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S is for: Stripping

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“You gonna come out, Deku?” he asked, lounging on the bed, leaning back on his palms. His legs were spread casually as he stared at the closed master bathroom door, excitement flowing through his veins. “Oi.”


“G-give me a moment Kacchan, please,” she said, voice muffled through the door. “This, this is a lot for me!”


“Tch, it’s just me, stupid Deku,” he scoffed, tapping his foot impatiently. “Don’t know what you’re so nervous about.”


“I... I don’t know,” she said, and he could just hear the doubt in her voice.  “It-it just... it’s just hard for me to do.”


“What do you mean?” he asked, trying to stay patient with her. She was shy sometimes, so he had to be understanding. “You’re a pro hero, stripping ain’t that hard.”


“Like, mentally,” she clarified. “It-it’s just a lot.”


“Tch,” he huffed quietly, leaning back more as he waited. He counted to ten a few times, his impatience simmering down. His head shot up as Deku stepped out, her robe tied tightly around her frame. She was shaking ever so slightly, clearly nervous, but took a deep breath.


“Finally ready?” he asked, his lips quirking into a smirk. 


“Yeah, I think so,” she nodded, taking a deep breath and letting out a long sigh. “G-go ahead.” He reached over and pressed play on his phone, the music blaring out in the room. Deku immediately adopted a sultry expression, her eyes half lidded and bitting her wine red painted bottom lip. All of her anxieties seemed to have vanished in the blink of an eye.


Po-po-po-porn Star Dancing

Kelly won't kiss my friend, Cassandra

Jessica won't play ball

Mandy won't share her friend, Miranda

Doesn't anybody live at all?”


As the music rang out, Deku ran her hands down her middle and between her legs, splaying her fingers across her thighs. She dragged her hands on the outside of her thighs and up her hips, dragging them further up her sides, past her breasts and to her shoulders. She buried her fingers in her hair and pushed them up the back of her head, her hair falling sexily around her face.


Amanda won't leave me empty handed

Got her number from a bathroom stall

Brandy just got way too much baggage

And that shit just gets old”


As the music continued, Deku traced her hands down her front to her robe, playing with the belt that tied everything in place. She had a cute yet sexy expression on her face, the tip of her tongue sticking out at him teasingly.


But I got a girl who can put on a show”

The dollar decides how far you can go

She wraps those hands around that pole

She licks those lips and off we go

She takes it off nice and slow”


She began to untie the belt, shrugging the robe off her shoulders and letting it slowly fall to the floor. Revealed to him was a red lace chocker delicately wrapped around her neck. She wore a solid silk maroon bra, a small bow at the bottom of her cleavage, with a lace corset covering her stomach. The corset had rose details on it, and nicely matched the frilly silk panties she wore, which of course matched the colour of the rest of the ensemble. She had maroon lace garters that turned to mesh as they traveled down her legs. She looked so fucking delicious.


Because that's pornstar dancin'

She don't play nice, she makes me beg

She drops that dress around her legs”


She kicked away her robe with her toes before turning around to push her hair up, revealing the nape of her neck and her shoulders to him. She spread her legs about a foot apart and began to sway her hips; her ass looked so good in the silk panties with lace frills. There was a decent cut down the back, covered in a lace corseted style of ribbon, a small bow at the valley of the cut. He could see a small patch of dampness on her arousal, watching her hands come down to grope the inside of her thighs, giving them a squeeze. God, he wanted his hands on her thighs too.


And I'm sittin' right by the stage for this

Pornstar dancin'

Your body's lightin' up the room”


She swayed her body from side to side, her exaggerated movements utterly hypnotic. She squatted down, accentuating her ass and thighs, before gracefully falling to her knees and placing her hands on the ground as well. She slowly crawled towards him, sending something primal shooting through his body as he watched her approach. He fisted the blankets in his hands behind him, his boner straining against his jeans.


I want a naughty girl like you

There's nothing hotter than a

Stacy's gonna save herself for marriage

But that's just not my style”


She placed her hands on his knees as she dragged herself upward, squishing her breasts together she she shook them in front of him.


She's got a pair that's nice to stare at

But I want girls gone wild

But I know a place where there's always a show

The dollar decides how far you can go

She wraps those hands around that pole

She licks those lips and off we go”


She licked her lips as she surged upwards so she was looking down at him, placing her hands on his shoulders as she straddled his legs. He looked up at her with a smug expression as bit her lips in excitement, rolling her torso against him.


