking him out for a ride. He couldn’t sleep, so I just—”

“Shouto never gets nightmares. Shouto’s favorite color is light blue, his favorite food to make is zaru soba, he adores paler colors on his skin because they look prettier, his favorite fabric is silk because it feels nice on his skin, and he always sleeps every night in my arms which is why I know you are lying to me right now like the beta scum you are.”

Enji observes everything about Shouto. He goes out of his way to learn the littlest details about the omega because it’s enough to satiate his carnal desires for now. When Shouto comes of age, though, he cannot promise he will hold back. At first, he kept Shouto at home, isolated from the world, because he was ashamed to have an omega child. Now, he keeps him at home so no one will ever have him, touch him, or want him as much as Enji does.

Rei is frozen in her spot, her scent showing her distress, her voice low when admitting it out loud, “I don’t want Shouto to be your sex slave. I want what is best for him and what is best for him is staying away from you. You’re not his alpha, Enji. You’re his father and you should act like it. I won’t leave with him, but only if you promise to get help.”

Enji is quiet for a moment there before nodding in response to her bargain, “Alright. I will get help for my attraction to Shouto, I promise.”

She nods, allowing her guard to loosen enough for Enji to make a move as though he is heading back to the house.

In reality, it’s a feint move and he rips Shouto out of her arms before injecting her with something a villain he had arrested made years ago. He has been saving this for years, waiting for the perfect occasion to use on Rei, and what better time than now?

She collapses to her knees, her eyes filled with terror, “W-What did you do to me?”

“I injected you with a very fast acting poison that cannot be traced in autopsy. It was made by a villain I had arrested years ago. I kept it as a souvenir of sorts, the last vial of the poison he had ever made, the only vial I had not destroyed in a raid on his hideout. I have been meaning to use it on you when the time was right and well…what better time than now?”

He leaves her there to wither away from the life she is trying to pathetically grasp so he can set Shouto back down in his bed. Once Shouto is properly tucked in to his liking, he heads back outside and stuffs the almost dead body of his wife into the truck of his car.

By the time he arrived at the desolate river, she was already dead. With a careless toss of her body into the waters, he walked back into his car, driving home so he could finally be with his omega.

After Rei’s death, he had announced, “None of you will ever be Shouto’s mate. Simply put, you failures are not alpha enough for him now and you never will be alpha enough for him.”

He remembers Natsuo being visibly offended by it, whining and pouting out some nonsense he cannot even recall… Something about it being ‘unfair’ somehow? He doesn’t remember. No, what he remembers most is Touya’s silence and the death stare he had received. There had been no words or sound from his mouth. He had not smelled a shift in scent from Touya. His stare, however, said it all. He was pissed and blood thirsty.

Enji knew then Touya would become a problem and yet, his pathetic body couldn’t handle the flames he had used. The idiot reduced himself to ash using his quirk to save his life, how pathetic! What a waste of space and Enji’s precious time!

He will be honest when he admits he doesn’t remember much of the fight with Touya or what had led up to it. He only remembers killing the damned pest before he could ruin things with Shouto and himself.

Over the years, after Fuyumi got mated and Natsuo went off to university, he had to hide his attraction to Shouto. Fuyumi’s mate was getting suspicious of his prolonged single status and Natsuo was complaining a bit too much, too loudly about Shouto never being able to leave the house whenever he called.

He only allowed Shouto out of the house to see Natsuo because he had thought Natsuo was a proper Todoroki alpha and would not allow Shouto to be seen or smelt by other alphas and betas. Imagine his surprise when he discovered it was the opposite all along… He had been filled with a murderous rage so deep, he had to kill Natsuo the very day he put the pieces together.

Now Shouto is missing and he cannot find him anywhere. It infuriates him to know he does not know where Shouto is at all times. It infuriates him whenever the thought of anyone else marking what is rightfully his comes into his mind at a far too real pace.

He despises everything about Shouto being gone. When he finds him, he will mark him on the spot and take him back home to be kept as his perfect omega mate.

