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Little Tease

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Hawks does it on purpose.

When they are at the coffee shop, the bartender is pretty cute and even though Hawks would never actually exchange the man who has his arm wrapped around his shoulders for anyone… He feels like a being a tease.

Hawks lets Dabi sit at the window so he is closer to the aisle. When the cute bartender brings them coffee, Hawks leans into backrest of his seat, placing one hand on the table in front of him and grabs the armrest, opening his chest in very clear invitation.

"Jeff, that's a really cute name," he dashes the bartender a smile.

He feels the man next to him stiff in his seat. It only sends more excitement through Hawks' veins.

The bartender blushes deeply and Hawks half-closes his eyes in seduction, soft smile playing on his lips.

Jeff opens his mouth to say something but then he glances to the man behind Hawks. And while the blond has no idea what kind of face Dabi is pulling, he knows it can't be a kind one. This theory is only proven true when he feels big, hot palm pressing into his thigh in possessive manner. The fingers dig into Hawks' skin almost painfully but all Hawks can do is bite down on his lower lip to keep himself from moaning as pure desire courses through him from the place Dabi is touching him.

The bartender quickly gets away. The hand moves closer, dangerously close to Hawks' half-hard cock. Another hand takes Hawks' shoulder and pulls him closer. Hawks can feel his hot breath on his ear, when the raven whispers: "You're being awfully naughty today."

Hawks gulps, his grip on the armrest tightens as he's trying to keep himself at least somehow together. They are in public after all.

He puts on a smile that beams confidence, the one he knows Dabi can't help but want to fuck out of him "Maybe if you were actually good last night, I wouldn't be so naughty today."

It's a blunt lie and they both know he loved it. Given how much he screamed last night when Dabi bent him over the kitchen sink and fucked him, he's sure their neighbors know it too.

The hand quickly grabs Hawks' cock and the smaller man gasps and grabs the wrist but he doesn't even think about pulling the hand away, no matter how painful the grip is. The lips brush his ear now. "So, this is how you wanna play today?"

He's giving Hawks choice because he always is.

And Hawks only grins and looks over his shoulder to stare challengingly into Dabi's eyes. He sneers: "Only if you think you can handle it."

Dabi's eyes widen with danger, hunger and desire. Dark smile curls his lips before he orders Hawks: "Get up."

The blond does so without question. His breathing is heavy only thinking about what's next to come. Dabi follows him and grabs Hawks elbow, practically dragging him to the restrooms. Hawks doesn't offer any resistance, he's trying too hard not to be obvious with the hard-on in his pants.

He is pushed into one of the stalls. He groans at the rough treatment but the sound is swallowed when Dabi crushes his lips into Hawks'. It's not a kiss. It a possessive, rough, almost violent thing where Dabi's hand finds Hawks' neck to squeeze and when Hawks gasps for breath, his tongue gets inside Hawks' mouth, conquering him completely, pressing against Hawks' own.

When they part, there is saliva drooling down Hawks' chin. Dabi's hand presses dangerously into his Adam's apple. Turquoise eyes sinking into his.

"If you are going to behave like a slut, you will get treated like a slut," he growls dangerously.

Hawks whimpers softly at his words. "I'm sorry," he apologizes weakly. Except he isn't.

The grip on his neck tightens, cutting off the air and he chokes. Dabi smiles down at him, watches him as Hawks eventually grabs his scarred arm but he never tries to pull it away. They both know what he'll do or say if he wants to stop.

His vision is going dark when the grip loosens and Hawks coughs – his lungs burn in the best kind of way as he finally supplies them with oxygen.

However, he doesn't have time to full recover as Dabi presses his body against his, trapping Hawks between wall and himself, he presses one knee between Hawks' legs and chuckles spitefully. "Look at you. Just one kiss and a bit of chocking and you are already this hard. What is wrong with you?"

The hero whines lewdly, thrusting his crotch against the knee while quietly whimpering: "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"No, you're not," Dabi says coldly. "But you will be. Turn around."  

Hawks feels a shiver go down his spine at the threatening tone and does what's he told.

"Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs," Dabi orders him in a voice that leaves no space for arguments.

Hawks gulps, his heart is beating loud in his ears with desire as he puts his palms on the wall of the stall. He gasps when Dabi grabs him by his hips and pulls him more away from the wall, forcing him to bend his spine almost uncomfortably. The raven squeezes his foot between Hawks' ankles and kicks them apart.

Hawks' breath hitches at the rough treatment. He hears a purring voice behind him. "Now, this is a better position for a whore like you."

The blond wishes he had something to grab on. Like this, all he can do is squeeze his eyes shut, clench his fists and try to force down the moans that are threatening to escape his throat. Dabi's hands move under his shirt, the fingers roughly run across his hipbones, diffing into the skin with clear intention to bruise, to mark Hawks his own.

A soft moan escapes Hawks' throat before he can stop it. He hears Dabi cackle at him at sound.

"Dashing your pretty little eyes at that guy," Dabi mocks him, one hand moving up Hawks' chest while the other slips into Hawks' pants. "Knowing very well nobody can fuck you as well as I do but still being the slut. Don't worry, once we are home I'll punish you properly. This is just a little reminder what you are and who you belong to."

At the end of the sentence, Dabi leans closer and nibbles at Hawks' ear, the hot breath playing with his hair. The smaller man groans lowly, then yelps when Dabi's fingers wrap themselves around his hard cock.

"Dabi!" he sobs out. "Please, I-" his words turn into a long whimper when the hand squeezes painfully around his dick. When the fingers get much hotter than any normal skin has any right to be, Hawks throws his head backwards, whining.

"Quiet!" the raven growls in warning. "No begging, no excuses. This is your fault. You brought this on yourself for being such a slut. Say it!"

"I-I," Hawks finds it hard to find the words when Dabi twists his nipple but the longer he can't find the words, the more Dabi twists and squeezes. "I'm a slut!" he manages to call.

Dabi chuckles again and presses his face into the crook of Hawks' neck, breathing in his scent. "Finally. Don't worry, I'll make a good boy out of you."

Hawks can't form any words, he can only nod and nod. Dabi smiles into his skin and bites down, hard enough to make the man under him whimper in pain, then sucks at the bruise, sending shivers all the way down Hawks' spine, into his cock.

"If only people see you now," Dabi taunts, licking his neck up to his nape. "Such a beloved hero is actually nothing but a common whore, trembling after just a bit of teasing. And they can't even touch your or get to see you. You know why, slut?"

Hawks gulps, his knuckles are white and his palm hurts as his own fingers dig into them from how much he is clenching his fists. Sweat is dripping down his forehead. He nods eagerly again: "Because I'm yours."

"Fuck yeah, you are," Dabi presses his chest on Hawks' back, stroking his cock one and only time before he pulls away completely. "Get on your knees."

Brokenly, Hawks pushes himself off the wall but he is too slow.

He hears Dabi scoffs, mocking him and but also annoyed. He barks harsh words of: "C'mon we don't have all day," and grabs Hawks' elbow, turns him around and pushes him down on his knees on the hard floor.

Hawks stares up at the other man. He knows he is a mess – breathing hard, his whole body trembling with lust and his cock almost painfully hard in his pants. And Dabi is just towering above him, the only indication he enjoys this as much as Hawks is that he can see how hard he is. His hands are only slightly shaking when he reaches into his pockets to take out a pack of cigarettes, picks up and puts it between his lips.

Hawks wants to cry from the humiliation – Dabi standing above him so casually, cigarette between his lips as if he is not bothered in the slightest while Hawks is kneeling before him, panting hard, his cheeks flushed. But the humiliation only fuels his lust.

As Dabi's lighting it up with blue flames, he raises his eyebrows. He exhales the smoke down, into Hawks' face as he says: "You think that cock is gonna suck itself?"

Hawks' hands are shaking when he reaches for the belt of Dabi's pants. His mouth is watering at the thought what he knows is to come. He undoes the buckles while Dabi is smoking, completely relaxed above him, the smoke hitting Hawks in the face from time to time as the raven is intentionally blowing it at him.

