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I'll be honest

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 I'm not saying that I would but I think it'll be best that your parents died in a ditch

"Giovanna, here's the report from today's mission" Abbacchio said as he roughly placed down the file on the Don's desk, "Thank you mia cara" Giorno hummed, Abbacchio tsk (Though he can't stop the slight flush on his cheeks) "Told you already Giovanna, No nicknames while working, it feels like I'm the boss here" The blond could only give his lover a teasing smile.

"What of it if I want to let everyone know who I love?" He said, Abbacchio rolled his multicolored eyes, "Save it in private, Giovanna" Giorno chuckled, "Is that an invitation?" He teased again, It was amusing to see Abbacchio's walls crumble (It was almost trilling at the fact he and Bruno were the only ones who can actually do so)

"Just read the report, brat" The white haired male muttered with a slight flush as he exited the office, He blushed more when he heard Giorno let out an amused laugh as he closed the door.

Damn that brat, Abbacchio still loves him anyways

Abbacchio indulged himself with some red wine as he listened to the ongoing rambles of Mista to the others, Unfortunately it served as a distraction to Narancia, who was currently being tutored by Fugo, Fugo himself was frustrated on loosing focus of the teen. "Oi! Mista, Can you two have this conversation in another time?! Narancia needs to study" Fugo growled. 

"Oh come on Fugo, Narancia needs abit of a brain break once and a while" Mista said, Fugo gave a frightening glare "He had his "brain break" two minutes ago!" Mista and Fugo continued to bicker.

Only then when a knock was heard did they stop. Everyone stayed silent....the knock continued, abit more forceful then before, "Narancia, Go get the door" Mista said, Narancia gave him a disbelief look "What?! Why do I have to do it?!" He asked "That was four knocks Narancia, FOUR" 

"Just go do it, They'll just keep knocking until any of us do" Leone said, Narancia grumbled with a pout as he went to see who was there.

"I doubt he's here, Yukara" Carlos said as he looked at his wife "You know fully well how my parents care about that kid, If they figured out the reason he left and never came back then I'm dead, Carlos, D E A D" Yukara sneered as she knocked again.

How dare her son run away from home a week before her parents fly over to Italy to see him. How dare he put her and his father in a bad situation. After knocking again, The door opened to show Narancia "Yes?" He asked, looking at the two boredly, "I'm here to see my son, Giorno" Narancia looked shocked. " FUGO, ABBACCHIO!" He called out as he turned around.

A few minutes later, An Albino teen and a white haired man appeared, "This better be a good reason to call me here" Abbacchio grumbled, "Look! It's GioGio's parents!" Narancia said happily, Abbacchio observed the couple.

"Narancia don't be stupid, For all we know, they aren't his real parents! GioGio hardly talked about his parents!" Fugo said, "Oh believe me, I know my baby anywhere, Blond hair with blue eyes right?, My little boy became quite rebelious and ran away as well as bleaching his hair" Yukara shook her head worriedly

"My name is Yukara Shiobana, This is my husband Carlos Giovanna" She introduced "Shouldn't you have the last name Giovanna then?" Abbachio wondered. "She does, She just likes her maiden name better" Carlos grumbled.

"Oh don't be grumpy now mia cara, Giorno loved your last name" Yukara teased. "They aren't a stand user" Abbacchio said to Fugo, "I had Moody Blues out this whole time and they didn't even flinch" Fugo glanced at the couple then Abbacchio.

"I don't think we should let them in, There must be a reason why Giorno refused to even mention them at all to us" Fugo said "It's either that or they'll throw a fit and bring Giorno down, They already know that he's here" Fugo sigh, He couldn't agrue with that logic, They leaked enough information for the two to figure out that Giorno was indeed here.

"Please Mr and Mrs Giovanna, Come inside" Fugo said as he led the couple inside. The two instantly followed. Abbacchio started tl feel like this was a bad idea.

Giorno sigh as he arranged the last bit of paperwork. The things he would give just to have a cuddle with his boyfriend. Giorno glanced at Polnareff "You should rest Giorno, It's been a long day" He said "It's only 2 in the afternoon" Giorno had an amused glint in his blue eyes.