Shouto will be a bit dismayed to know Yoarashi died in a fight with a villain, but it had to be done. Yoarashi’s sacrifice was vital to the success of the mission as well as taking out a thorn in Enji’s side.

Sure, Enji may have arranged for Shouto to meet with Yoarashi, but this was to get Fuyumi’s mate to stop being suspicious of him. If he killed his daughter’s mate, then it would be too obvious it was him who killed his son and wife. Thus, he did the next best thing and arranged a meeting for an intent to mate. An intent which would never see the light of day. With Shouto confirming it would never happen, he would not allow him near Yoarashi anymore. There was no point in it in the end. Besides, at that point, Enji was already making some…arrangements for Yoarashi’s demise to become reality. Really, the separation was meant to make it less painful for Shouto when he did go.

It will all be okay in the end. Shouto will understand, after all he was made to be his mate. Shouto is meant to be his. Shouto is his reward, the dream omega mate who could give him everything he ever wanted but could never get out of the damned beta he was once with.

He will get Shouto back and he will fuck that omega so good, he will forget all about the first failure he was with.

Chapter Text

After Rei’s demise, Enji moved Shouto into a room closer to his so he could hold him every night without sneaking around the house. Every night, he would dream of the day he’d finally get to share a heat with the omega.

Now, Shouto is gone and there’s been no leads until now.

In the fire of the cake shop, there was a camera which had been severely damaged. Since there were no owners of the shop to really care for it, the camera went on unattended to. The murder of Natsuo could have been caught on there, but that was part of the footage destroyed.

No, there was other footage on there. Interesting footage to be exact.

Footage showing Shouto leaving in a black goop-like mist with the notorious flame villain, Dabi, following afterwards.

The audio was gone, but it was clear what had happened not only in this footage, but previous footage showing Dabi and Shouto there together before being confronted by a belligerent Natsuo. Something happened between Dabi and Shouto. In fact, Enji is one to believe that given how unafraid Shouto was of Dabi, there may be something more to their relationship.

He seethes and roils in Shouto’s bed at nights, inhaling his scent in a weak attempt to calm himself down only to fail miserably.

Dabi is the one who has Shouto. A villain took his omega from him.

If that is not insulting, then pray tell, what is?

Dabi knows it’s only a matter of time before Enji comes invading his place to take Shouto back. If he doesn’t want that to happen, then he will need to plan a large villain attack against the new number one. He will need to devise a way to kill the new number one so Shouto can finally be free in the new world he is planning on making for him.

Funny fact here: ever since he killed Shigaraki, he is the new leader of the League of Villains. He has taken over the role with ease and confidence, the intelligence and maturity needed to win over Ujiko as well as Gigantomachia over to his side with ease. All For One doesn’t approve of him because he highly suspects he killed Shigaraki, but he doesn’t say much about it. From his spot in Tartarus, he refuses to let All Might in on his suspicions as to who is responsible for Shigaraki’s disastrous end.

Under Dabi, the league became organized and a force to be reckoned with in the underworld. They stayed out of the spotlight, he gained the needed support from Ujiko as well as Gigantomachia and the Liberation Army after Shigaraki’s death. Sure, they were shocked by his sudden death but when Dabi explained it away as, “Shigaraki died because he tried to take my omega away from me.”

It made enough sense. Dabi is territorial, possessive, and jealous. There’s no way in hell he’d allow anyone else near his omega. Everyone knows well enough to not touch his omega after the Shigaraki incident and thanks to Dabi admitting he did kill Natsuo… Well…needless to say, the message is loud and clear. Do not touch or fuck with Dabi’s omega.

At the moment, he is in a meeting with the higher ups of the former Liberation Army and the original league members with Ujiko on the line.

He has a plan in mind to kill the new number one, but he needs to ensure certain things can be accomplished.

For starters, “Ujiko, can you bring out that designer nomu again? I would like at least one of those for the attack I have in mind.”