When Hawks finally pulls out Dabi's big hard cock and wraps his lips around it, he feels so dirty it makes him whimper. Dabi's taste is salty, spicy and so familiar now. Hawks licks the tip, moaning at the taste. He places his palms on each side of Dabi's hips as he's ready to take him deeper but Dabi grabs his wrist painfully and pushes it away.

"I don't think so," Dabi sneers down at him. "Sluts don't get to use their hands. Put them behind your back."

Hawks whimpers uselessly the mocking tone only making his cock twitch again. He does as he's told again and then sinks his head down on Dabi's large cock. It's a struggle, Dabi's massive, and he feels drool going down his chin. He doesn't give up though, the feeling of piercings, the weight on his tongue so heavy that he can feel it in his jaw. It's bringing him to new levels of euphoria – his only purpose in that moment is to bring Dabi pleasure. He doesn't stop until he feels the tip of Dabi's cock hit the back of his neck and he pushes down the urge to gag. There is still a good portion that's not in his mouth.

Hawks resists the urge to reach between his legs. He knows the rules – if he does that, there is no way Dabi will let him come tonight.

He sucks as much as he can around the thick cock and he hears Dabi inhale a sharp breath. Dabi is not usually very vocal and each reaction Hawks draws from the man makes him proud and craving more.

He tries to take Dabi deeper but this time, when the tip hits the back of his throat, he chokes and has to pull away.

Hawks gets a sharp slap on his cheek, hard enough to actually sting painfully and make his head spin. He moans uselessly, drool coming down his chin on his jacket, the pain mingling perfectly with the humiliation and pleasure coursing right through him. He looks pathetic.

"What kind of slut doesn't know how to suck a cock?" Dabi barks at him before taking more nicotine into his lungs, as if to calm himself. "Do it again, and this time take me whole."

Hawks sobs. They both know he can't do it no matter how hard he's tried. He takes Dabi's cock between his lips anyway and pushes it as far down as he can, trying desperately relax his throat into taking all of the long, fat cock. He chokes again and Dabi pulls away only to backhand him again. Hawks groans as he hits the wall and bites down on his lip as his cock twitches again.

"I don't think I've ever seen a slut so useless," Dabi growls, blowing out more smoke while he grabs Hawks by the hair and pulls him away from the wall. "If you can't suck dick properly, I guess there is only one thing to do. Open up."

Hawks' whole body is trembling as he parts his lips. That's all Dabi needs to push inside. A muffled moan escapes Hawks' throat as the cock is pressing deeper and deeper into Hawks' mouth. When it hits the back of his throat this time, he tries to pull away. The hand in his hair only easies his fall so he doesn't hit his head too hard as his nape presses into the wall. However, this wasn't an escape. The fingers grip tighter on his hair, Dabi has Hawks exactly where he wants him, and pushes relentless inside.

Hawks chokes and gags but it's useless. The cock is going deep and deeper until it's past the back of his throat, down. He can't keep his hands behind his back anymore, instead, he is clinging desperately at Dabi's thighs as he's struggling for breath.

Dabi is breathing heavily above him, leaning with his elbow on the stal wall, the cigarette forgotten for now.

"See," the raven says hoarse. "That's how you do it, there is a good little slut."

Hawks would whimper but he can only dig his fingers into Dabi's thighs. Drool is dripping down his chin and tears are streaming down his cheeks. He can't breathe.

Dabi knows Hawks and he pushes just when his vision is getting dark. Hawks is filled with euphoria when his lungs burn as they are mercifully filled with air.

Dabi lets him pause for only a couple of seconds, before his hair are pulled again. Hawks sobs but doesn't offer any resistance when Dabi forces him on his cock.

He hears the man groan loudly when Hawks' nose presses into his skin, the throat forced to be open. The reaction makes Hawks moan around the cock which turns into a surprised sound when Dabi pulls out almost all the way only to thrust back in. And Hawks chokes and gags, and sobs loudly as his throat is fucked roughly, his head brought down by the hair in rhythm with Dabi's thrust.