"Yeah and you've been working since 8am, You have no idea how annoying Leone's complains are" If only Polnareff could roll his eyes. Giorno gave a rare laugh, "I guess so, I...I think i'm doing horrible in this relationship thing, I seem absorbed in work don't I?" Polnareff shook his head 

"Giorno, Abbacchio of all people will understand that, he has the air of not being petty just because work is piling up" Giorno sigh yet again "I know but-" Polnareff cut him off "Look...Haruno, You're 15 and turning 16 quite soon, This is your first relationship and you're basically winging everything, it's ok to make mistakes but don't go doubting yourself" Giorno gave a appriciating smile to the frenchman "Grazie Polnareff" Polnareff gave a nod, "I'm serious though, don't go doubting yourself, it feels weird feeling an air of uncertainty coming from you" despite his words, Polnareff held a joking tone. 

"Hmm...There seems to be a ruckus downstairs" Giorno said as he heard muffled chatting downstairs.."Are you expecting visitors?" Polnareff wondered, "No...I wasn't, Brucullati is back in his old home healing, he won't be visiting with Trish till next week" Giorno's expression turned cautious, "Could it be the Speedwagon Foundation you've contacted?" Polnareff shook his head "Won't be sending someone till next month"....

Giorno calmly stood up and headed out of the room, "I'm sure it's no danger, I would be hearing the Sex Pistols and Aerosmith's sounds if so" He thought as finally shut the door behind him

 "GIORNO REALLY HAD BLACK HAIR?!" Mista said shocked as he looked at the photo that Yukara had, "Of course he did, He's Japanese" Yukara said "He doesn't look like any of you though" Fugo stated with his arms crossed "You, Mrs Giovanna, have light brown hair with dark brown eyes, same goes for you Mr Giovanna" Fugo didn't trust them one bit, Giorno looked nothing like them in his picture nor does he look like them now.

Narancia and Mista may have truly believed them at this point but Abbacchio and Fugo were on guard. "I'm his step father not his real father" Carlos said "His father is unknown, Though even I wonder why he has black hair instead of brown or blue eyes instead of gold or brown" Yukara confessed. At times Abbacchio wished Bruno was here, He would have figured out if the couple were lying.

"I just want to take my little boy home, his grandparents adore him and it'll break their heart if they knew he was away" Yukara said, "So I'd appriciate it now if-"

"Kaa-san...otou-san" Everyone looked behind to see Giono, his expression carefully molded into a neutral expression. Abbacchio was good at reading Giorno's mood even with his poker face, He could tell that Giono was nervous.

"Haruno, baby, You're safe" Yukara sigh in relief, "Come on let's go home, you had everyone worried" Giorno trembled slightly, opening his mouth, he spoke words with tremble.

"How did you find me?"

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"We asked around, you gave is quite a run for our money, son" Carlos said as he stood up, approaching the teen as he placed a hand on his shoulder, he bend down abit to whisper something that got Giorno to stop shaking yet...Abbacchio notice his gaze harden, his posture stiff with a hint of sweat rolling down his neck.

"Of course, Forgive me for the worry Otou-san, Kaa-san" Giorno said as he took a step back, "But it's not like you would take notice of my absents, It's been a few weeks already" Yukara gave a stiff fake smile, "We were looking, you seem to slip right under our noses sweetie, You always knew the right places to go that even me and your father couldn't find"

Abbacchio ached to take a step forward, the tension was high and the interaction was just painful to watch, Giorno's distressed posture was enough to give him the message that now was not the time for a suppose family reunion, "You saw him now, that means you two can leave" Abbacchio grunted as he walked beside Giorno, roughly taking off the step-father's hand on the blond's shoulder.

 Carlos gave an annoyed look "You don't get to talk to me like that, You also can't kick us out, we're here specifically for Giorno to pick him up" Abbacchio gave his own annoyed look "Yeah sure, whatever you say, just so you know, you came here without permission, you can't just come and "pick" him up" Abbacchio barked, "We'll file kidnapping for this if you don't step back from my son" Yukara threatened. 

Mista put a hand on the woman's shoulder, "Hey, If Giorno isn't stepping up and like Abbacchio said, you came here unannounced" Mista said as he reached out for his gun and was-

"I'll go" Giorno spoke, Fugo looked at him in shocked well...not just him, Abbacchio too, "But only during Oji-san and Obaa-san duration of stay" He told his mother "but after this I'm coming back here" Yukara looked at Giorno relieved

"Wonderful, pack your bags Giorno, I'll tell your grandparents" She chirped as she gave roughly grabbed Giorno's face and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Abbacchio felt anger seething into him, She didn't even try to beg for Giorno to stay with them, she was perfectly content with him only coming back for the sake of this.."Oji-san and Obaa-san" that Giorno spoke of.