Ujiko’s response is not what he was hoping for, “Dabi, I don’t have many nomu who can hold a candle to him. You’re better off using my other nomu as a distraction to the other heroes so they won’t be able to help him.”

Toga is the one who asks it, “Why are you hellbent on killing Endeavor anyway?”

“Because Endeavor will try to find us and he will try to take my omega away from me. I don’t tolerate anyone who tries to take what is mine, especially a bastard like him.” Dabi seethes at the end, unable to hold in his disdain for his father much longer.

Toga, along with the other villains in the room, can all see why Dabi would be angry. Any villainous alpha would be blood thirsty if someone tried to steal their mate from them, especially an alpha like Dabi who is more jealous and possessive than they are.

Dabi then comes up with an idea, one that should work perfectly to take down the number one hero himself, “Ujiko, we will take the other nomu you have. We will take them and we will take Gigantomachia as well. I have an idea in mind for an invasion, one that will end hero society as we know it.”

He doesn’t really care about such things. He only wants to kill his father before he has a chance to get anywhere near Shouto.

Dabi returns to Shouto at night, loving the way he can always find the omega in the high rise, with something new to entertain and discover for himself. He is trying to get Shouto used to dressing for himself instead of what their father would pick for him. He wants him to start to gain his own independence from him, and he knows it will take him a while to do so. After so long of being controlled by their father, he will need time to start getting used to doing things for himself on his own volition.

He groans mentally when he sees Shouto cleaning in what must be his workout outfit, going off of how tight the black pants and turtleneck tank top are on him.

He doesn’t mind Shouto cleaning if he genuinely wants to. What he has a problem with is Shouto doing it because that’s what omegas do for their mates according to some sexist tradition in high class culture.

“Shouto, why are you cleaning? The high rise was already clean. It didn’t need anymore cleaning.”

Shouto faces him, his eyes wide before he turns them to the ground, “Sorry Touya… I know you don’t like me doing these things, but it’s a force of habit for me. I can’t just sit here and not do anything productive.”

Dabi tries to get it, really, he does, but it’s sickening to know their father’s sexist influence is still so strong on Shouto despite being away from him, “You don’t need to do anything productive for me unless if you want to. I know it’s hard, but you have to try not doing what he told you to do all of your life.”

“I want to, but it’s harder to do that when I am expecting him to be somewhere, waiting for me to mess up so he can backhand me for not doing something right.”

The patchwork villain assures his omega of one thing and one thing only, “Trust me, he will be gone soon, and you will never have to fear anything from him ever again.”

Shouto’s voice is small when saying it, “How can you be so sure?”

“Because things are different now. I’m stronger now and one day, you will be too.”

Shouto doesn’t seem convinced, but Dabi isn’t in the mood for convincing after his day. He brings out the bag of food for him, saying, “I got dinner for us tonight. I figured you’d want a break from cooking.”

His omega raises a brow to this, “I…don’t understand why you would want me to take a break from anything I do. I’m an omega mate to you. It’s my job to give you whatever you want and to please you.”

Dabi has his own comeback to the indoctrination forced upon Shouto all of his life, “You’re supposed to give me whatever I want, right? You’re supposed to do whatever it takes to please me… Well, what I want is for you to do things because you want to do them. I want you to wear whatever you want to because you like it. I want you to eat whatever you want to eat and to stop following the diet dad gave you. I want you to stop obsessing over traditional standards and step into the modern age, Shouto. If you want to please me while giving me whatever I want, you will do all of the above for me. Anything else just won’t work.”

Shouto is quiet for a good two minutes before nodding in response to this. He doesn’t say much, still taking it all in, but he doesn’t get to obsess over it for long.

“Hey, come on, I got us some soba. I got you zaru soba because I know that’s your favorite dish and I got some yakisoba for myself.”

“Sounds good, Touya.”