She takes it off nice and slow

Because that's pornstar dancin'

She don't play nice, she makes me beg”


She used her anchor on his shoulders and leaned all the way back, the contorts of her body on full display for him. Her muscles rippled under her clothes as her back arched. Katsuki wanted nothing more than to run his hands all over her powerful body, but they had discussed earlier that he was to keep his hands to himself. God, he wanted to go back in time and smack his past self upside the head, for now he had to pass up the immediate chance to touch his goddess like girlfriend. Damn it.


She drops that dress around her legs

And I'm sittin' right by the stage for this

Pornstar dancin'

Your body's lightin' up the room”


She sat herself upright again and stepped off of his lap, sticking her ass out as she whipped her hair out of the way. His hips bucked slightly with his desire to grind up against her. She swayed her hips from side to side, shaking her ass in front of him in a way that was just perfect. Shit, he wanted to touch her so bad. Thankfully, she seemed to read his mind, as she began to twerk and grind her ass against his crotch, her movements sexy and hypnotic. His head dropped back as he groaned at the pleasure, enough to drive him on but not enough to give any proper relief. It was basically another fucking tease.


I want a naughty girl like you

Let's throw a party just for two

You know those normal girls won't do

They won't do”


“Kacchan,” she cooed over her shoulder, her eyes half lidded and darkened with lust. She let out a small moan as she ground herself down against him, arching her back away from him as her head dropped back.


“Deku,” he growled, smoke emanating from his palms. She better fucking appreciate his self restraint because fuck he was dying!


I need a girl thats kinda frisky

Drinking with the fellas

Takin shots and gettin tipsy”


She twirled around placed her hands on his knees, squeezing her breasts between her arms again, her cleavage even more pronounced. He wanted to pull that bow apart and unleash her tits from their confines. He wanted to watch them bounce and sway undeterred, but he had to wait.


She worked her hands up his legs, his chest and his neck, cupping her hands under his chin and forcing his head up to meet her gaze. He smirked lazily at her, completely entranced by her very being. She pressed her chest to his chin and tilted his head down, giving him silent permission to kiss her skin. As he peppered the tops of her freckled chest with kisses, she slid her hands down his arms and moved them around her waist, allowing his hands to rest on her ass.


“You can touch now, Kacchan,” she purred, and that was all the permission he needed.


We always wanna party cause she sexy as hell

And if i ever get in trouble bailin me outta jail

Cause she a stone cold stunna hotta than the summer

When she step up into the club every man and woman want her

She make me wanna get a stripper pole up in my home

Cause of the porn star dancin' got me in the zone!”


Katsuki took large handfuls of her ass in each hand, using his leverage to pull her into him so he could grind up into her. Finally, some sweet relief, he thought to himself as he bucked into her, drawing cute little moans from her lips that wrestled with his. He kissed her hungrily, fiercely wrestling his tongue with hers. God, he was so worked up and bothered by her, he wanted to devour her. He broke off the kiss and buried his face in the valley of her breasts, licking and nibbling between them.


She wraps those hands around that pole

She licks those lips and off we go”


Katsuki rubbed and groped her body, finding it difficult to find anything soft to squish due to the sheer amount of muscle on her. Not that he was complaining, her body was unbelievably hot.


She takes it off nice and slow

Because that's pornstar dancin'

She don't play nice, she makes me beg

She drops that dress around her legs

And I'm sittin' right by the stage for this

Pornstar dancin'”


As the song finally came to a conclusion, Deku paused in his lap, looking down at him as she took a few calming breaths.


“Did you enjoy the show, Kacchan?” she asked, a rosey blush high on her cheeks.


“Oh, yeah,” he assured her, a wicked grin on his face as he rolled his erection into her, “immensely.” She gasped at the friction but didn’t falter, instead leaning down to pull him into a kiss. He attacked her lips vigorously, conveying to her how pent up he was from her amazing little show. She whimpered into the kiss as their tongues wrestled for dominance, neither wanting to give in to the other.


“Kacchan,” she purred as she pulled away, a thin strand of saliva connecting their lips together.


“You were so damn sexy, Deku,” he smirked, pulling her back in to kiss.


Mmm, glad you enjoyed,” she giggled, caressing his neck and jaw. “It was... surprisingly fun.”


“Oh yeah?” he asked, smiling wickedly as she kissed him again, their kisses playful and teasing.


“Yeah,” she nodded, nibbling on his bottom lip. “It was kind of freeing, once I managed to get over my anxieties.”