"I'm coming too" Abbacchio spoke, "Excuse me?" Carlos asked with a stern tone, "You're excused" Abbacchio waved him off, ignoring the anger flashing into the mans eyes. "I'm sorry but this is a family affair" Yukara told the tall white haired man. "Don't care" He shrugged. "Giorno, tell them I'm coming with" He grunted as he nudged the teen.

"He's coming with.." Giorno spoke stiffly, "I won't comply until he does" Carlos gave a tsk "He's staying here, He's just a friend, isn't he, Giorno? There's no use for him to into our business" Giorno looked at his step-father blankly. "" Abbacchio didn't notice the hidden disgust in his tone as Giorno forced the title out of his mouth. 

"He's coming with as I said...He's not my friend..he's my..." Giorno shakingly grabbed Abbacchio's hand, "My lover so...his business with the family is a must" Giorno's face was neutral, more neutral then ever that it made the tall male uneasy. He showed emotion, Giorno Giovanna just had the world's greatest resting bitch face that even Abbachio couldn't rival but even his neutral expression seems alot more guarded then it's suppose too.

Everything was one spoke a word, " can't be helped, just don't speak of this to your grandparents then it should be ok, you'll only stay there for 2 weeks anyways" Yukara dismissed, she honestly didn't care if her son preferred dick or woman, she just needed him to be present during her parents arrival then he can leave and screw whoever he desired. 

Though her husband is throwing her disgusted looks "Don't make a scene would you, Carlos?" It wasn't the time and place to make an outburst, if he hits Giorno infront of all these people, They'll be reported and it really wont help them in a long run.

Yukara wasn't an idiot, she partied hard yes but she had common sense when it came to her image infront of others, she knew the abuse that Giorno goes through with her and Carlos but she hardly cared about his well being, it was better off him getting hit then her. 

It was also Giorno's fault why she spend some of her money for his needs when she could be spending it on make-up and new clothes that would look appealing to her and to the male eye. "Pack up would you honey? Me and your father will be waiting in the car" With that she and her husband left, shutting the door behind them without even showing a proper goodbye to the males.

Giorno kept his pocker face, "I guess I better get packing" He said "Hey, I'm coming with you guys-" Mista was stopped by Giorno raising his hand to a stop "No, I just need Leone with me, I'll be fine Mista, It's just 2 weeks with my parents and grandparents, There will be no danger there" Mista looked troubled. "GioGio..." Fugo spoke "You don't have to go with them, they aren't good people"

Giorno wanted to say he knew that, He knew that they weren't good people....yet..."I'll be fine, they won't hit me" Lies, it was all lies, it was so useless to lie to them but what else would he say? He wasn't one to open up to anyone about his past, it was useless information.

useless, useless

Not a hint of smile, Giorno spoke "I'll be fine, I've got Leone with me, now if you excuse me, I'll be packing my things. Kaa-san could be quite impatient" With that he left to go upstairs.

Abbacchio waited for awhile, "You won't just let him follow his parents right Abbacchio?!" Narancia said, "Their not good people!" Fugo said. Mista and Abbacchio knew well that these two suffered abuse in their original family's

Fugo having strict parents to the point that they controlled his every movement, experiencing trust issues and a untreated anger problem (But with the help of Giorno being the Don now of Passione, He's making sure that Fugo got the help he needed and was getting better in time).

Narancia suffered through neglect and occasionally abuse from his father after his mother's death. These two knew an abused victim when they saw one and Giorno was one of them. 

Abbacchio tsked at how loud they were "I'm not an idiot, if I didn't think they're dangerous why else would I come with Giorno?" Mista opened his mouth "Duh, because you're dating him? It's a nice way to meet the family m'right?" his remark was, Abbacchio glared hard at the 18 year old. "Shut it, Mista" He growled.

'Look, I'll be there for Giorno once everything goes south, His family are non-stand users so there's no need for the Sex Pistols, Aerosmith or Purple Haze" Narancia opened his mouth to speak but Abbacchio stopped him "No, not even Sticky Fingers or Spice Girl" He closed his mouth.

"Give me some credit, I can protect Giorno just fine from non-stand users, I'm not completely useless" Mista shrugged "That's not what we meant, Giorno is our friend 'n boss, It's natural for us to worry" Abbacchio sigh

"Don't worry, They aren't laying a single hair out of him while I'm around"

He swears to that.