He was led over to the dining room, with the nice cherry wood table and the beautiful flooring throughout the home. Shouto watches as his alpha sets the table for him, really fighting the itch to take control and do it himself. Somehow, he manages to restrain himself well enough to where he can simply sit back without any visible issues on his end.

He sees the soba and bites his lip, remembering the diet, Touya’s words, and the taunts of his father saying ‘stray from your diet and you’ll get fat, no alpha will want you then’.

It’s all so much for him to take in. He genuinely doesn’t know what to do. He used to eat this all the time with Touya when their father wasn’t around. Now, he has the chance to eat his favorite dish ever again and he’s not sure if he should even do it.

“Shouto, you can eat the soba.” his mate’s words cut through his thoughts like a sharpened blade and it’s enough to silence his worry.

It was enough for a moment anyway, “I don’t want to. I’ll get fat and then you won’t want me anymore.”

Dabi sets his chopsticks down, clearly not ready to hear this, yet annoyed by it all the same, “Stop it. You will not get fat. Shoucchan, you’re really skinny and I’d like it if you gained some weight.”


“Shouto, no. Eat the soba, it won’t kill you.”

It takes him fifteen minutes to take the first nervous bite of soba. Once he does take the first bite, he practically scarfs it down in one solid go. By the time he’s done, he’s disgusted with himself and feels like a pig, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be disorderly. It won’t happen again… I’ll workout, that way I won’t gain weight from this and—”

“Shoucchan, stop. You did nothing wrong. The old man did for making you paranoid about weight gain and forbidding you from eating food like a normal human being.”

Dabi’s hand is on his shoulder and he’s unsure of what to do other than to sigh shakily. Before he could apologize, Dabi got out of his seat and hugged him instead, “You have nothing to apologize for. You’re with me now, remember? I will always let you do whatever you want to do no matter what.”

It’s something he’s said before back when he was younger and to hear it again, makes a few tears of joy slip out of his eyes as it finally hits him all at once.

He has Touya back.

Touya will never leave his side again.

Touya is his mate now and just like he promised all of those years ago, he will always let him do whatever he wants to do no matter what.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me all of my life, Touya. You’re the only alpha and sibling who ever loved me in that house.”

“Shoucchan, don’t thank me for anything. I was doing what a good alpha does for their omega.”

The following morning, his plan for invasion would begin. Shouto would be in his arms, sleeping peacefully and looking so angelic with the morning light on him.

Dabi didn’t want to wake him, but Shouto would wake up and give him his kiss anyway, “Good morning, Touya.”

“Good morning, Shoucchan. What are you going to do today?”

“I don’t know yet. What about you?”

Dabi doesn’t have the heart to have the full conversation with him just yet about Natsuo and their father. All he can do is say, “I have some important business to attend to.”

“Okay, just remember to come back home in one piece.”

“I will, Shoucchan. There’s no need to worry.”

Their morning is quiet today, which is odd because usually Shouto is affectionate in his own ways: he will hold his hand, he will nuzzle him, he will cuddle into his arm. Today, he has done none of the above.

Dabi asks his mate while they are eating their breakfast together, “Shouto, is there something wrong?”

“I looked at my mark with a handheld mirror yesterday when I got out of the shower. Touya, my mark from Natsuo is gone. That can only happen if Natsuo is dead…you didn’t kill him, did you?” Shouto asks so abruptly, it almost knocks the wind out of Dabi.

Dabi is quick to deny it, very, very quick to deny it because this time, he is innocent on a person’s murder, “I didn’t kill him, Shoucchan. He was alive when I left. I think dad killed him.”


“Look at how he died and tell me the old man didn’t do it.”

Dabi pulls up the article of Natsuo’s death on his phone and has Shouto read it for himself. When he does read it, he’s a bit shaken by it, but he’s still not sure what to think, “Are you really sure it wasn’t an omega scorned instead?”

His mate shakes his head, telling him, “Your phone was there. The human dumpster fire came there looking for you, he was seen in the area where Natsuo was murdered. Look, he even admits to looking for you in this video here.”