“Glad you had fun, babe,” he told her, licking her lip. “Now, it’s my turn to have fun with you.”


“Mm, I was wondering when you’d take the hint,” she laughed.


“You challenging me, stupid Deku?” he asked, his grip on her ass tightening.


“Maybe,” she said in a sing-song voice, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. She squeaked in surprise as he wrapped his arm around her waist and flipped her onto the bed so he was hovering over her. “Wah! Kacchan!”


“What? You had your fun. It’s my turn now,” he cooed, diving in to attack her neck with his mouth, sucking and biting wherever he could. He was sure her neck would be littered with hickeys by tomorrow, he couldn’t wait. He placed his palms over her breasts, squishing and playing with them through the lingerie.


“How the fuck are we supposed to even take this shit off?” he growled, tugging frustratedly at her maroon lingerie. She laughed brightly as she looked up at him fondly, and he scoffed at her expression. Damn cute nerd.


“Very carefully,” she responded, reaching back and fiddling with some of the lace corseting, loosening the bra and corset. She pulled the corset off over her head and gently tossed it behind her.


“Okay, now it’s just a bra,” she assured him.


“Sweet,” he smirked, reaching behind her to unclasp the bra before throwing it off. “Better.”


“Hey! Be nice to her! She’s expensive!” she complained, pouting up at him.


“Okay, first off, her?” he asked, cocking a brow at her.


“Yes, she is very nice and expensive, and you should treat her with more respect,” she told him in a matter of fact manner. “Remember how much you appreciated her while I was wearing her.” He rolled his eyes and sighed at her antics.


“You’re so fucking weird,” he muttered to himself, surging forward to capture her in another kiss before she went on another tirade. He loved her, but God she could be a nerd. Hell, he loved that too. “C’mere,” he said before deepening the kiss and pushing her back down into the bed. He cupped her breast in his hand as they kissed one another, Deku wrapping her legs around his back. He pinched her dusty nipples between his fingers and pulled, her back arching up into him.


“Fuck, Deku,” he growled, rutting his member into her arousal. “You got me so fucking worked up, can you feel it?”


“It’s hard to miss,” she laughed, rolling her hips into his, drawing moans from both of them due to the friction.


“Fuck yeah,” he smirked into the kiss as he reached down to grope her thighs.


“I’m glad you enjoyed,” she told him, moaning as he bucked into her.


“Hell yeah I did,” he smirked, attacking her neck with his mouth. “You’ve got a fucking amazing body, I can’t get enough of you.”


“Is that a fact?” she asked coyly, scratching her nails down his back.


“Yeah,” he growled, playing with her nipple. “Your tits and ass, fuck Deku, I could barely control myself when you first dropped the robe. And with all those sexy moves, I wanted to jump you right there.”


“I appreciate the self restraint,” she laughed, moaning when he reached his hand down to tug at her underwear.


Fuckin’, is there any special way to take this shit off or am I gonna have to rip it off?” he asked, scowling at her.


Noooo!” she whined, leaning down and taking off her stockings before pulling off her undies. “Treat them with respect.”


“You’re so fucking weird,” he huffed, groping under her thigh. “Tch, you’re lucky I love you.”


“Mm, yeah,” she giggled, cupping his face and pulling him back in for a kiss. “I love you too, Kacchan.”


“Yeah, yeah,” he scoffed, his cheeks turning pink as he buried his face back into her neck. “Now, I’m gonna show you how much I love you,” he told her, kissing down her chest to her navel, kissing every scar he came across. She was so warm and perfect under his lips, and he was so happy to have her. He kissed down to her clit, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around it. Her powerful thighs shook around his head, her entire body squirming under his ministrations.


“You’re so sensitive, Deku,” he teased, using his tongue to lick across her opening.


“Mmn,” she whined, her back arching off the bed. She let out breathy little moans above him, her body unable to keep still. It filled him with a sense of pride to have such an affect on her. “M-more, Kacchan.”


“Patience, Deku,” he purred, teasing a finger at her entrance. “You’re already so wet for me.”


“Mmh, Kacchan!” she cried out, rolling her hips into his face and hands. He pumped his finger in and out of her, curling it inside to stretch her out more.


“You’re so tight,” he growled against her, his tongue working against her vigorously. He pressed another finger inside, followed by a third, slowly but surely taking her apart.


“Ka-cchan, please, need you,” she cried out, her breath huffy and desperate.