"At least your face is pretty enough to look at while I fuck it," Dabi purrs above him but it's breathless. "Look at me."

Hawks didn't even realize he was squeezing his eyes shut until that moment. He forces his watery eyes open and looks up. Dabi is watching him with hungry expression again, taking another puff from cigarette. He stops thrusting and holds Hawks in place with the blond's nose at the base of his cock and the throat deep in his throat. He is trying to keep his eyes open as he can't breathe.

Mercifully, Dabi starts to fuck his face again. Hawks still struggles for each breath he takes but he manages to find a rhythm to breathe when Dabi is pulling. That however changes when Hawks feels the fingers thighten in his hair, Dabi's breathing gets more and more labored and his thrusts grow erratic.

"You will swallow everything I give you if you wanna come," Dabi growls dangerously.

Hawks would eagerly nod if he could, his nail dig into Dabi's pants when he hears the other man groan with ecstasy as his head is held in place and he doesn't think Dabi's cock has ever been so deep down his throat as he comes.

The blond whimpers around the cock, feeling the come dripping down his throat. Dabi pulls halfway out, so Hawks can actually taste him on his tongue and the blond swallows everything he can. Dabi is breathing loud in the quiet room. He pulls out and Hawks groans again when the other man lets the cock rest on his face.

"Such a pretty slut," Dabi purrs breathless. "Do you want to come, little bird?"

Hawks nods eagerly. "Please, please, let me come, daddy."

The raven groans at the name Hawks only ever uses when he is in too deep. He tucks his limp dick back into his pants and then presses his hard boot against Hawks' crotch.

Hawks wails desperately at the feeling – his cock is so hard in his pants that the pressure is painful. It takes his hazy brain several long seconds before he understands what Dabi means.

"Daddy," he begs. "Please…"

Dabi throws the cigarette butt into the toilet, his voice is cold and uncompromising: "No, you will come humping my boot or you won't be coming at all."

The man underneath him whimpers again hopelessly and Dabi takes at least a bit of mercy. He moves leg down and up, creating the friction Hawks so desperately craves. And Hawks' own reaction is completely instinctive, he sobs but his hips move up.

It's a mess – his thrusts are weak but Dabi helps him. It's painful in the be best kind of way, Dabi knows exactly where to push and how much and too soon, Hawks is a sobbing, begging mess: "T-Thank you, daddy… it feels so good... just a bit more… please… please."

And then, with one last thrusts it's all over and he howls as he comes into his pants. Tears are streaming down his face and he wraps his arms around Dabi's thigh whimpering more thanks to the man.

He sobs and sobs and he almost doesn't feel the hands in his hair.

"Sssh, pretty bird," Dabi's tone is nothing like before, it's filled with softness and love and Hawks' head presses into his hands. "You were so good for, such a good boy."

He wraps his arms around Hawks' chest and pulls him into a hug. The smaller man practically collapses into his arms. His whole body aches, mostly his throat though as he hides his face into the crook of Dabi's neck.

A hand is in his hair again, brushing through them gently. "You were such a good boy, so good. I'm so proud of you."

And as much as Hawks loved the humiliation before, he lets it be washed away by Dabi's soft praises and encouragements. He clings on Dabi's shirt while the man helps him to his feet, from the cold, hard floor and lets him sit on the closed toilet.

"Shhhh," Dabi rocks Hawks quickly, caressing his hair until the smaller man stops sobbing.

Hawks chuckles then but it's a muffled sound. "I can't believe nobody found us here."

"Yeah," Dabi nods and presses his lips to Hawks‘ temple. "I'm sorry for going full-on here."

Hawks smiles and takes Dabi's head into his hands to pull him for a kiss – this one much slower and gentler than the one before. Dabi let's him take the lead and set the pace. When they break apart, Hawks rests his fore against Dabi's: "Don't be. It was really fucking hot… Just don't let me cum in my pants next time, yeah? I don't know how I'll get home like this."

Dabi laughs and kisses him again. "We will figure something out."