Shouto watches the interview with his father speaking about his disappearance, as well as looking for him in the area Natsuo was killed, and it makes his blood run cold. After everything he’s heard from his mother’s tapes while Touya was gone (he did get bored and didn’t know how to work the TV, so listening to them was a great way to kill time), he’s convinced his mother was right. His father wants to mark him and be his mate.

He’s shaking like a leaf as he hands the phone back to his alpha, feeling small as the fear begins to build up inside of him. He meets Dabi’s eyes with a terrified look the scarred man hadn’t seen ever since the day their mother was first declared missing years ago, “Touya… He won’t kill you too, will he? He won’t get to have me in the end, right?”

Dabi goes over to his mate’s side to pull him into his arms, holding him close while releasing calming pheromones, “He will never kill me. I will be the last mate you ever have I promise. By the time I come home, he won’t ever be a threat to us ever again.”

“Come back alive, please. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”

“You know I will, Shoucchan. He couldn’t kill me the first time around, he won’t succeed now.”

It had been chaos at the scene. A large group of nomus, Gigantomachia, and the original members of the league were all fighting against heroes in what could only be described as a ‘war zone’ to anyone on the outside looking in.

Dabi had been looking for the old man specifically and when he found him, his fire almost imploded from his skin.

He stood there, as strong and arrogant as ever, with his resilience at its highest peak yet.

“Todoroki Enji.” he snarls out while approaching the man, this time not hiding his scent, letting him know who it is.

What is most insulting is the fact the fucker doesn’t even acknowledge or remember him, “Who the hell are you, villain?”

“Remember what happened between your son Touya, the one you thought you had killed, and yourself? You know, the fight about Todoroki Rei’s murder?”

They had been outside when Touya had said he wanted to talk to him about his mother’s death. Enji, being himself, had a suspicion the boy who had hated him the most would accuse him regardless if there was any evidence or not.

Which is why he had brought him out to a desolate part of the downtown area where they would have their little late night ‘talk’. Little did he know that Touya agreed to this so he could call him out for himself.

“Mom’s death was not a suicide. You killed her because you hate betas and you want Shoucchan for yourself.”

Touya never held back on his insults or his punches of hate concerning Enji. He never held back on anything at all. If Touya could never hold back on him, then Enji will repay the favor double-fold, “You have no proof.”

Touya cackles to this, his voice snide when saying it, “Why do you look at my Shouto as though he’s a piece of meat then? Why do you always have to know every single detail about him and his day when you never do the same for the alpha kids? What about his room? You did move him closer to your room after she was gone and I can’t help but to find that strange. Especially since you always sneak into his room at nights like some fucking creep.”

Enji didn’t even ask how Touya knew this. He most likely had caught him in the act before (Touya actually did, but it was by accident when he was getting a glass of water late at night), but Enji didn’t care. All that mattered was getting rid of Touya.

He didn’t speak once when he did it. He shot his strongest flames at Touya, with the boy turning his own right back at him. Soon enough, Enji could smell the overwhelming stench of decay as Touya’s skin kept on burning, kept on cremating itself the hotter his flames became.

Then, it had ended.

In an odd moment of pause, the blue flames suddenly stopped and all Enji saw in the alleyway they had been fighting in was ash. Naturally, he assumed Touya got himself killed upon the sight of the human remains, but he thought little of it. Instead, he left the alleyway feeling victorious. Sometime after this, he would find the body of a homeless boy the same height and build as Touya, but the body was too charred to be recognizable, the boy having been killed by someone with a flame quirk. This would be the body Enji would claim was Touya and he thought it would all end there.

Little did Enji know, in the desolate alleyway, there had been a drugged out homeless man who Touya had used a human shield before shooting a final blast of blue flame and running away. He had held his breath, kept himself incredibly still as he inside an empty dumpster on the left turn at the end of the alleyway. Once the old man was gone, he trudged onwards until he passed out on the street. He had thought he was a goner, but then a prostitute with a healing quirk had taken pity on him and saved his life.