“Well, since you asked so nicely,” he said, surging back up to kiss her soundly on the lips. He rutted his cock against her inner thigh, teasing her entrance with his head. He wrapped his hand around his girth and circled the tip around her opening before finally pressing inside of her. They moaned in unison as he fully sheathed himself inside of her, her tight walls clamping down around him.


“Kacchan,” she choked out, “so big, mnh!


“You’re so fucking tight,” he groaned, his cock pulsing inside of her. “Grr, fuck, Deku.”


Fuck me, Kacchan,” she begged, wrapping her arms around his neck, rolling her hips up to meet his slowly increasing thrusts. “Fuck me hard, please!”


“Fuck yeah, Deku,” he growled, his hips slapping against hers as he pounded her. “My sexy little Deku,” he purred into her ear, nibbling under the skin of her ear. She let out a moan of laughter at the ticklish sensation, digging her fingernails into his back.


“Kacchan,” she moaned, her chest arching so her breasts were pressed against his pecs. He curled his hand under the small of her back, increasing the force of his thrusts, his balls slapping against her ass. “Oh, fuck! Kacchan, mnh!” she cried out, wrapping her legs around his back. He buried his face into her neck, mouthing and sucking on the skin there, hoping to leave a nice, big hickey there.


“You feel so good, Deku,” he murmured, sinking his teeth into her neck. “Love how your body moves against me.”


“Ka-ah-cchan!” she whimpered, her face contorted into pleasure. It was a perfect look on her, and he was responsible for it. She clamped down on him, her legs shaking around his waist as he pounded into her, his pace faltering ever so slightly as his orgasm began to encroach on him. “M’close! Ka-cchan! Fuck, fuck, oh god, fuck!”


“Cum for me, Deku, cum on my cock,” he growled, tucking his hands under her ass to use as better leverage. She let out pathetic little whimpers and moans as he rammed into her, her thighs spasming uncontrollably. She let out a broken moan as her body went taught, her inner walls clamping down on him just right.


“Kacchan!” she cried, her thighs squeezing his waist almost painfully. His hips stuttered against her as he emptied his load into her, a low groan escaping his lips. He gave a few slow thrusts as his orgasm washed over him, leaving him sated and empty.


“Damn, Deku,” he groaned, resting his forehead on her shoulder. “That was fucking amazing.”


“Yeah, it was, it was a lot of fun,” she giggled, gently pulling his face up to kiss him softly. He pulled away to press kisses against her face, drawing small giggles from her kiss swollen lips.


“We should definitely do this again. That lingerie was hot as shit,” he smirked.


“See! I told you you ought to respect her!” she insisted, reaching over to grab the discarded bra and snuggle it against her face. Laughter sprung from his mouth at her display, baffled by her actions but utterly enamored by her.


“You’re such a huge fucking dork,” he laughed, clasping her chin between his thumb and pointer finger to kiss her soundly. “I love you, stupid Deku.”


“Hehe, I love you too, Kacchan,” she giggled, kissing him back gently.


“C’mon, let’s get cleaned up, yeah?” he asked, pulling out of her with a low groan. She winced slightly at the strange sensation but sat up to follow him into the master bathroom.


“I really did enjoy that, Kacchan,” she said as they stood under the stream of the shower, lazily cleaning themselves up, Kacchan washing her hair with utmost care. “I felt... I felt really good, I felt... y’know... sexy,” she admitted shyly, hunching her shoulders a bit.


“Mm,” he hummed, gentle massaging her scalp.


“I liked having your eyes on me,” she went on, almost absentmindedly. “I was really nervous at first. I felt weirdly vulnerable, dancing in front of you, but, when I saw your reaction, it really made me feel good. I felt, I dunno, empowered? Knowing you couldn’t take your eyes off of me, watching me with so much desire, it made me feel really powerful.”


“I liked watching you,” he purred into her ear, kissing her shoulder. “Seeing you in front of me, you looked amazing. I mean, you always looked amazing, but you looked like you really enjoyed yourself. I’m definitely down to do it again.”


“Maybe I’ll get another set,” she told him teasingly, looking at him over her shoulder with a shy but suggestive look on her face. “One that’s a bit easier for you to take off.” She let out an ‘eep’ as he pinched her ass in retaliation.


“You little shit,” he snarked, a smirk on his face despite his minor irritation. She laughed brightly at his words, turning around to smile lovingly at him.


“I love you,” she smiled, standing up on her tip toes to kiss him.


“I love you too.”