From that point onward, he vowed to get stronger so he could one day kill his father.

Dabi doesn’t know why being forgotten by the dumpster fire had made him all the more enraged, but when he hears Enji speaking, he knows why it had, “Touya? Well…who knew you would have lived? I didn’t expect a defect like you to ever make it out alive. Then again, I didn’t have time to think about you before, during, or after our fight because my mind has been preoccupied with thoughts of my omega. You know, the one you stole from me.”

“Fuck you… I won’t let you win again. You will never get my Shoucchan and I will ensure you die right here for mom’s murder!”

Blue flame clashed with orange as they had begun to duke it out. Father vs son, alpha vs alpha in a fight to assert not only dominance, but Shouto’s future as well.

Eventually, Dabi’s flames break past Enji’s and the hero is left to dodge the attack if he doesn’t want to die.

Enji’s words to him had been scummy and sexist when he readied his next attack, “Why are you willing to ensure I die for the death of a beta? I could understand if it was to keep me away from Shouto forever, because that is a worthy cause. A beta is not. Beta’s are the most redundant of the dynamics. If they were to be extinct, our world would be a better place, a place without their weak, worthless genetics to produce fuck up defects that cannot live up to the reason why they were created in the first place!”

Oddly enough, it was during this rant that his guard was temporarily lowered as he focused his undying attention on Dabi only. This was what led to him being pounced on by Toga, a beta, who had made very quick work of his jugular.

She severed it so thoroughly, it may as well have been done by the hero killer himself.

“I usually would take your blood, but in my experience, sexist blood tastes the worst and I wouldn’t want to degrade myself to such an experience ever again.” she would then turn her golden eyes to Dabi, a twisted grin on her face when asking, “Will I get some reward for this after we win, Dabi? You know I have been missing my Izuku and Ochako.”

He knows better than to argue with her in the middle of battle, so… “Yeah, sure, you will get one. We’ll discuss it back at the base.”

“Yay!” she cheered before going over to attack a hero who had taken out a nomu.

As for Dabi, he stares at his father’s body for a moment before lighting it with his flames, being certain to allow the blue fire to engulf him completely before moving on to the next enemy to fight.

The fight had ended in a technical tie. The heroes had managed to kill more than a few nomus whereas the nomus had killed as many heroes. Ultimately, Dabi was forced to retreat with his men when threats of the army and reinforcements from other heroes became an issue.

Though, since the goal was to kill Endeavor, the fight was actually a victory on the villain’s end.

A new world is arising from the soon-to-be ashes of hero society. A world that Dabi will one day have to lead fearlessly and intelligently if he wants it to thrive so monsters like Endeavor can never succeed again.

However, these problems outside of his home can wait for tomorrow.

For now, he is entering their home and being greeted with the sight of his mate eating zaru soba, “Oh, hi Touya…since it’s been so long since I last had zaru soba, I decided to make some myself. Here, do you want some? If you don’t, I can make you something else.”

“No, Shoucchan…” he thinks about telling Shouto of his victory, but…that will ruin this victorious yet peaceful moment between them. Instead, he smiles and agrees to the meal at hand, “I don’t want any other meal. Zaru soba is perfect for me.”

Shouto smiles and it’s a sweet sight to see, one which he had not seen often enough when they were younger, “Great. Here, I’ll get out your plate.”

Once the dish is served up, Shouto is sitting by his side, clearly relieved he came back alive. He kisses him on the cheek, saying to him, “Thank you for coming back.”

“I’m an alpha of my word, Shoucchan. I won’t ever leave you. I am the last mate you will ever have and I mean it when I say it.”

“Good because I could never want anyone else.”

He has so much to face outside of the walls of their home tomorrow morning. He has so much on his plate now not only for his future, but for Shouto’s as well. He could address it all now, but…he doesn’t want to.

For now, he wants to enjoy the momentary peace he has with his omega.